10-1-01 - DREAM - I was in a city and was with Ruth (she lives in Georgia). She was showing me the neighborhood where she thought was a good place to live. It looked like a pretty shabby place to me. Then she pointed out a particular building and we went inside.

As soon as we opened the door, it was like being in another city. A sign said, 'Royalty'. The people were friendly, kids were smiling and happy.

I was now with my daughter and I wanted to go east. I pulled out a map to see which way to go.

I looked at the map and where 49th St. was supposed to be and many streets east of that in a large, rather circular area were gone. I tried to figure out where the streets were, but it looked more like a big beach. beyond that, the streets continued.

I figured we'd figure it out when we got there. We started out and I was looking at the street number and I could see by the house numbers we were going the wrong way. We got to 5683 and I knew we had gone the wrong way and that we had to turn one street before this one.

So we back-tracked and stared over and made the turn so we were going east toward 49th St.

When we reached the 49th St. area where the streets turned to a beach-like area, a screen dropped down in front of em that listed the events of Sept. 11, 01 (9/11/01)  I started to read them and got down to flight 93 and another screen dropped down and duplicated the events a second time.


10-1-01 - VISIONS:  Joe's faces on children, singing. "These are the changes for you, these are the changes for you."


VOICE " Ariana"

VOICE  "Maybe in my next book .... "  I saw someone toss a army hand-grenade into the air.


10-2-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page of stories told by people who had been involved in the WTC bombing. the writing turned bright red. It seemed very important to tell everyone this.



10-2-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I worked until 11 p.m., leaving a purchase order and two inquiries to type first thing in the morning.

When I got to work in the morning, my work was missing.

A blond woman, who was what I considered my arch-enemy (we didn't like each other) was working on distributing mail right in that area.

I did everything but accuse her of taking my purchase order and spent some time trying to find it, but I had no idea where to look. It was obvious that she was happy that I as in such distress.

I knew that if the missing part was something as simple as a screw, it could easily be replaced, but if it was a special part, it could mean big trouble.


10-3-01 - DREAM -I was visiting a jail. It seemed rather low security as two fathers brought their young teen sons to visit.

I was just there observing.

While the two fathers and two sons went into the area where the check-in desk was, a thin, dark-skinned man followed them inside. My estimation of him was that he was what they call ' a snitch."

I went up to him to ask him a question and he started stabbing himself with a knife all over his body.

It almost seemed like he did it at that time so that it would be blamed on me.


10-3-01 - DREAM - I was starting a new job, working for a woman. She gave me a quick tour to show me that they had everything I needed there including a full kitchen.

She opened the refrigerator to show me how well stocked it was.

In the refrigerator was a pitcher full of cream-type soup.

She served the soup to me and another woman. Mine was in a measuring-tye cup that showed that the soup was 71 calories.

I started to eat it, then discovered there were at least 12 blue uniformed and hatted men in it. I assumed these were policemen. I couldn't see their faces or the fronts of their uniforms as they were all facing away from me.

However, after I saw the cops in uniform floating in the soup, I quit eating it and decided to provide my own food while working there.


10-3-01 - DREAM

I was in a large open area like a park. People wee gathering to watch either a ball game or a concert.

The people were sitting in 3 different groups.  One group which looked like young people were wearing white and pastel clothes. One group was wearing dark green robes over their clothes and one group from a nursing home were wearing maroon colored robes over their clothes.

Two younger women sitting at a round table near me were wearing maroon robes like the people who lived in the nursing home.

I thought to myself that if I were them, I would not wear a maroon robe to somewhat identify myself with them.

At the same time, I was struggling to put on a dark green robe and having trouble finding the sleeve hole to put my arm into and wasn't quite wearing it yet.

NOTE: I'm certain this refers to my concerns about my health since I've been having a problem with my right lung and had a severe asthma attack in just the right lung.




10-4-01 - VISION - A package of insoles for shoes - brand name was THE TWO

I saw a black chip or stair-tread.  Rubber bands were attached so this could revolve on itself.


10-4-01 - I saw the words  THE URBAN LEADER

VISION - A tall - 7 ft or more thin man said, "I was going to tell you, but I'm not going to tell you now."

VISION - A green reptilian said, "hang on, I'll get someone who knows."

VISION - I saw a playing card - King of Clubs.


10-5-01 - DREAM - I was working at an apartment building where a lot of people were gathering. The walls of the building were made of black and white marble. I was wearing high-heeled shoes and felt beautiful and elegant.

For some reason, in the dream, I was sensing that the 'Chinese' were on the way, though I didn't see any.

I was also given a bag of Barbie dolls which I was going to take upstairs.


10-5-01 - DREAM - I was in a house I've never been in before. It was a 2nd story of a house. It had lots of windows, but all the shades were pulled down.

I heard a voice outside and I got pissed off that I couldn't see out the windows, so I pulled up one of the shades. It was dark outside and there was a Christmas wreath hanging between the shade and the glass.

I turned around the whole other wall was glass and I could see down into a bright lit countryside. I actually felt dizzy looking down from that height.

I then went into the kitchen and sat at the table. I was looking down at the table, feeling a little depressed.

I heard a noise behind me and there stood T.J. and Joe. T.J. was rather laughing. He aid, "aFter this Sunday you'll never have to worry about money again."

I said, "What do you mean?"

T.J. said, "My Mom and Dad went together on a raffle and they won.!" He grinned broadly.

I turned back around towards the table and rubbed my right eye because it felt sticky and cloudy. I said to myself, "I'm dreaming, right?"

I turned around again when my eye cleared up and there was nobody there.


10-5-01 - Michelle's Mom's Dream - I was walking out in a desert-like area and came upon some Arab children. They were all dressed in rags and running every which way, all screaming in fear. I couldn't see what they were afraid of.

Then up ahead on the road, at the next intersection, I saw a line of children walking like in a parade, all going the same direction.

I went closer to them and saw that these were Arab children too, also dressed in rags. In their midst, they were carrying a coffin-shaped similar to the coffins Egyptian mummies have been found in.

The coffin was grey and all the children were somber and their clothing was grey too.

I felt a sudden love for these children, so much so that I got in line behind them and followed them. Along the way were many bombed out buildings and houses. We walked a long way and finally came to a cave. The coffin was placed in the cave and then one of the older children who was wearing a child's shoes on one foot and a man's shoe on the other started to preach about God. I can't remember what he said though I understood it in the dream.

We had to leave the cave then as we weren't allowed to stay.

Just as we left the cave, jet fighter planes flew over and started bombing the hell out of the area. The children began to run in fear in every direction. I gathered as many as I could around me, but I don't know if I kept them safe. I turned around to look for the cave and that had been bombed too.

NOTE: This is probably about Afghanistan.  The U.S. DID bomb the hell out of it.


10-6-01 - DREAM - I drove to a large mall store to buy 'cherry soda'  I met my son Michael outside the store. I picked up a glass bottle of cherry soda and promptly dropped it. The bottle shattered on the bottom though none of the soda spilled out. I threw the bottle in the dumpster. I then went inside to pay for the soda and to pay for a second bottle of soda I would pick up on the way out of the store. There were other shoppers in the store with carts and people would have to be by-passed in order to buy just the soda and nothing else. The store was very dim inside.

I then went back out into the parking lot and got into my car.

The amin road out of the mall  was black, but there were other roads that were painted green and blue. It looked like the green painted one wasn't finished yet, so I chose the blue painted road because it was so pretty.

However, the blue painted road wasn't a thru-road. In other words, it didn't' go out to the main road. It only went to warehouses and work areas of the mall. When I reached the end of it, it was very narrow and had yellow posts at the edges and corners, which I had to avoid hitting when I made my "U" turn to go back to the mall parking lot.

NOTE: I had to quit drinking soda because of my allergy to corn - which includes corn syrup which is in soda.


10-6-01 - DREAM - This was about two drugs which were the same, yet not identical. I was informed somehow that they were labeled W - the name brand and B - the one offered by the state. I as informed not to get the "B" brand. I don't know what these drugs were for.


10-6-01 - NAP DREAM - (11:30 a.m.) (I was having a problem with my left lung releasing phlegm and it rattled as I breathed out - I felt exhausted)

I was in a big city with Joe. We were on our way to a birthday party. (A real event Joe was actually going to alone because I was sick.)

We were driving uphill and had to stop behind an odd colored green car at an intersection when the light turned red.

Ahead at the next intersection, I heard sirens and a hearse or ambulance went by, carrying a body bag with a dead person in it.  My left lung shuddered and I woke up , feeling really upset by it.

I got up, went to the bathroom and crawled back into bed.

As I lay in bed, I started hearing the names of dead soldiers being brought back in body bags from war. The first two were common names - Montgomery, and Gray. They had common first names too. So I stopped that from happening. I didn't' want to hear that.

I felt asleep again. -

NAP DREAM - I was in an apartment building. Joe had gone to a birthday party alone. I had stayed home because my lungs were wheezy. There was a birthday party in the building for another woman which I also didn't want to go to. I was looking out the window and saw a woman coming down the street to go tot he party. I hid behind the curtain so I could watch her reflection walk by  but she wouldn't see me.

To my right, outside the door was the front lobby and women were going to come in the building that way for the party as well.

I was thinking maybe I should go to the party anyway and quit feeling sorry for myself.

There was going to be some singing going on at the party and all of a sudden Lorna showed up to practice the singing.

There were 3 beige metal chairs lined up. Lorna sat on one. One was empty and the 3rd chair had a dead or asleep person laying across it.

Lorna told me to take the empty chair but I said I had no problem sitting next to another person on a chair and sharing.

All of a sudden, the front lobby doors burst open and they started bringing body bags of young men inside who had died in the war.

Both of my lungs shuddered violently and I woke up.

(I was breathing fine now by the way)

NOTE: This probably was from Afghanistan because some men did die there when we bombed the crap out of Afghanistan.


10-7-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I saw some bread, wrapped in see-thru wrap and thee were tiny ants crawling all over inside the wrap so I threw it away.

Then my boss came in and gave me a yearly calendar so I could use it to mark when visitors were going to come in and see our factory next year. I thanked him for doing that. I knew I would need that.

Then he showed me a map of our factory and told me I was going to have to do a lot of walking next year because of the visitors . In my mind, I was already thinking of asking for a golf cart to use.


10-8-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office in both dreams.

In the first dream, I was shown the names of 5 countries which would have war. the first one was Babylon.

IN the second dream, what I saw was a list of chemical companies, the 1st one was GLOVER.


10-9-01 - DREAM - I was at a building where people lived in apartments. I was either visiting or babysitting some children.

When it came time to go home, it was dark and it was a long walk. I tried going home several times but each time I forgot something, either my shoes or my red jacket. I finally decided I would stay there because I didn't want to make that long walk again.

The next day, out in the yard, they were having a party and during the party they had a contest and I decided to enter it.

The question was about an obscure religion and what year did it begin - either 309 or 1850. I said 309 because I knew it couldn't have started so late as 1850.

I won the contest and promptly jumped over a narrow but deep creek bed. To come back to the side where the people were, I would have to jump back but it seemed too far, so I jumped down into the stream, which was perfectly clear with a sand bottom. I walked across the stream that seemed much wider than it had been before. The bank on the other side was too high to step up onto so I had to climb up with my knee first and then clamber up.

Having been successful in identifying the beginning date of the religion as 309, I was then given my prize.

My prize was a litter written by a man named Gary with the dates of the next terrorist explosions. They were listed as August, September, and October. There was no year evidenced on the letter.


10-9-02 - VISION  

When I saw the circles, I was told, "Hundreds of little circles came and killed the large circle.

NOTE: What could it be, the earth?


NOTE: If legs represent 11 - my right knee suddenly got so much pain , I couldn't straighten it out. I can't walk either without supporting myself with walls or furniture.  (This lasted a couple hours and went away)


10-9-01 - VISION - A glass of water with a flower of lilac in it. Then a whole bunch of lilacs was laid in front of it with the words, "Thanks for all you've done!"


10-9-01 - VISION - a list of words on the left alphabetized - divided into groups of 4 or 5 - the top word started with C, was cross out like it means NO.

There were two men wearing army green  suits and gas masks facing the word.


10-9-01 - DREAM - I was at home. It seemed quite warm in the house. I opened the door to go into the next room and it seemed warmer. So, I went to the thermostat to see what it was set at. It was set at 100 degree, the maximum. I could hear the furnace blasting at full capacity.

I told the person with me to shut the furnace off so the temperature would drop to 70 where it was supposed to be.

I could still hear the blower going then but at least the fire/flame was off.

I then went to the office where I worked as manager. I wanted maintenance to take a look at the furnace to make sure it was okay, but I hunted and hunted for the blank work orders and couldn't find any.

I then surmised all the blank work orders were in the maintenance room in the basement and decided I had better go down there and fill one out.

I asked someone to keep an eye on the office while I went down there.

Out in the hall, I met a middle-age couple with 2 daughters about 10 or 12 years old.

The man, who seemed of foreign extraction spoke English. His wife spoke only Russian. She told me something but I couldn't understand her Russian language.

So, I was talking tot he man, telling him about the furnace problem.

He said he worked for maintenance but he didn't work for our company so he couldn't fix it. He was rather handsome from the side profile, but from the front he looked like a pin-head. He said he was getting married the following Monday to the woman who spoke only Russian. I told him to think hard about his decision because getting married later in life was a big step and needed serious thought.

He left then and some women came along and told me to be careful of him because they had heard he had committed murder in his past.

I then went to the elevator which was just a small platform with a railing on it like an old-fashioned car running board. It held 3 people only - myself, an engineer I used to know from A-C and another chubby woman.

Another large man also tried to get on the elevator he couldn't fit and had to wait until the next time. Instead of going up or down on the elevator, I ended up outside with the engineer.

We were walking towards the building. I looked up in the sky. Overhead was a single cloud that looked like a dirty frosted donut. In the center of the donut hole, I thought I saw a UFO hovering there. I looked closer and it was just a mallard duck flapping its' wings.

I said to the engineer, "Boy! I've seen some strange things today!"

He said, "I'd better get you back to the building so you can sit down."


10-10-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in an office typing a letter in answer to a letter. I had received in answer to a previous letter. The previous letter was a complain about a problem I had regarding my health status. (I think it was about my current knee pain)

While I was getting my thoughts together, the woman who I was writing to, pulled up a portable desk and typewriter and proceeded to tell me what I had to say in my letter back to her.

I was a little astonished at this, and I don't remember that I had even had time to read her response letter to me in detail yet and she was telling me what I had to say.


10-10-01 - DREAM - I was at home somewhere. Becky, my daughter-in-law said she was going to take the kids somewhere for a picnic, but she was going to stop at the bakery first.

I was wishing I could eat food like that but can't because of allergies.

When she left, I went outside to sit in the sun and read a magazine.

As I sat there, a man went by who stopped to talk with me. He talked like he knew me, but he looked nothing like the guy I thought he was.

Then another guy came by, who I supposedly knew. He asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee. I said, "Sure! I haven't had any today yet!" He said, "I know!"

I saw a coffee carafe sitting on a nearby picnic table.

He brought me a cup of coffee and sat down beside me to talk. I rather used my stomach for a table as I was leaning back in my chair. I noted that it looked like I was wearing a yellow flowered red maternity smock.


10-12-01  - I can't tell if the following is one dream or 2 dreams.

I was working on web pages of prophecy that I had collected, about the WTC event. I went over it and over it and over it. I was told to do this so I could prevent it from happening again - (Like I could!)

DREAM - I was at A-C late in the evening. It was dark outside. There was a going-away party for the President's female secretary. She was wearing a corsage on her dress and a big smile. She had reached the end of her second successful career. She had been a teacher for 30 years and then the head secretary at A-C for 30 years. People were giving her money and gifts and accolades. She was so happy.

But then a young black woman had a newspaper and two large wads of money. She didn't want to take it home, so she begged me to help her hide it so nobody could find it overnight.

So we walked down the hall, looking for a good hiding place. We also had to be careful so nobody saw us go into any particular room and follow us there. So we finally came across as old delapitated and torn chair where one could stuff something into for the night. She put her newspaper in there. I still had the money, however, I didn't trust anyone not to pick up money. I even tried putting it in one of my own coat pockets but it didn't fit.

I finally found one deep coat pocket that was so deep, I could put the money into and cover it over with thick cotton.

Then we had to surreptitiously leave the room again so nobody saw where we had been. We ended up going into all the rooms so nobody saw us linger in any one spot.

It was fun but it had to be done so we'd still have the newspaper and money the next day.


10-12-01 - VISIONS-

KATE BARB  5-3-65

I saw a monk walking with his arm around a shorter woman. He was wearing a heavy fur robe. She was also but of lighter color fur.

They were surrounded by and then followed into a temple up some stairs. The young monks had shaved heads and brown robes.

I then saw close u pa couple young round-faced girls and two monks close up. They were trying to talk to me but it sounded like Tibetan and I couldn't understand.

The meadow where I first saw them was probably Shamballah.

Then I was relaxing and thinking about Kate and found myself on a porch with several girls, boys, a woman, and a man. I couldn't actually see him as he was the closest to me, he was wearing a brown leather jacket of some kind.

The kids all had shorter frizzy curly hair and was cute. There were 4 or 5 of them.

I was then on the grass lawn that went upward to a stone fenceline and there was aline of children and small ponies riding along the fenceline. On the other side of the fenceline if you got close to it, you could see over into a huge valley that was in purple shadows.

I then turned around and behind me was a huge white mansion with 4 tall pillars across the front.

The house seemed to be at least 4 stories tall and the pillars went all the way up that far also. It was immense and gorgeous. I was stunned by it's beauty.

NOTE: This house seems to have Masonic symbolism.


VISION - I saw a sheet of paper with writing on it. The logo on top said EARTHCHANGES on a short white picket fence. The fence had 4 short pillars like candles spaced across it and two cute teddy bears sat on the fence and on the end pillars or behind the pillars was like red, white, and blue ribbon bunting with like a little flag on each end.

I was told that Kate was to help write an earthchanges newsletter.

NOTE: Though kate is in favor of the environmentalism concerns, she wasn't interested in working on a newsletter.

Everyone has free will in what they do!


10-13-01 - DREAM - I was in someone's garage, gathering the laundry to be done. There was so much I was running out of baskets and containers to put it in. The last white basket was so delapitated, it didn't have a rim on it.

Then I spotted two pair of yellow patent leather shoes between the baskets and a pair of tiny little boys shoes. Those children were no longer there. There was a discussion of what kind of shoe deodorant one would use on children's shoes. It was decided one shouldn't use foot spray on such tiny shoes.

I had a tube of some kind of medicine which I could put into the toe of each shoe so I did that to preserve the shoes. (I think that was for Kate's lost babies)

There was a Mexican housekeeper woman there who was going to do the actually washing. She demanded an extra two cents in wages because someone had left a length of toilet tissue in the washbasket and she washed it with a toy rabbit and then had to pick it off.

I thought it was awfully petty to ask for two cents extra, but she was paid anyway.

There was a young teen there who wanted to work, but not cheaply. We were trying to clean out the garage and there was two feet of dirt in there. I had a good start on it, but it was a big job. the young man wanted to work outside and wanted $6.45 per hour to di gin the yard where two rows of corn was ready to be harvested. We agreed to pay him this amount because it was minimum wage.

Then there was a young woman who wanted to go bowling at the top of a 15,000 foot mountain. She was a huge woman so there was no way she could walk to the top, so she hired a helicopter to take her up there. I couldn't imagine that anyone would have constructed a bowling alley at that height, but I was told it was just one narrow lane and all you had to do was hit the 10 pins once.

We then went to watch a rescue team extricate a young woman from a crashed car which was up on the upper level of a house. The rescue worker placed some inflatable bags around the woman, turned on the motor generator to inflate the balloons. He started the motor and the balloons lifted the woman right out of the car until she was standing on her own. Everyone stood around and applauded the rescue.


10-13-01 - DREAM - I was in a donut shop where 5 women were in. One of them was the clerk, one was the donut fryer and 3 were customers.

They all looked related - all looked Italian. All these women were equally fat, almost wider than they were tall.

The clerk said she didn't want to charge so much for the ugly donuts as she did for the delectable fancy donuts but they had to buy them too if they were going to buy the whole selection.

I was thinking, "Boy! This is a place I would like to work in."

The clerk said, "The ugly two types of donuts would cost 15 cents each, then she totaled the bill and it came to $45.00. The women customers agreed to pay it.

WOW! $45 for donuts.


10-13-01 - NAP DREAM - I was in Michelle's house. Michelle said, "What happened to Kadijestan?"

I said, "Wait! I have to find out what happened to your little girl."

I ran upstairs and found that Michelle's little girl had made herself a house in the upstairs sliding door closet. She had done a really neat job so I left her there to play house.

I needed to bring a stack of books downstairs and there was 2 different sizes of baby buggies in the room, but I couldn't use those to haul books. They were created for the babies.


10-14-01  - DREAM - I was in a huge building which I used to manage but still lived in. They were getting ready to put new carpet in the hallways - bright green. The new manager didn't know anything and got in a fight with her boyfriend so I had to jump in and help out and talk to her about her behavior and question her about hitting her boyfriend.

While I was going through the hallway, there wa s shelf on which numerous knitting projects were stored while in process. I looked at some of the designs I wanted. I looked at some of the designs I wanted. One was a series of fancy white diamonds. I was trying figure out how to get them for myself.

I continued on down the hall and got into a discussion with the new manager which was a blonde goddess-like figure.

At the time I met her, I had been given a zippered satchel in which to hide my Bible because I couldn't carry out in the open  what belonged to me.

I went back to my room and she followed me. I opened a drawer in a bureau in which I kept my jewelry. In it  I had a turquoise necklace.  It was exquisite. The woman also had one very similar, but hers was not a necklace, hers was a brooch.

She and I discussed the differences in our jewelry. The stones were the same color, hers were larger than mine, but they were different and we had to discuss the differences.

I then went on to work on a project. Though I was working with paper patterns, they represented real people who had been hurt. These paper patterns represented real men and women who had been hurt in real life and I was putting them back together.

I then was seeing real photographs of what was happening in an aircraft carrier.

The last plane I saw was an AWAX radar plane.

I wasn't aware that AWAX planes landed on aircraft carriers but it was there.

NOTE: The U.S. brought in European AWAX planes to guard the U.S. after the WTC plane crashes.


10-15-01 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I was given a tiny gold key. When the key was inserted into the gold lock, there was a mechanism around that lock that opened a larger lock.

I was then observing dark grey cities - like gun-metal grey really ugly grey and it seems there were 52 of them.



10-15-01  DREAM - I can't remember how the dream started.

I found myself sitting in my car at a stoplight in a city. I don't know if it was out of gas or what. My ex-husband was in a different car behind me. I was supposed to get a different car but I didn't know when. I finally out of the car, carrying 2 pillows and dragging a blanket. As soon as I got out of the car, it evaporated behind me. I went over by the side of the road and sat on a bench until another car arrived.

There was a younger man in another car just sitting there. It seemed I told him that I was waiting for another car.

Another dream or another scene. I was leaving work and I gave a big heart-shaped tin of Valentine candy that 'the teacher' had given to me to Alice as I walked by. The tin had 7 layers in it and I had eaten only the top layer, so there was plenty left. I also gave her a Christmas tin and I saw after I handed it to her that two large triangular pieces was missing out of the tin.

I then went to a new job and there stood Rita, the new boss - who I used to work for in an apartment complex.  - As I walked by, she said, "Hi Jess!"  I wanted to say, "My name is Dolores!", but chose not to respond.

As I walked to my desk, I saw Alice at a different desk. It was smaller and thinner. She smiled and said, "I hated that old desk."

I went over to my desk which was large and substantial, but I put my two yellow toolboxes over on another desk which was under the light.


10-15-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I had written an article about the World Trade Center. there was a man on the phone in an office across the hall from where I walked who was interviewing me about the article by yelling across the hall.

I was standing up at my desk and my boss was sitting at another desk to my right.

The guy across the hal yelled to me, "What's your title?"

I didn't know what my title was, so I asked my boss, "What's my title?"

He was on the phone so he couldn't answer right away.

Meanwhile, the guy across the hall yelled to me, "Did you say that this whole thing depends on the mutual dependence of the World Trade Center?"

I was astonished. Had I said that? What did I mean? if did say that.?

NOTE: My title given in a dream previously was "Director of Casualty"


10-16-01 - VISION - A news web page

A male voice sang: "Thanks for Capitol"

10-16-01 - VISION - A web page -  7 events

occurred in Afghanistan

6 events happened in Guatemala and those were represented by a white Teddy Bear


10-16-01 - DREAM - I was in a city, managing an apartment building - N.M. came over and tried to convince me to go back to Milwaukee.

After he left, and I was working, I got a phone call from him. Thinking he would be kind to me, I asked him, "What if I did come back to Milwaukee, then what? He said, "Oh - that was just a test to see how you felt."

I almost hung up on him. I then went back to work. I discovered that the back door to the building was wide open. I closed the door 7 times. The last time I noticed there was a Master copper bar with a ball on the end that could be pulled down over the lock, but all this was on the "outside" of the door. There was no lock on the inside of the door at all.

I asked someone to watch my apartment door so I could go out and lock the door and walk around the building, knowing that the next person to come to that door with a key would open it right up again.


10-16-01 - DREAM KNOWING - I was with a group of beings known as the Q's, but they didn't want to discuss the earthchanges.

NOTE:  There is a group known as the Q's in Star Trek, but I've never seen that show.


The Enterprise is attempting to save Bre'el Four from its moon, which is falling out of orbit. After one failed attempt, the crew are surprised to see Q appear, stark naked. After being clothed (and grousing about the colors), Q tells them he's been turned mortal by the Q-Continuum (and denies having anything to do with the moon). When he asks for sanctuary, then says he wants to be treated like any other mortal, Picard throws him in the brig. Shortly thereafter, a bright probe appears out of nowhere, and settles on the sleeping Q.

When Picard asks Q what happened, Q is too concerned about human frailties such as sleep, and says he needs guidance for being human, and offers his experience and knowledge with moons to assist. Picard assigns Data to Q, and the two go to Engineering, after Data observes that Q has "achieved in disgrace what I have always aspired to be."

Q tries to help, but only suggests impossible things like changing the gravitational constant of the universe. Geordi jumps on that idea as nonsense, but then considers doing its equivalent by tossing a low-level warpfield around the moon, changing its effective mass. Q, hungry, goes to Ten-Forward and encounters Guinan. When Guinan hears that the crew is not convinced Q is human, she stabs him with a fork to see if he can bleed, then tells him he should get used to begging for help. Suddenly, a plasma cloud shows up and tries to communicate, then sends a probe in which seizes Q. When shields are strengthened, the probe leaves, leaving Q free, but scared out of his wits.

Q tells them this cloud is part of the Calamarain, a race he once tormented, and that they want revenge. Riker suggests simply turning him over to them, but Data argues for Q, and Q and Data go to Engineering to help Geordi implement his plan. Q tries to take over and is quickly put in his place, then sulkingly helps out. However, as the process begins, the Calamarain move in and grab Q. Data holds Q safe in Engineering until shields can be put up, but then both fall to the floor, unconscious. When Q finds that Data is now heavily damaged, he begins to feel ashamed. He decides he'd rather not go on, and steals a shuttle, going out to meet the Calamarain.

Picard, claiming "it's a perfectly good shuttle", tries to beam the shuttle back, but cannot. On the shuttle, a second Q pops in. He says Q's a lost cause, but claims Q's selfless act would raise all sorts of questions back in the Continuum if he then died, and gives Q back his powers. Q literally blows the Calamarain away, and returns to the Enterprise to celebrate. He eventually leaves, but gives Data the parting gift of one really good laugh, and returns the moon to its orbit as he departs, leaving Picard to wonder if some residual humanity is still in him.

Highlight Listing: - "Deja Q." The crew is surprised by the appearance of their mischievous nemesis, Q.

Advertising Headline: - DEJA Q Q's appearance on the Enterprise could spell disaster for Data!

TV log listing: - Q wreaks havoc with the crew/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION


10-17-01 - VISION - I saw an aircraft carrier bend in half by the flight deck near the front tip of the boat and sink like a rock - nose forward.


10-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a place with a meeting hall. There was a secret, behind closed doors meeting going on upstairs.

As I was walking down the stairs with a man who was like Michael J. Fox (who is playing the part of a mayor on TV) We were talking about ethics and I saw 3 letters on a dark background 'POD', which to me means 'Pay On Death' . I then saw a stack of photos of people.

I knew that their beneficiaries were going to get cheated by this guy and his cronies on their coming death.

As I woke up - superimposed on top of the people's photographs was another set of photographs of people, but rather than focusing on the people's faces, all I could see was like underwater weeds around them.

I told spirit that I couldn't see the photograph, so they showed them to me again after showing me the beginning of a blank newsreel film, then the colored photographs larger, but again only showing me the edge of the photographs where the underwater weeds were.

Finally, a voice said, "Are you sure you want these people to go on the cruise?"

NOTE: Here is another man's dream: I was on an old cruise ship on a vacation. I was with my co-workers. Something happened to the cruise ship and it began sinking. My co-workers and I found ourselves locked below the waterline and water was entering our space quite rapidly. They were overtaken with the water but I fled into a rusty room with a steel door with a tiny window in it. Water was slowly dripping in around me and I found myself all alone, trapped and my killer was slowly leaking in. Then all of a sudden the tiny window in the steel door broke poring tons of water around me. The last thing I remember is that I was in the middle of the room in about a foot of water. I began to kneel and pray, asking forgiveness. Any suggestions? This is a really scary situation.

—Brian, Age 20, Wellington, FL, USA

Another one: JANUARY 21, 2002:

In this nightmare, I was on the top deck of a small sized cruise ship. It was like one of those Carnival ones, but it was smaller, had a white hull, a single funnel that swept back, and was named "Radiance Of The {something} Seas". I forgot what the {something} was. The other distinguishing feature of the ship was it had a flat bow, rather than pointed like a regular cruise ship. This ship's bow looked like that on a garbage scow or a deep sea tugboat.

When I first "saw" the ship, it was close to shore in a harbor, and was in the process of sinking. It was listing sharply to one side, and lifeboats were being lowered from the side facing the water. It was as though I was watching from a point above and to the front of the ship.

Next thing you know, I was *on* the ship, on the topmost deck. At this point, lifeboats were rowing away and most everyone seemed to have been evacuated. The water was lapping right up to the edge of the deck. I tried to go forward towards the bow, but the deck plating pulled apart under me, and I ended up in the water for a brief time. I crawled back onboard near the ship's funnel (smokestack), and then "somehow" realized the cause of the ship's sinking was something in the funnel. So I opened a large hatch on the front of the funnel, and found it was stuffed totally full of wrapped Christmas presents. I grabbed at a few to get them out of the funnel, ripping some of the paper off. There was a bicycle, a toy vacuum cleaner, a wall urinator, and some other equally strange stuff. I felt compelled that something in there was something I really, really wanted or needed, and I briefly contemplated stealing one box. But the ship was going down and it was time to go. I crossed over the torn section of deck plating again, ended up back in the water, and made a swim for shore.

Next thing I remember was standing on a wooden dock near a (the) harbor building. Passengers from the ship were going by. I saw the ship, still going down, and contemplated going back for the Christmas presents. The ship listed some more, all the light bulbs blew up and the windows broke. It sank, but hit bottom with some of the superstructure still showing above water. At that time, a tall man in a flannel shirt and with *very* bloody hands appeared. I somehow knew he had just murdered some of the ship's passengers, and now he was coming after me. I ran into the harbor office and he chased. The inside of the office was very cluttered. I swung at him with things like brooms, buckets, and typewriter cords while running.

I came to a doorless storage room lit only by a yellowed bulb dangling from a wire, and saw a large red fire axe hanging from a holster on the wall, so I climbed over some junk and wrestled the fire axe out of the holder. I tried to take a swing, but it felt like there was a very heavy weight on my left hand. The bloody handed man was coming very close now, so I mustered the strength to take one mighty swing, and that took care of the killer for good. Then I woke up.

by Craig Johnson;

Here is his dream journal


July 31, 2002

By Petty Officer Sara Raymer

After 4:30 p.m. call (907) 463-2000

Release: 200-02

Cruise ship runs aground; Coast Guard assisting

KODIAK, Alaska - The Clipper Odyssey, a 340-foot cruise ship with 106 passengers and 78 crewmembers, went aground early this afternoon on St. Matthew Island in the Bering Sea.

The Clipper Odyssey, of Bahamian registry, was on a Bering Sea expedition when it went aground. The weather was reported by the skipper to be calm and favorable. The Coast Guard received notification of the grounding just after 2 p.m. There was no report of flooding or pollution.

The skipper began transferring fuel from the forward fuel tanks to the rear tanks in an effort to lighten the forward part of the vessel and back off the island but the effort was futile. The cruise line owners are making arrangements for commercial salvage services to move the vessel. The cruise ship passengers and crew will remain on board until commercial salvage arrives.

The Coast Guard has diverted the cutter Rush, which was on patrol in the area, to assist. The Rush’s estimated time to the scene is six to seven hours. It is likely the Coast Guard will launch a helicopter from the Rush to further assess the situation when the Rush is in range. Weather conditions are predicted to remain calm.

The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor the situation.

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Cruise Lines Sinking

Stocks in the cruise ship industry have been swamped with selling pressure since the markets reopened on Monday, some losing as much as half their value. While the threat of terrorism is understandably bad for tourism, the magnitude of the selloff makes it worthwhile to look more closely at the industry to look for companies that can swim against the tide.

By Paul Larson (TMF Parlay)

September 20, 2001

You've heard about the airlines and the devastating effect last week's terrorist attacks had on their businesses. You've heard about the insurance companies gearing up to pay out billions in benefits. But have you heard about the cruise industry and the beating those stocks have taken as investors cried "abandon ship!" this week?

Three of the largest cruise lines, Carnival (NYSE: CCL), P&O Princess (NYSE: POC), and Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL), have been absolutely swamped. Their charts look remarkably similar: All three look as though they'd gone over a waterfall since the attacks. In the three-plus trading days since the markets reopened, Carnival is down over 35%, Princess has fallen over 40%, and Royal Caribbean sits at less than half what it was.

One reason for this is that many could not get to their previously planned cruises last week thanks to the airline shutdown. The airlines may have had essentially zero revenue for several days last week, and the cruise lines also limped along with a fraction of their normal business even though costs remained the same.

The larger story, however, is that many people are currently afraid to travel. The fear of terrorism is predictably bad for tourism, and it is especially bad for the cruise lines that have been targets in years past. Though security is much improved in the cruise industry, most cruise lines have nevertheless reported that their bookings are running at about 50% to 60% of what they were before the attacks acutely increased everyone's awareness about security.

While that in itself may not be so bad if one assumes the effect on bookings is transitory, this drop in demand comes at a time when the cruise lines are bringing record capacity online. The sluggish economy was already slightly stinging the industry, and last week's events are likely to make supply and costs grow much faster than demand in the short term.

Carnival earnings

Carnival reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter this morning, and the pre-attack numbers did look surprisingly good. Year-over-year, revenues were up over 20% to $1.5 billion. The company also earned $0.84 in the quarter, a full three pennies ahead of market estimates and well ahead of the $0.67 the company earned last year.

Carnival didn't, however, venture a guess as to what its fourth quarter would look like. "These events will undoubtedly have a negative effect on our business in the short-term," the company said. "However, at this point, it is too early for us to measure what the impact will be."

Time to bottom fish?

Given the dramatic stock declines across the industry, one may be tempted to bottom fish. Showing just how much the valuations have come down, Carnival now has $1.75 in trailing earnings per share, meaning the stock is trading at just over 10-times earnings. Royal Caribbean and Princess have single-digit P/E ratios now.

This may seem "cheap" on the surface, but that is because the future profitability is coming into question given the economy and the effect the attacks have had on the entire travel industry. The events of the last week will undoubtedly take a bite out of profits over the coming year and perhaps beyond, but the magnitude of the bite remains to be seen.

The bigger question is how this anemic demand will play against the backdrop of greatly increased capacity over the coming years. Princess has plans to add nine ships to its fleet over the next four years, while Carnival is planning to add 16 ships over five years. The reason the stocks are trading so low is because there is a very real concern that a shakeout could be ahead, which could send some of the sector's more highly leveraged players to Davy Jones' Locker.

There may nevertheless be room for some prudent speculation within the cruise industry. The industry is worth investigating further if one assumes that the overall travel industry will get back to "normal" sooner rather than later and that the cruise lines will be able to grow their businesses to fill the coming capacity. It's not an easy call by any means, but the magnitude of this week's selloff may make it one worth considering.

Paul Larson has never taken a cruise. You can see Paul's stock holdings online thanks to The Motley Fool's progressive disclosure policy.


10-17-01 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and I heard a loud plane over the house. I quickly looked out the window and a huge plane with a wide wingspan crashed just over the hill. I ran to the phone to call 911 and two women on the line wouldn't let me use the phone. When I finally got on the line, I practically screamed into the phone, "A plane just crashed just west of Westridge Road. A plane just crashed just west of Westridge Road."

I was going to get dressed (it was early morning) and I pulled a light green shirt out of the laundry basket. It looked like it had gotten skewed up in the washer. Huge holes were in it and I had to throw it away.

I then went to an office and there was a heavy-set woman there and I decided I'd play a trick on her. I took her own letterhead which was purple on top and the logo said, "Carl's Bakery."

I wrote a letter to the boss as though I was the heavy-set woman, telling him that I was a fat pig. I then hadn addressed the envelope to Carl's Bakery and put it on the table with the out-going mail.

I heard the boss coming then, and it was Dan - (an ex-boss) who is an important Jewish man in our city.

Seeing it was him, I tried to retrieve the envelop from Carl's Bakery. He said to me, "Why are you so nervous?" Are you feeling guilty?"

I said, "No!" but I was.

He went inside his office cubicle, which had a low glassed in wall around it. He was talking to me like I had a war going on with him. I insisted I didn't. I reached over the glass wall and held out my hand and said, "Shake!"

He said, "No!"

I said, "It's just a truce! Truce!" and offered my hand again.

He refused to take my hand in truce.

He then disappeared but I could still hear his voice as though he was there. I kept saying, "Truce? Truce? Truce?" and he kept saying, "No! No! No!"


10-18-01 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I wanted to go the little corner store on 15th and Clark to get a gallon of milk.

I was with my ex-husband, driving a convertible car which turned into a wagon, with two long boards sticking out the front. I guess that's where the horses get attached to, but it was motorized.

We were still on 16th St. and he said, "When Ed goes to the store, he always like to take Maria along. I said, "I like taking Maria with me too."

We pulled up to the store and I had to make sure I parked with the boards sticking out the front carefully on the curb so nobody would trip over them.

I went inside the store and instead of food, it was now a bookstore. I was rather shocked.

The store was rather dim and had dozens of customers, I assumed they were all teachers.

I didn't have time to look at all the books. I knew I bought a small book, but I don't remember what it was. I think it was about crocheting.

I noticed that the larger books were in an inner room but I didn't have time to go in there and look.

When I paid for my book, I was careful not to let the owner how much money I had. I ended up paying for the book with a credit card that was the size of a quarter and it was round like that as well.

It was about 8:15 a.m. at this time.

We went home, but I went back to the bookstore just before 9 a.m. again. All the customers who had been there before were now gone and a few other people were there. I asked the owner if all the teachers had gone to school. She aid, "No! They are probably all at the party that was going on from 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

I accepted that, but I hadn't known about the party and it surprised me.

I wanted to look at the large books in the inner room, but I was shocked to see that they were gone. The room that was dim before was now a huge, brightly lit room with dozens of small round white tables with cloths, knick knacks and small books and brochures which I soon found out were all knitting and crocheting books and pamphlets along with samples of how the finished items should look.

Along the wall were brightly lit and decorated Christmas trees. There were also large empty rectangular tables, having been emptied of old goods, being readied for new goods.

I felt rather dismayed, But because I'm an avid knitter and crocheter, I started looking at the knitting books and brochures. I picked out one that had 3 people on it, wearing heavy winter blue and white sweaters. I also found 2 half seashells there, several inches across, 1 pink and 1 white.

As I was leaving and paying for the book with my credit card, I asked the woman if she took donations of old, used, knitting brochures because I had stacks of them.

She said she did. I think she said she would trade 20 for 1. If you bring in 20, you get one free.

SEE: KNITTING A STORY - The number 26 - The Mayan Connection


10-18-01 - VISION - I saw a page of information about the 49 levels of consciousness



10-18-01 - DREAM - I was visiting a city. A number was floating in the air. It was 19 or 61





I was supposedly in California, but when I crawled through a window I was in Wisconsin. When I crawled back out the window, I was in California again.

The dream started when I met a nice young man who was nice in every way, in looks, appearance, demeanor, habits, speaking, and brains. I was quit taken by him. It didn't matter to me that I was 63 and he was 23 or whatever. It was like one of those attractions when age doesn't count.

He had some philosophy training and he lectured on negotiating relationships. I was so taken by this philosophy and all his other wonderful attributes, I wanted to negotiate a long term relationship with him myself for both work and pay and whatever else I could negotiate, but something else got in the way.

I saw the relationship in one way and reality stepped in so-to-speak.

I saw on television the home of a family of my father and mother. I had been inside that home dozens of times as a chile when the area was all farmland.  But now it was completely remodeled and a woman was going to give a tour of it to show how a house can change.

The scene changed here so that rather than being a picture on TV, I became a participant in the scene except with a difference.

Outside was California, inside was Wisconsin.

Outside, it was the California rainy season.  There was an umbrella put up between houses so when I walked between the houses, there was no way I could get wet and I thought this was great.

Underneath the umbrella was a round table with chairs around it where people could sit around and talk whether it was raining or sunny.

I wanted to see the inside of the remodeled house so I and this young man crawled through the lower window of the house and we were now in Wisconsin.

It was brightly lit, clean and really nice inside the house, not the old, dim, crowded with knickknacks and crafts had it had kept before. I loved her and her creativity but many people like simple unadulterated house so it had changed totally.

I was rather bouncing up and down on my toes to demonstrate how the thick carpeting use to be rather than the hardwood solid floor it was now. The people who saw me do that though it was amusing.

Now came time to negotiate my relationship with the young man. I wanted him to work for me, be friends, and whatever else I could negotiate. So I followed his instructions he had given earlier and told him right up front, I wanted to negotiate a relationship between us. I already knew I wasn't going to get everything I wanted, but even a friendly working relationship would have been great.

As soon as I spoke the words about negotiating a relationship, I could see him tense up to defend himself against whatever I was going to say.

We got interrupted by two people. The telephone rang and it was the young man's mother. I discovered that the young man had been a paratrooper in the service of his country. I admired that a great deal, but when I got on the phone with his mother, I decided to tease the young man and said his job was 'easy' in that all he had to do was jump out of a plane and 'hang there'.

I thought it was funny but I guess it didn't go over very well.

Another young woman from California then showed up to look at the house. I know this young woman personally. Calling her a 'plain Jane' is really stretching the description. I don't want to publically acknowledge the word that  crosses my mind when I first see her. It's totally unkind. But she's really a sweet person, works hard and has many good qualities. She also has a child and a hopefully long term relationship with a wonderful man going for her.

But this young man knew nothing of that. While I was talking to him, he rudely interrupted me to start negotiating a relationship with her.

Considering how she first appears to me, while he was talking to her, I was admiring my long legs. Instead of the fat, I was seeing the underlying muscles and the shape of my leg under the skin. Then i saw the inside of my leg and that it was lined with long wooden stays to make them strong. I also noticed that the stays could be hooked together outside but then my leg would look like a barrel made of stays so I didn't generally hook them together.

NOTE: In 1991, I had a dream about having my legs operated on and having steel stays put in to keep them strong.

Meanwhile, the young man is negotiating with the young woman and I knew that meant he anted to jump into bed with her. But she was honest with him and told him that she wasn't interested in negotiating a relationship with him because she was a nurse with a title of RU and she already had a long term relationship with another man as an MRS. She was married.

Meanwhile, knowing that he wasn't at all interested in me, I crawled out the window head first, complaining that I don't do windows very well, landing on my hands on the ground and having to crawl a few feet and then stand up and brush the dirt off of myself.

I then went into a house by the door and was admiring it when the young man showed up. He was irate that his negotiating scheme had gone nowhere and he had drunk himself into a violent man (as Joe calls it, 'drunk on the wine of the harlot') His eyes were red-rimmed and re-eyed from the booze.

He was so angry, he picked up a large gold-rimmed clock that was sitting and ticking on a counter. He picked up the clock which I noted had an animal of some kind on it, but I can't remember what it was, perhaps a sleeping lion or something like that.

He moved to punch a hole in the wall with his fist and throw the clock through it. I pleaded wit him loudly, "PLEASE!!! Don't do that."

With my words barely out of my mouth, he turned on me, spitting his words out, "I don't do PLEASES!!!!!"

His face was reddened and angry, his eyes practically fiery on their own from the anger.

He moved towards me, with the clock in his hands as if to hit me in the head with it. The term "getting clocked' comes to mind here.

He came within inches of my face and seeing his reddened, drunken, angry eye told me I really didn't want any kind of relationship with him. 0% relationship.

But here I was face to face with him praying I could talk him out of hitting me with the clock. This would certainly be the most important negotiation of my life.

My fear rose inside of me as well, heart beating fast, feeling hot and full of adrenalin. His face was like 3 inches from mine and I was 'scared'.

I started to wake up and didn't realize until I was awake, that behind the young man were standing 7 men, all at least 7 feet tall and they wouldn't have allowed that clock anywhere near my head.

So I would have been safe, but in the dream I didn't know that.

It was a really scary ending.


10-21-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. It was the Christmas season and there had been a big Christmas party, the night before which everyone had thoroughly enjoyed, so most of the people (that means the men) were snoozing in their offices.

I decided I was wasting my time just sitting there after I heard that there was going to be a big shoe demonstration at the Sear's mall that afternoon.

It was quarter to one p.m. on the clock, so I started to write out a quick note that I was taking a 1/2 day of vacation.

I arranged my desk so my appointment schedule was on top so it looked like I was really busy. I didn't have a single sheet of unused paper in the 3-ring binder to I had to grab a fresh sheet of paper to write my note to the boss on.

I called my daughter-in-law Becky to see if she wanted to go with me and she said, "Yes!" after turning down a tour of the airport. The shoe demonstration was more to her liking.

I then heard my brother Marty come into the outer office and he went into my boss Paul's office. I didn't know they were friends, so I was surprised to hear Marty's name announced. I also heard the word 'baby'.

So I practically flew out of my chair, and walked quickly into my bosses office to butt into their conversation. I would never have done this with a stranger, but I wanted Paul to know that Marty was my brother and find out more details.

So I walked into my bosses office and there sat Mary in the visitor's chair across from Paul's desk.

He was more full featured than normal, strong features like a cross between Jewish and Greek with black curly hair. - Roman -

On his lap were sitting two small boys he was taking care of. They were about 3 and 4 years old. They had dark hair and chocolate colored skin. It was like smooth velvet.

Romulus and Remus?

I touched the cheek of the older boy with the back of my fingers and asked him, "What's your name?"

The little boy said, "Sousa!"

The other little boy also said, "Sousa!"

I said, "Hi Sousa!", then turned to marty and said, "What's this about a baby?"

He said, "Pat and I are going to have a little boy.!"

I said, "That's fantastic!"  I turned and left the office, noting that I was wearing a dark blue blazer over a white blouse, dark blue pleated skirt, bare legs and flat shoes.

I decided to change clothes and went to get a brown dress off in the closet and I finally got it off after a short struggle. I really needed a new pair of shoes.

I went back to my office, preparing to leave, then heard Becky get a phone call to bring some brochures or newsletters out to a waiting car at the curb. So Becky, who was only 1/2 changed, grabbed a box of newsletters, still yanking on her blue sweatshirt and sweatpants to run them out to the curb and I woke up.


10-22-01 - We watched the movie - 'Joseph's Coat of Dreams' before bed.

SEE - Mary and the sofa


10-23-01 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was too lazy to write the whole thing:

DREAM - I was at a banquet where thick rectangular pieces of pizza was being served. (I can't eat pizza crust.)

I saw though that they were also serving large dishes of carrots, but I didn't have a plate. Large white plates were lined up at the other end of the table. I was going to ask a woman named Sylvia if she could reach a plate and pass it to me, when she turned to me and offered me a maternity smock.

The smock was made of pastel diamonds in a pattern up and down. As I held it up, I saw that the bottom edge was also in diamond shape. It was really pretty, yellow,  pale orange, peach, pale rose, etc. I held it close to me and it was size 16. I thought to myself, I can lose that much weight so it fits me. So I said, "Yes! I'll accept it!"

She said, "Good! I can get more for you then."

I left the table carrying food and 3 different, tall square bottles of colored liquors.

I had to go to the bathroom, and in the bathroom where there were overseers high above on balconies, a woman approached me and said that the onions were on sale. Regular price was $409, marked down to $153.00. I said I would take them.

NOTE: The last megaglyph crop circle had 409 circles.


10-23-01 - VISION  I was looking in a knitting pattern book. I came to a page with 3 rectangles on it with sideways diamonds in a black and white pattern - each one different. This was from a woman named Mary.

Mary said, "These are nuclear".

VISION-VOICE - "There will be 5 blasts".

VOICE - "Smoky is the watchword."


10-24-01 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen, reading a page about something named 'Brachaowachaose'

It was a long page and i saw the name several times, always spelled the same way. I couldn't read the words between the name however.

Down towards the end of the page, there were huge words, 'IT'S FUCKED UP!"

I half woke up and decided to save the file to the computer as default.htm.  I woke up and went back to sleep.

I again saw the page with the name Brachaowachaosae and some other words I couldn't read.

I again saw the big words, 'TI'S FUCKED UP!"

The page scrolled up and I saw clearly the words, "It's a city on Mars".

I half woke up and decided to save this file as default2.htm

I woke up ll the way, and told Joe I was having nightmares, got up went to the bathroom and then went back to bed.


10-24-01 - DREAM - I was walking up a bright city street behind a man and woman. He was praising her for walking so far. I looked at her. She was a pretty blonde, huge hips, thick legs and thick ankles in tiny shoes. But she was grinning at him, and telling him she had been exercising. The farther they walked, the more he praised her. He even goosed her a little in the butt before they got to the building they were going to work in.

They didn't even notice me as I was walking right behind them.

However, I was starting to feel discomfort in my chest the farther I went. Not pain, but discomfort.

We got into the building. He was teasing her about how far she had walked.

I looked at the ceiling. There was a note on the ceiling about a 6" 8" basketball player who had visited there.

Below it was a note that said that my 6' 6" son Tom had been there too.

NOTE: I woke up and the right side of my heart was beating real hard and real slow. It was uncomfortable. My head was hot and prickly feeling and there was like white noise in my ears really loud.

Having been through an episode like this before, I cleared my throat of mucous, took a couple of deep breaths and my gradually went back to normal.

I have to admit to feeling a little anxious about it, but remembered that the last big time it happened, which was about 6 or 7 years ago, it was caused by lack of iron. I went to the hospital, and had all the heart tests and they found nothing wrong. I had a couple minor episodes after that, took a 1/2 an iron tablet and was fine. I will do that again.

I also realized at this point, there is a word relating to the heart called Brach something.


10-24-01 - DREAM - I was living in a huge mansion with large rooms and high ceilings. I can't remember how the story started - some men came into the manson and took away my friend's computer.

I wasn't too concerned because I still had my laptop computer and I continued to write my story about a man I knew about.

But one of the men came and picked my fingers right off the keyboard and took my computer away. The man said he did this because I was writing about his son.

The men then left, leaving me alone in the mansion. I still wasn't too concerned because I knew where the food was. I headed towards the kitchen which was behind some big tall wooden doors. I was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen,a actually feeling gleeful because behind the parlor doors was hidden the real treasure of the mansion they didn't even know about. I could practically visualize the treasure. I'm thinking it was like a big Easter egg on a throne.


10-25-01 - DREAM SNIPPET - There were 2 planets or comets. One to the east and one to the west.  They had the number 888275 (or something like that starting with 888)

SNIPPET 2 - I was in the 16th St. house with two other women. I threw some raw chicken parts out into the darkness and the cats outside grabbed it and ran off, then I, Mary, and the 3rd woman ran out and flew like a flying wing together, out the door and down the street towards Donna's house. we had to go through the alley to find her house in the dark because we were trying to get away from an evil man.


10-25-01 - DREAM - Ending only - A man and a woman were coming to a party. The woman was wearing a pleated blue shirt. On her right pocket, it said  11:11.

Then her shirt turned into a newsprint coat, then it turned blue again.

On the other pocket, it now said 7:37 a.m.


The house was like a school. There were gardens on both ends of the school. There weren't enough hoses to water both at the same time, se we asked the maintenance to buy a couple more hoses so we could water the gardens at the same time.

Inside the house was rather like a dormitory. The doors on the rooms were 1/2 high so you could see over the lower part. There were toys all over the house. I told the kids we would rearrange things so they would all have their own spaces and could play there. The rest of the house was for visitors to enjoy.

One boy had an animal like a weasel. It hadn't been watered, so I volunteered to take it outside and find it some water. Out in the street, in the gutter , there was some water. The weasel started to drink the water immediately. At first, I held my hand over the weasel to protect it, but when I saw it wasn't going to run away, I took my hand away and it just ran around and played and drank water.

But then, I saw a corner decoration of some kind and there was a cute green and yellow snake in it. It was a big fat snake and sat up like a cobra does. But it was still cute.

Then the weasel crawled up the snake's body and played by the snake's mouth. The snake opened its' mouth and the weasel crawled right in. All of a sudden, the snake opened its mouth wider and the weasel went into its mouth farther and snake suddenly swallowed and the weasel went right down the snake's throat.

I panicked. I thought about whether I could kill the snake and cut open the snake and rescue the weasel. But I knew too that I only had 3 minutes to save the weasel because it wasn't getting any oxygen.

Meanwhile the snake sat there with a satisfied look on its face. I didn't have a knife to kill the snake or cut it open.

I ran for help, but I knew it was too late. By the time help came, the weasel would be dead.

In another room, one of the children had 3 large creepy-crawlie things on a rock. I picked up the rock to examine the 3 creepy-crawlie things closer. They didn't look like any creepy-crawlie things in real life. They didn't have feet or wings, or antenna's, just eyes and a nose and a mouth, more like a human would have, and they didn't have a specific shape either.

One was blue, one was green, and one was white.

I was examining them closer and closer and I said to the others, "I think the white one is a Chrysalis." (A womb-like container that contains a butterfly)

Just as I said the words, all these creepy-crawlie things flew off the rock and disappeared. I had some hair hanging in my face and I saw a white streak in my hair as thought the white crysallis hit my hair on its way up. I patted the top of my head to make sure they weren't on top of my head.

But they were gone and I didn't know where they went.


10-27-01 - DREAM - Within the dream, I saw a black lightening strike with a house top shape at the end of it.

In the dream, I was in a large basement of an apartment building. There seemed to be two washing machines, but only 1 dryer.

I was trying to get the bedsheets done, but a big square blocky looking guy came down the stairs, took my soap and used the whole thing to do his laundry ahead of everyone else. That meant my soap was gone and I had to wait until his laundry was done. Meanwhile, I got called upstairs because a woman had come to town and she put her laundry in a machine and it was unbalanced. I reached into the washing machine which was really a large brown leather suitcase. Inside the suitcase was a large metal tin of cookies, several large tins of candy, and other equally sugary stuff she ate all the time.

So, once I removed all that stuff, she was fine.

She had a little boy with her. He resembled a little boy I knew 40 years ago. He needed his clothes changed and washed so I helped him with that.

Then all the women were dressing up as brides, including myself, but I couldn't finish dressing until all the work was done. Meanwhile I looked like a dowdy old washer woman.

Then I put on long white lace stockings and white and crystal slip-on shoes which were studded with pearls.

There was a man there who was supposed to be my husband. (I didn't see his face). I asked him if he would take my picture once I was dressed as  a bride so I could put it on the back of my next book.


10-27-01 - DREAM - I was in a large school. I still had to do some laundry. I was wearing high-heeled shoes and decided it would be est if I changed to flat shoes to do laundry. As I stopped by the door to do laundry, I saw a reflection of myself, I as wearing stark bright red and black, but had a fully white scarf by the neck.

I didn't now why I was dressed like that, that's not my favorite color.

Across the hall from my apartment, a young man was laying on his bed. He saw me leaving to do the laundry and asked me if I wouldn't prefer to stay and watch some comedian at 6:30 p.m.

I said, "No thanks! " and kept on changing my shoes.

However, instead of going down into the basement, I chose to go up a stairway where the school had been remodeled. This was on the 4th floor. There was a lock on the door, but it was open right now. All the doors, walls, and ceilings were army green.

There was nobody around in the hallway, but when I got to the other end where the next stairway was, there were dozens of young adults laying on the floor, waiting for something to happen. The air smelled like cigarette smoke here.

I went down one flight of stairs. Here again were many young adults laying on the floor, waiting for something to happen. That was the 3rd floor.

I went down another flight of stairs. Sitting on the top step were lined up adults and children around 8 to 10 years old. One young girl started to sit in the center of the stairs, blocking the way. But I grunted, 'uh uh' , and she moved to let me through.

I looked down at my hands and saw that I was carrying a large butcher knife in my right hand and a potato peeler in my left hand. I don't know where I got them from, but it was no wonder that I wasn't being bothered.

I said to the girl, "A woman is coming through." Then I added, "and a man". At that point, a man spoke up behind me and said loudly, "Yes! A man is coming down."

I hadn't realized there was a man behind me, but now I could feel his presence behind me.

I got down to the 1st floor and went outside to the school campus. Here then were preparations for a large party. There were school desks lined up here as well and it appeared that many cakes had been prepared for the people. I saw lots of frosting and coconut flakes laying on the school desks.

I got to the desk where I was going to serve the children the cake that was ready  to be cut.

The cake was shaped like a cube and was going to be cut 5 slices through one direction and 5 slices through the other direction. I asked the man behind me if that was enough cake for each child and he said "Yes!"

The cake itself looked like the typical brown cake from a bakery except it was a cube. It had brownish frosting, decorated with white piping and coconut flakes.

The man helped line up the slices on the top of the cake and it was ready to serve to the children.


10-28-01 - DREAM - I was observing the playing field of some kind of sport. It was a sport played internationally. I only saw one player, dressed in white, on the field which was rectangular like football or soccer. The game itself consisted of kicking a 'weed' or a stick down the length of the field to win.

I don't know where the other players were, but I was told that this particular player was going to get into trouble.

NOTE: The stick is the Taliban in Afghanistan. The player in white has to be the U.S.

Looking back now from the year 2002, it looks like the U.S. won the game.


10-28-01 - DREAM - I came home from work at noon to discover that my Father had rescued two lost cats and had chained them together on two chains to a brown lamp which was in the center of the kitchen table. Since there were two cats and they were going only as far as the chains went, the lamp went tilting over in whichever direction both cats decided to go at the same time or whichever cat pulled the strongest.

My Father had gone off somewhere and left my kids in charge , who obviously weren't watching the cats.

Besides that, there were my own cats in the kitchen as well, all over the floor.

I took the chains off the lamp and held them in my hands so I now had control of the cats. They were nice cats, a male and a female. The male cat, which was a dark colored Tabby and really strong, really liked being scratched behind his ears and really loved being petted. The female cat was almost white, kind of a pearlescent color, was smaller than the male and got along well with all the other cats which were of varying colors and sizes.

I wondered how I could find out who these cats belonged to and I noticed that the male cat had a long strip of paper pasted to his fur that ran all the way from his head to his tail. On that piece of paper was a list of library books and in the middle of the strip were 4 phone numbers one could call at the library to order these books. The library itself, was in Milwaukee and started with the letter 'T' which  I knew was in a black neighborhood.

I had a Milwaukee phone book, but that's not where I lived. I don't know why I didn't call the numbers on the cat's back, but when i looked at them, they were animated and changing. One was a night emergency number, one was a state library system number and other two didn't look like real phone numbers.

So I went to get the stack of phone books I had. It appeared that the city I was living in was named CRANE.

I found the Milwaukee yellow pages book I had and looked at it to find the library phone numbers. I noted there was an index on the side of the book. The libraries were listed in the same section as Schools, Libraries, and Bookstores. That makes some kind of sense, but I expected the whole book to be alphabetized and it wasn't.

So I opened the book, found the phone number for the library with the letter 'T' and called it to report that I had found the cats which belonged to them.

It was only moments and a woman came to the house to fetch the cats. Only moments later, another woman showed up who was the first woman's boss.

The 1st woman explained that she had called her boss because she was impressed with her bosses powerful voice and she had wanted me to hear it for myself.

The boss was a blonde woman in her 30's. I heard her speak a few sentences and I wasn't impressed. Her voice was rather strong, but rather gravelly sounding and not clear at all.

The second woman was sitting on a white painted rock at the end of our driveway and I decided to go over to where she was to demonstrate the power of my  own voice which I thought was better than hers.

So I walked over to the woman and said, "I just thought I'd come over and tell you how I found your cats." I explained about finding the strip of paper with the phone numbers on the back of the cat.

She said, "the female cat also had a strip of paper on her back as well, but she wouldn't leave it there."

I said, "Well, I decided to call the number so you could come and get the cats. After all, I already have 8 cats and don't need any more.

At that moment, all 10 cats came crowding around and I noted that one of my darker cats looked ike it had numerous blue bubbles pasted to his fur all over it.


10-29-01 - DREAM - I was at home, seemingly Wisconsin, but not in a home I've lived in before.

Inside the house, I lived with a couple other women. We cleaned the house to perfection, even getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing footprints off the floor with a sponge and wiping them dry with a paper towel.

I picked up my last paycheck from work. It was a Friday night and everyone was leaving.

Outside it was fall. There were leaves on the sidewalk, so I took a broom and swept them so the wind would blow them over to the neighbor's house to pick up.

Back in the house, I noted that the kids were dropping toys all over the place and not playing with them, jest leaving them lay. I hollered, "Who is throwing their toys around."  I noted that all the toy trains, cars, trucks, people were made of wood and brightly colored.

I was done with MY work. I looked at the clock and it was 8:25 p.m.

My friend June was standing by the front window and it was dark outside.

I said, "What time does the train leave for California?"  She answered, "8:45 p.m."

I figured I i had just enough time to pack. I was going to ask her if she had called a cab to go to the train station but I forgot.

I rant upstairs and grabbed a light blue suitcase out of the closet. I opened it on the bed. It already had some blue sweaters and a blue robe in it. I grabbed a handful of clothes out of the center of the closet from both sides, so it would include both shirts and skirts, and slipped my arms into my dark blue coat.

I was thinking, "I didn't call my daughter to tell her I was going, but I'll call her from the train," and woke up.


10-30-01 - VISION - I saw a vision of a small bush with small leaves and white berries hanging under the branches. It was growing by the air-conditioner on the outside of our house. (I tried to identify this type of bush and never found a picture of one like it)

A voice said, "OH JACK!"

NOTE: My friend Michelle thinks this is her sister Jackie. They call her Jack. The woman was a little on the heavy side and wore black rimmed glasses. She seemed rather upset. I told Michelle to call her.


10-29-01 DREAM - I was in the house and was looking at a TV set in the distance I could remote control set it to black and white or color picture.

I was looking out the window and my kids were outside working on their bicycles with their friends and their bikes were upside down on the ground.

It was 9:30 p.m. and I went out and told them it was time to go into the house.

They asked if they could eat lunch and I said, "Yes!" and they all ran inside the house.

This left me outside with a man who seemed like my husband. He had dark hair and a big dark mustache.

I was sitting in the car, which I got in because the door had been left open. The man went over to a white car to my right. That car door had been left open too.

The man reached into that car and hurt himself on something. He came back over to where my car was and showed me that his thumb was cut and bleeding.

He said he wanted me to fix it. I said we'd have to go inside the house to do that.

He was talking like he was drunk and I got upset and headed for the house.

All of a sudden he rushed past me into the house yelling, "Green Gas" He had a wild maniacal look on his face as he ran past.

NOTE: Joe says, "Green Gas" is a nickname for Chlorine Gas.


10-30-01 - VISION -  I saw the words :  The star of the flag

                                                                 turned into a duck.

The sentence was rather waving in the wind like  the flag and a picture of Escher.


10-30-01 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. It seemed there had been a parade of some kind. There was a pattern left behind which formed a few squares - The blocks were covered with dark grey powder or ash.

The number 21 was in the first pattern. The pattern was hard to see because of this.

I said that it had been done before. The previous pattern of squares was hidden underneath a dark grey table.

I and another person looked under the table at the pattern. On the side of one block was a number 5 and on the side of another block was the letter P.

Here too, the blocks were covered with dark grey powder or ash, but the blocks were taller.


10-30-01 - DREAM - I was working in the purchasing office of a large company.

I had some green standup files which I kept drawings, purchase orders, contracts, and letters in.

Another woman had a desk in this office as well as my boss Brian A.

A couple engineers came in to borrow the blueprints to g over them with the manufacturer. They were going to do this upstairs.

Then my boss Brian A wanted to look at the blueprints but the files were at that moment over on the other woman's desk. She had 4 or 5 of my green standup files.

Then she put the files back on my desk. She brought me back 3 of the files.

I looked at the files. one had a number 359 on it. One had the number 11 on it. The blueprints were missing from the files, but there was a map of a city and some newspaper clippings about something that had already happened. Whatever we had manufactured before, we were manufacturing again, with modifications.

I told my boss I needed one of those standup green files to put these folders into, so I could keep them on my desk.

I looked over on my bosses desk and he had a fancy file keeper with drawers, but I didn't need a fancy one, I just needed a simple one to hold 2 or 3 files until the project was completed.

As I was waking up, I saw a vision of the person I was in the dream. I was a woman with short dark hair and I had hundreds of little tight white rollers in it to make real tight little curls in it.