9-1-03 - DREAM - I wanted to get a piano keyboard so I could play Starry Starry night music myself. A Chinese girlfriend said she wanted to learn to play American for her boyfriend.

So the keyboard arrived and I set it up and got out the music. The Chinese girl saw the music and realized that was what she wanted also and decided she'd better learn to speak English.

Lots of kids gathered around and sat on the floor to sing along with the music.

I started to play, albeit slowly because I wasn't familiar with the music. It didn't sound anything like the song on the CD. Then it went into a long run down like cartoon and the whole dream turned cartoon -

I saw a blue airplane coming in to land to bring the girl's Chinese boyfriend in. The plane, when it landed looked like a Chinese Dragon dinosaur - not a metal plane. Another plane landed then to pick me up and I was reluctant to go near it because it was a live animal plane - not a metal airplane.

So I headed for the Chinese plane instead because it looked more friendly. Then the other plane bird laid a huge clutch of little blue eggs and I was told that none of them were fertile anyway.



VISION - A series of 8 statements to make a MERKABA

VISION - A series of 8 statements to make a MERKABA


9-1-03 - DREAM - I was talking on the telephone to my husband Ed and the voice of T.M. broke in and said, "The Mackinaw could be in danger, Go to sleep."

Ed didn't seem to notice, so I continued the conversation. Now I had taken the phone into the bathroom and was talking to Ed's brother Larry. The wall of the bathroom had been painted flat grey and on the wall was a series of math problems without answers - they seemed simple enough like:

1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 3 =

but some of them had odd mathematical symbols in them as well instead of + they had <  > or ^.

They were in groups of 5 problems of 5 numbers each. Underneath each set of problems was another grouping of math problems that had been completed. When they were completed, they were painted over with white paint so you could see what the math problem had been including the answer.

I thought I would read a couple of these math problems to see if he could do them.

I was just going to do that when the voice of T.M. broke in again and said, "The Mackinac could be in danger, go to sleep." so I decided I'd better get off the phone.

I left the bathroom and went into the kitchen. My son Mike was sitting in a pickup truck in the back trying to sleep - my Mom was sitting on the right, just sitting there doing nothing. There was so much food to put away and garbage to clean up and dishes to do, I decided I had better do that rather than sleep, though sleep sounded intriguing.

The garbage in the sink looked like round bowls with shredded cabbage just starting to go bad and turning to sauerkraut. So I started cleaning this out and dumping it into the garbage bag. Alternately, I threw some cake mix boxes to my son Mike and told him to put them away. But he seemed so tired I told him to go to sleep.

A woman's voice boomed into the room from a loudspeaker, saying, everyone grab a partner for a waltz.

I immediately grabbed the hand of my friend June who was now standing there. She said, "I was just dreaming that my unseen lover was going to grab my hand. (June passed away in 1997)

We went into the next room which was supposed to be a dance hall, but was so full of junk that I could barely walk.

June and I held hands like a sideways figure 8 and walked in an oval orbit around the room to the left. (clockwise)

The first time around the room, there were only 5 pairs of two, but the second time around, there were more groups, but by then, there was more dangerous junk on the floor like screws, bolts, nails and pieces of glass, so I decided it was too dangerous to dance in there.

So June and I left the dance hall and were walking down the hall to leave the place. Ahead I saw a maintenance man cleaning up something on the floor. The rest of the hallway was clean. The double doors at the end of the hallway was closed but there were single doors along this hallway to other rooms. All of them were closed.

A Jewish man wearing a green tweed suit and a black hat came through the double doors and went into a side room.

As June and I passed the door which remained partly open, I could hear the man on a phone saying, "Betty, can you come and get me, I don't have a way home."


9-2-03 - DREAM - This dream started out like I was really washing dog food out of the lace of some white curtains. then my daughter pretended to make her doll poop all over the bathroom and I had to clean that all up. Then I had to wash mud out of some stuff. Then the dream turned unrealistic and it showed me that I had cleaned up a lot of military files that ended like SHTTL and SHMTL, then I saw a chart that started with a white circle and went all the way circle by circle down the page to a pure black circle - most of the circles were black actually and I knew  I had washed all those too.


9-3-03 - DREAM - I was in a large school on the East Coast. Everyone talked with a New Jersey accent. The school was full of a variety of different sized rates and mice. The maintenance men were trying to catch these mice and rats which all ran into their own little holes and hid out.

The dream followed one of the rats down one of the holes to its home neighborhood and I saw a  label on the 'family' as 'C READ'.  They were running around a lovely park area, so fast they looked like a river of shiny purple streaks.

The thoughts were going through my mind about what would happen if one of these mice/rats didn't have a mate and wanted to bring someone new home, what would they have to go through to make the new mate acceptable to the 'family'.

The dream then switched to an individual family and we were in a big fancy house and I was introduced to my two female cousins. One of them I knew, but the other one I didn't. I was introduced to her at the door and went to give her a kiss of greeting, but there was a big woolen scarf around my neck to ward off the winter cold and it got in the way. I apologized and they said that was okay.

We were going to have a conversation, but it was late and they had other things to do, but I wanted the new cousin to see the purple dress I was wearing that she had given me. It was exquisitely beautiful, with a shimmering purple train on the dress that swished when I walked. I wanted to call this girl "Miss Plum" but I wasn't certain that was her name or the color of the dress.

She saw that I was wearing her dress and smiled.

I then walked to the front lobby of the building with another woman who was a radio announcer - reporter type person.

She asked me what kind of things women like this were interested in talking about - she was thinking gearing her show towards them.

I said, "they are just ordinary every day type people, with the same daily interests as other people. She asked me, "Would she be interested in politics at all?"

I said, "Like everyone else, they might not want to discuss it in a room full of people, but they are definitely interested."

She smiled and went out the door into the dark.


9-3-03 - VISION - I can say I really saw something, but knew instantly that mice and rats are political.

NOTE: I looked up New Jersey politics and Plum and came up with some sites, but didn't like them enough to link them.


9-4-03 - DREAM - These dream was either a past-life experience, or the reliving of someone else's life in the 1920's. I can't remember how it got started because I remember half waking up and my heart wasn't beating, it was just quivering and my whole body was shaking.

All of a sudden I was someone else - dressed in period costume from the 1920's. My boyfriend was a tall blonde guy who was mean as hell. I looked in the mirror at one point and my hair was long and blonde and I kept it tied up in a loose roll on top of my head with the use of long pins.

My boyfriend was a mean mobster, and controlled me through fear. He was always on the verge of hurting me in some way, but his buddies kept him distracted with contracts and deals and finally gave him some dope to smoke which made him pretty well forget about me.

He finally was so desperate for the dope, he was smoking pieces of leather and cotton from his own belt. I was sitting in the car had a big basement garage, holding all the contracts her had.  He was so whacked out on dope, trying to get more dope. I was trying to figure out how to get out of this situation, where my ex-husband appeared at the door, dressed in a green mechanics overalls outfit on the arm of a black prostitute.

He saw me and said, "Dolores! Are you all right?"

I responded, "Yes!" and nodded. My husband came into the garage to beat up the mobster and I made a run for the underground ramp that went up to the street with all the contracts in my hot little hands.

I heard my boyfriend yell to his thug friends. "Go after her!" I ran as fast as I could up the ramp and to the right. I couldn't go far so, I ran into the 1st door which had swinging doors on the front.

I planned to hide in one of the little rooms off the bar and hopefully save myself.

Just as I ran into the door, a big fat rich cowboy came walking out of the bar to go into one of the little rooms.

I heard him yell back to the bar, "send me one of your best girls", so I decided I was going to save my life by being that girl and ran into the little room after the fat rich cowboy.

At this point, I was out of body, observing the two of them and admiring how that cowboy saved that girls life. I then started seeing business card size cards with the 'fancy' names of famous prostitutes or 'call girls' and all of them had dates on them in the 1920's.

I woke up feeling grateful to be alive and safe and well.



9-5-03 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment somewhere. I received a catalog in the mall that listed all kinds of kids to build homes and trailers for traveling.

Without doing anything, I got two of the 'plans' in the mail. The first plan was for two people. I believe the second one was also for two people but was a larger model. Each plan looked to be about 50 pages lay. I have no clue how they knew which one to send me.

I was thinking about how I could share these then a friend from work drove by with his new travel trailer.  He had his wife and 4 kids with him and they seemed real happy about their accommodations.

I went outside to look at their trailer. It was really small for that many people, but his wife was all smiles about it.

I went back into my apartment, which didn't seem very large either. I had a bird in my apartment which wasn't caged. I'm remembering the bird as a red dove type bird. There was a problem though. I wanted to light a candle in a Christmas decoration with pine branches around it and I was afraid the bird would land in it and get burned. So I kept moving the candle/pine decoration around, trying to find a good spot where the bird wouldn't fly too, but I couldn't find a spot. The bird could go anywhere it wanted.

Then I had to deal with the house plans again, trying to figure out how I would share them with others.

Then my so-called husband came home. He seemed drunk and he brought home a young chick with him. He went to lay down in the living room to entertain the young woman I assumed and after he walked through the house, I noticed there were what looked like cabbage leaves on the floor everywhere, so I had to find the broom and sweep up the cabbage leaves before I could share the house plans.


9-6-03 - DREAM - I was in the front hall of a house with H.P. I was sitting behind him - on chairs facing opposite directions. I scratched his back gently a few times to show my affection because we weren't allowed to be together.

As the dream progressed he kept giving me gifts that one wouldn't necessarily think of as a gift and it wasn't until after I woke up. I was able to put logic to it - what he gave me ultimately was the flower of life.


9-7-03  DREAM - I was writing a book about crop circles and beautiful flowery crop circle pictures were inserted here and there and when I was done, I was also able to remove them with a white tissue and they came out cleanly like they had never been there.

I was told at the end that I was 'RIGGING'. When I got done, I tried to close the file to see what was behind it and was unable to do so.


9-7-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building and Robb and I were both moving out.

He got down to the last pieces of furniture and moved his TV set and stereo , and the wall was all scorched and burned behind it.

He had saved all kinds of simple things he got in the mail and whatever he didn't see himself he gave to me. I looked at the items and tossed some of them back to him and told him to just throw them away. I kept too 1 oz containers that had laundry soap in them.

I went to throw away 2 coupons for insurance and an old woman with white hair came into the room and told me to buy the insurance. She said, "You'll be able to make a few quick $10,000 that way."

I kept packing things for the move and then realized I had these huge pots of meat of various kinds I had to pack away in the refrigerator which I did.

As I woke up, I saw the name Bryant 1857.


9-8-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. Ralph (the Jewish Judge) owned it, but was selling it to another guy. One of our maintenance workers had died. I describe him s large and wearing dark brown coveralls. His name was Keith. The new owner said he wanted all the doors refinished from light brown to dark brown. Ralph decided he would have the doors repainted for free as a token of appreciation for Keith's work while he was alive. This gesture almost made me cry.

It was 4:30 p.m. on a Friday and other workers were leaving early. Normally we left at 5.

I thought I hadn't paid my rent. It was the 12th of the month and I normally pay my rent on the 1st. (As Manager, I got free rent) I thought I ought to slip a check under the office door so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone about it, but then I realized I had already paid my rent and I was okay.

I went to the elevator to go upstairs with some other woman. This was a 4 story building, and the number for the elevator floor window said 33 and one of the other woman pushed in #29 for the floor she wanted. I told her that the elevator wouldn't move with wrong numbers punched in and it didn't. The door wouldn't close and we could see all the way down the elevator shaft into the dark.

Then someone from below called for the elevator to go 'down' and immediately the gears started working and I pressed down on a large gear area and the elevator door closed and the elevator went down to get that person.

I knew it would come back up and pick us up on the way back up because we had pressed the 'UP' button. We just would have t wait an extra minute for the elevator to make the round trip to the basement and back up.


9-8-03 - VISION - I saw the Twin Towers from the side like a space needle.


9-8-03 - DREAM - I was reading about a crop circle with an old English language like a poem or chant, using the ___  wheel."

(Maybe this means I should meditate on crop circles.)


9-9-03 - DREAM - My friend Kimber came to visit at the end of the day and brought with her a truck load of furniture she had bought at yard sales and painted white for my kids. (Kimber is actually younger than my kids really are, but  I had a baby girl and she had a baby girl with her as well.)  The baby girls were dressed in little pajama outfits with feet in them.

She brought a couple large upright dressers, a couple smaller dressers, a desk, and a red leather chair painted white. Everything was newly painted white.

After we went to the living room, Kimber brought in a silver washboard she played as an instrument and she was really good. She entertained us for a few minutes while our little girls were sleeping on chairs in the living room.

Then the little girls woke up and began to play with each other.

The played with blue hobby horses, but I saw twin hobby mules standing there too.

Then the Patriarch, Asa, from One Life to Live TV, came to visit.

He dragged a long, thick rope behind him. The rope wasn't coiled, but wasn't white straight either - it was like along loose coil - like 30 to 50 feet long. When he pulled it through the hallway, he dragged torn white pieces of paper through the hallway with it. After he passed through the hallway, I had to finish pulling the rope through the hallway myself and pick up all the pieces of paper.

NOTE:  I think this is about Superstring Theory and he is telling me that its wrong.


9-10-03 - DREAM - I was working with page after page of statements about crop circles to the point where I thought I knew everything there was to know about them.

Then I was shown that half of the statements only applied to half of the crop circles because they spiraled off to the right and half of the statements spiraled off to the left.

So, you could only say you knew about the crop circles half of the time because the statement only applied to either the right spiraling crop circle and not to the left spiraling crop circle.

The problem was that all of the crop circle statements appeared consecutively had you couldn't tell whether it was a right spiraling statement or a left spiraling statement or whether the statements would clash with each other.

Later, we met Joe's uncle Pirogue (spelling) he was the crop circle expert. (Pythagoras?)


9-10-03 - SPIRIT MESSAGE: you have been wanting to talk to me for a long time. Now is the time to start our conversation.

We can come to some conclusion very quickly. The earth itself is not going to end, but much else will end as we know it.

Volcanoes will erupt, numerous earthquakes will shake, larger and larger ones will erupt in cities large and small especially on the west coast.

You will not want to live where you are have a good escape route away from the coast. Be prepared to live for 6 months with provisions, water, or electricity, especially water. Pumping stations will not work. Gasoline will be non-existent for a time until supply trucks can come in and resupply stations with generators.

Supplies for other things will be major because of lack of gasoline in your area. Trucks, coming in, will not have gas to leave again. It would be wise for as many as possible to leave the area but of course they will not listen even if they read this.

Be aware there will be much crime. Stealing will be rampant as no one wants to starve so thieves will be stealing small things like food and money as banks will not operate without electricity either. Only those with there own generators will run.

Be prepared to do without. There will be non communication with the outside world.

The windup/solar radio was a good idea. Keep it handy. also flashlight and batteries or the nights will be long. Candles are a good idea, but you will need many. the light is not very bright either.

Do not be afraid as no harm will come to you. Your physical safety is assured. Your house will not fall down around your ears.

You will hear of many deaths but your own family will be fine. They will not prepare but others will take care of them so do not worry for them.

Just prepare for yourself. The time is nigh!

Be ready!


9-10-03 - DREAM - I was walking around a shallow pond that had underwater scenes that were super colorful. I could see colorful boats or ships moving around under water and I thought to myself that there was no way they could move by themselves, then I saw a long green pole pushing the boats around under the water. It felt very ominous.


9-10-03 - DREAM - I was at a lake with a bunch of people. It looked like everyone was fishing from boats, but one guy wasn't actually fishing, he had a long green stick with a rope hanging off of one end like it was a fishing pole.

All of a sudden he breaks the stick off and tosses it and then asks the people to tell him how long he had been fishing. I found a stick about 5 feet long that was green on one end and toward the other end it had a few green fibres, so I knew this was his stick.

I was about to say something when all of a sudden there was a big ruckus and the sheriff was there telling everyone they had to pull their boats out of the water.

The Sheriff was the first one to pull his boat out of the water and flipped it upside down on shore.

Then they told my husband he had to get his boat out of the water.

We were all standing on the dock at that point and I had just picked up that 5 foot long green stick.

My husband said, "Isn't someone at least going to race the boat out first?"

Someone volunteered to do that, and then the boat got pulled out of the water and turned upside-down on shore and there were no more boats in the water.


9-11-03 - DREAM - I went to a trial of some guy in a country courthouse. The place was packed with people.

While we were waiting for the trial to begin, we all just sat around and talked. There was an older white haired man there who was attractive to me and I wanted to impress him, so when I talked to people around me, I used big words about finance and accounting.

All of a sudden most of the people let, including the guy with the white hair. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 8 p.m. So I figured the court was done for the day.  There was still a few people around, but nobody I really was interested in.

Over in one corner was an older Jewish guy with a long beard. He looked rather ominous.

I went over and sat down near a tall young man who was really rude. He sat wit his legs crossed widely so nobody could really sit next to him, so I had to sit on the arm of a sofa and he said to me, "Be careful so you don't leave sweaty butt prints on the chair."

He was really rude.

This seemed like a country family place and Asa the Patriarch of One Life to Live was in the room and I called him Grandpa.

I said to him that I never knew what he did for a living so he told me to follow him and he took me over to his desk, where he pulled out a drawer that was full of scrap books.

He handed me a skinny/thin one and I opened it up and there were photos in it of a young couple in love, holding hands and with his arm around the girl. I assumed this was him at a young age.

This had nothing to do with what he did for a living, but it seemed that once I looked in the picture, I became part of that scene.

I was now in a different house and several times during the day, I heard popping noises and I saw white smoke outside in the air. Later in the day, I heard louder popping sounds and a lot of white smoke was in the air. I ran outside to see what was going on. The smoke was so thick that people walking through it were leaving trails through it as the smoke clung to them as they walked.

I walked around the corner of the house and in the street, a little 4 year old boy was sitting on the ground with his distraught parents standing over him and his big sister nearby.

It was the little kid who had just blown up some chemical and he sat there telling his parents how great he was for discovering how to blow up stuff by mixing chemicals and he planned to make bigger explosions as he grew up. He was a real smart-alecky kid. He must have had a really high IQ - for a 4 year old, he sounded like he was 40 years old or more.

His parents were so distraught over his behavior they didn't know what to do with him, so his sister took him by the hand and dragged him into her red convertible car and I went with her.

She put a sticker over his mouth to shut him up for a few minutes, then we drove at break-neck speed into a garage. She almost hit the wall inside, but was able to stop in time.

We got out of the car and I looked around and there were plastic containers of some kind of golden yellow fluid laying on the floor of the garage.

I went over and picked one up and saw that the label said it was some kind of cleaning fluid and that it was highly explosive of mixed with other chemicals.

I knew this kid was going to grow up mixing more and more volatile chemicals until he blew up something really big.


9-11-03 - VISION -

A telephone rang really loud in my left ear.  I said, "I am ready for a message if there is one."

A picture frame appeared in front of me. A series of pictures of strong featured men began showing in the frame one by one. o two were alike, but several had high cheek bones and prominent strong noses. There were 7 altogether.

Then a frame showed with 7 single names on it, one under each other, but I couldn't read them.

Then a strong male vice began - along with pictures. He said, "In the outer worlds, we used to worship the pigeon, but now we worship the ________ and I saw nothing and heard nothing  -I had expected him to say "dove" but he didn't.  Then he said, "This is the battle of the two birds."



9-11-03 - DREAM - My family and another family were going to take a car trip out to my Dad's cabin at the lake. The other family didn't have a car that was really large enough for them all. Two boys actually crawled into the trunk with blankets. Behind the front seat, she stuck her newborn baby son and it was crying.

I said to her, "Since the trip is going to take only 15 minutes, would you mind if I take the baby in my car where there is more room? That is if he doesn't need to be fed or changed in the next 15 minutes."

She said, "You can take him."

So I pulled the baby up from between the seats and carried him in his blanket to my own car.

We had a large white sedan. I crawled across the front seat and sat on the right side of the car with the baby in my arms wrapped in his little blue blanket.

I felt tremendous speed all of a sudden and got frightened, but I could see dark and lights flashing by the window like we were on a high speed freeway.

All of a sudden, I and the baby were alone, walking in a brick alleyway that went in 3 directions.

I didn't know which way the car was, but I carried the baby up the longest alley towards where I saw light.

I came out on a busy street and the building on my right was a busy bar and the faces in the open window looked familiar. So I asked one of the men, "have you seen my husband?"  He shook his head, "No!"

Now I didn't know what to do and 15 minutes had gone by. I started worrying about the baby and he was getting more and more difficult to carry. He kept slipping out of the blanket and his head needed support which I forgot about. The man from the bar came and reminded me to hold the babies head up.

I can't remember what happened after that.


9-12-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office on the 4th floor of a building. It was 4:30 p.m. and I remembered that I hadn't picked up my personal mail in several weeks. I decided I'd better do it right then, but  I realized I had loaned my master key to this building to my husband so if I went out the door, I wouldn't be able to get back in. I decided to ask someone to hold the door for me when I got down there.

So I ran down the stairs and as luck would have it, the mailman was right there and so were some other people waiting for their mail.

The mailman was glad to see me because my mailbox was stuffed full.

My mailbox was actually a woman's head and all my mail was in her mouth - she was smiling the whole time, so she was happy to be my mailbox.

The mailman started pulling out the mail which was greatly compressed.  The more he pulled out, the more I had in my arms. I ended up with a whole armful of mail, including 17 flowers from a man who had been trying to get into the building and couldn't get in. There were 4 single red poppies and the rest were multi-stemmed pink and white carnations, so I had a whole armful of flowers besides.

When it came time to go back upstairs, there were two men there who opened a gate to the stairway and let me walk upstairs with them.

I didn't get to open my mail right away once I got upstairs as it was a long walk through hallways and other offices. Finally I got to my own office and other people were still working.

Finally I decided to sit down and open the mail and discovered that much of it was gifts that people had sent me in little pink jewelry boxes inside of little white purses and pouches.

So I started opening them up while there was a man standing behind my right shoulder who had sent me one of these gifts.

As I opened up the jewelry boxes, I found little lapel pins with the tiniest of pink fairies about 1/2" tall to a brighter pink fairy about 2" tall. In another box was a tiny green elephant about an inch tall. That was what the man had sent me. The little green elephant kept getting lost amongst the other fairy pins, so I had to keep digging it back out so it wouldn't get lost in the bottom of the pouch.

[The green elephant is Ganesha]

I didn't want to hurt the man's feelings because he was sitting right there by my right shoulder. I could tell he was anxious for me to like the green elephant better than the fairy pins that other people had sent me.

It was time to go home by then.

As I went outside, I was on a farm and I saw an oil tanker or pesticide truck blowing black stuff all over the fields right before harvest.

I got all upset at this because the whole ground was black with several inches of this stuff and the food hadn't been harvested yet.

I noted too that there were storage shelves there and there were 4 or 5 extra turkey carcasses in a barrel there and they needed to be put into cold storage.

I managed to get them into a sack and started to carry them to the cold storage place which I knew wasn't refrigerated but winter was coming and they would stay naturally frozen in there.

However, when I carried the turkey carcasses across the road, there were two large brick buildings there and it seemed that they were government buildings with guards and I had to get past them before I could get the turkey carcasses into storage.


9-13-03 - DREAM - I was at a park with my family. I saw a young man I admired and I hoped he liked me too. I knew he liked my Mom, so when I came running up to the car he was sitting in, I hoped I resembled my Mom so he would like me too.

I turned around and saw my Mom come running up the hill behind me and she was wearing a pretty red and white dress with roses on it and it had a pretty bow in the back. My own dress was very similar except the roses were smaller and I didn't have the big bow on the back of my dress. I hoped that not being identical to my Mom wasn't a drawback to being liked.

I heard a phone ring and my son Tom who was grown up answered it and I heard him say, "Who is this? Roy Orbison? Then he looked at me and asked me if I knew anyone named Roy Orbison before and I answered, "Yes!"  I heard a young boy's voice on the other end of the phone being all embarrassed and trying to proved he was really Roy Orbison without being seen.

I then said, "I know Roy Orbison," to save the boy's feelings, but by then Tom was already giving the boy a hard time for saying he was Roy Orbison.


9-14-03 - DREAM - I was presented with an abstract problem where I was questioned whether midgets had the same rights as regular size people.

This involved 4 x 4 of everything so there were 16 little squares I had to defend in the argument. Joe hadn't shown up for work, so I had to do this all alone.

In the apartment building, I was the only one who had keys, so it was up to me to make sure everything was locked up as well and take care of the rights of the little people

Considering I was twice as tall as everyone else, I was the one who was awkward in their situation.

In another scene, I was taken for a ride in a car where we went up a narrow road up a hill and I noticed that the scenes on the side of the road took on a cartoonish character as we went by because of the speed.

We came to a screeching halt on top of a cliff right at the ocean's edge. The ocean was below the cliff, a deep dark color of slate blue. The house we were going to stay in was an old Victorian farm house was right on the ocean's shore.

I rolled out of the car onto the parking spot because it was so high, right on the edge of the cliff, I was afraid to stand up.

The woman who was with me said that there was nothing to worry about as long as you  KNEW you were safe.


9-15-03 - Is really unsettling and annoying to dream the same thing all night. This was also a repeat of a dream I've had twice before. Besides that I had close up visions of the same picture over and over to make sure I get it right.



9-16-04 - DREAM - I was in a city - around 1929 or 1930. I was with my friend Donna. We started walking east together on North Ave. After going one block, we realized we were going the wrong way, so we turned around to walk west, but now instead of having to walk 2 blocks, we had to walk 3 blocks but we had until 10:00 a.m. to get there, so even though it was up hill, there was no hurry.

We were watching some huge machine, digging alongside a roadway. They left a narrow track, but it was still wide enough to drive on if you were careful.

My husband wanted to see what was at the end of the road, and he was afraid to drive on it. I cautioned him, "As long as you drive slowly, you'll be fine and I walked alongside the car while he drove.

Then I had a job working with some black women. We were cleaning apartments or hotel kitchenettes that people moved out in a hurry. They were a mess - leaving food behind in ovens, refrigerators, and cabinets. 

These black women brought their kids along to work who were only interested in eating the leftover food, which was fine with me, but we had a lot of work to do. I told the women I was working with that it was such a mess, I would start on one end. 

We had lots of supplies to clean with, rubber gloves, oven cleaner, soap, etc. The problem was the kids spilling sugar on the counter where I had already cleaned. I was extremely over-polite in speaking to the women so as to not raise their ire and ended every question with , "Yes Maam!"  I started to realize too late that I was overcompensating for the situation and I could just talk normally, even though I was the only white woman working with all black women.

But it was time to go home then and my husband was driving. Our car was a black 1929 model - maybe a Ford. He was driving too fast and we had to make a left turn out of this place in order to get over to the highway where the bridge crossed the river - which looked like the Mississippi. 

He was driving so fast, he missed the first turn-off where he could have made a looping turnaround where we could have ended up making a right turn to the highway. Another looping curve to the left at the next driveway he missed because of his speed. But there was one last left turn  - the buildings on the right were built right up to the water and there was a fence along the river - made of wire strung on upright 2 x 4's - but my husband was still driving too fast and we started steering to the left and the car started tilting and didn't make the corner. We flew through the fencing and we and we were in the air over the deep dark water of the Mississippi and I started to scream in fear that I was going to drown in this car because I wouldn't be able to get out and I couldn't swim either, so I woke up screaming and my heart pounding with fear. 


The radio was on about Yellowstone blowing: 

9-17-03 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of my house. Some men came and were moving a lot of dirt around and covering up the evidence that the ground was heating up. They pulled in piles of burned off and still smoking trees which were still hot inside. I was standing on them with my bare feet and could feel the heat in them. After they finished the trees movement then they covered it up with blankets so nobody would see it. 

We had to leave the area and evacuate without letting anyone know we were doing so. I hid a file about some people that investigators were looking for. 

I hid them in drawers that were easy to find, but not where they might look. 

Then I put on a heavy fur coat to protect myself with. 

My ex-husband Ed showed up, and I was hoping he would leave a gain and then we were told that he was staying because he was hired to do a radio show on Saturdays. 

NOTE: Art Bell is returning to radio on Saturdays. 



9-17-03 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a picture frame and saw a white arrow shooting towards my left. I was told it was Abraham Lincoln's arrow. 

NOTE:  I looked on line briefly and didn't figure out what it meant.


9-19-03 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a collection of stolen goods on shelves. There were many small items , mostly white,  like coffee cups, some had a drop of blood on them. the last item said, "Church of Kathy Chaney - in front of 12 white chicken wings.



9-19-03 - DREAM - Again I was seeing a lot of white things. This time I knew they were alien related.

I woke up and hear a loud 'beep' sound. It didn't repeat and I had no way of locating something that didn't repeat.

So I went back to sleep.

I can't remember the dream, but it was like a dream within a dream. I woke up from the dream and went outside and saw my cats dragging injured and wounded grey birds across the porch and grass.  The birds weren't dead. They couldn't fly though and I wanted to save them. I wondered if I ran into the house and got my bird net, I could save them from the cats by netting them, but if I did that, the cats might kill the birds while I was gone getting the net.

While I struggled with that dilemma. I woke up and the UPS truck stopped in front of the house and I had to get up and answer the door.


9-20-03 - DREAM - I was replanting flower bulbs.


9-20-03 - DREAM - I was cleaning. There were things on the floor that needed to be put in their proper place, but the cabinets were full of dirt and needed cleaning too. There were 6 glasses on the floor. I put them in the cabinet, but I could see I needed to clean that too.

I also picked up a 'time' schedule/address book and put that in the cabinet with the glasses. 


9-21-03 - DREAM - It was a Sunday and I was living in a house with a whole bunch of young people.

I was trying to clean the house. There was stuff sitting everywhere it shouldn't be. 

Most of the people were still in bed sleeping.

I heard the Packer game on a TV somewhere and decided I would take a break and watch it, so I went from room to room to find the TV it was playing on and I couldn't find it, yet I could hear the sound.  So I decided I would turn on the TV in the living room and watch it.

I didn't get that far though because some of the people were getting up for the day.

(NOTE: This tells me it was sometime between August and January and it had to be in California - where we get the games 2 to 3 hours earlier than in the Midwest)

One of the girls had gotten a puppy and it had pissed right in the middle of the floor. It had to have been a LARGE puppy from the size of the puddle. I yelled, "MOTHER!" to call the girl and explained that I would henceforth call her "MOTHER" because she was the mother of the puppy.

Another girl jumped up to help clean up after the puppy and grabbed a mop to suck up the puppy's piss puddle.

That was all well and good, but then she put the mop down on the arm of a chair, right on top of a thick book.

I really lost it and screamed at her, "You can put the mop in the bathroom, in the shower, or in the kitchen, or in the back hall, but NEVER in the living room on top of a book."

I gave her the mop to put away and grabbed the book.

Right on top, wet with the puppy's piss was a page of symbols - drawings that looked like crop circles and every one of them had 3 arms on it symbolizing the Trinity.


9-22-03 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place - maybe Milwaukee, WI.

I was given an assignment to help two men who were rivals - like Jew and Arab. I had to help each one, but separately.

I went outside on the street and this extremely handsome blonde kid was walking by. I think his name was Brian, but it could be Mike. As we walked along together, he intimated that he wanted to date me and put a beautiful yellow stoned ring on my right hand little finger. He said he needed to do something important and then would come back and we could start dating.

Meantime I couldn't date anyone else because I was wearing his ring.

I went back to work and did my job and helped others do theirs. This seems to be something to do with filing, accounting, keeping records, etc.

At one point I saw Brian/Michael walk by the room I was in and I wanted to tell him something nice - that his mother had helped me learn how to knit the last sweater I had made.

But Brian/Michael didn't want to stop working until he was done. - not even so I could tell him something nice about his mother. It wasn't as though I wanted him to stop working so we could date.

I finally got him to pause long enough so I could tell him about his mother and I and he went on his way again.

I had no idea how long it would be until he finished his work so we could 'date' - meanwhile I had my own work to do and my yellow ring on my little finger so I knew that someone wanted to be with me eventually.


9-22-03 - DREAM - I was taken to a library where young men and women broke into and spent the night studying while nobody would see what they were doing.

I was researching methods of free energy because I had heard that nobody was allowed to work on projects like this. When I finished my research , an obscure word in a foreign language had been used 59 times.



9-23-03 - DREAM - I was driving a huge city bus in a big city. There was a lot of traffic. I made a right turn unto an even busier road. Ahead I was supposed to cross an intersection and then cross a large bridge but it was all thick fog over the bridge. 

It wasn't a good time to cross that bridge and the lights were red at the intersection. I made a right turn at the intersection into heavy traffic, thinking I would make a left turn at the next road where there was a bridge. I wasn't on a bus route there that other passengers were expecting to be on and I was afraid they would start complaining, but nobody said a word. 

As I drove along the road, I was going to have to get in the left lane in order to make a left turn, but I couldn't see if anyone was in that lane to move the bus over, so I decided I would make a right turn and go around the block and see if the bridge was clear the next time around. 

So I made a right turn and expected the people to really have a fit about being off the normal bus route but they didn't.

I was driving really fast now - away from the bridge and came to a building that was like a nursing home. 

I stopped the bus and got out and was met by a woman carrying a small child. I was introduced to the child. I can't remember her name. The longer I looked at this child the more I realized she was a grown woman just acting like a child. 

I decided I would stay and crochet a pink, blue, and white afghan. I was working on it for quite awhile, but it was getting longer and longer like a scarf instead of wider like an afghan. 

A good looking young man came along and admired by work. I thanked him for the compliment, but then when I picked up my crocheting I saw that I had missed a bunch of white stitches way back in the beginning and I was going to have to go back and go over those stitches again and fix them before I could make that afghan longer.


9-26-03 - DREAM - I was at home, living in an apartment. My husband was home, who looked similar to Ed. Then my daughter-in-law Becky showed up and set up a bed in the middle of the living room. (I can't remember why she moved in with us. It was an annoying circumstance though.) 

I was then shown a chart with 49 consecutive days on it, then the chart showed me that those 49 days became 49 jeweled flowers - each of them different.


9-27-03 - DREAM - I was on a farm, in a city, at a shore, and at a wharf where the Navy is berthed and re-supplied. 

The ships came in to be re-supplied with TUUY and UUM. (seemed to be Vietnamese) The TUUY  and UUM was on a circular wheel made up of spokes  which was perched on top of the ship. This was on the smaller ships. It looked like a flotilla -  a convoy of many ships both large and small - but the TUUY and UUM were only the smaller supply ships. There were about 25 smaller ships which supplied several larger ships, but they all traveled together - I saw them come into port and leave again like I was in a helicopter above the wharf. This was a protected area, not fully open to the sea. 

I saw the TUUY and UUM being prepared in a kitchen. It looked like sticks of meat on a skewer - rather like a rectangular shaped hotdog and the sticks were arranged like helicopter blades perched atop the small ships. 

While that was being done, I was at a school in a city where I watched my brother and my lover being arranged in relationships with other people. I knew it had to be this way for their sake. I didn't feel bad about it at the time it was being arranged because I knew it had to be that way. 

I walked behind them while it was occurring like I was a 'watcher.' 

When it was over, then I was on a farm, walking from building through a heavy metal and wooden doors, all alone and feeling very lonely, but knowing I had done what I was supposed to do, like destiny and fate combined.

Then I went back to the wharf where the ships were all fully loaded and they took off again out to sea.



9-29-03 - DREAM - My name is Claudia.  I had to do the last load of laundry to the basement. I was barefoot and needed to put shoes on and my son Mike handed me my daughter's black high heel pumps to wear.

I put them on and they were size 11 = 11:11

They were about 1/2 size large for me, but I wore them to do the laundry.


9-30-03 - DREAM - I went to a place where there was a lot of people milling around. It might have been a school, but I'm not sure. I was walking through a hallway by myself and a big man grabbed me and dragged me into a side hallway, where there were no people. On the wall was a machine about head-high like a gas mask sticking out of the wall. He shoved my face into this thing that was mould-like which clamped over my nose. He told me to 'breathe deep' and though I couldn't smell anything, I felt myself passing out.

When I awoke, I was standing in the middle of a crowded room - full of kids and adults and I looked like a life-size blue dog cartoon character and I was giving a speech to all those people.

Behind me were two other life-size dog-like cartoon characters who were also going to speak to the people when I was finished.

I don't know what I said and I woke up at that point. I don't watch cartoons so I don't know who these cartoon characters were either.


9-30-03 - DREAM - I was at home. It was early morning, about twilight. The kids were still sleeping but my husband and I were in the kitchen, deciding what to do for the day. 

There was a bunch of leftover food on the counter from the day before and I decided it was best to throw it all out because of the bacteria, and that I should cook something fresh. 

While I was looking through a pile of chicken wings, I heard the vacuum cleaner going, so I left the kitchen and went to see what my husband was vacuuming.

I saw the cord strung out along the floor, but he wasn't vacuuming in the house though. I saw mushrooms growing out of the carpet in the darkened bedroom. I was thinking he should probably vacuum there. I followed the cord to the front door where my husband was vacuuming outside with the door wide open and it was cold in the house. 

I could see how dark the sky was though it looked like the sun should be coming up any moment, but it hadn't yet. 

We went back to the kitchen while we were talking about what needed vacuuming and there was a small fire starting to burn amongst some junk on top of the cabinet.

I quickly crushed all the burning junk onto the floor and we stomped out the fire. 

We picked up the junk then and put it into a small rectangular wicker basket.

I couldn't figure out how the fire had started, though there might have been a book of matches amongst the junk, matches don't just light themselves. 

My husband told me to go through the junk and throw some of it out, so I started picking at it to see what was in the basket. The first thing I picked up was soft and pliable - I finally determined it was the skin of a yellow and black rattlesnake. Why we even had it I don't know, but it seemed rather cool to have it, so I put it back into the basket and woke up.


9-31-03 - NAP DREAM - There was a green parrot and a blue parakeet in a low tree. The green parrot was trying to get into the same cage and were squabbling about who was going to use the cage. Finally the parrot flew higher into the tree where it got into a squabble with a white dove over the dove's cage. So the parrot went higher into the tree where it got into a squabble over another cage. Finally the parrot flew high up into the tree where there was a big beautiful tree house with a door on it. 

A grandmother and her little granddaughter stood on a ladder, trying to open the door for the parrot, but the little girl didn't know to hold the door open with a string that hung on the door and got in the way of the parrot getting into the house. I really was hoping the little girl would capture the green parrot in the tree house but she didn't and the parrot flew up to the top of the tree house and sat on top of the roof. I heard the little girl say, "I'll catch up to you one of these day's Elizabeth."