Date: -12-19-97

From: Dee777

The following dream gave a message that just fell into place today when I was doing Bible research on dreams. See what happened below:

12-13-97 - Dream

I went to a bar and asked for a brandy - sour - sweet. The bartender gave me a small maroon bottle with just one drink. He put it into a vine-like thing with a tube with a tassel on the end to suck through. I promptly accidentally broke it off. I felt guilty about it, so tied the ends back on so nobody else would notice. Two other vines appeared, one on the wall, and one on the bar, and I also accidentally broke those off and tied them back on so nobody would notice.

When I woke up, the dreams dropped out of my mind and I forgot them. While I lay there with my eyes closed, the corner of my dresser made a cracking sound. I said, "Ok! Hello! I'm ready for a message if you have one," thinking that a spirit had just entered my room and was letting me know it was there.

The dream popped back into my head in a vision of it, and there was a square like a picture frame in the center of it. In the square were these words:

"I love you,
You love me.
Say it with a project
Say it with a theme
Jesus Christ! "

NOTE: As a coincidence to this dream, I found a reference to this dream about the vines in Genesis 37:12 where Joseph interprets the bakers and cupbearers dream of the three vines. He tells them that the 3 vines stand for 3 days. I looked in my journal for what happened 3 days after I had the above dream. Three days after the vine dream, I had another dream in which I was given a project for extending my web-site into a magazine for people who did not have computers. So, even the second dream fit the message above, about the project and the theme. The message was signed by Jesus Christ and our goal of the site is to provide positive co-creation with God for the future of mankind.

I feel even better about the project now, even though I know it will be a lot of work. I believe that people will step forward to help with these large projects. If this message was indeed from God, then He will also provide a way for it to be accomplished.

As an added message, in a dream I received today, the seeds have been planted for this web site to be translated into many different languages because people of all nations dream, and not just in English.

Love, Light, and Joy


NOTE:  On 7-7-98 -while I was studying the King Arthur and the Holy Grail story and picked up a book titled, "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar" by Margaret Starbird;  it is the story of Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail.  On page 52, is the story  of "The Vine of the Lord. I will quote it in it's entirety here so that you may see the connection to the dream.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who has any interest in the story of the Holy Grail.


Many biblical passages use the word vine as a metaphor for the chosen people of God. "A vine thou didn't bring out of Egypt" (Ps. 80:91), "The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the House of Israel and the mean of Judah are his cherished plant" (Isa. 5:71) Several passages refer to the vine as feminine. "Thy wife is like a fruitful vine" (Ps. 128); "Your mother is like a vine planted by the water, fruitful and branchy... but she was torn up...and now she is planted in the desert...she is now without a royal branch, a ruler's scepter" (Ezek. 19:10-14)  This transplanted royal vine is understood by biblical scholarship to refer to the royal Davidic line of Judah, the line of the princes.

The Bride in Canticles carefully tends the vines. In Isaiah 5, the rebellious vineyard brings forth wild grapes. Psalm 80is a prayer for the restoration of the vineyard. "Take care of this vine and protect what your right hand has planted." In Mark's Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the vinedressers, caretakers of the vineyard (Israel) who beat the servants of their master when they came to inspect the condition of the vines and then killed the master's son. No one who knew Jesus of Nazareth and who "had ears to hear" was in any doubt as to the identity of that 'faithful son". He was the legitimate heir to the vineyard of Judah.

The transplanting of the Davidic "vine" would have come as no surprise to the Zealot fundamentalist friends of Jesus. They knew it had been prophesied (Ezek. 17). It had happened before, when the people of Israel were taken as slaves to Babylon. But it could also happen again. in light of the danger to the vine of Judah, the royal bloodline, it is likely that the friends of Jesus took strong and perhaps desperate measures to protect the family of Jesus. It would have been their top priority."

End of quote

Personally, I believe the Holy Grail is the bloodline of Jesus which was carried on after his death in the form of Mary Magdalen who bore him a child after his death.

As an added thought, the original dream also fits into this project and theme Joe Mason and I are working on about the Holy Grail and the connection to Cornwall, England where the solar eclipse will occur at 11:11 a.m. on Aug. 11, 1999. It remains to be seen which project and theme would be more fitting, but I feel satisfied so far that I am being true to the message.

I've had other visions and dreams which fit into this theme as well. From Oct. 24, 1991, was this dream of the lion which could only get half way over the fence, which I wrote up in a prophecy about Israel..  There was another one about a lion roaring outside the window in another dream I had October 8, 1997 which I called "The Magnificent Dream" which was about make preparations for some BIG event coming.  

(More dreams about the Holy Grail and the Second Coming of Christ)


5-6-00 - DREAM  - I don't know where I was. I was living in a messy house. There was stuff everywhere.  It was time to get ready for work. I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to 8 in the morning. That should have been sufficient time to get my shoes on and go, but there were other things I had to do first.

Part of the problem was the J.L. came to the house and we were going to go to work together. That caused even more disruption because some other women showed up and he had to dally with them..  they were older women.

I couldn't get my shoes.  A blue pair of shoes was on the floor with no laces and mud on the left toe where I had stepped in the garden with them, so they were no good.  The shoes I wanted to wear were upstairs, but I thought there was a gas leak upstairs and a work crew had to come and look at that before I could go upstairs.

I had my work in my arms. I had a real estate map and real estate books so I could find another place to move to while I was at work.

I noted that one of my vines had come out of the vase of water, so I had to get the ends of the vines back into the water so they wouldn't die.  The more I worked with the vines, the more pieces broke off and the more pieces I had to get into the water.  One of the vines was in a ring of brown mulch -like stuff.  There were so many new plants in this ring, that I broke the ring in half so that the ring would fit better into the neck of the bottle of water. I then found more leaves on the floor and I gathered them all up and got them all into the water.

By then, some other people showed up and wanted an old guru to show them what he could do.  Gurus don't show their skills to other people. That is a spiritual 'no no!'  However, the people convinced the Guru to show off his stuff. He relented and practically flew up onto this long table. He sat on the end in a Hindu meditative stance, legs crossed, arms crossed. He then levitated off the table and sailed about 3 feet down the table length.  I could see he was an old man. As he sat on the table, his face rather distended and expanded and brilliant blue shiny spots appeared all over his face.  His face then went back to its old man wrinkled self and again he levitated and sailed about 6 more feet down the table.

The old man's face absolutely exuded love and when he got off the table, I gave him a big kiss and everyone was telling him how much they loved him.

I still wasn't ready for work, and I attempted to go up the stairs to get my shoes ... the tan mocassins I love the most.  There was a wind blowing through upstairs so I knew the gas wouldn't blow up but there was a blue glow in the air upstairs and I was afraid to go up there without the work crew shutting off the gas.  So, I reluctantly went back down the stairs to find some different shoes.  

I finally slipped into some nondescript brown shoes and yelled at J.L. that I was leaving for work.  It was now 11 a.m.  He was still dallying with a couple older women.  The women came out and kissed me. Their faces were soft and pliable like old women skin.

I started walking down the street by myself and I saw J.L. coming down the street after me. I got to work first. It was now 11:11.  The company where I worked would never know that I wasn't in the office on time.  The whole place was full of troops of kids trying out for parts in dance routines for some play.  They were all in groups of 6.  The first group of boys all looked alike. They were about 10 to 12 years old I think and were so adorably cute. They were all grinning and winking at me. They were dressed all in long sleeved yellow polo shirts and matching yellow slacks. They were so cute.  Beyond them were more groups of 6 kids each.  Each group of 6 dressed alike to each other, but no two groups were the same.

Now I was where I belonged.


7-9-00 - DREAM - I was in a room where we were taking care of a vine that was on a pedestal.  But the vine fell off the pedestal and blew across the floor. There was like a drop off between where the floor linoleum ended and became wood and there was a white toilet there with no lid on it.  The dried up vine slid into the toilet.

I retrieved the dried up vine and put it back up on the pedestal, but it was obvious it was too late to save it.  It was dead, and the man whom we were taking care of it for was coming back.  I wouldn't know what to tell him.  The vine had died.


7-9-00 - VISION - I was looking at a newspaper that was green. At the bottom where the advertising was, there was 4 rectangular ads, all of which was Dreams of the Great Earthchanges at the top of each one. The fourth was said, "Dreams of the Vine." and I knew I had to look at those.

That vision was barely acknowledged when above the ads I saw a long rectangle which said, "Fenra the Second"  and I knew it was about the Fenrus Wolf at Ragnarook. It was going to happen again.



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