Communicating with Spirits, Ghosts, Walkins, Starseeds


by Dee Finney

6-4-2002 -

Thank you for coming. Dee has expressed an interest in reading from the other side, such as John Edwards, Rosemary Altea, and James Von Praagh do. This is not an easy process. As John Edwards always says, do not come to a reading with specific expectations because you are sure to be disappointed.

It is not always the medium's fault that your favorite aunt doesn't come through.

Spirit energies are not all the same and it does take effort on their part to help the medium make the connection. Then too, the spirits are not all standing in line, waiting to be called - they may be off doing other important things, such as being in school, learning something they need. They are not at our beck and call for a medium to call on [at a specific moment].

I know that not everyone believes in reincarnation, but spirits do get the opportunity to enter more than one body and when they are done wtih the body you knew them in, they may hang around for awhile, resting, or just waiting for another opportunity to be with you because of love, or that they want to experience life again and be given another chance to learn what they missed last time around. In some cases, they come right back into the body of the next child born in your family. They might come in to a friend's family, if that isn't possible. They might just hang around the house they lived in and loved best.

Sometimes these spirits play games to get your attention, like flicker lights, make things fall over, or just touch your hair or your skin in a loving way. If you have a dog or a cat, they will certainly know if a spirit is there because they can usually see them. Cats and dogs have different eye-sight than humans and can see into a higher frequency of light than humans. But do not worry if 'ghosts' or spirits are in your house.

It is rare that they cause anyone harm except make them nervous. It is more rare to have dangerous spirits around and if that happens, professionals can be called in to remove the spirit and take them where they belong.

It isn't kind or beneficial to a spirit to keep them earth-bound - there are higher things they need to tend to. But if you are concerned about your loved one, you can be assured they are well and being looked after. No matter how they died, whether their physical body was whole or healthy or not, be assured that their spirit body is whole and well. Those who could not walk, or were in wheelchairs are ambulatory. Those who were blind - can see - those how were deaf - can hear.

Never fear for your loved ones - even those who crossed themselves over on purpose are well, learning why it was wrong to do what they did, but they are not in hell, nor are they condemned for not being able to handle their physical lives.

Dee knows of people who have crossed themselves over. Life sometimes is just too painful to maintain. That is also why Dee's original soul decided to leave and allow another spirit to use her body while it was still healthy. This is happening more and more often. You will notice that when someone comes near death, or sometimes they actually die and the doctors get their hearts started again, that their personalities are different. They may not have the same soul they had before. The new soul will complete what the person was to do and then move on to its own mission, a new career, a new interest, usually one of a helpful nature to mankind.

This is not an easy task for a soul to take over the body of someone who is ill or drug over-dosed. Not as easy as coming into a new baby's body, but it saves years of time in the growing process. Taking over the body of someone who was ill or drug over-dosed is difficult at best, but if you see a change in that person, you can be pretty sure something happened during the time they were gone, even for a moment or two.

Do not be spooked by this. Sometimes it causes divorce and family rifts. Sometimes too, that is to be expected and the soul knows that the rough water of life will ease up at some point and their new mission can be searched for and worked on.

If you are one of these walkins - or starseeds that some are called because the soul comes from another planetary system, you are still of an earth-body and expected to work within the system and body provided for you. Once in the physical realm, one is subject to all the physical laws of nature and that is not always easy, especially for those who come into the body with full memory of who they were before. This goes for little children as well, who remember who they used to be in a past-life. Be gentle and understanding with these souls.

It is not an easy thing to be human, no matter how you came into the body. And never fear, we are always here by your side to help you. And don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You may not always like or appreciate the answers you get, but it will be the right one. The questions you ask are not always of benefit to you, so if you get an answer you don't like, do not be offended, by the response. It is always to your highest good that the answers are given, whether you like it or not.

Be assured you are always loved, and we are always here, waiting for you when you come home.

Love always and blessings to all - Sananda

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