MARCH, 2003


3-1-03 - DREAM - I dreamed the bird hierarchy in a series of visions.

There were 7 birds horizontally, then 5 birds of 5 different colors vertically, then a group of birds that were were 1/2 human and 1/2 bird.


3-1-03 - DREAM - I seemed to be at the home of Todd from One Life to Live TV show.

I was going to go shopping with a young woman. She had served some red berries slurpy stuff with red wine and she needed to get more. I told her I like the store she shopped at. She was all happy because I liked the store she shopped at.

She had a huge kitchen. I walked through it and there were two carafes of wine on the counter that stood  5 foot tall on the counter. one was full and the other one was 1/2 empty. She needed to replenish that wine.

I couldn't imagine how anyone could pour wine from those carafes. They'd be too heavy to lift, much less pour anything out of them without spilling.

There was a party going on and I placed a large inflatable mattress on the floor that was large enough to hold dozens of people.

I began to inflate it, then invited everyone to join me because it was warm and everyone did, but just for a moment. Then we had to leave because the place where we were - everyone had to be out by noon and it was 11:30 a.m.

So, everyone left except me and Todd's little boy Jack. Jack came into the room, pushing a box of ice cream slurpy's that was 3 feet in length by 6" deep by 2 feet wide. I told him he couldn't have that many at once, so I took him and the box back to the kitchen. I met Todd in the hallway, who was standing there with a friend. He wanted to know what I needed so I told him I needed to put these ice cream slurpys back. So he said, "Follow me! " to show me the way, but it would have been stupid to walk all the way down to the other end of the hall to where he was going, when I was already by the kitchen door, so I just went into the kitchen. He ignored the fact that I hadn't followed him, and showed me where the slurpys box went. He not only had an upright freezer, the cabinets were also freezers and he opened one of the lower cabinets which had an entire shelf full of 1/2 gallon boxes of strawberry ice cream. I couldn't imagine having that much ice cream at once.

He slid the slurpy box behind the door and then closed it and slurpy box fit perfectly. That really astonished me, that he had so much freezer space.

I then walked down the hall between Todd and his friend and touched Todd's back with my left hand. He was wearing a black silk shirt and it was slippery so I rubbed his back a little. He said he appreciated that because no one had touched him in a long time.

He left with his friend I went on with my tour of the house and grounds my myself.

The house was on the edge of the ocean and there was a safety fence so the kids wouldn't fall of the cliff into the water. I met some people out in the yard who were also walking around the man showed me there was a gate in the fence so he opened it and I walked through and got on the rocks side of the fence overlooking the ocean.  

It was really dangerous here. the rocks were loose and of various colors. One large pink rock slid down near by. It looked similar to limestone, but I've never seen pink limestone before.

Near that one, was a white marble stone started to slide. This stone was shaped like a carved elephant with flecks of purple and green in it. It was a magnificent piece of stone. It was really dangerous here, despite the fact that someone had put a woven walkway along the rocks for more safety, so I climbed up on the rocks and went back to the house.

Back at the house I met a little girl who said she had to go to the bathroom. I thought I was following her carefully, but I ended up on the lower level - the basement? Here, everything was made of ugly brown stones and there were huge spider webs with dozens of brown spiders in them. There were closed doors to the rooms down here which two live gargoyles at the tops of the doorways that were live and opened and closed their mouths ominously.

I figured I must be in the wrong place it was so nasty and backtracked my steps and discovered my error and got back up to the 1st floor where the little girl had gone.

There was also a black wrought iron gate to prevent kids from falling down the stairwell so I clambered over it and got back upstairs.

Now that I was on the 1st level, I was near the front door and two teen boys came up to me. One was obviously in pain. He had broke his wrist in two places, while playing baseball and he needed help desperately. He was wearing a gold bracelet on the wrist that was broken and I was going to suggest that he take the bracelet off, but figured it was more important to call an ambulance for him so the EMTS could stabilize his arm with a wrist board.

I ran for the phone to dial 911 and woke up.


3-1-03 - VISION - Some kind of drug overdose and there were 2 white missiles like Iraqs' laying on stands in the parking lot.

3-1-03 VISION - An open freezer door on a refrigerator. the door slammed shut and a red rose with a white ribbon was attached to the closed door.

3-1-03  VISION - two cute dwarfs walked through the house.

3-1-03 - VISION - two black and gold fountain pens standing side by side on a desk to sign an agreement. (This might have something to do with the UN agreements that the US is working on about Iraq.


3-1-03 - DREAM - I had an organ in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. My daughter said she was writing a paper on which keys the women played and which keys the men played. I said, "The men play the black keys and the women play the white keys."


3-1-03 - DREAM - I was in my bedroom and there was a bookcase next to it. My small daughter came into the room and wanted information about two wars we had fought. I got two 'THIN' books out of the bookcase to give her the information.

NOTE: A prediction of a 'short' Iraqi war?


3-2-03 - DREAM - I was hired by a church to work in their office. The first thing I had to do was generate a new 'TO DO' list because the old one was completed.

After I woke up, I was thinking about this dream. The TO DO list is no problem. I remembered that I had been told to create a prayer book for children, but the printing costs is prohibitive, but now I realized that if I create it as a pdf or doc file, people can download it and print it themselves for their kids, and they can print it over and over if they wish.


3-2-03 - VISION - I was sitting behind Michelle's right shoulder. She was sitting on a chair holding a boy baby about 9 months old. The baby was wearing a red, white, and blue knitted sweater with wide flag-like stripes on it. She put him down on the floor to walk - he turned around and looked at me with a look of dismay or disappointment on his face.

NOTE: I think this is about a prediction she made and it didn't happen.


3-2-03 - VISION - Paul and Michelle and some other people were facing me, then they turned and walked down a long dark hallways.

NOTE:  I think is about a project they are thinking about doing.  It won't work. I already told her what I thought about it.


3-3-03 - DREAM - This seemed to be Wisconsin, but none of the places I was in was familiar. I was dressed in a blue dance costume, with no skirt on it, but had a coat on over it.

I sold my car to a businessman who owned a large house that he was having painted. He gave me a check for $21,680. I still had the ownership papers in my hand when I left there though.

I got a tour of his house while I was there. I don't remember what this man's name was, but he was  a short, stocky man with a lot of energy. I followed him into his library which he said he was turning into a bedroom for his son.

The room was full of ornate chairs that looked way to uncomfortable to really use. They had way too much wood on them, with thick posts and foot perches. He did have some nice rocking chairs I admired and I tried to explain that I had one similar to what he had.

He showed me a well-used chaise-lounge chair his son had used - one fit for a king - but the covering was all scuffed and torn and worn out. I would have gotten rid of the covering and hand the chair re-upholstered or threw it away, but he was going to have it repaired.

From there, I walked to work and just as I got there, I ran into Cheers ' Ted Danson who was just bringing in some electrical equipment to give a demonstration. He dropped a small control box and I ran over to pick it up and carry it for him, when he asked, "Can somebody help me?" so I was right there. He said, "Thanks Nancy!"  (Nancy=grace)

I knew that wasn't my real  name, but I accepted it and let him believe that was my name.

I followed him into the building and his young son was there who had an injured leg - not sure if it was his knee or his foot, so I hung around and commiserated with them.

Then I followed him into a room where he lay on a bed. He was still calling me Nancy and I was attempting to entice him into romance and kissed him a few times, when he daughter came in - a girl about 6 or so. she crawled up on the bed and went to sleep, so I knew my opportunity was gone and as I left, he said, "Thanks Nancy!" and I walked out the door and woke up.


3-4-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building with several floors.

The women were having an auction and miscellaneous sale of a variety of things they had brought in to raise mooney for something.

I didn't go to the auction part, but I did browse the miscellaneous section, making the rounds behind an old white-haired woman.

She spotted an old worn white bedspread that looked handmade, but because it was behind glass in an old bookcase, we couldn't see how much it was selling for, so she kept on going.

After she left, I opened up the bookcase and took out the bedspread and unfolded it, looking for a label or price. Hidden deep inside, I found a label that sid it had originally cost $400, but it was now welling for $11.00. that was quite a bargain. I folded it back up in such a way so one could still see the beauty of the bedspread and the price too, then went looking for the old woman, who had wandered off.

I had some other things to do too and when I came back, the bookcase was gone, and so was all the stuff that had been for sale. One of the women was still there and I asked her where everything was and she said that everything that didn't sell was taken back home by the women who brought it. So the old woman never got the bedspread she liked so much.

I went into another office where I saw some guys sneaking around behind stuff, being  rained to be 'black-ops' spies. They asked me if I would be a decoy and they would try to find me. I said, "Okay!" Nobody had a real gun, we just pretended to shoot with our fingers and say, "Boom!" when we were shooting at someone.

While we were doing that, I found out that our boss Ralph (the Jewish Judge) was secretly bringing in 4 rectangular parts that were made by 'Triangle Mfg. Co."

He took them into the basement.

I caught one of the guys out in the open, crawling from behind the sofa. I pointed my finger at him and said, "Boom - you're dead!"

I got him fair and square so he and I sat and talked about Ralph and what he was clandestinely doing.

I then went outside and girl in a battered pink and white car went by. She slowed down enough, so I knew who it was and she told me that she had to finish cleaning some apartment so they were ready for occupancy.

It seems there were 5 of them. She pulled into the parking lot behind the building and I went back inside.

Antonio - the cop from ONe Life to Live TV show came in the room and started getting romantic with me. I gave him some hints that I thought that Ralph (without using his name) was doing something he shouldn't.

Even though I knew that Antonio was dating the girl from the pink and white car, I made a date with him for later for myself.

Then when the other women asked me if I was going on a date with Antonio, I told them that he was a doctor, so they wouldn't guess that I was going out on a date with someone elses boyfriend.


10:00 a.m. During meditation, I kept seeing the number 9886 on a grey background.

It could mean:  Psalms 90:17 - get to work
       or   1 Sam 4: 18 - the end of the judge.

NOTE: More to come on these numbers below


3-5-03 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, walking down Teutonia Ave. towards the south with my friend Irv (he passed away on Dec. 3, 2002) and a woman dressed in a white like a nurse.

Irv pretty much looked like his old self from the early 90's.

We were walking really fast, but discussing the price of 7 chairs, each of which I had said cost 19 million plus dollars each I said it came to a total of 96 million plus dollars.

The Jewish Judge had told me the total was wrong and I should do the math again.

So I had the piece of paper with me when the three of us went into a restaurant just north of Center St. on t he west side of the street where the 7 chairs were.

So, I sat on a stool by the bar side of the room which was all along the north wall and observed the chairs which were lined up along the south wall. Each one of the chairs was a different color and well worn. I noticed one difference I hadn't seen earlier. The second light blue chair was an astronauts pilot's seat - and all the rest of the chairs were ordinary stuffed livingroom chairs. When I saw the astronaut's pilots seat, I understood why my math was wrong. The price on that seat was way higher than the others and that's why it cost way more than 96 million dollars to use all those chairs.

Meanwhile I turned towards the nurse and Irv was now a tiny infant laying on the stool next to me, instead of like the grown man he had been when we walked in.

The nurse lifted up his head so he could be fed and I could see him growing as she did this. By the time he was sitting upright, he looked like he was about 4 months old.

The nurse said, "He's got about a year's growth to go and then he'll be ready to run again."


3-5-03 - DREAM - I dreamed I was looking at a computer screen about the number 9886. I was trying to read it, but I could only read parts of it. It was about tan island. It came to met hat the island was Madagascar.

I continued to try to read it but was unable to see a whole sentence.

I was then given two more words in my head about Madagascar. One was 'horrible' and one was 'scurvy.


3-5-03 - MICHELLE DREAM - There was a big building - a school room and doctors like a hospital. 

I was trying to leave because I did not belong there. Laura was supposed to be there and was in the distance, but I couldn't find her.

There was another person with me (Dee), my daughter A. and my son I. I had two gallons of milk.

I wanted to leave they they wouldn't let me. I went into a room and they gave me a book to read and answer questions about my life.

I had already graduated, but they would me leave.

So I told Dee we could get out the back door. 

There was a black hardware store cart there and we put A and the milk in the cart.

At the back door, were two poodle/alien guards at the door. They said we couldn't leave but we said we had the authority to leave.

We walked down the street to the FOX news building. We were going to just walk through it to go to the CNN building.

But they wouldn't let us go through without eating something. 

Then a movie started and Dee wanted to watch about the moon. It was in great detail about the moon energy and that moon energy made the soul grow.  There was energy coming from the moon that we could see which some people can't handle, but the sould can't grow without the moon energy. 


3-6-03 - VISION - I saw a large hospital room with a soldier laying in bed with a black mask on his face. Then the door opened and a huge soldier dressed in green camouflage came in, carrying a weapon and wearing a hazmat breathing mask on his face.


3-6-03 - VISION - I saw a picture frame with a country scene. The bottom half of the picture was divided into two horizontal halves. It began to rain on the top half and the bottom half which was labeled THE EARTH turned white and froze over.


3-7-03 - DREAM - I downloaded off the internet all the statement about Indians I could find, put them all together and printed them out.

Another woman had all this copies onto gold colored paper.

We then did a mass mailing to at least 100 people, put it all in large envelopes and go the kids to put the stamps on the envelopes.

Later, I met the mailman down in the lobby. She was delivering the gold paper into the mailboxes, but each person was getting something different. None of the information was in envelopes and no two people got the same information. I have no clue how that happened.


In another scene, something happened to the electrical equipment in a closet and the fire department was called. The place was full of smoke and I got everyone out of bed and told them to get up and get dressed because the place was on fire.

NOTE: I think that meant I had a fever which I did from a head cold and I was having trouble breathing too..


3-8-02 - DREAM - I was in a building on Wisconsin Ave., in Milwaukee, which was like a restaurant or meeting-hall place, located just past 33rd St.

I was getting ready to go across the street to another place and speak to a group of people about SACCREATION, which had to do with prayer beads that were in a ring about 6" across that were turquoise blue - they may have been actual turquoise.

I was standing there, thinking about it by the counter and someone - a young woman delivered to me as a gift form a man - what looked like a steepled milk carton with extra sides on it so it looked like a church.

On the steepled roof, was a lift-up lid to drink the milk from.

I took the milk carton from the woman and set it on the counter and wasn't really planning to drink it, but another woman suggested that  I had better not drink it because it was probably poisoned.

At that pint, I wondered if I should call the cops so they could find the man who would send such a thing to kill me. I also wondered what was so important about SACCREATION that I would have to be stopped from speaking about it.

I went outside then with some other people, looking in parking lots on the other side of the street for the man's car, wondering how he would know my car well enough to know I was there.

From high above the street, I saw a sleek blue car driving up and down the street between 33rd and 35th St. From ground level, I was seeing a series of silver cars in a variety of sizes and shapes, trying to determine which was Joe's car - the one I had come in - and I didn't find it.

I went back to the building and was talking to my friend Judy about the situation. She was also trying to help me decipher the puzzle of why SACCREATION was so important to try to stifle that I would have to be killed to prevent its' teaching.

While I was talking to her, she suddenly fell down and blood started squirting out of her head behind her left ear. I knew she would bleed to death if I didn't stop the bleeding because that was her life-energy, so I put my index finger on the bleeding spot that was really squirting a lot of blood out in an arc. I stopped the bleeding with my finger.

She got up again and I started to try to figure out why SACCREATION was so important I should be prevented from speaking about it and she stopped em. She said, "Don't talk about it - its too dangerous."  Then she walked into a closet to hide.



I was working for Ralph (the Jewish Judge) in an office. (I used to work for him in the real - in the real estate business)

He took out his briefcase (reddish brown) and pulled out a 3 -ring binder and handed it to me to work on. He showed me what my password was to get into the binder which had a lock on it.

Inside the binder was a series of colored maps of the continents. Over each map was a plastic overlay on which the changes were to be made with colored pencils.  Each overlay had a rectangular area marked out which overlay the coastlines of each continent.  I was also given the colored pencils and given the job of making the changes on the maps.

At the end of the day, I took the binder of maps and the briefcase home with me and Ralph had broken the lock on the briefcase. (The seal was broken)


3-10-03 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen and given my own password to get into a special program that showed the changes that are coming. (I couldn't actually read any of them, but they were numerous)



DREAM - this is the 2nd time this week that I was attacked in a dream and had to fight for my life and woke up with my heart pounding and my face half buried in the pillow.

Int he dream, I don't know of any good reason why these women ganged up on me to attack me. I don't have any recall of a reason.  

The dream took place in an apartment building but not anywhere I ever lived and all the action took place on the 2nd floor.

Twice I was fighting with a dark-haired woman and winning because I had her by the hair and she was defenseless and I convinced her to postpone the fight, then she would attack again a few minutes later. Again I would grab her by the hair and she was defenseless.

Finally, we agreed to meet at 6 a.m., but one of woman's friends came to me and said they were really planning to attack at 5: 00 a.m.

So, she joined my side and we ran downstairs together and ran outside. The street was really wide and we started to run across it, after discussing that sewer smell was really bad by the curb. There was also an embedded scene of an outdoor toilet with its smell here.

Then I saw a group of professional roller-skaters coming across the street to put on a show for people.  I decided I would get in the middle of them because the woman wouldn't attack me with witness around.

I then woke up with my heart pounding.


3-12-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment working and Irv came to visit. (He passed in the 1st week of december) He said he had to come through two different doorways on the far side of the building with a special key (it was moon-shaped). the key went through the door handle to turn it - it didn't go into a lock.

He then helped me pack some orange soup in a container in the back seat of my car.

I then went to a dinner with some people and we sat on children's chairs around a children's table. One of the other guests was my friend Ruth.


3-13-03 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house, but it was nothing like real. Joe was my husband in the beginning and a tall man named John was my husband at the end of the dream.

In the beginning Joe and I were in the car and made a right turn onto 172nd St. He acted like there was a car coming from the left and he had to beat it, but I never sat it myself. He sped along the road faster and faster, right on the edge, trying to beat traffic that wasn't even there.

Finally when we got a few miles down near the Beloit Rd. crossing, there was a big red farm truck and he slowed down for it, but the red farm truck sped up and we couldn't even keep up with it.

At the same time, there was a woman who lived in that area, standing in her doorway with her big dog. the dog actually looked pink. The dog took off across the field, along the road and it looked like a furry deer while it was running. She finally caught u with it before it got to the church hill. We stopped to help and she said she couldn't control the dog so we took it from her and took it back home.

The dog had a red collar on it and we let it loose in the house and it got along fine with out other two dogs (which i've never seen before and actually never had)

The sun was shining and I looked at the clock and to me the time looked like 10 min to 9 p.m.  But Joe said it was actually quarter to 11. I couldn't figure out why the sun was still shining and I looked at the clock again and saw the hand moving on the clock and all of a sudden it was 11: 11 p.m. and the sun was still shining.  This didn't make any sense to me.

But there were other things goin on in the house that distracted me from that.

The man named John was now my husband and he was angry at an old woman who lived with us who was trying to do the laundry and the water wouldn't go down the drain. She wanted to call a plumber, which was expensive, so John fixed the water with a $3 part and had the washer and dryer stacked on end. It was running in that position and still wouldn't drain properly and he had the hose running to the floor drain and he was mad that nothing was working right.

NOTE: This John was a member of my church in New Berlin while I was living there.

I decided I would do the dishes and headed for the kitchen - but I discovered that the dishes were already done except there were coffee grounds left on the counter that were wet by the coffee pot. So I helped my daughter clean that up.

The house seemed like a school now and other people were visiting. The neighbors from on top of the hill were there and complaining about the cost of their housing. They were complaining that their rent was $1600 and the house wasn't worth that. I said I had been  that house many times and it was worth every cent. (AT the same time I remembered a house that was for sale for real in California with 0% down for 30 yrs and the payment was $1600 a month for a $225,000 house, which was  large 2 storey fixer upper)

Anyway, then my friend Kimber was there, whispering to her landlord about being late with her rent and having to pay a penalty, so I called her aside and offered to pay it for her as a loan. Then she told me she needed two checks, one for $489 and one for $498. I knew I didn't have that much money in my checking account, so I was going to ask John to loan it to her.

It was still light outside now as well, and I couldn't figure out why that was.


In Strong's Bible Concordance

489 = 489 'almon {al-mone'}

AV - widowhood 1; 1 1) widowhood

498 = 498 'El`uwzay {el-oo-zah'ee}

AV - Eluzai 1; 1   Eluzai = "God is my strength"   1) a Benjamite warrior who joined David


3-15-03 - THE PLAGUES

VISION - I saw 6 flashing stars with outgoing energy around them.

VISION - I then saw 6 mice-like creatures of varying sizes with outgoing energy around them.

VISION - I then saw 6 men dancing and was told that 'humanity's dance has begun'.  They were all facing left in profile.

VISION - I then saw a dark blue starry sky, with vermin and strange light blue symbols flashing behind them. This was not any recognizable language that I know of. After I woke up, it seemed that maybe the symbols might have been crop circles.  Anyway it seem extraterrestrial.

VISION - I saw an chartreuse green background with 6 white mice on it facing left.

VISION - I saw a light blue background with 6 white mice on it facing left.

Then outside I heard a crash of thunder and it started pouring rain like the whole sky was falling down. Oddly enough an hour later, the sky was blue like nothing had every happened, except there were puddles in the streets larger than there had been all winter.  That's how much rain had fallen in a few minutes.



3-15-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment office. I had a large wooden desk I was working on.  I heard some conversation out in the hallway and saw a small boy out there with a tall woman. The boy was spanish and he had injured his left eye.

The tall woman said the boy really need to go to the hospital, but they were concerned about the payment to the hospital.

It seemed that the apartment had to pay for it, so I asked if they needed a purchase order.

They thought that would work, so I pulled a long purchase order out of the drawer. There wasn't time to type it all up, so I just wrote his name on the top margin for the time being. It was David Joseph ________ P___________.

The people left and my friend Mary came and we were discussing music for the piano. She said she like a particular piece that was Spanish, so I said I would give her the one I had because it was difficult to play and then I would never have to try to play it again.

Then I went back to my desk to type up the purchase order and couldn't find it. There were blankets and quilts everywhere. I started pulling them away one by one, looking for the purchase order when my son Michael came to repair the baseboard behind the piano.

He had purchased a long piece of plastic coving, but specifically for that place, so it couldn't be used anywhere else but there.


3-16-03 - VISIONS


BEN - Saw 3 times - His pocket said  WIS

VIKI - Saw 3 times - Her pocket said  WIS

I assume that this meant things were okay.

I then saw a dark haired guy. His pocket said, BAAL.

I heard a bell ring and there sat Bill Clinton, sitting on the corner of a desk.  His pocket said  REPO

SEE:  Repo-man


3-16-03 - DREAM - Someone dark came to the door and said we had to take all our cars to the garage down the street and have them mechanically checked.

I went into the bedroom to tell my husband and he wasn't there - he had gone to the bathroom so I couldn't tell him.


3-17-03 - DREAM - I was taking over as Manager of an apartment building somewhere. There were no windows to the outside, so it seems that this place was underground.

It also seems like all these people had severe problems, both emotional and/or physical.  I knew some of their faces, if not their names. However, one woman named Marcia who introduced herself had no hands or feet and ran around in a wheelchair trying to help others.

I hadn't even moved in yet. There were two vacant apartment #1 and #6. I was looking at #6 for myself when a man and woman came. I never saw him, but I already didn't like him because of his dominance over his wife. And on top of that, he moved ll his stuff into the apartment before she even paid the rent on the place. That forced me to have to live in #1.

There were too many problems going on to worry about him right now and I had to open the office so people could do their laundry and get their mail.

In the office was a book designed for this place, but it wasn't quite right. It was labeled The Great Land, but the T G L was around the corner like it hadn't quite achieved its status yet.

I knew I could do better than that. There were some old stamps in the book that showed me it was not new, but it needed a lot of work to become what it could be.

VOICE:  "Is it the mother of 3 countries of 6 countries? "

I then saw 4 o'clock on a clock twice.


3-16-03 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. It was almost 4 p.m. I went into the house and my husband was in the livingroom playing music on the stereo. He was playing it really loud, so I went in to see what he was playing because I liked it.

As soon as I walked in, he turned the music down so I could barely hear it. So I complained and he turned it back up.

I sat and looked at some sheet music, thinking about playing along with it on the piano and my husband got up off the sofa and went outside.

I thought he was going somewhere so I followed him outside with the kids. He was sitting on a stone next to a cut-off tree and there was a big raven sitting on the tree, tearing at it.

My husband had a huge black 3 x 4 ft. notebook on his lap. He was about to make some notations in it about something.

I said, "What's up?"

At the same time, over to my right, my son Ken was messing around by another bird, which was all upset in a taller cut-off tree.

I went over to confront him and ask him what he was up to, when I heard a deep male voice singing at the top of a much taller cut-off tree.

I looked over and there was a big commotion in the dead branches of the tree and the singing stopped.

All of a sudden, a goose, dressed like Mother Goose flew out of the tree and a white dove flew out at the same time and flew away towards the west.



3-18-03 - DREAM - I was at work in a hallway. I think I was on the 1st floor. One of the secretaries walked up to me and asked if there was a way t open the back door of the elevator to work on the controls because the boss was on the elevator and needed to do some work on it. I asked her if he was on the 1st floor or in the basement.  She said she wasn't sure. She wanted to take her little boy along to watch and asked how large the room was behind the elevator.  I told her it was just large enough a space to work in and that's all. I was reluctant to take her along, but I did anyway.

We rode the elevator down to the basement and I pressed the button to pen the back door. Instead of opening sideways, it opened up and instead of being a small room like it was supposed to be, it was outside.

She said, "Where is he?" We looked over aways, and there sat Garfield the cat, sitting on at ree branch, smoking a cigar.

All of a sudden a black and white striped Manx cat (with no tail) appeared at the corner of the building and Garfield jumped down out of the tree and ran off behind the building with the Manx cat.

The secretary and I were sitting on the elevator floor still and I knew that the people upstairs were standing there, waiting for the elevator, so we had to close the elevator door and let the people go to work. We couldn't wait for Garfield and the Manx to do their thing.

So I closed the elevator door and woke up.

NOTE:  Garfield represents someone in politics.  A little hanky panky on the side, no doubt.


3-19-03 - DREAM - Joe and I were in Illinois, in Elgin, where I used to live for a couple years. (Joe was never there)

We had just returned from California and our car was missing. I thought someone had possibly stolen it, then considered I might have sold it.

I looked in the phone book, and the name Joe Mason was in the phone book, so I knew we had lived there before. So, I called that number and a woman answered and I told her about the car situation.

All of a sudden, a green station wagon was parked in front of our house - a little dented, but otherwise looking good. I was glad to get it back.

The dream shifted and I was walking on a sidewalk and there was a little boy in a doorway playing with a blonde doll. He was dragging it through a watery mud puddle. He said, "This is Elizabeth. She was supposed to be a bride, but now she's a prostitute."

NOTE: Probably referring to Elizabeth Smart, returned home, having been raped by that evil guy in Utah.


3-20-03 - THE START OF THE IRAQI WAR.  I had absolutely NO DREAMS.


3-21-03 - DREAM - I dreamed I had 5 bodies

                                  I dreamed that everyone had 5 bodies.


3-22-03 - NO DREAMS


3-23-03 - DREAM -  I and the teacher were living in Milwaukee somewhere. I don't know exactly where.

A woman called me on the phone who said she had  bought perfume from us when we lived together and had a shop on Teutonia Ave. where the store front was on Teutonia Ave. and the house was attached to the back of the perfume shop, but fronted on the street behind it. I somehow was vaguely remembering such a place, but only vaguely.

I didn't remember the woman though, but somehow was visualizing the woman and the situation while she spoke to me, - as though her description of where we lived made it real.

I made an appointment for the woman to meet the teacher at 6 p.m. so she could buy the perfume from him at the shop.

After I hung up with the woman, I called the teacher on the phone to tell him about the shop, the woman, and the perfume and he agreed to meet her, though he didn't remember the woman either.

I don't recall the voice conversation with the teacher, but when  I hung up, I had a small notebook in front of me, about 5 x 6" with his writing in it that he would be meeting me at 6:30 p.m. after the woman left and my impression from the writing and the feelings generated were of intense love between us, though we weren't seeing each other in person at all - and hadn't for quite some time.

This notebook was laying on the table, wide open to the teacher's words. The writing where he was going to meet me at 6:30 p.m. was in the center of the book and there was more writing beyond that which I hadn't read yet. - that was for the future.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 6:15 p.m. so I had 15 min. to wait for the teacher, so I decided I would catch the last half of a TV show that only played on certain TVs - not on ALL TVs. and I went into the livingroom with my husband - who looked like Dr. Troy from One Life to Live TV show, to turn on the TV show and watch what seems like it was someone like James Von Prague who communicates with the dead.  (His real show isn't on the air anymore)


3-24-03 - DREAM - I was with my husband and we drove into the parking lot of a church. We weren't parked within the painted white lines like you are supposed to park, so I told my husband that and he said it didn't matter , that we weren't staying anyway.

Just then, another car pulled into the driveway and parked on the opposite side of the lot behind us. A really friendly couple got out of the car and the woman cajoled to me, "I really wanted to be first!" She ran for the front door of the church with me right after her - with me hollering back to my husband, "I'll only be a minute."

The woman and I ran into the church. She went into the church proper, but I saw a door open into the pastor's office.  Inside the office, I could see a big library full of books and a large black grand piano.

I peeked into the office and on top of the piano, books were standing up like they were for sale. I could read 'PSALMS' on the spine of a green one. So I picked it up, hoping to find music in it. I would have bought it, so I could sing the psalms.

But when I opened the book, there was no music, but I saw no words to read either - only pictures - and all the pictures were in various shades of pink and red.

as I woke up, I kept thinking it was the story of a cruise ship - maybe the "Love Boat'?


3-24-03 - DREAM - I was working on my computer and my daughter and her friends came into the house and said they were going somewhere, so I decided to go along.

I was riding in a car with them and they were laughing and joking around and started talking like the car was actually on a roller coaster. I started to laugh about that and all of a sudden the car started making that special lurching motion that they do when they first start off up that first hill - and as it did, my anxiety rose with it as I realized that when you get to the top of the hill - that's the top of the steepest drop off on the whole ride.

I tried to prepare myself for that fear and sensation and when we go to the top of the hill - the ride was over and we were on a grassy lawn - inside an old white-haired man's house. He smiled at us as we walked by to leave this building which was on a higher level then we had been on before.

But I woke up with my heart pounding like I was still scared.


3-24-03 - DREAM - I was moving into an apartment which wasn't quite finished. I saw T.J. and little Michael by the elevator, but I don't think they saw me.

Inside the apartment, in the bathroom, there was some junk, a broken bicycle, a broken hobby horse, and a whole bunch of other junk.

I figured I would take all that down to the trash room.

I saw that the bathroom would be really beautiful when it was done, but the Masons had put in the bright blue tiles, leaving spots of white grout all over the face of the tiles and that had to be cleaned off.

I planned to clean off the extraneous grout when a young woman came in to wash down the walls, so I didn't have to do it myself.

I looked at the toilet, which was extra large with no lid on it, and no tank on the back, but there was water in it.

I thought I would use it as long as i was there and put my hands on the front rim to support myself, expecting the porcelain to be ice cold.

But I fell backwards and caught myself from falling in when I landed with both elbows and lower arms straddling the bowl and it wasn't cold at all, and I didn't fall in either.

I noted then that there was a mattress laying in an area that was like where the shower should be and there was no curtain over it.

I saw it was a little dirty and had dust bunnies around it, so I'd need to clean that too and then bring in green plants like vines and hang them in there.


3-25-03 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment somewhere - maybe Milwaukee. The people in the dream were familiar. One woman looked like she was one of the ladies from UFO group there.

I had a job but hadn't gone to work yet for some reason. I looked around the apartment I had just moved into and it was pretty messy. I decided I would clean it starting at one end by moving one thing at a time until it reached some resemblance of normalcy.

I hadn't gotten dressed yet and decided I'd put on a pair of green shorts I saw laying on top of the dresser. When I picked them up I saw that the plants needed watering and I had better do that first.

All of a sudden, some people came to visit who hadn't gone to work either.

Three names got picked out of a hat - chosen to follow them around for a day to see what happened to them.

The woman from Milwaukee suggested we take a ride to Carrs - a department store which advertised a toy department that featured a ride that kids could g on that showed a video tape of a naked woman for 25 cents  per minute. The record so far cost one parent $79.50. They also had an ad in the paper for a rocking horse that played a video - the cost was $250 - $350. Outrageous price for a kid's toy.

The group of us left the apartment and ended up in an office where the Milwaukee woman worked where she processed immigration applications. One guy gave her his number and she looked in the file and a photograph came up with two different guys with the same number. So that started a mess she couldn't leave.

The one man who came with us said out loud, "the nerve of that woman who suggested that we go to that store where they showed those expensive videos!"

I tried to shush him because the woman was right there and I knew she heard him, but I didn't want to make a big loud fuss - just tell him to be quiet, but I couldn't get his attention - he was just going to go on and make a bigger fool of himself and embarrass the woman who had no ill-intent.

So I decided to go outside and walk in the park by myself.

Now I noticed I was wearing one of those long winter granny gowns of white with red roses on it. I felt a little self-conscious for not wearing regular clothes in a public park, but nobody else noticed what I was wearing.

I came to an area that had some low bushes and small trees and kids were chasing little birds around that had the coloring of peacock chicks - they were brown birds with a little blue around the necks.

The chicks were small enough that the kids were playing with them.

I thought to myself, "oh my gosh!" I could just pick one up and take it home with me and raise it to full size."

But when I reached for a chick, it would take off and fly just far enough away so I couldn't get it. Each time, it would stay just out of reach.

I was so disappointed. It was getting dark now and everyone had gone home and I couldn't see any more birds so I woke up.

NOTE:  This is the reason I decided to give up on peacocks in my life, and sent for some caged finches.



3-26-03 - DREAM - I had the 1st portion of the dream - 3 separate times.

I was laying in bed in a hospital. My cousin Mary Ann came in to visit me. (She was about 20 years old - she's really in her 60's now)  She was a beautiful blonde, wearing pale beige or cream color clothes.

Mary Ann got u on the bed and lay down and put her head against me and I hugged her.

I then had a vision of her name and beneath her name was the words 'Golden Finch' and the url of a web page. (I can't recall that I could read that part)

(NOTE: I researched gold finches - and who knows - maybe some day I will get one. :-)

In another scene, I was in a livingroom, sitting on a sofa, and it became a schoolroom. A man and wife teacher pair sat on the sofa next to me. Another man sat at the end of the room in an over-stuffed chair, and a man sat on a sofa across from me, and a man sat in an over-stuffed chair to my right. We then discussed the wisdom of having 5 teachers per classroom vs having one teacher who would concentrate on teaching me personally rather than discussing the subject with each other.

In the hospital, I heard the phone ring on the wall to my right. I answered it by saying, "Hello!"  The man said a couple words I can't remember in a nasty low tone voice. Ahead of me in the air was a red dot, rather like a blood clot. That's all he said and he hung up.

Following that, other people came into the room and did various things that were wrong and i just let them slide and get away with it. But then a big fat black woman came into the room and took someone's coat down from a coat rack, saying she was taking it to the cleaners. I told her it didn't need to be cleaned, but she took it anyway.

I jumped out of bed and followed her out of the room and saw her hand the coat to a man out in the hall and leave the building with it.

I knew instinctively that they were stealing the coat, so I started walking fast down the hall to the hospital office.

There were several women in the office, all working at desks. None of them paid any attention to me when I walked in so I just had to blurt out, "A woman stole a coat from my room."

Instantly a black policeman came and we went out into the parking lot to look for the coat.

It struck me then that the lesson for me was that I would put up with wrongs against me personally, but not against other people.


3-27-03 - DREAM - I didn't go to work in the morning. I got there at 1:30 p.m. and left early at 4: 30 p.m.

Before I went to work, I had to change shoes and find a pair with lower heels. I was supposed to be feeding some people and instead a woman made me a hamburger, which I don't eat anymore.

I woke up, feeling very disappointed with the negative symbolism of the dream.


3-28-03 - DREAM - I was dreaming that I was breathing through two narrow straws and that my heart wasn't beating right and that I should go to the doctor and have it checked.

As I was waking up, I had a vision of a series of lollipops going by me in 7 groups of colors in the shades of the chakras. There were several large ones, and the some small ones of each color. AT first I thought there were perhaps 7 of each color, but because there were some small ones also, there may have been a couple more than that.

I woke up and my nose was stuffy and my throat was almost clogged shut and my heart was racing and thready. I fell asleep for a couple of moments and woke up and my heart was pounding and my throat was full of mucous again and I had to keep clearing it to breath.


3-29-03 - DREAM - I was living in a second story flat somewhere, probably Milwaukee.

I hadn't seen anyone in some time. It was cold and dark outside.

The doorbell rang so I went to answer it and 3 groups of people came to work on contracts for upcoming projects.

The people themselves, I've seen on TV comedy shows so their faces were familiar.. One group of people was forming a band - this was a Jewish group and they all brought their mother with them.

The band sat in the livingroom, waiting their turn and I tried to be hospitable to their mother who hovered together in the front hallway by the door, which was more or less like a parlor. Because it was so dark outside, I tried to turn the light on for the ladies, which is what I called them as a group. This apartment had those old-fashioned  push-button light switches. When I pushed the button, the light would flash on for a second, but it wouldn't stay on. The best I could do for them was turn on a light in another room and have the light filter in to them. They were content with that little bit of light.

I apologized for not being able to turn on the LIGHT for them, then went back to talk to their sons in the band.

I told them that they needed to have ea letter prepared that we would all sign.

One of the guys pulled out a 'drafted' copy he had handwritten. I saw my own name in the list. It would be typed up and then we would all sign the contract.

So I left them and went back to my home office.

My 10 year old daughter was waiting for me. We had a little small talk, but didn't really have much to say to each other. So she went home to her own house. I guess she didn't actually live with me.

The other man who had been there earlier left by the back door when the Jewish band came in the front door. I've forgotten why he was there.

A woman in ink, who was an attorney was trying to help me keep my schedule straight.

As I woke up, someone said, "Harold is missing!" and another voice said, "That's Herald!"


3-30-03 - DREAM :  I was reading poetry about potatoes. There were about 30 of them.




3-31-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office of a large apartment building. N.M. had a small apartment down the hall from my office.

My boss Ralph (the Jewish Judge) was out of town, so I decided I would go down the hall and visit N.M. and maybe spend the night with him.

I went into his apartment and there were twin beds there, but that seemed okay to me.

We said friendly "Hello!' and I thought we'd have a nice afternoon and evening, but then N.M.'s friends John and Bob showed up and then my  boss walked by and saw me standing there.

So I pretended I was just inspecting the apartment. But I asked my boss if I could have the afternoon off the following week and he said, "Yes!"

So I left and went back to work.

Later that day, I went shopping and then came back to the building from the opposite direction. I was searching in my purse for my keyes to let myself in, when N.M. showed up and opened the door to the building for me.

There were other people around, teen-age girls and old married couples. One guy actually spit on his wife's neck and they started to fight and I had to settle them down.

Then N.M. and I walked down the hall together hand in hand and the teen-age girls were grinning at us.

N.M. asked me, "How old are you?" I said, "47', because that's how old I felt, then admitted I was 64, knowing that N.M. had just turned 65.

We got down to N.M. apartment and there was a bench in the hallways outside with a box and some loose Christmas wrappings over it.

I said, "There is a box under that paper."

N.M. handed me the box and said, "Happy Birthday!"

I opened the box and it contained a full set of cocktail glasses. There were the plastic party kind.

I thanked him and aid, "These are the first cocktail glasses I ever owned."

N.M. went into his apartment and got a bottle to pour us a drink. I really didn't want booze at my age, but the bottle said, "Pear Nectar!" on it, and I relaxed. He put two cherries in the bottom of my glass, pouring the one from his glass into mine.

I thanked him for that and just then, my other boss Richard L. walked by and N.M. offered him a drink too.

I started to sip my pear nectar and woke up  - my mouth tasting like pear nectar.