MARCH , 2001

3-1-01 - DREAM #1- I was working on a web page, rearranging links, developing a theme, but as soon as I woke up, I couldn't remember what the topic was. I tried really hard to remember but it escaped me. I thought perhaps I could dream the theme, but I dreamed doesn't make any sense to reality at all.

DREAM #2 - I was standing in a garage with a husband figure. There were no cars in the garage, but there were low cabinets all around the sides.  Every few minutes a Chinese or other Asian man would bring in a small gift for us. He was rather tiptoe in with his head bowed and place a gift on the counter. He wouldn't say anything, rather avoid looking at us, though we could tell he knew we were there.

I looked at several of the gifts, one of which was a fancy box of pencils that cost $116. These gifts, I knew were way over the means of these people, but they gave them anyway to gain favor with us.

The scene changed and I was inside the house with my first husband Jim, but we weren't married to each other.  We had just moved in.

He said, "I never want to live in an apartment again." (This doesn't make any sense to me, since he never lived in an apartment in his whole life)  I said, "Me either!" In my mind, however, I acknowledged, that he never had to live anywhere he didn't want to, but my whole future was tied up to him and his wanting me to be there. He could do whatever the heck he wanted despite what I did. I don't recall what else I said to him ... but it was like fishing for a compliment to see how he felt about me.  He said, "I joyfully anticipate the future." That was great, but it meant to me that he was going to be going about life in a positive way, no matter what, and I had to watch my Ps and Qs so that I was always in good stead with him or I'd be out the door.

The whole situation had a gangsterish feel to it because we weren't going to be going out together, but separately, and we were both wearing black.  He was wearing a black overcoat, and was going to be going from bar to bar, working the neighborhoods and making his presence known.

I was getting dressed up all fancy to go dancing, dressed all in black with a black petticoat made of black lace, and had someone help me pick out the prettiest black dancing shoes made of fancy straps and slippery soles on the shoes.  

I brused my hair out real pretty. It was kind of fluffy to start with, but when I brushed it back real well, it looked black and shiny. I hadn't yet put on my earrings, but I was going to wear diamonds.

As I walked down 4 steps, my petticoat fell down around my feet and my whole leg showed as I stepped down, because the slit in my dress came apart as I was walking.

Before I left to go partying, I visited with some other women who had to stay home and nurse their babies. I was crocheting them afghans, making them larger so they could wrap them around themselves and the babies and stay warm and cozy.

I had three afghans started, which were stored under the sewing machine. I tried to separate them from each other, but the threads were all wound around each other. As I separated them, one of the threads were wound around a red cat, who didn't appreciate being yanked on.  

The cat ran into the next bedroom over with the thread wound around him. There was a young couple sitting together on a daybed. I asked the young man to please untangle the cat from the thread so I could continue working on the afghan for the nursing women.

NOTE: I don't know why this dream had a gangsterish feel to it. It as rather unpleasant to feel this way.


3-2-01 - A GREAT BATHROOM DREAM - My husband and I stopped at a country bar just to go to the bathroom. The place was just being opened, so it was early in the evening. The parking lot was full of cars except down at the end where there was an empty banquet table taking up spaces, and then on that side was empty, so we backed into a space at the end of the banquet table.

Everyone was either sitting in their cars waiting for the bar to be opened, or standing by the door. My husband met a guy outside the door who looked familiar to him. He looked just like my husband.  My husband said to him, "Don't I know you from the golf club?"  They looked quizzicle and said that maybe he did.  The two men walked aside and began a conversation about golf.

The woman owner of the bar unlocked the bar. I was going to ask her if she'd open up the bathroom first, but I didn't need to because that's what she did, and when I went in the door, I could see that everyone else had rushed for the bathroom first.

When I went down the long hall to the bathroom, I was almost the last one into the room, and all the stalls were taken already except one.  I was just going to take that one, when a large blonde woman, rushed out of one stall and took the other one.  The door stood open and it looked like there was pee in the toilet because the water was yellowish, but she hit the button on the toilet and nothing happened.  

I didn't want to go into a toilet that wasn't working, so I and another woman just stood there waiting for one of the other stalls to open up.  All of a sudden, the toilet started spouting water all the way up to the ceiling.  It hit the ceiling , then poured back down into the toilet.  It was a most amazing sight to see.

Meanwhile a man came into the room.  I wasn't much into uni-bathrooms, so I and the other woman walked back out of the bathroom and stood in the hall until someone came out.  We were standing in the hallway, waiting, and we heard a man start talking outloud.  If a voice can have a color, he had a 'black' voice. It sounded ominous and I was worried that he robbing that women in the bathroom. His voice droned on and on ... in a monotone... and I was still worried and wondered if I should tell the owner to call the cops.

Then another woman came up and said that he was giving a lecture.  I didn't want to go into the bathroom to hear a lecture, so I walked back outside, still needing to go, but not desparately.  

My husband was still talking to the look-alike guy. I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. Someone asked if we would point the loudspeakers with the lecture to face two yourng trees that were growing in the yard. So we did that.

Another woman came into the parking lot who I knew ... her name was Judy.  We told her about the guy in the bathroom, that's why she had come too ... to use the bathroom. She said she'd go somewhere else.  She said she didn't even like beer unless she was just going to a new bar and just sat around sipping a beer for effect.

I was looking at a counter that was lined up with bakery goodies, like a bakery shop. I especially liked the cheese filled buns ... like cheesecake... yum.

Anyway, then the lecture in the bathroom was over, and the woman owner of the bar came out and asked if someone could help wash the dishes ... it seemed that her dishwasher hadn't come in to work.  Another woman said, "I'll dry!" I waved my hand in the air, "I'll help! I'll help!"  I ran into the bathroom to use that first. I walked into a large stall and it was stacked with dirty dishes ... it looked like they burned some pans to make omelets with and they were soaking in the toilet.  I just moved them aside so I could use the toilet first before I helped.


3-2-01 - DREAM - It seemed I was in Milwaukee, WI on the east side of the city, but nothing had much reality to it.

I was told that my mother had rented an apartment up on the second floor. I was going to go up there, when I met someone I used to know on the street.  He reached over to give me a hug and I noted that he was built like Popeye ... a real small lower body and huge arms and muscles.  It seemed really weird.

I then went into the building and was going into the apartment when I met another old friend. I was going to tell him about the guy on the street when he mentioned my Father. At that moment, I had a flash vision of my Father which was totally unreal.  I saw 8 men, all dressed in Olive Green, standing in two lines, like on a stairway. They were all my Father ... or were they Father look-alikes?  They all looked the same.  So there were 16 Fathers ...

I was going to tell someone about  this strange stuff when I started to wake up, but I was trying to remember the dream at the same time, and I never got up, I just started re-dreaming the dream, trying to remember it, but now other little strange scenes like billboards were coming into the spaces between the scenes I was trying to remember. I couldn't read what they said no matter how hard I tried anyway.  I never did get up. I gave up and had the bathroom dream instead.


3-2-01 - DREAM - I was coming home to my apartment in a big city. I came into the building in the lobby on the 1st floor. I  had a choice of walking up the stairs or of riding the elevator to get to my apartment.  It was a long way up, so I chose to take the elevator.

I went over to the elevator door and saw that some men had gotten on the elevator in the basement and were just now passing the 1st floor.  I quickly punched the elevator button to try to catch it before it passed the 1st floor but didn't make it. Anybody who rides elevators knows that once the elevator is past the floor you are on, you have to wait until the elevator makes it's complete rounds to the top and back down before it will stop at your floor ... not this time. The elevator was about half way past the 1st floor when I punched the button and it stopped with a jerk and came back down to get me. I could see that through some glass slats in the doorway as the lighted elevator went by.

I wasn't exactly thrilled by this, because it meant I had to ride the elevator with 4 strange men who had gotten on the elevator in the BASEMENT.

I was very nervous and didn't push the button for my own floor.  I rode all the way to the top floor with them. We got off the elevator on the 12th floor.

Now I was really nervous because one of the guys started following me. The other three were just wandering around. It was obvious they didn't live here.

There were two stairways down to the 11th floor. Since I had to get to my apartment from the 10th floor, I had to walk down the stairs quickly to get away from these guys. I started down a wide stairway that had light brownish tweed carpet on it. It went down to a sitting room on the 11th floor. It was kind of like a waiting room. I didn't want to get trapped down there with the man who was following me, so I turned around on the stairs half way down them and went back up. The man followed me back up as well.

The other stairway was narrower and there was a retarded-looking old man coming up the stairway. The other three men were still wandering around. I didn't trust them because I didn't know them.  So, I chose to use the old man as my rescuer, and I went over to him and touched him on the shoulder.  

The old man looked at me and said gently, "How much is 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce?" That off-the-wall question made me feel so safe with him. The other men backed away from the old man, and it gave me enough time to go down the stairway down to the 11th floor.  Then I discovered a doorway to a stairwell that went down to the 10th floor.

The stairwell was made of concrete which was patched many times. But there was fresh air welling up it and that fresh air breeze made me feel so good.  It felt like home to me, and I dashed down the stairs as fast as I could.

Now that I was down on the 10th floor, I was alone, and within a moment saw the steps that led to my apartment which was up a flight of stairs from the hallway.  I didn't see an apartment number on the door so I don't know what it was. I opened my door, and inside the door, was another stairway that went up another floor, so I actually lived on the 12th floor, but I had to come into the apartment from the 10th to get to it.  There was no doorway from the 12th floor where those men were wandering around not knowing where they were. This was defininitely safer and more private.

Now that I was inside my apartment, I saw that other people lived here as well and a maintenance crew was cleaning up after someone who had just moved out.  I didn't know who that was.  It seemed that many people lived in this section. Each had their own room.

The carpeting was forest green and every 20 feet or so, there were 4" wide sturdy looking white rollers embedded in the floor so that the rooms could be extended or detracted by the maintenance crew as necessary.

There were a lot of white flakes of plaster or something on the floor in the hallway and I thought I would help the cleaning crew by vacuuming the carpeting in the hallway, but they were using the vacuum cleaner inside a room, so I didn't have access to it. I also saw a black woman who wore a white apron over a black dress, who was in charge of dusting.

Once I passed the room that was being readied for another tenant, the carpet was pristine green, and it seemed a long way back to the room where I lived.  It was the white rollers in the floor at intervals that intrigued me.


3-3-01 - DREAM - I was in office somewhere. Each person had their own computer and other equipment on their desk. I was walking past the computer of one of my co-workers who wasn't at her desk. On the screen was the music sheet of a famous singer, and above it was some flowers on a decorative strip. I was so struck by the beauty of the color that I just HAD to have it.  So, I took the mouse and transferred the file over to my computer just with a few clicks. Then the flowers printed also printed out on a strip on glossy paper. It was so beautiful...the flowers were like a real photograph.

Then I went back to my desk with it. On the way, I went by a desk that had a 5" screen TV set. On it, was similar flowers that I had just printed out.  The flowers were so brilliant on this TV set, several of us stood around gawking at it. One said, "Can you just imagine what that would look like on a 32" screen.  The colors were incredibly brilliant, more real than real.  

Also, in this office, on the computer I saw a screen that had a series of rectangles of various sizes, and squares. Each one had a number or other mark in it. I was trying to figure out what this was and it didn't come to me.  

Then I saw someone's face, on the side of her face, were inprinted or injected, a series of inoculations .. the first two were like developing babies in the womb, and the first one was about to give birth. I was told to be very careful with that.

I then saw a closeup of a woman's face who had been inoculated with a series of marks in a huge square that looked like they were infected. My first thought was to scratch each one open so it could heal. I was told that only one at a time should be opened and healed, because the fluid from one should not mix with the fluid from the one next to it. I thought what an incredibly  long time that would take. At the same time, I was impressed with the knowledge that 26 of the marks in the square to the left were labeled 1 to 26 in Roman Numerals. The others were all the names of the Great Books.

In the next room, someone brought in a bookcase that was specifically for the Great Books. Each of the books had it's own glass door to protect it from the air and wandering fingers.  On the left was a square of glass doors labeled 1 to 26 in Roman Numerals, and each othe other doors was for a book in the Great Books series. Each door was made like a stained glass window, each with its own jeweled colors. I was asked, "Where are the books that belong in this bookcase?"  Though I had always wanted to get them, they were always too expensive for my pocketbook.  The book and author that was highlighted in the last scene was James Joyce and Ulysses, neither of which I've read. The glass over Ulysses had a light pink right angle triangle pointing left at the bottom of the door. It was really pretty.

I was then laying in my bedroom on the bed, and a man who looked like one of my last bosses came in, and was rummaging around in the top drawer of my dresser, and pulled out a jeweled cross on a chain which I have. It has blue gemstones on it in a cross shape. At the same time, I saw that he had little boxes from the dresser drawers of each of my children which represented a gemstone they had been given which represented their religion.

He then went to the telephone where he was talking to someone, like a reporter from a newspaper. He said to the person, "She appears to be half and half, and the others are Lutheran."  He then hung up the phone.

I hollered at the man, "You'd better call that person back, because despite what it looks like, "We are all confirmed Lutherans!  We are ALL confirmed Lutherans."

NOTE:  After I woke up, I realized that one of my children, went back to being the Catholic we once were and he was baptized as. Two of them who were originally baptized Catholic and then became Lutheran had had their own children baptized in a non-denominational Protestant church, which was not Lutheran. For myself, I walked away from the Lutheran church I belonged to and tried several other religions.

Joe related that in the Tribes of Israel, each one is represented by a gemstone and sign of othe zodiac.


3-4-01 - MY NIGHT WITH JAY LENO - With apologies to Mavis:

I was so tired after working all day, I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. I woke up about midnight, and there was a show with Larry King showing a series of interviews with Jay Leno over the years. It was so charming. His wife Mavis was on the show with him in 1998, and they said they didn't have any children and she spent all her time following him around the country as she loved to travel. I could tell she loved him a lot because she touched his arm a lot during the show.  He talked about his car and motorcycle collection. They looked like a very loving couple, and he said that he knew he wanted to marry her 3 days after they met. At a.m. the show was over and I was really tired and went back to bed to catch a few more zzzzs.

DREAM - I was sitting on a couch with Jay Leno. We were having a normal conversation about nothing important. I felt a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I got up off the couch to find out where it was coming from. I went into a bedroom and those windows were closed, so I went to another bedroom and those windows were closed. I went down the hall and the front door was closed. But I could still feel a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I went down the hall farther to where there was a large garage.  Sure enough, that's where the breeze was coming from. Jay and some guys were in the garage and all the doors were open. These were not normal house garages. These were huge, room for lots of cars.

There were at least 4 doors and they were all open.  Jay continued talking to the guys , and I walked down towards the farthest door and surprisingly it came out in the back door of a flower shop that was full of lilacs and lilies. It was wonderful. I met the people who worked in the shop. I told them about the breeze and how surprised I was that the other end of our house ended at the mall. I walked out into the hallway of the mall.

Now I didn't know which way to go and kept walking until I discovered a ramp that went up to a higher level. It was made of rubber with little slats instead of stairs. I surmised that shoes got a better grip on the slats than on smooth rubber. Nevertheless I walked up the ramp and found myself in what looked like my 20th St. school on the far south end of the hallway.

I really felt lost now and really stupid. I should have turned back when I got to the mall, but I didn't.  There were other people in the school as well, looking for their classrooms. I walked along the first floor of the school and spotted Jay Leno down at the other end. By this time, I was feeling really stupid for getting so lost, and when I saw him, I ran towards him, apologizing along the way and crying a little. I expected him to say I was stupid or something sarcastic, but he didn't. He gave me a hug and said it was okay. He told me he would show me the way back home.

Meanwhile, there were lots of other people around, and one of the women asked me to hold her baby while she did something. So, I took the baby in my arms and carried him. He was naked ... a little blonde baby. He looked rather familiar and it later was apparent I had carried this baby before for the same woman when he was younger. He was about a year old, but small.  The baby said I had been watching over him since he was hand sized. That's pretty small. I looked at his little hand to compare the size. It was amazing how small that is.

Jay was quite taken with the baby, and was very protective of me and the baby along the way through the school hallway.

We stopped at a counter where there was a man selling jewelry.  Jay made it apparent that he wanted to give me a rememberance of our little time together that I could take home with me and we stopped at the counter where the man had little wicker baskets with different kinds of jewelry.

Jay picked out a crystal ring with a diamond for me, but it was too small for my large fingers. We tried various fingers and didn't get it to fit on any one of them, not even my little finger, so I suggested that maybe earrings were a better idea. Jay was wearing a series of rings on his fingers, which appeared to be lapis lazuli. I didn't want to suggest that he give me one of his, though I thought about wearing the crystal ring he offered me on a chain around my neck. The earrings were all emerald, some were just pin points of emerald, some larger. There were some flamboyant birds carved of emerald, and I picked one of them up. I laughed and said, "I could only wear something like this at Christmas." There were some smaller emerald birds and I considered wearing those, though I couldn't wear those often either.

For some reason, there was no two earrings alike, Jay, the man, and I went through all the emerald earrings and couldn't find two the same. I particularly liked the long dangly ones, and I thought there were two the same, but they weren't exactly the same. No two were the same. Finally, after seeing some emeralds fallen on the floor, the man bent over to pick up the fallen stones, and the baby got squirmy and said I was holding his arm too tightly. I apologized to the baby, and when I turned around, the man with the jewelry was gone.

The baby jumped down out of my arms and ran off towards the door. I had to chase after him and finally found him on a couch with another woman who was watching after several babies. They had dressed the naked baby in a little sleeper outfit which was really nice of her. At this time, they asked Jay to watch over a little chubby dark haired boy baby, and he picked up the baby and carried him. So, now we were walking around carrying the babies and it felt so right to be caring for these babies together.

Jay called me 'Hon' at one time, and I turned around him and called him 'Hon' too, then realized we were in public and apologized to him that I had called him ' Hon' in public and people might misunderstand. But, he wasn't concerned about that.

I suggested that we have our pictures taken together with the babies, and he said that wouldn't be right for his public appearance to be seen holding a baby, but he suggested that I hold both babies and he would stand close by me. We then set about finding someone with a polaroid camera who could take our picture for a remembrance of our nice time together.

He was still carrying the baby and we started climbing the steps to a higher floor where he thought there might be someone with a camera. We got to the second floor, but we had one more floor to go and climbed to the third floor.  Jay got to the third floor ahead of me, and I spotted a little stairway that went up 4 more steps to a door that was on a stage-like area. I got the idea that I would do something funny, and went up the stairs and came out on the stage, announcing, " ...And she appeared in the upper-room!"  I said it very dramatically, expecting to get a laugh from Jay.  

Jay turned to where I was on the stage and said, "That's exactly how my mother was." and smiled at me. It was such a nice thing to say about his mother , but I was reminded as to how old I was compared to Jay. (I don't know how old he is, but I'm 62)

We continued carrying the babies and here on the 3rd floor was a banquet-type table with lots of people eating snacks. There were children here too. Jay found a seat by the table and there was one across from him, but there were no seats side by side. Finally, one of the other men there, moved his kids over so I could sit next to Jay with the baby.

The kids made a mess with juice or water on the stool I was offered, so the guys worked on wiping off the stool so I could sit down with the baby, meanwhile two guys were saying good-bye to each other as one was changing jobs and going a long way away and wouldn't be coming back for quite some time. Jay went over to the guys and comforted the two guys in their sadness at having to say good-bye.

Then he came back and stood next to me, each of us carrying our babies, and we were very close. We were both looking around the room to see if anyone had a camera to take our picture together ... meanwhile we stood very close to each other, actually touching arm to arm.  It felt really good and comforting. The babies were quiet while we held them.

I was enjoying the feel of having Jay touching my left side and having the babies with us, and I started to wake up and discovered that my pillow was what I was feeling so comforting on my left side instead of Jay Leno and I almost started to cry that I was waking up and Jay was gone from my life.

I felt so sad to wake up .... my night with Jay Leno was over.  He is a really good man.


3-5-01 - DREAM - I was at a place where a large dinner was cooked for many people. I helped with the dishes afterwards.  At that point, I was with another person and drove away from the place in a large vehicle like a SUV.  There was heavy snow and we were forced to drive in snow that was from 3 to 4 feet deep. We had no problem with that, but then we saw snowplows coming from the other way, which were throwing up piles of snow up to 10 feet deep so we had to stop.

A glass topped vehicle coming from the other way stopped across from us and we got out of the SUV and got into the vehicle which was like the Pope-mobile.

We went to another place that was like a TV station. I was asked to participate in a game, which I did to my detriment.

Bernie Shaw from CNN was the man who began to tie me up in the room with long rubber thongs .  The thongs were from corner to corner in a large X shape. One end went to each arm and to each ankle.

A shorter white man came into the room and asked Bernie whether any danger was MY fault and Bernie said, "No!" The short man was rather upset about that.

I was sitting on the floor,  tied with the thongs, and I saw a large sign on the wall that said 'DEATHWALKING'.  At the same time, Bernie had a cage in his hand that was headsized. He asked me, "What would it take for you to stay alive?"  I was going to say , "To breathe!" but by then I was getting scared and my heart was racing and feeling hot, and I forced myself awake ... heart racing.  

NOTE:  I got up, went to the bathroom, went back to bed, had another dream which I can't recall and when I woke up from that dream, I again remembered the word DEATHWALKING and my heart began to race again.  It slowed right down when I made myself stop thinking the word .....

What a scary experience.

NOTE:  It wasn't long after I got up that it was announced that there was another school shooting, this time in California. Two kids killed, 14 injured, near San Diego.  I put it on the Deathstar page.


3-5-01 - DREAM - It was a bright sunny day.  It was 11 a.m. and springtime.  Yet, people were getting ready for fall because the leaves were falling off the trees.  I thought that was odd... why get ready for fall when we've been waiting for spring for so long?  The kids all decided they were going to play war or some other boisterous game in the livingroom. I said loudly ... "Go OUTSIDE!"  They didn't want to and ran into the kitchen to play.  I said again, "Go OUTSIDE!" I trying to READ!"  I had a book in my hand about the 'clan'.  I saw a vision in my mind of a black line, then a hump, then a black line, then a hump ... over and over.  According to what I was seeing , ' a woman' was in charge of keeping track of the 'clan'.


3-6-01 - Nothing like dreaming you have heartburn, then wake up and you do...

DREAM - I was following some people through a school and they were moving quite fast. I tried to keep up with them, but they were going too fast for me and I started to get heartburn. I thought it was maybe a precursor to a heartattack so I slowed down. However, the heartburn didn't go away.  I statted to wake up and still had heartburn, so I swallowed a few times and turned to a different position and the heartburn went way a little.

I fell asleep again and was in a huge apartment on the first floor. There was a baby there with printer's ink on both arms and both sides of his face.  I was taking care of him and gave him some strawberry malt in a cup to feed him ... I was still feeling some heartburn and finally had to wake up and get up and take care of the heartburn.


3-6-01 - VISION - I was praying ... "Our Father which art in Heaven, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven "... and my mind went blank... I saw a golden cage with two white birds in it. Someone opened the cage and the birds flew out... a voice said, "The father has set two birds free ... they are called Polar Motion ...

I got up, typed these notes and went back to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the white birds again ... and they flew to opposite sides of my vision

See this:

March 6 ,2001

Earths Magnetic Field In Unsettled State

NASA Space Science News

SOLAR WIND: This morning Earth entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. NASA's ACE spacecraft, which monitors the solar wind, is registering gusts as high as 600 km/s.

Sky watchers living at geomagnetic latitudes greater than ~55 degrees could spot modest auroras around local midnight.

[NOAA geomagnetic latitude maps: N. America, Eurasia, S. Africa & Australia]

GEOSTORMS: Earth's magnetic field has been unsettled since Sunday when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) around our planet turned south for nearly 12 hours. South-pointing IMFs create a weak spot in Earth's magnetosphere and make it more vulnerable than usual to solar wind disturbances. The IMF is back to normal now, but Earth's magnetosphere will likely remain unsettled in response to the solar wind stream described above.


I don't have a clue what this is about ... I doubt that it is about me, but someone else ...

3-8-01 - Dream 1 - This dream was deliberately wiped from my mind except for the term:  ET prayer maker/singer

Dream 2 - Same thing ... dream was wiped from my mind except for the term ET prayer maker/singer

Dream 3 - runs into dream 4 - I was in a room with some children and there were pennies embedded into the edge of the floor all around the room like decoration ... I have no clue where this was or why .

Dream 4 - I seemed to be my younger self - yet not ... I went to work in the evening at an office. I was young and sexy, with long beautiful legs, but did my work and went home.

At home, I found a note on a bed in one of the bedroom from a lover ... it seemed to be just a verse out of the Bible and he was gone.

In the morning, my husband cornered me and wanted to know who I had slept with. I assured him I hadn't been with anyone, just worked. He didn't believe me. He and his buddies had discussed it and were using terms I didn't even understand.  I told him to use English or I couldn't discuss anything with him. His buddies had filled his head with all kinds of trash and trashy words.

I had to get ready for work and went into the bathroom to put on my pantyhose. One of my sons was there, while I was trying to put these stockings on. They were light blue and patched, not even new. They turned from blue to transparent plastic and I gave up.

The scene changes and I'm in the car with my husband, I don't know where ... somewhere I've never been before.  Along the highway is a sign about toilets ... lined up. I tell him we should stop and he says okay.

We go around the corner towards where the toilet booths are lined up in a row like tourists might use in a public place. He parks the car aways away from the toilets, so that when I get out of the car I'm by a fire hydrant that is leaking and by the time I manage to get out of the car without getting my feet wet, there are two older/shorter woman walking by discussing what the natives would say about what's going on. I don't get any details though.

I walked up the hill towards the toilets, but instead of going to where these toilets are lined up, I'm in a parking lot where cars are lined up side by side.  My husband goes over to another car and pulls a manuscript out from behind the windsheild wiper. It's on yellow paper. I can see it's handwritten. He hands it to me, tells me it's about some people named Brian and Debbie. I take it with me up to a house I've never been in before.

The house is all paneled walls with a type of wood I've never seen before either. The doors too are made of a two toned wood, light and dark in rather like swirls or some pattern from a tree I've never seen. The wood seems light weight, because the doors don't feel heavy as I move them.

I was looking for the bathroom in this house and not finding the right door. I finally go through a narrow door like a passageway and there is a tall dark haired man beyond. Now I know I'm in the right place.

Suddenly I'm stark naked, young and beautiful. I find myself in a room that is large, paneled with the dark wood. There are three couches in the room on three walls and the fourth wall where I come out from behind is a long wooden bar.

The men are laying or sitting on the couches, talking about ideas for a play or movie script. None of them even seemed to notice I was naked, it was as though that's the way it always was ... naked women walking around while the men were dressed in suits.

I took the handwritten manuscript in my hand and flung it across the room to the dark haired man laying on the closest couch. It landed on the floor next to him. He asked what that was and I told him it was a story he'd like to read about someone named Brian and Debbie.

He picks up the manuscript. The men start to discuss it, and I walk out of the room onto a summer porch-like patio, where a fat naked woman is walking around behind a guy who has slacks on, but no shirt. She hangs on his arm like they are lovers ... I am not feeling any embarrassment about the naked part, but wonder how she can walk around naked when she's so big and fat.  The guy doesn't seem to even notice.

I fade out into the waking state ... No idea who these people are ...


3-9-2001 - DREAM. I went to a mall in some large city. I went into a book store. Inside the store, a man in a large wheelchair was being interviewed by a reporter.  The man in the wheelchair had airtanks on a platform behind his seat, and he was wearing like a diver's bell glass helmet over his head with air tubes going both in and out, so he didn't breathe on the people, not to protect him from the customers. He had some kind of contagious air breathing disease he could spread around to anyone he came in contact with.

The clerk told me she was leaving to eat lunch and that if I needed anything I could call her from the lunch room. So, I stood around looking at various books. One in particular on a sale table was from 1990 and was about the religious group Astara. I was particularly interested in it because I had belonged to the group in 1990 and this particular book was the results of their annual financial report and I wanted to see how it came out.

There was a closet off to the side of the table and I wandered into the closet and on the shelf were some interesting looking notebooks. There were just 5 of them there. I love office supplies so I picked it up and it was a record keeping book. Somehow I connected the first book to this one, so I decided to buy this one as well.

The shelves in this closet had all kinds of stuff in it including a video which I was rather forced to watch, about forceable lesbian rape of a woman by a blonde woman with long blonde hair who also had a long blond wig and wore beautiful gowns ... (the two famous blondes in Washington D.C. come to mind) ( I don't want to name names but Rich and Clinton come to mind easily)

On the top shelf in the closet was a thick/heavy large dark brown bag which  contained clothing of someone. I couldn't figure out why clothing would be stashed in the closet of a bookstore. Unless something was being stored that way.

I turned around and there stood a short older, balding man with a large clipboard, held sideways to him, against his stomach, on which he had an open magazine like  Time Magazine. It was open to the centerfold page, so that the picture was double  paged. The picture was a HUGE explosion ... all black and red fire ...I'm talking  HUGE. On the picture, across both pictures were the words ' NATIONAL SECURITY'.

End of Dream.

I don't have a subscription to Time Magazine so I don't know how many pages are normally in that magazine, but it came to me that it was necessary to know this number. But, I just happened to have an old copy of the Time Magazine with a picture of McVeigh on the cover, dated May 1, 1995, so I went to count the pages in it. The article about the Oklahoma bombing started on the centerfold page, with a double paged picture of the Oklahoma building that was bombed. It was on page 36 The article ran from page 36 to 51.

Today is March 9, so if you add 36 to March 9, you come to April 14th ... and the spread of pages of 36 to 51 would end at April 29th. Right in the middle is April  19th, the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. Since I don't have any other copies of the Time magazine, the numbers might come out a little different, but this is too close to be comfortable for me.

On March 15 1995, I had three dreams in which the word Oklahoma was given to me, and one of the dreams had McVeigh in it with a group of Arab looking people in a bunkhouse type building and in the dream, McVeigh's head blew up and his brain was made with wires sticking out of it. At the time, I didn't have internet access and didn't know anyone, and didn't even know that dreams could be predictive of anything. Besides that, where is the Arab looking suspect with dark skin they didn't question enough?

When I say that the dream had McVeigh in it, I'm not kidding ... it was his face ... how can you forget that face ... he is wanting to be executed... on what date? On the anniversary or close to that date?

Enough questions. I suggest someone remote view this and see if I'm just whistling in the dark with this.

See Waco Revisited



DREAM: I was looking at a screen that showed me a pattern of an object.  I was made to know that once the pattern is made, the object itself is projected down into reality.

DREAM - I was working in a lawyers office.  There was more than one lawyer working here, as well as women who did secretarial work and whatever else needed to be done.   The law books were dark green and very large. There were 11 of them on the desk.  One of the lawyers, who had dark short cropped hair, was wearing a dark green robe that matched the color of the law books. He stated that he wanted to bring the law down, but something had to be done first.

He brought forth a large ceramic cup with no handle on it. He placed it on a hot burner so that the fluid in it started to boil. I don't know whether it was water, coffee, or tea, but it started to boil. The lawyer in the green robe said, "All I need you to do is to watch this for 11 minutes.  

I woke up, but I started counting to 60 eleven times.  This took a lot of discipline. I used my fingers to keep track of the times I counted to 60, and my fingers jerked and shook while I counted for some reason.

I completed this task, and by then I was rather in a meditative start, half in the next reality, and half in the real world.

I was back in the lawyer's office. I was handed an envelope which I opened up and inside was a large key. I took this key and kept it safe.

I was told that two people were going to come down and pay the price for the law.  They each had a name and the two names together made one name.  Her name was Coli____ and his was Arn.  I thought it sounded rather like Columbine ... it was close to that but ended in Arn.

I was told by a woman in the lawyer's office that THE LAW was being downloaded like a super-computer and it would take 5 more minutes.  I again counted off 5 minutes on my fingers to make sure I waited long enough before going on to the next task.

I was told that Roger Leir (of UFO/implant fame) played the part of 'ELIASK'.

I then went into a dream in which Joe and I were sitting in a car in a gas station on the corner of 16th and Center Sts. We were waiting for Coli ___ Arn to pay the price.  We sat there quite awhile and then the car door opened and we heard a bell ding loudly.  We realized then that we had to pay the price for the gas or leave.  I looked in my coin purse and it was empty.  

So, Joe pulled out of the gas station and went the wrong way down 16th St., which was a one way street. We knew immediately we were going the wrong way down the street, and he had the opportunity to turn right into the alley but it was dark and so foggy we couldn't see, so he continued on down the street against traffic.

I saw the headlights of a car coming and we were in the path of the car.  Joe pulled to the left of the street into the parking lane and started to park the car as the headlights went by. I don't recall seeing a car ... just the two lights went by.

We didn't get out of  the car. We turned around and went down the street to center St.  Along the street were shops of various kinds.  The first shop on the corner was like a Hallmark card shop. It appeared to be just before Valentine's day and there were numerous large hearts on the sidewalk and hanging in the window. In fact, there were so many hearts in the window, one couldn't see into the store, or out of it, and all the cards faced away from the street.

We went around the corner to where there was a large grocery store. Here, the windows were full of posters that looked like they had pictures of pumpkins such as one would hang for Halloween. Here again, all the posters faced the inside of the store and completely covered the windows so one couldn't see in or out of the store.

I woke up, feeling very puzzled as to what that meant.


3-11-01 - We watched a movie about Little Big Horn and Custer's Last Stand just before bedtime.  I dreamed about making a web page about this.  I already did this last year ... NATIVE AMERICAL LINKS and A THOUSAND LIES

DREAM 2 - I was in the basement of a large office building. I finished cleaning up the kitchen of the cafeteria, and put away some food into a perfectly clean refrigerator for later eating.  Then I went through my purse to look for something and found some long chocolate candy sticks. I saw ants crawling on them, so threw them all away ... very reluctantly I might add, but I did it.

As I was leaving, there were some Aztec Indian type women - Mexicans? in the basement. They were moving two mattresses out of the room and putting two colorful sofas into a closet.  I went with them to the elevator, which was a large frieght elevator.

I stood in the elevator and allowed one of the women to 'drive' the elevator.  We went up, but ended up on the 5th floor which was the executive floor of this building.  So, the woman pushed the button again and we then eneded up back in the basement, but when the door opened, the hallway was dim ... I saw a woman in the hallway, but all the other lights had been shut off.

I told the women I was going to 'drive', and pushed the button for the 1st floor.  When the elevator arrived at the first floor, the elevator was about 6" off and even through we could have stepped off the elevator easily, there was still the matter of dragging the mattresses out of the elevator and there was a rubber gasket for the door that stuck up about 6" because we weren't right exactly at the floor.  So, we had to allow the door to close again so we could try again to get to the exact level to get off the elevator.

As I was waking up, I saw a blue screen with two dates ... 2/17 and 1/17

NOTE: I didn't see any connection between what I dreamed on both dates. On 2/17, was a dream where I talked to a young boy whose father was trying to teach him hate and war.


3-11-01 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page about Native tribes ... at the end of which I saw a medicine wheel.

As I was waking up, I was thinking about the medicine wheel and I saw it again, this time turned with a Mayan astronaut at each of the 4 direction points, but they were turned 1 1/12th of the way further on the wheel like a clock ......

Medicine wheel aligned in the normal
position aligned north, south, east, west
Medicine wheel shown in vision with changed
alignment to the 1 1/2th turn so that north was
pointing to one o'clock position


3-12-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building.  I worked on a web page with a dark blue background and white links. I didn't know what it was about at first. I didn't like the color scheme at all. I couldn't read the white links.

I went into another room where a young woman showed me a TV set which had another TV set inside of it.  We had to sit on the floor in front of the set and the inner set was higher than the front one, and that screen showed another screen inside that one that was higher yet, and it was really a strain to keep looking up.

I then had a computer with a screen on which I could see the entire letter I was writing for my boss. I made a typing error on the first line of the letter where it had an extraneous letter 'a' in the middle of a word. I can't even describe how the screen was ... it seemed like the piece of paper was actually inside the screen, yet it seemed like it had liquid inside the screen.  I'm having trouble elucidating how this was ...

I went to the basement supply room and they were changing the shelving arrangement. It looked pretty cool and I told  them I liked it.

I went upstairs again to work, then when I went downstairs, the shelves were changed again.  I told them I liked it, yet when I came back a third time, it was changed again.

Finally, I finished my letter and had to go back down to the supply room again, it now looked like a clothing shop with pale yellow bricks. That's how it was originally . I asked them why they had gone through all those changes and then ended up with how it was in the beginning anyway. They told me that that's the way an office building should be so they went back to the original.  I couldn't see any sense in it.

I then went back to my original web page. It seemed to be about historical events and I interviewed people about these events for a show on the internet.


3-12-01 - DREAM - I was inside a white bathroom. The door was locked. Someone was at the door and kept jiggling the doorknob. I went over to the door and said, "Go away ...... stupid!!!!!"


3-12-01 - DREAM - I was in a silver car with Joe, who was driving. We were going up a mountain road. I didn't know where we were but was glad that we were actually going somewhere for a change. The road was very similar to a mountain pass road on I90 going through Idaho where it goes up, up, up, levels off for a few feet, then goes up, up, up again.  The car was acting really weak, but it kept going. We got really high and were in fog/clouds ... and I got really nervous. We could hardly see where we were going except right next to the car. But we kept going and finally broke out of the clouds into clear blue sky.

At that point we were right on top of the mountain and I could see down in every direction.  From there, there was nowhere to go except down. We kept going forward and went down the other side of the mountain, going faster and faster.  I told Joe to be careful because there was cross traffic and a town at the bottom of the mountain. Fortunately, every red light we came to turned green just before we got to it and he never had to slow down.  

We came to a small store and Joe pulled into the parking lot. We were the only car in the lot. We went inside the store, and Joe tried to buy cigarettes from the big black store clerk.  The clerk made several excuses and didn't sell Joe any cigarettes. I went back out to the lot and there was another car in the lot now ... parked directly nose to nose with our car.  I didn't see if anyone was in the car because I was too busy trying to avoid stepping in a large water puddle as I got back into the car.

In this size lot, the car had to park right directly in front of us? Go figure!!!!


3-13-01 - DREAM - Most of the night I was being taught that people are actually pillars of color stacked on top of one annther. There was a specific word used which I can't recall... something like 'chrome ____"

I was shown the colors which made us look like pastel colored snowmen.  I was told that the color 'yellow' stood for 'pity'.

Finally, I was sitting in a classroom and the graduates of the class came in, all beautiful men and women, about 12 to 15 of them, of many races ... not all white people ...who sat around me on stools and discussed what they had learned. They were speaking English, but I couldn't make sense of the sentences they were speaking. The words were simple ... not large words or terminology, but I wasn't getting it.


3-13-01 -  Yesterday the stock market lost over 400 points. I wasn't thinking about that at bedtime, but had this dream anyway.

DREAM - I was with one of my sons, walking through the woods.  We saw 'bear' spoor on the ground in a trail. We knew that to follow bear spoor, one would sooner or later come upon a bear ... and sure enough, the bear spoor got closer and closer together and larger and larger and soon the bear spoor actually was shaped like a large bear ... one bear after another ... all the way to the house we were going to live in.

Inside the house, was a large refrigerated room, with a large glass door edged in chrome.  This refrigerated room was to keep the bodies of the dead bears in, and if we ever got any live ones we didn't kill, we were supposed to call the zoo and they would come and get them.

I heard a noise and sensed something at the door on the patio. I went to look out the door which was a large patio door, and sure enough, there was a large bear, standing on his hind feet, waving his front paws in the air.  It was pretty scary.


3-13-01 - DREAM - I was moving into a new bright apartment, and taking over as manager.  It was already furnished, but I soon found out that the furniture was being rented.  

A blonde woman was the bosses wife. She was quite a bit shorter than me and we were discussing the job.  I don't recall specifically what she said, but I put my hands around her neck with both thumbs on her windpipe in case she was going to tell me she didn't want me around. She begged me to stay, and started to cry, "I really need you!"  So, I took my thumbs off her windpipe and hugged her.

Then another stocky/chubby man came in who was in charge of the rental furniture. This was the first time I knew about that cost of the furniture. The guy stock the contract in my face and showed me that the stove, refrigerator, and washer cost $90.00 a month.

I told him the price was way too high.  I asked him the price of the bed, which wasn't on the contract.  He said, "A bed will cost you $125 a month!"  I told him, "That's way too much."  I had not intention of paying him any money. I figured I could sleep on the floor and go without the appliances if necessary. I'd figure out a way to eat and do laundry without paying such a high price.

My boss, who in other dreams is representative of a reptilian, said to the guy in order to try to get him to bring the price down, "Well, we can always go to the Nordics!"

I knew that wasn't going to sway this guy, but I wasn't going to pay the price to rent this guys furniture, no matter how pretty it looked. (It was all chrome)



3-14-01 - DREAM - I was in a large area, somewhat a suburb area, where there were large green spaces, yet lots of people around.  I was outside with my friend Donna from highschool.  (Donna means 'lady') (Madonna means 'my lady')  We were walking on the path after a long rain. There were many puddles still on the sidewalk, and dark clouds still glowered in the sky.

Donna pointed at the puddles, and there we saw reflected from the clouds, swirls of purple, red, and blue, somewhat like the clouds do when they are about to part and let the sun shine through.

It was amazing to see, and I raised my eyes and  looked up into the sky, rather than in the puddle, and there the clouds where shimmering like water ... red, blue, purple, shifting and glimmering as though to let the sun shine through.

Suddenly, against the background of the shimmering colors, I saw a huge man in the sky ... it was like a television screen against the clouds. The man looked like a warrior/teacher.  He would have had to be 10 miles tall and  many miles wide ...

Then the man came down out of the clouds and landed at our feet. He was a mere man size ... a beautiful guy ... somewhat like the director of the games on the Survivor television show.  

He had been on earth once before and taught this class that he as about to teach again.  He said that this time, he wasn't going to start with lesson 1. He was going to start with lesson 7 through 15 of the 1st book, and 1 through 5 of the second book.

My friend Donna had her notebooks in her hands. She had two fat notebooks from having studied the lessons before. The books reminded me of the calendar books/diaries that businessmen keep.  She showed them to me proudly.

I didn't have any such books from studying the classes before. I told her I had my journals and notebooks from studying my dreams for the last 20 years, and had been studying metaphysics for 30 years.  I could take notes in little black books as well as she could.  

She looked a little sheepish to realize that one didn't have to sit in a classroom to learn.  There were other ways to learn the same lessons.  

Lots of people were gathering around this man.  He was easy to look upon as well as masterful with people.

Besides that, there was now a masterful stallion there which was to be used for the teacher and the teacher indicated that Donna, I, and another man take the stallion in hand, tame him to ride, and ready him to stud an equally magnificent mare to foal a beauty of a colt.  The man we chose actually did the work, while Donna and I held the reins on either side of it's head.  

We were then on the city streets, and lots of people were gathering.  One woman asked me to care for her child so she could study.  I took him in my arms and carried him with me.

Then, the man asked us to recruit some boys to play a game of baseball. He wanted only the best players. He told me to go round up only those boys who could hit over 50.  

I went to the local school where all the boys were gathering.  My son Tom had gotten there ahead of me and was already choosing the best players.  He had been given the same orders before me.  I told my son Tom that we were going to be choosing the same boys, playing one team against another ... we should line up all the best players ... he could have the 1st player in line, I would take the second, he would take the third player, I would take the 4th player ... right on down the line.  He agreed that was fair.  There would be no choosing Mother against son, ...

There was a young boy there, around age 11 or 12. He looked so lost ... like an orphan child. We took him with us and he changed into a happy young boy very quickly. He just wanted to belong... like all the rest.

We went back outside with the boys trailing behind us, ready to play the game. We met the teacher out on the field. We waved at me and said that the stallion and mare were ready to be mated, and that I should take charge. So I left the ball field and went to take care of the matter at hand.  I had never worked with horses before, but Donna, I, and the man were strong individuals and that's what it would take.

Meanwhile, there were some girls there who hadn't been assigned anything yet, and they were hanging around the local bar, having a good time, giggling, and waiting for classes to begin.  Classes wouldn't begin until after the ball game was played.  

A man came by, looking for someone with a long name starting with the letter 'N'.  The men had all gathered in one area, the women in another, so I took the man to where the men were sitting, getting ready to study, and left it to him to find the man with the other men telling him which way to go.

I found my friend Donna who had changed clothes and was now dressed in a fine linen dress with a flowery hat and jewels for buttons on the dress.  I spotted her and called out to her across the room, "We're going to have a baby.", to alert her that we needed to get the horses together.

A gay man stood between her and me with curlers in his hair.  He looked at me, all excited, like he was going to participate in this .  I looked at him and said, "In your wildest dreams...."   and I went over and hugged Donna. We were so excited to participate in this magnificent act.

I went inside the school where the parents of the boys had gathered, and I met the man who was the father of the young boy we had made friends with earlier. He was a large businessman, always out of town.  The mother was busy working and doing volunteer work and didn't pay any attention to the child either.  He asked about his son, and we told him that he was well in hand and happy.  The man asked us to keep him and care for him ... because he had never been able to be the father he wanted to be in life.

We agreed we would care for the boy. That was no problem for us.  The game was about to begin and the lessons to follow..

NOTE: If the two books we were to study were the Bible, the lessons in Book 1 is Judges through Ezra ... ... and Book 2 is Matthew through Acts.

In binary numbers  7 is 111 and 15 is 1111 -  In binary numbers 1 is 1 and 5 is 1001.  



3-15-01 - DREAMS - I was seeing a large rectangle. It was like a map in black and white, with periods of history laid out in little squares within the rectangle. I couldn't see the numbers well enough to figure out what it was trying to show me.


3-15-01 - DREAM - I was in a hospital somewhere. All the walls were made of glass.  I was told I had to go upstairs and get some injections.  Someone handed me a huge group of colored hyperdermic needles.  I noticed that they were really colored pens.  I was carrying them up the stairway and met my ex-husband Ed halfway up the stairs where he was sitting on a small bench.  He said something to me I can't remember ... I replied ... "Fuck you!" and kept going.


3-15-01 - DREAM - I don't know where I was.  I came home and opened the refrigerator to find that it had been cleaned and straightened out for me.  I knew that a particular man had done it and he was sitting on the bed in the bedroom, watching TV.  There were two other people with me, and we got wine poured in little white cups. I carried mine into the bedroom, set it down on the to of the huge TV set ... it was about 36" wide.  As I did this, the man said to me, "Do you mind if we love the little boy?"  I said, "No! I don't mind if you love the little boy."  I was rather grateful that he wanted to.


3-15-01 - DREAM - I don't know where this was either. I was with a bunch of women. I knew one was the girlfriend of my long time friend Robb.  I was using the side edge of a pink pencil and coloring her arms pink to show that I loved her. A man came into the room and saw that we women had moved all the furniture around. I told him, "That's a woman's perogative, you know, to move all the furniture every so often."  The only memorable piece of furniture was a large emerald green glass shaded lamp sitting on a desk in the corner.


3-15-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a room. A man came in and said something about the stock market. I didn't understand the words/terms he used, but he said that it was 29 to 9 or 9 to 1.