compiled by Dee Finney

"Wisdom is knowing truth."

"Knowledge is ours but the toll is never free."

"The doors of wisdom are never shut"

4-3-92 - MEDITATION - I was relaxing, hoping to sleep a little, and said my 3 'Our Fathers' and began to raise my vibrations. I saw a large room, surrounded by a brilliant blue velvet curtain. A woman entered, dressed in blue and sat at a little table ... like a card table at one corner. I was thinking it was like a real estate office and she was the secretary. Then a tall, handsome, man in a suit came in and went behind the curtain, followed by a shorter, balding man who stood by the woman in blue.

The tall, handsome man pulled aside a portion of the blue curtain and he was sort of standing behind a backdrop like the front of a marionette or puppet theatre. He said to me, "Isn't it nice to know there's always someone available to call when you need help?" I had to agree that it was. He peeked out from another gap in the curtain at the other two people as if to get their approval.

Then a man came down some stairs on the right and said to the woman who had gotten up from her chair and gone over to greet him, "Why don't you send her on up?"

I started to raise my vibrations to do just that when someone knocked on my door and I had to get up and stop meditating.


5-4-93 - DREAM - I came into a room where children could pick out their favorite crocheted stuffed animals and a woman there taught the animals to swim in a big blue pool.

I watched them as these little stuffed animals did the backstroke, the crawl, and the butterfly strokes.

I went away for a time. When I came back, I brought with me, a crocheted doll which looked like a little boy. I sat down on a blue chair and little stuffed puppets came to say Hello to me. There was Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster, and other characters.

I introduced my little stuffed boy doll and my doll smiled at them. Then another little boy bully doll came up to my little boy doll and said he liked his knitted sweater and wanted it. So the little dolls began to take off their sweaters and to wrestle with each other over them.

Both little dolls became human little boys, and wrestled each other over the sweaters. When the wrestling match was over, they became pals and neither one wore a sweater, they went off arm in arm, their pants held up by only one suspender and the other one just hanging there.

Then Orson wells came up to me and gave me a hug like he was my best lost long friend and wished me well.

8-18-93 - DREAM - I went to a huge school - like high school - for classes. The woman there - who looked like Elizabeth Clare Prophet asked me to go across the street to the Hyatt Hotel and speak to the President and book the diningroom for a banquet for up to 500 people.

I felt very privileged to do this and wondered why she chose me. I marveled at the size of the banquet and thought about how much money it would cost and how well to do the organization was to afford that.

But I walked across the street to the Hyatt Hotel and went upstairs to the President's office.

I could see the President in his office talking to some other people. He sat at his desk and they stood on the other side of the desk. He was short and some kind of Asian ethnicity. His skin was kind of yellowish brown and shiny. It made me kind of nervous to think that I was going to have to stand across the desk from him to speak to him.

Then I realized I would have to make an appointment to see him first with his secretary because the room was very busy with other people waiting to see him.

I wasn't ready for that either. I took off my scarf which was a purple rayon print, to fluff up my hair. I was wearing two coats - a dark blue one with a light grey one under it. I took these off and carried them over my right arm. Meantime, I put my big brown purse on a counter while I took my coats off and it promptly fell off onto the floor. Nothing spilled, but I looked to make sure. I heard other people rehearsing what to say to the President of the Hyatt. One was the author of a book.

I kept trying to think what the name of our organization was and all I could remember was Body, Mind, and Soul.

I wanted to write it down but I couldn't find a pen either in my purse or my pockets.

I went across the hall and now I was in my mother's bedroom on 16th St. (The master bedroom) I didn't want to disturb anything there, just search my own purse for a pen, so I turned around and faced the door so she wouldn't think I was snooping.

I still couldn't think of anything but 'Body, Mind, and Soul' and knew I had to write it down on I'd never get it right.

My Mother came then and told me that she couldn't talk sense to my brother because he wouldn't listen to her. She wanted me to tell him to stop rehearsing the kids dance troop or something like that. She wanted him to stop right now because the kids were tired.

I went across the hall to another room where my brother was holding a class for young dancers. I gave him the message and told him, 'Mother wants you to stop right NOW."

He was determined and wouldn't stop for me either. He told the children to give me a demonstration of what he was doing.

It was like a western puppet show except the little horses and wagons were automated.

The little female dolls had fancy western gowns on and stood on the backs of the wagons while the two western wagons raced each other around a track to the right.

On the second time around the track, the dolls bounced and fell over, one was face down on the left.

I started to laugh and woke up laughing.

10-13-97 - DREAM - I went down into the basement where work was going on. A man asked for some special tape and I told him which storage closet it was in. I saw a little tiny orange kitten on the floor and then someone came by with a rectangular fishtank with amniotic fluid in it with several other stages of pre-born kitten embryos in it.

I went up to the second floor where a package was delivered that had a new blue sewing machine in it, and from there I went to my own room and modeled some new blue clothes and a french beret on my head.. I looked incredibly good.

I went down to the first floor where I worked. The phone rang so I answered it. I didn't know the man they asked for. His name was Cabot. I went into the bosses office where a meeting was going on. It looked more like a wedding ceremony where many, many people were standing around a large rectangle table wearing beautiful pastel clothes. Nobody responded to the name when I asked if Mr. Cabot was there. I went into the next meeting room which was all men covered with dark blue and dark green sheets. Nobody there responded to the name Cabot either. I went back to the telephone to tell the woman I couldn't find Mr. Cabot. The woman on the phone said her name was Mere and she wanted to speak to Susan (from the previous dream.) I went upstairs to ask about her and was told I wasn't even allowed to know if she was there or not. I went downstairs to look for Susan but when I walked through sand, my shoe prints were wide going in one direction (left) and narrow going in the other direction, (right) I looked at it myself and even tried walking through the sand again and couldn't figure it out. I went back to the phone and the phone was already hung up.

I went outside then and all those people form the meetings came outside too like they were tourists. We were on 13th and Wisconsin Ave. A tall fountain was spraying water on the sidewalk and we were ducking so as not to get wet.

The people started stripping off their clothes and reveling in the sunshine like they had never seen the sun before.

Tourists came from the left from foreign countries. They were all in 3's and each country had a different type outfit on (like you see in the Olympic parade)

We went a little further over where it became more crowded and a big, heavy women were pushing huge puppet theatres around to put on shows for the public.

by Dee

SEE: Puppet show sends political message

3-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a high-rise building where there was a party going on. spotted Drunvalo Melchizedek come in. He was with another man. I managed to get his attention and told him that I had three visions of him this past year. (true) and that he had been just as clear as he was standing right in front of me. He seemed impressed and pulled me aside to write me a note and said that I would meet another man later on in the evening. He gave me the note and then went to sit down. He morphed into a midget sitting on someone else's lap like a puppet. I picked up the note again which had gotten wet. His writing was gone and it was just an old grocery list. I was very disappointed. I was sitting there and an Irish guy with a red plaid cap came up to me and from their grins, I knew this was the guy I was supposed to meet and that Drunvalo used women who came up to him for eager people who they could use for tricks.

This Irish guy asked me if I could throw balls through hoops. I looked and the hoops looked like darkened lamp shades and they weren't even round. I made an excuse and went across the room to someone famous I saw. I noticed that he had some reading material stuck up his pants leg. I thought I'd find out a secret about him so I quickly pulled it out. One was a sex magazine and I gave that back to him. Another one was of no interest to me, and the third one was "Guide to Traveling" so I took that one to read.

I then left the party and walked down the dark alley behind the building. There were back alley entrances to sports places. The first door I opened up was dim inside and smelled like old men's sweat or crotch sweat. (Don't ask me how I know what that smells like. I don't.)

So, I went on to the next one an when I opened it up, the air smelled clean and it was air conditioned and brightly lit inside. There were a lot of big men playing basketball or something there.

I went inside and met some Oriental people over on the side. I had to take a shower and then pulled a red cover over my front because I had to go make a phone call to someone. At the public phone, they were using little dime size crackers to fake out the phone company.

I decided to go home and there I found Joe asleep at the computer. I yelled at him and told him it was time to go to bed and acted mad that I had been waiting in bed for two hours.

6-22-98 - DREAM - I was in a building in a large city. I managed the building and we were going to remodel the basement. In order to do that, we had to take everything outside. We hooked up the washing machine between the sidewalk and the road so we could continue to do laundry while we remodeled the basement. There was a lot of laundry to do. There were piles of it everywhere and it was really bad. We hauled it all outside and I was going to do it out there.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I left the washing machine untended to do that. I couldn't find the bathroom. I stood in the hallway and looked at all the doors. Each one was a different size and I knew where each one went and none was a bathroom. I remembered there was one on another floor so I went in search of that one. Meanwhile, I met some women who had problems and I stopped to listen to them and confront them and give them advice. I then went back outside to throw the laundry into the machine first. I opened the lid and began to measure cookie dough into the machine and saw it float down in deep water. I thought that was odd and looked closer and found shredded bread wrappers with pictures of colorful balloons on them. Now, I was really puzzled and started pulling out this paper. Another woman came along and started pulling toys out of the machine. Taylar - our granddaughter needed to wash her toys and the woman had helped her put the toys in. The washing was done, so I helped her take them out. There was a big yellow truck, some doll puppets, and a huge brown dinosaur.

At this point, someone hollered, "Look! Up in the sky!" I turned and looked and saw a huge blimp in the sky. I remembered having seen one before, but I looked again and there was a blimp in the south sky. In the west, a huge dark green helicopter was hovering, shooting lazer blanks in practice, using the blimps as targets. Between the helicopter and us were piles of hay bales that we could hide behind in case the lazer turned out to be real, so I didn't worry about it.

A young girl came up to me with a job application for a job at another building I managed at 3803 N. Port Washington Road. She had a thick stack of papers which she handed to me which was her application and resume. I told her that I hadn't been expecting her and didn't have a ride up to the other building but perhaps if her father wanted to give me a ride up there, I could show her around. Then I thought better of it, that it was a bad idea and that maybe I could take a walk or take the bus up there. I didn't want to pay for the bus ride both ways unnecessarily though, so I told her I was sorry and couldn't show her the building, but that the next time I was hiring I would call her. I kept her paperwork, and she walked away disappointed.

I turned around and on the corner Joe stood talking to two older women. They looked like they were old friends in intimate conversation with their heads together. I couldn't hear anything they said and I looked at the woman and saw how old they were and thought to myself that I was younger and prettier than they were, so I could allow him to have female friends without me knowing what was being said. However, the shorter one suddenly broke away and came towards me, tearing off her mask, and her old clothes, revealing that she wasn't an old woman like the other one. She was in disguise and would go after Joe and had other intentions than friendship. (Note: This was prophetic and actually happened)

I had more important things to do and walked back into the building where the workmen were waiting for me to discuss the remodeling project. I noticed that there were no windows down there and told the guys that I hoped it didn't get too cold to work down there, but it was summer and it should be fine.

As I was waking up, I heard one of the men say, "Let me see what you have there!" I looked at my right hand and it was placed on top of an open white box and the title was, "The Mystic".

2-15-00 - MEDITATION - I was seeing a web page with all my own UFO related pages listed, then all of a sudden I saw the cartoon Felix the Cat at the top left-hand corner.

NOTE:  Author Phillip K Dick also had a metaphysical message in his novel VALIS about Felix the Cat - He states:

18. Real time ceased in 70 C.E. with the fall of the temple at Jerusalem. It began again in 1974 C.E. The intervening period was a perfect spurious interpolation aping the creation of the Mind. "The Empire never ended," but in 1974 a cipher was sent out as a signal that the Age of Iron was over; the cipher consisted of two words: KING FELIX, which refers to the Happy or (Rightful) King.

19. The two-word cipher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us.

From Ken Pierce Books

More than 10 years before there was a mouse named Mickey there was a cat named Felix. Born in 1919 from the pen of Otto Messmer, Felix the Cat has had an amazingly long and prosperous career.

From the early days of silent films and follies to the television and comic book era of Joe Oriolo up to the present, Felix has been and always will be the World's Greatest Magical Cat. Following in his father's tradition, Don Oriolo once again has Felix on top

Felix the cat Animation Site

"Nicholas Brady" (an alter ego of PKD) and Silvio Sadassa overcome the Empire and its tyrant Ferris Fremont through a clever manipulation of signal and noise. The noise of Fremont's lies will be cut into by the subliminal signal that they will put into musical recordings telling the American people he is really a Communist puppet. Similarly, a signal is sent out at the end of the novel VALIS: a juxtaposition of TV commercials for Food King and Felix the Cat gives the world the great words: "KING FELIX," the joyous king. The suggestion is that Zebra/VALIS is constantly projecting a small, subliminal signal in unsuspecting areas to penetrate the overwhelming noise of the Empire. Perhaps this "still small voice" can even be found in the din and confusion of a genre of trash writing known as "science fiction..." or the great provider of trash called TV. PKD often heard voices through his radio insulting him and telling him to die. Many schizophrenics experience the sensation of being "talked" to by electronic devices or being controlled by electronic beams. But what validated PKD's VALIS experience for him was the feeling that he was receiving pure, undistorted, rational information; not irrational urgings or unintelligible voices. He could not help but feel he was seeing the "invasion" of rationality and a pure signal into an increasingly cacophonous and dissonant world.

From:  Philip K. Dick Cyperpunk

2-15-00 - VISION - As I was going to sleep, I was thinking about Anna Hayes and the ETs and I had a vision of two blue eyes and the top of a nose of a person looking in at us through a small rectangular portal type of window.

It was though we were being watched.


2-15-00 - VISION - Right after the above vision, I was thinking about Anna Hayes and the ETs,  I continued thinking about that and the vision of the blue eyes and I suddenly had a vision that I was inside an large airplane hangar. I could see a huge cylindrical rocket-type object laying on the floor with a man beside it. There was a big hole in the wall by the corner where the edge of the door was.  A voice said, " Do not let it out!"


2-16-00 - LUCID DREAM - I was researching Felix the Cat and it's meaning with regard to the UFOs and I came across a letter written to someone which was not only about the subject, but was typed in such a way that it had shape as well of some sort.  I couldn't read all the words, but I saw one that was 'Fairyland' and 'Felix' and some others I can't remember anymore  

The letter was telling about the beings referred to as 'Felix' which I had thought perhaps were the original 'leonine' beings that looked like cats in mythology.  As I was reading, in the shape part of the letter I was starting to see eyes and a nose of an infant sized being. I was getting excited that the being was appearing right in front of me and that it required great responsibility to take care of it.

This whole event required certain things to occur in order for this to happen, and I must have been close to doing these things. Someone else off to the side said something about publicity or something and not only did the eyes and nose disappear, but the words themselves began to evaporate off the page.  Finally, all that was left was a white smudge on the page to show that something had actually been there at all.  

I was so disappointed that I couldn't know what this was because it felt like I was on a breakthrough of knowledge about this being.  All of a sudden while I was thinking intensely about this being, I saw  a closeup of an infant size head of a creature with white glistening fur. It was a white infant Yeti.

I came awake with a feeling of complete awe.  How close I was to seeing a real creature which only had been seen in fleeting glimpses by people and only stories of hikers in the European mountains existed, and no one had ever been able to really be close to one like I had.  


White Bigfoot

Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti Database


2-24-00 - VISION - 3 a.m. - I was seeing a room with a shelf along the wall with all stuffed toy dolls and puppets on it. They were all very colorful and cute.

I saw another wall of stuffed dolls and puppets... A rather robotic sci-fi voice said, "Alan Bach!"

I started to think about the name , wondering if I heard it right.

I saw another all of stuffed dolls and puppets hanging on hooks on a wall next to a door that went to another room. The voice said, "Why don't you go look and see!"

NOTE: I went on the internet and looked for the name Alan Bach, Allan Bach, and Allen Bach. I found men with all those spellings, most of which were rodeo riders. Maybe it was all the same guy with misspelled names on the websites. I don't know. There were some other guys with the same name. Nothing rang a bell as being the stuffed dolls or puppets.

10-12-2002 - DONNA'S DREAM -  I was at a theatre. George Bush was on the stage. He was tap dancing. I and the audience were enjoying it because he was doing very well.  But then, he started to improvise and dance to some Jazz music.

The people in the audience went wild, applauding and yelling for more. They loved what George Bush was doing now.

But even while the people were loving the music and George's improvisational dancing, I began to see strings coming down from above which were connected to the President's wrists and ankles.

I followed the strings upward and above the stage I saw a puppetmaster manipulating the strings, trying to get George Bush to tap dance.

But George wanted to dance to the jazz music for the people. He really loved the applause and cheering.

Finally, the puppetmaster whispered down to George, either you dance MY way or else.  He continued to try to manipulate George into tap dancing and wasn't getting the response he wanted.

George Bush said with a big smile, "The crowd LOVES me!"

So, the puppetmaster, knowing he no longer had control of George Bush, reached out with a pair of scissors, cut the strings, and George Bush dropped to the floor.

!!!!  THE NEWS FOLLOWS  !!!!


Powell Names Bin Laden, Pledges to 'Rip Up' Terrorist Groups

Thursday, September 13, 2001

With Usama bin Laden identified as a prime suspect in Tuesday's terrorist attack against the United States, Washington has appealed to Pakistan to shut down its border with Afghanistan and cease funding terrorist organizations.

Bin Laden, who was named the top suspect in the attacks by Secretary of State Collin Powell Thursday, is a Saudi-born exile who operates a terrorist network out of Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban, Afghanistan's extremist Muslim government. Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has pledged his cooperation to Powell.

A senior Bush administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also said Thursday that the U.S. has requested permission to fly over Pakistan's territory should the U.S. take military action.

The Bush administration has made clear it will retaliate aggressively once the terrorists behind attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are identified.

"We will go after that group, that network and those that have harbored, supported and aided that network, to rip that network up," Powell said Thursday. "When we are through with that network, we will continue with a global assault against terrorism in general."

The U.S. moved one step closer to that action Thursday when Powell, for the first time, publicly named bin Laden as the suspected mastermind of the deadly attacks. Prior to Thursday, the administration had not spoken publicly of suspects.

"We are looking at those terrorist organizations who have the kind of capacity that would have been necessary to conduct the kind of attack that we saw," Powell said.

Hijackers commandeered four U.S. passenger jet liners Tuesday, flying two of the planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon, leaving behind a death toll expected to rise into the tens of thousands. Nearly 5,000 people remain unaccounted for in New York City, where the Twin Towers have been completely destroyed.

During a news conference Thursday, Powell said the administration would not go on record with the identity of the organization it believed to be responsible, but said, "When you look at the list of candidates, one resides in the region."

When asked if he was actually referring to bin Laden, Powell said "yes."

A Pakistani intelligence source said Thursday that bin Laden changed locations within Afghanistan just minutes after reports of the attacks.

After the news conference, Powell telephoned Musharraf to seek "a specific list of things that we think would be useful for them to work on with us."

After the 10-minute talk, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher described the conversation as positive and said Musharraf had promised to cooperate.

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage met separately with the Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Maleeha Lodhi, and the south Asian country's intelligence chief, Mahmoud Ahmed.

Armitage gave the officials a list of the assistance the United States wants from Pakistan, which includes information on terror networks, and a number of areas where Pakistan can be helpful, a senior U.S. official said.

In Islamabad, Musharraf pledged "unstinted cooperation in the fight against terrorism" and said it was difficult to describe his nation's sorrow and grief at a time of tragedy for the American people.

Powell's statements indicated that should the U.S. conclude bin Laden orchestrated the attacks, the U.S. could strike Afghanistan.

Those strikes would take the form of a sustained military campaign, Deputy of Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday.

"It's going to unfold over time," Wolfowitz told reporters at the Pentagon. "One thing that is clear is you don't do it with just a single military strike, no matter how dramatic."

When asked what targets U.S. military action might strike, Wolfowitz said "it will be a campaign, not a single action. And we're going to keep after these people and the people who support them until this stops."

Wolfowitz said a portion of the $20 billion in emergency funds President Bush has asked Congress to approve will be used to strengthen U.S. military readiness for the fight against terrorism. He could not specify how much.

"A significant piece of this is going to be used to bring our armed forces to the highest level of preparedness to do whatever the president may ask them to do," he said.

Another portion of the extra money sought by the president would pay for air patrols that have been flying over major American cities since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

"There are costs already incurred with the combat air patrols that have been maintained over a significant number of American cities, including Washington," he said. "The costs mount rapidly and they will mount more rapidly as this campaign develops."

The U.S. is also investigating Iraq's role in assisting the terrorist network, a U.S. official told the Associated Press.

Powell would not discuss a connection to Baghdad but called President Saddam Hussein "one of the leading terrorists on the face of the Earth."

Lawmakers are continuing to contemplate issuing a declaration of war. With the enemy uncertain, some advocates of the declaration have suggested that an open-ended declaration would function to indicate how seriously the U.S. government views the attack. Others have suggested a declaration against bin Laden and his followers that would include states that harbor and assist terrorists, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, and others.

As the ramifications of the tragedy continue to unfold, the Secret Service has engineered a security clampdown, relocating Vice President Dick Cheney to Camp David, which is under heavy guard.

Meanwhile, Armitage traveled to Russia Wednesday to seek their help in the investigation and to discuss Afghanistan. The Soviet Union fought a 10-year war with Muslim fundamentalists after invading Afghanistan and setting up a puppet government in 1979. The United States opposed the Soviet invasion and provided weapons to the insurgents through Pakistan.

The Central Asian countries that formed the underbelly of the Soviet Union have emerged as the battleground for an Islamic insurgency aided by Afghanistan that threatens to destabilize the region.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Washington provides troops to protect its political puppet in Afghanistan

By Peter Symonds

25 July 2002

Nothing underscores the beleaguered and dependent character of the Afghan administration so much as the decision this week to replace the Afghan troops guarding transitional president Hamid Karzai with a squad of 45 to 50 American soldiers, including Special Forces troops.

Karzai is now completely reliant on the US, not only for economic, political and military support but also his personal security. The move demonstrates that the transitional president, installed at last month’s loya jirga, or grand tribal assembly, with Washington’s assistance, cannot depend on any group of local soldiers to prevent an attempt on his life.

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirmed the decision but attempted to play down its significance, saying it was a short-term measure. “What that means, whether it’s weeks or months or several months, I don’t know,” he declared, adding that it was “important that the Afghan people not have an interruption in their  leadership... it’s a very straightforward issue.”

Karzai spokesman Said Tayab Jawad pointed out that the president had made the request after the assassination of one of his key allies, Vice-President Abdul Qadir, on July 6. Like Rumsfeld, Jawad attempted to put the best possible spin on the change, pointing out that the Americans would work alongside Afghan guards, training them in security work.

No matter how it is dressed up, however, the decision to place US soldiers in charge of Karzai’s safety reflects the fact that the president has political enemies, including in his own administration, who may seek to have him physically eliminated. The claim that the US is engaged in a training exercise is a transparent cover.

After two decades of war, most adult males in Afghanistan know how to wield a Kalashnikov and many will have served as bodyguards for local militia commanders and tribal chiefs. The issue was whether the presidential guard could be trusted to carry out their duties—and clearly they could not.

Qadir’s murder in broad daylight in Kabul, which is ostensibly under the protection of thousands of international peacekeepers, highlighted the sharp political tensions in the country and the dangers facing Karzai. Qadir was ambushed by two gunmen who riddled his car with bullets and then escaped without a trace. Nearly three weeks after the assassination, there are no clues as to the identity of the killers or who set the plot in motion. Some 15 people have been detained, mostly Qadir’s guards, who did nothing to defend him or capture the gunmen.

Plenty of people had a reason for wanting to see the vice president dead. Qadir was a Pashtun businessman and warlord from the eastern city of Jalalabad, with connections to the region’s smuggling rackets and the opium trade. Rival militia commanders vying for political control in the city or drug lords angry at Qadir’s abuse of the government’s opium eradication program could have ordered his murder.

At his funeral, however, Qadir’s family members blamed the lack of security. “We ask when other ministers are protected by numerous cars and security and guns, [why] Haji Qadir had to be deprived of those same things,” his older brother Haji Din Mohammed said. The remark was all the more pointed as it was directed against Defence Minister Mohammed Fahim, who had just completed his funeral oration. Fahim, along with two other prominent Tajik ministers—Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah and presidential security adviser Younis Qanooni— effectively control the country’s defence and security apparatus.

Karzai is just as vulnerable as Qadir. Unlike Qadir, who had a significant base of support in Jalalabad, Karzai, also a Pashtun, has virtually none. He presides over an administration that is riven with ethnic, religious and regional rivalries. Karzai is tolerated by the country’s powerbrokers because he is backed by the US and is crucial to the dispensing of foreign aid on which Afghanistan heavily depends. His only political asset is his close connection with Washington stretching back to the CIA-sponsored war against the Soviet-backed regime in Kabul in the 1980s.

Significantly, before the US troops arrived, the presidential guard consisted of 70 or so commandos drawn from Fahim’s Defence Ministry. According to an article in the New York Times, “Some Defence Ministry commandos... admitted that they were unhappy about the takeover by Americans because it would make the president appear even more in the American pocket.” As one exclaimed: “Whose president will he be if he is not guarded by Afghan soldiers?”

Several commentators have pointed to underlying concerns about the growing power of Fahim, who bolstered his position after the loya jirga by becoming one of the country’s five vice-presidents, as well as remaining head of the powerful defence ministry. Fahim has some 10,000 heavily-armed troops in or near the capital. As the British-based Guardian noted: “Fahim’s forces include 500 armoured personnel carriers and 300 tanks, which would be enough to dislodge the international assistance force providing security in Kabul.”

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post pointed out that Karzai and Fahim “are locked in an escalating rivalry that threatens to further destabilise Afghanistan’s shaky government”. According to the report, Karzai has established a commission aimed at breaking Fahim’s control of the National Security Directorate, a vast network with as many as 30,000 agents that operates outside of formal legal channels and is dominated by Tajik officials loyal to the Northern Alliance leadership.

The Post commented: “Karzai’s challenge to the intelligence service is seen here as a contest over who will rule post-Taliban Afghanistan. To the ethnic Pashtun president and his supporters, the unchecked power of the Tajik-run secret service is a key obstacle to Afghan democracy that lies closer to home than either regional warlords who refused to disarm their men or lurking remnants of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.”

The contest has nothing to do with democracy. It is a struggle over which ethnic factions and militia groups will control the levers of power in the next period—above all the army and the police apparatus. Whether or not Fahim is plotting against Karzai, the US was clearly not willing to leave the personal security of their key political asset in Afghanistan in the defence minister’s hands.

Karzai confronts not only factional enemies in his own administration and powerful regional warlords but mounting popular hostility as a result of his close identification with Washington. In the Pashtun tribal areas in the south and east of the country, there is growing resentment and anger over continuing US air raids and ground operations that have led to a rising toll of civilian deaths. The installation of a US Special Forces squad to mount a round-the-clock watch over Karzai will simply confirm that he is a political stooge for an increasingly hated US occupying force.


Yobo's Digest

March 2000


Has the political process left the control of the masses? I think so. For instance all during this primary season the talk wasn't about issues, not even about abortion or any other political topic. No, this time the theme was "campaign finance reform". This theme coming off the questions of impropriety over the 1996 Presidential campaign.

Day after day the media deluged us with how much each of the candidate spent from their "war chest" on their particular campaign. Bush began the primaries with nearly $70 million dollars and spent 85% of it before Super Tuesday. Money he spent mostly on advertising. The other candidates spent equal amounts. Yet for all the spending, there seemed very little substance and a whole lot of "whistle blowing".

Well the point I 'm trying to make here is that the electoral process has become more corporate and out of the hands of the voter even more this year than ever before. You get the overwhelming feeling that "we're not in America anymore." The electoral process has become more and more determined on "Who has the money", which further translates "Who has the most money get the run of the country for a term".

To show you how shallow this has made the present campaign, Bush is running on a single premise. Its the "Lets end the Bill and Al show." Referring of course to the Clinton administration. Making Bush nothing more than a political puppet of the Republican Party, the hired "point man" to get the White House back. Gore is being portrayed as the stooge who the Democrats "have to" stay with (the only other choice was Bill Bradley), in order to keep the Clinton Party going.

So it would appear that we don't have candidates anymore. Instead we have "selected" pretenders to the throne, picked and groomed by some dark and shadowy political gestapo machine. Sure we get to vote, but we are given the choice to vote for.

"Outsiders" with real ideas, outside the "party line", are laughed out and out spent. The core of the parties control (not the voters) control the nomination process. We are moving more and more closer to a time that we are led blindly to the polls to vote for the hand picked candidate. Have you still got a copy of George Orwell's "1984"?



Gen. Alexander M. Haig Jr.

As General, Adviser, And Statesman, Haig Practiced His Own Brand Of Practical Politics

By Bethanne Kelly Patrick Columnist

Gen. Alexander Haig was once asked why he, a fervent anti-Communist, smoked Cuban cigars. "I prefer to think of it as burning down their crops," Haig replied. The 27-year Army veteran's answer was flippant, but right in line with his personal brand of practical politics, refined in bureaucratic milieux around the world.

Born Dec. 1, 1924, Alexander Meigs Haig Jr. grew up in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb. After graduation from the U.S. Military Academy in 1947, he was immediately assigned to Gen. Douglas MacArthur's personal staff in the Pacific arena. He served on combat duty with the infantry during the Korean War, then took a Pentagon desk job during the Kennedy administration, the first of several positions that would earn him the label of a "political general."

Haig served in Vietnam and returned in 1969 to become an aide to Henry Kissinger, then President Richard M. Nixon's national security adviser. Kissinger named Haig his military adviser for the National Security Council, where Haig lost no time in burnishing his wings as a hawk on Vietnam and other American foreign policy involvements. In 1970, he was named deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs, becoming involved in secret peace talks in Paris to end the Vietnam War.

In 1972, Haig was appointed vice chief of staff of the Army. He is widely credited with a substantial part in the Army's rearticulation of its role, mission, and policy, and in its reorganization to reflect modern social and political realities.

When the Watergate crisis exploded, a reluctant Haig retired from the military to become Nixon's chief of staff, acting as the president's closest adviser during the final months of that administration. Haig reportedly had a strong role in convincing the president to resign on Aug. 9, 1974.

Shortly thereafter, Haig returned to active duty in the military and took over as commander in chief of U.S. European Command, with a quick promotion in 1974 to Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO forces. During his four-year tenure, Haig used his persuasive powers to win the respect and admiration of NATO member leaders, soldiers, and civilians, leading many to reverse their view of him as a political puppet.

Haig resigned his post as SACEUR in 1979 to support Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign. He became Reagan's first secretary of state and is famous for having proclaimed himself acting president after Reagan was shot. He left the post after a year and a half, due in part to political differences he had with other administration officials. Since then, Haig has held positions in private industry and consulting, currently as president of Worldwide Associates Inc. in Washington, D.C. In 1988, he unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination.


The Greatest Puppet Show on Earth

Cut the string-pullers off

On March 4, 2002, "anchorman" Brad McMullan delivered a news report denominating Nationalists as "white supremacists" over ABC-affiliate WAPT. When asked why he did not refer to them as, duh, "Nationalists," McMullen stated that he did not write the news, he only read the script which was prepared for him. When asked why he did not refer to Negro, Jewish or Hispanic "supremacists," he just gave a shrug. The "buck stops," at ABC-owner Michael Eisner, but the problem of pandering to minorities and attempting to disadvantage and, even, oust Americans is much deeper than lip-synching newsmen.

George W. Bush received less that four-percent of the minority vote and was widely expected to make a dramatic shift away from policies and personnel which had sought to perpetuate the likes of Joseph Lieberman. Instead, Bush has installed more Eisner-types than even the Clinton Administration, which had been comprised of seventy-percent minorities, the highest ever. In fact, Bush has broken with the tradition of sweeping out former-appointees, by re-appointing and, even, promoting those who worked for his opponent, although he never hinted that he would do so, during his campaign.

Most-massive sellout

At first, it seemed that the White House might have been simply paying off the pals of Bush-fund-raiser, Joseph Gildenhorn, or currying favors from financiers, such as Douglas Feith. Some insisted that Trent Lott and Bob Barr would rein the Administration in. But, it is now the minorities who are pulling the strings and, even, scripting involvement of American arms in foreign, military atrocities. Critics call it the most massive sellout and horrendous betrayal in American history.

Although the scenario is not entirely new, the hudzpah of the puppeteers has become so staggering that the American people are beginning to stir, as never before. Sam Owens put it this way. "I could not believe that my nation had come to this. It makes me ashamed to be an American, to be part of this." Not only is there such raucous criticism, but plans are being advanced to cull minority-rule, altogether.

The Founding Fathers included a clause in the Constitution which prohibits anyone from being President who is not an American. Why not expand the rule to exclude anyone who is not American from owning land, holding office or monopolizing business? In fact, the word "all-American" has always had a special meaning to Americans, signifying the highest, noblest and best. So, what about a whole new, all-American America?


Bush the Puppet

The Denver Post

July 22, 2001

We Americans tend to disdain heads-of-state we think are the puppets of some special interest or corrupt political philosophy. We think political leaders ought to have a backbone, to stand up to those whose interests benefit only the chosen few. But now, we have our very own puppet head-of-state, President George Bush, who responds with knee jerk thoughtfulness to the demands of his favorite special interests.

The oil and gas lobby pulled one of his strings and he jumped for oil and gas exploration in our new national monuments and along the Florida coast. Then, brother Jeb Bush, who needs to win reelection next year as Florida's governor, groused about the Florida drilling and suddenly, George Bush revised that piece of his energy program.

When the National Rifle Association wanted a demonstration of presidential loyalty, President Bush fell all over himself to comply. First, he said the United States wasn't likely to sign the international agreement limiting small arms sales. This, despite the fact that thousands of American troops are at risk every day, acting as peacekeepers in ethnic conflicts fueled by the availability of small arms.

Next, Bush's Attorney General, John Ashcroft, decided to broaden the long-standing interpretation of the right to own guns, giving the NRA even more than it could have hoped for. Forget the fact that most Americans support reasonable gun laws-this interpretation would make it very difficult to enforce laws passed by state legislatures and citizen initiatives.

Maybe the most outrageous example of a puppet response came with the Salvation Army's offer to help the President win his "faith-based initiative" if he would allow them to discriminate against gays in employment. According to the Salvation Army's own memo, the President promised to issue a regulation protecting religious charities from state and local laws prohibiting discrimination. In the uproar that followed, President Bush quickly backed off a promise that was offensive to most Americans.

When the religious right yanked his string once again, the President offered them a doozy. Call a fetus an "unborn child" and give that fetus rights to medical care that the mother doesn't have. Therefore, a pregnant woman gets health benefits only as the vessel carrying a child.

President Bush leaped at this opportunity to pander to the far right, a crude attempt to criminalize abortions by giving a fetus the legal status of a person. Putting a woman's right to an abortion aside, what does that mean for   the mother whose fetus dies because she smokes or drinks or doesn't take adequate care of herself during   pregnancy? Does she then become a murderer because her fetus has the status of a person?

When Governor George Bush was campaigning for the presidency, he called himself the "compassionate conservative". He praised himself as a unifier, a leader capable of, and dedicated to, building bipartisan consensus on the toughest issues facing the United States. Now, as President Bush, he has demonstrated that he is neither of these. What is even worse, he has so far acted as if he just doesn't care what the majority of Americans think.

True, the President has backed off a number of his worst decisions, decisions that have taught the electorate to distrust his ability-and his desire-to lead from the political center. The fact that he made those decisions in the first place, without thinking through what is best for America rather than what is best for one of his favorite special interests, demonstrates an inability to listen to a broader point of view. It demonstrates an unwillingness to compromise, even though democracies work by compromise.

We are only 6 months into the Bush II presidency. What we have seen so far is alarming in a country whose decisions have huge impacts around the world. This President Bush needs to start thinking before he acts. He needs to start listening to more interests than just those narrow ones he sees as his political base. He has the time to prove to voters that he is more than just a puppet. He needs to get started.


The Astor Bloodline.
The Bundy Bloodline.
The Collins Bloodline.
The DuPont Bloodline.
The Freeman Bloodline.
The Kennedy Bloodline.
The Li Bloodline.
The Onassis Bloodline.
The Rockefeller Bloodline.
The Rothschild Bloodline.
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The Van Duyn Bloodline.
The Merovingian Bloodline.
The Disney Bloodline.
The Reynolds bloodline.

Other bloodlines are Mellon, Carnegie, Duke, Dorrance, Stiliman, Baker, Pyne, Cuilman, Watson, Tuke, Kleinwort, DuPont, Warburg, Phipps, Grace, Guggenheim, Milner, Drexel, Winthrop, Vanderbilt, Whitney, Harkness

One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic from which Druidism was developed. One bloodline was in the orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The 13th or final blood line was copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This was the House of David with their blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also from the lineage of Jesus, who they claim had a wife and children.  One of the bloodlines goes back to Babylon and are descendent from Nimrod. Down through the years the occult world has remained hidden from the history books. Publishing and education have always been controlled privileges. They have ruled behind the scenes. The Mystery Religions each had their secret councils which ruled them, and these councils themselves came under the guidance of a secret supreme Grand Council or Governing Body. The Mystery Religions in turn ruled the masses and the political leaders.

Power comes in many shapes and sizes. Power doesn’t have to have high visibility to be active. The Illuminati controls the world through their secret and semi-secret organizations. Illuminati organizations include the ACL, the Bohemian Grove, the Cosmos Club, the CFR, the Club of Rome, the Council of 9, the Council of 13 which is the Grand Druid Council, the Jason Society, the Jason Group, the Ordo Saturis, the OTO groups, MI-6, MJ-12, the Mothers of Darkness, the Pilgrim Society, the Prieure de Sion, the Process Church, the Sanhedrin, the Temple of Power, and other groups.

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Political Humour


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