11-01-06 - DREAM - I was living in a house  I didn't recognize with my family. the kids seemed to change ages by 10 years in the dream. they were originally like 3 to 6 years old in the beginning and teenagers by the end.

The hallway was so wide, the carpeting was a full size or larger blanket and was hard to walk on because it was loose.

I got a phone call in my bedroom from a researcher in Seattle and he wanted me to tell him my dream about Seattle. I told him, that was a couple months ago, I'll have to look for it. So I got my big blue binder and started paging backwards from November back through August.

(This current binder is red and starts in May of 06, so it had to have been in 05. That binder is blue)

While I was looking for the dream, I went back to the phone and only heard a dial tone, but figured I'd have the guy's phone number on my telephone I.D. so I could call him back when I found the specific dream about Seattle he was referring to.

It seemed a good idea to have all the phone numbers for researchers in the northwest so we could contact each other if something seemed imminent.

My kids were rearranging the furniture in the bedroom and making more room for a white bookcase.

Just then a young woman came in and started making fun of me for reading love letters and I explained to her that this was my dream journal and it contained good information about things that were going to happen in the future.



11-1-06 - DREAM - I was in the White House, in the Oval Office. I was President Bush's secretary.

I looked on the wall at a painting of George Washington, thinking that he looked an awful lot like my own Father.

George W Bush came into the office then, and I suddenly realized it was my birthday, he started giving me gifts.

The gifts he gave me were paintings and things from his office that other people had given to him, including things I had given to him, he gave back to me.

I had to date-stamp everything with a new white date-stamp with today's date on it  11-1-06.  Each date-stamp was made new for today's date - not changeable date-stamps and I marveled that every day someone had to come into the office with the new date-stamps for the President to use that day.

After he gave me the paintings, he gave me a free trip for two to southern Florida so I could watch the elections in person. And he gave me a free trip to Canada to meet a famous black woman who was an official of some kind there.

The woman was standing about 10 feet from me and she was so drunk she could barely stand up and when I introduced myself to her, she couldn't pronounce my name and I had to repeat my name several times until she got it right - and as I explained to her, "You, yourself, don't like to be called out of your name and I don't either."

I then had to put my arm around her waist and hold her up so she didn't fall down in front of the President.

The President and the black woman left the office then and my boyfriend came in and wanted to know what the President had given me for my birthday.

I started showing him my gifts, which included the paintings and some magnificent pieces of jewelry, including one necklace that was made of hundreds of emeralds.

When I showed my boyfriend one of the paintings which was of a fall flower in vases on a dark blue tablecloth, he said, "Oh! There's my painting that I gave to you."

I was a little embarrassed because the painting had been re-gifted at least 3 times already.

I didn't want my boyfriend to see the expensive jewels the President had given me either, probably re-gifted as well.

I busied myself by fixing the blinds on the windows so I could remove my gifts from the room in privacy.


11-3-06 - I dreamed 3 times that my husband tried to kill me. Each time I woke up just as the attack started.

11-3-06 - OBE of a friend - She met with John Lennon and he said he wanted to talk to her about Dee and her website because he had tried to contact Dee several times in the past 3 weeks and Dee didn't recognize him.


11-4-06 - DREAM - In the dream I was remembering an older dream form a month or so ago about bracelets with charms on them and the charms were in 5 categories. Then I wondered if those charms were inspired by John Lennon - the only category I could remember was STNY (Stoney?)

I woke up thinking maybe John Lennon really had possibly been inspiring me all along and I hadn't realized it.


11-4-06 - DREAM - I was at work in a large office with a couple other young women. The boss wasn't in so we were doing our work at a calm pace, but I knew that when he came in we'd have to have our minds sharper.

The the boss came in and it was Ralph (the Jewish Judge).  He was acting all lovey coming towards me and hanging around my desk so I couldn't get any work done at all.

then he asked me if I could go buy an evening gown so I could have dinner with him that evening.

I answered, "I could if I had to," and then panicked as to where I could find an evening gown in a couple of hours.

He then said he had to g out and get lunch and do some errands but he would be back soon and he smiled at me with a big dimple in his cheek.

I smiled back, trying to remember I didn't have any upper teeth and I didn't want him to see that.

Then I panicked again, thinking, "What if he asks me to marry him? What could I say" I wasn't in love with him, in fact I was usually afraid of him.

then I noticed that part of my computer was broken, a whole disk was out (what would he say if he thought I broke it if I asked for a new one?

I spent the whole time he was gone in fear of what he would say if I asked for something.

I then started cleaning up the office, finding masculine clothing, thinking I would wear heaver, thicker clothing so he couldn't see what I looked like.

Then he came back, all smiles and was peeling a banana to eat for dessert.

I was panic stricken.


11-5-06 - DREAM - I was working for Donald Trump. I was working in my apartment building and my boss Donald Trump and his wife came to see the building.

When they came, they brought me a bunch of gifts. The first one was a box of blue napkins - not a full box - some that were leftover from their house.

Donald was sitting at the end of a long table where I had a tall bottle of clear red cherry wine.

I asked him if he wanted some and he said, "Yes!" so I went to pour him a glass and I accidentally poured it into his left suit pocket where he had a hinkie in and it looked like a rose bud in the pocket.

I quickly patted his chest and apologized. He didn't seem to be upset.

I didn't get to open the other gifts - one of which was a box 5 ft x 6".


11-8-06 - DREAM - I was working with a computer program and it was showing me a list of astrological signs and if I clicked on one, it would show me a brief list of its meanings. When I got to Capricorn, the program refused to go any further. It ended there.

After I woke up, I realized that Capricorn was what I was currently working on a page about and I didn't know how to end the page. I momentarily paused and asked myself, "What's the connection between Capricorn and 2012 and it dawned on me - that's when 2012 ends. Duh! 


11-9-06 - DREAM - Part of this dream seemed to be a spiritual self-exam - I was at a pavilion, waiting for preparation for a wedding. I was told to look inside an orange and see if there were any bugs in it. I opened the orange and it was bug free. I was told to look at my loaf of bread. It was pure white - on it was written a foreign language. I didn't recognize what was written in 5 to 7 letters of script - it was Chinese or Japanese looking but not the same as those either.

As I sat at the bar, two little girls came in and asked for a drink of water. The bartender had gone somewhere so I said I would get them a clean glass. I went behind the bar and found that none of the glasses had been washed. There were lots of them standing around and they all had leftover liquor in them. There was not one clean glass in the place. The caterers were just arriving too.

Another little girl came in. She was a chubby little girl. She had fallen down and bumped her head a little and couldn't find her mommy, so I picked her up and held her on my lap and comforted her.

Just then a couple other little girls came in. They were very young - like 2 - 4. The littlest girl was rather haughty and she took off her dress and showed me that she had a tattoed bathing suit. It was multicolored but she was still naked.

some older people started gathering and sat at square tables having dinner and talking.

Some of these people looked familiar. One woman in particular who was a lot like me only taller showed me her dress which was black. She thought she was too fat to wear a dress like that. i assured her that she looked great.

I looked down at my own dress then which was similar to hers and it fit me the same way hers did.

I was pleased.


11-10-06 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. It seems that I was like a prisoner guard and the women who had been arrested, who I was guarding was sitting on the sofa with me. We were the same age and the same size. We were very much alike.

I was thinking the woman was very much like my friend Donna.

It was very late in the evening and the woman was going to spend the night with us and then my husband was going to take her to jail in the morning.

The woman had very long hair and was done up in a fancy pearl pink in the back. Since she couldn't be allowed to keep her jewelry with her,  I told her to take the pearl pin out of her hair which she did. She handed it to me and I placed it on top of a high table for the night.

I handed her coat, now on a hangar back to her, so she could hang the coat up in the closet upstairs for the night.

As we walked through the room, she turned to me and said, "Do we have to do this?"

I assured her and said, "I have a feeling we'd be great friends if you didn't have this little thing you did."

she looked sad and turned and walked ahead of me through the room as we were going to go upstairs to bed.

I turned and picked up her pearl hair pin and then followed the woman through the next two rooms towards where the stairs were to the upstairs. But when I got to the room where the stairs were, she wasn't ahead of me and the door to the front porch was open and I could see how dark it was outside.

I immediately assumed she had run out into the dark as she been carrying her coat and that she had escaped.

I rant to the back door, expecting my husband, the head guard to be out in the kitchen.

I opened the back door and saw only darkness, and knew immediately that my husband had gone to bed and left me alone with the woman and she had gotten away from me.

I stood there with her pearl hair pin in my hand, not knowing what to do next.


11-10-06 - DREAM - I was in the same New Berlin house and my little boy was playing on the kitchen floor with some toys and pumpkins. I saw that a big chunk of the pumpkin was missing, but it was solid inside, not hollow with seeds like normal.

I wondered what my son had done with the other part of the pumpkin. I figured I would find the piece on the floor somewhere and when I looked, I found another pumpkin with a big piece out of it, also that wasn't hollow either. I didn't know what my son had done with the pieces.


11-10-06 - WYNN FREE - NAP DREAM

I was in a large school I've been in many times. There were other people there. We were preparing for a wedding - either for my daughter or for myself.

There was a woman there who needed the messages I had been getting.

So, I half ran to the front of the school to get them from a pocket on the wall where I kept the little pieces of paper the messages were on.

I was almost there and I was attacked psychically, and it almost knocked me down but I was determined to get those messages to that woman if it killed me.

When I got to where the message pocket was hanging on the wall, it was like it was my mailbox. There were little tiny daisy flowers hanging on it and many little pieces of note paper inside. while I was retrieving them, a man came up from my right shoulder and I almost dropped the messages,  but I managed to get them together again.

As I walked back towards the stairs to go back the way I came, my Father came from behind me and I thought we could walk together, but he kept going up the stairs straight ahead and I had to make a right turn to go back to the woman to deliver the messages, so sadly we had to part and I had to go on alone.

I then met the comedienne Joy Bahar - (She's on "the View") She had two little dogs, like miniature dachshunds and two black cats and a big brown dog. There were water puddles all over the floor and I didn't want to step on them. I had to avoid stepping on the the cats and dogs too. The big brown dog coming up behind me kept me moving quickly.

I got down to the other end of the hall and it was rather like a train car and a woman in pale green was sitting in a wide black seat, watching a TV screen on the wall.

She was oblivious to her children who were also dressed in pale green. she had an infant in a small laundry cart who was struggling to get out. I was afraid it would fall out onto the floor and she was ignoring its' struggles so I picked it up. Now that I had the baby in my hands, the baby struggled even harder and I almost dropped it.

I attempted to give the baby to its mother but she wanted no part of it. She said, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

I didn't know what to do with the baby, and I can't recall putting it in the brown crib I saw standing there because it looked like a prison cage.

I needed to get back to the woman with the messages who was down a level of stairs - (the same level the messages were on) but there was no direct hallway between the two places. I had to go up a floor to get from one end of the school to the other.

As I was going to meet her, my cell phone rang and when I answered it, I recognized the voice of Wynn Free. It seemed that we were going to move in together in San Francisco.

He said he was going to get a small - off the wall type newspaper and I responded, "That's okay, I'll get the two regular newspapers."

He immediately yelled loudly over the phone, "You're not going to get nothing!"

I meekly said, "Okay! Whatever you say.!" but I intended to do whatever I wanted to do anyway. I just said it to shut him up 'so to speak' for the moment.

I woke up instantly.




11-11-06 - DREAM - I was working at A-C on the south end of the building.  (Its no longer there) I had to run an errand all the way at the north end of the building before I left at 5 p.m.  It was a long building, covering several city blocks.

As I was on my way, another secretary (a young black woman) who had to do the same thing, asked me if I would take her package to the Courier office and drop it off for her. I said, "Okay!"

Just then, to really old people, a man and a woman, who appeared to be in their 80 or 90's came around the corner. They were the founders/creators of this place. They were both very tall and stately looking, both with pure white hair.

As soon a I saw them, I wondered if they would recognize how much I looked like them.

the package I carried was from them. The old man commented on the cover sheet of what I carried that he liked the movie script better than the radio show. the title of it was WMCU KILLER UNIVERSITY. His hand writing was very fine  beautiful script and was pale light purple.

the old couple turned and walked down this immense purple carpeted hallway towards their own massive offices.

I was so impressed by their royal bearing.

The Courier office was in the basement of the building at the north end.

Since I was on the 8th floor, I had to take the elevator down.  (The A-C building only had 4 floors)  The elevators were run by a short stocky man and they were metal platforms inside brick towers, but it wasn't a metal cage like normal. It was just the platform and you didn't dare touch the walls as you went up and down in the elevator.

The first elevator that came, only a couple of people managed to get on it before the door closed right in front of me.

But there was another elevator right next to it and that door opened and I and another woman got on and the elevator operator took us to the basement.

I met some other people in the basement who were also on last minute errands.

Somehow I lost my long dark blue socks and my shoes and my brown tweed coat got stuck on the elevator. But I managed to retrieve my coat at the last second and had to sit down on the basement floor and put my socks and shoes back on.  There was an abyss half way down the hallway and I had to leap at least 4 feet to get to the other side.  I tried to not look down into the darkness and I leaped over it.

By then the Courier office was closed, but my dark blue car was parked at a meter right outside and I figured that if I went up to the first floor and go tin my car, I could drive the 4 blocks to the personnel office on 66th St. and Greenfield Ave. by 5 p.m. because it was only 4:45 p.m. on the clock right then.

I figured that if I didn't make it by 5, I would pound on the door or windows until they opened up and took the founder/creator's courier package. I would now be the Courier myself.

the elevator had a problem. People were coming down and going up constantly and everyone was going to a different floor s oit took the elevator a lot of starts and stops and I only had 15 minutes to get to 66th and Greenfield with the package.

When I got to the elevator, I met an old friend David who was carrying packages of my favorite foods and he asked if he could go with me on the elevator.

I said, "Okay!" but the elevator was acting strange. It was no longer coming all the way down to the floor and the door was only opening half way and people had to clamber quickly into it before the doors closed and went up again.

So I had to tell David he wouldn't be able to come with me. I'd have to make the elevator trip by myself and I wouldn't have time to wait for him because I only had 15 minutes to complete my mission as courier for the founder/creators.

As the elevator came down to get me, there was a crushed white dove on the front of the elevator door. It had gotten caught between the elevator platform and the door of the elevator.

The elevator floor was up about 4 feet from the floor but the elevator operator pushed the platform down by hand and I got on. The elevator platform was only 4 x 4 so there was barely room for me and the elevator operator guy to stand on the platform together.

He closed the door and as we ascended, he started to molest me with his hands and as he did, a door came open between the elevator shafts and on the other elevator platform was a gigantic photo of a very old woman's face.

I was stunned and I called out her name very loudly - "MOTHER!!" 

and I woke up.


11-12-06 - DREAM - this was a closeup scene of a computer and I was working on pages about jewelry beads and a man named Jim who seemed to be an Indian.


11-12-06- DREAM - Our granddaughter Taylar was visiting our house and wanted to make some candles .I became aware of her desire when she called my Aunt Irene to see if she could get some wax from her.

When she got off the hone, I told her that I had some wax to make candles and when we went to the kitchen to find it, the counter had broken purple ills or beads all over it amongst a lot of junk and I couldn't find the was.


11-13-06- DREAM - I was in California in a house that Ruby B. owned. Her husband had died. She complained that her clock upstairs wasn't keeping good time.

My thought was that the minute hand might be dragging and said I would take a look at it.

I went upstairs to the bedroom and the clock was supposedly part of the ceiling light fixture above the twin beds.  I had taken two young women with me, one black and one white and we were always at odds with each other.

The white woman told me that the mattress of the husbands bed used to be a lot lower when he slept on it, but now that he was gone, the mattress was higher than it used to be.

I found that to be interesting and told the woman I had to stand on the bed to fix the clock.

So I clambered upon the husband's bed and stood near the foot end of the bed, which was closest to the center ceiling light.

I saw hat the bulb was only a small 15 watt bulb and the fixture couldn't hold a larger bulb. Besides that, the whole light fixture was full of cobwebs which I gently brushed off.

I didn't even see any clock hands, so there was no way she could tell time from the light bulb being so small.

I knew she needed a professional electrician to fix the problem, so we could call one in.

I looked up in the ceiling joists and saw where the electrical connection went, but I wasn't a professional electrician so I couldn't hook up the wires myself. I couold see the stereo radio hookups because they ere clearly marked, but the rest the professional worker had to take care of.

So I got down off the bed and let the man do his work.

At this point, I showed the woman that I bought a brand new cabinet that had to be installed. It was for my new stereo.

The black girl said she wanted to carry it and I said, "No!".  I didn't trust her and sure enough, she took my old cabinet and carried itand it deteriorated more and more the farther she carried it.

The three of us ended up screaming at each other, as loud as we could over the incident but then we stopped yelling and resumed normal conversations because that was expected of us and we continued on our way back downstairs.

Downstairs we met Joe and he said he wanted to tell me a joke. He said "There was a woman who said she needed a drink of water because se couldn't find any."  Then he opened a door about 3 feet away and there was a bathroom that looked like the kind you see in an old gas station. It looked pretty old but it had a sink with running water.

There was a door next to that and there was another bathroom, also with a sink with running water. All you had to do was open the door.

As I continued down this hallway, I counted 10 bathrooms in a row, each one fancier than the one before.

By then, we were int he bar where his ex-wife Debbie worked. Debbie and Tom, her new husband were having the kitchen remodeled because she was improving the restaurant. She said she had gotten a $50,000 loan to remodel the kitchen..

Now, instead of all the appliances being on the wall, she had designed he kitchen to have appliance on both sides of an aisle, and on the counter, within reach of the customer, was a huge electric french fryer, large enough to cook fries for 10 people at once.

I thought that was awfully dangerous to put a french fryer within reach of the customer, but that's what she had done.

Just then, my old friend Robb (David) R. came in. He wanted to have lunch, but Debbie's restaurant didn't serve lunch until 12 noon.

So David wanted to go to the Catholic church because they served fish on Fridays for breakfast until 11:00 a.m.

I thought that was too early for lunch, but we went there anyway.

When we went there, they had fish fillets, but cut very thin, sandwiched between green dollar bills. It looked very unappetizing and the fish looked raw besides.


11-14-06- DREAM - I was in a very large building. The room I was in looked like an immense ballroom. The floor was wood and very shiny and polished. It seemed that it was my job to keep it dusted.

On the far side of the room was a man in a wheelchair and standing next to him on both sides were several other men.  I don't know what they were doing there exactly, but they were observing the room.

Next, I went to my bedroom where I had an old wooden antique dresser.  In the bottom drawer, I had a collection of antique glass plates of various sizes, all leaning on an angle on fancy spoked doilies to keep them from breaking.

All of a sudden, one of the plates in front broke loose. It was peach colored and 5 sided like a pentagram shape and I thought it resembled a star - and it started rolling to the right and I woke up.

NOTE:  This is probably the 2nd chakra.


11-14-06- DREAM - I was working in a real estate office. It seemed to be Milwaukee and possibly on Center St.

It was a bright sunny day , but I had to be in the office collecting rents which meant, it was probably the 1st of the month.

As I sat at my desk, a tall dark-haired man came in with his little boy who seemed to be about 7 years old. He sat down on his side of the desk and wrote a note on a piece of paper while he talked about the nice weather and asking me if I ever got out of the office.

He handed me the note and his initials were at the bottom.  They looked like  J O C, but I wasn't sure so I asked him if the last initials was a C and he said, "Yes!"  my name is Joyce."

That name is feminine but as a last name, I didn't know where it originated.

I told him that my name was Dolores.

Just then a woman came in with several kids to pay her rent, so while I talked to her, the man and the little boy moved over to a bench on the far wall to wait for me to be done talking to that woman.

I could see she was there to pay her rent as she had her check in her hand. I reached to take it and she began talking about the neighborhood, but it wasn't clear whether she lived in one of our building or not.  What she aid seemed rather negative though I don' recall the details.

I jabbed at the desk and asked, "Do you live here now?".

She answered, "Yes!"

I said, "Well, its really easy to move out if you want and indicated I would help her do that.

She got all flustered and embarrassed and I had her check in my hand and I said, "We can make this your last month and you can move out. I can make it real easy for you."

She started saying, "No! No! No!" and fled out of the office.

I was feeling really hot and upset by her, but right then I saw a pink slip of paper like a receipt and clearly it was written on it 

111 N 111TH ST.

That was the tall man's slip.

I picked it up in my hand and asked him quickly. "Do you know Eugene H.?, knowing that address was close to where Eugene used to live.

Instantly I was awake and disappointed I couldn't ask him more questions.


NOTE:  Since I'm typing this 4 months after the fact, I can't say why the next two articles are dated so strangely.


2-24-11 - THE RAT (PACK?)

A Soldier came walking in with a huge healed wound where part of his skull was gone. I told him I had seen him on TV yesterday and that he looked great.  (Something like Aedi Murray)

CHAT - Sept25,1950

I received a fat, thick letter in the mail, which contained all the letters including the envelopes of letters passed privately from person to person of things they wanted others to know that were going on.

I opened the letter and between the lines started to appear Bible verses that were pertinent - perhaps like prophecy.  I think it was 1st Corinthins.

First Corinthians is one of the four letters of Paul known as the Hauptbriefe, which are universally accepted to be authentic. The letter is usually dated c. 54/55 CE. Werner Georg Kummel states (Introduction to the New Testament, p. 275): "The genuineness of I Cor is not disputed: the letter is already clearly known in I Clem 37:5; 47:1-3; 49:5; Ign., Eph 16:1; 18:1; Rom 5:1; Phila 3:3."



11-15-06 - DREAM - I was sewing amulets in two different colors inside my clothing. One was peach, one was light blue.  Seemed like Garfield the cat was the orange one.


11-16-06 - DREAM - I was standing n the hallway of my house and Joe's son Michael walked by and went into the living room, holding the hand of a toddler baby who was wearing just a diaper.

Then another man walked by who looked similar to Michael except he was older and wore dark-rimmed glasses.

So I followed them into the living room and sat on the sofa.  Michael sat on a chair to my right and the other man sat in a chair on the left. The baby was playing with the wall in front of me near the electric socket.

I was worried that the baby might stick its fingers into the light socket and just then I saw smoke coming crossing the room from Michael's direction. I knew Michael didn't smoke cigarettes, so I looked at him and I saw smoke coming out of the toe of his shoe. That didn't make any sense and I woke up.

Was that spontaneous combustion or does it mean something?


11-16-06 - DREAM - I was in the living room of my house and there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door and three women were standing there. They were all in their early 20's.

One of the women said, "Remember the party we invited you to come to?"

I said, "No! I don't remember!"  Then I aid, "I'm lost!"

the other woman said about the questionnaire, "She's slow and dumb, but she's not stupid!"

I didn't get that either, but they handed me a little brochure for the party and I looked at it and the party was all about sewing plain blue patches on thin blue jeans.

I could understand repairing a favorite pair of blue jeans with a plain patch, but just sewing plain patches for fun didn't seem like a fun thing to do.

I asked her if they had a bigger brochure, thinking maybe they might have fancier patches with flowers, or patterns on them or fancy stitches perhaps.

She said, "No!"

So I looked at the little brochure at the plain patches and I looked at their patched jeans and I didn't see the point of the patched jeans except that one girl had one patch that was shaped like the state of Oregon.

So I said to her, "I guess I'm not interested in attending a party like this, but if you have one for ocandles or Tupperware, let me know!"

She said, "Okay!"

Just then a black cat came into the room and decided to curl up in the corner and hibernate, so it rolled up in a ball and lay on it's back with all of it's claws sticking up.


11-18-06 - DREAM -  Joe and G.H. (IOUSOUS) were playing sandlot baseball together. It looked like they were on the same team because they were both wearing orange shirts hanging outside the belt.

I was watching out the window of a house from a higher perspective.

IOUSOUS threw the ball to Joe and Joe chased down IOUSOUS as IOUSOUS ran from Joe.  They were running really fast. Joe caught up to IOUSOUS and threw the ball fast and hit IOUSOUS in the middle of othe back.


11-18-06 - DREAM - I was working on a computer about Tuatha de Dannan and gemstone jewelry. I moved one row up into place and I knew I had to find out what question Ireland had and use that on my jewelry page.


Also see:


11-18-06 - DREAM - This place had the feel of Milwaukee, but I didn't see anyone I really knew so I don't know for sure.

I was on a street like 3rd St. where there were shops on both sides of the street.

The store I wanted to go to was on the other side of the street and I had to cross it, but there were huge long cars parked on both sides and travelling along the street.  There was apparently only 1 person drivings the cars but the cars were like long stretch limosines.

A car on the east side of the street decided to make a U turn to go the other way rather than go around the block and it made a mess of traffic and really hard to cross the street because everything was in chaos.

I finally got across the street by running between the cars and as soon as I got to the sidewalk on the other side, a huge white bus decided to back up along the sidewalk for discharge passengers.

The problem with the bus was that it wasn't backing up straight. It was backing up on an angle, so no matter how close I got the building, I couldn't get close enough, so I had to enter a store and I ended up going into a store like an old wooden-floored dimestore that carried a lot of different things like dollar stores do now, and it had a sit-down counter where they served food.

That's where I met an older man whom I used to date when he was separated from his wife (Tony) or so he said when he recognized me and he grabbed me and said his wife found out about me and she wanted to kick him out again.

I as thinking, "Good!"  I don't have anybody," and I was hugging him like I could never get close enough because my long, thick coat was in the way.  When we were clutching each other as tight as we could, his little 7 year old daughter appeared in front of him, and asked, "What are you doing, Daddy?"

She was actually young enough to be his granddaughter if not great-granddaughter, so I was a little surprised and had to let go of him.

I met another girl I knew (so I thought) and we went to a house that was supposedly next door to my house and it was huge and built exactly like my house, so I knew all the stairways and elevator and rooms though the furniture was different and I had no problem finding my way through the house.

There was another front door down aways when some young girls were coming in.  I didn't want them to see me, so I sneaked down a wide carpeted stairway that went to the basement.

There were people everywhere in this house, and all I remember was young girls and woman - no boys or men.

I can't remember why I woke up.  All of a sudden I was awake and couldn't figure out where I as or why.


11-19-06 - DREAM  - I had three metal spirals a foot tall - about 4 inches across at the bottom down to 0 diameter at the top. They were very tightly wound when I received them at birth, and each one represented a time period.  One was reddish brown and represented sexuality. One was golden and represented the bladder. One was silver and represented emotion.

Each one of these springs had a certain tension in the beginning and unwound during life and usage.

I was at this point writing down on paper the experiences I had had with each one and of the spirals that caused it to become unwound during my lifetime. Their usefulness was about over.

While I was writing, my ex-husband and sons came to visit and also a dark-haired woman - I think her name was Gayla.

It was alright that Gayla saw what I was writing but not my ex-husband, because osme of what I was writing had nothing to do with him and he didn't have the 'need to know'.

I also had three boxes on the bed with me, three feet square and each one had a beautiful green plant in it that I would put into my garden representing the end of the cycles I had achieved.

The paper tablet I was writing on was golden and I wanted to write neatly on it, but someone had purchased many items and each item had a cost and these items and costs were written so heavily with a pen that they left a dent and deep impression on the sheets of paper beneath it.  I didn't want to write around these impressions so I was trying to find a clean sheet of paper without the impressions that wouldn't interfere with my writing and I was near the end of the tablet before I found a clean sheet of paper.

At the same time, my ex-husband came into the bedroom and of the boxes with a plant got kicked off the edge of the bed and I had to stop writing to clean up the dir and retrieve the plant without damage for planting into my garden.

As I went to pick up the plant and the box, my ex-husband hovered over me, trying to read what I had written.  when he leaned over me, he said, "Something stinks!"

I looked down at my foot and it was apparent I had stepped into something brown and nasty and I replied, "I stepped in cow shit!" and I angrily cleaned off my shoe and picked up my plant to save it so I could write what I needed to before my springs were completely unwound and had no more tension.


11-20-06 - VISION - A woman came and said, "Mr. Tahuti is here."   Then a man came in wearing a black tuxedo and white gloves. He was carrying a jewel case in his hands, which he opened in front of me.  Inside the case, at the top was written TAHUTI - and the entire case was embedded with huge red rubies.

Note: I didn't see either one of their faces.  Tahuti is Thoth.


In research of the name Tahuti, I found that it is another name for ... Tahuti and Rubies are also mentioned in the Moon ceremonies of the Thelema group ... -

Thoth Identity

Djehuty is sometimes alternatively rendered as Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, or Tetu. Thoth (also Thot or Thout) is the Greek version derived from the ... -


Thoth - wisdom and learning - also known as Tahuti by the Greeks. *. 10-20-93 - MEDITATION - I saw that I was wearing a jeweled ... -


Thoth - wisdom and learning - also known as Tahuti by the Greeks. * 8-8-92 - DREAM - I moved into a large apartment complex. ...


11-20-06 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere with a group of women who were gathering for a wedding rehearsal.

I was wearing brown slacks.

We were told we would need to wear skirts so I found a pretty piece of pink flowered fabric and made a skirt and put it on over my slacks and showed it to the leader of the group.

She said, "I'm sorry, but you have to have bare legs under the skirt and I knew I didn't have pretty young legs to show off anymore. I felt very disappointed.

Then I entered the room where the bride was. Everyone in the room was dressed pure white. The bride was sitting at a banquet tale in the foreground, with a petrified look on her face.

Standing behind her, everyone was also all white, including their faces - everything was white and I recognized Dorian Lord from One Life to Live TV show standing in the group of women.


11-20-06 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I had just washed my hair in the sink and had a baby blue towel wrapped on top of my head and was wearing a baby blue long bathrobe.

I had a tiny baby and I had placed the baby against a couple of pillows nearby and he was sleeping there.

I went over and picked him up and was holding him against my chest when there was a knock at the back door.  (This house was in a pre-remodel state)

Before I could even open the kitchen door, two men were rushing up the stairs hallway to come into the house.

The nicely dressed man had his hands against the door already, pushing, when I opened the kitchen door.

I said angrily, "You can't come in." and I pushed gainst the door to keep him out.

He said, "We're insurance agents!"  like they were never turned away.

I kept pushing against the door and said, "You can't come in here."

He said again, "We're insurance agents."  and I kept pushing the door closed, telling him, "You can't come in!"

Finally he gave up and went away.

I busied myself with the baby and compared him to a monkey baby out in the yard, seeing how similar they were, including their behavior.

Then my husband came home and I wanted to tell him about the insurance agents and how frightened I had been when they tried to pusht hier way into the house.

"But!" he said, "There's a problem in the yard."

So I followed him outside and in the yard was a workman pouring water from a hose down a hole.

The hole was getting bigger and bigger and water was coming out into the ditch down the hill and into the street.

I could see that the whole hill was washing away, and then I saw why the man was pouring water into the hole, huge broken pieces of tree trunk were on fire inside the hole.  There were many chunks of tree trunk about two feet tall each, fully burning - every one of them.

All the water he poured on the tree trunk pieces couldn't put them out. They were all fully engulfed in flame internally and would have to burn themselves into cinders.

By now, the hole in the hill had gotten so large, when I walked by it, I almost fell in and a piece of tree trunk rolled ominously toward my leg but I managed to avoid getting hit by it. I was still carrying the baby safely in my arms.



THOTH : The deity from Egyptian Mythology
THOTH. Picture of THOTH. Also known as TAHUTI, TEHUTI, THOT ... Alternative names : TAHUTI, TEHUTI, THOT Attributes : Coming soon Mystic number : 12729 (a) ...
This is who visited me this morning, and brought me a jewel box with 49 brilliant red rubies in it.  The woman who announced him said his name was Tahuti.  And written inside the jewel box was written his golden name TAHUTI. And below his name were 7 rows of 7 rubies, the largest rubies I've ever seen.
What a lucky girl I am. :-)


11-21-06 - DREAM - I was working at a large company somewhere. I had worked there many years.

The company for some reason was letting a lot of people go on the last day of work before Christmas.

I was not one of the people leaving, but a long-time older female co-worker was.

She asked me to come and see her before she left, so I did that. She worked in the drafting office, and her desk had a lot of flat drawers to keep blueprints laying flat in it.

She worked right in front of a lot of windows and she had a gallon of black enamel paint open and was painting the windows of her office so nobody could see in.

I asked her if I could help and she was very grateful and said, "Yes", and handed me her paintbrush.

When she did that, she left her sweater and pocketbook laying on her desk and I needed to move it to paint the lower edge of the window and when I did, I saw that it was gaping open and she many thousands of dollars in it.

Because we were friends, and I was helping her, she started telling me that her husband who was also laid off had just bought a brand new SUV and was planning to crash it the next day and collect the insurance money and then they were going to use their old junky car and drive to Alabama to live.  Then she told me that other people had asked her to go the bank and cash their checks for them because they didn't have time before the end of the work day, and she had all their money so she had to leave before they did.  (That's when I became aware of what all that cash was from.)

By then, I had already moved her wallet and sweater out of her reach and another man came in and offered to help and she handed him a can of bright red enamel paint and he began painting all the wood surfaces in the office and cabinets with paint.

So by the end of the day, the whole office would be red and black and nobody could see in or out of the windows.

Then someone mentioned that a carpenter was coming in who had volunteered his time and expertise to fix a broken drawer in the desk and people were admiring him for his volunteerism to do something for nothing.

A lot of things happened very quickly then. My friend Irv stopped in and said he had been able to finally be accepted into the Catholic church which he had been trying for many years and they were sending him to China and would never see us again.

That news wrenched my heart that we would never see him again but I wished him well anyway.

When the woman stepped outside the office to paint the outside of the windows, I managed to call the security office and whispered that I was bringing in my friends wallet that was stuffed with thousands of dollars that wasn't hers and they agreed to meet me and told me not to talk about it to anyone.

One of the big bosses came walking down the hall and he was walking around saying goodbye to all the people hat were leaving and thanking them for their service and I reminded him that my friend was leaving.  He said, "Oh! You mean Sarah?" That told me he didn't know her very well if he didn't even know her name.

I then went to the security office with the wall and turned it in to them.

My friend's plot to be rich at other's expense was foiled.



So she decided to give me Susan's List of phone numbers since I didn't have one of everyone in ... Susan's list was on sheets of paper taped to her desk. ...


11-22-06 - DREAM   - I was moving into a large apartment that looked exactly like one I had lived in before, but ti was on the other side of the street. So I told my friends that my apartment was opposite theres and I was told, "No! Your apartment is a reflection of the one you lived before."

That was an interesting way to look at it.


11-23-06 - DREAM - I was standing on a city sidewalk, and I saw a man leading two elephants down the street. This second elephant had his/her feet up on the rump of the first elephant so the second elephant was only walking on its hind feet.

When they got to the intersection, the handler decided to go on with just the first elephant and the second elephant was left standing at the intersection.

Then I saw the handler standing by himself. He was a hindu man and his hairdo was the same as the elephant's tail.


11-24-06 - DREAM - I was working in an office in what felt like 20th St. school in Milwaukee, but were not laid out like classroom, they had office furniture in them.

I was working on one side of the hall and T.M. (my spiritual teacher) had an office on the other side of the hall - kitty-corner from mine.

Either Joe or a dark-haired man had an office directly across from mine next to T.M.                                    


11-25-06 - DREAM 1 - I was near a body of water. Fishing was going on. There was a large 5 pointed star of something bubbles on a rope behind the boat and one of the points of the star got knocked off.

Dream 2 - I saw the injured 4 points of the star floating on stormy waters.

Dream 3 - I was with some family members who wanted to go fishing. They were using the 4 pointed wounded star again and there was a storm coming. They wanted me to go with them. I told them a storm was coming and that they should wait for the storm to pass by before they went fishing. The water was very stormy already. It was no time to go fishing.


11-26-06- DREAM - (The house I was in changed from my New Berlin house to my 16th St. hour when I went from room to room)

I was in my New Berlin house in the kitchen when a man from church (Ray) came and he asked me to call a number on the phone which he wrote on a piece of paper.

I agreed to do that. Then when he left, I put the piece of of paper onto a gilded cage with a clay female doll I made myself and a clay telephone and hung it up on the wall of the dining room.

Another man then came to the house, tall and handsome. I can't remember why he came, but I was very attracted to him. He kept offering to do things for me and I kept say, "I can do that myself", and it started to irritate him.

We went up the stairs and into the dining room and Joe was in the living room just a few feet away. (Joe's never seen that house, much less be in it.)

I showed the man the gilded cage and I noticed an extra blob of clay at the bottom of the cage and I picked at it to remove it and knocked over the girl doll.

The man said he could fix that for me and I said, "That's okay. I can do that myself!" and I took out the extra clay and stood the girl doll up on her feet. I then noticed the number on the piece of paper. It was I H-H - which I knew meant YHWH and I started to feel guilty for not calling it.

Joe was in the living room still and I sat in an over-stuffed chair in the dining room.  (There is a 3 foot wall that made a doorway so the people are out of line of sight that way.)

The man was still standing by the gilded cage and he suggested he could do something for me and again I said I could do it myself and I saw the emotion to disgust on his face when I said that and I knew there was going to be a terrible reaction and I'd never see him again.

He then went and sat in another over-stuffed chair next to me and I knew I needed to apologize for being so independent to make him feel better so I went over and sat on his lap. I sat sideways on his lap and put my left hand on his chest over his heart and apologized for saying that I could do everything for myself.

In my apology, I said, "I've had to do everything alone for a long time and said, "I've haven't had sex in 7 years either," indicating Joe never touched me anymore.

He said, "I can take care of that for you very easily and quickly too.  I was going to suggest that."

I then felt guilty again and said, "I could do that for myself too, but it wouldn't be the same."

The man stood up then to leave and almost staggered. I quickly stood up to help and asked him what was wrong.

He said, "I have a pain in the back of my neck and I didn't want you to touch it."

That's exactly what I was going to do, and I reached up and put my fingers against the back of his neck with my left hand as we walked back to the kitchen which was now the parlor of the 16th St. house.

He said, "You have very powerful hands", and I knew that I was healing him of his pain.

I could fell that my fingers were ice cold and I knew that would feel good, but that healer's hands are supposedly hot to the touch.  (Note, this is not necessarily true)

By now he was leaning against the upright piano and I was leaning against him with my fingers still on the back of his neck.

I then realized the man had a long length of rainbow colored ribbon about 3 inches wide around his neck and I started removing the ribbon - almost afraid the mans head would fall off when it was removed and saw that his neck was very thin and the rainbow ribbon held his head up for him.

At that point, I had a visual in my head of myself hitting a man in the back of the next with a tomahawk hatchet and killing him when I was an Indian woman and this man's pain was karmic from a past life with me.

At the same time, my friend Kimber who was outside the front door screamed at me, "Dee - remember the pizza delivery man."  and I knew she was referring to another incident I was involved with regarding a man's neck.

Just then, I spotted Joe to my left who was watching all this and then I saw that Joe had his eye's closed and wasn't seeing anything.

I then started to become conscious and realized that I had my hand on Joe's pillow and that's why my fingers were cold, but I was reluctant to move my hand and end the dream.

I then wondered who this man was and realized he resembled Simon -the playboy type man from "As The World Turns" TV show and wondered if this man was Simon-the disciple of Jesus and that's why he had the rainbow ribbon around his neck holding his head up.


11-26-06 - I had 3 dreams of a young man who looked like a young John Travolta. The scene seemed to be like past life time American and a young woman showed up and I know they were going to sing together because they had similar ponytail hairdo and they walked into the house together.

(I can't remember the first two dream well enough to describe them now except the country side and the old world America look to them)


11-27-06 - DREAM (This was long) I was at work and got notified that my supervisor Audry got notified by the Feds that they wanted her to work for them.  That pretty much meant that I would get her job.

(Audry was the executive secretary, working for the President - David Scott at Allis-Chalmers)

However I got it in my head that I would be promoted to purchased Agent and that job has travel involved and a big raise. I was very excited though they hadn't formally told me. To me - it was inevitable.

At the same time, I was notified by my boss that I was going to have to testify in court on July 9th against the kids who were drawing checkerboards on the sidewalk.

I didn't know what that had to do with me, but I didn't have any choice in the matter the boy's mother were upset about the whole thing.

At home, my mother announced that she had to move. She was living upstairs in a duplex house where all the cabinets were painted yellow in the kitchen. However, she owned everything downstairs also and it all had to go.

I told her I would help her pack, but I had to move too, do laundry, and my mother and I both had to complete our computer projects at the same time.

(My mother never touched a computer that I know of)

I started to help my Mom pack some little things in plastic bags to start with, then I had to go down into the basement and start the laundry because we couldn't move dirty clothes.

Then I went outside and worked on my computer in the yard for a bit.

Outside, there was work going on too. It seemed to have something to do with the land, perhaps harvesting, but something to do with the crops. The boss outside was the actor Ted Danson. (That wasn't his name in the dream I don't think)

Ted was crippled, sitting in a wheelchair, something was wrong with his left arm and when people came up to talk to him, whatever they had written on clipboards, they slid the clip board into a contraption affixed to Teds left arm that held the clipboard from sliding around and he could easily read what they had written.

The last time I saw him, a tall blonde woman who worked for him, walked up to him and slid her clipboard into the contraption attached to his left arm.

I couldn't hear what they were talking about. 

I needed to go back into the house and do another load of laundry, so I let my computer sit in the yard because I planned to go back out.

I went upstairs to the bedroom to gather more laundry. The bed was so big and situated such that I had to walk across it to look out the window and see what was going on.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but all the kids and young women went running into the river to soak their feet and they were swatting themselves about the head and arms like they had been attacked by massive amounts of stringing mosquitoes or bees.

I was glad I had come into the house before the swarm arrived.

But I couldn't watch out the window very long. I had to gt back down into the basement and do the laundry.


11-28-06 - I don't know why I have to redream dreams 3 times instead of getting up and writing them down.


11-28-06 - DREAM - I was in school at a night class, studying psychology. I was working on a computer making a lit of psychologists and making a circle on a web page and putting their photographs in. One of them looked like a skeletonized skull.

The teacher gave us one last assignment and  that was to read a thick book called Betrayal.  (I don't know the author)

I then left school and walked home to my 16th St. house. It was 9 p.m.  Then I remembered that I had forgotten to bring the book home to read. So I walked back to the school and went to the classroom all done and found the book. Then I wrote a note telling the teacher that I had been there and dated it December 31st, 2006. telling the teacher, "I was here". Dolores Finney

I put the note on his desk and picked up the book Betrayal and tucked the book under my arm and started walking home again.

When I got to 15th St., I saw a tiny little orange kitten and I just had to have it. I almost missed it because it was quick and it struggled in my hands all the way home to 16th St. I managed to get it in the door and I knew my Mom would be mad that I brought a kitten home when our last cat had just left, but I had to reach the kitchen and I dropped the kitten in the front hall and it ran into the house.

I heard a high-pitched whistle in my right ear - then fell asleep and had this dream -

I was on the second floor of my New Berlin house. David and Marcella were there. David told Marcella to leave and he started to watch over me.

I looked out the west window and watched the storm clouds coming in from the west. Some looked like they were developing tornados. Lower black clouds were scudding across the sky towards the northeast really fast.

Then the storm broke and it was raining fast and all of a sudden I could see the ocean and it looked like a huge ship crashing into the wharf in the storm.

(In reality that was impossible in Wisconsin)

I got scared and told David we had to get downstairs before the ship crashed into the house, but I needed a glass of water to drink.

David gave me a glass of water that was standing on top of the bookcase where the book Betrayal was laying.

I grabbed the book and the glass of water and we went downstairs.

The storm didn't feel so bad from downstairs and I saw big dumptrucks whining up the hill in front of a newly built road.

I was still watching for the ship to come crashing in and I pointed out to David that the water was encroaching on the house and he pointed out that it was closer than I thought.



11-29-06 - THE SCHOOL - DREAM - I was in this school myself earlier in the night but I can't remember what happened.

In this dream I was supervising a young woman to move objects in two dimensions at the same time, while only being able to see in one dimension.

That practice object looked like a white mandolin body with out strings and inside the body was a waste basket for tissues when you cried or something.

The process must have been magnetic because when you moved the objects on the bottom were supposed to move also.

The woman couldn't get the objects to go where she wanted them to, so she cried. (therefore the wastebasket)

I can't remember the whole dream, but when she was done crying, she sat in a large wooden wheelchair and I pushed her into a large cafeteria - like area for lunch.

Just as I was getting her to her table, I spotted her husband, who was a large dark-haired man wearing a bright green suit.

The crowd in the place was huge and the wooden wheelchair so cumbersome, I couldn't catch up to him and I didn't wait to yell his name in this big public room and attention to ourselves.

So we followed him through the big room and he never turned around and saw us and eventually he went out into the hallway and it just so happened that the elevator door opened just as he got there and he got on and went upstairs somehwere and disappeared.

It was a big disappointment.



11-30-06 - I seemed to be in Wisconsin. I was dreaming lucidly - conscious - but seeing the land, all delapitated from its former self, but full of promise for the future, waiting to be re-developed.
It was a farm that had been let go and nature had taken over where man had let it go.
I had heard a telephone ring in both ears and after a deep voice said "Hello" in one ear and I didn't get a voice message, I was waiting for something to come, thinking I was blocking it and this is what I was shown.
Michelle came to see me and I was told this was 'her' show and she looked like she does now.  She said, "This is Mazatlan, but remember - everything is reflective."
The land was beautiful, when I looked one way, through the green trees, I could see water. When I looked another way, it was desert, recovering from what man did to it.

I saw a ray of light and it shown on the foundation of the farm house. I let my eyes follow the light and it scared me at first because there was a human man's head under there. I asked it, "Are you our protector?" and it didn't answer but it got larger than life, just staring out at me.  I said, "No! You aren't our protector!"
Another woman came walking out of the woods and Michelle told her to bring the newspaper that was laying on the ground. She took the newspaper from the woman and threw it into a trash can.
Off in the distance, I thought I saw a truck go by, but as I watched, it turned into a lumbering elephant and then into a lumbering dinosaur and then vanished.

Michelle was due to be on TV so we went into the house. It was sunset now. The kids were in the bedroom playing. The door was locked but I knocked on the door and whoever that shadow was, I said, "C'mon! Michelle's going to be on TV now." and Michelle and I walked into the living room to see what Michelle had to say on TV.  
and I came back into full consciousness.

Later I remembered there is an indian site in Wisconsin called Aztalan and then remembered that my Mom's family comes from a farm near there.