11-1-02 - DREAM - I was in the purchasing office and my boss Dick L. came in and gave me the inspection report on the machinery of the first pipe that had come in for our job project. He said that the machining was wrong and the parts were going to have to go back and be redone.

I didn't have the file for the purchase order for these parts, so the head secretary took the report to give it to the purchasing agent in charge of buying these parts.

I wanted to call the secretary Rita, but I couldn't think of her right name.


11-1-02 - VISION - While I was thinking about this dream with my eyes closed, I had a vision of 6 men, dressed in black tuxedos, standing in a circle, holding a oman dressed ina black formal gown. She look unconscious and had her eyes closed and one of the men was trying to give her medicine with a silver teaspoon.

I got the words Atlanta Braves at the end of this vision.

(This was my friend Michele)


11-2-02 - DREAM - Everything was in black line drawings and far away like I was observing at a distance. then at the end I was told that I was practicing alleopathic medicine.


11-2-02 - DREAM - This seemed to be a repeat of the first dream, but now I was in the dream. We were in a large empty garage doing the same thing - practicing alleopathic medicine, but there were strange things going on. I had a baseball bat and and when I swung it to hit a baseball that was tossed to me, it made noise in the air and felt like it was moving energy or the force like the sword wands in the movie Star Wars.

I wasn't very good at hitting the baseball, though my stance and swing looked good, but then a man was testing me by hanging a big ball of ice on an invisible string and when I touched it with the bat, it split in half.

We all went outside then and when we went down the street, we saw that someone had drilled holes of various sizes all along the curb. Some were small that looked like they might be for planting flowers in, but others were large and deep enough to break a leg in and some large enough for a car or bus to fall into and none of us knew what they were for.

We went home then, and my friend Mary said that her neck was hurting, so I held my hands on either side of her neck and did an energy healing on her - not touching her at all. We stayed that way about 5 minutes. When we were done, she said she felt fine, and that made me really happy.

I woke up for a moment and thought about writing down the dream, but fell asleep and found myself back in the garage.

I spread newspapers out on the garage floor and was writing down the dream with green paint on the newspaper with the baseball bat as a pen. At the same time reading out loud the words as I wrote them to some teenage boys who were watching.

Again, I said I had been practicing alleopathic medicine.

When I was done, we had to clean up from a party and there were a lot of beer and wine bottles standing around, i picked them all up by the neck and put them into the cases.

One of the wine bottles had a tall cork in it even though it was empty. I saw that there was a beautiful etching on the side and decided to save it - because now that we had moved, I had room to keep whatever I wanted.

NOTE: In a dream yesterday - I dreamed I was moving into a house that had a brand new empty house attached to it, and the attic was large enough to hold everything I owned in just one small corner.

NOTE about Mary:  Mary passed away from a heart attack, brought on by Hepatitis A and bad kidneys and liver problems.  She passed away in April of 2003.


11-2-02- Michelle's Dream - Terrorism -

The dream takes place in New Hampshire in a small town.  The local news reported that someone was throwing hand grenades at homes around suburban and country roads.

Michelle was planning to go shopping and went out to the driveway with her youngest child, preparing to put the child into her carseat.

Just as she was doing that, she saw a dark blue mini-van coming down the street. Living in a a cul de sac and not a thru-street - it was her habit to look and see who was coming.  In the mini-van she saw a Muslim woman with head veil and several kids in the vehicle.

Michelle didn't know any women like that, so went back to getting her daughter into the car seat.

Just as she did the mini-van turned around in the cul de sac and started back down the street.

Michelle glanced up just as the Muslim woman flung a hand grenade out of the car window, directly at them. The hand-grenade had a handle on it similar to a bowling pin, so the moment the hand grenade landed at her feet, Michelle was able to grab it and fling it over into the neighbor's yard where it instantly exploded.

By then the mini-van had sped away and was gone from view.

Michelle and her child were splattered with metal fragments from the grenade, Michelle picked up her child and ran screaming toward the back of her house where her husband was working in the yard.

Her husband used his first-aid kit to pick the metal fragments out of her back and arms and clean the scrapes from his child as Michelle fearfully told him that they had to hurry and pack and get away from the town.

Her husband was trying to remain calm, while the radio was announcing that Muslim women terrorists with children in their cars to make themselves appear innocent were driving around and throwing hand grenades at random at homes in quiet neighborhoods.  The police admitted they hadn't paid attention to Muslim women because they weren't considered to be terrorist, especially those who had children with them.

Michelle and her husband started to argue about what to take with them as they fled and her husband said, "there is no hurry, they won't come back again so take your time and get together all the important things - we don't' need to panic."

Michelle went into her son's bedroom (that was built over the garage) that had windows facing the front driveway. She looked out towards the damage of that hand grenade made and at the same time she saw the same dark blue mini-van coming back down the street.

She ran screaming into the livingroom that the car was coming back, so her husband quickly tipped over the recliner chair on its side so it provided a protective barrier between them and the front of the house.

the children ducked down first and Michelle and her husband lay over them to protect them from getting hurt.

Just then,t he woman in the car flung a hand grenade at the house. It hit a plexiglass window in the garage door and bounced back it not he driveway - rather than going through like glass would have allowed. Sot he grenade exploded int the driveway instead of inside the garage below the bedroom like it might have done.

As soon as the explosion subsided, Michelle and her husband ran outside to look at the damage and hopefully to escape the neighborhood.

Both cars they had were damaged so badly, they couldn't be driven, so Paul ran next door where his neighbor had 4 cars parked in the driveway. the neighbor wasn't home, so Paul hot-wired one of the vehicles, left a note for the neighbors that they were taking the car, got all the kids and their important papers and kids clothes, in tot he car and escaped the neighborhood and headed north towards Canada where they were able to cross over because her husband was still a citizen and they were allowed to go through customs.


11-3-02 - DREAM - I'm missing a whole long part of the dream when I went to a mall - but I can't remember what I did there - it wasn't shopping.

I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 p.m. I was in my new apartment by myself and no one in my family could call me because I had a new phone number.

I was just about to call my mother and my daughter to give them my phone number when I saw a work van outside in the street. It was silver or grey with a large glass panel door on the side and a large reel to reel recorder machine.

From the doorway on the 1st floor (I was on the second or third floor) I saw Dan (the Jewish real estate man from Milwaukee) go across the street from my building to the van where a couple men got out and they were talking about making a film of Bryon's book and they were going to be filming it in my building.

The questioned why Bryon hadn't given them a good description of a street tart (harlot) so they had to figure it out for themselves.

All of a sudden the actors were in MY apartment and the woman who was going to play the harlot was Vanessa Redgrave.

Vanessa sat in a chair across from me. She was so pretty with reddish blonde hair, a summer sundress, bare legs, and sandals on her feet.

I was dressed similarly it seems, and she said to me, "When was the last time your Father cut your toenails?

I looked at my toenails which didn't have a professional pedicure and said, "Probably when I was two years old. I just cut them with a scissors myself."

She looked down at her own feet and said, "I just take a scissor and cut my own nails int he old French way."

I looked at her toenails and they were cut haphazardly with jagged points on them.

I beamed at her and said, "I'm part French." and she beamed a smile back at me.

She went through the door into the next room then where she was going to do her acting.

I went out of my apartment and down the hall to the lobby to get my bearings and check where the mailboxes were.

At the front door, I found a floral gift which had been delivered while I was at the mall, which had my name on it, so I picked it up and brought into my apartment.

It was a single white calla lily set into a long stem green vines (which I don't know the name of, but I grow these myself).

There was a string around all this, so I removed the string and saw that the lily and the vines were in water in 3 triangular-shaped crystal bowls about 3 inches high. So the bowls were 3 x 3 x 3 x 3.

They were so beautiful but I saw they weren't rooted, they were freshly cut so I could root them myself.

I looked at the flowers and they were from my next door neighbor, who walked into my apartment just as I took the string off the vines.

I remember her name as being Mary, but I can't remember her husband's name - like Ted Mass or something like that.

I thanked her for the gift - and it seems that they had brought me back from the hospital at 5:30 p.m. and that why none of my family knew where I was.

Again I thought about calling my family to tell them where I was but now other people from the building came into my apartment co celebrate my arrival and I realized that it didn't matter if my won family didn't contact me, this was my new family.

We sat in the kitchen at a long table that was silver formica on top with silver edge and silver legs, and the chairs were colored similarly.

On the table were the crystal bowls and I noticed there were 3 windows to my left where the sun was coming in.

The table was long enough to seat 3 on each side and 1 on each end, but 3 girls sat on 1 side and a man on the far end I hadn't met yet, an older man with dark hair.

He mentioned something about making coffee and how difficult it was to make good coffee and it suddenly dawned on me that they were here to celebrate my birthday and I saw a 3 layer chocolate cake sitting on the window sill next to the man.

I pointed to my stove which was gas and I told him that my gas stove makes perfect coffee. The gas stove appeared to have 6 burners and had a high oven next to the burners, with a broiler drawer beneath. It seems to come to mind that the stove was aqua-green-blue and silver.

So I jumped to my feet, now that I realized what I was here for and cleared the table so I could serve coffee and cake.


11-4-02 - DREAM - I get the impression that I am someone else and that I am in England.

I am in a playground or schoolyard, playing some kind of ballgame with children. The building is so old, the brick looks almost black.

I work for a small bar named Georges.

Someone famous named Spencer was murdered nd I hear that they are looking for me, but I don't turn myself in.

I am still in the schoolyard with these kids when they come and arrest me. But they don't have any evidence and they have to let me go.

I go home then and turn on my computer and find the colorful webpage with the name SPENCER in the upper left-hand corner.

NOTE: The police vehicles in this dream was not like an American car. It was black and wide - almost like a humvee type vehicle.


11-5-02 - DREAM - This dream is vague and even while I was in the dream, it seemed dark and vague. Here again, I was a man and part of a gang of killers. See the previous dream.


11-5-02 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. It was time to go home. I went into the ladies room to comb my hair before leaving. My hair was dark brown, long and beautiful. I felt proud of it.

Two women came in whom I worked with also. (I think these women might also be my mothers' cousins Alice and Helen, but I'm not sure)

These two women asked me to go shopping with them. I agree to do this. I thought we were going to the grocery store and was happy to be asked to be  part of a threesome.

We got out to the parking lot. It was winter and the parking lot and the pavement was wet with mushy snow, and I was wearing high-heeled shoes, so it was rather slippery.

Suddenly, the women took off in a different direction and ran across the street to a small clothing store. That was okay with me, but the way they were laughing, giggling, and running, I couldn't keep up with them.

I was a little slow crossing the street, so I was quite far behind them when they entered the store. I planned to apologize to them for being so slow when I got inside the store.

I went into the store. It was crowded with people, had narrow aisles and was difficult to walk through os one didn't bump into people. there were clerks at various check out stations with lines of people standing and waiting their turn and I had to go around these lines of people too.

I spotted the two women as they ran down one aisle near the wall, so I headed that way, not looking at what the store sold, which was mostly clothing, but I also saw a kiddy park with rides, or small restaurant place, or post office. The store reminded me of a store in the old section of Milwaukee's south side. You could spend all day in it, and not see everything.

But I was just trying to catch up to the women and I saw them dart behind a clothing rack. Before I got there, I saw them dart off in another direction. Now it seemed they were trying to avoid being with me on purpose.

I don't know why they did this, but I woke up feeling rather pissed off that they treated me that way.


11-5-02 - VISION - 8:55 a.m. I was laying on the couch with my eyes closed and I had a vision of a mailman walk up on the porch and put a letter into the mailbox on the house.

NOTE: We have a mailbox by the road and mail gets delivered by car. checking e-mail now.


11-6-02 - DREAM - I can't even guess what this is.

I was in a large mall-like place.

I don't know why we had to do this, but we had to move a pile of dirt from one place to another. In order to do this, we had to protect our legs. I mixed up some jello-like stuff in a large sink, then this was plastered on my legs from the knees to the feet. I recall seeing some snake-like things that also looked like chicken feet - that was black. The color of this stuff changed from red to black to green, then back to bright red. It was also coated with a chemical called phene _______.

I then went outside to where I was going to spread this dirt on the side of the road while someone else was digging the dirt on some land about a block away. We were just getting started when the authorities came and said we didn't have permission to do this so we had to stop.

My husband, or some man drove me back to the mall and I had this stuff on my legs and two rolls of it my hand that was green.

It was here that my husband found out that this stuff on my legs had a coating of phene ___ on it and seemed to nullify any danger from it. This also meant that if the cops stopped us on the way to the mall - it would be okay.

When we got back to the mall - a doctor said he wanted to examine me. I started to panic because I had this red stuff on my legs yet, but I didn't have any choice in the matter and got up on the examining table and lay down.

At the last second, a woman in another examining room went into labor and the doctor had to leave.

At this point, I had my slacks pulled down to expose my belly and my legs and I saw I was wearing a s chastity belt too.


11-6-02 - VISION - I was meditating with a moldavite crystal. I saw a woman dress in a white gown. She was very excited and happy and was waving "Hello" at me.


11-7-02 - DREAM - I saw the list of rules of objects in Quantum physics.

When I woke up, I realized that this was about the baseball in my healing dreams.

The radio was on and a man was describing objects and rules in Quantum physics particles and then I really knew this was describing the baseball in my healing dreams.


11-7-02 - MEDITATION - Good Morning Dear. We have not seen you in a while in our midst. It is good to have you here again. We know that you have been feeling abandoned, but it is you who have not sat down to commune with me.

The war is a terrible thing and we know that it is very very heavy on your heart. The war is inevitable. We are doing everything we can to lessen it. We will be with you through it. If you need us we are always here for you to communicate with.

The earthquake in Alaska is a scary thing. It could have been much worse. The ground breaking up can happen anywhere. Better to alleviate the pressure where there are few people.

In Afghanistan and other areas like that when buildings are old and flimsy, there is little that can be done to save them.

Please pray for them. Their souls are in Heaven but they are lost, having crossed so suddenly. It takes time to adjust to the crossing when it happens this way.

We will await your return.


11-8-02 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place, but a pretty blue car was left in my yard by a man who died. Nobody knew about the car but me.

I opened the trunk of the car and was stunned to find a video viewer and many tapes. After looking through the tapes, I saw that there were boxes of unused tapes as well so I could also make audio and video tapes myself.

As I threaded the first loose tape through the viewer, I could see title and chapters appear like it was a book on tape - It was about Mars. (this was on the radio by Hoagland and Art Bell last night)

I had to sneak the viewer into the house so nobody else knew I had it.

I had to redecorate the house to make room for the viewer. As I did that I saw that I had two sizes of fish tanks. There was a regular size 10 gallon tank on a long table, and a huge 50 or 100 gallon tank on the floor that was square. The water was clear in the thank but there were only a few tiny fish. Mostly there were other types of sea creatures like oysters, crabs, and creatures that were attacking each other in a viscous way. (this must be the people on my e-mail lists)

I had to decide whether I wanted to keep these sea creatures or not if I wanted better fish.

An inspector came in then and I wanted to distract him from looking at the tape viewer, so I asked him what he thought about my piano, which looked like it was made of solid oak. It was way more sturdy than a piano you see at concerts and it was gorgeous.

The inspector was impressed by the piano so I was happy.

Finally, the inspector left and I moved all the tapes into my house os I could start to watch them.

See:  Cydonia.htm


11-10-02 - DREAM - I wanted to test-drive my car, so I, my husband (just a guy I don't know) and an observer got into the car (a maroon boxy-like car) and I drove it to town and up a hill.

I parked the car at the top of the hill and I got into the back seat with the observer - I think we were going to stay there over night.

But then a police officer came along and asked what we were doing and noted that there was nobody in the driver's seat. I explained what we were doing but he didn't like my explanation.

The observer got unhappy then too and I decided he was no longer going to be my observer and I kicked him out.

So I got behind the wheel and took off down the hill again.

The problem was - ow there were no brakes on the car and I had to stand on the brake pedal with both feet as we headed down the hill towards merging traffic and the road ended at the intersection.

Fortunately there wasn't much traffic and I two-wheeled the car to the right around the corner stayed way to the right on the street and nobody even came close to the car.

I could see into the rear -view mirror and there were no cars even close to us and we were fine.

I felt pretty relieved and woke up.


11-9-02 - DREAM-VISION

I was in a house somewhere. I turned on a table lamp and the light blew out. So, I went over to another lamp and turned it on. That one too blew out instantly. I hollered loudly to someone in another room whom I could see and said, "The more we hang out together the more I become like you."

Then my friend Michelle came walking through the door.  I was half conscious at this point. MIchelle was wearing a black and white print dress. Her hair was long and wavy - but she was rather like an out of focus hologram. I knew it was Michelle and she was carrying two arm loads of gifts as she was coming towards me, but the hologram wouldn't come into focus and I couldn't get her to quite walk all the way into the light where I could see her.


11-09-02 - DREAM - I was at a place like A-C. It was 3 p.m. I had just come into work and the lights weren't on in the office yet. The phone rang and a black woman said, "this is the antiCatholic Association."  I said, "You must have the wrong number. This is an apartment building," and hung up.

I still had my winter coat on. My boss Brian A walked in, wearing his winter coat too. He was standing by a pile of unopened mail, which I took from him and put it on my desk. I saw two other piles of mail over further which was also opened, so I gathered that together too.

I went around turning on lights, then came back to my desk and found a young woman trying to set herself up in my place. I shooed her away and told her that was my desk, so she found herself another place to sit.

I went through the mail briefly and saw it was all magazines and catalogues - no envelopes.

I then noticed there were a couple other lights not turned on and flipped the light switch on, then went back to my desk to take care of the mail, but it was gone.

I started looking for the mail and an old woman and she looked like she was 80.

I said, "Where is the mail? I haven't gone through it yet. "  She said, "That's okay! We'll read it and bring it back in the morning."

Figuring because of her age, she probably had some kind of seniority, though I knew I had grey hair myself, I let her have the mail and went back to my desk to see what there was to do for work.


11-10-02 - DREAM - I was laying in bed deciding whether to write down a dream and fell asleep and had this short dream.

I was in my brother's library. I opened a cabinet door and inside were his saved copies of Reader's Digest - all light green - there were 18 issues - all saying - "The Life of Lao Tse Tung"

I thought to myself, "I wonder if I should put together one large manuscript from those magazines and submit it to Reader's Digest as a book."

A voice in my head said to me, "If you write it, publish it yourself, or forget about it."



11-12-02 - DREAM - My name was NADENE, and a vision at the end of the dream showed me an envelope at the end which showed that I ran a business called JC Basic Service.

(Nadene means "from NADA"  NADA means 'giving')

I was cleaning hallways of a large apartment building, but I was the Supervisor. There were Spanish women doing the hard labor and the laundry. I straightened up things, kept the pets fed and watered and listened to the criticism of people who didn't lift a finger to do anything.

We had some white parakeets or cockatiels on a stand and I wanted to collect their feathers, but I noticed that I had ugly greenish ends and rough spots. I wasn't happy about that. they weren't perfect enough to keep and use for anything.

I met my husband for dinner at 6:30 p.m. also in a hallway cafe, but I couldn't stay and eat with him because I had to leave and go to school and be in a play by 7:00 p.m. He wasn't happy with that plan but I had committed to it and had to leave.


11:11-02 - took info off the internet and made a long web page about Indian Biographies including pictures and the relationships to the world.



11-12-02 - DREAM - Can't remember any details except that I was helping to catch "Commies"  (Communists)


11-13-02 - DREAM - There was nothing real about this situation, so it is either was astral or is symbolic. The people in the dream were real people I've known over the years.

The office I was working in was also a very large apartment. I was the head secretary. I also managed the apartment building and it seems I was in charge of the outside grounds as well.

The scene takes place in the fall of the year. It is harvest time and the rainy season is expected.

I made arrangements with a local farmer to plow a fallow field into a large garden space on two levels for use the following spring. I didn't know if I could even handle such a large garden, but I knew I was going to have to try.

There was a long curving road to this building, and I made a long walk along this road before starting work.

Back in the office, I handled all the correspondence. One of the men teased me for saying that I had picked up the mail 500,000 seconds early. I had already answered all the mail and sent out lengthy letters in response and everything was filed away.

The boss was out of the office and not expected back quite yet. The other men in the office were walking around in the dark, so I turned on the light for them.

In the apartment building, some cleaning of the floors had to be done. A carpenter had done some work and we had to clean up his mess and put away the tools.

I heard a rumour that my friend Diane had been fired for receiving personal long distance phone calls on her office phone, but I didn't know if it was true or not. She hadn't been in the apartment building or in the office yet.

At the last moment, a man I eventually recognized as John - he had curly hair and wore a winter weight trench coat came in from the dark. He looked around a bit, then asked me about the rumour about Diane. I told him it was just a rumour - I didn't know if it was true or not.

That satisfied him for the moment and I went back to work and woke up.

I got the impression that he was using that question just to see if we were ready for what was coming. I turned around and looked at my apartment to see if everything was in order and it was.


11-14-02 - DREAM - I was taken for a drive - downhill to a house where I was to live. This didn't make me very happy. I didn't want to live downhill.

Inside the house there was so much work to do and nobody was doing any of it. After I looked at what had to be done, I couldn't blame them, because this was the hard stuff.

On the stove sat 5 large glass baking dishes that needed to be washed. So that's what I started with.

Then I went into the livingroom where there was a pile of stones on the floor and 5 colorful quilts where my sink had been. So I folded up the quilts first. Then the rest didn't look so bad.  But I wasn't happy living downhill.

So the man took me outside to look at the house from another perspective. He pointed out to me that the house was white and from the back of the house there was a steep drop off overlooking a huge valley and the people in the valley all looked UP to the white house on the mountain.

From that vantage point, I now had a different perspective on where I was - and I thought to myself - I wouldn't mind living in this house if my room faced East - overlooking the valley - the view was spectacular.


11-14-02 - VISION - I saw Tony Robbins doing a lecture. Next to him he had one of those color wheel lights like a rainbow. I wondered what he used the light for - then he put his hand into the light and it made a rabbit sign on the ceiling.

NOTE: Tony Robbins wrote the book - "Awaken the Giant Within."


11-14-02 - MEDITATION - My friend Irv R is in a coma in a hospital and not expected to regain consciousness. I decided to meditate to connect with his spirit.  I didn't see his face, but I began to see a series of scenes in which he had driven me to when I didn't have a car. These scenes were in reverse order of experience and the latest one had to have been about 1995 because I bought a car in 1996, sold the car in '97 and moved to California.



This started out with two visions - The word ALASKA and the number 92. I was laying awake, trying to determine if the number 92 represented 92 events or the year 1992.

At that point the dreams began - I knew some of the people as people I've worked with in the past, but they weren't connected to each other in real life that I'm aware of. It was like they all had a particular job to help clean up Alaska, but each one had a specific task in separate events with various groups.

Some of it doesn't even seem to be related as I was shown a series of queens and Princesses from England who participated in the project. I also spent some time with a computer program that wasn't working very well.

It consisted of a list of names of participants. I eventually deleted the program because it was interfering with the work and the list of names had been saved into other programs so they wouldn't be lost forever.

I was shown a wall of antiques that had been collected by the Queen of England over the years. The collection was kept on a wall that had a very ornate brocade and tapestry with a collection of silver items attached to it, some of which I didn't recognize - they rather looked like silver ladders that were tarnishing where they were attached to the background which proved how antique they were and on this wall was also a series of extremely ornate silver knives and fork sets.

Then I was shown a film of the Queens and Princesses in which they were shown as wearing white gowns, but it was shown to me that the gowns were really bright red - it was the film that was corrupted in some way.

The last princess involved was Princess 'Gary', a very young woman and not someone I recognized.

I woke up gradually, not understanding anything of what I had seen.


11-16-02 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin, WI.  It was still light outside but it was early evening and I was tired.

So I went upstairs and when I looked into the second bedroom, I saw that nobody was sleeping on the narrow bed by the window.

I was so tired, I decided to lay down on my son's bed. I figured that if was tired, he'd lay down on someone else's bed.

I lay down and closed my eyes, but instead of falling asleep, I started to have a vision of a pretty page with a list of states and people's names side by side. It was a computer page so I was able to click on the state of Alabama with the mouse and on the page that came up, had a story of an OBE experience that a person from Alabama had.

I clicked back to the main page and saw that every state was listed and many names all in alphabetical order.

I didn't know exactly why I was seeing this but it sure was interesting. I was afraid to click on Wisconsin or my own name - that I'd see my own story.


11-17-02 - DREAM - I don't know where tis was, but it was in the country. I was in a house and the phone number was changed - the number was 2700? was changed to 3104.  I didn't write down or memorize the old number, so when the phone rang I immediately said to the other party, write down this number and remember it - 3104.

I then had to do some work and went with a man to a cement mixing place. To get these we took a rutted dirt road in a red convertible car and actually flew off the top of a hill and then skimmed along the ridges of the ruts, because if we had driven IN the ruts, the bottom of the car would have dragged.

We got to the cement place where the cement was being churned in an open pit.

I was the only customer there, but I told the owner that he was going to have to hire some help because when he got busy, he wouldn't be able to handle the business all by himself.

As the dream ended, I was now working on a computer to save a series of small square pictures to my own harddrive. These were supposed to be Native American Indian colors. I thought they should be saved in a vertical manner one by one, but they were in a block of 5 x 5.

They were labeled 3104 and to me, the pastel colors and patterns I was seeing looked like India Indian fabric colors.


11-18-02 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere, near a river. I think I lived in an apartment building, not a house. I went somewhere and when i came home, there were parking guide men in our parking lot. They were huge guys about 25 ft. tall. After they guided me to my parking sot, I went up to them and gave each one a hug and thanked them. They were so tall, I only came to their knees.

My family laughed at me for hugging them, but they deserved to be thanked for their service.

All of a sudden there was a flood and the river came up so that the water all over the parking lot was 3 feet deep. My mother checked the depth of the water with a long stick. The people weren't afraid of this flood- they actually went swimming in it, because the water didn't have flowing speed, it was just deep now.

Somehow then, I got on a computer and was looking at a page of a collection of medium green gemstones and was shown a date of 1499.


11-19-02 - DREAM - I was living in the country, but it was city between my house and Michelle's house.

I was sitting and then working in the yard of my farm and then I saw some cats that were very unusual.

The first cat was a round-eared cat with stripes about 10" apart.   The other cat had black round ears but had antlers like a deer.

I was so excited I rant to Michelle's house to tell her about these cats.

Michelle was in her house with some women friends - Debbie and a couple other women.

I started describing these cats, then realized I could have taken a digital picture of them, so started running home again. I ran a couple blocks through the city then decided it would be closer to go through the alley.

I turned right into the alley and found that it was mud - and then saw that there were workmen and they put down brown carpet to drive their machines on over the mud.

Then I saw there were stairs and then a hallway in this alley, which i started to climb. There were some old Jewish men sitting in this hallway on antique chairs and they had antique record players.

They moved aside for me and I walked past them and then climbed a few more stairs and found myself in a long narrow store which was like an old Good Will store with antique furniture, animal cages for cats, dogs, and birds and there were people in here shopping. I wished I had time to look around and buy something but I had to get home and take picture of these cats.



NOTE: After I woke up, I went outside to feed my real cats and there were three new kittens out there. Awwww :-)


11-20-02 - DREAM - I was going to stand up for a wedding as a bridesmaid. The dress was royal blue and was knee length.

My ex-husband Ed was there and he was dressed ina blue shirt and bluejeans. He was really slim and looked great.

I wanted to dress like him, but I had to be the bridesmaid first.

I tried putting on a shirt with brown pedal pusher shorts under the dress, but they showed either below the dress or at the waistband because they were the same size as the dress. It just didn't fit.

So I started hunting for a tight girdle to put on which might make my butt and hips a size smaller to make the shorts fit better, because I wasn't' going to give up being the bridesmaid.


11-20-02 - DREAM - I was going to be one of 7 astronauts and we were dressed all in blue.

See:  nov-events.htm


11-21-02 - DREAM - This is too vague to make anything out of. I saw nine men in blue. Maybe the council if 9?



11-22-02 - DREAM - I was in the country, with my husband. He had a meeting with Bob the Painter who arrived in a blue car. The two men walked over aways where there was a large meadow surrounded by a lot of trees. They didn't invite me to participate in their conversation, but I could see them gesturing and pointing to various places in the meadow.

I could see a sign posted on the edge of the meadow, so when they were done with their conversation, I went over to see what the sign said. It said, 'PINOLE'.

Then I understood what they ha talked about. They were laying out a community farm for people to live in in the end-times.



11-22-02 - DREAM-VISION - I was seeing along, long list of events which was being laid out in advance of their occurrence by the ETs, that they had to deal with.

This list was being published so people would know what was coming, but the list was way too long to understand or comprehend.

So I deleted all the small events, just leaving the big ones, because the people didn't need to know all that.

And 3/4 of the way down the list, I thought it was enough to see for now, so I just cut it off and deleted all the rest. It was just too much for the people to handle.


11-23-02 - DREAM - I went to a farm where we were going to work. It also was like a school. I was given a project to do in an office. When I figured out how the project was done, I could teach it to others.

There was a large ceramic bowl I had to clean in the kitchen. It seems that it had been used to service, but I couldn't get it perfectly clean without running water and there didn't seem to be any in the sink.

I also saw a square box (black) high up on a shelf that contained white powdered flake soap. This box was sitting inside another box where manila envelopes were being kept. I don't know what kind of records were in these manila envelopes, but the box seemed to be getting weak near the bottom and it seemed that the soap would come out of the bottom flaps of the box of it was handled too much or in the wrong way.

At this place, I was given a choice of shoes to wear. There were 16 choices of shoes in the catalogs - 4 rows of 4. The shoe I chose same in 3 colors, white, brown, and black. The shape of the shoe was a cross between a high baby shoe an a hiking boot for adults. I chose the white one and it was shiny like patten-leather.

Outside, the fog had rolled in so you couldn't see anything in any direction and that seemed a little ominous because the fog got really dark in the direction of the horizon.

But when the fog was its darkest, I noticed that the fog was breaking up overhead and I was catching glimpses of a blue sky overhead through the fog. Then suddenly, the fog dissipated in one spot, so I could see a brilliant sun reflecting off a blue pool of water just outside the house. The sun's reflection was so brilliant I could barely look at it, but it was a sign that the fog was lifting and soon we'd be able to see the world again.


11-24-02 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment building in a city somewhere. As I came out of the building, there was a man and a young boy ahead of me who were from Canada. I wanted to make friends with them so I could find out what was going on in Canada. I wanted to make friends with them so I could find out what was going on in Canada, but they were too far away to hear me say "Hello!"

However, when I came back to the building, there was the Canadian man and his little boy again in the recreation room where we held meetings. the man was sitting down at the piano.

I told him I hoped the piano was up to his standards because I knew he was a famous piano player and our piano hadn't been turned in sometime.

The man started to play the piano and it was really loud, but it sounded great, so I let him continue to play.

I left the room and went around the corner and there was the little boy, plugging a radio in and he turned on a station with hard rock N roll music.

I said to him - "Sorry! NO rock N roll" and made him turn it off."


11-24-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office building. I went upstairs and as I was walking past a blonde woman, she was collating a 28 page document for the FBI and I was having a lot of trouble because the copier wasn't working very well.

Later, I was back in my own office and the same blonde woman came in to use our copy machine and told me that she had t work on Saturday because her copy machine just wasn't working fast enough.

The woman's female boss came through the office and reprimanded the blonde woman for taking her work out of the office so everyone knew that the FBI was investigating the Orchard apartments.

I said to her, "I don't have time to worry about the Orchard apartment, I have my own building to worry about.

What I didn't say , but I thought to myself, "I wouldn't even know the FBI was investigating the Orchard apartments if you didn't open your big mouth. I didn't try to read what the copy woman was working on.

It was time for lunch then and I looked in my purse to see how much  money I had, and saw that my wallet wasn't in my purse. I didn't know where it was -  I could have left it at home.

However I saw a 20 dollar bill and several 1 dollar bills, so I had plenty of money for lunch. But I wanted more 1 dollar bills to use in the food machine, so I decided to walk to the bank and get my 20 dollar bill broken down into 10 ones and 2 fives.

I went outside and headed for the bank. The sidewalk didn't follow along the street, but meandered around houses - it wasn't a straight path.

I wanted to take a straight path to the bank because it was shooter, so I cut across the lawn where the bus stop was and then was going to walk between 2 houses but a man ahead of me stopped to pee against the house on the left.

I apologized for intruding and started to walk around the house and a little boy said, "We're in a hurry to move because the toilet doesn't work in our house."

I knew that toilets have to be kept in good repair, so that was a good reason to move.



DREAM - My family had just moved into a house that was situated on the corner of a large major intersection. There was a heavy snowstorm during the night and the snowplows all met on our corner so the piles of snow were about 5 feet high right there.

It was still early warming so the kids were still sleeping, but there were other female relatives in the house. They were sitting around, expecting me to serve them coffee so they could wake up.

But I had to shovel off the steps and sidewalk. Nobody was helping do this part of the job.

I noted that as soon as the snow fell, it was already starting to melt - the snow was wet and heavy - not the dry fluffy stuff that blow around and drifts.

I did a little shoveling on the steps, then went back into the house where the women were just sitting around chatting.

One woman demanded that I bring her a laundry basket so she could pick up things that were laying on the floor. There were blankets and quilts everywhere.But I noted that two young girls about 13 were smoking cigarettes and they were laying on their laps. Exasperatedly, I yelled at them and asked them why they hadn't asked for ash trays. So I went to the cupboard  to find ashtrays. I didn't even have any because nobody smoked at our house. So I found 4 saucers - but I noted that two of them had melted around the edges, so I gave the 1/2 melted saucers to the two girls who were smoking.

I went back out and finished shoveling the sidewalk, wondering where I was going to pile the snow if we got any more. But at the same time, the snow was melting so fast that the sidewalk was wet where I had shoveled already. It was just barely cold enough to snow.

I went back into the house and found that the kids were just waking up.

My father was in the house now and I told him how warm it was after the storm and he didn't want to believe me, so I pointed out the window and there was a young girl walking by, wearing white shorts and a short-sleeved shirt with a thin pink spring rain coat blowing open around her in the breeze and carrying an umbrella in case it rained during the day.


11-26-02 - LUCID DREAM - I was dreaming about looking at a web page with links about The National Geographic and the American Indians. The links were colored triangle spaces.


11-26-02 - DREAM - I was working as the manager of a very large fancy apartment building which had a public dining room and kitchen area. There were dark-skinned people living here - like Arabs - though I don't know for certain that's what they were.

There were 3 seats at a table to my left and one at a table to my right. It was rather dim in the room.

I sat down in the kitchen at the table and drank a glass of milk that had cornflakes in it. I kept refilling the glass with milk to get all the cornflakes, but at the same time the glass was full of water so that when I poured the milk into the glass I could see it go down in to the water, but the water itself never went up or down, no matter how much milk I poured in or drank.

I finally had enough to eat and drink, so I got u from the table and picked up a lot of orange rags that others before me had left on the table when they spilled their water.

I wiped off the table and walked over to the sink, walking past an Arab guy at the next table. All around him, on the floor was coffee grounds and little bones.

I stepped on the bone with my bare foot and said, "Ow, ow, ow!" and he asked me if I was all right. I said, "yes! I think I just stepped on a bone." He apologized for dropping it.

I then went out into the hallway where there was an alcove where trash cans should have been sitting. On the floor was coffee grounds and bite of garbage and nasty bugs crawling in it.

I took a broom to sweep up the garbage and kill the bugs. There were sharp thorny weeds growing in the wall which I also tried to sweep down, but some of those were so firmly attached, I couldn't dislodge them, but I got off what I could.

The Arab man then walked past me to go outside. I followed him through a series of heavy doors.

Between two of the doors, there was a dark stairway going way down to a dark doorway.

But I followed him through another large door to an outside lobby in another side of the building that had an office in it. On this side of the building, I knew the women who worked here, because I used to work with them, but hadn't seen them in awhile.

As I followed the Arab guy to the door, I could see that is was dawn.

I said to the Arab man, "have a good day," and as soon as I said the words, the sky brightened in stages like a 3 way light bulb coming on.

I was so astounded at this process, I rushed back into the building so I could tell someone about the sky phenomenon.


11--27-02 - DREAM - This is sa difficult dream to interpret and peoples faces changed within the dream. The dream takes place in New Berlin at my house I lived in from 1960 to 1980.

For some reason I went out to the garage and had a convention with my daughter-in-law Becky about something, but she was nursing a baby and her big black labrador retriever kept getting between us, trying to get petted. While I was talking to Becky, her face changed to my friend Kimber.

Then, since I was wearing a nightgown and was barefoot, and there were clothes and sheets hanging on a washline; I decided I would get dressed. I took a pair of light blue underpants down from the line that were hanging on a hangar (triangle). So I was standing there - on one foot - leaning on the wall, trying to get one foot into the underpants and my sister-in-law Carole, who turned into our granddaughter Taylar, grabbed ahold of the light blue sheets and started whipping them violently back and forth, saying, "And a big bad storm came up!" startling us.

I yelled at her, "Please! I'm trying to get dressed." and at that point I saw two black formal tuxedos hanging on hangars by the door.

I then went into the house where I met Joe in the master bedroom. (Joe has never been in New Berlin)

We were sitting on the bed and Joe's face turned into someone I didn't know and I was thinking about that while he was putting on a pair of work-stained blue jeans. They looked cleaner after he got them on.

While he was standing there, a tall man I think was my old Purchasing boss Otto came to the door and said something like, "I'd like to talk to you about Jerry's brain tumour."

He turned and left and I asked Joe to tell me what that was about, at the same time Joe's face was turning into a man I didn't know and I was thinking, "I can love him even though I don't know him as long as he takes care of me."

I tried asking Joe what that statement about Jerry's brain tumour was all about but he didn't want to talk about it.

So I started telling Joe the story about what happened i the garage and he looked at me and said, "I know that God is going to show you the way.", and I said, "Yeah! probably through you."

I wanted to talk more but two little girls came in the room and wanted comforting. One of them said she had stomach cramps. She looked to be about 4 years old. I said, "Do you have a tummy ache?" She answered , "yes!" and I said, "Can you rub it?"  she said, "Yes, and pushed on her own tummy and felt better and I woke up.


11-28-02 - DREAM/VISION -x 2 - I saw a Sylvester the Cat and an evil looking mouse - kind of like Mighty Mouse but with an evil look on his face.

The were affixed to extensions of a building rather like antennas. Sylvester was attached to a tall extension rather like a tall letter T that moved and was adjustable.



11-28-02 - DREAM - I was working in a high-rise apartment building as Manager and Supervisor of maintenance.

I was in the office talking to a young blonde woman who was going to work for me in a rehabilitation type situation. She told me that a friend of mine told her it would be good if she learned how to paint. I thought that was a pretty good idea so I told her to find the maintenance men who were working in apartment 115.

She left and then my attention was drawn to the large window was a miniature skyscraper shaped rather like the Empire State Building and climbing on that building, going up and down like Godzilla in a repetitive way, because I controlled him with a remote was a control giant sized (Tony Robbins looking guy) (Tony wrote 'Awaken the Giant within).

I couldn't photograph the sky with Tony/Godzilla in the picture, so I found the little yellow remote control on my credenza and released him from his holding pattern. Wen I did that, I knew he was going to be mad that I had kept him outside climbing that building for so long and feared that he might try to hurt me - and he could because he was such a giant of a guy.

But I still had the remote control and could control his every step and movement, so I took the remote control and took the elevator down to the lobby to find him.

Tony lived in an adjoining apartment on the 1st floor. When I got down to the 1st floor I noticed that it felt cold and a woman who got off the elevator mentioned that as well.

But I had to find Tony before he hurt someone and got him back under control.

It didn't take long because as soon as I got to the lobby door, I could see that Tony hand't been able to get into the building because he didn't have the keys, so he had sat down on the floor and took off his giant-sized hiking boots and socks and flung them across the room.

I made sure there was that I had the remote control in my hand, opened the door and greeted Tony tentatively, but firmly so he knew I wa still in control of him.

He greeted me back in a big friendly giant-sized voice, and then I saw a green chalkboard behind Tony that had my name at the top. DOLORES MADMAN - with a list of praises words below it - telling me of what he thought of my control. There were + marks after some of them to show I was extra good.

This surprised me because I thought he'd be mad because I had him climbing the empire state building over and over like Godzilla. But here he had written praiseworthy words to me.

But then, below that he wrote:  

For the next 6 nights a list of names of friends of mine some of them were listed twice:

Norman Norman
+ TM, Penny, Irv

I was worried he was going to hurt them in my place as punishment in my stead and then I realized that he meant I was going to dream about them for the next 6 nights.

Tony then stood up and entered the building to go to his apartment and I didn't try to stop him with the remote control.


11-29-02 - DREAM - T.M., his wife Penny, and I lived in an apartment, that was like two wings with an adjoining bathroom. T.M. and I wanted to marry each other and Penny wasn't about to let that happen. When T.M. confronted Penny to tell her he was leaving her for me, she pulled out a gun and held it to her head. I could see this happening from down the hall. I needed to distract her, so I used a skein of rose colored yarn like a bowling ball and tossed it towards her to get her attention.  I followed it down the hall saying, "I'd rather take the bullet than him and she turned the gun on me instead as I rushed towards them.

I forced myself awake as I stared down the gun barrel and woke up breathing hard in fear.


11-29-02 - DREAM - Penny and I were in the apartment. She was in the bathroom, packing up her clothes to move out. I was rather glad to see that and sat down on the sofa and waited for her to finish packing.

But when Penny saw me, she came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa next to me.

So she sat down, she put her hand down behind the cushion and pulled out a half melted, half-eaten piece of chocolate cream candy on her fingers.

I was ready to apologize for that, but she looked like at me and smeared the chocolate on the back of the sofa.

I was so mad that she did that, that I made a fist and gave her a knuckle sandwich on her forehead.


11-30-02 - DREAM - I was living in a Jewish school - I graduated with honors.

I then went to visit my mother. She showed me a chart of her bills. Most of them had a number after them and she said that these people were giving her money.

After studying the chart for a moment, I determined that the numbers were what she had to pay  not that they were giving her. She was a little confused.

NOTE: My mother is suffering from a stroke and perhaps alzheimers, so this makes sense. My sister handles her bill paying for her.