JUNE, 2001

6-1-2001 - DREAM - I was working on a computer aligning many paragraphs on a page. at the top was the words, "Council of Nine" I dated each paragraph and saved the file.

Dream number 2 was all paragraphs about the number 6.


6-1-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large house/office. All my ids were there. all the boys were young, but my daughter seemed more like her real age - an adult.

I was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and gathering the kids laundry.

I found a stack of sweaters that were all black and all the seams had been taken apart. Rather than throw them away, I put them on the closet floor to save them for rags.

When my boss arrived, (same boss as yesterday), he complained that I hadn't done any work outside. I told him there was a lot of work to do inside, but I would go outside after breakfast. I looked at the clock and it was 1 p.m., and we hadn't even eaten breakfast yet.

My boss went over to the computer and I saw type "erase all files with the word bus". He pressed enter. Then he went to bed to take a nap.

I went to the computer and everything was gone except for 6 lines of text. I knew all the software was gone and would all have to be re-installed. I didn't know where the software files were, though I found all the backup files I had made of my work.

I was cleaning as I went. On the credenza, was a huge collection of Christmas ornament hooks. Not only were there thousands of hooks in the ring, all the hooks got stuck into everything that got near it. I was going to throw them away, but then decided to save them in a drawer. I also saved some Christmas photographs and cards, but I put them into a drawer, rather than leave them out in the open.

My daughter came to visit and she started pasting pieces of paper on the ceiling. I asked her if she like my room. The room was large, had shiny wood paneled walls and lots of cabinets and shiny bare wood floors. She didn't like it. Other than the wood, there was no color at all in the room. I pointed out to her that there was a different view out of every window. She wasn't' impressed.

After she left, I had to pull down all the pieces of paper from the ceiling.

I noticed that my boss had pasted blue papers on the floor around his bed. I had no idea why he did that unless he intended to paste something down on top of it.

When he was gone, I started looking for the software and still hadn't found it, but I found a drawer with thick purchase orders in it. One was dated 1996 in red, but the rest had dates out in the future as 2005.


6-2-01- I didn't want to bother writing these dreams - boring - but I'm sure they mean 'something'

DREAM - I was in the country with some other people. I was pushing a baby buggy or something down a very narrow lane and it was so narrow, the grass was actually brushing the sides of the buggy along the way. I was really having a good time, going faster and faster, but then I got to a huge dropoff like it was steeper than a roller coaster. There were lots of people below and I could have done it, but I knew that once down there, I wouldn't be able to make it back up that steep a hill without help, so I stopped and didn't do it.

NOTE: Maybe this is about Michelle's pregnancy?


6-3-01 - DREAM - I have a vague memory of being shot upward in a rocket. I can still remember the G forces effects on my face. I have no other memory of what happened.

NOTE: A test rocket plane was shot up by the government this morning, but it went off course and it was blown up and destroyed in the Pacific Ocean.


6-3-01 - DREAM - I was working on some research with other people in a room. AT the end I was given some paintings by a man I swear was Adlai Stevenson. They were paintings done in broad paint strokes of fruits and flowers in bowls on a table. The painting was on mats about 2 1/2 x 3 feet across in pink matting on the back side. I stored them face to the wall so no one else would see them.

"Not all losers leave their mark on history; but perhaps enough do to vindicate the old aphorism that nothing succeeds like failure. In our own time, one recalls Adlai Stevenson, a two-time loser. In 1956, his second campaign, Stevenson was beaten even more badly than he had been the first time round. Yet in the years since, some of his major points in that campaign, ideas bitterly assailed at the time, have marched on to success-the test-ban treaty, for example, the abolition of the draft, the insistence on civil liberties and the rights of dissent. The emphasis on the "quality of life," a favorite modern phrase, also came out of Stevenson's 1956 campaign. "

"Golf is a fine relief from the tensions of office, but we are a little tired of holding the bag."

Adlai Stevenson

6-2-2001 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I came down a long hallway full of people and ahead of me, standing against the wall was a man I've known since I was 18 years old.

I looked into his face and his third eye burst into a huge pulsating star.

Then the star grew until his entire face was a huge pulsating star.

I looked into that pulsating star and I could see into the sky and saw there 5 pulsating stars which formed a 5 pointed star.

I went up closer to him so we were face to face and as I looked into the star, I told him to look into my eyes, into the colored part.

At that point, I could see in his face a reflection of what was written in the colored part of my eyes. On his face was written a printed prayer which I began to read.  

As I read the prayer to the other people, they began reciting it too, as they knew it better than I did. It was a blessing for the world.

I went up closer to the man again who was wearing a maroon colored robe.

I got down on my knees in front of the man, and then I could read on the bottom hem of the robe, that the prayer was from the Angelus, in Loyola, France.

The dream then continued when we left there, we went to the man's house. I had a husband also, who looked similar to the airforce guy in  the television show ......    The man's wife was mad as hell that he had been gone so long and she didn't know where. She started to swear at him and left the house. I could hear her walking away down the street swearing like I've never heard before.

My husband started to laugh, 'another one down the street' or something similar.  It seemed that the man had a wife a week because no one could stand that he would leave the home without saying where he was going and show up the next morning with strangers from God knows where.

We were going to make breakfast, and there were yellow and colored boxes on the table where the wife had bought dinner from some restaurant and brought it home for herself. I opened the box to see what it was, and there were two sunfish laying on their sides in the box which were cooked. One was at the 6 o'clock position and the other one in the 9 o'clock position. She had eaten the others.

Off to the side then, I saw a humungous fish tank, with 5 different colored fish in schools swimming around. The woman who was raising them was training them to do something. I could see lots of other fish in the tank as well, and I remembered my friend Michelle's fish tank, whose fish were always having babies. I remarked that I should get my own fish tank back out and get some fish.

I went into another small room in the house like an ante-room by the front door. There were 12 Italian firemen in uniform singing something fabulous in Italian. They came to the end suddenly and sat in silence, listening. I said, "It seems that you are expecting the cops or a fireman to be at the door. I opened the door, and there stood a tall policeman, coming to tell the guys to get back to work.

I was standing there and the policeman threw a yellow towel over my face and he was playing with the outline of my nose through the towel, and the guys were laughing. He said, "I'll bet you can't guess where you are.  I was worried he was going to punch my nose or something, but I laughed back, "Yes I do, I can smell the garlic through the towel."


This dream is called, "My Funny Nose"

6-2-2001 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. It seems I was the cleaning lady.  I went into an occupied apartment with a light blue vacuum cleaner. I also had a video camera with me. I wanted to take a picture of myself vacuuming. I decided to go into the livingroom where the light was brightest.  However, when I tried to take my own picture with the camera, I could see that doesn't really work. My arms were too short to get a good shot of me with the vacuum cleaner. I could either take a shot of my face or the vacuum but not both together. I would need someone else to take the film.

All of a sudden, the people who lived in this apartment came in. They didn't see me because they went into the bedroom.  I could hear them talking to each other. The husband was singing and humming and changing clothes and the wife was also. She said she was going out with the girls and left the apartment.  The husband then came into the hallway to get a shirt out of the closet. He pulled out a blue and white checkered shirt and put it on.

The man didn't see me until he had his shirt on and started to button it. It was then I recognized the man, it was the same man from the previous dream.  I had known him since I was 18 years old. We were very good friends.

He continued to hum a beautiful tune and we sat on the couch together. I was leaning against him while he hummed and I was looking at some little children's size books, which had pictures around the edges and the words in the center. They were little children's prayer books.

I turned around to look at his face and his face was changing. I could see he wasn't who he really said he was, and his face was smaller and wooden-like, similar to a statue I've seen in the past.

I said to him despite the wooden look, "You are so beautiful."

He said to me, "You know now I'm not the person you always thought I was. My name is Jesus of Nazareth and I have a mission for you to fulfill."  The little book in my hand then became a tall, slim book of prayers.

I then saw a vision of 4 red symbols. I tried to quickly see what they were, but I could only recognize the last one. It was a heart with a nail through it.

There doesn't seem to be any reason why this dream is called 'My Funny Nose', but it was named that before I woke up.

See Jesus Heart


6-4-01 - VISION - Someone handed me a beautiful soft yellow blanket folded up.

6-4-01 - DREAM - I was researching the number 6.


6-4-01 - DREAM - I was living on the edge of a small town. I was out on the front porch with my baby and my son Bill who was small. He was playing in front of the house.

Over a high hill at the edge of town I saw a helicopter hovering, and then a second one. Between them was dangling a large yellow rubber raft that was blown up. It seemed really ominous for some reason and I got scared.

Somehow I heard that the cops were looking for a child named Rosemary (means bitter rose) This frightened me too and I made my son Bill go into the house. I went inside with him, leaving my baby in a buggy on the porch.

Suddenly I feared for the baby too and ran back out on the porch, where I could see the helicopters with  the dangling raft. Now, it seemed that the hill was scoured off or perhaps blown dry and clean by the helicopter rotor blades.

Now too, I saw fire trucks coming and again I feared for some ominous movement across the street where it looked like there was a pile of trash.

I grabbed my baby and rushed inside the house. Now I looked out the window and saw an ominous bright red short fire truck parked on my porch. I could just barely see the back end of the truck from the window and just barely see the front end of the truck from the door. It was frightening to know it was there and had no idea how it got on the porch.

For some reason then I was in a vehicle rushing along a snowy road. We crossed a bridge and snow drifts had blown into the fancing along the bridge so I couldn't see through it. I just knew we had to get across the bridge before the snow closed the bridge.

NOTE: Rosemary Altea was on Larry King show on 6-5-01, with James Randi. He wasn't very nice to her.


6-4-01 - DREAM - I lived in an apartment building. I found out that the President and his wife were going to move into the building into the apartment at the far end of the hall. The door was open and I could see that the inside looked pink.

I thought I had better clean the apartment before they arrived.

I grabbed a stiff dry mop to use like a broom. There was a lot of dirt on the floor and I saw a child's tricycle in the corner like a year old would use.

There was a lot of pink blanket fuzz laying on the floor and where I swept it off the floor, it blew out the window onto a dark convertible car parked out in front of the building.

Then I had to go outside and clean the blanket fuzz off the car too and people were gathering around to find out why there was so much pink blanket fuzz on the car.


6-5-01 - DREAM - It was Christmas time. I was in a huge school. There was a party going on and people were exchanging weird gifts to win a prize. This whole thing involved a lot of hugging and kissing. Some of the people I didn't even recognize until after they spoke, their disguises were that good.

Finally, I decided that the baked beans I brought to the party would be a good gift and I decided to take it to Kimber's apartment which was on the 4th floor. It took a lot of doing to get up there, first finding the stairway and then walking along a treacherous walkway. The last hallway I had to ti toe over ceramic platters, a big metal grid someone said they had to stand on every day during flight in an airliner. Then I picked out a proper stainless steel bowl to put the bean sin and finally then down Kimber's private door which turned out to be just a bunch of loosely held together wooden slats in a grid. I knocked gently on the door. Then I saw that there was a big window next to it. I looked in and there at Kimber on the couch between my ex-husband Jim, my son Mike and my son Bob. I poked Mike on the shoulder , said, "Hey!" and woke up.


6-5-01 - DREAM - (This dream was more like a thought packet, than a real dream)  A certain man was tracking the sun thru the heavens to see which path it took.

He showed me with outstretched arms the path he suspected, trying to show me the importance of this path thru time/space.

He wasn't sure yet about his theory, but certain enough to be excited over the discovery he was about to prove.


6-6-01 - DREAM - I don't remember all the details. I was looking at a page with rectangles lined up down the side with individual words in them. One of them said  CIA - 'smells like garlic'.

NOTE: This may be related to a previous dream in which I went into a room where a man put a yellow towel over my face and was playing with my nose. I was worried that he was going to punch it. He said to me, "Do you know where you are?"  I said, "Yes! I can smell the garlic."


6-6-01 - DREAM - I seemed to be overseeing two groups of kids that formed two baseball teams. I saw them on the field forming a diamond shape. all the kids were within the diamond I saw, and the whole diamond was brown.

Back in the house, the kids were complaining they had nothing clean to wear. Nobody had done their laundry. I'm assuming this must have been a week long baseball camp for boys. I overheard some old woman outside discussing the laundry situation. One old woman said, "I even saw nits in his hair and his laundry bag actually had two spiders in it."

I planned to do the kids laundry, starting with their underwear. Their Jerseys were not like baseball uniforms though, they were more like highschool football jerseys with bright colors. Each kids jersey was a different color and number on it. (I didn't actually see the numbers)

The boys were trying to watch a black and white movie on a small screen like a 13" TV set. The picture was scratchy and the boys were complaining about the quality of the film. One of the boys brought me the movie cassette.  I then saw that the film itself was wound inside a black case the size of a cassette like stereo music though it was slightly larger and much heavier.

One of the boys pointed to me that there was a defect in the film because the cassette itself had kicked out one single blank frame on the upper edge. I took the cassette from the boy, noted how heavy the cassette was, and told him I would try to fix it.  However, I had to do the laundry first.


This is probably a separate dream.

6-6-01 - DREAM - I was walking down the hallway of a large building, probably an apartment building with a man I assumed was the janitor, but he looked like the reporter Bernard Shaw.

I was showing him that I only had two gold keys which looked like mailbox keys, that I had lost my apartment keys. I rather pictured the lost keys in my mind then as to their shape, the regular apartment keys and the Master building keys with the large square heads on them.

I somehow was then in my apartment, planning to get dressed for the day. I was attempting to pull my nightgown and robe off over my head for some reason together and was having great difficulty. I then discovered the reason, I had a pullover brown sweater on over it.

However, my boss walked into the room and I sat down on the bed and decided I would wait until he left before I changed clothes.

He walked past me sitting on the edge of the bed, past an ironing board which was standing open between me and the window and he went into the closet.

I don't recall what he did in the closet but I was observing then an IM (Instant Message) on a computer between two people. the whole thing was in red - I was between two people - Solitaire and Solitaire 13. Unfortunately, I don't think I could read the words they were actually saying.

I was then in the kitchen setting my hair so it would be curly. I was sitting at the kitchen table. I had jelled my hair and was attempting to wind my hair around small round black and red Chinese boxes that were about 3" across. They did n't have covers on them. I had one done and was attempting to do a 2nd one and just couldn't et it to work. I finally gave up and decided to do it the old fashioned way with just the jell and the giant size gold bobby pins I had.

A young black woman came into the kitchen then, stood close behind me and held me in her arms and was trying to cajole me into giving her my car keys. She said she would go get me the best tasting pizza or anything else I wanted to eat. I noted that she had a single rose petal attached to the front of her throat.

I finally told her, "If I need anything, I am capable of driving myself to go get it."

She got mad and left, leaving me alone to finish setting my hair.

At some point, I recall seeing the sky divided into two on an angle, pitch black on top and bright red on the bottom.

NOTE: Bernard Shaw was CNN's principal Washington, D.C., anchor. His regular co-anchor assignments included Inside Politics, the nation's only daily program devoted exclusively to political news, airing weekdays at 5 p.m. (ET), and CNN Worldview, a half-hour international newscast that examines major stories and issues around the world, airing weekdays at 6 p.m. He also co-anchored CNN&TIME, a weekly prime-time investigative newsmagazine, airing Sundays at 9 p.m.

On Feb. 28, 2001, Shaw will stepped back from his duties at CNN to write his autobiography and other books, and to spend more time with his family. Shaw had been a member of the CNN anchor team since the network's inception in 1980.

On Jan. 16, 1991, Shaw was one of three CNN reporters who captivated a worldwide audience of more than 1 billion with continuous coverage of the first night of the Allied Forces' bombing of Baghdad during Operation Desert Storm. Shaw was in the Iraqi capital to update his exclusive interview with President Saddam Hussein conducted in October 1990.


6-8-01 - DREAM - These dreams were probably brought on by viewing the horrific memorial to the "D" Day Memorial in France.


#1 This Peace Memorial was constructed of a series of models of war, guns, and missiles on display.

#2 - This memorial couldn't be viewed by black people unless they paid an entrance fee of $2.45 and submitted to an excruciatingly painful and bodily intrusive exam including their mouth, nose with chemicals that made their faces swell.

#3 - I was working for a television producing company. First they brought in huge tanks with soldiers whose only thoughts were "the girls' and what they could see or do from their position on top of the tank. The company hired a young man who had left a similar position at another television company. He sent his first day regaling his new co-workers of the various ways he cheated and abused his position at the old company by 'borrowing' films and privately entertaining his friends. O ne of our men commented , "Well, as long as you didn't charge money for it, it was probably okay," and then they left at 4 p.m., an hour before the end of the workday. One could easily see he was going to teach his cheating and abuses to anyone who would laugh at his antics.

I was then trying to create my own memorial to Peace by drawing on glass which wouldn't stick and making a thin plaster coasting on 'foil' and it kept breaking.


6-8-01 - DREAM - I don't know where this was but seemed to be in a country house. I recall the book title "23 THUNDER" a nd I was involved with it somehow.

I was in a house with a bunch of people. I was with Jay Leno. His wife was divorcing him and remarrying another man 3 minutes later on Friday night at 8 p.m.

I couldn't figure out how someone could divorce and remarry that quick, but she was and we were all invited to the wedding and we all were going to it.

I was going as Jay Leno's date, but not only that, he asked me to marry him. He was holding me in his arms, and I was resisting him. I not only hand't seen him in a long time, I didn't want to be known as ' that kind of girl'.

So we began dancing slowly together.

When the dance was over, I went outside and stood on the curb by the street, and thought about all this and thought to myself that this was all going too fast, and what I really wanted first was a ring.

See: Jay Leno


6-9-01 - DREAM -  This dream is titled, 'THE MOON IS TOO TOO BRIGHT!'   The entire dream consisted of seeing a newspaper article titled, 'THE MOON IS TOO TOO BRIGHT!"  I saw a picture of the face of the moon, on which a portrait picture of a dark-haired woman in black and white was superimposed over the upper left hand side of the moon picture. The article went on to say that bacteria had been left behind on the moon by 'visitors' to the moon and was now at the flash-point. The picture then went animated and showed the bacteria reach a stage where it shifted forcefully in a jumping motion to the next area to it.

See Moon and Bacteria


6-10-01 - DREAM - I was observing and seemingly being observed by a round greenish white object that looked like the moon with a man's face on it.


6-10-01 - DREAM - There was a rivalry of some sort going on between two women and I got involved with it whether I wanted to or not. We were late for work to start with, and my hair was set in pin curls and I had to take the pins out. One of the curls was set strangely.  I had wound it okay but it was pinned behind my ear instead of in front of it.

Another woman showed up and shut a door, and I suddenly popped up out of the room so I could see it from above and saw that the doors were all pushed together, like an accordion, so that when I went back down into the room, I could separate the doors and make room for the people again.

There was also a man involved who started bringing objects into the room to see if we could identify them. One object he brought it he called a Noni. I was thinking, maybe he means Yoni?  But that isn't what he said and the object was blue, like a vase. Then he brought in a chair with a desk attached for one of the girls involved. He left to go get something else. I could hear him coming back like he had a wagon with a horse in front of it. I couldn't see, it, only hear it. I thought he was bringing back a kitchen table because we didn't have one, but what he brought back was an organ.

I pressed one of the keys of the organ and it was out of tune. But I knew how to retune it. It was electronic. I knew which buttons to push and change the tone too. Then I pressed a bar on the organ and pushed it down. The tone was incredibly beautiful.

Then someone pulled a drawer out from within the organ. It opened up like a long, wide drawer, the full length of the organ. Inside was grids and pins aligned. All the way in the back was two pieces of food, a long stick with a rubber dog's head on the top, and a metal dog comb.  

The man said, "Let's see if you know what to do with these objects."

I decided maybe squeezing the dogs head would call a dog, so I squeezed the dog's head. It made a pathetic little noise, but sure enough, two huge sheep dogs with poodle cut haircuts came bounding into the room. One was almost as big as a horse. The other one I recognized like it was my own. I called my dog over and took the dog comb and tried to comb his hair but he was bounding around happily and wouldn't stand still.  I noted he was black and white like a Shetland Sheep dog, but he had a bright blue patch on his right flank that was really beautiful. I woke up feeling like laughing.


6-11-01 - DREAM - I had been told there was going to be an event on the moon and I was visibly upset by the news. I heard a man's voice behind my left ear who told me I was looking at the event in the wrong way. He then took my glasses and bent the two lenses down  half way so that they were at a different angle.  Instantly, I had instant emotional peace.

I was with a group of people, both men and women who were involved with trying to stop the events on the moon. The men were going to become firefighters and the women were going to support them. My son Bill was going to be one of the firefighters and I was going to get on the bus with him. However, when the bus arrived, it was extremely tall, and I was unable to climb up to where the entrance to the bus with which was way at the top. Bill was boosted up and assisted to get into the bus door which was nearly at the top of the bus.

We knew that the firefighters might not be coming back from this journey to fight this fire. The rest of us left behind would gather to sing/pray for the firefighters going to work on the moon project.


6-12-01 - TWO VISIONS:

In the middle of the night I awoke, knowing I had been dreaming, but nothing was   remembered. Suddenly I saw this announcement printed out in front of me:

CORISEN III : The United States Greatest Firefighting Project

In the morning, I had the same experience. I knew I had been dreaming, yet nothing was remembered. Then slowly, slowly, I started to see long skinny fingers on long skinny arms. There were 3 fingers on each hand. They were coated with wet-looking sand and something was crawling out of a hole in the ground that was all sandy. It had a really gross ominous feeling to it.

I looked up the name on the web and found only a fantasy game using the name. Perhaps that's where the government got the name? Or the person who invented the game knows something we don't know?


6-14-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office and my boss was Otto, a dear sweet old man I worked for in the early 80's at A-C. He handed me a thick purchase order to handle.

In normal procedures, when something is needed, my job was to go out for bids on a particular part. Sometimes we went to 3 places, sometimes to as many as 6 or 8 if we weren't happy with current pricing on a part.

On the purchase order, it already said what was wanted and when. My job was to decide where to buy the part and make sure we got it on time.

Some small parts were easy to get as they are stocked by the millions all over the country by a dozen different companies. Other parts have to be manufactured special each time because they are unique, and only made once and never again.

My job was to do the research to get the part at the cheapest price on time.

That said, other things began to happen in the office as well and I got distracted from the job at hand on the desk.

There were 3 women, each of whom had an infant son in the office. My own son was blonde and blue-eyed, a handsome, cheerful boy. o ne other woman had an infant which I didn't get a good look at. He was quiet and didn't make his needs known to me.

The third child was brought in by a tall older woman. He was a small, dark-skinned child. He was totally unlike her. She went to lay on a small bed with the child and I felt I could feed the child better than she could. I know that my child was easy to care for, so I suggested to her that we exchange babies for a time.

I then went back to my work. I had a big manila folder to keep my work together, a stack of letters of various sizes, the purchase order and some blank paper to write on.

I was sitting next to a woman who I was talking to. She said to me, "I've changed my mind. I've decided not to tell you all about myself, "as though she was expecting me to interview her about her life.  I had the folder in my hand with the letters in them right in front of me. I said back to her, "that's okay, I'm going to write a book about, "How to research the Bible on -line. I'm dedicating it to "Bernard' (who I thought was my brother-in-law)  She said, "That a great idea. It'll make a great book.


6-14-01 - MEDITATION:  

VISION:  03 - 03 - 03

VISION - Two astronauts on what looked like snowmobiles, going through space and waving back at me happily.



6-15-01 - DREAM - Two dreams identical about a song about the 'moon'. This song was sung by 4 people and was about a quilt or blanket and the bunting or decoration around the 4 sides.


6-15-01 - DREAM - I was with a man in a race car. He was showing me how great it handled. I wasn't paying much attention. At first we were on an old road and he was always straying off the side and then pulling back into the road. Then the pavement became black like it had just been paved. We were driving really fast and eventually he ran off the road into the snow.

The snow was so deep, when he pulled back into the road, we actually made a tunnel under the snow. It was kind of amazing. I never saw this person, just assumed it was a male because of the race car.

He wanted to go somewhere so I dropped him off and decided to go downtown shopping. In the beginning, the car was like a river-boat and I was just going along with the flow. The freeway was actually a river at the point and I was sitting on the passenger side of the car.

I decided I'd better take control of the car and slid over behind the wheel. It was rather fun driving this boat/car. As we neared downtown, the river freeway turned into a real freeway and the traffic was really bad and fast. The freeway was contained between two high walls.

Traffic was backing up along the right side and several cars passed me, racing. I could see the smoke ahead where they spun their tires to get ahead of everyone else. But then tragedy struck and I had to pull over and stop along the right side of the freeway because all these women who had been racing to get ahead were now laying in the road. There were women's bodies everywhere on the highway, dozens of them. Se we all had to stop and wait for their bodies to be cleared out of the way.

Meanwhile , in the car, I had a Christmas-themed craft book. I was looking at all the drawings which could be enlarged to bigger than life-size to use for home or lawn decorations like Santa Claus with gifts, angels, candles with flames, etc.

I decided to go tot he craft store and buy poster paints and make some of these Christmas decorations. When I got to my house, I was living with other people. I hung a big quilt on the wall and was painting on the fabric. One woman was admiring the color orange I had used, but I could see that the fabric was making the paint disperse and spread out too far and the colors were vibrant enough for me. So I decided to paint on a large piece of cardboard instead as the quilt didn't work.

Down the hall, I could hear all kinds of people singing from behind a closed door. Others were going to that apartment to complain about the noise. since I was manager, it was my job to tell them to quiet down the noise. But I picked up my cardboard and took it with me. I knocked on the door. When the door opened, before I even saw who was there, I took my big piece of cardboard in hand and walking in the door and said, "Let me join you."


6-16-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I was given a purchase order to finish. all I had to do was add up the five items on the purchase order. Each number was 5 digits, and it was an olive green paper. I saw the numbers together and there was what looked like gold swan wings embroidered next to it.

I was told then that my boss 'Rick" wanted to see me. So I left my office, went around a corner in the hallway to Rick's office. Rick had dark- hair and looked very familiar ... someone I've worked with for years.

Rick told me that I had to get the purchase order done by 9 a.m. for the 'big' boss. I already knew that and assured him it would be done.

However, now a series of delays set in that prevented me from getting back to my own office, including Rick's kids who were playing in his office and then I realized I wasn't washed and dressed to go to the office.

I was wearing a short blue and white flowered house-coat and non stockings and when I looked in the mirror, it looked like I had been walking around in a coal-mine ... there was so much black dust on my face and neck.

So, I started washing my hands and face and then went to the closet to find stockings, a dress, and high heeled shoes to go to work.

I went into the closet and spotted my stockings hanging on 5 hangars on the far left. They were all folded neatly on special hangars.

I went back out into the room and spotted the purchase order which had been brought to me to add up the numbers. That paper, instead of being olive green had turned to gold.

NOTE: After writing this in my journal, I turned around and saw on the clock it was 5:55 a.m.


6-17-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office and was requested to change the filing system from straight numerical order of the purchase orders to an order that was easier to find by topic, rather than by number. I agreed that I could do that quite easily until the head engineer showed me a huge notebook where the purchase orders were listed and room full of old green file cabinets where thousands of old completed purchase orders were kept. Now the job looked quite overwhelming.

Once I received the assignment. I was called into the big bosses office who wanted to know what I was going to be doing, but he didn't speak aloud. He was a giant of a man and was the CEO of the company. He handed me a long piece of green paper on which he gave people instructions. on the top of the paper in tiny letters he wrote something like, "I'm outa here." like he was being fired or let go as CEO.

The paper was full of notes and it appeared like nothing more could be written on it to instruct anyone further so he let me keep the paper.

Then a man showed up who looked exactly like Geraldo Rivera. He had come to investigate some things that were going on that were criminal. After I knew who he was, I held up this green paper to him, pointing to what the CEO had written and said, 'EYES ONLY'.  He looked at it, looked shocked, and then nodded.

He and I then continued our jobs ... he investigating criminal activity and me back to my filing.

But then a customer came in with a problem. He brought in a piece of paper on which he had laid out all the parts to a water pump that was gunked up with sand that was rather gluey- not dry. Then he showed me a magazine of the same water pump that we had advertised this pump as being able to pump flue that was thick and not just water ... and according to him... the pump failed.

I looked at the pump parts and compared it to our magazine ad and saw that he was right. We had falsely advertised this water pump and it didn't work like we said it would. So I showed the problem to Otto who was our head engineer who said he would handle it.


6-18-01 - DREAM - About a web page about the man in the moon. It was written all in large caps. (I couldn't read it.)

6-18-01 - DREAM - 6-18-2001 - DREAM - I was viewing a list of instructions on how to make a special doll.
The person who had written these instructions was extremely angry that I was looking at them. The person, unseen to me, was male. I could tell that much even though I couldn't hear him, see him, or experience his presence. I still knew he was there and angry.

Suddenly I saw a vision of his name and an internal voice said to me, "This is as bad as when Dr. Alan Stride was messing around between the 3rd and 4th Dimensions."

NOTE: If this is a real person, he is not present on the internet. I apologize to those who may have the same name and are not connected in any way with this work.

See:  on line - dimensions.htm

6-19-01 - 3 DREAMS about the moon.

The first 2 dreams were about small families which lived on the moon for 3 months. There were no details.

The third dream, an astronaut came and said he would tell me about his 3 months on the moon but I wouldn't be able to tell anyone about it.

NOTE: Yesterday, we watched the movie ET to look for symbolism. The little girl kept on calling the ET, "the man in the moon."

SEE:  ET - The Movie


6-20-01 - I had two flash-type dreams that were repeats of the moon dreams, which means they were like message or memory downloads, so I knew the whole dream without actually dreaming it.

DREAM 3 - I parked my car in an underground garage next to a black car. Then a police car deliberately blocked in my car and took a dark-haired woman into the building to tell her something. Thus I couldn't move my car until the cop had his car moved.

I thought I saw my son Tom, but it was just a Tom look-alike and he was the one who had parked in the corner and I was blocking him because the cop was blocking me. I apologized to him and explained the situation.

At the same time, 3 of my girlfriends sat at a table waiting for me to do something but I couldn't because I was blocked.

A man named Bill had just moved into apartment 10 and was inviting people to come in and party with him, but we were too busy and I said I had to work at my locksmith telephone answering job.

Apartments 16-10 and 16-13 were mentioned. I then saw Carol Burnett sitting at the table with my friends. They were talking about ecology. I was impressed by what she said. I told her, "You ought to go on TV with your cause."  She said sweetly, "I just was."

NOTE:  Here is Acts 16:10 - And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them.

Here is Acts 16:13 - And on the Sabbath we went out of the city by a river side, where prayer was wont to be made; and we sat down, and spake unto the women which resorted thither.

Here is Rev. 16:10-11 The fifth vial is poured on the "seat" of the "beast." The language in this set points back to the time of Israel's Exodus from Egypt, Satan's seat at the time, when the Gentiles/Egyptians had come under judgment for the way they had mistreated Abraham's seed, while the grumbling, ungrateful Israelites were confined to the wilderness.

Here is Rev. 16:13 - And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

NOTE: Here is my dream from May of 1992:  5-1-92 - DREAM -  I had a fish tank which I hadn't been paying attention to. It was full of algae and difficult to see what was inside. I looked very closely and saw some amphibian animals that were thought to be extinct, They were alive and well, feasting on the algae. I went to the other side of the tank and saw a large form inside and wondered what it was. Just then it raised its ugly head out of the water. It was a huge dragon head and its body was green and leathery and where its front legs would be, it had huge leathery wings.

Somebody told me that they didn't have the sense to know that if you put on boxing gloves that you were faking them out and you looked formidable ad they thought they couldn't win, unlike human beings who would go down fighting if your threatened them. I planned to clean the tank so everyone could see what was inside. (End dream)

NOTE: I did some research on Carol Burnett. Besides being a wonderful comedian, she does a lot of charity work, especially for HIV/AIDS.  I didn't come across anything about ecology so far. Below are quotes by Carol Burnett:


"You have to have faith that there is a reason you go through certain things. I can't say I'm glad to go through pain, but in a way one must, in order to gain courage and really feel joy."

--Carol Burnett

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett


6-21-01 - DREAMS - These were unusual.  All I saw was a square frame with seemingly nothing in them. The dream itself was downloaded into my memory and I KNEW that it meant the letter "C".

I had two more dreams, exactly the same except that they meant the letter 'D'.  

NOTE: Michele suggested that perhaps it meant  gamma and delta.  I don't know. My research didn't give me anything conclusive except I discovered that there are gamma and delta DNA cells in the body.

NOTE: Be sure to check out  June21_2001.htm - The eclipse and earthquake connection


6-22-01 - DREAM - I was with a group of women who were studying the various types of weaving that animals used.

We didn't see any of the animals, but we did see examples of the weaving.

We were going up and down on an elevator as well and getting off on various floors of a building. At one point, the elevator wasn't moving at all because one of the women though we were going too fast, so she jumped u and hit the emergency button on the elevator door. Once I discovered that, the elevator started again after I hit the button again. The last floor we went to was the 2nd. the woven mat we looked at was extremely tight. All the reeds went in one direction but wove around each other. It was similar to a rope mat.



6-12-2001 - DREAM - I had two dreams about animals in the Bible. Because all the sentences and paragraphs ran together, I had to sit there and separate them all.

NOTE:  The Old Testament was originally written that way in Hebrew.

See:  animals_in_the_bible.htm


6-23-01 - DREAM - I was looking in the Bible and saw a sentence with the words Orion and Delphi in the same sentence.

Then I had a bird carcass in my hand and a knife in my other hand. I cut the birds left wing off and then said, "oh my God. This might have been an angel." I then pasted the wing back on the bird using it's own fat and told it I was sorry I had removed it's wing.

NOTE: See Delphi_oracle.htm


6-23-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office similar to A-C - where I worked in the water pump department. I was standing at the mail sorting table and Janet Carlson brought me a stack of mail, large unfolded blueprints, and a stack of small colored maps. On top was a pile of open matchbooks. I asked her about the matchbooks, the she said, "Oh, those are mine." and she took them all back.

As secretary in this department, part of my job was to fold blueprints to send out with purchase orders.

Jim K. , the head draftsman came over and asked me how my preparations were going for the big event coming up. I knew he meant the book publication, but at the same time I knew that I was going to be getting up and singing for a large group of people.  I hadn't had any formal training in singing, but I knew that when I got up on the stage to sing, my voice was going to be glorious and people were going to be amazed. I was ready for the event.

I went home for the day. I put on a vest that was dark brown. I saw there were a couple notes attached to a button on the front. I looked at the notes. The longer note was a commentary using Bible references. It was quite lengthy. It was written by a man named Ben Aflack. Ben was a draftsman in my office and also lived across the yard from me in an opposite apartment from mine on the 1st floor.

NOTE:  Aflack is an insurance company.)

While I thought about Ben, I realized I hadn't visited his family and their Christian neighbors in quite some time.  

I didn't feel bad about his note, because I did the same thing every time I dreamed something, I looked it up in the Bible.

Ben had said that he had looked at my computer and taken the liberty of writing to me to make sure I had full understanding of what the Bible said about the topic. That was fine with me.

I then got a visitor. An extremely old woman came. I don't know who it was. She was dressed like it was winter outside and was pulling a two-wheel shopping cart. She was rather standing in an ante-room.

I motioned to her to come into the main apartment, but when I went out into the ante-room, I saw the room I had come out of appeared dark from the outside. So I left it up to her whether she wanted to come in or not.

At this point, I could hear the TV on, and I went into my apartment again and found a TV on in every room, of various sizes. Even a side by side window was a TV set, over the headboard of my bed. I tried to turn off a smaller TV set in the bedroom and discovered it was a computer with a TV program on it as well.

I didn't need more than one TV on in a room, so I turned off the small TV set and left on the big one that was above the headboard of my bed.


6-23-01 - DREAM - (My dream was mostly pulled out of my head after I woke up so I would remember a vision which said, "ABC - SPACE WAR GAMES)

The end of the dream, I was walking up Greenfield Ave. to the post Office at 76th St. in West Allis, WI.

There was snow on the sidewalks and roads but it was over 60 degrees. I was wearing a light yellow outfit with a big black winter galoshes. Every one else was dressed for summer.

I got up to the Post Office door and everything was ice coated, including the odor, the lock and door handle. I managed to get the door open anyway, remarking to myself about why isn't' the snow melting and thinking that everything will be icy the next day.

I went inside and at a table, a woman was passing out chocolate fudge to customers. I told her, "No thanks! I have my own." I opened my purse and it had a lot of chocolate pieces in it.  

NOTE: Chocolate was considered the food of the Gods in the Aztec culture.

I knew I needed $60, because I was going to spend $30 on the post office and $30 at the mall to buy books.


6-24-01 - DREAM NAP:  I got really tired while researching the Oracle of Delphi:

I lay down and immediately saw - THE ORACLE OF DELPHI USED FUMES

I don't remember the dream itself except the woman was rather chubby, blonde and blue eyed it seemed.

I woke up and went right back to sleep.

I was in a small house where the woman had just come back from shopping. I was to help her put the groceries away. On her list was a long list of cigarettes. I was thinking about throwing away the cigarettes and making her quit, but then I looked into another bag and she had bought many packages of chocolate candy bars. Right on top was my favorite ... a MOUNDS bar, which is coconut mixed with sugar and covered with decadent chocolate. YUM!!!!

Each chocolate bar was in a white gift box individually. The boxes were decorated with laurel leaves (another thing used to create hallucinations said to have been used by the Delphi Oracle)

I then saw a light blue package of gum ... the large kind that holds 12 paks of gum with 15 sticks in each pak. On the box it said, "Follow Apollo Point for Point."

NOTE::  12 X 15 = 180.  (HALF A CIRCLE.)

As I woke up, I was seeing a area like Hawaii or Florida with a large green lawn and palm trees along a fence-line that a wall made of stones piled up. It felt like I was really there. The sky was blue and was warm and the air felt warm and wonderful.


6-25-01 - Dream about the number 21.  (No activity with this dream)


6-25-01 - DREAM - I was inside a vehicle with my ex-husband Jim. He was laying back on the back seat like it was a couch. Nobody was driving at the time. I was sitting on the front passenger seat. I told him that I would be moving to my own apartment because I had a job to do that he wasn't' going to be helping with.

I spotted G.H. on the street. He came over an got into the car with us and I told him I was moving. He looked at me like I had just asked him to do all the work. I told him that I was just moving into another apartment within the same building. He visibly relaxed as if to say, "Thank God!"

The rest of the dream has evaporated.


6-25-01 - DREAM - I was inside my house which was in a city that is unfamiliar to me.

My kids who were young went outside to play. I noticed then that it was unusually dark outside for it being daytime. I had to actually go outside to see the kids. They w ere on the sidewalk with their friends. They were all playing baseball on the sidewalk but I could see they were okay.

I was having an electrical technological problem of some sort and was waiting for a technician to come and fix it.

The scenes change quickly in the dream.

I now discovered I am sitting in a doctor's office prior to opening. A big green shade is pulled down over the front window in the office. The nurse says, "I guess we should open up the office. I am sitting there with some kind of electronic gadget which is not working properly. I am surprised that I was allowed access to the doctor's office before it was open.

I am now in a hospital in the hallway. It is really dark - most of the lights are turned off. I still have my electronic gadget with me which is not working.

Other people are coming down the hall in wheelchairs and carts. I tell them to watch out, that I am sitting there in the dark.

Then the nurse turns on a light and the doctor comes in. They start talking about my case like it's physical when I'm sitting there with this electronical gadget that is not working properly so I left before they treated me for something that wasn't really wrong.

Back at home G.H. comes in. (He is the electricity master and also IESOUS (Jesus) from previous dreams.)

He calls me into another room where there is a desk and a telephone. He shows me a large newspaper and asks me if I can read it because he needs to get a phone number from it. I look at the newspaper and recognize the printing as Vietnamese and suddenly realize I am living in a Vietnamese neighborhood.

G.H. goes on the phone. A moment goes by and he suddenly says, "Fonda? How are you?"  I realize that he is talking to Jane Fonda who supported the Vietnamese and who was against the U.S. being in their war and who made some terrible statements about the U.S. at the time, which millions of people never forgave her for, including me.

I saw that my sister-in-law Bernice (means 'brings victory), was in the room. She is a strict Catholic, a very small blonde woman. I realized she could help G.H. better than I could. She came over to the desk to help G.H. and I said, "I'm outa here." I knew I wasn't needed there. I went into the livingroom to clean which I was behind on.

In the livingroom I had so many plants, including trees on tall candle pedestals that I could barely walked between them. In between the plants were antennas from electronic equipment.

One of the plants looked like a large mushroom. It looked like the soil was too dry so I watered it and then noticed that little mushroom plants were starting to grow around it. I tapped on the mushroom accidentally with the glass and it sounded like an upsidedown seashell.

I noticed that the leaves on the plants were dusty and saw a couple spiderwebs, so I knew I would have to clean all the leaves on the plants individually so it would be a big job.

I began to lower the antennas so I could walk between the plants better and begin my work.

Jane Fonda and Vietnam:   


6-26-01 - DREAM - I was looking at what looked like a search page for what looked like the word, "PENULTIMATE".

I lucidly tried to save the file and made myself wake up and lost it. It seems related to the number 21 of the Hebrew language.

PENULTIMATE Next to the last. The next to the last member in a series, such as the next to the last paragraph in a letter or the next to the last syllable of a word.

The word for "blood" in Hebrew is "Dam" - Daleth and Mem. Aleph by itself not only represents the "Ah" sound, but also the element of air, or breath - so "Adam" is seen as blood with the breath of life - the man created by God. There are many other such hidden meanings in the Bible - using letters as numbers, using a "cypher" so that the last letter of the alphabet corresponds to the first, the penultimate letter corresponding to the second, and so on, and hidden abbreviations. Scholars have spent many years finding meaning in these, and the Talmud is a body of writing which largely consists of commentaries - the "hidden meanings" - on the Torah. Even today, Jewish scholars are researching such hidden meanings

Each Hebrew letter corresponds to a number; most Hebrew bibles actually use the letters to indicate chapter numbers and verse numbers. This means that every single Hebrew word has a numeric value, and scholars have long been fascinated by entirely different words that have the same numeric value as each other. A simple example: the word for love is Ahebah (Alef-Heh-Beth-Heh), which adds up to 13. The word for unity is Achad (Alef-Cheth-Daleth), which also adds up to 13. Thus there is a correspondence between love and unity. The art of finding words with the same numeric value is called gematria - the concept is vaguely similar to numerology (where a person's name is reduced to a number, to indicate their personality), except that gematria is usually conducted on biblical names and the names of angels

The symbolism of the trident, and eventually the number 216, which is 6 x 6 x 6. It also became related to the number 21, as the penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is shaped like a trident. This is said to be related to the Holy Spirit.


6-27-01 - DREAM - I was continuing to move. Most of the furniture had already been moved. I was in the process of moving the clothes and I had to do this myself.

I looked at my daughter's clothes Most were too small for her it appeared and most were off yellow and black ... they looked old and woolen ... too heavy for the season.

There were neighborhood children playing in the garage. I told them they were going to have to go home for the night as it was dinner time.  
We were preparing to have Christmas Dinner and I dressed in a costume of an old woman for the occasion.

At the dinner table sat 3 brothers and their sister Mary. The boys wore matching pale beige long sleeve sweaters and Mary wore a black and red dress. They sat so close to each other, they appeared attached at the hip.

They at no time ever helped us while were moving. they just sat at the table waiting for dinner to be served.

They sat there, just watching us do the work. Seeing them sitting there, useless and not helping with the work was getting to me. I tried really hard to control my growing anger at their attitude of non-helping, but I finally walked over to them and started yelling and waving my arms wildly with emotion. I used every violent word towards them I could think of. In my mind I was thinking the word 'kill' but out loud I was shouting, "I feel like slashing, sticking, stabbing, beating, etc."  They looked unmoved by my words.

We then went back to the moving process. My sons Michael and Bill helped me move a bed. It had a railing around it and was mechanical-like stand of shiny stainless steel or platinum. it took all three of us to set it on top of another bed so they were on top of one another, not quite like bunk beds, but more like stacked mattresses.

I then got to where I was carrying my son's clothing to the truck and made sure that I was taking just the clothing and keeping the electronic gadgets and hand-held games separate so they wouldn't get lost during the move.


6-28-01 - DREAM - The end of this dream was removed from my memory so I wouldn't give away the secret of where I was. A big square golden spiral movement occurred and I thought I would remember anyway, but as soon as the swirling stopped, the memory was gone. But I remember the rest of the dream.

DREAM - It seemed I was somewhere in Milwaukee, WI.  My 2nd husband was with me, and despite his intentions to be normal, he was quite violent. He became injured on the top of his head. It seemed that the top of his skull was actually split open. He put his hand up to the top of his head where he was bleeding and got a handful of blood and splattered it around to freak us out.  Some blood sprayed towards me but missed me and landed on the porch where I was standing. Then he left.

When he left, my kids were gone too, so instead of going home and asking my parents for help, I struck out on my own to get them back. They had about a 1/2 hour head start on me, but they were in a car and I was on foot.

I knew there was a bus stop a few blocks north of where I was, so I headed that direction. I was rather slowed down, because there was a class room group of children coming south on the street, all dressed in costume and dancing and singing and I had to stand my ground as they swept past me. It was rather like standing in the street while a parade passes by.

I got up to the intersection finally but I didn't have money to take the bus to the west, so some women who were traveling that way agreed to take me with them.

Here it starts getting strange because we traveled awhile and I was trying to figure out where we were. I thought perhaps we were in Iowa, but when I asked where we were, the women said, "The Poconos", which I knew was in New York. But we definitely hadn't gone East so perhaps there is more than one place with that name.

She then showed me a map that appeared we were in a state more like Nebraska. At least it looked similar to that. The map showed 3 separate areas like big snowdrifts that divided the northern part of the state, rather like mountain ranges, but I remember Nebraska s being pretty flat, so I could be wrong what the map was representing to me.

We ended up in a rather strange place. I didn't see the outside of the building but the inside was all wood rather like logs laid on their sides and debarked. The men here weren't normal either. I discovered that the women who came here had something surgically removed from their brains to make them docile. There were two young women ahead of me. The man who looked rather wild and brutal, but who knew what he was doing, inserted a long gold wire through a puncture at the very top of their noses into their brains and extracted something from deep inside their heads. Perhaps it was from the pituitary gland. I don't know.

When it came to my turn, he grabbed my head and just before he was going to insert the wire into the top of my nose, I jerked my head sideways and the wire went past my face instead. He had been distracted by the head woman I was traveling with and he didn't notice that he hadn't inserted the wire into my brain.

Then they brought in a dog/man type creature who was to be my mate. He was taller than I, wore no clothes but was fully furred like a fuzzy dog, not like a regular dog but with fur more like a poodle would have. His face was rather round snouted, not long like a Shepherd or Collie. He was round faced, more humanoid, but not quite.

I don't recall that he spoke english, but he understood english. He tried to mate with me as soon as he saw me, but again I managed to move quickly and with the head woman's help he just held me in his arms rather more like a man would. It seemed he had hands and not paws.  It felt rather good to be held by him, like comforting... but remember ... he was furry, not human.

I started to wake up and I sensed some quick movement around me like some people were panicked that I was to going remember some details I shouldn't and I started to see this large golden swirl in front of me to removed the memories, and I promised myself I would remember anyway.  Perhaps I have forgotten something, but I got a lot of it.


6-28-01 - DREAM - It seems that the dream was showing me that I was on another planet. As the dream started there was a dark planet or sun at the 2 o'clock position and at the end, it showed me a dull orange sun low in the sky at the 5 o'clock position.


6-29-01 - DREAM - (Nothing like reality) I was in a building and noticed that my new blue shoes were coming apart around the end like they had been sewn with leather thongs over and over around the edge. I didn't want to lose my new shoes because they could be fixed.

However, there was a lot of ice and snow I had to walk over to go home. I asked for help, by asking someone to give me a ride in their car who was going the same direction but they ignored me.

I then spotted a pair of gorgeous twin policemen. They were dressed more like detectives in heavy winter coats in a light beige color. The cops were older in their 50's. I assumed with blonde curly hair that was color length. They were handsome and absolutely identical.

They came from opposite directions and came together in a guy's type greeting by bumping bellies really hard and laughing.

I told the cops I needed help in order to walk home across the ice and snow and showed him the problem I was having with my shoes.

One of the cops offered me his arm like a gentleman does. I took ahold of his arm and limped alongside of him down the street, shuffling along with my one loose shoe. It wasn't very far. My apartment was in the corner of a cul de sac-type street. He walked me all the way to my door and then left.  

I walked inside the apartment. My daughter and ex-husband was there. I showed them my shoe problem. At this point, the loose bindings of the shoe wasn't as long as it was in the beginning.

My husband rather ignored my shoe problem and handed me a single red rose. I was surprised to receive the rose.

NOTE: I woke up because Joe opened the door and came into the room so I don't know how the dream would have ended.

6:30 -2001  VISION - 'preparedness'

I did a page on water_coincidences.htm

COINCIDENCE DAY: I had 3 dreams about moving into a new apartments in the same buildings. I dreamed this 3 days in a row. Then Joe suggested we write about the water coincidences.

I see 11:11 , 444, a lot and 3:33. Sometimes we read a word and hear someone on TV say it at the same time. Joe has a lot of coincidences, but all minor it seems.  Today was different.

After I had a 'preparedness' vision, I typed up my dreams, as little as they were. Then a woman came to the door with a Jehovah Witness booklet titled AWAKE - Water! Will there be enough.'  A short time later, we went to a restaurant for breakfast, but before we even got into the place, I got real dizzy and got pressure in my chest and weak. I asked to be taken home, figuring I was dehydrated. (I never drink enough water)

We came home and I lay down and starting having vision about getting e-mails from Mundra again. It also looked like I got one from a woman named "Destiny" who lived in the UK.

I then had a vision of little grey alien bodies by the hundreds laying all over the ground every which way.

Joe then came back and said he had watch a Russian movie this morning called "The Inner Circle"  It takes place in 1939 - about a projectionist for the Kremlin.  There was a scene of a dripping water faucet which was getting louder and louder until it sounded as loud as thunder. Then it switches to a scene for thunderous sounding marching troops.  (See the water_coincidences page"