The Mayan 11:11 Crop Circle  
By Joseph E. Mason

A special "11:11" type crop circle formation appeared 17 August 2010 at Lurkeley Hill near East Kennett, Wiltshire. I saw the photographs on the Crop Circle Connector site the morning of 18 August --

Image credit: Frank Laumen

See the Youtube Video

I posted three comments about the formation on my Facebook page. About two hours later, I received an email from Peter Gersten about the formation. Included was this statement: "I can't wait to see the commentary and analysis of not only the 1111 design but also it's proximity to the older design in the same field."

I wrote back informing Peter of my posts, and added a few other comments. Peter wrote back, suggesting that I put the information on a web page, so that he could link to it. He wants to discuss crop circles in tomorrow's e-NEWS. This is the email I sent to Peter about the new "11:11" crop formation --

Subj: Re: PAG e-NEWS Special Report: The 1111 Crop Circle
Date: 8/18/2010 12:47:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
To: Peter

Hello Sir Peter.

I saw that 11:11 crop formation early this morning. I tried to make a comment about it on the Circle Chasers Facebook page, but for some reason, it would not take. So, I posted three comments on my own Facebook page. I'll paste them below.

My analysis of the proximity of the 11:11 formation to the cross in the same field would probably be rejected by most people. It would probably sound "too religious." But, to me, that is a misunderstanding. My view is that the crop formations, UFOs/ETs, etc., are related to the collective unconscious, and similar messages come in dreams. It relates to myths and "religions" from the past. A religion, in my view, is a widely held myth. Myths change with time. They help form the basis of the "scripts" of our "stage play."

Humanity is in the process of developing the new myth, and the script calls for strange phenomena, including synchronicities and meaningful coincidences. In my experience, it all came to revolve around one Biblical verse -- Revelation 11:11. Some others have also found that connection. It's odd, because I have never been a Christian or a "believer" in any system.

I was led to Biblical studies by the crop circles and dreams. According to John Michell, the 1991 Barbury Castle "trinity" crop formation displayed the number 31680 in the total square footage of the circles. He explained that it was an ancient number related to the sub-lunar distance around the New Jerusalem. One tenth of that number, 3168, was associated by the early Christians to the words, "Lord Jesus Christ." Prior to Christianity, it was associated with a figure in the Pagan religion.

Revelation 11:11 seems to be about the "three and a half" midpoint of seven, as representing the leap to the heart chakra. From my studies, I gather that there is little evidence of the "historical Jesus." It seems to be no more than a myth. But, the myth seems to have a meaning that we will be learning about. It seems to be about humanity reaching the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

The last two links below tell that story.



P.S. Let's hope the U.S. Navel Observatory doesn't take out their stomping boards and make that 11:11 crop circle into a 11:12 crop circle! Just kidding. :-)


17 August 2010, 8:55 AM

Joseph Mason

The new crop formation at Lurkeley Hill has something like "11:11" inside a circle. It appeared near the Christian type cross formation that had appeared previously --

The new formation seems askew, and therefore may be a "hoax." Perhaps there is a reason the two elevens are not aligned properly. I saw an interesting animation on Youtube some years ago. It started with two Mayan glyphs for the number 11. The 11 is represented by two horizontal bars with one small circle above them. As the animation progressed, the two Mayan elevens started to rotate. The one on the left rotated clockwise and the one on the right rotated counterclockwise. They came together as two elevens with two horizontal dots between them. When the two dots are rotated, it becomes 11:11.

The new formation may suggest this rotation of the elevens, with the two horizontal dots not yet rotated. Apparently, the alignment is not finished. The Mayan end date is 856 days away.


Note: I am inserting a graphic here to illustrate the above idea. I added it to this page on August 19th --

Imagine this as starting at the bottom, with the two Mayan elevens, followed by the glyphs rising and rotating. The fourth step is similar to the center part of the 2010 Lurkeley Hill formation. At the fifth step the elevens are vertically straight and parallel. The sixth and final step is the rotation of the two small circles to form the colon. Apparently, one of the small circles is actually an arrow. Perhaps this suggests the rotation.

I placed a chart of the Mayan numbers below.

Continuing my posts . . .


8:59 AM

Joseph Mason

Hoaxed or not, the "11:11" has been a huge phenomenon for many years, and has appeared in the crops in various ways. The 23 circles of the 2009 Wayland Smithy formation in maize suggested 11:11 as 11 circles on each side of the central circle --

The 2007 Yatesbury Field Spiral formation had 23 groups of circles, with the center group on a marker --

The spiral had three and a half turns, which fits the symbolism of the Kundalini serpent. The 2010 Serpent formation at Walbury Hill had 23 circles in the major section. The center circle is marked by the kink in the serpent's body that almost touches that circle --

Interestingly, in my new article, I suggested an 11:11 message in two formations, one of which was a Christian type cross --

The idea came after I read an article by Michael Glickman. Here's an excerpt --

<< Michael Glickman wrote an interesting article, comparing it to the 1999 Menorah formation, and to a six-fold formation called, the "Stonehenge Ribbon" formation, which appeared around 4 July 2002 --

The Etchilhampton Cross and Two of its Colleagues

He pointed out that both the 1999 Menorah formation and the 2008 cross formation had eleven circles. Perhaps we could associate the pair -- Menorah and Cross -- as a combined Jewish and Christian 11:11. >>


9:01 AM

Joseph Mason

Around 28 June 2010, another cross formation composed of 11 circles appeared in Croatia --

There is a section of the article that discusses the "11:11 AM" time of the Mayan end date in 2012.

People all over the world have been reporting "coincidences" of seeing "11:11" in various ways. I first heard of it in 1990. We have recorded some of the reports --

I explained various ideas about 11:11 in a radio interview --

My first online article, originally an email, was also about 11:11 --

A better article on the same subject is here --


In a message dated 8/18/2010 7:37:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Subj: PAG e-NEWS Special Report: The 1111 Crop Circle
Date: 8/18/2010 7:37:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Peter

PAG e-NEWS Special Report: The 1111 Crop Circle.

Another sign for me? I just love this stuff. And it did not escape my attention that the 1111 is within a circle. I will be activating my new 1111 web site on November 11th and on the winter solstice I will begin my two year leap of faith countdown blog. I can't wait to see the commentary and analysis of not only the 1111 design but also it's proximity to the older design in the same field. And I could care less who/what is the actual artist. It is the thought that counts!

It is not a random coincidence that on December 21, 2012 the winter solstice occurs at 11:11. An 1111 portal will be opening at Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona some time on that day. I will bet my life on it. If you have been noticing 1111 then your presence is requested to witness that event. It will soon be time to answer the call.

Lurkeley Hill (2), nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 17th August.

-.:PAG:.- >>

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