MARCH, 20000

3-1-00 - DREAM - This seems it might be a shared dream, but we don't know for certain.

I was dreaming that there was a man out on the street in the dark. I was inside the house with a radio, watching a very sensitive audio frequency gauge, trying to hone in on the exact frequency that the man out on the street was broadcasting at. I was using a computer mouse-like pointer on a red light point in order to do this.

I woke up suddenly when Joe started chanting indian again. However, he soon broke the indian chanting with English yelling with words like "Help!, Shut up! Michael! and some other words that were too low toned to hear and understand.

Joe woke himself up and I asked him what he had been dreaming. He said it was nightmarish, that he was out in the dark and someone was trying to sneak up on him.  He started hollering, trying to wake himself up. He spoke the words in the dream that I heard him hollering out loud.


3-1-00 - VISION - I saw a man holding two books on his lap. He held them up for me to see the titles. In his right hand, he held a book titled "Sacred Sites". In his left hand the book was titled, "Rod invitation".  The books were open but he only showed me the titled.

Following immediately, I had a vision of a white square chart card. The title of the card was 'RAYS'.  On the left side of the card was a large circle that was divided into 8 pie shapes. Over the circle there was a 'rod of power' and it was spinning clockwise very fast.

NOTE: I added this vision to the Giza Pyramid page since I had just received an invitation to take a tour there and the Null page is about the rod of power and putting the capstone back on.


3-1-00  - DREAM - I had a job in a place I worked at a long time ago. I didn't know what I was supposed to do yet as I had just come here again. I decided to go out to buy something at the mall and when I did I spotted a guy I used to work for a long time ago named 'David'. He looked very somber. I decided not to speak to him and ducked into a jewelry store. He followed me.

I didn't want to talk to him, not that we didn't get along, I just didn't feel that his mood was what I was looking for at the moment.  I went back outside and found that it was raining very hard.  In the middle of the road was like a bird bath ... concrete thing ... and under it were three big turtles. I looked in the water in the road and saw that there were turtles everywhere of all sizes, big and little.

I tried to get back into the building without getting my feet wet, but that was impossible ... the water was rising fast. I then went to a parking lot and saw my son Michael sitting there in his car ... description - like a off-white station wagon. He was laughing about the people driving in the water which was going down the hill so fast, it was faster than any river I've ever seen and this was the street they had to drive in.  He laughed that he had seen a long string of cars trying to get somewhere fast ... to get home probably before the big rains came ... and the drivers were complaining that the traffic was moving too slow.  Then they found out that at Medford, it wasn't moving at all ... and he laughed even harder.

He drove his car up the drive to the edge of the street and just watched the water running down the hill on the road. It was unbelievably deep and fast. I wouldn't have even have tried to drive in that.  It was too late now.

I then went back to work. I was waiting for instructions on what to do.  The ownership ... father and son came into the room and stood in front of my desk. I wanted to know what could be duplicated and what not.  The son gave me a blank piece of paper with the company logo on and there was a carbon paper under it and I understood that I could duplicate the son's work.  The father gave me a huge sheet of paper, that had like labels on it. I couldn't read them, but I knew instinctively that each one of those labels said on it in no uncertain terms ... 'Do Not Duplicate'.  There was a huge carbon sheet under his sheet too, to duplicate the "Do Not Duplicate' labels.


3-2-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming of writing in rainbow colors. It seemed this was being taught by two big creatures ... like bison ... but when I saw the silhouettes of animals I couldn't identify what they were. Later, after watching line after line of colored lines being put on paper or a computer screen, I found out that this was being done by butterflies.


3-2-00 - DREAM - I was in a large building like a school, walking down the hall with a man and two bison ... a father and son. They spoke English with an English accent. They told me that that the mother and daughter were taking time off for being in school and growing up and would be back in the circuit later on.  These bison weren't overly large, about waist high for the father  and shorter for the son. He was rather baby size for a bison about 2 feet high or so. They were real animals but talked with intelligence like people.

While in this school, I was a teacher/counselor if someone asked me, but all I did was stand around and dance by myself in a large, sunny, mostly empty room.Other people came in to see what we were doing because they needed someone to talk to, and that's all we did... just talk about 'stuff'.

I was told I should write books ... little four page cloth books for babies with no words, just pictures.  A cute idea.



I heard a male voice say - "Garden Hearth!"  That made me think that perhaps I was to do a meditation ceremony over a fire in my rock garden outside the house and I began to think what I could use for a 'rod of power' and then remembered the long crystal that my friend Michelle had sent me. I decided I would use that for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, I heard in my head, "Do you know what to do with the Rod of Power? Have you ever used one? Have you ever read about one? I started to see in my mind's eye ... an arm rising and falling, rising and falling.

I decided I would go research the subject so I'd know what to do. I have a wealth of knowledge about these things both in books and on the internet, so I knew I could find the answers to these questions.


3-2-00 - DREAM - I was at the school grounds on 20th St. There was a baseball game going on. Someone threw the ball too far ...past the fence.

I was sitting on top of a small green car ... A boy drove me to the corner of 19th and Meinecke. (This is the intersection where I saw the elephants in this exact same type scene the last time)  

The boy got out of the car and went to stand in the intersection while I continued to sit on top of this little green car.  I then saw another small car come out of the alley at 19.5 on Meinecke and come towards the boy in the intersection.

I was just wondering what they were going to say to each other and the telephone rang. I jumped up to answer it by the second ring... and it just clicked... there was no one there.


3-3-00 - DREAM - I was studying a true history of ETs buried in Australia. The bodies had been buried with the names switched with some other people so nobody knew where they really were. If someone would dig where the ET names were, they would find human remains.

I saw words like Keylonta and Seylonta which reminded me of Anna Hayes work. When I tried to focus on the written material on the paper, the words started bouncing around and shifting on the page so I couldn't read them.


3-3-00 - DREAM - I written a novel about ETs in Australia. It was written as a Trilogy ... three parts all in the same book. The cover of the book was white leather.

I recalled the name Scott Welker. It sounded familiar but I couldn't think who he really is or if he had written a famous book perhaps.

NOTE:  There is a man by this name in Australia who is a real estate agent. I didn't find an author of a book with this name on the internet though.

The rest of the dream was about going to several places with the kids ... mine and young people I was taking car of. When I talked on the phone I could see the people on the other end like they were in the same room.

I had a long conversation about which bus to take to school. I had a choice of 17 there and 11 back or 11 there and 11 back.  The man didn't recommend that I take the 11 - 11. It was very dangerous to do that because of the other people who would be on the bus.

At the end, my bathroom was remodeled and nice woodwork put in, but then they put in a child potty seat and the pee bubbled up strawberry red. It was like strawberry juice - not blood.

I was going to take the kids to three places .. to the drug store ... the get ice cream ... and pick up the bus pass for $19.50 which was good for a month.



(Subject matter is from the Anna Hayes material)  

I was thinking about the "Keepers of the Blue Flame" and saw a black and white map of Europe twice. I then saw the word "Aristocracy' within a state that was rectangular shaped.


3-3-00 - I was thinking about the "Keepers of the Blue Flame" knowing that I had dreamed about this several times earlier in my life. I was thinking of these dreams when I had another vision.

I saw a man write the shape of this Egyptian throne:    

(This  is Osiris sitting on his throne)

Then I saw a man write the opposite shape but smaller

A voice said, "They are world's apart.  I then saw the map of Europe again in black and white outline.


3-3-00 - NIGHTMARE FROM HELL!!!!!!!

I was at my New Berlin house. I had slept in late so my husband had already left for work. I went downstairs and into the livingroom and found that he had broken two lamps on the livingroom floor. They were smashed into so many unbelievable pieces, he would have had to jump up and down on them a jillion times to get them into so many small pieces.

I was not only upset, I was 'scared'.  He had to have been violent to do this act. There was no other furniture in the livingroom, just the broken lamps.

I went out into the other room where the phone hookup was. I planned to call my new friend "Celeste".  I couldn't remember her number, but I remembered that my white phone book was underneath the piano in the other room between where I was and the livingroom with the broken lamps.

So I went and crawled under the piano and retrieved my white phone book and went back to the telephone. I was paging through the book to find Celeste's numbers and found all kinds of other people with nice names but I hadn't met them yet obviously. I didn't know any of these people. I saw several names like Celeste, but not the one I was looking for. I decided to call my daughter Jeanne instead, and couldn't remember how to find her number though I knew her name started with B like my last name, but I couldn't remember what it was or how to spell it and I might have put her name under J for Jeanne. I was getting frantic to call someone about what my husband had done to the lamps.

Someone knocked on the inner door of the hallway. I started to freak out, because there was a lower door in the hallway and the person had come in  and come up the stairs to the inner door. I hollered, "Who's there?"  A man said, "I've come to deliver the logs for the fireplace!"  We didn't even have a fireplace, but I figured, well maybe my husband was planning on putting one in. I was always working on remodeling ideas myself over the years.

So, I went to the door and let the man in. He looked young and handsome and I wasn't afraid of him. He said the bill would be $163.00. That was outrageous for a load of logs and I said so. The man said, "Well, we also brought along a couple other things that we thought he might like."  

I wasn't going for this.

By now, there was a bunch of little kids in the house and a dog and her puppies which were really cute.  They looked like chihauhaus. I asked if I could have one and they started to act like I wouldn't be a worthy person to have one of their puppies. I started to tell them what a great person I was and then I noticed that there were a couple women in the room also who looked like Gypsies.

I said, "What the heck is going on here?"  Then I noticed that the women had brought all their laundry into my house and were doing the laundry in my kitchen in MY machines.

I said, "Hey!" You didn't ask if you could do your laundry in my house, and started pulling out all the clothes of the washer. None of them was wet, but man they were packed in there tight. I pulled out sheets, pillow cases, kids clothes, tons of socks, all sizes from mens to little tiny kids socks. The more I pulled out the more there was. I was yelling by now. "I didn't say you could come in here and take over my house!"  

The women left but then I noticed that they had left behind several  large empty piggy banks, then I saw a couple other things they had brought in.  It was decorative stuff, but was junk ... looked worse than any Goodwill type stuff I had ever seen. It probably was good at one time, but this wasn't antique ... it was junk.  The more I looked, the more I saw.

I wondered if this was part of the $163.00 bill or if  this was extra they would charge me with on top of the $163.00.   I went to the back door to tell them to take their stuff out and saw that the back hall was newly remodeled and the stairway went down a different direction.  I liked it, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The door was now at the top of the landing instead of at the bottom, so I opened the door and there was a wooden porch out there with an overhang type of thing so I couldn't see the outside... just the wooden overhang part. So I was hanging onto the door and sticking my head out to see where the people were. I couldn't see past the wooden part so I stuck my head out farther and the wooden part seemed to inch farther out farther and farther so I would have to let go of the door and actually go outside to see outside.  I thought to myself ... "Oh no!  In dreams where you go outside, you can't get back in... I'm not letting go of the door".  So I came back in and shut the door on whatever was out there.

I came back into the house and now I started to see other stuff all over the place. While I was looking out the door, they obviously had brought in more and more stuff ... junk I called it.  There was some strange looking items too, all decorative, nothing really useful on a daily basis.  None of it was in working condition either. I went back into the livingroom, and now there was water on the floor amongst the glass.

I went back to the other room where the phone was and saw my son Michael and my son Bob laying on the grass on top of a porch that hadn't been there before.  I knocked on the window and told them to come inside and see what these people had done. So Michael rolled off the edge of the porch and I willed him not to fall and to come in the front door. I was afraid he was just going to fall off and hurt himself.

I went back to the livingroom and there was Michael vacuuming up the water and glass on the floor. I said to him, "No! I don't want you to clean this up. I want your Father to explain why he did it first.  And why is there water on the floor anyway? "

I went farther into the room and found that the people had brought in an humidifier that was leaking water all over the place. I pulled the plug, madder than I was before, and hauled it back into the livingroom proper and started to see even more junk.  There was now a hanging light plugged into the wall socket with a mile of wire from the lamp to the socket, all wound around the lamp. It was lit with a weak green glow. I didn't want it. I pulled out the plug, wound up the wire and started to haul the lamp towards the back door.

Now I saw even more junk, tables that were half broken, small organs with legs that were half coming off... the more I looked the more junk there was. I started to holler, "Get this junk out of here. I don't want it.  I found a white Christmas tree shaped table that was so outrageously pathetically useless I couldn't believe it. It had a copper Christmas tree insert with 4 legs on it that I almost considered keeping that part, but then saw that you had to use the broken white part and changed my mind. I kept hollering, "Get this crap out of here" and the more I hollered, the more junk there was.

I told my sons to help me get the stuff out and they were helping move it to a pile near the back door so the people could take it away... then I noticed that their stuff and my stuff was mixed up together and I had to start to separate it, all the while hollering, "Get your stuff out of here!"

I went to a window in the livingroom that hadn't been there before. Outside the house I saw a man leading a donkey, a lion, a tiger, a pony, and some other animals. I knew this wasn't real life and had to be a dream so I said, "Oh no!" I'm not buying that one and shut the curtains and went back to getting rid of the junk in the house.

The more I moved, the more there was and I was getting hysterically angry. I kept screaming louder and louder, "Get this crap out of here."  

Finally one of the women came back. I hadn't actually seen this one before. She was older and had a loose face ... like she had lost some weight and her skin was loose.  I was so angry, I grabbed ahold of her cheeks to squeeze them like some parents do to kids and got right in her face and shouted into her yellow eyeballs, "Get your shit out of here before I do something drastic!"  

She rolled her eyeballs at me like a scared cow does and I started to think to myself, "Oh! Oh! Maybe this is the beast from hell and she's going to turn into a horrible looking beast right in my face."  But then I thought to myself, "So what, I'm ready for even that. If she turns into a beast, I'll know it's fake and I can take it!"  So I took ahold of her face skin and pulled it all towards her nose and screamed into her yellow eyeballs, "GET YOUR SHIT OUT OF HERE!"

She didn't turn into a monster beast and just continued to roll her yellow eyeballs like she was scared.  I dropped her face and went back to moving all the crap towards the back door. I started to see I was making progress. My own sons were helping and I was hoping all my own stuff didn't go out the door with the junk, but I was about to the point where I didn't much care anymore as long the junk was GONE!  I continued to scream, "Get this junk out of here,... Get this crap out of here... Get this shit out of here!"  and finally I woke up hardly realizing I was awake... I was still yelling.


3-4-00 - I had three or four dreams which I can't particularly remember the details of but they all ended the same.  The T's I mention here were all very tall, thin poles.

The first one was about Indians and ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

The second dream was about going shopping and also ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

The third dream was about looking at the different types of vehicles that people drive and also ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

After I woke up, I was really groggy but realized what the dreams signified.

I then had a vision of some very complicated mathematical problem done in calculus or something and the answer to the problem was:  = t

I still felt groggy so continued to lay in bed and then had a vision of a brilliant red web page. In the upper right hand corner in very small print it said:  Keylonta January 4, 1989.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, I had just returned to Milwaukee from Illinois on the first of January of 1989 and the night of January 4, 1989, I had this dream:

1-5-89 - I dreamed that my good friend Irv was teaching my son Michael that "The Twelfth Planet" by Zechariah Sitchin was truth.


3-5-00 -  DREAM -  I don't know what I was dreaming about, but I had an embedded dictionary/encyclopedia in my brain obviously and the words and their meanings, including a Thesaurus would pop up in front of me to show me any information I needed. All the positive things popped up in red boxes and the negative things popped up in blue boxes.


3-5-00 - DREAM -  I was standing on the street at 19.5 street and wanted to walk home down 20th St. however, it was made of sand and was very slippery.  I told everyone it was too slippery to walk on and perhaps we could get a ride from my friend Kimber who was standing there.  However, I turned around and we all had our own cars and I was trying to figure out how ... if she drove me home ... how I was I then going to drive her back home. I know it doesn't make sense but in the dream, I was concerned with that.

I was then going to move my car from behind the house on 20th St. and drive around to the front of the house on 16th St. The road was very narrow and when I got into the car at the curb which was on the East side of the road, a family with some very little kids came running to the curb and actually got down into the gutter next to the car door, so I couldn't drive away.  I already had the engine running and told the mother to get the children away from the car.  Some of the children actually got into the back seat of the car.  

It was finally clear to move the car, so I pulled out into the traffic lane. The road was very narrow and the steering was really stiff, so I pulled out into traffic and heard a strange noise under the car.

Immediately, a police car appeared in front of me and started to back up to take care of a problem on the other side of the street and it crashed right into the front of my car. The police car had a woman driver and she got out of the car and came back to mine and said, "I heard a noise under your car. Don't move your car!"

So I got out of my car and started to look under the car.  I don't know why I didn't think this was strange, but the car wheels were only black on the bottom for about 4 inches, the rest of the tires were hollow and see-thru. The only showed black where they had been sitting on the cold pavement.  Nobody said anything about that.  Then I saw a red lawn-mower next to the car and numerous stones, but nothing out of the ordinary and we never found anything that might have caused the noise under the car.

I went back into the house then, leaving the car where it was ... the street was now blocked from traffic but nobody said anything about that.

On the front porch was a long length of green fabric with pretty flowers on it. It was hanging up on a line ... drying.  So I took it down and planned to fold it inside the house. When I opened the door, there was also a line hanging there with two more long pieces of fabric which I also pulled down, planning to use these for sheets for a bed.

There was a woman inside the house but I can't remember her name... a familiar face however ... a short dark-haired woman.

Her children were inside the house, and I was sorting out things that belonged to me, including several perfume bottles and other items. I gave the children items that they couldn't hurt themselves with, but didn't give anyone perfume, thinking they might try to drink it.  There was a tall silver can of lighter fluid there and told the boy who was there, "people just don't know that they are supposed to fill these things with beer!"


3-5-00 - MEDITATION - I had been researching the subject of an extraterrestrial group called the HATHORS. While searching for this, I got really tired.  There was a connection to Orion and to Venus. They can't both be right... but maybe they can.

However, when I lay down, I had two visions of Star Charts. I couldn't read anything on the first one because it was light blue on white.  The second star chart was also light blue on white, but I could read the word  BIOS next to one of the stars or planets on the chart.

(I couldn't find anything like that on an astronomy site)


3-5-00 - VISION - I saw the web url

After I got up and looked at that site, it is under construction and has nothing but WELCOME in various languages.  That was the obvious message to me.


3-5-00 - DREAM - I was at home, but working on my computer. People I had worked with over the years were visiting. One man, quite old with white hair,  never said a word ... and I can't place his name, but when he left with the others, he called them to wait for him. So I know he could speak.

One man gave me the name of a religion which I think had the word "Gaia" at the end of three words.  I told him I wasn't familiar with, that it was either a new religion which I didn't know of yet, or it was very ancient and nobody remembered it.  However, I was sitting right by the computer and was going to type it into a search and look for it.  I couldn't get the mouse to click on the right words so didn't get to look for it right then.

Everyone left and I went out on the front porch.  One person, I think a female black person ... it was hard to tell... was wearing an all body suit of blue and white stripes with a cap to match. She make a huge leap over the gutter in the street and then ran up the stairs to the porch where I stood by a telephone.  Many other people of several nationalities also came up on the porch to use the telephone. At the end, a Korean woman - perhaps Chinese ... it was hard to tell ... she had a roundish squarish face came to use the phone. She had to sit down on the chair there. She didn't look well, so I asked her if she was all right. Another woman who came with her said, "She just came back from the dentist and he gave her a little white pill.  When she took it, her knees became liquid."  

I woke up at that point.


3-5-00 - VISION - I was watching a TV show with Joe about aliens, well into the second hour and was getting really tired. I wanted to go to bed before the show was over, but when I would think really hard about getting up and going to bed, I was feeling sharp jabs in my forehead like someone was sticking me with a pin.

Finally, I got so tired, I decided I would just cover up with a blanket and sleep right where I was and closed my eyes.  It wasn't more than a couple of seconds and I saw, in the room with us, a long table with people sitting facing us with a green blackboard behind them like a schoolroom. A large, tall dark bearded man was sitting opposite me and raised his hand up in the air like he was saying ... "Wait!" It took quite some seconds more for this vision to fade while I was telling Joe that all those people were there watching us watch TV.

I was feeling guilty for wanting to leave by now, but could hardly keep my eyes open. Then I felt a sharp jabbing pain in the end of one finger like someone was sticking me with a pin. It was so hard I had to rub it with the other hand. It really hurt.

I somehow managed to stay awake until the end of the show after that.


3-6-00 - DREAM - I was trying to prove to other people that aliens existed on a web page and had pink and yellow squiggly lines on  a drawing like a map. I then had words in boxes below, which I can't remember.  (This is a common theme. I think it's from playing the stupid gameboy game too often. )


3-6-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere which also had a factory and a baseball field on the property at the other end. I seemed to be in charge of getting everything straightened, cleaned, and the color scheme changed. I also found some rectangular orange and green baskets I can only describe as plastic strawberry baskets. These had been thrown in the front window. There were several of them that were large about six inches across, but a few were smaller also, about two inches. This seemed to be very important.

I got several large containers (bags) of blue and yellow yarn which I was going to make into furniture covers.  Another change I made was to take off an avocado green cover (like drapery material) and changed it to gold brocade material. I let the kids have the avocado green piece to play with. They asked to have a livingroom chair covered in the bright yellow.

There was a young girl there who needed to take some yellow medicine on a daily basis. This medicine came in a green plastic container on which was a button so she could press it and self-dose herself.  Unfortunately, she didn't go to the bathroom first, so after she took her medicine, she laughed really hard and peed her pants.

When I took her to the bathroom, I noticed that part of the house was closed off with a drapery curtain. This part of the house was just past the bathroom ... like an extension of the house. It wasn't being used probably because it was winter and it was hard to heat all that house. I was thinking that I like to be able to see into the entire house. I didn't like having any part of it closed off.  I would see to that when spring came and it didn't have to be heated.

On the other end of the house was a baseball field. There were men in uniform playing a game. I assumed they worked in the attached factory.  One guy had a small green apple and batted it with his bat. It flew over and landed in the front of my shirt. They were joking about the ball, and I held it in my hand and said, "If there be any man here, let him step up to the plate!"  We all laughed.

I can't recall what was in the factory, just that I had to make sure that it was in good order and clean.

In the livingroom, a young woman came in with some poodle puppies They were really fat and one little yellow puppy jumped up on the couch and I was trying to control it and make it stay on the floor. I asked her where she had been keeping the puppies because I hadn't seen them since I was there and she lived with us in the house. She wasn't making any sense with her excuses, about where she had been, but she was there now and that's what counted.

As the dream ended, I walked into a part of the house or an attached mall-like place where a bell carillon was playing. The bells were large and small, all tuned to play songs. Some of the bells were hidden in the branches of green Christmas-like trees. It was playing, "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord"  Glory, glory, glory, Hallelujah!"  I woke up with the bells ringing in my head. It was a happy wake-up feeling.


3-7-00 - DREAM - (This is really strange)  I was at a computer screen (I couldn't see the computer ... just the screen)  On the screen were line after line of the words - 'Reject 29L' 'Reject 29L' 'Reject 29L'   I knew this referred to the German people of the world.

When I saw these words, I used a mouse and clicked on these words so that they did not touch each other but had a space between them all on each line and each line was separated by a space, so each was individual.

Then the screen switched to 'Reject 59L' 'Reject 59L' 'Reject 59L'   Here again, I used the mouse to click on each of these word symbols to separate them out on the lines and between the lines.  This time I knew they referred to people with the name 'Lucille'. (This is my Mother's name) (My mother is also German ethnicity)

The screen then changed to gray threads woven like knitting, hanging on a brick wall. They were hanging on hooks embedded in the wall like a wall hanging.  I could now hear the voices of my Mother, my Aunt Irene (her older sister), and my Aunt Ann (their sister-in-law) who was married to my Uncle Roy, (my Mother's older brother) I recognized the voices, but did not see anything but the gray knitted piece hanging on the wall.

I heard church music playing and came to realize that we were inside of a church of some kind.  This was interesting now because my Mother had rejected the church when she was 16 years old because she didn't believe in one of the creeds. (She is now 84 and feeble minded from strokes)  My Aunt Irene was very church oriented and spent all of her life involved in her church and their various groups. Unfortunately, I don't know the church status of my Aunt Ann.

My aunts began singing the hymn that was playing but my mother was silent.  Then my mother began to sing the hymn and I lucidly began moving some of the threads of this knitted piece from one hook to another. These threads stretched as I moved them so it seemed that the knitted piece had some weight to it.  I then heard my Aunt Ann say, "Perhaps that's been the problem all along".

The scene then switched to people and I was in a house or building with many, many people. It seemed to belong to me. I knew lots of these people but not all of them. They were all adults.  There was a party going on and everyone was happy and talking to each other.  

I looked inside the refrigerator and saw that someone had brought lots of food, in fact, there were two refrigerators, one full of fresh sliced sausage (like summer sausage) and buns and butter to make sandwiches. In the other refrigerator which I opened, it contained sandwiches that were made on long loaves of bread (like 'Subway sandwiches) and the sandwiches were already made up.

I didn't know who had brought the food but was assuming it must have been my brothers who I now glimpsed as gathered with other men in the adjoining room. Everyone was celebrating.

People were still arriving and I was greeting them at the door, while still wondering who brought all the food so I could thank them.

I assumed this was a celebration because my mother had been brought back into the fold of the church.


3-7-00 - DREAM - I was sitting inside a bathroom on the edge of a bathtub, thinking about our California family (Joe's kids and grandkids) thinking that Sabrina is 6 months pregnant, then looking down at my own bare stomach, knowing that I was 4 months pregnant and hadn't told anyone yet.

I pulled my clothes on and went outside to where there was a factory building, a rather old building. I had been in this building before and left the door open, so all I had to do was put my fingers around the edge of the door and pull it open which I did.

I was planning to look for another bathroom inside the factory building. When I went inside, it was rather dark, but there was a huge glow of light hanging in the air over towards the left, so I headed in that direction. When I went towards the light, I could then read the print on the little door markers that were sticking out into the aisle and recognized the words "Rest Room".

I headed in that direction and saw a man coming towards me. It turned out to be my brother John, wearing his blue ski outfit and hat.  He and I smiled and waved to each other and I continued towards the bathroom door. Just then two of my sons came out of the bathroom, Ken and Bob.  I smiled and waved at them, then noticed that all my grandchildren were in another room across the hall. They all saw me and started smiling and waving and I was smiling and waving back.

This was feeling really great, to see all my relatives, but I had to get into the bathroom first, then I could visit with them.

I walked into the bathroom which had several stalls on the right. As I went towards them, two women about 5' 4" tall came rushing towards me. I didn't recognize them as anyone I know, but they sure acted like they wanted to know me.  They were both wearing rain and shine coats, one blue, the other one grey.  Both women were about in their older 20's but might have been older or younger by a year or so.

They grabbed at me and started kissing my butt.  I was trying desperately to get them off of me, but two women, with four arms who are desperate to hang on, are pretty hard to get off. I kept explaining to them that I needed to use the bathroom, but they weren't about to let go. I finally had to try to wrench myself free and headed back towards the door, dragging the one in the grey coat, the other one having gone back to a stall to get toilet paper or something.

I was almost to the door, still struggling to get the grey coated woman to let go, and saw on the wall a mirror image of the other blue coated one coming running down the aisle past the stalls to get to me before I got out of the bathroom. I was struggling to reach upward to the door handle and woke up ... reaching up into the air still.

Man I was glad to get away from those butt kissing women.  :-)


3-8-00 - DREAMS - (None of this seems to fit together so it may be more than one dream)

I was at an airport, standing on top of the building along with other people. I saw two sets of pilots walking towards the airplane (unseen) which was going to go to Wisconsin. They were 10 minutes apart.  I recognized their faces but not their names. I think they were Engineers I used to know ... young guys.

I was then in a large hotel in the lobby and it started to rain really hard.  I needed to warn the people about the rising water but I didn't want to get wet when I crossed the street, so I was trying to get to a place in the building where I could cross over in the least possible distance.

I was in a large yard where the grass was brown from drought and got the hose out to water the lawn, but as soon as I did it started to rain so hard, the water actually rose up faster than I was watering the lawn.

At the hotel, I met a blonde woman who looked a great deal like Marilyn Monroe and people told her so. She smiled and accepted the compliment as she walked along towards the building.

I was at the hotel in the swimming pool, but somehow above a woman I was told was Marilyn Monroe.  This woman was heavier than the other one and wore a swimming cap that was blue and green.  Her suit was a similar color. She was in the pool hanging on the edge and a woman was standing on the edge of the pool preventing her from getting out. From my vantage point, I was above the water, yet I was in the water. All of a sudden Marilyn Monroe slipped into the water and swam under the water to get away from the other woman. I was worried about her, so I dove under the water also to follow her. There were several people swimming under the water rather like dolphins I was thinking, including myself. At first I was holding my breath, but then I took a breath ... I seemed to be awake at that moment ... and felt the fresh air in my throat ... but then I popped up out of the water and gasped for air, then went back down and swam after Marilyn. I wanted to make sure she was okay.


3-8-00 - DREAM WITHIN A DREAM - I was a young mother with a baby in my arms and some books from school. I was the last passenger on a long yellow school bus and my husband was the bus driver.  It was obvious from what happened that he and I didn't live together.  I got up to get out of the bus which had a side door like city busses do towards the back and I stood in between the two side bars where the door was.  The door wasn't actually attached to the bus.  There were two steps down and the door was missing. I could see the sidewalk and objects rushing by as I stood there waiting for the bus to stop so I could get off.

The driver, however, didn't stop the bus, he slowed down like he was going to, then changed his mind and didn't let me off at my house where I was staying and gunned the engine and sped up again, scattering people on the street who were standing by some garbage cans they had put out for garbage pickup. Even the garbage cans went spinning off back onto the roadway because he cut so close to them.

We were going downhill but I could see up ahead, he was going to have to stop at the stop sign at the main intersection.  I could see the sun was shining at the intersection and lots of traffic was going by so I was certain I would be able to jump off the bus as soon as the bus stopped at the stop sign so he couldn't kidnap me and prevent me from being where I needed to be.

We got to the intersection and the bus slowed down. Before it even stopped, I stepped down the steps on the bus. The doors were now there. They were blue folding door. I pushed ahead on the doors, clutching my baby and my school books. The doors opened and I woke up from this dream.

I was still now in a dream, but was inside a house which had high ceilings and I was older. I  obviously hadn't lived in this house very long, but I had friends who came to visit and I discovered that I was the manager of the building as well.

My girlfriend was just leaving after having just arrived it seemed, and was rushing down the front stairs in a hurry. I hollered after her, "Don't you have time to stop long enough to listen to the latest saga of me and my baby in a dream. It seems like I'm living a double life.

My friend stopped at the bottom of the stairs, just long enough for me to tell her the dream of the baby and the bus driver dream I had just had and then she rushed off somewhere. I was very puzzled by the dream, because I remembered having had another one just a day or so before where I also was a young mother with a baby and I lived in another house.

Now that my friend was gone, I set about to explore the world I was living in. The house had extra high ceilings, old-fashioned, and the back door where the kitchen was didn't lock from the inside. I was wondering how safe that was, that the landlord could come and go and I didn't have a key for this door.  

I pushed open the door and reached around the door itself and found that it had a thumb turn latch on the outside so that you could lock it when you were in the back hall but you couldn't lock it when you were inside.

I decided to take a chance and go out into the back hall and see what it was like, thinking maybe I could go out there, lock the door on the outside, go down the stairs and outside, go back around the front and let myself back into the apartment with the key from the front.  That sounded wise to me, that the door would be locked, however, the landlord could still come into the apartment because the thumbturn lock was on the outside.

However, I opened the door and went out into the back hall to see what it was like anyway. It was a huge stairway, the walls were made of up and down planks of tongue and groove boarding, painted dull grey.  There were more floors above mine as I could see a stairway going up as well as down. There was also another stairway over farther and I saw a young blonde man going up that stairway while I stood there.

I decided to go back into the apartment before I had to talk to the young blonde man, turned and saw two people standing inside my apartment in the kitchen. It was an older couple, seemingly from a foreign country and then I saw their grown son with them.  

They were standing impatiently waiting for me to come back into the apartment. They had brought with them, a myriad of possessions for which they wanted me to give them $575 because they had made an agreement with the building owner that he would give them a discount on their first month's rent if they would turn over these possessions to me. They had with them a small square wrinkled piece of yellow paper on which was scribbled the names of the items they had to turn over to me, one of which was a valuable painting they said.

I saw the painting standing there, leaning against a chair, however, it was turned so I could only see the back of it and the frame.

The people were very insistent that I give them the $575, and I stood there having to argue with them, saying that I didn't know anything about any agreement they had made with the owner, that I needed to see all the paperwork ... a copy of their lease, a receipt for the payment of the rent that it was paid for the month, and proof that they actually lived in the building.  I had no paperwork for this building ... up until that moment, I didn't even know I was the manager.

The son held out the little yellow scrap of paper to me, pointing to the scribbled list and demanding that I give them the $575 they had been promised.  

There was nothing I could do until they proved to me that they were indeed supposed to get the money ... and to me, a discount only means that they don't have to pay all of the rent, not that I had to give them cash money which I didn't have access to anyway.

I woke up as the son was pointing at the scrap of yellow paper, jabbing with his finger towards the list of possessions they were sacrificing to me to get the money.


3-9-00 - DREAMS - I have no idea where I was, but was with a lot of other people, especially women.  It was past Christmas and not all the Christmas presents had been given out, so we were distributing them to whoever was there, including ourselves.

I found that my daughter never opened her gifts at all. I opened the boxes and they both contained clothing in the colors red and white in size 10.  She was there so I insisted that she take them.

I gave a large red heart shaped box to my friend Alice.

I heard then that in the sub-basement #4 lots of things were being given away and two women went down there, but I couldn't get the elevator to go down, only up, so I couldn't participate in that.  There was a young boy about age 10 who got on top of the elevator and I had to rescue him so he wouldn't get crushed or electrocuted when the elevator went back up. I don't know who he was. When the elevator went down, it was only half size tall, and was completely dark inside.

I was shown a red telephone which was transferred from being answered from #21 to #24. I noted that there were no holes for #2 or #3 at all. They had been removed from the dial.


3-9-00 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house, sitting on the livingroom couch with my baby on my lap. The baby made a grunting noise, and it felt like he was filling his diaper with poop.  It wasn't wet, but there was a warm lump growing under my fingers under the diaper on the bottom. I decided I would change his diaper and give him a bath, so began to take the baby pins out of his diaper which were large with light blue heads on them. I set them on the arm of the sofa.

I took the baby's diaper off and saw that it was still clean. The baby must have been sexless since I noticed no gender at all. However, I was thinking it was a boy at the time, I saw no genitals of either sex on the baby.

I decided to give the baby a bath anyway since it was naked and began carrying the baby up the stairs to the bathroom. When I reached the center landing where the stairway turned, there was a heavy spout of water coming down from the ceiling and it washed the baby right out of my arms onto the floor. The baby was washed away over the edge of the stairway so that it was under the landing and I couldn't see it. I was afraid it was going to drown in the water and reached under the landing and pulled the baby's body back into site. When I did that, the baby was fully under the water, yet smiling up at me.

The baby made no attempt to get out of the water, no movement at all except the smile, and I made no move to grab him up out of the water either. He looked so peaceful there.


3-9-00 - This dream changes street faster than the eye can blink.

I was in the courtyard of my neighbor's houses on 16th St. (They owned 4 houses on the corner of 16th and Clark. I knew them all and had been in all the houses when I was a kid). The postman/woman brought me my mail delivery.  It was an incredible box of mail, far more than I ever receive in one day.  I stacked it on my lap to go through it. There was one very large envelope that was heavy cardboard that seemed to be either to my mother or from my mother. (I can't recall which) but I was going to open it either way.

An old woman came out of one one of the houses and told me that she had to find a place to live with her three daughters and their bicycles and that she only had 7 weeks to get out of where she was.

I thought about inviting her to live with me because I could never live alone the rest of my life because I would have to little money to live on, but I wasn't even collecting my Social Security yet so I couldn't ask her. But I remembered that my daughter had three extra rooms in the apartment she lived in because their was an addition on the apartment and I knew nobody lived in those rooms yet.  So, I told the woman this information and that I would go home and get my purse and keys and go over there and check to make sure that the rooms were indeed empty.

So, I headed home to get my purse which was a large green rectangular bag ... more like a project bag than a purse. When I got there, I couldn't find the purse. I thought I had set it on the stairway going upstairs, but when I opened that door, I could hear my sons playing upstairs and blankets, quilts and sheets were billowing in the breeze hanging over the upper railing, but there was nothing on the steps.

There was a hallway to the outside just a few steps over behind another door and I looked there also, but the green purse was not there either.

I went back to where I began in the courtyard to backtrack my steps to find my purse. An old man was there and somehow I get the impression it was "Beau" /"Bo"? from One Life to Live TV show.  He showed me that my keys had fallen into a small impression in the dirt on the path. I saw the silver ring and grabbed it. Now I had the keys again, but I still didn't have the green purse.

However, I had to get over to my daughter's apartment and see about the empty rooms for the old woman and her three daughters and their bicycles.  

I now walked over to the street which should have been Clark St. but seemed to be Lisbon Ave. and 12th St.  There was a huge ballpark there that kids played baseball in with silver fences all around, with numerous gates. It was divided into 4 sections so 8 teams could play at the same time. However, nobody was there at the time ... the ball fields were empty of players.  

It was a long way around these fields and it looked like I was indeed at 12th St. several blocks south of the building where my daughter lived and where I used to live. It seemed very far, so I cut through the ballfield on the corner, going through the gate on Lisbon Ave., and coming out of the gate which now seemed to be 3rd street and not 12th St.

I was walking along the street across from the apartment where I used to live. On the second floor, in the exact apartment I used to live in, I could see the louvres on the blinds sucking in and out according to the wind the fan inside was making.  I was glad I didn't live there anymore. The building was dark brick and ominous feeling from where I was walking. I couldn't imagine that my daughter was living in that building and couldn't even think which apartment it might be. I was going to have to go over and read the mailbox names to find out which one it was.

I woke up slowly, trying to remember all the details of this dream to connect it with something logical. The old woman and her three daughters ... Sister Lucy and the Three Secrets of Fatima?  What a coincidence ... when I opened my e-mail, there was a letter there about this exact subject.  The secret had not been revealed in 1960 when it was supposed to, and it is still being kept secret.  It didn't take me long to find it on-line, since it was posted in the e-mail and I also had another site posted on my prophecy page about it.

I decided to post all this information myself for a 'just in case' situation where other sites go down unexpectedly.  So, see Secrets of Fatima.


3-10-00 - DREAM - I was doing some research on the computer about something. I was told there was a company on there that wasn't doing any sales at all, that they manufactured suits that had as many as 20 skirts and nobody was buying any.  I saw that the link to the company was 000-000-000 or something like that ... maybe 000-00000-000.  It kept moving so I couldn't click on it either, that was the obvious reason why nobody visited it.

I woke up knowing that it was a web page that nobody ever went to.


3-10-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere with my husband and family.  T.M. (my teacher) and one of his sons (who was just a dark blob on the couch) came to visit. T.M. sat high in the corner wing backed chair like it was a throne ... there might have been extra cushions on the chair to make him sit that high. T.M.'s face and arms were sort of purplish red in the dim light.  

Everyone went to bed including me. There was a single bed for every person. There were two empty bed still and T.M. and his son remained in the livingroom alone.  They could have used the two empty beds but didn't.

We were all in bed and T.M.'s son turned on the T.V. blasting loud. I was afraid the noise would wake up my husband so I got up again to close the bedroom door against the noise. When I went to close the door, I knocked over a baby crib railing and it fell over making several loud clunks and when I caught the bed railing and set it against the wall, it clunked gain.

At the same time, I heard a long train going by across the street that shook the house with it's loud rumbling I thought it was loud enough to wake the dead but my husband slept through even that.

T.M. asked me if he should call the train authorities and I answered, "No! By the time you called, the train will be passed by anyway."

So, now I was in the livingroom alone with T.M. and his son but not for long.

T.M. started to tell me that his in-laws had come to visit that day and miraculously, his mother-in-law M.W. appeared in front of us and began telling me about her in-laws and their problems. A woman named Virginia was having problems with her husband. She went on and on and I can't remember all she said.

Then my second husband appeared farther over in the room and was pounding on another bedroom door for his mother to get her clothes on and come out because he had made a coup on some clothes someone had given him.

NOTE: Both of these women are deceased.

His mother hollered out that she was getting dressed and would be right out. (It was her true voice)  He went on to say that it seemed that he had found someone willing to adopt him and it would benefit all of us because they were such generous people.

I was then sitting on the end of the couch with T.M. in the chair to my left and T.M.'s son on my right. (I never did see his face... he just seemed to be a black blob sitting there)  He was still watching T.V.

My son Tom came to share some candy with all of us, but T.M. handed me a handful of what I thought was candy and it turned out to be red onions chopped. That wasn't so bad because I like red onions, but there were long black tangled hairs with blanket fuzz on it mixed in with the onion pieces. I wouldn't have minded eating the onion pieces, but it was taking an awfully long time to pick out all the long black hairs first.

Ugh!!  Disgusting!!!


3-10-00 - DREAM/VISION - I dreamed or had a vision of a word that does not exist.  The word is abbrocation.  I saw this word at the end of the following dream.  I looked up the word in the internets 10,000 dictionary search. It does NOT exist. I was almost tricked into thinking the word might be abrogation... which it was not.

3-10-00 - THE LONGEST WALK - DREAM - I was walking from 108th St. and Greenfield Ave. to 70th St. to go to school.  I thought I would take a bus, but discovered I had left my purse at home and had no money at all. I thought perhaps I could borrow a quarter to ride a bus, but then discovered there was no bus running at this early time of the morning.

I was not alone. There were several young men with me who were also making this trek.  It was not easy.  There were barricades set up along the curbing at 108th St.  They were made of huge blocks of ice and snow. I managed to clamber over them fairly easily without falling.

When I got down into the street there were two long  boards like 2 x 12's  set up on edge which I had to climb over.  Then we started walking east along Greenfield Ave.  108th St. to 70th St is quite a hike.  38 blocks.  That's equal to approximately 3.16 miles in the city in the east/west direction.  In the north/south direction would be 3.8 miles.  

I was going east.  The walking was easy until we got near to 70th St. There was a large building we had to go through before we got there and this is where we picked up a handsome young priest-to-be who looked like the priest in the movie "The Thorn Birds". (Can't remember his name)

Anyway... he was a hunk and I was quite attracted to him.  I felt close and protected by him, but I was getting farther and farther ahead of him as we walked and we had to go through another barricade in a large cafeteria type area which was made of ropes to steer people in different directions.  There was a pink carpet where we were supposed to go so I had no problem getting through this area.

The priest-to-be was now quite far behind me.  The young men I had been with were either ahead of me or behind the priest. I can't remember now.  I had to go through a double doorway to cross 70th St. and was accosted by an entire football team dressed in street clothes. I won't name names but one looked quite familiar to me, looked Italian with a beard.

Several of them tackled me, groped me, dragged me to the floor and explored my inner parts with their fingers. In other words, they finger-fucked me.  It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to scream for help.

They saw the priest-to-be coming and the young man I had started out with.  I managed to get to my feet and they asked me if I was all right and I said, "Yes!"  I didn't tell them all what they had done to me.

We then crossed 70th St. and entered the building on the other side. It seems we had to change clothes to go to class and I was in a closet with some other woman and put on a pink bunny outfit like Hugh Heffner's girls do.  My stomach was way flat like it used to be when I was younger so I was pretty thrilled.  Even though I was falling out of the top and had to keep tucking myself back in, I felt good in this outfit.  The shoes I picked out for myself were black straps with golden wings at the heel.  They were really sharp and one of the other girls was going to take my picture when I got my shoes on. I could hardly wait to show everyone how great I looked in my shiny pink bunny outfit and high heeled shoes with gold wings on them. :-)

Then we had to go out into another hallway and here again we were accosted by some foreign men ... they were Asian and I'm going to say they were North Korean. I believe that's what they were.

There were other people here now also and we had to go through a narrow hallway to go to class.  There was like a guard station with a window on the intersection of 4 hallways and the guard who was an Asian military guy was asking questions of each person as they went by.  The questions were all about American life and people and went like this:  "Do you like American Apple Pie?"  If the answer was , "yes!" the person who answered was grabbed and detained in some private area behind the guard station.  I was listening to the people ahead of me who were being accosted like this. The guard asked one guy ahead of me, "Do you like Barbara Streisand music?"  The man said, "yes!" and was grabbed and detained.  So, I knew to answer any question he asked with "No!" no matter if it was a lie because I wanted to get to school and not detained.  

Bing Crosby, the singer was right behind me at this point. I answered, "No!" to the question I was asked which was about Barbara Streisand... the guy was asking all the same questions ... and I went through.  Bing Crosby also answered, "No!" to the question, "Do you like Bing Crosby music?"  and even though Bing Crosby was carrying an entire box of CDs of his own music, he was allowed to pass through right next to me.

The next barrier was a double wide window like at the back of a pickup truck, however there were two panes which slid past each other.  We to climb up over a ledge, climb through the narrow window, feet first and slide down into the hallway beyond to go to class.  I slid through the opening and beyond the window was a long hallway on which was laid a long strip of hand woven or crocheted lace, pure white and it was on this that we were going to be going.

As I woke up I had the vision of the word  'abbrocation'.  I swear its a word but the dictionary says it isn't. I couldn't find it anywhere.


3-10-00  - DREAM - I was in a livingroom and had a wash tub with some fish in it. I was concerned about the fish, then saw that the mother fish gave birth to many tiny white babies.  There were also some multi-colored fish in the tank, but they looked fine. I wasn't worried about the combination or that the big fish would eat the little fish. Everything was fine.


3-10-00  - DREAM - I was in the basement of my 16th St. house. For some reason I thought this was an extension of the apartment building on Jackson St.

I was looking in the laundry room which was very large and saw that it looked like wooden boards on part of the floor and part concrete, but soon discovered that the wooden board part was just paper that looked like wood.  I took a 3 prong hook-like gadget - somewhat like a whale hook and cut a slit into the paper and discovered that it was 3 layers thick. I then peeled off the paper which was very easy to do and rolled it up and set it aside.  The floor, which was grey concrete looked perfectly clean and I knew that inlaid carpeting can be put right on top of concrete floors, so it was all set.

Lee, the maintenance man came then and started to clean the grids of his silver toaster.  

Meanwhile, two strange men came down into the basement from outside and attempted to go up the central stairs into the house. I stopped them and asked them where they were going.  They assumed they were going up into the apartments on Jackson St. so I set them straight and told them that if they someday rented an apartment they would then have the right to use the recreation room I was preparing for residents.  They thanked me and left without further problem.

I then saw that Lee was over in the southwest corner of the basement by the sinks and was continuing to clean the grids on the toaster.

By then I was ready to ask what was the next step in the process of preparing to make this basement room beautiful for a recreation room.


3-11-00 - DREAM - I was using a computer close up so I could only see the screen. I was moving named files colored a mottled red/blue/purple with a name Remodel, Revolve, or something starting with re_____ and moving them down into a solid block at the bottom of the screen.  At the end of the dream, it turned to a people dream and I was in the driveway of a garage with a type of basketball hoop on the front above the door. Our daughter-in-law Lorna was the coach and she was showing us how to do a layup type of hoop shot. She took the ball or something resembling a ball and did a curving layup run towards the hoop and dumped the red/blue/purple blob into the hoop which was this same color opening red/blue/purple.  (It's hard to say how she put the ball into the hoop, she twisted her left hand over the right so the ball was more or less upsidedown when it went into the hoop.)


3-11-00 - MEDITATION - (I wasn't focusing on anything and I had a bad headache. I was just resting.) This are the things I saw and heard:

I heard a male voice say:  Black Communism, be careful.  Russian election.

I saw C-3  -  C-2  communism

I then saw the file roster from my AOL Press. It said:


illegal purposes

I then heard a male voice say: He has an illegal purpose. He has an evil desire. Grail quest?  It has nothing to do with that. He's done this before. A cheap trick He's a pathological liar.

After a long pause the subject changed:

I heard a male voice say:  This just happened yesterday. Is this Robert Burney's happiness?  

NOTE: later I looked up the name and found 240 files with Robert Burney's name on them.  His url is

I then saw a web page url.  It ended in amah22.htm  The beginning of the url changed several times like there was more than one file about amah22.htm   I thought I saw angel myth.

NOTE:  Research shows that there are several meanings for the word 'amah'.   Amah is the 'cubit' of the bible, usually 18 inches but actually means forearm and can be from 18 to 24 inches.  Thus 22 is a possible length for the cubit also.  Amah also means handmaiden or female slave.  

Lastly I heard  "earthquake"  "Wanzenbek'  Russia?


3-12-00 - DREAM - I was riding a bicycle on a narrow high road, heading up hill ... going home to clean and prepare for a funeral.

I met a young couple on the road. The man was encouraging his girlfriend to continue on the road, but she was tired and wanted to quit and go back the way they had come.  He was rather angry about the situation, so I stepped in and encouraged her in a nice way to continue and made it sound like it was worth her while. So she finally smiled and agreed to continue.

I'm not sure if this is the same man or not, but I convinced an angry young man to come home with me for some reason and promised to give him something to eat and drink.  I told him to have a seat in the livingroom, then went to the kitchen to find him something. I looked in the freezer and found beer and soda there, but it was warm like it had just been put inside.  The coffee hadn't been made yet either, so I had nothing to serve him.  I asked the young man if what he would prefer and he agreed that coffee was what he wanted, so I told him he'd have to wait until it was done and he agreed to that. He sat in the livingroom alone then.

I began to clean ... rather more like put things away that were laying around and preparing to serve coffee and cheesecake for dessert at the funeral.

My mother arrived and I introduce her to the angry young man and told my mother that he was the babysitter. I said it right in front of the young man and he didn't disagree and didn't say a word so I left it at that.

My brother Marty arrived for the funeral then and he acted more like he was my boyfriend than my brother. That made me rather uncomfortable. I left him in the livingroom with my mother and the young man and other people were now beginning to arrive for the funeral also.

I went back to the kitchen to continue my preparations and the telephone rang.  It was Christiana Amanpur (from CNN News) (I'm not sure of the spelling of her name and I stumbled on the pronunciation in the dream as well when I tried to tell Marty who called later)  She said, "Oh my gosh! This is the easiest I've ever had to call the United States ever. It's 2 a.m. here."  I replied, "Well it's 5 p.m. here, so the lines are all busy on this end. "  I dont' recall that she said anything else and I hung up the phone.

I then went downstairs to the livingroom ... my kitchen was in an upper room. My daughter then arrived, bringing Richard Simmons, the diet guy with her.  He brought as a gift, the most sugary, most delicious looking piece of baked goods I've ever seen in my life. It was like a baked Christmas bread, but it was in the shape of a sleeveless jacket and could be manipulated like it was made of soft yarn and was multicolored red, orange, and yellow with white shimmery frosting all over the top.

I thanked him profusely for bringing the baked jacket, but I couldn't figure out how I was going to serve everyone for the funeral with it because it could only be divided into 4 pieces.

I left everyone sitting in the livingroom, waiting for the funeral to begin and went back upstairs to continue preparing for the meal which was to come afterwards and get the coffee for the young man.


3-13-00 - DREAM - I was doing research on a computer about aliens. I finally found the exact answer I wanted and as I placed it in the space where it belonged, I was singing over and over a popular commercial from television ;   Now you can  ------, now you can eclipse it!

NOTE: When I went back to bed from writing this down, I couldn't stop singing this song because I was trying to remember the words. I watched TV for several days looking for that commercial again and it never came on. I then did a web search for the web site and found    It was about animated web design.


3-13-00 - DREAM - I was working in a huge factory place, but there were offices upstairs, and some people lived here also. Some new young women were moving in and unpacking their stuff.  They put all their empty boxes on the elevator to go to the basement, so I had to walk down with my stuff.  Then I discovered that they were putting their cleaning equipment in my cleaning closet, not leaving enough room for me, so I moved my box of cleaning equipment over into a far corner.  Another woman didn't like it that I was putting it there, but I told her there was plenty of room and it wasn't in the way of the recreation room type furniture that was in that area.  So, she finally relented and let me do that.

Around the same time, my old boss Brian arrived and he was in a car that had the wheels way back too far so that when he tried to drive over a snowdrift the whole car rolled over to the right.  He managed to right the car and park it and we all rushed over to make sure he was okay and I told him what was wrong with this car but he didn't want to believe me. But I had told him and the rest was up to him.

I then went back upstairs to work. It was already past 5 p.m. because all that other stuff had taken so long, so I gathered up the paperwork I was going to do which was log in deliveries and some other work. I took the whole stack to a private office so I wouldn't be disturbed, put the work on the desk, turned on the light, and the radio. Suddenly I heard a noise over in the corner where there was a dark couch. It turned out the the boss of that office was sleeping in his office overnight, so I apologized, told him I'd leave, and turned off the radio and the light and carried my stuff to another office.

While I was on my way there, I was stopped by some people which turned out to be a doctor. He said that he noticed I was having a problem walking and listing a little to the left. So he gave me some big horse pills which were sky blue on the outside and white inside.  They were way too big for me to swallow, so a guy standing nearby broke them into small pieces and I took a tiny piece so it would look like I was taking the pill.  I knew I'd get a reaction since I'm always sensitive to medication and I started to get a really relaxed feeling like it was a tranquilizer.  The doctor told me I'd have to take these pills the rest of my life and they were a beta-blocker. The name on the pill was 'Cerise'.

Some other people showed up to work late also, so I had to move my stuff again and still didn't do anything.  A woman doctor came in and asked me to call her office and cancel an appointment for her which I did. The people in the office got very upset that I was calling because it was less than 24 hours to cancel, but I pretended I was a stupid receptionist and got away with the call.  Then we all laughed and I got applauded for my great acting job. I felt really proud of how I had acted like someone else and did it well.

The woman doctor then asked me if I was taking any medication and I showed her the pill bottle from the male doctor.  She got a shocked look on her face and asked me if I had taken any yet. I said I had taken one small piece. She told me that if I continued taking them, I would start to shrink and would end up about 5 feet tall because my bones in my spine would start to go together and I'd hunch over to keep my balance. She told me to take as few as possible of these pills.

When she put out her hand to demonstrate how short I'd become, I was visualizing my mother because that is what has happened to my mother without pills, she has shrunk many inches with age and her spine was twisted and hunched so that she is very short ... less than 5 feet when she used to be 5' 6" tall.  I'm taller than that by 5 inches, so to shrink as far as the doctor showed me was so shocking, I started to cry. I just couldn't imagine ending up looking like my own mother.

I then gathered up my paperwork again to find another place to do the work and picked up the clock I had been carrying with me. It said 11:00 p.m.  It was that late and I still hadn't done anything.  I decided it was too late to start now and would go home and come back early in the morning and try again.


3-14-00 - DREAM - I spent what seemed like hours working with files on a computer about aliens and putting them in proper order.

Then the dream turned into a people dream and I was acting like a supervisor or manager, making things were the way they were supposed to be with other people.  Then I was in the country with a friend/co-worker inspecting gardens and when I turned around a huge fish came swimming through the air from behind the building. The fish was larger than me and I picked up a big square shovel to hit at it with to fend it off and I hit it numerous times ... not really hard but more like pushing it because of it's size.

The fish confronted me and spoke like a low-voiced man ... I don't want to say it was God, but he spoke with authority.  He said, 'I hear you talk about other people's gardens, but when did I last hear you pray for peace?"  Then he turned and swam away back in the direction he had been going originally.  I said to the other woman... "Talk about life changing experiences!!!!! "

The dream went back to me supervising other people and events and I slid down a ramp with some other people and went into a basement where a young boy was looking for a table to work on and I made room for him in my own corner. I then went to the washing machine to retrieve my laundry which I had forgotten to remove from the washing machine. I had a small green and white checked hand towel and a blue and white frilly apron.  A woman who had come to the laundryroom with three huge boxes of laundry about 4' x 4' x 4' each came and apologized for taking up so much room. I assured her that it was okay, that's what we were there for.

I then went home upstairs to my apartment and found that my sons had not eaten the pizza crust from the pizza, just the topping ... like I always do.  It was laying all over the sink like unleavened bread and was soft and pliant. I was going to throw it away, then decided to bake it anyway and made cookies from it with sugar and frosting on top.

My mother came then and noticed that the air smelled like cigarette smoke from other people. We went into a closet-like room together and she commented, "It's not like our own rooms didn't smell like that at one time."  I remembered how my own room had smelled like that before I quit smoking. Others had their turn also now and I understood.


3-14-00 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. My son Bob and one of my other kids came to help me move.  He already had my makeup case in his hands which is the last thing to go.  However, I hadn't even rented the new apartment yet.  Today was Friday, the 28th and people general move on the last weekend, so he was early. I told him we'd put my stuff into a basement locker until I was ready to go.

I then had to think about how I was going to do this since I was manager of the building I was in though I didn't rent apartments and didn't get paid to do the work. One has to give 30 to 60 days notice of leaving and I hadn't done that, though I didn't think I'd have to pay since I didn't pay rent either, just got free rent for the work I did.

Someone brought in a new green board and hung it up in my hallway (like a blackboard but green) My apartment was attached to the office and the doorways couldn't be closed.  But I had to go find a new apartment. It was 8:30 a.m. and I hoped the office would be open when I got there, since my own office was open.  I was running out of time it seemed.


3-15-00 - DREAM - I was working on people's astral bodies, however they weren't animated, they were like cardboard cutouts. Someone admonished me for only doing half the job of animating the body. I had forgotten to take the tiny staples out of the back side of the body. I then spent a long time removing these tiny staples from the back side of the body.

I then began working on larger cardboard cutouts of people's bodies. They had been like in cold storage, wrapped in brown paper. They were flat like cardboard, not round like human bodies are in the physical. In this case, the numbers of certain parts I had to animate were visible, but certain parts were not supposed to be animated right away since the body wouldn't be able to handle all the abilities in the beginning. Some abilities were to be saved until later and I had to leave those staples in place for the time being. The bodies would be brought back in later years for further animation to remove more staples. I noted that one was numbered 889.

I then went into a separate dream or woke up from that dream into another dream. I was getting out of bed and it was 11:00 a.m.  I always have to go to the bathroom when I wake up and when I went to go to the bathroom, the entire house was full of painters. There was a painter in every room painting it white for a party we were going to have that day ... I was thinking wedding ... but it seemed more like a reunion of men soldiers.

On the stove, I had two kettles of liquid ... supposedly stain to repair uniforms ... though it was clear, but there were two types.  I was shown one uniform closeup. It had a bullet hole through the right stomach area and we wondered about the pain that man had when he was shot.

Men were gathering outside now and I had to get ready to work on this reunion party ... something about healing the uniform or something with this liquid I was preparing.

Outside, the men were gathering and I saw that each man had brought his weapon of choice. I turned around and the men in the house were now bringing out their guns also. Some had automatic weapons, some had rifles ... they brought what they liked best.

I was hungry and wondering whether the men were barbecuing. I could see smoke out there coming up from one man's gun. So I went outside and they were cooking hamburgers on the barbecue.  Only some of them were done yet ... they were still cooking.


3-16-00  - VISION - As soon as I got into bed and closed my eyes, I saw the moon shining and from my perspective which seemed to be laying flat on the ground, I saw numerous people walking by, going somewhere in a hurry. They were shadowy black from where I was laying. I thought it was amusing.

Then I saw a series of windows, behind which were people hurrying down hallways, going somewhere in a hurry. It seemed like I was watching TV with a tall screen. One man had his son with him who was wearing a light blue band uniform with white fancy piping down the front. I saw them a couple of times.


3-16-00 - DREAMS - None of my dreams was long. All were about going to meetings, and getting people to meetings like I was helping others get there.  In one dream, I came down an elevator and a woman showed up with a bag like a bowling bag, I was concerned it might be a bomb and made everyone go outside. I wasn't taking any chances.

NOTE: A woman came on line the next morning to ask me about a dream. Coincidence? She was a bowler.  :-)  


3-16-00 - I crawled into bed under 3 heavy blankets because I was cold.  During my reverie, I heard the words, this is part of your illumination.  Each time I was about to fall asleep, my lower back would get so cold, I'd have to recover myself deeper into the blankets. Finally I pulled a coat over the top of the blankets as well.  I was thinking maybe I should get some wine to warm up my insides, not just my outside. It's warmer now than mid-winter and I never was that cold before.  Very weird.  I finally fell asleep:

DREAM -  I went outside with a shovel and the box my novel is stored in.  (I wrote that novel starting in 1988, finished it in 1996, sent it to a few publishers but no takers so it's been sitting in the box since 1996.)  I dug a hole in the yard and put the box with the novel in it. My coat sleeve got caught on the shovel handle and the box tipped and part of the novel fell out. On the side of the yard was a pile of old leaves so I just took the novel pages out of the box and piled them upsidedown on the pile of leaves.  

I then saw that there was smoke coming out of the pile. I was afraid the whole thing would burst into flames, so I grabbed the pages of the novel as far down as I could without burning myself and turned it over next to the pile.  I attempted to get the next page down but it was already burning.  I then looked at the top page of the novel. It now started on page 11.  I had lost the first 10 pages.

NOTE:  After I woke up, I went to the closet and got the box out with the novel in it and looked at page 11.  Page 11 is a scene where a man goes into a bar to get a drink after being in prison for 7 years.  At the bottom of the page, it says, 'he entered the bar where it offered an unlimited supply of his kind of poison'.  He proceed to get drunk ... the alcoholic he was.

By the way... the wine did the trick.  :-)  I feel all toasty warm now. :-)


3-16-00 - When I lay down to meditate, I heard three loud knocks in my right ear and saw a blue car pull up with two blonde people pull up and the man in the right seat was knocking on the window.  It sounded like on wood to me.

I said, "Hello! Who is there?"

All of a sudden, the two blonde people were in front of me and the man spoke to the woman in what sounded like Swedish and grabbed her like he was saying, "Oh my darling!!!!!"

I could feel it like he was doing it to me.  WOW!  What an imagination . :-)


3-16-00 - DREAM - I was working in a huge building that was part business and part living quarters.  The dream started out in my own apartment with someone talking to me about a purchase my son Bill was making about alien things.  I told the person that Bill was going to be paying for it himself.  

I then went over to where the shop was in a mall-like area next to my apartment. This area was all dark red brick.  I saw no one and wondered where Bill had gone.

I then saw several people coming out of the public bathroom area. I was tempted to ask the blonde girl I saw whether she had seen Bill in there, but thought better of it.

I went back to my apartment, disappointed that Bill hadn't purchased the UFO things.  j

When  I got there, my old boss Tom was there and he offered me $20 a day to watch his two girls while they were on their computer. (He had one girl and three sons at last count)

I said, "Okay!" and was pleased, but I wasn't really watching them, I just happened to be in the same general area as they were. They seemed quite capable of watching themselves, just needed someone nearby ... just in case.

I walked through the room just once and went back to my apartment. There I found that there was too much furniture to get through and the meditation chair I use was facing the wrong way and that was the problem. I couldn't get through the room at all. A huge brown coat I was carrying belonged to my son Michael.  I put it on the brown mediation chair to give to Michael the next time I saw him.

I then went back to take a look at the girls and my old boss Tom said, "I've decided to give you $2.25 an hour to watch the girls instead."

I thought to myself, "Gosh! I got two pay raises in one day. I should quit while I'm ahead!"  and woke up.

NOTE: I have no idea how many hours a day I was doing this babysitting job.


3-17-00 - EXPERIENCE - I was sitting at the computer and thinking about the real life situation of a woman whom I took to the astral healing temple the other day. I didn't write about it because I didn't want to have to explain a real person's life since this is about dreams. During the healing experience, three female looking angels appeared, two of which picked the woman up and the third one healed her. She is suffering from a life threatening disease which most people die from but seems to be on the road to recovery after massive surgery.  She had told me that the doctors couldn't figure out how she got this disease.

During this experience at the computer, I was thinking about this woman's situation and wondering about it's cause when I suddenly had an eye open vision of a portion of a dream which I didn't write down in this journal because it was extremely gross and nasty with a lot of blood in it.  This is the scene I saw in front of me while thinking of the other woman.

I now feel I know the cause of the woman's disease and it fits scientific real life situations which I've heard of before about toxic shock syndrome that women get and die from.


3-17-00 - DREAMS - I can only say that this must have been a school.  None of the situations were natural and went from people situations to animated situations.

I was given the situation where I learned the difference between structured relationships where everyone fit in to situations where I was on the outside and everyone acted like they didn't like me even though these were all my best friends previously. These were all female relationships in this school.  The boys/men were taught separately.

This was followed by an animated sequence where I was seeing like two layers of liquid of some kind with spaces for structured previously programmed shapes like barbells which fit into the spaces exactly and placement was exact, followed by a similar program where the barbell shapes were not exact and the placement was not exact and I had to work to place the shapes into the structure.

This was followed by a people situation where everyone got along and was on teams and people strove to help each other to win.  One scene was where I followed a male teacher p a steep stairway which was nearly impossible to climb only to find that upstairs was a posh carpeted old age home with wheelchair ramps for even the simplest climb. I wondered about the sense of that, how the old people managed to get up there in the first place. We were trying to find room "H" and the rooms were in a circle in the center with hallways around the outside. It was strange to say the least even though it was really nicely kept up.

This was followed by people situations where nothing could be taken for granted. The last scene was where I was with a group of people and I suggested that it was fantastic to be able to go to Florida in summer and everyone laughed at me.  I was astonished that nobody would be willing to go to Florida in summer and one person said, "What! You don't know about the blizzards?"  and instantly a blizzard began with water crashing over storm walls along the ocean and snow blowing with wild winds just like in a Wisconsin winter.

I could hear a baby crying in another building and I had to attempt to get there to take care of it while getting through the blizzard and it was quite difficult.

I assume that this school was to teach me the difference between the easy life and the hard life.


3-18-00 - (I wasn't going to bother writing this one down but my brain won't let me forget it, so here goes)

DREAM - I was in a small city somewhere, planning to make a trip to South America with some other people. I was driving a yellow car and had four young teens boys with me, and I was following a small red car that had two men in it. We were all going to fly to South America, but first we had to travel to another city in order to do that.

It was an adventure and I don't know why we were going to South America.  The red car got way ahead of us, and my son Michael was sitting on the dashboard on the right side and I was driving from the backseat on the right side. I could hardly see past Michael on the dashboard and had to keep looking around him to see where the red car was going.  The red car finally went up a hill and disappeared and I gave up trying to follow it.  

It didn't really matter anyway because we couldn't fly until we got to a city and it didn't matter what city it was.  So, we were making right and left turns on the adventure knowing that eventually we would come to a city where we could fly from.

Meanwhile, I came to an intersection and was going to make a right turn and noticed that a black woman was driving a car right towards me and that there was a tiny little girl standing on the curb on my right who was waiting for that woman who was her mother.  

The black woman drove her car in front of me which I had now stopped to allow this to happen so that she could get her little girl. I was glad that I hadn't insisted on the right of way and kept going because the little girl was in great danger there.  

Once the black woman pulled up on the sidewalk behind the little girl, the girl ran across the street and on down the black to another driveway to meet someone else.  I hollered after her to be careful and it appeared that she would be all right.

I don't recall that I waited for her to come back, but I then went to a house/motel type place where we were stopping for the night. At that point I was taking care of someone elses children and the men who had been in the red car were now in the backyard barbecuing and getting drunk.  

It appeared that we weren't going anywhere soon.


3-19-00 - DREAM - I was in a school, going through the hallways to a classroom upstairs, but I started in the basement.

I noted I was wearing an awful shade of chartruesy-lime-green dress. The other people were dressed normally in shirts and jeans. As we went through the basement hallway, we came to a section that was the same color as my dress and the scene rather glowed like my dress recognized its counterpart in the walls or vice versa.  The other woman behind me made a comment about how good she looked in green, so I know the others were reflecting this same green color while we walked through this area. It was an extremely odd feeling to have the air be glowing the same color as the walls.

We went up a stairway to the 1st floor, walking along the area where the band room was.  The walls were transparent with strings of coils of wire lengthwise. The coils were about 4 inches across and there were numerous coils all the way from the floor to the ceiling. When we saw these walls from a distance the wall looked black and the man who was walking with me said it reminded him of black light.

However, when we got up to the wall and going past it, we could see that the coils were actually spinning and the wall was clear, then suddenly turned into a light I can't even explain. It was like the color was both black and white alternately, and rapidly, yet is was light at the same time and we glowed the same color. It was a shocking feeling and I accidentally bumped the wall with my elbow and a noise emanated like a loud electrical shock sounds like.

I felt like apologizing for causing the noise in the hallway, then as we climbed the stairs to the second floor and these walls all had the coils in them also, I commented that I can't be the only one ever to have bumped into the walls considering how rowdy kids can be when walking from classroom to classroom in a school.


3-19-00 - DREAM - I was at work. It was a friday and it was my bosses last day. He was retiring. I didn't know him all that well as a boss, but had seen him around for years.  I had just started this job. I wanted to learn a new task and he was showing me how to price parts for a big project out in the factory.  The catalog I was using sold all kinds of stuff, not related to the factory, so I kept ripping out the pages that were for other things ... most were for outdoor furniture, and sporting equipment, camping sites, nothing related whatsoever. By the time I got down to the electrical parts I needed to price, there was only one sheet left.  By then the boss said he had better things to do and said goodbye and left.

I had to go somewhere and I was driving half laying down in the front seat I realized after cars were going past on my right.  I managed to sit up far enough so that I could see where I was and put on the brake with my left foot just enough so I didn't hit anyone while I was steering.

I ended up in the city where Mike and Lorna were marking off the high water mark when the city flooded . It marked the 9,000 foot mark. I made certain that I was standing on the right side of the mark so I didn't get my feet wet. They were going to test it first to make sure the high water mark was correct, so they connected a hose to the water system and turned it on.

I figured it was going to take a long time because they were living high  on a hill and there was an entire valley below us that would be under water long before it got this high.  Finally I decided I would go down to the end of the block and watch it fill the valley, but when I did I saw that there were people here that hadn't been told that the valley was going to be flooded.

There should have been plenty of time, but I decided to tell the people so at least they would know about it.  So, I told the man sitting on the porch right next to where I was. He was talking on a cell phone. There were a lot of other people standing around too, so I just told the man politely that the valley was being flooded just so he would know.   Instead of saying 'okay' or 'thanks' he started yelling at me for interrupting him on his business call.

All the other people just stood around and now I saw there were lots of children too.  All of a sudden I saw the water come running up a hallway and it was already two inches deep.  All these kids were just nonchalantly playing and nobody was paying attention. I don't know how the water got this high this fast. I hadn't seen it fill the valley first, but here was the water and we were all going to be trapped if we didn't hurry.

I helped the people get up the hill, mostly by grabbing the children by their clothing behind their necks and hurrying them along.  I couldn't believe how fast the water came up.  I didn't even have time to worry about the cats and dogs that were running around. They were going to have to swim for it. Those who didn't get warned were going to drown.


3-21-00 - Dreams were so long and complicated, I'm not even going to try to make any sense out of them.  I just know I was working and taking care of a lot of children in one dream and working at a company in another.  A lot of complicated situations were involved.


3-22-00 - DREAM - I was having a people dream which completely evaporated from my mind as soon as I saw a scene with the world flipping completely over behind the head of a man (his face wasn't in the picture) Then the scene went to a computer page which had a link to 'C. LAUPER'...   I opened the page and it was all brown colored compared to the previous scene which was blue and white.

After I got up I did a web search for 'C. Lauper'.  I immediately thought it was probably Cindy Lauper the singer and I was right. This is the very first page that came up.  It seems to fit perfectly.

Product Of Misery

(C. Lauper, R. Hyman, E. Bazilian)

She's just a product of misery...

Everyday she'd go around
Everytime I see that frown
Broken down and down and out,
The drudgery goes on and on.
Oh I just want to say,
I ain't gonna live that way 'cause

She's just a product of misery.
I don't want to live like that,
Just a product of misery.
I don't want to live like that.

Like her mother and hers before,
She left her heart out by the door.
Everybody passed it by.
They never bothered asking why
She stayed looked up inside,
Watching as the world turns by.

Now she's just a product of misery.
I don't want to live like that...
Just a product of misery.
I don't want to live like that.
I don't want to live like that !
Hey, like that ?!
I don't want to live like that...
Just a product of misery....

...Annie said she must confess
She never came and never left,
Never could communicate and
Now the time is much too late.
Passions laid to rest,
Buried with her wedding dress.

Now she's just a product of misery...
I don't want to live like that.
I don't want to live like that...
Just a product of misery.

© Rellla Music Corp. (BMI)/Dub Notes Music/
Human Boy Music (ASCAP)


3-22-00 - DREAM - I had been doing  a web search for U.N. flags and got really tired.  I lay down and had a really short dream about searching th e  web for U.N. sites.  When I did the search, only one page came up.  It said, 71%



3-23-00 - DREAM - I can't remember much of the dream, except that I was working in an office and telling a woman that I liked the standup files in a square bucket next to my desk which made it easy to get at the purchase orders in the files.

At the end of this dream, I had a vision of what looked like electrical connections on the bottom of a radio or some other communication device.  The word  PKEA 4 was on the side of it.   (I recall seeing this word before)   (The lines below were solid, not disjointed. They were like liquid solder laid down in a path between the two large hexagons.)

              / /
             / /

   / /

  \ \

/ /

    \ \

|  |
|  |
|  |
|  |


Appeared near the sun on  4/5/00 11:06UTC


3-23-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my new son. It seemed like Bill but probably was a new baby.  He was so tiny, he was sleeping curled up on the seat of a high chair in the kitchen.  I knew it was time for him to get him a larger bed. However I realized that there were already very large beds in the house he could use.

I picked up the baby to change his diaper but he wasn't wet. I sat him up on the high chair to feed him and he began speaking in a man's voice like he was channeling another entity/being/person.  It was almost like listening to a radio broadcast and the voice sounded very much like  (Imus ... in the morning fame)  a famous radio/TV personality.

I saw that my daughter-in-law Karen was in the hallway, so I quickly ran out there and grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen to listen to the voice coming out of my baby's mouth.  We stood there listening so intently to the voice that we didn't notice that the baby disappeared and we were just staring into the air listening to the voice.

One we realized what we were doing, I ran to find the baby.  I found him under the blankets on a single sized bed. He was face down under the blankets drawing pictures with crayons in a coloring book.  

Karen asked him what he was doing.  He said, "I am honoring my mother as the Queen of the World".

Either in this same dream, or another scene was of myself listening to a radio broadcast. The radio had a round tuning dial and the station was at the 8:00 on the dial spot.  I was trying to tune it in and having difficulty because there were so many stations broadcasting.


3-23-00 - VISION - A book opened in front of me to show me a layout of numerous sunken and missing ships.  I didn't get the impression it was about the Bermuda triangle.  These ships were of many nations and ages, from old Egyptian ships to modern submarines. There was no color on the page ... all outline type drawings in black and white on a white background. There were at least 20 ships on the two pages, perhaps 25. (I'm not sure of how many lines of ships there were. )  See  SHIPS OF THE WORLD


3-23-00 -- VISION - I saw two indians, Native Americans.  Each one was standing by a word.  A plains type indian in buckskin came first and stood next to a word that meant 'native-l'.  A war-like, dark skinned indian, with painted face and gaudy feathers in his headdress came second. He stood next to a word that meant 'native-w'.


3-23-00 - VISION - This was about a web page I worked on recently, and I've already forgotten what it was.  No big deal.


3-23-00 - DREAM - I was living in and managing an apartment building. I lived in apartment 6, but had also lived in 7 which I assumed was empty, and also lived in 11.  Both 6 and 11 was full of stuff. I planned to go to 11 and see what I had in there because I hadn't been there in awhile.  6 was all practical and plain.

Meantime, I went to a party and the people from 10 were there.  The niece was the main problem, always having a chip on her shoulder and looking for others to hurt her feelings, she was continuously sniping at everyone for what they said to her like they were trying to hurt her feelings on purpose. The others were always apologizing, not having meant what they said.

I went to my New Berlin home for a few minutes and discovered that my ex-husband had remodeled the kitchen and moved the sink from the north wall to the west wall and then to the center of the room.  It all looked really good and the floor was a brilliant yellow color. I felt like I lived here, but I didn't do anything, just came and went and felt no responsibility here anymore. I was more or less an observer here.

I went back to my apartment and saw in the newspaper that the people from 10 had had a huge fight and the niece had tried to kill the others and they were all bandaged up and on stretchers in the picture in the newspaper.  The article filled the whole front page.  I knew how they were, so had no problem understanding how it happened. Others who didn't know them like I did were all speculating on who was to blame.

I was intent on going to my apartment 11 to see what I could get to move to 6, but first I wanted to see what I left behind in 7.  I had the keys to all three apartments.  So, I put the key into the lock in 7 and to my surprise I saw a baby playpen in the livingroom and the lights were on and I could hear that a woman lived there too.  As soon as I opened the door and saw there was stuff in there, I hollered out, "Ooops! Sorry!  I opened the wrong door!"  The woman hollered back.  "Oh! That's okay!"  By then I had already backed out of the room, feeling very embarrassed that I had forgotten that it was rented to a woman with a baby.

I don't recall that there was an 8, but when I went past 9, it was decorated totally different than the rest of the hall.  It had two brown shutters on the wall with grids on them next to the door.  It looked more or less like from ancient Hindu or something.  

Number 10 of course was where the fighting people lived and I passed that by quickly in case any of them came home.

I opened the door to number 11 with my other key, and meantime, the woman from 9 came. She was dressed like a nurse and it seemed I had never met her and she introduced herself and she grabbed both my hands and made me make a pact with her to be friends and hang out together.  I agreed that would be good but felt very uncomfortable with her aggressive nature and her assumptions that I would be friends without even thinking about it first or giving it consideration.  I hoped I had spoken wisely.

While I stood there also, several other women I knew in the past came and chatted and wanted to discuss the people in 10. I told them what I knew and realized that I wasn't alone, that I had friends if I wanted them, that I was isolated by my own choice.

When I turned to go into 11, the door was open and I was surprised I had left it that way while I was otherwise occupied.  When I went inside the apartment, Joe, Robin and some other guy were in there, putting what they liked in a big brown basket with a handle, acting like they were taking it for themselves.  They joke about it, making comments about what they liked best.  (Joe was my maintenance man when I managed apartments. Robin was his girlfriend. I don't know who the other guy was)

I looked around the apartment to see what I had in there, and Joe, Robin and the other guy started moving things to 6 for me.  The first thing they took was a tall rack on which I had a white bedspread, pretty quilts and other nice bedding hanging. They also took the kitchen table which was oval, but when they picked it up, the legs fell off and were laying there.  So I picked up the legs, each of which had a wheel on it to carry them myself. I didn't know where I was going to put another table, I already had a big rectangular table there.  

I was also going to take a smaller red cherry end table. It seemed I had a lot of small tables there.  I looked around the apartment. I had wine bottles of every kind standing in neat rows on every surface that would hold something.  There were also other glass containers, jars and bottles with colored liquid in them.  

I opened the refrigerator and cabinets to see what I had. Everything was full of food, all stored nicely and in colored bottles and jars.  I recall seeing  Canola oil stored in numerous bottles on the top shelf of the cabinet, and milk in the refrigerator... a lot of it. I could have lived in either apartment without thinking about what I needed. It was all here.

I went into a side room, like a room in between the bedroom and bathroom. Here too were white cabinets and I opened the drawers and they were full of beads and craft projects and items to make things with. These drawers were both wide and deep so there was no lack of supplies here either.

My total impression was that 6 was practical and plain and 11 was pretty and clean and sparkling looking.

I also noted that instead of an apartment 12, the number above the door was 41-1.

(Number 42 is very important in religious connotation)


3-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I had some electronic equipment and pressed a button on it. I discovered then that I had pressed a button which started the process of downloading of a program that would cause a huge rocket ship that would come to earth.

On the street, to my right, was a big steel bridge that had a lighted sign on an archway over it that said whether one could go or not. There was a huge bus coming across the bridge towards us. The bridge was too narrow for two way traffic.

On the sign in the distance, on the other side of the bridge, I saw the lighted image of a rocketship that looked like a tall fat bullet (such as pictured in the Sumerian drawings) that was going to ultimately come to earth.

The people would have plenty of warning because of the sign, but I couldn't tell if people saw the sign for themselves.  

The light on the archway of the bridge turned yellow as the bus was coming across and it said  'VIA' within the light.

I knew the highway I43 was already jammed with cars.


3-26-00 - DREAM - I don't recall all the details of the dream but that's not really important.  The important detail was that I was listening to the radio and Edgar Cayce came on the radio and made a prophecy that this summer would be the hottest ever and records of every kind would be reached in the weather.  

After I told the people about this Edgar Cayce prophecy, people were rather freaking out and preparing for the eventuality of the prophecy to come true and we were buying big cups of iced coffee (means a grand awakening)  

Later, or in another dream, I was working in an office and made a phone call on my bosses line. He came into his office and picked up the phone and I had to apologize that it was MY phone call and I probably should have used my own line, but nevertheless I had used his instead.  The phone call was about car insurance and I was told that the insurance company which was named (Bose)  (a popular radio)  was going to cost an additional $300 and that we had to have the locks on our car checked to make sure they worked.  I was upset about the additional cost.

We were then waiting for the plumbers to come to check our pipes. Two men came to the door and I announced to the other people that the plumbers were there. But the men said they were not the plumber, they were the advance crew who would help prepare for the plumber to arrive.


3-26-00 - VISION - I lay down and closed my eyes. I was thinking about the weather webpage I'm going to make this afternoon.   I saw a downloading strip at the bottom and it loaded quickly with bright blue color.  Under the strip it said, "PREPROGRAMMED".


3-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a school of some kind. We were going to try out for some singing contest, so the nurses wanted to test us to make sure we were fit   I was in charge of some young teen girls and we were all sitting at some long tables and being interviewed by some nurse-like women who came to talk to us... kind of like a psychologist or something to make sure we could pass their tests before we would be allowed to participate. I felt very close to the girls I was with and I teased them about their teen antics on the beach because they liked it when guys tried to pick them up even though they didn't go with them. They liked the attention and they admitted it.  We hugged each other, grinning and then I got up to be examined.

For some reason I was out in my car on the street curb when the nurse came along with some pneumatic test gadgets which we all had to blow in to test our lung capacity. She handed me the gadget which had a gauge on top and buttons underneath and tubes hanging out of it to some machine on the sidewalk.  She said, "Just push the small button on the bottom and blow into that little tube on the top."  I did it and the gauge went to the top with no effort at all.

The nurse wasn't happy with my test. She said, "Well we can't take your word for it that it was a good test. You'll have to have the test done over in the hospital."  I noted that the test gadget didn't even look clean inside. There was fuzz in the meter so you could read the numbers well, but I could easily see that I passed the test. I didn't know why I would have to have it done again inside.

Another older woman got into the car with me and sat down. She had a different kind of meter, and we planned to exchange them and she'd take mine and I'd take hers and we would do a different test.  I didn't yet know what that was for.

Suddenly, one of the young engineers appeared out on the sidewalk. He was pretty woozy, had his arm in a sling, tubes hanging out of his arm, and looked pretty bad.  He said he was done with his surgery... it was outpatient obviously.  

I didn't know what they had done to him, but he was in and out of surgery in less than half an hour.  They were going to take me next, but I didn't know what they were going to do.

I was now standing outside the car talking to the young man and telling him that I didn't mind having surgery done, because you take one deep breath and everything goes blank and it seems you take another breath and you're awake and it's all over. It's like no time went by at all.  He wasn't so sure of that so obviously his surgery wasn't that easy.  

Suddenly two men appeared on the sidewalk near me. They were extremely concerned for me. One stood on my left, and one stood facing me on the right. I was expecting to go into surgery in another moment. I didn't know exactly what they were going to do, but it would be something like a hysterectomy or something from the bottom I knew, but I didn't know what.

These two men were very concerned about this and they said, "We're not going to allow this to happen to you.  If you need some kind of surgery, you are going to go to a real hospital and not a place like this. We're getting you out of here."  

The men grabbed me by both arms and I was out of there, just that quick, and woke up.


3-28-00 - DREAM - I don't know the location of this dream.  It was obviously logging country.  I would guess it was on the Pacific Northwest ... Washington, Oregon, or Northern California.  I've been in all three states and it could fit any one of them.  

I was working in some kind of factory with other people.  I went outside and looked up the cliff where the narrow dirt road was above the valley.  I saw a huge logging truck making its way along this narrow ridge road which was about 3/4 of the way up the cliff.  It was fully loaded.  There was another vehicle behind it, type I can't recall.

For an unknown reason, the truck suddenly rolled off the road sideways taking the vehicle behind with it. I was so shocked to see this I gasped, hoping it wouldn't blow up.  The truck rolled completely over and landed about 50 feet down the hill below it and so did the other vehicle.  I was so grateful to see four men scramble from the wreckage and climb back up to the road and then wave to the people below with arms upraised to show that they were okay.

It was such a frightening experience, I woke up.

I seem to recall there was a series of numbers shown to me after this event in a vision but I can't remember them.

I went back to sleep and the dream must have continued because it was about discussing what happened, but I can't remember that part.


3-29-00= DREAM - I was taking over as manager of the apartment building on Jackson St. in Milwaukee.  This was a Friday and my first day back. I had also just moved in. It was also between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I discovered that when people moved out, they didn't take everything with them, so I got to pick from all the clothing they left behind. All I had to do was launder it.  

When I got into the office, I found a brochure on the desk about a Halloween lottery drawing in which the people donated $5.00 and the prize was $750.00 worth of food, plus donated clothing from other people.

The brochure was the most unusual I've ever seen.  I thought it was made of paper to start with.  On the back was a seeming photograph of a woman at the top and beneath her was a colored dress from every person who had donated $5.00 in the lottery.  So the photo seemed multicolored shapes of dresses. I don't know how many there were, but many.  Above the woman was the instructions for the lottery, the donation, prize, etc.

On the front side of the brochure was even more unusual. It was a dress, made of all the fabric from the dresses on the backside. It was multicolored and layered so that all the colors could be seen at once and seemingly interwoven.  It was not only unusual to see, but it was made of actual fabric and felt so soft and looked so lovely. It was like a miniature dress.

A young woman walked into the office and I asked her if she knew who had won the contest.  She said she didn't but would call someone else in the building who would know.  So, she used my telephone to call another woman in the building.

The other young woman came into the office, bringing with her a thermos bottle, tall green and skinny.  She sat down at the desk to discuss the contest and when she did, she opened her thermos and her coffee was cold. She asked me if I had a 'tea light' size candle to warm her coffee.  I said I could do one better. I had brewed a pot of coffee upstairs and would bring it down to the office and serve coffee in the office to the other tenants.

So, I got up from my desk, picked up two wonderfully warm snow suit pants outfits like snowmobilers wear that were dark army green which I had picked out of the donated clothing pile. I intended to get the rest later.

I went to the elevator and just caught it as the door was closing. I squeezed in, only to discover three older men on the elevator. One was very old and grizzled, one looked like a maintenance man, and the third one was a postman in uniform.

The postman wasn't happy. He didnt' like riding in elevators. The maintenance man type guy asked him how many more building he had to deliver to before he was done. The postman looked at his schedule and said he had 6 more buildings left to do and then he could go home. He was glad about that.

When we got to the third floor, the elevator stopped short of the floor about a foot and I had to climb out of the elevator. I couldn't put my foot up that far, so put my knee on the floor and then hauled myself up out of the elevator, standing up easily once I was up there.

The postman walked with me down the hall to the right. I was in apartment 311 right where I had been when I moved out last time.

The postman asked me how I would like the hallway floor carpeted in bright blue plush carpeting ... the floor had been stripped down to the original linoleum. In my imagination, it sounded wonderful.

The door to the apartment across from mine was open. It was apartment 305 and the people had just moved out ... a young couple with a baby and a dog.

They had moved out and left things behind. Unfortunately, they had bought a dog the last 30 days they had been there and the floor had a huge circle of newspapers on which the dog had piddled every day. It was pretty bad. The people would have to pay to put the apartment back into pristine condition, but we could handle that.

Also, when I walked into the apartment to look at it, they had left a beautiful brand new baby crib with all the frilly blankets and sheets, everything a new baby could possibly use. I looked to the right and saw a long white marble topped table with a copying machine on the top which was also white, and there was a beautiful maple-looking wooden sewing table that had numerous folding sections to keep supplies in.  I had one of those feelings you get when you think Heaven has arrived and I was so tickled they left these things behind that I could use.  However, my apartment was not as large as this one and I didn't have the same room to fit all this in.  I already had my apartment full of furniture.

My head full of plans to call my son Michael to come and get the baby furniture for my children to use in case there was one more baby coming, and to move the other tables to my apartment, I went back to apartment 311 to fetch the coffee pot which was full and hot and ready to serve.


3-30-00 - DREAM - I was in a room with a black man who was crouched down on the floor wrapping rolls of dynamite around television cables. He smiled and told me he had to wrap it around 2 1/2 times one way, and then 2 1/2  times the other way.

I ran out of the room, not wanting to be there in case the dynamite blew up.  I suddenly had a vision of a white man, dressed all in white, standing in a field below a house on a hill and I felt I was in Ireland.

Instantly, this song jumped into my head:  


Countin' flowers on the wall
That don't bother me at all
Playin' solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one
Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo
Now don't tell me I've nothin' to do


3-30-00 - MEDITATION - I wanted to know moreinformation about the dynamite dream. After some short conversations which aren't worth repeating, I had a vision of a white mantlepiece of a fireplace, on which sat a monkey like the see-no, hear-no, speak-no type only he had his hands clasped together like in prayer.  I was told that I could not have more information... and that was that.


3-31-00 - DREAM - long one about remote viewing while Ingo Swann was on the Art Bell show on the radio. Choosing to ignore it.

After we turned the radio off, I dreamed I lived in an apartment building and I really liked the guy who lived in the corner apartment. There was a long scene in which he was choosing what clothes I should wear for the day from a rack of clothes.  He picked a black shirt with Fluer De Lis that was insideout and had the sleeves rolled up. It was a shirt I had worn before while I was working in the garden. I carried it to my room but it kept falling off the hangar.

I went to his apartment and he had a blue plaid cotton shirt laying on the back of a chair I admired.  I was hoping he would wear that one and then ask me out to lunch, but then his wife showed up and started making a pass at me and kissing me.  Then I knew I was in real trouble.

I went back to my apartment.  There was a knock on the door and it was the tall blonde attorney from One Life to Live TV show.  He asked if he could take me to lunch and interview me.  He showed me the outline of a book he was writing. He was going to interview regular people about a variety of subjects.

The last scene showed me the end of a web page and there was a statement there that said, "And it's all true!"