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updated 11-29-10

I was just reading about Preston Nichols this morning. He was mind-controlled for over 20 years without his knowledge. Another person in the public-eye who has a story to tell of this is Stewart Swerdlow. 

This topic has  been heavily on my mind, especially since I moved to California in 1997.  Some really strange stuff has happened to me here.  I will be walking  through the house, or sitting at my computer or even in the car and  I'll be hit by a tremendous pulse of energy that goes through my head,  which almost knocks me out. This has happened to my partner Joe as well, but never at the same time as me.  

Other times, I will be sitting at my computer, just typing, or reading web pages, and all of a sudden I will get so tired that I feel I'll die if don't lay down. When I do this, I don't ever sleep, because as soon as I relax and close my eyes, I'll see a visual message or hear a voice talk to me about whatever it was I was reading about. 

Joe will be working on his computer and suddenly get so tired he has to sleep for 4 hours. He hasn't been able to understand either why this is, and it is a little unsettling to me because it usually comes on when I want to go for a ride in the car - like I am being prevented from seeing something I shouldn't. I don't know what that might be.

I don't like the topic of mind-control, but it is obvious it is going on. We might as well be aware of it, because whether we like it or not, it is going on.

Life has been really strange  here.  

2-15-08 - Two Saturdays in a row, I was hit in the back of the head while sitting at my computer by a huge force that almost knocked me over.  There was nobody behind me at all.  I felt really dizzy and my head hurt.  My first thought was, "I've had a stroke", but I had no stroke symptoms.   So, I got up and took a couple aspirins and went to bed to rest.  I no sooner closed my eyes, and I could see in the astral realm, 3 men dressed in white shirts with long sleeves - no ties - dark pants.  They were leaning over me as I was laying on the floor and one of the men said, "FEMA wants you to erase the bases."

After thinking about it a bit, I decided I would not only NOT erase the bases, I would spread the word faster and sent the links out to every person I know and right now, that number runs in the several thousands on my e-mail lists.  I also uploaded the lists on another website in case they decided to hack mine.

Here are the files I was told to erase so you know what I'm talking about.

UPDATED 8-26-07 -

The following week on Saturday at approximately the same time  (8:30 a.m.)  I was hit again just like the week before, but in this case, I had just moved my head to look at the TV, and they only got me with a glancing blow.

You also might want to see this series of videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXo5ea2hRFE   Cathy O'Brien

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLqw59XfG04  Operation Paperclip - MK-ULTRA

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRlVjVlmRZo&NR=1  Mind Control in the USA



NEVER GIVE UP TRYING.  Once we quit, they win, and we can't let THEM win.

I am presenting a series of web pages and sites that might be helpful which I received in an e-mail: 

Here is a survey to see if you are mind-controlled at all. 

If you have these symptoms, let me know.

The following symptoms are of the harassment typical of electronic mind weapon targets (non-electronic harassment usually goes with  the electronic effects):
I took this survey myself and found many of them to be happening to myself.:

1. You find that all of your family, friendship, and business relationships are going sour and you have done nothing to cause this.

2. You find that "accidental" blocking of you as you walk or drive about, by strangers, has increased dramatically and every day brings several "blocking" incidents.  E.g., someone slips ahead of you at the bank machine or grocery checkout, or with cars in unexpected places in parking lots.  This is part of what targets call "street theater".  THIS IS ABOUT BLOCKING *FAR* MORE FREQUENT THAN THAT WHICH OCCURS IN NORMAL LIFE, NOT THE USUAL OCCASIONAL OCCURENCES.

3. Telephones frequently have static or tones or echoes; you have lots of "wrong number" calls 

4. Street lights going out as you pass under them, walking or driving 

5. Your watch and other batteries going dead often far too soon to be "natural" deaths

6. You find that you are coming suddenly awake at precisely the SAME TIME, middle of every night

7. Inescapable voice in your head and you are not mentally ill 

8. Ringing in ears - may start/stop when switching on or off electronic devices

9. Fake telephone or clock ringing or fake knocking on your door

10. Fake, loud bird calls, outdoors, which follow you everywhere

11. Hot needles deep in your flesh, especially when trying to sleep (also called "stings")

12. Limbs jerking wildly, especially when trying to sleep 

13. Extremely powerful itching which may start as small electrical shocks

14. Very fast heartbeat while relaxed (not having exercised recently) 

15. Very high body heat, no fever, relaxed, cool surroundings

16. Vibration, large area of your body, or, nearby objects which should not vibrate normally

17. Forced awakening, can't go back to sleep, as if on high doses of caffeine

18. Vivid 3-D images while awake, eyes open or closed

19. Urges to go somewhere you don't need to or at times you would not go there

20. Neighbors can see thru walls, possibly by sounds from them which "follow" you

21. Repeated instances where it seems your mind is being read

22. Repeated evidence of break-ins, small scale thefts, and sabotage both at home and at work

23. Sudden "drop-you-in-your-tracks" fatigue at times you should not be tired

Here are some others: 

Sensations of heat and cold on various parts of the body.

Manipulation of sense of taste. For instance, food and drink can be made to taste altogether different, or to be totally tasteless.

Manipulation of vision. The eyesight can be "made" blurry, or seem as if  were seeing through a fog.

Manipulation of sense of touch. Various parts of the body can be made to tingle, vibrate or become entirely numb.

Frequent pain: abdominal pain, headaches, earaches, toothaches that linger for several hours or that come and go in a minute's time. A stinging pain in the eyes.

Sleep deprivation, or the feeling of being "wired."

Vivid dreams.

Memory and concentration are continuously severely affected.

Control of emotional states, i.e., feelings of anger, anxiety, lethargy, peace, numbness, exhiliaration, etc.

NOTE: Chemtrails which drop various toxic substances can affect all these things as well. No one has the definitive answer to this horror either.

If you were able to answer more than one of the above in the affirmative, you might want to take a look at the following: 

To post a personal story, the site for that is the Mind Control Forum at:


The infiltration of legitimate government, law enforcement, and media is so pervasive that not a single conventional channel for help is available to people who are having these problems.

Ask any conventional channel for help and you will be told to see a psychiatrist, that is, to see the same profession that is behind the entire mind control scenario and has been from day one. That would be like a Jew in Nazi Germany going to an SS office to ask for help in stopping the programs. I would add a caveat to this, however, there are some good psychologists who are helping 'alien abductees' and if you have access to someone like that, you might get some help there, or at least access to a good sympathetic ear or group of people who are undergoing the same harassment.

However, there are ways we can put up very stiff resistance, while waiting for advanced technology to make it on to the scene and show the public that we are not exaggerating when we report what is happening to us.

Here's my formula for fighting back, perhaps there is something here you can use.  I hope so, because our group needs activists very badly - these are critical times:

1.  Keep reminding yourself that you are every bit as much a soldier as the guys who went ashore on D-Day.  This is a war against freedom, and is the most important war ever fought on this planet.

Play lots of military marches, film soundtracks, and inspirational music to keep your fighting spirit at a high level.

2.  Don't waste time and resources chasing conventional signal cures.  My arguments, which have not been accepted by all victims yet, on the topic of the real classified signal types are at this link:


3.  Spend your time and resources doing all you can to spread the word about FACTS ON PUBLIC RECORD (which does not include our own torment, sad to say) which point to the availability and use of psycho-electronic weapons and their use on involuntary experimentees:

 - Brief yourself on three government recognitions that at least electronic anti-personnel technology exists, as these three bulletins can assist when dealing with hostile authorities including psychiatrists who want you to take medications you do not need:


One professional scientific journal also states that voice to skull technology exists - this is the single most important document in support of electronic mind weapon technology to date:

 - Unclassified and commercial technology available to anyone these days,
      ...and the fact that there are no controls on owning or using these devices

 - MKULTRA, the REAL story which is FAR MORE than a few hits of LSD and some drugging of patients for hypnosis in Montreal,

4.  CONSTANTLY learn and review facts, over and over, and find ways to get them to above all the public, with some effort to the government and media people as well.
Rehearse your spiel constantly.  Keep trying to think of ways to get the story told in fewer, bolder words and phrases.

Some ideas for handouts, posters, and spiel phrasing are available from this page:


5.  There is a message board on the Mind Control Forum for exchanging comments with other victims.  Go to: http://www.mindcontrolforums.com
    Then scroll down to "Message Board".

Again, see http://www.raven1.net/qkadvice.htm for suggested criteria to test for genuine countermeasures and genuine detection.

      See http://www.raven1.net/disinfo.htm for a write-up on the subject of disinfo agents.

6.  IMPLANTS.  Many victims assume that because they are tracked, their thoughts read, and are targeted in other ways, they must have implants.  New correspondents
need to realize that many victims have never had surgery, unexplained wounds, or lost time, and therefore feel they do NOT have implants.

Furthermore, the technology is highly exotic, can penetrate electromagnetic shielding and can evade conventional electronic detection equipment.  This sophistication and assertions by many victims make it wise to NOT ASSUME you are implanted unless you have unmistakeable x-ray proof.

It is possible to have a non-metallic implant which may not show on an x-ray too.

If you make claims that you are implanted, and later on, the authorities have you x-rayed and find nothing, you have discredited yourself and in some degree the rest of us too.

I recommend reading this document which outlines many reasons it is wise to not jump to conclusions about the technology in use, including implants, before you make any claims to the authorities: 


.  Some personal ways I can cushion the effects of the attacks are these - may not work for everyone:

- During times where I am kept awake at night, I find listening to talk shows like Art Bell/George Noory, Ian Punnit, George Knapp - http://www.coasttocoastam.com
      ...not only eases the discomfort, but once in a while picks up some info relevant to government cover ups of all sorts, and it is these cover-ups which are maintaining the torturers' secrecy

NOTE: I have been woken up in the middle of the night just in time to listen to specific interviews, which is also part of the programming.  So, just listening to the show doesn't guarantee life free of anxiety - it can actually make it worse. Use your own good judgment. 

 - I find that having a 20" box fan blowing over my legs at night makes the various physical attacks a little less severe (lightest setting in cool weather, legs bare)

- White noise, either from the fan or from white noise generators helps during the night 

- Very light medication, such as 25 mg of Amitriptylene and/or 3 mg of Melatonin can help either get some sleep or increase restfulness when forced to stay awake

- As much walking and other activity outdoors helps significantly

- Advice for personal coping, as well as a colleague who has time to take telephone inquiries, is available on this web site:


Once you enter, these two titles in the clickable menu list are for personal coping:

      A Word to friends and Family!
      So how's your marriage doing?

9.    As to the technology, my own shielding experiments and the experiments and experiences of others point towards technology advanced beyond what conventional scientists know about.  Most new victims will not believe this, and spend agonizing years and lots of money pursuing court cases and conventional "cures", ending up no further ahead.  This is why I fight back in the public arena, hoping to get the public to start demanding answers.

I can offer two places where, if you are open-minded enough, you can begin to see just how advanced the technology actually is:

- "The Secret Life of Plants", by Tompkins and Bird, the edition having CLEVE BACKSTER'S experiments as the first chapter

      - http://www.raven1.net/qkadvice.htm

10.   This is a kind of unusual technique for reducing the impact of the torture, but I find that feeding and hanging out with squirrels in a park is the single most "daily spiritually uplifting" experience I've had since starting to look for ways to cope.  When one of the little furry ones gets confident enough to hop up on your lap and ask for a peanut, I feel as if I've been blessed by Heaven!

Finally, there are two "comebacks" to questions from skeptics which I will offer you here to assist with your dealings with others, be they authorities, medics, or family, friends and business associates.  These are from a larger collection of information relative to public speaking, but I've found are especially handy.

The full page is at:  http://www.raven1.net/spiel.htm

Here are the excerpts:

1.  When someone says "If these weapons exist, then why don't they use 'em on so-and-so [Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, or any other bad guy in the headlines]?"

    Answer:  "Probably because so-and-so [the bad guy] is doing things that our government feels are useful. Not every goal of government is made public."

2.  When someone asks "So how many of you are there?"

    Answer:  "In March of 2002, Cheryl Welsh, founder of CAHRA, had been in touch with about 1,600 people world-wide who state they are being targeted.  In an April 2002 survey of about 12,000 Americans, about one percent stated they are being targeted with psycho-electronic weapons and the harassment which goes with the weapon attacks."

from: Eleanor White

NOTE FROM DEE: I would venture to say that number given above is much, much higher. Most people wouldn't tell their best friend of their suspicions for fear of being put away or drugged against their will.


RMN Home Page_ (http://www.rumormil lnews.com/)
(http://www.rumormil lnews.com/ cgi-bin/forum. cgi) _RMN Reading Room_

Politically Incorrect News -- Stranger than Fiction -- Usually True!
Five Easy Steps To Create  A Manchurian Candidate


Gunther Russbacher sent the original pieces of this article to his wife, Rayelan in 1996. In December of 1996, Rayelan pieced together Gunther's many letters, and published the original article on "Mind Control in America" in the print edition of Rumor Mill News.

Several days before the Columbine shootings, a man from Austria came to California to meet with Rayelan and clear up some of the hard to understand passages in the original article. The man said he was Gunther's boss in Austrian Intelligence. Since Rayelan had never met Gunther's boss, the man provided information that only Rayelan, Gunther and Gunther Austrian Intelligence superior would know.

The Austrian told her he had helped Gunther write the first part of the article on "Operation Open Eyes." The original article was hand written by Gunther and sent to Rayelan in several different letters. The man from Austria said that he had personal knowledge of the 5 Levels of programming, and that was the part of the article he had helped Gunther write. The second part of the original RMNews article was taken from other letters written by Gunther, alone. The man from Austria said he could only correct the part that he had helped write because he had no personal knowledge of Gunther's own mind control experiences, or how the United States used this method of mind control.

Shortly after the Austrian met with Rayelan, the tragedy at Columbine happened. Rayelan now believes that the Columbine killings were the beginning of the final push to take all guns out of the hands of the American people. One month, to the day, after Columbine, another similar shooting occurred in Georgia. These killings are not random acts of teenage violence. These school killings are a planned, methodical attack on the American Constitution and the freedom which is enjoyed but taken for granted by citizens of the United States of America.

The method of the attack is designed to inflame anger and hysteria in the American public. The media whips up the anger and hysteria and keeps it fresh in America's mind, with continual graphic, around the clock, "overkill" coverage and commentary of the dead and wounded victims, the pain and suffering of the families, and the traumatic scars left on America's children. The President uses the hysteria of the moment to blame guns for the problems in Americas schools and with America's children. In the heat of hysteria, Congress is pressured to pass more guns laws.

The hysteria and anger towards guns, propelled by the President and the media, continues to sweep across America. No one in media or being interviewed by the media, is allowed to speak rationally on the subject of guns. Rational people are shouted down by talk show hosts, as in the infamous Rosie O'Donnell interview with Tom Selleck. Members of Congress who try to point out the fact that existing gun laws don't work, because the Clinton Administration doesn't enforce them, are portrayed by the media as being "on the take" from the NRA.

No one is permitted to step back from the hysteria and consider, that no matter how many gun laws are enacted by governments, not even the total ban and destruction of guns could have stopped what happened at Columbine.

If there were no guns available to the two young men and their accomplices at Columbine, the killings would have happened anyway. A gun was not used to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Guns were not used to kill the 800,000 TsuTsis who were killed in Rwanda by the Hutus.

The children at Columbine and at the other schools across America were killed by other children. The "child killers" used guns, but they could just as easily used machetes or bombs. The man who drove his pick up truck through the window of Luby's restaurant in Killean, Texas used a high powered assault
rifle to murder dozens of people. He could just as easily thrown a bomb through the restaurant window. The bomb would have killed more people than the gun, and the killer would have escaped alive. But a bomb would not have accomplished the first step in the planned take-over of America. That first step is the elimination of all guns in the hands of the American public!

Many of the mass murderers in the recent decade have committed suicide at the site of the killings, or they are killed by a law enforcement officer, once the various government agencies arrive. In several cases of school shootings, the "child killers" have been stopped by teachers or principles who had
guns. If the adult school officials had not had guns, by the time the law enforcement officers arrive, more victims would have been killed. It is also possible that the "child killers" would have "self destructed" by committing suicide. Dead men and boys, tell no tales.

With the "child killers" dead, there is no way to trace back, to its origin in mind control programming, the true cause of the killing spree. If these children have been programmed using a Manchurian Candidate type of mind control, that has been around since the 1920's, and actively used since the Korean War, a trained psychiatrist can find the mind control tracks! For the psychiatrist to do his job, he needs a live "killer", and he needs the cooperation of the local law enforcement officials.

The only way to stop these shootings is to make the public realize that "Manchurian Candidates" do exist, and the kids who are committing these tragic crimes are victims of government mind control. The purpose of the shootings is to inflame the public against guns so that they force Congress to pass restrictive gun laws.

Once the guns are out of the hands of the American public, another twist in random mayhem will begin. More programmed "Manchurian Candidates" will begin anarchistic attacks on the public using bombs, knives, fires, Molotov cocktails, baseball bats and any other item that can be used as a weapon. Anarchy will sweep the streets of the United States.

The public will be disarmed and unable to protect themselves. Therefore, the government will step in and become everyone's protector and Big Brother! The government will do this by suspending the last threads of our barely surviving Constitution, declaring martial law, rounding up the dissidents, patrolling our streets with armed United Nations or NATO military, instituting curfew, and shooting anyone who disobeys any of the newly imposed laws. In other words, a totalitarian government will take control, and if you oppose them, you will be sent to the Gulags.

If the school killings escalate as a Rumor Mill News Source said they will, Congress will be bribed, blackmailed or threatened to pass the bills which will take away out guns. If this happens in 1999 or the year 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton will be the permanent totalitarian rulers of the United States!

[Editor's Note:  In 2009 - it could be Hillary and Bill Clinton ]

Programmed "Manchurian Candidates" as well as political and government leaders whose own personal agendas have been replaced with mind controlled New World Order "overlays", will work in tandem to bring the United States under the iron fisted rule of a One World Government.

There is enough research on mind control to convince any rational person that mind control and programmed assassins exist. Congress will not investigate this. Our Congress is either bribed with money or promises of high positions in the New World Government, or they are blackmailed and/or threatened with death or the death or their loved ones.

The only hope America has of exposing this and stopping it, is for a courageous community to demand that their district attorney look into the mind control aspect of the shootings. This courageous community must stand together as a united front. If only a handful of residents try to force their local
government to investigate and expose the mind control behind the killing rampages, then that handful can be broken and defused using simple techniques of "divide and conquer", and "smear and attack" These courageous residents will be painted as mentally unstable, or as criminals and pedophiles. If these simple techniques of "breaking and diffusing the opposition" don�t work, then the heavier guns of bribery, blackmail, threats and murder will be used. Only a well coordinated and informed public, with NO LEADER OR SPOKESPERSON, can expose the horror of what is really happening in America.

Why no leader or spokesperson? Because you can never be sure you are not putting a government infiltrator in charge of the attempt to expose the truth. In other words, the only person whose agenda you can trust is your own. This means, if you want the truth exposed, YOU have to do it.

YouTube - BRAINWASH - The Secret History of Mind Control
Dominic Streatfield's book on the recent history
 Watch video - 2 min 21 sec -

http://www.jamescasbolt.com/    [This is the scariest guy I've ever seen]

A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research Part 1. Techniques used By Government agencies for Mind Control: . By Sid Taylor.

A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research Part 2. Techniques used By Government agencies for Mind Control:  By Sid Taylor.

U.S. Experiments on Children For decades the US Government has been experimenting on children with the use of drugs, deadly viruses, and radioactivity: by Carol Rutz.

Towards the New World Order America's secret police force. Who are FEMA, the MJTF, and the FINCEN? An insider reveals a taste of things to come.

One of the places where an investigator can begin research is with Satanic cults and children's mental institutions and in house drug rehabilitation programs. Almost all of the children involved in the school killings had attended a Satanic cult or had been in a mental hospital.. These are the two main ways of programming children without parental knowledge. The local authorities or researchers and investigators need to start there.

There have been many books written about CIA mind control programs, but no document or book has exposed the method used to create a programmed assassin.  This article covers the basics of the program. Once you read this, you will understand how and why mass murders such as Columbine, take place. In the case of the mass murders using guns, these mind controlled assassins are being used to sow terrorism in order to force Congress to pass tougher, more draconian gun laws which do not stop terrorism, but take away freedoms Americans take for granted.

In the case of the children being murdered by children. This is a "CIA modified" "Hegelian Dialectic" technique. In other words, if you want society to become something different than it is, you must set up the conditions which will bring about the desired results. The German philosopher, Frederich Hegel called it: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. The CIA calls it: Crisis Creation, Crisis Solution, Crisis Control. (Navy Captain Trenton Parker describes how
the CIA uses this technique in foreign countries to influence politics. See end of article for information. In In the case of Columbine and other similar shootings the scenario is as

An armed America
Horrific violence and mass murders committed by people with guns
Draconian antigun laws which disarm America

The CIA's version of Hegelï's Dialectic omits the Thesis, their version starts with the antithesis:
Crisis Creation replaces Antithesis:

Horrific violence and mass murders committed by people with guns, who were either programmed or in the employee of the CIA or other government agencies Crisis Solution replaces Synthesis:
Draconian gun laws which take the guns away from everyone, including law abiding citizens.
Crisis Control Becomes the New Thesis

In the case of gun violence, the new thesis will resemble a police state, where only the government will have guns

To further illustrate the point. America is a nation full of guns and guaranteed the right to own and bear arms, by the Constitution of the United States.

America cannot be taken over by the New World Order and their socialist/communist agenda, if Americans are armed, (this is the Thesis, an armed citizenry), therefore conditions must be created that will cause the American public to demand that their Constitutional right to bear arms be rescinded.

These created conditions are called "The Antithesis" by Hegel; it is called Crisis Creation by the CIA. In the case of an armed citizenry, the antithesis, or anti-thesis, is random, senseless and horrific murders using guns as the weapon.

When these two conditions, i.e.; an armed citizenry and horrific gun violence, exist simultaneously, public hysteria can be whipped up making the public demand that their Congressional representatives outlaw all guns. This is called "The Synthesis" by Hegel; or Crisis Solution by the CIA..

The "synthesis" then becomes the new "Thesis" for a new triad in Hegel's Dialectic. In the CIA's version of Hegel's Dialectic, the synthesis i.e.; the Crisis Solution brings about the new Thesis which is called: Crisis Control.

When Hitler wanted to wipe Jewish DNA from all of Europe, he created similar "antithesis" conditions which allowed the passage of similar anti gun laws. If all Jews in Germany had been armed, how easy would it have been for Hitler to send them to concentration camps? An armed citizenry can protect itself from its government.

Hitler's plan to eliminate all gun from German citizens was so successful that Connecticut Senator Thomas J. Dodd, father of today�s Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, used Hitler's model to frame the Gun Control Act of 1968. (More information at end of article.)

The Government's Diabolic Plan Must Be Exposed

If this horrendous, diabolic plan to disarm America is not exposed, we can expect to see many more killings like the ones at Columbine. Each subsequent episode will be 100 times worse than the others. In Columbine, the real people behind the killings were sending a subtle message to anyone who can decipher it: The bombs that were found were not intended to go off. They were merely there to let "key people" in Congress know what will happen the next time. In other words, instead of 15 people being killed, hundreds, maybe even thousands will be killed.

More than likely, there was a "Control Officer" handling these boys. If an honest police unit uncovers him, he will be sacrificed, just like Tim McVeigh. He will be portrayed in the exact way the Tim McVeigh has been portrayed. In other words, he will be part of "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", he will be a "gun nut", he will belong to an Aryan Christian group.

Once you read how "Manchurian Candidates" are created, you will fully understand what is behind the incidents like the school killings, the crash of Ron Brown's plane, The North Hollywood bank robbery, the massacre at Luby's, and the killings at the Capitol, (Tom DeLay was the intended target at the Capitol. Maybe he would be interested in how his would be assassin was created.)

* * * * *

Government insiders reveal How the United States Government Finds, Chooses and Creates "Sleepers"

Mind-controlled, programmed zombies, also known as: Manchurian Candidates

An Overview of a Government Mind Control Program
How the Subjects are Chosen

A preset group of our people (from the intelligence community) canvasses the county hospitals and immigration centers in order to find viable candidates. We locate and select people who have no close family or friends. Once they have been selected, they are put under heavy,

Level One hypnosis. At this time a clear and definitive pattern of their usefulness is determined by our psychiatrists and field officers. If the candidate possesses a relatively high IQ, he will be filed in a category file, called "call file. "

Levels One and Two

If the tested applicant has more than 120 IQ, a "recall" command and an accompanying "trigger" word will be written into his personality during the Level One hypnosis session. This "trigger" will activate his recall program when we are ready for him. We then systematically do a background search and create a file for future reference.

If there are no relatives, to speak of, the subject will be "recalled" and taken to a location of our choice. Further tests for vulnerability will be conducted at this location. If he passes these tests, he is then brought to

Level 2 hypnosis where specific instructions are "written" (placed through hypnotic commands and suggestions) into his personality and he is given diverse small orders.

If the subject, upon release, shows that he has retained the instructions which were "written" into his personality, and if he carries out the small and unimportant work duties which were assigned under Level 2 hypnosis, he will receive a "recall service notice".

The timing of a "recall service notice" depends on how quickly we can determine that the programming which was "written" into the subject's personality has enabled him to complete his Level 2 work assignments properly. Once this determination has been made, a "recall service notice" will be given to him by a person, or "handler" to whom we have introduced him.

If the subject was not given a "trigger" word, the "handler" will use a quick and powerful form of hypnosis similar to Neural Linguistic Programming. The subject will be told when and where to report. The subject will have no memory of being given these instructions, he will just report on time to the proper location. IF the subject was given a "trigger" word or symbol. He will report to the designated location upon activation of the "trigger".

Level 3

The next step is Level 3 hypnosis, where the subject will become an "overwrite" upon his own personality. An "overwrite" is a new identity or personality. It is similar to having multiple personalities, except the original personality is repressed or hidden under the "overwrite" and will not surface for a set period of time which is determined by the Programmer.

The "overwrite" is not a complete new identity. There is just enough information written into the subject's personality for us to determine his viability.

In the case of a Field Operative, Level 3 hypnosis is how the operative is prepared for a covert mission which requires a temporary new identity. Just enough information will be written in for the operative's alias and story to be believable by everyone, including law enforcement officials. In the case of a field operative who will be using this alias for only one occasion, his normal personality is not repressed, it is made recessive, but left alert.

For the field operative who is being prepared for a deadly covert mission, a Level 3 "overwrite" can eliminate all fear and nervousness, and allow him to function under the nose of his enemies without the added stress of being discovered. All operatives have to go to, and through these 3 Levels before they are fielded! Sometimes they go through Level 3 many times.

During Level 3 programming sessions, the new subject is told that anything his "friends", i.e. programmers, ask him to do, is okay, even though it may be against all laws of the land. At Level 3, the subject is also programmed to believe that he must and can do everything his "friends" i.e., programmers ask him to do.

Once Level 3 Programming has been "overlaid" upon the new subject's own personality, he/she is once again given a "recall service order" and is then discharged. The subject will be monitored to see how well he functions with his new personality. If everything goes well, he will be recalled for further programming.

The higher the IQ of a given subject, the further the programming goes! If the IQ is high enough we will study his abilities and our needs, and determine how the subject can be further used. Once this determination is made, the subject will be brought to "The Farm" or one of our numerous facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada for further and final programming. (Doctors Hospital in Dallas, TX is one of our main centers!)

Level 4

Once at the facility, we will put the subject into Level 4 hypnosis, a place where he no longer differentiates between right and wrong. The subject will be told he is a "Super Human" and all laws are written for other people. The subject's moral code, respect for the law, and fear of dying is replaced with new "Super Human" feelings.

This is the Level that turns a subject into a "Clear Eyes", i.e., a fully programmed "sleeper" assassin, who can commit crimes as serious as murder, and afterwards have no shame, guilt, or remorse.

The Level 3 Super Human "overwrite" replaces the subject's own morality and/or religious ethics with a program that makes him believe he is beyond all human laws. If the intent of the programming is to create a programmed assassin who will kill on cue, all morality, fear, and revulsion of bloody body parts must be eliminated. The Super Human "overwrite" eliminates both. The Super Human "overwrite" also gives the subject the feeling of immortality and invincibility.

If he has to perform a particularly suicidal or important assignment we do our job at Stoney Mountain facilities.

At Level 4, diverse programs can be written/or overwritten into the brain. Any command is accepted at this level. At Level 4 you can give the test subject a completely new personality and history. You are able to make him/her believe anything the program requires for the accomplishment of the desired project. In this case, a completely new person is being created, not just a partial personality as is Level 3.

Once the Level 4 programming is complete, the subject will be a different person with no memory of his former life. He will not be an amnesiac, he will have memories. Ones which we gave him. He/she will be relocated to a new state and town and given a new life. Everything to complete the construction of the new person will be provided. Items such as driver's license, car, bank accounts, passport, credit cards, and birth certificate will be created or supplied by us and will be valid and legal.

The subject will also be provided with all the small things that ordinary people have in their lives, such as photos of his family. His family won't really exist, but he won't know this. He will have all the feelings of love, hurt or anger that normal family members feel for each other.

The photos of family and friends will be of deep cover agency personnel. If ever a mission goes "sour" and the news media starts looking for his family, the "agency created family" will be produced for a news conference or an interview. Agency personnel have been well coached and are trained actors and actresses. They will fill their roles perfectly, usually letting the public know that the "Clear Eyes" subject has always had a deeply troubled and violent past. The media will present the "Clear Eyes" as a nut case who went on a tragic and senseless rampage. Within a month, the public will have forgotten the incident.

Completing the new life and home, will be souvenirs from trips the subject has never taken, but yet remembers. There will also be small mementos of a life he has never lived, yet believes he has. Upon the completion of Level 4 Programming, the subject and patient (one and the same) now has an agenda that he believes is his own.

In other words, if the subject is going to be used to infiltrate a patriot group, religious commune, political campaign or environmental movement, the subject will be given all the knowledge and beliefs that are commonly held by people in his targeted group. The subject will believe that his fervently held opinions are his own. He will be believable to other members of the group.

Many politicians and government officials on a world wide level have been given "new agendas" through the use of Level 4 programming. Their own beliefs are replaced with the agenda of the programmers. They are given super human talents such as a photographic memory, and the ability to lie convincingly.

President Clinton is an example of a world leader who has been programmed with this technique. Senator John McCain and Secretary of State Madeline Albright are two other examples of an "agenda overlay" being "overwritten" onto the subjects own personality. In the cases of these people, their own personalities and memories are still present, to a large extant, although childhood and early adolescent memories are sometimes erased when this technique is used.

Once the future government leader is programmed, he will be recalled on a yearly basis and given hypnotic reinforcement of the original programming, or new programming will be "inserted" to modify the original programs. If no new programming is needed, the reinforcement programming can be done on a mass scale. In other words, "programmed sleepers" who are part of a lecture audience or a "think tank retreat", can have their programming "reinforced" through a lecture or film. The rest of the audience, such as wives and children, will notice nothing out of the ordinary.

Upon completion of Level 4, the subject who has been chosen to become a "programmed sleeper assassin" is fully prepared for Level 5. 

Level 5

At Level 5, the "trigger" which activates the program is inserted.

At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is "etched" into the subject's brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the "trigger" which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known.

Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sessions.

The "sleeper" who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his "former" life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created.

These missions or programs were implanted/written into Level 4 hypnosis. Once the the Level 5, programmed "sleeper" assassin is finished with the programming , he is referred to as a "Clear Eyes". A "Clear Eyes" is a "sleeper assassin" who is capable of being triggered, i.e. activated.

Once a "Clear Eyes" is "triggered", accidently or on purpose, the subject is beyond recall. A Level 5 "Clear Eyes" can only be approached after he carries out his program or operation.

Because of the programming, the subject will not be able to associate with the crime he has just committed. Such a programmed subject is Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. To this day Sirhan cannot recall anything about shooting Senator Kennedy.

Only psychiatrists trained in our method of sub mental behavior programming, overwrites and overlays, will be able to find any tracks leading to post Level 1 or 2 mind control. In other words, a regular psychiatrist may discover that the subject has been hypnotized in the past, and may even discover the original personality. But a regular psychiatrist will never be able to discover the location in the brain or memory, where Levels 3, 4 and 5 programs are

Without an activation "key", a normal psychiatrist will never uncover the programming unless by accident.

If the programmed subject is told to walk into an armed camp and assassinate an enemy leader, the subject will carry out his program with no regard to his personal welfare, whether he lives or dies, or how he is supposed to escape. In most cases of programmed "Clear Eyes" who commit murders or assassinations, the subject is killed on the spot, either by an innocent bystander who kills only to end the killing, or by an agency operative who is on site to insure nothing goes wrong, in other words, that the subject "self destructs" or
is killed.

In some cases the subject is captured and not killed. Due to the type of programming used in "Operation Open Eyes", the subject will not be able to divulge any information. Even if the subject is brutally tortured, he will not be able to remember the actual killing or terrorist act, let alone why he did it. This is because all programming is buried deep within long forgotten childhood memories which were recalled under Level 3 hypnosis. (This is the level where real childhood memories are accidently destroyed in politicians and other officials who have agendas "overwritten" on their own personalities.

Even under the "truth serum" drugs, the subject cannot reveal the truth because his conscious mind has no access to it. Using "Operation Open Eyes", the government can create the perfect assassin, saboteur or terrorist. One who will perform on cue, not be able to remember anything, or self destruct before being captured.

Who was Gunther Russbacher?
He was a 29 veteran of the CIA when he married Rayelan Allan in 1989. He was incarcerated two days after marrying her. The reason for his incarceration became clear when he testified that in 1980, he flew vice-presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush from the Paris meetings which concluded the October Surprise "deal" with Iran, back to the United States in an SR71. 
See related articles on Captain Gunther Russbacher, ONI, CIA _BUSH MADE DEAL WITH IRANIANS, PILOT SAYS_
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_October Surprise Articles about Gunther Russbacher_
(http://rumormillnew s.com/OCTOBER_ SURPRISE. htm)
End of Part One
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_Part Two_ (http://www.rumormil lnews.com/ operation2. htm)

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Date: 6/26/2003



Personal experience of Scooby Do, Star Wars, & Caesar

Part 1: Mind Control in Computer Games

By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

Around mid 2000 I started playing the computer game Caesar. Caesar is a computer game where you get to build an ancient Roman city. It is very complicated and highly addictive. There is something about this game that makes time fly by at an incredible rate, and it is hard to stop playing. I played it for days on end. My mother also played the game - often past the small hours of the morning.

Later, the same company brought out two other games - Pharoah. where one builds cities in Ancient Egypt, followed by Zeus, where one builds cities in ancient Greece.

The day after that I played Pharaoh for about half of the day I was feeling a sick feeling in my body, and a stuffiness in my head, which I intuitively thought came from the game, but I ignored it and kept on going.

That night I woke at 4 am having a terrible nightmare. I have virtually not had nightmares for years. It felt what I can only describe as 'demonic'. The description of it may not sound much, but the FEELING that it left me with was incredibly strong and awful. I was trying to warn two men who had been customers of a very suppressive boss I had about twenty years before, about some kind of incredible crime. I was in a garden in front of some buildings. A car drove up - I looked inside and knew from something I saw inside that it was black witches in the car. Some how they coerced me into the car. Quickly I managed to roll out the other door, and would have been taken back but I managed to remember to call on God for help. The three people in the car were surprised, and let me go. At the same time, a number of people came up the road and were able to help me. I woke up feeling awful. I felt so bad that I woke my husband Michael, and after a while with us both praying I felt safe enough to go to sleep again. I had had the thought that some how aliens were involved in this dream. Michael made the comment that maybe aliens sent the dream because they were mad at not being able to abduct us. (Michael had found a way to stop the monthly abductions he had been suffering from. See "The Mars Records" Book 2 at www.themarsrecords.com)

The feeling of being sick was like the feeling I had once when I played Zeuss. It was, I think, about the third day I played it. I can only decribe the feeling as feverish. I got worse and worse the longer I played. I KNEW the game was causing this feeling, but I didn't stop playing. Finally I had to stop - my head was pounding and I felt sure I was going to throw up. However, after Michael layed hands on me and prayed deliverance for me from the game, I got better within a few hours.

I had never had these problems with Caesar, which was the first game that came out. The second game that came out was Pharaoh. Playing this game caused me to feel feverish and have nightmares. The third game that came out was Zeuss. That made me feel much worse than any previously

Just before I stopped playing Zeus permanently, when my headache & nausea was at its peak, I got the impression of a big black hole opening up, that was somehow connecting me spiritually to another dimension full of evil. I felt that I was still connected to that dimension even when I stopped playing. I finally disconnected when Michael prayed to remove all ties from me to the games and anyone / anything connected with the games.

Part 2: Mind Control in Movies

I had read articles about how different negative and controlling things are secretly placed into movies etc. by encryption and occult practices. However, I had not personally been aware of this until Michael and I were at the movies and watched a preview of the cartoon Tarzan. Within a minute of the stupid cartoon & the sound of drums beating, tears come to my eyes within a few minutes!!! I know that I'm sensitive, but this was incredible - crying over a dumb cartoon. What were they doing to pull my strings so much???!!!

Michael and I have always liked movies. The old movies don't seem to do to us what the movies that have been made since around 1998 do (give or take a year or two). There have been a number of movies that have given me a major headache - almost a migraine, plus nauseous feelings. I have NEVER had a migraine outside these movies (and the time I played the computer games described above). I cannot remember which movies did this to me, but they were always very popular, expensive movies. One of these was Star Wars Episode 1, the Phantom Menace. The older three Star Wars movies were among my favourites, but the Phantom Menace gave me a headache (apart from boring me - the Jedi Knights in that movie had no SOUL - they just couldn't project).

We were getting ready to go to Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones, when suddenly I felt that we shouldn't go. After all, how spiritually destructive is it to see a movie about a bunch of people getting taken over by the dark side of the force? About fifteen minutes after we decided to NOT go, we both came under sever psychic attack - major headaches, pressure, nausea and tiredness. I used muscle testing to find out what going on. I got that some Draconians were very angry that we had decided not to go. For some reason, it was in their best interests that we watched that movie.

I finally felt that I had to write up my experiences after what happened when we went to see "Scooby Do". We saw a review about it on www.drudgereport.com and felt like going to see it. We took an eight year old daughter of a friend of ours with us. After all, it's just an animated cartoon. What harm could it do?

First of all, we were surprised at how dark and scary it was in places. It is definitely not for five year olds or even eight year olds. It is very interesting that the story so closely matches what many people including David Icke say is going on in the world. A group of tall, skinny, reptilian looking creatures wanted to take over the world. In order to do that they had to possess human bodies so that they could go on the surface of the planet. And their leader had to absorb life force/ souls from people in order to achieve his plan.

We got a very bad feeling when we saw the pyramid and ancient writing in the movie. After the movie, all three of us had a headache.

The next day the little girl reported that she got a picture in her head of a scaly head. Using muscle testing I got that this came from the movie. The next day after that, when going to bed, I felt that I was being psychically attacked. The word "sacrifice" came to my mind. Again, this was in the movie. Michael used muscle testing, and it indicated that there was an energy drain from me to someone high up connected with the movie. Michael had the same. Michael prayed the energy drains off us, and we felt better.

The next day we checked the little girl with muscle testing. This indicated that she also had an energy drain from her to someone connected with the Scooby Do movie.

At first it seemed ridiculous - all this to do with Scooby Do!!! But then again, if you were an evil entity with designs on the life force of the people of earth, what better vehicle than a movie that will seen by millions of innocent children, all full of life force????

Post script

I have had psychic & radionic etc. attacks after writing various articles before, but I have never felt such a fast and horrible attack as when I wrote the "Scooby Do will mind control you" article.

The INSTANT I started to write it, I started to feel dizzy and light headed. The room even span a bit. Michael felt the same. I could 'see' a very large, dark entity associated with this. Muscle testing indicated that this entity was one of the "principalities" mentioned in the bible.

During that day I would get a major headache and feel very nauseous. Michael would pray for me and do hands on healing, and the effect would go - only to return a few hours later. By 10.00 pm I felt REALLY sick with a major headache - despite taking a painkiller (which I don't normally do). Michael layed hands on me and started to pray in Jesus' name to remove the effects of the principality - and I instantly vomited my dinner up, twice. After that, I felt terrific!!!! Michael felt that some how the principality affected the energy of the food in my body.


More in-depth Information:

Here is a quote from Conversations With Research Scientist Initiates: Brain and Technology Update ©1995-1997 Leading Edge International Research Group http://www.trufax.org/convers/conv4.html

Therefore, 1995 will be the year where massive doses of electronic mind control, programming, thought intrusion and brain/biogenetic manipulations will commence in grand scale. These projects are no longer experimental. They are fully operational, for the “field testing” is over! The whole arsenal of frequencies will be unloaded on the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico as part of Stage 1 of the First Protocol, (to include) Woodpecker, Buzzsaw, Videodrome, Subliminals29, Sonic Pulses, Optical Holograms, Visions, Voices and strange Psychokinetic phenomena. Beware of TV ’s, computers, movies, radios and phones! Also books, magazines, newspapers, printed advertisements and posters will also contain the encrypted hidden subliminal holograms. Ladies and gentlemen, the Gestalt of the video movie “They Live” is here now -- 1995! ( dead silence ) Any questions?

(The article that this quote comes from has a lot more VERY important and HIGHLY recommended information).

"The Network of Stolen Consciousness": A survivor of intelligence mind control programs talks about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects are manipulated in mind control. http://www.paranoiamagazine.com/Goobie.htm

Here is a quote from a post from a former consultant to the NSA titled "NSA and Mind Control" http://www.geocities.com/capaliwoda/mc/Abemarf_part_1.htm

Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands

Similar reports from readers of this article:

"Hi, I just read your article about "computer games" and "movies". I just wanted to add that recently I had a similar experience of nausea playing a computer game, and I have never felt that way before playing those games. It was a 3D "shoot`em up kind of game" I don´t recall the name". Ken, Portugal. "Hi Stephanie, I read your article on "Scooby Doo can mind control you" a couple of days ago. Thanks so much for sharing this information as it clarified something that happened to me last Wednesday. I took my daughter to the movies to see star wars - Attack of the Clones. After we got home from seeing it I had a phone call from my ex-husband (who is a good friend) telling me that God had told him to pray for me that afternoon (about the same time we were at the movie). I was a little mystified as to why.

A little later I started to feel very frightened and anxious and this developed into a major fear attack re my finances and future. After dinner my daughter and I both felt unwell but we thought it might have something to do with something we'd eaten - could have been. That evening before I went to bed I was still fighting the fear and praying for God to protect me. I tried several times to get some messages from God but nothing came through.

So I then prayed and asked God to communicate with me by way of a dream if there was anything I needed to know. I went to bed and dreamed during the night that I had 3 hooks or soul ties in or to my heart. In the morning I dealt with this but still didn't feel quite right. My daughter woke up with a headache and very low energy and I had to keep her home from school. On Friday I read your article and things suddenly became very clear to me so I have now said various prayers and decrees to deal with the situation for both of us". J.O., Auckland, New Zealand

Copyright ©: Stephanie Relfe - 2002:

Permission is granted to copy and distribute this article or parts of this article, so long as you mention that it came from www.metatech.org


The Universal Seduction by world recognized authors, investigative journalists, mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and scholars. Goals of the NWO, alien underground bases, alien/military abductions and implants, the secret Mars colony, mass mind control, Dulce, Area 51, reptilians, covert govt. time-travel and cloning,HAARP,chemtrails and CIA channeling programs.


The Secrets of the Mojave by Branton. A history of the military/alien connection. 26 sample pages with TOC, excerpts and index on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1881808440/qid=1021637405/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/002-3054264-9324050

Different Child by Sandy Nichols. A man's poignant personal experiences of being continually abducted by greys. http://www.differentchild.com

 NOTE:  These video games can make some people very sick ...and certain games will give almost instant margraines ... but it has to do with the frequency of the graphic flashing on the screen, not that the game contains mind control. They have warnings about it in the game packaging. Be sure to read all warning labels.



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Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics




Why do some people oppose Scientology? What is the Guardian's Office and does it still exist? Does Scientology engage in brainwashing or mind control? Is Scientology like hypnotism, meditation, psychotherapy or other mental therapies?

For research purposes, here is a list of mind control projects
that have been exposed over the years:

Chapter - In 1947, the Navy conducted the first known post-war mind control program, Project CHAPTER, which continued the drug experiments. Decades later, journalists and investigators still haven't uncovered much information about this project - or, indeed, about any of the military's other excursions into this field. We know that the Army eventually founded operations THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT; other project names remain mysterious, though the existence of these programs is unquestionable.

Chatter - 1951 Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students. 1953 Project CHATTER was abandoned by the Navy.

Bluebird - 1950 Project BLUEBIRD was approved by the first CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He also approved the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its sensitive areas. This began the CIA's first structured behavioral control program. Their goals consisted of "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation." Some of their experimental subjects included North Korean prisoners of war and suspected double agents.

The newly-formed CIA plunged into this cesspool in 1950, with Project BLUEBIRD, rechristened ARTICHOKE in 1951. To establish a "cover story" for this research, the CIA funded a propaganda effort designed to convince the world that the Communist Bloc had devised insidious new methods of re-shaping the human will; the CIA's own efforts could therefore, if exposed, be explained as an attempt to "catch up" with Soviet and Chinese work. The primary promoter of this "line" was one Edward Hunter, a CIA contract employee operating undercover as a journalist, and, later, a prominent member of the John Birch society. (Hunter was an OSS veteran of the China theatre - the same spawning grounds which produced Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, Mitch WerBell, Fred Chrisman, Paul Helliwell and a host of other noteworthies who came to dominate that strange land where the worlds of intelligence and right-wing extremism meet.

Hunter offered "brainwashing" as the explanation for the numerous confessions signed by American prisoners of war during the Korean War and (generally) UN-recanted upon the prisoners' repatriation. These confessions alleged that the United States used germ warfare in the Korean conflict, a claim which the American public of the time found impossible to accept. Many years later, however, investigative reporters discovered that Japan's germ warfare specialists (who had wreaked incalculable terror on the conquered Chinese during WWII) had been mustered into the American national security apparat - and that the knowledge gleaned from Japan's horrifying germ warfare experiments probably WAS used in Korea, just as the "brainwashed" soldiers had indicated. Thus, we now know that the entire brainwashing scare of the 1950s constituted a CIA hoax perpetrated upon the American public: CIA deputy director Richard Helms admitted as much when, in 1963, he told the Warren Commission that Soviet mind control research consistently lagged years behind American efforts

Artichoke  1951 Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments.

Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries.

According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Castigate - 1952 Project CASTIGATE began when the Navy and the CIA teamed up to test a "secret potion" that consisted of a depressant, a stimulant, and the active ingredient in marijuana. The drugs were to be administered over a three-day period. The experiment was carried out in Germany at a secret CIA base on a military installation. Experimental subjects included one known double agent, one suspected double agent and three defectors. Project CASTIGATE was considered a failure.

MKNAOMI - 1952 MKNAOMI (Pronounced M-K NAOMI with M-K standing for mind control.) TSS's agreement with the Special Operations Division of the Army's biological research center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. SOD's job was to produce germ weapons for the CIA's use.

MKULTRA - 1953 MKULTRA, a CIA program for the covert use of biological and chemical weapons began. Bowart states, "According to CIA documents, MKULTRA was 'an umbrella project for funding sensitive projects' and covered 'policy and procedures for the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations...' " "MKULTRA was exempted from normal CIA financial controls and allowed TSS to begin research projects without contracts or written agreements." TSS stands for Technical Services Staff and was an agency referred to as "the Gadget Wizards," similar to what "Q" is to James Bond.

As usual, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI had already been set up prior to the CIA being given official permission for MKULTRA. MKDELTA became the operational side of MKULTRA.

MKULTRA focused on drugs, specifically LSD since the CIA had a phobia about LSD ending up in the hands of the Russians. The CIA wanted to use LSD as a weapon. The Russians and the Cold War were used as a national security excuse for most of the CIA's actions. The CIA studied hundreds of other drugs besides LSD, as well as experimenting with: "radiation, electroshock, psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials."

It appears that the scientists enjoyed trying these drugs on themselves, but they also used many hospital patients, volunteers (mostly students), inmates who were usually paid for their participation with more drugs, and eventually anyone the CIA could get, without their consent, of course. The CIA "scientists" even reduced themselves to misting and spraying unwitting American citizens as they walked down busy city streets. Later they would study how they could manipulate genes, and develop compounds that could simulate heart attack and stroke.

MK-Ultra: The CIA and Radiation

MKDELTA - See above

MKSEARCH 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.-

MKSEARCH continued into the early 1970's, and more experiments were performed under ORD, the Office of Research and Development. Some of these experiments consisted of implanting electrodes into the brains of cats, dogs, and reptiles and controlling the animals remotely. Animal experiments were always (and still are) performed first and heinously, but we don't hear much about these atrocities.

According to Bowart, the following agencies were involved in behavior modification and behavioral research projects: the Defense Department, the Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the Veteran's Administration, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (under the Department of Justice). "All of the above agencies were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research 'cover' for MKULTRA."

Often/ Chickwit -1967 Or 1968, Project OFTEN/CHICKWIT was initiated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA's Office of Research and Development to create new drug compounds "that could be used offensively." Hallucinogens were tested on inmates in Pennsylvania, but very little is known about the experiments. "CIA documents mention 'several laboratory accidents' in which a drug designated as EA-3167 produced 'prolonged psychotic effects in laboratory personnel' "

U.S. Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates.

It would appear that the CIA's drug testing continued throughout the 1970s since, "A CIA memo dated March 8, 1971, indicates that a backlog of more than twenty-six thousand drugs had been acquired 'for future screening'

Third Chance -In I991 operations Bug, Third Chance, Derby Hat and MKUltra under which various aspects of mind control were performed from BB size ear, eye nose and brain implants had been studied for two decades. And they were placed in the hands of South American dictators and others in operations against high echelon captured drug dealers and other prisoners.

Derby Hat - 1960 - The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. Testing of the european population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.

Project MONARCH - Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind control, ... a subsection of the CIA's Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK Ultra ... [involving] the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder.

Operation Monarch by Mark Phillips

Cathy O'Brien Database

David Icke Database

- This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation of MOCKINGBIRD. It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid period of the cold war, when the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services competed with communist activists abroad to influence European labor unions. With or without the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner, an undercover State Department official assigned to the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to enter the cold war underground of covert operations on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination. Philip Graham, __a graduate of the Army Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA, then publisher of the Washington Post., was taken under Wisner's wing to direct the program code-named Operation MOCKINGBIRD

Operation MOCKINGBIRD - The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA's own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

"Whispers" is a collection of case histories of paranoia that Siegel had studied. One of these cases is a man named Tolman who believes that his mind is being controlled by computers via a satellite system named POSSE (Personal Orbiting Satellite for Surveillance and Enforcement). Siegel implies that claims like this are similar to the James Tilly Matthews case. And indeed they are, but it is clear that Siegel is trying to dismiss Tolman's claims by implying that similar reports existed two centuries before this technology could have existed.


Here's some information on bioeffects of EMFs.

Birds, Bees, Bat-Rays, Butterflies & Buzzards (?):

Electrosensory Organisms


In the Austin American Statesman, Austin Texas paper of October 8, 1998, appeared the following article:


Homing pigeons, as the name suggests, are supposed to find their way home. But more than 2,000 of the creatures have disappeared this week and no one can explain it.

The birds lost their way during two separate homing pigeon races held Monday. Out of 1,800 birds competing in a 200-mile race from New Market, VA to Allentown, PA, about 1,500 have vanished. And in a 159-mile race from western Pennsylvania to suburban Philadelphia, 700 out of 900 pigeons are missing.

Most of the pigeons would have been back in their lofts within a few hours. Although it's not unusual to lose a few birds during a race -- a hungry hawk, for example, might snag a few racers -- this week's loss is extraordinary, organizers of the two events say. "There is something in the air," said Gary Moore, who was the "liberator" for the 150-mile  race, deciding when and where the birds were released. "To lose this many is just unbelievable."

Was it sun spots? A UFO? The currents of El Nino?

It's hard to come up with an answer pigeon enthusiasts say, because no one knows how homing pigeons do what they do.

>>Disagree here, because lots of research on pigeon homing capabilities has been done. It has been etermined that pigeons use about 3 methods 1) visual cues during the day; 2) geoelectromagnetic hints, & 3) star patterns at night. Blinded pigeons -- or pigeons in a fog -- still get home and "windmill" slowly in to a landing. Blinded pigeons with tiny permanent magnets attached to their heads produced totally confused birds!......jb<<

Moore's theory is that the disappearance may have something to do with CELLULAR PHONE ACTIVITY (my emphasis...jb). It's widely accepted that the pigeons use electromagnetic fields to help the navigate and cellular phone calls might interfere with that process, he speculated.

Most long-distance races are held on weekends when cellular phone activity is lower. But the two races in question were postponed from Sunday to Monday because of rain.

Sun spots also can send the pigeons off course, but the sun activity that day was low, organizers say.

Jim Effting, who lost 34 of the 37 birds he entered in the race to Allentown, also thinks that something very peculiar must have messed up the birds' innate tracking systems. He says the birds took a wrong turn and could be in North Carolina by now. The three racers of his that finally made it home arrived Tuesday afternoon. They were exhausted, and it was obvious they had been flying lost for hours, said Effting, who lives in Emmaus, PA.

What's certain is that with each passing day, the chances that the birds will survive are decreasing. Unlike their wild pigeon brethren, these speed machines don't know how to feed themselves in the wild and are easy prey.

Editorial Note: An interesting supporting article appeared in the proceedings of a symposium and workshop held in Snowmass-at-Aspen CO, in 1973 [1] and sponsored by the National Science Foundation in concert with the Neuroelectric Society, the International Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin:

There is an important chapter in the Proceedings about the action of large flocks of blackbirds and starlings, where hundreds of birds all turn, in milliseconds, and NONE OF THEM COLLIDE [1]. The video shown at the conference illustrated the rapid twisting and turning as the flock few in close formation. VERY impressive...as though all were of one mind! There was no twisting or wave motion indicative of visual or auditory cues!
It was theorized that the birds used some sort of proximity detection sensory system based on microwave phenomena, since the structure of bird feathers was somehow related to microwave antennae! (also see [2])


The apparently synchronous turning and wheeling of flocks of several bird species, particularly starlings (Sternus vulgaris), has long been a phenomena of curiosity and interest.

The recent series of reports suggesting that birds may be able to detect the earth’s magnetic field makes the hypothesis that turning movements in bird flocks may be coordinated by electromagnetic means more attractive. Such a signal would be instantaneous, could reach all birds in the flock regardless of their position relative to the signal source, and could carry sufficient information for turning movements.

Analysis of films of turning flocks of birds and experimental studies of startle reaction times in birds in our laboratories have suggested that the electromagnetic radiation model could provide a parsimonious explanation for the observed behavior of the birds.

There are several other presentations in the above book, relative to microwave sensitivity of living systems to extremely low intensity fields, and I remember one chapter in particular in this area by Dr. C. Romero-Sierra and J. Bigu del Blanco, Dept of Anatomy, of Queen's College in Kingston, Ontario [3].

The above book, while expensive is worth having as an excellent early reference to bioeffects of electric field gradients, magnetic fields, microwave, and air ion effects.

Buzzards (?):

I have noted an interesting phenomenon about 8 miles south-southeast of here (Wimberley, Texas). This tower, each morning and afternoon all summer, has been a prime roosting spot on every cross-member for dozens of vultures (turkey buzzards)!! They may be getting an EMF radiation buzz and/or may be waiting for something to die! Seems quite symbolic, in several ways, of this whole microwave communication and cellphone long-term bioeffects situation. (Please keep in mind that it has long been known that selected EMF pulse rates, waveforms and frequencies have healing, sedation and emotion-evoking capabilities). I have noted many communication towers in my travels and have seldom seen birds on any of them. This is the first tower I have noted with so many birds and all of the same species. This might also be a good example of how one can
make snap decisions, based on insufficient data and reach erroneous conclusions. Since I have not familiar with buzzard habits, it may be that the tower is just a convenient elevated roost, on a hill near a highway, where good road-kill scavenging is available. Canada help wondering though....

Email response to above, from: Bert Dumpe <Bdumpe@worldbank.org>, 11 Nov 1998:

Jim: I reported on the birds. The story you report verbatim as it appeared in the Washington Post seems to have been edited. The initial WP report put the number of the original population of birds starting the race at 3000. In addition, from their release point in Virginia, the birds were traveling to various destinations; a town in New Jersey, Brooklyn, NY, Allentown and Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the birds were lost enroute, and a HANDFUL alighted on property along the way or deviation thereto. Rest of the birds were not found, which remains the case to date.

Generally the FIRST report of an incident is the most factual. Thereafter, the cover-up starts and the story is watered down and factual omissions prevail. This seems to be the case in the Texas version of the story. For instance, when the story broke, the bird racers positively stated that (paraphrased) "the electromagnetic RF emissions from cellphone devices and antennas changed the aerosol, which would affect the birds' sense of direction." This positive statement is from people who study bird biology and have sufficient knowledge to know "what environmental pollutants or objects would interfere with the birds' mission and hinder the chances of a successful race."

Re your statement of the "vultures." Interesting, and unusual. Can you send me copies of any pictures you take? This is unusual because generally birds (warm red-blooded) have been avoiding microwave towers, and often when they do alight on the towers large numbers of birds are found on the ground dead. Creatures normally found on towers, up to the height of the antennas, are roaches (cold-blooded). Your hypothesis
is probably correct; "the vultures sense death in the air." Sometime ago in one of my newsletters, I reported that birds migrating to Capistrano and points south for the winter disappeared over New Mexico. It is altogether possible that as well as disappearing, the birds are merely falling from the sky as has been reported in various places. In addition, any birds that would pass over the towers will be half dead and easy prey. This is
also a reported fact.

As for research on the magnetite in the head of birds, which I mentioned when this lost birds story was reported, this has already been done extensively. In fact, Kaune the researcher who co-authored the Linet NCI powerline study, was one of those who researched this. And you know what this turncoat said about powerline emissions being benign. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere already researched biomagnitite in the brain of animals and humans. With the loss of birds, death and deformity of reptiles (e.g., frogs, lizards) one had to be pretty thickheaded, a real bozo, or terribly dishonest not to know that electrification of the air is deadly. The worst is yet to come.

Bees, Bat-rays and Butterflies:

Alasdair Philips <aphilips@gn.apc.org>, 21 Nov 1998

Our cheap transistor radios can pick up and separate out hundreds of radio signals at levels of a few hundreds of microvolts/metre. More sophisticated communications receivers can work down to levels of about 10 microvolts/metre. Radio-astronomers work on informational signals from stars at less than 1 microvolt/metre - this is a power level of about 0.000 000 000 001 microwatt/cm2 (1 attowatt/cm2 !!). We can now detect and create pictures from signals from spacecraft at our outer planets using transmit powers similar to those use by mobile phones of a few watts!

Honeybees have been shown to be sensitive to magnetic flux differences of 1 nanotesla (10 microGauss) [4][Theoretically humans could also be sensitive down to less than this level (pineal thermal noise c. 0.24 nanotesla - Smith, 1985). Various sea creatures can detect voltage gradients of a few 10's of microvolts/metre.

Biological stochastic resonance from regular pulsing EMFs can effectively amplify coherent signals (like power EMFs) by vast amounts.

What arrogant nonsense to suggest that living systems need to be "cooked" before they realize they are being bombarded by signals and that microwaves of 100 volts/metre are harmless to us. On your butterfly question...many years ago (c.1969) I went to a Friday evening London 'Royal Institution' lecture by Professor Eric Laithwhaite of Imperial College London - the guy who developed the principle of the linear electric
motor which is now widely used - whose hobby was/is butterflies and moths. At the time everyone was talking about pheromones, and undoubtedly these are used in the mating attraction process, however...he discovered that if the female (I think) was enclosed in a sealed plastic box the mates still appeared from long distances away, but if she was enclosed in a (electromagnetically screened) Faraday cage full of air holes only butterflies
who were very close were still attracted. He repeated these experiments on many occasions and came to the conclusion that the patterns on the butterflies wings were actually tuned circuits in the very high microwave region (far-far-infra red) and each variety had its own unique RF/microwave signature enabling mates of the same variety to home in using their antennae and own wing resonators as tuning selectors. The main energy probably came from the sunlight possibly modulated by wing flapping.

Our mainstream, crude, gross, simplification of life into simple electro-chemical building blocks completely misses the mysteries of what "life" is and how sensitive it can be if we open ourselves up to the amazing, wonderful, cosmic universe in which we live. I do not know how we will achieve the paradigm shift in thinking needed but I sense that it is slowly starting to happen. I hope so, anyway. Matthew Fox (USA) and his
Creation Spirituality movement is part of the change, along with the deep ecology movement.

... and I am meant to be a down-to-earth nuts-and-bolts engineer!

Hang on in there folks!


1. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., "Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields" Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974, Chapter XI, Heppner, F.H., & Haffner, J.D., "Communication in Bird Flocks: An Electromagnetic Model", pgs. 147-162.

2. Tanner, J.A., Romero-Sierra, C. and Davie, S.J.: "Non-Thermal Effects of Microwave Radiation On Birds." Nature, 216:1139, 1967.

3. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., "Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields" Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974. Chapter IX, Bigu del Blanco, J. & Romero-Sierra, C., "Microwave Radiometric Techniques: A Means to Explore the Possibility of Communication in Biological Systems", pgs. 123-136.

4. Keeton, British Birds, 72, 451-70]

5. Bastian, J., "Electrosensory Organisms." Physics Today, pgs 30-37, Feb 1994.


What you don't know is not half so apt to hurt you as what you know that ain't so!

Old adage


Electricity allergy 'incurable (?!!)

A woman who is allergic to electricity has been told that her condition cannot be cured. Doctors have told 78-year-old Christine Moody that they can do nothing to stop the pain she experiences when she comes into contact with electricity.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

###### In light of Ms. Moody's EHS problems, the following recent email may be helpful

Subj: Persons who may be able to treat electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)

To: LOTEKCHOW@aol.com

Bonnie Rogoff:

Based on the description of your symptoms in your email below, you likely have both chemical and electrical sensitivity. Many fair-skinned persons (primarily women) have problems with long-term computer use. The monitor radiation, both UV and electrical, causes a reddening of the skin, like the condition "Rosacea". This is a condition researched a great deal in Sweden by Dr. Olle Johansson, whom you have already contacted.

Also, persons with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) often have some extent of light-sensitivity, similar to the condition called porpheria, which you described in your letter.

Often the symptoms go from Fibromyalgia, to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, to EHS....all of which are body system stressors (usually pain), as well as making one even more sensitive to other types of stress....some of symptoms may be sleep problems, weight gain, low body temp and pulse rate, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and a host of other body and immune system abnormalities/paradoxes which drive the doctor's crazy!...seems a strong tie-in to hypothyroidism, which does not show up on any normal medical tests, because the problem is not indicated in the blood...it seems to be a metabolism problem at cell level....possibly due to cell receptor inactivation caused by heavy metals and toxic chemicals (pesticide exposure at early age often a problem....did you ever chase the DDT mosquito spraying trucks or bathe animals in DDT as a child??)....lots of women coming down with similar problems at your age....because of the widespread use of the "miracle" DDT pesticide (and other long-term toxic pesticides and chemical cleaners) 30 to 40 years ago!

There seem to be some paradoxes here, e.g., skin reddening looks like rosacea, but is not the usual rosacea; light-sensitivity symptoms, like porpheria, but no tests tie in to porpheria; hypothyrodism symptoms, but no tests show up any thyroid problems;...lupus symptoms, but no lupus. This still seems to me, as a lay-person with extensive information in this area, that there is a cell receptor metabolic situation here where none of the usual medical blood tests will show any problems. Therefore, with the bunch of symptoms you have, the medical opinion often is "you much be a hypochondriac and should see a psychiatrist to get rid of your mentally-induced stress problems!!!" (especially if you are a woman!)

Oh, Incidentally, in the 1960's, Dreyfus (a millionaire financier in New York) , with sleep/fatigue problems, overactive mental activity and a metallic taste in his mouth, found he had "epileptoid brain-wave excursions". He spent over 5 million dollars exploring uses of the drug dilantin (diphynlhadantoin--DPH), which helped him get back to normal with more energy than usual. The medical research he funded showed that DPH had far more uses than just supression of epileptic seizures....from heart arhythmias to skin conditions like Scleroderma. You say you suffer from seizures and are taking Tegretol already. Have you tried DPH?...maybe a possibility here.

Could be, based on your location in NYC, that you are in an area of strong EMF activity....you might have to leave the city for a few weeks or months, perhaps take a vacation and go into the country for awhile...away from all EMF sources, and see if your health improves.

In addition, to improve sleep, it would probably be helpful to get all electrical devices out of your bedroom... further information and research references on this and above statements can be found at my website -- <www.emfinterface.com>

Dear Dr. Johansson:

I am a 48 year old female who has become intolerant to all light. One year ago I had normal healthy skin. In September 2001, I suffered a severe abnormal skin reaction after using an ordinary moisturizer on my face. After exposure to late day sunlight, my face turned very red, and was burning badly, as though acid were poured on my face and the skin was scaling off and became hyperpigmented. Following a diagnosis of contact
dermatitis and cortisone treatment under medical supervision, my condition worsened. My initial symptoms included constant facial burning, intolerance to sunlight, fluorescent light, computer monitors, a constant metallic taste and intolerance to chemicals and perfumes.

I am unable to go outdoors in sunlight and must wear a sunblock every day even indoors. Over the past year my condition worsened despite numerous medical treatments. Now, my mucous membranes and eyes are also affected, my nasal passages burn, and are dried out and I have migraine headaches and muscle problems. I used to work on computers and now I can't go near computers or TV sets. I suffer from a seizure disorder and take the medication Tegretol (500 mg daily) and take Naproxen once a month for menstrual pain. I also have severe scoliosis and have a Harrington rod implanted in my spine which has been broken since 1980. Currently, a dermatologist is treating me for rosacea using Metrocream. All medical tests for lupus, porphyria and scleroderma have come back negative.

Could my problems be due to electro-magnetic sensitivity and would you know of a doctor in the US who can help me? I am desperate and willing to travel to Sweden but fear a trip would be impossible due to my failing health.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Best regards,

Bonnie Rogoff


The informations contained in our EMF-Omega-News are derived from sources, which we believe to be accurate but is not guaranteed.

Citizens' Initiative Omega is not responsible for any errors or omissions and disclaims any liability incurred as a consequence of any of the contents of this resources.

Subj: The next step in mass experimentation and mind control

Date: 10/20/2003

From: JCJ

To: Dee777

The next step in mass experimentation and mind control is about to be initiated through computer/video games and the Internet as noted and warned of in the soon to be released feature-length DVD, GOVERNMENT GUINEA PIG: WHEN UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU... www.governmentguineapig.com.

"John B. Alexander, retired U.S. Army Colonel, author, and "celebrated technical consultant" (USA TODAY), has joined up with Platinum Studios in a four-year exclusive deal "to develop movies, video-games and comic books based on real security threats and the whiz-bang weapons designed to defeat them," (Daily Variety). Alexander, who has worked in a similar capacity with Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton, will be lending his knowledge and expertise on everything from futuristic battleground scenarios to advanced high-tech military planning to create stories and ideas the likes of which have never been seen. "

Platinum Studios: Col. Alexander

"To better realize the concepts and ideas being developed for the video-game medium, Alexander and Platinum will be working closely with Blue Shift Games, one of the nation's leading and award-winning game developers, as well as Handheld Games, a developer specializing in software and accessories exclusive to portable gaming platforms."

"Los Angeles, CA (June 23, 2003) - Platinum Studios, the premier company for comic book to film adaptation, today announced an exclusive four-year development deal with Colonel John B. Alexander, U.S Army (Ret.), noted government advisor and one of the world's foremost experts on advanced weaponry and technological threats. This partnership will allow Platinum to produce a series of original comic books and graphic novels incorporating Col. Alexander's concepts and scenarios, which will be developed for all media, including film, television, and interactive gaming. Because Col. Alexander's knowledge of advanced weapons and future warfare is so sophisticated, and the threats so genuine, these works will more than blur the line between science fiction and reality.

The deal will also allow Platinum to take advantage of the $10 billion gaming industry, where licensed projects make up more than a majority of the top releases. Platinum also announced today extensive deals with one of the nation's leading independent game developers, Blue shift, Inc. and leaders in next-generation handheld development, Handheld Games, to create interactive properties based on Col. Alexander's expertise and his futuristic vision of military combat. "

"We're talking about everything from electromagnetic pulse weapons that could cripple a country by wiping out all its electronics, to controlling insects with pheromones to make whole cities uninhabitable, just to name a couple of examples," said Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. "It sounds like science fiction, but these are bona fide matters the military is concerned about as the future of warfare--and possible future terrorist threats. And Col. Alexander is THE expert on all of it." stated Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Chairman, Platinum Studios

AND.... how about affecting the thoughts of millions (of youth) through mind control technolgy that can easily be incorporated in, embedded into and disseminated by way of video/computer games and eventually the Internet?

Contact Platinum Studios to voice your opinion at:

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Chairman
Platinum Studios
9744 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 210
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Phone # : (310) 276-3900
Fax # : (310) 220-6848

Interactive/Video Game Press Contact:

Hillary L. Crowley
(206) 351-1199


General e-mail : info@platinumstudios.com

Michael Saltzman
Sharon Eisenberg
Saltzman Communications
5900 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036

Phone # : (310) 271-5789
Fax # : (310) 271-5468

E-mail : saltzman@earthlink.net
cc: aaron@platinumstudios.com

Jan C.J. Jones, Executive Producer
Guinea Pig Productions, LLC
Phone: 719.487.0435
Fax: 719.488.3414

Email: jcjjones@aol.com

We hold these freedoms to be self-evident...

New Scientist vol 182 issue 2444 - 24 April 2004, page 46

 Do you want to block traumatic memories from scarring your mind? Perhaps you do, but would you be happy if someone else did it for you? Or how about receiving marketing messages beamed directly at you in hypersonic waves? Mind control is getting smarter by the minute, says Richard Glen Boire, co-founder of the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics in California. And, as he told Liz Else, we ain't seen nothing yet...
Richard Glen Boire studied law at Boalt Hall, the law school of the University of California, Berkeley. Traditional law firms, he felt, were "bad for his soul"; he wanted to do something he felt passionate about. The real battle of our times, he says, is concerned with freedom of speech - but in a new guise. What now matters is the freedom of thought. He coined the phrase "cognitive liberties" to describe a legal framework that protects us from neurotechnologies and also allows us to benefit from them. Boire helped set up the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics in 2000, and is its chief legal counsel

Should I be worried?

Freedom of thought is the basis of a lot of our existing constitutional rights in the US, as in many countries. With the burgeoning of neurosciences and the neurotechnologies they give rise to, we can see great opportunities but also great perils, because the law on freedom of thought is so underdeveloped. It is the most important of all legal freedoms, but the least articulated. Here at the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics (CCLE) in Davis, California, we try to provide legal theory and principles to guide courts, policy makers and civil liberty experts.

What kind of neurotechnologies are there?

On the near horizon are a slew of new pharmaceuticals we call memory management drugs. Some of these aim to improve memory safely. Others are designed to help dim or to erase the memories that haunt people suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

But right now?

Some of these drugs are available now. Take a drug like propranolol, a beta blocker used to control high blood pressure. It was found that people who take this drug within six hours or so of a traumatic event have a reduced recall of that event. People are talking about giving propranolol to emergency response teams before they go into horrific scenes such as plane crashes. Others have talked about giving it to soldiers after a gruesome battle.

Is propranolol really being used in that way?

Well, it has been tested in emergency rooms. In 2002, there was a study of the effect of propranolol on car accident victims in emergency rooms. It found that one month later, patients who received propranolol had fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder than patients who suffered similar injuries but were given placebos rather than the drug.

That does sound helpful.

Yes, that application may well be, so long as people are given the choice. But we are concerned about the idea of emergency room personnel automatically giving it to trauma victims. For instance, a victim of violent crime may not necessarily want to remember what happened, but may want to testify. Emergency room doctors might think it would be great to have a drug to give victims that would blank out horrible memories; but they might also overlook the complexities of why somebody would want to retain the integrity of their memory. It has to be the person's choice.

Is there anything else coming up?

In the next five to ten years, we think drugs that enhance memory are going to raise important issues of freedom of thought. Will you have a right to say no to these drugs if you are the only eyewitness to a crime? Could a future government say: "It's very important that you remember what you saw. We want you to take this drug at least until after you have testified in court."

Are there possibilities for coercion in these neurotechnologies?

Yes, in some more than others. Take brain fingerprinting. This is a real technology being tested by the FBI. It could become part of the key evidence to overthrow the murder conviction of Jimmy Ray Slaughter, who is facing the death penalty in Oklahoma for assault and murder. It works by picking up the P300 electrical wave emitted by the brain when the subject is shown images relating to a crime. Its strength is that the P300 wave is involuntary - the suspect can't affect the outcome. It is said to be much more accurate than the polygraph.

The CCLE has no problem with brain fingerprinting so long as it's voluntary, as in the Slaughter case. Our concern is that law enforcement agents will seek to use it coercively. Such compelled use ought to be forbidden, because it would pierce one of the most private and intimate human spheres: our own memory.

Aside from memory control, what other neurotechnologies are you looking at?

Hypersonic sound. This is a focused beam of sound used to deliver marketing noises or other messages in a very personal way. The sound is inaudible unless you walk into its narrow path.

It sounds entertaining.

Yes. It does have fun possibilities. But it's also invasive. It's sudden and it acts inside your head, as if you're hearing something through headphones. And Forbes magazine reported last September that American Technology Corporation, the company that invented hypersonic sound, is installing this in soda machines right now on Tokyo's streets. As you walk past, you'll suddenly hear inside your head the sound of the ice cubes dropping into the glass and the soda making that "psst" can-opening noise. You are going to be startled, you won't know where the sound came from and then you'll realise,
wow, I was just hijacked by an advertisement.

Wouldn't there be a lot of scope for abuse?

It's not an expensive technology - you can buy hypersonic sound generating devices for about $600 - and they will get cheaper. If anyone wanted to destabilise other people they could do it really easily by making them think they were hearing voices in their heads. The victims would be unable to distinguish whether those sounds or voices had an external or internal source. Again the law is a big black hole on cognitive liberty issues like this.

How is the CCLE financed?

We get no government funding. Most of our funding comes from people who are involved primarily in developing the internet. They see the internet as an amazing technology for communication, yet at the same time they see its brightest promises being held back or co-opted by archaic legal concepts. They are interested in making sure that these new technologies, like neurotechnology, don't get misused, misapplied or regulated in a way that takes the heart out of them - or which removes the greatest possible benefit, or, even worse, directs them into some of the darkest applications. They want to see freedom of thought expanded rather than contracted.

Have you had any legal victories?

The most prominent case we fought was one that reached the US Supreme Court last year. It was about a dentist from Missouri called Charles Sell, who was arrested by the FBI and charged with fraud. While they held in him custody they claimed he was out of his mind and began an attempt to force him to take antipsychotic drugs. They claimed it was necessary before putting him on trial for the fraud, because in the US you have to understand the proceedings against you in order to have a fair trial.

We joined in Sell's defence because what was at stake was the government agency being at one and the same time both this man's accuser and his advocate in court. The US government wanted to forcibly inject Dr Sell with mind-altering drugs. They were also telling him: "Oh, this is for your own good. You have to take this drug in order for you to think clearly enough to defend yourself against our actions."

Did you win?

Yes. But the Sell case was a partial victory. The Supreme Court found that there was not enough evidence before it to allow the state to forcibly drug Sell. It set out some principles that make it very hard for the state to do that if the only justification is the need to bring somebody to trial.

But the Supreme Court did not articulate what Sell's interest was here. It simply recognised that mental integrity is an interest of the person. It certainly didn't examine the history of freedom of thought and how the future of freedom of thought is dependent upon maintaining an integrity of neuroelectrochemical processes, which was what we were hoping for. We wanted the court to recognize that we have entered an age where freedom of thought will become meaningless if we don't recognize and protect the individual's right to privacy, autonomy and choice with respect to his or her own brain chemistry.

So who should have control?

It's clear that by manipulating the brain you can change thought, and because your thoughts are central to who you are, and because freedom of thought is necessary for all our other freedoms, it ought to be the case that the individual, as opposed to the government, has the ultimate control over matters of the mind. Without freedom of thought, what freedom remains?

Should the US government use what it calls "pharmacotherapy" in its drugs war?

We have a big report coming out soon on pharmacotherapy. The focus is on how the new breed of neuro-drugs are helping to shift the old rhetoric of the "war on drugs" away from drug users as "the enemy" to being "sick people" who need treatment. It will then become a war of "good" new drugs versus the "bad" drugs. The good drugs are drugs that keep the bad, illegal drugs from passing through the blood- brain barrier. So policing the drug war is going to move from the external world of cops and helicopters to the internal world of increasing pressure to use these "neurocops" to reduce or entirely block the effects of illegal drugs.

Are there such drugs?

There is one under development by a French company called Sanofi- Synthelabo called SR141716 that blocks or reduces the effects of marijuana. It is in Food and Drug Administration clinical trials. The National Institute on Drug Abuse published findings in 2002 showing that this "anti-drug" reduces the effects of smoked marijuana by up to 75 per cent. The US government is serious about this effort to make not only the US but also the rest of the world drug-free, supposedly. It is now shifting this metaphor from "war" to "treatment". And in 2002, the Office of National Drug Control Policy even coined the term "compassionate coercion", saying that people who use illegal drugs are often in denial, so the government needs to act in this compassionately coercive way to get them the treatment that the government says they need.

The bottom line is that cognitive liberty is becoming one of the major civil rights issues of this century. Our goal is to rally the folks interested in fighting on the side of freedom of thought.

Mind Control - protecting freedom of mind

Cover-ups~Mind Control Index

Mind Control Watch Report

Matrix- Mind Control

Against Electronic Mind-Control

&TOTSE - Mind Control

The Mind Control Hypothesis

Freedom Technology Resource Directory - Mind Control 

Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors

Study- Mind Control "Singer's Six Conditions For Thought Reform"

Cultic Studies- cult mind control, thought reform, brainwashing

Science and Politics in the EMF Puzzle

Cellular Frequency, Microwaves and the Brain

Mind Control, the Illuminati & the JFK Assassination

Alien Implants

Subliminal Influencing

 U.S. Domestic Spying

Mind Control and Children

 Project Paperclip and Literal Nazi Connections

Hypnosis and Trauma Conditioning

  • The World Organization Against Torture, USA has recently issued a report on Torture in the United States. Among other abuses it includes a section on involuntary human scientific experimentation:
    ``Similar concerns also are being raised about involuntary human experimentation involving new forms of classified research and testing of high technology military weaponry, including microwave and laser equipment. Groups working on these issues cite, among other evidence of the existence of these unauthorized testing procedures, a White House inter-governmental memorandum dated March 27, 1997, establishing stronger guidelines prohibiting non-consensual testing for classified research, but suggesting, by implication, that this type of human subject research may, in fact, be taking place. Because of the classified nature of these activities, it is very difficult to confirm or disprove that they are taking place. Given the serious negative impacts on non-consensual human subjects that classified research of this type is capable of producing, and given the past history of secret experimentation by the government, these allegations of continuing improprieties involving secret government sponsored human testing should not be dismissed without more thorough, impartial investigation.''
  • The recent (Oct. 1998) Amnesty International report on human rights abuses in the United States.
    "The USA has been quick to voice its condemnation of human rights violations in some other countries and to stress, by contrast, the wealth of civil and political rights which it guarantees within its borders. As this report shows, however, it has failed to deliver these rights to many of its people and there are signs that, unless urgent steps are taken, these rights will be further eroded."

More Websites:

Fantasy Interrogation
Victim James Henry Graf's website.

The Government Psychiatric Torture Site
Victim Brian Bard's website.

World's Justice System Helpless Against New Devices
Canadian victim Eleanor White's website.

Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy
Victim Mojmir Babacek.

Mind Control Victims Database

Acoustic weapons and weapons-capable devices::

Acoustic heterodyning US Navy contract for American Technologies Corp., San Diego
Acoustic heterodyne principle, a diagram illustrating the principle behind American Technologies Corp. San Diego "electronic ventriloquism" speaker system.
American Technologies Corp. of San Diego CA announces the successful patenting of their "acoustic heterodyne" aka "HSS" or "Hypersonic Sound" technology, clearing the way for commercial release of one form of voice-to-skull technology.
American Technologies Corp. of San Diego CA announces the U.S. military is interested in their acoustic heterodyne or "Hypersonic Sound" technology
Commercial and unclassified technologies which are capable of generating some of the observed mind control effects (long)
As separate pages: http://www.raven1.net/p00.htm


Center for Neural Communication Technology, U.S. National Institutes of Health, lays to rest any doubts about the existence and intent of human electronic implantation
Implants, involuntary, Blanche Chavoustie

Implants, New Mexico prison style, a 1999 proposal by NM Governor Gary Johnson, which explicitly uses the phrase "we can insert microchips into people's brains and control their behavior"
Implants, Professor Warwick's unclassified experiment demonstrates that on a first try, human implants work, and are predicted as likely to improve to the point of direct brain/nerve interaction
Heartbeat detector, LADS, or Life Assessment Detector System, a product of VSE Corporation, which can detect the human heartbeat through non- or partially-conductive substances like snow or rock, at distances up to 135 feet.
Sharks' use of neuro-magnetic fields of prey proves that the surveillance we experience is not only possible but has been done for millions of years by sharks
Telemetry is Coming of Age, article showing that implant-based radio telemetry is routinely do-able

Brain entrainment:

"Electronics and Brain Control", Popular Electronics, July 1973, Vol. 4, Number 1
Hemi-Sync, a company selling specially prepared music recordings which use sound to entrain the brain in to relaxation. (Force-awake rhythms also possible.) See also US Patent #5,356,368

[Editor's Note: I have the original Hemi-Sync CD's which I found very good, however, the blank space in the middle it allows for self-seeking astral visions is too short in my opinion.]

LIDA machine, a Soviet device which demonstrates the potentially good uses for the technology used to torment us involuntary experimentees over the past couple of decades
Oscilloscope trace, brain entrainment signal

Communications and government monitoring:

Aerial Mind Control - The Threat to Civil Liberties, Judy Wall, Nexus magazine October-November 1999
ECHELON, a network of countries whose security agencies scan virtually all electronic communications looking for key words to eavesdrop on people and groups "under suspicion". Helps to establish a pattern of motive for the neuro- electromagnetic harassment problem.


Detection of neuro-electromagnetic harassment:

Record your 24-hour voice-to-skull harassment, suggested ways to try this
Spectrum analyzers, and why we targets are wise to avoid spending large sums to have one

Effects of neuro-electromagnetic technology:

Common effects observed by neuro-electromagnetic device targetted people

Fakery and deception:

Faking visuals now a breeze, says Washington Post reporter William M. Arkin

Implants (obsolete but still used by some):

Brain chip lets stroke victim 'talk' again, article from Toronto Star, Oct. 21, 1998
Center for Neural Communication Technology, U.S. National Institutes of Health, lays to rest any doubts about the existence and intent of human electronic implantation
Implants, human, for use with satellite tracking system, means and motive!
Implants, New Mexico prison style, a 1999 proposal by NM Governor Gary Johnson, which explicitly uses the phrase "we can insert microchips into people's brains and control their behavior"
Implants, Professor Warwick's unclassified experiment demonstrates that on a first try, human implants work, and are predicted as likely to improve to the point of direct brain/nerve interaction
Implantation backup article
Implants, "Telectrode", for wireless monitoring of both physical and psychological parameters, AF contract

Doctor Leir Removes Implants

Monkey victims of Dr. Jose Delgado, MKULTRA perpetrator. Monkeys in restraint with electric shocks being administered to electrodes in their brains. Demonstrates MKULTRA's utter disregard for life, pain, and suffering
Satellite tracking system, for parolees, USA Today


Mind reading/thought reading:

Eye's visions read and displayed electronically
Mind switch, one more device pointing towards the fact that classified science has already accomplished sub-vocal thought reading
Rats Control Robots, an article that pretty well shatters arguments that electronic thought reading isn't possible
Thought reading, electronic, how it's done
Thought reading unclassified equipment


Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves, U.S. Patent 3,951,134 (1974); this description matches targetted individual experience closely
Hemi-Sync, a company selling specially prepared music recordings which use sound to entrain the brain in to relaxation. (Force-awake rhythms also possible.) See also US Patent #5,356,368
Patents related to e-weapon technology
Stocklin patent #4,858,612, multi-channel microwave voice to skull device

Psychotronic weapons and programmes, existence of:

Aerial Mind Control - The Threat to Civil Liberties, Judy Wall, Nexus magazine October-November 1999
Army (US) War College article, excerpted, demonstrating the military's clear interest in e-weapons. The reader should remember that writing an unclassified article like this one available to the military public is tantamount to admitting they possess such weapons at the classfied level.
Commercial and unclassified technologies which are capable of generating some of the observed mind control effects (long)
As separate pages: http://www.raven1.net/p00.htm
Government involvement in e-weapons
Non-Lethal Weapons Policy, military vs. law enforcement

Radio frequency (microwave and voice-to-skull) weapons and how they work:

Biological amplification, a biological response to radio signals which makes pulsed microwave "voice to skull" work, an excerpt from a book edited by Dr. James C. Lin, University of Illinois
Frey, Allen, paper showing early e-weapons principle

Microwave auditory response references, which have been studied for use as bird clearing radar signals
Microwave bioeffect references, a researcher's smorgasbord
Microwave hearing threshold for human beings
Microwave News article excerpts
Microwave Oven modification to use as a voice to skull transmitter (preliminary)
Neuron's tiny current requirements for triggering
Radio Signals vs. Nerve Cells, an explanation of how pulsed radio signals reach into our nervous systems
Signal details for Frey-type voice-to-skull transmitter
Sharks' use of neuro-magnetic fields of prey proves that the surveillance we experience is not only possible but has been done for millions of years by sharks
Vehicle Stopper, electromagnetic, calls for design submissions by US National Institute of Justice (Why bother? They already exist in classfied circles.)
"Voice", "God's", article of Feb. 5, 2000, Sydney Morning Herald, speaking about USAF's use of "pulses" to create a voice within the skull of a target
Voice to skull article by Richard Gall, reports successful transmission of WORDS
Voice to skull project for the US Department of Defence, by the US Environmental Research and Quality Assurance agency
Wonder Weapons, an article in the July 7, 1997 issue of US News and World Report, by Douglas Pasternak, a landmark article


http://www.vxm.com/bib.doc.html, Bibliography, Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields, about 90K (long)

Remote physical manipulation (selected victims):

Acoustic levitation starting point for our "power researchers" Dr. Fred Bell

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers takes serious notice in 1996 of Finnish researcher's anti-gravity effect
Levitation, using diamagnetism of living things, as demonstrated on the CBS Evening News and CNN in April 1997, as reported in Science News Dec. 6, 1997 issue, vol. 152

Russian mind control:

Russian psychotronics video, shown in 1998 on the German ZDF network, dialogue translated here. Includes descriptions by Dr. Igor Smirnov, who was invited by the U.S. to intervene at the Waco Branch Davidian standoff.
Soviets' microwave research into mind-altering use of microwave equipment released by US DIA in 1976

"Scalars", the elusive, often-heard-about mind control technology:

"Scalar" version of ELF sleeping cap, speculative, explanations vague, never explained satisfactorily

"Silent sound", used with success in Gulf War, VERY likely the prime hypnotic technique carried via other voice to skull transmission methods:

"Silent Sound", Altered States Ltd version, a New Zealand supplier of "learning" tapes that are obviously "silent sound hypnosis" tapes, using the "voice-FM" technology
"Silent Sound", how hypnosis (and other effects) may be transmitted without the target being aware using voice-FM, with or without microwave to carry the signals over distance
"Silent Sound", one of the US military's UNclassified thought-influencing gadgets, used in the Persian Gulf War
"Silent Sound" or "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" or "SSSS" or "SQUAD" - one of the US military's classified thought-influencing gadgets, used in the Persian Gulf War
"Silent Sound", the LOWERY patent, #5,159,703

Through-wall devices, adaptable for stalking and covert observation:

Heartbeat detector, LADS, or Life Assessment Detector System, a product of VSE Corporation, which can detect the human heartbeat through non- or partially-conductive substances like snow or rock, at distances up to 135 feet.
Radar Flashlight, the actual device as displayed at http://www.nlectc.org
Radar Flashlight for through-the-wall detection of humans, Georgia Tech, developers
Through-the-wall radar article from 1995 Popular Mechanics, confirms this equipment has existed for some time
Through-the-wall radar, Millivision Corp., Northampton MA, current manufacturer of passive millimeter wave radar
Through-the-wall radar, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (National Institute of Justice, NIJ), a through the wall tracking/locating device for law enforcement

Unclassified and commercially available MC-capable devices:

American Reporter 'zine, publishes article by Eleanor White. Special thanks to Joe Shea, Editor
LIDA machine, a Soviet device which demonstrates the potentially good uses for the technology used to torment us involuntary experimentees over the past couple of decades
Microwave News article excerpts

Microwave Oven modification to use as a voice to skull transmitter (preliminary)
Unclassified technologies used in e-weapons



Court cases (see also legislation):

Bonacci case:, mind control victim awarded $1 million (ritual abuse case - same mentality as neuro-electromagnetic)
CIA tortures involuntary test subjects, successful Canadian court case PROVES BEYOND DOUBT

Diary entries:

Diary, Volume 1
Diary, Volume 2
Diary, Volume 3
Diary, Volume 4
Diary, Volume 5
Diary, Volume 6
Diary, Volume 7
Diary, Volume 8

Doctors (and other professionals) NEM-friendly:

Greer, Dr. Steven (MD), prominent UFO researcher, announces that his research has uncovered a perpetrator group much like the group behind electronic mind control
Rauni Leena Kilde, MD, the brave former chief medical officer of Finland, tells it like it is on global mind control
Ross, Colin, Dr., psychiatrist, who has carefully investigated alleged CIA-MKULTRA atrocities and is now satisfied they did happen

Government actions, pro and con:

Aerial Mind Control - The Threat to Civil Liberties, Judy Wall, Nexus magazine October-November 1999
European Parliament resolutions as passed. Not spectacularly great, but hopeful for the 21st century.
European Parliament Political Control Weapons position paper, text part only;

Exposing MKULTRA

French Government recognizes the reality of
neuro- electromagnetic weapons technology, an article from NATURE magazine
Government involvement in e-weapons
Implants, New Mexico prison style, a 1999 proposal by NM Governor Gary Johnson, which explicitly uses the phrase "we can insert microchips into people's brains and control their behavior"
Joan K. Christensen's letter to Eleanor White in which the
New York State Assemblywoman claims to have classified knowledge about
the neuro-influence weapons currently being illegally tested.
Non-Lethal Weapons Policy, military vs. law enforcement
NSA (US National Security Agency) confirms mind control is "for real", by confirming classification of a
document about it
activist Cheryl Welsh http://www.calweb.com/~welsh to visit.
NSA surveillance laws, worth a good belly laugh for those of us who have been under surveillance for years and decades!

JULIANNE McKINNEY - began the anti-mind-control movement:

Julianne McKinney's report and letters, from one of the most knowledgeable e-weapons victims
"Microwave Harassment and Mind Control" by Julianne McKinney

Laws applicable to covert electronic attack:

Laws relating to e-weapons
Legislative suggestions your local legislators
can actually DO, at low cost and without credibility problems.
Roy Bercaw's research subject protection bill submitted to the Massachusetts legislature

Media articles/editorials/videos:

American Reporter 'zine, publishes article by Eleanor White. Special thanks to Joe Shea, Editor
Judy Wall's letter to 180 editors, summer 1999
Judy Wall's timeline, covering the development of neuro-electromagnetic weapons
"Mind Control" article Napa Sentinel, Harry V. Martin and David Caul, 28 pages (a masterpiece!)
Russian psychotronics video, shown in 1998 on the German ZDF network, dialogue translated here. Includes descriptions by Dr. Igor Smirnov, who was invited by the U.S. to intervene at the Waco Branch Davidian standoff.
Wonder Weapons, an article in the July 7, 1997 issue of US News and World Report, by Douglas Pasternak, a landmark article!

Medicine's, and government's actions:

Atrocities - why won't the media expose them?
British Medical Journal article appealing for medicine to guard against it's knowledge being usef for weapons development
European Parliament resolutions as passed. Not spectacularly great, but hopeful for the 21st century.
European Parliament Political Control Weapons position paper, text part only; or go to French Government recognizes the reality of
neuro- electromagnetic weapons technology, an article from NATURE magazine
Government involvement in e-weapons
HAARP project related article from May 1998 Media Bypass magazine
HAARP project, excerpts from Angels Don't Play This HAARP, courtesy Patricia Mougey


Harlan Girard contributed to an October 1998 report by the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT)

MKULTRA - Covert mind control's 40+ year heritage:

ACHES-MC web site Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control...you can order a video there on non-electronic experimentation
ESN (Exit and Support Network), a U.S. based source for the MKULTRA-oriented CKLN radio (Wayne Morris) interview tapes, with order form
MKULTRA cover page, U.S. Senate hearings in 1977
MKULTRA research site full of articles on covert government misbehaviour in general, with reference material on MKULTRA and related secret programmes.
http://www.pufori.org/articles/mk_ultra.htm Richard G. Gall's excellent article on MKULTRA; supports the success of voice-to-skull for hypnotic purposes
[Editors note: Pufori site no longer operates separately]

MKULTRA survivor database

MKULTRA U.S. Senate hearing excerpts
MKULTRA electronic projects with summaries of the specific purposes.


CSETI, Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, led by Dr. Steven Greer (MD), prominent UFO researcher, announces that his research has uncovered a perpetrator group much like the group behind electronic mind control


Harlan Girard contributed to an October 1998 report by the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT)
NLPA (National Legal Professional Associates) a lawyers' organization which has worked on the Gregory Lambros implantation case, affirms the reality of covert mind control


http://www.vxm.com/bib.doc.html, Bibliography, Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields, about 90K (long)

Scientists, doctors, other professionals:

http://www.stress.org/adey.htm, an article on the life and work of neuro-electromagnetic researcher, Dr. Ross Adey
Cheryl Welsh's endorsement by one of her professors at California State University urging public investigation of electromagnetic weapons
Delgado, Dr. Jose, MKULTRA perpetrator. Article translated from Spanish - broad coverage
"Dr." Ewen Cameron, MKULTRA psychiatrist-torturer as described on CBC's Fifth Estate, January 6, 1998
Greer, Dr. Steven (MD), prominent UFO researcher, announces that his research has uncovered a perpetrator group much like the group behind electronic mind control
Italian Doctor discovers in-body implants in people who have not knowingly been research subjects
NLPA (National Legal Professional Associates) a lawyers' organization which has worked on the Gregory Lambros implantation case, affirms the reality of covert mind control
Scheflin, Alan W., California lawyer with a track record of working to expose the mind control conspiracy
Standler, Dr. Ronald B., a clear, concise listing of serious medical ethics violations, for doubters


Criminals' police weapons usage result form
Electromagnetic weapons usage result form
Electromagnetic weapons usage survey form

Testimonials, from individual victims:

Eleanor White's photo album
Eleanor White's victimhood experiences, interview format
Improbable incident, typical, with good data cable
Italian Doctor discovers in-body implants in people who have not knowingly been research subjects
Joan K. Christensen's letter to Eleanor White in which the
New York State Assemblywoman claims to have classified knowledge about
the neuro-influence weapons currently being illegally tested.
Map showing MKULTRA and e-weapon incident sites
Mind Control Within the United States - A 1998 book by author Kai Bashir (reviews and ordering information)
Non-Lethal Weapons paper by neuro- electromagnetic weapons victim and
Roy Bercaw Cambridge, MA publishes ENOUGH ROOM to raise awareness of marginalized subjects in the media. He is the founder of the Anti Censorship and Deception Union.
Roy Bercaw's speech to Cambridge, Mass. city council
Roy Bercaw's TV show on Cambridge MA cable
Speech, proposed, to inform local doctors
"Voice", involuntary, forced upon Eleanor White as Eleanor tries to lie as still as possible but is fully awake (SOUND)

Time lines, historical:

Time line, Cheryl Welsh's, of events in the history of neuro- electromagnetic weapons development
Time line, Eleanor White's based on the trufax.org time line of MKULTRA electronic experiments (unverified); see trufax1.htm

Torture and brutality, showing it is happening NOW:

Canadian prisoner's experience making it brutally plain that torture is not just a third world phenomenon

Electronic MKULTRA:

Government Mind Control, by Margo, one of our best researchers

Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy, maintained by an international group, this site takes time to load

Institutional/drug/CHILD ABUSE MKULTRA:

Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control, group effort from U.S. and Canada

http://www2.dmci.net/users/casey/ surgical experiments on children during the cold war. Powerful!

Parascope, an excellent compilation of MKULTRA information