compiled by Dee Finney

This photo is the Blood Red Moon on the night of September 26, 1996 photographed in Jerusalem. This moon appeared on "Sukkot", the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. Messianic Jews believe this is the true birthday of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 24:29-31

29 "But immediately after the tribulation of those days THE SUN WILL BE DARKENED, AND THE MOON WILL NOT GIVE ITS LIGHT, AND THE STARS WILL FALL from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory. 31 "And He will send forth His angels with A GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.)

Known for centuries as major astrological events, the alignment of planets become so close they cause a shadow, (lunar eclipse) or they come between the path of the sun and block the view (solar eclipse). Knowing how important Full and New Moons are in regard to cyclic as well as environmental (high and low tides) changes we can only surmise the magnitude of the eclipses effect upon our own lives.

This year we are lucky to observe 5 celestial events that should allow a clear observation into the changing events occurring in our lives. Often we get a glimpse of this in a dream form or sudden inspiration.

Try to observe the area in your own chart where the eclipse occurs to determine how it will effect you. New Moons and Eclipses of the Sun will often bring new beginnings and direction in life. Full Moons or Lunar eclipses always refer to an inner awakening often providing an understanding to things once beyond are observation. Energy's are high and a feeling of being at one with the universe are often felt. The ancients would enjoy the benefits of the Moons effect upon fertility as well as intuition. Dreams are very prophetic now.

May 26, 2002 Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon Sagittarius 5° 04" -The May lunar eclipse will begin on the morning of the 26th at about 3:15 a.m. It will be total at about 5:00 a.m., which is about the same time the sun will be rising. Since the sun and moon are opposite each other at this time, the moon will be set-ting on the western horizon about the time the eclipse is at it's height.

The May lunar eclipse is at 5 degrees Sagittarius; therefore, those with a sun sign Sagittarius or any planets near to 5 degrees Sag will be affected. The affects vary widely, depending upon the individual's birth chart, the house location of the eclipse, and the planets aspected by the eclipse. Gen-erally, those with Sun or Moon in Sagittarius or Gemini (its opposite sign) will see the most affects. Lunar eclipses have to do with polarities and dichotomy, so watch for these issues to be raised in your life. As the sun and moon face each other, this is a time of tension and sometimes conflicts can be resolved under this energy. The lunar eclipses the "dreaming eclipses" as we are more in shamanic "dreamtime" then, being easily lost in altered states of consciousness, and watching as one state or "dream" merges seamlessly into another. The lunar eclipses are excellent times for religious/spiritual devotional practices.

June 10-11, Annular Eclipse of the Sun Gemini 19° 54" - The June solar eclipse will begin at about 2:00 pm in our time zone, and will reach its most complete point at about 4:50 p.m. It will end about 7:36 p.m., when the sun will still be above the horizon. The third is the lunar eclipse on June 24, which will be during the day (2:42 p.m.), so we will not be able to see it from our hemisphere. Astrologically, however, all three of these eclipses will have particular meaning for those natives of the sign where the eclipse is happening.

The solar eclipse is about the merger of the sun and moon's energies. The sun and moon occupy the same spot (from Earth's perspective), and for a time be-come one. This solar eclipse in June is at 19 degrees Gemini. Again, Gemini and its opposite sign, Sagittarius, are triggered. On a global scale Gemini rules communication and the media, among other things. Sagittarius rules law, politics, philosophies and belief systems. We should see some escalating news regarding the passing of certain laws, and some important issues regarding belief systems (the Catholic Church?) coming to a head during this time.

Carol Willis states: In a solar eclipse, the Sun is eclipsed or obscured briefly by the Moon, symbolizing a moment in time where the normal rationality and order in our world is superseded by the non-rational, emotional, psychic, imaginative, or even something a bit wild and chaotic. Solar eclipses have been considered "fateful," definitely NOT business as usual. In a way, eclipses are like Mardi Gras -- anything goes, and probably will.

The effects of a solar eclipse are strongest the entire week before, the day of the eclipse itself, and a week following, tapering off sharply over the next 6 months. Some astrologers say the effects of an eclipse can last up to a year. The house into which a solar eclipse falls in your astrological chart can be impacted for many months. Certainly there are echoes and reminders of life-changing events and shifts that happened during an eclipse, impact of which continues to reverberate in time and life over the long term. We can think of the entirety of June 2002 as "solar eclipse month" this year.

That said, this is not your "garden-variety" solar eclipse, as strong as eclipses usually are. This one stands out with Saturn, Hades, and NNode conjunct it, with Pluto and SNode opposing. That's really heavy-duty -- something like 10+ times bigger than your "average" solar eclipse.

19 degrees Gemini has a Capricorn *dwad* underneath it, making this an austere and grim solar eclipse, with themes of politics, government, nationalism, big business, conservative ideas, economic and possibly stock market downturn, unemployment crises, environmental issues, allergies, inhibition of the vital force vs. expression, emotional restraint and emotional depression. "Things are tough all over" might best describe the public mood of this eclipse. (You can see more by Carol Willis here:
Transformational Astrology Series

June 24 Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon Capricorn 3° 11" - Finally, the second lunar eclipse in June is at 3 degrees Capricorn. So, those born in the early degrees of Capricorn and Cancer, its opposite, will be most affected.

How is it that the Moon, a relatively small satellite to our own planet, is exactly the right size and distance from the Sun and the earth to appear to be the same size as the much larger brighter Sun? How can the Moon create a shadow which cast over the great space between us can perfectly ‘obliterate’ the Sun from our viewpoint here on Earth? Each Moon cycle, on the evening of the Full Moon, we can watch the Sun set in the West as the Moon rises in the East, a perfect match of size of power. Their light is very different, but they teach us about two dissimilar yet equal ways of seeing what is around us and in us as well.

This is an amazing series of interwoven symbols. A new Moon is also called a dark Moon because the Moon is too close to be seen in the sky until she is born as a new Moon three days later. The Moon in her darkness can obliterate the Sun in his brightest hour.

5-15-02 - DREAM - I saw 12 large planets on a page, which turned to all text.
5-20-02 - DREAM - I've forgotten the earlier details of this dream. It was about the earth marrying. The other planets were to be witnesses to the marriage. I saw a chart of the days of the week and colors and planets.

We knew that the groom had not yet arrived.

I was sitting in a car, as a passenger, with other people who were representing the other planets.

5-23-02 - DREAM - I was hired to work in a gas station, while the owner's daughter was getting married. The first job they gave me to do was to iron the bridal gown, when I had to do on top of the bed because there was no ironing board.

Nobody but the mother was doing anything, so I had to keep telling everyone what to do. Nobody wanted to lift a finger to do anything about cleaning the house or change clothes.

Finally, when it came time to actually work in the gas station, I had to go home and change clothes and to drive home, I put on white see-thru coveralls with large red roses all over them.

5-25-02 - DREAM - I was asked to be a witness and stand up for a wedding on June 5th at noon. The symbol of the wedding was a ceramic vase with many, many vine leaves wound around inside the vase.

I cleaned my house until it was spotless, then I had to move my car in the parking lot. I was trying to get it in a good spot, when I got pinned in by a black man in a black car with a black tinted windshield and a short a short older woman in a yellow Volkswagon who was a lawyer - in front of me.

Neither one of them wanted to move - both would have had to back up - and neither wanted to do that. They wanted me to get out of the way instead.

The black man was inside his car writing something with his head down and not paying attention and the woman lawyer got out of her car and was just standing there - waiting for me to get out of her way.

All of a sudden, I was in my kitchen, pinned up against the kitchen counter by this black car behind me and the woman on the other side of the counter. I couldn't move sideways either, because the black car was too far forward by my side.

My husband said, "We have to get to the church if we're going to get there on time - I looked at the clock and it was 12:40 p.m.

I was panicked that I was going to be late because I still had to get ready, but I was still pinned against the counter. I told my husband about the black car stilling pinning me in, and he came over and bodily picked up the car and moved it away so I could get out.

I headed up the stairs to change clothes, and 3 black cats were on the landing half-way up the stairs. They crossed ahead of me on the way up.

When I reached the bedroom, I was wearing a wrist corsage of roses on my left wrist from the last wedding I had been in. I hung it on the bedpost - it was a circlet of pink flowers.

I opened the drawer to get some panty-hose. There weren't any new ones in there - just two used pairs, one inside the other because it had been winter and cold during the last wedding. It looked like one of the pairs had a run in it too and I was going to wear sandals because it was late spring this time.

I would be given my dress at the wedding itself.

NOTE: June 5 - World Environment Day
Take the time today to do something to clean up the environment - recycle, plant a tree, ride your bike to work. The United Nations declared this day to help stimulate world-wide awareness of the environment. Let's remember to do our part.

June 5 Moon at apogee, greatest distance from the Earth for the month, 404521 km.

Uranus-Saturn ninefold trine (June 5 – June 10)

5-27-02 - DREAM - (All the people in this dream were black-skinned except myself)

I was working in an apartment building. The owner had a list of people who were to be invited to 'the' wedding. But I and a friend knew that people weren't responding to the invitations, so we needed that list so we could send out invitations and hopefully get more responses. But the owners weren't about to give up the list of invitees and we didn't want to ask for the list and show our hand what we were doing. Our only other alternative would be to invite everyone in the phone book which we had right there, and one doesn't normally do that. Only those who are relatives or friends of the bride and groom are invited.

I was responsible for maintenance of the apartment building and was supervising the work crew, getting a large apartment ready for the new tenant. The cleaning woman did a good job, but when I inspected the apartment, the refrigerator grid (silver) was rusty and there were marks on the wall in the kitchen, which wouldn't wash off.

I couldn't imagine why the apartment hadn't been painted first, but it wasn't and I knew it was more difficult because the curtains were already hung. They were very gaudy, with huge red roses on them. But the front window which was large like a picture window would let the sunlight in.

By Joe Mason

My dream-coincidence path led me to speculate about the symbolism of the film, "2001:Space Odyssey." It begins with a solar eclipse, showing the Diamond Ring. (marriage of Heaven and Earth). An unknown intelligence, the obelisk, helps the ape use tools, setting the evolution of man in motion. The intelligence departs, and waits until the apes develop the intelligence to reach the moon, and find the obelisk that was left there long ago. When it is uncovered, it sends out a signal to space, and the Odyssey begins. Dave Wilcock informed me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet.

The astronauts in hibernation are killed first. (those asleep when the Great Change happens). Dave (which means Love) is the lone suvivor. (the final spiritual journey must be done alone). HAL is taken from IBM (I B(e), (I) (aM), being one letter shifted. He symbolizes the gestalt of the rational mind, an artificial intelligence with no Heart, the collective selves disconnected. He is programed to complete the mission, even if all the humans must be killed. Dave goes to the Heart of the Ship (body-vehan, vehicle), and disables HAL. HAL breaks down, and starts to remember (awaken from self-imposed amnesia) his childhood (origin), singing, "Daisy, daisy, . . . on a bicycle built for two."

The bicycle has appeared as a crop formation, and other patterns are similar. I believe this concerns the duality of creation, and within ourselves.



The Moon

On June 2, light and dark are in balance as the Moon is in its third quarter. Turn your focus inward and let go of what you no longer need. Take time to be alone and listen to your heart.

At the dark of the Moon (Waning Crescent), on June 6, as the energy quiets, begin dreaming of what you want. Move deeper inside yourself. Recommit yourself to bringing forth your power. What do you want in your future?

The June 10 New Moon in Gemini is a time for visioning, when our dreams begin to take hold. It is a time of initiation and new experiences. Energy is more inward and personal as a new cycle of activity begins. Take time to know what it is you want. There will be an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4:45 p.m. EDT.

With the Waxing Crescent Moon on June 14, light begins to return and our vision becomes clearer as we move toward our goal. This is a time where we may struggle with old belief patterns and conditioning. Begin to simplify your life. What do you want to create?

On June 17, light and dark are in balance at this First Quarter Waxing Moon. This is the time to break away from old belief systems and begin to build new, healthier beliefs that can support your soul's purpose. Your dreams can take form and be more firmly rooted in your reality. Energy is rising and we are moving out more. Listen to what it is you desire.

We have a Waxing Gibbous Moon on June 21. As the light of the Moon strengthens, we can see our vision more clearly, assess it and perfect it so it may become a reality.

There is a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24. The energy is high, which gives us great potential to fulfill our purpose. Be honest with yourself and others. Deepen your connection with Spirit. Experience your full potential and capacity so you can bring that into the world fully. Take time to listen to your inner voice. There will be an Appulse Lunar Eclipse at 2:23 EDT.

It is time to live out your vision and share it with others on June 28, as we enter the Waning Gibbous Moon.

From: http://www.phenomenews.com/star_gazing/

MAY 2002 The major planetary aspect this month occurs on the 25th the day before a lunar eclipse. It is the opposition of Saturn in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius which happened the first time on August 1st – one month before the World Trade Center disaster – and the retrograde motion on November 2nd – two days before our local tragedy which burned the Mayflower Book Store. Saturn is the planet of restructuring while Pluto is the planet of transformation and power. Gemini is the sign of communication and trade while Sagittarius is the sign of foreign countries, religion and politics. This is the first time in 250 years when these aspects have occurred in these signs. In addition to Saturn, on the 9th Venus and Mars will oppose Pluto and Sun/Mercury are in Gemini creating more pressure and energy on an already powerful aspect. What we say to each other could not be more important, particularly since Mercury goes retrograde on the 15th bringing the potential of saying the wrong thing and having to try to fix it later. Now that Saturn and Jupiter have returned to the degrees they occupied September 11th, has the world learned yet what not to say and do?

The Sun in Taurus until the 21st supports beautification and attention to the earth, material matters and security. It is also an energy of perseverance and stubbornness of attitude because it relates to values which can be similar or very different from person to person and group to group. The Sun in Gemini after the 21st supports communication and connection. It relates to social interaction as well as information processing and negotiations which are likely to become necessary at this time. Mercury (communications, writing, contracts, commerce) will be in Gemini all month. It goes retrograde at the 9th degree on May 15th and continues moving backward to the 1st degree of Gemini where it goes direct on June 8th. The setup of the retrograde occurs between May 1st and 14th at which time an issue arises to be worked on during the retrograde. Between June 8th and 24th is the completion phase of the retrograde when the outcome is seen and when details can be finalized. Since Mercury will be in the sign ruling communications, the issue will relate to connections, interactions, negotiations, agreements or information processing. If it can be avoided, it is best not to make a major purchase or commitment during the retrograde or to install new computer programs or systems because all the information may not be available or attitudes could change. This is a time to brainstorm, test and be tentative and to finalize after June 8th. It is also a good time to clean up, catch up, review, research and prepare.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 through June 20
A mutable air sign that corresponds to the third house and is ruled by Mercury. Gemini directs the need to communicate and learn from others. Gemini's energies are characterized as living in the present, intelligence and shifting of perspectives. Gemini is the first air sign and sharpens mental perceptions.

When planets are retrograde the affairs ruled by that planet are slowed down so that you can reexamine them. If there is unfinished business, it will be brought to your attention once again. Resolution to problems are now sought. Usually within 3 day of the planet stationing retrograde, you will feel an increased amount of energy associated with that planet.

Mercury goes retrograde - May 15 - June 8. Mercury goes direct on June 8.

The opposition Pluto makes to Saturn will be exact in May 2002 .It will be a welcome relief to see these 2 planets finally separate, after a year of touch and go between them. Many have survived this last year with major changes occurring in their life. The houses containing these planets is where the change occurred.

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in at 19 degrees Gemini on June 10th , at 6 a.m. MST, 6 a.m. PDT, 9 a.m. EDT, 1 p.m. GMT, and 11 p.m. AEST, June 10, 2002, an Annular solar eclipse seen in the Pacific Ocean, Mexico, Indonesia. Watch for Southern Hemisphere events then. You may see a strange "Land of Oz" effect then, expect the unusual, since this will be on June 10, 2002, the 80th anniversary of the birth of Judy Garland of the movie the "Wizard of Oz". Australia being called "Oz", there could be some significant event in Australia.


On May 25, 2002, transiting Saturn 17 Gemini opposes transiting Pluto 17 Sagittarius, retrograde. This tense contest between these two planetary giants remains this way until May 28, 2002.


FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in at 3 degrees Capricorn, on June 26th, at 7:30 p.m. MST, 7:30 p.m. PDT, 10:30 pm EDT, 2:30 a.m. June 25 GMT, and 12:30 p.m. June 25, AEST.

Full Moons are for closure and New Moons are for beginnings. The Eclipse energy exposes all particles of you for examination. The Eclipse energy begins and extends two or three days before and after the actual date. And the Eclipse has a mysterious "bounce back effect." That means that if absolutely nothing unusual happens the week of the Eclipse, June 7-13, wait one month later (July 7-13) for the results.

The sun enters Cancer on June 21 through July 21
A cardinal water sign that corresponds to the fourth house and is ruled by the Moon. Cancer directs the need to give and receive emotional security and love. Cancer's energies are characterized as harmonious, love of people and nurturing.

February-May 2002 Astrology patterns indicate significant events then for the world. On Feb. 23, 2002, the Moon occults (passes in front of) Jupiter, which is only seen in Europe. Note that this is 40 years since the Feb. 5, 1962 astrological planetary grouping that former U.S. psychic Jean Dixon connected with the rise of the Antichrist. And in April and May 2002, there are groupings of 5 planets are seen in the sky. In particular, on May 5, 2002, there is a conjunction (close approach) of the three planets Venus, Mars, Saturn wih 3 degrees. Interesting that this is exactly 2 years after the May 5, 2000, planetary alignment, at the time of Putin's inauguration as Russian President. This May 2002 conjunction will likely coincide with events connected with Russia and Putin's rise to power as Antichrist. This could also mean a worldwide economic crash, possibly a worldwide stock market crash, especially when Venus is closest (2 degrees separation) to Saturn (May 7, 2002). Also, on May 10, 2002, Venus passes within .3 degree of Mars, as seen in the sky, this could mean increased war in the world.

May 2002 will see seven planets in Taurus

Seven planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu will be aligning in one axis and meet together in one sign Taurus on 17th May 2002. This is going to be an important event because all planets are on one side of the Zodiac. Even Jupiter which is not joining the other planets will be only a little away. It will be in the next sign Gemini. This situation was there only in Feb. 1962. Such kind of combinations normally lead to changes in environment, Monsoon and human behavior. Accidents and Wars may increase.

In Hindu myth, Rahu is a demon that causes eclipses. He rides a chariot pulled by eight black horses, with his mouth wide open, ready to devour the sun or moon. If he succeeds, a solar or lunar eclipse will follow. He is usually portrayed as a dragon's head, without a body. In Tibet he is the Buddhist lord of the nine planets, and one of the Krodhadevatas (terror-inspiring gods). There he is portrayed with nine heads and the body of a snake.

The Story of Rahu and and Ketu


By the beginning of June, only Venus and Jupiter will be readily visible in the evening sky. On June 4, Venus will move past Jupiter, with the two appearing to be less than 2 degrees apart. Mars will also remain in the very early evening sky, setting about 80 minutes after the Sun on June 1. With a magnitude of 1.7 it will not be easy to find.

By the end of June, Venus will have moved on away from Jupiter and be a very prominent evening object. Mars will have moved up to be just below Jupiter, but the two will be very low in the bright evening twilight. Mars will then be setting just under an hour after the Sun and Jupiter a few minutes later.

The Solstice is on June 22 at 1:24 am (NZST) which is June 21, 13:24 UT (Universal Time = GMT). The Sun will then reach its most northerly point for the year. The period of daylight hours with the Sun above the horizon is greatest in the northern hemisphere but least in the southern. Places north of the Arctic Circle will have the Sun above the horizon for all 24 hours of the day, while places south of the Antarctic Circle will not see the Sun at all.


The Sun and The Moon - Native

Cherokees believe that the sun holds healing and other significant powers in their culture. They often pray to the sun for abundant crops and to prevent sickness. The sun appears to have been the principal religious symbol and object of worship in earlier times. Cherokees also believe that the moon holds many powers. This celestial body is honored at every new moon with a festival. The greatest of these festivals is in the autumn when it is believed that the world was born. It is held in honor of the Great New Moon.


The coniunctio (union/conjunction) of Sol and Luna is often called the chymical wedding

-The union of Sol and Luna is often compared to the "marriage" of Christ and the Church

-The coniunctio is one of alchemical fundamentals: the union of body and spirit (Jung’s and Pauli’s psycho-physical monism theory)

-The product of coniunctio is always Mercurius - the epitome of balanced opposites (The Sun and the Moon are said to supply seeds to plant in earth, from which Mercurius grows)

-The relationship between the Sun, the Moon, and Mercurius is referred to as coniunctio triptativa

-Sol and Luna most frequently symbolize consciousness and the unconscious, respectively

-Fiery Sol, the Sun, whose corresponding metal is gold (or sulphur), is the source of warmth and light (gold was often called "the sun in the earth")

Watery Luna, the Moon, whose corresponding metal is silver (or salt), is dark and cold (water and spirit are often identical; water also holds death-rebirth symbolism)

-Sol and Luna are equivalent to the Yang (positive, male, assertive) and the Yin (negative, female, receptive) in Taoist philosophy, whose reciprocity is the reason for all events of the universe

-Sometimes the coniunctio is seen as the union of sacred incest, omnipresent in world mythologies: as fiery gold, Sol is the result of the alchemical transmutation, and as watery Prima Materia, the spiritus aqua, Luna is its origin. This makes Luna the mother of Sol

Luna and Sol often appear as White Queen and Red King (note these colors’ corresponding stages of transmutation; the symbol of this relationship is a rose). This relates to their symbolism as the anima, the female principle within a male personality, and the animus, the male principle within a female personality, respectively. (Jung called this aspect a "medium between the ego and the unconscious). This is reminiscent of Rubedo, in which Luna becomes a man, whereas Sol becomes a woman. According to Jung, both aspects are crucial to their corresponding Self, and their realization is achieved through relationships with people of the opposite sex. The alchemical concepts of Sol and Luna seem to be the unconscious projections of the animus and the anima

- Luna is often called Anima Mundi, the World Soul which surrounds cosmos, half-human half-animal Melusina, or even Lilith. (see dictionary) As Melusina, she is similar to Virgo, who is often associated with the Mercurial Serpent. As the Moon, Melusina is also compared to Venus or Aphrodite, not unlike Mercurius. Similarly, Melusina as Lilith, is the first wife of Adam in Paradise, whereas Mercurius is often associated with Adam before the Fall. It is only natural to represent Mercurius as the anima, which alchemists often did.

SEE: http://members.tripod.com/~nysticorax/coniunctio.html"> PHOTOS TO GO WITH TEXT

From: BBC.com

The Stages of the Alchemical Opus

Elevating logic, rational thinking to such a superior position in western culture has meant that the alchemical perspective has become unintelligible, almost impossible to fathom. Embedded as we are in a scientific paradigm, the imagery and symbolic language of alchemy is presented as primitive, regressive and abnormal. Considered outmoded, outdated, or redundant by the majority, what possible purpose can alchemy therefore have in modern day life?

To gain an understanding of the meaning of its many images and symbols one would have to enter the imaginative world in which many alchemists lived and worked. It was a world in which mystery and spirituality took precedence over problem solving. In the alchemical imagination, for instance, the opposites unite, being linked together by hidden connections and identities, sometimes creating a magical third, which transcends ordinary consciousness. The famous alchemical saying 'as above, so below' epitomises the duplicity present in many of its operations. This paradoxical, non-technological approach seems a far cry from the customary black or white, pragmatic notions of consciousness.

In the common imagination, the goal of alchemy was to treat base matter in such a way as to transform it into gold. In this respect, alchemy is the art of transmutation, the transformation of a given substance into a higher one. But this was no ordinary gold and, understood metaphorically, translates as the innate value of a substance, or a deep insight or realisation. This 'inner' treasure, which required dedication, religious devotion, and the grace of God to obtain, was most commonly referred to as the philosopher's stone.

Discovering alchemy to be the historical counterpart to his own psychology of the unconscious, the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) saw in its operations a metaphor for realisation of the Self, the outcome of what Jung called the process of individuation. Furthermore, Jung was convinced that alchemy provided a model and a map for defining inner experiences, as well as a symbolic system for their expression. He also took the various alchemical terms to refer to stages of the analytical process. The alchemist therefore portrayed many of the problems of modern psychology through their lively, often bizarre images and metaphorical language. Such images, which were experienced as a property of matter, were in fact projections of unconscious processes, or fantasies. These fantasies are the basic currency of modern day dreams and nightmares.

Since the beginning of the Christian era, four stages of the alchemical opus1 or sacred work - a search for the supreme and ultimate value - were distinguished, characterised by the original colours described by the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesos (535 BC-475 BC): melanosis (blackening), leukosis (whitening), xanthosis (yellowing), and iosis (reddening). Colour symbolism was important in alchemy, with the changes of colour associated with the successive transformation of matter, and the movement from one level of being to another. Because the alchemist and his work were closely interwoven, these colour changes also represent states of consciousness and felt visions that are unique in themselves.

Later in the 15th or 16th Century the colours were reduced to three, with the yellowing stage falling into disuse. This was probably due to the symbolical significance of the quaternity and the trinity; in other words, it was due to religious and psychological reasons2. Alchemy, however, continued to treat with four elements (fire, air, earth, and water) and four qualities (hot, cold, dry, and moist). It also made reference to the archetypal influence of planetary bodies upon the psyche, and the complexes, fantasies and behaviours they generate. Progress through the stages was said to be strewn with obstacles and, at times, highly dangerous. In many ways, it describes a journey of the human soul.

The three stages (using Latin names) of the alchemical opus are:

Nigredo or Blackening

At the beginning is the so-called 'dragon', the chthonic spirit, the 'devil' or 'blackness'. The nigredo, as the initial stage, is either present as a quality of the prima materia (or original substance), or else produced by the separation (solutio, separatio, putrefactio) of the elements. Either way, the encounter with 'blackness' destroys the original form to produce chaos, suffering or pain.

The elements are often represented anthropomorphically by male and female, but also in terms of planets and their corresponding metal. That is, the planets in heaven correspond to the metals in the earth:

Sun = gold
Moon = silver
Mercury = quicksilver
Venus = copper
Mars = iron
Jupiter = tin
Saturn = lead

It was thought that as the planets revolve around the Earth, they gradually spin their corresponding metals into the earth, which can be extracted by chemical operations.

These elements are then grouped into opposites (eg, King-Queen, Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus, etc, which are brought together in a union (coniunctio, coitus); the product of this union then dies (mortificatio, putrefactio, calcinatio) to produce the blackening of the nigredo.

Psychologically, the prima materia is identical with an undifferentiated, disintegrated, chaotic, unconscious mind, containing all the potential, all the dynamic oppositions, necessary to achieve the goal of the opus. The separatio and divisio, like the division and multiplication of cells in the developing embryo, are needed to get the process of synthesis started. In Jungian terms, the separatio is necessary to help differentiate the ego from the shadow, from the anima or animus, and from the Self.

The blackening is about depression, the melancholia, that is often the initial stage causing one to slow down and examine life, that brings one into therapy, and that deepens when one encounters the shadow side of personality. The shadow is the inferior part of the personality; sum of all personal and collective psychic elements which, because of their incompatibility with the chosen conscious attitude, are denied expression in life and therefore coalesce into a relatively autonomous 'splinter personality' with contrary tendencies in the unconscious. The shadow behaves compensatorily to consciousness; hence its effects can be positive as well as negative. The encounter with the shadow is invariably experienced as a mortificatio: dark shadow aspects of the Self have to be confronted and assimilated into consciousness; the feelings of guilt, worthlessness and powerlessness have to be suffered, taken on and worked through. As a prelude to resolving conflicts and warring elements in the psyche, a cleansing process was required involving an examination and withdrawal of projections. The nigredo stage was known by the alchemists to be dangerous: poisonous vapours of lead and quick silver (mercury) were generated or the vessel itself might explode due to over-heating. Safety apart - the alchemist, paradoxically, had to observe the value of patience in order to move the work on.

Albedo or Whitening

In alchemical language, matter suffers until the nigredo disappears and a new day dawns. The material slowly starts coming back to life. The albedo, the second stage, was said to result from the washing (ablutio, baptisma) of the products of this nigredo. Psychologically, it represents the later stages of shadow integration within the intimacy of the analytic 'retort' - the process of washing one's dirty linen in public; it being in the gross matter or 'shadow' of our worldly affairs where contamination has taken place.

In some traditions, the nigredo constitutes the 'death' of the prima materia - in analysis, a dying to old habits, attitudes and patterns of relating, to childhood attachments and dependencies, and the withdrawal of psychologically naive projections; at the moment of 'death' the soul (ie, the anima) is released, refined and then reunited with the revitalised materia to produce the glorious stage of many colours - called the 'peacock's tail,' the caudis pavonis, which then transforms into white (albedo), which contains all colours, like 'white' light. This moment is highly rewarding, though still a sort of abstract, ideal state. Jung compared it with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise.

Rubedo or Reddening

To make the opus come alive into a fully human mode of existence it must have 'blood', or what the alchemists call the rubedo or 'reddness' of life. In this final stage, the white becomes united with red through the raising of the heat in the fire. The white is associated with the Queen and the red with the King, who now arise out of the mercurial, tranformative 'waters' of the unconscious to perform their coniunctio oppositorum, the union of all opposites as symbolised by the conjunction of the archetypal masculine and feminine in the 'chymical marriage', the hieros gamos. 3. This results in the grand climax, the achievement of the goal - the lapis philosophorum, the hermaphrodite embodying the united King and Queen. This is the so-called 'third thing', the 'Rebis', the phenomenon of the union of love and soul itself, the soul that is engendered through love - this 'divine birth' symbolising a re-awakening of psychological reality, a new ruling consciousness.

Final Comments

In Jungian terms, these three stages could be seen as symbolic expressions of the stages of individuation. Individuation is the process by which we move towards the integration of the opposites, their transcendence, and finally bringing into consciousness of the Self. It can also be seen as a redemptive process of recovering spirit, soul or Self from the unconscious: nigredo, as the first stage, is about recognising and integrating the shadow; nigredo psychology asks what is wrong in the physical realm, looks for the psychosomatic symptom, and then moves to purging or cathartic remedies, as literal, gross measures based in emotional identification, bodywork, and literal history such as childhood experience.4.

Interestingly, Kerényi5 associates the nigredo with the archetype of the wounded healer and the birth of healing power. According to Greek mythology a black crow appears at the birth of Asklepios. His mother, Coronis (the crow maiden), while pregnant with Asklepios by Apollo, had intercourse with Ischys. On reporting this infidelity to Apollo, the crow was turned from white to black. Coronis was killed for her crime, but the infant Asklepios was snatched from her womb while placed on the funeral pyre. This myth highlights how death and life are inextricably linked, and that only by staying with the darkness of suffering can one find the germs of light, healing and recovery 6.

The albedo, the second stage, parallels the integration of the opposites - in alchemical terms, the conjunction, the heiros gamos or marriage between male and female. One is in a reflective state of consciousness after the tortures of the nigredo. As a whitening phase everything is seen under the light of the moon, rather than the clarifying or discriminating light of the sun. It can be a world of illusions and mirrors; sublime, pure and ideological, not to be sullied by the gross, mundane world.

However, as if to underline the interrelatedness of the three stages, the moon was considered as the shadow of the sun; its symbolism signifying germination and decay, light changing to darkness, and death and rebirth.

In the final stage, rubedo, the philosopher's gold has been produced, the goal of the opus complete - the recognition, the acceptance and the integration of opposites has led to their transcendence and the experience of Self. One now stands on solid ground, entering the world more soulfully, living life more vitally, to the full. On the horizon the 'shadows' begin to form, and one prepares yet again to enter the cycle of change.


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The alchemists employed colourful imagery to describe chemical processes partly to disguise their work from insincere quacks (the "puffers" as they were contemptuously called) and also to protect it from intervention by the Church. For instance:

The Red Man - sophic sulphur (or gold)
The White Queen - sophic mercury (or silver)
The Ascending Dove - a white sublimate
The Grey Wolf - antimony
The Black Crow - putrefying matter
The Winged and Wingless Lions - mercury and sulphur
The Green Lion - green vitriol (ferrous sulphide).

Mineral embryology coupled with Babylonian astrological speculations produced in the alchemist a feeling that he was working co-operatively with the heavens towards the improvement of nature, including human nature.

We know also that the days of the week are derived from the sam sources: Sunday and Monday from the sun and moon, Tuesday (mardi) from Mars, Wednesday (mercredi) from Mercury, Thursday (jeudi - jovis dies) from Jupiter, Friday (vendredi - veneris dies) from Venus, Saturday from Saturn.

As in astrology, time had great significance for the alchemists, who regarded their work as an acceleration of nature, the control of which made them masters of time. The furnace or athanor in which the gestation of the ores was accelerated and perfected was an artificial womb or uterus; hence the precautions, taboos and ritual acts which accompanied the smelting.

From: http://www.crossroads.wild.net.au/OoC.htm (This is an X-rate site)Be warned in advance if you go there.

This simple symbol has many layers of meaning. It is a sigil of The Order ov Chaos - the open circle being the C for Chaos, the closed circle the O for Order, and the point being the o of ov.

The point is also the centre of reference, the self, the magician. The O is the magic circle s/he casts around him/herself in her/his attempt to create order from the surrounding chaos -C- of the universe. Within the magic circle control is maintained of one's immediate environment- by magical ritual the magician causes changes in conformity with the will. And yet, there is always a random factor inherent in all workings, always chaos within the order one establishes by one's perception/manipulation of the universe. Likewise is the C inherent within the O.

And thus the Magician recognizes the absurdity of her/his actions, and laughs like a Fool. This does not detract from the validity of his/her work - rather enhances it, for to relinquish expectancy is a major key to achievement. In The Alphabet of Desire -a system/order of dualities and correspondences begun by Austin Osman Spare and clarified/re-interpreted by Peter Carrol in 'Liber Null and Psychonaut' (Samuel Weiser)- the point within the circle is the symbol for laughter. Laughter is the realization of absurdity and the most effectively simple means of banishment.

The symbols used for the Alphabet of Desire are ancient symbols of the planets. The point within the circle represents (in many cultures) the sun. The crescent, the C surrounding the O, represents the moon. Thus this symbol represents the union of sun and moon. This is the ancient Alchemical Marriage. The sun represents the masculine principle and the logical or reasonable aspect of the mind; the moon represents the feminine principle, the realm of dreams and the subconscious. The two united offer the means of magical transformation- a combination of conscious desire and subconscious activation.

To become magically adept, the male and female aspects of the self must be fully recognized and intergrated. The balanced individual, fully acknowledging the anima or animus within, is thus the HermAphrodite. This is the true goal of the alchemist, the mixing of silver and gold, sun and moon, within the self. Outer form is less relevant, although it is interesting to note that as more people embrace this magickal consciousness, even physical gender becomes blurred and androgynous fashion escalates. A post-human future which promises the possibility of downloading consciousness makes gender (and phyical form in general) less defined.

This is the age of the HermAphrodite. The matriarchy and patriarchy blend into an-archy. This is the Aeon of the Child, the offspring, of Horus and Maat, the twins.

The crescent C also represents Nuit, the arched body of the Egyptian Goddess of the Universe, the circle O represents Geb, the Egyptian God of the Earth, and the dot is the point of manifestation, Hadith, throughwhich the unmanifest (Nuith), comes into the material plane. Thus Hadith uses the magic circle to manifest - "AbraHadabra!"

The symbol is a very basic map of the Labyrinth, spirals or mazes of death/ rebirth initiation, most ancient of web-sites -the druids wove paths through the forests with ropes from tree to tree. The point is the axis mundi, central tree or pillar, the O the inner spiral/ magic circle, and the C the outer boundary, with its opening forming the gateway/entrance.

The O of this sigil also represents the snake eating its own tail, an ancient symbol for the continuing cycles of existence, of ever-renewing life, called by different cultures Oroboros, Tiamait, the Midgard/World Serpent. The point is the Axis Mundi or World Tree/ Tree of Life the serpent circles. The C is the snake releasing it's tail, the chaos of undefined future possibilities. Chaos and Order become indistinguishable as each is inherent in the other. Dualities merge into trance-end-dance... ...

(c) 97 Orryelle

Photo submitted by Ralph Meany of the lunar/sun eclipse on 06-10-02. Anomalous second sun, though probably not an actual sun, is certainly symbolic of the second sun in our Solar System.

Solar Eclipse from San Diego, CA

The diagram above shows what the 2002 June 10 solar eclipse will look like from San Diego, CA.
The times of the start, maximum and end of the eclipse are given for Pacific Standard Time.
(add one hour for Daylight Saving Time).

Partial phases of the solar eclipse of 2002 June 10 will be visible throughtout much of the United States, except for New England. For eclipse visibility across the nation, please see the USA maps in either Low, Medium or High resolution.

The following table lists times (in Local Standard Time) and circumstances at maximum eclipse for a number of cities in the United States. During the summer months, many (but not all) states switch from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time. If your state/city is on Daylight Saving Time, you must add one hour to the eclipse times for your city. For more information, visit links to Official U.S. Time and Daylight Saving Time. Please note that times are given using the 24 hour 'military style' time. To convert times later than 12:59 from military time to civilian time (i.e. - 'AM' and 'PM'), just subtract 12 hours from the time. The predictions include the times of beginning, maximum and end of the eclipse, the magnitude (expressed as a decimal fraction), the altitude of the Sun during the eclipse and the duration of the eclipse from start to finish.

From the central USA, the eclipse will still be in progress at sunset. This should make for a memorable sight! Unfortunately, the East Coast and Canada's Atlantic Provinces will miss the show. None of the eclipse is visible from the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Extreme care must be taken when looking at the Sun. There are a number of ways to Safely View the Eclipse which you should consider. Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or through any optical device (e.g. - camera, binoculars or telescope). There are a several types of Solar Filters designed specifically for eclipse viewing which are available from a number of filter manufacturers and distributors. You can also use the pinhole projection method to safely watch the eclipse.

Partial Eclipse Impresses Astronomers - Amateur and Otherwise - From California to Indonesia

By Lisa J. Adams
Associated Press
posted: 11:42 am ET
11 June 2002

A partial eclipse of the sun silhouettes the towers and steeples of the Conception Abbey in Conception, Mo., Monday, June 10, 2002. Earlier in the day, the abbey was the scene of a shooting spree that left two Benedictine monks dead and two others woundedbefore the shooter killed himself. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The sun is beginning to be covered by the moon in this partial eclipse photographed at Tinian in the Northern Marianas islands Tuesday morning, June 11, 2002. Tinian, Saipan's neighboring island, was one of the most ideal spots to view the solar sky showthat can be seen from eastern Asia and much of the Pacific on June 11 and North America on June 10 due to the International Date Line.

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (AP) _ In a resort city known for its spectacular sunsets, tourists and residents stopped what they were doing and watched the moon cover 94 percent of the sun late Monday.

With the sun still high in the sky, the dark shadow of the moon took a small bite out of its lower half, than began creeping slowly over the rest of the glowing yellow orb. An hour later all that remained was a small sliver of white light that looked like a fingernail or an upside crescent.

The most impressive part of the eclipse lasted about 10 minutes and then the moon began to slowly slide away. The sun set under dramatic pink and orange clouds about 15 minutes later.

Tourists and beach vendors stood next to restaurant employees and locals, all staring up at the sky. At Billygan's bar and restaurant, people set down their drinks and walked to the ocean's edge with their heads turned skyward. Many covered their eyes with foldable cardboard glasses fitted with lenses of dark film that hundreds of shops and vendors sold especially for the event.

While not a major astronomical event _ several partial solar eclipses can occur in a year _ Monday's eclipse was exciting for those who crowded Cabo's beaches to see it.

``You have to see these things when they happen because who knows when we'll see the next one,'' said Tomas Esteban, a 35-year-old jewelry vendor. ``These are things that happen in the cosmos and it's interesting to know what's going on with the planets.''

Juce Garcia, a singer-songwriter from San Francisco, said she ``planned her whole day'' around what was the first partial solar eclipse of 2002.

In most places in the United States, sky gazers saw only tiny portions of the sun's surface obscured, if any at all. On the East coast the eclipse occurred after sunset and was not at all visible.

The event began across the International Dateline at sunrise Tuesday in Southeast Asia. The moon's shadow partially darkened the sun, then widened as it sped eastward on an 8,700-mile journey across the Pacific.

In Banyuwangi, an Indonesian city 560 miles east of the capital of Jakarta, port official Afan Tabona said he enjoyed a seven-minute view.

``A small section of the lower part of the sun was cut out,'' Tabona said. ``We saw the sun as a crescent with the naked eye until the end of the eclipse.''

The eclipse in various parts of Indonesia lasted up to 15 minutes, with the moon covering about 20 percent of the sun. But it reached its final phases and staged its most impressive show late Monday near San Diego, Calif., Mexico's Baja California peninsula, and the resort city of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast.

``If you knew how rare they were you'd savor every one,'' John Downs, president of San Diego's Oceanside Photo and Telescope Astronomical Society, said of partial eclipses.

Near Hollywood, Calif., a howl went up from a crowd of 300 people on the lawn of Griffith Observatory when the eclipse reached its maximum.

``The drama that leads up to it is the thing,'' said Paul Jose, 51, of Culver City, a construction worker and eclipse aficionado who photographed the event.

``The temperature changes and the light changes, and I always enjoy it when I can take off my sunglasses. That's when you know something is happening,'' he said.

Just south of Puerto Vallarta and about 30 miles south of the tip of the Baja California peninsula, 97 percent of the sun was hidden, leaving only a narrow burning ring of fire, known as an annular eclipse.

Heavy rains drenched Puerto Vallarta on Monday, leaving Los Cabos one of Mexico's most promising places for a land-based view.

``It was very pretty, quite impressive,'' said Fernando Avila, a cook at Billygan's who watched the eclipse in his white chief's jacket. ``These things happen what, like every five years? It's something everyone should see.''