JUNE, 1992

6-1-92 - DREAM - I and several other relatives were in a car and my Mom was driving. She pulled into the garage, but was a little too far to the left, so we told her to back out and pull over a couple inches. But, she backed all the way out and around the corner to the right, afraid to try again.  (My Mom never drove a car in her whole life) The rest of us, all urged her onward, knowing we were all waiting to put our foot down on the brake since we all had access to it, so she wouldn't back all the way out again.

Inside the house, I had a little fluffy white dog, 1/2 poodle, 1/2 terrier. He loved to wear hats and found a bib and pushed his head under it. I found a fairly little baby hat and put it on him and tied it under his chin. He loved it so was so proud.

My Mom had a child with her, or a small relatives child. it was all dressed up in brown plaid. The child said it had been practicing to be a clown and did a disappearing act so that the clothes stood there all by themselves and the person became invisible.


6-2-92 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin with my teenage kids and my Mother. I had a job in Waukesha in an office. I felt quilty for not going in during the day, but I went to work on the bus to start at 5 on the second shift to catch up on my work and hoped my boss wouldn't mind.

Instead of getting into the bus, I stood ona platform and hung onto the back door. When the bus started, I was sorry I had done that because it was rather a precarious ride.

At the next stop, other women wanted to get on, so I went inside. Several women called me by name and asked me questions about people in the past I have known. I answered the questions as best I could and then thought to myself, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to rent a little house and move into downtown Waukesha on a bus line so I can get to work easily.

Although I didn't recognize the woman who called me by name, I was pleased that they knew who I was and figured I would make friends and wouldn't be along for long.

WE got off the bus and walked through a shopping mall to avoid walking in the rain and hail that started to come down.

At the office building, I walked up some stairs which was rather like A-C or Simpson Electric and walked down a long hall, but my way was blocked when I went through a door and there was a factory with machines and cows swishing their tails near the walkway against the wall and the floor was soft and squishy and I was wearing high heeled shoes. I asked an Indian girl how to the through and she showed me a solid walkway behind the cows, but they were aggressive and I declined to walk behind the animals.

So, I decided to go upstairs and across and to go back down on the other side of the factory part.

I walked up another stairway and there were many women and children up on this floor too. They were eating a carry-in supper. One kid had some cheese and I ate some, commented that it was good and went on.

I came to some more animals, small odd looking creatures, tethered to posts stuck in the floor. I had just determined that it might be okay to walk behind the animals when a short black pig with a long unicorn type horn on it's forehead charged at me. It caught the bottom edge of my skirt. I complained to the man in charge, but he said that they didn't pay damages for dirty marks, only for real damage.

I wok up and it was 5 a.m.


6-3-92 - DREAM - I was with some future oriented people who thought the exact opposite of the way we did. They showed me a map of the way they thought the U.S. would look after the shift. The north pole was south near the border of Canada with the U.S.  There was a solid sheet of ice all the way down into Wisconsin. There was no water showing anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. There was no Hudson Bay, no Great Lakes, no inundation in the West. In fact, the whole continent was larger by far and didn't even resemble the one we know now. Where Hudson Bay is, was all dry land, and the oceans had gone down so far the U.S. was expanded in every direction so the continent was shaped more rectangle because the Gulf of Mexico was mostly land also, way down towards South America, though there was still some separation.

I kept thinking to myself, "No! They are wrong. That's not the way it's going to be."  They felt that Wisconsin was going to be so close to the north pole and that it was going to be so cold here that they wanted to sell the land they owned near Wausau.

I wanted that land so bad, I could almost taste it. I knew the person who owned the land and she wanted to get rid of it.

I had the deed to the land in my hand and was safekeeping it, then we all went to the courthouse for the signing of the papers.

The real estate people showed me the book that had the drawings of the land and buildings as that group had projected it, and I made red check marks on all the drawings for what I wanted, knowing that I was going to build it according to my own specifications.

The real estate lady asked me if I wanted to see the pictures again and I said, "No! I've seen them three times already." I just wanted to get over to the court house and get the papers signed.

We then walked over to the  courthouse which was in a big circle of hallways. You could get there without having to go outside by following the hallways.

I wanted to go down to the ground level then and entered the elevator by myself. I pressed number 1 but the elevator never moved. It was stuck. I could see a huge man standing next to the door. I knew him well and he was Indian. I asked him if he wanted to ride down with me, but the door wouldn't open back up.

Finally, two guys came down into the elevator shaft and got on top of the car and by swaying it back and forth, they forced the car down to the 1st floor and I got off.


6-5-02- ZYGON DREAM:  I saw a sort of target that was like the North Pole meridian. In the center was the name Laudolf.  (That was the name of the girl who lived in one of my apartments 308F)

Interestingly enough, the county that the Laudolf family comes from is the same county as the previous dream about the north pole was in.


6-5-02 - ZYGON DREAM:  My father picked us all up in New Berlin, in a huge, plush white Lincoln Continental and took us to town where we all split up and had various experiences.

I remember getting called on the telephone by the police department. He accused me of running out on the rent at a place on Keefe and something and then something on State St. I said that I didn't know what he was talking about. He aid non-the-less that I had to come down to the police station with my I.D. and prove who I was.

My daughter-in-law Becky said that she heard that some other woman had gone down there yesterday and found herself surrounded by several other women named Dolores Finney.  All of a sudden I realized that I wasn't unique that there were many other women just like me.

I went upstairs and saw one of my sons steal some money from me, so when I had the opportunity, I took some money from one of my other sons, but I felt as guilty and knew that wasn't right, so I put it back.

I was with Becky for awhile ... can't remember what we did other than standing on a dark street corner watching what other people were doing.

My Father followed two homosexuals into a bar to observe what they did there.

Then it was over and we all piled back into the white lIncoln Continental and he drove us home.

I mentioned that I'd appreciate finding a place in the country where I could find fresh vegetables and be able to write a check for them and Becky wanted to be able to buy a National Geographic magazine. I had the feeling that we'd both have our wishes granted.


6-6-92 - DREAM - I was at a huge school on 13th, Teutonia, and Center Sts. I was ready to go home to my 16th St. house, so I went out the door to Teutonia Ave. There were a bunch of black guys on the street and I didn't want to walk past them, afraid they might follow me. I wanted to call home and ask my Father to come and pick me up, but I didn't have a quarter. I asked several people if they had a quarter to loan me, but nobody responded. I went to the room where the pay phone was and two men standing there tried to grab me. I ran back into the school and met a man who seemed to live there. He tried to get me into his bedroom and please him, so I ran from him too. I started going back and farther and up and down stairs within the school building. There were escalators that were so steep, they were like roller coasters.

Finally, I made my way back down and went home safely.


6-7-92 - DREAM - This is a repeat of a dream I had earlier on. Two big trucks were being programmed to accept delays. (Don't remember why. I couldn't find the original dream)  See 6-20-90 - (June 1990)


6-8-92 - VISION  - I closed my eyes and saw a big expanse of crinkled aluminum bathed in red light with a man and woman making love on it. They were heads down to my position or I was above them.

EXPERIENCE: I was sitting in the livingroom, on the recliner, I closed my eyes and raised my vibrations. There were several women in the room with me and one put her thumbs against my eyelids to keep them closed. I could feel the sensation and pressure in the physical until I forced myself to pen my eyes in the physical.

I closed my eyes an hour or so later and raised my vibrations again, and the women were still in the room with me, sitting around chatting.


6-9-92 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building which I lived and worked in. I had been sick a long time and somebody asked me if I had ever checked the floor to see if bugs were coming in. I looked and in the floor was a series of tiny, tiny holes where bugs might have crawled in at one time, but there was no evidence now. I was then told to check the apartment where I used to live by a man who had to be at least 8 feet tall. We went upstairs and looked under the bed, but the area was clean except for 3 colored marbles.


6-10-92 - DREAM - I was in Elgin, IL, trying to get ready for work. It was getting later and later, first 8 a.m., then 8:30 a.m., then 10 a.m., and 10:30 a.m. I was getting more and more upset that I was late and I wasn't ready. I finally decided that since I was so late and I knew I would be fired, that I would beat him at the game and walk in with a letter of resignation. So, I dressed all in black, even to putting on a black wig and black stockings and looked for a piece of paper to write the letter on. I looked and looked through a file drawer and all I could find were letters with the letterhead 3M company. I recalled having a dream about the 3M company and knew something bad was going to happen to it and I thought to myself, "where is the 3M company?"  Then it dawned on me. I worked for the 3M company myself. I couldn't think what the 3M' stood for though. I finally wrote a simple letter of resignation at the bottom of one o f their letters.

Then I tried to find an envelope to put it in and all I could find were used ones with addresses written in red and green. I pulled all the used Christmas envelopes and decorations out of the drawer and threw them away.

I then had to get a ride to work. No one was going my way so I had to get a bus. I wanted to get to work by 1 p.m. and have my letter of resignation in hand when I walked in. When I was going to the bus stop, I looked out the window of my house and saw a huge black train go by. I thought that was an ominous sign.

I looked in the mirror then and saw that I was dressed all in black. But when I got to the office, I sat down and put my feet up on the desk, I saw that I was dressed all in white.

I was going to rewrite the letter of resignation on a clean piece of paper since nobody had come back from lunch yet, but then my boss walked in and asked me if I had the letter done, knowing what it was. I said, "No! and was doodling the shape of a big black tree with the numbers 727 and I analyzed the numbers as July 27.

NOTE:  There are thousands of file on the internet about the 3M company that could involve all of the details of this dream, including deaths.  But I couldn't find a specific thing to tie it to.


6-10-92 - DREAM - I was looking at a newspaper and saw that a choir was having their last concert and final dinner following it to end the season. They were all standing around a banquet table, dressed in gold clothing.

I knew it was all rented from a costume shop and I thought to myself that I would rather own my own.

I looked at the address of the banquet and saw that it was 9712 N. 117th St.



6-10-92 - VOICE - I had just woken up and heard an ominous sounding male voice say,"We are moving into the 'D' building. I said, "What apartment are you moving into?"  He said, "What's the only apartment you have available in that building?" I said 103D and he said, "That's the one!"



#1 - I was at a house on 16th St. where teenagers came to work and play and live. Some work needed to be done to the electrical wiring to make the plugs positive and negative. Somehow the wiring got mixed up so that when appliances were used by the teenagers, it changed them internally and they were no longer charged the way they were created. Nobody knew how to fix it and the children were all confused and unhappy.

#2 - I was at a house where teenagers were going to put on a play. A black door opened and revealed to me the stage where the play would go on. The kids were there cleaning. The stage was all green.

There were tall boxes on the wall, 7 of them, all green, and a mirror of a different size was on the door of each box. I was very impressed by the visual images the mirrors gave when the children stood in front of the mirrors, their bodies appeared to be different sizes according to which size mirror they stood in front of.

Then as they did their play, the children slipped under the bottom of their boxes and stood up inside of them. The doors to the boxes opened up and each child came forth a different size, but unfortunately, the children got mixed up and went into the wrong boxes and when they did it, the images  of themselves were now the wrong size. The kids ran back and forth between the boxes to try to change their images, but they were unable to and they were all confused and anguished.

#3 - I was in my New Berlin house and an electrician came to the house to straighten out the wiring that was messed up.

The electrician was about 8 feet tall. He didn't have the right equipment with him to do the work and he didn't have any test equipment to check if his work was done right.

He asked me if I knew how to test if he had done the work right and wanted to know if I had a box of crayons to do the test. I said that I did, that all that was necessary to do the testing was to draw lines on a white wall with the various colors and when you stood in front of the color, you would know immediately if your wiring for positive or negative was correct and your image of yourself would be normal.

He said that was correct and that I should gather all the children from both dreams, bring them together and began to put them in front of their correct colors so that their electrical charges and colors were correct.


6-12-92 - DREAM - I was driving down a street and came upon Al F. (one of my tenants) laying flat out in the snow. Al raised up his head and recognized me. He opened his eyes wide which scared me. He said, "Hello!"  Knowing that Al is sick and might have AIDS, I  quickly rolled up my window, afraid that Al might come over and want to interact with me. However, Al jumped into his own car, which appeared around him suddenly and rolled up the windows.

I then went to his apartment and saw that his toilet, where he sat butt-naked was slowly melting down and not only did the toilet melt down, so did the water in the toilet sort of suck up into itself and disintegrated along with the toilet. This whole process greatly disturbed me, fearing not only for my safety, but for others as well.

Then a golden sign appeared suddenly in the air, in front of me. It said, "It's cause is also it's cure."

NOTE:  Al died about a year after this dream. I had another dream about him right before his death.

Here is the next dream about the same man:  

3-22-94 - DREAM - I rented a room in my New Berlin house to a man who was dying of AIDS. (I had actually rented an apartment to him on Jackson St. where I worked in real life) His mother's name was Ann and she lived in New York. We were sort of friends. He was an acupuncturist and she believed in reincarnation and had an active spirit world that could communicate with us. (She actually took him home to die in New York in the spring of 1993)

In the dream, he told me he was having trouble sleeping and laid awake all night worrying about things. I told him, "The best thing you could do when you can't sleep is get up and do something creative; build a bird house from a kit, write a story, do something active. Then when you lay down, you'll sleep. In the meantime don't worry about anything, the world is going to end at noon on Wednesday. If it doesn't President Eisenhauer will come on the air on the radio and tell us to carry on."

There was one more:

3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a bedroom with this same person and a young man with a black leather jacket came to visit the man. I explained what advice I had given to the young man and that I had made a prediction that I couldn't tell anyone else. I felt that the prediction was for _____ himself and he was probably going to die at noon on Wednesday, but I didn't want to tell him that.


3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a classroom with the young man, a teacher, and other students. She was asking the students to give predictions that they had heard. I wasn't going to give any. I was just listening. I would pretend I didn't know any.

The young man got up and told the teacher, "I know the best prediction of all. The world is going to end on Wednesday at noon and I know that the prediction means me personally." He looked down at me. He was standing next to me at that point. I was shocked he would tell the class the prediction because it should never be told to anyone.

He looked at me with a brilliant smile on his face and said, "I know this prediction is for me personally and that I'm going to die at noon on Wednesday. Don't worry though, the termination will be easy. I'll just take a deep breath and I'll be gone."

He bend down to kiss me on the forehead to thank me for telling him when he would no longer have to suffer.

As he did just that I woke up with a deep gasp of air, almost in fear, and knew he was right. He would die at noon on Wednesday for real.


6-15-92 - DREAM - This had something to do with planning to do something and career development. I saw three circles. One had very little obstacles on it. One had number on it, which part I recall had in the center 15- 17 - 17, then a third which was a wire grating across it and I said to the other person would have the difficulty of trying to drive a microphone through a wire grating.


6-15-92 - MEDITATION - Q. Have any changed occurred in our plans to move to Wausau, Wi?  A. There are no changes."  I saw a brown, sealed package, it was filed into a drawer.  


6-16-92 - DREAM - ( Obviously, our plan was being rejected and that was not the place we were supposed to be going to. When people say they get an urge to move to another area of the country and the money and circumstances just fall into place to make that happen, they are the lucky ones. I never could figure out why I was given this project to work on, and then to have nothing work out. It was very frustrating. )

In the dream I had, I was meditating on getting ready to start packing to move somewhere again. I suddenly realized that I was being programmed to be passive and accept delay, rather than keep my mind on track and be aggressively seeking a safe place for our group to go.


6-17-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. I wasn't feeling top notch. I was a little dizzy because my blood sugar level was messed up. I wanted to go visit my friend June but didn't feel good enough to walk there, but I was determined to try anyway.

I picked up the phone to cal her and a tenant was on the line complaining that she was going to sue the building because she was forced to sign a contract. I assured her that n one can buy, sell, or rent any kind of property without signing some kind of document.

I got off the phone and discovered that my ex-husband Edward was living with me. He came out of the bathroom laughing and the whole place smelled like ' pot ' (marijuana). He said he had gotten some bad stuff, but he was laughing anyway, so I started laughing with him, so I wouldn't make him mad, and assured him that it couldn't be all that bad if it made him fell that good.

I could tell he was feeling guilty for smoking it and told me he had bought it the day before. I told him that I had known it all along to assure him that I wasn't angry.

H e lived in the apartment next to mine, and said that we ought to knock down the wall between the apartments. That as, we would be living together, et we'd both have privacy to do what we wanted to.

I said that the landlord wouldn't like it, and it would cost over $800 but we could ask him.

I had to go outside to go somewhere and a white car with black edges on it went whizzing past. They were some kind of low-life people that Edward would hang around with, dope dealers and such, not really bad people, but who thought they could do what they wanted to anyway.

They were driving kind of wild and the cops went after them, having to drive through our basement parking lot. They were held up by some people who got in the way, and but the time we go outside, they were long gone.  The cops were going to track them down and watch them though.

Then I saw the car coming back. I felt scared and tried to hide. i had a girl with me who couldn't walk because she was on ice skates. So I pulled her along on a sled of sorts with wheels on. She kept me from hiding because it was such a slow process.

A girl go tout of the white car and opened up a cosmetic case which was full of pale colored powder. She said the demonstrators name was Ice Stalker Castanet and she would be along on Sept. 7th. She said that Paul (my boss) would want me to use the products. I figured that he probably would.


6-17-92 - DREAM - I was on an airplane flight going west. The seats were all lined up side by side facing the center. My husband sat on my right. When the woman across from us went forward, my husband got up and followed her. So I followed him to see what they were talking about.

There was no TV, radio, or books, so I was looking forward to eating dinner. Dinner was announced and we went to the diningroom. Instead of sitting down nicely at the table, the women were very clickish and didn't include me. I couldn't even get to the food which they hoarded. I managed to get a piece of lettuce and that was all.

When we landed, a seminar on gardening was going to e held and I wanted to attend it. The notes were written in red on yellow paper.


6-18-92 - DREAM - My "D" bldg at 1339 Jackson street contained five sacred rings of energy. The were shaped like ovals. The two top ones are made of steel and are numbered 535 and 537. There is a master who guards these rings and continuously works to upgrade the lower 3 rings which are now made of wood but eventually will be steel when the energy grows stronger. He must continuously guard against those who would detract from the energy.

I dreamed of this again in 1999:

12-20-99 - DREAM - I worked at a large factory in the office. I lived in a huge apartment building with other people. I came home from work and found a young man dressed all in white standing facing the window. He was keeping score on what was going on out on the street. The people were playing some kind of game and he was keeping track of it. I thought I could probably do it easier with a calculator, but he was doing it by moving five little white rings back and forth. I watched him a bit, but I had visitors, so I had to talk to them.

NOTE:  Joe Mason wrote: On October 30, 1990, I awoke from dreaming, and "knew" the meaning of the interlocking rings in a circle. The flower-like shape was a symbol of the Soul, or Oversoul. Each "petal," with a face inside, represents a reincarnational or "focus" personality sent out into space-time. The arrangement beautifully symbolizes the fully integrated Oversoul, the condition that is reached after the reincarnational cycle is finished. The personalities merge into one being, similar to the concept of Nirvana, except their individual personalities are fully retained.

The Oversoul "flowers" are themselves part of another, larger "flower," or circle of hoops, forming a greater "flower" of consciousness. The relationship of "flowers" continues up to the One Great Flower, of the All, or Creative Source.

A paradox exists that is nearly impossible for us to understand in our space-time reality, as it is somewhat of an illusion. In the greater reality, there is no time, so the reincarnational personalities all exist in the eternal Now.

The five rings of the Olympic flag represent the brotherly union of the five continents.

The number five has a peculiar force in sacred explanations: it is everything; it stops the power of poisons, and is redoubted by evil spirits.

The outer five White Rings represent the White Fire Shells of that Battery which consists of the Five Highest Ranges of Frequencies of God's Energy also called the Five Secret Rays, corresponding to our five Secret Chakras.

To confuse the seekers the Luciferians tell them that the Five Secret Rays are in the Center and call them the White Fire Core where God resides, which in fact is the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 20: 3) with steadily declining vibrations and corresponding darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

(See Page 8) (See also Vol. I, Page 86) from:


6-19-01 - DREAM - T.M. called me on the phone to read me a letter his wife received from her aunt. It said, "Henceforth, I shall call you my daughter and I will maintain your house and your fences."  I said, "You mean that she's adopting her?" "It appears that way." he answered.


6-19-01 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and we went exploring the land around us. It was fall and we went for a walk. We went to the top of the hill west of 108th St. (Hwy 100) and when we reached it, the path went down hundreds of feet. We went down the narrow path so fast we couldn't stop. The path was so narrow, at one point, an olive tree or something grew in the center of it and I went around to the right.

The view was gorgeous. It was fall and the leaves were in full color. The rees were orange and the Sumac was brilliant red.

We went home and I wanted my friends to see how beautiful it was, so I took them out for a ride in the car and went to the top of the hill by the house, drove over the top and went zooming down the road just as fast as the car would go without brakes. The fall colors were tremendously beautiful.


6-19-2001 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and several men were contending with each other verbally in their desire to paint the house.They wanted to paint the outside yellow and the inside stairway white. I had clothing piled on the stairway waiting to be carried upstairs and that was white.


6-19-92 - voices - Chuck and Marilyn from the other apartment building. They were trying to get my attention to come over there.


6-20-92 - DREAM - I was in a house I lived in. I had a plate of carrots and peas ad potatoes and went down a hallway with it. In the next room on the left side was a group of men from A-C Pump dept. It was the manager of Sales and a couple of engineers. The manager said, "How can you eat all that when you jut finished all that pizza?"  Then he said, "We're on, on 7/30".  I knew that's when they were going to be on stage to make a presentation.


6-20-92 - DREAM/VISION - I saw the calendar of Jul. It was all pale blue. Then the calendar of August appeared. The first day had July 30 written above it. and August 1st had a black circle around it. Then suddenly I was in the basement of my apartment building. Down the hall, coming out of the laundry room came my husband wearing a light blue shirt.  He fell "splat" flat out on the floor.  My maintenance man 'Dan' was standing near him and saw him fall.

NOTE: My husband had several accidents over the years, not falling, but other bad things, like cutting off all his fingers.  Pretty awful. I don't remember the dates of his events.


6-20-92 - MEDITATION - Re: Meteor hitting the earth.

Q. Will a meteor hit the earth and destroy it?

A. A meteor will hit, but not destroy the earth, cause destruction, yes, but not destroy.  Look at the moon, how many time it has been hit. Also the earth. It has been hit many times, even by large meteors. It gets hit every day by little ones, shooting stars, Yes.  Do not worry. The earth will not be destroyed."

Q. What about going to Wausau?

A. Yes! Move to the country.

Q. What about money? We don't have any.

A. First move. Get a job. Things will fall into place from there. Get the people together. Who will go? Get together. Form a plan. Start from square one. It will not be placed into your lap."


6-22-92 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere at the base of a high, high hill. Some men came and said, they would come in and wallpaper the walls and cabinets with a paper that was white with tiny blue flowers that had yellow centers. They gave me a sample board or plate of the paper and three tools that were set in a triangle in the triangular shaped boxes. The tools were silver.

The measurements had all been made, e everything was ready, but it had to be paid for. A check was already written but the money had to be up into the bank to cover the check. The bank closed at 6 o'clock and it was now 5 o'clock.

Unfortunately, no one was ready to go. Nobody had their shoes on. My mother was in bed yet , and she was the one who had to drive us.

I did the best I could to get myself and all the kids ready, but my mother stalled and stalled. Then she said, "How about if we do it another day?"  it was now 5:30 .m.

I was so upset, I said that I was going for a rid. My mother begged me not to go, but I went out into the yard and the vehicle I had was a little kid's chair. I drove it out into the highway. The road was newly paved and the scenery seemed like the sun was shining right after a rain, all moist and sparkly, like it is in Washington State. Everyone else on the road was driving coaster wagons.  There were no cars and I took note of that. Everyone was in an open wagon.

I had a big book with me to read along the way. We all had to stop then because we came to a railroad crossing and the red lights were flashing.

I was the last in line and a horse drawn carriage came up behind me. The horse had his head right behind me. I got scared and drove my little chair along the outside of the road to get away form him, but I couldn't go any farther because the warning lights were flashing to stop.


6-23-92 - DREAM - I had two dreams in which I was working with color with individuals. I didn't understand why I was doing this until after I woke up and thought about it. I knew the people in the dreams, but don't recall who they are now.

I one dream  I offered potatoes and cheese to a  person and then rubbed potatoes and cheese on a soiled wall that they had in their house. For the other person I offered them cheese and carrots and then rubbed yellow and orange on a soiled wall for them.

In another dream, a man at a factory admitted to me that he felt fear and I was holding him to comfort him. We heard a loud bell ring and he said that was the warning bell. It was a very short bell and wondered how that would be long enough to alert anyone to anything because if you were concentrating on something else, you wouldn't even notice it.

I said, "You meant that if you were on duty, that's what you would respond to?"

He said, "Yes!" and then showed me a picture of himself working. He was a daredevil who jumped speeding cars over water and flipped them in the air while they were over the water. He defied danger, fear, and death every day for a living. Then I knew why he felt fear, and he understood fear, and he would understand and forgive fear feelings in other people because of it.


6-23-92 - DREAM EXPERIENCE - I was in a building with other people. I saw a good looking guy and decided I was going to prove that I was as good looking as anyone else there and surprise this guy. So we went to get my coat and I knew that would be the beginning.  I retrieved my coat from the coat rack out in the hall. It was black mink, with white ermine trim along the bottom and up the front edges. It also had a little red ribbon with a sprig of green mistletoe and 3 tiny gold bells at the bottom.

I could see looks of amazement on people's faces at the beauty of the coat, and that it belonged to me. We then went to his favorite bar. It was called the Phoenix or Pyramid. We had to walk up many, many steps to the bar itself. The bar was surrounded by a deep blue velvet couch which we sat on. He introduced me to his friends. We shook hands I gave them several witty comments so they would know I wasn't just some dumb blonde he had dragged in.

The drinks served here were so strong, that just one could knock you flat out, so they had to be sipped very slowly so you wouldn't totally miss the whole evening.

The girl to my right was quickly getting sloppy drunk. I bumped her arm and her drink went flying. I apologized and told my date we should buy her another one. but He didn't have any money left.

The place was emptying out by then and some rough looking guys came in. The head guy took one look at me and introduced himself. He said, 'Hello! Yes! It's me, Jimmy ____  (Not Hoffa) . I knew you'd recognize me."

We decided it was a good time to leave and we quickly went down the steps. The crooks followed us down the  steps. I grabbed my coat, put it quickly on and hid behind a door near the back entrance. A car pulled up to the door and I knew immediately that there was a drug delivery going on. A couple of the guys, both from the car and the crooks saw me hiding behind the door, but nobody said anything. I realized at that  point that they were double agents and were working for both sides to set this guy up and they wouldn't harm me.

They moved the car so the lights weren't shining on the building so I could escape out the door in the darkness.

The back door of the car opened and big woman invited me to get in. She had a beautiful face but was a very large woman. She wanted to show me that you could be big and beautiful too. She had the driver take us to a neighborhood where some of her ' girls' were working, showing off their big thighs, and acting just like smaller girls do.

The woman decided she would kiss me and grabbed me. She planted her lips on mine and flicked her tongue on my lips. It was disgusting and I pulled away from her and got out of the car.

That was the end.


6-24-92 - MEDITATION - Black is the color of death. Death is all powerful. No one escapes it. not one.

DREAM - Color scheme was purple and white. Vishnu was said to be on the 15th level.


6-24-92 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like information on Commander Hatton, The Phoenix Liberator.

A. I saw Babaji come from the right with quite a few other people, both male and female. They kept coming closer and closer until they were eyeball to eyeball with me. I felt kind of uncomfortable to have so many people come when I only called one.

I repeated my question and saw a regular looking man, wearing a brown army-like uniform with bars on the left chest like a normal army uniform. He was carrying a big satchel in his right hand. He was almost bald with a thin moustache. He didn't look very pleased.

See Commander Hatonn and the Phoenix Liberator


6-27-92 - DREAM - I was at work and all the bosses were gone, so instead of working, the girls had a party to welcome a girl they hadn't seen in a long time and wish her well, because she was leaving for Iowa. I told her that Iowa was a safe place, hugged her and left them alone. I then went exploring the building. I went through the upstairs and the downstairs.

I stopped in an office where they ere selling yarn that was soft, soft wool in beautiful soft colors. I thought about buying some and doing a knitting project, but then I looked thru the catalog of projects, I didn't see anything that interested me, so i gave the catalog to a man who was standing there anxiously waiting for it and walked away.

When I went downstairs, I heard a girl call out excitedly, "Dolores, come and listen. I just got a tape of your son Bob. Everybody hold hands." We all cross arms and held the hands of the people next to us so we were in a big circle. We then listened to a demo tape of my son Bob, singing a song he wrote himself, and playing the guitar he taught himself to play. The name of the song he sang was, "Be good to your children."  When he was done, I let g of the other hands and raised my hands, "thumbs up." and everybody else did the same, "Yes! Thumbs up" and gestured the same. I was thrilled that my son was going to be a star and he had started out just a lowly carpenter.

I then walked to my own office where it was empty of people and made sure it was clean. Then a windstorm came up and blowing in an open window and everything went flying. The window was up too high for me to close, so I called for help and some men I worked with at A-C purchasing came, climbed up and closed the window.

The phone rang then. It was my mother. She said, "I just received 10 diamonds and I got engaged." I was shocked. I didn't even know she knew any men. Then she said, "This afternoon, I'm going to receive 75 diamonds and precisely at 5:43 p.m. this afternoon, I'm going to be married."

again, I was shocked and surprised but thought it was appropriate, because I thought she was 75 years old.

The T.M. got on the phone and I told him what my mother said, and he answered, "Its amazing what various forms death takes."

That statement stunned me, but I accepted it as fact.

NOTE:  Almost 10 years has gone by and though my mother has gone through several bad illnesses and operations, she is still kicking and going to celebrate her 85th birthday soon.


6-27-92 - DREAM - I was walking past the open door of a psychiatrist and a young blonde woman was sitting in a chair 'telling' the man what her problems were. She said she had been told by someone that she should call a spirit named Todd and also that she had been hearing voices and she had prayed and she could feel that the voice of Satan had been removed from her left ear because the pressure was gone.

He was telling her that he could give her some pills that would make her feel better.

She looked very dejected and depressed.

She came out into the hall when she was done. She looked so unhappy and told me so.

I said that she looked like she was being oppressed by someone r something.

She started to cry and dropped to her knees in front of me. She started to pray, so I put my hands on her head and asked Jesus to less her and remove the oppression from her and watch over her and hold her hands as she walked through life.

She got up from the floor with a smile glowing through her dripping tears and thanked me and gave me a big hug. She was so grateful. She knew she was cured.Then she said, "What about Todd?  The told me to call him.

I told her, "You leave Todd where he is. You don't need him."

She said, "You mean I should leave the past in the past?"

I said, "Yes! That's what I mean."

She agreed and walked away smiling and happy.

She left behind a lunch box and some books. I opened the lunch bo. It was full of water and a red math book was inside. I fished it out and figured I could dry it out and give it to my grandson Brian so he could educate himself ahead of his class. The other books were thin children's book about animals and I figured I would save them for my other grandchildren.

I then met another woman in the hallway I recognized from A-C. I never cared for her personality and she was wearing the same pale green dress she always wore. I felt an instant discomfort to emet her. But she smiled at me and said she had been hiding something from me. She seemed a little thinner in the middle and started preening her hair and acting sexual.

I felt even  more discomfort. She said she had made an appointment to see a professor on Wednesday and she acted like it was some big deal.

She got behind me and started rolling up my hair to curl it and I felt even more discomfort.

She said, "I want you to meet this professor."

I said, "What do I want to emet him for?"

She answered, "He's only 5 months old."

I figured she was trying to tell me that she had had a baby and hadn't told anybody about it. Logically, I knew she was past childbearing age.

She said, "I made an appointment for you to emet him at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday."

I was just going to answer her when the physical telephone rang and woke me up.

(after I thought about it and remembered that she was a friend of a man I worked with who was always harassing me and trying to get me to go home wit him, I figured she was trying to tell me that he had been reincarnated and he s now 5 months old and is very intelligent)

NO idea how to figure that one out for certain.


6-28-92 - DREAM - My son Tom was out of a job so long that he could no longer afford to drive to my house to work for me.

I was with my boss Paul R. and other people and I was telling people different ways to start businesses and make money out  of the home. He said he appreciated my knowledge of the business world but what he was really interested in was my body, that he had from the first moment he saw me.

I couldn't hear everything he was saying, so I went over and sat on his lap so I could hear better. At that point he morphed into my ex-husband Jim.


6-28-92 - MEDITATION - I was raising my vibrations and saw young women with babies. One said to the other, "Well, you didn't make it to heaven, so now the suffering will begin."  One of the women had a little girl about a year and a half old. The woman said, "Go tell Dolores what you said. The adorable little girl, with long dark curls walked over to me and started to talk. "Dolores ... I couldn't catch the rest and then my boss interrupted me on the radio in the physical and I had to quit meditating and go back to work.


6-29-92 - DREAM - There was a cat in a box and it didn't belong there. My son went to remove the cat and came back with a cleaned, pressed, beheaded silver fish and placed it on the sink counter.

DREAM - I had two sinks that were full of water and needed to be cleaned, but the timing was wrong. Something needed to be done first.


6-29-92 - DREAM - I was walking along the sidewalk on 16h and Center and was being delayed by broken bicycles and bike racks that were damaged on the sidewalk. I had to walk around them on the street side. I ducked under a bike frame to head down 16th St. when I saw two girls headed my way. They didn't know each other and were headed in opposite directions. The one headed for the bus stop said to the other girl, "I forgot my quarter for the buss. Now I'll have to go all the way back home and get one and miss the bus besides. Maybe I could borrow one from someone."  The other girl looked in her purse but didn't have any money.

The girls had not approached me but I opened my purse to loan the girl the quarter, but all I found was 4 nickels and 5 pennies. I was counting it to see if it equaled bus fare when I spotted a quarter deep down in the recesses below the pennies.

I was just about to pull it out and offer it to the girl when I thought, "If I give her either the mixed coins or the quarter, I can only go once on the bus and can't come home again."

I thought about it a couple seconds. Even though I felt guilty for not offering the quarter, I shut my use and headed up 16th St.

The girls never spoke to me, but headed up 16th St. the same way I was going.

A short while later, one of the girls came to my door looking for someone I knew, but I didn't know his whereabouts. While she was thee, the other girl came to the door looking for the same man and again, I didn't know where he was o when he would be available, even though I worked for him.

They both looked very disappointed and I said to them, because we had seen each other previously, though we were all strangers to each other, "This meeting with each other seems to be fate." and they agreed. So we sat down on the porch in lotus fashion to talk and I said o her, "Well, tell me all about yourself."

She started out, "The most important thing about me is that I can't get through the day without meditating."

I agreed with her and so did the other girl. I noted that we were all dressed in the same shade of bright blue.


6-29-92 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and there were two little girls who wanted to go outside and play. They didn't have any jackets on and it was only 60 degrees, but I agreed with their father that if they played in the sun, it would warm enough.

They went next door and lay down in a depression in the ground. I went over to look at what they were doing and saw two orange cats laying together in the depression, covered partially over with a quilt that had one side black.

I covered the cats back up and went back to my 16th St. house and went inside.

I went to the livingroom and two orange cats came in and suddenly two batches of kittens appeared. One batch was two weeks old, the other batch was 4 weeks old. Only one kitten was black and white. It was from the two week old batch.

I exclaimed over the kittens sudden appearance. I said, "I didn't know the cats had kittens." They were all so cute and playing on the floor, except for the black and white one which stood on the side watching the others play.

The other person in the room said, "The cats kept the kittens hidden from you."

Now that there were so many, I didn't know what we'd do with them all.