2010 Crop Circle Formations  
Part One
Chakra Messages - The Crossover
Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra

by Joseph E. Mason


The first two crop circle formations of 2010 in the United Kingdom may have transmitted messages about the chakra system. Similar messages have appeared in past formations. Our first online article on the subject was written in 1997 --

Crop Circle Formations As Chakras

This article will compare many concepts and crop formations from the past in an attempt to discern the meanings of these messages from an apparent unknown highly intelligent source.

My interpretations are based on twenty years of study into many fields, including crop circles and dreams -- including the dreams of other people. I have been guided by meaningful coincidences which often connected crop formations with dreams, myths and religions.

The First 2010 UK Crop Circle Formation

The first UK formation of 2010 appeared at Old Sarum, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, around 5 May 2010 --

Old Sarum Formation
Image credit: Steve Alexander




In Zef Damen's reconstruction, the seven small circles are based on an 18-sided polygon inscribed in a circle --


Therefore, eighteen small circles would fit if the seven were expanded to eighteen. One could say that eleven circles are "hidden," perhaps suggesting "seven-eleven" symbolism.

Like a number of formations in the past, the seven small circles may correspond to the seven chakras of the human body --

Image credit: Tommy Borms

When viewing the images on this page, keep in mind that the color green represents the Heart Chakra, which is the fourth chakra, and the midpoint of the seven. Each chakra is also symbolized by a lotus flower with a certain number of petals.

When I saw the new Old Sarum formation, I thought of a similar formation that appeared at Easton Royal, Wiltshire, around 12 June 2007 --


One difference is that the 2010 formation had seven small circles of the same size, whereas the 2007 formation had seven circles of various sizes. Similar arrangements have been called "thought bubble" type formations. An important point is that the geometry behind the 2007 formation is the Seed of Life --

Over the years it has become apparent that the Seed of Life is one symbolic form of the fourth chakra, especially in relation to the chakra symbolism of the Tree of Life, where the sixth sphere signifies the Heart Chakra. See --

The Da Vinci Code Crop Circle

 Dreams and certain crop circles seem to indicate
 a potential or future change in the sixth sphere of
 the Tree. The Seed of Life flower will open like the
 aperture of a camera, giving a twelve fold flower or  
 design, with a six fold figure in the centre, such as
 a Star of David. This is similar to the traditional
 symbol of the heart chakra. The change, therefore,
 seems to indicate the opening of the heart chakra.

A more detailed explanation of the Tree of Life and its relation to the chakras will be presented later in this article.

Crop Circles With Domes

A crop formation with a similar seven chakra display was the "Trilobite" that appeared at Ogbourne St Andrew, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, around 29 July 2009. The arrangement and size of the seven circles in the dome shape was quite similar to the 2007 Easton Royal formation depicted above --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


One difference is that three of the seven chakra circles in the dome are overlapping slightly, whereas they did not overlap in the 2007 Easton Royal formation. I colorized the lower section to also fit chakra colors. Note that fifteen of the lower circles have triangular shapes projecting in various directions. They look like teardrops, a glyph that will be discussed later. In fact, the entire formation is in the general shape of a teardrop.

The chakra system is often displayed as having three channels and the related Tree of Life has three Pillars (see below). Sometimes the channels are shown only at the root.

Note also that the two long triangular shapes from the sixth chakra (violet) in the central column touch the fourth chakra (green) spheres/teardrops on the left and right columns. A pathway from that same violet chakra connects with the Heart Chakra within the dome. One could view the arrangement as the upper dome Heart Chakra connecting with the two Heart Chakras in the left and right columns through the sixth chakra of the central column.

In many cases, symbols of the chakra system have the Heart Chakra, the midpoint, marked in some way. In other cases, there is a marker between the third and fourth chakras.

Another feature of note is that the central column has only six spheres below the dome shape at the top. My theory here is that the dome shape itself represents the seventh chakra (indigo). Within the dome, the seven circles indicate the chakras in a different arrangement, which will be discussed below.

The Mushroom

The "Mushroom" crop circle formation was similar to the "Trilobite." It appeared at Rough Hill, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire, around 24 June 2009 --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


The lower "stem" portion could be figured as three circles. But it could also figure as six, with the upper dome shape as the seventh chakra. The very small circles outside of the main glyph, three on each side of the stem, may also be suggestive of chakras. In that case, the entire Mushroom could figure as the Heart Chakra.

Another difference in this formation is that there are nine various sized circles within the dome, or it could figure as eighteen if the crescents are counted.

There have been other formations with nine circles or other indications of nine that could be interpreted as steps in a cycle, or as chakras (more on this latter). There are many interpretive systems of chakras, often with more than seven. A major case in my studies is the Menorah, which appeared as a crop circle formation in May 1999 (see below). It had seven circles as the "lamps" in the upper portion. It obviously had a connection with the Tree of Life. But, there are many images of the Menorah that have nine lamps instead of seven.

In the system of Barbara Ann Brennan (see below), there is a "Hara-Line" that runs from the center of the earth through the seven chakras, and out of the head where it connects to the Higher Self. The first chakra connects with the center of the Earth, and the seventh chakra connects with the Higher Self. Those two connections may help explain the nine-circle versions of the chakras.

Crop glyphs that have one circle with a smaller circle  or crescent inside may suggest the "Hara-Line" as the small circle running through the chakra, which is represented by the larger circle. Four of the circles in the "Trilobite" formation were of this type of double circle. All twelve of the circles within the "Mushroom formation were double.

The Jellyfish
Update 19 June 2010

The "Jellyfish" crop formation also fits with the theory presented here. It appeared at Waylands Smithy, near Kingstone Coombs, Oxfordshire, around 29 May 2009 --

Image credits: Steve Alexander  & Bertold Zugelder

The "Hara-Line" in this case appears like a line through holes in the seven chakra spheres. Like the "Swallows" formation (see below), the formation fits the general structure of the Menorah, when viewed upside down.

The four sections of the dome are shaped like teardrops. The shape of the dome is quite like an umbrella. We have noted that umbrellas in dreams can be interpreted as chakras, especially if it is the color of one of the chakras.

Each of the four wide rings at the bottom of the dome shape have small circles on either side of the larger central circle. A recent crop formation, a large figure eight shape, had similar wide rings with small circles next to the central circle, but in the new formation, only a portion of each ring was shown. It appeared at Chirton Bottom, near Urchfont, Wiltshire, around 16 June 2010.

The Tree With Dome

A "Tree" crop formation appeared at East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, around 15 July 2002 -- on the left, below --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle


The image on the right is a version of the Yggdrasil of Norse mythology, also called, the World tree. The Irminsul is the Germanic version, which appeared as a crop circle formation in the early 1990s.

The top of the Tree is dome shaped. The trunk is like a capital Y. I had a dream of a Y shape in 1991. It was included in an article in the Dream Network Journal in 1992 --

 I saw a Y shape that was also a woman's body where the legs meet. Three
 energy lines moved from the center -- two outward and one downward.
 Then I saw it again, but this time there were just the two outward energy lines.  
 As I saw this, a voice said: "Some say there are three ways of unfolding the
 world. We say two

Some months after I had the dream, the Barbury Castle pictogram crop formation appeared on 17 July 1991 --

I remembered that The Sacred Symbols of Mu had similar glyphs, although simpler. I found several in the book, including the one below. I was amazed by the text that followed --

 An equilateral triangle symbolized the Creator, and, as the Creator dwells
 in Heaven, the triangle must necessarily symbolize heaven also; for, where
 the Lord is, there is Heaven.

 I find this verified among the Egyptian symbols, as the glyph shows. Here we
 find the Monotheistic Symbol of the Deity within the triangle-within Heaven.
 Wherever or whenever the equilateral triangle is met with in ancient writings
 or inscriptions, it is either in reference to the Triune Godhead, or Heaven, or

 At the time of Confucius, the Chinese Sage, about 500 B. C., in place of the
 triangle the Chinese used a glyph in the form of the present-day capital Y. This
 they called: "the Great Term," "the Great Unite," "the Great Y." "The Y has neither  
 body nor shape, all that has body and shape was made by that which has no
 shape. The Great Term or the Great Unite comprehends three--One in
 three-and three in One."

I realized that the Barbury Castle formation had a Y shape within the triangle. The ancient Chinese meaning is basically the same the message that came in my dream. Archetypically speaking, females are often associated with trees and serpents -- the Garden of Eden story being a major example.

In 1993, I learned that the Sufi use similar geometry to to describe how creation is created. I covered that topic in Part Six of the Pollen Path series.

The 2002 "Tree" crop formation seemed to suggest flowers or fruit in the Tree. In either case, it is symbolically significant. In the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation 22, the New Jerusalem has a Tree of Life on either side of the river of the water of life, yielding a different kind of fruit each month.

The Omphalos - Our Dome of the World Perception of Reality

Mythologist, Joseph Campbell, said that ancient people used to draw dome shapes to represent their perception of reality -- the circle of the horizon with sky canopy. When I learned of this in 1991, I realized that various dreams and coincidences also had the dome shape. I called it "The Dome of the World." The image below illustrates such a dome --

Engraving from The Atmosphere: Weather People
by Camille Flammarion, Paris, 1888

The wise man looking outside the dome is fanciful. In reality, of course, he would be at the center, under the dome, and would not be able to see "outside." One could say that this dome follows us around and we are always in the center. It is probably a space-time bubble, where the lower part of the sphere is within the Earth.

Kate told me a dream around 2003, where a very large umbrella type thing followed her around wherever she went. At the end, she was projected out of the top of the big umbrella. John's wife dreamed that all the houses caught on fire, and then a new green landscape unrolled like a carpet. There were many new white houses shaped like domes.

There is a Kabbalistic tradition that suggests people may be able to develop the ability to see beyond the dome, to view up into the "Olam," the higher regions of the Tree, the hidden space and time. In that tradition, our perceptions are normally limited to the lower two sphere on the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, which are associated with phallic symbolism having to do the the Abrahamic covenant. The ability to see beyond is associated with the unity of the Twelve Tribes. When this happens, the rivers symbolically stop, symbolizing the experience of the eternal now, where there is no time. For details about the "Olam," see --



Dome Coincidences

In 1990, a chain of significant coincidences happened. I was drawn to the movie, "Pink Floyd, The Wall." It is very dream-like and full of symbolism. There was a dome shape in an animated sequence that caught my attention. After watching the movie on video, I fell asleep on the couch, thinking about the dome and what it might symbolize. I awoke to the sound of the television. A young lady was singing a song. After a few moments, I saw dome shapes, similar to the one in the Pink Floyd movie. They were trimmed trees in a park. I recalled Campbell's idea about the dome of the world shape. I made a note in my notebook.

I was still writing in my notebook when the song ended, and a commercial came on the television. I was amazed to see another dark (black) dome shape. It was a commercial for Amnesty International. I drew a picture of it in my notebook --

The young lady singing was Sinead O'Connor. It was her music video of the song, "Nothing Compares 2 U." My son, T.J.,  told me later that he had turned the television to the MTV channel while I was asleep. When he decided to go to bed, he was going to turn the television off, or change it back to CNN -- "But," he said, "Something told me to leave it on MTV. I felt like you would find something." I wrote other notes about the symbolism of the Amnesty International logo and the word amnesty itself.

The dome shape in an animated sequence from "Pink Floyd, The Wall," was atop a diamond shape. Other dreams and coincidences suggested that the scene had the same meaning as a crop circle formation known as the "First Pictogram," which had appeared at Chilcomb Farm, Cheesefoot Head, near Winchester, Hampshire, around 23 May 1990. A diagram of the formation is on the right, below --

The image on the left is from the movie. The image in the center is my diagram of the diamond with dome. The idea is that the big diamond at the bottom is the source of creation. The black dome shape at the top is our "Dome of the World" perception of reality. Male and a female figures are depicted holding hands and touching feet, as they spin around the dome. In the movie, the diamond splits open and bricks pour out. The scene is now on youtube (adults only) --


The single circle at the top of the image of the pictogram on the right, corresponds to the dome in the image from the movie. The lower portion of the crop formation corresponds to the diamond "source of creation" in the movie image. I wrote about some of the other associated material in this article --

The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation

The "First Pictogram" formation was the first to display rectangular boxes. As the years passed, I became more and more convinced that these types of crop formations were also a message about the worldwide "11:11" phenomenon, that is so often associated with meaningful coincidences.

I included this part of the article because of the similarity to the "Trilobite" formation and similar others, above. It was the basis of my interpretation of those crop formations.

A wonderful dream influenced my ideas about the dome shape. The dream indicated that a healing change in the dome will happen. This is Jeff's 1990 great dream --

I was on a starship in space with other people. An extremely important message was trying to come in but it couldn't until we first ejected the garbage.

I ran frantically and managed to eject it. The message came in over a console with lights flashing. A doctor appeared and led the crew into a bedroom. He began to work on a yard-high mound of jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed.

Suddenly, I saw a human-sized hand puppet, a male/female pair with only one hand-hole. They fell back into a vat of water. I went over and looked down at them under the water and knew they had to change. They had to change.

"Coincidentally," the following year, 1991, I learned that a jelly-like substance was found in or near two different crop circles. One was a simplified form of the Seed of Life -- a six petal flower inside a double ring.

The coincidences indicated that the "yard-high mound of jelly-like substance" was our "Dome of the World" perception of reality.


jell in time

The Omphalos Stone

Years later, I learned about the Omphalos Stone, and realized it symbolizes the same thing --

There were many Omphalos sites or Oracle centres in the ancient world. The most prominent was Delphi, in Greece, where Apollo's Oracle of Delphi became popular with the ancient Greeks.

The Omphalos represents the "Navel" or "Hub" of the world. There were other Omphalos sites in the ancient world, which were associated with Oracles. It seems clear to me that the navel or hub of one's world is centered on the self.

Like I stated about the dome, the Omphalos is also related to the Tree of Life, in some interpretations corresponding to the first two spheres at the bottom of the middle Pillar. I noticed that ancient Sumerian depictions show a type of Tree that also has the Omphalos shape --

Note the seventeen small teardrop shapes around the domed tree, which is probably a Tree of Life. Similar teardrop shapes have appeared in quite a few crop formations. In this case, they may represent leaves or fruit on the Tree. The arrangement is quite like the "Trilobite" formation, above.

The number seventeen seems significant here, because the numbers one through seventeen add to 153. The Omphalos and the Seed of Life are geometrically related to the 153 Fish in the Net story told in John 21. The six disciples correspond to the six rings of the Seed of Life. Simon Peter, "the foundation stone" of Christianity, corresponds to the seventh circle in the middle, as the Omphalos.


SOL cc at St Peter


The same story was told in pre-Christian times. For example, it related to the Omphalos at Delphi. The Greek Gematria for Omphalos is 911 and for Delphi it is 619, for a total of 1530.

The name, Peter, is translated from the name, Petra, which meant rock or stone. According to Blavatsky, the word "petra," had a double meaning in ancient times, and was used as a symbolic code. In Chaldaic and Phoenician, petra also meant, "interpreter. "This relates to the interpretations on stone tables passed down by the hierophant to the next chosen interpreter.

The meaning of Simon Peter's last name is symbolically significant in Biblical stories. This is from Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled, vol 2, page 392 --

 The sentence attributed to Jesus, "Thou art Peter . . . upon this rock I will build
 my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," disfigured, as it is,
 by mistranslation and misinterpretation, plainly indicates its real meaning. We
 have shown the signification of Pater and Petra, with the hierophants -- the
 interpretation traced on the tables of stone of the final initiation, was handed by
 the initiator to the chosen future interpreter. Having acquainted himself with its
 mysterious contents, which revealed to him the mysteries of creation, the initiated
 became a builder himself, for he was made acquainted with the dodecahedron,
 or the geometrical figure on which the universe was built. To what he had learned
 in previous initiations of the use of the rule and of architectural principles, was
 added a cross, the perpendicular and horizontal lines of which were supposed to
 form the foundation of the spiritual temple, by placing them across the junction, or
 central primordial point, the element of all existences,* representing the first
 concrete idea of deity. Henceforth he could, as a Master builder
 (see 1 Corinthians, iii. 10), erect a temple of wisdom on that rock of Petra, for
 himself; and having laid a sure foundation, let "another build thereon."

The Omphalos Stone, therefore, is a representation of our dome of the world perception of reality, resulting from our interpretation of reality, that is, our belief system.

Interestingly "coincidental," is a recent theory, based on measurements of the cosmic microwave background, that space is finite and shaped like a dodecahedron.

The "cross" and the "central primordial point" could be called the axis mundi, the navel of the world, or the Omphalos.

After I typed the above sentence, I looked up axis mundi on Wikipedia. I felt some confirmation from this statement --

 The symbol originates in a natural and universal psychological perception:
 the spot one occupies stands at "the center of the world. "

I am impressed by the Wikipedia article -- it is quite comprehensive, and on the mark, in my view. There are many places, objects and concepts that are considered axis mundi, including --

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
The Chakra system of the human body
The Pillar of Fire rising to Heaven from the Ark of the Covenant
The Dome of the Rock at Temple Mount in Jerusalem
The Kaaba at Mecca
(a cube made of granite with the Black Stone meteorite)
Jacob's Ladder
The Cross on Mount Calvary
The World Tree
The Christmas tree
The Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha was enlightened
The Yggdrasil, or World Ash where Odin found enlightenment
The Caduceus, which is similar to -- The Rod of Asclepius
(medical profession logo -- the staff is axis mundi, the serpents
are guardians of, or guides to, knowledge)
Capitol buildings & other large buildings, including the Twin Towers

Byron's Dream of Domes

On 17 June 2005, Byron reported a dream about domes, which he titled, "Alien World" --

I found myself on an alien world among people who looked just like me and most of them could fly. We were enclosed in a crystal clear dome. There were trees and people's homes among the trees. Everyone was dressed in white robes. I saw a rock cliff and wondered what was beyond that hill and I flew up as high as I could then pulled myself up on the rocks. On top it was flat with rocks here and there. It was like a wall to the East. Beyond this was a hole like a mine.

I heard something and then a machine with a dome top rose up from the hole and I heard a sound that warned of an intruder. I realized or decided that I was the intruder and I flew off the rocks and down among the trees. As I flew I saw an area beyond toward the West and there was a hut among the trees and there were a few people there and one was a woman who seemed to be in charge. I went there and into the tent and saw this woman. She was a leader or wise woman. She had a message about her people and the way they live and how they came to live in this protective dome. The message of the other leaders in that dome told the people they were the only ones that were left on that planet. It was either a lie or something they could not know.

I looked beyond and flew up among the tree tops and looked toward the west and I saw the tops of round brown domes and took them to be shelters outside of the dome. As I watched I thought I saw some little people move between the domes. I told the woman what I had seen and she walked to the edge of the dome and touched it and a portal opened and we went outside of the dome. I flew across the fields and over a stream and when I arrived at the domes I saw the little people. They had little shelters for their livestock and I saw animals like sheep, pigs and some kind of birds similar to chickens. I landed among the animals and the little people came out to see me.

I returned to the dome and back up on the rocks and this time I was very careful knowing there was something on the other side of those rocks. I practically crawled into the center area where I found geometric shapes of gold and silver, each one different and I filled both hands with them. I heard the alarm sound and I saw the top of the machine raise up and try to see me but apparently it couldn't. I flew from the top of the rocks down to a tent where I gave the metal objects to my wife.

Note that rocks are mentioned several times. Some of the events seem to take place on a rocky mountain. This is consistent with the idea of the Omphalos Stone, and Saint Peter as the Petra foundation stone.

In 1998, Byron had a very interesting dream in which he received a message dropped from a UFO flying around an observatory. The message was --

 Be with your family on 12-12  

He looked at the calendar for 12-12, but it was not there. He lifted the page to see the next month, and was shocked see there were no more days!

At the end of the dream, he united with a woman who had the same note as his, and they entered a doorway. See --

Message From Heaven

I felt that the observatory represented Byron's perception of reality by its dome shape, and that the events outside the dome were outside of the reality that he can normally perceive. I felt that the "12-12" message indicated the end of the Mayan calendar in December, 2012. Uniting with the woman, I believe, is about the upcoming duality balance, accompanied with the return of the feminine.


add -- axis mundi is where messages come down form heaven

World Omphalos

The Dome of the Rock, located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is a good candidate for the Omphalos of the world, or at least in the Western world --

It is a focal point of the three great Western religions, or Abrahamic religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. At its heart is a rock called the Foundation Stone. It is the holiest site in Judaism, and a major holy site in Islam.

Some believe it is where the Holy of Holies was located, which was the inner part of Solomon's Temple, which was built on mount Moriah. According to Jewish tradition, the stone is  also the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

In Islamic tradition, the rock is the spot from where Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel.

The Knights Templar were among those who believed that the Dome of the Rock was the site of the Temple of Solomon. They set up their headquarters in the Al-Aqsa Mosque adjacent to the Dome for much of the 12th century.

Around 17 August 2007, a dumbbell type crop circle formation appeared at Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


It was said to be man-made, but there were some who thought it "genuine." In any case, the symbolism struck me as significant for several reasons. The creations of artists often come via inspiration. In my view, the source of inspiration probably comes from the dream world, or the collective unconscious and so do "genuine" crop circle formations.

The markings beside the pathway between the two large circles may suggest the "11" or "11:11," phenomenon, as explained below. The large circle on the left fits with the Seed of Life types. The large circle near the right has a familiar pattern -- the geometry is similar to the design of the Dome of the Rock. I colorized the design diagram to emphasize the similarity to the 2007 crop formation --

In 2009, prior to the Pope's Visit to Temple Mount, I wrote an article speculating about the possible connection to the "Third Secret of Fatima." I included information about the 2007 Woodborough Hill crop formation and its similarity to the Dome of the Rock diagram --


Other Chakra Arrangements

In some cases the seven "chakra" circles are the same size, whereas in other cases they are of various sizes. Some are arranged in a straight line, while others are arranged in a curve.

Our 1997 article about the chakras presented mostly crop formations that seemed to represent a single chakra, such as the 1993 Bythorn Mandala. There were only a few presented that represented all seven chakras --

The formation pictured on the left, with seven circles of different sizes, appeared at Denton, Garington, near Oxford, in1996. The image with seven same-size circles on the right is a formation that appeared at Kings Langley in 1996.

Here are two other examples of formations from the past that may suggest chakra symbolism --

West Tisted, Hampshire
20 July 2003
 Image credit: Bertold Zugelder  

Aston, near Shephall, Hertfordshire
6 July 2006
Image credit: Tommy Borms

The image on the left suggests yin-yang glyphs. It is also serpent-like, suggestive of the Kundalini winding through the chakras (see my 2003 comment on the linked page).

The varying sizes of the circles may indicate different distances from one's viewpoint in three dimensions, that is, the smaller circles may indicate being farther away than larger ones. Evidence for this came in the form of a simple formation that appeared at West Woods, Wiltshire, around 24 June 2007 --


Imagine this as a top-down view of the 2007 Easton Royal formation or the 2009 Ogbourne St Andrew "Trilobite."

A chakra with Kundalini type crop formation appeared at The Firs, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, around 5 June 2005 --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


Phallic symbolism seems clear. This is not unusual with the symbolism of the chakras and the related Tree of Life, as well as the Omphalos.

Another example from the past appeared in Italy in 2008 --

Image credit: Gian Domenico

12 June 2008: Lizzano, frazione Celletta, Italy (Cesena - Forlì)

A very similar formation also appeared at Cuxham, Oxfordshire around 28 June 2005 --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle


Old Sarum 1992 & The Communion Message

When I heard about the 2010 Old Sarum crop circle formation, I instantly recalled a crop circle formation that appeared at Old Sarum, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, around 5 June 1992 --

Note the teardrop shape at the bottom. As far as I know there were no good aerial photographs of the formation, and it received little attention. Around 1993, I saw a small diagram of the formation in a Colin Andrews newsletter (the image on the left, above). The image on the right is a version showing chakra colors. A chain of coincidences took place that suggested an interpretation. It seemed to represent the frightening image dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel (Dan 2:31-45). I told the story in this article --


Also see --


In the dream, the frightening image had a head of gold, breasts and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet partly of iron and partly of clay. Daniel interpreted the dream as representing the ages. Interestingly, the Yugas of the Hindu chronology are symbolized by the same four metals. We are presently in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Iron.

The feet of part iron, part clay, indicate a divided kingdom that cannot hold together. I felt this was symbolized by the lower portion of the crop formation, just above the teardrop shape. The primary path divides in two at the "feet." The "feet" may also suggest "11:11."

The teardrop like glyph may also represent the Omphalos, which corresponds to the first two bottom spheres of the middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. It has the general shape of the 2009 "Trilobite" crop formation.

I considered a number of ways the image could be interpreted as steps that correspond to Biblical verses relating to the "three and a half midpoint" of seven symbolism.

As I was writing this article, a new version came to mind on 11 July 2010, indicated by the image on the right, above, which indicates the chakras. In this case, humanity's path is from the first chakra (red) at the bottom, up to the seventh chakra (indigo) at the top.

The third chakra (yellow) is represented by the "11:11 feet." The Heart Chakra (green) looks like a six or a nine. Perhaps the six signifies the sixth sphere of the Tree of Life, which corresponds to the fourth Heart Chakra.

When I first heard of the 1992 Old Sarum formation, I looked up "Sarum" in the dictionary (this was prior to my Internet days). I found "Sarum Use," which was described as a special Latin rite or Latin liturgy used with the Eucharist ("the Lord's Supper") in the Roman Catholic Church, which is generally known as Holy Communion.

Not long after I got online in late 1996, I looked up the words again. "Sarum Use" or "The Use of Sarum," is based on the mystical-spiritual insights of Saint Osmund and his assistants. Spiritual rulerships are assigned to each of the seven days of the week. This was expressed as votive masses.

About seven years ago, Dee received a writing from Astalea, that referenced "The Use Of Sarum." I am sure Astalea did not know of my interest in the subject. I was not aware of the writing until 2004, when I found it on our site while searching the Internet.

Astalea writes that "The Use of Sarum" contains a reflection of profound knowledge of the Seven Rays; their qualities and purposes. See --

The Seven Ray Colors - Clothed With The Sun

Also see --

Sarum Rite (Wikipedia)

The reader may now understand why I saw the seven small circles in the 2010 Old Sarum crop circle formation as being related to the seven chakras.

I also noted a possible Communion connection in 1992. I read an article in the short-lived California Center For Crop Circle Studies magazine, reporting that most of the important crop circles appear in the Wessex Triangle, or the Aquarian Triangle. One corner of that Triangle is Glastonbury. Years later, I found a site that had more information. One graphic has the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation as indicating the Aquarian Triangle on the map --

Articles on Earth Energies and Crop Circles

In legend, Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus down from the cross to burry him. He caught some of Christ's blood in a cup. Some say this was the same cup used at the Last Supper, the original Communion. Later, Joseph was in prison for 42 years, after which he traveled to southern England and built Glastonbury Tor. It is said that the cup, the Holy Grail, is at the bottom of Chalis Well, there at Glastonbury.

There was yet another suggestion of Communion in the form of a crop circle. It appeared at West Kennett Long Barrow, near Avebury, Wiltshire, around 28 June 2007 --

Image credit: Tommy Borms


I called it The Da Vinci Code Crop Circle, because it matched well with the geometry of Leonardo da Vinci's painting, "The Last Supper" --

To me, it was a confirmation of my previous speculations -- this strongly suggest the original Christan Communion, after all.

Communion represents joining the "Body of Christ." In my view, this is not about becoming part of a church. In the words of Joseph Campbell, the "Virgin Birth" takes place when the spiritual person is born out of the animal person, which happens at the Heart Chakra. The lower three chakras are associated with the animal instincts.

My quest led to the idea that Christ, in this larger context, or the Cosmic Christ, is related to the demiurge of the future. The demiurge is said to be the creator of the physical world, and subservient to the Supreme Deity. It came to me that the demiurge is actually collective mankind, as co-creator of the reality. This is symbolized by the swastika, composed of four "L" shaped "builder glyphs." They are the same shape as the right-angled squares used by carpenters and other craftsmen. Four horns are also used. In the Bible, the "four smiths" (or carpenters) throw down the "four horns, " that scattered the nations (Zechariah 1:18-21). The "builder glyph" symbol will come up again in this article.

In the time cycle, we, as demiurge, are symbolized as four horns spinning counterclockwise, or West. According to my dream, it is a negative, yet learning experience. The future demiurge is symbolized as four "builder glyphs" (a typical swastika) spinning clockwise, or East.

The Noosphere

The dreams and coincidences also suggested that when the change comes about, there will be a protective Saturn-like spiritual ring around the circle of the Earth -- a sphere actually. Much later, I found that Teilhard de Chardin  and Vladimir Vernadsky had a similar idea called,  the "Noosphere."

One of the dreams was about the 1990 "First Pictogram" (on the left, below) --

A voice said: "Because we are disconnected from our spirituality, some rings are missing." I knew it meant that the single circle at the top should have a ring around it. In three-dimensions, this would be a sphere. Over a period of time, I saw many other pictures of similar crop circles, some with two rectangular boxes and others with four. I noticed that the positions of the "11:11" or "11" in the formations were at different locations in relation to the main "dumbbell" of these type glyphs. I arranged the five diagrams above to illustrate how the rectangular boxes seem to move up to the top, forming a ring.

A formation that may have symbolized the spiritual ring completed appeared at Crawley Downs, Hampshire, around 13 July 1990 --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle


Many similar crop formations have appeared since the early 1990s.

During the time cycle, we have been unconscious co-creators. After the change, we will become conscious co-creators, symbolized by lion, king, and royal power. See --



show cc like earth with a noosphere

Mythical Connections

According to comparative mythologists, such as Joseph Campbell, the chakra system is a universal elementary idea found around the world in different forms. These are examples --

Book of the Dead

Navaho Sand Painting

I have added the colored circles. Click on the hyperlinks to see the original images. Note that the snout of the "Swallower" beast is positioned between the third and fourth chakras. The Judgment Seat is also at that level. An explanation of the images and the background to the theory is here --

Humanity On The Pollen Path

An important, but little-known, crop circle formation appeared south of Andover, Hampshire around 14 August 1994 --

Image credit: Anthony Horn

It was called the"Circuit-board grid." There was a small diagram of it in a crop circle Journal from surveys by J. Sayer and A. Horn. I colorized the diagram with the chakra colors --

Note that the seven colored lines representing the chakras are contained within an enclosure, like the Pollen Path sand painting above. Also note that the Heart Chakra is marked by the green line that extends beyond the enclosure to the large black circle (which may also represent the Heart Chakra). Perhaps this is a type of balance scale, with the big black circle weighed against the box with the chakras. The arrow on the bottom-right may indicate a point of ideal balance. Some ancient Egyptian depictions do show an arrow or pointer at the base of the balance beam.

The glyph near the center-bottom is somewhat like a chair, perhaps suggesting the Judgment Seat of Egyptian iconography. This is further supported by the "L" shaped glyph on the lower-left.

I read in the Sacred Symbols of Mu that the "L" type shape is a two-sided square, known as a "builder" glyph, as discussed above. The original meaning changed, and later became associated in Egypt with justice, indicated by the Judgment Seats being formed with "builder" type glyphs. This is an example (note Osiris seated upon the "L" shaped Judgment Seat) --

 The Great Hall of Truth or Judgment Seat of Osiris. Left to
 Right: Osiris in judgment chair. A leopard skin, his banner.
 Four genii over closed lotus flower, symbol of Mu. Great
 beast of Amenti. Thoth with Ibis head recording history of
 the deceased. Anubis with jackal's head and Horus with
 hawk's head weighing the heart in pair of scales against a
 The deceased, hands aloft exposing his heart, being led
 into the Hall of Truth by a feather and being received by
 Maat, goddess of Truth. The bitch sits on top of the balance
 scale...the accuser . . . later called Satan by the Christian church.  

                                      From the Egyptian "Book of the Dead".

Each person, apparently, progresses through the consciousness levels of the chakras to completion through a series of reincarnations. The "judgment" is an afterlife evaluation as to whether the person reached the Heart Chakra. I do think we actually judge ourselves, perhaps with the help of our Oversouls (symbolized above by Osiris).

Also, apparently, humanity en masse has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the seven chakra levels of consciousness evolution. We are near the "three and a half" midpoint and a leap to the fourth Heart Chakra -- the "Virgin Birth" of the spiritual person out of the animal person.

The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation

Eleven years after the original idea came to me about the leap to the Heart Chakra, a strongly convincing confirmation came. On 22 July 2004, a crop circle formation appeared at Pewsey White Horse near Pewsey, Wiltshire, that clearly represented the seven chakras --

Note that the fourth heart chakra is in the shape of a "Valentine's Day" type heart. The sixth chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, has a shape like an eye. The seventh chakra, the Crown chakra, looks like a crown, having a three pronged projection. The cross or swastika or axis mundi type pattern on the right appeared two days prior to the chakra system formation. Note that it is aligned between the third and fourth chakras, in a manner quite like the "Swallower" beast in the Egyptian depiction above. For detailed information see this article --

The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation

The Menorah Crop Circle Formation

The Menorah crop circle formation appeared at Barbury Castle around 31 May 1999 (the image on the left, below) --

The Tree of Life also appeared at Barbury Castle in 1997 (detailed below). I noticed that if the "arms" of the Menorah are brought down to the sides (the second image), and lines are drawn between circles, it matches the Kabalistic Tree of Life (the third image). In this case, there is an eleventh circle, which I have drawn as a ring, just below the top circle.  This follows the tradition of the "hidden" sphere called Daat or Daath, which is commonly drawn with a dashed line circle. The image on the right is a type of Menorah with the lamp circles arranged in a inverted "V" arrangement. This arrangement, applied to the chakras, will be discussed later in this article.

The Menorah, the lampstand with seven lamps, is one of the most important symbols in the Bible. Parts of The Book of Exodus tells the story of how Moses was given a divine revelation at Sinai concerning the construction of the Tabernacle, a portable tent used for worship, a place of revelation. The outer part of the Tabernacle was known as the Holy Place, and the inner part was called the Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place. The Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Testimony was the location of the candlestick, or Menorah.

The "Swallows" crop circle formation appeared at Milk Hill, below Adam's Grave, Wiltshire, around 4 August 2003. It looked like a formation of birds in flight. A friend pointed out that it looked like a Menorah, when looked at upside down --


I remembered that Solara, who wrote, 11:11 : Inside the Doorway, had mentioned an "11:11 Birdstar." I looked up the meaning, and was surprised how well it fit with the "Swallows" formation --

 Once we know that we are One, our Unified Presence takes the form
 of a vast white bird. This large white bird is composed of myriad small
 white birds flying in formation as One. It could be termed the Merkabah
 or the Birdstar. It is our vehicle for mass ascension. (This Birdstar is not  
 a spaceship. It is the expression of our Unified Presence!)


A Christian type cross crop circle formation appeared at Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire, around 15 August 2008 --

Image credit: Andreas Muller

Michael Glickman wrote an interesting article, comparing it to the 1999 Menorah formation, and to a six-fold formation called, the "Stonehenge Ribbon" formation, which appeared around 4 July 2002 --

The Etchilhampton Cross and Two of its Colleagues

He pointed out that both the 1999 Menorah formation and the 2008 cross formation had eleven circles. Perhaps we could associate the pair -- Menorah and Cross -- as a combined Jewish and Christian 11:11.

Around 28 June 2010, another cross formation appeared in Croatia --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


I has the same basic form as the 2008 Etchilhampton Hill formation, above.

More Chakra Arrangements

In 1996, a crop formation appeared in a field in Chehailis, Washington State, USA. It apparently represented the seven chakras --


Note the "thought bubble" style, the curvature, and the small circles within rings that may represent the "Hara-Line" mentioned previously. The largest circle, which apparently represents the Crown Chakra, had twelve segments of standing crop inside. In the tradition presented in the article by Jens Rowold (see below), the seventh chakra has 960 "white" vortices, and twelve "golden" vortices. The underlying pattern is, again, the Seed of Life, but this time representing the Crown Chakra rather than the Heart Chakra.

A picture from India has a similar image of the seven chakras in the form of a curved line of flowers with the size of each in a similar "thought bubble" style order --

It is an old picture made by an Indian saint, after deep meditation. In the upper-left side of the picture, there is a four-petal lotus, representing the first chakra. On the right are the seven flowers representing the chakras. To the left of the flowers is a coiled snake, with the upper part of its body standing up. This is the "serpent power," the Kundalini. See --

Crop Circle Formations As Chakras, Part Two

The arrangement of the seven chakra circles in one of the Menorah graphics, above, and the 2007 Easton Royal formation, and the 2009 Trilobite at Ogbourne St Andrew, may be related to an idea I saw presented in a video by Joseph Campbell. He told of the traditional belief that when a person completes the journey through the seven chakras, a choice is made. The person may pass beyond the Earth plane or stay longer in the world. If the decision is made to stay on the Earth, the person symbolically comes back down to the Heart Chakra. The seven chakras then take the arrangement of an inverted "V" shape, like this --

 3 + 5 = 8
 2 + 6 = 8
 1 + 7 = 8  

At that point, chakra three is balanced by chakra five, chakra two is balanced by chakra six, and chakra one is balanced by chakra seven. I noticed that  the number "888" could be interpreted from the arrangement by adding the three sets of paired chakras.

About two years after I learned about this idea, an "888" crop circle appeared at Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire --

Image credit: Andreas Muller

It appeared on August 8, 2008, or 8-8-08, suggesting 888. The "figure 8" shape certainly seemed to emphasize the "eight" message. Significantly, the number 888 in Greek Gematria means "Iesous" which is the Greek name for Jesus. The shape is also considered an "Infinity" sign.

The central portion of eight circles around the central circle is similar in arrangement to the "Dharmic Wheel" crop formation that appeared around 17 August 1992, just north of Silbury Hill, Wiltshire  --

The Dharmic Wheel Crop Circle Formation

The Dharmic Wheel is about human spiritual development. There are eight symbols on the large ring, with a quartered circle in the center. It represents the spiritual development of a person in eight steps, followed by a ninth step to the center, representing Union with the One.

The Sri Yantra is also a progression in nine steps -- in this case through the chakras. A huge Sri Yantra pattern appeared in a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. See --




The design of the 888 Milk Hill formation is somewhat similar to the "Tipharet Helix" types, discussed below. There are 21 circles and 21 teardrop shapes on each of the two big outer loops. The number 21 and multiples (42, 84) have been a feature of quite a few significant formations (see below). The numbers, multiples of seven, are often associated with time cycles. The number 84 is said to be related to several Biblical numbers, for example --

 three and a half days = 84 hours
 70 years = 840 months
 23 years = 8,400 days

More information can be found on our page about the kundalini crop circle.

The three and a half is, of course, half of seven. In terms of universal symbols of the seven chakras, three and a half is the midpoint, i.e., the Heart Chakra. These two Biblical verses are noteworthy --

 And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week;
 and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease;
 and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate,  
 until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator.

                                                                                                    Daniel 9:27

But after the three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them,
 and they stood up on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them.

                                                                                            Revelation 11:11

Daniel's "half of one week" is clearly speaking of three and a half out of seven.

Revelation 11:11 is telling of the two olive trees (also called lampstands and prophets) who are killed and their bodies lie dead in the city for three and a half days. The two olive trees are referenced to the Old Testament --

And the angel who talked with me came again, and waked me,  
 like a man that is wakened out of his sleep. And he said to me,
 "What do you see?" I said, "I see, and behold, a lampstand all
 of gold, with a bowl on the top of it, and seven lamps on it, with
 seven lips on each of the lamps which are on the top of it. And
 there are two olive trees by it, one on the right of the bowl and
 the other on its left."

                                                                      Zechariah 4:1-3

This symbolism fits well with the Menorah and the Tree of Life, both of which appeared as a crop circle formations. The two olive trees would correspond to the left and right Pillars of the Tree of Life. The seven lamps may represent the seven chakras.

I believe Revelation 11:11 is especially significant. Many "coincidences" have been reported by people all over the world about the "11:11 phenomenon." See --


A significant "coincidence" is that the end of the Mayan time cycle will happen at 11:11 AM Universal Time on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012. See --


Around 4 July 2009, a "square" type version of the figure eight, composed of "Celtic rope" elements, appeared at West Down Gallops, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


The "Celtic rope" units total 21 in each square area, for a total of 42. The formation is, therefore, numerically similar to the "888" formation mentioned above. Note the elongated teardrop type shape and the "Swallow " glyph. There is also a bird atop the Pollen Path sand painting, above. According to Joseph Campbell, birds represent the descent of deity into the field of time.

The two glyphs seem to indicate movement -- perhaps the forces behind movements in cycles of time. It reminds me of the idea of the "god ahead and the god behind" expressed in two ways in the Pollen Path article --

 In the house of life I wander
 On the pollen path,
 With a god of cloud I wander
 To a holy place.
 With a god ahead I wander
 And a god behind.
 In the house of life I wander
 On the pollen path.
                           Navaho chant  

 For you shall not go out in haste,
 and you shall not go in flight,
 for the Lord will go before you,
 and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

                                                         Isaiah 52:12  

A dream gave me an idea leading to an interpretation. I was seeing the fanciful animal called the "Pushmi-pullyu" from the movie, "Doctor Dolittle." A voice spoke, saying --

 Pull from the future, push from the past.  

I thought of the counterclockwise negative Swastika as representing the push from the "past," and the clockwise positive Swastika as the pull to the "future." It seems that we are being pulled by the future and pushed from the past.

Suddenly, I remembered an idea presented by Sir Laurence Gardner in one of his books about the Holy Grail bloodline. He claimed that in the original Old Testament Bible there were two terms for God -- Jehovah and "The Lord." Anytime something bad happens to humans, it is Jehovah, and anytime something good happens to people, it is "The Lord." He suggests that this follows the ancient Sumerian mythology of the brothers and sons of "God," Enlil and Enki. For example, Enlil tried to destroy mankind by bringing the flood. Enki warned the Sumerian Noah and his family, thereby saving the human race.

Interestingly, there were eight people -- four couples -- aboard the Biblical Ark. The Navaho often depict four couples around a square shape in their sand paintings. The number eight is said to represent a new beginning.

So, apparently, the "Swallow" in the West Down Gallops formation represents "The Lord," or Enki, the "Lord of the Earth," pulling humanity toward the positive future. The long teardrop apparently represents Jehovah or Enlil, pushing from behind, not allowing us to return to past negative beliefs and ways. This is probably akin to karmic processes.

An example is the story of Lot's wife. The family were leaving the burning city of Sodom and were warned by angels not to look behind. Lot's wife looked back to the burning city and suddenly turned into a pillar of salt. The burning city can be interpreted as past ways of living and being that are being eliminated by divine forces. "Looking behind" suggests returning to past ways of believing and living. One might say that Enlil-Jehovah harshly prevented the woman from reverting back to her old ways.

As I was writing the above sentence (on April 14th), I looked up "Lot" on Wikipedia. This item from the article helps to reinforce the validity of my interpretation, which was actually based on dreams --

 New Testament

 In Luke 17:32 Jesus simply says "Remember Lot's Wife"
 using her as a warning to professing Christians to not turn  
 back to their sin after leaving it.  

Salt itself in the story may suggest a symbolic meaning. Salts are used in cathartics for clearing the bowels of the constipated (symbolically eliminating old, digested food for thought). From that root word comes catharsis, a cleansing or purging of the mind.

The teardrop in the formation has also been interpreted to represent a comet or a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. Destruction on the Earth by such cosmic forces can also be interpreted as karma or judgment, or symbolic of those concepts.

Ancient Mayan Symbol
16 June 2010 Update

Yesterday, I searched through The Sacred Symbols of Mu, looking for ancient symbols and information about serpents. A serpent type crop circle formation appeared at Walbury Hill, near Combe, Berkshire, around 12 June 2010. In the process, I saw this glyph --

It is remarkably similar to the 2009 West Down Gallops crop formation, pictured above. I have had the book since early 1991, and I was familiar with this glyph, but for some reason I did not recall it in connection to the 2009 crop formation.

The glyph is on Page 158 of the book, in a section about spirals. The text reads --

 This is a figure found under identically the same circumstances
 as the previously mentioned spirals; found along the lines of the
 Mayas and Carians running easterly from the Motherland. It is
 composed of the hieratic letter H or rather two of the letters
 following one another but connected with each other. The second
 is drawn in reverse of the first one, symbolizing a return. These also   
 are generally found at the entrance of burial chambers.

The Mayan Headdress Formation

After I saw the glyph from The Sacred Symbols of Mu, I remembered that similar patterns had appeared as parts of crop circles, especially ones that are considered Aztec or Mayan types. I searched and found one that is quite like that ancient glyph. It was called by some, the "Mayan Headdress" formation. It appeared at Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire, around 5 July 2009 --

                             Image credit: Jack Roderick                      Image credit: NightWind (C. Marty)

I noticed the various groups of seven and filled  them with the chakra colors, as I had done with various images in this article. Note the green glyph near the bottom, that looks like the ancient Mayan Glyph from The Sacred Symbols of Mu, above. Note the four elongated teardrop shapes, which are similar to the one in the 2009 West Down Gallops formation, above (the "square" type version of the figure eight). In this case the teardrops are curved rather than straight.

Zef Damen's reconstruction of the  "Mayan Headdress" formation is based on two decagons (ten-sided polygons) inscribed in a circle. From this, the circle is divided into twenty parts. The twenty-part formations are discussed below.

The "bars" and "dots" within the fourteen "feathers" resemble Mayan numbers. A dot represents the number one, and a bar represents the number five. Reading left to right, Joel Thompson's count was --















Added together the total is 162, which can figure as 6 x 27 or 9 x 18. This is consistent with other Aztec-Mayan systems (see the number wheels below). Also interesting, 162 x 4 = 648 and 162 x 8 = 1296 or six to the fourth power. The 1996 "DNA" formation was 648 feet in length. The 2002 "Mitochondrial DNA" formation was composed of 1296 small diamond shapes. See --


The numbers may indicate a date and time, something like this:

12-21-12 11:11   or    21-12-12 11:12

It has been said that the end of the Mayan Calendar will happen on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM Universal Time. It was originally listed on the U.S. Naval Observatory site like this --








































In the 28 years listed on the page, from which the above table was taken, only the one 11:11 Universal Time is given.

Note: Conspiracy theorists should like this -- Last November the time was changed on the U.S. Naval Observatory page to 11:12 AM. The 11:11 time was on the archive site the last time I looked -- about a month or so ago. But, on 18 June 2010, when I was composing this part of the article, it was gone. It has now been blocked by the site owner. I found another site -- archaeoastronomy.com -- that is still archived with the 11:11 AM time. The updated page now shows 11:12 AM, as does the link above to the U.S. Naval Observatory site. The only other Winter Solstice time that was changed was for the year 2018 -- from 22:22 to 22:23. It is not a big deal if the minute figures have been rounded off, depending on the longitude and latitude of the observer, or whatever. But, I find it quite strange that the archives of those records have been blocked by agents of the government. Why do they want to hide that information?

For information about the 2012 alignment, see John Major Jenkins' article --


Around 31 May 2010, a Seed of Life type crop formation appeared in almost the exact spot at Silbury Hill, as the 2009 "Mayan Headdress." At the time, I was almost finished with this (Part One) of this planned series of articles about the 2010 crop circles. I will cover the 2010 Seed of Life formation at Silbury Hill in Part Two.

Around 3 August 2004, an "Aztec" type formation appeared near the same location close to Silbury Hill as the 2009 "Mayan Headdress" formation. It contained sixteen glyphs that are somewhat similar to the ancient Mayan glyph illustrated above from The Sacred Symbols of Mu. There are twenty major sections, which corresponds to the construction of the 2009 "Mayan Headdress" formation. Such divisions of circles match well with the ancient system of numbers --

Note the central figure-eight/Vesica Pisces shape.

Another "Aztec" type formation appeared at Wayland's Smithy near Ashbury, Wiltshire, around 9 August 2005. It was also divided into twenty major sections, which incorporated glyphs somewhat similar to the ancient Mayan glyph illustrated above from The Sacred Symbols of Mu.   --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder

Zef Damen's reconstruction starts with  circles forming a Vesica Pisces (step 2). At step 37, 242 lines are drawn from the center, outward. Interestingly, 242 = 11 x 11 x 2.

The twenty glyphs on the perimeter are each composed of eight rectangles arranged in a spiraling order. This was a theme in 2005 (see below).

The middle section with "bars" probably represents a number code.

Linda Moulton Howe pointed out that glyphs similar to those around the 2004 "Aztec" type formation at Silbury Hill, were found on carvings of the Aztec god, Xochipilli, sometimes called, "The Prince of Flowers --

Note the glyph at the bottom of the base. Also note the feathered headdress. This is an excerpt from the Wikipedia page about the Prince --

 Xochipilli was the god of art, games, beauty, dance,
 flowers, maize, and song in Aztec mythology. His name
 contains the Nahuatl words xochitl ("flower") and pilli
 (either "prince" or "child"), and hence means "flower
 prince". As the patron of writing and painting, he was
 called Chicomexochitl "Seven-flower", but he could also  
 be referred to as Macuilxochitl "Five-flower".

I find the idea of "Seven-flower" significant in relation to the subject matter of this article -- the seven chakras, which are symbolized by flowers.

Another "Aztec" type formation appeared at Waden Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire around 16 July 2005 --

Image credit: Peter Sorensen

Again, the glyphs around the perimeter are similar to the others, above. There is yet another "seven" message in the form of three sevens (777) arranged in a triangle.

In 2005, a number of formations appeared that had glyphs composed of eight rectangles arranged in a spiraling order. The 2005 Wayland's Smithy formation, above, is one example. These are two other examples --

The formation on the left appeared at Manton Down (or Boreham Down), near Lockeridge, Wiltshire, around 22 June 2005. It has similarities to the Sri Yantra. The reconstruction layout is based on a grid that includes a modified type of Flower of Life structure.

The "Aztec" type formation on the right appeared at Woolstone Hill, near Uffington, Oxfordshire, around 13 August 2005. There were sixteen of the glyphs around the perimeter. The arrangement of the rectangles suggested a rotation from one glyph to another. See --


There is a resemblance to the other glyphs mentioned above.

As I was writing the articles about the 2005 crop circles, I found this --

It is a carving on a wall of Mayan ruins in Mexico. The arrangement of the rectangles is quite like those found in crop circle formations.

One of the meanings of the Sri Yantra is a path through the chakras from outward-inward in nine steps. Remember, a huge Sri Yantra pattern appeared in a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990 (see above). The Dharmic Wheel, which appeared as a crop formation in 1992, also has nine steps, representing human spiritual development.

The center rectangle of laid down crop, in the formations with the eight rectangles of standing crops seems to represent the ninth step. In the 2005 Manton Down formation, the plants in the center rectangle were twisted into a peak at the center. This would correspond to the "Bindu" point of the Sri Yantra, the ninth chakra, representing Union with the One.

I therefore see the eight spiraling bars of crop formations and the central rectangle of laid down plants, as representing the nine steps in spiritual development, also symbolized as a path through the chakras.

In 1991, long before the crop circles appeared that suggested nine steps, I had noted similar symbolism, including a writing in the Gnostic Gospels. I mentioned it in my Mandelbrot Set article --

 I see the eighth and the souls that are in it and the angels singing a
 hymn to the ninth and its powers . . . I pray to the end of the universe
 and the beginning of the beginning, to the object of man's quest, the  
 immortal discovery . . . I am the instrument of thy spirit. Mind is thy
 Plectrum (A pick to strum the strings). And thy counsel plucks me.
 I have received power from thee. For thy love has reached us.

I just looked up (June 28th) the opening words of the writing and found that the Gospel they came from is now online --

The Nag Hammadi Library
The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth

The Tree of Life Chakra Connection

There is a theory that the Tree of Life also represents the chakra system. The Tree of Life symbolizes the entire creation, but is also seen as the underlying structure of each human being --

It is said that man was created in the image of God. When one pictures being within the Tree, the various left and right spheres -- and the related duality attributes associated with them -- are reversed. The Tree viewed from the outside is like a mirror image.

I created the image above and the three images below to illustrate the relation between the Tree of Life and the chakra system  --

The Tree on the left has the ten spheres (sephiroth) numbered in the traditional Kabbalistic tradition. The Tree on the right has the spheres numbered to show the chakra relationship. The central image shows the chakra colors and the spheres and pathways related. Note that chakras 3, 5, and 6 are shaped like dumbbells, each formed by spheres on the right and left Pillars connected by a pathway. The category of crop formations known as "Dumbbells" may be related to the Tree chakra dumbbells.

This is an excerpt from our article about the 1997 Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation --

 The three pillars of the Tree of Life are comparable to Ida, Shushumna, and Pingala
 of the Yoga system, where Sushumna is the channel of ascent of kundalini, placed
 between the male and female potencies of Ida and Pingala. The three pillars may be  
 also likened to Yin and Yang, the female and male principles of Chinese philosophy,
 with Tao (the way) being analogous to the Middle Pillar.

A significant coincidence happened as I was composing this part of my article (on June 14th). I found a Wikipedia page with this statement --

 We know that the spinal cord is composed in a peculiar manner. If we take the
 figure eight horizontally (infinity sign) there are two parts which are connected
 in the middle. Suppose you add eight after eight, piled one on top of the other,  
 that will represent the spinal cord. The left is the Ida, the right Pingala, and that
 hollow canal which runs through the centre of the spinal cord is the Sushumna.

I take this as support for the idea that the figure eight type crop formations are related to the chakra system.

The three images above are converted from graphics found at this site --

The Interactive Tree of Life (Qabala)

The site has a great amount of information about the Tree of Life. Click on a sphere or path to find information.

The 2010 Stonehenge Crop Circle Formation
and The Tipharet Helix

The second UK crop circle formation of 2010 appeared at Stonehenge, near Amesbury, Wiltshire, around 9 May 2010 --

Images credit: Chris Bird



It fits with a number of past formations, including the "figure eight" types above, that I believe represent a crossover called the Tipharet Helix, illustrated by these images --

Tipharet is the Kabbalistic name for the sixth sphere of the Tree of Life, corresponding to the Heart Chakra, illustrated here as a green sphere in the center of the Tree. Three of the graphics show 3D images of the Tree of Life viewed at an angle. They are based on a graphic from the Tipharet Helix page. The image on the upper left is unchanged. The image on the upper right shows the chakras in their traditional colors. The image on the lower left shows a pathway through the chakras in white. Note that the white pathway jumps from the third chakra (yellow) around the Heart Chakra (green), to the fifth chakra (blue). The dashed white line shows a direct path connecting chakras 3, 4, and 5. The lower right image is a diagram of the 2010 Stonehenge formation, which has been flipped and colorized for comparison. This statement from the Tipharet Helix page explains the meaning --

 The numerical interplay in the tree is subtle.
 The "left" pillar, coming down from Keter, begins  
 with odd numbers, and the "right" pillar begins
 with even numbers. But at Tipharet, the polarity
 reverses. This is Karmic mixing; showing that
 everything becomes its own opposite in time.

I added the extra graphic to make it visually clear. As I see it -- in terms of the chakras -- the path would begin at the bottom with chakra one, proceed to chakras two and three, crossover chakra four to chakra five, and then proceed to chakra six and finally to chakra seven at the top. This appears to be humanity's path over cycles of time, as well as each person's path over a series of reincarnational lifetimes. One of the "three and a half, midpoint of seven" symbols is 35 years in the life of a man of three-score years and ten (70), as the symbolic ideal midpoint of life where a person reaches the Heart Chakra level.

Humanity en masse is apparently at the third chakra level and about to make the leap to (or over) the Heart Chakra.

Symbolic Event 9-11-2001

There are 22 pathways on the Tree of Life connecting the ten spheres/sephiroth. The pathways are associated with the 22 Tarot cards that make up the Major Arcana. Each is assigned to a pathway on the Tree.

Of special note here is the pathway connecting spheres seven and eight, known as Netzach and Hod. That pathway is assigned to the Tower tarot card. The two spheres with pathway form the "dumbbell" shape that I have depicted on these pages as yellow, indicating the third chakra.

Like the other spheres on the left and right Pillars of the Tree, there is symbolism related to male-female duality attributes. The meanings go far beyond simple male and female human bodies. One meaning relates to the two sides of the brain, as indicative of rational (male) and intuitive (female) thought. It was pointed out in our 1997 Tree of Life article, that this can mean the intellect and emotions or the head and the heart. Also discussed in the article was the number 777. The number 343 (7 x 7 x 7) had also been reported as a message from the crop circles.

The Tower card depicts a big building on fire that is struck by lightning, with people jumping out --

Needless to say, this image came to mind on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers in New York City were set on fire after being struck by two airliners flown by terrorists. To me, it was a very important symbolic event, as well as a terrible tragedy. See --

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event
September 11, 2001

Reinforcing my feeling was learning later that 777 New York City firemen had lost their lives in the line of duty up until that tragic day, and that 343 (7 x 7 x 7) New York City firemen lost their lives on that one day!

There were, of course, many other number coincidences reported concerning the event, the most prominent being number 11.

A fitting interpretation as to the symbolic meaning of the Tower Tarot card is that it represents one's beliefs and thoughts at a time of sudden change. The old system has served its purpose, but it is time to change, to move on. But, there is no door on the Tower. There is no way out in your own way of thinking. It's similar to "painting yourself into a corner." That is when the lightning strike from above happens, forcing the person to jump out. In the case of 9-11-2001, this applies to humanity in general.

The Tipharet Helix page has several symbolically similar "infinity" type graphics in addition to the special form of the Tree of Life, including these three --

Around 9 May 2004, a formation appeared at Tegdown Hill that was very similar to the center graphic above --

Image credit: Paul Vigay

(note my [Joe Mason] 1st Jun 2004 comment on this page)

Zef Damen's reconstruction includes a Vesica Pisces at step three, which has that figure eight look.

While writing this article, I noticed that the Celtic infinity design on the right could be rotated, flipped, and colorized like this --

The similarity to the Tree of Life crossover with the seven chakras is apparent. The two six-fold glyphs near the central glyph are significant for several reasons. The design fits with the Seed of Life types and the related Star of David, which relate to the Heart Chakra in the center of the Tree of Life.

Around 13 June 2009, a six-fold Seed of Life type crop circle formation appeared at Stanton Bernard, below Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire --

Image credit: Olivier Morel

Stanton Bernard (2), below Milk Hill

The formation "located itself" on top of the ghost image of the 888 figure eight formation of 2008. Not long after seeing the 2009 formation, I happened to again look at the Celtic infinity design on the Tipharet Helix page. The location of the 2009 Seed of Life formation in relation to the 2008 figure eight formation is remarkably similar to the Celtic infinity design.

Remember, evidence from the crop formations over the years strongly suggest that the Seed of Life symbol relates to sphere six of the Tree of Life, which corresponds to the Heart Chakra.

This is a diagram of the 2009 Stanton Bernard Seed of Life formation --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


On 16 May 2010, I read an article on the BLT Research site that included some very interesting information about the 2009 Stanton Bernard six-fold formation --

Excerpt from:

by Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

Is a Consciousness of Some Kind Involved?

In June 2009 two of our European colleagues spent a few days in Wiltshire, examining several of the formations which had already appeared. These colleagues have considerable experience in the UK fields and were not only surprised by the new "pictorial" design style so much in evidence in 2009, they were not at all sure how to evaluate the "lay" quality observed in some of these formations, particularly in the "Dragonfly."

On the night of June 11th, while walking along the farm track next to the "Dragonfly," they found themselves wishing for a new formation to arrive that night in the same field, near the "Dragonfly" -- and what they discussed was a fairly simple "geometrical" design, perhaps a plain circle but with some sort of "special feature" which they might be able to recognize as a "response" to their wish. Specifically, they talked about a piece of this simple circle being "moved outwards," and there being a standing section like a "slice of cake."

The next morning (June 12th) the "Phoenix" was discovered in the Yatesbury field in a spot directly opposite the place where our colleagues had been standing in the farm-track next to the field when they "wished" for a simple design to appear. But it, of course, could hardly be considered a "simple" design...and it was clearly as "pictorial" as the "Dragonfly."

But on the following day another new formation was found just below Milk Hill, near Stanton St. Bernard. This formation was both smaller and of a much simpler design and it was also mostly symmetrical. Both men were shocked when they discovered the protruding outer ring around one of the six circles and the small triangularly-shaped section of standing crop in this same circle, immediately recalling their request two days previously for a special feature: "one section of the circle should be moved outwards," and there should also be a standing feature "like a slice of cake."

This type of strangeness has been part of the crop circle story for at least twenty years. Researcher, Michael Green, once said that it was like someone standing over your shoulder listening to your conversation. As I see it, evidence supports the idea that "The Circle Maker" may be the unconscious mind, or the collective unconscious of humanity.

I wrote an article that presented evidence of an unknown "control system" effecting mankind on an unconscious level --

444, The Triplets, & The Creation

It is primarily about the work of certain scientists. I made this comment --

To me, the idea of the "control system" discussed in the article fits with other ideas about how our reality works. As I see it, the "control system" is in the dream reality. It is as if our daily lives are a stage play, where we follow the "script" written in the dream reality. There are scripts for individual lives, and on collective levels, including a world level. This is the basis of "evolution" in various terms, as change is a constant process.

Such a process is evidenced by the worldwide phenomenon of shamanism. The shamen have a close connection to the dream world, and help their tribes in adjusting to change. In modern society, it is generally the artists that perform a similar function.

We all have a bit of the shaman in us, that is, we are all connected to the dream reality. It seems clear that certain people with great intellect, such as Pauli, manage to tap into the dream-unconscious realm, helping them to bring new ideas and changes to the world.

The 2010 Stonehenge formation has two sets of seven curved lines that are based on the geometry of twelve interlocking rings in a circle. See Zef Damen's reconstruction --


A torus formation composed of twelve interlocking rings appeared at Alton Priors, Wiltshire, around 11 July 1997 -- the image on the left, below --


I created the image on the right by superimposing a portion of the 2010 Stonehenge formation on top of the 1997 torus formation for comparison.

The 1997 torus formation was discussed in Part Two of our chakras article, as representing the Heart Chakra.

As I was composing this part of the page (on 1 June 2010), I realized the date of the Torus formation might be significant. July 11 may suggest the "seven-eleven" symbolism mentioned above in the discussion about the number of potential small circles (7 + 11) in the 2010 Old Sarum formation.

Another twelve-fold torus type formation appeared at Bishops Cannings near Devizes , Wiltshire around 24 May 2009 --


The twelve-fold torus type formations may be suggestive of the Heart Chakra, which is traditionally symbolized by a twelve petal lotus flower with a Star of David inside. In one theory, chakras two through six have double vortices. The two vortices of the Heart Chakra amount to 12 + 12 = 24 vortices total. This was pointed out on our chakra page in 1997 --

Chakra Classification Table


 Number of  

 "Double Chakra"  
Sum of Vortices






















The information above came my way in June 1997, via an article by Jens Rowold in the "Circular" Number 28. This excerpt fits well with the new Stonehenge formation --

The variety of flow patterns in the crop formations can be seen as exactly like the flow of energy in the chakras. An excellent book about this is "Hands of Light," by Barbara Ann Brennan. Barbara, like others, can see the energy in the aura, and uses this to diagnose health problems.

I believe Jens was referring to the "flow patterns" of laid-down plants inside crop formations. In the new Stonehenge formation, and others, "flow patterns" are also a part of the design of the crop formations themselves, that is, the patters are composed of both standing and laid-down plants.

So, the new Stonehenge formation may be showing the two twelve-fold vortices projecting out on both sides from the central circle, which represents the Heart Chakra. I believe this adds support for the chakra theory.

Flower of Life Matrix

Jay Goldner of the Phoenix Group presented an interesting theory about the 2010 Stonehenge formation, showing connections to Flower of Life designs --


Stonehenge itself fits into a Flower of Life matrix. The new crop formation fits in the matrix when it is extended from Stonehenge across to the nearby crop formation --

Image credit: Jay Goldner

The Seed of Life is part of the Flower of Life series. The image on the right shows how the Tree of Life (with chakra colors) fits into the Flower of Life matrix.


I created this straight-on view of the Tree of Life for comparison purposes --

It is similar to the 3D side view  versions of the Tipharet Helix pathway in the images displayed above. Note that the colored circles and white pathway could be depicted as going from bottom-left to upper-right or straight up the middle Pillar.

Around 19 July 2009, a crop formation appeared at Liddington Castle, near Badbury, Wiltshire --


It fit very well with the Navaho sand painting called the Pollen Path --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle

The image in the middle is the 2009 Liddington Castle formation. The image on the left is the Pollen Path sand painting, with the seven chakras marked with colored circles along a different path than the previous image near the top of this article, which has them in a straight line. The idea of this new Pollen Path image is to suggest the Tipharet Helix crossover. The image on the right is a horizontally flipped diagram of 2009 Liddington Castle formation. The purpose was to show the similarity to the Pollen Path image on the left.

The bird at the top of the sand painting brings to mind the "Swallow" in the 2009 West Down Gallops formation, above.

Note the "teardrop" shape near the central circle (the Heart Chakra). It is significant and chakra related. This will be presented in some detail later in this article.

According to Joseph Campbell, the lower, curved pathway on the sand painting is a rainbow of two colors, indicating an alternate path of unbalance of the duality attributes, yet meets the central path at the key marker, the Heart Chakra.

The zigzag line on the upper left is a lightning bolt from above that strikes the Heart Chakra. Campbell compares this with "the thunderbolt of enlightenment" of Hindu and Buddhist iconography. See:


The 2009 Liddington Castle formation is strikingly unusual in that it is enclosed by a double set of continuous pathways around the central formation. When I first saw a photograph of the formation, I recalled another part of the above article explaining the Pollen Path sand painting --

 He [Joseph Campbell] explained that the bounded area parallels
 archetypal symbols of the "enclosed park," such as the interior of
 a temple, or an Earthly Paradise. The word, "paradise," comes
 from the Greek "paradeisos, meaning "enclosed park." The Old
 Persian word, "pairi," means "around," and "daeza," means "wall,"  
 giving "pairidaeza," meaning "enclosure."

Another Tipharet Helix crossover type crop formation appeared at Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, around 25 May 2009. I created this colorized version to show the possible chakra connection --

Image credit: Andreas Muller


Note the yin-yang type glyphs at the top and bottom.

A similar formation appeared at East Kennet, near Avebury, Wiltshire, around 21 June 2009 --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


In this case, there is no clear chakra connection.

An infinity-like design with three primary circles appeared at West Overton, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire, around 8 August 2009 --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


About ten days prior to the appearance of the West Overton formation, Dee had a dream vision --

 7-29-09 - DREAM - 3:35 a.m. - I was looking at a stage on which there
 were three announcements of activities that were to occur and the audience
 got to choose which one it was. Each one was about cats and an activity that  
 a cat would do to another cat, but I couldn't remember what they were.

 VISION - I saw three crop circles and each one was a circle with a cat's tail
 either inside or outside of it. 

She reported the dream vision on this page: http://www.greatdreams.com/july-2009.htm

I reported Dee's dream vision on the Crop Circle Connector Forum.

When Dee later saw a picture of the West Overton formation, she felt that it fulfilled her dream.

The three main inner circles of the formation had the plants laid in three special designs. On one end it was concentric rings, in the middle was a checkerboard pattern, and on the other end was a seven-fold star-like pattern. See Dee's dream page linked above to see a detailed diagram.

Around 1 August 2008, a "gear" type crop formation appeared that was quite like the 2009 West Overton formation above. It appeared at Oxfordshire Watchfield (Wind Farm) --

Image credit: Andreas Muller

The formation was positioned next to five windmills in a line. Each "gear" had 18 "spokes." The looping pathway around the circles reminds me of timing belts on a motor vehicles.

Dee and I felt that this formation might be related to the many dreams of bicycles and motorcycles. My studies indicated that such dreams are often about a duality balance, or imbalance.

The center gear can be imagined to rotate counterclockwise, which would drive the two smaller wheels clockwise. The center gear would correspond to the sprocket of a bicycle or motorcycle (except the rotation is backwards).

The teeth are similar to Mayan depictions of feathers. It seemed like an obvious conclusion that the design was related to the Mayan calendar, which is sometimes depicted as rotating gears with various numbers of teeth, such as thirteen and twenty or eighteen and twenty.

The number of of teeth/feathers in the formation may relate to the Ancient Code. It is based on a 360-degree circle divided into ten parts of 36 degrees each. The "in between" points, divisible evenly by 18, tend to have tangents that are the same as 666 (18 x 37), either plus or minus. In the case of the 2008 West Overton formation, there are 54 gears/feathers. That is the first number on the wheel that has the 666 tangent (but a positive number rather than negative).

There were fourteen tiny circles within the center circle. This may suggest numbers such as --

18 x 14 = 252
18 x 18 x 14 = 4536

The number 252 may relate to a Biblical time cycle number, based on the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar (See Daniel 4:10-26). He dreamed that a great tree was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years (7 x 360 = 2520 days). Some say these are "Prophetic Years" of 360 years each, giving a total of 2520 years.

When working with the ancient numbers, it is recommended that the zeros be ignored when making certain comparisons.

The number 4536, divided into the number of Nineveh, results in a well known ancient number --

195955200000000 / 4536 = 43200000000

or simplified --

1959552 / 4536  = 432

The number of Nineveh was found on a clay tablet in the ruins of the ancient city of Nineveh. According to former NASA astrophysicist, Maurice Chatelain, the tablet contains a cosmological constant with a value of 70 x 607 (seventy times sixty raised to the power of seven). It has been called "The Constant of Nineveh." The number, just under 196 trillion, is equal to 2268 million days of 86400 seconds each.”

The number is said to perfectly describe all the orbital times of our planets down to a second. It equates to a cycle of time of roughly 6.2 million years, given in seconds. Note that twice 2268 is 4536.

The number 432 is a universal cycle of time number. For example, the Kali Yuga time cycle is said to be 432000 years. See --

The Cycle of Time Number 432

About seven days after the "three gear" formation appeared, the "888" infinity sign formation, mentioned above, appeared at Milk Hill.

Around 3 June 2008, this formation appeared in the Republic of Boryoung City, Korea --

Image credit: Andreas Müller


It is somewhat like a double infinity sign.

The 11:11 Helix Formation

This was the final UK crop circle formation of 2009 --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder

It appeared at Knighton Hill, near Wayland Smithy, Oxfordshire, around 29 August 2009. It was unusual in that it appeared in maize (called corn in the USA). There were 23 circles, 11 on each side of the central circle. I see this as "11:11" symbolism, which was discussed above.

It is noteworthy that the "Pollen Path" sand painting (see above) shows a path along a cornstalk, i.e., a maize plant. Joseph Campbell's interpretation was that it represented the seven chakras with the "three and a half" midpoint marked by the lightning strike from above. My series of articles titled, Humanity On The Pollen Path, speak strongly to the 11:11 connection.

Another crop circle formation suggested the 11:11 in a similar way. It appeared at Yatesbury Field, Wiltshire, around 30 May 2007 --


The snake is for comparison. It is from China, dated to 500-250 BC. It represents the Kundalini serpent of the chakra system, which is coiled into three and a half turns. The crop circle formation consisted of 57 small circles, arranged in a spiral of three and a half turns. There are 23 groups of circles.

Note that the middle set of two circles was placed on a rectangular marker, apparently an area of bare dirt with random groups of plants. There are 11 groups of circles before the marker, and 11 groups after the marker (The central group  is indicated as *2*) --

1 2 3 1 5 1 4 2 1 1 7 *2* 2 1 1 3 9 2 1 1 3 3 1

The 11:11 suggestion seems clear.


The "teardrop" glyphs have appeared in the past. The following information has been on our chakra pages since 1997. See --



Crop circle researcher, Freddie Silva, found that the two 1996 triangular crop formations with the teardrop-like patterns next to them are quite similar to the internal patterns in ancient depictions of chakras. Both formations had a teardrop shape next to the main glyph. On the left, below, is the 1996 Roundway crop circle formation. On the right is a symbol for the first chakra.

On the left, below, is the 1996 Etchilhampton crop circle formation. On the right is the symbol of the third chakra.

Below is a depiction of an 18th century scroll from a Tantric school in India. At the bottom the third chakra is indicated by the ten-petal lotus flower. Above is a rolled up kundalini (which traditionally has three and a half turns). It is depicted as a snake, the most common symbol for this subtle force. On the upper right is a teardrop-like shape, which is said to be a way of stressing a letter of the Sanskrit language.

So, it seems, the teardrops are a way of stressing a chakra level. In the case of the two 1996 triangular crop formations, the first and third chakras were stressed. The third chakra is also stressed in the Tantra image above. The 2009 Liddington Castle formation stressed the Heart Chakra.

Perhaps this is a way of telling us that Humanity will crossover from the third chakra level to the fourth, fifth, and beyond, as we make the leap to the Heart Chakra level of consciousness evolution.

It also seems significant that two crop formations had teardrops arranged in a way quite similar to the depiction of the Tree of Life from ancient Sumer -- the "Trilobite" of 2009 and the "888" figure eight formation of 2008.

The 21 and the Valentine's Day Heart

Obviously, many of the crop formations mentioned in this article display the number seven and multiples in various ways. In a number of cases, the number twenty-one (3 x 7) or a multiple is featured. The number twenty-one came up in my studies quite a few times over the years. Dee and I have written about this in several articles, including the Chakra System Crop Circle article --


Around 1994 I learned about the Penultimate Letter of the Hebrew alphabet from Paul Rydeen, a student of the works of the late mystical writer, Philip K. Dick. The Penultimate Letter is the twenty-first, the second to last letter. It is called "Shin" and is shaped like a trident, and is associated with fire and the Holy Spirit, the feminine aspect of God, also known as the Shekhinah. The word, "shin," means "tooth." The word, "trident" is derived from words meaning "three teeth."

Over a period of a few years, in the mid 1990s, I experienced a number of amazing "dream-coincidences," involving a number of people and dreams, that were related to three teeth, the Trident, and the number 216, which is 6 x 6 x 6, and the number of letters in the Seventy-Two Divine Names.

In 1996, not long after I first got online, I learned of a man who had an amazing and extensive experience involving dreams and his search for the meaning. This became known as "The 21." The story is still online, here and here.

In the second dream, the dreamer was near a group of twenty-one people arranged in a triangle. A woman was at the tip of the triangle facing him. She called herself "the leader," and called him, "the protector. This is an excerpt --

 DREAM 2, The 21 [skip]

 I was getting a little agitated at this point. "Am I supposed to lead these people
 like Moses or something?" The voice answered that "She is the leader, you are
 the protector". "to show that you are a protector, we are placing the mark of the
 protector on your vibronic (sic?) aura to show others that you are a protector".
 At this point I am suddenly holding a white ceramic molding that looks kind of like
 a heart with one side gone. Not a human heart mind you, but a "romantic" heart.
 The voice says "This is the mark of the protector". "You will know from your
 memories when it is time to go"[skip]


 Linda convinced me to talk to an acquaintance of hers that was a "channeler".
 I had no bloody idea what a "channeler" was or what they did. [skip]

 What follows is a direct transcript of the tape that was made:

 You are indeed a protector.

 You were chosen many lifetimes ago You have been trained for this duty throughout
 your lifetimes You volunteered for this.

 You will be changed for this duty.

 You have been given memories that will be activated when you need them.

 We have done this because your technical-analytical mind will question these
 memories and you will not accept them.

 You can quit this duty whenever you decide.

 You have a free-will. Your Vibronic (sic?) aura bears your mark.

 (ROGER> "Let me see if I can detect it"

 --Roger begins to run his hands around me not unlike a mime doing a 'wall' routine.  

 (ROGER> "There is something here"

 It is as I have told you, you bear the mark of the protector.

 (ROGER> "Here is what is there"

 --Roger hands me a piece of paper that has a pencil drawing that is
 EXACTLY the same as the white ceramic molding that I had held in the dream.

 The girl is the leader. You are the protector.

 The dreams are real.

 [end of excerpt]

The part about the "romantic heart" impressed me, because I had determined by then that the big change was a leap to the Heart Chakra. The same type of heart, like those on Valentine's cards has appeared as parts of crop circles. The most significant was the heart shape in the 2004 Chakra System Crop Circle Formation (see above).

The Number 21 in Crop Circles

After I read the vision, I drew a diagram of the twenty-one people arranged in a triangle. There are six people on each side, suggesting a "666 triangle." I learned later that twenty-one is the sixth "triangular number." Two other significant triangular numbers are 153 (the 17th) and 666 (the 36th). The numbers one through six add to 21. The numbers one through seventeen add to 153. The numbers one through thirty-six add to 666.

Around 24 July 2003, a Flower of Life type crop circle formation appeared at Broad Hinton, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire, which had twenty-one circles arranged in a "666"triangle" --

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder


The crop formations discussed in this article that display the number twenty-one in various ways include --

1.  The 2009 "Trilobite." -- 21 circles/teardrops in area below the dome.

2.  The 2009 "Mushroom" -- 6 small circles outside, 6 circles in the stem, counting crescents, and 9 in dome (6 + 6 + 9 = 21).

3.  The 2004 Chakra System -- The cross or swastika type pattern on the right is based on 21 circles. See Zef Damen's reconstruction, step 16 --

4.  The 2008 "Figure Eight" or "888" -- 21 circles and 21 teardrop shapes on each of the two big outer loops.

5.  The 2009 "square" type version of the figure eight, composed of "Celtic rope" elements -- The "Celtic rope" units total 21 in each of the two square areas.

6.  The 2009 Mayan Headdress -- 14 primary feathers, plus seven glyphs in the crescent area under the "face."

7.  The 2005 Waden Hill "Aztec" type with three sevens arranged in a triangle -- 7 + 7 + 7 = 21. Note: This is especially significant in that we have 21 in a triangle, like "The 21" dream.

8. The 2005 Manton Down Sri-Yantra like formation -- Twenty sections of standing plants, plus the central "Bindu" area.

9.  The 2010 Stonehenge helix type -- Seven chakra circles, plus seven lines in each of the two swirls.

There were two other crop formations worth mentioning that displayed the number 21. A quintuplet of quintuplets appeared at Avebury Manor, near Avebury, around 27 July 2005. It was composed of twenty-one circles --

Image credit: Steve Alexander

A 5 x 5 grid of "balls" appeared at Monkton Down, around 20 June 2005. Four "balls" were formed by laid down plants, while twenty-one "balls" were made of standing plants --

Image credit: CCC

A more in depth discussion of the 2005 crop circles can be found here --

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

I'm sure there are other formations that have displayed the number twenty-one. The above list is just the few I have noticed.

Valentine's Day Hearts as UFOs

On 1 July 2010, I read Nancy Talbott's article about "UFO photos" taken around crop circles in Holland in 2009. Part 5 displays several Valentine's Day type heart shapes appearing on photographs,. It was as if the "UFO" (or whatever it was), was displaying a symbol.

When asked what the UFO hearts meant, psychic, Robbert Van Den Broeke replied, "We come with love."

Brilliant Heart with "Light-Ball UFO"

I hope to have Part Two of this series posted before too long. It will include more about how the Seed of Life ties into the picture (the last 2010 crop circle formation in May was a Seed of Life type).


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Extra Data

On 27 June, after the second major update of this article, I found a link from the Circle Chasers Facebook page that led to an article that dovetailed well --


Crop circle and Vision confirms that the dimensions are merging
May 8, 2010 - Message received in Sedona, Arizona
during a ceremony circle with Willaru Huayta and Aluna Joy

During a ceremony circle, atop a red rock vista in Sedona, Arizona with a group of old and new friends, I received a message about the birth of the new world and how the dimensions are now beginning to merge. Unfortunately we didn't record the message, so here I will do my best to recall what I received . . .

Our group circled together, and quickly I began to see heart cords emerging from everyone's hearts and merging at the center of our circle. All of our cords began to braid like an intricate weaving. This unified cord began to rise up, and then they opened like a moon jelly fish of light. It was our collective light body. It was very beautiful. Tentacles of light that were draping down were anchored to the Earth all across Sedona. It appeared that the points that these chords of light were anchored to were in very specific areas. At first I thought our ceremony was just about anchoring light in Sedona, but quickly the vision grew.

The light body created by our hearts began to grow so big that it reached out to the place between our atmosphere and outer space. The Earth and its atmosphere were completely encompassed by this umbrella of light. Cords of light began to anchor all over the world. It became apparent that many people around the world were assisting in what we were doing here in Sedona, even though we were not aware of each other. Once all of these cords, from the heart centers of the light workers, were anchored to the Earth, they began to go deeper into the Earth's core. At this point, all of these cords reconnected into a place that looked like a seed, or a giant egg. I began to realize that this was an embryo for our new world. Our love, positive intentions, and creative power that came from our hearts centers were acting as the fertilization for this embryo. It was also apparent this embryo was about to hatch. It was quite apparent that Earth needed us, but we also needed the Earth. It is a divine symbiotic relationship.

I began to examine this egg/seed/embryo to understand it further. I could see the light body and the light cords going through to the center of the Earth to this embryo. But the light cords did not stop here. They passed all the way through the Earth and circled back around again. At this point, the earth looked like a tube torus. If you don't know what a tube torus is, it simply looks like a giant spiraling cosmic bagel. The embryo was in the center of the bagel.

So again I looked at the embryo, and I saw it was attached in two places . . . like two umbilical cords. In one place, it was attached to the world we are in now. On the opposite side of the bagel, it was attached to the new world. The center point was this embryo. I saw that the world we are in was beginning to be absorbed by the new world, and the new world was being absorbed by the world were in. It was becoming ONE. The egg was beginning to hatch.

The Star Elders shared that this was yet another step toward us manifesting the new world. It was a huge turning point. They also shared that we would begin to see the effects of this merging immediately, and that it would take several months to complete. We ended our circle knowing something powerful had shifted in us and the world, but we didn't know to what extent we had shifted. A few days later it became apparent.

We discovered later that on May 8th (the day of our ceremony) that there were spectacular, multiple solar flares. This can make people feel agitated and un-easy and accelerates transformation immensely. Solar flares can break apart old patterns that are no longer needed so new ones can emerge. This can make us feel hyper and exhausted all at the same time. It can also wreak havoc with technology. I lost my computer monitor.

On the evening of May 8th, something else miraculously happened that really anchored this vision into reality. Near Stonehenge in England, a crop circle appeared in the night. The next morning it was reported to us by our dear friends Bea and David. The crop circle accurately described the vision we had the day before. The crop circle shows the two spiraling dimensions traveling through a large center circle . . . very much like a tube torus / bagel. This was yet another confirmation that what we were doing here in Sedona was connected to a much larger global activation.

We began noticing many symptoms of this new activation. Time and space was beginning to wobble even more erratically than before. We seem to be loosing track of time easily. The day simply disappears. We are not sleeping very well . . . again. There is lots of tossing and turning in the night. We are hearing reports of many unusual dreams. We are feeling huge power surges followed by energy drop outs. There were many reports of nausea, and body aches and pains. Many felt deep grief. Some felt like they were walking on water. Others said that when they closed their eyes at night, everything was spinning. There have been visual disturbances, inner ear issues, throat and thyroid issues, cold feet (from being between worlds) and even a weird symptom of having tongue dryness. These symptoms are already subsiding here in Sedona, but they seem to be spreading across the earth quickly.

The morning, after I uploaded the updates to this article on 3 July 2010, Dee reported a dream --

Subj: Birds and men in cages
Date: 7/4/2010 7:42:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777@aol.com

7-4-10 - DREAM - My husband and I were watching TV, and on the screen were two men, high up in the air inside a metal cage of thin rods, that was filled with metal rods that were crooked and spiked and really scary looking, and these two guys were in that cage fighting with each other at the same time. One guy got his arms twisted around the metal bars and could't get one of his arms loose, and I was afraid the other guy was going to really hurt him.

I then went out to the garage, and I found a large box with what looked like a bird cage, made very similarly to the cage on TV, except the bird cage was made of wooden sticks with a dome shape top and had to be constructed by hand by the purchaser. It wasn't anything like the nice metal cages you buy in a store.

I keep thinking about 'a bird in a gilded cage' but there was nothing gilded about this cage. It was all individual loose sticks one had to put together ones-self.

I opened the box in the garage and to my surprise, I saw two parakeets in the box - really pretty ones that were colored blue and white like blue jays.. They were really large size.

The box was wide open and the garage door was open and I thought for sure the birds would just take off and fly out into the yard, but I was able to grab them without them biting me, and put them into the lid of the box with a cloth over them and they didn't try to escape.

I went back to the box with the sticks in it, and found three more birds, but these were smaller - akin to finches, and they were different colors of blue and green. I quickly snagged all three birds and put them in the box with the other two, so now I had 5 birds.

I had no idea how those birds could have lived and been so healthy in shipping boxes like they were. Who knows how long the bird cages were in the warehouse, and the store, etc. before people bought them, and there were lots more boxes of these cages at the store.

I went back to the box with the cage, and spotted two more birds on the floor - different birds. One was a light green dove, and one was probably a cordon bleu finch - very colorful, and when I picked them up, I saw a third bird that was quite differerent from all the rest - very thin body, but multiple colors. Somehow I got all the birds together under the cloth, and went back to making the cage for them which was just like the metal cage I had seen on TV with the two men fighting in it.

The 3 July 2010 update included quite a bit more information about the dome and related symbolism. Although Dee knows the general ideas, she had not read much of this new article. I did not mentioned it in the article, but various birds, including doves, are associated with the Oracle Centres, where Omphalos Stones were located.

After I read Dee's dream, I showed her a printout, dated 8 May 2010, of an article about Oracle Centres and Omphalos Stones. She was not aware of the bird connection to the Omphalos.

I received an e-mail on 5 July 2010, that contained some of the prophetic visions of Jane Lead, who lived some 300 years ago. It came from this web page --


The excerpt below fits well with some of the concepts about trees and hearts in this article --

I saw a Tree which stood before me completely barren and dried up, without any Leaves to cover it: When seeing this it was said to me: "See yourself symbolized as a Body without Clothes". Thereby heard I a Sound and Voice from a Light and Radiance over the Tree, which expressed itself in these Words: "Consider it not impossible that this Tree may live again, but wait and believe, so you shall see it, like as here in the Vision, so also afterwards, substantially [materially, in reality]". As I then beheld it with my inner Eye, a Dew from the upper Elements fell on it, which thoroughly moistened it, and after that came a glowing Heat from the Eternal Sun, which caused it to immediately send forth golden-yellow Leaves which were a beautiful and bright shining Cover for it, and suddenly all Limbs [Twigs] and Branches began to be laden with Fruits, which were similar to Apples with a golden Tinge to them. And thereupon it was said to me: "They shall be formed [shaped] in this Manner and perfected to this Degree [Grade] where [when] Poverty and Lowliness of Spirit, despising of Selfishness and Self are beautifully and sincerely laid down as a Foundation towards the Resurrection-Life."

Thereupon I saw through the Eye of my Mind [Spirit] many intertwined [united] Hearts together coming down [descending], of which was said to me that they were the split Hearts put [set] together by Fire and Air which shall enter [go] into a certain Number of Persons who were willing to lay off the previously mentioned mixed Hearts: And the Task and the Service of these Newly-Created Hearts should be to draw [pull] many more along into the Unity and Harmony, and the end Results [Purposes] would be the Manifestation of Life and the manifesting [beginning] of Power to work [act] in the Body of the Holy Spirit which, as was confirmed to me, shall be the New Garment of this Pure Heart; so that what appeared to be hard and impossible to happen or to do, should be made entirely [quite] easy, by the joyful fulfillment of the Royal Law of Love, which is the Will [Intention] and Mind [Purpose] of God on Earth, just as the worthy Soldiers of the Lamb did in their glorified [transfigured] Condition in Heavenly Places. And until the Time when such Hearts become bound together and united as the Links of a Chain, One cannot yet say, that the Kingdom of Christ has come in His Power, Dominion and Glory.

shattered unity of World Soul

Shevirah = shattering of the Vessels, shattered unity of World Soul

Qlippot - empty “husks” or opaque “shells” of broken vessels, devoid of true Being

Tzaddik - multi-centered Consciousness, the Righteous

Tikkun - rectification

Zer Anpin = Bridegroom



Chashmal = divine core of our Soul (amber)

Adam Kadmon

The Year of Jubilee
Chapter Four:
A Season in Hell

The origin of the wide and well-paved road between our World and Hell is, in fact, one of Milton’s themes in his Paradise Lost. Early in the poem, he describes Lucifer’s flight from the gate of Hell to our then-newly-created World. Satan’s journey traverses the Abyss, a desolate region consisting of the chaotic wreckage of the myriad doomed universes that preceded our own.[6] This wreckage of aborted worlds was known to the Hebrew mystics as the Qlippot, which means the “Shells” or “Husks”. After the Fall of Adam and Eve and their Exile from Eden, Milton describes how Satan’s son Death follows his father’s track and constructs a “passage broad, smooth, easy, inoffensive down to Hell”. Death performs this feat by congealing the fluid turbulence of Chaos into stone, just as the mythic Medusa petrifies living things with her evil eye. In a transparent allusion to the Papacy, Milton refers to this “highway to Hell” as a Bridge, “Pontifical, a ridge of pendent Rock/ Over the vast Abyss”.[7] The nexus between the Papacy and the Inferno — also a central theme of Dante’s Divine Comedy — is something we’ll consider in a subsequent chapter.

We also said that Teli embodies the 12 diagonal paths of the Tree of Life, the so-called “Arms of the World” that enclose the Tree and protect it from infestation by the Qlippot. The number 12 also identifies Teli with the ecliptic plane, since the latter is divided into 12 segments corresponding to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Similarly, the dissociation of the World Soul and the Fall of Man have produced a condition in which the “flavor” of the Neshamah is rendered bitter as a result of its becoming enmeshed with the Qlippot/Shells. These Shells, it should be recalled, are not evil from their inception, but rather become so because they are dislocated from their proper place. They are the remnants of the “shell-within-shell” order of a series of prior worlds, all of which fell short of the perfect Symmetry needed to sustain the Tree of Life.

In this exiled mode, Shechinah and Her Emanation Neshamah are mystically identified with Rachel, who is heard lamenting for the Lost Tribes of Israel in the famous passage from Jeremiah:

A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not.[40] Thus, Rachel is a symbol of the entanglement of the Shechinah with the spiritual pollutants known as Qlippot. This entanglement, in turn, causes Her Emanation to be taken hostage by the Other Side. To release the Shechinah from Her captivity is the ultimate goal of the Kabbalah.[41] As long as the Shechinah remains in Exile, Her Emanation — which constitutes the transcendent, unifying aspect of the human Soul — remains bitter. The bitterness of Neshamah bespeaks an adulteration, a murkiness which cannot sustain the infinitely detailed fractal replication of the Eternal Forms. In order to remove this bitterness and, in a manner of speaking, render the waters of Marah “sweet”, it’s necessary to follow the lead of the Israelites, who proceeded from Marah yet further into the Wilderness/Midbar.

As a result of this cosmic/psychic disorientation, the 12 “Arms of the Universe” that Teli embodies are no longer positioned to protect the Tree of Life. Exposed to the incursion of the Qlippot, the Tree must now assume a defensive posture, a mode of commands and prohibitions aimed at keeping the Other Side at bay. In this mode, it becomes the Tree of Good and Evil, structured to maintain a separation between the “clean” and the “unclean”. A parallel transformation takes place in the “outward garment” of the Torah, as its apparent literal meaning takes on a dark cast of limitations and strictures.

The Arrow of Yesod is in fact the lynch-pin that secures the linkage between the Eternal and the mundane. It integrates the realms of the Heavenly Host, the Living and the Dead. But when the Tree of Life manifests itself as the Tree of Good and Evil, an Abyss opens between the Land of the Living and the Underworld of the Dead. This breach is reflected in Yesod, which becomes the access route into this World for the demonic Qlippot as well as the blessed Souls. It is in Yesod, therefore, that we discover the Gates of Gehenna as well as the Gates of Paradise. Since Yesod receives its influx from the dual Sephirot of Netzach and Hod, moreover, we should conclude that the breach between Good and Evil, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell originates in the fissure between the “foreground” and the “background” of Reality.

Instead of having one Tree which connects the three realms of the Eternals, the Living and the Dead, what we now have is two Trees. One of these, the Tree of Life, has become unapproachable by the Living, who are kept away by the Flaming Sword. The other, the Tree of Good and Evil, is unapproachable by the Dead, because they have become entangled with the demonic Qlippot of the Other Side. This entanglement is portrayed allegorically in the Book of Genesis by the kidnapping of Joseph by his envious brothers. Envy is the hallmark of the Satanic ego-persona, in which the Self is diminished to the status of a passive Object. In order to establish its tyranny, the ego must send the Subjective elements of the Self into Exile. Thus, the dreamer Joseph is sold into exile in Egypt, a place regarded by the Jews as the domain of demons. In Hebrew the name for Egypt Mizraim is the dual plural of mezurah, which denotes a walled-in area, like a fortress surrounded by ramparts. This reflects the condition of the divided Selfhood of Man, with its Subjective and Objective poles sealed off from one another.

Hidden Time

In this endeavor the Tzaddik faces the resistance of the Other Side/Sitra Ahra, which strives through the ego to obscure the supernal fractal pattern. In effect, the Sitra Ahra acts to render the fractal “shadow” of Chaos opaque. The effect of ego-perception is to reduce experience to a phenomenal “shell” that renders the Chaotic encryption of the Hidden Time within Yesod inscrutable. Since stone is the exemplar of opacity, the “foundation stone” is a metaphor for this obscured state of Yesod. Hence the connection between the cubical stone and Saturn. When Saturn wields his scythe to emasculate Uranus, he symbolically severs the “phallus” of Yesod and its chaotic linkage to the upper Worlds. What remains is mundane Time cut off from Eternity — an isolated line of Time that must have an end. Accordingly, in the wake of the Flood the mythical Saturn of the Golden Age reemerges as the malignant hooded figure of Father Time, aka Death.


These mythic underpinnings of the story of Noah suggest that the Tikkun of Yesod essentially involves removal of its opacity.


From all this we can infer that the Covenant of Circumcision is intimately tied to the Tikkun of the Godhead in the sense of the reintegration of its Male and Female poles. The Zohar teaches that the foreskin represents the Qlippot which separate the Holy One from His Shechinah.[70] It follows that the crucial step in the reintegration of the Godhead is the return of the Shechinah from her Exile in this World. This return is allegorically portrayed in the Exodus story, in which the Shekinah appears as the <i style="">Knesset Yisrael, the Community of Israel, taken as a collective Body. When, under the stewardship of Moses, the <i style="">Knesset Yisrael coalesced into a state of One Mind, the Shechinah emanated from it as a pillar of fire by day and a pillar of cloud by night. According to the Midrashim, however, the Community of Israel was not able to leave Egypt until the body of Joseph was located and his bones carried with them out of Exile.

We devoted quite a bit of attention to Joseph in the previous chapter. Since his name is virtually synonymous in the Torah with Righteousness, Joseph is closely identified with the Sephirah Yesod. Yesod, in turn, is tied to the Covenant of Circumcision, which is the indispensable key to ending the Shechinah’s Exile. With his “coat of many colors”, Joseph represents Yesod in its <i style="">Qeshet “Rainbow” mode, encompassing the full spectrum of the many Worlds/Olamim. Not coincidentally, the Rainbow is also a mystical attribute of the Shechinah, insofar as the full spectrum of its Light includes even the Quintessence.




The Year of Jubilee

Chapter Four:

A Season in Hell


This reveals that Elohim’s work was preconceived from “the Beginning” as spanning Six Days. It also expresses the idea that, “In the Beginning, Elohim created Six”. The Six referred to here are the Six Sephirot from Mercy <i style="">Chesed to the Foundation <i style="">Yesod, which together comprise the supernal Body of the Divine Man, <i style=""> ZerAnpin. Reflecting the distinctly masculine character of the Six, the Sephirah Yesod is often represented by a phallic Arrow. But the figure of the Arrow describes Yesod in another sense, as well. As the ordinary arrow splits the wood of the mundane tree, so Yesod, the Arrow of Righteousness, “splits” the Tree of Life. Yesod “splits” the Tree in the sense of completing its great Middle Axis. This Middle Pillar of the Tree consists of five levels: the Crown/<i style="">Keter, Equilibrium/<i style="">Daat, Symmetry/<i style="">Tipheret, the Foundation/<i style="">Yesod, and the Garden/<i style="">Malkut. These five levels, in turn, correspond to the five strata of the World Soul or <i style="">Pleroma.


something best described as a <i style="">“collective ”Soul, which the Hebrews

named <i style=""> Neshamah. Neshamah has a distinctly feminine character and

is considered to be an aspect of Shechinah, the Divine Presence of the Female side

of the Godhead. It follows that, when we are endowed with the inward Symmetry

of Neshamah, we are Beings capable of entering God’s immediate Presence, as

the Prophets have done.


Now, the emergence of Space and Time required of the Creatrix various acts of

separation. For there to be Space, there must be four directions — indeed, even

four dimensions, according to Einstein’s General Relativity. For there to be Time,

there must be two directions — Past and Future — and perhaps even two temporal

dimensions, if physicist Stephen Hawking’s theories are correct. This gives us a

six-dimensional Reality, inwhich are manifested the Eternal Forms, or what the

Hebrews called the <i style="">Elohim. We should recall, from our discussion in

Chapter Two, that the six-fold Symmetry of the Elohim generates 2^6 or 64

Eternal Forms, through which the Divine Similitude is imprinted on the Soul.


The illusion of individual power is a prime motivation for why we all cling so desperately to our narrow ego identities. Which of us has not imagined him/herself on the mountaintop where Satan brought Christ? Which of us has not dreamed of being the World’s most exalted personage? In great measure, it’s our indulgence in these vain fantasies that keeps us prisoners within ourselves, that keep us alienated from our fellow humans by ambition and envy. As long as we remain divided among ourselves in this way, we can never become joined in the One Body which our Bridegroom, the Messiah, longs to embrace.


Below the level of the ego-persona, there are to be only forgotten fragments of the whole Self, relegated to the Unconscious, to the Land of the Dead.

As we’ve said, the Neshamah is the first level of the human Soul in which a collective element is introduced. It can best be described as a transitional strata of the Soul leading to the emergence of the Chayah at the end of Time. The Chayah, aka the “Book of Life”, is the full ensemble of Righteous Souls mustered under the spiritual banners of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, as is depicted in the Book of Revelation. [Revelation 7:4-10] Chayah means “to revive”, and hence the Chayah represents the complete restoration of the unity of the Soul, on a level of integration even higher than that which preceded the Fall of the Angels.


Accordingly, the Neshamah begins to break down the barriers of insular identities and recast the human race as One Body and One Soul. It does this by establishing a network of inward connectedness between individual Souls based upon the “common language” of the Elohim’s Eternal Forms -- or what Carl Jung referred to as the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.


As we noted in our last chapter, the “branch” which sweetened the bitter waters of Marah was part of the Tree of Life. But which part? Since this particular“ branch” acts upon the “water” of Neshamah, it must regulate the structure of the Soul, of which Neshamah is one level. Therefore, this “branch” would be the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, in which is embodied the five-fold Symmetry of the Pleroma. We’ve just got finished saying that the propagation of the Soul’s Symmetry involves the downward replication of a fractal pattern which can be envisioned as “shells within shells” or “wheels within wheels”. It follows that the “bitterness” that afflicts the waters must be something that blocks or impedes this downward propagation at the level of Neshamah. Since Neshamah is an attribute of the Sephirah Malkut, it’s there that the breakdown occurs, which explains why Solomon instructs us to “descend into the Garden”.


As for the 70 palms, in our last chapter we explained that they stand for the process of Rectification that transforms the Tree of Good and Evil back into the Tree of Life. This Rectification process proceeds over a period of 70 Jubilee Cycles. The number 70 reflects the work of the 64 Eternal Forms of the Elohim extended over a period of Six Days/Millenia. As we’ve just seen, the process of Rectification unfolds in the metaphysical Wilderness. In Hebrew gematria Midbar equates to 248, the number which symbolizes Man’s correspondence to the Divine prototype. For example, there are 248 positive commandments in the Torah and 248 parts of the human body. The digits of 248, when multiplied together 2x4x8, equal 64, the number of Elohim’s Eternal Forms. Each of the digits of the number 248 is also a root of 64, since 2^6 = 4^3 = 8^2 = 64.


But the realm of Unconsciousness is a realm not only of dreams, but also of nightmares. The Moon, which is the emblem of this Netherworld, has a dark phase as well as a bright one. In the dark of the Moon lurks the Shadow, the evil “alter-ego”. Since the nature of the Reality defined by the Tree of Good and Evil excludes co-existent contraries, all of the elements of the psyche which do not fit within the ego-persona must become the ego’s negation, its Shadow. Consequently, we all have not one identity, but two diametrically opposed personas, each seeking to undo the other. The more absolute the dominance of the ego becomes, the more rabid grows the antagonism of the Shadow. As the ego-persona has attained its apotheosis in our times, therefore, we have witnessed the concomitant explosion of self-destructive behavior, both on the individual and social levels. Thus, in place of the natural complementary relationship between the Conscious and Unconscious -- which is to say, between the “foreground” and “background” of Consciousness -- we have instead a mutually-exclusive hostility.


From the preceding discussion, we begin to appreciate that the mathematical and the spiritual share a close conceptual kinship. Where they intersect, they merge into the Science of Numerology, which the Ancients studied with such a passion. It is impossible, for example, to understand the deeper meanings of the Torah without recourse to this Science. The fact that this same passion for the sacred content of numbers runs also through the Gospels is alone proof of the essential and abiding Jewishness of the true Christian Faith. In our previous chapter, we spoke of the prodigious catch of fish by the Apostles in the last chapter of John’s Gospel. John is very careful to specify that there were exactly153 fish caught on that day.

The number 153 is the sum of the integers from one to seventeen. Seventeen is the seventh of the prime numbers. Hence we might describe the number 153 as being “seven expanded twice”. In the sacred dimension of Time, the great Jubilee Cycle also represents “seven expanded twice”: once in the Sabbath Year or Shmittah observance every seventh Year, and then again in the Jubilee Year celebrated every seventh Shmittah. The Seventh Day of Creation, when Elohim gave birth to the Treasury of Souls, expands to the seventh Year and then to the seventh Week of Years.

But the Year of Jubilee is actually celebrated on the eighth “Day”/Year of the Seventh Week of Years, and this “acceptable Year of the Lord” then becomes the first “Day”/Year of next Jubilee Cycle. The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the guttural <i style="">Chet ? . In the <i style="">Bahir we read the following dialogue between the legendary Rabbi Akiba and his students concerning the letter Chet:

They asked him: “Why is the letter Chet open in only one direction?” He anwered: “Because all directions are closed, except for the North, which is open for good and for evil.”


Elsewhere, in the <i style="">Zohar[44] we read that when Elohim shaped the World, She “sewed up the seams”, so to speak, on three of its four quadrants. But the North side She left open as the “window” between Eternity and Space/Time, through which the Light of Righteous Souls could shine into the LowerWorlds. We can think of this causeway between Heaven and Earth as a Ladder, as it appeared in Jacob’s vision at Bethel/Luz. We can also picture it as a great Pillar, the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life -- the veritable trunk of the Tree through which flows of sap of the Pleroma. We have previously identified this archetypal Ladder or Pillar with the Sephirah Yesod, the Foundation. Yesod is counted as the eighth Vessel or Sephirah on the Tree, [45] and so it corresponds to the eighth letter Chet. Chet is the first letter of the Hebrew word for “arrow” <i style="">Chetz ??, invoking the image of Yesod as the Arrow of Righteousness. In other words, Yesod is the “direction”, unique to each individual, that takes us back to God.


The same archetypal pattern is also present in Herman Melville’s allegorical tale <i style="">Moby Dick, which has its setting in the South Seas. When we think of Captain Ahab’s severed leg, we’re reminded of the two “legs” of theTree of Life, Netzach and Hod. Together, they serve as a sort of metaphysical “gyroscope” that keeps the human Soul inbalance. Hence, the loss of a leg is a metaphor for the loss of spiritual Equilibrium that afflicts fallen Man. In a sense, we are all one-legged cripples like Ahab, with our missing “limb” representing a piece of our Soul from which we’ve become separated. What Ahab’s obsessive hunt for the White Whale who took off his leg represents, therefore, is the quest of the disfigured Soul to restore its original wholeness.

The nature of this quest is the same for the damned Souls, of whom Ahab is the prototype, as it is for the redeemable ones, such as Ismael, the protagonist of Melville’sstory.


But Melville proceeds to point out that there’s a grave danger incipient in this dreamy pantheism of the young sailor. During the primeval shattering of the Pleroma, as we have said, the fragments of the World Soul became contaminated with a “demonic” component, which must be “refined” out before the Soul’s unity can be restored. In the previous chapter, we learned that the role of the “refiner” belongs to the Messiah, into whom all individual Souls will ultimately be assimilated. The Messiah’s function is to repair the breach in human Consciousness, the breach which divides the Conscious from the Unconscious, the Living from the Dead, Heaven from Hell.

This great tear in the fabric of Consciousness is very much related to the symbol of the Leviathan which Melville so effectively deploys in his novel. In Genesis, the division of Light from Darkness -- and the attendant creation of Hell -- on the First Day is followed on the Second Day by the creation of a firmament to separate the Lower Waters from the Upper Waters. The imagery of the “separation of the Waters” actually alludes to the establishment of the “bottom level” or Foundation of physical Reality. This is the level below which matter and energy can no longer be divided, and it corresponds to what physicists call the “quantum limit”. Earlier we noted that this “quantum limit” had to be set at a precise level determined by a non-dimensional physical constant whose integer value is 137. The Leviathan is a symbol of the Lower Waters, which embrace all the phenomena that are excluded from physical Reality by reason of being below the quantum limit. These sub-real entities exist in what scientists call a “virtual” reality, which is to say that they are real but insubstantial, “demonic” beings without bodies.



Byron's dream, and Jeff's 1990 dream (above), may by explained, in part, by this article:

The Year of Jubilee, Chapter Five: The Hidden Time by Thomas Jude Germinario

The idea is that the metaphysical foundation of phallic Yesod, represented as the second (from the bottom) sphere of the Tree of Life, is similar to the idea of the Omphalos becoming opaque (Qlippot), obstructing our view of the upper source Worlds of the Olam, after the "shattering of Vessels" (Shevirah).

After the "rectification," (Tikkun) the Yesod sphere becomes clear (sapphire stone). This represents the change in our "evil eye" perception of reality, that will eventually come into being, eliminating the negative influence (Sitra Ahra) from the "Other Side."]


We recall that the Shechinah functions as the final <i style="">heh in the Tetragrammaton ????, the “divine Word” which reveals the mystical structure of the Godhead. Once the Shechinah recaptures the fullness of her image as <i style="">heh, She is prepared for Her marriage with the Bridegroom Zer Anpin, represented by the letter <i style="">vav ? in the Tetragrammaton. It is this mystical wedding which reintegrates the Male and Female poles of the Godhead and reestablishes the unity of the divine Name. Therefore, when the Zohar says that the Tikkun must restore the Shechinah to her original form, it is talking about nothing less than the rectification of the Godhead Itself. This is the great task which God cannot perform directly for Him/Herself, but which requires the work of a Self-conscious being who is free to act independently of God. The ultimate agent of this work is the Tzaddik, who must emerge out of Creation through his/her own initiative and, in effect, create him/herself. That’s why the Zohar links the restoration of the Shechinah with the appearance of the Righteous. The Tzaddik must rectify him/herself in the process of rectifying the Godhead.


Noah the Tzaddik


Regarding Noah, the Zohar depicts him as the paradigm of Righteousness and, referring to Proverbs 10:25, calls him the “foundation of the World”. The latter, of course, identifies Noah with “Yesod of Olam”, the metaphysical foundation of the World of manifestation and its link to the many Worlds of unrealized potentials.


So Noah represents the “phenomenon of Man” — to borrow a phrase from Teilhard de Chardin — fully integrated with the “noumena of Man”, in the sense of the alternate branches of the evolutionary Tree of Life.


The Deluge is the archetypal event in which a vast domain that had previously been accessible to human Consciousness became “submerged” in the Unconscious.

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The Year of Jubilee

Chapter Five:

The Hidden Time

Rabbi Shimon explains that the Male and Female Leviathan are called “great” because they represent the utmost degree of holiness, in which the Oneness of the Godhead is restored in the union of its Male and Female poles. This union is realized in the Wedding between humanity’s collective Soul -- the Neshamah -- and the Bridegroom <i style="">Zer Anpin who personifies divine Symmetry. The emergence of the Neshamah depends upon Man transcending ego-consciousness through his own efforts -- through the Catharsis of Error. In this trial-and-error process, Man cannot shun the Other Side, as Job did, but rather must engage it and come to know it intimately. That’s why Moses had to become a member of the household of Pharaoh before he could lead Knesset Yisrael out of exile. The Pharaoh is the Ahra Sitra incarnate and is actually described as a Leviathan by the prophet Ezekiel. [Ezekiel 29:3 and 32:2]


It follows that Knowledge does not dissolve with the death of the physical body and brain and will not dissolve even with the end of mundane Time. Ultimately, the operation of weaving the tapestry of Reality which began in the Olam will return there. As our Consciousness processes our experience of the earthly Jerusalem, we are actually constructing the heavenly Jerusalem as well. And when our Consciousness is ready to ascend above the bounds of mundane Time, the heavenly Jerusalem will descend to meet us, just as St.John envisioned it. At that juncture, the hidden interior dimension — the realm of the Female Leviathan — will unfold, like the petals of the Rose in Dante’s vision of Paradise.


The track we must follow to accomplish this Tikkun of the Torah is the pathless path of the Leviathan. We need to submerge ourselves like the Fish in the “lower waters” so that we can discern the fractal pattern which reveals the Symmetry of the “higher waters”. In doing so, let us follow the steps of the consummate Tzaddik, Joseph the Dreamer, through the 50 gates of the Unconscious. Our next voyage, in Chapter Six, will take us in the ship of our Imagination from the shoals of mundane Time to the Sea of Jubilee.


Palatium = Omphalos