Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child
Speaking of Discipline


by Dee Finney

7-10-2002 -

Hello to all who are reading this message. Today, on television, we see a scene of a church using corporeal punishment ton a child who was not paying attention to his studies.

Who, on a bright, summer day, does not let his mind wander into scenes of pleasure of the sun, wind, and smell of flowers?

Does this give anyone the right to beat a child bloody with a rod until they bleed and pass out from the pain? Does any child deserve to be punished to the extent that he has to be hospitalized? We unequivocally say, "NO!"

This is not the way to discipline a child, no matter what the reason. Violence only begets violence.

If a child is forced to go to a specific church, and it seems obvious that all children are raised in the same faith as the parents in this world, does this mean that you can browbeat a child's mind into submission? Obviously not, or there wouldn't be so many different kinds of religions in this world.

I am not going to tell a parent how to discipline a child, because we do not interfere in a parent's duties and responsibilities to teach a child right from wrong, whatever way they believe best. Each individual will deal with the consequences of their action karmically, which means, for every cause there is an action or a reaction. That is the way mankind learns his lessons.

But let me say this, and let me emphasize this, if a parent allows another person to harm his child, no matter what the reason, not only will the perpetrator be punished, so will the parent, one way or another.

A child is a precious soul, to be brought up with love and discipline to know right from wrong, but there are limits to the disciplinary practices to be taken.

If a child cannot be taught, there are corners to sit in, TVs to be shut off, toys to be taken away, etc. but one cannot teach a child about God, no matter what the religion is, through beating.

One might think they are doing the right thing, but let me say this, if you are teaching a child about God through fear and punishment, you are teaching your child about the wrong God and you need to go back and learn about the loving God who put you on this earth and gave you the opportunity to love and share and point the way to serve others in his name, whatever you call your God.

For those who don't believe in God, this kind of scenario only serves to prove that God, whoever he is, is a punishing God, one that cannot be respected and loved, only feared, and one more reason not to be believed in.

We must learn to be tolerant to individuals, who learn at their own pace and if their little minds wander to sunshine and playing, what better way to teach a child about God than allowing them to enjoy nature, feel the breeze on their faces and see and experience the wildlife, the animals who seems to have no cares in the world beyond feeding their young, and themselves and finding a clean place to lie down at night, out of the rain and cold.

If a child needs to be disciplined to sit and listen to ponderous rote about historical figures, then he isn't ready for such lessons, or your lessons are inappropriate for the age and mental capacity of the child.

Never strike a child to make him learn about God. You may break his spirit, as the television program and some preachers seem to think is necessary, but is that what you are striving for? Do you really want a robot for a child, one who only repeats word for word what you have told him to say? Or do you want to teach a child that God loves him, no matter what he does, right or wrong, and will forgive any wrong the child does if he changes his ways and acts with love towards others.

In no case, should a child ever be beaten to teach him about God. Punishment will come down on those who teach in such ways. People learn in a variety of ways and experiencing pain for themselves is a great teacher, but putting pain onto others does not teach them to love, it teaches them to hate and you get the exact opposite of your intentions.

Let this be a lesson to teachers - some children are not meant to learn by rote - only by loving experiences - not all minds are alike a nd it is time that teachers sit up and take notice -

We will be watching.

We love always,


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