by Dee Finney



I woke up when Joe started the car to go to work at 5:40a.m.  I got up and went on the computer. But I was so tired, I knew I had to go back to bed. 

As soon as I lay down, I was so comfy and relaxed, I knew I was where I needed to be.

I had the covers pulled up half over my head so only my face was showing to get fresh air to breathe.

I had just barely closed my eyes and I was seeing people stopping by, looking at me, or just walking past. I don't know where I was, but some of the people were actually stopping, looking at me, and then moving on. 

I was awake, just somewhere in another dimension where people could see me.

I finally fell asleep and KNEW I was dreaming.


This had to be a low-level dream because the rooms were like bare boards and very large. There were some things in the dream that were nice, but the rooms were bad.

I walked through two outer rooms that were empty, already knowing I was dreaming. These rooms were bare wood boards and felt like there were probably spidery things crawling around in them.

I walked into the next room and there was a bedspread on the bed that was pretty. It was hand-embroidered with colored threads and cartoonish pictures on it. Towards the top, it said, "MR. SPLASH. "

Knowing that SPLASHER is an award in the shape of a frog hat that Joe's work crew get awarded if they do something stupid at the water treatment plant like fall into a pond, I knew I had to look and see if there was a date on the bedspread so I could call Joe at work and tell him about it. 

I finally found a date which was September, so I picked up the phone to call Joe at work and tell him and the guys to be careful. 

I got an answering machine and left a message for Joe to call home when he got a chance.

I had the bedspread clutched in my arms so I wouldn't lose it. 

So then I decided to call a friend in Milwaukee and dialed a number I knew by heart. The number connected and at the same time, a girl, sitting on a high stool talking to me on the phone, appeared in the corner.  I could see her, but she couldn't see me.

I was trying trying convince her that I had dialed a person's home number and not the store where she was working. Because it was an esoteric store, I wanted to ask her to send me one of their catalogues, but I couldn't keep her on the phone long enough to give her my address. She was really a nice person, but she just dismissed my call as a wrong number and not a potential customer. As soon as I hung up the phone, she disappeared. 

I decided I would just leave the house and that would wake me up, so I started walking back through the empty room towards the front door, but I never reached the outside, and when I turned around, there I was going back through the same bare-boards rooms and knew I was still dreaming. 

When I entered the house proper, I could hear Joe's boss talking on the answering machine, telling me they had received the call and would try again later.

(The voice was that of the man I consider to be reptilian. Now I know that we both work for a reptilian being in the dreamworld) 

I walked into the kitchen, still clutching the bedspread that said Mr. Splash on it to prove that I really had it. 

I decided to sit down at the kitchen table and sort through some small boxes, because we were supposed to be packing to move and we hadn't started packing yet. 

The first two boxes were of electrical components and building supplies. The first box was of all electrical connections. The second box was full of copper washers about 1 inch in diameter. Each box was about 8" x 8" square and 3 inches deep. There were two of them. 

I decided I would just put them in the basement storage, but when I opened the hallway door that led to the basement stairs, the floor was red linoleum and sticky and had a nasty open sewer drain in the middle of the floor. I decided, "Oh no! I'm not going down there. 

I walked back to the kitchen table and sat down and three young women, dressed in white, walked into the room. They said they were there to watch me so I didn't hurt myself. 

I didn't think I needed watching, but let them stay. There was suddenly a young man there too, rather behind me, so I didn't get a good look at him. I wanted to ask him to take the two boxes of electrical and building connections to the basement because we wouldn't need them after we moved, but decided against it because it was so nasty down there. 

I then came across a white calendar. It had a picture of a woman dressed in white on the top. It was rather like a long white calendar of predictions made by Ruth Montgomery. 

I thought to myself, "I'd better pay attention to these predictions so I can repeat them when I wake up. I noticed some bad things, including a large earthquake in California. I thought again, "I have to remember these" and started to concentrate harder, so I started at the top again and saw that the California was for 2001. 

As soon as I realized that 2001 was last year and these things were already past, I turned the page to get to the predictions for 2002. 

But when I turned the page, I was again seeing the date 2001 at the top of the page above the same predictions. As soon as I realized that Ruth Montgomery hadn't predicted anything new for 2002, the calendar started fading below - CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE - and I gradually woke up.

Were the same events from 2001 going to be repeated? 

Ruth Montgomery passed on to the other side on June 10, 2001

Here are some of her predictions from an earlier year: 

In the last six months of the year 1999
Ruth Montgomery : California, England, Holland and Japan will be devastated by earthquakes, and tidal waves. The casualties will be those individuals who have not prepared spiritually. The survivors will be
transformed into 'supermen' and 'superwomen'. A polar shift will occur before the year's end. Some of the survivors will be rescued by alien ships. Those unfit to live in this enlightened time will soon die off. 

The Warning Signs. Ruth Montgomery's spirit guides tell us what will precede the shift: The weather will become increasingly violent, with heavy snowfalls, strong gales and increased humidity. The 1990s have registered some of the most violent weather on record. Several recent winters have broken records all over the country, including the greatest snowfall in a century in some locations. The super-powerful "greenhouse hurricanes" seem to have arrived sooner than expected according to some scientists.

Ruth Montgomery, known as the "Herald of the New Age", was very prolific in her writings concerning an axis shift: "A shift of the earth on its axis will occur near the end of this Century, they insisted ... it will, nevertheless, cause wide- spread devastation to life as we know it. Millions will pass into spirit, and those millions who survive in physical body will live through trying times until a new era of peace and understanding is built on what remains, plus newly risen lands. 'Those who fear death should put it firmly from their minds', they insisted, 'as this planetary cleansing is inevitable and our spirits are eternal...' The entire planet is going to go through a period of 'cleansing' in which all the old, outmoded forms of life are to be 'cleansed' so that only those who fully accept the claims of the New World Order and its Messiah, "The Christ", will survive. Mother Gaia will play 'Her' part in this cleansing experience, as 'She' will turn on her axis, creating exceedingly great destruction and loss of life…"

Late 1999: Ruth Montgomery, psychic and New Age prophet, predicts earthquakes, tidal waves, fires,
flood, drought, famine, pestilence, war, anarchy, astral bombardment and polar shifts. Aliens who
become superheroes arrive in spacecrafts to rescue the spiritually prepared.

Ruth Montgomery's books