6-1-2002 - Pakistan, India and nuclear war


6-2-2002 - DREAM - (I was listening to Barbara Simpson and Dannion Brinkley on the radio while I was sleeping)

In the dream,I saw Dannion Brinkley in a room, talking to two women in an interview, so as I walked by, I reached out my hand to shake hands with him. Instead of shaking hands with me, he touched the ends of my fingers, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the most incredible electricity went up my arm. It felt so immensely powerful - I knew I could pass this on to others as well.

A few minutes later, I went past a blind man who was playing a piano. I patted him on the should on the way by, and he turned to 'look' at me.


6-2-2002 - VISION - I saw 3 graph charts showing me how much of this energy I had been given. The charts showed 3 things in each with 3 charts.


6-2-2002 - VISION - I was shown to use this energy from 3 to 5 p.m.


6-2-2002 - VISION - A folder that opened and the center was a page titled, 'THE BLOODY WAR FOR JOEL FOR WARREN!"



6-2-2002 - VISION - Two older women named Mary. They were holding 'thumbs up!'


6-2-2002 - VISION - Same women, thumbs down!


6-2-2002 - VISION/DREAM - I was inside a bright blue car, just sitting. I finally got out of the car. It was icy outside, but I managed to get a rather steady footing and closed the car door. I then saw there was another door laying on the ground, covered with boxes/trash. I picked that up and shut it as well.


6-2-02 - VISION - A sky full of dirty clouds - all facing the same way like chemtrails.



6-3-2002 - DREAM - NOTE: It is necessary to know that this house is set into a high hill.

I was in the house working with some information and study of some Mayan stones. One was like a large stele and was number 42. Another stone seemed to be part of a stele and was number 7. There were many other small stones and they were littered all over the yard especially up the hill behind the house and garage.

On paper, I drew the stele #42 and some how it multiplied itself either 4 times or 7 times. I knew there should be only one, the multiples shouldn't be there so I discarded them again.

I went out into the yard and went up the hill and sat in the rock garden I had made between the garage and the house.

Hanging from one of the black walnut trees were numerous Winnie the Pooh character toys hanging on strings.

My grandfather drove up the hill on a big tractor with a scoop on the front to push the littered Mayan stones out of the way so that children could come and play there.

As I was sitting in the garden, I didn't know which way to go because my grandfather was pushing all the Mayan stones in my direction.

I had a 3-prong pitchfork in my hand, which I used to poke into the ground like a walking-stick and help me to stand up and get out of his way quickly.

As soon as the grass was cleared, kid started coming in droves, each one bringing a Winnie the Pooh character with them, some as large as themselves, to play with the toys hanging from the trees.

I went back into the house to discuss this with my husband and some other people, one of whom was a young black woman.

I questioned the logistics of having all these kids in the yard and how much time it would take to supervise them and the possibility that one might fall and hurt themselves and might need first-aid and I don't get paid for my time.

The black woman said, "I can see you don't know what you are doing, I'm going to go hire someone who does." She ran for the phone and I stopped her. I said, "You can check into this if you want to, but DON'T hire someone."

I then went back to looking at my Mayan stele #42 and got distracted by having to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was not a normal room. There were wheelchairs stacked in it like a nurses waiting room. There were both men and women in the room and no toilets, just a drain in the corner. Everyone was embarrassed to have to sit on the 3 runged chairs, not even a seat and pee or whatever in front of everyone else.

One of the guys said that his girlfriend was sick, because she was photosensitive, but she would be okay, once she rested a bit. One of the younger women started to quip privately to me that she was probably pregnant and didn't want to admit it.

I wanted to ask that girl for her phone number so I could call her and talk because I liked her sense of humour, but then, I didn't anyway and left the room and woke up.


6-4-02 - DREAM - I was living in a house with other people. I heard a baby crying upstairs so I went upstairs to see what was wrong. In a small crib was a baby girl, starving hungry. So, I nursed her myself until she was no longer hungry.

I knew then, that 'she' was the baby Jesus.

I went downstairs again and a thief came to the house. The thief tried to get friendly with me and I told him, "Don't you know the baby Jesus is upstairs and I just nursed her?"

He didn't want to hear about it, so while I wrestled with him, I kept telling him about the baby Jesus upstairs. He kept getting smaller and smaller and I finally through him out into the darkness because he didn't want to listen.


6-4-2002 - DREAM - I was living in a house with other people. I was laying in bed in the morning. I heard my kids waking up. They got up and got dressed and I could hear Tom open the window. That made me nervous so I went in their room to see what they were doing. Tom had taken the window pane out and was rolling around the floor with the pane of glass that was the same size he was. He was treating it like a toy. I told him that the glass was breakable and not a toy and he shouldn't play with it. He said, "Okay!'

I went back to be and R.R. crawled into bed with me and lay down on my left side. I was trying to meditate but I couldn't keep my eyes closed because I felt like I was being watched. So I opened my eyes to see what R. was doing. It appeared like he was sleeping.

There were other people in this house and an old woman peed on the floor on the right side of my bed because she couldn't make it to the bathroom on time. 7 other women came to clean the floor and take care of her.

When they left, I got up to go to the bathroom myself. The floor where the woman had scrubbed and waxed was extra shiny and the pattern looked like honeycomb. The floor wasn't smooth - the patten was embossed on it.

When I got to the bathroom, there were many young women in there looking into the mirror and combing their hair. I had forgotten my comb, but I saw extra combs laying on the counter ranging from small dirty black ones, to large light blue ones. I knew one should never use someone elses combs, but these didn't appear to belong to anyone, so I asked permission to use one and they said it would be okay.

I then went to my mother and father's home on 16th St. and they were getting ready to go out to the lake cottage.

It was winter-time and we never went in winter so I followed them out there as long as they were going.

When I got there, the snow as 3 feet deep and I swore I saw rose petals laying on the snow. My father was shoveling a path for us to walk on. I saw my mother entering the cottage and my Aunt Cora was walking down the path my father had made for her.

I saw my 1/2 slip petticoat hanging on a bush, so I got out of the car, went past my Father and retrieved my petticoat from the bush. It was frozen, but it was really pretty and I crunched it together to unfreeze it. I showed this to my father and crunching the fabric lace almost sounded like little bells ringing. It old my Father I was going to wear this again when it thawed out. It was so pretty. It was white, but had overtones of pink on it.


6-4-2002 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 18 - Communicating with spirits, ghosts, walkins and starseeds


6-4-2002 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I was taking care of some children, but I needed to make a phone call, which meant I had to go next door to do that because I didn't have my own phone OR I was at someone elses house and couldn't use their phone.

In order to go next door, I had to ask someone else to watch the children for me, while I made that phone call.

I went next door and was waiting my turn to use the phone which was hanging on the wall. I had to stand in line, but there was only one young woman in front of me.

While I stood there, a heavy-set older woman came to the back door and said her husband wanted to show me something, but he didn't want to come into the house. My impression was that he was a black man - though she was a white woman. But I didn't know why he didn't want to come into the house.

I told her I couldn't be away from the children very long - they were expecting me to come right back, and while I was saying that, I could see out the front door - down on the sidewalk, a young girl, wearing a bright green blouse, riding a tricycle rode by and she was one of the kids I was supposed to be watching.

I reluctantly followed her down the back stairs which were hard concrete, wide, deep set stairs with round edges, and I was wearing bright blue high-heeled shoes and walking down these stairs was not easy.

While I was walking down the stairs, I had a vivid memory scene in my mind that these stairs had not been there the last time I had been here and a man in a wheelchair had fallen into a big dark hole right here where the stairs were. But it had been fixed and was okay now.

So, I finally got down to the back door and the woman's husband wasn't right there. The woman coaxed me further down the street and I kept telling her I had to get back to the children.

We got down the street, near a mall, and I turned around to look back, and there came Kimber and another heavy-set older woman, with the young girl with the bright green blouse riding the tricycle.

I immediately felt guilty for not taking care of that child myself, and went looking in my purse for a $10 bill to give the woman for taking care of the child I was supposed to be doing myself.


6-5-02 - DREAMS - These all got erased from memory. All I can remember is that I was looking for something.


6-6-02 - DREAM - I was walking around an apartment building where I was supervising the maintenance workers. But I hadn't done my work in some time. I started to feel guilty that I needed to inspect the empty apartments to make sure they were ready to rental - though I didn't do the rentals myself - that was done by other women.

I went to the elevator and went down to the basement. The door opened and there was nothing down there. The hallways didn't even go anywhere.

I got back on the elevator. There was a man on the elevator who seemed to be a guide. He said we needed to pick up a woman on the 1st floor, so we did that. I looked at the buttons on the elevator wall. They only floors it went to be B, 1 and 5. It didn't stop on any other floors.


6-7-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I had been working hard all day, typing letters. I noticed it was dark outside and it was part 5 p.m. I also knew I couldn't go home yet, because there was a stack of purchase orders with drawings attached (which I hadn't typed yet and the boss would be there first thing in the morning, needing to sign them.

I pulled the stack over towards me, getting ready to type the first one. I picked the top one up and underneath it was a purchase order requisition with drawings attached and I saw writing on the top margin - 'CAMP DAVID'.

History of Camp David Since Roosevelt inaugurated Shangri-La with a three-day visit beginning July 18, 1942, all subsequent presidents have made extensive use of the mountain top retreat.

President Harry Truman did not visit Shangri-La often because Bess, his wife, felt it was dull. However, when they did visit, the Trumans enjoyed Shangri-La. Truman's favorite sport was walking and he spent long hours wandering the mountain trails with a secret service agent in tow.

Renamed Camp David

President Dwight Eisenhower changed the name of the retreat to Camp David in honor of his grandson, David Eisenhower. Although he and his wife, Mamie, tended to use Camp David for private relaxation, Eisenhower held the first cabinet meeting ever to take place there. He also hosted British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev at Camp David.


6-8-02 - THE DOORS - DREAM - I and some lovely people were moving into a 'condo' garden apartment we had just bought. There was only 1 key and the husband/Father had it. A mother figure was with me and I voiced concern that I hoped he was going to make copies so we each had a key.

We entered the apartment through the double-wide sliding glass doors off of the garden patio. These doors weren't locked and it was just a matter of sliding them open sideways. There seemed to be 3 layer, the screen and then two different glass panels. I slid them open and slid them all closed behind us after we entered. There was no furniture in the house yet as the moving van hadn't arrived yet. There were two other men in evidence going to live with us, but unseen - a man named David who was simple, slow, but hard-working, and G.H. (IEOSOUS from other dreams).

David was busy bringing in the food and stacking the refrigerator and pantry and cabinets.

David also brought in a huge tree which looked like a potted fichus with 3-tone leaves, ranging from yellow, light green, to dark green. It was so big, I couldn't walk past it.

All the inner doors and woodwork was painted the same color white, and I momentarily obsessed over 3 doors in the corner, which when open overlapped over each other and I could have sworn that one of them was unpainted natural dark wood. So I kept opening them and closing them to find the one that wasn't painted white and I couldn't figure it out. These doors were all extra tall and extra wide, and one of them actually was divided horizontally with a knob on the top and the bottom , which made it extra confusing intriguing to find the unpainted door, which I never did see a second time.

It was noon and the sun was shining in the window. There was a radio show that I liked to listen to at noon, but I decided to forego listening to the show white we were still moving in.

There was another door that went to the outside on the opposite side of the apartment.

I opened the door and I could hear the voice of G.H. (IEOSOUS) and the mother talking about something outside. This door had been covered by something white like a cotton or felt protective sheet like winter was coming and it was extra protection.

I woke up slowly as the dream faded.


6-8-02 - VISION - I saw a series of 3 rectangular pink boxes, one above each other - the smallest at the top, largest at the bottom. They represented 3 levels of 'server' cost and options.

Then there was a white box on the right that listed 5 criteria and in one of them, I saw the word 'audit'.


******************* 6-9-02 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in the yard. I don't know exactly how this got started, but there were some other young women with me, out in the yard. They were my friends but I can't name them. The house and area was where I used to live. It was similar, but not normal - or the way it is now. It was similar to how it was in the 60's before we remodeled the house.

It seemed as though we had been simulating doing some kind of fire ceremony of Native Americans. I experienced some really weird sizzling energy in the air, near me and in my head and all of a sudden, I was across the street, standing near a small pit and this beautiful-looking native woman in buckskins with a papoose (not strapped to her back) appeared and showed me how to bend forward with my arms outstretched over the flames in the fire it and pray over the flames. (There was no fire in the pit at the moment)

It all happened so quickly, I had to think about it and recall all the details of it.

I remembered the odd sizzling energy near me, and then an alien being appeared in the energy spot, who changed into the native woman, and I recall her telling me she was an 'alien indian' Once the alien had shape-shifted, it was hard to remember that this beautiful woman was actually an alien.

The baby wit her was a little older than a year old, and was complaining the whole time, about being set down while the demonstration of how to pray over the fire was being done for me.

I met up with my other two friends back across the street who had witness this whole thing from their own perspective. It had happened so fast,, we were all stunned.

When we were all in the house, we were watching two young women walking by, who were wearing black winter coats but were barefoot. (They had really big feet too) One other woman named them, but I can't recall the names, It was like they were acquaintances, but not friends with us, and their attitude was like they treated us other three women with disdain or like they were too good to be friends with us.

Then another young blonde woman came in. It seems as though she was a newspaper reporter and was going to write about our experience, and she was stunned that none of us had written anything down to document what had happened.

I could only explain that we were all too stunned about the experience itself to think to write it down. It wasn't until that moment that we sat down to describe what this alien native woman looked like, that her brads came to her shoulders , and then had extra long braids attached with bands to make them appear longer. There may have been a 'black' feather attached to this part of the braid extension, but I can't be sure.

I still remember the sizzling energy in the air like it just happened.

I was just starting to do the dishes in the kitchen sink when the blonde woman came in and she said she wanted some cake, but there were trays of cookies there I had just made and I told her to help herself.

I had to get my dishes washed. And we still hadn't written anything down either.



*********************** 6-10-01 - ONE CHANCE IN A MILLION (of all the dreams to remember, why this one?)

DREAM - I had to be in some dimension called called cartoon/movieland, or fantasy island to have this dream. It was so stupid, it was laughable.

It started out in the country with cartoon cows on a farm. I was trying to walk down the road and a cow was loose and not penned up. That was bad enough, but once I got past the cow, the bull, who also was not behind a fence saw her and I was now between the cow and the bull. Nothing was going to stop the bull from getting to the cow - NOTHING! Nothing was going to stop me from getting out of the way either, and I just managed to get out of the way in the nick of time.

I then met a person who had had plastic surgery on their ears and had them both pinned back so they didn't stick out. I even remember how the stitches were placed between the ears and the head: - - | - - - - | - -

I was in the hospital where the surgery was done and everyone started singing the song, "One chance in a million", like it was a musical play. We were just walking down the hall after seeing the person who had had the ear surgery. The scariest character there was a rough/tough guy, wearing a blue hood and cape on his head that pretty much hid his face. HIs face was really dark and you could barely see his eyes. Even he was singing the song as I walked by.

I then went into town and was sitting in a car, belong to N.M.

As I sat in the car by the curb, the car next to me had a crease in the side like it had been hit. N.M. came back to the car and I tried to explain that I didn't do it, and then N. tried to tell the store owner there about the crease in the car and I wasn't watching what was happening to the car and ran head-on into the store front.

So, I got out of the car and went into the store. There was a hat shop in the front, which was well handled by an older woman, but we walked through the hat store to an artist's shop behind it.

The woman who ran the shop had a lot of stuff in it, but I was looking for a small pad of drawing paper one could draw portraits on. The only paper I found of that size, already had 'sunflowers' embossed on it, so I as quite upset. I couldn't find any drawing paper.

I was starting to walk out of the store without buying anything, when some other girls got made too when they were looking through the large drawing paper and announced loudly - "She doesn't even carry DIVI paper!"

I walked out of the store, and back through the hat shop. I told the manager, "You may as well expand back into the shop behind you - she doesn't even have anything."


6-11-02 - DREAM - MORE on the new job - I went to work in the morning and forgot I had a new job to go to. I sat at my desk and there were various colored, different sized pieces of paper on the desk, each one charging me a fine of 5 cents or 10 cents depending on the misdemeanor I had done. At 1 p.m. I remembered about the new job, so I called the office and the secretary answered the phone, "Hello! This is Sharon!"

I apologized for not being there and asked if she needed me. She said she needed me right away, so I told her I'd be right there.

As I walked to the office, which was on the same floor, I was working on, I met N.M. I told him, "I'm on my way to my new job, its in room 210 - in the 'old section'. I visualized it in my mind and it was right around the corner in the 'old' section of the same building.

and also 49 levels


6-11-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 19 - mercy killing and forgiveness


6-13-02 - DREAM - I don't know exactly where I was. It seems I was in an army barracks with 8 guys who were re-enacting an attack in which they had been surrounded and some of them wounded during a previous war.

These guys all seemed to be in their 50's, so the war would have had to have happened at least 30 years ago.

As for myself, I was young, - so it was either Korea or World War II, though it could have been Vietnam.

It was scary in the barracks. They helped me put on a cotton, long-sleeved robe so I fit into the scene as well.

Everyone was in bed, but I was sitting on the floor between the beds because I hadn't been there in the real deal.

They told one guy, "don't lean against the headboards - remember, the bullet came right through the wall and headboard."

It was rather dim or dark outside, but somehow I got outside and was viewing this whole scene from above the scene now and I saw a group of at least 16 Chinese soldiers running in to make an attack on the barracks and it didn't look like no re-enactment.


6-13-02 - DREAM - I was back at my old job on Jackson St. as Manager. I was welcomed back by everyone. They were so glad to see me because it had been mis-managed while I was gone.

Someone had decided pets were okay and in one apartment, they had two Great Danes, two dogs that were just as big, but that had gold and black spots all over them, and a bull dog.

They were either going to have to get rid of their dogs or move.

Their sons lived in an apartment across the hall from them on the 1st floor and had trashed it completely when they moved out.

I went to the office and found out that I had been getting mail there even though I wasn't living there and there were 8 letters I needed to read and answer; plus other miscellaneous notes of complaints I needed to deal with.

Down in the basement, it seemed to be an area that contained Engineering data from past projects, which I examined in passing and as it happened, when an engineer and his boss came in to retrieve one of those plans, I was able to tell them exactly where they were.

but, when I opened the door to go down there, there were those 5 dogs behind the door, 2 great danes, 2 gold and black spotted dogs and the bull dog.

I made them get out of there.

I went downstairs to the basement where I ran into my 1st husband who was fixing some wiring in one of the maintenance rooms.

I waited for him to come out and talk, but he didn't have time, so I moved on to where the engineering records were. There was a box of garbage down there that had to be removed, so I assigned that to two women, Ruth and ??? (can't remember the name)

Then I went to look for something else and I was now on a 4 -wheeled office chair and so was everyone else. It was like a mall. The aisles were just wide enough for two people to go by each other.

I got down into a corner that was rather dark where a woman was demonstrating sewing machines. She was working on a big wooden desk with a portable machine on top of it. She had shelves of fabric behind her on two sides.

As I tried to get past her, she rather boxed me in, so I ended up by the desk, so she asked my advice. I told her I wished I had a desk like that myself and then told her that it was too dark in her corner and she needed to have a flood-light installed in the corner to light up her area.

I then went back upstairs to deal with the dogs, make sure the garbage got put outside, and answer my 8 letters.


6-14-02 - DREAM - I was living on 16th St. and my friend Dee from Milwaukee lived across the alley from me. I had a small Fingerhut catalog and wanted to place an order, so I called on the phone and the other Dee answered the phone. I was shocked and asked her how she got the job. She said she had called AT&T to tell them she couldn't pay her bill and they asked her if she wanted to work for them, so she said, "Sure!"

I then walked across the alley to visit her. She lived in a basement apartment, so I knocked on the outside door and went down the stairs. The stairs and hallway was stark white and the building looked like it was made of concrete block.

Her washer and dryer and then her kitchen was right there. Both of them had windows way up near the ceiling, so it was bright in the room.

All her dishes were crystal clear red-purple color. They were beautiful.

While I was there, other people also came in and we were chatting about the Fingerhut catalog and people were lining up to buy stuff too.

All of a sudden, someone discovered a water leak in the laundry room. The water was coming in so fast, the room was filling up fast and sloshing back and forth, about chest high, threatening to drown the people.

So, I opened the door to the hallway to let the water spread out some and it was still coming in fast.

So, as the water ran down the hall, I ran ahead of it, telling people they had to evacuate. I h ad to knock on every door and tell the people to evacuate as a flood was coming. they had to leave no matter what they were doing.

As I went down the halls, I saw a wide stairway that went downward to a sub-basement and I figured the water would run down the stairs before it could harm anyone, but I was obligated to evacuate the building - so I kept on knocking on doors and telling people they had to evacuate.



6-14-02 - DREAM - I don't know if I was visiting some people or they were visiting me, but there were two babies there, which needed to be fed. The one baby wouldn't take a bottle and he wouldn't take peas in a jar, he wanted cereal or cookies or something in a blue box.

I could see that a mouse had chewed on the corner of the box and it had pooped in the box, so the baby - actually nobody could eat out of that box.

I was a little embarrassed by the mess in the house, there was dirty laundry hanging around. I couldn't just put it in the little cradle for the baby, because you could see it, so I covered the cradle over with a colorful afghan I had made myself. It looked pretty good.

There was a guest room there and there was a cradle in that room too.

I then started to see a web page with bugs and printed letters on it and the colored font for the letters was #66006" = 666?

NOTE: I looked up that color - its so dark blue, it's almost black, but not quite.


6-15-2002 - I had three dreams in a row about 'the promise', which was put on an oval platter. I actually glued some of the letter strokes to it so I wouldn't lose it.

I don't know what the promise was, but being on a white over platter seems like a good thing.

NOTE: I remember another symbol like this about the Robert Kennedy Memorial


6-16-02 - DREAM - This was a night of symbolic nightmares.

I was shown a basement with a string of linked laundry tubs, each one 1/2 full of packages of various sizes. These tubs were not lined up straight, but in a zig-sag fashion. When all the sinks were loaded with these packages, then they were suddenly all filled with water - it filled all of them and was spilling over on the floor. There were 265 of them.

I then saw a vision of a statement that told me that when all 265 sinks were full of water, then everything would go back to normal.

NOTE: I have to assume that this means that there will be 265 Earth days with various events in various parts of the world. And when the 265 days of events are done, we will be back to normal events again.

On second thought, I remembered that most people only do laundry once a week, so we might be talking about 265 weeks instead.

Here are the end-dates depending on whether it's days or weeks.

265 days = March 18, 2003

265 weeks = June 26, 2007



6-16-2002 - VISION - I saw three laundry tubs, lined up on a diagonal. There was a tall straw sticking out of each one.


6-16-2002 - VISION - I saw a man on a golf-course with a golf club in his hands. It looked like Tiger Woods.

A UFO about the size and shape of a hat with a band on it (windows) came up off the ground into his hands. (He was wearing a greenish short-sleeved golf shirt.


6-16-2002 - VISION - A series of dates for Tiger Woods 11-7 thru 11-11 - a series of events


6-17-02 - DREAM - We were in Wisconsin and had just moved into a new house. Our neighbors were complaining that they didn't have any furniture in some of their rooms of their houses.

When my Father drove me home from the grocery store, I looked in the window of our house and I could see a light on inside, but we didn't have any furniture in the livingroom of our house either.

When we arrived home, the leather seat of the car was so cold, it hurt to touch it with bare skin, and when I got out of the car besides, I was barefoot.

We went in the house by the back door. My Father was ahead of me and I managed to close the bottom part of the door, but the mechanical door closer at the top didn't close and was left gapped open.

I was going to call him back to fix the hinged opener because it was dangerous to leave the back door open, but I could hear him arguing with my son Tom and then I could hear him doing some tiling work in the bathroom, which needed to get done, and I didn't want to bother him.

My neighbor across the alley had told me that my Father had walked her home as far as her back gate, but hadn't even escorted her safely inside her house either. I could see her at a distance, out the window, with her black and red dress on.

Then my son Tom, who was about 10 years old, came crying to me that my Father had made him go to school in the morning, just when he was in the middle of printing out some papers on the topic of 'trust'. When he came home from school, his computer had been taken apart and moved.

Since my Father was busy tiling in the bathroom, I decided I'd have to fix these other little problems myself.

The computer had no case on it. The internal motor was wrapped in a plastic bag with wires sticking out of it. I didn't see any monitor or printer. The keyboard was black and I saw on it, a key on the right side that said,'Trust'. So I knew if I got the computer hooked up to the printer, all I'd have t do was press that button and my son could find out what 'Trust' was all about.

There was another old man there who said he had moved the computer, put it all together, but he couldn't hook up the phone lines to it.

I could see all the wires sticking out, so I decided I would hook up the computer myself, because it was important that my son know what 'Trust' was all about.


6-17-02 - DREAM - We were in Wisconsin and had just moved into a new house. Our neighbors were complaining that they didn't have any furniture in some of the rooms of their houses. When my Father drove me home from the grocery store, I looked in the window of our house and I could see a light on inside but we didn't have any furniture inside in the livingroom either.

When we arrived home, the leather seat of the car was so cold, it hurt to touch it with bare skin, and when I got out of the car besides, I was barefoot.

We went to the house by the back door. My Father was ahead of me and I managed to close the bottom of the door, but the mechanical door closer at the top wouldn't close and was left gapped open.

I was going to call him back to fix the hinged opener because it was dangerous to leave the back door open, but I could hear him arguing with my son Tom and then I could hear him doing some tiling work in the bathroom, which needed to get done, and I didn't want to bother him.

My neighbor across the alley had told me that my Father had walked her home as far as her back gate, but hadn't even escorted her safely inside her house either. I could see her at a distance out the window with her black and red dress on.

Then my son Tom, who was about 10 years old came crying to me that my Father had made him go to school in the morning just when he was in the middle of printing out some papers on the topic of 'trust'. When he came home from school, his computer had been taken apart and moved.

Since my Father was busy tiling in the bathroom, I decided I'd have to fix these little problems myself.

The computer had no case on it. The internal motor was wrapped in a plastic bag with wires sticking out of it. I didn't see any monitor or printer. The keyboard was black and I saw on it a key on the right side that said, 'trust'. So I knew if I got the computer hooked up to the printer, all I'd have to do was press that button and my son could find out what 'trust' was all about.

There was another old man there who said he had moved the computer and put it all together, but he couldn't hook up the phone lines to it.

I could see the wires sticking out, so I decided I would hook up the computer myself, because it was important that my son know what 'trust' was all about.


6-18-02 - MICHELLE DREAM - matches mine from the 14th.

Michelle and Paul went to Canada to visit relatives. When their vacation was over, they tried to get back into the U.S, but the border was closed.

As it turned out, the rest of the world had had a Pole Shift, except for Canada never felt it.

Michelle and Paul were taken to a crowded camp where people were being taken. At the camp, there was a television on, showing the news from the U.S. It showed that there was an election going on to vote in a new President. (It wasn't mentioned what happened to the old President)

Then they showed a map of the U.S. showing major disasters from coast to the other.

Most of the East coast was under water. There was no State of Florida. Where the Mississippi river was supposed to be, was a huge inlet of the sea that widely divided America, all the way up to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

California, Oregon, and Washington State were mostly gone under water, except for the mountains which stood out like small islands.

In the northern area of California, the sea had encroached all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City was now beach front property.



6-18-02 - DUMB DREAM - I was working in an office at a desk. A woman came in who seemed to have more authority than I, but who wasn't really the boss. I wanted to send a letter to someone and attach a photograph of someone, but I didn't want to show it to anyone, so I was trying to sneak it out.

A young man came into the office and he told me he was going outside to read a book. I thought I'd be coy and pretend I was going somewhere with him, so I put on a pink coat and took a red and green valise-type case with me, which actually held my purse and book, but others didn't know what was really in it. It made me look like I was going to stay with the guy, and I was trying to impress this on whoever was watching me.

I opened a refrigerator to get something out to drink and the whole inside was full of ice. I then had trouble closing the door again.

I and this young man then went outside and in the sky, which actually looked like a ceiling to me, had lights on it. It looked like several airplanes on a runway with lights on their slanted wings. \ /

It made the light look like they were a Chevron shape.

The guy picked up some stones and threw them at the lights. I knew they were UFOs, so I cautioned him not to throw stones at them and then the lights started to blink out one by one.

I told him that if he wanted to communicate with them, all he had to do was talk to them and they might appear to him.


6-19-02 - DREAM - I was in a house with some people. I could see UFO lights in the nighttime sky, coming from the west.

There was some activity going on, getting ready for something.

I was then sitting in a room with some kids. One of the girls had black and white hair - she said, "My Mom says that now we can be who we really are.

I knew that she meant, 'honest'.


6-20-02 - DREAM - (The radio was on all night, so I don't know where this dream got its idea from)

I was living and working out of an apartment on 70th St. in West Allis, but I had a double life as what I would call - "a fancy dancer' at night, where I went drinking and dancing at a small, dark bar on the south side of the city. I decided I was going to go on the straight and narrow, just do my regular day job, where I worked on 70th St. in the executive offices across from A-C. In fact, I planned on setting up my own office as a doctor and help other people and stop being and keeping up with the 'slick chicks'.

Having made that decision, I called a cab, which was a private chauffeur. I asked him to drive me down to the bar where I planned to tell the head guy I'd be glad to give him any private and secret information I still came up with.

When the car got down to the bar, I knew exactly where it was and it had a green light at the top of the window, but the driver didn't see it and drove to the end of the street and stopped at the T intersection. He got out of the car and stood in the intersection, looking for the proper direction to go.

I got his attention and pointed to the building we had just passed and showed it to him.

There was one parking space across the street from the place - (the rest of the street was parked full on both sides) so he backed up and parked i the space, facing the wrong direction - though he had been going the right direction to park properly in the first place.

I looked across the street - the green light wasn't on, but there was a door to the upstairs with blue glowing light coming through an arched glass window.

I got out of the car to go see my boss, who was at that moment coming down the stairs from his apartment above the bar. His wife and family were wit him, so I indicated to him that I needed to talk to him.

So he walked with me over to a private spot on the corner where it was all ice and snow. He sat down on a snowbank seat, but I was standing on the sidewalk and told him I was going back to being a normal person.

He said he understood. I asked him if I could still give him any secret information I came up with, and he smiled and then we parted and I woke up.

NOTE: As far as looks, he resembled the head doctor on One Life to Live TV show.)


6-21-02 - DREAM - A birthday and a wedding.

Both dreams took place in the same L-shaped building. The birthday came firs. I had to go invite the people to the party and get the cake at the far end of the L. The cake was 18" across and 6" high, like a cheesecake and was covered with a reddish-purple berry sauce, which I spread on it myself. It seemed there were 100's of people of all ages at the party.

The wedding had a similar scenario, except I was outside the building retrieving items for the wedding at the opposite end of the L-shaped building.

There was a wild scene in the dream like Lucille Ball and Ethel mertz, except the people were Ruth and an older female friend. Ruth was crouched under a rolling dining cart like you see Maat over the sky in ancient pictures, with her friend under her, screaming for help as the table moved down the hall.

I'm thinking this is representing the sky canopy with Earth screaming for help as the table moved down the hall.

I had to get the marriage license at one end of the L, pick up the wedding gown in the L-shape corner, and get married at the opposite end in the huge room where all the guests were waiting.

In the case of the wedding where I needed a partner, we were in a convertible car and the groom seemed a little reluctant, I had to ask him twice if he was sure he wanted to go through with it.


6-22-02 - DREAM - I was working on a web search for magnetics of the earth. Once I had all the urls in front of me. I decided to take out all the ones that had the word magnetics in it and see what was left ....   none.


6-22-02 - DREAM - I was riding home in a car with my husband, driving south on Moorland Rd. It must have been Sunday as we were passing several old white-haired ladies who were walking home from church. I wondered if we should have offered them a ride, but we didn't. they didn't have that far to go anyway.

The ride was strange because we were going really fast but some of the time it felt like we were going backwards, then forwards, then backwards, then forwards like watching a movie.

Later I was riding in a car with someone else, we were going to a lake. We went down a long driveway and turned right onto a country road. The road was wide at first, then got narrower and narrower as it wound through the forest. this was even more like being at the movies. We were driving way too fast for such sharp corners, but there was no sense of danger, nor speed, or of careening around the corners to fast, though we obviously were - it was like being ina silent movie.


6-23-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office for a tall dark man named John R. It was around Christmas time and it seems that we had both been gone from the office for some time, perhaps like a plant shutdown.

I came into the office first, and the office personnel had to clean up the old decorations, move things around the put things away.

I busied myself with little preliminary chores and put 4 packs of birthday cards on the John's desk for his approval. I opened u phis top right hand desk drawer and pulled out an old calendar page (the flip-over kind) to write a note on, which I wrote, "John! Pease look over these cards for office use."

By the time I finished the note he walked in the office behind me, and asked me to go to breakfast wit him, or at least have coffee.

I reluctantly agreed, then instead of leaving, he grabbed me and wrapped my arms around him and right in front of everyone, he stood in the middle of the office with me wrapped around him, telling the other office personnel what to do.

Then, he decided that instead of working, he asked me to participate in a money embezzlement scheme, which he said was how he got his last car.

There wes a stack of blue and white money requisitions on top of the file cabinet by another guy's desk, named Charlie, who had to sign off on them first in order to get the cash.

The guy got real nervous about trying to embezzle cash a second or third time as the case may  be. So John said, "Now Charlie, how long have you been in the oil business?" like he knew how to pull company strings to threaten Charlie's job if he didn't cooperate.

I was sitting on a bench nearby while John was convincing Charlie to sign off on the cash requisitions, while there were 3 men working on some kind of engine, testing it. It was rather like a race car like they would use in the Indian 500 but didn't have all the fancy covers on the car.

They tested it several times, each time trying to get more performance out of it.

Each time they did it, they had to prime it with dry ice or cool it with that or it was alcohol fumes - I don't know what, but it was white - like dry ice smoke - but the last time, the whole motor got out of their control, rolled over to the end of the bench where I was sitting, jamming itself against the bench and it must have blown up, because I went blind.


6-23-02 - DREAM - I was standing on the southeast corner of the intersection of Center and Teutonia Sts.

There was like a large doorway in the middle of the intersection.

A long string of teens and kids as young as 10 were handcuffed together and dragged off to fight in a war. Following them, a long string of prisoners, handcuffed together were dragged off towards the north to fight in a war. they were really rough - looking guys, rather like you would see in Kosovo or Czechoslovakia.

My thought was - "and they are going to give these guys guns????"

NOTE: I meditated on the above - Two visions said, "Future 9 B and Future - Page 9B.


6-25-02 - DREAM - I was on the phone with Michelle. She had sent me the 'bust statue' of a black-haired girl and it was dusty, so I blew the dust off of it, and took it to the kitchen to put a coat of shellac on it to preserve it better. I noted that the black hair wasn't painted perfectly and there was a triangular spot that was lighter black than the rest of it.

In the kitchen was a middle-aged couple, both with black hair. they were making breakfast for themselves and cooking things.

The woman dropped something on the floor and just left it there, so I figured I didn't have to worry too much if I accidentally dropped something myself.

The man was by the sink and the whole wall was black around the faucets. As long as he was there, I handed him a wet soapy scrub brush and asked him to wash the dirt down the sink. He explained the dirt, saying, "A chunk got in the garbage."

I told the woman that I don't normally sit down to eat breakfast, that I eat it on the run and clean the kitchen at the same time, starting on one end and working towards the other.

Then, I went over to the washing machine and started washing white curtains. There was a pair of white curtains that had a red edging on them. They were brand new and they somehow tried to get into the washer too, but being new, I didn't want to wash them yet and I didn't want the red edging to bleed out onto the other clothes.

There was a pair of black women's ice skates on the counter, which had a large triangular rubber thing on the bottom that stuck up into the skate boot. I couldn't figure out what that was for, so I took it to the shoe store,which was in the next room. The woman clerk, who sold only black shoes and skates said they were there to prevent the silver blades from clanking together, but I could see that they didn't work that way, they just prevented you from walking, or skating on them, unless you pulled them off first.


6-26-02 - DREAM - I had two huge gemstones. One was worn like pendant - it was roughly triangle-shape.

My son came in and said that my father had given him an almond. The almond was still in its shell and my son wanted to plant it because it was the largest almond he had ever seen.

I looked at the almond - (it actually looked like a peach stone).

At that point  I felt sorry for my son that my father had told my son that he couldn't plant the almond seed. So, we sat at the kitchen table and I pried the almond shell apart.

We were astonished to see that inside the almond shell were 4 more large gemstones inside compartments, and once the almond shell was opened, the gemstones were larger than the almond shell was to begin with.

No wonder my father had told him not to just stick it in the ground.

There must be a moral to this story:  


6-26-02 - DREAM - I was watching a documentary on hippos. The film showed hippos in a field of pole-beans. Then it said that hippos destroy half of the pole-bean crop every year in Africa.

NOTE: On search of the internet, I didn't find any pole-beans in Africa, but I did find a website organization called HIPPO which makes its money by asking for donations from people so they can teach Africans to become vegetarians and eat beans.



6-26-02 - DREAM - I was sitting at my kitchen table, working on 4 pages of financial records. They had to be perfect before I could type them and hand them in to my boss who seemed to Asa Buchanan from One Life To Live. (He is a big business tycoon) On the table, amongst the papers were huge bags of corn ships (The Mexican tortilla type - they are triangular)  It looked like I had eaten about 1/2 of each bag, and the bags were in the way of my work, so I had to set them aside.

Asa called on the phone and said he was going to be late picking up the financial records because he had forgotten to deliver a Christmas gift to a girl named Veronica ( or a name like that). Christmas was a month earlier, so it must have been late January.

I said, "Okay!" and continued my work on the papers, thinking about how hard it was to do this work at home, and how late I was getting the work done with the primitive tools I had at home.

I considered calling my boss Asa and telling him not to rush because his call about being late to arrive, made me remember that I was a month late in giving my friend Cheryl her birthday cake. This cake was still in the freezer but I was thinking that I should bake her a new cake instead.

NOTE: MCI WORLDCOM (a telephone company) has been called on for mis-stating their expenses into another year so that it looked like their profits were bigger than they really were.


6-27-02 - DREAM - My father called me on the phone and said he was sending over a gift with Ralph that I should deliver to another relative. I said, "Okay!" and in a few minutes Ralph came in, carrying a Christmas gift wrapped in red and green paper.

I opened it to see what it was. It was a shirt, tie, and vest, already put together like a man would wear it, but folded neatly.

(After I woke up I was trying to think what color it was and it seems like it was various shades of grey, black and white. I know for sure the vest was grey, black and white tweed, but knitted. The shirt was maybe mauve and the tie a darker shade towards purple - but not deep purple.)

I looked at the shirt label to see what brand it was. I thought at first it said, "Goodwill" and I was thinking, "Oh man, my father shops at Goodwill for Christmas gifts," and then I looked at the label closer and it said, "Dalvert".

I then went downtown and it seemed like I was being chased by a train and I had to beat it to the station. The staton was on Dalvert St., so I was running through the mall to get to Dalvert St., and my running wasn't normal, it had an odd pattern - kind of like an old steam locomotive, which starts out slow and then goes faster and faster.

I finally reached the center of the mall, which was supposed to be Dalvert St. and discovered that there was a huge white staircase that went down in two directions from the landing and I was really on a balcony it seemed. Either that or Dalvert was in the basement. The store label was Dalvert and at the bottom of the stairs was clothing store named Dalvert.

As I stood there, trying to figure out what to do, a young man came up the stairs, holding an outstretched hand to welcome me, and said, "Sally Struthers?" and I answered, "Yes!"


I found this: Director de Salud y Servicios Comunitarios: Dr. Franklin Gómez

Asesor en Salud: Dr. Dalvert Polanco

Director de Bancos de Sangre: Dr. Sócrates Sosa

This name is in the Directory of the Red Cross/Red Crescent


6-27-02 - DREAM - I as standing under a huge tent where 80 military dressed men were instructed to stand outside and catch rocks being hurled down from the sky.

These rocks were all round and about a foot across -  that's pretty heavy.

While I was standing there, it was hailing marble-sized ice balls - heavy hail.

I was thinking to myself - why would 80 men be instructed to catch rocks when everyone could be safely inside while the rocks fell right on the ground?

While I was out in the yard, the man in the house said it was from Ralph. I thought, "How strange, he's never called me before. I went into the house and found the p hone - it had a 50 foot cord on it, and the receiver was dangling from the ceiling in the bathroom hallway when I finally located it. I said, "Hello!, tentatively and an old woman's voice said, "Mrs. Ritchie?"

I said, "I'm sorry, you have a wrong number - then realized, after I hung up - that WAS my name.


6-27-02 - DREAM - I was in a house working on a tablecloth that I had knitted in a circle. I thought it was done, but as I looked at it, I saw that it had expanded at the seams and there were some worn spots on the back that needed to be filled in.

It looked exactly like the crop circle, but was bright blue and white.

South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June.

GPS Reference SU12066201


From Crop Circle Connector

I went outside with a woman who I was showing the tablecloth to, and she sat in a deck chair out on the lawn and asked me if I ever felt like covering myself up with a coat and hiding from the light - and she covered herself up with a dark-green coat from head to toe.

I had to admit that I had felt like that from time to time.

VISION:  I heard these words: "The Light doesn't tell you whether its going to catch up with you at Smartsville or at the Philips gas station - and I saw the sign from the Phillips 66 gas station.


6-28-02 - ASTRAL DREAM - some partially lucid which got scary and I had to make myself open my eyes to get out of them.

At the end of the first one, a black man was following me and all I had on was a bath towel. I was trying to get back to my apartment and I ended up in a barn and kept going from a series of empty metal rooms (painted light blue). Fortunately, each one had two push in - push out doors, so I could keep going, but the insides of the rooms were painted powder blue and all banged up. It was really scary.


6-28-02 - ANOTHER LUCID DREAM - I was shown a web page url so I copied and pasted the url into my dream computer and pressed ENTER to see where it would take me.

This dream was even weirder than the scary one before it.

I was doing laundry in the back of a toilet in a bathroom like 3 pieces at a time, for people in my apartment building.

A young black man reminded me that there was a meeting I was expected at, at 8:30 p.m. and I wasn't dressed yet. I was still wearing the bath towel. So I ran out of the bathroom to get dressed, ended up on an elevator and then outside, which started one on another stupid adventure where I offered to take a black woman home for free at 924 N 5th St.

The car I was driving was like a tricycle with a school seat and basket in front of it. She wasn't too keen on the vehicle but go on the seat in front of me and I demonstrated how it seemed the streets seemed like hallways if you go fast enough. That's exactly how it was - the streets were like carpeted hallways with high ceilings and painted fake stores on the wall.

I had to cross a large intersection where a strange train went across - which was pulling a large yacht on a trailer.

I then had to go through several sliding doors and the black woman didn't want to go with me so she got off the seat and I started walking through the doors by myself.

The first couple was easy. I crossed the tracks, but was stopped by a glass window in the last door. It was operated by a black woman who opened the window on a schedule. On my side of the window, off on the side was a toilet and sink.

On the other side of the window as a young black woman, sitting on a stool, who was eating a large roasted red potato. She said to me, roasted potatoes are good because they contain moisture.

Somehow I needed up with a cup of hot water with some tea flakes in it. I woke up while the tea flakes were dissolving and floating around.


6-29-02 - DREAM - I was in a country house with all my relatives and lots of friends of the family. They were planning and preparing a surprise party for my son Tom. (All my kids were adults)

While this preparation was being done, I was serving beer out of the refrigerator from a lazy-susan-type rack that spun around. The beer was arranged in a circle within the rack and I took one bottle of beer from each section, spun it, took the next bottle from the next section, etc. In other words, no two adjacent beers were ever used, and this kept the rack balanced.

My mother was helping plan this party and  consulted with a woman named RAY for the guest list. The party was planned for noon. The food was all ready. My son tom was sent out to get more beer while preparations were being made.

All of a  sudden, there was a loud boom sound and the house shook. I saw fire coming out from beneath the house. I ran to the door to call for a fire extinguisher and help from my sons and saw that the garage was on fire and had a big hole in it too.

I ran out there, seeing that my sons and other men were running around putting out the fire in the garage with fire extinguishers and I pointed towards the house which was still burning underneath. They ran over to the house to put out the fire.

I ran inside the house where someone else had a water slide coming down the stairway. Fresh water was sluicing down this clear glass slide and a  single large triangular-shaped fish was dangling in the stream by a string. The slide was being measured to make sure there was clearance on both sides of the fish.

My son Ken came in the house. I told him he was going to be held financially responsible for the damage. He said that was okay.

Then I asked him what his plans were to be following the successful development of his rocket. He said, "Oh. I'm going to start working towards buying a tract of homes next.

(This son must have lots of money?)

I said, "Okay!", thinking that was a great idea.

I went back outside then and saw my son Tom leaving, all dressed up with a winter topcoat on (it was black)

I got all distressed, knowing that the surprise party for him was going to happen at noon, which was at any moment.

He aid, "Ray is having a party for me at 6 p.m. and I want to be there on time."

I was astounded. Ray knew we were having a the surprise party at noon - the exploding rocket had delayed our preparations.

I said to Tom, "Don't leave yet! Hang on for a minute. I have to check on something."

I ran for the door of the house to see if the surprise party was still on for noon and see if we should tell Tom about the party because he was leaving for Ray's house.

I woke up as I entered the door, thinking that RAY had betrayed us.


6-30-02 - DREAM - I was out in the country. It was similar to our New Berlin house but not quite. The house had a huge addition on it. The addition was roughed in, but didn't have anything finished, no plumbing, no electricity.

A salesman named Dennis - (named for St. Denys) called on the phone and wanted to give me a bid on upgrading the electrical outlets in the part of the house we were living in, but I thought I'd get a bid from him for the addition as well.

However, he started asking me questions about what kind of outlets we had in the house and I didn't know. I told him that every outlet was different. Then was no two alike.

He didn't want to hear that and I started getting upset because I couldn't give him a different answer and I couldn't change it.

I went back to the other part of the house to tell Joe about it and I managed to briefly, but he was busy talking to the people, but even though hew as leaning on me and using me for a back rest, which felt good, I didn't get to tell him about wanting to get a bid on the addition to the house.

I went outside and began weeding the garden in front of the house. The weeds pulled out easily. I also discovered that tiny trees had been planted in plastic tubes here and there, none had taken root and they had died. I went back into the house because I thought a storm was coming. as soon as I did, I saw Earl Burris walking around out in the yard with a chain saw cutting trees and there was a woman out there too who looked like a black thin shadow telling him what to cut out.

The phone rang and I ran for the phone and picked it up. It was tiny cell phone, but the call wasn't for me, it was for my grown daughter.

So, while she was talking on the phone, I was in the bedroom dusting the floors.

I saw a red toolbox then and left it so it was handy and prided myself on keeping the floor clean. Meanwhile I could hear everything else that was going on, but kept doing my own work.


6-30-02 - VISION - I was typing/copying a letter that was handwritten on light blue paper from Graham Alexander. I was told I would only get half of it done and I did the first page, but didn't get to the other side of the letter.

A brilliant yellow paperback book with a drawing of a black sun with tendrils coming out of the upper left side (as facing me) and a face like it was evil.



6-30-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office with the boss at my desk and a  young adult male who was at another desk. This was the guy's first day and he was pretty good at the work.

All  of a sudden, the boss stood up, put on his black coat and hat and stood in the dark corner, near the hallway, and said, "Well, it looks like we have someone who can start out right at the top!"

I looked at him, not understanding immediately what it meant. My mouth dropped open as I came to the realization that the new guy was going to lake the bosses place on his first day at work, and the old boss was just going to walk away and leave everything to him.

VISION - This was the voice of Larry King, the TV interviewer. he said, "Well! Orenstein didn't leave a Jr. but we have someone to step in who is just as good."

NOTE: After some research on the internet, it finally dawned on me that the boss was Ralph, the Jewish Judge, whose last name rhymes with Orenstein , and when I meditated on this man and his name, I was told that he was the head of the Thule Society.  (This must be on the spiritual level)