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We're going to be murdered," Marshall H Applewhite told a reporter in 1972.
"And when we are, after three and a half days, we're going to walk out into life in the next level above human."



He also said that admiral Bobby Ray Inman had ordered a Hotshot (intel speak for a ... X13 also claims that Bobby Inman’s hit men suicided the cult members to discredit ...



Every cult can be defined as a group having all of the following characteristics:

1. It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members.. Special privilege for the leader and members because of the “chosen” status.

2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society.. Exclusive membership and a 'you’ll miss out if you don’t get involved' mentality.

3. Its founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable and has charisma

4. Divine instruction coming from a deity source, only given to that particular group usually through channeling or 'divine inspiration'.

5. It believes 'the end justifies the means' in order to solicit funds and recruit people

6. Channeled or divinely inspired messages to save / help mankind.

7. Groups can change / stop future cataclysmic (i.e. floods, earthquakes, etc) events .

8. Repetitious appeals /prayers/ incantations recited daily.

9. Group is usually named such as (i.e. Heavens Gate, Branch Davidians, The Core Council)

10. Initiates will receive protection from deities / alien races if they maintain membership in the group and do as instructed by the leader

11. Its wealth does not benefit its members or society

Due to the instinct for truth in human nature, absolute lies are not as effective as some people think. With half-truths and quarter-truths, on the other hand, you can make people believe almost anything.

Cults don't start out rich, they scam their small group of followers out of as much cash as they can get, then dole it out to themselves and their cash drawers fill up fast.  Most cults don't pay taxes - some don't even file for taxes and hide their assets and income. Some don't even put their cash into the bank - they actually use the old safe in the wall trick so nobody knows there is any cash.

As the group of followers increases and they get their information out into the internet, or through speaking engagements in struggling UFO conferences, their incomes grow. They play the 'Oh! Poor me!" game to get their followers to donate their hard earned money to them while at the same time giving their followers false promises of saving them from whatever disaster is coming in the future.  

There are plenty of predictions floating around about the future that cults can play against - from personal misfortune all the way to 'end of the world' scenarios. You've probably heard them all by now.


intense self-absorption

profound lack of empathy for others;

a disrespect for social norms and accepted rules of behavior;

a tendency to project one's own faults on other people;

a lack of interest in anyone else's feelings or beliefs;

a high degree of dishonesty and manipulation in interpersonal dealings;

a tendency to see others strictly in terms of one's own needs.


the tendency to hierarchy;

the drive for power and wealth;

hostility, hatred, prejudice;

superficial judgments of people and events;

a one-sided scale of values favoring the one in power;

interpreting kindness as weakness;

the tendency to use people and see others as inferior;

a sadistic-masochistic tendency;

incapability of being ultimately satisfied;


From: http://www.trancenet.org/groups/faq/faqcl.shtml

The Aetherius Society - Founder: Sir George King -Date of Birth: Jan. 23, 1919 - Birth Place: Shropshire, England

Year Founded: 1954 History: "The Aetherius Society was first visualized into existence by Saint Goo-Ling, who is considered by the Aetherians to be an Ascended Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and a member of The Great White Brotherhood" (The Aetherius Society, intro). The Great White Brotherhood, or the Brother/Sisterhood of Light, "is a multi-dimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic organization of beings who choose to serve the divine cosmic plan in this universe" (SpiritWeb, Spirit/masters). Ascended Masters, believed to have been such historical figures as Jesus, St. Germain, El Morya, and Lord Buddha, make up the higher order of the Brotherhood (SpiritWeb, Spirit/masters). Members of the Society believe that George King was chosen by the Brotherhood to become the next spiritual prophet. In 1954, George King was researching the field of radionics while practicing an intense regimen of yoga, when he received a message during a meditative trance. He later identified the voice as The Cosmic Master Aetherius (The Aetherius Society, bio). During this contact with Master Aetherius, King claims that he was appointed to become the Voice of the Interplanetary Parliament, headquartered on Saturn, for Earth (Melton: 676).

The Aetherius Society is an international UFO organization dedicated to world peace and enlightenment. The society's religious beliefs encompass the root teachings of world religions, relying heavily on the Theosophical tradition, scientific findings and developments, and a cosmic concept of humanity which they claim to have received from the extraterrestrials whom they refer to as the Cosmic Masters (Wallis, 1984:38). The society's religious belief "presupposes an order of spiritual beings between the human and ultimate reality, with which one can have conversational and disciplic relations" (Ellwood: 394).  More


Hehaka Inazin, Standing Elk  - a Ihanktowan Dakota - aka Loren Zephier, Azuya Mani (Scout), Hehaka Oyate Oyasin (All Elk Nation), Mani Ota (Walks With many), Wambdi Zizi (The Golden Eagle) His blood line is Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and French. He is one of seven Sundance Chiefs for the Yankton Sioux Sungdeska Sapa Tiospaye. He lives in Wagner, S.D. (These names per his official site)

He declares:   "My name is Hehaka Inazin Standing Elk of the Yankton Sioux Reservation"

Founder and visionary for the Star Knowledge Conferences, Standing Elk, (Lakota Sioux), is one of the seven Yankton Sioux Sundance Chiefs, Spiritual Advisor, and co-author of "Maka Wicahpi Wicohan" also known as 11:11, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation.

Standing Elk, Lakota Keeper of the Six-Pointed Star Nation Altar,

Dakota Ikce Wicasa, Standing Elk, who is also one of seven Sun Dance Chiefs of the Yankton Sioux.

On a cold winter day in 1995, on a mountain in Wyoming, Hehaka Inazin, Standing Elk a Ihanktowan Dakota, was praying during a four day fast, Hamblecia. He was praying for a blessing and direction through a Star Altar, the Elk way of the Canupa Wakan, (the sacred pipe). Later that night he was visited in Dreamtime by 4 tall, metallic-speaking Orion Star people, Wicahpi Oyate, who showed him a bar with symbolic writings. Receiving instructions telepathically, Standing Elk began a journey that to this day is just beginning.

Later that year at the International UFO conference in Mesquite, Nevada these same star symbols were presented having been discovered on control panels of the Roswell starcraft. Standing Elk, understanding that the symbols interpretation was far incomplete, sought further inspiration from his Vision with the Orions.

Returning to South Dakota, Standing Elk began a series of ceremonies utilizing the Sun Dance Altar of his grandson, Deer Man, and the Inipi (sweat lodge). Soon a spirit teacher named Ista Wanzi, One Eye, emerged from the inner worlds to interpret one by one, ceremony by ceremony 11 Universal and 11 spiritual Laws of Creator - grounding our understanding through a name and a basic understanding. The teachings from these ceremonies were the beginning of the writings of MAKA WICAHPE WICOHAN.

From: http://www.star-knowledge.net/StandingElk.html

Joshua Shapiro:: Standing Elk, you have another name I have heard people call you, which name should we use for this interview?

Standing Elk: Well that other name is my English name but Spirit told me to go by Standing Elk.


Standing Elk Channels St. Germaine? and Archangel Michael?

Official Site

Standing Elk Walk-In

From: http://www.geocities.com/the_fun_goddess/html/walkins.html

Standing Elk was in ceremony with MniWiconi Waste Win and Hupahuluta at Lake Mills Wisconsin We cannot describe through words what actually transpired, but we will share you our hearts.

On January 23rd, Standing Elk attended a 12 strand DNA repatterning ceremony.

In January 24th, Standing Elk went through a direct soul fusion with Golden Eagle (Wamdli Gdeska Zizi), a High Heart (Christ Consciousness) connection with Master Jesus,

144 Sacred Breath of the 12 Rays of the Sacred Colors, 14th Stargate Portal Connection with the 13th  dimensional frequencies of Andromeda and the Vega systems,  Ceremony of Rebirth and Ceremony through the Stargate of Purification. There was a successful conscious Walk In with Standing Elk and The Golden Eagle.

On January 25th, Standing Elk successfully went through a Cellular Release ceremony and he was initiated into the Order of Michael and knighted with the Excalibur. (There was also the Sword and the Stone connection which will be explained at a later date).

The Golden Eagle has landed and will be connected to the conscious personality of Standing Elk. There will be much data downloaded through this new energy that will be made public as Spirit directs.

The reason for this correspondence is to let everyone know that Standing Elk has completed his mission on Earth. His body was ready to leave this earth plane and his spirit was going home. Blue Hand intervened and told Standing Elk that he need not leave his body.

His body was to transform into a light body that was to hold the frequencies of the Andromedean and Vega energies. He need not leave his body to do this.

The completed fusion will with Golden Eagle  will occur before March.

To understand more of this process, an article by Kari Chapman is attached to this document for your understanding and discernment.

Standing Elk will then be known as the Golden Eagle as prophesized.

We welcome the Golden Eagle to this earth plane. Standing Elk wishes for all relatives to continue their communication through the Golden Eagle.


Reportedly, he does the Lakota Sundance using Apache words and praising Jesus.

His ex-wife lives on the reservation, but he doesn't as they are divorced.

Yankton Sioux Tribe - Chairwoman Madonna Archambeau

Lakota Tribal Information

Chief Arvol Looking Horse List of Medicine Bundle Keepers

THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL AND TRIUMPHANT: Headed by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, aka Guru Ma - Vicar of Christ, Messenger, Mother of the Flame -Born Elizabeth Clare Wulf on April 8, 1939, in Long Branch, N.J. (known as Betty in childhood) married to: Dag Ytreburg, Mark Prophet, (now Ascended Master Lanello) They had met before, Elizabeth says, in Arthurian Camelot. She was Guinevere and Mark was Lancelot.  After Mark died of a stroke, she married Randall Kosp, who had changed his name to King. After divorcing King, she married Ed Francis.

A biography of Prophet’s most recent life

by Scott Mcmillion

"GURU MA": Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Guru Ma’s got troubles. Lots of them. At the age of 59, she has both a preschool child and Alzheimer’s disease.

All four of her adult children have turned their back on the Church Universal and Triumphant, the institution she spent almost 40 years building. Three of them have publicly criticized her church and the way she ran it. One even calls it a "dangerous cult."

Her fourth marriage has crumbled.

By summer, she’ll be out of a $96,000-a-year job, although church officials have agreed to pay her a $67,000 annual retirement package.

A judge must decide who will make her legal, financial and business decisions in the future. Another judge may have to decide whether she retains partial custody of her fifth child, 4-year-old Seth.

And the world isn’t out of hot water yet. Though she has choked back the alarmist tone of statements she made 10 years ago, her recent prophecies said that apocalypse still could be just around the corner. It all depends on how people behave.

"The coming age, the Aquarian Age, can be a time of turmoil, war and even cataclysm," Elizabeth Clare Prophet said last November, three days before doctors told her of the Alzheimer’s disease. "Or it can be a time of tremendous spiritual and technological progress."

She says she has lived hundreds of lifetimes. "I believe that my preparations for my life’s call had been ongoing for a number of embodiments and that this lifetime was to be the culmination of my soul’s tutoring in the universal mysteries of Christ," Prophet said in a church promotional brochure.

Born Elizabeth Clare Wulf on April 8, 1939, in Long Branch, N.J., to a World War I German U-boat captain and his Swiss wife, Prophet grew up being called Betty. She says she had her first metaphysical experience as a small child; while playing in a sandbox, she suddenly remembered doing the same thing thousands of years earlier along the banks of the Nile.

Though she denied it for years, she now admits she has suffered most of her life from epileptic seizures, a condition that has worsened in recent years. She told her followers about her Alzheimer’s disease on New Year’s Day, at a conference in Miami. A few weeks later, she announced plans to retire this summer.

Her first marriage, at the age of 20, was to Dag Ytreburg, a Norwegian-born lawyer. It ended a year later, after she met Mark Prophet, a former traveling salesman 19 years her senior, married and the founder of what was then called The Summit Lighthouse. Within two years, Mark Prophet, too, divorced, leaving behind his five children by his first wife, and he married Elizabeth on March 16, 1963.

They had met before, Elizabeth says, in Arthurian Camelot. She was Guinevere and Mark was Lancelot.

The union produced four children; Sean, now 34 and a video producer in Los Angeles; Erin, 33, a writer in Bozeman, Mont.; Moira, 30, a marketing executive in Los Angeles; and Tatiana, 27, a graduate student in Georgia.

Mark taught Elizabeth to take "dictations’: Dozens of Ascended Masters ranging from Buddha to Jesus to K 17 (head of the "cosmic secret service’) have spoken through her mouth on subjects ranging from reincarnation to global politics.

The Ascended Masters, she says, are "extensions of God." They speak only through her, according to CUT doctrine, and they have done so more than 2,000 times. She sometimes closes her eyes during a dictation, or looks serenely at the crowd before her, often with her hands to her temples, bent slightly at the waist. Her voice raises in pitch and takes on a nasal tone. "The energy ... is stupendous," she told an interviewer in 1989. "It is exhilarating."

After living in Washington, D.C., for several years, the Prophets moved their growing church to Colorado Springs, Colo., where Mark died suddenly of a stroke in 1973. According to the church, he is now considered an Ascended Master called Lanello, a combination of the names Lancelot and Longfellow, two of his previous lives.

Prophet’s followers call her Mother or Guru Ma. Her other titles include Vicar of Christ, Messenger, Mother of the Flame.

A few months after Mark’s death, Prophet married an aide, the former Randall Kosp, who had changed his name to King. The church grew rapidly in the 1970s and moved to Santa Barbara, and then Malibu, where it purchased a former private college that church members renamed Camelot.

The marriage to King ended in a bitter 1980 divorce. King has said he no longer follows the church’s teachings but he believes that Prophet believes in them. "She honestly thinks she’s doing it for the greater good of mankind," King said in 1990.

Prophet married Ed Francis, 11 years her junior, in 1981. In 1994, when Prophet was 55 years old, she bore a son, Seth Thomas Francis. Prophet and Francis divorced in 1998 and the child spends time with both parents.

Many CUT members remain devoted to her every word and credit her with bringing them spiritual enlightenment, taking them closer to God, showing them the pathway to ascension. They believe she has the power to tell people who they were in past lives, and they compare her to biblical prophets of the Old Testament. Others, including her daughter Moira, are less kind. They say she’s a hypocrite, a megalomaniac and a manipulator.

Among some, distrust runs so deep that they scoff when she says she has Alzheimer’s.

"I don’t buy it," said former member Peter Arnone, adding that it could be a stunt designed to keep her from testifying in potential lawsuits filed by ex-members. Her doctors and family members say that Arnone’s assertions couldn’t be further from the sad truth. People close to her say the disease is in its moderate stage.

"In any conversation of length, you realize that there’s something lacking," said one associate.

A Montana judge has been asked to decide soon who will become her guardian. Church vice president Murray Steinman is Prophet’s choice. Sean, Erin and Moira Prophet, however, are fighting that move in court, saying Steinman has a conflict of interest and that they can do a better job.

The disease may have been worsening for the last five years, according to the Prophet children. The Alzheimer’s diagnosis "helped to explain some of the difficulties we have had in our relationships in the 1990s," Sean, Erin and Moira Prophet wrote in an open letter to church members earlier this year.


Summit University Press

Official Site

Lambs to the Slaughter

Anna Hayes -  nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader - aka Diane Kathryn Smith - Anna Gruber - Ashayana Deanne -  Diane Kathryn Tigue - Anna Gruber -  Anna is derived from "Aneayhea" - claims to be Jesus Christ's half sister Martha, Goddess Sekhmet, Kia: Secondary wife of Akhenaten. Very possibly the mother of Tutankkhamon, and possible Smenkhare, by Akhenaten. Titles included the phrases "the favorite", "wife", "beloved" and "the lady".

Anna Hayes is an American, born in Pennsylvaniia, who has had contact with ET's all of her life. Anna's alien abduction experiences began at the age of four. She was initially abducted by a negative "intruder"' faction of  Zeta Reticuli greys because they were interested in harvesting her special encoded genes and were preparing her to become a mind controlled "breeder" of alien hybrids. She was essentially "rescued"  from this fate at the age of seven by another group of positive aliens that refer to themselves as members of  the Guardian Alliance.  For a time, she was being taken by both groups, but gradually the Guardian Alliance taught her how to resist the coersive and manipulative technologies that the negative greys were employing to control her and she was eventurally able to free herself from their domination. After moving to Sarasota, Florida and opening up a temple, she changed her mind about its importance and moved with her new husband Michael Deane aka Azurtanya Deane to Greece, then to England.

Anna/Ashayana and her husband offer workshops in various spots around the world for their followers to come and activate sacred sites and do special dances and have their followers stand on and paste special codes on their bodies and do multiple meditations and prayers and songs daily to save themselves from the bad aliens who might try to abduct them and destroy the world.  These workshops cost thousands of dollars and no person is allowed at these workshops unless they buy their plane and hotel fares through Anna's company. People who have traveled on their own to the site of the workshop have not been allowed to attend the workshops - which means that Anna's comany pockets any profits from the airfares not used through discounts, etc.

Azurite Press

Heavens Gate - Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles:  Also known as Bo and Peep.  The Heaven’s Gate movement was initiated in 1972 . The ideology of this group also incorporates some of the ideas from mainstream and other religions. Most notably, the bible is quoted on numerous occasions throughout the teachings of Ti and Do, as they came to be known, as is the constant reference to Jesus.


Bo and Peep, formerly known as Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite. In 1975 this Californian couple founded a movement called Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM for short), which greatly appealed to followers of New Age philosophies.

HIM was an early version of the present-day Ascension movement. Bo and Peep, also known as The Two, preached that death could be overcome through physical ascension into another realm beyond the confines of planet Earth. One of their publicity posters read:

"UFOs - Why they are here. Who they have come for. When they will land. Two individuals say they were sent from the level above human and will return to that level in a spaceship (UFO) within the next three months. This man and woman will discuss how the transition from the human level to the next level is accomplished, and when this may be done. If you have ever entertained the idea that there might be a real physical level in space beyond the Earth's confines, you will want to attend this meeting."

Members of this group were expected to give up their names, belongings, radios, televisions, books, and become celibate. They lived in communes and were forced to lead a detached lifestyle, in constant anticipation of their imminent physical ascension.

Gradually, members began to get disillusioned because no-one was ascending and the prophecies made by Bo and Beep would pass without incident. Many followers were ripped off financially, and it was later learned that Bo and Peep had befriended one another in a psychiatric hospital; where she was a nurse and he was a patient. They also had criminal records, having been arrested on charges of car theft and credit card fraud.

Eventually this cult disbanded and members painfully reconditioned themselves to their previous lifestyles. However, I wouldn't be surprised if some went on to form splinter groups - as is so often the case.

The Heaven's Gate cult ended on March 23, 1997, with the suicide deaths of 39 members. The group believed that the Biblical Book of Revelation referred to alien visitors who would return with the comet Hale-Bopp to whisk them away before the immanent destruction of the Earth.

RKKody, the only survivor


A letter from Bill Hamilton

As a guest on End-of-the-Line show with Jeff Rense and Michael Lindemann last night and during the CNN blanket coverage of the mass suicide in San Diego, my mind drifted back over the years to my early visits to Giant Rock in the California desert. That is when I saw the beginnings of the UFO cult syndrome. I remember when UFO contactee Gloria Lee took her life...and from there one Michael or another started up some UFO cult-group based on channeling space brothers. I think one or two of the early contactees had some sort of real experience, but after their stories came out...the religious message was cried out. In the 50s the space visitors were benevolent, loving folk that came to enlighten us on the folly of our ways. Not until the 80s did the pendulum swing toward the dark side...those little grey aliens who came to haunt the American bedrooms.

I remember the news back in the 70s about Bo and Peep, the "Two" who came to liberate people from the material attachments (home and possessions) so that ultimately they would undergo a "metamorphosis" like a caterpillar leaving its cocoon (they actually used this symbology) and they held a huge well-attended meeting in a Santa Monica Hotel by the shores of the Pacific. I was there to see the starry-glare in their eyes offering so many an opportunity to escape the dreaded bonds of earth. Then many went traipsing off to Colorado, I believe, to await "lift-off". Later there was a movie made of the "Two", the music teacher and the nurse who came from Texas. You might still find it if you hunt it down in video stores. Then they were gone from public view and others came along just as Sheldon Nidle did to preach the salvation offered by the comet Hale-Bopp. There are still many groups like this out there, living their private lives as somehow grouping into tribes as humans did in our not so ancient history when we felt less alienated from the concourse we had with each other. Now the machineries of civilization have somehow made us feel oppressed by the weight of humanity and its ultra high-speed life style. As the millenium approaches, many are seeking refuge in the heavens, if not in aliens, then in angels and Marian visions. Are we all feeling so uncertain about our future?

It is my belief that the 39 men and women who died to escape to a higher plane were motivated by something that we all feel, but refrain or restrain from taking action on from time to time...the feeling to escape to a better place. So while their decision based on their devotion and belief in their leader’s words is tragic, I think we must all become more aware of the tremendous human forces at work in the world today. While there are those now using words such as "kook" to indicate persons with beliefs in UFOs, aliens, angels, reincarnation, and other such sought-after connections, or the belief that somehow Art Bell or Chuck Shramek or Courtney Brown and Whitley Strieber were responsible for sowing seeds of belief in a comet companion, we must do our best to indicate that such misapprehensions of the true causes of this tragic event are in error. These people were responsible for themselves and we are all responsible for each other and we all have common roots in our prehistoric past.

Let us see to it that the media does not misguide the public or that certain restrictive influences are aimed at censoring the Internet because of its potential for luring followers into so-called questionable beliefs. Are we all so sure that we ourselves do not hold fast to some questionable belief?

I, for one, would not like to continue to answer for the act of these people and get back to the business of research and investigation and search for the truth.


Bill Hamilton

(Author, Researcher, and Software Engineer)

From: http://anw.com/halebopp/40years.htm

Jelaila Starr  aka  Jocylene Kelley - born Dec. 27, 1956, Toledo, OH. She became Jelaila as a walkin on June 23, 1992.   Jelaila Starr is a messenger from the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council. The Nibiruan Council was created to be a vehicle through which Jelaila could publish her writings as a spiritual visionary and messenger of the higher knowledge of our origins as a race, as well as the bigger picture of our galactic and universal history. She is the author of two books; We are the Nibiruans, Return of the 12th Planet and Bridge of Reunion.

Jelaila is a Nibiruan Council’s messenger, but more importantly she is a mother, wife, teacher, entrepreneur and visionary. After her spiritual awakening experience in 1992, Jelaila worked to heal the emotional wounds of her past and thus began the Spiritual Path. In December, 1995, Jelaila was awakened to the knowledge of her walk-in. The following January Jelaila began the first phase of her mission, DNA Recoding.  In July 1996, after six successful years with CRN (Creative Referral Networks, Inc., a company she started in 1992, Jelaila felt a calling to change her career focus to a new spiritual and humanitarian field which brought her into alignment with her assignment as a galactic messenger. See:

She states: In late spring of 1997, Devin, my spiritual guide requested that I take a trip to the crystal mines near Hot Springs, Arkansas. He told me I was to go there to acquire crystals for the purpose of using them in grids that would be constructed inside our training center and homes. I say "our" because I had two partners at the time. They lived in the two apartments above the training center and I lived several miles away.  Devin informed me that these grids would enable us to be physically and emotionally comfortable while we continued clearing our emotional stuff and raising our frequency. At first I thought this was rather hokey since I was newly acquainted with the spiritual realms, but since Devin had been right on so many things so far, I decided to go along with him on this one. So off I went to Hot Springs to buy crystals. As I was driving, I asked Devin, "How will I know which ones to buy?" He answered and said, "I will guide you."  See:

The Ingathering

Formula of Compassion

The Niburian Council  

RAELIAN Cult: Founded by Clause Vorhilhon. (Rael) The Raelian Movement was founded in 1973. As with many new religious movements, the original conception of the Raelian religion is orientated around a single individual- Claude Vorilhon. The core idea of this religion is the formation of the human race in extraterrestrial laboratories with an advanced knowledge of biology and genetics by the ‘Elohim’.

The Raelians


Robert Morningsky - A Hopi/Apache dancer

(From an Art Bell readio Interview) Robert Ghost Wolf has been called a prophet, a master teacher, a poet, a grizzly bear. He IS "The Wolf." Always the master teacher, he has enjoyed experience from MANY careers: country music, Native American flutist, construction work, even the high finance of Wall Street. That's quite a range. But, he left all of this behind for a more natural way of life. A way closer to the memory that he held of his heritage as a Native American. Indeed, he is a Matisse (pronounced, ma-teece), that is a mixture - Apache, Iroquois, Lakota & one that I can't pronounce & so, we'll ask HIM. What is that last one? I'm very sorry. I've got Apache, Iroquois, Lakota, AND ??? .....

The Art Bell Interview with Robert Morningsky

According to Morningsky the first alien contact started about 1947 - 1948 with the Greys contacting the U.S. Government to form a treaty with them. Another body of Aliens arrived, called the Blues. The Blues advised the government not to deal with the greys saying it would only lead to disaster. They told the U.S. to follow your own path. They said they would teach with peace and harmony if men would disarm and listen. The military said no deal. So they left, but a few decided to remain and stayed in Northern Mexico and Arizona and made a treaty with the Hopi Indians. These Aliens are known by the Hopi as Star Warriors. The greys started monitoring the Blues. So the Blues had to flee the reservation and go into hiding, a few of the Elders went with them. The Hopi legend is that there were two races, the children of the feather who came from the skies, and the children of the reptile who came from under the earth. The children of the reptile chased the Hopi Indians out of the earth, these evil under-grounders were also called two hearts. Post from: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) "FILE: Star Warriors",Forwarded from "contact" by Sande Van der Straten, to Cathy Emerson, Dated 23 Aug 1992, 19:29

While Hale-Bopp raced towards a close encounter with Earth, Robert Morningsky charted the streaking ball of ice and dust in fear. To Morningsky, who is both Hopi and Apache, Hale-Bopp may be the legendary "Yellow Star," an ancient sign of the end times. Hopi Elders have been expecting it for centuries. Although he is neither psychic or a spiritual leader, Morningsky, a 50 year-old Phoenix Researcher, said his research into Native American and Egyptian prophecies indicates that effects foretold centuries ago may be realized with this Comet.

Morningsky said:  If Hale-Bopp isn;'t the "Star" that the Hopi's and others have spoken of, it's appearance sure does fit into their prophecy. Morningsky actually goes out and researches by visiting sites such as Chaco Canyon, and studying the pictographs. The research reports tend to be very accurate.  If a season is a year, which is the most common interpretation, Morningsky said the end of time will be in 2004, and probably on May 10, which also is the date the Aztecs predicted.

However, Mayan prophecies say the last day of the Earth and humans will be on Dec. 21, 2012, which cannot be ruled out, said Morningsky.  

Hopi prophecies have a remarkable way of coming to pass. The elders predicted 200 years ago that there would be roads in the sky -- airplane routes maybe? And what about the prophecy of instruments to enable man to speak through "cobwebs"?

Star Warriors - The Hopi and the Greys

Parallel between Hopi and Sumerican Beliefs

He said: on June 29th, 2000

Remember, the ‘Truth’ is not for everyone. In fact, most do not really want to hear it.  ~Robert Morningsky

So long as we continue to seek ‘Divine Intervention’, we will always find ‘Star Beings’ who are willing to manage our lives for us and who are willing to accept blind and unquestioning obedience. Until we recognize that we are descended of Star Beings ourselves, until we recognize that we are ‘Star Beings’…the secrets of the Great Pyramid, the secrets of the Sphinx, the secrets of our world and the secrets of the Void and the Universe will always be denied to us.

The Dulce Caverns and Pueblo Mythology

(Note: Was this one of the more ancient tunnels that was left by a prehistoric race, a tunnel which was already ancient at the time that the U.S. government AND the Reptiloids/Greys 'discovered' or 'took control of' the original underground systems? Perhaps a tunnel and an underground system that was excavated in prehistoric times by the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians of the four corners area whose legends claim that they were chased-out of the cavern world by invading reptilian forces - that is, according to Hopi-Apache descendant Robert Morningsky? - Branton)

The Draconian Connection

L. Ron Hubbard: was born on March 13, 1911 Son of naval commander Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Hubbard, in Tilden, Nebraska. At the age of two, he and his family took up residence on a ranch outside Kalispell, Montana, and from there moved to the state’s capital, Helena. At the age of six, he became a blood brother of the Blackfeet, an honor bestowed on few white men. In early 1923, when Ron was twelve, he and his family moved to Seattle, Washington . He joined the Boy Scouts and that year proudly achieved the rank of Boy Scout First Class. The next year he became the youngest Eagle Scout ever, an early indication that he did not plan to live an ordinary life. In his late teens he traveled to the Eastern countries and studied with Buddhists and watched monks meditate. This perspective changed his life. After much more study in other countries, he went to war in 1942 with the U.S. In 1945, left partially blind with injured optic nerves and lame from hip and back injuries, Mr. Hubbard was hospitalized at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California. Among the 5,000 naval and Marine Corps patients at Oak Knoll were hundreds of former American prisoners liberated from Japanese camps on South Pacific islands. Many were in terrible condition from starvation and other causes, unable to assimilate protein. With peace restored at war’s end, Mr. Hubbard immediately set out to further test the workability of his breakthroughs. This was intensive research. For subjects he selected people from all walks of life – in Hollywood, where he worked with actors and writers; in Savannah, Georgia, where he helped deeply disturbed inmates in a mental hospital; and in Washington, DC, New York City, New Jersey, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Seattle. In all, he personally helped over four hundred individuals before 1950, with spectacular results. And he used the same procedures to cure injuries and wounds he himself had received, fully recovering his health by 1949.

So complete was his recovery, that officers from the Naval Retiring Board reviewing Lt. Hubbard’s case were actually upset. After all, they reasoned, how could a man physically shot to pieces at the end of the war pass his full physical examination? The only answer, they concluded, was that L. Ron Hubbard must be somebody else. And when they found that all was in order, they designated him fit for active duty.

He wrote the book Dianetics. It was extremely popular.  By late fall of 1950, there were 750 groups across the country applying Dianetics techniques, while newspaper headlines proclaimed, “Dianetics Taking US by Storm,” and “Fastest Growing Movement in America.”

 Scientology differs from other religious movements with central ‘truths’ encompassing a firm belief in intelligent life in the universe. The key element to the scientologists’ contribution to the debate over the presence of intelligent life in other locations is of a secretive nature. While all the other new religious movements openly espouse such beliefs, and make them available in both religious text and supplementary materials, the approach of scientology is reported to reserve such ultimate knowledge for those truly committed members. The reality of this type of preaching within the Church of Scientology is one shrouded in mystery, thus to disclose its nature is to rely upon second hand information.

From: http://www.actualhubbard.org/

L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology. He has described his philosophy in more than 5,000 writings, including dozens of books, and in 3,000 tape-recorded lectures. Those who regularly employ the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard to improve themselves and help their fellows come from all walks of life, while Scientology missions and churches have been established on six continents.

The universal acclaim for L. Ron Hubbard – including thousands of awards and recognitions from individuals and groups and the unprecedented popularity of the works of L. Ron Hubbard among people from all walks of life – is but one indicator of the effectiveness of his technologies. More importantly, there are millions of people around the world who consider they have no greater friend.

Although long celebrated as a writer, novelist and explorer, it was the 1950 publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health that initially focused world attention on L. Ron Hubbard. That book, which marked a turning point in history, provided the first workable approach to solving the problems of the mind, the first hope that something could be done about the causes of irrational behavior – war, crime and insanity. Dianetics is something that anyone can use to help improve himself and his fellows. Hence, when the book was released, Amherst College Political Science Professor, Dr. Frederick L. Schuman’s declaration in the New York Times: “History has become a race between Dianetics and catastrophe. Dianetics will win, if enough people are challenged in time to understand it.”

Hubbards Connection to Aliester Crowley

Hubbard's connection to the occultist Aleister Crowley is quite clear and noteworthy. Crowley called himself the Anti-Christ, the Beast of Revelations, and 666. Russell Miller has adequately chronicled Hubbard's connection in 1945 to John W. Parsons, who headed Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis chapter in Los Angeles. (2) Hubbard was an active member in this group for several months, and first met his second wife there. The Church of Scientology claims that Hubbard was actually infiltrating this group in order to break it up, but the following should suffice to dismiss this claim.

In the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures taped in 1952, Hubbard discusses occult magic of the middle ages, and recommends a current book - "it's fascinating work in itself, and that's work written by Aleister Crowley, the late Aleister Crowley, my very good friend." (3) The book recommended was The Master Therion, (published in London in 1929) later re-released as Magick in Theory and Practise. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. asserts that during the time when the Philadelphia course was given his father would read Crowley's works "in preparation for the next day's lecture...

Hubbard Connection to Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner

Mr. 'Source' borrowed his half- and quarter-truths from a variety of sources. Like several other cult leaders, he obviously read Helena Blavatsky (1831-91), Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), or both of these.

Blavatsky founded the Theosophy Society in 1875. In 1902, Steiner was appointed president for the German section of the Theosophical Society, but in 1913 he broke off and established his own organization, the Anthroposophical Society. The major reasons for this break were:

1) that the Theosophical leaders had no understanding or sympathy for Steiner's Christian teachings, and:

2) that these Theosophical leaders brought a scandal upon their organization by claiming that the Indian boy Krishnamurti was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and the saviour of the world. They founded a cult (in the twentieth century meaning of this word) on this idea, called 'The Star of the East', which Krishnamurti himself disbanded in 1930.

By this time, Theosophy had fallen into disrepute, but it continued to inspire innumerable new religions and cults (same definition as above) in America. New religious founders simply borrowed from Blavatsky's 'Secret Doctrine' and 'Isis Unveiled', and called these their own 'revelations'. Ever since that time, U.S.-sponsored New Age religions have become increasingly infected by ufology and flying saucers, and Jesus Christ has been made into an astronaut who is supposed to 'return' in a space ship.

Thanks to popular unfamiliarity with Rudolf Steiner, his works were even easier to abuse than those of Helena Blavatsky. Not only is he much more comprehensible and digestible to read, but his works are extremely voluminous, covering the most diverse of topics. Anthroposophy is primarily based upon the enormous body of occult knowledge he developed, consisting of 50 written books and 6000 lectures, totaling 350 volumes in the original German.

Steiner was apparently an excellent source for 'Source' Hubbard. From this treasure, which is almost unknown in America, there were plenty of morsels to choose from in order to feed people all kinds of secret little half-truths and quarter-truths to use as baits for his sinister scheme.

Hubbard and John Whiteside Parsons with Aleister Crowley

Another connection to Aleister Crowley is one of his disciples - a self-taught chemist named John Whiteside Parsons (a.k.a. "Jack"). Werner von Braun called Jack Parsons the "true" father of American rocketry. Parsons was one of the original scientists involved in early rocket technology, specifically the chemical formulations for solid rocket fuel. He also did a great deal of work with jet assisted takeoffs, thereby allowing aircraft to take off from shorter runways. The group he worked with at the California Institute of Technology eventually morphed into the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). It is curious, then, why Parsons's story is so foggy, to say the least.

It is widely known that Parsons was a follower of Aleister Crowley. Crowley was an English poet, magician, Satan follower, and a member (later the leader) of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), or "Order of the Eastern Temple," which was originally a cult of high ranking Freemasons. Crowley wrote several books that influenced many later cults and rock bands, and claimed himself as the "wickedest man in the world." Crowley's involvement with O.T.O. functioned as his means of disseminating his beliefs and practices, as well as his books. His work to promote the spiritual philosophy, "Thelema," (a Greek word meaning "will" or "intention") was done largely via the O.T.O. A great deal of complexity surrounds the ideas and beliefs of Thelema, as well as Crowley's life, but his influence remains significant, and was especially for Parsons. Crowley died in 1947.

Sheldon Nidle -of the Planetary Activation Organization - Galactic Federation of Light   (Bio)

Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on Nov. 11, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York. His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena, as well as accompanying manifestations - light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct 'core knowledge' inserts (etheric and physical implants). Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years. (Biography)

The photon belt is reportedly a band of intense photon (light) energy that is on a collision course with Earth. When it gets here, things are predicted to change dramatically. There are reports of five days of darkness (although this could be metaphorical; mankind in his darkest hour), no more electricity, mass UFO landings, photon energy conversion devices, psychic abilities for all humans, transformation of our human bodies into higher dimensions, and much more. The photon belt was first predicted to arrive by the end of 1996. Now that this date has come and gone, there is generally less interest in the photon belt and its predicted arrival. MORE

Official Homepage

Sheldon Nidle's Groundcrew

Letter from Valerie Donner to the Groundcrew

UNARIUS FOUNDATION = Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science, with Ruth Norman.

The Unarius Academy of Science is an educational and scientific organization, founded in 1954 by Dr. Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman, Cosmic Visionaries. The founders laid down a bridge that is a cosmic link to the Space Brothers. Unarius, an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of science and expanding our awareness and connection with galactic intelligence. The Unarius Science of Life teaching is the basis of the galactic intelligence of advanced, intelligent persons.

As an Educational Foundation . . . We teach a corrective and preventive psychotherapy based upon the physics of reincarnation, a comprehensive curriculum of self-mastery that explains the interactive, regenerative function of the mind and brain-body system. In advancing the knowledge of the spiritual principles of life, the teachings of Unarius explain the origin of atomic life within the new holographic paradigm of an interdimensional science.


Unarius Academy of Science

URANTIA  -The Urantia Brotherhood has its basis in one individual, Dr William Sadler. The Urantia Book (UB) is an anthology of 196 'papers' indited [i.e., dictated] between 1928 and 1935 by superhuman personalities.... The humans into whose hands the papers were delivered are now deceased. The means by which the papers were materialized was unique and is unknown to any living person.

The UB Fellowship was founded in 1955 as the Urantia Brotherhood

Urantia, unlike other mainstream religions, does not require its members to ‘join’ a group; rather it is entirely cantered upon one religious text, ‘The Urantia Book’. This religious text incorporates many of the teachings of mainstream Christianity, with theological differences arising in the conception of the Earth and the universe surrounding it. ‘Urantia’ is reported as an ancient word meaning ‘Earth’.

A Brief Description of The Urantia Book...

The Urantia Book, first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955, was authored by celestial beings as a special revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The book's message is that all human beings are one family, the sons and daughters of one God, the Universal Father. It instructs on the genesis, history, and destiny of mankind and on our relationship with God. It also presents a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus, opening new vistas of time and eternity, and revealing new concepts of Man's ever-ascending adventure of finding the Universal Father in our friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy, and religion is perhaps the clearest and most concise integration of these subjects available to contemporary man. There is little question among the over 400,000 people who have purchased, read, and who study the Book: The Urantia Book has the capacity to make a significant contribution to the religious and philosophical thinking of all peoples; it truly has the potential to shape world destiny.

Over and over, people from around the world have discovered that the Book has profoundly impressed and changed their lives - inspired and stimulated them to reach new levels of spiritual growth and enhanced living.

While almost every generation produces a number of people who pose as the bearers of a 'new revelation,' it is surprising that The Urantia Book does not advocate a new organized religion. Its viewpoint builds upon the religious heritages of the past and present, encouraging a personal, living religion based on faith and service to one's fellows.


Uranita Foundation

A Sceptic's Viewpoint

Another Sceptics Analysis

Laura Knight-Martin-Jadzcyk - Born in 1952, Pasco County, Florida

Editor's note: It appears that I stepped into a hornet nest of controversy here.  I will present the information as received from the parties involved and the reader can make up their own minds as to what is going on. From what I've discovered so far is that the information appears to be as to the analogy of the 'pot calling the kettle black.'.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk puts it this way: All my life I have suffered physically. I cannot eat, sleep, or even breathe as other people do. I have been plagued with constant allergies, ear infections, eye infections, female problems, nerve problems, and, to top it all off, I broke my neck in 1994. I have had seven major surgeries, and my pelvis was separated during childbirth so that I was unable to walk for almost a year. But, it was all lessons. And that is another story. Suffice it to say that God has indeed allowed me to know Him![90]

Allergies are one of the most common wanderer’s illnesses. I became overwhelmed with massive allergies in 1968, as soon as I joined Don Elkins on a full time basis, which is also when my quiet chronic rheumatoid disease became acute and nearly unmanageable. My theory on the timing is that it was my decision to join Don that triggered those limitations that would keep my gaze turned more inward. In other words, this was a positive change metaphysically speaking, signaling the beginning of a pilgrimage that I am most grateful still to be on. I went to an allergist who tested me for forty-eight substances. I was allergic to them all. Wanderers are basically allergic to Earth.

Laura was a disturbed child with a dysfunctional home life, such as a kidnapping by her stepfather at age four, suicide attempts and other self-destructive behaviour, who grew into a disturbed adult, plagued by hypochondria and often unsure exactly who fathered each of her five children, and who in the end divorced her first husband because she believed he was a reptoid zombie.

When it started, the exorcist was still a child.This was many years before she began talking to the dead and to those who were never alive. Before she figured out who she was and what she was and accepted that she did not fit. It was also before she took her wedding vows and brought five children into the world and then stepped off the cliff at the edge of her life, before she opened herself to the visions, before she confronted the entities with no names and then cast them back into eternal darkness. Before she took dictation from another corner of the galaxy, before she brought her son to visit his grave from another lifetime, before she had any idea what to think about the face at the window or the dream of the baby in the woods, before she devoted years to pondering the mysteries of the universe, only to discover that there was nothing more mysterious than her own heart. For Laura Knight, it started long before any of these things. It started several decades ago, when she was a child growing up on the west coast of Florida.   MORE

Arkadiusz Jadczyk  -Ark was born in Poland and spent his academic life at big accelerators, universities and research centers. In Wroclaw, Poland, he created the Division of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems, the new domain of physics that came into being after the computer revolution enabled him and his colleagues to attack the problems of “self-organization,” the reason for order that we see in the universe without and the universe within.

Vincent Bridges against the Cassiopeans through Laura Knight Jadzcyk




"Totalism is defined by psychiatrist Robert Lifton as the tendency to view the world in terms of 'all or nothing' alignments.Lifton details 8 'psychological themes' that can be found in totalist groups:

-- A 'sacred science' -- an ideology that is held to be true for all people at all times. This ideology generally claims to be inspired and scientific at the same time.

-- 'Milieu control,' the control of human communication, not only over our communications with others, but also with ourselves.

-- 'Mystical manipulation' -- including deception and 'planned spontaneity' which seeks limit self-expression and independent action.

-- The demand for purity, the notion that absolute purity exists, and that anything done in the name of this purity is ultimately moral.

-- 'The cult of confession' -- "There is the demand that one confess to crimes one has not committed, to sinfulness that artificially induced, in the name of a cure that arbitrarily imposed." (Lifton, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism)

-- 'Loading the language' -- redefinition of language, with an emphasis on moral polarization, and thought terminating cliches.

-- 'Doctrine over person' -- the subordination of personal experiences to the doctrines of the sacred science.

-- 'Dispensing of existence' -- the doctrine that the group can decide who has the right to exist, and who does not. In other words, the cult manipulates the environment to 'set up' the recruit to trap him or herself in a black and white mindset.

The Cassiopaeanists can be considered a form of scientific/materialist fundamentalism with spiritualist leanings. All "Knowledge" of value comes through the Cassiopaeans, as interpreted by Laura Knight-Jadcyzk with no dissent and no alternative interpretations allowed. Totalism, pure and simple…


Laura's History

1. Several suicide attempts as a child and a history that includes some possible abuse and a great deal of instability in her family life. (See Amazing Grace and The St Pete Times article The Exorcist in Love for more details.)

2. A prosecution for attempted murder at age 18 under very suspicious circumstances, including the fact that she has changed the public version of the story several times now. (See the Tallahassee article on the Cassiopaean site.)

3. Several children out of wedlock and by different fathers, and a long history of SSI and insurance scams. (See Amazing Grace on the Cassiopaean website for details.)

4. Extreme delusional behaviour - she believed her husband was an alien plant sent to spy on her - resulting the break-up of her marriage. (See Exorcist in Love for details.)


From: http://vincentbridges.com/cassiopaea.html

" Dr. Sauder commented, "they appear to be a very clever and sophisticated, “insidious and devious,” intelligence operation. With even a little awareness of Dr. Ark’s background, and it is all on the website in various places, it becomes apparent that the Cassiopaeans may have started out harmless, but they have been hi-jacked and co-opted by some very complex intelligence operation...

...The early sessions with the Cassiopaeans, and even after Dr. Ark arrived, show no political slant at all beyond the usual space reptoid hysteria du jour. “Frank Scott” the original other pair of hands on the ouiji board departed in 2000, and for a while the Cassiopaeans seemed to be adrift. Then Dr. Ark became the other half of the ouija duo, and things began to change quickly. Spies and evil “psychopaths” were discovered in the group, and Stalin-esque purges were conducted. Campaigns began against other researchers, mostly those whose work the Cassiopaeans seemed fond of appropriating, and soon even allegations of murder and black ops followed. By September 11, 2001, the Cassiopaeans were poised on the verge of the big time.

Their newfound radicalism grew out of old habits, such as Dr. Ark’s anti-Semitism and Ms. Knight-Martin-Jadcyzk’s narcissistic persecution complexes, projected outward onto a global stage. . It found an audience, hiding its deeply flawed assumptions beneath a veneer of anti-Americanism and radicalism that appeal to many in this turbulent era. The Cassiopaeans offer a way to make sense of complex problems, a way to throw the blame for one’s shortcomings on to those evil “psychopaths” in charge of everyone’s life. And of course, there is no way to beat these evil aliens, except to read and study the teachings of the Cassiopaeans.

Laura's Husband - Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk

According to Vincent Bridges, on his webpage, he states " In the spring of 1997 Polish physicist Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk somewhat mysteriously arrived on the scene after a whirlwind courtship with Ms Knight-Martin on the web. Dr. Jadczyk had a long history as a high-energy physicist working for various branches of the Polish government and observing the other research centers in Europe. "

Editors Note: Dr. Jadczyk in a 7-25-03 e-mail states: . "I never worked as a "high energy physicist", my domain is "mathematical physics." I never worked for any branch of the Polish government. I am a professor of theoretical physics at the the University of Wroclaw, Poland, and I was always working there teaching mathematical physics."

Dr. Jadczyk also states in his e-mail : "I never visited research centers anywhere in the world in order to "observe them". When I visited these centers it was always on invitation from researchers from these centers, and such invitations are always issued when one scientist wants to collaborate with another scientist."

Dr. Jadcyzk was inconveniently already married, as was Ms. Knight-Martin at that point, and at first he found it impossible to arrange a visit to the States. Suddenly, a grant arrived, from the George Soros Foundation by way of the Central European University, and after a brief visit to the CEU (where apparently some kind of identity theft occurred, see Adventures with the Cassiopeans in the Matrix Part 18 for details), Dr. Ark arrived in Florida. Apparently it wasn’t love at first sight, but Dr. Ark quickly found out that whatever deal he had made with whatever devil, he was about to be held to account.

He found that both his job, at the University of Wroclow, and his marriage were gone, along with every dime of savings he had. Dr. Ark, literally, had no choice but to return to the States and his romance with Ms. Knight-Martin and the Cassiopaeans. They got married, and for a while Dr. Ark did a little teaching and some consulting, until his clearance was pulled and the University of Florida discovered his proclivity for ouiji aliens and anti-gravity devices. After that, it was full time work on the Cassiopaean Cult. (See Adventures with the Cassiopeans in the Matrix Part 19 for details.)

Editors Note:  Dr. Jadczyk states in his e-mail: "As you can easily check that I am still a member of the faculty and I hold the position of a professor of theoretical physics in the same university."

He goes on to state: "All in all Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner have an agenda. The history of their lies is documented on our web site:"



We stand corrected on these specific points, but cannot change the quoted statements from Vincent Bridges pages unless he does. It is fair to point to Dr. Jadzyk's point of view as well. The links given by him are above.

With Dr. Ark’s skilful guidance, what once was a simple tea and trances con game became a worldwide conspiracy movement. The changes were implemented slowly and in stages, but the end result was unmistakable. As even Dr. Sauder, whom the Cassiopaeans love to quote, commented, they appear to be a very clever and sophisticated, “insidious and devious,” intelligence operation. With even a little awareness of Dr. Ark’s background, and it is all on the website in various places, it becomes apparent that the Cassiopaeans may have started out harmless, but they have been hi-jacked and co-opted by some very complex intelligence operation.

"Every imagining can be true if you get someone else to believe it is true…In that scenario the clever psychic manipulators win out every time. This is the essence of mind control; nothing is false, everything is true; everything is false, nothing is true, until only the programmer can be relied upon for “truth.” In the world of the Cassiopaeans, only the inner circle, Ms. Knight-Martin-Jadcyzk and her cronies, have a lock on “truth” and they dole it out as needed to keep the crowd coming back for more."

Vincent Bridges says:"If I had only gone away when dismissed, none of this would have happened, is the story they try to fly in the official version. So, if I challenge the all-mighty queen of the Cassiopaeans, then I am an evil “psychopath.” Once I was identified as a non-human “Organic Portal” then any sort of harassment and defamation was permissible."......(

Comments from http://vincentbridges.com/sex.html

From graphic depictions of rape by 4D lizard beings, to discussions of circumcision and its after effects, all the way to tantric innuendoes and speculation on Jesus’ sex life, and that of his descendent according to the Cassiopaeans, Yassar Arafat, the polymorphously perverse world of the Cassiopaeans is a marvel to behold. If we may speculate, along with Jungian psychologist James Hillman, that the contents of such “channelling” represents the depth of archetypal trauma in the channeler’s life, then we may rightly conclude that where ever this stuff originated, whatever rock in whoever’s subconscious it crawled out from under, that entity was one seriously disturbed “individual.” And we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet.

Mix those potent sexual metaphors in a broth of end of the world hysteria, add a dash of pure Nazi-Aryan racial theory, a pinch of essence of anti-Semitism, a strong dollop of bad science fiction, and fold carefully into pseudo-rational physics and mathematical jargon, being very sure you understand nothing about them of course, and then flavour to taste with the conspiracy du jour, and voila! Out comes the Cassiopaean message…"

"...The question arises - If she could so defame one of her closest friends, and the person most responsible for the Cassiopaean transmissions, then what would she do with someone who truly disagreed with her? Fred’s crime was apparently leaving Laura without permission, and of course, without a connection to the Cassiopaeans. In Laura’s eyes, this was completely without precedent, unheard of, and something she could not stand for. When she found that Fred was simply not coming back, then the increasingly vicious attacks began. Hell hath no fury, as the old saying goes, like that of a woman scorned. "

"After a few years of channelling the Cassiopaeans, Laura suddenly realizes that her husband has been abducted by the reptoids and replaced with a zombie replica designed to monitor and interfere with her activities. She divorces him, goes into a deep depression, from which she is miraculously saved by the Cassiopaeans"

"Never in the annals of parapsychology and the history of communication with astral entities has there been such a bizarre three-way relationship as that between Laura, the Cassiopaeans and her long lost love from another lifetime. "

"Dehumanizing half the human race, and especially those who oppose you, results in the kind of behavior and expression Mr. Padalino demonstrated in his emails above. To him, I am clearly just an Organic Portal, feeding energy to the “Lizzies” on the astral plane, and therefore deserve anything, including death, that he, as a true human, cares to dish out. “Not by their leaves or their blossoms shall ye judge them, but their fruits…” In this case, the fruit hasn’t fallen very far from the tree, as both Laura and Mr Padalino share the same core beliefs and dysfunctions.

"Here’s a woman who claims to communicate with disincarnate beings via a ouiji board. This could be considered a major pathological delusion in and of itself, but combined with the aggressive cultic behavior of the last few years, we might suspect a more serious psychosis. Charismatic and psychopathic leaders create cultic climates as a kind of hothouse in which their delusions can flower. As the Cassiopaean Cult developed, Laura’s delusions of persecution and self-importance inflated and grew into the curious dogma of the group. "

"This is truly sad, pathetic even. But we should not let our compassion blind us to the danger this cult presents to those who wander into its webs unaware. For that reason, and that reason alone, I will keep this website up as long as it is necessary."

          Official Site   Introduction page

Editor's note: In an e-mail received from Laura Martin-Jadzyck on 7-25-03, she states:

       " Fact is, Vinnie is a failed magician and pretty obviously part of the COINTELPRO operation that is designed to label all people who think out of the box as cults -

        " Have a look at our reports on him, our reports on COINTELPRO, and our reports on Secret Gov Mind Control Projects. Vinnie is obviously a product of one of them - and a psychopath to boot.





         " You might also want to read my review of Richard Dolan's book which so stimulated him that he wrote to me and we hope to have a science/alternative science conference here in France soon where he will speak and have an opportunity to talk to some others who are open minded in research.

          "That is, as it happens, precisely what this COINTELPRO nonsense is designed to prevent.

"C'est la vie.


         End Quote

GOOGLE SEARCH FOR COINTELPRO is an acronym for the FBI's domestic "counterintelligence programs" to neutralize political dissidents.

NOTE: Many thanks goes to fellow researchers who helped with this research.

UFO Cults with the Potential to Kill

© Colleen Johnston (revised 2002)

We've all heard about Jim Jones of the ill-fated Jonestown in Jonestown, Guyana and in recent years, named groups such as a few deaths surrounding the group Scientology, David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, and the UFO Cult, Heaven's Gate led by Marshall Applewhite.

Recently another fatal religious cult in Rushojwa, Uganda led by Dominic Kataribabo, a defrocked Roman Catholic priest who some locals believe ordered the death of nearly a thousand of the 'Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God' believers. According to survivors of the movement, sect members demanded the return of possessions they had surrendered to the cult after the world failed to end on Dec. 31, when UFO filled with Demons didn't attack as the leaders had predicted - supposedly was the reality that triggered the killings. Do you know that a few of these above-mentioned groups have an underlying UFO ideology behind their philosophy?

Followers of the Stella Maris Church, headed by Rogelio Perea, which describes itself as a Gnostic based organization that believes in alien life. In December of 1999, 100 members headed out to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in two groups disappeared in northern Colombia after they went to rendezvous with a UFO they believed would save them from "the end of the world."

Prior to mass suicide/murder of the aforementioned cult group members, little warning was given nationally to the nature of such groups and if anything, their inner workings or belief structure. No one had heard about these groups because at best they were reported on local levels. Reports locally might have come in the form of a police report usually called in from a concerned cult member's family or a disturbance/nuisance report by a neighboring citizen. Is history going to be repeating it's self once more? I am a firm believer in the constitution, which allows for all religious freedom, we should have a right to worship God in a way we understand him. Yet, we have to look closely and monitor dangerous groups. What defines the normal perimeters of how a majority of society worships God verses cultic behaviors? There are factors, which separate the two, even though some groups come close to crossing into each other.

The word cult comes from the Latin cultis, which means in the secular term, worship. Cults (both UFO or otherwise) will tend to place conventional as well as non-conventional beliefs into one basket. To someone who is confused about their belief system, or having a true paranormal experience, alien abduction, some cultic doctrines will make sense to them because of the conventional overtones. Not all cult groups result in death, but from those that do, there are significant factors involved, which could potentially lead members to commit mass suicide.

There is one such group with a membership that's between 600 and 800 called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors that resides near Eatonton, Georgia, which bears watching. The movement also goes by other names, including ''Right Knowledge'' and ''Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek.'' but bills itself as a "fraternal organization." The Nuwaubians blend ancient Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, as well as Judaism, UFO mindsets into an apocalyptic end time’s belief system, which will most likely produce fatal results. According to the groups doctrine headed by Nuwaubian leader "Malachi Z" who's name is actually Dwight York, who served time in New York in the 1960s for assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

The Nuwaubians, primarily consisting of African Americans, first came to Eatonton, GA in Putnam County in 1993 from Brooklyn, N.Y., where the group was known as the Ansaru Allah community, a segregationist religious sect that incorporated Muslim traditions. Nuwaubian leader Malachi York was then known as Isa Muhammad. Nuwaubians initially dressed in cowboy-type garb and claimed York was an extra-terrestrial from the planet "Rizq."

York, 55 has claimed to be from a galaxy called Illyuwn and has said that in 2003 spaceships are going to descend from the sky and pick up a chosen 144,000 people for a rebirth. Most recently, York has referred to himself as Chief Black Eagle, a reincarnated leader of the Yamassee Indians. They believe, according to reports that the spaceships will come to complete this rescue.

What makes this group so dangerous is it charismatic group leader York and the basic UFO ideology behind their belief system. His doctrine indicates an "end" will come but not giving an actual date when the spaceships will come. All groups who have committed suicide had such a doctrine firmly laced within its overall philosophy. One of the members, who is now group spiritual advisor Marshall Chance, a former Baptist minister, was quoted as saying, "We're all awaiting the coming of the real Messiah. We are a biblical people. If it's not in the Bible, then we're not concerned about It." which contradicts the unusual belief of its founder and some of the members with the UFO ideology. The group has all the earmarks set in place to become the next Jonestown. Although they claim to allow its members to come and go as they please, the group encourages communal living on the 19-acre tract where the fraternity-gathering hall in the Nuwaubian village of Tama-Re the "new Egypt", is located. It is said that the famous actor Snipes is also involved at some levels with the group.

We live in a time of paradox; many theologians agree we are slipping deeper into in the midst of planetary/social/religious upheaval with worldwide political destabilization. Signs that seem to indicate we are entering a time of apocalyptic prophecy are evident. Many false revelators are currently cashing in who proclaim to have the answers behind these exceptional events. In the midst of those, there are many dangerous apocalyptic groups who will ultimately destroy themselves. The list includes those who lead charismatic UFO groups, self-styled Christian or new age Christ/alien channeling cult groups.

With increasing numbers of regular people experiencing paranormal phenomena, alien abduction or other UFO related anomalies on an up close and personal basis, it's becoming easier for cult groups to intercede. Someone gets involved because they are at a loss for what's happening and are looking for clarification; often coming up empty handed after searching traditional routes. Sequentially, experiencers turn to UFO/Christian/new age blended groups trying to make sense out of their personal experiences. These pseudo alien indoctrinated/Christian congregations are extremely dangerous, because they will provide feasible explanations often combined with traditional Christian convictions.

This makes it feasible such ideologies can in fact hold a semblance of reality. The groups are ingenious masters in their presentation and once a person genuinely relates in some way to the cult infrastructure, it is almost guaranteed they will get indoctrinated.

Don't snicker; if conditions are favorable and you experienced an unexplainable event repeatedly, and you had to have answers to the enigma -- you could end up being targeted. There are key elements that cult groups look for in a person's overall persona that can play a major roll in cult recruitment. They often look for people who are searching for answers to help them understand a traumatic or anomalous event in which they have no explanation. A divorce, family crisis, UFO sightings or possible alien abduction experiences including other extraordinary events leave a person bewildered and in a defenseless state of mind. Other circumstances include single parents who are having difficulty raising their children. People that have little or no family contact who have a low self-esteem, or place others before their own needs. Also targeted are people who have difficulty in saying no to anything even when they want to.

Cult leaders look for positive attributes as well. Anyone who is open minded, inquisitive, creative or who are unsure and searching in his or her belief about God. Leaders look for people who donate time energy or money to humanitarian projects or people who are very enthusiastic in their belief in God, Jesus Christ, or alien life forms. Cult leaders are on the lookout for anyone who fits the above criteria, regardless of gender, race, education, religious affiliation or social standing. It happens to thousands of people a year, people who seriously believe they were too intelligent to get involved, Think it can't happen? Think again! There are hundreds of these types of groups around, some boasting membership that excels into the tens of thousands.

Jim Jones of the People Temple, (who by the way had an extreme interest in the UFO ideology) leader of the 1978 Jonestown sect had this written over his altar. "Never forget the past, if you forget the past you're doomed to repeat it." Are the Nuwaubians, Raelians, Scientologist or other UFO millennium-spurred groups next to repeating this type history as the group who’ve come before them? Marshal Applewhite the leader of the Heavens Gate group appeared to be a very benevolent and innocuous to the majority people who came in contact with him or his followers. Such groups, if left unchecked, will become another part of history within the ranks of cult members who have given their lives so senselessly all in the name of some of these Universal gods and alien deities.

From: http://www.maar.us/colleens_articles_page2.html


Sorry! But there are people who are against ALL UFO groups and don't know that there really are UFO and ALIENS.




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