Dreams compiled by Dee Finney


The drawing above resulted from a series of visions by Joseph Mason in October of 1990. The interlocking rings may represent the oversoul with its' focus personalities.
The arrangement beautifully symbolizes the fully integrated soul or oversoul. The focus personalities merge into one being, like the concept of Nirvana, except these individual
personalities are fully retained.

This shape of the soul would all be part of another larger hoop, and that of another, and so forth, with the grand, overall hoop being ALL-THAT-IS, or GOD!

From:  The Pollen Path by Joseph Mason

8-5-88 - DREAM - I was busy taking care of my children on 16th St. and the back doorbell rang. It was a black couple looking for a pickup truck or a motorcycle to rent. I tried to help them but nobody know who had the items they wanted. When they left, I had a good sized baby in my right arm and two little ones in my left arm. The one on the left needed its diaper changed and was trying to get away from me. I said that the child on the left belonged to my Father and all he was interested in right then was the island of Sumatra which is in the Aegean Sea of the coast of Greece.

8-6-88 - DREAM - The dream was likened to a Nancy Drew murder mystery by me. I was moving into a new house. An old man had killed a woman and buried her under a sidewalk and had not been found yet. Then there was a younger man and when I got up in the morning, the house was so dark, I opened up the doors and the blinds to let the light in. He didn't like it because he was so used to the dark. Then an investigator came and I asked him if he could take the lock off of the refrigerator door which was crystal clear. There was nothing inside of it. He said he could but he seemed to think there was some kind of danger in that. Then a woman called on the phone who was a relative and she said she wanted the lock opened on the front gate of the estate. The investigator said he knew how to do it and I said I wanted to go along and watch. I said I hadn't know there was a lock on the front gate. We went outside and there was a whole town which belonged to the old man whose family I was marrying into. As we drove along, I wondered where the front gate was. My daughter was sitting next to me holding a new baby which I was going to take care of. The baby kept looking at me and saying, "Hi Bitch! Hi Bitch Hi Bitch!". I was very uncomfortable about that. I knew that the baby had a twin which was smaller and was like a deaf mute. It couldn't speak above a whisper.

As we drove along, we came to a place where a dog was under the car, unseen, but snarling and growling. I likened this to a Nancy Drew murder mystery where the heroine was in danger. After we passed the shopping center, I saw the chain link fence and it began to look familiar. I remembered that the ocean was on the other side of the fence. So was the cemetery with all the gravestones. We came to the place where the gate was supposed to be. The gate was wide open, in fact, there was no gate, just a place where people could pass freely back and forth.

I saw a riding rink where horses with riders were being trained. I was surprised. I said I used to play baseball there.

Then I saw a children's merry-go-round. There were many children on it. None of them could speak above a whisper. Next to it was a barn, children running in and out screaming and crying at the tops of their lungs. I said it was all in the way they were brought up by the parents.

9-7-88 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I was talking to a woman from my past. She said she would like to come to visit. I said, "That would be wonderful." My children and I prepared the house for visitors. The doorbell rang. I went to the door to greet my friend. She had brought her husband, a very fat man dressed in a black suit. He looked very familiar. (I think he was from the Lutheran church I used to belong to) They sat down on the sofa and whispered to each other.

I asked them if they would like some soda, or beer, or perhaps some Kool Aid. She said, "No! We can't stay!" and they got up to leave. As they went to the door, my many children were in view including a Laotian girl. as the couple went down the stairs, the woman called back up to me, "You're ready for a book."

I closed the door. Something in my mind said that Laotians don't like to be touched. The Laotian girl came up to me to walk with . I was going to put my arm around her but I paused and said, "May I touch you?" She scooted ahead and said, "No! Touching is only for healing or for hitting." I felt sorry for her. I wondered if she knew what 'hugging' was like.

9-27-88 - DREAM - I moved into a new apartment. There was a secret door behind and above the refrigerator that was unlocked that Asian children could go in and out. I went into the back hallway and I checked the other people's refrigerators. Each one was full of good food, particularly orange juice. Edward (my 2nd husband) was there and he was cleaning up around the apartments. He was very happy and smiling. I looked around the apartment and said it was time to clean up and hang pictures on the wall.

8-18-89 - Dreamed I was at home at our school. Suddenly bombs started to fall. I received a slight concussion to my ears then one hit very, very close outside the front door. There were many children around and we were very frightened. My husband came home from work and went upstairs to rest. I was so scared I called upstairs to him, hysterical with fear.

I called him to come down and hold me. He said he was trying to relax and had a report to get done by noon. He put a soft brown blanket around my shoulders and told me to lay down on the sofa and he would sit by me.

A whole bunch of kids came running into the house; bombs continuing to come down. I could see the streaks in the sky as they came down towards our area. Several married couples came in and lined up in front of us. Each stood with their partner with their arms around each other's waists. (I'm guessing there were 18 of them) I began to feel guilty because I knew that each one of these women was giving up her husband to go fight for the war and I knew that I was going to have to give up my husband too. My husband said, "This is the 'naming' group. Off on the right was a death notice for a 6 year old boy and he had to be named before he could be buried.

NOTE:The Gulf War started Jan. 17, 1991.

10-9-88 - All my children were coming home from vacation, but planning other ones. The baby saw his father coming. He started to cry and hurriedly climbed out of his high chair tearing the seam on his light green winter jacket under the left arm.

People were stealing object d'art off of the porch of my 16th St. house so I moved them all inside. They were all brown statues of wild animals. I put a clock on a chain around my neck so people would look at me to see what time it is. It was attached like a harness to my brown dress.

I got into a red truck with my son to go to my New Berlin house. We were stopped by the police at the church on the top of the hill north of the house. We backed up to go a different way and another man came to help us escape the police. He was driving up National Ave., and there was gas coming out from under the dashboard. My son and I got scared and told him to stop the truck. The gas became fumes. We were in the middle of the highest, longest bridge on National Ave. I said I didn't care where we were ... to stop. I wanted out before it exploded. He stopped and I got out and hid behind a telephone pole down in a depression. The man drove the truck away.

My son and I came out to continue our journey. We traveled further along National Ave. and came to another church. We were driving a dozen silver shopping carts. We came into the church on the lower level. The pastor told us to leave the cars downstairs as we went up the stairs. He looked at me and said ominously, "You cook for too many people." I didn't understand what he meant.

10-11-88 - I meditated on calling spirits. I called God, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and asked their opinion on calling spirits named Marcus, Crutus, and Babaji.

A man dressed all in white came and sat on my lap. He had a plate of food with three different types of food on it. Then I started to see little children at play.

NOTE: I take that to mean that each spirit is different and provides different types of spiritual nourishment. Also, that we should be like little children when we come to them.

1-4-90 - DREAM - I was dancing to some fast paced jazz music and my rhythm was improving. My husband told my children that I just needed more practice.

1-22-90 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house and was in the kitchen. It was a real mess and I decided that I was going to clean it perfectly and even bake bread before my husband came home. Two of my children were sitting in high chairs in the dining area crying that they were being neglected. They wanted to get down and sit on the floor and watch T.V.

I went back to the sink to wash dishes and the water was already overflowing on to the floor. I got concerned about the babies getting wet and I went back to them and saw that they were underwater and probably dead. I grabbed them up out of the water, carrying them over my right arm and squeezing their stomachs to force any water out. I carried them to the livingroom, thinking they were already dead, but when I got there, they gasped for air and I saw that they would be fine. They hadn't cried out for help, they had just held their breath until rescue came. They were both wearing little red suits. I rubbed them dry and warmed them up. They were more important to me than cleaning up the kitchen.

2-2-90 Dream #1: Twenty people were killed and buried and I was doing everything possible to prevent myself from being the next victim. I asked someone to climb a tree and capture a parakeet which had escaped from the it's cage. The man pointed to an extremely high tree and asked if I would climb up there to rescue them . I looked and admitted that I wouldn't climb up there to save anyone. The enemy was on horseback. I told someone that they were out hiding in the bush and then they were probably hiding along the rim of the bush. I was then in a yard and a black rose bush was being trimmed. I asked if it was capable of rooting and branching. They said, "Yes! and I said that I wanted to keep it then, but all the thorns should be trimmed off.

Dream #2 I went to work and asked a man there to interpret the above dream. I told it to him in fine detail, then he set about to work on it and created an entire animated cartoon in which he drew all the characters in "Gumby" fashion and created voices for them. I was so impressed. There were several other men who came in to watch and I told them that I had started writing down my dreams when I joined Conscious Development. One other man said that he had been thinking about joining it too. while all this was going on, I was feeling guilty that we were spending work time on it instead of working and kept a wary eye out for the boss so we wouldn't get caught.

Then I went home to New Berlin, and a white gadget I had to hold tools in, was falling apart. I went to get a piece of adhesive tape and as I unrolled it, it got larger and larger. I went out in the yard and I was going to cut a piece of the tape off and a brown car came by and tried to turn the corner so fast, it tipped over. There were other people around to help the man, but I had to call the cops and I was upset because it was already 7:30 a.m. and I was late for work. I worked from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Then I started to think what a waste of time that was because I had 3 children at home who needed me more.

2-7-90 - Dream: I and the children were in the house practicing flying. My husband asked what we were doing. I said we were getting ready so that when the UFOs came, we would be ready and just then three little pink UFOs came out of the sky, flew right through the window into our livingroom and did a loop the loop.

2--11-90 - DREAM - I lived in West Allis and I wanted to go with my daughter-in-law Becky to look at houses to buy near Greenfield Ave. We were driving along the street and we came to a railroad crossing and the warning signal said to STOP. There was a big green engine waiting to cross the road. We stopped, then the engine pulled off of the tracks and turned the corner going around our car towards the way we had just come. It was pulling one passenger car with about 12 children in it.

I had been eating turkey noodle soup with green beans in it. A green bean turned into an alligator making the soup fishy tasting and a bunch of noodles became an Octopus and grabbed onto my hand.

I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth and my hand was underneath the pillow.

2-17-90 - DREAM - I dreamed that my mother-in-law killed my first two children. She blew up the car they were riding in. Then she tried to kill me when she handed me three packages, each one containing a bomb, covered by a pork chop, a rose wrapped in white tissue paper. I guess what she was doing and managed to save my own life by hiding from her and keeping a wary eye on her at all times. She set a fire trying to kill my husband and then gleefully fanned the flames. I had to have help to both watch her and hide from her. I knew that the only way the would end, it would be when she died.

NOTE: She passed on in 1996.

2-18-90 - DREAM - I was at home with my children. I got a phone call from T.M. (my spiritual teacher) that a woman was coming to get two things that our friend Alice had stored up on her closet shelf. I seem to recall that she was a reporter. I, myself went to Alice's house, partly out of curiosity to see what T.M. was going to let her have. The two items were kept in a little white jewelry box up on the shelf. While I was at Alice's house the phone rang and it was the woman saying that she would arrive at midnight to pick up the two items. I knew that was way past Alice's bedtime and Benny (her husband) wouldn't like it either, so I asked Alice if she could stay up that long. Alice said she thought she could.

My impression of the woman's voice was very negative. It was very low pitched and measured words. I didn't like her, just out of instinct, but I didn't say anything out of respect for T.M. because he was the one who had given permission to let the woman have these two items. Then T.M. called on the phone at Alice's house and asked me about this woman and what I thought of her. While I was talking, trying to tell him about the woman without saying I didn't like her or trust her, I went to the closet to look at the two items.

The first item was a necklace. What was on the necklace I couldn't remember except that it was an animal.
(I had to meditate after the dream ended to go back and see what the animal was. It was a lamb)

The second item was a silver coin. It was a nickel. It was a picture of the teacher's teacher in profile like the silver dime with the face looking to the right. Above it were the letters C.D. The coin was bent and battered. Right then I was determined that this woman was not going to get this coin no matter what anyone said and I slipped it into my bra way over on the right side.

Then the woman showed up. She was shorter than me, a little chubby, but not fat. She had short gray hair, curled up in a poodle cut. I instantly didn't like her. She said she wasn't going to take the two items then, but would come back at midnight to get them. (At that time, the necklace was up on the shelf and the coin was in my bra) She sat down to talk and she asked if anyone knew there was a third side to Jesus. I said, "Yes! I do!" The first two were peace and love, but the third was WAR.

She said that I was right. Then my young son began acting up and went in front of her and began screaming so that she couldn't talk to the small group that was gathered there. I was trying to quiet him because I was embarrassed at his bad behavior. I told him to shut up and tried clamping my hand over his mouth but he wouldn't be quiet. She said, "You know that there is no sin!" She then took us out to the car because she couldn't talk to the group. My son was still screaming and I couldn't stop him. We all got into her car and we were driving along. She was driving. Alice was in back. I was sitting in front with my son kicking and screaming and bracing himself against the right front door. I still felt very embarrassed at his behavior.

We came to a causeway between huge factory buildings. There was water on both sides. Suddenly she tried to turn the steering wheel to the left and throw the car off the causeway into the water. My son had himself braced tightly across my lap and I tried to grab for the steering wheel so she couldn't turn it. She wanted to kill all of us.

Finally, she herself flipped out of the car on the left side from the struggle with the steering wheel. None of us had our hands on the steering wheel, yet she went flipping out of the car, rolling over and over to her death and the car stayed straight and we were safe. I was amazed that we were okay and my son was now quiet. I wondered out loud how that could have happened and my son said, "I used my new Magick!" I was so proud of him and I knew that Magick was more powerful than any power that she had had.

4-10-90 - DREAM - We were running a service business out of the garage of our 16th St. house. I was in charge of the accounts. A new girl came to be trained and that was my job. I told her that all accounts were addressed to #801. She said that she had heard that no matter how much was thrown at me that I could handle it and that I was said to 'have it all together!" I was pleased with that compliment.

I was then outside with some children and I noticed that they were playing on the train tracks. I knew that a train would be along shortly and I grabbed them and pulled them off the tracks. Sure enough, a huge black train was within a few feet of us. But the train was moving very, very slowly and the driver, who was white and had white hair and a beard leaned out of the window and waved to the children and smiled.

3-3-90 - DREAM - I was standing in a room with a man named David. . Then, I decided to let him know that I meditated and I spoke the voices I heard. I stood there and swayed so he would be afraid to leave me by myself.

I had to go somewhere and had all my bags packed in the van. Along the way, I was going to switch vans to continue the journey. When we stopped to switch vans, I asked if I could pick up some food for the trip and when I got back out to the entrance of the store, all my bags had been dumped off and they left me behind.

I had some colored books and I let the children look at them in the corner of the room. When I retrieved them, the red book had a whole corner bitten out of it, and the edges were wet and limp. I swore never to let children look at my books again.

3-21-90 - DREAM - I had allowed two children to drive my car and they began to fight over the steering wheel, so I took it back from them. We were on the freeway. It was strewn with old newspapers. I got the vehicle under control, then I noticed that we were in the air, not on the ground. I needed room to get the vehicle down on the pavement, but there were no spaces large enough to fit into in order to merge. I had to get assistance from a man on my right. I woke up just as we merged.

3-28-90 - DREAM - There was a storm coming out of the northwest. It loomed blacker and blacker. I rushed around to make sure that all my children were inside the house and protected. All their toys were outside the house and I didn't care if they blew away. while I was rushing around the house, I let out a couple of blood curdling screams, but I felt joy while I was doing it.

Then a woman came to the back door asking if I had seen her daughter. I hadn't, but I noted that the back screen door had a square hole poked in it and it was pulling away from the edge and needed to be repaired. The woman left. I knew at that moment that my last placed of residence had been moved way back into a corner of the subdivision where it could no longer cause trouble in my life.

I went upstairs and saw that there were two shirts on my son's bedroom floor. They were wet. The blue one had a yellow stain around the upper edges that needed to be rinsed out and the white one still had soap suds in it that needed to be rinsed out.

I went to the bathroom to do this job and attempted to rinse the two shirts, but a locksmith friend was sitting in the sink blocking the drain so the water couldn't go down. I had to ask him to move his butt off of the drain.

My boss was there. I wanted to show him a dance, so I went to my room and put on a long bright red skirt. There was then no one in the room to dance for and I noted that my skirt was way too big for me and I had to hold it up to prevent it from falling off. I made a promise to myself to take it in a little before I wore it again.

4-20-90 - DREAM - I was setting up a new ship sailing office in the back room of my previous ship sailing office which was originally set up on 8/18/89. This was a reorganization of the previous management. Whereas the last organization was set up with all of us in the front office, I was now moving all my brown furniture to the back room and Dennis and his crew was to remain in the front by themselves.

I checked the old organizational book to make sure that everything had been set up correctly, so that the new office would also be set up correctly. Then I began moving the furniture. Everything was brown . . . all the sofas, chairs, and office furniture. There was no other color except that I told a girl helper that I wanted all the children's black shoes to be in their own bedrooms.

4-21-90 - DREAM - We were running a children's counseling service in our house and we allowed children from the neighborhood to come in and play and use our attic to store things for safe-keeping.

One day two little girls came to the door, fighting over a possession that belonged to one of them. They were from Brooklyn it seems and had such poor diction they could barely pronounce their own names. IAETTA and CARMINE. Once I determined what their names were, then we proceeded to help them speak better English and we washed and combed their hair and cleaned them up so they didn't look like little ragamuffins.

6-1-90 Dream: I as driven to the Target store by a friend who was young and thin and wearing a dark blue dress. We were in a dark blue car and I was carrying a dark blue purse. As we got to the store we went under a bridge and into a huge tunnel. On the right hand side a woman was selling gorgeous house plants and flowers and beyond her was a stand that was selling fresh baked bread. I was so impressed. I thought to myself, "I used to do that."

The girl parked right be the door. As she closed her car door, she made a remark about that she might be breaking a law, and just as she said it, a police officer came by. She became angry at me for not telling her not to break the law.

Just as I realized that I had forgotten my purse, a bag lady grabbed it. I grabbed the woman's arm and bopped her right arm with my right fist and she let loose. She was going to run off, but I wouldn't let go of her arm. I began to lecture her about not stealing. She said that I didn't know what it was like to be poor. I said, "You don't know what it's like to be poor until you have six children and you're sitting around the dinner table. Each child has a small salad plate with nothing on it except for one child who has a small morsel of food. Then you all bow your heads and say grace over it. I reminded her of the Catholic prayer of grace and led her through it.

She agreed with me. Then we saw three girls sitting on a fence on the left and they shouted something to the old lady. The woman snarled something back at them and moved to get away from us. I still had ahold of her arm and pulled her back. I took my index finger on my right hand and touched her cheek and turned her head to face me. I said, "Wait a minute! One more thing. You need to smile a little" and the woman broke into a big toothless grin. I then taught her to say a little prayer to the Lord to thank him for the small things in life, to say, "Thank you Lord," for even the smallest favor. Then she smiled and we parted.

6-8-90 - DREAM - I was walking east on Grange Ave, going up hill. It was raining hard, but I was not getting wet. The rain was pouring down, filling the channels, the street, the fields with deep water. I thought about going back to where I had come from, but so much water had already run by me, the river I had crossed was impassable to return that way.

I was pushing a baby carriage with a baby wrapped up so I couldn't see its face. It was wrapped in a light brown blanket. There were twin boys holding onto the carriage, one on either side, about two years old, and there were my own three children walking by my side.

We turned on 124th street to stop at a house for protection. It had a brown muddy path up to its front door, so we went around to the back entrance. There were three older children there who met us. I cannot remember why, but I decided that we were better off out in the rain and water.

There was deep water everywhere and no turning back, but when I went ahead, we could go no further forward either. We were at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the water covered valley. Then a man appeared who said he had a green car coming soon and he would drive us home. Then I saw that there was a narrow path we could walk on if I followed the man.

6-11-90 - DREAM - I was taking an accounting class and my job was to total all the accounts at the end of the class and I had forgotten to do so the day before. The teacher asked me if I had done so and I admitted that I had not. I knew I wouldn't graduate if I didn't do it, so I had to scramble and clean the whole house first. Then my friend Alice and I were sitting on opposite sides of a tiny little brown desk which not only held our books and papers, but our purple snowsuits and our children's suits. There was not enough room to lay out the accounting sheets, so I had to move my work to a larger brown table so I could spread out my work to do it properly. then I noticed that the children we were caring for were losing their balance and I had to make sure they were walking upright and straight too.

7-20-90 - DREAM - I was at my 16th st. house in the kitchen. My husband had shot two black bears, a male and a female. The carcasses were laying limply on the floor. The law was that you had to do something with the carcasses within 10 days or they would come back to life and they were beginning to stir again, especially the female. She was especially coming towards me because I was also female. I did all I could to avoid her, but I was forced to leave the house by the back door and was met by four black and white pet dogs in the backyard. I decided to go for a walk and that I would be safe if I took a black and white dog with me on a heavy silver chain. My children wanted to go with me, so I made each of them take a black and white dog, also on a heavy silver chain, so we each had one.

8-23-90 - DREAM - My husband and children and I were going to a concert.

The weather was bitterly cold...below zero. At the spot where I wanted to park my car was a big pink vehicle. So I put the pink vehicle in another place and put my light green car there. Later on I expected my car to be damaged by the person in the pink car, but when I went to check, the pink car was gone. The green car was frozen over, covered with ice. It was so bitterly cold out, I didn't go to the concert.

8-26-90 - DREAM - I went to dinner with some friends. We were served very little vegetables. I told my friends to be sure to eat them all.

I was walking down a road and came to a high hill. I began to walk up the hill and accidentally tripped a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would flood the area. My children and I hurriedly climbed the hill to the top and I noted that even the hill was artificial.

I was at work and went home for lunch. I closed my eyes for 5 minutes to nap and 4 hours went by. I was afraid I would be fired, so I decided to go look for a new job the first thing in the morning.

My daughter came home and we were discussing material things and I remarked that other women had nice apartments, clothes, hairdos, and makeup and I didn't have any of those things. She said that I should make up my mind what was most important to me and then do that.

As I was sitting there, there was a baby crawling at my feet. It was my daughter baby. The baby looked like a female Indian. It was beautiful. I remarked that I hadn't even had a chance to see it yet because I was so busy working all the time and I wanted to get to know the baby.

I was in a taxi-cab, sharing a ride with two men. We headed up a steep hill and the driver stopped just short of the top. My destination was at the top and I planned to continue on to that house. But as soon as the men got out, the cab backed all the way back down to the bottom and I knew that if I  wanted to reach my destination at the top, I would have to pay the price and do it all alone.

There was store window nearby and the maniken was wearing a beautiful shimmering light blue dress. I told my daughter that that was what I wanted. I had a box a potatoes and I was going to peel them, quarter them, and put them into another box. An elderly woman was watching me and I wanted to look proficient.

As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack at the bottom which I had to prevent. Then as I started to peel the potatoes, they became pears and were very squishy and I tried real hard to impress the woman with my proficiency and it was very difficult.

I was at my New Berlin house. My next door neighbor asked me about my husband because she had never met him. I knew that he had been in prison and was tough and mean, but I loved him and I wanted to be with him. She asked me to mail a letter for her. I saw the address on it. It ended in 33. I didn't want to give my husband my address directly which was 2821, so I thought if I sent him a letter using her address which was 2933, he would figure out where I was. That way I wouldn't have to feel guilty for being emotionally weak, wanting to see him and he could find me on his own.

9-24-90 - DREAM - I lived on the waterfront. It was actually my 16th St. house but it was on the ocean shore. The poor woman with many children who lived in #60 on the corner moved out. I went to inspect it, thinking that it was going to be awful. Inside was just a plain wooden structure, very sturdy, but with no paint or decorations. She left behind many of her children's toys. There was a huge stack of new and unused coloring books I especially wanted to keep and a red and black checker set.

NOTE: I have been researching the colors red and black for a long time, but haven't defined it exactly yet. The Chinese people defined red and black as the yin/yang for many years in their history.

9-24-90 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, my husband brought home a co-worker with a loud voice. I tried to act like I was the perfect wife and housekeeper, constantly picking up after them and putting things away. I even found my children's kindergarten papers. The plants I took care of didn't have long sturdy roots yet, but they were healthy and I took good care of them. The man finally left and I was left alone with my husband who was very thin. I told him that he needed to put on a little weight. we went somewhere in the car and he wanted to make love to me, but someone was watching and I told him to stop. He said, "We've tried to get back together now four times and each time, within an hour, I knew it wasn't going to work.

9-30-90 - DREAM - E.K., my maintenance man and I traveled out to Washington State together. We stayed at my mother-in-law's farm. (actually Wisconsin-deceased) I had my children with me. (not current age) I held my son on my lap, breathing on him and he was saying, "So fresh! So fresh!" E.K. said he was going to go out and see if there were any bartending jobs to be had. I said, "I didn't realize we were staying out here."

I knew I had plenty of money in my checking account to travel on. My in-laws left to go to a doctor appointment, leaving me in the house alone. The house was perfectly clean, so there was nothing for me to do.

I decided that if we were going to stay, that I'd better get a job too. I was aware that I had anxieties about going out in public and that I should probably go to a psychiatrist to continue my treatment for that and that I could also handle a job where I could walk to it.

I lay down on a green covered bed to rest, regretting that I hadn't brought my address book along, but that I could either have my mother (on 16th St.) send it to me or I could start a brand new one.

Then too, I wondered why I wanted to stay there and I knew that I secretly hoped that my ex-husband Edward would try to find me and maybe we could get back together in a loving relationship.

11-10-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. Nothing was going right. I was on the verge of crying, but still trying. I put my kids to work to help out because it was so terrible. I was so frustrated. My youngest son Bill was real depressed. I tried to find him something to do, because he said he couldn't find anything that he was capable of doing. Even that he couldn't do, so he went to bed and cried himself to sleep. I decided to get out of the house for awhile and went across the street to visit.

I met two women who asked me if I would be willing to take in problem children. A teenage boy on my right was retarded and the teenage boy on my left was cute but aggressive and was pinching me. Others were very nice. I said I would take the youngest ones, even if they were newborns.

I went home. My husband had started to make Thanksgiving dinner two days early. My daughter congratulated me on my anniversary with (the teacher of my conscious development) I said, "No!" Not anymore it isn't. I was shown a contract I had signed with the #3332977.

3-4-91 - Dream: I was at a school and there was an air raid test. Everyone ran for cover and they did quite well except for two things. I looked into the sky and saw many rocks or bombs in a cluster (like cluster bombs) already falling from the sky and when the people went into the shelter, they didn't close the doors all the way and could be gassed to death.


3-6-91 - Dream: I was in my backyard with my children. A plane was flying over and suddenly it's right engine and wing exploded and burst into flames. Everybody started to scream and run but I told them that it wouldn't hit us. It continued on and crashed into the top of a high hill to the south of us.

Then another plane came over and exploded into a thousand flaming pieces. This time everyone ran west towards the lake and jumped in so they could duck down under the water to avoid the flaming pieces when they hit the ground.

NOTE: On 3-20-91 Reba McIntyre's band was killed in a plane crash.

On 3-21-91 two fighter planes exploded and crashed into the ocean.

8-6-91 - Dream: I was with my grandchildren. Brian lit a match and I could not blow it out. I also had a discussion with him because he wanted all my pennies that I had offered another child. I told him that he had already been given his own and the ones I gave him were mixed with silver dimes.

NOTE: This incident occurred in June of 1997. When I had this dream, these other grandchildren had not even been conceived of nor born.

8-20-91 Dream: In my dream I was laying in bed half asleep. I heard the doorbell ring in my left ear and thinking that it was a psychic doorbell and not physical. I didn't bother to get up to answer it. When I finally did get up, I saw a bag of groceries by the door and asked my kids where they had come from. They said that they had let David in. (A friend). I looked up and David was standing at the far end of the kitchen counter dressed in a beige suit, putting groceries away.

My mother was also standing by the kitchen counter looking at a big brown envelope that had come in the mail to her. It contained a lot of newspaper articles about a world renowned psychic and his predictions and some photographs which she showed to me. The first one was of the man. He was short, balding, and chubby. His name was Wm. C. Conrad or O'Connell. The picture itself was unusual. It was of semi-clear plastic of a see-thru nature. When I turned it over, the picture was of Christ. I turned it back and I thought I saw the mouth moving like it was talking. I then looked at another photo. It was of my 16th St. house and my children were playing out in front of the house. The picture was moving like a film. I saw the others and each scene was different but in every case, the pictures had moving people on them. I was amazed and then I realized that when you looked into the photo, they were showing you the future.

I asked my Mom who the man was and why she had all this material from him. She said, "I am going to introduce you to him. He wants to meet you. He wants to teach you, so that you can recall all your visions like he does, instead of only one in three like you do now."

My Mother was reluctant about this because the material had not been requested by her, but she was going to follow through on it anyway.

I was excited. I wanted to meet the man, find out about the photos and be able to remember all my visions.

11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said,"'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.

12-9-91 - VISION - The voice said, "There will be black and white snakes and they will have to have their heads cut off, but unfortunately there will be black snakes and those will have to have their heads cuts off.

12-9-91 - VISION - I saw myself in a school in India with two Swami teachers dressed all in white with wrapped heads. There were children leaving the big tiled floor reception/lecture room through big french doors to go play outside on the vast lawns. The Swami by the door said, "The snakes represent the vast array of truths, half truths, and outright untruths which must be cut off."

12-9-91 - VISION - I could see all the way across the United States to Seattle. The voice said, "The banks will grind along with only 4 minutes warning. Then I was seeing close to where we were in Wisconsin. The voice said, "Nearby there will be grinding for 4 hours but for days at a time."

12-17-91 - DREAM - I was in a bank in New Berlin and a red-headed employee dropped a bag of money. Instead of turning it in, I put it in my own locker. Then started the guilt trips of guilt trips. the amount was over $3000. I knew that the bank would miss it at the end of the money count. Also, a camera had been on and saw the whole action take place. I left the bank and went to a store with David who was dressed as an elderly transvestite. I went to the wig counter to find a blonde wig that was longer than my own hair, but when I tried one on, they were too short. When I took the wig off, my own hair had turned into a field of flowers. I couldn't leave it like that, so I started combing it out back into real hair again. The clerk then rolled my hair into curls. This clerk and several others went to another aisle and began talking and I felt that they were talking about me and I knew I had to get out of there. Before I could though, I had several wicker baskets with toys for children and a makeup case. I left the toys there for children to play with and took the makeup case with me.

At this point, I wanted to take the money and move out west, but I knew that if I went back to the bank, I'd be arrested and have to serve several years in prison. Then I saw a red-haired man coming into the building whom I thought was the bank employee and I had to get out quick.

At this point, since I couldn't go to the bank, I had no money, no wallet, no suitcase, nothing to call my name. I also couldn't figure out which was was east or west to find my house and I couldn't remember the name of the street it was on either. I just knew it was a named street and not a numbered one. I also had to walk because I didn't have a dime of my own to pay bus fare.

I began to walk and discovered that I was going west because the numbers on the houses were getting bigger - 8 -9-10. So, I knew I had to go east and then south.

By then I discovered that I had a manila envelope in my hand with money I had received for Christmas so I could ride the bus afterall. I tipped the envelope up and the money was all silver coins.

12-27-91 - Meditation - A voice said, "The Middle East is a sorry state of affairs. I then saw two rows of desks in a semi-circle. The voice then said, "Neither the Polish or the U.N. want anything to do with it." All the U.N. desks were black.


12-28-91 - DREAM - I was at a library and my baby son said that he wanted to learn how to fly. So, I took him into the book section where you could learn to fly. Then I wanted to read a particular author and a boy told me to read Booth Tarkington, so I went into the author section and got that book. Then the children wanted to leave by a way that was blocked. The librarian told them not to go that way and I told them to follow the proper way and obey the orders.

1-2-92 - DREAM - I was in a house and a Master came to the door. He wanted to come in and rest. I invited him into the livingroom. He was elderly, with white hair, slightly rounded body, wearing a light blue shirt. I asked him if he would like to share lunch with me. He said, "Yes! But, what are you going to serve because I can't eat just anything." I said that I would make a tuna sandwich. That was all right with him. I went into the kitchen and there was no food in the refrigerator, nor in the freezer, nor in the cabinets and I had no money to buy any.

I had to swallow my pride and tell him that I had nothing to give him. He got up to leave and I told him that I was having dizzy spells today. He said that it was because there was an oscillation of energies today. The words he used were in some other language. Then he got a glazed look in his eyes and he put his right hand up against something that was coming up behind my left shoulder. Two of my children also did it. He said something to the "thing" behind me in another language, then put his hand down. The "thing" disappeared and so did my dizziness.

I again apologized for not being able to feed him and went back to the kitchen again to see why there was no food. I found only moldy sausage, and about a tablespoon of icecream and that was it. Then I saw that the refrigerator needed defrosting and it was iced up all the way to the electric outlet where it was melting across the plug and arcing.

It was too dark to see good, so I went to turn on a light and the switch broke off, I couldn't turn it on.

I then went through the house and saw that my husband had been working on his woodworking projects in various places and left sawdust on the floor. Instead of hollering at him later and making him all upset, I decided that I would just clean it up and say nothing.

2-23-92 - DREAM - I was at home, yet at work. There was a cement stairway with very narrow treads, that was overlayed with thin tiles for walking on. The thin tiles were so compressed together that walking on was almost impossible for anyone except me. So, I decided to mak it a project to straighten out the thin tiles so they were even and more accessible especially Becky who needed to go upstairs.

When I went downstairs, I went to have breakfast and I saw that the milk was bright blue and I didn't think it was fresh to drink. I dumped it down the sink, but no matter how many times I rinsed the bottle with water, the contents were bright blue. I wanted to get fresh white milk for my children, but I had no money to do so. I asked their father to get some fresh milk, but he became so angry that I didn't want to do it myself. I convinced him of the truth of the matter. He left to get the milk and I turned around to see that I had one last batch of dishes to wash and these were the dirtiest, greasiest ones. I was determined that they would all be perfect.

I then went to the bedrooms to make sure that the bedrooms were clean and the beds made with their red and blue quilts.

I saw that many puzzle pieces were on the floor and I hollered at the children that they had better get picked up and put in the proper boxes.

I bought my daughter a toy that had a little red dressed dolls that went around and around on swings. She wanted to take it outside to play. I said, "No!" My mother stuck up for her that she would take good care of it. I knew that it would get dirty, it was meant to be played with indoors. I said, "I would rather give her $10.00 to run around with it and keep the dolls for myself so I know they stay clean, knowing that they were more valuable than that. My mother said, "okay" and we made the exchange and I took the toy back.

I then went to the office area where work was being done on projects. Someone else had cleaned up some big red pans to work in, but they still had some grease and sand on, so I took it upon myself to wash them to perfection, using hot water on the grease and cold water on the sand so as not to waste the hot water where it wasn't needed. My boss said that there was still some grease on the old silver pans, but I told him not to worry about the old ones.

My boss came and asked me if I would be able to 'midnight requisition' (this means to steal) some long sleeved sweaters and stools to sit on so we could work on a project and I would also need to get 12 silver, square pans. I would need 4 pink, 4 light beige, 4 silver and black sweaters and stools. The one thing I had to be careful of was that no ones name could be on the stools so if someone came looking for them, they could not be identified. I agreed. Another man, who I think was my bosses boss or one of his peers asked him if I had agreed to provide this equipment and he said that I had. They were both relieved to know that.

I then went into another department to look things over. I had friends everywhere, but the problem was that I was being watched. My ploy was that I carried a crumpled piece of white paper with me to throw in a waste basket so it wouldn't look I was there for no purpose and just wasting time talking to my friends instead of working. but when I got to the point where I needed to throw away the piece of white paper to save my cover, T.M. picked up the trash container to throw away the trash. I tried to signal him what I needed to do, but the was already holding the trash container and I knew I would have to tell him of my ploy so we wouldn't be working at cross purposes or he would spoil the ploy and prevent me from completing my part of the project.

2-26-92 - DREAM - I was asked by someone to help treat a disease that many, many people had; infants and small children as well as adults. Treatment could only be handled by people who were survivors of the disease of which I was one. The disease was recognizable by the many thousand black and white squares that the people were made of. Treatment had to be done gradually one white square and one black square at a time, per month, or backsliding would occur and treatment would have to start all over again. Treatment was done by feeding the person special white milk and had to be done very carefully and took a long time.

I would have to say that I was a little reluctant to take on such a big project, because I had so many other projects to work on at the same time, but as they told me, only people who had been successfully treated and survived the disease were qualified to treat others.

At the end of the dream, I was on the street with my telephone. T.M. wanted to speak to the man who was in charge of the treatment and the supplies. He worked out of an old warehouse with only two men who were still under treatment. I wasn't sure if the man was in this office and was walking down the street towards the warehouse when T.M. somehow got through the phone line into the man's office. The man's name was Mr. Pringle.

NOTE: An Internet search showed several doctors of Pathology and other health research programs with the name of Pringle. However, I believe this disease to be of some spiritual illness (the black and white squares that showed in people with the disease)

3-18-92 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. There was a property up for sale. My father baked a cake representing the sale of the property. It was a grave-shaped cake, frosted in white with a pink grave marker and a pink stick figure on top of the grave. There was some printing below the marker, but I didn't read it.

There was a court matter involved because there were over 200 relatives involved, including children. My mother said that there were 49 Andersons alone. I said, "There's only 1 Finney... me!" All these people had to sign off on the property.

I went to give my father a kiss and he turned his cheek to me.

There were some other people and things involving junk food (unremembered)

I had driven past the property. The main house was white and built near the top of a high hill. Below that, other people pulled in and parked double-wide trailers to live in. As I drove by, they were just pulling in a blue one, alongside the road.

3-24-92 - DREAM - I and my daughter were helping a man stack milk cartons in a wagon to consolidate the stacks. I got down to the bottom layer and the package was just rolled brown corrugated paper.

This man seemed very upset that I got everything I wanted in my life, so he turned this rolled cardboard into a yellow and white cardboard whirling dervish type dog on a leash that would interfere with my two roly-poly white dogs with red fleur-de-lis type flowers on them.

I then saw that my son Bill was limp and weak and I took him to the doctor. She said it was good to check on him, but it was merely a simple cold and he would be fine. She said that is was normal for the liver to be inflamed at this time. I asked her if her seemed to be small for his age. I tried to determine how old he was. I thought he had been born in the spring and would now be 2 1/2 or 3 years old. She said growth was in spurts and should worry about it. He was a beautiful child and I finally said, "Oh well!, he'll just be short in stature compared to my other children then if he doesn't grow like them."

The female doctor gave me an identification band for him and made an appointment for his next checkup. I took the band out to where my son was sitting to the right hand of the Pastor of the church and my husband Jim who was on the left.

I fastened the black arm band like a wrist watch on my son's right wrist and the catch was exactly over the spot where she had given him a shot.

The Pastor and my husband now wanted to write the date of the next appointment for my son's checkup on the calendar. The calendar they pulled out was the strangest one I've ever seen in my life. The size of the squares was determined by the amount of things expected to happen that day. I looked at the 18th and 19th of September and there were two squares side by side with both the 18th and 19th superimposed or sort of entwined with each other. The 20th was long and narrow and a reddish color to write down the winners of the races on that day.

The squares were different pastel colors also determined by the types of events expected to happen. My son's next doctor's checkup was on September 8th. we looked for that date. It was in the center of the top row and was about 3 x 4 inches rectangle. It was the biggest square on the page so obviously a lot was expected to happen that day. The 8th was a very pale color which I don't recall, either blue, green, or yellow. I think green.

NOTE: In 1997, Joe Mason celebrated his birthday on the 19th of September and also came to Milwaukee to get me to spend the rest of our lives together, so it is also our anniversary now.

3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in my house. It was Sunday morning and TM called to find out what dreams I had had so far this weekend. I couldn't find today's dreams because my notebook was folded in such a fashion that I had a hard time determining where the beginning was. TM was very patient while I looked through the book, noting the dates on the pages, 1989, 1987, etc. Then I found a sheet of paper that said, "Reminder! Feb. 2nd, 3M and Feb. 14th" I remembered the dream about 3M but not in detail. I knew I should look up what I dreamed on those two dates and the 3M dream and see what they were about.

NOTE: The 2/2/89 dream was a prophecy that by the year 2022, all of our money would go to the government and the government would supply all of our needs.

On 2/14/89 I had a dream that I was way behind on my work because I had been gone so long. (I had just returned from Elgin. I was gone for almost 6 years)


I then found a magazine and stapled it in my book by my daughter to get my attention. It was about the dog Rin Tin Tin. She wanted to buy a dog like that for $149.00. I was laughing at her ingenuity to remind me of what she wanted.

Suddenly TM was gone and an operator came on and told me that I could reach him later. I hung up and straightened out my book, removing two brown dividers meant to divide subjects but had no pages between. (This was true) The cover was bright blue. I then located today's dreams so I was ready for the next phone call.

My husband then said that breakfast was ready. I went to the door and called the children and they all came running. When the boys came in, they had normal haircuts and I laughingly told them I was going to give them tall crew cuts with a vacuum machine like they show on TV so they'd look modern.

I noted in the livingroom was two Christmas trees; a fresh tree and an artificial one. . . side by side. I liked the fresh one better.

We were going to sit down to the meal and I saw that I was wearing a long tailed pink shirt that covered me, but just barely, and I wasn't wearing any underpants. I didn't want to sit down to a family meal that way, so I headed for the stairs to go get some underwear to put on. At some point on the stairs was supposed to be a divider where the steps went up and another set went down. I couldn't find it and ended up on the down section. I saw all my husband's clothes stacked up on the stairs and there was nowhere to walk. I put my foot down where the stair was supposed to be and all the steps collapsed below me. I didn't hurt myself because there were so many clothes, but there was no way to get back up.

There were two doors above me, shutting me off and I couldn't yell for help until I opened both doors. I could just barely reach them.

I screamed for help until my husband came running. He jumped down and boosted me back up through the two doors because it was too high to clamber up by myself.

I woke up with my screams for help still ringing in my ears.

4-2-92 - DREAM - I was  with two women who were twins. They were each going to have a baby. They were happy about it. I knew I was going to have a baby too. . . across the border in New Madrid, Spain.

I was in an old farmhouse and my co-worker Rochelle and her family were out in the yard barbecuing. I was told by Dan (my maintenance man) that they should check on the meat before it got overdone. By the time I got to the window to holler out to her, I saw her husband carrying her back to the house. she was sick and throwing up and they had already eaten the meat.

I turned around and saw that the house had accumulated a lot of spider webs, even where people had walked recently, so I took a broom and swept them down.

This was a very poor household. The floors were bare and worn with grey paint on and I swept them too.

I remember going upstairs to visit someone but can't remember who. I had to move things over on the steps because there was no room to walk. I picked up some toys belonging to the children.

At the end I took it upon myself the job of doing the dishes for all these people. The sink was so full I couldn't even get near the water. So I moved a big blue pot and an even bigger silver one so I could begin. The whole kitchen was full of dirty dishes.

4-4-92 - DREAM - I was told to write a book for children called "LOVE". It is to be 15 pages long, with one sentence per page. I was given the pages which were clipped to a brown board on top of a closed calendar and it was noted that the calendar was clipped in an inch from the top and that a calendar had never been clipped so far down before. I am to use the pen name "Molena" and it was given to me by "15 1/2 Molena". A few examples of wordings were given to me but they are unremembered. each page should have an illustration behind the sentence that shows the action of the meaning of the sentence. The pages are square like the "Golden books".

I was then instructed to find the phone number of a man by phone named James R. Torsten and give it to another man by phone. He was to call him. I had the number and gave it to the man, but the man said he didn't need the second numbers, he would just throw it away. the names came from two completely different sources. One was white. One was brown and there were no phone numbers. I pasted them together, similar to a phone book. There were two to five names per letter of the alphabet...example... M one source, N second source, 0 1st source, P second source...The second source had no numbers they had to be obtained by other means and then written in and thereby the number for James R. Torsten had to be dictated to me. His number was 549-6133

NOTE: I did the preliminary work on the book, wrote the text, advertised for artists to draw the pictures and researched the possibility of publishing this book, but I never followed through on the publication. I still have all this material. One day it will reach the public.

4-22-92 - DREAM - I was taking over a white house I had just bought. There were many apartments in the house and there was a good side and a bad side. Before I even moved in, I evicted everyone who lived on the bad side. There were men, women, and children. They looked like poor whites. Some official went to the top floor and herded them all out at once.

I then went to inspect the building and met the people on the good side of the house. They were very nice people, some from every nation, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

I looked at the plumbing facilities on the bad side. The people just used buckets underneath the toilet seats and didn't have plumbing. My comment was, "At least they didn't have bugs."

I went to my apartment, one that was very familiar and have been in many times before. When I've been there, it had many wonderful rooms, living quarters, that any person who would ooh and aah over. I always had loved looking at it. Now that I owned it, I thought to myself what a good time I would have furnishing it, a piece at a time as I could afford.

But, when I went to look at the rooms, to my dismay, the rooms were full of furniture, unmatched, and just setting around any old way like an antique storage room.

I looked at the furniture, and there was nothing wrong with it, but it was of varying styles and wasn't coordinated and nothing stood against the walls where it belonged. So, that would be the first thing I had to do, was to look it all over, sort it, try to coordinate it, and put it where it belonged.

4-29-92 - DREAM - I was given a big plate full of mashed potatoes by a female relative (Gertie B.) The masters put a gold seal on top of the potatoes which looked rather Aztec or Mayan. It consisted of four intricately etched vertical ovals side by side, with 2 horizontal ovals above and 2 horizontal ovals below.  (It was wider than it was tall)

Afterwards, I wrote her a long thank you letter. We were going to visit her, but wondered if I should take my children with me. My daughter was around two years old, dressed in pink, but her face sometimes appeared beautiful and sometimes ugly and my son Mike was 6'4" tall. I didn't know if they would be welcome.

5-7-92 - I was in a doctor's examining room laying on a long narrow table. There was a table to my right with a woman laying on that one too. I was 5 months pregnant and just beginning to show. I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant yet and because I was fat, no one had yet noticed. I could feel the baby's movements. The doctors was going to examine me to confirm the pregnancy so he could tell me how to take care of myself until the baby was born.

The doctor came into the room wearing thick red rubber gloves. The woman on my right decided she didn't want to be examined by a doctor with red rubber gloves.

There were children playing on the floor to the left. I got up too, saying, "I'm not ready for the whole world to know yet." and left without being examined.

We were then in a school, somewhat Octagon shaped, divided into equal sections by glass walls set with brown wood beams. You could get from section to section through French doors.

I was then walking from Teutonia Ave. to 16th St. with a woman companion and we noticed that people were collecting mechanical bicycles in their yards that seemingly ran by themselves or by car power with geared scissor action like the Edward Scissorhands movie.

We came to a house and saved two children from a fire by wrapping big brown overcoats around them.

5-7-92 - DREAM - I was walking along the shore of a lake or ocean with a lot of other people. They were looking for an unusual phenomena to happen. Suddenly, someone cried out, "Look ... there comes an iceberg", and a sharp, craggy, angry, red and white iceberg popped to the surface. As I watched, the face of a blue and white bull dog came to the surface followed by the face of a brown cat. We knew we had to get away quickly and I gathered up my children and left.

Later on I thought about the dream, wondering what it mean. I again saw the cat's face pop to the surface with a white tape or banner across it's face and the date 12/30/__ written across it.

5-24-92 - DREAM - I was at work and went through my bosses office to use a secret stairway to go upstairs to call T.M. and talk about my book for children title, "Love".

I called him on the phone. It wasn't 8.a.m. yet.

T.M. and I were then in the car going somewhere together. We were both sitting on the right side of the seat and I had to physically move him over behind the driver's wheel.

I told him that I was going to use my business cards with the hearts and house on it (I have these) to make my work look more professional when I sent it in.

He stopped the car on 19th and Center to go into a store to buy potato chips and donuts for breakfast. I told him to hurry because I still wanted to make it to work on time and that was on 15th and Center.

5-26-92 - DREAM - My mother asked me to get a map of Indiana because she wanted to pick out a new place to live by tomorrow, because the school system told my brother John that he had to tutor children who weren't as smart as him, and if his grades got higher, he would have to work even harder.

6-2-92 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin with my teenage kids and my Mother. I had a job in Waukesha in an office. I felt guilty for not going in during the day, but I went to work on the bus to start at 5 p.m. on the second shift to catch up on my work and hoped my boss wouldn't mind.

Instead of getting into the bus, I stood on a platform and hung onto the back door. When the bus started, I was sorry I had done that because it was rather a precarious ride.

At the next stop, other women wanted to get on, so I went inside. Several women called me by name and asked me questions about people in the past I have known. I answered the questions as best I could and then thought to myself, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to rent a little house and move into downtown Waukesha on a bus line so I can get to work easily.

Although I didn't recognize the woman who called me by name, I was pleased that they knew who I was and figured I would make friends and wouldn't be along for long.

We got off the bus and walked through a shopping mall to avoid walking in the rain and hail that started to come down.

At the office building, I walked up some stairs which was rather like A-C or Simpson Electric and walked down a long hall, but my way was blocked when I went through a door and there was a factory with machines and cows swishing their tails near the walkway against the wall and the floor was soft and squishy and I was wearing high heeled shoes. I asked an Indian girl how to the through and she showed me a solid walkway behind the cows, but they were aggressive and I declined to walk behind the animals.

So, I decided to go upstairs and across and to go back down on the other side of the factory part.

I walked up another stairway and there were many women and children up on this floor too. They were eating a carry-in supper. One kid had some cheese and I ate some, commented that it was good and went on.

I came to some more animals, small odd looking creatures, tethered to posts stuck in the floor. I had just determined that it might be okay to walk behind the animals when a short black pig with a long unicorn type horn on it's forehead charged at me. It caught the bottom edge of my skirt. I complained to the man in charge, but he said that they didn't pay damages for dirty marks, only for real damage.

I woke up and it was 5 a.m.


#1 - I was at a house on 16th St. where teenagers came to work and play and live. Some work needed to be done to the electrical wiring to make the plugs positive and negative. Somehow the wiring got mixed up so that when appliances were used by the teenagers, it changed them internally and they were no longer charged the way they were created. Nobody knew how to fix it and the children were all confused and unhappy.

#2 - I was at a house where teenagers were going to put on a play. A black door opened and revealed to me the stage where the play would go on. The kids were there cleaning. The stage was all green.

There were tall boxes on the wall, 7 of them, all green, and a mirror of a different size was on the door of each box. I was very impressed by the visual images the mirrors gave when the children stood in front of the mirrors, their bodies appeared to be different sizes according to which size mirror they stood in front of.

Then as they did their play, the children slipped under the bottom of their boxes and stood up inside of them. The doors to the boxes opened up and each child came forth a different size, but unfortunately, the children got mixed up and went into the wrong boxes and when they did it, the images of themselves were now the wrong size. The kids ran back and forth between the boxes to try to change their images, but they were unable to and they were all confused and anguished.

#3 - I was in my New Berlin house and an electrician came to the house to straighten out the wiring that was messed up.

The electrician was about 8 feet tall. He didn't have the right equipment with him to do the work and he didn't have any test equipment to check if his work was done right.

He asked me if I knew how to test if he had done the work right and wanted to know if I had a box of crayons to do the test. I said that I did, that all that was necessary to do the testing was to draw lines on a white wall with the various colors and when you stood in front of the color, you would know immediately if your wiring for positive or negative was correct and your image of yourself would be normal.

He said that was correct and that I should gather all the children from both dreams, bring them together and began to put them in front of their correct colors so that their electrical charges and colors were correct.

6-27-92 - DREAM - I was at work and all the bosses were gone, so instead of working, the girls had a party to welcome a girl they hadn't seen in a long time and wish her well, because she was leaving for Iowa. I told her that Iowa was a safe place, hugged her and left them alone. I then went exploring the building. I went through the upstairs and the downstairs.

I stopped in an office where they were selling yarn that was soft, soft wool in beautiful soft colors. I thought about buying some and doing a knitting project, but then I looked thru the catalog of projects, I didn't see anything that interested me, so I gave the catalog to a man who was standing there anxiously waiting for it and walked away.

NOTE: I always thought the best business in the world for me would be to have a yarn shop next to a used book store. I could either read of knit to my hearts' desire.

When I went downstairs, I heard a girl call out excitedly, "Dolores, come and listen. I just got a tape of your son Bob. Everybody hold hands." We all crossed arms and held the hands of the people next to us so we were in a big circle. We then listened to a demo tape of my son Bob, singing a song he wrote himself, and playing the guitar he taught himself to play. The name of the song he sang was, "Be good to your children." When he was done, I let go of the other hands and raised my hands, "thumbs up." and everybody else did the same, "Yes! Thumbs up" and gestured the same. I was thrilled that my son was going to be a star and he had started out just a lowly carpenter.

I then walked to my own office where it was empty of people and made sure it was clean. Then a windstorm came up and blowing in an open window and everything went flying. The window was up too high for me to close, so I called for help and some men I worked with at A-C purchasing came, climbed up and closed the window.

The phone rang then. It was my mother. She said, "I just received 10 diamonds and I got engaged." I was shocked. I didn't even know she knew any men. Then she said, "This afternoon, I'm going to receive 75 diamonds and precisely at 5:43 p.m. this afternoon, I'm going to be married."

Again, I was shocked and surprised but thought it was appropriate, because I thought she was 75 years old.

The T.M. got on the phone and I told him what my mother said, and he answered, "Its amazing what various forms death takes."

That statement stunned me, but I accepted it as fact.

NOTE: Almost 10 years has gone by and though my mother has gone through several bad illnesses and operations, she is still kicking and going to celebrate her 85th birthday soon.

6-27-92 - DREAM - I was walking past the open door of a psychiatrist and a young blonde woman was sitting in a chair 'telling' the man what her problems were. She said she had been told by someone that she should call a spirit named Todd and also that she had been hearing voices and she had prayed and she could feel that the voice of Satan had been removed from her left ear because the pressure was gone.

He was telling her that he could give her some pills that would make her feel better.

She looked very dejected and depressed.

She came out into the hall when she was done. She looked so unhappy and told me so.

I said that she looked like she was being oppressed by someone or something.

She started to cry and dropped to her knees in front of me. She started to pray, so I put my hands on her head and asked Jesus to bless her and remove the oppression from her and watch over her and hold her hands as she walked through life.

She got up from the floor with a smile glowing through her dripping tears and thanked me and gave me a big hug. She was so grateful. She knew she was cured.Then she said, "What about Todd? They told me to call him.

I told her, "You leave Todd where he is. You don't need him."

She said, "You mean I should leave the past in the past?"

I said, "Yes! That's what I mean."

She agreed and walked away smiling and happy.

She left behind a lunch box and some books. I opened the lunch box. It was full of water and a red math book was inside. I fished it out and figured I could dry it out and give it to my grandson Brian so he could educate himself ahead of his class. The other books were thin children's book about animals and I figured I would save them for my other grandchildren.

I then met another woman in the hallway I recognized from A-C. I never cared for her personality and she was wearing the same pale green dress she always wore. I felt an instant discomfort to meet her. But she smiled at me and said she had been hiding something from me. She seemed a little thinner in the middle and started preening her hair and acting sexual.

I felt even more discomfort. She said she had made an appointment to see a professor on Wednesday and she acted like it was some big deal.

She got behind me and started rolling up my hair to curl it and I felt even more discomfort.

She said, "I want you to meet this professor."

I said, "What do I want to meet him for?"

She answered, "He's only 5 months old."

I figured she was trying to tell me that she had had a baby and hadn't told anybody about it. Logically, I knew she was past childbearing age.

She said, "I made an appointment for you to meet him at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday."

I was just going to answer her when the physical telephone rang and woke me up.

(after I thought about it and remembered that she was a friend of a man I worked with who was always harassing me and trying to get me to go home with him, I figured she was trying to tell me that he had been reincarnated and he's now 5 months old and is very intelligent)

NO idea how to figure that one out for certain.

7-12-92 - DREAM - I was in a house and everything was colored Rose (Dark pink) I was presented with several situations where I had to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles, or take care of situations which delayed me before I could go to the next room.

When something similar happened in the next room, I finally caught on that I was being deliberately delayed and detained from making progress towards my goal which was to leave the house and go out into the country.

In the third room, which was the same color, I had to climb up and over an obstacle placed in my path and a voice said, "When you were a child, you were afraid of a certain situation. Let's see how you handle it now." I heard the voice, but climbed up and over the obstacle.

In the next couple of rooms which were the same color, they were empty and I got through them as fast as possible by taking large strides.

I reached the last room, strewn with more puzzles and situations. Knowing that I was going to ignore them in order not to be delayed any further from my goal, my children took the lock and knob off of the door so I couldn't leave the house and be on my way.

I saw the parts, reassembled them, stuck them back into the door and let myself outside.

Directly outside the house was a huge hill. I attempted to climb straight up the hill, but was out of breath from the exertion of climbing.

Off to the right was a wagon track that went to the right. I went up the track where the walking was easier. It led to a department store. The whole store was rose pink like the house was.

Sales people were trying to get me to buy their clothes and were showing everything to me. I realized that this was also a delaying tactic, so I got through the store and went on my way down the street.

7-20-92 - DREAM - I was looking at a map of Wisconsin. Across the bottom and another row about it were pictures of lavender camping-type coffee pots. As to size, a pot was the size of a county - tall and 10 across. There were 2 rows like that. I knew it represented workers and that it wasn't enough. So, 2 more rows were added. These were an off color pale green. However, these were temporary and movable. The last one jumped around like a marionette and was unstable, so it was determined that that one would have to be let go.

Somewhere on this map on the border lines were colored circles about 1/8" across, all brilliantly lit like lights. The colors were intense and clear.

I was then given a panel of yellow lights which were to be used to change the color of object held in front of it. The center light bulb was out, but when I flicked the lights on and off a few times, the light finally came on like the bulb as loose in it's socket.

I had a green stuffed toy animal which ended to have it's color adjusted and that loose bulb as the place it needed to be adjusted by. So, I asked a young man who was a worker in this building if it would be safe to tape the stuffed animal to the bulb, and how much tape I should use since it would have to be there 36 hours.

I was astounded when he volunteered to hold it there himself for the full 36 hours.

I was then at my 16th St. house and my children were in the diningroom playing. It was time to clean up and I decided that it would be far easier to work with them and get my own stuff done later, then just to tell them what to do and go away and come back later to find that it hadn't been done or been done incorrectly.

So, I got down on my knees to help with the work and noticed that the Christmas trees growing on the table top in a pot needed to be watered, so I asked my son to get some water for it before we started the cleaning.

7-21-92 - VISION - There was a trial going on in which it was determined that any male who committed sexual assault on a woman be castrated so that he can never produce children because that trait is genetically carried from generation to generation.

One woman said upon the completion of the trial, It's a shame the people worship their government."

The scene panned to the left where blue uniformed officers stood up en-masse, about 20 of them and their leader said, "That going to end right here in Milwaukee." Then they all walked out.

9-17-92 - DREAM - I was packing to move. It was the feast of St. Catherine or something because the church across the street was celebrating. I opened the house up to party goers and a wedding was going to take place. Five bridesmaids came in and lined up by the door. All my relatives were there, including my sister who was holding 3 grandchildren on her lap, the youngest of whom was about a year, the oldest was age 3 or 4. (Her only grandchild is about 4 months old now) My Mom was there also at the gathering. The two other children were called 'The Twins' though they were born in different years. They looked that much alike.

9-24-92 - DREAM - My boss Tom called me on the radio to tell me he was on his way to a job in Plymouth, WI for someone named Mueller. I followed him out there to see what was going on. There was a lot of police officials on the hillside where a row of graves were of 3 children and 2 adults. The grandfather had been up there putting freshly ironed clothing on the graves in his grief and was now laying face down, downhill. There was a shotgun laying on the grass downhill from him and the officers were digging the ground around him, so they wouldn't have to move him before the ambulance came. I thought he was dead, but then he moved and they said he had had a heart attack.

I went to the house where a group of teenagers had gathered in the basement of the house. A red headed teenage girl was the one who lived there. A bottle of beer was handed out to each kid and they all started drinking. I heard one say that he wanted to go somewhere and the rest agreed. Then one said, 'Let's finish up the beer first."

I jumped in and said, "Oh no you don't. You don't drink and drive", and took all the beer away.

They all left and as they drove away, the red headed girl was sitting in the middle on the back seat with her boyfriend. She turned around to wave goodbye, all smiles, and I thought to myself as I waved goodbye, "She's going to her death."

I went back to where one kid remained sitting at a table. He was depressed because he couldn't go with all the other kids. I felt sorry for him and he was going to leave by himself, so I said, "Come on over here," and pulled out a chair for him at the table where I had put all the bottles and glasses of beer. "We can get sloshed."

He said, "No! I don't drink."

He left then and I went upstairs to the bedroom and looked around. The room was a little on the messy side. The little Oriental kids came in and looked around and when they left, they knocked twice on the footboard of the bed.

I heard someone out in the hall say, "These little kids were hired to check out the cleanliness of the bedrooms and when they're clean, they knock twice."

10-6-92 - DREAM - We were in the country and a huge storm came up. Our house was on the side of the hill, but yet water rushed through it. We tied the children to the upright beams so they wouldn't get washed away. Then everything went still and the water drained away. We went outside and saw the clouds breaking up and a slight pink color was showing on the side of the clouds and someone quoted the Bible as "And Christ said, "The dawn is breaking",

We went to church to pray and gave thanks and at church they gave me a little prayer book. It was covered with beautiful flowers and on it, it had "Happy Birthday". Stuck inside the book were dozens of decorated cards also that said 'Happy Birthday" with flowers all over them and many of them had money tucked inside too.

I was truly blessed to have survived the storm and to be thought of by so many others, and we all gave thanks and then had breakfast together.

10-10-92 - DREAM - I was with T.M. in a school and we had just finished the end of the ninth year of a computer run curriculum. It was the end of a series of children's lessons. Now came the beginning of the adult lessons we were to teach and there were 23 years of adult lessons on the computer ready to begin.

10-13-92 - DREAM - I was in a big school on Wisconsin Ave. I was helping other people pass their tests and give them their grades. I had a huge piece of property that was not developed and my desire was to formalize it, but I walked across it and up a hill to the street where I met people who were playing hooky and entering contests. My two brothers were in front of a ski-shop and they were promoting a 'ski on jello" fun event for late November. I walked on up 16th St. at that point with a lot of foreign people who were on tour. I came to a pile of books that had been set outside and began to look though them.

Some Chinese men decided to do the same. I glance through the books which were used and set them aside for the men, but I kept two well-worn math books for my children.

I then went on and helped some teenagers with some balance lessons and gain their awards for completion.

10-13-92 - DREAM - I was asked to play the piano for the choir at a church. I was wearing a pale pink suit and matching brimmed hat and pink high heeled shoes. The hat covered my hair and my face, so nobody knew who I was and I could hear people whispering behind me, wondering who I was.

We sat down to practice together and meanwhile someone accused me of stealing something because she was jealous. I knew who had done the accusing, a woman named Gert, and I could prove that she had done it herself, so I wrote down the whole scenario how she had accomplished while I was in church, but I didn't have time to give it to anyone because I was going to play the piano for a funeral.

I could not, in good taste, wear all pink for the funeral, so I took off the jacket and hat, so I was wearing a white blouse with the pink skirt. I helped another girl fit a skirt on so she looked good and some guy was immediately admiring her.

I then decided that everyone should eat something before the funeral and then I got all upset because I didn't see any regular food in the kitchen for the children. I was just about to yell at someone when I saw that someone else had already started cooking bacon, eggs, and toast over on the stove. I went over to finish it and immediately dumped a pile of salt in the middle of the pan.

Then I was yelled at for ruining the food, but I sad that I could rescue it because all the salt was in one spot. So I rescued the food and gave it to the kids on a platter.

I saw then, at the bottom of the pan, what looked like miniature antique toys and I couldn't leave those in there, so I started fishing them out onto another platter to save them. There were grandfather and wall clocks, telephones, dishes, all kinds of antique furniture, all in light-blue, then I saw wild animals and I rescued them too and the last thing out on top of the pile were grey and white striped tigers or panthers.

10-14-92 - DREAM - I was in the country and felt threatened by some scary looking men, so I ran inside a barn, avoiding all the big animals and when I saw an aisle with puppies, kittens and little children, I ran towards them because I knew I would be safe there.

10-22-92 - DREAM - My son Tom, my grandchildren and I were studying up on how to capture UFOs.

11-12-92 - DREAM - I was with my family and we went to a place that was like a Rummage O'Rama. It had many small booths, hundreds of them, each one selling different items, some new, some old. We walked along the first aisle and I saw nothing I wanted to buy. I spotted my daughter-in-law Debe, working at a food counter. My kids all ordered stuff and sat down to eat, but they didn't share anything with me. Previously, at home, they had drank up all the red soda I had bought, leaving only a 1/2" in the bottom of the bottle so I couldn't say they had drank it all.

I had seen some romantically inclined, older, gray haired people and I felt envy until I saw how ugly the men were. But then I thought to myself, "Looks aren't everything." They're probably the sweetest men around."

I walked on and we were going uphill and it was getting harder and harder to find handholds to make it up to the next level. But once I made it, there they had a plant stand. I bought a small plant that looked like one I had at home, but it was in a blue glass boat shaped container, so I got it.

We walked on and finally sat down at a long banquet-type table to rest and people-watch. There were hundreds and hundreds of people.

Suddenly, a man came out of the crowd and sat on my lap and put his arms around me and hugged me. He didn't let go. I said to him jokingly, over is shoulder, "You've made a sale. I'll buy whatever it is your'e selling. I laughed and he sat up and kissed me. It was no big deal, but I was having fun. I asked him what his name was. He said, "John" I introduced him to my family. He had trouble with my mother's name ' Lucille'. He called her Lucy. I repeated her name more clearly, but he still didn't get it right, so I dropped the subject. (My mother-in-law's name was Lucy coincidentally)

He wanted to walk around with me, so we did, arm and arm like sweethearts. People were gawking at us. He was a couple inches shorter than I was and younger by half than me and so handsome, with dark eyes and dark curly hair. I kept trying to figure out why he would want to be with me. I saw myself in a mirror and wondered some more what he could possibly see in me and want to be with me because there were lots of pretty young women around.Then he asked me if I would go out with him that night. I was doubly shocked that he would want to spend time with me when there were so many better looking and younger women he could pick from. But I said, "yes" and then wondered what we would do, whether he liked to hang out a bars or what because I didn't know him at all and I hadn't been out at night in years.

I told him I would go get my coat and meet him back at his booth. I followed my mother to the coat rack and she handed me a short beige top coat and dark brown leather gloves. I put them on and went back to the man named John.

He was sitting down on a bench, bent over and coughing drily, but desperate, trying to catch his breath. I thought to myself, "Oh no! There's something wrong with him."

I reached my left hand out to him to help him up and asked if there was something I could do for him. He aid, "No! It's just a little cough."

But I knew it was something more than that. I wanted to see what he sold while he was getting his coat on. He had a rack of brochures and I was surprised to see that he sold magnificent light chandeliers. The one I saw had hundreds of brilliant lights on it.

I knew we needed to get acquainted more, because we were still strangers to each other. He took me into his arms and I looked at his face. He was so handsome and I still wondered why he would want to be with me.

Then, while he was still hiding me, he asked, "What are your goals in life?"

I thought for a moment, and then said to shock him more than anything, "I want to be the world's greatest psychic."

He rather rolled his eyes at that, then he asked, "And what country confers that title on someone."

I was thinking, "England, maybe France," then said, "It is something that one earns by reputation more than a title."

He asked, "How does one become the greatest psychic?"

I was thinking to myself, "I'm really going to drive him away now," and expected him to just walk away, and I said out loud, "By developing the mind to it's greatest potential."

I smiled at him and expected him to leave, but he said, "And how does one develop his mind to it's greatest potential?"

I knew he was challenging me and daring me to become what I wanted to be. So, I said, "Here! I'll show you!"

I had a little calculator in my hand and on it was a four-step program, each one costing $9.95 for the lessons. I pressed the first button, because I was going to show him how much it would cost to become the world's greatest psychic.

The machine flashed a couple lights and then printed out, "The contest winner," and his name "Scot ___ ", which I couldn't read because it was in a foreign language like Hebrew or Sanskrit or something.

I was looking at his face and deeply into his eyes and it faded and I was awake. I wanted desperately to back and talk to him further, but I couldn't.

NOTE: I wrote down the dream, then felt led to turn on the radio. The 1st song was, "Somewhere there's a place for us, somewhere there's a time for us." #2 was , "Teach your children well," and #3 was, "You've saved the best for last."

11-19-92 - DREAM - I was cleaning my house in New Berlin and I went outside. There was tremendous destruction all over the neighborhood. All the houses were broken and fallen shells. The street was a wide river and people, all disheveled, dirty, and bruised were floating down the river on air mattresses, boards, and whatever they could find that would float.

I had to go back into the house to do my work again and I was barefoot and walking in deep, wet sand. I tried not to take any into the house with me.

I went upstairs and my children were there getting ready for school. My son Ken came in dressed like a rebel, his shirt was tied up in a knot over his diaphragm like girls do in summer, his hair was long and unkempt. I thought I saw hickeys all over his neck, so I grabbed him by the arm and said, "Let me see your neck." He allowed me to look and under his hair on the back of his neck, he had little black leather patches sewn to his skin and design of green material glued right to the skin. I asked him what that was. He told me that the men in his group decorated himself like that for their women and that his leader said that he was doing really good for him.

I said, "it must take a lot of bravery to go through that much pain for a woman." He just smiled and I put my arms around him and hugged him. I said, "I'm proud of you for being the best at what you are." I patted him on the back and held him for a moment and when I let go, I was looking right into his face, and he was a beautiful child and he was smiling because I had made him happy for saying I was proud of him.

11-19-92 - DREAM - I was cleaning on some level, I thought it was New Berlin, but yet at the end it wasn't. One wall of the room was all hung with small pictures of Jesus.

A woman, who was a school teacher came in and with her, she brought a man. She introduced him as her friend and told me that he sold wall hangings. I showed him my wall and my son Mike had hung a huge dark blue velvet picture over mine. Jesus was on the right, but on the left was a huge section of just blue sky. I told the man I was looking for something I could put into that space.

He went through his bundle of wall hangings and unrolled one of a beautiful maiden with a ring of flowers around her neck. He said, "Get this one, It's Mary Magdalen and that's you."

I looked at it, and it was pretty, but a small one above it rolled down over it. It was gold embroidered panel with just the word 'Jesus' on it. I said, "That's the one I want. I'll put it in the blue space on the big picture.

He looked at me and said, "I didn't think you still had that in you." Then he said he would get that wall hanging for me. He got up to leave and he asked me, "Are you having sex with anyone now?" I said, "No!" surprised that he asked. Then he said, "Then save yourself for me because I'm coming back." He smiled and waved and was gone down the hall of the school building.

NOTE: I never revealed the previous dream to anyone because I was rather embarrassed to say to people that I was Mary Magdalen. She had a reputation as being a 'bad' woman, who then changed to Jesus ' friend' after he saved her from being stoned to death. It wasn't something I wanted to admit to because of what they would have said about me personally to begin with. However, after studying who Mary Magdalen was over a number of years, I came to find out that outside of the Bible, people had a high regard for her. Not only as a woman, but for her intellectual understanding of what Jesus taught, and the fact that she actually married Jesus and bore him children and was his wife for life.

Since I had this dream, I've actually met 6 other women who claim to be Mary Magdalen. That seems really strange to me that so many other people can claim such a thing, so somebody must be wrong. However, I've heard other explain that one person does not necessarily have just one spirit in them, that several spirits can energize one body. That remains to be proven.

9-15-93 - DREAM - I was standing in a driveway of a large farm. The people in the house weren't coming out, and I got tired of waiting so I went up to the house to see what was going on. I went into the house and discovered that they had not yet finished moving out.

I pitched in to help them. One of the things I worked on was a huge Lotus plant that was twisted and tangled around a table. I straightened out the leaves. It was immense...each leaf had to be 3 feet across and there were 4 of them like a 4 leaf clover. My young children were with me and we all helped them to get ready to move out.

2-5-94 - DREAM - I was working in an office when I came across some sheet music laying loose and some other papers. I made up manila folders for them then went into an inner office to see T.M. and asked him if he wanted the music and the Angelic sigils filed by category or by individual names and where he wanted them.

I then went outside and I saw some little baby white ducks and then some larger maroon colored geese walking in and out of traffic. One the opposite sidewalk becky's sister Judy was tending to some little children. A water trough was placed in the median strip for the ducks and geese so they'd leave the cars alone because some of the drivers were quite distressed.

I watched for a few moments and heard someone say that it wasn't good for ducks to be in the water all the time.

Judy looked over and saw me and asked me if I could help her with the children. I agreed and started to cross the street. There were some dolls and toys in the middle of the street, so I stopped to pick them up to take them with me. At that moment, Judy lost total control of the children and swore at me to "F__k" the dolls and toys and get over there. Meanwhile she ran down the street after an older boy.

I took the dolls and toys to the children and they sat quietly playing. It was getting darker outside so I found some lights in the building nearby and turned them on. Then the Father's came out from a meeting. They were all wounded Vets wearing deep blue velvet bathrobes decorated with silver patches. One said it was their first meeting and thanked me for taking care of the children. Judy was gone and never returned.

12-12-94 - DREAM - I was in a car with my husband and children. We were driving north on the coast highway. We went as far north as the road went.

The water in the ocean was very high and outlying islands and rocks were covered.

When we got to the end, a man dressed in a light blue work shirt came up tome and asked me, "Why aren't you working here."

I was very surprised that he asked because I thought we were on vacation.

So, I and the children turned to walk back up the road to where the clubhouse was. The kids were riding bikes and playing along the way. I went ahead, knowing they would follow me.

I went past some women who were crippled in various ways. I was surprised but pleased that even disabled people could be here.

I climbed a very steep hill to get up to the house. I entered the house and saw several rooms and many people inside.

I was told to start collecting clothing. I saw my mother sitting there. She said my Dad was coming up to get her .

NOTE: This dream took place in Washington State. I looked on the map and found the area which I think the dream was about. There are state parks along the highway there.

12-15-94 - DREAM - I was with my husband and children and we had driven a long way to visit some relatives. We were in the car ready to leave for home and I turned to talk to my children about a particular metaphysical book I had read. I had the book in the car with me. My husband was driving as I began to tell my children about the book. My husband got so angry that he put his foot down on the gas pedal.

I had never felt speed like that before. He lost control of the car and it hurtled straight onward when he came to the first corner I sensed we were going to crash and expected to die.

However, I didn't feel the crash happen ... just sensed that my head had been pierced painlessly. In the next moment, knowing that I was still alive, I knew people were going to wonder how I lived through the crash.

1-22-95 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. A big heavy blonde woman came to instruct me. She said I should check into the business of cleaning furnaces inside. She said that once you chip away at the black coating it very often just falls down and then you just have to vacuum it out.

I thought it was a terrible job to have and I said, "Who would have thought when I was in highschool that when you were looking for a career that you would want one in garbage and sewers?" but I promised I would look in the yellow pages to see what it was all about.

I went outside then and it had snowed. It was warm out but the snow was hard and crunchy and there was a misting the air from the breeze blowing it around but it wasn't melting.

I climbed the hill, keeping to the edge of the huge patch of snow which was deep in places. When I reached the top of the hill, I saw tracks going down into the valley from snowmobiles. Knowing that the snow had to be hard and impacted there, I decided to 'butt-slide' down the hill. I put my arms in the air and howled with glee and I slid all the way down to the valley.

My kids were all there and had slid down the lower portion standing up, but I told them it more fun sitting down.

We then had to walk back up the hill and the snow was melting so we were walking in a stream of water. I was out of breath and breathing hard. My son Bill said to me, "Com on Finney! Don't forget the fun." I tried to remember the fun instead of worrying about being out of breath.

We then went to the barn where 6 pink and maroon horses were stabled. I looked at their markings and marveled at them. The maroon parts looked as though they were drawn on by an artist. Someone was with me admiring them.

We came to the horses mother which was blue. This one was admired even more. I said that this horse was actually the ugliest of the lot, that I also owned 6 of her children, each of which was blue and each one more beautiful then the last, but I kept the mother because it was my daughter's favorite and she always like to ride her best because she was gentle.

I woke up then and my heart was beating very fast.

2-23-95 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Edward. He was driving the car from one area to another. He was only driving in the alleys. I was very frightened with him alone in the car. I tried to console myself that the scenery was beautiful. (It was green and lush vegetation) and there were lots of houses and their windows were open, should I need to scream for help.

I wanted him to drive on the main streets where there was traffic so I didn't have to be so afraid, but I was even afraid to ask.

We came to a street and there was traffic so we stopped to wait but the car was standing halfway into the street yet half in the alley.

A man came along who wanted to drive where we were so he could park his car, but Ed was busy doing something and wouldn't move. The man drove around us carefully and went on down the street and parked his car. Ed admired that because the man could have gotten angry and yet didn't. So, Ed decided to reward the man with a $500 certificate towards purchasing a new car. Ed had many of these certificates, but could use them himself.

So, we went down the street and found the house where the car was parked which was now a miniature dark blue train engine. We knocked and were let into the house by the children. We told the children we needed to see the father but he was busy, so we sat down to wait.

I began to match and fold socks for the children. The mother came in then, but we didn't explain what we wanted. I just continued to fold socks so she would think I was useful to be there.

Then the father walked into the room. Just as we were going to give him the reward for being kind, I woke up.

4-4-95 - DREAM - I was cleaning someone else's home where we were all going to work and play. I was caring for the children as well which some were from my own family. All the white people were looking to criticize what I did, but I did it the way I thought best. Someone asked my my religious principles. I said I wouldn't tolerate weak religious, 'wimpy' I called it, stand but preferred a strong moral stand.

At the end I was in the inner-city explaining to someone that it was important to stamp-out poverty and was stomping on roaches running in the street.

I was in the recreation room of my apartment building and talking on the phone to an older couple who were Grootemaat managers themselves. They wanted to come over and inspect a one and two bedroom apartment but especially to see the Swiss Chalet Meeting room we were advertising. I kept telling them we had just a plain meeting room and not to expect anything different. They were telling me that we were advertising a Swiss Chalet room and if it wasn't they were going to report me to the better business bureau.

4-5-95 - DREAM - I was watching some kids play in a cave made of snow. Some men were coming through a tunnel to get the children when a snow avalanche came and covered the children, then another avalanche covered the men. The men were able to get out but the children were not found.

I was at a house that caught on fire in the back. There were about 6 little children. We go to them all out safely and then the fire went out by itself. They were too poor to repair the damage, so just covered the damaged portion with a sheet of plastic.

I was walking down a road and a red station wagon rolled over into a ditch. I opened the passenger door and a bunch of men came to help the people to. They only had broken bones and bruises. No one had died. They told me to call the police so I ran across the street to call 911. The cop asked what city I was calling from. The man standing there said it was city #70. So I told the 911 guy it was city #70. The man on the phone started telling me how to do CPR and do emergency first aid and I told him there were 6 men out there already doing all that.

4-15-95 - DREAM - There was a sale promotion going on from McDonalds. I was on 16th St. I opened the door, saw a horrendous brown car wreck outside and on my door step with a huge gift-pack from McDonalds plus a yellow gift certificate to go get more. I was going to serve this to my children gladly. I went upstairs and from the upstairs window, observed a sales crew going down the street.

I tried to avoid being seen, but they found me, gave me the sales pitch (they were in training for sales) and gave me another whole gift pack of McDonald's foods and another yellow certificate and they proceeded to load me up with more of their stuff. I was really enjoying this and the salesman was piling fresh baked cookies in front of me. The cookies were so sticky, they stuck to my hands. So, the clerk and I played a game in which I protested that they had an inferior product and laughingly, he gave me more product to take home. So, I took all this free McDonalds stuff home and put it out on the table.

Before I could even call my children to dinner, some old Russian women came in and crawled up on the table with the boxes of chocolate cookies, pies, and pastries. It was such a disgusting thing to see them crawl right up on the table with the food . I thought to myself that they would be sitting on the toilet the whole next day, shitting chocolate, and that I certainly wouldn't want to participate in this event and left the kitchen.

NOTE: I was renting apartments to Russian refugees and the first time they went to the grocery store and saw the amount and kinds of food we had in the U.S., their eyes would open up as large as saucers.  They had nothing like this where they came from.

4-28-95 - DREAM - I arrived at a place to start my new job. I happened to arrive there at the same time the head man did. He said he was the oldest man there. We rode up the elevator together to the top floor which was the 8th. As we neared the top floor (only the floor moved) you couldn't lean on the walls, because we were moving past them. The walls were painted sky blue and I thought "how appropriate". The vault at the top which was dome shaped was pure white and I suggested to the man it would be appropriate to paint little stars in the white part. He just laughed.

We got out of the elevator and along the right side were written over little alcoves along the wall, the names of the retired people who belonged to the golfing association.

On the left side were lined up hundreds and hundreds of chairs each one with a brochure and a name tag, starting at A, by the elevator, ranging up to Z by the man's office at the far end.

The people were just arriving. They were mostly 8th grade girls as I could see, but there were a few older people too. They were all there to be tested before they started high school. I could hear them murmuring to themselves about how worried they were about not passing the tests.

When we arrived at the office, there were tables and chairs blocking the way, so I helped to move their things aside so we could get into the office.

The old man showed me where to hang my coat in an alcove to the right, where the file cabinets were. There were ancient records books on top of the file cabinet. They looked hundreds of years old.

He said I would be helping "Aggie" to start with and she'd show me what to do. I figured I as going to be like a 'go-fer to start with.

I hung up my coat, then prepared to go into the main office. Someone had opened the huge oak doors to his office and there was brilliant light pouring out of the door. I was really thrilled to be starting to work here.


4-30-95 - DREAM - I was back in the building from yesterday's dream. I was being orientated it seemed. One woman asked me to care for her baby and I said, "Yes!" Then others just assumed I would care for their children as well. None of these babies wore clothes or diapers and none of them had genitals that I could see.

I felt cold and asked a man if he could turn the temperature up a little. He said it was 73. I figured that was probably warm enough. I didn't really have to do much, mostly just lay down with the babies and make sure they didn't hurt themselves or each other. They all seemed to know who I was and even though they were infants, they could talk.

One little one said, "Aye Yi Yi, Dolores!"

Used steel was brought into this place in trains that only had 3 cars behind, so I knew the trains weren't coming from very far away. It was processed for re-use for something.

All of the older people kept journals of things that had been said or done and then studied them to see if they could react better in the future.

I went into a diningroom area and I noticed that I was wearing all my own gemstone rings on my left hand, but on my right hand, I was wearing rings that had little blue see type stones surrounded by huge shiny gold shields.

My Great Aunt Cora came in and wanted to see the ring. She insinuated that I had stolen them from her perhaps. I said I got them from the GoodWill and then felt guilty. I really don't know where they came from.

Everyone was getting ready to go home then, (all the workers). The boss lady changed into shiny black leather pant suit with a gold belt.

She smiled at me and while pointing at a sign that said, "POWERHOUSE", she told the others while smiling, "I'm hoping we can talk Dolores into working here every day from 5:30 to 8:30. (This woman must be Aggie)

In my mind I was thinking it was a long way to go just to work for only 3 hours. I was thinking it was in Waukesha, WI. I was hoping they'd eventually want me to work full time.

5-1-95 - DREAM - I was in high school where there was a curved twin staircase going up to a bridge across the upper floors from one side to another. I was like a tour guide for a woman who wanted to go upstairs and experience the view and the show on the other side.

It cost 10 cents to cross the bridge and see the show. I gave her some sheet music to hold while she went up, so she wouldn't feel conspicuous being alone.

When you crossed the bridge, you faced a series of doors which all opened at the same time like a horses gate at a race track, to let people into the inner viewing area.

Inside, each person was given a big cigar and a tour. I said, "The only thing worth 10 cents was the cigar." I took my cigar even though I was the guide.

On the other side, a lot of people stood around talking. I went over to a couch where two people were sitting. The woman was trying to get some information from the man. I told him to be careful what he said to her because she might not be human. She got all upset because I sounded accusatory. I told her there was only one way to tell and that was to look at the bottom of the foot. The alien would have a blue birth-mark on the bottom of the heel.

Then it was his turn to be upset. He admitted that he had the mark and was all upset because he didn't want to be known as an alien because that was a derogatory remark. He wanted to be human.

I tried to calm him down. I told him it wasn't a bad thing to be an alien. The world was waiting for one of his kind to step forward and make themselves known.

I went on then to a circular tunnel, I came to some children that were Siamese twins. They were awaiting separation operations.

I met a woman there who was the mother of 3 sets of these Siamese twins. Each set was joined in a different place. The most successful separation operation would be the two who were joined at a finger.

The two least likely were joined at the top of the head.

She was there for a show put on by a group called Transformation. Each person was one we would call a freak because there was something wrong with them.

She took her 3 sets of Siamese twins out for all to see. The ones joined head to head, walked out with one balanced on top of the other.

There were dwarfs and one without arms or legs, just slits in the body where his arms and legs were supposed to be. He was waiting for surgery by displaying himself as part of Transformations.

NOTE: In the late 1990s, and in 2000, these exact operations were performed to separate Siamese twins ... now called 'Conjoined twins' and they were successful. There were many TV shows on showing how the babies were before and after surgery . It's pretty amazing how the medical world can transform these birth tragedies into successful lives for these babies.

8-15-95 - DREAM - I was hired by a man named Richard, a handsome dark haired, blue eyed dude, to work in a bar/restaurant. I was to be like a general overseer/manager of the household as well as the kitchen staff, not actually to work in the restaurant.

We began to have a relationship and we were quite taken with each other. The first time I spent the night, which was more a friendly get-together with the whole family, including several children, we sat around on the floor and played with the children's toys.

There was an indication that the war games using soldiers and tanks and guns were to be kept separate (on the left) from his interests which he kept hidden in a stuffed elephant, but I found and pulled out into the open .. his love of little animals, little airplanes, and children.

He had a radio there, which he communicated with which I tried to use, but was difficult to keep tuned in. His was very old fashioned, (like the 40's) with just a little lighted square opening at the top.

He, himself, dressed like a gangster, dark blue shirt and pants with white belt and shoes.

I had never stayed away from home over night before, and feeling guilty how I was going to explain this to my parents who lived right down the street in the next block, I went into the bathroom to wash up.

Suddenly, two dark skinned guys barged right into the house which was kept purposely in absolute squalor and came into the bathroom, flashing knives and gang signs, talking about drugs and money and a deal going down. Even the children knew enough to not look at them because their lives would be in danger if they could recognize them.

I followed suit and did the same, though I got a good look at them first - dark skin, dark flashing eyes, black hair, long, thinnish faces, no facial hair, no glasses. I thought they were Puertorican, but second thinking makes me think Arab.

After they left, I was frightened enough to tell Richard that I didn't think our relationship could work out because of his secret activities. He was obviously a double agent. He told me not to worry because they wouldn't be back until labor day when they came into New York City by plane with the drug shipment.

The gang signs that I saw used were an upheld hand with three fingers together with the little finger separated out and a closed fist with the thumb sticking through and out under the closed fingers.

(I've never seen gang signs before and I found these two signs to be difficult to do, but they did them easily)

The address of the house was 2519 N. 16th Place and they made certain to note that it was 16th Place and not 16th Street. It was a little white house, very shabby, and unkempt, inside as well as outside. This was done deliberately and kept that was for appearances sake, and I knew that Richard had another splendid house somewhere out in the suburbs where he had excellent taste and spent his money of which he obviously had a lot.

12/5/96 - DREAM - My friend Alice came to visit me with her new baby at my apartment downtown. I wanted her to see my new apartment in New Berlin, so we got into my new Maroon Station Wagon and I drove uphill to the new place. I noticed that it was hard to drive the car because sometimes I forgot I was the driver, and sometimes I was looking at the car and what it was doing from a long distance behind the car. I was never actually in the driver's seat. Alice was! We got to my new place and I got out my keys which were silver. There were several of them. I wasn't sure which one to use, so I put one in the lock. The lock opened but the key promptly broke off. I had both pieces but I knew I had to go to the manager's office and have it replaced. I let Alice into the apartment and I went over to the manager's apartment which was 315. Mine was #10. I thought about volunteering to help our on Sunday mornings if they would want to go to church, but then remembered that Ralph  (the boss) might show up and wouldn't like it.

I went back to the door of my apartment and saw that there was a surveillance camera on the front door to see what was going on at all times.

I still had to get my key duplicated by the manager when I remembered that I hadn't brought my 2 month old baby with me. He was so quiet that I had completely forgotten to get him up and feed him. I was totally stressed out and knew I had to go get him. I decided that Alice could stay in my apartment and I'd go get the baby. I could hear her talking on the phone anyway.

All of a sudden I realized that I had just had a new baby yesterday and I hadn't fed that one either. Both the babies were in their cribs sleeping and neither of them had been fed. Now I was in a panic and hysterical that my children were neglected and unfed. I started to cry because I was such a bad mother and I woke up crying.

1-23-97 - DREAM - I was taking care of my children when I suddenly realized that I had a baby laying in the crib upstairs and I hadn't seen it, fed it, or heard from it in two days. I ran upstairs, afraid it might be dead, but she woke up when I came up to her and smiled. I picked her up and took her over to the big bed where I slept to change her diaper. I patted her butt over her diaper and laughed and called her my 'big butted baby', all the while realizing I had a big butt too.

She began to speak to me in a grown up intelligent voice and we had a conversation which I can't recall. I noticed then that she had a black head and a pimple by her right ear. I carefully put my fingernail by the blemish and it came away instantly. The pimple was a different matter. It looked irritated and the skin was a little broken and sore. Being an expert at picking faces from my teen years, I carefully put two fingernails together and broke the skin where it had been broken before. A piece of black metal was embedded there. I carefully pulled on the edge of the metal and it began to pull out. I was constructed on the order of a leaf spring and was jagged. The more I pulled out the more this implant became exposed. I pulled and pulled very carefully. The implant grew larger and larger. It was now expanded larger than her head. I kept working on it until the next day. I never actually saw it completely out of her skin and I was now into the second day and part of it was still embedded.

6-7-97 - DREAM - I bought an old book. It was called, "The Children of the Night" by Jeff Foxworthy.

7-13-97 - Special Meditation For Specific Request

Request for health status of a person. I took this person to a healing temple on the high astral level using the crystal. The diagnosis was, "deadly". "There are many things that can be done to help her. The best thing to do would be to marry quickly so if something bad happens, the children would have a father." (This is an unmarried mother of 4. The Father has absented himself from his children)

I went into a dream where I was in a hospital type place. A woman was trying to connect on a telephone to a place named "Lebanon". I felt it was either 'Cedars of Lebanon Hospital' or 'Cedars of Lebanon Organization'. (Not sure if this is accurate)

Other dreams continued showing me symbols to choose from with which to treat this woman of her illness. The one I chose was a double triangle laying on it's side the point facing left. (A smaller triangle within a larger triangle. The bottoms and top met...the angles were different for the smaller triangle) This triangle was used to gather information for this woman by raking it sideways to the right. (Example would be: drawing tracks through mashed potatoes with a fork :-)

The other symbols were a square with rounded corners and an upsidedown "T". Those were not chosen.

8-13-97 - Dream - I as working on a web page about aliens. This had all done before and I was adding onto it as well as telling Joe about it.

#3 - Dream - I was in a library. I pulled out a large picture book to quiet the children. It was about how to teach children numbers using dominoes.

9-12-97 - Dream: I was getting ready for my trip and dying my hair black. I started at 6 p.m. on the clock. It was taking a long time and while I was doing it, I had visitors.

Joe came in some fashion and we exchanged words of love. I couldn't remember seeing him, so it could have been a phone conversation or on the computer.

My mother and father came. My father was like a presence. I did not actually see him. My mother sat on the floor dressed in black. Her hair was three toned, black at the roots, brown further up and blonde in the center. My mother just smiled. My father wanted to know who I had told about the trip. I thought about it and said, "Almost no one, but I told my ex-husband first." My father was pleased with that and they left.

R.R. arrived and began cooking breakfast for himself. He cooked things I don't have in my house - toast, eggs, and bacon. He ate it while I was rinsing my hair. It was now 6:30 p.m. on the clock. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It gushed rusty orange, then went clear - I rinsed my hair but it never got wet and the clothes that were piled neatly in the sink never got wet either.

I went to comb my hair then and the hair was two tone. It was black except for a pure white triangle in the center of my head. There was no hair at all in the front of my head. Then I noticed I was wearing a green scarf with curlers under it in front and felt stupid that I hadn't taken the curlers out. I combed it out and it was now all brown and standing on end and then went back to normal reddish color.

R..R. finished eating and after I complained about having no hair, he showed me the back of his head. It was shaved except for a black section down the back center like a mini mohawk hairdo. He then pointed out a small bookcase too me. He said, "There are 36 individual books here for children. Then he reached into another bookcase and handed me three books. He said, "Here! Read these...the three bears ...Sun Bear, Jean Bear, and ... (I woke up while he was saying the last one and didn't get it.)

9-30-97  - Dream - - I arrived at home and found my children all arguing with each other. Each one had three written arguments against the other. Mike (the oldest) was the most angry and wanted me to say he was right before I even got out of the car. I told them I couldn't make a decision until I heard all sides.

10-2- 97 - Dream - I remember being in a church and weighing the children before baptism. Then we were given a new car to drive.

10-7-97 - DREAM - I felt male and had divorced my wife and both my children were very upset, however both children said they would visit me. I had a vision of my children's room. My daughter's room was one of order and neatness and my son's room was one of utter chaos.

10-7-97 - VISION - I heard a woman say, "Ooooh! You're on the right track." I then saw several older women and many small children running towards my right, hurrying to get somewhere.

10-19-97 - DREAM - I was in a U shaped house. I was in the remodeled section of the bottom of the U, separated from the 30 foot room by a 3 foot door. The 30 foot room also had a front door going outside. I was told by a voice that part of the room I was in was remodeled from the portion that was attached to the 30 foot room. I could see the lines in the ceiling and the floor where the walls had been removed. There had been another section on the other side of the 30 foot room so the house originally looked like an upside down T. Now it looked like a U. I do not recall seeing my furniture in the 30 foot section, but I could see we had too much furniture in the section I was in. There was a dresser with two white lamps on it. The lamp stands were standing in the middle of the room. There was no room to put them by the wall, so I turned one upsidedown on top of the other, thinking I would have to remove them from the room otherwise. A child came in and told me she was leaving and I could have her dolls. It was a Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. As I held Barbie in my hands, the head changed to a rabbit head with long ears.

Over in the corner, on the right, a man with white hair sat at a desk. He was sewing something on a sewing machine. There were two children on top of the desk playing also. The girl child was shooting pool. With the triangle with 9 balls, and a pool cue.

I walked to the back door which was a door at the end of this 30 foot section to the left of the man. I saw a black woman standing there with two children, also a boy and a girl. I said, "Oh! I didn't know you were there. You've been so patient to wait so long." She smiled at me. The blonde mother of the other two children was there to drive her two children and the black woman and her two children away in a white car which was parked outside.

Behind the car was a large blue curtain or blanket hanging on a line which I said I was going to have to take down. One the right was a shelf case with objects on it like empty urns or vass. I said I was going to have to take these inside to clean up the yard.

10-22-97 - DREAM - I was in a huge school. It held thousands and thousands of people of all ages. Classes were held on many floors of this school.

I went up in the elevator because I wanted to meet Gilgamesh. When I met him, he was very short, about 4 feet tall. He wore a silver suit that looked like metal. He actually looked more like a robot than a person.

He then changed into a green space suit and looked more alien. He accompanied me down the elevator and was dancing pretty wildly. I got off the elevator by the school office, the elevator door closed and I was wheezing like phlegm was stuck half way down my throat. I coughed and coughed and coughed. The office people came out and wanted to know if they should call an ambulance for me. I shook my head and continued coughing and finally my throat cleared.

The women in the office wanted to know what was going on and what had brought about my coughing. So, I told them about meeting Gilgamesh and my experience with the occult in the past. They were very upset and told me I would lose my mind if I continued to do these things.

This office was like a small library with thousands of books and the door I had come in was blocked with a movable bookshelf so we could see out but nobody could see in.

I heard a swishing noise and wondered what it was. I looked out the door between the books and saw hundreds of children walking by in unison. The sound of their little stockinged feet, because there were so many of them, made that sound.

One little boy was smart enough to look between the books and we met eye to eye. I looked out onto the hall and saw black plumes of smoke coming out from under the elevator door. I thought about yelling "Fire" but didn't want to create a panic. The smoke diminished then and I reached for the green phone to call the fire department. The phone was dead.

I had no choice but to yell "Fire!" and get everyone out of the school. The smoke was getting denser.

So, I started yelling, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Everyone had been drilled in what to do, but there were so many thousands of people to clear out the school, this took a long time, first the little children where I was and then adults coming down the stairs from higher floors. The smoke was coming down the hall, so I kept on hollering, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" People would dawdle and complain about going outside where it was cold and wet with snow. Three guys stopped in the hall to ask why I wasn't getting out myself. I said, "Then who will there be to call the warning." I was the only one telling everyone else of the danger.

10-30-97 - DREAM - I was in the basement doing laundry, getting ready for winter. All I had to wash was heavy winter jackets and navy blue socks.

A mother and her two children was also down there. The mother left and the children had to do their own laundry.

The little girl began to pull her little navy blue socks on top of my navy blue socks. Her sock pile began to fall over because it was piled too high. I told her she was going to have to start her own pile.

I looked over to my right on the white counter and saw that I was ready. My tam and scarf were there, navy blue with a white eight pointed star on them.

11-8-97 - DREAM - I dreamed about the game of life. I saw a board which was the typical game board except this board was bumpy and wavy around the edges where the spaces provided extra challenge.

It cost $3 to play each square. Everyone had to play and there were penalties during the game if you refuse to participate. There even were children's races where you were challenged to be the best. Little race cars were in that section.

We called in a black police officer and tried to pay $18 at one point and he refused. He said for an amount that large, it would take a semi-truck to carry it. He said we had to carry it ourselves to the payment center. Joe was with me.

At one point, I went into a room by myself and sat down in front of a window which opened and had a spinner on it with a game show host and a wheel with bright colored numbers on it which he was going to spin to see how spaces I was going to try for next. I was all excited, bouncing up and down on my seat and waving my arms in joy.

At the children's box car race I picked up my youngest son and took him there in a white blanket type pajamas. At the race, a woman came by with a zebra walking behind her. The zebra was wearing a frilly pajama top and cap with lace. I sat on a white chair with my son on my lap to watch the race and the woman with the zebra sat down behind me. I saw the zebra head morph into a goat head and it tried to nip my butt so I moved farther away from her.

At one point, before we were going to pay the $18, 3 female relatives came to visit from up north. They said they had found a cute little motel to stay in and left because they couldn't handle the stress.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was walking in a large school for children and I was told that we had to have a system of them for every week. Major themes for Holidays like Valentine's day or such could run for several weeks. We went to eat lunch and knowing that I couldn't eat a sandwich, I asked if I could get just a single piece of meat and was told, "yes". but the meat was fatty, and cold, so I went without lunch and was very hungry.

11-22-97 - DREAM - I saw a small cloud in the sky with a white tornado in it.

I and my husband had just moved into a house on the 2nd floor. Our front stairway was next to the front door of the people downstairs. They were having a big party and the woman there were hanging their fur coats on hangars on our front stairway. I wanted to get dressed but couldn't close the door. A whole bunch of black belts lay coiled on the steps in the way. I picked them up, then went upstairs. I told my husband that we would never again be so accommodating to the woman downstairs. He agreed and said she was moving out. I think the woman was my Aunt Ruth.

I was trying to get dressed to go to the store with my family. My clock said quarter past 9, but I went past one that he was going by that said quarter past 11. All of a sudden they left without me. I wasn't ready. I walked around the house in amazement because there were TV sets everywhere and each one had a picture of a scene taken by a live camera. I thought to myself, I must be living in the Manager's apartment, therefore I must be the Manager.

I saw on the floor, a lot of old cards, letters, and things I had to sort through and put away.

A woman came by and dumped a large box of books by my feet. I thought at first they were good books, then I saw they were all children's stories and comic books and there were many duplicates, none of which were worth keeping.

11-24-97 - DREAM - I was going into a school, but outside the door, an investigation was going on about a murder. The witness to the clues told the officials that the main clue was found by the 3rd bush over. I saw a series of bushes going back from the street. The clue was a handful of blue and white snot.

I went inside the building where there were mothers and children. Most of the children were neglected or wearing inappropriate or wearing mis-sized clothes. One mother was so neglectful, I helped her child to get clean and appropriate clothes.

There was a meeting in the Big bosses office and he delayed it because he was taking a shower.

I wanted to get dressed and go home and get something to eat, but had to wait until the big boss was done with his shower. I finished with the child and left the building to go home.

NOTE: After I woke up, I laid there remembering the dream, I heard a large explosion. The voice said, "The people of Savannah, Georgia have to get out of there."

As I was thinking about that, I slipped back into the previous dream where I was outside the building. Again, the woman said,"The clue is in front of the 3rd bush over, it's handful of blue and white snot. I then pulled some snot out of my own right nostril to look at it. It was white with blue globs in it. President Clinton's voice then said, "He will not finish out his term. He's in his first year."

11-28-97 - DREAM On Friday night, we were supposed to move on Saturday and we had not yet started packing. I wanted everyone to help. We were on Jackson St. in an apartment on the 1st floor, but the back door and into the yard was from my 16th house. I wanted m husband to help and I went to the back door to cal him. I called his name , "Bill". I looked out the door. He looked like, "Tim" from my UFO group. He had two male friends with him, so I knew he would have to visit with them, so I asked my 3 sons to help instead.

I went down into the basement to do laundry. There I found 3 pair of green pants to be washed. I could tell there were things in the pockets. One pocket had sand in it, one pocket had a tarnished necklace chain in it and one pocket had a good necklace chain in it. I discussed the chains with my son Michael. He said it belonged to a girl he knew.

I went out to the Jefferson St. side of the building door with my old boss Tom. He said he would pay me to put everyone's name into the computer and tell him which ones came back with the error code S18 so he could remove them from the list. (The tangent of 18 is 666)

I went then out the front door onto 16th St. to see what my children were doing. My baby toddler girl was playing on the front lawn. I was worried she would run into the street but the other kids said they would watcher.

I then went back down into the basement where I saw Richard Nixon and his wife Pat and a couple other people including a boy and a girl. I was wearing an orange "power suit"' like Pat Nixon and wearing high heeled shoes. She introduced me to the boy and the girl. I think the girls name was Clare. We just said stuff like , "Hello, How are you and things like that."

This meeting had something to do with Richard Nixon's death. In a passage room, I saw my daughter's pink clothing and took it with me. I went up to the 3rd floor then where I was making arrangements for some other people to move. In one of the apartments, in a cabinet door, I could see there was a fire burning. I cold see right through the wood at the "flame"'. I was able to warn them of the fire and we all went out on the balcony through the French patio doors while the man chopped into the cabinet door to put out the flames. Then he cleared out the smoke and everyone was safe.

12-9-97 - DREAM - I was in a large post office. I went up to the window to buy stamps and could not get service because some children were taking up time asking about how to get a patent on something.

It was 5 p.m. and time to close. A whole bunch of people lined up at the window next to me to buy stamps, but it was 5 p.m. and closing time, so when the children left the window, they just turned off the lights behind the window and left us standing there.

I turned to walk away and saw that all the female clerks were dressed in pale baby green dresses, and the male clerks wore clothing with pale baby green ties and head bands. The carpeting was also that color.

When the clerks left the back office, they left the door open and the lights on. (This was not behind the window, but in a separate room) I walked into this room. There were many desks there and the telephone started to ring on one of the desks I was near. The telephone turned into a mini-television set and I stood there and watched the screen.

The first picture told about a war starting in the Middle East.

The second picture told that the war that started in the Middle East would escalate into WWIII.

The third picture told that we need to know the price of corn in Ohio in June of 1998. (That told me that prices will rise because of flood or drought and we'd better buy corn ahead of time so we don't get caught in the food crunch next June).

I also thought that other food will probably be affected because the U.S. has sold off all the stockpiled food to Russia and other countries and recent reports are that 1997 corn stocks were piled on the ground and are in danger of rotting this winter.

12-8-97 - DREAM - I was trying to tell my friends the prophecies I have just related in the previous dream and the Father of the woman I was with told me that WWIII was inevitable because the churches in the neighborhood have been talking about this particular war for a long time and there was no stopping it.

NOTE: Now that we are going to war in the Middle East (Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries) to fight against terrorism because of the World trade Center plane crashes done by terrorist Arabs, everyone expects WWII to begin.  

12-13-97 - DREAM - I lived in a big apartment building and went to visit some people downstairs for awhile who had children. We had a pretty good time talking and playing with the kids. Then I went back upstairs with one of the little ones following me upstairs. I then wanted to go down to the lobby to get something and went to the elevator. I pressed 1, got on the elevator and went downstairs. I did something, then went back to the elevator to go back upstairs. It wasn't working, so I was going to take the stairs instead. I went past a room where a guy named John jumped out of bed and started to holler at me, "Where the hell have you been?" I said, "Why?" Did we have a date or something?" He said, "Follow me!" and took off down the hall back toward the lobby.

In the lobby, there were a lot of people all dressed up. We went past them and went around a corner where he led me to a small meeting room. He went in ahead of me so I had to open the door myself. I opened the door and there stood my entire family - minus the tiniest grandchildren and my mother and father. My daughter presented me with a beautiful white Poinsettia plant and they all hollered Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday." I said, "You've all been waiting here for 4 hours?" and they said, "Yes!" in unison. I even remember my brother and sister being there. My Father sat by himself on the left on a bench. He said, "Well, my plane is due for take off so I have to leave. A short Asian man went over to my Father and fitted him with some thick blue goggle type glasses to which he fitted an air/oxygen type thing, then fitted a blue face mask type thing over his face. Then he stood up to leave.

The next thing I knew it was morning and I had to go to work. I got to work and found another girl sitting in my seat in the Engineering Department. I asked where I was supposed to sit. They said they thought there was a place for me way down near the shipping department.

When I walked all the way down the hall to the other end of the building I found my office. It was carpeted in brown and it looked like a bedroom with a desk in it. The boss was a guy I remember being drunk in other dreams though he was sober now. He said he was hoping for a young chick for a secretary, then he noticed I was wearing stockings and high heeled shoes and saw my legs and said he had no complaints. He said he spent most of his time at the bar next door anyway, so all he required from me was coffee and some sweet dessert that looked like a long chocolate eclair with yellow frosting on top. He said, "Let's go bar hopping and get acquainted." I said, "Okay! But I drive the car." and took the car keys out of his hand and put on flat black shoes. He said, "Okay!"

Suddenly an alarm rang and red lights started flashing. He said, "follow me!" and we went down into the sub-basement. The hallway lights were off and dark but the red alarm lights and sirens were going off everywhere.

I don't know if he expected me to be scared, but I wasn't because I had been head of maintenance for 8 years and had inspected all these rooms before. We went down a side hallway. I saw someone go into a bathroom on the left. He said, "The problem is in the water pumping station."

We went through a small anteroom, then he opened the door into a huge room where we were now underneath this gigantic bowl which was rounded underneath and stood on pedestals on the concrete floor. I could see at a glance that water was beginning to seep through the bottom and it was in danger of breaking loose in a massive deluge.

12-12-97 - VISION - I was in a large stadium. There was a children's baseball game going on. Some ran home standing up, some slid in feet first, and some dove in headfirst, but they all reached home. At the end of the game, the coach came forward and said, "good game guys!"

12-17-97 - DREAM - I was in a place where we were tourists. I and a man walked out into the parking lot where we were walking in about 6" of water. We looked to our right where there was a long, wide bridge over a wide river that was flooded higher than the road in places.The water flowed uphill in a brilliant sparkling expanse, reflecting the sky up the hill beyond. The man I was with said, "Imagine what it would be like to fly across that expanse as fast as you could go. Like a flash of light, I felt slingshotted across that bridge and up the hill as fast as I've ever gone and when I landed half way up the hill beyond, I kept climbing the hill. All the way, the water never diminished in depth, it was always the same 2 inches all the way up. It was a challenge, but I loved what I was doing. Finally, I reached the top and stepped out of the water on dry ground.

Once on top of the hill, you did not go back down, but walked along terraced hills that were like green carpet. Even the rocks were soft like stuffed with cotton.

There were other people up there. Sightseers like me. I wanted my children to see this and I excitedly headed back towards the pavilion. At that point, I was more or less following a man. He disappeared behind a bush and I couldn't see him anymore. So, I took a few more steps and slid feet first through the bushes down the hill and landed in a paisley purple/blue area like carpeted rock steps that were again soft like stuffed with cotton. One had to descend these steps in giant strides as they were not people sized steps and were slanted downward also, not level. Your momentum carried you along faster and faster as you descended.

Finally, I reached an underground place where railway type tracks were elevated, again like in an amusement park. Because my momentum had carried me downward so fast, I ran into the tracks and they were all disjointed and there was garbage strewn around such as McDonald's and Big Mac boxes.

I tried straightening out the tracks so people wouldn't have an accident but I was not able to set them right again. I was a name on them. It looked like White Feather/Blue Moon.

(As I woke up, it made me think that the book publishing job was off track that I was thinking of doing.)

12-25-97 - VISION - I heard a voice say- "Reptiles recruit two children a day".

12-28-97 - DREAM - I spent all night, first designing, typing, and restructuring a computer program on problem solving negative behavior of people. I then went to a place in the building which had huge cavernous type rooms that seemed like a basement with sliding doors that slid sideways into the wall. I lectured to some children about getting the results they wanted from others by speaking aloud what they wanted from others, and not expecting others to be mind readers.

I double checked other people's answers to questions posed to them regarding their work and found them to be inaccurate then needed to problem solve to get the proper tools which turned out to be lacking (snow shovels) and had to obtain them and then divide up the work. A special exercise began with the ringing of a loud bell in which we had to get up from where we were sitting on the floor in this cavernous place. We had to find out why this alarm bell went off, confront an intruder who was riding a large black lawn mower type vehicle. I had to problem solve his behavior to obtain his help rather than confront his behavior in an antagonistic manner.

When the exercise was over, we all went to have snacks, at which time I also had to problem solve building of lunch room tables with benches vs cost vs work, and then teach sharing to the people.

12-28-97 - DREAM - Joe and I went to a loan office to borrow some money. The man there didn't believe who I was. He couldn't track down on his computer what our last address was. He came up with a number like 1250 West Mithow or Matthow Av.

I had never lived at that address and could only prove where I had really lived and had all the I.D. in my purse I could come up with. I tried to give him my I.D. cards but he said it wasn't good enough. He wanted a copy of some records off my computer that started with the letter "C" like the "Chronicles of Charlie something". I didn't have anything like that and didn't know what he was talking about.

What troubled me more was that I couldn't see the man. It was like my eyes were blinded where he sat or stood. I could see next to him, but where he was I could only see like muted flashes of color.

We went out to our truck which was open in the back. I still couldn't see the man nor his girlfriend who came out there too. I could only see a blur of red and yellow color on the truck edge and wondered at first why she was my dress. Then I saw that she was 9 or 10 feet tall by some flashes of light that appeared and heard her walk away.

Joe and I were going to go home and get the file the man wanted. I thought I'd figure it out when I got there. Joe pulled up the first flap on the truck door which slid up the back of the truck behind a narrow ladder.Joe went up the ladder to the top of the truck where some little children were playing. I pulled on the handle to close the truck the rest of the way. It moved very easily so I raised the truck door flap the rest of the way and waited for Joe to come back down the ladder.

(When I closed my eyes to sleep, I was seeing purple triangles and start bursts of light and then my head filled with light.)

1-2-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and moving from the 1st floor to the 4th floor. I had to do this in some kind of unison to what space was made available including which elevator to take upstairs.

I picked up my piano bench and some sheet music and began the move.

On the way upstairs, C.L. said it was time to have the regular church religious services, so we all stopped what we were doing to attend the service.

As the service began, the minister wanted to know if we wanted to see the stage play we were practicing for. Everyone was willing. So, the stage curtains opened. There were the exact number of players on the stage as their was in the audience. All the play was, was the worship service we were at.

Even the children and the pastor participated. When the service was over, we all applauded the great acting and the curtain closed.

The minister came out into the audience to talk to C.L. who seemed to be the program director. She was complaining to the minster that she didn't get all the materials she needed to complete the program she had been assigned. The minister who was new to our church said to her, "You should thank God you got as much as you did. Many times things actually are taken away when the new minister comes."

1-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a large garage. The floor was littered with stuff and toys. I was told that the garage floor was too full of germs to allow children to play there. Then began a huge project whereby I and others all had to take a shower in the garage and we were timed in the process. I saw that the garage walls were washed down. The floor was vacuumed. Toys were separated from Christmas tree branches and needles . Everyone was asked to participate and people volunteered as well. There were building blocks, bricks, and tools, and sawhorses that had to be left ready for use and separated out from toy blocks as well.

1-10-98 - DREAM - I was with my children and dismayed that they didn't demonstrate what I had taught them, but as soon as they did demonstrate what they learned, I was the first one to compliment them.

I, myself, was in the process of moving from one place to another, but seamlessly so no one could see it happening. Nothing would look different on the surface, nothing would look like it changed, but it had happened.

With my daughter, I realized that one semester of school had just ended and another was beginning with no break between.

I also knew what my mission was and it was to teach others the existence of the ETs, but not to tell others everything I knew about them.

When I woke up, I realized I was brainwashed like all the others before me and I didn't like myself for that reason, but I would do my mission and keep doing it because it was either that or die. Either I did it or someone else would do it. The only alternative would be to be sick or half dead, or kill myself and end the whole charade.

1-13-98 - DREAM - I was at home in Milwaukee. My husband brought home a girl child around noon because we didn't have any girl children. The other children began to behave differently. I don't want to say badly, but seemingly more under her control and less under mine. They acted more independent and it seemed to me less dependent on me. For some reason I didn't like it. I was feeling more and more useless.

I noticed then that the bird cage came open and one bird was missing. The other birds were in their cage but with the door open. I saw one green bird in a tree right next to the cage. It hadn't escaped, it was just taking care of itself. The other green bird came out of the cage then and flapped around, trying to land on my hand. I was uncomfortable about his flapping so he finally landed on the floor. These birds seemed to be using human facial expressions and I was very uncomfortable with their independence.

I had to get back to work/school on 20th St. Somebody drove me part way there but I can't remember who. When I got out of the car, I noticed that I had forgotten my purse at home. I decided I could live for one day without it, then noticed that I wasn't wearing shoes, just white socks. Now, I felt very stupid and remembered I had taken my shoes off when taking care of the children. I felt really stupid and hoped someone at work had an extra pair of shoes. I blamed my stupidity on the girl child that my husband had brought home without asking me. It was like she was draining the life sap out of me.

I got to work where I was in charge again. This is where I felt at home. I had all the information at my fingertips that everyone else needed. My library had all the old information that everyone that people needed when they needed to restore old machinery and radio back to working order. They came to me to do research work. I had the master keys to the buildings on both sides of the street. At 5 p.m. I closed down one building and went to work in the other.

In the 1st building there were many young girls touring through. As they left, I told them that if they were interested in working there, they should fill out an application at the employment office or over at the main office on 70th St. I told them that there was special work programs and incentives for young girls and we would even provide transportation and come and get them and take them home again. I then closed the big glass doors for the day and locked the door.

As I left the lobby, I recalled that I had forgotten to dust the furniture in the lobby, but a cleaning woman had just come in and I took my master keys, unplugged the radio to take with me, and headed across the street.

The President of the Company just happened to be crossing the street at the same time and I noted he was wearing light beige pants. He was complaining to a workman that he didn't like having one door unmastered and that we should get a new maintenance man in there and have him master the front door. The old maintenance man was moving on to some other job.

I looked at my master keys. I not only had a whole ring of keys, I had the 4 master keys, one to each side of the building and they were bright gold. I felt proud to have them.

On that side of the street, workmen had laid down red and white quilted material on the sidewalk so we were all tippy-toeing on the softness. I was looking at the expressions on the men's faces. Nobody expected to be tippy-toeing in softness at work. Everyone was amused.

I went inside the building, having discovered there was a maintenance man already present who opened the door for me. Once inside, nobody did anything except sit around so I began telling them to take down the Christmas trees from each room where they were mounted on round tables. There were very few lights working or ornaments in evidence. I told them to get busy and remove the old trees. Christmas was over.

I went into my own office then to plug in my radio and answer the phone. Here is where I was in charge and gave orders to the others what needed to be done.

1-27-98 - DREAM - I was at home in my apartment. I was on on the floor and saw some old newspapers on the floor and decided to clean them up and throw them away. I started to pick them up and put them on the bed when I saw letters on the bed that needed answering, so I started to answer the letters. While I was answering the letters, visitors started to arrive, including my brother. I said, "Oh! I just wrote you a letter, and I was going to give it to him, but I couldn't find it because there were too many newspapers on the bed. I told him I'd mail it when I found it.

I had to go to work and I volunteered to deliver some soup to some needy people. The soup tureen was way too long and narrow with little short handles and I couldn't hang onto it good enough, so I put it on the floor and decided to get a cart because it was a long way to go and I knew I would drop it on the way.

I looked up and a black woman and a white man came along with a cart full of planted flowers. She talked to me like she knew me too. I followed them into a schoolroom where they had a flower nursery for the school children. They had all the little flowers started which the children would later plant and grow outside. They had plants growing everywhere in this low light and tulips were even coming out of the concrete.

I went outside and was walking on the lawn looking at the trees and flowers and I fell into a huge hole. It was so deep I thought it was going to swallow me up, but I saw a man coming who I recognized. He was the white-haired movie actor (Neils.?) He had a black man companion. I waved my left arm over my head wildly. "Help me! Help me!", I was yelling. I knew the man was a magician because I had seen him do a magic trick sometime earlier.

He came over and standing next to the hole and without touching my outstretch hand, he more or less twitched his nose and I popped out of the hole like I was on an elevator. I thanked him profusely and went on, headed for home.

(After I woke up, I realized that in the whole dream, I never finished anything I started)

2-11-98 - This dream was like a dream, yet not because before I feel asleep I was seeing light inside my head like when I was abducted last, but more so, and I saw a tall grey wearing a red, white, and black cowboy type shirt with blue jeans. He towered over my head like he was 7or 8 feet tall. I didn't see his face.

I was having trouble falling asleep because Joe's son T.J. had come over in the dark and knocked on the window and my heart was pounding hard because I was stressed out at the interruption just as I was falling asleep. So, I was praying like I do when I start meditating because it relaxes me real fast.

My heartbeat slowed down dramatically and suddenly I found myself outside in the dark, wearing my white granny nightgown and barefoot just like I was dressed in bed. In this whole dream, it was dark outside and I was dressed in my nightgown and barefoot and I walked from place to place.

It seems to me I was there as an unwilling witness to events that really happened.

DREAM - When the dream started, I was outside in the dark and was feeling hungry, so I walked to this store-like place that had the lights on and went inside. I didn't have any money so I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, but I walked in and didn't see anyone. I walked up and down a couple aisles looking for something I could eat and not pay for. Suddenly the lights went out and it was really dark. I rather panicked and headed for the door at the end of the aisle. I knocked over a bag of potatoes that was on the floor leading against the counter. The bag must have been open because potatoes went rolling across the floor ahead of me towards the door. The door was wide open and there were still no people around. I kind of senses there were probably hidden cameras around and I didn't want to get arrested, so I started hollering, "Store Manager, Store Manager" as I went out the door.

I saw a couple men in dark suits coming my direction and I was thinking, "Oh! Oh! They're going to arrest me for stealing something, so I continued to holler, "Store Manager, Store Manager". One of the guys got to me first, and he said, "What's going on?" I said, "I knocked over some potatoes in the store and the manager isn't there, so again I hollered, "Store Manager, Store Manager," and the guy just walked away. So, deciding I wasn't going to get arrested afterall, I shut up and walked around the building to my right.

I really got a shock, because I saw this big white jet airplane coming my direction, it's wings were folded up and it was taxiing slowly in between some large warehouses or hangars. I could see what looked like a cork in each of it's front air intakes, and I was thinking, "Those are silencers, otherwise the plane would be making a loud whining sound. "

The plane came to a stop and a door folded up at the back and a ramp came down. Suddenly a white car came rolling out of the plane and drove quickly across the tarmac to what looked like a warehouse or hangar in the distance.

This whole thing seemed rather ominous so I turned and went back the other way around the store and suddenly a young woman came running around the building from the other warehouse area, carrying a small blonde child in her arms.

I really felt nervous at this point because I knew I was seeing something that was supposed to be a secret.

Just as she passed, and went between two buildings, I again saw a dark suited man standing by the corner of a building. Again I feared arrest, so decided I'd pretend I was sneaking out in the dark to see my lover and hiked up my nightgown up to my knees and tiptoed quickly past the guy and went into the first open doorway I came to. I must have looked convincing because he didn't try to stop me.

I now found myself in a rather small room and there was a mattress on the floor along the wall. There was a young man standing on top of the mattress on a flat board the width of a bed slat. He looked familiar enough but I don't know for sure who he was. That was rather strange as there were other boards across the mattress but not evenly spaced.

He warned me, "Don't trip and fall", and helped me walk across the boards and then we went outside through another door into what looked like a backyard of a house.

In fact, it looked like the area where 4 yards would come together with a fence along each lot line like a + . The strange thing was that there were smashed hollow pumpkins strewn all along the fence like there had been a pumpkin war. Some of the pumpkins were green and some were orange and they weren't all the same size.

I knew I shouldn't be here either and I turned to go back inside the building and saw a young man by the doorway and another guy upstairs. The guy upstairs dropped a barrel of water down on the other guy's head. I thought for sure he would be dead and I ran over there and felt that the water was warm and he seemed to be okay. The guy upstairs on the balcony said something to the guy below but I didn't catch what it was.

I again saw some guys in dark suits heading my way. I thought I was in trouble so I ducked down behind the slatted fence and hurried along towards a gate I saw. I could see too, along this area, there was a high cyclone fence right up against the wooden slatted fence, but I couldn't immediately determine if I was inside the fence looking out or outside the fence looking in.

I got to the gate just as the man in the dark suit got there and there was another man behind him. This gate was arched, all wire fencing like the cyclone fence.

I again feared arrest, but the front man in the blue suit was carrying two young girl children about ages three and five or four and six. I then saw the same blonde woman from before right behind him.

As we met at the gate, we had to pass each other closely and I tried to be really friendly and praised the little girl's beauty and said to the woman, "Little children are so precious". She beamed a smile back and agreed with me.

She nodded to some people I hadn't seen behind me, sitting on a bench. It looked like two women. They were bent over crying. The blonde woman said, "They just found out that they are losing their jobs. When we take over, they won't be managing this place anymore, we're going to be managing it from the city."

I didn't know where I was but since I had 11 years of management experience, I thought to myself, "Gee! I could have applied for the job if I'd known it was gong to be open."

I pass through the gate then and suddenly found myself laying in bed under the covers, still dressed the same.

2-12-98 - DREAM - I was working as a manager in a very large building with many offices. It seemed I was in charge of maintenance supervision which kept me on the run a lot of the time checking up on the men's work. I carried a huge ring of Master keys out in the open so everyone knew who I was on sight. I was walking down the first floor hallway and met some very old women with white hair, all dressed in pastel outfits. They were having an employee's reunion. One of the women stopped me to ask if I had some larger notepaper to write on as she had none after her few sheets were gone from her small pad. It wasn't part of my job, but I told her I would get her some.

When I started walking back to my office, I decided it would be closer to go across the street and buy some at Sears and Roebuck even if it did cost me money to get it.

So, I went outside into the sunny street through some big glass doors, turned left and crossed street and went to the huge mall that Sears was a part of.

I went inside and was dismayed. The inside of the mall was very dim, the halls were immense, and there were many stores but the store show windows were very dim also. Even worse, I could 'see' the air. The air quality in the mall was so poor with pollution, I could actually see it.

I decided right then and there to get out and go back to my office. At the exit I chose, it seemed to be where deliveries were made. I was confused to where I actually was. I knew I had only crossed one street, but it seemed I was way down the block from where I originally crossed. The street name started with M like Masters but I'm not certain what it really was.

When I got outside, I could feel my heart pounding very hard like I needed more iron in my blood, but it didn't hurt. Right where I was, I decided to take a shortcut down a hill and I looked down this large area where I could see tiny houses and vehicles and trees and even tinier people. Not as small as ants, but VERY small. The vehicles were rushing around trying to make repairs to areas where some children of my species (human) were playing on the edge of a cliff where their world ended.

I was amazed that these two worlds were coinciding precariously and we were creating havoc in their world with our carelessness and allowing our children to destroy their world. I wondered how long it would take the adults of our world to stop the children from being destructive to their world. I saw no one who cared.

NOTE: 2-13-98 - There was a major evacuation of a nut factory because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The town was nearby and started with the letter M.

2-15-98 - VISION - I saw a little garden area with a small picket fence.There were colorful balloons tied to the fence and people were bring their little children there. One man put his two year old child across the fence into the garden with the flowers. Across from me was a large expanse of lawn and the street beyond.

A very studious young priest wearing plain glasses came and stood by me and then I saw many other old priests arriving, greeting each other warmly, some were getting out of long black limousines. Over to the right was a huge building, very old, and it had steps going up the hill to the building where there were more steps leading up to a terrace or porch of the building with big concrete pillars. We were all going to go up there and into the building. That had a very somber feeling to it.

3-4-98 - DREAM - I was managing some apartment buildings. A woman complained about the cleaning cost of her new bed. I called the bed company and was told it was $16.95. I said, "Okay! So she said she would deliver one. It was only moments later I saw a gold lettered truck bringing the bed. I was amazed they could bring it so quickly. I took my ring of keys and went outside. The delivery man said the bed he had (which was not the one I had ordered) was  for the address 4901. I looked up the street and realized that was not one of my buildings, that my buildings only went up to 4800. But then he said that the bed was for someone in the building we were standing in from of which was 3861 (or 3819) I asked if he had the person's name and he gave it to me but I can't remember it. We went into the lobby and the woman and the other ladies in the building all came to the door. I had never been n this building before, so I asked if I could see the color scheme. I looked up the stairwell which was immense and went up at least 7or 8 stories and was brilliantly lit from unknown source. The walls were a subtle blue and white. I admired it, then left the building.

As I was walking back to my own building, a whole lot of tiny children were walking towards me going the other way. They were kindergarten age and had just gotten out of school. One little spanish boy handed me his book bag and it was full of dirt. At that same moment, I walked right into a green dumpster with it which was on the sidewalk and dumped out the dirt. (I didn't see any books). The far wall of the dumpster was so high to go over, I said, "Oh! No! We're not going that way, turned, walked back out of the dumpster the way I got in and walked around the outside. There, on the sidewalk, buried in garbage was a man dressed all in green like a workman. I pulled him up by the hand, out of the garbage and hugged him like I loved him. It was Mel from One Life to Live. He took me to a nursing home he wanted me to see. We went into the place. There were people everywhere all wearing flowered pajamas or robes depending if they were male or female. The bed where I sat was in a very small room. The door was double wide and opened to the hallway where many, many people were walking up and down or standing and talked, all wearing flowered pajamas or robes. Mel was now wearing flowered pajamas.

A man sat on a chair opposite my bed and told me how terrible nursing homes were...that they were like death-waiting to happen. He showed me pages of statistics and cost which were like telephone bills, page after page of charges racked up against these people for ever individual item they used.

Tony Danza's name was on one of the papers as a protester against how nursing homes are run.

3-9-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the kitchen. Joe had made coffee and we had both drunk some. Then Joe went out to the livingroom to work on the computers. I made more coffee then and went out to the livingroom to tell Joe the coffee was ready, but he was asleep on the couch. I had a hard time seeing at first on the left side of the room, another man was living with us. I thought he was asleep in bed but I saw an artist's easel set up with a light on it turned on. The man himself was in the shower in the bathroom. I kept hollering, the coffee is ready so he would hear me and a woman's voice answered from the bathroom so I knew the artist's girlfriend had spent the night with us too

I went back into the kitchen which had a white folding door on it and the handle was like a small silver rod to pull on. I got the door open and went into the kitchen only to see that I was wearing brown winter gloves to use for gardening. I began to take these off, meanwhile noticing that the coffee pot was boiling down and I would probably have to make more. The coffee pot then spit some coffee out and it left a trail of spots from my left shoulder down my arm. I thought that was kind of strange. I had never seen a coffee pot do that before.

There was a young girl in the kitchen, a relative of Joe's of some kind, she seemed very familiar with this house though we had must moved into it. She went into a room I hadn't seen before. I was up about 3 feet above the normal floor. I peeked in the door and saw her over to the left where a lot of huge empty boxes were stored. I asked her why this room was higher than the others and she said it was to keep the children out. I saw that the room was huge, at least as big as the whole house was in the other direction, but I would need to turn on the light and explore it to see what we could use it for.

3-10-98 - DREAM - It was early morning and my husband left for work. I immediately went back into the bedroom and exposed my breasts to see how beautiful I was. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so peed in my white clothes hamper. There were clothes everywhere in the room of all colors. Some young girls came in to ask questions and I covered myself up so they wouldn't know what I had done.

I then had to go downstairs as I was moving. On the stairs were small pieces of furniture I was going to give away like a small writing desk. I decided to keep it because I would need it in the new place.

I then agreed to watch two small children like Ethan and Emilie. (Our grandchildren) We had to cross a narrow fragile bridge made of narrow slats. It was suspended by very thin rope over dark water. The bridge was covered by colorful clothing and we crawled across the bridge with me constantly warning them to be careful so they wouldn't fall into the water. Another young boy joined us and right at the end of the bridge a young boy fell off the bridge into the water. I couldn't immediately grab for the boy because I had to keep Ethan and Emilie safe, so the boy had to bob to the surface himself and then I grabbed his arm and pulled him back up onto the bridge and we were all okay.

3-19-98 - DREAM - I was in a strange neighborhood and helping people with their children. I taught math to some and put two little girls in a bathtub and washed their hair.

I woke up and heard a beautiful chime sound in my right ear. I waited for a message. It was, "Go to sleep!" Another voice said quickly, "No! There isn't time for that." So, I started to have a dream-like vision instead.

I was watching a family move furniture out of a house. One thing was a huge piano which didn't fit. It seemed to have a hollow center, but I don't know why. I didn't get a clear enough look at it. I was moving into that house when they were finished moving out.

3-20-98 - DREAM - I was watching a tiny baby girl wearing a purple dress. I saw that she wore no diaper and that she was very ill at ease. So, I asked for a diaper for her and put it on her and the baby smiled at me. I then discovered that no one was watching any of the children but me, that the parents rule of thumb was to just leave as long as there was an adult present and I was the last one present.

I was going to have to explain this to the cops when they came because I had called the cops and I as the last responsible adult left.

3-25-98 - NOTE; In the morning, I saw a hawk (my totem) perch on a post across the street from the house and I could see him out the window.

I went back to bed and had a vision. I saw a cute little blonde boy, held in his mother's arms. She said, "Nobody pays much attention to him, but he is so CUTE!"

Then the little boy said, "The door is open now. It once was a major entrance."

A channeled message then began:

"Male! It is the custom!'

"Come hither!"

"It's not so far!"

"I am coming soon."

"The reports are many".

"I am the one they seek"

'They do not recognize me because I am so small yet. One day they will respect me for who I am"

"I AM the ONE!'

"I am yet a child"

"I am watched. You have seen me before in 1991."

"I was yet an infant."

"I have grown...and am growing. It's too soon to speak out, but I will. I have much to say. I shall come forth. I AM the Messiah. You shall see. You are the chosen one, but so are others. I will speak to many. Those who will hear. It will not be easy. People are used to 'kooks' as they call them. False Prophets! There are many. Too many who wish to be known. "

"I AM ONE! I AM many. I AM THEM!"

"I AM the one they call Jesus, but I am not. I was Appalonious as they say. They will not recognize me as such. Perhaps better that they do not know. However, you may say so. And those who will know me, will recognize as such what I say as coming forth from the mouth of babes as they say. There are many who see what I stand for. As you, in your wisdom are seeking the truth. As such, there are many who are the same. They will realize then as you, go along and search for them and they for you. You will be pulled together such as like magnets. Those who do not will find as they respond to negative searching. That they will find instead. Those who are wise will seek me and truth and will find success and love as much as they want of same. There are those who are wishy-washy as they say and will be kicked out of my mouth as such they say they do not care one way or the other. These will not get anything at all. We are the same. such as the way it is. The LAW works for all the same. It is for this reason that those who seek truth will find it. I will be seeking those out who seek me ... as truth ... it is theirs.

Let us seek then out day by day, they will find me and I them. For once someone seeks and find, they realize that is how it is done and continues to find success in that way. There is still time to seek and such ... I shall be there ... in time.

So long as they seek, they will find. So long as they want to find me ... I shall be there. So long as they tarry, I shall not.

Be good and fruitful and true. I AM yours as I AM there's. Be good and kind to one another.


So long as I AM, I AM theirs. So long as I AM theirs, I AM!

Be well! I shall return in time. Thank you! And thank God! We are ONE! ALL are ONE!

Be wise. Pass along my message. Tell them I AM coming. In time, in their time, I will be.

In Peace, Harmony, and Beauty, I AM theirs. ALL theirs. And yours.

Be searching, be looking. I AM always there. I AM the ONE. WE are ONE!

So long as we all shall live in Eternity, that shall be true. Be of ONE heart. Be of ONE mind. We shall be there in time. As time exists not, however it shall be as ONE, we all are and shall be eternally! We are ONE eternally!

Be good and kind. We shall be back in your time as you know it. I shall return soon. A word that has no real meaning for you, such as your experience has taught you, yet, it shall be in one way or another, you have what you need as such as will others as they want, whether negative or positive. They get what they wish for.

Disasters? They know not yet what that word means. If they wish for it, it shall be theirs as they desire. It is only because many do not, has it held off so far. Others must God. Stave off disaster. You do not need it, you do not wish it, then it shall not happen. Those that wish it shall have it. It is the LAW. You get what you desire and work for.

Be ONE, be of ONE Heart!. I shall be yours and theirs. Be good, be wise, I shall return.

As ONE ... we ARE!

NOTE: I was called back again for another message:

We have more to say. For those of you who feel that you are not good enough to be spoken to, such is not the case. We have spoken to many. Many dismiss the messages out of hand as they don't deem themselves worthy of such messages.

Be forewarned, we WILL be speaking to all, and according to how you receive us and respond, such will be your fate in your future.

Your doubts of unworthiness, your doubts and fears are the killers of society.

Such, as I may bring up the subject of the tragic murder of those children yesterday (May 24th, 1998) They were forewarned and did not listen. They too deemed themselves as unworthy for messages from spirit and dismissed the messages as "folderol" ridiculous dreams and thoughts.

Be forewarned now. We will come to all. Before you know what is happening, you will be told. Your response is up to you. If you desire to ignore the message, then your fate is in your own hands as you wish. Your fear and doubt WILL kill you. In the end, it is only LOVE and Desire for good that wins.

Do not doubt the messages. They will come to al l... their own time. Such is the LAW and will be obeyed as the LAW excludes no one. Be wary, be certain, the message will come knocking on your door as well. Listen carefully, as it will not be repeated endlessly. Only as your listen will you know what is in store for you.

If you wish LOVE, if you dream LOVE, if you desire success in all things, then it will be yours. Watch! Listen! Be wary! Do not wish for the disasters, for then it will be yours.

Wish for the LOVE, work for the LOVE. ALL is ONE and all is yours as you learn. KNOW that. There is enough abundance for everyone. Have no doubt of that. Be wise ... not foolish. We shall return in glory and that glory will be yours as you desire it.

Be in LOVE, be in ONE Heart, be in LOVE!

NOTE: After this message was received, I went outside for fresh air and watched the clouds in the sky. Directly over my head, out of a small cloud, a rainbow appeared. It was only about 30 feet long, a straight line, not really bowed. It remained about 5 minutes until the cloud moved away.

When I went to sleep at night, I saw a brilliant white light with the face of Jesus in it. Then I saw Joe and I walking in a park with a lot of other people and we began to sit in chairs in rows like in an orchestra. We were all dressed in blue.

3-28-98 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. We were holding a church service there. The pastor sat behind a long table covered by a white cloth on the south wall. His small children sat on little chairs in front of the table facing the people. Several other families were there, also with their children. I was sitting on the floor by the East window, somewhat distracted with a book I was reading. The kids were being disruptive especially the pastor's kids. The pastor took some scotch tape and put it over the mouth of his smallest child like an "X".

I decided to help by taking the children out of the room. I got up from the floor and asked, "Who wants to come to the kitchen with me?" One of the more disruptive older boys said he would. I said, "Let's see if we can find something to eat." I didn't know if we had anything at all. I looked in an upper cabinet and found bunches of grapes and bananas. They were all overripe and starting to rot. I pulled out all of them and found a couple bananas that weren't too bad. I took one over to the boy, cut in half lengthwise. He didn't want one served that way. He said, "If you take one that is half brown and peel it whole, you will see an antenna on it." I thought about this and went back to the bunch of bananas in the cabinet and found a couple more bananas that were overripe. I went back with them and held one up to him that was shaped like a bird and showed him. Then I showed him one that was even more overripe and it looked like a yellow and brown bird, and the peelings that were brown and falling off, looked like wings.

My daughter was sitting next to me then on a rack with a stack of dinner plates that were light green. I thought to myself, "Here! All this time I thought we didn't have any plates in the house. My husband must have bought them and had them stashed somewhere."

I went to the bedroom and saw that my husband had bought 4 pair of pink and blue plaid slacks and hung them in the closet. The pattern was like a large diamond shape.

I was sorting out the laundry then and found that I had mismatched some socks and felt very dismayed that I had made that big of an error.

4-13-98 - NOTE: I had been searching on the web for information about King Arthur and the Holy Grail)

DREAM - I was in the countryside and came upon this huge cemetery which was a man-made hill. It was surrounded by posts about every 4 feet with a wall between them and dirt piled up behind the wall. On top of the wall were many, many sunflowers planted and they were all in bloom.

The dream began to show me that the posts represented hidden information and they were showing me information and every line had a highlighted word. And every highlighted word represented more hidden information if clicked on.

I then went inside the building there which was like a huge cavern and sunlight filtered into the dusty air in stream of light. There were a lot of children playing in there with red and green fly swatters. They were dropping them down off a balcony like darts in a game. Most of the flyswatters had offset grids to hit the flies with. I wanted only the red ones with straight grids. The handles were twisted spirals of metal.

4-18-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country with some people and my children. There was a long table outside with a white cloth on it. I could hear a little noise under the table and saw some almonds on the ground. I lifted the cloth and saw that hundreds of almonds were falling down and ready to be harvested. Then I noticed that squirrels were also under the table and eating the almonds as fast as they could. I ran to get my kids and the other people so we could harvest the almonds as fast as possible.

Each person had a project they were working on by themselves and each one needed something for their project so they could finish it before they could help with the harvest.

My son Tom was helping remove some boards from the building. If things were a certain length they could go down the elevator, if not they had to go down the stairs. There was a man at the door who said, "If you can fall,you're too tall." Tom and I went back up the elevator and the door wouldn't open so I told him to push the door open. Tom pushed open the door and we stayed upstairs.

In one of the rooms upstairs were many kinds of birds. They were all making various wild noises. Each one was a different color. In order to remove the birds and take them out of the building they had to be put into "baby" suits which were zippered up so they looked like a "child" of the color bird they were.

A couple birds escaped from the room and flew into another room so I needed help to get these birds into their "baby suits" so they could be reborn and removed from the building.

Two white birds protested loudly even after they were in their 'baby' suits. They wouldn't stop squawking way past when the others were quiet and uncomplaining.

4-24-98 - DREAM - I was starting a new job. I was working for the chief of police or something. My whole family was there ... all my kids ... all their wives ... all the grandchildren. We were going to have a big party and some kind of celebration.

When it came time for my kids to meet the Chief of Police, he was in Florida on television, like an interactive TV set. We were all sitting around watching him do a demonstration for some kind of commercial. Before he left on the trip, he asked me if I had a pager. I said, "No!" So, he gave me HIS pager which looked like it was made out of crystal and attached it to the back of my belt. So, I was wearing HIS pager.

Also ... the mailman was in charge of the keys for this new job. He had some kind of gizmo that was shiny blue and silver ... like a gate. He asked me to get my car keys and hew as going to line them up and match my car keys to the gate.

I had a whole lot of different kinds of keys inside of little packets in my purse. So, my children helped me find my car keys in my purse to give to the mailman so he could cut them to match the gate.

I also had a television/radio combination with three different channels. They hadn't taught me how to use it yet. I turned it farthest to the right and the man on the other end of the radio said I shouldn't use that channel until they teach me how to use it.

5-27-98 - DREAM - I was with hundreds of little children headed for school. They were all about 5 years old. We were at the school building, but outside in the courtyard. All of a sudden a Fingerhut catalog appeared in my hand and it flipped open to the page where the plates were. It showed me the plates. The dinner plate and the salad plate were the same colors and the salad plate overlapped the dinner plate.

NOTE:  This looks exactly like the Weyhill crop circle.  See for comparison.

6-1-98 - DREAM - I was at an airport. It seemed like we lived there. The ceilings were really high, but there was a living area with trees and plants and other furniture and my daughter and her children were there also.

I was looking out the window at a large passenger plane coming in and a small jet came in at a slightly different angle. The large plane turned sharply to avoid the obvious crash of the two planes. Then, a strange thing happened, the small jet shape-shifted and became cartoonish and bent it's nose over to avoid the crash. It then shape-shifted several more times as it seemed to play with the big plane and it bend and darted around the big plane. I was still standing there watching this happen and it all evaporated in a "poof" and in its place was a huge dark green ...almost black government helicopter which had created a hologram of the two planes.

When we saw the government helicopter we became terrified that it had seen us.We must have flipped off the lights because it was suddenly dark. I sat down quickly at a table and put my arms over my head.

The helicopter turned on a spotlight and showed it around the room looking for people. Everyone was hidden. The lights swept over me, but I didn't know if it saw me or not.

When the helicopter left, my daughter (who was her real adult age) jumped up, turned on the light and ran over to the corner of the room. She began pulling on a dark screen which eventually ran all around the room walls from floor to ceiling. (It did not block the ceiling or the floor) I noted that 4 trees against the wall were left on the outside of the screen, but some other objects in the room which were in the way of pulling out the screen, there was a door in the screen that these things were able to slip past so they were inside the screened area.

We continued to pull this screen down a long hallway area which seemed like a mall. On the outside of the screen sat my mother and her sisters on a bench. (all are deceased except my mother). We pulled the screen down to a shop on the corner which was run by all Polish women. They were all terrified of the government helicopter as well and as we pulled the screen through their area, they began packing up everything in boxes as they didn't want our government to see all the things they had handcrafted.

I looked at what they were packing up and on the table were numerous ceramic jungle animals, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, etc. I thought to myself, "these are all commonplace animals, why do they think they have to protect them?"

I then saw a box of jewels which were strung on necklaces. I wanted one desperately. I bent over the box and tried to stuff the largest tear drop shaped diamond down the front of my shirt but it didn't fit. I couldn't see any opening in the front of my yellow shirt to put it through, so I ended up selecting a smaller one, less perfect and bumpy it seemed, and pushed it down my shirt where it buttoned at the throat.

We got everything packed up then went and sat in the livingroom, playing with my daughter's children. I was holding her youngest daughter Gabrielle on my lap when we heard a loud droning sound. We looked out the window and saw a UFO shaped object coming towards the house. It was barely above the treetops and coming downward. My daughter said, "It's not normal for them to come so low!" I was thinking that it reminded me of advertising blimps because it was so colorful and shiny. It was glinting colors of red, white, and blue.

My daughter said, "Don't let my daughter see it, and I clutched the baby on my lap, within my arms and bend my head low over her to hide her.

The UFO made a second pass over the house and then it left and I saw up again, and held the baby up, saying, "She seems just like a doll!" She didn't seem real anymore.

I then got really hungry and decided to go out and get some donuts. I was going to have to walk, but another girl who was getting ready for work and dressed up in a neat suit-dress said she would drive me there and drop me off. I thanked her for offering the ride. Then the woman said, "Yes! I have to get there by 8 a.m. and we looked at the clock and it was actually almost nine o'clock. We had lost almost one hour of missing time.

NOTE: On 6-5-98, a news report came out that there had been 20 major misses of two jet aircraft reported from January thru April. The government said that the air controllers had to undergo 10 hours of training within the next month to counteract the danger.

6-3-98 - DREAM - I had two dreams within a dream. -  Inner Dream #1 - I needed to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hall and saw the door was closed. I knocked once and opened the door because I couldn't see anyone through the crack in the door. I opened the door and saw my son Bill and two of his friends, kneeling around the oval-shaped bathtub which was more over towards the center of the room. They had stopped up the tub with numerous colored rags and towels and were running the water into the tub, pretending to drown numerous toy people. I started to holler at them. "Haven't I told you not to do that before? I believe this is the third time. You know that three times is all you get so now you have to be punished."

I let all the water out of the tub and removed and rags, towels and toy people. I went into their bedroom and got up on their bed, preparing to jump off the bed onto their toys and destroy them. I started to count down, 4...3...2...1.. and woke up from the dream, but I was still in MY dream. In the second inner dream, it was not so clear, but in that dream, I was counting UP alphabetically and got up to the letter "P" which I thought was very significant. I woke up in the dream, but was STILL dreaming.

(This dream has a lot of details in it, so I'm not positive I am remembering them all in sequence) There were several themes in the dream.

I was moving from one side of the street to the other side of the street in the 2500 block of North 16th St. I was taking care of an apartment building/house for another woman. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My husband volunteered me to give a lecture on dreams which I was totally unprepared for. I was doing all these things at the same time.

I decided to tell the two 'inner dreams' to the lecture group because they were fresh in my mind. With that decision made, I decided to run across the street and look at my new house. Unfortunately, the 7 silver keys I had for the front door, I left behind at the old house and I couldn't get in the door without them, so I needed to go back home and get the keys.

This was yet early in the morning, about 8:30 a.m. The children were gathering on the sidewalk to wait for the schoolbus.

Meanwhile, my neighbor asked me to take care of the building while she was out on an errand. I agree to do this.

She said she would show me how to use the black telephone, which also monitored the lobby for guests and visitors. #333 was to speak to people in the lobby. #777 was to listen to what they had to say. I pressed #777 and there was no one there except those children getting ready to go to school. I could hear them talking in the background.

She had a candy exchange program for the kids in the morning. She provided a series of black containers with candy in them and the children would come in with a handful of candy in exchange. The children who came in while I was standing there were coming in with handfuls of candy that looked like silver people (the same kind my son was trying to drown in the bathtub in the inner dream) The kids didn't want this woman's candy in the little black containers, they were exchanging "people" candy with each other by the handfuls. These kids were so happy to be able to do this.

Meanwhile I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I found three bathrooms in the house/apartment but there was a child in each one and each child was sitting inside the toilet bowl which was devoid of water, and they were playing with the little silver candy 'people'.

I had dressed in a brown dress to go across the street to look at my house and felt that was not an appropriate color to give the dream lecture in, so I had to change clothes too.

I went to a room where I started to change clothes and as as soon as I was sitting there with no pants on, several young men came to a counter-like area with a window and demanded to be helped with some problems. After making some lame excuses, I eventually had to tell them that I didn't have any pants on and couldn't stand up in front of them. They left me alone long enough to get dressed then.

Finally, one of the bathrooms emptied out and I ran to the bathroom to do what I needed to do. No sooner had I sat down, my husband brought in all the people who wanted to hear my dream lecture while I was sitting on the toilet. I told them the two 'inner dreams' about the letting out the water from the tub, the counting down to 1, the punishment, and the counting up to the letter "P" and that it related to the coming earthchanges and how soon it would be.

The people all left then, and I was standing in the doorway when the door of the apartment across the hallway opened up. A huge man appeared, with a dark, 1/2 grown out stubble of a beard, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and trousers with suspenders. I soon got the idea that he was in charge of the whole thing. He came over, held out his hand to shake mine and said, "Congratulations! You have done well and I hope you will be happy here.!" I shook his hand and thanked him.

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally said, "I am ready for a message."

I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began digging a deep hole in the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by baby animals. I then saw another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a full sized lamb and lion were laying down inside it...side by side.

6-4-98 - DREAM - This was a dream within a dream. It started with me driving my car north on Calhoun Rd. My car had a computer in it. I couldn't drive the car at the same time. If I was typing on the computer, I couldn't see the steering wheel and I was afraid I'd go off the road, so I'd reach for the wheel which it wouldn't appear unless I stopped thinking about the computer. Then I'd grab the wheel and steer and the computer would disappear from view. Then I'd go back to typing and the steering wheel would disappear. This happened several times.

Finally, I went to grab the steering wheel and it wasn't there. Finally, it appeared, but the wheel was locked and the car was headed off the road into a ditch.

I woke up in the dream at my apartment building in Milwaukee. Becky or someone like her came to visit and dragged me outside and across the slippery dark street. She insisted that we were going to go to a bar and get drunk. We managed to cross the street, but then I pulled away. Becky continued on to the bar, but I crossed the street and went back home. In my hand, I had several keys. The two prominent ones were a gold mailbox key and a big square headed high security  Master key which was pure gold. I climbed 4 flights of stairs to my floor. On the 4th floor, an old woman like Zora (see http:/ was standing there and had just given a big blue box to my neighbor for her children to put toys in. Mentally, I thought, I would really like that box myself.

The old woman had two large blue hampers full of clothes to be washed. One of them had fallen over. I picked it up for her and woke up.

Immediately, I heard a phone ring in my ear. I saw a web page that said, "Wall Street Journal application."

6-18-98 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph. There were two other men there as well, that were visiting. Their names were Guest and Bast. They were hanging posters in all the yards by clipping them to wash lines. Mr. Guest was doing some writing about crop circles. He was writing on newspaper sheets in light blue in, like in a trail down the sheet and the trail ended in a 'sewing machine'.

Ralph came in and asked me if I had enjoyed meeting his guests. I don't remember answering him. I had returned the writing to Mr. Guest without comment also.

I was moving and my whole family came to help me move. I found a very large exit door. A black woman came in and showed me that the emergency exit windows were way too small. I opened the emergency door which opened out onto a huge schoolroom for children. I met several of the children who were very cute and I told them so. The little boy had a long brown cape like superman and it flared out behind him.

6-27-98- DREAM - This dream started at my New Berlin house but my family was not there. The people in the house had malformations of the head. One person had growths all over her head like 'elephant man'. One woman had like a sculpted frame built around her head with skewers to hold her skull together. I was so grossed out by those two women but I forced myself to look at them. I knew this was for a reason I had to do this. At one point, I was helping to repair a table lamp by taking parts from another table lamp.

Another guy had just shaved his beard and he had cut off these huge growths on his fact that were like long tentacles. I had to prove to him that he was loved anyway and I had to prove that by eating something gross-looking that touched his face.

I then went outside and walked around the house to the front. I saw my family standing on the lawn about 30 feet away. As I came around the front of the house, I saw a huge yellow UFO appear in the sky suddenly. I stood there in awe with my mouth hanging open. I hollered to my family to look.

As we watched, the yellow UFO morphed into a rocket shape and a big American flag appeared and waved in the wind. We were so shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes.

Then a big rocket appeared in the western sky. It was going upward, but getting closer and it seemed ominous. Then another rocket appeared and crossed paths with the first rocket and instantly a huge silver flat faced balloon shot up out of the 2nd rocket and the balloon had the face of an astronaut on it with an American flag behind him.

My family was in awe and stood there with me, mouths hanging open and then, not knowing what else to do, we started to applaud.

Just then, another UFO appeared in the southern sky. As we watched another spacecraft appeared. Again, an American flag shot up from the 2nd spacecraft like it had confronted the 1st one and won. Again, we applauded heartedly.

As I sat there, an astronaut appeared on the lawn up on the hill behind the house. He was in black and white -...not color like the rest of the dream. It was Wally Shirra. I don't know how I knew it was him but I'm as positive about that as I know my own name. He was wearing one of those puffy white spacesuits like they wear in outer space. It had black bands around the upper arms, and waist, and by his ankles. I saw his face clearly, so I know he was not wearing a helmet.

NOTE: On 7-22-98 - Astronaut Alan Shepherd died of leukemia.

The astronaut began to speak to me. I was in awe but tried to answer his questions. (I can't remember what he said.) When I tried to talk, my lips could move, but my teeth didn't come apart and I was mumbling like I was half asleep.

I was so discomforted about speaking to the famous Wally Shirra while mumbling, I finally said to him, "I feel like I'm half asleep". He said then, "Oh! Then I won't bother you, and he evaporated.

I was so disappointed. I felt like I had chased him away by being rude. I felt really bad. But then, I wanted to tell someone about my 'dream'.

The scene changed and I was at a large school. As I walked across the schoolyard, there were many children playing there, and I picked up things that were dropped and handed them back and patted heads and smiled at them.

Off to my left, all of the female teachers were playing a game of baseball. They were all wearing white tops and black longish shorts. As I got to the school door, the double doors closed and I saw that there were no handles on the outside to open the doors. However, when I tried to pry the doors apart in the center, I discovered that the doors pushed inward very easily.

I stood there in the hallway, looking for someone I could tell my Wally Shirra dream to. The teachers came in from the baseball field and they were all now wearing long shimmering robes of multicolored purple, blue, and rose. They were talking together amongst themselves and some of them were dispersing to up a stairway, so I ran amongst them hollering, "Ladies! Ladies! I want to tell you about my dream. It was about UFOs!" They were all instantly interested and wanted to hear my dream.

There was a large conference room there, so I entered it and found it to be full of the male teachers sitting on the floor facing the front like they had just been lectured to from the podium. They were all dressed in longish black shorts, and white nubby cotton tops.

I told them that I had something to tell them and they all moved back to make a square opening in front for the female teachers to come in.

For some reason I wasn't shocked but as the female teachers filed in, they were all wearing pajamas and robes and were crippled in one way or another.

The tallest woman had no hair and was on crutches. She seemed to be referring to the light I had been helping to repair earlier, and told me that if I needed parts to repair anything, there was a junk yard on 108th St. that carried all kinds of parts and could probably get me anything I needed.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, 108 is the number of Goddesses in the Hindu religion.

7-4-98 - DREAM - There was a very important job to be done in an office across the street from where I lived. I convinced the bosses I could do it, and the boss said he would give me a chance at it.

So, I was all excited to go to work and prove that I could do a good job. The work day started at 8a.m. The next day, I had to get all the kids ready for school first and then myself. There were 6 kids. The 3 oldest ones managed to get themselves ready and left for school. I still had the 3 youngest to dress and then myself to get ready.

My husband wasn't home and I wanted to get the kids and myself ready and out the door because he didn't approve of my working outside the home. It took quite a bit of doing but I managed to find appropriate clothing for the kids to wear. There were so many different types, color, and size of clothes in the house, this was a difficult task. Nothing was hung up, but lay in piles all over the house.

For myself, all my clothes were in an upper room and I wanted to wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. I decided to wear all black. I put on black slacks, a black and white flowered with roses ... cotton shirt and a black sweater that had a white stripe around the shoulders. It wasn't exactly a matching outfit, but it was all black.

I went downstairs to finish getting the kids ready. The boys managed to get the clothes on by themselves, but my daughter was wearing a pink and white rose flowered two piece outfit that was about two sizes too big for her. (She was only 4 years old) It looked really cute on her but the problem for her was that there were about 100 or so tiny buttons down the front that had to be lined up (button holes were square and the buttons were round) She obviously needed help. I managed to line up 5 of them and decided that was good enough. It held it closed and was secure enough so the wind wouldn't blow it open outside.

At that point, my husband came home. I was panic-stricken that he would prevent me from going to work. He saw we were getting ready to go somewhere and that he would sabotage my efforts to go out and do this special job so that I could gain my self-esteem.

He didn't say anything but went into the diningroom and I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to look for shoes for the children and myself.

Here too, there was a multitude of choices of colors, sizes, styles, etc. and they were not all in one place, so we had to hunt for their proper size, color and style to go with what they were wearing, and of course they couldn't wear shoes that were too big either.

I set the kids to looking for their shoes while I went looking for shoes and socks of my own. Because I was wearing slacks, I didn't need panty hose, so I found the sock pile and saw that there were plenty of socks, but the trick was to find a matching pair. I chose a black sock to wear and then couldn't find one to match it. There were dozens of light blue socks, but no other black sock.

The matter of the shoes was the same. There were dozens of different styles of shoes to wear, most of them were sandal-like with straps and heels of various heights.All of those were inappropriate to wear with socks. I was looking for my pair of walking shoes, solid black, with good sturdy soles and tied to hold them on. The were professional shoes for people like nurses and waitresses who were on their feet a lot. I managed to find one, but couldn't find the mate to it.

At this point, I wondered if my husband had sabotaged the entire thing by taking one of each kind of shoe to the livingroom so that I couldn't finish dressing and leave the house.

I looked at the clock and it was quarter past 8 and I was already late. I hoped I could make a good excuse when I got to the office.

The children had finally found some shoes to wear and I helped them get their proper shoes on, but we still couldn't leave until I had my own shoes on because I had to take the younger kids to school myself.

My daughter (age 4) found a lipstick and decided to wear it. She put it on herself and it was totally inappropriate for her age. But, instead of taking it away from her, I asked her if I could put some on too and spent a moment putting it on quickly. I didn't get it on my lips very straight according to how I liked it, but it was on and I could get on with finding my other black shoe.

I sent the oldest of the boys who was 5 years old to the livingroom to surreptitiously look there for the shoe in case his father had taken it there to foil my attempts to go to work. Meanwhile I looked among the other shoes and thought I found the other black shoe, about size 16 and I wore a 10 and it didn't have a mate either, so there was no point in even attempting to wear such an inappropriate shoe.

I was barefoot because I had never found a 2nd black sock to match the one I found, so I was not looking at the sandal-type shoes. There were inappropriate to wear with bare feet and I realized that I would probably get blisters by wearing these.

I didn't want to wear any with higher heels either because then I would tower over my husband in height and he would be VERY upset and they were so inappropriate with bare feet.

I finally found a pair of maroon sandals with low heels. They were dusty and I saw a couple raisins in an upper fold of the shoe and began to remove the raisins and clean the shoes to wear when my youngest son who was about age 3 began to jerk on my arm. I looked at him and he was chewing on something and I saw a raisin stuck on his lip. He was at the point of choking because his mouth was stuffed so full of food. I pried his mouth open. His mouth was stuffed completely full of a mixture of raisins and sesame seeds.

I began to pull all these seeds out of his mouth so he wouldn't choke to death and as I was doing this I woke up.

While I was thinking about the dream, I remembered what the job was that I had to do. It was called "The Sisterhood of Southeast Asia".

7-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a very large building with a lot of children. Eight to twelve years old. We had to clean the whole building and it had to be perfect before we could take them to church. We got most of the work done except for the main hallway. Church was about to start. One of the main bosses came through and went into apartment #114. He said, "What if the President comes through here? It has to be absolutely clean before you leave here tonight."

The hallway contained numerous Christmas presents. The presents were so large they were larger than people size. One was made of cloth and had a huge cloth bow on it. It was all gray. I didn't like it. One I liked the best was light blue and covered with ostrich feathers. As I pulled it through the hallway, it littered the hallway with ostrich feathers.

We worked like crazy and so did the kids. We had the whole hallway cleaned perfectly. then we went to church. We did NOT go inside. We stood out in the street, listening to the beautiful music. It seemed there was a wedding going on inside. It was so beautiful and as the bride and groom came out, we just stood there in awe. One of the older ladies standing there with us, said that the next time this happened, she was going to have to take some lessons so she could actually participate. She said, "Never again will I ever have to stand there and watch." We stood there and listened to the beautiful music. As the music ended I woke up.

7-17-98 - DREAM - I was with my mother. I was writing checks for her and paying her bills. When I was done and was going to go home, a relative came up to me and insinuated I was writing checks for myself. I wrote all the checks with her sitting right there while I did it. They were going to take that away from me and let an accountant do it.

I left the house and walked up several blocks. I was like on 19th St. at this point. Several dogs came running out of an alley. I knew my ex-husband Jim would be right behind them. The kids like my grandchildren were there too then and I headed home with them right behind me. They were slower than I was. I led them through shortcuts of houses and yards and alleys. I was sneaking around low to the ground so no one would see me.

When we were in one house, one of the boys wanted to take a baby playpen from the house. I could hear the baby crying in the background and told him he'd better not take it. I told him to put it back but he just let it stand there. When we got to the next corner of 18th and clark, ahead of me in the dark, I saw two guys fighting. I turned to the left and there were two guys fighting. then I saw a light blue station wagon. I thought it belonged to my ex-husband. It was driven half way up on the sidewalk on an angle.

7-25-98 - VISION - As I lay in bed I had a vision of 3 "C"s in a row and the voice said, "Crop Circle Joe". Then I had a vision of 2 "B"s and it showed me a web page that said, "Beautiful Babe" and that was me.

7-25-98 - DREAM - I went right back to sleep and found myself in the same place I had woke up from. I was in my friend Tony's apartment, but he said his Father was coming right back and he had made a mess of things and needed to straighten it out.

So he started cleaning his house and I climbed across his couch which was the only place to walk. It was soft and brown with a fleur de lis pattern on it.

I went out into the hall and was going to take the elevator up but everyone was scurrying around and the elevator was jam packed so I didn't want to crowd in there and let it go.

I went over to the stairway to walk up, but the stairway mostly went down into a dark pit-like place. There was a stairs going up also but it was dimly lit with the only light at the top of a very narrow stairway. So, I decided I would wait for the next elevator.

I went outside where there were a lot of children playing including my own daughter. These kids were all around 7 or 8 years old. I saw a station wagon coming, driven by our old friend/maintenance man. I said to the kids, "Here comes the book man."

The car was full of books like a library on wheels. I encouraged all the kids to get books. The man came over to me with a stack of books and handed them to me.

When I opened the books, they morphed into sheets of leather, each one cut out in a big circle and a design embossed on them. Each one was a picture of myself smiling. Each one had holes in strategic places for hanging up. I believe there were 7 of them. There were also two pieces of cloth with designs on with which I could make sundress tops. I cannot remember the designs now, one was red and one was yellow, but I had seen women earlier I had admired and now I could be like them.

I went briefly into the building where all the men I had loved and once thought of marrying were there and they all walked by. Each one was wearing a medium blue uniform and wearing a tool belt like a maintenance man and they were hurrying along with urgent things to do. None of them said even so much as "Hello!" and just hurried along.

I was disappointed but understood they all had urgent work to do.

I went back outside where a large rectangle field was being harrowed flat and being readied for the fall. All the crops were done.

I was presented with 4 different round fruit rinds upsidedown, each nested inside the other, and I knew the harvest was over. All that was past was past.

8-18-98 - DREAM - I worked in a very large company. It was owned by a very rich powerful family. In my office were 3 wonderful computers One of the men showed me how to access special channels both on audio and video that no one else could get besides being able to do regular work. You could also play video films on these computers. There were various channels on these channels on these computers as well. One button was called FIND, and you push in that button plus one of the channels which were 777, family, sports, and four others I can't remember.

Joe, the maintenance man, asked me to print out some maps from the sports channels on boxing matches. There was one for each button below the sports channel. It appeared there were 12 levels. I started printing them out. Some were just one page, some were multiple pages except the bottom most one which didn't seem to have on programmed for it yet.

I began doing that when 2 women came in, one older and one younger. The older one, a grandmotherly type wanted to see a particular program on the computer. I attempted to access it for her without letting her know I was printing out the instructions for Joe. I suggested we try the family channel and showed her how to press FIND, and then the channel one wanted but we couldn't find what she wanted. I suggested it was probably on video but we didn't have that one handy, so the two women began to leave. I knew they were deposing the old woman. This almost seemed like a strictly structured family and when the younger woman wanted to take the leadership role, the old one had to be put away.

I didn't like knowing this information, but I was caught up in the drama of it non-the-less. what the younger woman didn't know was that the men in the family planned to depose the younger woman too and replace her with ME, because one of the 3 powerful brothers had a crush on me.

The old woman was deposed first in the huge basement of this building. I knew what was going on and had high anxiety over it, but had to do what I had to do and not give away the fact that I 'knew' at the same time. I also felt the need to 'cover up' what was going on at the same time.

I went down into the basement not to find the body of the old woman but to help hid the fact that she was deposed and began turning off lights in the various rooms so on one could see in.

The man who had done the deposing was there as well, and I went around turning off the lights while he went around doing what he had to do to distract others from knowing what he had just done.

The three powerful brothers had each a beautiful wife. The brothers were tall like 6'6" or so, dark haired, and muscular, and the wives were all tall and blonde like Joan Lunden, Princess Diana, and one other I didn't see.

The one who was married to the Joan Lunden type had a crush on me. All of the brothers knew this but the wives didn't.

Now that the old woman was deposed, the Joan Lunden type one had to do all her work and she was trying to get water delivered to her three houses which they owned, one of which was at 1919 W. Marina. I couldn't imagine how she kept three homes clean and running well, but that was her job.

While she was on the phone, I went to deliver the printed out sheets to Joe and was more or less waylayed by one of the three brothers. He had a crush on me and wanted to fool around with me and depose his wife and replace her with me.

At this point, I was naked from the waist up and when I went to the room where the three brothers were, I had to excuse my state of undress as I seemed to surprise them of my presence. They understood then what was going on and helped the brother I was going to be with, but didn't say anything outwardly.

At the same time, I was trying to go home and avoid being a party to this double triad of people in this family, because I knew eventually, as powerful as these men were, I'd eventually have to be deposed as well.

The brother I was with was ushering me through the 1st floor hallway to take me to one of the homes. as we were walking through the hallway, I saw one of the other brothers usher his wife quickly into an elevator to take her upstairs so she wouldn't be aware of what was going on.

We came to another set of elevators on the other side of the hallway where only black people were using it. They had so many people in the elevator, they couldn't get the doors closed. So we helped push them farther onto the elevator so they could get the door closed and go upstairs.

We went farther along the hallway towards the back of the building and came to a place where there was a huge square blonde oak platform built on the floor and there were 12 men sitting on it. They seemed like regular men and their wives sat alongside the platform taking care of the little children. The men were sitting around doing the planning of what they were going to do while the women watched and cared for the children.

The people were all in the way so we couldn't pass through the corridor and the men didn't move to make way for us either, so the brother I was with challenged these men to a fight.

In a booming voice he said to them, "I'll take you all on one by one. The men looked excited to do this, like they expected to win over this tall man who was challenging them.

So, I helped clear the platform of all the men so the battle could begin, then I helped the women and children to leave so they wouldn't have to watch the battle.

I felt at this point like I was actually going to escape my still dreaded fate, but as we went around the corner to the back hallway, one of the women asked me if I would take care of her children. She said, "Nicholas really likes you." I had to say, "Yes!" I didn't feel I could refuse to take care of her little son and his smaller sister, but at the same time, I felt trapped and there was no escaping what was going to happen.

8-21-98 - DREAM - I was with my mother, my daughter and my son Bob. (None were their real age). My mother wanted to visit her sister Ethel and we all went with her. (It seems to me that the other adult people there are all deceased. I don't know who all the children were)

I had let my laundry chore go to go with her, but while we were visiting, we were doing laundry while we were visiting too.

The kids were ice skating, swimming, or hiking while we were there. I was too busy with the laundry to do anything else including visiting.

We were getting ready and I had to find my kids and put away the laundry and toys. These things had to go into special places which were difficult to do, and there as discussion that I should keep some of the dolls which were in boxes.

I then went to find my daughter and found her swimming in the pool. The pool had a colored gravel bottom which was graduated upward towards the other end like a hill you had to climb to get out of the pool. Instead of just yelling at her to get out of the pool, I picked out the deepest spot in the pool and jumped in. (I cannot say that it felt wet) When I looked for my daughter, I couldn't see her in the pool and couldn't figure out how she could have gotten out of the pool unless I closed my eyes and I didn't remember closing my eyes. But, since she was gone, I had to get out of the pool and go find her. I climbed the gravel hill on the other side of the pool which was very difficult because the gravel was loose under my feet.

I then had to climb a very difficult stairway to get back into the house where my mother had been visiting. There were several drawers in the stack before the stairs started. There were foot holds on the tops of the drawers so I climbed the drawers, I think there were 5, then climbed 5 stairs above that. The drawers were painted red.

When I got up there, I discovered that my mother and daughter had already gone outside. I went back down the stairs forward and attempted to go down the drawers forward and it took a lot of arm muscle to do this on hand rails. I finally turned around and climbed down like a ladder.

I then had to find my son who had gone hiking with some other kids. These kids were hiking in groups and each group was dressed in a different type costume. My son was with a group of kids who were all dressed like green cactuses that looked like green cupcakes with feet and head sticking out of the top and bottom.

I called Bob and tod him it was time to go home, but he refused to go. He wanted to stay with his little cactus group. (Others were dressed like flowers)

NOTE; I think this part of the dream is about the economy in the future.

First I told Bob that he would have to find his own way home, then asked him if had bus money. He said, "No!" I insisted on giving him bus money. I reached into my right hand pocket and came up with a handful of metallic pieces but weren't all coins. I planned to give him a dollar in change even though the bus fare was only 50 cents.

A lot of the metal I had in my pocket were various size pieces of gold with engravings on it. These were irregular size pieces of metal and though ewre precious gold, could not be used on the bus which only accepts official US coins. I managed to find 90 cents because one of the gold pieces was an Indian head like on a nickel, but was just the head, and not a real coin.

So, I gave Bob the 90 cents and as I left, I thought to myself, "Now, Bob is grown up."

I went back outside which was now dark outside and was stressed out that I had to get home and get my own laundry done.

To get down from where my son Bob was, I had to go down another strange stairway which I descended in leaps and bounds. There were drawers at the bottom of this stairway too. Because I had more impetus, I got down this stairway much easier.

I didn't see my mother and daughter and began asking where they were and asking the people around if they had seen them because I was to drive them home, but I couldn't find them and woke up.

8-26-98 - DREAM - I went to sleep thinking about my greatest constant fear which is going to places alone.

In the dream, I was in a place that was work/school/apartment building/home which was upstairs on the third floor.

The dream began as I was coming to work in the morning. I saw a man sitting in the lobby, reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. Since I knew everyone who lived in my building, I decided to go closer and see who it was and ask him how he managed to have time to sit and relax in the morning before going to work.

When I went into the room, I saw that he was not the only one, there were about 40 men sitting there, some at a bar getting a drink, but the majority of the men were sitting on rows of stools, 4 rows of 10. I thought it strange that they weren't all facing the same way, nor were they all facing each other ... two rows faced each other ... the third row was back to back with the 2nd row, and then the 4th row faced the 3rd row. All these men were wearing long sleeved blue work shirts and jeans. I thought this was strange and didn't know why they were there. (I managed this building and booking meetings myself is part of the job) I walked between the rows 3 and 4 and held out my hand as I walked along in a friendly gesture and several men held out their hand in return as I walked along and we smiled and touched hands in a friendly greeting. One man from row 2 turned around and told me that his company had an insurance policy for $2,000. Then I understood that all these men were insurance salesmen and they were all sitting around waiting for a meeting to start. I knew then that they were not wearing suits because they were not actually working at the moment and could attend the meeting wearing their own casual clothes.

As I rounded the corner of the last man, I put my hand on his shoulder in a friendly gesture and wondered if he felt an energy exchange or warmth or what he felt from my touching him.

I went into the next room where there was a piano. I saw some music on the stand and decided to play it. Since I was unfamiliar with the piece I Played it slowly and carefully. It started with one note. It was a whole note on the first line which is "E". It was in a space all by itself and I held the note appropriately long before playing the next which was also "E" which I played with my left hand. I played the melody of the song all the way through one fingered alternately with each hand, imagining myself playing all the rest of the notes and hearing the unplayed music in my head. It was really beautiful.

Behind my right shoulder, I caught a glimpse of my old boss Paul who was over our whole department at A-C. I played slowly so I wouldn't make any mistakes and yet thought I should practice this piece so I could play the whole thing for the public.

As I played, I could see into the next room where children were at play with toys. When I finished the piece, I went into the next room to say, "Hello!" to the children. They were all happily playing with toys on the floor except one young girl, a little curly haired blonde who was sitting on a chair on the side and not playing. She appeared to be about 8 years old.

She told me, "Thank you!" for playing the music because I had played her life story, a future prediction for her, and that as I played, she had a vision of a square block in front of her. She seemed quite content with that vision. I told her that a block (which is actually a cube) with 4 equal sides was the sign of balance. I reached out and touched her shoulder in a sign of friendship and told her she was going to have a good life.

I then walked into the next room which was a banquet room and someone had had a party the night before and left all the leftovers out on the table.

At first I only thought of the enormity of the cleanup job ahead of me, but then I knew that if I did it one step at a time, I could get it done. I went into the kitchen and turned on the sink water and squeezed out soap to do the dishes and clean up water. The soap came out of the bottle in a big crystalline glob like a soft gelatin and fell on the counter in a clear, pale yellow mound. I managed to pick up about half of it and put it in the sink water and left the other half on the counter for a second batch of dishes if I needed it.

I turned to go get some dirty dishes and saw that I had filled up a rectangular shaped white bathtub which was in the path between the kitchen and the banquet room.

The water was a beautiful clear blue and I had to walk lengthwise through the hot water in the tub to get back to where the dirty dishes were.

When I got to where the banquet tables were, a whole bunch of female co-workers from A-C were there and they were all helping with the cleanup. They had already moved all the dirty dishes to the kitchen, sorted out all the leftover goodies of candy, cakes, and sundry desserts into rows so they could be snacked on during the day.

I sampled a tiny piece of cinnamon raisin cake even though I knew I was allergic to wheat and risking getting an asthma attack. It was so good, it was worth the risk of getting sick.

I saw two little ceramic Santa Claus candy dishes shaped like little treasure boxes and at that point I realized that this had been an annual Christmas party and that I would take the ceramic Christmas dishes to my apartment upstairs as a reward for cleaning up the mess.

I then saw all the wine bottles had been collected into one area and my old boss Evelyn who I used to type for, had gathered all the tall wine bottles on the floor. I knew I had a liquor cabinet upstairs that those bottles would fit in but it appeared she was grabbing all the wine for herself and I wouldn't get any.

But then I spotted two shorter crystal bottles of white Zinfidel wine which Evelyn hadn't taken. I saw why. One was open with no lid and had had one sip taken out. The one had a glass domed top that looked like you'd have to break the bottle to drink any and run the risk of swallowing glass with the wine. I decided I would take the risk and take these two bottles of wine upstairs so I could have them myself. However, these bottles were so heavy, I decided it was safer to make two trips upstairs rather than risk spilling the wine by being greedy and taking both at once.

I picked up the open bottle to take it upstairs and walked around a corner to go to the elevator. I found myself outside all the way down at the other end of the block and saw ahead of me a garden maze that I would have to walk through to get back to where the elevator was and that I'd have to do this each time I wanted to take another bottle of wine upstairs with me. I was exhausted before I even started because I saw ahead of me that in the maze all the gardens had to be weeded and all the bushes trimmed on the way.

I woke up, already exhausted at the enormity of the job.

8-28-98 - DREAM - I was at work in my Jackson St. building. I had a meeting with the boss on the 3rd floor. He asked me about the work of one of my co-workers. She was supposed to have changed locks on an apartment and hand't done it. I held the two lock slides side by side to compare them. They were supposed to be the same and they weren't. He said he was going to write her up for it.

I kind of felt a sense of, "I'm better than she is" kind of pride about it.

I then went down to the 1st floor where I spotted a huge wad of money laying on top of some coats. I grabbed it. I shoved it under my shirt to hide it. The man who owned the money was right behind me but I didn't want to give it back to him nor could I now admit I had taken it. The money kept trying to slide out from under my shirt and I had trouble hiding it from the other people around me. At one point, it slid out and I looked at it. It now no longer was green but was red-orange and was attached to a long newspaper clipping about bogus money. The man had been planning to take this money to the bank to turn it in as fake. I couldn't even use it if I wanted to.

I then found what looked like garbage in the hall. It was a small box of junk and a pitchfork with 5 tines on it. It belonged to an old woman.

I kind of hid in a closet to go through the stuff. There was an old stained deck of playing cards called, "Granny." It looked like some were missing but they were cute and I thought I could put them in my collection of old playing cards.

There were some useless pieces of used cardboard where she had removed sewing thread and needles in projects she had done over the years. There were a couple more little things I didn't recognize and then there was the pitchfork. It was old and rusted but still usable in my garden.

I no sooner picked up the stuff and I could hear the old woman behind me asking people if they saw her garbage. I didn't want to give it back, and I was feeling really guilty for that, but I still didn't want to give it back because I didn't want to be labeled as a thief.

I ran for the elevator but I didn't want to stand and wait for it and get caught, so when the door opened, I ran inside to hide without looking to see where it went or who was on it.

At the same time, another elevator opened up on the opposite side of the hallway and someone I couldn't see gave me instructions to install a Nintendo set on that elevator with 3 sets of buttons on it. I hollered "Okay!" across the hall just as my own elevator door was closing.

I then looked at my elevator driver. He was a tall black man with shiny skin and devious looking eyes. There was no walls on this elevator, just a floor to stand on and he showed me that you could look down into the darkness of the elevator shaft below. It was scary and I looked at the wall as we were passing a floor. It said 5B and then B.

I knew I was on the wrong elevator but I had to get home with my stolen stuff to hide it.

When I got to my apartment, there were small children and babies there who needed caring for, but I couldn't do it because I had to hide my stolen stuff. I was not only feeling more and more guilty for taking it, but I could hear the old woman coming behind me asking everyone she met if they had seen her stuff.

I hid the pitchfork in the closet behind some stuff, but the handle still showed and I didn't have time to hide the handle behind the coats. There was a young girl there about 12 years old, wearing a long sleeved rose colored sweater. I asked her, "Quick! Do you have a garbage bag?" She helped me pull out my own garbage bag which I grabbed and dragged into the bathroom. I was going to shove the stolen garbage in the bottom of my own garbage bag to cover it with my own garbage and hide it in the bathroom.

I shoved it in the bag, but I couldn't close the door because the baby needed changing and the two toddlers had strewn all kinds of toys around so I couldn't close the door.

So, while I was trying to quickly clean up the children's messes, the old woman was getting closer and closer, still asking people about her stuff.

I was forced to confide in the rose-sweatered girl that I had stolen the stuff hoping she would help me hide it. I begged her to help me.

I was still hanging on her arm, begging for help when the old woman caught up to me.

She began telling us that her garbage had been stolen, then started telling us what she was going to use it for. She was going to balance the pitchfork on top of her toilet tank and cover it with Christmas stickers so nobody would notice that it was a pitchfork but would look like a cradle for the baby Jesus.

I visualized this while she spoke. As she continued talking, I could see into my own garbage bag. There was like a long music roll box with an outline of religious practices and philosophies. I almost pulled it back out of the garbage, thinking I ought to keep it but knowing that there was a new version out that had replaced it and there was no point in saving it and it would be as bad as the old woman trying to cover up the old rusty pitchfork with Christmas stickers.

I started to wake up, still seeing the list of old religious philosophies sliding past my eyes on a computer screen, I tried to make my mind go up to FILE-SAVE on the computer screen and was having difficulty doing this, so then a big bold statement came up: 'THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING!"

9-4-98 - DREAM - I had what seemed like cards, but were more like pull down sheets like toilet paper rolls. Each card had on a symbol or statement about a particular place that was outrageous or startling. I would not be able to say now what they were, but I found it very interesting. I wanted to tell others about it. At the end of the dream, I saw these cards as rectangular leaves on a vine of some kind, lined up on a building in an espalier fashion. The first row in the bottom vent along the building and each succeeding card/leaf was above the other. Some stems went up 7 or 8 cards/leafs, others only went up 3 or 4. I told my children to turn all the leafs with the symbols or statements to face the building so that others might discover them for themselves.

9-9-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house which is not familiar to me. I was visited by a short, dark, plump woman who looked familiar but I didn't know her name. She sat in the corner, half hidden by a long drape hanging from the ceiling. She asked me if I had gotten any e-mails from the REALPEOPLE list. I admitted that I hadn't and she asked if it was okay to forward some and I said, "Yes!"

I wanted to turn on the TV, but it didn't seem that I had one. I almost knocked a lamp over and saw the base of the lamp was badly damaged and that it had been given to me that way and I had to prop it up carefully in order to use it.

I wanted something to eat and all I could find was potato chips. I offered the woman some and she took only one. I said she could take more but she told me that one was sufficient for her.

I heard some paper ripping, and looked up and realized I hadn't fed my birds in 4 days. I remembered going to get the seed and getting sidetracked. So, I headed towards the kitchen to get the seed from under the sink and noticed I had two other birds in the kitchen and that they seemed smaller because they hadn't been fed either.

I then went out into the yard with my friend and the baby so the baby could play. Suddenly I realized there were 30 or 40 children playing in the yard and their parents were all there too. I was shocked to realize this.

A woman came up to me and asked me if her baby could swim in the pool. (It was one of those round kiddy pools) I said, "Yes! But you will have to watch her." So she decided she didn't want the baby to swim in that case.

I needed to go to the bathroom, so went into the house. I headed for the stairs and discovered that part of them were missing and cabinet doors were off the hinges and stuff was laying everywhere.

My baby was happily playing on the stairs. I said, "Where are Michael and Ken?" The baby said, "They are up at Grandpas!" I said, "They are where?" He repeated, "They are up at Grandpas!" and pointed up the stairs. I told him, "Well, you go up there and tell them to come down, because they are going to clean up this mess."

9-11-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge mansion. We were told that when the Old Father died, we were going to get a great inheritance. We were told about the great riches and the wonderful rooms and shown examples of  all this. It seemed that the mansion was like a museum because everything was so valuable. It had a sense of great awe about it. I didn't really care about all the riches and stuff, all I really cared about was getting into the huge library on the 3rd floor that was under lock and key. There were 3 huge doors in a row up there and they were locked. I knew beyond that there was a dark library with thousands of books...not little books like we use, but huge giant tomes two feet tall and 3 inches thick, all bound in leather and gilt in gold on the edges of the pages. I just wanted to get in there, that's all I wanted.  This place was really ominous. We were in awe just to be here. It seemed like it had magical qualities like the singing stones. When you pressed on certain stones, they played glorious music.

In this one huge circular room, these stones were placed which were hollow underneath and when you pressed on them in the right order, the sound boomed out like a grand organ and reverberated around in echoes.

The address of this room was 18031C and we discussed that you had to be in the certain section of that room only. This room was a large circle, and the circle was divided into sections, both in rows and each row in sections. Each section had it's own address, and in this case, this sound could be made only in that one "C" section.  I pressed on the stones in this pattern:


*        *



It is the tones in the movie Encounters of the 3rd kind. (which I've seen 25 or 30 times)

(I can't explain why this alien site has the same floor pattern. This scared me to see it)

At one point, we were going to a park-like area of this property and we had to climb over railings and go through a maze and ended up in an indoor swimming pool. The air was heavy and thick. It was like going into the old-fashioned Natatorium where there was no air conditioning and the air was heavy with humidity and smelled of Chlorine and this place was all white.

My friend and co-worker C.H. was leading us in our little trek. She told us that she felt wonderful in this place that the heaviness of the air made her feel safe and peaceful. I asked her why we couldn't just outside in the fresh air and sunshine where all the other people and animals were.  She said it was too dangerous out there and I saw black people out in that direction. They were all out in the sunshine. It seemed to me that was the better place, but she didn't think so, but I wasn't going to argue with her and tried to feel calm and peaceful in the heavy air inside the white room. We were still following a narrow balcony type path around the area where the pool was supposed to be, but I never did see the water.

I was also in an area where there were some communications being done between computers across wide expanses of areas which seemed both indoors and outdoors at the same time. It was like being outdoors even though we were inside of a huge area where we couldn't see the walls or ceiling but knew they were there. I seemed to be in control of this and everything was fine here.

The last scene was inside a mansion and I seemed to be the manager. We had just been told about all the treasures. It seemed it was time to take our pick of the treasures and I chose a huge yellow bound book which was propped up on a small table flanked by big crystal stones.

I clutched the book to my chest as some maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights. They wanted to know where I was going to put them and I told them we still had 5 empty apartments upstairs or 6 or 7, but 5 for sure. They began carrying the ceiling lamps and other lamps up there to the empty apartments. I quickly looked at the lamps to pick out the one I wanted for my own to put with my treasured book.

I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls.

I was still by the door, sitting on my own stool and feeling a pressure on my stomach. then it seemed like something warm, wet, and then hot was running out my bottom and it wasn't pee.

I started to feel afraid as the feeling got stronger, wet and hot on bottom. I looked down and a trail of blood was running down my legs onto the floor.

I was thinking, "Oh! My God! My period." Here I was with all these boys and my Father.

Then more blood ran down my legs, hot and wet and I thought I was going to bleed to death. My fear was rising and the pressure was getting stronger on my stomach.

Having given birth to six children, I recognized this feeling, I knew my water had broken and I was going to have a baby.

I called out, "Mother!!!! Mother!!!!"  As I did, a stronger gush of water came out of me. This was no normal birth. No human being ever had this much fluid come out of them and live. I wondered why I wasn't passing out. Finally . one huge gush of fluid came out of me and flooded the entire room 4 inches deep. I was shocked. All I could do is scream, MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!"

NOTE:  Strange coincidences occurred after I had this dream. I got out my tape of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind to watch to match the tones. Then I watched the movie STARGATE. The model of the Stargate hanging up on a table as a model had the same pattern as the room I was in that made the stones sing.  I also had a dream in which I was told that the ETs I work with are from Zeta-Orionus.  Also, the beasts of burden from the above dream was very similar to the beast of burden in the STARGATE movie.  (Read RA story from Edgar Cayce)  STARGATE movie said that this other planet was in the K___gian galaxy. (I haven't looked that up)

9-12-98 - DREAM - I was about to have surgery on my throat to have a device inserted in my neck so that it would always be open and speak the truth about UFOs. When I went to the hospital to have the surgery done, I took all my children with me. To demonstrate how easy the surgery way, the doctor and I convinced the children to have the surgery too. The surgeon used an automatic machine which was like a sewing machine or a lazer type which created a pattern across the neck of the person but extended about a foot on each side of the body as well so that the pattern was:
______ ______ ______

At one of these points, the tube was inserted in the neck like it was a tonsillectomy.  The surgeon did all the children so that when it came time to me, I declined the surgery because it was no longer necessary since the children already had the truth.

At the end, I saw a thick book like a telephone directory and there were multiple symbols like "The Earth, the planets," etc. and all the people would have to do is point and click a mouse and the truth would come forth from those who had the surgery.

9-13-98 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. We got some visitors. We all went into the kitchen and were standing around the table when the furnace came on. It sounded very loud and ominous, so everyone decided to leave the house before it exploded. I could not leave the house though because the baby was asleep upstairs. I went upstairs to get the baby and carry him outside. I wanted to go down into the next block to get the furnace repair man, but I knew it would be closed and needed to call ahead.

The baby needed to be fed and I was now in my New Berlin house. I couldn't find a bottle, so I poured some milk into a wine glass. I knew the baby couldn't handle drinking from a wine glass. I finally found a bottle that had some sour milk in it. I dumped it down the sink, rinsed the bottle and then put fresh water into the bottle. I then poured the milk from the wine glass into the water and it all curdled, so I had to dump it all out again. There was a tall black man standing there and I told him the baby needed to be fed from a bottle and he promised to help find the bottle to do that.

9-13-98 - DREAM - The dream started out with a vision of a clock-like symbol which resembled a diamond-like shape with the largest points up and down and to the sides.

These points had feminine names. There were 12 major names. There was a dark man there who said these points were the Zodiac.  They were there to prevent us from making it all the way around the Zodiac.

I woke up and went back into a dream in which I was at home at my 16th St. house. It was going to rain and I rushed outside to  hang up a gauge to measure the rain because the prediction was for 71" of rain.

I hung up the first part of the gauge which was a rectangle-like plaque with a slot in it on which I balanced a small block which looked like a diary to keep records in.  There was a name written on this book. (I can't remember what it was)

A mist began to fall as I rushed back to the house to get the gauge tube and my mother held open the door for me because I had to hurry if I was going to catch all of the rain which I knew was going to get a lot heavier.

Inside the house, the orange-red cat needed to get fed and I hurriedly gave him 2 pounds of hamburger and an egg fell down on the floor between two other things that were there so it could hardly be seen, but the cat could smell it and get to it.

I ran outside into the rain with the measuring tube and when I got back inside, my friend Monica, not seeing the meat on the floor for the cat, had given the cat 10 pounds of raw hamburger inside of a tall brown bag with a note of admonishment to me written on the inside the bag, that I hadn't fed the cat.  I covered the note on the back with some meat because I knew the cat would never get to the meat in the tall brown bag, because he was too busy eating the meat I had put on the floor.

9-16-98 - DREAM - My husband was building an addition onto our lake cottage but all he had done was frame it in and move all the rough lumber and old school parts to the new building and nothing was inside was done, it was just laying around loosely like a storage room. School desks were laying over on their sides and walls weren't finished. I needed to go to the bathroom and there were two of them but one of the toilets was in front of a huge window with no curtains and when you turned the light on, a heater came on with it and leaked water on the floor at the same time.

To get to the other bathroom which my mother had used, you had to brush aside cobwebs and tread carefully over loosely laid grids on the floor between the desks laying on their sides.

The whole place smelled like cats had been using it to go potty in and I was hoping that once it was painted and carpeted it would cover up that smell.

Outside, there were a lot of women with their children. We were all sitting around, talking about how hard it was to raise children and not say the wrong things to them to damage their egos or feelings. We were all rather laying around on cots and I needed to get dressed for work, but there were little girls there with their mothers and it was important that I say the right things to them.

A caterer and milkman had come in to make deliveries. (The caterer had brought meat sandwiches on a platter and were drying up. A girl tasted it and didn't get sick but I thought it best to have fresh meat brought in. A lot of salt was spilled along the edge of the meat platter. I tasted it and it was very bitter.) I turned on the lights so a contract could be signed between us and him because he was bringing in new milk every day and we wanted to make sure we got the right amount.

9-19-98 - DREAM - I was working in a school. There were some papers to be put out formally; instructions for others. I finished them and then they had to have a seal put on them to make them official. I had a choice of putting a plain seal on them or a master seal, so I chose to put a master seal on it.

Joe came along and asked me if I wanted to go to a football game. I said, "Okay!" When we got to the stadium and parked, it turned out we were way at the opposite end of the main entrance. We had to walk a long way to that entrance. I had been there before, as I knew where it was. As we walked along the street, we had to walk through a tunnel-like area. At this point, there was a large size woman with us. Joe was walking faster and faster, but I couldn't keep up with him. The pavement beneath our feet had ended and it was now sand and the sand got harder and harder to walk on as it shifted beneath my feet. I don't know who this other woman was, she was wearing a blue and white suit-dress. Joe was way ahead of her too, but Joe said, "Hurry up!" and she went faster than I did, so I got left farther and farther behind. Finally, Joe was running and the other woman tried desperately to keep up with him. I was already out of breath and I knew where the entrance was, so I just let them go on ahead.

When I got to the game because there was work to be done. The President was there and a woman were knocking themselves out to be with him, but it didn't matter to me, I was with the "future" President and his name was Bob.

There were several things that needed to be done but the "future" President asked me to take a look at an object he had just bought. It was a one-eye miniature telescope. It was red and about 2" long. One could look through it and bring long distance things closer, or slip a piece of film in the front end of it and see hidden things the naked eye wouldn't pick up. The "future President told me to take a look at the film and I thought to myself, "I'm going to get one of these for myself."

All that sand we had walked through had to be cleaned up, so I volunteered to do it. There was a big machine there with a hose attachment. There was a long tube through which water could be supplied to the machine and someone turned it on before I got the tube attached to the machine so that when I frantically got the tube up to where it belonged on the machine it had huge leaks all around it and wouldn't seal. The word went out to turn off the water but meanwhile it was flooding everything.

There was another machine there to clean up the mess, but that didn't get turned on and meanwhile there were a lot of children to take care of, so I did that too.

9-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a big house or building with Joe and another dark haired man and I saw a storm coming out of the West. The cloud was black and building ominously in a strange way. It wasn't growing slowly like a normal storm cloud, but in sudden bursts of blackness in different directions. All of a sudden I saw one burst head down toward the ground and I jumped up and screamed, "Tornado!!!" Joe and the other guy looked at it but didn't agree with me, but I kept up the screaming. "Tornado! Tornado!" I watched the black cloud coming towards us and grabbed all the kids hands and the other women by the hand, and hollering, "Tornado! Get in the basement, get in the basement."

We had to go outside to get to the basement and while I was herding all these women and kids, I could see the sky in the west. From outside, the black cloud didn't look so bad, and there appeared to be a small amount of rain coming down in one spot.

Neither one of the men had come with us but I continued to herd the women and children into a protected area. Before they even got settled, the sky was already blue beneath the cloud. Nobody else looked at the sky to verify what I had said, they just heard my original words and ran for cover like I told them to.

All the women and children were now in the protected area and I was sitting by myself in a sand dune or sandy area alone, watching a blue sky and saying nothing. I didn't tell them that the danger was over, that the storm really wasn't coming. I just sat there feeling stupid and guilty.

Then Joe and the other guy came up behind me and said, "Now what have you done?"

9-23-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building somewhere in Milwaukee. I must have been planning to leave in the future and at the same time taking care of a lot of children who were playing with huge toys. Some of the pieces were almost as large as a wall section.

My boss came in to see what was going on. (A prominent Jewish leader of the community.) I was not in the same room with him, but could see and hear him. All of a sudden I heard some loud commotion going on and when I got to the office area, another man I worked with was standing there in shock. I asked him what happened. He said, "The boss just quit!" The 'F' word was written all over the walls and doors in huge letters. (Inside the dream, I knew there was a higher boss who was off in the distance wearing a black suit, but in reality this boss owned the building so how could he quit what he owned himself?)

After he left, I decided I could do the same thing and get away with it too, so I wrote the 'F' word on the door in big chalk letters too.

Then I knew we had to move fast and began to pack my stuff including pink dresses that were hanging on hangars on the wall. My mother stood there wringing her hands and telling me that I didn't need to take my stuff, but I wanted it.

The kids wanted to take all their toys naturally, but some were so large, I didn't know if we'd find a truck big enough. My little grandson Eric pulled a drawer out of a credenza full of electronic parts and wanted that instead of toys. I asked him where his Dad was and he pointed toward the hallway. Indeed, Bob, his Dad, and Karen, his mother were coming down the hallway together, so it seemed that all the moving problems were solved because he could get a big truck.

The children were trying to help and blocked the hallway with wood framed mirrors that belonged to me, so I had to move them aside to make way for things to move up and down the hallway. I woke up as we were still packing.

9-25-98 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building, but it seemed to be a school as well and I seemed to be acting as a teacher to all ages of people and children.

I can't remember all the details of the dream but these are the highlights.

I was downstairs with the children and their mothers and it seemed that the students were doing well except for one. He was a chubby kid about 8 to 10 years old. He was always acting out and being disruptive and not doing his work in class. His mother was there for a conference and we discussed his non-responsiveness to the assignments. He was acting out as usual and I asked him to come over to where I was and I reached out and gave him a big hug. Then I asked him to sit down and write out a 'life chart' for himself. I asked him to write down what he wanted to be when he grew up as Part I. Part II was what kind of secondary or more education he would need and how much it would cost. And Part III was "What reward do you expect to get from all this education and work?"

I then went out into the hallway where other people were gathered and milling around. One young woman in particular was looking for help with something I can't remember and as I was looking for what she wanted, I came across some old work I had done myself that was on colored sheets of legal size paper. I saw that it was no longer needed and I gathered it together to throw away . I found it laying on a narrow stairway as I going upstairs.

When I was in the hallway, a dark haired woman came along and began to sing the song from Man of La Moncha. Her voice was exquisitely beautiful. I tried singing with her and quickly realized my lack of vocal training. She then asked me to wish her luck because she was on her way to audition for a part in a very prestigious play at the University that I had trained her for. She said, "By the way, this audition you sent me to cost me $80.00".

I felt instantly guilty that it had cost her money, but knew that she had the determination to follow through and I said, "Well, then I wish you luck."

I was making my way through the hallway to my own room and there were 5 tall, hunky guys standing there that just about took my breath away to be near, but I steeled myself and when I went into my room, I closed the door in their face and went into my room alone, so I could do my own work.

As an aftermath, I knew I had to name one computer file copalalcty.htm . I know it has to do with aliens, but haven't figured out exactly what yet.

As I woke up, I heard someone holler the number 804 and I got all excited like it meant something big, but I don't know what. :-)

9-26-98 - DREAM - I was faced again with every moral dilemma I had been through as an adult, either through facing it myself or seeing it occur in my children and trying to help them out.

In the dream I was much younger and my daughter was about 10 years old. My daughter had stolen quite a few colored markers and was about to get caught because the cops from the school were looking for the stolen goods. My first thought was to save her from punishment by taking the colored markers to where I worked where they had other colored markers just like them. But then I thought, "What if they stopped my car and found them, then it would look like I took them myself." Then she showed me that she had taken several silver pens and all those pens had the number 110 on them. I knew I couldn't hide those because the number 110 was so unique to that school. Then, she showed me that she had actually taken the whole tool box not just the small things. I went out to the garage to look if there was a way to hid the theft as the cops had a record of everything that had been stolen and there was no way out of being punished for the crime. She would have to put everything back and pay the price.

While I was outside, I saw many strange things that my husband had done in the yard. There were 3 green cabbages growing in the grass, he had built a concrete car that could go nowhere, and he had built a bathtub in the yard and connected it with hot and cold running water but it couldn't be used because there were too many people around all the time. There were many other thing he had done as well. Even though I didn't feel I could praise his ingenuity, I knew I couldn't criticize what he had don even tough I wouldn't have done the same things because he had his own mind and thought he was doing some good and creative.

My husband's best friend was there and making passes at me. I was greatly attracted to him and my husband hardly noticed I was there. His friends attentions made me feel really good about myself.

I took the car to go on an errand to get something for my children. The way was uphill on a snowy road and there was a lot of traffic. Someone up ahead tried to stop and I put my foot on the brake but the car actually went faster and I bumped into the car ahead of me. Every time I tried to stop and my foot on the brake and slow down, I'd go faster and bump into someone else and cause them to swerve or perform strange maneuvers so they wouldn't bump into other people. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't slow down and was so out of control. I finally looked down at my feet and was shocked to see that I didn't even have my foot on the brake, I had it on the accelerator.

I immediately put my foot on the brake, and practically stood on it so I could get the car under control. The way the brake worked was to send a racheted runner out ahead of the car to slow it down. It was light blue. I stood on the brake so long, the brake ran out of ratchet and completely broke down. (Joe says this is a rack and pinion arrangement)

A repair man came to take my car away from me and my husband and his best friend came to rescue me and take me back home. Back home again, my husband again ignored me and his best friend again made passes at me and asked me to go cross country skiing with him. I tried to ignore him and didn't acknowledge the offer.

Bedtime came and both men went upstairs. I felt I needed to profess my thankfulness for being rescued from my poor driving behavior earlier in the day, so I went into my husband's bedroom. There were two beds in the room. My husband was not on his bed but his best friend was laying on his bed.

Then I saw a long lump wrapped up on the floor between the beds and guess that it was my husband hiding in the blankets to see what I would do to thank his best friend for the rescue. I went over and uncovered my husband and thanked him for rescuing me, and though I felt guilty for it, I did not say "Thank you" to his best friend.

I realized that though I appreciated the attention and admiration from the best friend and could enjoy his presence, I had to be loyal to my husband first of all.

NOTE: The first thing I thought of when I awoke was, "How can I stand in judgment on President Clinton when I've done so much wrong in my own life?"

11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM - I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young...around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?) I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.

11-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office and had a stack of purchase orders in front of me and each one was for PCs and potatoes.

(Logically, I know that you don't buy PC's and potatoes from the same place so I don't understand this.)

I then went out into the hallway to talk to other employees. There were three young black women there who looked unappreciated so I went out of my way to say, "Thank you" to them and asked them if they would like to be treated to an ice cream. They said, "Yes!" so I told my boss I'd be back in half an hour intending to drive to the nearby place where they had ice cream. When I got to the door, there was a stairway that ended in a big drop off and below that hundreds of little children were sitting, waiting for something. I jumped down the drop off which was about 3 feet. I told the girls I would meet them either at door #1 or door #2 (of the same building I had just come out of door #3) I wasn't sure which door the ice cream sales were.

I entered door #2 and there was a long line of people waiting. I wasn't sure what they were buying so I walked up to the counter. There was a separate line for cones or for cups of ice cream. I decided to get cups, then went back to the end of the line. They must have been buying in groups because each time a sale was made, several people in line ahead of me left and I was quickly at the front of the line. I bought 4 ice cream, but have no memory of giving it to anyone.

11-16-98 - DREAM - I was moving from one apartment to another. The new apartment wasn't quite ready and the landlord was still cleaning the refrigerator which was apartment size.

I also was taking a class at nightschool which I had to get to. I was going into other people's apartments and helping out. I'm sure it was Michelle who handed me two babies to hold and take care of while she went to work.There were other children there in her apartment...a boy and a girl in the same room. They were older about the age of her real kids. I helped straighten out their quilts.

Her husband was there but I didn't see him up close. My ex-husband Jim was there. He was walking right behind me.

I told him I was leaving for school. I don't recall going to school but ended up in my new apartment. There was no furniture in it in the beginning because it wasn't quite ready. But some of the furniture was built into the wall. A daybed/couch was on one wall that had compartments built into it which made it very narrow like a one person bed.

While I was standing there, the leasing agent came with my key. It was a single silver key on a necklace thing made of white mother-of-pearl looking discs with a hole atone edge and strung together. It looked like it was maybe on elastic thread to stretch to fit anyone.

The leasing agent was about 7 feet tall, with bright red-orange hair and I thought it was a girl because of the pretty face but he/she talked with a feminine tone and was really a guy. He said that the landlord... pointing over towards two other very tall thin men about 7 feet tall...went feminine two months ago. They were standing pretty far away so I didn't see them real well. It seems that one had a pointy chin, similar to the little girl baby Michelle had handed me to hold for her.

I was walking around in underwear at this point but I saw my daughter and grandchildren coming to visit and quickly stepped into a white skirt that had an elastic top. This had been handed to me by the leasing agent along with the key. (I was wearing high heeled shoes too.) He also handed me a long narrow thin belt from the landlord that had a silver key on the end.

My grandson Brian grabbed it. At that moment, I noticed my own furniture was in the moment I noticed my own furniture was in the apartment. My kids had moved it for me while I was in school I was hollering for Brian to give me the key as I woke up.

This whole thing was feeling languid...almost slow motion and I felt that way when I woke up.

11-27-98 - DREAM - I was with my children and other people. I systematically went through the house and completed all the work that had to be done. I told the children that I had picked up everything off the floor and there was nothing more to be done. So I announced that it was time to start a new project. One of the boys said, "Oh man! I hate Fridays!" (Today is actually Friday)

12-6-98 - DREAM - This is a dream of Dejavu, and has a VISION at the end of it, which explains the whole thing.


12-6-98 - DREAM - I came in on a bus at the bus station. A conclave of world leaders was supposed to happen, and many of them were sitting there in the bus station, but there were several world leaders missing and things and situations started going wrong.

Where I was living and working, a light blue vacuum cleaner didn't work right and was put into storage. People's relationships didn't work out including my own. I finally had to give up and threw the last of my stuff into a big blue suitcase on top of my bed. It was only 1/2 full. This was all I had left after a long marriage and having a 6 bedroom home full of stuff. I was taking my daughter away with me. (In the dream she was between 3 and 6 years old. In real life she is an adult with children of her own) I had her suitcase but there was nothing in it.

I met Joe my old maintenance man from Milwaukee, WI. I bemoaned my fate. He said that none of his relationships had worked out either.

I knew where I had kept some jewels stashed and went to get them from the dark closet where the non-working vacuum cleaner was hidden. I decided to take this vacuum cleaner with me and fix it at some point later. I took the long wand first, and would go back for the canister part on a second trip.

An old friend named Terri saw me take the vacuum cleaner wand and made a comment about the vacuum cleaner. I was determined she wasn't going to stop me from taking it with me. (I have 3 past friends named Terri, two are spiritual teachers, one is from the mundane world. This one was from the mundane world, but felt it represented the female spiritual one because of the blue vacuum cleaner)

(I feel that the vacuum cleaner represents the teachings of the spiritual group which I left in 1985 and the group foundered over bad circumstances about the teacher herself) (I have copies of all the teachings thru 1985 and many times have thought about putting them on-line)

I told my daughter to get ready. We were both going to wear two sweaters at the same time. It was all we had left to keep us warm. (My outer sweater looked like Joseph's coat of many colors)

Joe, the maintenance man asked me where I was going to go. I said, "Maybe I'll go to my mothers", but I knew as soon as I said it that my mother wouldn't take me in. She never approved of anything I ever did in my life and now would be no different.

I went to get my daughter but she had gone up to the 6th floor on an elevator. There was a series of elevators. I had just come down one and we had missed each other. I came to one elevator where an old lady was sitting on the floor, cross legged, facing the back. The elevator was tilted and down about a foot. I knew I wasn't taking that one. The last one I came to had a Master on it. He was 9 feet tall, a huge man. I could hear my daughter crying but I couldn't get to her. The Master said, "She's up on the 6th floor and she thinks she is lost." His elevator went to a different higher floor so I couldn't use his either.

I went past the old lady again. She was still sitting there on the floor of the elevator, cross legged with her head down. I felt pity for her.

I had to go to the bus station then, took my packed suitcase and went to where the busses were coming and going. Someone said to me, "Your ex-husband doesn't have anyone now either, why don't you get back together with him?" I suddenly thought, "Well, if several people live together they can split expenses and the idea didn't sound too bad despite the fact that our marriage hadn't worked out in the past.

I thought I saw him getting on the bus I planned to take, but I was looking to see which man was my husband and none of them looked exactly like him. I passed all the men by because they were the wrong ones. Someone else asked,"Well! Where's your husband?"

I shrugged and said, "I guess he took off on one of those other busses. I don't see him anywhere."

Then a huge 9 foot man got off a bus and I knew he was moving into town. I thought he was a Master like the 9 foot man on the elevator.That was a good sign and he would need a place to live. I decided to stay where I was.

Then, another bus came in with a world leader on it, and all the other world leaders were sitting there waiting for him. I recognized all of them...all current world leaders. I got the sense of tremendous Dejavu ...only now I knew...everyone was in place exactly the way it's supposed to be.

Another man was standing next to the world leaders but facing me. He looked at me like he knew what I was thinking and gave me a KNOWING look...'Everything was in the right place at the right time and everything was going forward as it should... NOW.!

I woke up in a fast fade of the dream. As I lay there trying to remember the names of the world leaders I had seen...there were many of them. A vision popped in of a telegram..


The End!

12-12-98 - DREAM - I was at a big farm house with a bunch of people. I had to keep peeing a lot...every few minutes. I found a physicians book on a shelf. I wanted to look up Diabetes. The book was empty except for recipes pasted in.

One of the kids there brought in a huge book to show me. It was similar in color and was about Christianity. The boy said, "You know what this is about/" I said, "No! What?" He opened it up and inside...written on a line, it said, "Earthchanges!" He was so excited he took it back with him to read.

I then went over to another boy who was laying on an upper bunk bed. There was a square long bar in a track over his head. I was going to move it just a little bit, but it flew half way across the room and hit the opposite wall.

Some other women came in with some tiny green mittens. She was looking for people to knit children's mittens. I apologized and told her I had lost all my phone numbers so hadn't been able to contact anyone to do that, but volunteered to knit mittens for little children who didn't have any.

Then she showed me a heavy man's boot, she said was for college age kids. It was rubber and heavy duty. But there was only one...not a pair and she opened it and where you put your foot in, it was zippered shut with flimsy netting. Even she turned up her nose at it. I had to go pee so bad, that's all I could think of and woke up.

12-13-98 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of an apartment building . when I got there, the old manager, who was a young female with many children, had the place in an uproar. Children and other people were running in and out every door, along with dogs and the place was a mess. She left with her kids, and I cleaned the place up spic n span and it was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

All of a sudden a young female child came running in a door which I hadn't seen before. She was all excited and said there was a man out on the street in trouble.

I went outside to see what was going on, doubly making sure I wasn't locking myself out. The man out on the street was standing by his car, double parked and a cop was writing him a ticket. This was nothing I needed to get involved in.

Just then, a big brown dog (a police type dog) came out of the house. It had been left over from the other women.

I went back to my apartment through that same door and made sure it was locked. I then looked around my apartment and saw that I had racks and racks of clothing all over the place all washed, ironed and hung up neatly. I thought to myself, "I sure don't have to buy anymore clothes." I then went to the telephone and had a discussion with my friend Wendy who was planning to move and she wanted to make sure that Veronica had a good school to go to in Shorewood.

12-14-98 - DREAM - This was basically a cleaning dream. I picked up all the kid's toys from the floor. I was doing the dishes in the bathtub, but the bathtub was in the livingroom.

A friend came to visit and sat in my mother's chair. When she got up and left, the bottom cushion came out and the whole chair collapsed into itself like a portable wheelchair would. I put the black cushion back into the basic green chair, thinking that my mother would think this chair unsafe, but it really wasn't.

The baby boy I care for woke up and went to eat breakfast with the other children. I asked him if he needed his diaper changed and then said, "Of course you do."

Out on the sidewalk I saw my supervisor talking to a girl on the sidewalk...renting an apartment I supposed. The phone rang then which we called "Paul's phone", but it only rang twice and I couldn't get to it because I was reaching for a pen to take notes with. I planned to use that for an excuse if he should question me.

I went back to finish the dishes and was washing a large silver pan which had like chocolate cake dough on it. I noticed the tub was about to run over. I was wearing my Joseph's coat of many colors and plunged my left arm down into the water and released the plunger so the water out.

I recall that my right earring popped out and I bent over and picked up two earring 'backs' but didn't see the earring. I knew I'd find it if I looked for it on the floor.

I continued to pick up things from the floor. The children wanted to play with their toys but I had just picked them up. I put the last of them on top of the buffet in the livingroom. The dust was like in a big ball and that I threw away into an ash tray which I knew I would have to empty later on. The children were left to play with little miniature crystal shoes about an inch long.

I had to go for an interview of some kind for a TV show. Two little girls were also there. The man took them upstairs and it sounded like they were walking on a creaky attic floor over my head. They came back down and were very upset. He had interviewed the two girls like they were enemies and not sisters.

I decided to leave rather than go through that.

1-15-99 -

There was a dog tied to the right side of the horse, also carefully harnessed. The woman was driving the car which seemed to be motorized but the horse and dog were pulling it too. I recalled the cliche, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

DREAM -   The dream started with me in the house with my husband who decided in mid-day that he wanted to make love. He got down on all fours on the floor like a dog, playfully.The timing was all wrong. There were glass doors on our room and the room across the way also had a glass door so my son Tom could see us.

Also, the maintenance man named Jim came and lay on the bed behind me to take a nap. Two other maintenance men were in the kitchen but there was no wall between the head of the bed and the kitchen so they could see in too. I squirmed out of my husband's clutches and went over to my dresser where I was trying to balance many little perfume bottles in a small container without knocking a box of lightbulbs off onto the floor.

I went outside to do an errand which I can't remember. As I was walking down the street, the cart I drew above came by. It had just come down from up north. The woman was driving the horse with reins and a whip. She was dark haired, peasant-like, and two children were in the cart with her. The cart was unique in that it had a triangular cage around the horse that went way out in front of the horse so that it was enclosed in the cage. Alongside the horse, a reddish colored dog was harnessed to its right side. The cage had a top on it like a surrey and there was a big wheel on top of the cage as well, with flags flying. It seemed like they actually lived in this horse drawn cage, but I could hear a motor running so it seemed like the cart was actually motor driven and the horse was just for show.

The cart was very unstable, running down the left side of the road besides. There were many dogs in the street. I saw at least two dead dogs laying in the street with red leashes around their necks like they had run away. Other dogs were sniffing and eating on their bodies.

Three dogs were running alongside me on the left. One was black lab, one red Irish setter, one light tan Collie. all three dogs wanted to be with me. The black labrador was closest and actually wrapped his body around behind my legs and when I put my hand down in front of his face and hollered, "Heel!" He sucked on my little finger. I continued to holler "Heel!" to control the dogs as I crossed the street to go home for lunch.

I only allowed the tan collie to go into the house with me. The other two had to stay outside. I ran up seven steps in the hallway up to the kitchen door. My little daughter was sitting on the floor cutting a picture out of a magazine or book. I said, "Did you start lunch without me?" I picked her up and placed her on a high pedestal type structure. In her hands was the picture. It was a house, shaped with a triangle on the upper left. (There were some marks inside the picture similar to a stock chart like I had seen before I went to sleep) I thought of using the scissors to trim the picture more carefully than she had.

The dream voice message said, "Do you remember Poe and Hague?" Poe appeared as a triangle and Hague appeared as a spoked wheel.

1-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were just starting a new job as manager of a very large building. We lived in the front right corner apartment where everyone came in the front door. There was no door on our apartment.

There was one BIG problem. whenever a woman had a new baby, they put a cot in the corner of our apartment and ALL her relatives came in to visit the new mother and the baby.

Not only did all these people come in unannounced, they moved all our furniture around so they could sit around her bed. This particular women had at least 25 relatives and Joe and I got our own stuff pushed to of the way so they could see the baby.

I thought about asking for a different apartment but this annoyance went with the job so no matter what apartment we would take, the annoyance would go with us.

I got asked by a woman to come down to the basement because they had a new job for me. When I got down there they showed me a complicated machine. The machine made identification badges for everyone to wear. This consisted of placing an aluminum frame around a picture and address card and glue it into a card with a pin to attach to something.

They wanted me to do the gluing job which consisted of an opaque substance called 'crystal' which would turn clear when it dried. I told them didn't know how to do that and they would have to train me. There were 5 women working on this job. They said they would have no problem training me and that I would have to make 10 a day. They showed me how to make one, then asked me to try the glue operation. I used way too much glue at first and they told me that I would have to learn just how much glue to use. I knew immediately I didn't want to do this job. I thanked them for showing me how to do the job and went back upstairs to our apartment. When I got there I sat down at my desk to make a card to insert the address into the identification holder below my picture which had to be hanging above my desk so everyone knew who I was.

I knew I didn't like this whole identification thing either.

I had to go to the bathroom next so I went to the bathroom which was a large public room. Instead of stalls, the toilets were like tall children's potties used for training with a pot placed underneath a tall chair with arms and a hole to sit on. The chairs were very colorful, each one a different color, green, yellow, orange, blue, red, purple, all the secondary colors like in a child's crayon box. There was no black or white. This was so emotionally disturbing to me, I was going to tell Joe we HAD to change jobs and move somewhere else.

NOTE: These colors are the colors of the chakras.


I finished doing a white load of laundry for myself then all that was left was 6 yellow and white pillows and a girl dressed in yellow and white like the pillows.

I was going to have that load watched carefully so it didn't get overly wet nor overly dry. The girl I was going to have to wash separately.

When I was down in the basement, a mother and her two children, a boy and a girl about 4 and 2 years old, came down and went with another woman to go get her laundry. She was going to leave her children with the other woman and they were going to haul her laundry while she went to work. I thought that was a very big responsibility to leave with two little children. The laundry was brought down to the basement and I sorted it out for them. There was no children's or women's clothes, only mens work shirts (red, blue, and green) and mens work pants that were charcoal...greyish black.

Back upstairs when the laundry was done, we had to get dinner on the table. There were several people living here, none that I knew. One chubby woman was waiting for her boyfriend because he had to go out and perform on the piano somewhere.

Meanwhile, she didn't help with the chores, she went and sat outside while her boyfriend slept and I and some kids did all the work.

I was getting a little perturbed at her for doing that. The dinner table was all set and I saw a huge dead mouse laying on the table next to my plate. It was like a cute cartoon mouse. It lay on its side with it's tail curled up in the air like a big question mark ?

I was rather upset and poke it to make sure it was dead. It moved so I wasn't sure. I went to the other side of the room to get something to put it in and when I went back, I freaked out because it was gone. but one young boy told me he had thrown it away for me and I was glad not to have to do it myself.

I had seven colored mostly used up crayons in my hand. I put them on the dinner table so they wouldn't get lost.

There was a tall man there, wearing work clothes. He got on the telephone, was rather whispering on the phone like this conversation was secret and his girlfriend was sitting on the other side of the room and that seemed rude, so I went over to him and playfully stomped on his toes and overheard him talking to his wife, begging her to sign the divorce papers. He kept saying, "When are you going to sign those divorce papers?" I could hear her saying, "I don't know!" I felt sorry for his girlfriend.

I don't recall that we ever ate dinner but the girlfriend was again sitting outside while she waited for her boyfriend to wake up to go out to give his piano performance. It was 9 p.m and he was still sleeping. I was still perturbed at her for not participating in the work, so I picked up the music book and went to the piano with it. I began to play the music myself. It was all chords with whole notes in the beginning. It was simple to play. I knew she would think it was her boyfriend playing and she would get all mad and come running in, thinking it was her boyfriend. And the boyfriend would wake up and be all upset because he'd think someone was taking his place and playing his music.

I woke up playing the music, knowing I wasn't as good as the man, but I was playing it well.

3-14-99 - These are three dreams that go together. I wasn't going to write the 1st one down because it was so gross and upsetting. I deliberately went back to bed to have more dreams so I wouldn't remember the dream and the next two dreams only enhanced the importance of the 1st dream. Going back to sleep did not erase the memory of the 1st dream in the slightest.

DREAM #1 - I was helping out in various department of a hospital. I knew some of the people in this dream 10 years or more ago, but don't see them anymore.

The 1st department I worked in was for the elderly and I was assisting an old woman in her 80's. She had once been a nurse and was preparing for death and I was helping her get ready for bed. She saw the clock on the wall and knew it was the usual time for her to go to work. She was long retired from work, but nothing was going to keep her from it. She begged me not to tell on her and got out of bed and put on a green hospital smock like mine and went down the hall to do her sworn duty.

I then went to help a woman and some kids with their laundry because my own flowered dress was a little damp yet by the shoulders from washing it and it needed further drying. When I got back from doing the laundry, I asked her if she wanted me to fold it. She said, "No!" But her kitchen was a mess so I helped straighten out her kitchen so dinner could be cooked for her kids.

I then went into a surgical unit where women were coming in for abortions. I didn't see any of the women themselves. I was in the room where the aborted babies were laying on a board side by side, some in their amniotic bags, and some much larger and they were all alive. I asked the abortion doctor how he could do this. He said, "Oh! It isn't bad unless they scream."

I had a butcher knife in my hand and filleted the largest babies' thigh like it was a chicken leg. It didn't bleed but looked like raw flesh of a dark chicken leg. I knew the baby was alive and wondered why it didn't scream. It just turned it's head away and looked away from me. I was grossing myself out at this point and that was bad enough but then one of the aborted babies screamed a tiny shrill scream from it's amniotic sack. It was a blood curdling scream. I was so horrified, I couldn't stand it. I was sickened into almost panic and I was disgusted that this baby had no chance to live even though he was born alive.

I took a towel and wrapped up all the babies into a tight package so I could dispose of the bodies. I didn't know where to take them, but carried them with me everywhere I went, looking for a place to put them down. I asked people for rides in their cars, which they didn't know what I was carrying in the towel for which I was feeling guiltier and guiltier.

Finally, a woman came along who was driving people around voluntarily. She had a big old open black car and she said she'd give me a ride because I had no way to go home again.

So, I directed her which way to go, across a huge intersection with traffic going every which way and down a wide street that was steep to a place I saw ahead behind my building that had a big garden with a hot house in the middle. I told her to let me off by the garden which she did and I went inside the little house looking for a trash bucket from the gardener. I couldn't find one, but in the middle was a large old cardboard box which looked like it was about ready to be thrown away. I opened it and it was full of garden refuse, twigs, branches, dead leaves, discarded plants that were dying. So, I took the towel with the babies in it and hid them in with the garden refuse, hoping nobody would discover them before the trash men came to get the box.

NOTE: I woke up sickened and horrified that I had participated in this. Just standing by and doing nothing was just as much participation as doing it myself.

I wasn't going to write this dream down because that babies' scream had so horrified me. I went back to bed to hopefully dream something else and wipe this dream out of my mind.

DREAM #2 - I was with a man who looked like my brother in his younger days. I was shown that this man had been a writer and lived from 1948 to 1998 and could no longer write on his own.

DREAM #3 - I was living in West Allis, WI. The traffic on Greenfield Ave. was blocked just east of 70th St. by a wooden cabinet. One could crawl through it, but it was difficult. Meanwhile the traffic speed limit going east had been raised from 35 miles an hour to 70 miles an hour. People loved the freedom to drive that fast, but when they got to 70th St., they had to detour and go around the blocked street. Nobody took the blockade down, just drove around it, grumbling because their speed was now back down to 35 miles an hour.

I was in charge of the speed limit myself which could be reset like a thermostat on the wall. I turned it up even higher and people gleefully drove eastward even faster. But then, a woman came walking north on 84th St. She had to cross Greenfield Ave. she had three children with her...a boy, a girl, and an infant in a black baby buggy which she was pushing. I knew she'd never be able to cross the street without her kids being killed.

One of my jobs was to make a sign for a restaurant, out on the street announcing the time of the next meal to be served. I didn't have a black marker to write on the sign with. I apologized to the man who was going to have dinner with me. I had to go get my black marker first.

I got back down to 70th St. where the blockade was. I had a treasured scrapbook with me. It was tall and narrow and all the pages were covered with flowers. I saw that some of the pages had come loose and I saw that I could make a new scrapbook with equally beautiful flowers. To do this though, I had to go through the blockade or go around it. I didn't want to crawl and wiggle through the blockade with everyone watching so I decided I'd walk around the blockade through my children's bedroom.

Inside my children's bedroom, the shades were pulled down and it was darker than outside, but I could see well enough to see what was in it. For the headboard of the bed was my grandfather's highboy desk. It wasn't old antique looking anymore. (My brother has this desk now) It looked brand new and highly polished with added fancy decorations on it. I had always wanted to use it to be a writer, and now I could take it for my own and become a writer and make a difference in the world.

End of Dreams

Interpretation by Joe Mason


Here's my comments about your Baby and other dreams of 3-14-99 -

Many dreams seem to show our reality as a hospital, as if it is a dimension for spiritual healing. I believe the dream is speaking to your work in this regard. The age of a person in a dream, I think, can symbolize their spiritual level of development. The old nurse may indicate someone on this level, or she could represent a feminine aspect of yourself.

The clock on the wall that she saw, and the green hospital smock that you both are wearing, may suggest that she has achieved the Heart chakra level, which is a symbolized by a 12-petal lotus or "wheel" divided into 12 parts. The word "chakra" means "wheel." Green, of course, is the color of the Heart chakra.

The "work," involves nursing, which can be helping to spiritually heal others, or helping with the birth process. In dreams, birth can symbolize the birth of ideas. Joseph Campbell wrote that the virgin birth is the birth of the Spiritual Man out of the animal man. This happens, he said, at the level of the heart chakra (see:

The "kids" can represent others who are on a lower consciousness level or chakra level. You are helping other people in this way. Helping with the "laundry" seems to be the "cleaning of the filthy garments" type of symbolism.

I first gathered the idea from the dream Jeff told me back in 1990. He went to an oriental town dressed all in white. He walked through a restaurant, and continued out into the back courtyard. A crowd of oriental people were watching a large woman, who pulled up her shirt to reveal her pregnant tummy. He then went into the bathroom. The toilet was blocked up, and urine was on the floor. He looked down, and saw that his white pants had been stained.

I felt that "oriental" referred to "strangers from the east," who's language we cannot understand, meaning a more enlightened spiritual dimension. The "restaurant," I believe, can represent a public food for thought, that is, ideas and beliefs being developed by many. The "bathroom," or "going to the bathroom," and similar symbols, seems to be a play on the "food for thought" symbolism. These are old ideas and beliefs that have been consumed and digested. All the nutrients have been removed. It is time to discharge them.

Some months after Jeff's dream, I began to read the Bible for the first time, and was startled by Revelation 3:1-5:

(1) ". . . I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. (2) Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God."

(4) "Yet you have still a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy." (5) He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels."

In Zechariah 3, Joshua has filthy garments after being accused by Satan. By the angel's command, he is helped to get clean garments. He is called a "brand plucked from the fire," which seems to indicate a purification process. The verse is quite significant to me, because Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4, are directly related to the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11. They are also called two lampstands and two prophets. They are the two anointed, of the bloodlines, the High Priest (Joshua) and King (Zerubbabel). 3 1/2 indicates the midpoint of the seven chakras, the point between the third and fourth (Heart).

Your own flowered dress may also be a hint of the chakras, because they are symbolized by the lotus flower in the East, and the rose in the west. The idea that the dress is still damp from being washed, may indicate that you have just recently reached a higher chakra level.

Helping in the kitchen so dinner could be cooked for the kids, is like the "restaurant" symbolism, as mentioned above.

Aborting babies can represent "aborting" ideas and beliefs. We use similar metaphors in our speech, for example, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water." My guess is that the babies that "scream," represent ideas and beliefs that should not be thrown away, or that they are difficult ideas to throw away.

Cutting into the baby's thigh may indicate that you are examining a belief more deeply. The lack of blood and look of a chicken-leg may symbolize something you determined about the belief. It may lack blood or life, meaning it will or should "die," that is, that the belief should be dropped or changed. "Chicken" could, for example, represent coward-like beliefs.

Your feeling of being grossed out, could symbolize feelings we have as we examine our beliefs and emotions, and find something we do not like. The baby that screamed and had no chance to live, I would think, represents a cherished belief that has to go. It may be a belief, a way of being, that you feel is part of yourself, something that seems supportive, familiar, and comfortable. Yet, it is not good for your evolution to a higher level of consciousness.

Carrying the babies everywhere indicates that the beliefs are always with you. Asking people for rides in their cars in order to dispose of the babies, seems to indicate seeking other belief systems (vehicles), such as churches or organizations, for help in this spiritual process. The other people do not know what you are carrying, meaning that others do not know what beliefs and emotions are deep inside you.

The woman who gave you a ride in the big old open black car, I think, may represent a spiritual being on a higher level. Black sometimes seems to symbolize "invisible." She drove you "down" a street that was steep, indicating that you joined her on a higher level.

I had several dreams that were similar years ago. In another, I was quickly going down a stairway, then a man walking slowly was blocking my way. I hopped up on the rail, slid around him, and continued quickly on down. This, I believe, is similar to the "return from the mountain top," that is, the dreams seem to show us finding something on a high level, then returning "down" to the worldly level.

You directed the woman "which way to go." This seems to indicate that you are directing your own path in your spiritual journey, and are helped by higher entities or aspects of your self. Crossing the intersection may be an important "crossing point" in your quest.

The garden and gardener may be related to the many symbols of planting and growing. It is said we sow and reap, for example. The twigs, branches, and dead leaves, reminds me of another dream that Jeff told me. He saw his teen age son with a tree growing out of the top of his head. Some of the branches were rotten, so Jeff started to go prune them. But, he hesitated when he realized that, if he pruned too deeply, it would kill the boy. The idea seems to be that the tree represents the belief system. In your dream, you place the babies with the "pruned" parts of the plants. This seems to fit with the idea that the discarded babies represent ideas/beliefs meant to be discarded.

Women were in your first dream, whereas a man was in your second dream. The man who looked like your brother may represent something about your male aspect. This man, or aspect, was a writer that could no longer write on his own. Perhaps this means you are to do the writing for him. It hints at communication from another dimension that is intended to be given to the world through you. 1948 is the year that the nation of Israel was re-established, which is said to fulfill a Biblical prophesy related to the fig tree. Some say that 1998 (3 x 666) was a key year in the earth changes.

Your third dream clearly seems to be related to the chakras. Joseph Campbell, in "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space," wrote about the many forms of the mid-point of the seven chakras. I reviewed them in my article, "Humanity On The Pollen Path." In some cases it is 3 1/2 days, or half of a week. In another, it is 42 months, or 1,260 days, three and a half years on the Hebrew calendar. The 3-14 date of your dreams may be a clue, as 3 x 14 = 42. Another form is 35 years in the life of a man of "three-score years and ten" (i.e., 70). Jesus and the Buddha were about 35 years old

In your dream, the form was 70th Street, and the speeds of 35 and 70 miles an hour. Speed may suggest that the changes can be more or less rapid. Greenfield Avenue may hint at the Heart chakra, as noted above about the first dream.

Greenfield Avenue being blocked by the wooden cabinet may be similar to the idea that the mid-point of the chakras is between the third and fourth, and the diaphragm is a barrier between them. In the ancient Egyptian depiction, this point is marked by the snout of the Swallower beast. If the heart of the deceased person weighs more than the feather (truth and moral order), it signifies that he has not reached the heart chakra level, and must be swallowed by the beast, meaning that he must be reborn on Earth to try again. I believe that this is the same beast mentioned in Revelation 17:11:

"As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition."

Wooden cabinets, or the like, has appeared in other dreams, and Salvador Dali, who painted from dreams, often depicted them -

Cannibalism in Autumn

It is significant that wood comes from trees. Thinking of Jeff's dream about his son, this could be interpreted to signify our belief constructions. One could crawl through the cabinet, but it was difficult. This reminds me of the "eye of the needle" story. Some say this was an actual place, a small opening in a mountain range. In order for a caravan to pass, the camels had to be unloaded. They were directed to couch down low, as the people pushed and pulled them through. The loads were then pushed through, and reloaded upon the camels.

The detour to go around the blocked street seems similar to some other dreams. Sam told me a dream back around 1987, of driving off the main highway with his mother. The road curved around and met the highway again, but the car died just as they were reaching the gate. Same had to push it through.

Joseph Campbell spoke of the Navajo sand painting, called "The Pollen Path." I named my series of article after it. Seven points are shown along a cornstalk inside an enclosure. A bolt of lightning from above strikes the fourth point, which represents the heart chakra. Footprints show the path along the cornstalk. But, there is also a curved path to the side, that joins the first (root) chakra with the fourth.

These things seem to say that their is a direct path, with a difficult passing between the third and fourth chakra, and an alternate path that is easier, but slower.

The "thermostat" - like device used to increase the speed may hint at the "warm/cold" analogy, that is, the relative amount of love. This makes sense, especially on a collective scale, because love "radiates," that is, effects the whole.

The woman on 84th Street may be a "number" clue. Notice that 84 is twice 42. As months on the Hebrew calendar, this is seven years (84 / 12). It is also 2,520 days (84 x 30), which is twice the number of days given in Revelation 11:3 and 12:14. 42 months is given in Revelation 11:2. The Book of Daniel speaks of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a great tree that was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years. Some say these are "Prophetic years" of 360 years each, giving a total of 2,520 years. From the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem, this is said to give the year 1914 as the beginning of the Apocalypse. 2,520 or 252 is part of the ancient "Gematria" system of the ancients. See:

Code Of The Ancients - "THE CODE" Of Carl Munck & Ancient Gematrian Numbers

The number 84 is a key number in our friend, James Furia's "Music Wheel."  The Geomusic Sound Circles by Furia

It is similar to a "clock face," in that it has twelve major marks on the circle, representing 12 octaves. Each octave has seven notes, giving the total of 84 (12 x 7).

The woman with the three children may suggest the Trinity. The basic form, according to Blavatsky, has a male, a female, and an androgen child. Often a Goddess figure is with the three Trinity aspects. There are a number of suggestions in dreams that when the heart chakra level is achieved, one is then part of the Trinity. This may be a union of the Spirit, Soul, and personality.

The difficulty of crossing the street seems similar to the wooden cabinet blockage.

Your plan to make a sign for a restaurant to announce the time of the next meal, seems to represent your involvement with the "public food-for-thought," that you bring from the dream world.

Going back down to 70th Street with the flower-covered scrapbook, again, seems to be about the chakras. The pages came loose and you saw that you could make a new scrapbook with equally beautiful flowers. You then walked around the blockade. Each chakra is symbolized by a flower with a different number of petals. For example, the third chakra lotus has ten petals and the fourth has twelve.

Your walk around the blockade was through your children's bedroom. This seems to me to refer to dreams, as we usually dream in the bedroom. In other words, you are using dreams and dream research as your method of spiritual progress. The children may represent other people, as you also research the dreams of others. Or, they may be aspects of your Self.

The headboard of the bed being your grandfather's desk, which looks brand new, may symbolize dream communication from on high, perhaps from the Creator. You could take the desk, become a writer, and make a difference in the world. This seems to speak to the work you are doing at greatdreams, as you gather dreams from yourself and others and write about them on-line.

I mentioned to you that your first dream reminded me of a dream that I found on-line, "The Pod Baby Dream."



3-25-99 - DREAM - I was on the corner of 16th and Center Sts. There was a lot of work to do out on the streets as well as in the houses. I was doing people's laundry and there was an old man sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. I saw that there were blankets and rugs on the bench and sidewalk and they were dirty, so I excused myself and told the old man that I would wash all these things for him. There was a lot of stuff in the street to pick up and it was difficult to hold it all at once Another woman volunteered to help pick it all up. Both of us were bent over trying to hold it all in our arms. Two men came along and asked what we were doing. I said, "Oh! We're doing the laundry for the Christian children." The man on my side, instead of helping by taking part of the load, gave me more to carry and shoved a Bible in with it. The other man did the same for my female partner. We had a block to walk to the laundry. The street had tilted so instead of a flat sidewalk, we now had an incredibly steep ramp walk to climb. We got to the laundry and I looked over to where the street ended.

There was a wrought iron fence and it was gated so people couldn't come back down unless they knew how to open the gate. I made sure the gate was easy to open and then went to do the laundry.

4-4-99 - DREAM - I was living or working in a huge house. The house was divided into types of people. Children were in one part ... old people were in one part ... and older, chubby girls all with long red hair were in another. I hadn't cleaned the floor in while and the kids had been outside playing in the snow and their wet mittens, boots, scarves, and jackets were laying all over the floor. My husband was sleeping. I picked up all the clothes and boots and put them where they belonged. I went to get the broom and sweep up the dust and found that my husband had woke up and had started sweeping. I grabbed the broom away from him to do my job and said, "I was going to do that!" feeling angry. I remembered going through this with him before and when he had said, "I didn't see you fighting me for the broom," sarcastically. This time I had fought him for the broom.

There was no carpeting on this floor, it was just plain varnished hardwood.

I got into the children's area where they had little pegs on the floor. I thought about sweeping them up but they were making designs on a pegboard with them. I wanted to know where they had gotten all these yellow pegs. They pointed to a blond haired kid and told me they had just pulled on his hair and they became pegs. I tried it for myself and ended up with a thorn in my hand, not a peg. I felt rather grossed out because it reminded me of a dream I had had last year where a man had growths on his face that looked like this.

I thought about the pegboard and decided that I would make a design like the shape of the whitehouse and pretend that people were going inside to dance.

I continued to sweep the floor and went down on the end by the old people. There was a stairway going up on their end with a bright light at the top. I could hear what sounded like bees buzzing up the stairs and knew it was what people called, "The Hundred Voices". It is a spiritual group of 100 spirits who all say the same thing, but each one is just slightly off from each other so that you couldn't understand what they are saying or singing unless you can focus on just one voice. Listening to them makes you feel like you are going crazy, but it is supposed to be a very special blessing if they come to speak or sing to you.

These spirits were coming down the stairs to visit the old people. I didn't want to stay and hear them so I ran back down on my own end and hear them so I ran back down on my own end of the house. I thought about hiding in the bathroom, but I knew they would come and stand outside the bathroom door and speak to me and I'd feel like I was going crazy because I had heard them in my head before when I lived in Wisconsin.

I thought about grabbing all the kids jackets, mittens, and boots and take all the kids outside to play, but it was too late. I could hear them coming down the hall, closer and closer.

Suddenly a whole bunch of young women, all with long red hair came running down the hall. They were all giggling. Some stopped to look in the mirror and fix their makeup. These girls were all chubby and wore silky dresses. They had exquisitely beautiful faces. They all lived on my end of the building.

5-6-99 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I was in a large building and it seemed that every which way I wanted to go, my way was blocked by chains and gates. There was a stairway down and that was so chained and gated nobody could possibly go down it though I thought I saw someone dressed in black walk by down at the bottom.

I came to an area where there was a new born baby laying in a little baby chair. It's right eye was distorted and very small and it sat there all alone. I beamed a big smile at it and it's right eye went back to normal and it suddenly had little wire rimmed glasses on.

There were some women in the hallway beyond, pretty girls all with scowls on their faces and I beamed them a big smile and then they would smile. It seemed like such a chore to be the only one smiling.

In the livingroom where we were expecting guests, I spotted a huge black spiderweb from the wall to the ceiling. I quickly got a broom to get it down. As soon as I did though, I noticed that there were millions of gold stars on the ceiling and just the slightest brush with the broom would knock them off and leave a black streak from the broom so I had to be ever so careful not to knock the stars down.

I saw that there was no clock in the kitchen or the livingroom but there were two upstairs, one in the bedroom which I left there and one in the hallway which was shaped like a teapot with strawberries around the rim. So I took the one from the hallway to put it in the kitchen.

Someone said, "You can't take that clock! It belongs to Mary." I said, "Mary can get another clock."

(I woke up here, Joe kissed me goodbye and left for work and I went right back to sleep. It seems that the dream continued. )

I was sitting on a chair and looked at my legs. It seems they were extra long and thin compared to reality. I began to see red veins very prominently on the skin and the more I looked closer some of the veins were dark blue and instead of veins they looked like racing stripes on a car and I realized that every time I did something that caused me to strain my muscles beyond their limits I got another stripe like a badge of honor.

I went outside then and a small midget appeared. He was normally shaped, just very small...about 24 inches. He said he had come to hook up the telephone wires.

I thought we were already hooked up but I took him into a work area where the wires were. I noted he had no tools belt like regular telephone guys, but amusingly thought that if he carried the tools real telephone guys did, he wouldn't be able to move.

In the work room there was a man standing, facing the place where the wires were hooked. He was wearing a green work uniform.

Between the two of us, we lifted the little guy up to the wires and he hooked them up. He then had to date and time stamp his work order. Actually the man in green did it, he said, "Here! Let me time stamp it for you!" and he did. I looked at it and it was facing the other way. I could see it was 3 something. I started turning it around. I thought it said 3:33, but when it came full around, it said 3:30.

The dream continued but Michelle appeared and it seems I was telling her the previous dream. One of my children brought in a bowl of something to eat. It looked like multicolored Jello flowers and I didn't want to taste it but it was actually good and tasted like jello.

My son Bill wanted breakfast and was going to pour his own milk but the cereal box was in the way so I had to help him. I saw a piece of toilet tissue on my pants leg and when I picked it off, it was made of soft gauze. I turned it over and there were 3 pictures on it, a dove, a heart and a hand.

(I got the impression that the kidney stone I passed yesterday was to help someone else ... maybe Stan Deyo who is suffering with one right now) (That's just a guess)

I then looked where the gates and chains had been previously ad they were just strands of flowers.

Michelle said, "All those chains were of your own making!"

and I woke up.

5-14-99 - VISION - I had seen the words '12 glasses of water". I was thinking about that and what it meant and I began to see outlines of boxes. They were lined up to the left of a white water bubbler in a park and lined up on the right side of the bubbler was 12 children wrapped in colorful beach towels waiting to get a drink.


5-14-99 - VISION - I saw 6 children climbing up the back of the head of a huge black bear.

NOTE: This was about the Bear stock market which occurred for the following 6 weeks.

5-24-99 - DREAM - I was with a young dark haired man. It was kind of like spring outside where you could see the lawn but there were snowbanks along the roads where the plows had come through.

We were walking quickly along and he showed me that if you took shortcuts to where we were going there were deep holes you could fall into. You didn't die from falling in, but it took you extra time to get back out of the hole before you could continue on your way.

He said, "That is the "Bob University!"

We went into a house then. It almost seemed like home, but it wasn't. There were young children asleep in this house and I had to be ever alert because if they woke up and they were by themselves when they got up, there were huge holes in the floor just inside the doorway of the father's bedroom and the mother's bedroom.

I mean HUGE GAPING HOLES that went down into darkness. I thought about closing the doors so you couldn't fall in when you walked by to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, but then if someone came along and opened the door, the holes were right there and unexpected and one would take one step and fall right in, so I thought better of that and left the doors open.

I said to myself, "I sure wouldn't live in a house like this!" Yet, here I was, making sure nobody fell in the holes.

The young man appeared again and someone else who seemed really huge and was so close to me I couldn't see who it was.

I was impressed with the idea when one person does this to someone else, they in turn do it to someone else, who in turn does it to someone else, who in turn does it to the next generation. I was told, "This is the Matrix!"

I woke up and instantly forgot the dream. A voice came into my head and said, "This is an exercise and I saw the dream typed out and then remembered words came into the picture and inserted themselves in front of the dream which were clear to read and I thought they were perhaps keywords to the dream, but then decided they weren't though they were good and spiritual words and I had to fight to remember the dream.

6-7-99 - DREAM - I got a new job to work in a special office where I had to type a payroll check for my son Tom who had a job as a spy in the same company I worked for. He worked in the underground garage. I worked on the 4th floor.

To type this check, I had to attach a special board to my typewriter which then the check and three duplicate copies had to be inserted and lined up perfectly before you could type. I had two days to type one good check. The first check I didn't get lined up right and when I typed the numbers they weren't aligned so the check had to be redone.

The second time I got it lined up right, but had been concentrating so hard, I typed my own name on it, so I had to destroy that one too.

By this time, it was noon and I had to show one of our new employees where the lunchroom was on the 5th floor, so I had to take the contraption apart and set it against the wall while I was gone.

I then took the girl up to the 5th floor. The lunchroom was packed with people of all ages. The first section, as I pointed out to the girl, was like a cafeteria, but it was dimly lit and you had to eat whatever they provided for the day. You didn't get to make any choices.

The second section which was more brightly lit was like a grocery store and dairy products were mainly featured and they carried a lot of milk. The only problem with getting food in the second section was that you had to cook it yourself.

The third section was very brightly lit, but so crowded, unless you were the first one there, it was hard to find a seat. The seats were also very, very narrow so you couldn't be overly fat or you'd never fit in a seat. (I don't think it means fat, probably that you couldn't be overly inflated with ego. :-) )

The seats were filling up fast, so I asked a little girl if she would sit on my lap so I could sit down. Her mother was there also and the little girl agreed, so I picked her up and sat her on my lap.

The little girl was beautiful. The little girl had a cookie to eat and I helped to feed her a little piece. She was choking on it, so I stuck my fingers in her mouth and found a long gooey fatty piece of bacon stuck to the roof of her mouth. I pulled it out and showed it to the mother. The mother was aghast and apologized profusely to the little girl for feeding her fatty bacon. The little girl then sang a cute little song about cookies from God while she ate.

I told the mother that anytime she wanted a babysitter, I was it! She smiled broadly and left.

At the same time, a whole bunch of little children had gathered to eat cookies at a big blue round table that was children's height, so I taught them the 'cookies from God' song while they ate. They loved it.

I still had to type Tom's payroll check so when I went downstairs there was all kinds of problems with the office and getting things to work right. It was extremely cold in the office and this check attachment had a heater on it which was gasoline fired. It was dangerous to use unless you knew how to run it. Meanwhile the air-conditioning system was noisy and annoying. (I think Joe was probably snoring and getting into my dream causing this scene)

All of a sudden Tom showed up to get his check. He arrived in a very small car. He parked it by the curb outside and expected to be handed his check without getting out of his car. His boss, who looked like a bus driver supervisor, parked in another car, just a little larger, but still very small right next to him, ...double parked.

I was introduced to the supervisor whom I think was named Paul, but I'm not positive at that memory of the name. He said that it was really great that we provided curb service so Tom could pick up his check, but I had to apologize because the check wasn't ready.

So Tom and Paul got out of their cars and came upstairs to the fourth floor. When Tom came upstairs, he met a spy buddy named Ben (From One Life to Live TV show) and they spotted a third guy they suspected might be working for the enemy as well...a double spy (counterspy).

I had to show the guys how to get to the lunchroom. The elevator was the office supplies closet in a small office. It only went from the 4th floor to the 5th floor. The spys were carrying some kind of electronic gadget for their work, so I had to get on the elevator first which diffused the gadget somehow and they came into the closet/elevator after me. There were other people in the elevator as well. A sweet old lady with white hair said she made this trip twice a day. There were chairs in this closet/elevator for the old people, but Tom, Ben, the third guy, Paul, and I stood for the ride. It was only one floor and we felt the speed of ascent as the whole office supply closet/elevator rose to the 5th floor without knocking any of the stacked little boxes of clips down. If you didn't feel the speed, one would never know you had ascended from the 4th to the 5th level.

We got out of the elevator and I showed the men the cafeteria, store, and the lunchroom. They were impressed. Lunchtime being over, the cleanup crew was working and the pizza delivery guy couldn't get his pricing gadget to disengage from his delivery tray. I offered to get Tom to help and took it from the guy and promptly began eating little scraps of ham and pepperoni, etc. from the gadget tray, then handed it to Tom to fix.

There were three nurses dressed in white up here too. Each one had a silver tray with first aid equipment on it and whatever they needed for emergencies.

I still had to type Tom's check so I took him back downstairs to where my office was.

We were still in the hallway and I was trying to show Tom where the check writing gadget was. I could see it through a narrow window to where it was, but Tom couldn't see it at the same time because there was a thick red brick wall there. I had to move over so he could se it. Only one at a time could see it because the window was so narrow.

By this time, it was late and Tom had to get back to work and I had left the blank checks on my desk and didn't want my boss to know I was so careless, so we rushed in and I wrote the check by hand for $2,975.00 and Tom took it and went back to work. That gave me the next span of time to figure out how to get that check writing machine to work properly.

6-20-99 - DREAM - I was at a school and went inside. One wall of the elevator had a huge mural of red and yellow flowers. A black man and a white woman got on the elevator with me. There were two locks on this elevator because there were two doors, one on each side. All three of us had a large set of keys which all fit this elevator. However, the black man had a large knife with a longer silver blade and a long red glossy handle. I didn't want the other woman to get hurt so I told her to take her keys out of the other lock and hand them to me, so she did as I instructed. I told her to leave the elevator so she did.

That left me alone with the black man. I showed the black man that I also had a knife. Even though mine was a little smaller, he was afraid of it and began to leave the elevator. I got off the elevator with him. He had his knife in his left hand. His hand was right by my right thigh and he could have easily stabbed me with it. Instead, he dropped the knife and ran off. I ran over, picked up the knife. So, now I had all three rings of keys and both knives, one in each hand.

I went back to the school where a man needed to move some boxes from one place to another. The boxes were stacked to the ceiling in three stacks. They were about three feet wide and about 4 inches high and 4 inches deep.

One man had a dolly he could have moved a whole stack at once but instead he was instructing some kids to move them one at a time. Someone said, "This is just child's work". He got all mad that children were actually doing the work better than he was, and he finally finished the job himself.

At this point, I saw a vision of a big white screen with some numbers on it and was told to play 11 and 7 and 26. I went into the classroom where some men were learning to play baseball, but weren't doing so well. I knew Joe knew how to play baseball and could show them how to swing the bat to get home runs, so I sent Joe in to demonstrate.

I followed Joe into the classroom, hollering, "Hey ! Batter!" cheering him on.

I saw that there were three pieces of carpet on the floor where the batter was supposed to stand, but they were way too close to the wall to get a good swing, so I moved the carpet pieces so the batter could get a good clean swing and allowed Joe to show everyone how to play baseball.

7-15-00 - DREAM - I was at a party for a variety of children. They were playing with trains on the floor. I thought I heard a real train coming and sure enough there were real tracks coming through a portion of this building. However, there was a young teenage boy pulling boards out that held the tracks out. I stopped him and put the boards back, and took a loose stick and poked it at the boy until he backed away from the track. He kept saying, "I hate people, I hate people, I hate people."

I kind of led him towards the other children who were playing with a huge set of toy trains on the floor that were in a maze shape. The treat train track was now connected to the toy train set.

NOTE: On 7-31-99 - A man in Atlanta, Ga killed his wife and children, the went to a daytrading office and killed 12 people. He had kept saying that he hated people.

(continuing the dream:)  I then left there and was driving a grey car. There was an obstacle in the road so I drove the car up on the side of the street over a cobblestone area. There I saw a car coming from the other way with the same idea. I slammed on the brakes and stopped short of hitting the car. The cars came to a stop ... not touching but then like a gently kissed sides in a gentle touch.

I left there, now on a large tricycle and was going through a narrow passageway. There was an even narrower like a gateway that I knew the handlebars wouldn't fit through. I planned to turn the handlebars sideways to get through. There was a woman standing there to help me. There were a lot of women ahead and sitting way at the end was a woman dressed in a long black gown and looking very unhappy.

7-20-99 - DREAM - I was in the lobby of a theatre with some children, waiting for a movie to start. I gave the kids ice cream, all except one who was busy doing something else. She was a little dark haired girl.

A large man and his daughter came in also. She sat to my right on a stool and the father sat on a hassock in the middle of the hallway. The girl introduced herself and said her name was Costalones or something like that. I told her my name was Dee.

I turned away to check my kids and turned back and a larger girl came and sat on the same stool to my right. She was a large Spanish girl with long dark curly hair. She introduced herself as Costalones again ... I think ... (although the name Carlos Ortiz jumped into my head when I thought of it just now. I know that is a man. )

Pastor Carlos Ortiz     Carlos Ortiz - Artist

Again. ... I said, "My name is Dee ... but it's actually Dolores."

We were sitting there and I saw strands of hair floating in the air. At first I thought it was mine, but then there were so many strands of hair and dust blowing in the air, I knew they couldn't all be mine.

The girl came over with a small booklet that was about 4" x 4" and only a couple pages thick. She asked me if I would read it to her. It was kind of like a child's alphabet/animal book.

The words I pointed out was 'BE'. I told her that meant that she would always 'be' and the other word 'BEE' had a little picture of a black and yellow cartoon bee.

The other tiny dark haired girl came back then and I asked her if she had eaten her ice cream yet. She said, "No!" She was the only one who hadn't eaten any yet, so I put her in the corner to eat it so others wouldn't be envious. Before I handed it to her, I ran my fingers through the excess on the outside and licked my fingers. It was chocolate mocha (Yum!) I told her, You have only 24 hours to eat this."

7-17-99 - This is a dream I had just prior to waking up and before the TV was turned on.

This first one almost doesn't seem connected, but the guy looked somewhat like JFK, Jr. I think the 4 friends were probably his 4 uncles.

7-17-99 - DREAM - I went to hear a lecture at a library. I was so tired, I had my head down on my arm on the table. I was at the far end and wasn't bothering anyone. Then they introduced the speaker and he jumped up from his chair. To my shock, he had been sitting behind me where I had my head down. I was embarrassed to have been rude. The speaker went up to the podium and started his speech. Meanwhile, I put my head back down on my arm again because I was so tired. Suddenly, the speaker stopped talking, jumped up on the table, and scooted over and lay down on the table so his head was about a foot in front of mine. I felt so embarrassed. He looked me right in the eyes. He said, "The heck with the lecture, I'm throwing caution to the wind. I've never felt this intensely in love before." He lay there, staring into my eyes just experiencing his emotions which were so intense, even I could feel how he felt. He just lay there looking and me and the lecture was over. I looked at his hair and it was curly, but fuzzy on the ends. I could tell that his hair had been dyed, it was really white. His four friends came along and he asked me to meet them.

These 4 guys also had this weird fuzzy dyed hair to cover the white. I couldn't figure out why this guy would love me so intensely when he just met me and I was wearing Joe's ring and that didn't seem to make any difference to him. He just continued to act like a loony tunes love struck guy.

Dream 2: I was in a large house busy with my new baby son. He had just woken up and needed to be changed and fed. He was growing really fast. My friend Nancy (deceased) wanted to help take care of him so I let her do that while I kept busy cleaning the house. Suddenly I heard my son squeal from outside. I looked outside and some neighbors were picking on him. There was a father and his four sons. They were riding in a motorized cart all together. I ran outside to confront them. They boys were all curly haired like their father, bushes of fuzzy hair. I asked them why they were picking on my son. The father said, "We were just trying to get acquainted." I remembered his own kids making squealing noises when they were little too when they were picked on, so I understood that. Then I looked at my son and his whole backside was covered with red jelly, so I hosed him off and carried him slowly back up the stairs into the house. He was so intelligent and was already talking even though he was so little. As I carried him up the stairs, he was identifying the sounds we were hearing from outside on the street. I made note that I too could identify what a truck, a railroad train, a car, etc. and their various sounds were just from hearing them, and without seeing them. At his tender age, he could do the same. He was developing very fast.

Dream 3: - I was in the bedroom with Joe. He looked normal except his arms were really tan but thin like a cadaver. I sat next to him and I was my fat self. I said, "We look like "Jack Spratt could eat no fat, and she could eat no lean". Nah! That can't be right!" Joe left the room with his arms straight up in the air. I followed him out into the other room. He now had a beard but still had those long cadaverous thin, tanned arms. He was now sitting on a stool with his 4 sons sitting on stools next to him. (My Joe only has two sons) Joe was being interviewed by a radio guy with a microphone who also sat on a stool in front of them. Joe was telling the man how important it was to have your family with you.

NOTE: After I woke up, I wrote down the dreams, then went to the livingroom and turned on the TV. They were just announcing that JFK. Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law were missing and that they were suspecting that his plane may have crashed intothe ocean.

NOTE: These four sons didn't look like my Joes sons either. They were all curly haired guys. I told my Joe about these dreams, and we remembered that the elder Joe Kennedy had 4 sons, Joe, Jack, Bobby, and Ted. Since Ted is alive, the other one could have been John, Jr. Just speculating , but it makes sense.

Now here is a vision from yesterday. This occurred after they announced that the bodies would be cremated and buried at sea. I lay down to meditate and this is what I saw:

A male voice asked me, "Do you know who you are?" I answered, "A spirit in a flesh body!" He said, "Ah! But do you know your name?" I said, "No!" Then I saw the man. He was standing on the bottom of the ocean. He was standing near some rocks which were covered over with a white sheet. The man had royal robes on. He was an older man, with dark curly hair. He said, "Ah hah! You have found me! I am King of the Sea!" The sheet that covered the rocks was removed revealing a large white seashell standing on end. The man pulled the seashell over like he was opening a container and when the seashell was laid down, a huge round coin-like shape appeared with the profile face of J.F.K., Jr. (This was silver-grey).

End of dreams and visions.

NOTE: I know I was shocked when I turned on the TV after I woke up and found out the JFK, Jr. was missing. I've been walking around in a fog ever since. It was such a shock to me. Though I know all about life after death, and karma, and all that, I still grieve for the love he had with his new bride and the children he never had and all that he would have done for our country as he grew older. Maybe that is a selfish thought, but even though I never knew him personally, it really hit me hard that he left so young. I just don't want to believe that it was their time to leave us.

7-22-99 - DREAM NIGHTMARE! Archie Bunker and Edith Bunker were my parents in this dream. We lived in an apartment building on the 2nd floor of a big city.

Edith Bunker, my Mother wanted to know if I wanted to read a particular book. I said, "Okay!" I looked at it and in the story, the woman had been stabbed, mutilated, and shot, and tortured numerous times. After I read the story, I realized it was my Mother Edith Bunker who had gone through this torture.

There were other books in the series. I saw one cover where a black man had something to do with her and I also saw her dressed up as a man and it didn't look like she was having any fun.

She told me these books had to go back to the library. I said I would do this for her. The books were in a child's wicker baby carriage.

I was going to wheel the baby carriage down the stairs to the street door, but I knew I couldn't do that without any noise and Archie Bunker, my Daddy, had a little white yippy dog trained to bark whenever I moved so that option was out.

So, I chose another door which went out int he second floor hallway. I slipped out quietly and managed to get all the way down to the other end of the hall without being detected.

I went out that door into the stairway hallway on that end of the building and there I met my three sons, Michael, Ken, and Bill. They were sitting around talking with their friends.One of them had some red wax moustache lips like we used to be able to get for a penny at the penny candy counter as children. He told me they didn't have them any more.

The boys saw the books and asked if they could read them. I said, "yes!" But they had to go back to the library."

At that point I realized I didn't have my car keys and would have to sneak back into the apartment to get them. I left the children's baby buggy with the boys and headed back down the hall to the apartment, scared half out of my wits. This time the dog spotted me and started jumping up and down at the door and Archie Bunker came flying out the door to get me.

I don't' know what evil thing he had in his left hand, but in his right hand he had 3 empty milk bottles chained together and he was going to whip me with them.

I turned to run and saw 3 girlfriends of mine coming down the hall towards me.

I started screaming at the top of my lungs. "Daddy! Look what my friends have. Daddy! Look what my friends have."

The girls had some strange toys in their hands and as they described them to Archie, I could see bright red words in the air which described them. One said, "This eats horses!" and I knew it was a bedroom toy because I had a vision of a woman standing on a bed with a man at her feet.

I used their distraction of Archie to escape and ran out the door to freedom.

NOTE: As I wrote the above dream, I felt that what I dreamed was actually happening somewhere.

As I lay in bed in the dark, the name Don Pedro came into my mind. (That is an area of California.) I was also hearing a man talking like a radio new announcer and he said, "The event scheduled for Tuesday night isn't going to happen."

NOTE: A man killed a woman at Yosemite Park then confessed to killing 3 women there back in February as well.

7-29-99 - DREAM - This dream is impossible to explain in it's entirety. It started 7 different times with 7 different children. Each child had some kind of problem which I needed to solve, then realized that I couldn't solve all their problems. I had a husband who was given a whole armful of deserts like ice cream and milk and we were going to celebrate, but even then there were problems to overcome first and I ended up giving away all of it on the way to or from our apartment. I went through some other people's apartments and there were an odd assortment of seeming bizarre goings on with preparations for Y2K or survival stuff/food.

In one case, I took in a woman and her kids and put them in a spare bedroom which I discovered had been remodeled into a one room complete unit with its own kitchen and bath. That woman was way ahead of me and prepared the room for living without being asked, including putting sheets and blankets on the beds which was just bare mattresses to start with. I was really pleased. The last scene, three young black men were trying to get my attention and when one would try to get me alone, the other two would grab me and hurry me away so I wouldn't be taken advantage of. I have no clue how this dream ended.

9-2-99 - DREAM - Some of this dream was in French which I do not speak, read, or understand. The dream ended in a kids casino or gambling hall, but there were many adults there, helping and observing. It had a slot machine to put coins in. I was with some children and one child dumped all his pennies into my purse so that they were mixed with my own money. This was against my wishes but it happened too fast to stop it. I intended to play the quarter slot, but ended up with a dime in my fingers, so decided to play that as long as that's what I had in my hand. I was just reaching out to put the dime in the slot when a young boy put one in before me.

So, when the machine started to rumble, I don't know if it was his dime or my dime that caused the avalanche of toys and party favors to start coming down the prize chute. I had wondered how the casino could stay in business because kids hate to lose. When someone won, everyone won and there were enough toys and party favors coming down the chute to supply every child in the city for 10 years.

Many of the adults watching were celebrities and sat on a line overlooking the casino through windows.

We were knee deep in toys and party favors but it was time for lunch and to be fed we had to go up a spiraling stairway.

One of the French words, I believe was 'guaine." there was a metal tray on each step, first a large rectangle tray and then a triangle tray which went on top of the rectangle tray. So each person picked up two trays on their way up the stairs. the knives and forks were lined up on each stair as well.

I woke up as I climbed the stairs so I don't know what kind of food was served.

10-17-99 (I can in no way do this dream justice, since it happened twice within the dream, then the 'actors' appeared a third and fourth time and there were conversations in all parts, but here goes)

I was working in a large office and my boss was bringing in a couple from Russia and he asked me to play the part of a sophisticated woman and help make a delivery of some important papers so that the woman wouldn't be frightened off by a big scary American man.

They dressed me up in a long beautiful yellow satin gown with a long satin cape over it and brought in a hair dresser who cut my long hair and combed what was left into a pouffy upsweep using all kinds of wonderful hair-care products and sprays, and then pinned it all together in the back with little short pins somewhat like staples because they were square but a lot like the old fashioned hairpins.

There were some other people in the office when I came back out looking like a queen. There were some dark moustached men, a tall blonde guy who looked much like Sam Rappaport, the attorney from the TV show 'One Life to Live', and some other women.

Then the Russian couple came in. The man was rather short, about 5'5" tall and his wife was rather portly/stout about the same, maybe an inch taller because of her shoes. They were both dressed rather plain looking with peasant-like clothes, her in a plain flowered cotton dress, and him in just regular men's casual clothes, like gabardine pants and a plain brown shirt.

They brought with them a large medium green envelope which had another smaller envelope inside which was also green of the same shade which had writing on it, and in that envelope had another smaller white envelope with something secret inside.

It was my job to get these people from the office which was around 50th St. to somewhere on the East side without them getting scared off, and then come back to the office.

These people spoke some English so there was no language problem. Before we could go though, I had to go to the bathroom. Several other women had to go to the bathroom also before me and one toilet had a lid and one didn't. The one that didn't also didn't flush, it just sat there with a little clear water in the bottom, so there was no way I could use that.

I also didn't want to get my gown dirty so I took off the gown, and went into the dressing room part and looked into the mirror. Here, I saw that my hair was getting messed up and I took it upon myself to take the pins out of my hair, recomb and spray my hair, but it came out nowhere near as nice as the first time, but it was adequate. This all happened in real time, all the combing and spraying was normal except that the spray was foamy.

Then I had to have help getting back into my gown and I needed someone to zipper the dress up and everyone else was busy with their own problems. I managed to get back to the office and now the envelopes had changed, and instead of carrying just paper, one of the envelopes was much larger and contained a small typewriter.

The Russian woman who was originally in the room, was replaced by another woman who was an actress. She was much younger and cuter and played her part well. I knew she was an actress, but she remained in the Russian character with the Russian man.

I suddenly had a vision of myself holding a small brown platform block, the size of a domino, but brown. On top of this platform, all the pins I had taken out of my hair were standing on top on their legs. They were square on top and began to do a slow dance with each other, changing positions and the legs changing like people with knees would move their legs up and down while dancing. This was all in slow motion.

When the vision was over, it went into the next part of the dream.

Instead of leaving right away, we went into another room where music was playing and the men decided they wanted to dance and have a drink and relax a bit before they continued their duties.

I ended up dancing with several men briefly and was introduced to one man who looked much like Ross Perot and he came out of character long enough to acknowledge that he was really an Englishman and he had long admired me. We hugged and then another man in a grey suit asked me to dance.

I was not wearing shoes at this point, just my yellow gown with panty hose and the way he held me I barely had my feet on the floor and he never once stepped on my toes, the rhythm and the dance was so perfect he didn't want to stop. He kissed me in such a way that my heads was somewhat twisted to the right. Our mouths remained together during the entire dance. The music went on and on and other people were commenting about the dancing and when the music was about to end, someone made a comment about me being the perfect 120 pound woman. (Little did they know I weighed twice that) But I was an actress in this part and I did the part well obviously.

The dance ended and it was time to make the delivery of the package. I was told that if we went downstairs, a limousine would drive us to the destination. However, before we went, I had to check to make sure the laundry or something was okay in the basement area, and I went down there. The door opened at the bottom of the steps, and inside was the original Russian woman, all her children and their toys scattered all over the floor. I had to make sure she took care of all that before I could make the delivery and this took some time.

I went back upstairs and the play-acting Russian woman was there and she started to come out of character and be herself. She had a bad cold and started sniffing and coughing. My dress had become unzipped and I needed someone to zip it up. I couldn't even reach the bottom hem to get it started.

We got out to the street, and were going to cross the street to another building to where the limousine was, but it started to downpour with huge drops. I could see the building on the other side, which was on the corner, had an arched alcove where we could run under. The woman who was going to drive the limousine was encouraging us to cross the street in the rain and run for it.

However, besides that I wanted to drive myself and the other three women who were going with me, and my car was parked in the garage over on 57th street and we would have to walk there. That was about 7 blocks away. Either way we would get wet and my dress wasn't zippered and I was trying to keep it wrapped around my legs, and I had about 5 bottles of these wonderful hair-care products I was no way leaving behind.

At the last second, I saw the tall, blonde Sam Rappaport character, standing in a slight alcove. He looked at me with a smile on his face, and then his face contorted into a wicked grin, and his tongue began to come out of his mouth and elongate until it was about 4 feet long. He continued to grin at me.

I woke up at this point, feeling like I had been drugged and was just coming back into consciousness. I wanted to write down the dream but I was so relaxed, I just lay there and thought about it. While I lay there, I had a vision of the the tall blonde character who played Sam Rappaport on the TV show One Life to Live. In front of my eyes, he started to morph from the tall blonde man, down into a three foot tall grey alien. I was too relaxed to be astonished, but amazed and wondering if that was true went through my mind.

I went back into a dream before I realized it. I was now in my own apartment, doing normal things. I had all the envelopes from the first dream and was laying them out on a long low table and looking at them. I noticed that there was two small side by side windows in the door to the hallway, and the faces of the same people from the previous dream would appear in the window with their hands up next to their eyes like they were looking in to see what I was doing and then would go away again.

I opened the door and found two of the guys out in the hall with a pile of groceries and several six packs of beer. They were laying back on their elbows on the floor, ready to start drinking the beer. I asked them what they were doing out there and they said that they were never allowed to drink at home because they got too rowdy. But laying out in the hallway was not a good idea either, so I invited them in and told them they could take all the beer into one of the bedrooms and drink it in there.

I closed the door after the guys came in and went back to the sink where I was peeling potatoes and making dinner. Again, another guy came to the door and looked in, so I went to the door and the guy was walking away. I hollered at him, "Hey! Why didn't you just knock?" He looked at me rather strangely. At that moment he was wearing a grey sweatshirt and gabardine pants and he stepped inside the next door for less than a second and I could see his shirt and pants change in less than an instant into bluejeans and a red and black large checked shirt and he grew a moustache in that less than an instant as well. (It was like watching Superman change from Clark Kent to his Superman costume)

He came into the apartment and I tried to pretend I hadn't seen what just happened. I went back to my potato peeling and he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I was still cutting the ends off of french fries and cutting them into smaller pieces. I said, "I'm sure glad I'm my normal self!"

He said, "Are you sure you are?"

and I woke up.

12-1-99 - I was in my New Berlin house visiting. The phone rang and it was an emergency call from what seemed like the lady who lived in the house across the street to the south. She said her name was Marie something. She said the doctor was there and that we needed to bring a flashlight.

It was nighttime when the call came in and I couldn't figure out why the doctor would need a flashlight, but I said, "Okay! I'll be right there!" and hung up the phone.

I went into the kitchen and looked up on top of the refrigerator but the flashlight wasn't there. I heard my ex-husband say, "We don't have a flashlight!" but I knew we did and I kept looking ... I opened cabinet after cabinet until I found a big bright yellow flashlight I knew was there all along.

I grabbed the flashlight and headed out the house and crossed the street. Darkness turned to daylight as I crossed the field. I was looking for a flashing light where the cops or ambulance was but never saw any.

I got to the base of the hill where I was going and the terrain was much different than it had been. The hill was terraced sand dunes. There were people sitting all over the place but nobody gave me a helping hand. I had to find a way up the hill by myself.

I felt really old and it was difficult to climb up this hill which I had to do on my hands and knees. The sand was really deep and the hill was steep, and the terraces were at least 3 feet apart, so it was really hard. I finally found a way around the side of the hill where the children played that wasn't so steep, and made my way up to the house the way the children went.

When I got there, I found the grieving father who had picked up his son and was carrying him in his arms. The son was dressed in brown. The father appeared to be Mexican or Mayan or Aztec ... very deep brown color skin. The father carried the son's dead body on a brown see-thru board that was shaped like a surf board only wider. The son was dressed in a brown shirt and pants.

I tried to get near the father to check if the son was indeed dead, but the father kept turning around, crying, and saying "I hate Art, I hate Art!" I was getting very distressed, thinking that Art was his son's name and that he hated him. I couldn't get near the man and he finally went out a door that seemed to be a garage.

I went into the garage which seemed more like a low tunnel and found T.M. inside there on his knees praying. I went over to him. I was crying now myself and told T.M. how distressed I was that the man was saying, "I hate Art", while carrying around his dead son's body." T.M. seemed disinterested and got up and left. He may have gone to find the man but I don't know.

This was a very strange house, with some very strange people. I went into another room and there was a man there who was in his early 20's. He had on his right hand an object that looked like a curled up Armadillo without a head. It had a multi-faceted surface. The man had his hand inside this object and was moving his thumb back and forth inside the object. I tried to avoid looking at the object, but I was like hypnotized by it and I started to feel orgasmic and knew that the man was deliberately trying to make me feel that way. I finally decided to go with the feeling and started to make some moaning sounds. The man said, "Yeah! Go with it!" and I did. As I was coming to a mild orgasm, the man himself decided that's what he needed too, and curled up into a ball similar to the Armadillo thing except he was up in the air by the ceiling giving himself an orgasm.

That bit of bizarreness over with, I found my ex-husband outside by the front door and his new girlfriend was out there too. I said to him, "Why don't you come back to the house and I'll show you the Christmas presents I got for the kids." I had placed all the gifts on the floor in Michael's bedroom on the second floor. I knew that Michael was 18 years old and old enough to have these things in open view and he wouldn't tell his younger brothers anything about them and spoil Christmas.

My ex-husband said, "Okay!" His girlfriend was standing right there ... a young dark-haired woman. We then had to make out way through the house because we couldn't go down the hill through the sand dunes.

The man who owned the house was an odd-ball type of guy and he said that he was having the house remodeled. It was the strangest type of house I've ever seen. All the doors were mechanized and when you went through them, they actually pushed you out and locked behind you so you couldn't come back through. All the walls were white insulation material with blue writing on it, so I knew he had a lot of work to do.

We finally got to the door that went outside and it was on the far end of the house on the southwest corner. In order to get out, the door had a fire wall which the man said the fire department said he had to have. He was very agile and dove up and out the door, but I couldn't make a maneuver like that and I had to actually crawl up and out the tunnel that went up into the light. When you got through, there was a safety hatch behind you so that you couldn't come back down into the house that was being remodeled. Once through that door ...  you were out and stayed out. We all went through the door and found ourselves in a tunnel that was all white. I didn't know where we were exactly, but there were blue signs all over the wall saying, 'YOU CAN'T TAKE 83. YOU CAN'T TAKE 83'.

I knew that highway 83 was many miles west of where I had started from and couldn't figure out how the man's house could be that big. Admittedly, there were many rooms in his mansion, but I didn't know it was that big.

So we made out way towards the end of the tunnel and I woke up.

12-9-99 - PARTIAL DREAM - I was in a roughly built house with my sons and my son Michael built a ramp going up to a work area from the top bunkbed he slept on.

I was taking care of numerous small children. The little girl was peeing the bed so I had to take the sheet off the bed and wash it along with her clothing.

I was given several gifts at the office, a dress by Ron Klofta, one of my old bosses at A-C, which was pink flowered... smaller flowers on the top and larger flowers on the bottom. I was thinking perhaps they wanted me to wear a dress in the future because I haven't worn a dress for quite some time. I was also given other gifts... like scarves and I was worried that the other girls in the office would feel bad because they weren't getting any gifts.

I went back to taking care of the small children again... there were numerous kids, and I went to a white house on 16th St. that is a block south of where I grew up. When I got there the door was locked which it had never been before. My son Michael opened the door and let me in. I asked him about the locked door, and he said that it had been decided this morning that henceforth the door would be locked. I said, "Well, in that case, I'm going to take my kids and go home."

1-5-00 - DREAM - I spent a long time in a kitchen doing the dishes on a high white sink. Just as I finished the last dish and put it away, someone tossed in 4 woven flat baskets that hold paper plates for dinner. That forced me to straighten out the mess and stack them properly. I realized then that it was time to make dinner and start all over.

I was working on lining up receipts in a long row on the path that were already paid for and outside forces kept throwing in extras I had to make room for. It seemed an endless chore and then as I got to the end, I saw that they went up the wall where someone else was making a list of things that remained to be bought and paid for.

I went outside where a maintenance couple were working on my husband's car to get it started. They used a lawn mower to jump start it but it didn't work and just created smoke as it was whirling under the car. I was surprised because that had worked before. They continued to let the lawn mower run under the car and it was smoking really bad, so I went over aways to sit and read a book while they did that. I didn't want to be too near the smoke in case the lawn mower blew up.

While I was reading, my grandchildren woke up and came out of the darkened bedroom. I was by then cleaning the bathroom which seemed like more than one type of appliance. I was down on my knees under the sink trying to clean some silver grid-like things that were rippled like a corrugated box but metal. I told them that every person has to clean at least one sink.

1-5-00 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. sorting out esoteric magazines on the front porch. I stacked them up neatly and put them on the sidewalk and expected them to stay right where they were while I was up the street getting something I wanted. My children were playing on the sidewalk and on the porch and my son Wolf was whining he wanted a new bicycle. I told him he would get one when the time was right, but it wasn't now. While I was up the street, I remembered I needed to water the dog, so I continued on around the block through the alley though it would have been closer to go back along the sidewalk.

I walked into the alley and came up to the 'T' intersection of the alley. I heard a car roaring it's engine and waited a moment while it came tearing out of the alley, making a right turn to where I was standing. It was a yellow car with a blonde older teen or young man at the wheel. The car was older, about an 69 Dodge/Pontiac like I used to have except mine was a used brown Sheriff's car. It was similar to that. The guy was kind of wild looking but when he saw me, he got out of his car and followed me down the alley.

It made me nervous to have him behind me, but I was walking fast. The alley was wet like it had rained and I was barefoot. Totally different than it had been on the street. We got to about the center of the block and one of our neighbors was having a moving-out sale in the back yard. There was a large round table sticking way out into the alley, stacked with books that were covered with other stuff, but I knew I was going to have to stop and see what they were and probably buy them, but I hadn't brought any money with me.

As I stopped to see what the books were, the young man went into the yard and said, "Here is a bicycle for Wolf. This is just what he needs." The bicycle was adult size, colored like platinum silver, futuristic, such as one would expect in the year 3000. The handle bars were thick and shaped like a African Black Water Buffalo. He rolled the bicycle out into the alley right in front of me. It was so lightweight he could carry it in one hand. I was astonished at its appearance. It was so beautiful. The man said, "It's only $500.00 and they want a money order. They won't take a check." I was heading down the alley towards home to get some cash so I could buy the books which I never did stop to read the titles of. He said something like, "Even if it's not worth $500.00, they'll still take the money order." He was expecting me to come back with the money order without even considering the price.

I continued on down the alley and around the corner to the left where the other end of the 'T' was ... it was another 'T' intersection. Now there was a woman with me. She lived on the same street in another house. The street was not like before, but now it was like a street of huge apartment buildings made of old brick somewhat like you would expect in 18oo's England in the movie Oliver Twist. There was no sunshine at all. It was like being in a canyon and I told the woman so. She said that was to be expected. I came to my own steps and saw magazines strewn on the sidewalk instead of stacked, and up on the porch were more magazines strewn where someone had been going through them.

I was feeling rather angry about the magazines as I was going up the steps. I got up on the porch and tried to open the front door and found it tied shut with red electrical wire. My daughter was on the other side with her friends and they were hanging onto the wire for dear life to prevent anyone from getting into the house. I hollered at her to let me in and she opened the door reluctantly because I was spoiling her fun. I told her, "Let me in the house or you will soon be dead." She opened the door and inside the house, it was bright and sunny. The sun was coming from the West as it was going down. There was none on the east side of the house at all in the canyon on the street.

1-9-00 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and taking care of several children. My cousin Shirley was with me and she went home, taking her youngest daughter with her, but the left the boys with me. There was also another woman and her daughter.

We didn't seem to have a TV and I was trying to keep the boys entertained by reading to them. The woman and her daughter were both bored, so I allowed the daughter to go visit a friend in the building after I told her to telephone the girl first. The girl was going to just go out and knock on doors to find someone to visit, but I told her that if I was still Manager, and someone called me that they were being bothered by someone knocking on all the doors, I would have one big fit. They were going to write the girls phone number down for me, but I don't recall seeing it on the piece of paper they presented to me before the girl left.

The mother, who was dressed in a pink dress was really bored so I suggested I knew several single men who would be pleased to go out with her, and she said she would enjoy that. She was laying on a couch of some kind at the time. I looked at the clock. It was then 10:30 p.m.

I had to look for the men's phone numbers and the problem was I had several phone books so it took me awhile. I figured it would be a simple thing to go out since we were living in a building that had it's own mall attached with a bar and dancing and everything. One never had to leave the building and get cold or wet. One didn't even need a coat.

I saw a guard in uniform outside the window. He was checking things to make sure we were safe. We assured him that the boys and I were fine.

The daughter then came back, carrying all my mail from Sunday's delivery. It was immense, voluminous envelopes, folders, and ancient books with records that went way back in time. All this was to keep records on people for years on their income and taxes, etc. It seems my job was to keep track of everyone forever or something.

The daughter and her mother who was then returned home, said I should look up one of their relatives. The person's name was "Penultimate" and it was in the red folder. So, I started to look for the Penultimate name.

Somehow the scene changed and I ended up in a dark car that was hurtling down the highway with the guard and the boys and the guard was talking into a pager like he was announcing the news or our position. I couldn't figure out how he was doing that since he wasn't connected by wire or by phone. The guard, the boys and I were all in the back seat of the car. I don't know who was driving.

The scene switched again and I was looked at bright shiny red writing on a darker red background like a web page. The words I was looking at all started with the letter "A". Some were just words and some were names. I didn't see what I wanted in "A" and thought perhaps I needed the word 'color'. I started to scroll down the page towards the letter "C" and woke up.

NOTE: I was laying in the dark alone, but was seeing wild flashes of color through the cracks in the door out in the livingroom. Joe wasn't in bed and I hollered for him and he didn't answer. I jumped out of bed and opened the door to see the TV flashing wild colored pictures of travel scenes of the ocean with no sound playing. (salt water?) (I'm starting to look for coincidences in events)

1-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a hotel of some kind, taking care of many children. I had just gotten there. I saw that adults were arriving also, and the hallways were a mess with children's toys, food, and dirty laundry laying everywhere. All the children's clothing were blue and red plaid.

I found three small laundry baskets on the floor and put all the clothing in them, then began to gather up the food that was laying in piles. It had already been harvested, but not prepared for keeping. . . that is canned or frozen to be eaten later when food was not available in the fresh state.

I cannot say that any of this food was familiar to me though one kind may have been mulberries. Each food was sweet to the taste and I knew it was a good thing. Some of the food I was cutting up in preparation for the process was falling into a brown purse which was inside the basket of a bicycle. I took the purse out of the bicycle and put it on the floor and continued to do the work. There was a lot of it.

I saw then that the hallway was cleaned up so I then went outside in the yard to see what else had to be done. I had a rake that didn't just rake, it actually cut and raked at the same time. Around a large tree was a garden type place in a circle. It had many different kinds of plants which I assumed were weeds, but I then realized they were herbs and should be saved, so I tried to put some of the already cut ones back. I knew that these were good things also.

1-26-00 - DREAM - Though this dream had humans in it, it had an other worldly feel to it. Nothing seemed normal.

This seemed to be a smaller type town, not a big city. It was just past 7 p.m. and was on a rather busy street where there were smaller shops. The people in the area were all older teens and adults, no little children. We were at a place that was school-like, but not like any school I've ever been in. There was an escalator that went up into the school, but there were no steps on it, it was more like a ramp and some of the girls in the group did belly-flops on the ramp and rode it up that way for fun, not just to get up the ramp to a specific place. Then they would run back down and ride it up again on their bellies.

I went into an enormous sized room and spotted a coffee pot carafe, still wrapped in plastic behind a door. I saw that it has a useful life yet and offered it to my bosses son. He seemed rather disdainful of it but agreed to take it if I washed it first.

There was no running water in this place but there was a huge refrigerator/freezer in the galley kitchen. I opened the bottom door of the refrigerator for light, and opened the freezer door a little and let some ice melt water drip down onto a rag which I then used to wipe off the blue spotted dust that was on top of the carafe. This was not really an easy process but it worked. The son then accepted the gift and we all left.

We then went to a huge indoor gymnasium where the teens were all seated in bleachers against the wall. They were all dressed in parti-color shirts and pants, which were multi-color small geometric shapes on a white background. There were three groups and the designs were not much different, but just different enough in multi-color to pass for different. Each group was named when they were introduced, but I can't remember what they were. I seem to recall that each group had the word 'world' at the end.

Then everyone was told to come down and mingle and the event game was to feel each other's clothing as they went by. I was sitting on a chair on the main floor and I didn't get to feel any of the multi-color clothing, but the adults that went by were all wearing knitted sweaters of various colors and I noted that all the clothing felt very rough to the touch.

While I was experiencing this, a man came in off the street who didn't fit in with the color scheme of things and came up to me. I was a little startled until he introduced himself as the maintenance man from somewhere else I've been. He looked familiar but not that I would have known who he was. But I felt better about it once he said who he was and we felt rather like comrades against the world in this strange event.

After that, there was to be a game of some type played and we were all issued green play suits that were like baby clothes. They were one piece of cloth that snapped at the shoulder with two snaps on each side made of bright green terry cloth. One merely held the back up by the shoulder, reached down between the legs and brought the front part up and snapped it at the shoulder. Though it sounds awkward, it worked really easily. I thought it was rather a good idea until I realized after I woke up, that they were open all the way down the sides. So, these would be more like something you put over other clothing just to have a different color on for teamwork.

I don't recall playing any game, we just walked around discussing how to put these things on and I was marvelling what a great idea the clothing was to use.

After this was all over, we were back at the shop-like area and I heard that there was a rummage-sale type thing going on way at the other end of the block. It was a long block so I was happy to be offered a ride by my so-called husband whom I didn't recognize so I didn't have to walk all that way because I was afraid the place would be closed by now anyway.

I woke up as we walked out the door to go to the car.

1-28-00 - LUCID DREAMS - These were computer programs like a hand-held game with words coming down into the bottom of the screen - rather like the game boy I play that has just little squares and shapes coming down to align in order to win. However, as I played this game I was singing and chanting little children's songs about "Jesus loves me". I came up with several songs on this theme and when I woke up, I was singing these songs for a long time before I went back to sleep.

2-11-00 - DREAM BY MICHELLE OF DEE - Michelle was at a religious boarding school. She was there rather as a subversive spy to find out what secret writing they had that they weren't supposed to have. She was a child's age.

Michelle's room was very small and she had to climb up a ladder to get there, and then up another ladder into her room. She had a dresser and a bed and piles of toys and stuff, and the room was so small she couldn't lay down on the bed, nor stand up straight and had to sleep at an angle so she wouldn't hit her head on the ceiling.

Michelle wanted to leave the school so badly and was planning on running away but didn't know how to do it without getting caught by the nuns.

Michelle went down to the cafeteria where they refused to feed her, saying that they wouldn't feed badly behaved children, that she was far too willful and did things that were against their rules.

When she was in the cafeteria, Michelle met Dee who was a tall adult, wearing a voluminous gold gown and had on a pendant with an elephant's head on it. The elephant's head seemed to move but Michelle could never catch it moving. Every time she looked it was in a different position, but she could never see it actually move.

Michelle told Dee she wanted to leave and Dee asked her if she had gotten the writing that she had come there to get. Michelle said, "Yes!" and then Dee agreed to help her get out of there, but first they had to go to Michelle's room and retrieve the writing.

Michelle said that she had copied down the writing, but couldn't actually read it. She had it on a yellow legal pad which she handed to Dee who was too tall to get into the room. Dee stood on the ladder while Michelle was in the room trying to decide what to take.

Michelle's school uniform was hanging on a hook. The skirt was gray and purple plaid. Dee told Michelle she could only take three things. So Michelle took some time trying to decide what to take. She had choices of dolls, books, drawing pads, clothes, etc.

Finally Michelle picked up three drawing pads and asked Dee if she could count that as one thing because they were all the same. Dee told her "No!" That is three things!" So Michelle took the three drawing pads and Dee took the yellow legal pad with the secret writings of the boarding school run by the nuns.

The last thing Michelle saw was the pendant with the elephant head, trying to figure out if it was really moving or not.

3-5-00 - DREAM - I was standing on the street at 19.5 street and wanted to walk home down 20th St. however, it was made of sand and was very slippery. I told everyone it was too slippery to walk on and perhaps we could get a ride from my friend Kimber who was standing there. However, I turned around and we all had our own cars and I was trying to figure out how ... if she drove me home ... how I was I then going to drive her back home. I know it doesn't make sense but in the dream, I was concerned with that.

I was then going to move my car from behind the house on 20th St. and drive around to the front of the house on 16th St. The road was very narrow and when I got into the car at the curb which was on the East side of the road, a family with some very little kids came running to the curb and actually got down into the gutter next to the car door, so I couldn't drive away. I already had the engine running and told the mother to get the children away from the car. Some of the children actually got into the back seat of the car.

It was finally clear to move the car, so I pulled out into the traffic lane. The road was very narrow and the steering was really stiff, so I pulled out into traffic and heard a strange noise under the car.

Immediately, a police car appeared in front of me and started to back up to take care of a problem on the other side of the street and it crashed right into the front of my car. The police car had a woman driver and she got out of the car and came back to mine and said, "I heard a noise under your car. Don't move your car!"

So I got out of my car and started to look under the car. I don't know why I didn't think this was strange, but the car wheels were only black on the bottom for about 4 inches, the rest of the tires were hollow and see-thru. They only showed black where they had been sitting on the cold pavement. Nobody said anything about that. Then I saw a red lawn-mower next to the car and numerous stones, but nothing out of the ordinary and we never found anything that might have caused the noise under the car.

I went back into the house then, leaving the car where it was ... the street was now blocked from traffic but nobody said anything about that.

On the front porch was a long length of green fabric with pretty flowers on it. It was hanging up on a line ... drying. So I took it down and planned to fold it inside the house. When I opened the door, there was also a line hanging there with two more long pieces of fabric which I also pulled down, planning to use these for sheets for a bed.

There was a woman inside the house but I can't remember her name... a familiar face however ... a short dark-haired woman.

Her children were inside the house, and I was sorting out things that belonged to me, including several perfume bottles and other items. I gave the children items that they couldn't hurt themselves with, but didn't give anyone perfume, thinking they might try to drink it. There was a tall silver can of lighter fluid there and told the boy who was there, "people just don't know that they are supposed to fill these things with beer!"

3-7-00 - DREAM - I was sitting inside a bathroom on the edge of a bathtub, thinking about our California family (Joe's kids and grandkids) thinking that Sabrina is 6 months pregnant, then looking down at my own bare stomach, knowing that I was 4 months pregnant and hadn't told anyone yet.

I pulled my clothes on and went outside to where there was a factory building, a rather old building. I had been in this building before and left the door open, so all I had to do was put my fingers around the edge of the door and pull it open which I did.

I was planning to look for another bathroom inside the factory building. When I went inside, it was rather dark, but there was a huge glow of light hanging in the air over towards the left, so I headed in that direction. When I went towards the light, I could then read the print on the little door markers that were sticking out into the aisle and recognized the words "Rest Room".

I headed in that direction and saw a man coming towards me. It turned out to be my brother John, wearing his blue ski outfit and hat. He and I smiled and waved to each other and I continued towards the bathroom door. Just then two of my sons came out of the bathroom, Ken and Bob. I smiled and waved at them, then noticed that all my grandchildren were in another room across the hall. They all saw me and started smiling and waving and I was smiling and waving back.

This was feeling really great, to see all my relatives, but I had to get into the bathroom first, then I could visit with them.

I walked into the bathroom which had several stalls on the right. As I went towards them, two women about 5' 4" tall came rushing towards me. I didn't recognize them as anyone I know, but they sure acted like they wanted to know me. They were both wearing rain and shine coats, one blue, the other one grey. Both women were about in their older 20's but might have been older or younger by a year or so.

They grabbed at me and started kissing my butt. I was trying desperately to get them off of me, but two women, with four arms who are desperate to hang on, are pretty hard to get off. I kept explaining to them that I needed to use the bathroom, but they weren't about to let go. I finally had to try to wrench myself free and headed back towards the door, dragging the one in the grey coat, the other one having gone back to a stall to get toilet paper or something.

I was almost to the door, still struggling to get the grey coated woman to let go, and saw on the wall a mirror image of the other blue coated one coming running down the aisle past the stalls to get to me before I got out of the bathroom. I was struggling to reach upward to the door handle and woke up ... reaching up into the air still.

Man I was glad to get away from those butt kissing women. :-)

3-18-00 - (I wasn't going to bother writing this one down but my brain won't let me forget it, so here goes)

DREAM - I was in a small city somewhere, planning to make a trip to South America with some other people. I was driving a yellow car and had four young teens boys with me, and I was following a small red car that had two men in it. We were all going to fly to South America, but first we had to travel to another city in order to do that.

It was an adventure and I don't know why we were going to South America. The red car got way ahead of us, and my son Michael was sitting on the dashboard on the right side and I was driving from the backseat on the right side. I could hardly see past Michael on the dashboard and had to keep looking around him to see where the red car was going. The red car finally went up a hill and disappeared and I gave up trying to follow it.

It didn't really matter anyway because we couldn't fly until we got to a city and it didn't matter what city it was. So, we were making right and left turns on the adventure knowing that eventually we would come to a city where we could fly from.

Meanwhile, I came to an intersection and was going to make a right turn and noticed that a black woman was driving a car right towards me and that there was a tiny little girl standing on the curb on my right who was waiting for that woman who was her mother.

The black woman drove her car in front of me which I had now stopped to allow this to happen so that she could get her little girl. I was glad that I hadn't insisted on the right of way and kept going because the little girl was in great danger there.

Once the black woman pulled up on the sidewalk behind the little girl, the girl ran across the street and on down the block to another driveway to meet someone else. I hollered after her to be careful and it appeared that she would be all right.

I don't recall that I waited for her to come back, but I then went to a house/motel type place where we were stopping for the night. At that point I was taking care of someone elses children and the men who had been in the red car were now in the backyard barbecuing and getting drunk.

It appeared that we weren't going anywhere soon.

3-19-00 - DREAM - I was at work. It was a Friday and it was my bosses last day. He was retiring. I didn't know him all that well as a boss, but had seen him around for years. I had just started this job. I wanted to learn a new task and he was showing me how to price parts for a big project out in the factory. The catalog I was using sold all kinds of stuff, not related to the factory, so I kept ripping out the pages that were for other things ... most were for outdoor furniture, and sporting equipment, camping sites, nothing related whatsoever. By the time I got down to the electrical parts I needed to price, there was only one sheet left. By then the boss said he had better things to do and said goodbye and left.

I had to go somewhere and I was driving half laying down in the front seat I realized after cars were going past on my right. I managed to sit up far enough so that I could see where I was and put on the brake with my left foot just enough so I didn't hit anyone while I was steering.

I ended up in the city where Mike and Lorna were marking off the high water mark when the city flooded . It marked the 9,000 foot mark. I made certain that I was standing on the right side of the mark so I didn't get my feet wet. They were going to test it first to make sure the high water mark was correct, so they connected a hose to the water system and turned it on.

I figured it was going to take a long time because they were living high on a hill and there was an entire valley below us that would be under water long before it got this high. Finally I decided I would go down to the end of the block and watch it fill the valley, but when I did I saw that there were people here that hadn't been told that the valley was going to be flooded.

There should have been plenty of time, but I decided to tell the people so at least they would know about it. So, I told the man sitting on the porch right next to where I was. He was talking on a cell phone. There were a lot of other people standing around too, so I just told the man politely that the valley was being flooded just so he would know. Instead of saying 'okay' or 'thanks' he started yelling at me for interrupting him on his business call.

All the other people just stood around and now I saw there were lots of children too. All of a sudden I saw the water come running up a hallway and it was already two inches deep. All these kids were just nonchalantly playing and nobody was paying attention. I don't know how the water got this high this fast. I hadn't seen it fill the valley first, but here was the water and we were all going to be trapped if we didn't hurry.

I helped the people get up the hill, mostly by grabbing the children by their clothing behind their necks and hurrying them along. I couldn't believe how fast the water came up. I didn't even have time to worry about the cats and dogs that were running around. They were going to have to swim for it. Those who didn't get warned were going to drown.

3-29-00 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of the apartment building on Jackson St. in Milwaukee. This was a Friday and my first day back. I had also just moved in. It was also between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I discovered that when people moved out, they didn't take everything with them, so I got to pick from all the clothing they left behind. All I had to do was launder it.

When I got into the office, I found a brochure on the desk about a Halloween lottery drawing in which the people donated $5.00 and the prize was $750.00 worth of food, plus donated clothing from other people.

The brochure was the most unusual I've ever seen. I thought it was made of paper to start with. On the back was a seeming photograph of a woman at the top and beneath her was a colored dress from every person who had donated $5.00 in the lottery. So the photo seemed multicolored shapes of dresses. I don't know how many there were, but many. Above the woman was the instructions for the lottery, the donation, prize, etc.

On the front side of the brochure was even more unusual. It was a dress, made of all the fabric from the dresses on the backside. It was multicolored and layered so that all the colors could be seen at once and seemingly interwoven. It was not only unusual to see, but it was made of actual fabric and felt so soft and looked so lovely. It was like a miniature dress.

A young woman walked into the office and I asked her if she knew who had won the contest. She said she didn't but would call someone else in the building who would know. So, she used my telephone to call another woman in the building.

The other young woman came into the office, bringing with her a thermos bottle, tall ,green and skinny. She sat down at the desk to discuss the contest and when she did, she opened her thermos and her coffee was cold. She asked me if I had a 'tea light' sized candle to warm her coffee. I said I could do one better. I had brewed a pot of coffee upstairs and would bring it down to the office and serve coffee in the office to the other tenants.

So, I got up from my desk, picked up two wonderfully warm snowsuit pants outfits like snowmobilers wear that were dark army green which I had picked out of the donated clothing pile. I intended to get the rest later.

I went to the elevator and just caught it as the door was closing. I squeezed in, only to discover three older men on the elevator. One was very old and grizzled, one looked like a maintenance man, and the third one was a postman in uniform.

The postman wasn't happy. He didn't' like riding in elevators. The maintenance man type guy asked him how many more building he had to deliver to before he was done. The postman looked at his schedule and said he had 6 more buildings left to do and then he could go home. He was glad about that.

When we got to the third floor, the elevator stopped short of the floor about a foot and I had to climb out of the elevator. I couldn't put my foot up that far, so put my knee on the floor and then hauled myself up out of the elevator, standing up easily once I was up there.

The postman walked with me down the hall to the right. I was in apartment 311 right where I had been when I moved out last time.

The postman asked me how I would like the hallway floor carpeted in bright blue plush carpeting ... the floor had been stripped down to the original linoleum. In my imagination, it sounded wonderful.

The door to the apartment across from mine was open. It was apartment 305 and the people had just moved out ... a young couple with a baby and a dog.

They had moved out and left things behind. Unfortunately, they had bought a dog the last 30 days they had been there and the floor had a huge circle of newspapers on which the dog had piddled every day. It was pretty bad. The people would have to pay to put the apartment back into pristine condition, but we could handle that.

Also, when I walked into the apartment to look at it, they had left a beautiful brand new baby crib with all the frilly blankets and sheets, everything a new baby could possibly use. I looked to the right and saw a long white marble topped table with a copying machine on the top which was also white, and there was a beautiful maple-looking wooden sewing table that had numerous folding sections to keep supplies in. I had one of those feelings you get when you think Heaven has arrived and I was so tickled they left these things behind that I could use. However, my apartment was not as large as this one and I didn't have the same room to fit all this in. I already had my apartment full of furniture.

My head full of plans to call my son Michael to come and get the baby furniture for my children to use in case there was one more baby coming, and to move the other tables to my apartment, I went back to apartment 311 to fetch the coffee pot which was full and hot and ready to serve.

4-1-00 - DREAM - APRIL FOOLS - This dream started out at work where I met a man I liked. I decided to take him home with me and have a relationship. When we got there, we went up to my apartment and went in and I discovered that each bedroom had another man in there I had done the same thing with. None had any idea of the others because they were asleep. The one I had just brought home went into a bedroom I took him to and because I didn't want to be discovered, I left him there and went back to work. I figured this one would fall asleep just like the others. There was a total of three bedrooms and three men.

On the way back to the office, I met a man who told me and some other women a horrible tale about his daughter's bad luck. The woman had 8 children, including two sets of girl triplets, and she had just lost her life in a car accident. This left the man to care for all these children himself and he just couldn't do it. He was trying to figure out what to do with the 3 youngest babies, the second set of triplets who were all girls. He knew he was going to have to find a home for them.

I got the brilliant idea that I could adopt them and the idea sounded so great, I got all excited and decided to go back to my apartment and tell each of the men that I wanted to adopt these triplet babies and which ever guy liked the idea would stay and the others would have to go. I would use this as a test to see which guy was worthy of my time and efforts.

I also met the grandmother of these children and she was from Illinois, somewhere in the middle of the state. The town started with a "W". I had never heard of the town but told the woman that I went to Illinois every week for a meeting and I'd be able to bring the children so she could see them. She was too old to care for the babies herself. I didn't tell the woman my idea about adopting the babies, but she liked the idea that I would visit her.

So, I headed back to my apartment, skirting the outside entrance of the building where there was a fountain without getting too wet. Others got wet because the water changed directions like a swirling water sprinkler. I managed to run and stay at the appropriate moments so I didn't get wet.

When I got back to the apartment, I discovered that I didn't have my key to the building or my purse. There was a young woman ahead of me and I managed to get into the outer locked door of the building when she went inside and let the door slowly swing closed behind her. However, I didn't move fast enough to get through the inner glass door behind her and the door shut in my face.

However, there was a man standing inside, like the maintenance man so I knocked on the glass, hoping he would let me in. That is a big 'no no' in apartment buildings. One never lets another person in whom they don't know ... it's not safe, but I was hoping he would disobey the rule.

When I knocked, he opened the door and let me in, calling me by name like he knew me. He looked rather familiar like a young Roy Rogers and his voice sounded like Roy Rogers. He let me in and we started to talk small-talk and another man butted in and started to make a fuss about our conversation. The other man was taller, dressed all in black. The Roy Rogers character rebuffed the other guy to save me from the embarrassment of having to deal with him. I don't know if he was drunk or just a bad/evil man, but he continued to have grievance against our original conversation and that we were friends.

While the Roy Rogers guy continued to stay between me and the other guy who was making trouble, I slowly walked away and climbed the stairs to get away from him. The Roy Rogers guy finally broke away from the other man though he continued to follow making the same arguments why the Roy Rogers guy and I shouldn't have been discussing what we were discussing which I couldn't even remember by then.

By now I couldn't remember how to get to my apartment because I had only been there a couple times since I moved in. It was on an upper floor, but I didn't even remember the number of the apartment. I was really upset. I knew I'd know it when I saw it, but first I had to get there.

The Roy Rogers guy told me to run ahead of him while he waylaid the other guy so I did. I ran up the stairs and discovered they branched off in several other directions to various wings of the building. I chose the wrong one and it turned out to be the kind of stairway that only went to every other floor and it went to the wrong floor from where I belonged.

The Roy Rogers guy caught up to me and I desperately asked how to get to the other floor. He showed me a door that went to another stairway that went both up and down which should have gotten me to the right floor. He told me to go down one half flight and I'd be on the floor below mine and I could go to the next door to the stairway that would take me up one whole flight to the right floor.

However, I knew that was wrong and if I went down, I'd run into the other guy, so I chose to go up one half flight.

When I got up to the top of the stairway, it came out on a deck-like area which overlooked a courtyard several floors below and there were penthouse apartments on the other end of the deck. This seemed rather familiar because one could see the entire building from here.

The only problem was that on the opposite end of the deck where I was, there was a huge lion-like creature standing ... guarding the deck and the portal behind him. He was standing in a dark alcove behind two pillars. At first I didn't see any other people up here but then another man showed up and the guard animal fixed his eyes on that guy so I scooted over towards the right and walked along in the sight of a pillar which hid me from the direct sight of the lion-like creature. As I walked slowly along, I saw more and more people and began to relax about being up here. When I rounded the corner of the deck towards the right, I discovered that there were many people up here, ... I couldn't say sunning themselves because there was no sunlight, but perhaps airing themselves or something. I actually had to squeeze between people it got so crowded as I walked along.

I finally made it to the other end of the deck and went into the building where the penthouse apartments were. None of these apartments looked like mine, but I thought I was on the right end of the building at least and started to go down a stairway hoping that it was the right one to my apartment.

I went down one floor and came out into a lobby-like area where a man was, standing there in a costume. All around the walls of this area, were shelves with hats of every imaginable kind and if one put on a hat, you could play the part of the person the hat represented. Other people were doing this and it looked like fun. One could be anyone one wanted just by putting on a hat. One of the hats was tall, red and white - like the Fool of the Tarot cards.

I started thinking about putting on the hat of a dancer, one with feathers on top like a crown and I looked for the feathered hat so I could be a dancer ... and as I was waking up I was rather singing, "I want to be a dancer, I want to be a dancer."


NOTE: Roy Rogers name means 'the tall straight King'

The tall man dressed in black is probably the opponent force of mankind. In other words - Satan!

The lion is a portal guardian from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Assyria, 833-859 BC. The lion is also prominent in the tales of the Bible.

NOTE: FOOL (Aleph) The Heart of the Knight-King. The all-pervasive, free-ranging Spirit. It unifies every atom of consciousness/life into One Gestalt Consciousness/Life. The underlying spiritual connection that exists between all things. The magnetic field of Love that permeates and coheres the Creation. POWER: Spontaneous right action (Tao), Oneness, Love, Fearlessness.

4-12-00 - DREAM - I was at a place where I and some other people were working with objects that were numbered 1 thru 27 and represented astronauts. These objects were hand sized and easily picked up and were kept in a circular container that was no taller than the objects.

Here too was a strange pool that was ocean-like that was about knee deep on me but there were small children there and the water would have been over their heads so there was a safety issue which we discussed, not wanting to jeopardize anyone's life.

After this we decided to play a card game called the 'Game of Life'. The cards were similar to a regular deck of cards with numbers and face cards but they were large size cards like a Tarot deck. There were twice as many cards - a double deck.

We were all sitting on the floor to play the game and the cards were set up into two stacks and leaned against my outstretched leg so that the numbers and face cards could be seen.

At this point, President Clinton came in to observe this game as the outcome of this game would influence the fate of the 27 astronauts.

I made sure that the cards were set up so President Clinton had a clear view. He sat behind me with a cup of coffee and a newspaper so he could relax and view the game at the same time.

At this point, my son Tom wanted to rearrange the cards so that the number cards were in one pile and the face cards were in the other pile.

I told him it was too late to do that as it would be too time consuming to change the game now, that if he wanted to play the game that way, he should set the cards up that way in advance at some future date for another game.

This divided the group into two factions, half for one way, and half for the other way and some people actually left, which left President Clinton, myself and a couple other people to play the game which affected the future of the 27 astronauts.

See: Astronauts Page

4-13-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment. The landlady showed me that the window was open with a drape across it. I slept that way all night, then in the morning, I pulled the drape aside and discovered I was on the first floor, the window (which was a sliding one sideways as large as a patio door) was open and my butt was almost hanging out the window and everyone who went by had access to my apartment. I quickly closed the window after I realized this and the landlady said I should get a lock for the window.

Thus I set out to get a lock for the window and got waylaid several times by other people who needed to talk about something. Finally an old girlfriend of mine said she would take me to the hardware store and I found myself pushing her black car like a bicycle because she couldn't drive it across the lawn where we were walking.

We got back to the apartment building and the stairs were very steep. I practically ran up the stairs. I was counting them as I ran up them... 35 exactly.

I looked at the outside of my window... there seemed to be a keyhole on the outside but no lock. I was going to have to lock it from inside.

I got back inside the apartment and we were talking. However, I could hear my two grandchildren going up another stairway from the apartment. Their mother didn't bother about them, but I got worried and said I was going to see what they were up to. I went to the stairway. I thought they had gone to the attic, but there was another locked doorway up about 4 stairs, but the door to the basement was open where people were going to do laundry.

The stairway down was more like a ramp with crossbars on it and the door was low so I had to sit down on the ramp to go down it, though one could walk upright to go up it. I met several women who were taking their clean laundry up the ramp as I was going down it. I never did find the kids though.

I then came to another lobby and my old friend Irv was there, laying down. I heard him tell the people there that 50 years ago today he had met me and helped me move and he had been doing it every since.

I rubbed his head and called him Blondie even though he's getting bald. And I quipped to the people and told them... "and I move a lot." and smiled.

4-24-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. Two black women came to see an apartment. They were mother and daughter. I was showing them apartment 213, a one bedroom apartment. The daughter said she would really like to live in #230. I told her it was available and I would show it to her. I got the keys for the apartment and the daughter said, "Oh! I know how to do that!" She grabbed the keys from me ... each key was different. She knew which key opened the door, but the lock had been turned upsidedown on this particular door and she didn't know how to fit the key into the slot. So, I opened the door and let them in.

I hadn't been in this apartment since it had been vacated and I saw that the painter had already put his 5 gallon bucket of white paint in the kitchen, ready to paint it, but he hadn't started it yet. I walked ahead towards the bathroom and saw that the bathroom was fully furnished with numerous washcloths, towels, blankets, and bedding for the beds. The bedding was all in a deep rose color. All the washcloths were single colored but all shades of pastel, blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. The towels were all baby blue. I gathered up all the washcloths and towels to take with me as I wanted them for myself.

I walked back into the livingroom where the two black women stood. They thanked me for showing them the apartment but had decided they would take apartment 213 afterall. I knew they couldn't afford this larger two bedroom apartment.

I took them back out into the hall and they left. I went into either my own apartment or another apartment and found an infant child in a closet in a white wicker basket. It was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I began to open the swaddling clothes and then anointed the infant with oil, knowing that the people who were coming for him would be upset because they were going to have to hold him up by his heels and he would be slippery. There was so much love felt while I was doing this. I did his legs first, then his body, and then his shoulders. I saw that his eyes weren't open yet, but he was trying to open his right eye and there was like a white film over the opening and he couldn't yet get it open. I then wrapped him up and left him there for the people who were coming for him.

I went back out into the hallway and from around the 'T' intersection at the end of the hallway ; this huge ominous feeling thing which looked like a 6 masted ship made of huge red billowing bags was coming around the corner. I knew that there was no room for anyone or anything else in this hallway, so I ducked into another apartment to wait for it to go by. I said, "I don't even want to see this." However, there were doors ajar along the hallway and I would have to see it go by.

The red masted ship or whatever it was stopped as I could see there was a lot of cleaning equipment standing in the hallway and it would have to be moved. A slim smaller-sized man who was the maintenance man came along the hallway and went past where I was and hollered into another apartment ... "I hear you calling for help, but I can't tell where you are."

There was no answer that I could hear, but the maintenance man was going to have to find the person calling for help before he could finish moving that 6 masted ship down the hall.

Somewhere in that dream or perhaps in another dream, I was a teacher of small children and I was walking down a hallway with pencil cases in my hands, singing a little song I was going to teach the children. I had taught this little song to many classes of children. It began, "I had a little pencil and it wrote a little word. .... "

5-3-00 - DREAM - I was with a work crew in a very large building and we were sweeping down the stairs which was very wide as well as very high.

There were other women and girls with me and we were talking about the blessedness of being able to get pregnant and have a baby. One of the young girls there had decided she didn't think it was so great and she had never had children. Others, like me, who had had children before thought it was pretty great, especially when it was easy to give birth like I had.

We were talking about the age one had to be in order to get pregnant and have children and how long one could achieve pregnancy, etc. I didn't tell them that I had had surgery to prolong this ability ... in fact that I had a series of surgeries that made it possible for me to be pregnant and I was at that moment pregnant with child.

While we were talking, I realized I was then starting into labor and the type of surgery I had, I should have had labor in only one section at a time and I was feeling the contractions in all the sections at once.

We finished our job and went to hear a man singing for the people in public. He was singing, "Isn't it wonderful to be you." He had such a sweet voice, I began to sing with him, "Isn't it wonderful to be you," and I started to wake up and realize I was feeling the labor pains in the physical also as I was laying on my back.

So I rolled over on my side and the pain went away.

5-3-00 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment. It seemed to be a completely furnished apartment, except that I was bringing in my own clothing and personal items. The furniture was already there.

The rooms were humungous, probably about 40 or 50 feet across in each direction ... seemed like more in some cases.

My husband Edward was there and trying to be helpful, but he made more of a mess than helpful. Every time he opened a closet door, he would leave stuff hanging out and I'd have to clean up after him. He eventually went to the basement to look for something and I didn't see him again.

I was taking this apartment over from a professional teacher. It even had an alcove in the livingroom where 4 students could sit at a built in desk and study their work.

I've heard of 'pit' type couches, but this livingroom actually had a 'pit' where the couch was. It was about 3 feet down from the rest of the room. I have no idea why this was. The carpet was messed up also in that area so this whole thing needed to be straightened out.

There were a lot of people in the apartment, all trying to either help or go about their business, whatever that was at the moment.

My daughter-in-law Becky had entered a cooking contest and the contest man was there judging her. He told her that her recipe for yogurt was wonderful but she was way too young to even be in the contest. Becky is 36 or 37. He said that only 'old' women won that contest, women who had been cooking longer than she was alive. I butted in and said that maybe Becky could teach me her recipe and I would enter the contest. He said that then perhaps I would have a chance to win.

Personally, I wanted to bring into the apartment a large piece of colored glass and place it against a bare wall. This piece of glass was as tall as myself - almost 6 feet, and equally as wide, so that when I slid it along the floor my arms reached as far sideways as they could go and I just barely reached the edges. This piece of colored glass was gorgeous. It was made in sections like stained glass and had a huge white flower in the center, and other colored pieces appropriately placed around the flower, in red, green, blue, and yellow. I wanted to place it where it could be seen in it's entirety. However, I couldn't find one wall in this entire apartment that had a space large enough to hold this work of art.

I went down the hall to get it out of a storage closet, and met the teacher who had moved out of my apartment. She had moved into another apartment with her mother down the hall. She wished me well and offered me cookies to give to the children. All the cookies were in the shape of men like gingerbread men, but were sugar cookies. She had lots of other kinds of cookies there too, all with colored sugars on top. I chose 5 of the hand-sized men cookies to take to the kids and took them back down the hall to my apartment.

I took them to the pit where the couch was and had to jump down into the pit with the kids to hand out the cookies.

I then went to the kitchen to find that Becky had called in an entire work crew and they had the entire stove in pieces on the floor. I asked her what was wrong and she said that a light had gone out on the back of the stove so she called in some workers that owed her big time for some ski tickets she had given them. I told her that the building had it's own maintenance crew that could fix anything that wasn't working, but she insisted that these guys owed her so they were working on the problem.

I then went to my bedroom which was also humungous. It had two sets of rheostat switches which controlled little spotlights on the ceiling that faced two different directions. The switches weren't together all in one spot, so it took me a little experimentation to figure out which switch went with each light. There were 4 lights on the ceiling.

Here too, there was no wall large enough to hold my piece of colored glass. One would think in a place that was 40 to 50 feet wide and long that there would be one spot 6 feet wide with nothing on it, but there wasn't.

I finally found a hallway that had a spot just wide enough, but then I worried that people walking down the hall would bump against it and hurt themselves or knock it down.

I finally decided I would slide this big glass flower art behind the headboard of my bed which was made of gold rods in some kind of design which I didn't look very close at. My whole bedroom was gold with the spotlights shining down, so this flower would look good behind the headboard.

5-7-00 - DREAM - (I don't know what the theme of this dream is. It was about rebellion, small misbehaviors, avoidance, little frustrating behaviors). There were small children involved in each frustrating scene.

One scene took place in a darkened theatre full of people. We were there to watch a movie. There weren't enough seats for everyone to have their own seat. We had a small rebellious boy with us who insisted he had to have his own seat. He was behind us between the seats. I offered to have him sit on my lap, but he wouldn't do it and just stood there and shrieked to have his own way.

We left the theatre because he wouldn't shut up. So we were going to walk up 17th St. to Center St. All these same kids were with me. We turned the corner to walk north up the street and way at the other end of the block was a woman I can only describe as humungous. As large as she was, she would have had to be 40 feet tall and 10 feet wide. To continue the way we were going, it would have been a horrible experience for all of us, for me, for the children, and for the woman.

So, I decided to take the children through a shortcut through my neighbor's yard which was located on the other side of the alley from my own backyard. However, though most of the children agreed willingly to go this way, one child decided it didn't want to, and ran back the other way with my grown daughter running after him, giggling loudly.

In order to go through this yard, we would have to tiptoe quietly because there was like a boardwalk between the houses and even tiptoeing our footsteps were echoing loudly in the stillness of the twilight. Meanwhile the child was squealing loudly and my daughter was giggling so loud, there was no way this was going to work.

The dream switched to a web page with tiny black stars around the edge. There was a line at the top that said, "Click here to see this page in Hungarian", however I was impressed with the knowledge that Arnold Schwartzenegger was to be part of this page and he is Austrian.

What a puzzle... I can only think perhaps that this page was to be about venial sins ... a Catholic word for 'small sins'. Large sins are called 'mortal sins'. ??????

5-16-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and went into the apartment where an old woman had passed away suddenly. There was an old man maintenance man in the kitchen. He was inside the upper cabinets cleaning them out to put the stuff into storage for the relatives to pick up. (This is not normal procedure)

From the upper cabinet, he removed hundreds of small pink easter baskets which she had used for children over the years. He stacked them on the counter. Then he found a box of jewels in this same cabinet. I really wanted to see the jewels but he didn't show them to me.

I saw that the old man and an older woman who was with him had helped themselves to a large brown basket for themselves. Each basket had a tall handle on it, which I thought would be great for holding knitting projects or magazines or such. However, there wasn't another one there for me and I was very disappointed.

I then went to another apartment where clothes were hanging on racks. I had determined that I needed a new skirt because I didn't have one. I found a yellow one that was pretty, but when I took it off the hangar, it wasn't a skirt, it was a dress and it was much too small for me.

Another woman there made a rather nasty comment to me that I was humungous. I told her that I wasn't humungous, that if she wanted to see what humungous was, I could introduce her to a couple women who really were LARGE.

I decided then I would go shopping and buy myself a new skirt. The time was then 10 minutes to 9 p.m. and there was very little time left for the stores to be open. As luck would have it, I had no money in my purse and I decided I would borrow a couple bucks from someone.

I went out into the hallway to go visit someone and ask for some money, but it looked rather scary out there. Some young Spanish men said they would accompany me to protect me, so they went with me down the hall into the next section of apartments.

In this section, it turned out that everyone was dressed for bed, already in their nightclothes though they were wandering the halls visiting with each other. I didn't have the nerve to ask any of these people for money, so went back to my own apartment.

I decided I would go to work to keep busy, so went to the laundry room. I opened a washer and used a silver spoon to clean rust and lime off the cover of the washer. I had to be very careful though, because it was a spinner type washer and was in operation when I got there. However, when I lifted the lid, the spinning stopped until I was finished and put the lid back down.

5-18-00 - DREAM - I and a friend went to the library to get a book or two to read. When I first went in, it looked very familiar and I went to the LAW section where all the fat/thick books were. However, the longer I was there, the less it was like a library. Fewer and fewer books were there, and they started putting in racks of used clothing. They even had one long row of wedding gowns. All this was in front of the empty book shelves. I quickly ran over to some of the shelves where I knew some good books were and took two. One was 'Deliverance'. I can't remember the other. There was a third book there that was 3 times as thick but I knew I couldn't read all three in 2 weeks time. I then went back to where I started and all the LAW books had been removed and in their place were tall children's picture books. I was very disappointed in this library.

NOTE: A coincidence. This is the very first web page I went to:

"Da'at, (contact), at the level of the eyes, is representative of the written Law. In reading the written Law, the reader should see every letter. Contact at the level of the mouth is the secret of the Oral Law.

"There is no good outside of the Law." The "pe" is the seventeenth letter of the "aleph-beyth," the numerical value of the Hebrew word "tov," (good. The first words spoken by the Mouth of God, "Let there be light," upon which the actual creation of light happened, were subsequently seen, by His Eyes, "to be good." The word good, is the thirty-third word of scripture, the sum of the values of the two letters "ayin" and "pe" (33 = 16 + 17), thus alluding to the union of the two levels of da'at, (contact) - that of the eyes (the written Law), and that of the mouth, (the Oral Law).

5-22-00 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. It seems like everyone was the same age like 18 to early 20's including myself and my children. There was no seeming age difference at all.

I was in the house and an old friend came to the house. He was acting like he wanted to get friendly but I knew he was married. I had just been talking to his wife on the phone. She was talking to me but I realized her voice didn't seem normal but we continued talking. I was moving around while talking and I stepped on an electrical train track and broke connector between two track sections. I said, "Oh my gosh! My dream of this morning just came true." She asked me what dream I was talking about. I said, "Well this morning I went to bed and dreamed that I was seeing the underside of some electrical connections with copper connectors. I just stepped on this track here and it looks just the same underneath." She said, "Oh!" and I ended the conversation because I had to go to the bathroom.

Then this young man came into the house and while we were talking he sidled up to the wall where the telephone connections were and started asking me about them. He wanted to know why there were two phone jacks ... a single and a double. There was a wire going into both. I thought this was really strange and I started to think that perhaps he was intending on putting in a phone tap on my line to track what I talked about. He pulled one phone jack out and wanted to know if it would work in the other jack. I said, "Yes!" The reason it is like that is that the phone man said he couldn't put two single jacks in, so he put a double phone jack next to the single jack and ran a wire between the two. I was feeling really suspicious about his questions as he pulled the wire out of one jack and put it into the other phone jack to test it.

I broke off the conversation to go upstairs to go to the bathroom. He said he was going to go outside and wait. So I went up the stairs and tiptoed across the room across from the bathroom. This room was humungous and carpeted with green indoor and outdoor carpeting.

I looked out the window and saw the young man fooling around by the telephone wires. I didn't want him to see me, so I hid. When I went to look out the window, my son Tom was standing there. I hid again and when I looked again, another man was standing there, not quite so tall as Tom who is 6' 6" tall, but stockier with dark hair and a dark mustache.

I didn't know who that guy was at all.

I needed to go the bathroom still, so quickly tiptoed back across the green carpeting to the bathroom which was on the rooftop for some reason. While I was moving fast, I was making a noise like I was inside of an 18 wheeler truck going downhill. I knew this was strange and I was going so fast, I like stuck my feet out like I was putting on the brakes and stood there for a moment until the noise subsided.

I then tried to figure out how this toilet worked because it was like a kiddy toilet with a pullout bottom and loose lid. There was a telephone there and it rang and it was my daughter-in-law Becky on the other end.

Becky started to ask me about something, then stopped herself and said, "Oh! I'm not supposed to talk about you!" I said, "What? You mean to tell me you aren't allowed to talk about what you want to?"

NOTE: This might be family inferences because Tom and Becky are now divorced, and they don't want me talking to each other about them?

5-23-00 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. My cousin Shirley was staying over and sleeping on a daybed in the kitchen. My husband had left for work and I was trying to keep the kids quiet so they wouldn't wake Shirley up. However, my daughter first turned on the TV right next to the daybed, then as I tried to get her to turn off the TV, she turned on a silver radio right next to it. I was unfamiliar with the radio knobs and switches, so as I tried to turn it off, I only succeeded in making it louder. I finally got it switched off and grabbed my daughter and went up the stairs to the next level which was the old kitchen before we remodeled. (We remodeled a two story house into a tri-level)

On this level, the kids started making a mess on the floor by cutting up things, cutting cloth into puzzle pieces, etc. Then someone knocked on the door. It turned out to be the retarded girl from across the street. She brought a religious guy with her to show me in a very structured way with children's material that folded out with pop-out pictures about their beliefs. He was so busy working on getting his material straightened out, other religious oriented people were arriving and I ended up with dozens of people from every church in the area all gathering to try to tell me their religious beliefs.

Finally, some floating heads came into the room to introduce themselves. These were nice looking heads, and quite real, just had no bodies. They floated over some fake bodies and hands so they could shake hands when they introduced themselves , but I knew they were still just floating heads.

There were so many people in this room now, I started to feel guilty for not serving refreshments, so I asked if anyone would like something to drink. I went around the room, each person in turn telling me what they wanted to drink. Every one of them told me something different. I decided I wanted water. My daughter said she wanted beer.

By now my husband had come back home and I asked him if he could go to the store and get some soda. He said he could but that it would take awhile. As I turned to go to the kitchen, I found that the refrigerator had been moved upstairs and was right behind me. I could barely get past it to go back down the stairs.

I then went back down the stairs and Shirley had woken up and gone into another room. I was glad of that, but meanwhile I started to hear my kids shrieking and my husband yelling at them and hitting them on their butts.

With all these religious guests in the house, I ran back up the stairs to see what the problem was. By the time I got there, the kids were in the room by themselves and my husband was gone.

By now, something else strange was happening. I was hearing the sound of wooden cabinet doors slamming and I'd wake up, thinking it was real. But I was so groggy, I didn't want to wake up and I'd go back into the dream and I'd hear the sound of wooden cabinet doors slamming again.

We don't have wooden cabinet doors, we have metal, so I know it wasn't real. Finally, I decided I would stay awake because the dream had become non-meaningful by now.

5-24-00 - DREAM - I was sleeping in a large bed on the 1st floor of a house somewhere. There was a TV there and a man came in and turned it on so I could see the news. However, two boys came in dressed in light weight light blue tunics and shorts sets. They were getting ready to go to school. The youngest of the two had his tunic on backwards and I told him I would help him turn it around. The older boy said he would help and between the two of us, we pulled the tunic up while the younger boy pulled his arms out and we turned the tunic around on his neck and had him put his arms back in the correct armholes. The tunic tied with a lightweight cloth belt of the same material.

The boys left for school and by now I was standing up and an old woman with dark pebbly-like bumpy skin told me that she used to be married to the boy's father. She named him but I can't remember what it was. I got the impression that he had passed away... She left the room and I decided I would go upstairs to my real bedroom and finish sleeping.

I went up the stairs kind of strangely. The steps were very shallow and close together and I was making foot motions but I don't think my knees were bending. It was more like an escalator than actually climbing the stairs.

It was rather dark upstairs and as I reached the top of the stairs, I knew where the light switch was. I reached around the corner in the hallway and flipped on the light. Across from the stairs were two dark rooms. The one on the left had the door open but was dark inside. I knew that was the Father's room. (The Master bedroom). My room was to the right of it but the door was closed. This made me think that someone else was in my room so I didn't go there either.

I went further down the hall and found myself in another apartment. Joe's ex-wife's second husband Tom was there and there apartment looked like a candy store, including candy cases just like in a store. I got the impression that people could actually come up here and buy candy. However, on the floor were hundreds of hand-made witches dressed in regular black gowns with pointed hats and carrying little hand-made brooms made of real straw. Joe's ex-wife Debbie had spent many hours making these little toy witches and she planned to distribute these on Halloween Eve morning to all the children in her apartment building along with baskets or bags of candy so the children wouldn't go out on the dangerous streets Trick or Treating.

NOTE: This seemed like a rather good idea, though these days Trick or Treating isn't like it was when I was a kid when we went out in the dark alone and went house to house. Trick or Treating is now pretty much done with the parents taking the kids in full daylight on a Sunday afternoon or parties are held for them in an effort to stem the practice of going house to house.

Another man came into the room and asked Tom if he had contacted the next apartment building over. They were going to spread this idea around and be like Halloween-type Santa Clauses and give the children candy gifts instead of having Trick or Treating. It sounded like a rather good idea.

NOTE: I can't say at this late age that I approve of kids eating all that candy because it isn't healthy, but seems like a good idea to change the practice of Trick or Treating in the dark to an alternative.

DREAM - 6-27-00 - I was in an unknown city, riding in a car with a woman and her children.

We came to a place in the city where riot police were lined up. They stopped our car and ordered us women out of the car, leaving the children inside the car.

I was standing on the passenger side of the car with my hands on the ledge of the open window.

A black helmeted, black uniformed, black goggled policeman with a lazer type rifle ... pointed the gun straight at me.

I put my head down on my hands and closed my eyes and prayed to be spared. I was too afraid to lift my head to look at him and see what was going on for fear I would be shot on the spot.

I began to cry silently and woke up crying.

NOTE: These types of events have come to pass ... in Seattle, and in Canada

8-15-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had several kitchens side by side as well as extra sections of house that I've been in before. Kimber was in one of the small kitchens, showing a woman the design of the plate that held the 5 bladed ceiling fan to the ceiling. It was a 4 short armed cross with some fancy designs on it.

I pointed out to them as well as some others that this house had incredible symbolism built into it. I pointed at the woodwork in the corners which were like fleur de lis and other things around the room that were designed with fancy woodwork.

In the middle of the wall was a niche, almost like a fireplace except that there was a pure white lion in it laying down. I saw that the lion started to move as though he were alive ... then more and more and finally the lion stood up. Behind the lion, I then saw Bob the painter, dressed all in white. He put a leash on the lion and led him away through a room behind the niche in the wall.

I noted when I looked into a mirror that the hair on the top of my head was gone and I had male pattern baldness like my father had. I wondered if I needed to take some hormones, if that would make my hair grow back in. It didn't look bad, but I looked like my father from that direction.

I had inspected this house when I moved in three weeks ago and made a list of repairs that the house needed as well as things that needed cleaning up. The other people were just sitting around doing nothing and there was a lot to do, so I suggested that I show everyone the list and perhaps each person could choose one thing off the list and be responsible for repairing or cleaning. Some of the men in the house were carpenters and electricians and painters. No one had any objection to that so I said I would bring out the list.

I had to go to the bathroom and when I went to look of a bathroom where I thought it was, I found other kitchens. While I was looking, I was calling my daughter Jeanne. Other children were answering, but Jeanne did not. Finally, I discovered another larger white door that was almost closed and when I opened it all the way, I called my daughter and she came out of a room behind that door.

I asked Jeanne if she remembered what happened to the pinkish goldfish I had given to her to carry. She said that she had taken them out of her purse to carry and I recalled then at the same time that the plastic bag full of water and the three pink goldfish had come undone on a small children's table and died.

8-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with my children. All my clothes were hanging in a special closet so that my dresses could be separated into different colors so that none touched each other. Even those which were white with blue flowers were separated from those with green flowers or pink flowers.

I was in my bedroom which was somewhat dimly lit when I woke up was decorated in white with red roses on everything, quilts, curtains, even the floor.

Todd from 'One Life To Live' television show came to stay with us. He brought with him a toilet tissue roll (minus the paper) and inside of it was a red and black snake and a green and yellow parakeet.

After he left the room, I thought it best to let the snake and the bird out of the toilet tissue roll because there wasn't much air inside of it.

In my bedroom, I had a large platform on a table with a rim around it that held pure sand with colored stones for decoration every few inches. The stones were of various colors. I realized that releasing the snake, it could lay it's eggs in places I might not see, especially if it got off the table. I planned to buy a cage with fine wire grid to put the snake and birds in, but meanwhile I checked on the parakeet which was not in good condition. The red and black snake made it's way across the sand bed behind a rock all by itself, but the parakeet was gasping for air. At first I thought it was dead, but then I saw it gasping and knew it might make it.

As soon as the parakeet gasped for air, a red and black finch bird came flying out of the dark of the room onto the platform and began to encourage the green and yellow parakeet to breathe.

I was quite pleased and didn't foresee any problems.

I then went to check on my kids who were still sleeping, check out the room where Todd was staying, and double check the building itself to make sure it was okay and didn't need any repairs.

As I walked, I had a white quilt with powder blue flowers on it wrapped around me and trailing on the ground behind me.

I noted that my daughter's room door was almost closed ... just open a crack so I didn't bother her. My sons doors were wide open, but I could see them in their beds sound asleep. There rooms too were all decorated with white quilts with roses on them. The curtains and carpets were matching ... quilted carpets just like the bed. Todd's room was identical except he had brought all his stuff with him. I could tell he planned to stay awhile.

I went outside and found Todd out there with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He shouted, "What's this?" and raised his arm straight up into the air with his index pointed straight up. About half of the kids did the same thing. Todd laughed, "Two out of four isn't half bad! hahahahaha!!!!"

I wasn't about to play that game with him. I could he planned to try to control everyone to play his game. He wanted to reach the point where he said, "What's this?" and everyone would raise their arm and point at the sky. That's real control.

NOTE: Shades of Hitler? The Anti-Christ?

Red and Black Symbolism of China     Red and Black

9-5-00 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house on a corner on a hilly street in a big city. There were a lot of children in this house as well as adults, but it seemed to be a childcare place; there were so many kids. The house seemed to be all bare wood, like it was made of cedar boards.

Life was going on normally ... the kids were playing with toys everywhere and I saw dried bread crumbs mixed in with the stuff on the floor ... just like kids do normally.

I went out the side door of the house onto one street and saw that the high stairway coming up to the house had a crack between it and the ground next to it. There was a big old grey overstuffed livingroom chair sitting on the top step. (This was not a really neat place)

We went about our business of taking care of the kids and the next time I looked out that same door, the steps seemed to be over about an inch from where it had been. A little more time went by and when I looked out that same door again, the steps seemed to be over another inch.

I had a really strong feeling that the whole section of ground where the steps were was going to sink in within the week, and that the rest of the house would slide over into another shift within the year.

I was so certain of how I felt that I had to tell someone. I told one of the women and she said, "Oh! Jack is coming to look at that tomorrow." So I wasn't the only one who had seen this.

There was an older woman there named Margaret, and I pulled her aside and asked her to come with me so I could show her what I had noticed.

While we were walking through the house I made note that the entire house seemed to be slanted in the direction I thought that the land was going to shift, like it had shifted before in this place.

We got over to the particular door and I told her what I thought, and she said she had similar feelings about the land going to shift but that she thought it was going to happen within 5 years.

She walked away and as I stood there, the land started to sink exactly where I said it was going to. There were dozens of kids playing on the steps and the grass as it sank. I grabbed them and pushed them over to an area that wasn't sinking. As I grabbed kids, there were men sitting there on the non-sinking portion talking to each other and they didn't even help me save the kids. I hollered at them. "Can't you even see what is happening in front of your own eyes?" Then they noticed what was happening and started to help.

By now, the land had sunk about 20 feet and was still sinking. I was still grabbing more kids from the sinking land and saved the rest of them. The land stopped sinking but now I knew that the rest of the house was going to slide in the same direction within the week.

I went back into the house to tell the others. Nobody had noticed a thing. Women were sitting around reading magazines and kids were playing in the house just like before. I picked up some books and magazines I was interested in. One was a Spring garden catalog with large pink flowers on the cover. (These catalogs normally arrive in the late fall of the year)

I went over to a door that had black glass in it, which was a door to a bedroom where a woman and her husband slept. It was still early morning and I was afraid that they were sleeping, so I took a small flashlight and shone it through the glass to warn them that I was coming.

I opened the door and found that the woman was sitting up in bed reading a magazine and her husband had already gotten up and was in the bathroom. She looked very familiar to me, and she probably was the owner of this house we were in.

I went over to her and sat on the bed next to her, facing her. I told her a little timidly, "Margaret is teaching me to be a psychic. We already had a small shift in the land, and I feel that there will be an even larger shift within the week that will cause the whole house to shift and collapse."

And I woke up.

NOTE: This has a feeling of Seattle, Washington to me, but I can't be certain of that.

9-7-00 - DREAM - I was looking at lists of things that had already been done on a computer screen, looking at the links. Then when I came to the end of the list, there were like chapter titles of a book and I was trying to decide if it needed to be saved or not and left them there.

The scene changed and I was laying in bed with the covers over me except for my head, and an older man and a younger woman came in and stood around waiting for something that was going to happen. They went from window to window and then to a lamp which they turned on to see which would be the best light to look at something the man held in his hand written on paper. It seemed strange that they had come to town two days early and were just standing around in my bedroom.

A couple times, my children crawled into bed with me and snuggled under the warm blankets, but eventually, I had to get up and go do the laundry which was stacked in a corner.

I finally got up, and was trying to decide what to wear because I wanted to change the color of my clothes. I chose a green pair of slacks but there was a stain on the bottom of one leg so I couldn't wear that, so I stayed wearing what I had on until I could do the laundry.

While I was walking around, a very young girl looked at my closet doors and said she would like to build huge fish tanks there, but another man I couldn't see told her that the piping from the bathrooms was in the wrong place to do that.

The first young woman was then standing behind a counter like a perfume store clerk and I walked by and just said, "Hi!" I didn't notice if she replied.

I then went to a desk and was going through some records of old patterns and discovered that one had been destroyed and needed to be remade. It was for an impeller.

I then started to wake up and had a vision of a contract on white paper. I couldn't make out what the title was, but below it said, by Jane Roberts, November, 2000.

I woke up instantly, thinking ... "WOW!"

9-8-00 - VISION - I had a vision of a sheet of paper with a list of sentences on it. In a row it said,


Then the dreams started and in each dream, I woke up screaming hysterically because I wasn't in charge of my life.

In the most memorable dream, I went home from work to find my husband packing up everything in the house, including all the kids stuff. He was leaving me and moving elsewhere. He wouldn't say what was wrong at first, and finally I got it out of him that he had received a phone call that I had made two twenty minute stopovers in Hawaii to have a rendezvous with a man while I was gone on my trip.

I had a quick vision of a calendar and realized I had been gone for almost a year on a mission and my husband wasn't upset about my mission, but the phone calls he received told him I had made those 20 minutes stopovers to be with another man and that's why he was leaving me.

He was acting more and more violent and I was really worried for my safety and for the children, so I went to my highschool to tell the principal about what was happening to try to stop the process and get my life back.

I walked into the office and the principal was a policeman. He was walking around with his back to me and I couldn't get his attention. I kept saying, "Sir! ... Sir! ... Sir! ..."

The woman who worked for him said, "Don't even try to talk to him. He's too busy making phone calls to people and screwing with their lives."

Then I knew where my husband had received the phone calls from. The principal of my school had called my husband to tell him lies to mess up my life when I hadn't done anything wrong.

I woke screaming hysterically because my husband was taking my children from me.

NOTE: Where is the lesson in this? Where is the fairness? Is this how life really is? Is it totally out of our control?

I refused to go back to sleep and have the last dream. I wasn't going to go through this again.

9-17-00 - DREAM - I was taking care of tiny child wearing an orange dress. She was no bigger than a handful. She was crawling on the floor amongst other children who were normal size. I saw a milk bottle on the floor which was old milk. I decided I would wash out the bottle and give her fresh milk so she would grow. I took the bottle to the sink and began to pour water into it. Out of the top came bean sprouts which then developed black moldy growths. I pulled at the sprouts until the came out so I could put milk into it fresh.

I heard music coming from the hallway so I went to look. Next door some black people lived and the music they played was blasting out into the hallways that no one could hear anything else much less hear oneself think. I thought to myself that I would ask them to please turn their music down.

I turned around when I came back and the music was silent, so I didn't go there to talk to them.

I went back into my apartment and there stood a man who worked for me as a maintenance man. He was a survivor of the Bay of Pigs massacre. Most of his family had been killed in it. He came to America and eventually became a Navy Seal and was a Vietnam War Hero. He was holding the tiny child dressed in orange. He held her to his chest and was singing the hymn, "All Through the Night".

9-22-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place. It felt familiar but I don't know what state we were in. I was with family, but not my own family it seemed.

For some reason, we had chosen to be someone other than we were to see how it felt, and we were on an experimental farm also.

I was walking around outside with the others, looking at the crop rows, thinking that my own at home were far superior than these. Other people were more interested in other aspects of what was going on and were play acting to be other types of people. The idea was to experience how it was to be someone else.

In my case, I had drunk some fluid that made my skin dark, so I looked like a black woman. Other people treated me like a black woman, but I was amazed that I still felt like myself inside. I didn't feel black. I felt like myself. But people treated me like I was someone else. They weren't treating me bad, but they weren't treating me like they used to. I was the most amazed that I felt like my white self and not like a black woman. It was quite confusing in that I expected to feel different because I had black skin and I didn't.

We were in the house then, and my husband and his two buddies were upstairs in the bedroom, taking the walls out to remodel it. It seemed that because I had dark skin, the men treated me like they would treat a black woman, much different than they treated their wives who were young, pretty, and the mothers of their children.

Perhaps they didn't realize that my husband was working with them and that I was only black because I was going through an experiment. They looked at me like they would like to sleep with me, but it wasn't as though they would love me ... just want sex. I had to look at the color of my arms every so often so remind myself that I wasn't the real me on the outside. I was being treated much different.

When the work was done, the men and their wives and kids all gathered in the livingroom to relax and wind down. I came down into the livingroom after the others had settled down and I made note that my skin hadn't turned back to white ... I was still dark.

My husband introduced me when I walked into the room. The people in the room were quite astounded to know that I was the wife and not the house slut or whatever they thought. It certainly wasn't with the same thoughts as they treated themselves. I had caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was thin like them, and had long hair like they did. The only difference between me and them was the color of my skin.

I went upstairs then to change clothes back into my normal clothes. There were other women on the stairs, also going upstairs to get back into their regular clothes. We all had to make adjustments to go up the stairs because their wasn't room for everyone to go up the stairs at different speeds, so one would have to move aside to let one go up who was going faster, etc.

Here again, I knew I could change my clothes, but I couldn't change the color of my skin and that would always make me different.

10-21-00 - DREAM - I was in the country with a bunch of people. We were on one side of a valley with some tiny children - 4" tall or so - and we had to construct new shoes for them in a pond. Somehow the pond 'fried' the shoes which were like coating a piece of fish (don't ask me what that means) On the other side of the valley I saw some kids or young men walking on loose rock and the whole side of the mountain slid down. I worried if anyone was killed in the landslide when it happened again and once again. I could still see other people running around on the loose rock, but I couldn't tell if anyone had died in the landslides or not. I don't see how they could not.

11-25-00 - DREAM - I was in the upstairs bedroom in New Berlin. My kids were all there, very young, but there were other people and their kids there too.

I had a young girl baby I put a cute little pink baby hat on and I wanted to make it look like she was a girl maintenance man and then take her picture. I couldn't get her posed fast enough to get the other woman to take her picture, and she kept messing around with herself sexually with broken dark blue crayons and then some little boy babies that looked Spanish all lined up in front of her to have their picture taken also. The woman who was supposed to take their picture never did take the picture and my little girl baby climbed under the bed and made herself a little maintenance room under the bed instead.

I was supposed to be doing the laundry. I wanted to take all the sheets off the bed, wash them and put them back on the beds so that everyone could jump with joy to get in bed to sleep at night. But as I stripped the beds to take the sheets to the laundry, I saw that my children had mixed up the clean clothes and dirty clothes so I had to sort it all out so I wouldn't have to rewash everything. I was really distressed by now.

I went into the boys bedroom and there was about a thousand pairs of bluejeans strewn all over the bed. I dreaded having to wash all that.

I went into another bedroom and discovered clean towels mixed with dirty clothes and as I was sorting through it, I found a light green pillow with a brown Teutonic cross that was crushed so I'd have to wash it just to fluff it up.

NOTE: I discovered that my Knights Templar page wasn't finished either when I turned on my computer. They use a red Teutonic cross. (The brown would represent the earth plane)

I could hear all the kids downstairs, all excited getting ready to go to school and waiting for the school bus to arrive.

But I woke up all upset for having to redo all the laundry I thought was done.

11-26-00 - THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL - I was living in a nice house or apartment. During the early morning hours, I heard three descending tones quite loudly coming from my radio. Those tones reminded me that not everyone had the same communication that I did, and what remained was going to be shut off.

Everyone's house had a large grey box in their houses where the electricity came in. If this was shut off, nobody would have communication with the outside world through their radios.

There was an election going on in which the outcome was to be a certain way and when it was over, there was another box inside everyone's home that was going to be shut off. This box was small and was colored red. Once the lever in the red box was shut off, nobody would remember that there was something to remember that they weren't supposed to know. This was the ultimate mind control box.

I went into my own livingroom and realized that there were certain radio stations on my radio that nobody needed to hear so they were shut off and wouldn't be heard anymore. People with televisions which had 'V' chips in them will know and computers with children controls on them will understand that 'control' is coming.

I wanted to tell the people this news but who would believe me? It wouldn't be long before someone came to the house to shut off the little red box and even I wouldn't remember what it was to tell.

But I was expecting a couple of women to come to visit at lunch time so I would start with them and see how it went. During the morning I busied myself with cleaning a little, sorting laundry, etc. I was really tired by the time noon came close and my visitors would arrive.

Finally, the first guest arrived, and I didn't want to tell just her so decided to wait until the other woman arrived and would tell them together so I waited.

To my surprise, more than one woman arrived ... several came together. I wasn't prepared for more guests and I felt a little guilty that my house wasn't perfect. I knew that their house wasn't perfect either, but I didn't want mine to be worse than theirs.

But, more people started coming into the house. These people were all dreamers ... they would understand my story if I put it into the form of a dream. But they all had dreams of their own to tell and I wanted to be polite and listen to their dreams. I would get my turn. So the women started to tell their dreams in turn.

One of the men sat by the radio and I heard him sing the three descending tones so I wasn't the only one who heard them. I could now tell my story and it would be believed.

Then some men dreamers came and I was about to tell my story which was now going to be in the form of a dream, but one of the men started to tell his dream and I still couldn't tell my 'dream'.

All of a sudden it was noon, so I asked everyone if they would like some coffee. I wasn't prepared for that, so went to make the coffee. My friend Cary, who was a psychologist said that she wanted her coffee with a special raw egg cracked into the center of the cup. She had already picked out the egg and it was in the refrigerator.

I told her that was fine, but then I had to find the perfect cup so it had room for the egg. That set me out on another search through the cupboards for the perfect cup for her before I could tell my story which was now a 'dream'.

As I went through the dish rack and cupboards, I was finding beautiful crystal, fancy dishes like gravy boats, and vases, sugar and creamers, but no coffee cups that would hold a raw egg in the coffee. Finally I found a dish that was more a soup cup but it would at least hold the egg.

I then went to make the coffee. The coffee pot was in the livingroom because it was fancy and had a long spout on it and was for serving coffee to guests.

But I hadn't used the coffee pot in quite some time and when I picked it up, to my dismay there was a spider making a web in the spout. I was horrified so took the coffee pot to the sink to clean off the spider web. It seemed the more I pulled the faster the spider worked and I found fresh cedar boughs in the crook of the handle and it took me a long time to finally get the spider web off the coffee pot.

But I looked into the spout of the coffee pot and I saw three tiny snails and then some tiny fish in it. I couldn't serve coffee this way so I took it to the sink to pour hot water through it and rinse out the snails and the fish.

My son Ken was sitting in the livingroom under a bright light and I warned him that I was pouring hot water so he wouldn't get scalded by accident.

But when I shook the spout to dislodge the snails and the fish, they grew even larger and now I had an angel fish and an oscar in the coffee pot spout.

I shook it even harder and the fish turned into a large black and white cow.

I was never going to be able to serve the coffee so I could tell my story which was now a dream, and I got so frustrated, I woke up.

12-5-00 - At the end of this dream as I was waking up, I saw the words ... memorize this ... "A purple spleck on a ....."

DREAM - I was living in a house with many other people, including children and adults. My mother said she was going to go into the basement to do laundry. Another woman a few minutes later said the same thing.

I went into the kitchen to fold blankets and laundry so that we could eat breakfast. There were blankets everywhere, towels, washcloths, etc. Besides that people were standing around talking to me.

I could hear the washer in the basement which was off balance. It would start and stop as my mother or the other woman would move the load of laundry around in the machine to balance it.

I was attempting to fold blankets and towels and make piles of them on the kitchen table. None of them were even ... there were straggled corners and limp ends and the piles would kind of flop over into each other.

The kids were annoying and getting in the way. I told them to go to their room for awhile and they went into the wrong bedroom. I went into the bedroom to admonish them and it was dark in there. I discovered that they hadn't gone into the bedroom, they had gone outside to play at a neighbor's house.

I was getting angry that they wouldn't obey me, then decided I was better off temporarily that I didn't have to watch them, the neighbor could watch them.

I went back to the kitchen to fold laundry again, and discovered that some of this stuff was really old and limp, had holes in it, etc. and wondered why I was even keeping it. I decided to be grateful to have it and shut up.

Some neighbor kids came into the house then and started to walk through the kitchen. I was so frustrated by then, I was thinking, "If they ask for something to eat I'm going to kill them!!!!" but then thought, "I can't think like that, this isn't their fault." Meanwhile boxes of pencils, pens, and other writing things were falling over and I had to set them aside.

I was just going to carry a pile of blankets to the bedroom, when an old woman handed Joe a small saucepan, large enough to cook something for about a 1/2 a person. Besides that it was really old, part of the side was bent over, and there were water built up in a pile on one side that looked like a stalagmite from a million years. I knew I'd never use it and almost told Joe to throw it away, when I picked up a glass of water to take a drink and the glass I was using was in the same condition. It had stalagmites in it that were taller than the kettle the woman had just given us.

I was so frustrated by now, I wanted to cry.

As I was waking up, I saw the words, "Memorize this ... "A purple spleck on a ..... "

I woke up more exhausted than when I went to sleep. And more frustrated.

12-7-00 - I'd have to say that the night was one of the more pleasant nights I've had in a long time. All the dreams were positive and uplifting.

The first dream was about my recognizing that I had the healing touch and that by touching someone, their pain would go away.

The second dream was about people being on the path and that more paths were being developed in the countryside. The paths went in several directions and were developed from old railway track right of ways.

The third dream was about being on a path and that the path was strewn with a white powder so that it was easy for everyone to follow. I just had to make sure that I didn't get too far to the right on the path and fall off a cliff. Everyone was young and happy along the path.

The fourth dream took place in a house with other women which I can't make too much sense of. I was making sure that the children's jackets were hanging in the right place, that the towels and new pink washcloths were put in the proper drawers. I then took the garbage outside and all I had was a single green bean can. I laughed when I went outside and told my husband, "I don't know why I felt compelled to take out the garbage... it was only one can." The men and boys were all outside playing on the lawn while the women were in the house.

I showed an apartment to some kids. The light was a little dim in the place. The kids didn't care. I told them there would be more light when they moved in. They understood that that would be the case also.

When I went outside, the weather was perfect, warm and breezy. I met a man who asked me how I was feeling and I told him that the weather was perfect. I was walking along pain free and happy with the wind blowing in my face. That's about the best I've felt in a long time.

Unfortunately, then I had to wake up.

12-11-00 - DREAM - In the beginning I remember walking a long way in the dark, going to a school ... can't remember what I did there, then walked all the way back home in the dark. I have a memory of having my photograph taken there. In one photo was a full shot where I was sitting on a low wall with another woman which overlooked a huge valley. I was wearing a pink and white flowered dress. That looked good, but I was wearing a red haired wig with long curls and when I looked at the photo I didn't particularly like the hair. I then saw a photo of just my head where the head was cut off and someone commented that the picture should have been expanded to show the hair. I was rather proud of how far I had walked.

I was then alternately cleaning the house, getting ready to do laundry, and laying out my blue bathrobe on the floor in the front hall, preparing to go upstairs and my four infant babies who were very small. I had to make sure I had four baby bottles so I could feed them.

I heard my older children come home from school, but they didn't come into the house. I went to the back porch which was enclosed. I noted that the back door was not locked. There on the enclosed porch, my children were watching a small television I had bought them. I asked them why they hadn't come into the house. They said they were playing checkers ... on a red and black board.

I pointed out to them that I had installed a new black telephone for them to call each other from the back hall to the upstairs bedrooms so they didn't have to yell through the house at each other. They were very pleased at that. I told them, "All you have to do is yell ' phone ' and then pick up the phone and you can talk quietly to each other on the phone. They really liked that gift.

Then I seemed to have a vision, but this may be part of the dream, but I don't think so. I was given 4 books for children to read , 'My First Jewish Child's Prayers', 'The Kama Sutra', 'Farlist', and 'These are the things I did in College, read this so you don't have to be sent to the Dean'. The Jewish Child's Prayers was a small white child's size book, the other three were paperbacks about 6 x 8 inches and were very shiny covers in a yellow/brown tone.

12-12-00 - DREAM - This had a nightmarish quality. I was planning to leave home because I was unhappy there. My children were each coming to me in turn to tell me that my Father/husband was abusing them. Secretly, each in turn, I took my children aside in their bedrooms and whispered to them that they should start getting some clothes together because we were going to run away together. My son Ken who had the most clothes, but nothing that fit really well, said that he was going take 3 garbage bags full. The others didn't specify what or how much they were going to take but said they would be ready. We would leave quickly and suddenly with no warning.

At one point, I was driving down a hill quite fast and we had to stop when we came to a long narrow stone bridge. The roadway down was flooded with dark water so we had to wait until all the people coming up the roadway were off the bridge. There was a very long line.

Before anyone could cross that bridge, they had to write down who they were and where they lived and the reason they needed to cross the bridge. My son Ken wrote ... 'running away to die'. I thought to myself, "At least he's honest".

At one point, I was in a parking lot where there was a blue Volkswagen car. It belonged to my Father. I went over to the car and saw that there were two sets of keys in the car. One was my Fathers keys, and one set belonged to Joe. I wanted to duplicate a set of my Father's keys, but decided I should leave Joe's keys there. This was a plan for the future, and I had to figure out how I was going to duplicate my Father's keys.

At the end, I was going down the house stairs to go outside and a friend of mine from church named Judy, who was considered a big mucky-muck type person there, whispered to me that she was going to call me at 4:30. My Father said, "What did she say?" I told him honestly, "She's going to call me at 4:30". He merely answered, "Oh!" I thought it best to be honest than tell a lie and make him even more suspicious of me.

12-25-00 - DREAM - I was working for an organization that oversees charity work ...I was sort of an attorney or advocate who investigated various people who were asking for money or other acts of help. My job was to judge in advance whether a group or individuals were working for the 'good' or 'evil' in asking for money.

One group worked on the pyramid plan, and I fell for that one 3 times myself, to my own embarrassment.

There are some groups and individuals I will withhold so as not to embarrass or encourage them, but there were good ones in this dream as well as bad ones.

At the end I was in front of the ultimate judge Oprah Winfrey. I was able to assist her in seeing that she wasn't always right in turning away people who were asking for help, because she didn't have the time to spend with them on an individual basis like I did.

On the other hand, a couple organizations which I saw as nuisances were highly looked on by other people. for one reason or another of personal preference.

At the end, some people came in and showed us that they had collected $13.46 for children and that was a good case.

On the other hand, a woman who Oprah saw as a mental hospital escapee, I took the woman into the bathroom and made her look into a mirror, and the woman came back into her normal self. That was a feeling of triumph.

The last case I was privy to was a case where some people were asking for money from Oprah and Oprah told them, 'You were supposed to turn in a report on May 1, 1946."

That was quite a shock and I woke up with that date fresh in my mind.

1-3-2001 - DREAM - I had three short dreams where people were preparing for the 'Ceremony of the Golden Lion'.

The lions that I saw in these rehearsals were not the real lions, but similar to stuffed lions in outline and blueprint.

The last scene took place in an apartment building I was managing.

I was standing in the hallway between two elevators. The drycleaner had just come and hung the men's pants like banners on a rod that was across the elevator door on the end of the hallway.

One of the men in the building went past to go up the other elevator and we talked about the drycleaning hanging on the rod. One of them was so long, I only came up to the knees on the pants. The man would have had to have been at least 24 or 25 feet tall I estimated. They were maroon corduroy.

I decided I would do the men a favor and deliver the drycleaning to the men who lived upstairs, so I got on the elevator which was all maroon plush carpeted.

To my surprise, because I didn't press any buttons, the elevator only went up one floor. I had already been on the 12th floor and got off the elevator on the 13th floor. (I don't know how many floors there were)

But, when I got off the elevator, I realized that the drycleaning had been hanging on the rod and it stayed on the 12th floor and I didn't have it with me. I also realized that I didn't know which pair of pants went to which man. They would have to pick them up themselves on the 12th floor.

On the 13th floor, a whole bunch of people were coming out of various apartments. They were talking about going on a journey. The cars were already packed and all they wanted to do was to stop and do a little Christmas shopping before they got into the car.

These people looked rather familiar but I didn't know their names. I didn't see any apartment numbers on the doors either.

Some of the people were going down the elevator, and some were walking down. I was wearing high heeled shoes but decided I would walk down. The only other problem was that the stairway went to an emergency exit and it was the type of exit that had no key to go back in so I had to go around to the front of the building again to get back in the building. I didn't have my keys with me and hoped someone would recognize me and let me back into the building.

I got out the emergency door and saw that it was pouring rain. I had a large, heavy white umbrella rolled up in my right hand, but didn't open it to walk around to the front of the building. It was raining but it wasn't raining on me. It didn't seem to be raining on the other people going on the journey either.

NOTE: The Lion Ceremony: After the death of the fifth patriarch, Tsung-mi, in 841, Hua-yen declined during the general suppression of Buddhism that ensued in China. But it greatly influenced the development of Neo-Confucianism (a significant movement in Chinese thought beginning in the 11th century) and is regarded by many as the most highly developed form of Chinese Buddhist thought. It was brought into Japan by pupils of Fa-tsang and an Avatamsaka missionary from central India during the period from about 725 to 740 and began a vital and important development there that has continued down to the present day. The most significant doctrine associated with this school is the theory of causation by dharma-dhatu--i.e., that all of the elements arise simultaneously, that the whole of things creates itself, that ultimate principles and concrete manifestations are interfused, and that the manifestations are mutually identical. Thus, in Fa-tsang's example of the golden lion in the imperial palace, gold is the essential nature or principle (li) and lion is the particular manifestation or form (shih); moreover, as gold, each part or particle expresses the whole lion and is identical with every other part or particle. When this model is applied to the universe, it suggests that all phenomena are the expressions of the ultimate suchness or voidness, while at the same time they retain their phenomenal character; each phenomenon is both "all" and "one." All the constituents of the world (the dharmas) are interdependent, cannot exist independently, and each of them possesses a sixfold nature: universality, speciality, similarity, diversity, integration, and differentiation.


1-3-2001 - I got really tired while researching the above references to the golden lion ceremony, so went to bed and had this dream:

DREAM - I was sitting in a lawn chair on the porch of my house at a big intersection where there was lots of traffic It was on the northwest corner of Teutonia and Center Sts.. I was watching the people go by and talking with my children.

A man named David came along (I used to work with him at AC in the 70's) I started to tell him my dream about the ceremony of the golden lion and that it was probably connected either to Buddhism or the Templars, but it was probably the Templars. He agreed that it was probably the Templars.

I realized that I was wearing my green and white bathrobe and had a hideous scarf on my head and didn't want to walk down the sidewalk to my apartment like that, so I took off my robe, looking down to make sure I was fully dressed. I was wearing a red long sleeved sweater and light brown pants. I had socks on I think, but didn't look that far.

I stood up and took off my bathrobe to carry it with me, and David followed me, carrying some research books, one of which looked like a large black Bible. I picked up my children's socks, and the children, David and I went behind the corner house to my apartment building on Teutonia Ave.

I wanted to pick up my mail before I went into the apartment. I took out my keys and found the little 't' shaped mailbox key. Instead of opening the closed mailboxes below, I opened a mailbox on the top which had a fancy black grill over the front. I saw inside that there were post-it notes people had left for me, a small rolodex full of names and addresses, and someone had left a nasty old car ashtray full of nasty crumpled smoked cigarette butts and matchbooks that were white with black writing. I didn't look at what the matches or the notes or rolodex said.

I took the ashtray and set it aside, remarking, "Who would leave such a nasty thing in my mailbox?" I took all the rest with me to the door of the apartment.

I then opened my apartment door, remembering rumours I had heard about David, that he would go and stay anywhere that people would feed him. I thought about that while I was taking the scarf off my head and looking in the mirror while combing my hair with a small 3 toothed comb. My hair was getting lighter as I combed ... from black at the beginning to almost blonde when I was done. I said to myself, "I'm beginning to look almost human."

David was in the background, it seemed that he was getting ready to help me do the research on the ceremony of the golden lion. I was going to go on the internet and look again for 'ceremony golden lion Templars.' I knew I'd find what I needed there. I also decided to do it on Alta Vista so I could eliminate terms I didn't want to wade through.

At the same time I was remembering a place I had been to the day before and wondered if I could find it again. (I think I probably dreamed it and forgot the dream) While I was thinking about this, I saw that David had opened 3 windows half way and the curtains and shades were pulled half way. The shades were light brown with fleur de lis on them. I saw through the bottom half of the window that there was a huge expanse of green lawn outside and this was jogging my memory of where I had been ... in the country ... seemingly up a mountainside or at least on some high hills ... on a winding road until I came to a lake with a castle-like building. This is where the ceremony had been held. It was most likely France.

I then closed the left-most window, and left the right-most window and the center window open because they had screens on them and I didn't have to worry about the kids or myself falling out of them.

I opened my eyes in the real world, surprised to find myself there, and thinking about the place in France I had been just yesterday and if I could find it again.

NOTE: Altavista didn't find it but Google did.

Orders of Chivalry in France

1-18-01 - DREAM - I was working in the garage/maintenance area of A-C. I was cleaning up and straightening out the area. My family was outside in the sunshine, working on the yard, and even my grandchildren were there visiting, watching TV, and playing over at the house area where I lived across the yard from where I was working.

The men were working on a silver vehicle which looked like it had been rolled in an accident numerous times. They were sanding on the body like they were going to repaint it, but it was nowhere ready for painting.

The men walked back outside and I was left there by myself, looking at the painting area and looking at the various colors of paint that were available. I could see that they didn't have all the colors there and I knew that they sold 250 different colors, so I planned to get some more colors. I was holding a little bottle of orange paint, but I needed other colors as well.

Then just as two women were walking into the area and who needed information, I could hear popping sounds and they said that the men outside were shooting at mice. I knew that mice had been a problem, but didn't advocate shooting them, so went outside to see what was going on. I told the women I'd be right back. I went outside and it seemed that there was smoke out there a little that was dispersing. I didn't see the men. I saw a lawn mower that was seemingly running by remote control, going up and back across the lawn by itself ... it looked rather like a vacuum cleaner than a mower.

Over farther on the lawn, I could see three dogs playing, or fighting. Two dogs were dragging a third dog back and forth across the lawn. In the other direction, I could see little cats, or rabbits or other animals playing. There were no people at all. I didn't have time to look for them, so went back into the maintenance area to talk to the women.

One woman, who was shorter and thinner was sitting at a table with a tax booklet in her hands and scribbling numbers on the inside back cover, trying to figure out what she owed in taxes. She said that when she changed jobs, the new company hadn't changed the W2 form and she didn't know how to figure this out. I saw that she worked for the company. I said, "Why don't you just go talk to them about your taxes. Then at least you'll be talking to an expert." She said, "Oh yeah! That's probably a good idea." She picked up her tax booklet and left.

The other woman, who reminded me of my daughter-in-law Becky, was short and stocky. She had a little informational booklet in her hand and a sample diaphragm made of gauze or something which looked rather like a potato chip folded over. She said she needed more information about the diaphragm and how it worked in the water system.

I told her that the main office would have more information about it and I needed to go over there anyway and see if any faxes had come in for me. I had just looked at a blue folder of information where I put my telephone numbers including a fax number on when I took this job and the number I saw ended in 3600 ... so I walked with her through the shop area out to the street on the other side of the building.

There were big brown steel doors on the building. I wanted to close the door but not lock it as I would have to get back in, so I made sure I wasn't locked out and then walked up the street with her. As we left the building, her boyfriend who was a chubby black guy came up to us and then walked with us back to the main A-C office building up the street. She had actually parked right in front of the office building. I don't know why she had walked all the way around the block to the maintenance area where I was working.

However, the office building had three doors ... two large double-sized ones which were open and a single sized door for people to walk through next to it, but it was closed. I could have just walked into the open doors, but chose to physically open the narrow door and go through that one. The girl followed me through the narrow door as well.

We were now in A-C's mall area and it was plush and felt strange, heavy air, and rather claustrophobic to me, like there wasn't enough oxygen in the air. I asked the girl if she had ever been there before and she said, "No!"

I walked over to the right where the information desk was. The first place was more like 5 rows of desks that was like a check-out area. It was rather dingy and dim there. It was definitely an unpleasant area. To the right of that was a heavy brown wooden desk-like area that several women worked behind. This was where you could ask for information.

Despite the fact that several women worked behind the desk, a woman in a gray suit came up to me from behind and asked if she could help. I held out the little booklet and the diaphragm to her and indicated that the other woman needed more information about the diaphragm I had in my hand. The two women then started talking some technical jargon about hard dispersion and soft dispersion of water. I rather stopped listening as I didn't feel I needed to know those things. It only took a moment anyway. The woman I had brought over there left and the grey-suited woman looked to me to see if I needed anything else.

I told her that I worked upstairs in the office and needed to go up there. She nodded and turned away. I opened a narrow wooden door that I assumed went upstairs. It was next to a double-wide door that slid sideways and was closed, like a supply closet. I opened the narrow door and behind it was like a stairway with the stairs turned up on end. But the stairs were so narrow, no human foot could stand on them. I could hear voices above and knew that it was probably only meant for people to come down ... not for people to go up it.

Next to that was another narrow door which I opened and that too had like a narrow opening that went upstairs and I could hear voices above, but there was no way to get a foot hold to climb up there either. So I gave up in frustration and woke up.

NOTE: I think this dream was about myself and my status of health and the fact that I was working on pulling in colors and sounds for healing. The diaphragm with the soft dispersion and hard dispersion of water is also used in the body when food and water are dispersed in the body.

1-10-01 - This was a mid-morning nap. It was so cold in the house, I decided to get under the covers and warm up. (Trying to save electricity for the California electric crisis. Grrrr! )

DREAM - I was in a city somewhere and planned to take my kids for a ride in the car. They were pretty young ... all under 7 it seemed. I stated out in a car. I was behind the wheel, ready to drive and the kids were just getting into the car.

My youngest son Bill had my purse and brought it to the car. It's an open top bag ... full to the top with books and everything one could imagine putting into a purse. He was going to fling it upsidedown over his head to throw it on the seat and at the last moment decided he'd better not do that and gently set it on the seat. I thanked him profusely for being gentle with it.

There was a sudden flash scene or a vision where I saw another car that was coming my way and it seemed to be a good idea to chase it. However, I then noticed I was driving a school bus, not a car and I was sitting at least one quarter of the way back in the bus and there was no way for my feet to reach the peddles. There was nothing between me and the wheel. I was just too far back to drive it. That felt really dumb when I realized that.

Then my Father showed up and wanted to ride along and I really felt strange trying to give my Father a ride in a school bus. He didn't even approve of women drivers to start with. ( I just threw that in for emphasis :-) )

I scooted my chair closer to the front so my feet reached the peddles. I was ready to go and put my foot on the gas and nothing happened. I then noticed I hadn't put the key into the ignition. I had to get up and go back farther in the bus to get the keys out of my purse and noticed that it was snowy outside and the driveway behind the bus was really narrow . The bus would fit through the high snow banks, but it would be really difficult.

I decided we'd better not do anything so foolish as to drive the bus through the narrow snowbanks and up a highway to chase a small car. Bad idea.

So, I got out of the bus and was standing on the sidewalk. Sam Rappaport the attorney from 'One Life to Life' TV show came by and showed me a tree that was more like a flagpole. The tree had pictures in black and white that were drawn by children over time. The larger ones were at the top with several people on them, but lower down the tree were pictures of individual people doing good deeds. There were just one person in each of those pictures. I admired them.

I heard someone say, "Emma always gets to do those things."

I started to think who Emma was and thought perhaps it was the name of someone that you saw by looking at it upsidedown or backwards ... not the real name ... like I AM, or ME AM or something like that. I didn't figure it out fast enough and woke up.

1-12-01 - If one has to have crappy dreams for a couple days before one is allowed to have a dream like this, it's worth it. In this dream, every person I ever knew or ever dreamed about was in it, ... at least some were that I recognized,... and probably every person in the city of Milwaukee was there ... or I miss my guess. I don't even know exactly where this took place . It seemed all familiar, like my backyard at home, yet nothing was familiar either.

DREAM: This was my graduation party and we held it in the garden in the back yard ... yeah ... right! My back yard was never this large. It seemed that thousands of people came to my party ...

But before we get to that, before the party, we had to plan the party, and to do that I went to visit another large formal garden near Lake Michigan it seemed. There was acres and acres of every imaginable kind of flower there, and after we went through the formal gardens, we went into the building where they kept souvenirs and private collections of Object d'Art. This woman had collections of ceramic and stone art statues of every imaginable size and color. There were so many, you couldn't enumerate them, nor even look at them all. One table in the middle of the room had thousands upon thousands of them. I couldn't imagine how she could even have picked them all up herself, and then ... who dusted them. Probably, with the money she had, someone else did it anyway.

We then went home and some time must have passed because I was watching people getting the area ready for the party, watching a woman vacuum a huge stairway ... she was practically flying with the vacuum cleaner with the cord behind her ... like watching her silver cord stream behind her. I was wishing I had that much energy. I actually lay my head down on a stair as I sat at the bottom of the stairs.

A young girl told me that the party was ending as I was sitting on the stairs. I obviously didn't hob nob with the people at the party while they were there. I probably napped through it. I went back to the party and people were leaving, so I was picking up things and moving them around. I found plants that a gardener had planned to plant and didn't so I was rescuing those plants and bringing them back to a central spot where I could plant them in another place.

There were people taking souvenirs home. One woman, who was the pastor's wife from my home church in New Berlin, WI, picked up a huge blue see-thru water pitcher and took it with her. After she turned around, I spotted two other blue glass water pitchers that were crystal and I was going to tell her she could have those too, but she was not treating me very nice at that moment, she was only looking to see what she could take with her, so I kept them for myself.

In other places were all these little statuettes all over the place in the gardens, and now I knew how the other woman got hers. They were left overs from garden parties. I spotted a little greenish gold Buddha and I picked him up to take him to the house. I wasn't going to miss that one. It seemed he was plastic though, rather than ceramic like the others.

It was later in the day by now and people were leaving. I was being asked by people who were leaving if I had seen so n so and I had to admit I hadn't, (the last name was Anderson) but they swore they had been there. It was about 7:30 p.m. but the sun was shining still. (The time of the dream was really 7:30 a.m.)

I walked to the exit place as people were leaving the party and met some people I've met in other dreams. A couple of them were being carried in the arms of another person because they were disabled. We greeted each other and I said, "Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you in a couple years!" and we kissed each other on the cheek. We were all so happy to see each other. Actually, most of the people at the party I didn't even know by name... they just looked familiar.

Finally, I turned around to go back inside as latecomers were arriving for the party, and I was like in a theatre lobby type area, and a tall, handsome man came in, dressed all in gold ... including his head, hair, face, everything was gold ... rather like the Golden guy from the Academy Awards. He had long golden cords attached to his suit and he pinned them to me so I was like tied to him. I said, "I feel so proud to be attached to you." He smiled and approved of what I had said and others said I deserved it. :-) .

At this point, there was another latecomer. He was supposed to be like my boyfriend or something. He looked familiar but I don't know his name. We were walking together until we came to a wall where you had to climb some stairs and then slide down the other side. The stairs were made of soft carpet-like material so they squished down as you stepped on them, so it was hard climbing this stairs. Then, on the other side, I had to slide down a red slide and then walk on the sidewalk again. People were doing this going both ways. There were adults and children alike here. It was difficult, but still fun.

At the other end of the red slide there were bathrooms. I saw a man go into the men's bathroom, and I thought , "As long as I'm here I may as well go into the ladies room," but there didn't seem to be a ladies room, just a men's room. Another door was opened by some men who went through it, but there was nowhere for women to go .... I just couldn't figure out why that was. It didn't seem fair at all.

I started to wake up, and realized I had been dreaming, and thinking, "Oh wow! It was my graduation ... ", but I kept my eyes closed and I was still seeing people. A woman dressed in blue came and sat down in front of me and asked me to bless her baby. I did that. Then I was seeing a woman, dressed in white or pale gold ahead of me, rather showing me the way back home. There was like a forest ahead of me, but many trees were cut down before the forest itself began, but the farther we walked, the more trees were cut down before the forest began ... there didn't seem to be any end to that ... and so I decided it was time to wake up for good and be grateful for the graduation party.

1-16-01 - DREAM - This whole dream was about dieting also. It started out that I was in bed sleeping, and awoke in the morning ... it must have been late, though I don't know what time it was ... the baby hadn't been fed in a long time.

There were other people in the bedroom who also had to be fed, but the baby was my priority to start with.

I got the baby up, who was sleeping under my bed. He wasn't so small afterall, and appeared to be about 3 years old. I woke him up and took him with me towards the kitchen. Nothing in this dream occurred in slow motion, but everything occurred slowly. It took me forever to do anything. I got distracted at every turn. I would start to do something and get sidetracked and do something else, then remember I was there to do the original thing, then would go back to it again. It was very frustrating ... but I took it in stride and wasn't getting upset.

On the way to the kitchen, I went past a door where two women were sitting at a somewhat darkened restaurant, waiting to be served ice cream. I asked them if they had been served yet, and they said, "No!' I said I would take care of it. They thought I was going to do it myself, but all I did was pass along the message to the man who was the cook and restaurant owner. I felt guilty for doing that, but at least the women would get what they were waiting for.

I finally made it to the kitchen, which was white and stark.

Before I fed the baby, I decided I should make coffee for everyone. First I had to find the coffee maker, which was in another room. The hallway was long between the kitchen and the room where the coffee maker was. I had so much energy I was dancing to rock n roll music both ways.

When I found the coffee maker, it was bare bones and didn't have a basket in it to put coffee ground in it. While I was standing there, I decided I could do things faster if I took off my high heeled shoes and wear sneakers or go barefoot, so I took off the shoes. I danced all the way back through the hall to the kitchen with the coffee maker.

Then I had to find the coffee pot, the metal one, where the basket was. That was in another room. Before I went there however, a darker skinned man appeared in the kitchen, waiting to be served coffee. I put my hand on his shoulder like I was going to ask him to do something for me,... but though I would have asked had I thought what it was ... he went with me all the way to the bedroom and I never thought what it was I wanted to ask him what to do. It seemed to me he was a smaller Jewish man ... but I can't swear to it.

We got to the bedroom, and saw that my husband's dresser was so full of shoes, and there were so many toys on top, the man asked me what that was all for. I told him that my husband had collected them over the years but never wore any of them. There were three huge drawers so full of men's shoes, the drawers couldn't even close. On top of the dresser were toys that were for my children, but were from other children and had never been played with. Over on the side of the room were toys, that were larger and had never been played with either. While I was looking at all this, I was still trying to think what I wanted to ask this man to do and never thought of it.

On the way back to the kitchen, near the larger toys, was a table with two sewing machines on it ... an old one and a newer one. Someone had tried to use it and red thread was all wound up and twisted down on the platen in a series of geometric figures, like figure 8's and 16's, etc. Someone there ... or the dark man ... said that I should throw out the sewing machine and get a new one ... but I knew that there was nothing wrong with the sewing machine ... one only had to know how to use it properly and I could rethread it and sew with it just fine.

We got back to the kitchen, which seemed to be a different kitchen, next to the other one. It now had a large window in it and some women had decorated it with lovely yellow lace curtains and the whole room had a yellow glow to it. It was really lovely.

I then went to an office or two offices ... not quite sure. One had my desk in it and one had my bosses desk in it. My boss had picked up his mail and opened it and dumped it on the floor behind his chair. I wanted to pick it up and go through it and see what kind of mail he had received, but there wasn't time to do that. It seemed that my boss was a lawyer. His briefcase was on the desk. I don't know where he was at the moment. I was scrubbing off his desk ... it seemed there was sticky stuff on it, like spilled ice cream. I scrubbed that off and dusted off the desk, then left the room again.

On my own desk, I just made sure it was cleaned off and that everything was done.

On the way back from the office, I decided that it was more elegant to wear high heeled shoes and put them back on again. As I left the room, I had to jump down off a high brick wall and land on my feet which I managed to do. It seemed there was a man watching me, but he was behind me and I couldn't really see him. I think it was someone I used to work with named David. He was just observing me as I did my duties ... not helping ... and not hindering ..but I felt a sense of encouragement from him. I was rather tottering at this point, trying to walk elegantly and I wasn't used to wearing the high heeled shoes again and I struggled to walk like a model ... which wasn't easy. And I made my way back to the kitchen again.

Nobody had been fed yet, and the coffee wasn't made ... but that's what I was about to do.

1-18-01 - The Underground Amusement Park - DREAM - I found myself in a large gathering of people. I didn't know anyone here. People were milling around aimlessly. I don't know why. All of a sudden, someone put their arm around my waist and I was about to protest when I saw it was my ex-husband. My sense of alarm went away and he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him. I said, "Okay!" We drove to a place where there was an underground... or below ground level amusement park.

We got out of the car and walked down some steep steps. Here too were lots of people milling around, following a sidewalk and steps that seemed less than safe. Nobody seemed to be talking ... they were rather zombie-like in appearance and behavior. There were some children here, but they were older ... like 12 or so.

The first amusement type thing we came to along the narrow walkway was like a circular ride. I was thinking it was rather like the circular things you get into and they spin and plaster you to the walls, but I was probably mistaken about that. You had to climb up some steps into this thing, and after you were inside, it made a noise like sssssssss ...boom ... like something was hissing air or steam, followed by a pressure noise ... hard to describe. Then they allowed you to come out again.

The people that came out of this thing were not smiling or happy ... they were like zombies. I saw this and refused to go on it. I just stood aside watching as the people went up into this thing and then came out again the other side. People doing this didn't seem to have any common sense or a mind of their own. They just did it because everyone else was doing it.

From this same vantage point was a boat ride. A whole bunch of people who had left the circular ride got into this boat that was held in place in a large wooden rectangular box ... which wasn't even painted. It rather reminded me of all the people climbing into the life-boats on the Titanic. There were a lot of little men on the other side controlling the people and telling them where to sit. Once the boat was as stuffed with as many people as it would hold, the boat dropped straight down about 5 feet and floated away on a swift moving river. Where it went I don't' know. It didn't seem to come back again. I saw no place where boats were returning. Once they left ... they weren't seen again. Rather hellish I thought...

There were barriers - bars of metal almost to the ground, preventing people from going back along the walkway. There was a swinging gate type affair to get into this area. However, I squeezed past an old woman as she was coming into the area and got back out. My ex-husband was right behind me, disappointed that I wasn't participating.

I was now standing in a crowd of people who were gathering to go into this ride area. There were so many I couldn't move for a bit, so had to wait until they went past. As I was standing there, a man on the other side of this group recognized my ex-husband. He hollered over at him. I don't recall his name now but he said his name to my ex-husband who obviously didn't want to recognize the man in return. It seemed to me that the explanation was that the man had died many years before and here he was at this amusement park. I turned around and my ex-husband disappeared. I have no idea where he went. When he saw the supposed dead man ... he turned around and left as fast as he could, leaving me behind.

Now I was alone in this place and started looking for a place to leave. There were many stairways going up and seemingly out of the place, but at the top of the stairs it was dark. I didn't want to go where it was dark, even though I supposed I could go around the block and hopefully find the car we came in. Whether it would still be there or not I didn't know.

I didn't really want to take just any stairway. The one I had come down was really steep and most of these were branching stairways that didn't really go up ... they went up and then back down again ... rather maze-like so people didn't realize they weren't leaving, just going around and around in the maze.

I came to an area where some small workmen were planting bushes for decoration. Some younger people ... (the older children) noticed that the bushes were fake. Not real ones. I looked to see where they were being planted and sure enough, they were just being stuck into blue rubber things like florists use to insert flowers into the medium that holds them.

I still wanted to get out of that place, and saw that the workmen were going to be planting an area that was rather trench-like that went up to a grassy area high above. It was steep and difficult, but the blue rubber things made it rather step-like, so I used the rubber things for steps and climbed up the steep incline.

When I got to the top of the incline, I could see green grass which was planted behind rows of houses that looked normal... all made of brick like they are in some fancy areas of some cities. However, this area was not meant as a place where you could leave. There was a glass wall between where I was and this beautiful grassy area. On the glass was several signs which said, "Viewing area only ... 10 minutes maximum ". It seemed that this was being closed off. Once the bushes were in place, no one could come up this way again.

I took advantage of the blue rubber things and managed to climb up a high embankment of dirt and got up onto the grassy area, which was real grass. It felt great and I was happy to get out of the amusement park at last even though I didn't know where I was.

As soon as I got to my feet, I woke up.

1-30-01 - DREAM - I was at a theatre, where I told the man in charge that I had 30 boys with me who were going to sing to a group of men that he was in charge of who would be arriving shortly. He said that was fine with him.

I don't recall that the boys sang anything, but then I was leaving the theatre by the back door and the boys were all there, and I counted them one by one up to 30 as they left the door.

I ran outside then because the boys were walking single file down the sidewalk and I didn't want the lead boys to get away from me and go astray, so I had to run from the back of the long line of boys to the front of the line to lead them the right way.

I led them to my 16th St. house and into the diningroom where I was demonstrating a game that I played as a child and so did my own children. (I never had such a game) The game consisted of a 3 feet wide circular metal plate made of copper and gold with some kind of mandala or design on it. This circular metal plate was turned with a handle at the center which made the circular plate turn around and play music. It was also supposed to go up and down like a ride at the fairgrounds, but this one wasn't... it was rather flat because it was old. I told the boys I would buy a new one for the next time they visited so we could play it better. They all smiled and thought that would be a great idea.

The scene then switched and I was in a place where I was being chased again and some men were looking for someone. Again I was seeing a reflection of myself in a hallway, trying to pull long shorts on, and as before the shorts were insideout and backwards with one leg twisted and I started to laugh because I couldn't pull them all the way up.

As I woke up, I was trying to remember the dream, and had a bad headache up the back of my neck and head, and I heard Joe laughing in his sleep as well.

I turned off the radio and got up.

1-31-01 - DREAM - I and a companion (I don't know who this was) were driving east from 108th St. (This felt like Milwaukee, WI on the far north side) We were taking his daughter to school for the first time so she could drive herself to school once she knew the way there. There was a slight rise in the road as we went east ... it was a long way ... and when we went over the crest of the hill ... the school was on the right ... in a large valley.

The school was humungous. It actually looked like a large barn. It had a hip roof on it with no eaves. The boards were all vertical, brown for 3/4s of the way, then white the top 1/4. It looked to be 3 or 4 stories high. It was hard to tell, because there were no apparent windows in it.

Beyond the school was a stadium with bleachers, a large field for football, baseball and a large track all around it, in a big oval.

Beyond that was another building, which was even larger than the first one. This one had to be at least 4 stories tall, similar to the first building, but with the boards going horizontal. This one also had a hip roof with no eaves and also looked like a large barn with no apparent windows. It was all brown.

Now that the girl knew the way and it was very easy since it was straight east and no turns ... she could drive herself there.

2-5-01 - DREAM - This dream began with a computer screen of some topics which had been introduced in an earlier dream I think. I had to rearrange them in some order. Included in these links were to other pages I had already done.

The dream then switched to a people dream in which I was cooking in a small kitchen, and was making dinner for the family.

Somewhere during the process, Edward - my ex-husband showed up and there was a discussion of his world travels. While he told about his world travels, there was another woman between him and I. He told about places I knew he had never been to. Neither the other woman or I was given the time to tell about our own world travels, such as little as they are. All I could do was sit on the side and hope that this unexpected visit went well. I was expecting trouble with him as his visits were always stressful.

At that point, Edward left the house without saying a word and a very tall man about 7 feet tall was trying to show me something on a very high shelf which was even higher, but I don't recall what that was.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7 p.m. and then remembered I had to feed the people who were left in the house and as I asked the children whether they wanted Chinese or American food, which I saw was stacked on top of each other on the stove. The kettle of Chinese food was actually on top of the American stew.

I started to wake up as I was pondering this.

While I was waking up, a computer screen appeared in a vision. It said, "With your permission, we'd like to begin a discussion of the world travels of Magellan.

An outline of a study of Magellan and all the places he traveled in the world appeared like on a sheet of paper or computer screen.

The outline faded quickly but I understood that I needed to know about this world traveler.

Magellan - World Travels

2-18-01 - DREAM - This was like lucid, though I didn't control the topics. I was part of as well as shown a 'live' web page, as though I was in the computer itself. I was presented with topics, which I had to move and sort according to kind, and put them in different rows than they had been.

I was then in a classroom situation where I was talking to a couple of young kids about relationships and how to make them work for the good.

At the end, I was shown the computer rows again, this time with people in the rows. On the topmost row was Richard Nixon. On the row below him was Pat Nixon. Below that was a couple, probably Julie Nixon-Eisenhower, and her husband, then the row below them was the other daughter (sorry I can't remember her name). Below them was the children of the Eisenhowers ... the same young people I had counseled about relationships earlier.

After I woke up, I tried to figure out why Richard Nixon wasn't on the same line as Pat Nixon, and thought it was perhaps because he is dead. I don't really know.

2-20-01 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house, but it wasn't old fashioned like it was when I grew up.

I was working on a computer in the diningroom area, looking for a modified gecko. hmmm.

I went out into the back yard where the water was so high, there was a long pile of stones about 3 feet high, where the sidewalk was supposed to be . There were deep pools of water on both sides of the stone walkway where I could see fish swimming. There were small fish near the surface, but I could see what looked like a salmon way down deep.

My children and their friends were playing out on the walkway and some were swimming in the water. j

I then saw a big black bear ambling along the walkway back by the garage. I started hollering at the kids to get into the house without telling them there was a bear. They started towards the house but not as fast as they would have had they been scared. So, I had to holler, "Get in the house!" and wave them on quite a few times.

Finally, they all got into the house. My mother was the last one inside, and still nobody closed the doors.

By then, I could see and hear the neighbors across the alley screaming, "Bear! Bear!" and they were all panicked about getting into their own house.

Everyone was safe at my house, and I went from door to door in my house, shutting them. It was quite difficult like their was heavy air pressure behind the doors.

I went inside and hollered at my Mother about her being the last one to get into the house, and she started hollering at me for hollering at her. At no time did anyone see the bear so they still weren't aware it was there.

NOTE: I believe this to be a dream about the economy.

2-24-01 - DREAM - THE 11:11 EXPERIMENT. I can't say I understand this, and I don't remember all the details either, but this experiment/test name 11:11 was listed on the test sheets we had to fill out as it progressed.

It started out in a vehicle which was driven by an old man. I was riding in the back seat and was quite comfortable, but we picked up an old woman along the way.

When she got into the car, I provided a nice soft golden blanket for her and she reclined back on the back seat next to me.

We then went into a large building where we first fed everyone breakfast before the experiment began.

I was in charge of making the food we served. Here there was a separate room for the adults and for the children.

I served a pancake breakfast for the old man and woman. I put specially made whiskey syrup for their pancakes. I didn't want them know the whiskey was part of the syrup, so I put it on the bottom pancake, then covered it over with another pancake. They were allowed to put whatever else they wanted on the pancakes before they ate them. They got coffee with their breakfast.

In an outer room, the children were served cereal, whatever kind they wanted with milk.

We then went into the experiment room, where the old man and old woman were wired up on their heads prior to getting into a bed where they were going to make love with each other.

There were 4 of us observing this test. There was a lot of electrical equipment hooked up to the old man and old woman and we were measuring, not their physical sensations, but their emotions.

Each of the 4 of us had a large notebook on which we recorded the results of the electrical testing being done and each page was labeled '11:11 - The experiment'. The other woman who was observing told me I was the first official 'HDL' to observe this test.

Our equipment started to register the emotions of the old man and old woman, when a knock came on the door. We opened the door to find several engineers at the door. Somehow, the emotions being observed by us electronically by wires, was also being observed in the outer room on electronic equipment, not even wired up to the old people.

It was being 'induced' into their equipment by the magnetic field even though a wall separated them from the old man and the old woman's emotions.

End of dream:

NOTE: The thoughts and emotions create forcefields around which atoms and molecules coalesce. A forcefield represents each atom in the system as a single point and energies as a sum of two-, three-, and four-particle interactions

See: 11coin6.htm

4-14-01 - Had this dream at exactly 2:00 a.m. DREAM - I was with a woman and her small children, her extended family and a bunch of other people in hilly county. Off to the northwest from where we stood was a mountain or extremely high hill. It seemed to be several miles away. It was a lovely summer day, the sun was shining, and people were strolling around enjoying the weather. The mountain didn't have any snow on top, so it had to have been high summer.

All of a sudden, a spout of hot water came up out of the side of the mountain, similar to Old Faithful. But it shot up so high and so far that it sprayed hot water all the way over to where we were, several miles away.

We were all rather shocked, and started to talk about it. And while we discussed this event, it happened again, only stronger this time, only it didn't stop, the water started spraying higher and higher and all of a sudden, the whole mountain let loose, water, steam, smoke, dirt, rocks, (like mount St. Helen's) except it just kept getting bigger and bigger. We knew that what went up had to come down, and there didn't seem to be any place to hide.

It seemed stupid to run into a wooden building, but that's all I could think of. We ran down a winding path to a wooden building like a garage, between some fruit trees or whatever those trees were. The grandfather was carrying one of the little kids, the woman carried one of the toddlers, and a couple other kids around age 5 or 6 ran alongside. I hurried them along the path, which was actually more or less back towards the mountain that was exploding. Somehow, miraculously, the path we took was still dry, and we ran fast enough that we made it into the garage before the deluge of hot water, dust, ash, and rocks came back down.

I doubt that the other people made it out alive, because there was no where else to run. The whole mountain had disintegrated in explosion after explosion.

NOTE: I hope I never see a disaster like that again. It was horrendous. (The clock now says 2:22)

MORE: I went to lay down to meditate on 'when' this was going to occur. Instead, I saw a white radio. On the front of the radio where the station would be listed, it said, "Microfront', and underneath that it said, "Volcanic Center" and then the word 'underground' came to me.

I hope this isn't a portent of Mt. Rainier exploding.

3-3-01 - DREAM - I was in office somewhere. Each person had their own computer and other equipment on their desk. I was walking past the computer of one of my co-workers who wasn't at her desk. On the screen was the music sheet of a famous singer, and above it was some flowers on a decorative strip. I was so struck by the beauty of the color that I just HAD to have it. So, I took the mouse and transferred the file over to my computer just with a few clicks. Then the flowers printed also printed out on a strip on glossy paper. It was so beautiful...the flowers were like a real photograph.

Then I went back to my desk with it. On the way, I went by a desk that had a 5" screen TV set. On it, was similar flowers that I had just printed out. The flowers were so brilliant on this TV set, several of us stood around gawking at it. One said, "Can you just imagine what that would look like on a 32" screen. The colors were incredibly brilliant, more real than real.

Also, in this office, on the computer I saw a screen that had a series of rectangles of various sizes, and squares. Each one had a number or other mark in it. I was trying to figure out what this was and it didn't come to me.

Then I saw someone's face, on the side of her face, were imprinted or injected, a series of inoculations .. the first two were like developing babies in the womb, and the first one was about to give birth. I was told to be very careful with that.

I then saw a closeup of a woman's face who had been inoculated with a series of marks in a huge square that looked like they were infected. My first thought was to scratch each one open so it could heal. I was told that only one at a time should be opened and healed, because the fluid from one should not mix with the fluid from the one next to it. I thought what an incredibly long time that would take. At the same time, I was impressed with the knowledge that 26 of the marks in the square to the left were labeled 1 to 26 in Roman Numerals. The others were all the names of the Great Books.

In the next room, someone brought in a bookcase that was specifically for the Great Books. Each of the books had it's own glass door to protect it from the air and wandering fingers. On the left was a square of glass doors labeled 1 to 26 in Roman Numerals, and each of the other doors was for a book in the Great Books series. Each door was made like a stained glass window, each with its own jeweled colors. I was asked, "Where are the books that belong in this bookcase?" Though I had always wanted to get them, they were always too expensive for my pocketbook. The book and author that was highlighted in the last scene was James Joyce and Ulysses, neither of which I've read. The glass over Ulysses had a light pink right angle triangle pointing left at the bottom of the door. It was really pretty.

I was then laying in my bedroom on the bed, and a man who looked like one of my last bosses came in, and was rummaging around in the top drawer of my dresser, and pulled out a jeweled cross on a chain which I have. It has blue gemstones on it in a cross shape. At the same time, I saw that he had little boxes from the dresser drawers of each of my children which represented a gemstone they had been given which represented their religion.

He then went to the telephone where he was talking to someone, like a reporter from a newspaper. He said to the person, "She appears to be half and half, and the others are Lutheran." He then hung up the phone.

I hollered at the man, "You'd better call that person back, because despite what it looks like, "We are all confirmed Lutherans! We are ALL confirmed Lutherans."

NOTE: After I woke up, I realized that one of my children, after being baptized Catholic, then turned Lutheran, then went back to being the Catholic we once were and he was baptized as. Two of them who were originally baptized Catholic and then became Lutheran had had their own children baptized in a non-denominational Protestant church, which was not Lutheran. For myself, I was baptized Lutheran as an infant, became Catholic at age 18, turned back to Lutheran at age 28, but then I walked away from the Lutheran church I belonged to at about age 38 and tried several other religions before giving up formal churches altogether.

Joe related that in the Tribes of Israel, each one is represented by a gemstone and sign of the zodiac.

3-4-01 - MY NIGHT WITH JAY LENO - With apologies to Mavis:

I was so tired after working all day, I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. I woke up about midnight, and there was a show with Larry King showing a series of interviews with Jay Leno over the years. It was so charming. His wife Mavis was on the show with him in 1998, and they said they didn't have any children and she spent all her time following him around the country as she loved to travel. I could tell she loved him a lot because she touched his arm a lot during the show. He talked about his car and motorcycle collection. They looked like a very loving couple, and he said that he knew he wanted to marry her 3 days after they met. At a.m. the show was over and I was really tired and went back to bed to catch a few more zzzzs.

DREAM - I was sitting on a couch with Jay Leno. We were having a normal conversation about nothing important. I felt a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I got up off the couch to find out where it was coming from. I went into a bedroom and those windows were closed, so I went to another bedroom and those windows were closed. I went down the hall and the front door was closed. But I could still feel a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I went down the hall farther to where there was a large garage. Sure enough, that's where the breeze was coming from. Jay and some guys were in the garage and all the doors were open. These were not normal house garages. These were huge, room for lots of cars.

There were at least 4 doors and they were all open. Jay continued talking to the guys , and I walked down towards the farthest door and surprisingly it came out in the back door of a flower shop that was full of lilacs and lilies. It was wonderful. I met the people who worked in the shop. I told them about the breeze and how surprised I was that the other end of our house ended at the mall. I walked out into the hallway of the mall.

Now I didn't know which way to go and kept walking until I discovered a ramp that went up to a higher level. It was made of rubber with little slats instead of stairs. I surmised that shoes got a better grip on the slats than on smooth rubber. Nevertheless I walked up the ramp and found myself in what looked like my 20th St. school on the far south end of the hallway.

I really felt lost now and really stupid. I should have turned back when I got to the mall, but I didn't. There were other people in the school as well, looking for their classrooms. I walked along the first floor of the school and spotted Jay Leno down at the other end. By this time, I was feeling really stupid for getting so lost, and when I saw him, I ran towards him, apologizing along the way and crying a little. I expected him to say I was stupid or something sarcastic, but he didn't. He gave me a hug and said it was okay. He told me he would show me the way back home.

Meanwhile, there were lots of other people around, and one of the women asked me to hold her baby while she did something. So, I took the baby in my arms and carried him. He was naked ... a little blonde baby. He looked rather familiar and it later was apparent I had carried this baby before for the same woman when he was younger. He was about a year old, but small. The baby said I had been watching over him since he was hand sized. That's pretty small. I looked at his little hand to compare the size. It was amazing how small that is.

Jay was quite taken with the baby, and was very protective of me and the baby along the way through the school hallway.

We stopped at a counter where there was a man selling jewelry. Jay made it apparent that he wanted to give me a remembrance of our little time together that I could take home with me and we stopped at the counter where the man had little wicker baskets with different kinds of jewelry.

Jay picked out a crystal ring with a diamond for me, but it was too small for my large fingers. We tried various fingers and didn't get it to fit on any one of them, not even my little finger, so I suggested that maybe earrings were a better idea. Jay was wearing a series of rings on his fingers, which appeared to be lapis lazuli. I didn't want to suggest that he give me one of his, though I thought about wearing the crystal ring he offered me on a chain around my neck. The earrings were all emerald, some were just pin points of emerald, some larger. There were some flamboyant birds carved of emerald, and I picked one of them up. I laughed and said, "I could only wear something like this at Christmas." There were some smaller emerald birds and I considered wearing those, though I couldn't wear those often either.

For some reason, there was no two earrings alike, Jay, the man, and I went through all the emerald earrings and couldn't find two the same. I particularly liked the long dangly ones, and I thought there were two the same, but they weren't exactly the same. No two were the same. Finally, after seeing some emeralds fallen on the floor, the man bent over to pick up the fallen stones, and the baby got squirmy and said I was holding his arm too tightly. I apologized to the baby, and when I turned around, the man with the jewelry was gone.

The baby jumped down out of my arms and ran off towards the door. I had to chase after him and finally found him on a couch with another woman who was watching after several babies. They had dressed the naked baby in a little sleeper outfit which was really nice of her. At this time, they asked Jay to watch over a little chubby dark haired boy baby, and he picked up the baby and carried him. So, now we were walking around carrying the babies and it felt so right to be caring for these babies together.

Jay called me 'Hon' at one time, and I turned around him and called him 'Hon' too, then realized we were in public and apologized to him that I had called him ' Hon' in public and people might misunderstand. But, he wasn't concerned about that.

I suggested that we have our pictures taken together with the babies, and he said that wouldn't be right for his public appearance to be seen holding a baby, but he suggested that I hold both babies and he would stand close by me. We then set about finding someone with a polaroid camera who could take our picture for a remembrance of our nice time together.

He was still carrying the baby and we started climbing the steps to a higher floor where he thought there might be someone with a camera. We got to the second floor, but we had one more floor to go and climbed to the third floor. Jay got to the third floor ahead of me, and I spotted a little stairway that went up 4 more steps to a door that was on a stage-like area. I got the idea that I would do something funny, and went up the stairs and came out on the stage, announcing, " ...And she appeared in the upper-room!" I said it very dramatically, expecting to get a laugh from Jay.

Jay turned to where I was on the stage and said, "That's exactly how my mother was." and smiled at me. It was such a nice thing to say about his mother , but I was reminded as to how old I was compared to Jay. (I don't know how old he is, but I'm 62)

We continued carrying the babies and here on the 3rd floor was a banquet-type table with lots of people eating snacks. There were children here too. Jay found a seat by the table and there was one across from him, but there were no seats side by side. Finally, one of the other men there, moved his kids over so I could sit next to Jay with the baby.

The kids made a mess with juice or water on the stool I was offered, so the guys worked on wiping off the stool so I could sit down with the baby, meanwhile two guys were saying good-bye to each other as one was changing jobs and going a long way away and wouldn't be coming back for quite some time. Jay went over to the guys and comforted the two guys in their sadness at having to say good-bye.

Then he came back and stood next to me, each of us carrying our babies, and we were very close. We were both looking around the room to see if anyone had a camera to take our picture together ... meanwhile we stood very close to each other, actually touching arm to arm. It felt really good and comforting. The babies were quiet while we held them.

I was enjoying the feel of having Jay touching my left side and having the babies with us, and I started to wake up and discovered that my pillow was what I was feeling so comforting on my left side instead of Jay Leno and I almost started to cry that I was waking up and Jay was gone from my life.

I felt so sad to wake up .... my night with Jay Leno was over. He is a really good man.

3-23-01 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building, but had just moved in myself. My son Bob moved in across the hall, but he didn't stay long, he was packed and gone the next morning. I took a walk down the hall and when I came back, I couldn't find the empty apartment again. I was just glad I found my own.

The end of our hallway was quiet, but the farther down the hall one went, the more people and kids one ran into. Past the firedoor, you couldn't tell where you were, whether you were in an apartment or in a hallways, all the kids and people were all one mad scramble of people. There were decorations hanging on every wall. It was incredible.

I went back to my apartment to brush my teeth, and couldn't find an empty bathroom, so I just used the first bathroom that had a mirror in it over the sink and was available. I started brushing my teeth and looked in the mirror, and was rather surprised to see how many teeth I had and that my mouth was shaped like an alligator or crocodile... long and thin. When I closed my mouth it again looked normal. I couldn't figure out where all those teeth came from. And while I was looking in the mirror at my own teeth, I had a vision of an alligator or crocodile skull showing the bones, so I know what it was.

I walked down to the lobby to see what was going on in the rental office. There were people streaming in and people lined up waiting to sign rental agreements. This was really a popular place. I had no idea yet how many empty apartments there were. I hadn't seen any empty except for when my son Bob moved out, and that was filled in moments.

I looked in my mailbox in the office, and there I found a notebook. It was brown on the outside and I could see the pages were not original but xerox copies. It was a diary, written from 1991 through 1995, of events, and was written from back to front, unless the person who copied it just put it together that way. I didn't have time to read it right then, so I took it with me.

I was thinking of changing rental policy, to eliminate children. I know the lease laws very well, so I knew where the boundaries were... and that was you can put limits on the numbers of people in an apartment, but not 'who' they are, unless you are running a strictly elderly building. The laws are very strict on that. It wasn't that this was an unpleasant building, but it sure was busy.

I went back to my apartment and found my white purse laying open on the bed. There were other people in my apartment whom I didn't know, so I quickly grabbed my purse and my other two purses ... I had three of them, and looked to see if any money was missing. There was money in each purse. I didn't decided to keep it that way so if someone grabbed a purse, I wouldn't lose all my money.

I also found my apartment key so I wouldn't lock myself out when I went for another walk.

One of the other women asked me to put her purse up on the top shelf because she was so short, so I help her do that, then I left and went for a walk.

At this point, I may have been in another dream because it was so different.

I was outside and the whole dream, sky, and everything was a rich brown color. I saw a man rather floating towards us. He was whistling like a bird. He was floating in the air about the level of the second story of the buildings. I then saw a rather large bird, like an eagle or hawk, sitting on the railing of a building. The man who was floating came over to the bird and they started kissing each other, or if it wasn't kissing, he was preening his beak with his lips. It was an astonishing sight to see.

I went a little ways and saw another man, this time a black man, who was also whistling like a bird. He too went over to where a bird was sitting on the railing of a balcony, and they too started kissing each others beak/lips.

It was the strangest thing I've ever seen.

4-18-01 - VISION - I was drifting off to sleep and had a vision of a #10 envelope with Gordon Michael Scallion's name on it. The envelope opened at the top like it was slit open on top. Inside was 'one' message. (I don't know the significance of that.)

I then heard a voice of a young woman, who was working in an office which seemed to be above me in the room. She said to me, "We need to have a meeting. We need to give you the passwords so that you can access the information." I agreed and thanked her, then fell asleep.

DREAM - I was outside in a large subdivision type neighborhood. I saw a couple dogs coming down the street. I didn't think it was a good idea to just sit there, so started heading for the house I was near. When I stood up, I could see there were more dogs coming ... large dogs. I couldn't figure out why there were large dogs, but then saw that they were chasing two polar bears across the fields near the houses. I started to yell at the neighborhood children to get into their houses, then decided I'd better do the same myself. I turned to go into the house and discovered I was farther from the house than I thought.

I started to run and turned back to look at the polar bears who were now coming my way, but then saw that the two polar bears were being chased or followed by two completely white beings ... seemed like teenage children, a boy and a girl.

I got into the house, and a polar bear got into the house. I wrestled with it, then tried to show someone else who was in the house how large its eyes were. Then I realized it's eyes weren't as large as I thought, and looked carefully at it's face from above. It's eyes were round, and it's forehead sloped up to the top of it's head, starting right at the eyebrow. There was no forehead like a human has. I was struggling to hold the bear down and it was really hard.

This dream is called, "My Funny Nose"

6-2-2001 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. It seems I was the cleaning lady. I went into an occupied apartment with a light blue vacuum cleaner. I also had a video camera with me. I wanted to take a picture of myself vacuuming. I decided to go into the livingroom where the light was brightest. However, when I tried to take my own picture with the camera, I could see that doesn't really work. My arms were too short to get a good shot of me with the vacuum cleaner. I could either take a shot of my face or the vacuum but not both together. I would need someone else to take the film.

All of a sudden, the people who lived in this apartment came in. They didn't see me because they went into the bedroom. I could hear them talking to each other. The husband was singing and humming and changing clothes and the wife was also. She said she was going out with the girls and left the apartment. The husband then came into the hallway to get a shirt out of the closet. He pulled out a blue and white checkered shirt and put it on.

The man didn't see me until he had his shirt on and started to button it. It was then I recognized the man, it was the same man I had known since I was 18 years old. We were very good friends.

He continued to hum a beautiful tune and we sat on the couch together. I was leaning against him while he hummed and I was looking at some little children's size books, which had pictures around the edges and the words in the center. They were little children's prayer books.

I turned around to look at his face and his face was changing. I could see he wasn't who he really said he was, and his face was smaller and wooden-like, similar to a statue I've seen in the past.

I said to him despite the wooden look, "You are so beautiful."

He said to me, "You know now I'm not the person you always thought I was. My name is Jesus of Nazareth and I have a mission for you to fulfill." The little book in my hand then became a tall, slim book of prayers.

I then saw a vision of 4 red symbols. I tried to quickly see what they were, but I could only recognize the last one. It was a heart with a nail through it.

There doesn't seem to be any reason why this dream is called 'My Funny Nose', but it was named that before I woke up.

See Jesus Heart

6-27-01 - DREAM - I was continuing to move. Most of the furniture had already been moved. I was in the process of moving the clothes and I had to do this myself.

I looked at my daughter's clothes Most were too small for her it appeared and most were off yellow and black ... they looked old and woolen ... too heavy for the season.

There were neighborhood children playing in the garage. I told them they were going to have to go home for the night as it was dinner time.

We were preparing to have Christmas Dinner and I dressed in a costume of an old woman for the occasion.

At the dinner table sat 3 brothers and their sister Mary. The boys wore matching pale beige long sleeve sweaters and Mary wore a black and red dress. They sat so close to each other, they appeared attached at the hip.

They at no time ever helped us while were moving. they just sat at the table waiting for dinner to be served.

They sat there, just watching us do the work. Seeing them sitting there, useless and not helping with the work was getting to me. I tried really hard to control my growing anger at their attitude of non-helping, but I finally walked over to them and started yelling and waving my arms wildly with emotion. I used every violent word towards them I could think of. In my mind I was thinking the word 'kill' but out loud I was shouting, "I feel like slashing, sticking, stabbing, beating, etc." They looked unmoved by my words.

We then went back to the moving process. My sons Michael and Bill helped me move a bed. It had a railing around it and was mechanical-like stand of shiny stainless steel or platinum. it took all three of us to set it on top of another bed so they were on top of one another, not quite like bunk beds, but more like stacked mattresses.

I then got to where I was carrying my son's clothing to the truck and made sure that I was taking just the clothing and keeping the electronic gadgets and hand-held games separate so they wouldn't get lost during the move.

6-28-01 - DREAM - The end of this dream was removed from my memory so I wouldn't give away the secret of where I was. A big square golden spiral movement occurred and I thought I would remember anyway, but as soon as the swirling stopped, the memory was gone. But I remember the rest of the dream.

DREAM - It seemed I was somewhere in Milwaukee, WI. My 2nd husband was with me, and despite his intentions to be normal, he was quite violent. He became injured on the top of his head. It seemed that the top of his skull was actually split open. He put his hand up to the top of his head where he was bleeding and got a handful of blood and splattered it around to freak us out. Some blood sprayed towards me but missed me and landed on the porch where I was standing. Then he left.

When he left, my kids were gone too, so instead of going home and asking my parents for help, I struck out on my own to get them back. They had about a 1/2 hour head start on me, but they were in a car and I was on foot.

I knew there was a bus stop a few blocks north of where I was, so I headed that direction. I was rather slowed down, because there was a class room group of children coming south on the street, all dressed in costume and dancing and singing and I had to stand my ground as they swept past me. It was rather like standing in the street while a parade passes by.

I got up to the intersection finally but I didn't have money to take the bus to the west, so some women who were traveling that way agreed to take me with them.

Here it starts getting strange because we traveled awhile and I was trying to figure out where we were. I thought perhaps we were in Iowa, but when I asked where we were, the women said, "The Poconos", which I knew was in New York. But we definitely hadn't gone East so perhaps there is more than one place with that name.

She then showed me a map that appeared we were in a state more like Nebraska. At least it looked similar to that. The map showed 3 separate areas like big snowdrifts that divided the northern part of the state, rather like mountain ranges, but I remember Nebraska as being pretty flat, so I could be wrong what the map was representing to me.

We ended up in a rather strange place. I didn't see the outside of the building but the inside was all wood rather like logs laid on their sides and debarked. The men here weren't normal either. I discovered that the women who came here had something surgically removed from their brains to make them docile. There were two young women ahead of me. The man who looked rather wild and brutal, but who knew what he was doing, inserted a long gold wire through a puncture at the very top of their noses into their brains and extracted something from deep inside their heads. Perhaps it was from the pituitary gland. I don't know.

When it came to my turn, he grabbed my head and just before he was going to insert the wire into the top of my nose, I jerked my head sideways and the wire went past my face instead. He had been distracted by the head woman I was traveling with and he didn't notice that he hadn't inserted the wire into my brain.

Then they brought in a dog/man type creature who was to be my mate. He was taller than I, wore no clothes but was fully furred like a fuzzy dog, not like a regular dog but with fur more like a poodle would have. His face was rather round snouted, not long like a Shepherd or Collie. He was round faced, more humanoid, but not quite.

I don't recall that he spoke english, but he understood english. He tried to mate with me as soon as he saw me, but again I managed to move quickly and with the head woman's help he just held me in his arms rather more like a man would. It seemed he had hands and not paws. It felt rather good to be held by him, like comforting... but remember ... he was furry, not human.

I started to wake up and I sensed some quick movement around me like some people were panicked that I was to going remember some details I shouldn't and I started to see this large golden swirl in front of me to removed the memories, and I promised myself I would remember anyway.

The above line of children was a vision given to Dee Finney on October 2, 2001 with the voices of the children singing joyfully. "These are the Changes, These are the Changes!".  I realized at that moment that the earthchanges was not just about the changing of the earth with volcanoes, storms, hurricanes, horrible accidents and deaths of a majority of humanity, but the raising of the consciousness of the people themselves.

Note that the faces of the children are exactly the same as those in the drawing made by Joseph Mason in October, 1990.