compiled by Dee Finney

Twice this week, I dreamed all night about certain symbols equalling certain numbers
from one through 10.  Each time the symbol above equalled the number 4 and was
emphasized as more important as the other symbols. Each time it was emphasized
that the symbol should be worn across the chest.

I didn't have a clue what this meant. I wrote down the dream which was rather vague
with no explanation because I didn't have one.  Since last night 9-15-03 was the
second dream, I was telling Joe about the dream and drew a picture of the symbol,
whereupon Joe mentioned the Tau Tree and got out some papers he had put together
back in 1992 - over 10 years ago.  

While Joe was going through the papers to show me the Tau trees of MU, I spotted
the large picture below and to my absolute shock, there was a close resemblance to
my drawing on all four directions in the picture - the bar on the Tree of the 4 Aztec

"The Tau Tree is one of the oldest symbles and it is found repeatedly in the oldest
writings of the Motherland. It is the symbol of both resurrection and emersion.
Emersion is really only a resurrection of land. All countries of the world have been
under water several times - thus each time it was emersed it was ressurected.

The Tau of yesterday is as it was in the Motherland - Tau; it was Tau then and it is
Tau today. It is one of the very few words that has persisted through all time without
a change in any way. The name means "the stars which bring the water." Ta - stars,
and ha - water. The Marquesans today pronounce it "Ta-ha" (the pure Motherland

The Tau is the picture of the  constellation, the Southern Cross, the most gorgeous
group of stars appearing south of the equator. When the Southern Cross appeared at
a certain angle over MU, the rainy season commenced. The parched, dry land
responded to the moisture from above. Leaves, flowers and fruit sprang forth upon
tree and shrub. Seeds in the ground that had been lying dead, germinated and sprang
forth into life, enriching the land with golden grain. MU became the land of plenty.
Life had been resurrected."

From: The Sacred Symbols of MU by James L. Churchward


In Aztec mythology, Xiuhtecuhtli (also Huehueteotl ("old god") was the personification of life after death, light in darkness and food during famile. He was usually depicted with a red or yellow face and a censer on his head. His wife was Chalciuhtlicue.

At the end of the Aztec century (52 years), the gods were thought to be able to end their covenant with humanity. Feasts were held in honor of Xiuhtecuhtli to keep his favors, and human sacrifices were burned after removing their heart.

(Nahuatl: “Turquoise [Year] Lord”) also called Huehueteotl (“Old God”), Aztec god of fire, thought to be the creator of all life. “Old God” is a reflection of his relative age in the Aztec pantheon. In association with Chantico, his feminine counterpart, Xiuhtecuhtli was believed to be a representation of the divine creator, Ometecuhtli .

Aztec god of fire and creator of all life.

With Chantico, his feminine counterpart, he was believed to be a representation of Ometecuhtli. Xiuhtecuhtli's festivals coincided with the two extremes in the climatological cycle, the heat of August and the cold of January. He was also the centre of a ritual transfer of fire from temple to temple that occurred once every 52 years, at the end of the Aztec calendar cycle.

Ancient Civilizations

Many activities of ancient Mexicans started forest fires. For example, they felled trees by cutting a strip around the trunk with a stone or copper axe, then put fuels at the base to start a fire; this eventually toppled the tree (Moncayo 1975). In Teotihuacan, wood charcoal was used to feed ovens to process building and ceramic materials (Vázquez-Yañez 1982), so sites for charcoaling were common, as they still are today in several oak regions. Both these activities increased risk, and forest fires resulted because of accidental or negligent causes. In the absence of metal tools, agriculturalists also used fire extensively to clear woody areas.

In tropical areas, the Olmecs developed an efficient slash-and-burn cultivation some 3,500 years ago, and that agricultural system was used by the Mayas as well. The steps of this system, which is still broadly used in tropical Mexico and which has as its main crop maize, are: select the land, measure and delimit the chosen site, cut the vegetation, clear a fire break, burn, fence, sow, control weeds, and harvest. The present empirical knowledge that peasant descendants of the Mayas have by which they control fire behaviour according to particular needs and site characteristics tells us about the ancient fire lore of the Mayas. Today, however, with an increase in population and a reduction in the land surface available per native owner, the efficient 30 or so year rotation of old has reduced to some three years, with adverse ecological effects and a loss of productivity.

But the original spirit of the people was conservationist. They knew that wild plants and animals provided them with many goods and services essential to survival, and this was good reason to consider them as gods. So even as human population increased, society stratified, resources became scarce, and droughts and hunger occurred, the care of wildlife was a communal and official task (Aguilera 1985). The Chichimec king Nopaltzin established norms to restrict the burning of grasslands and forests, and his grandson Texcocan king Netzahualcoyotl dictated laws to protect forests (Villaseñor 1980).

The useful and feared fire, moreover, was part of the rich ancient Mexican mythology, as shown by the notion of fire as a renewal element in the Aztec ceremony of the "new fire." This ceremony reflects a preoccupation with the fate of the sun. In the night at the end of a 52-year cycle, every fire in temples and houses was extinguished, and at the same time a group of priests lit a new fire on a hill near the city. Then the people knew that this world would end and a new cycle begin (Vázquez-Soto 1972). Another example is the god of fire Xiuhtecuhtli, also known as Huehueteotl, or old god, represented by an elder with a brazier on his head.

After the conquest of ancient Mexico by Spain, agriculture in forest lands intensified. This fact plus such native practices as charcoaling and those practices introduced by the conquerors such as mining and cattle raising, along with the demand for fuel wood as a source of energy, greatly increased forest exploitation (Gutiérrez-Palacio 1989) and of course forest fires. The regidores de montes (a type of forest ranger) had as their responsibilities to care for the forest, including the coordination of rural communities to fight fire (Quevedo 1928). Legislation supported fire prevention and control, as with the Mesta ordinance, which established fines as penalties for those responsible for forest fires (Zuno 1973). But all these good intentions and legislation were not sufficient, and the degradation of the forests continued. An independent Mexico created a Forest Service and a forest ranger corps in 1861 (Verduzco-Gutiérrez 1959).


The Florentine Codex, Chapter One


Ten years before the Spaniards first came here, a frightening omen appeared in the sky. It was like a large glowing blaze. It seemed to pierce the sky itself, very wide at the base and narrow at the top. It extended to the very middle of the sky, to the very heart of the heavens. When it shone in the east in the middle of the night, it burned so bright one could believe it was dawn. The blaze appeared at midnight and burned till the break of day, then it disappeared from view. When the day broke, the sun effaced it. This omen was visible each night for a year, beginning the year 12-House. When it appeared at midnight, everyone shouted and hit their hands against their mouths; they were frightened and asked themselves what it could mean.

The second omen which appeared was that the temple of Huitzilopochtli burst into flames of its own accord and flared greatly. When the fire appeared, the squared, wooden pillers were already in flames; from within them emerged tongues and tassels of flames that speedily consumed all of the building's beams. When the fire appeared, people shouted: "Mexicanos, hasten here, come and extinguish the flames, bring your water jugs!" They came, but when they threw water on the blaze it only exploded more. They could not put it out, and the temple burned to the ground.

The third omen was that a temple was struck by a lightning-bolt. It was only a straw hut, the temple of Xiuhtecuhtli in the place known as Tzumulco. It was believed to be an omen because the sum was shining and it was not raining hard that day, only a drizzle, and no thunder was heard.

The fourth omen was that while the sun was still shining. a comet fell divided into three parts. It flashed out from the west and raced straight to the east, looking like a shower of sprinkling, glowing coals, and its tail reached a far distance. When the people saw it, there was a great outcry, like the sound of rattles.

The fifth omen was that the water of the lake boiled up; the wind had nothing to do with it. It was as if it were boiling with rage and made exploding sounds and rose high in the air and reached the foundations of the houses until the houses collapsed. This was the great lake [Lake Texcoco] which surrounded us here in Mexico.

The sixth omen was that often a woman was heard weeping and shouting. She cried out loudly at night, saying "Oh, my children, we are about to go.” At other times she cried: " Oh my children, where shall I take you?"

The seventh omen came when water people were hunting or snaring and captured an ash-covered bird, like a crane. They went to the Tlillan calmecac to show it to Moctezuma; it was past noon, but still daytime. On top of its head was something like a strange mirror, round, circular, and it appeared to be pierced in the center, where one could see the sky, the stars, and the Firedrill [mamalhuaztli or Caster and Pollux constellation]. Moctezuma took it as a great and evil omen when he saw the stars and the mamalhuaztli. And when he looked at the bird's head a second time a little further, he saw a crowd of people coming, armed for war on the backs of deer. Then he called for the soothsayers and sages, and asked them: "Do you not know what I have seen? a crowd of people coming." But when they began to answer him, all had vanished, and they could tell him nothing more.

The eighth omen was that monstrous beings appeared, deformed men with two heads but only one body. They took them to the Tlillan calmecac and showed them to Moctezuma; but when he looked at them, they disappeared.

Disasters in the past - Biblical

"For after seven more days I will cause it to rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and I will destroy from the face of the earth all living things that I have made."(Gen.7:4)

"Then the LORD said to Moses, "Rise early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh, and say to him, 'Thus says the LORD God of the Hebrews: "Let My people go, that they may serve Me, for at this time I will send all MY PLAGUES to your very heart, and on your servants and on your people, that you may know that there is none like Me in all the earth.”’”(Exod.9:13-14).

The above Hebrew scriptures found in the books of Genesis and Exodus introduce us to two tremendous catastrophes that came upon the earth around the years 2348 B.C. and 1447 B.C. respectively according to the Biblical record.

The first, a worldwide flood that covered all the mountains of the earth wiping out all land-based life except for Noah, his family and an ark full of land animals which repopulated the earth after this traumatic event. This tradition pervades mythology all around the world in a major and very persistent way.

The second is the account of the plagues of Egypt that occurred in the middle of the second millennium according to the Bible. The Bible makes no comment about the plagues reaching beyond Egypt but Immanuel Velikovsky in his ground-breaking and controversial work “Worlds in Collision”, first published in 1950, attempted to prove with an immense wealth of ancient historical records and mythological sources behind him that the plagues described in the book of Exodus shook the WHOLE WORLD!

Velikovsky, after reviewing some of the great number of ancient historical and mythological records that showed that the ancients revered the planet Saturn and consistently spoke of it formerly as rivalling the Sun in brightness, also theorized that Saturn was once another sun in our solar system which went nova. The effects of Saturn going nova according to various sources he used were what triggered off the collapse of the water canopy which formerly existed in the earth’s atmosphere described as the “waters which were above the firmament” in Genesis 1:7. This collapse of the water canopy caused the great Flood of Noah’s time.

In the ensuing years following Velikovsky’s theory about the planet Saturn those in the field pursuing this line of research regarding the Saturn Theory, most prominent among them being David Talbott, have taken the Saturn Theory in quite a different direction to that originally proposed by Velikovsky. The most prominent theory involving Saturn today is the polar configuration theory, which I don't personally subscribe to, which states that orbiting with the earth was Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus in a co-linear orbit. In order, the line of planets was the Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn and behind Saturn from the earth’s view was Jupiter. This line of planets rotated around its centre of gravity as it revolved around the Sun before catastrophic events led to the disassembling of the configuration.

Those who have thrown their weight behind the polar configuration theory give the impression that Velikovsky’s Exodus scenario is incompatible with the polar configuration theory which they believe to be correct. Velikovsky placed the catastrophic effects described all around the world at least a millennium too late is the sentiment. Velikovsky described Venus as only appearing in our heavens from around the time of the Exodus while the Sumerian and early Egyptian texts tell us that they saw Venus in the heavens before 2000 B.C. This is seen as a fatal flaw in Worlds in Collision and Velikovsky’s Exodus scenario. In this article I want to explore this question of whether the Saturn Theory is incompatible with Velikovsky’s Exodus scenario.

The Aztecs believed that 4 worlds existed before the present universe (worlds=suns). Each one was ruled by a different god of a different element, and we are currently in the fifth sun (earthquake). During this period, the sleleton-like monsters of the west will appear and kill all the people. Also, the Aztec calendar states that the fifth sun will set May 4, 1997.

NOTE:  That's in the past. However, the Hopis believe that Hale Bopp, which appeared to the naked eye in 1997 was the beginning of the 5th world.

Quintuplet Set crop formations began to appear in 1978 and continued into 1997. The shape is similar to planets around a sun. Geoff Stray noticed that they are also similar to the Aztec Calendar Stone, which depicts five ages called, "Suns." The central sun in the depiction is the "Fifth Sun." It is surrounded by four previous Suns, which were ages that ended in cataclysm, when the magnetic field of the Sun reversed, according to research by Maurice Cotterell and Adrian Gilbert. (The Mayan Prophecies, Element Books Limited, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8BP (England, 1995)


Mesoamerica and South America have long been rumoured to be honeycombed with long, mysterious tunnels, some of them running for hundreds of miles, from Columbia in the north through Peru and Bolivia to Chile in the south, and to the Amazon jungle in the east. Only a few sections of these tunnels have so far been discovered [5]. H.P. Blavatsky mentions an immense tunnel running from Cuzco to Lima in Peru, and then extending south into Bolivia [6]. In Egypt, a vast subterranean world is traditionally believed to extend from the catacombs of Alexandria to Thebes' Valley of the Kings. The subterranean crypts of Thebes were known as the serpent's catacombs, the serpent being a symbol of wisdom and immortality .

Many Native American peoples believe that their ancestors originated in a joyous subterranean realm, or took refuge in caverns to escape past cataclysms. The Cherokee Indians speak of a subterranean world much like our own, with mountains, rivers, trees, and people [8]. The Aztecs said their ancestors came from a land called Aztlan, and that after escaping its destruction they ended up in a cavern called Chicomoztoc, or the Seven Cavern Cities of Gold, where they lived before emerging to the surface world [9]. The Mexican demi-god Votan describes a subterranean passage, a 'snake's hole', which runs underground and terminates at the root of the heavens; he himself was allowed to enter it because he was a 'son of the snakes'.

The Hopi Indians hold their rituals in an underground chamber known as the kiva.

In the center of the kiva, on the altar level and directly below the roof opening, is the sunken fire pit in which a fire is lighted in the New Fire Ceremony . . . , for life began with fire. Next to it is the small hole in the floor called the sipapuni. Etymologically derived from the two words for 'navel' and 'path from,' the sipapuni thus denotes the umbilical cord leading from Mother Earth and symbolizes the path of man's Emergence from the previous underworld. . . . The ladder represents the reed up which man climbed during his Emergence . . .

The Hopis believe there has been a succession of four worlds. The first world was destroyed by fire, the second by a poleshift, and the third by flooding. Some chosen people were saved from the disasters that destroyed the first two worlds by taking refuge underground, and some survived the destruction of the third world by being sealed inside hollow reeds. The Pima Indians speak of the emergence into our world being effected through a spiral hole that was bored up to the earth's surface.

Legends of ancestral origins in subterranean lands are also found in Africa and Australia. Australian aborigines believe their ancestors came up out of the ground, travelled about the country and created new tribes, then 'ultimately journeyed away beyond the confines of their territory, or went down into the ground again'. According to the native traditions of the Caroline Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia, a subterranean race of giants went underground in ancient times. Once inhabitants of the lost continent of Chamat, they will one day 'emerge and remake the world'. Natives of the Trobiand Islands believe that their ancestors emerged from a subterranean existence through a special hole. Tribes in Bengal and Burma also believe their ancestors emerged from a subterranean world.


"That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. [Some Hopi spokespersons suggest that Hale-Bopp is the Blue Star.] The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World War II, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

"The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. 'You can read this in the earth itself. Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts. All these are the same, depending how you look at them. That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.'

"These comprise the nine most important prophecies of the Hopis, connected with the creation of the nine worlds: the three previous worlds on which we lived, the present Fourth World, the three future worlds we have yet to experience, and the world of Taiowa, the Creator, and his nephew, Sotuknang."

One of the prophecies - All Indians and Non-Indians would one day (now) begin to understand a great problem facing all people. Someday a white brother who went away to record things will return to this land and bring spiritual life to the continent. When White Brother returns, Hopi must keep their spiritual ways so they can show others how to live the right way. Very important job. Elders know ancient knowledge, which also will be shared at the right time with all. Based on prophecy, Indians welcomed the white man. White man destroyed privilege. Indians gave hospitality and whites took everything. Indians do not lie - Whites tricked Indians with lies. By prophecy - Four Corners will be area of confrontation between White and Red. Indians will be pushed into Four Corners. Great Spirit told Hopi - Four Corners is the backbone of the United States. Hopi must hold land till Human Beings live in harmony. The power under the land would be used for destruction. (There would be a) Terrible punishment if give up Four Corners.

Hope Prophecy of the earth flipping: . The earth flips four times (This is unclear. Does he mean the four worlds? As a point of interest, Jupiter and Uranus in our solar system have, according to professional astronomers, already had axial shifts this year.)

The third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun. When he sets these forces in motion the whole world will shake and turn red and turn against the people who are hindering the Hopi cultural life. To all these people Purification Day will come. Humble people will run to him in search of a new world, and the equality that has been denied them. He will come unmercifully. His people will cover the Earth like red ants. We must not go outside to watch. We must stay in our houses. He will come and gather the wicked people who are hindering the red people who were here first. He will be looking for someone whom he will recognize by his way of life, or by his head (the special Hopi haircut) or by the shape of his village and his dwellings. He is the only one who will purify us. The Purifier, commanded by the Red Symbol, with the help of the Sun and the Meha, will weed out the wicked who have disturbed the way of life of the Hopi, the true way of life on Earth. The wicked will be beheaded and will speak no more. This will be the Purification for all righteous people, the Earth, and all living things on Earth. The ills of the earth will be cured. Mother Earth will bloom again and all people will unite into peace and harmony for a long time to come.

But if this does not materialize, the Hopi traditional identity will vanish due to pressure from Bahanna. Through the whiteman's influence, his religions, and the disappearance of our sacred land, the Hopi will be doomed. This is the Universal Plan, speaking through the Great Spirit since the dawn of time.

The Hopi have been placed on this side of the Earth to take care of the land through their ceremonial duties, just as other races of people have been placed elsewhere around the Earth to take care of her in their own ways. Together, we hold the world in balance, revolving properly. If the Hopi nation vanishes, the motion of the Earth will become eccentric, the water will swallow the land, and the people will perish. Only a brother and a sister may be left to start a new life.


For the Egyptians, a large fiery circle symbolized the cosmos, and a serpent with a hawk's head represented the pole. When the latter was placed across the diameter of the circle, it symbolized the pole of the earth lying in the plane of the ecliptic.8 The Harris Magical Papyrus speaks of a cosmic upheaval of fire and water when 'the south becomes north, and the earth turns over'.9

Hopi mythology speaks of the creation of four worlds, three of which were destroyed in succession. The first world was destroyed by fire and volcanoes. In the creation of the second world, land was put where water was, and water where the land was. When the time came for its destruction, the 'pole twins' left their posts at the north and south ends of the world's axis, where they were stationed to keep the earth properly rotating. The world teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice. Mountains plunged into seas, the land was inundated, and the earth froze into solid ice. Eventually the pole twins were ordered back to their stations at the poles. With a great shudder and a splintering of ice the planet began rotating again. As the ice melted, the world began to warm to life, and the third world was created. It was destroyed by waves higher than mountains which rolled in upon the land. Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas. The present (fourth) world will be destroyed by a poleshift and flooding, unless we change our nature sufficiently to prevent it.10

The Pawnee Indians of North America preserved memories of a remote time when the north and south polar stars 'changed places' or 'went to visit each other'.11 They believed that a similar cataclysm would happen at the end of the world, when there would be a great flood, the skies would move, and the stars would come to earth.12 The Eskimos of Greenland recalled a time when the earth tilted over and all people were drowned in the sea.13 The Andaman Islanders fear a repetition of a great natural disaster that occurred in the days of their remote ancestors when the world capsized.14

The Norse Edda refers to shifts in the position of the Midgard serpent, Midgard being our planet, and the serpent denoting the equator, ecliptic, or Milky Way.15 According to a Norse legend, the wolf Fenrir, who had been chained up by the gods, managed to break his bonds and escape. He shook himself and the world trembled. The ash tree Yggdrasil (the earth's axis) was shaken from its roots to its topmost branches. Mountains crumbled or split from top to bottom, and the stars came adrift in the sky.16

One ancient Chinese work, consisting of 4320 volumes, tells of the consequences that followed when mankind rebelled against the gods and the universe fell into disorder: 'The planets altered their courses. The sky sank lower towards the north. The sun, moon, and stars changed their motions. The earth fell to pieces and the waters in its bosom rushed upwards with violence and overflowed the earth.'17

Many legends refer to long periods of darkness when the light of the sun vanished from the sky,18 while others speak of the sun not setting for long periods of time. One possible interpretation is that such stories refer to the 'age of horror', when the earth's axis is tilted at 90°, and there would be continuous darkness during the winter months and continuous daylight during the summer months. Norse mythology teaches that before the present order of things, the sun rose in the south, and it places the frigid zone in the east, whereas now it is in the north.19 This, too, could be a graphic way of referring to a time when the earth was inclined at 90°.


Another way of looking at the Four Worlds - Revelation 6:1-8


Literal - i.e., aspects of God in our lives and the world we live in

Allegorical - i.e., comparison to the characteristics of the Biblical patriarchs (as discussed in an earlier study)

Metaphysical - i.e., analysis of the dynamics of the Tree of life (i.e., letters, numbers, triads, symbols -- see, "Paths and Triads" below)


Although not directly explained at the P’shat (simple) level in Scripture, the Four Worlds (also called the "Four Heavens," or "Four Universes"), are found at the deeper levels of Torah study.

For instance, the books of Ezekiel and Revelation depict different "levels" of the heavenlies. We also have teachings in the "New Testament" that seem to distinguish between "Heaven" and "Paradise." In addition, we have the comment by Paul in one of his epistles, that speaks of a man (possibly Paul himself), going up to the "third heaven" where he received a view of the heavenly realms. He may have been referring to the third world of Beriah.7

The Four Worlds are not places such as planets, but rather correspond to four "stages of removal" from Eyn Sof. These stages are another aspect of the "creation process" and do not conflict with the "six days" of Creation listed in Genesis. As the light of Eyn Sof move progressively further away from its source (from Azilut through Asiyyah), it becomes "more physical" and more laws are necessary.

The four worlds are:

Azilut (Emanation) - the eternal unchanging Divine world

Beriah (Creation) - considered "Heaven" proper, it is the first separation from the Divine, and "location" of the Throne of God and archangels

Yezirah (Formation) - the abode of the "lower angels," men's souls and the Garden of Eden

Asiyyah (Action) - the material universe in which we live

The four worlds as they relate to one another in creation, are mentioned in Isaiah’s book:

Isaiah 43:7 - Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.

A simple way of understanding the four worlds is to compare it to someone building a house:

The person determined that one day they would build their own house (emantion)

They planned the style they would design it to (creation)

They drew up the specific blueprints to fulfill this design (formation)

They acquired the materials and constructed it according to the above (making)

Ezekiel’s vision (Ezekiel, chapter 1), is helpful in gaining an initial insight into the four worlds from the "bottom up." The prophet is physically present here in the first world of Asiyyah. His view of the "Chariot" (made up of various heavenly beings) is one into Yezirah. Above the Chariot is the "likeness of a throne," which lies in the third world of Beriah. Finally, on the throne there is the "likeness as the appearance of a man," that being the Divine world of Azilut.

The qualifying terms Ezekiel uses indicate that his vision was only "clear" through Yezirah. Looking into Beriah (which was one world away from his prophetic level of Yezirah), he saw only the "likeness of a Throne." His view into Azilut (two worlds away from Yezirah), was even dimmer, as he saw only the "likeness as the appearance of a man."



The Names of God

Revelation 19:12 “His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.”

So strong is the power of the spoken word, that the mighty four-letter name of God, the Tetragrammaton--IHVH is never pronounced by devout Hebrews. The name is usually substituted for by another four-letter name, ADNI, which is pronounced Adonai and means Lord. The true pronunciation of IHVH is known to very few, as it is believed to be a great secret, and "He who can rightly pronounce it, causeth heaven and earth to tremble, for it is the name which rusheth through the universe." IHVH is commonly spelled out as Jehovah.

The intrinsic meaning of the Tetragrammaton--IHVH--is "to be," and it is a symbol of existence. It also represents the four cardinal points, the four elements, (fire, air, water, and earth), and the four worlds of the Kabbalists.



An example of the impressive effects produced by even a small meteorite impact.

Meteor (Barringer) Crater was first recognized as an impact crater in 1905

1200m across
170m deep

formed 49,000 years ago (fresh appearance is due to its young age) below the floor is broken up and mixed rock, evidence for impact origin. some of the sandstone bedrock melted due to the very high temperatures (>1000°C), producing a frothy glass. coesite, a high pressure form of silica, was produced. The meteorite which produced Meteor Crater: was probably less than 60m across weighed about 1 million tonnes was travelling at 15 km per second impact emitted 1017 Joules of energy (equivalent to 20 MT of TNT); i.e. explosion was about 1000 times more powerful than the explosion of the atom bomb at Hiroshima.





The Legend: A discussion of the story of Atlantis as told by Plato

The Minoans: The parent civilization of Atlantis

Time Line of Events: A graphical look at the chronology of events

Thera (Santorini): The island of mythical Atlantis itself

Map of the Mediterranean: A view of where everything is located

Other Disasters in Ancient Times : The Mediterranean has a history of geologic disasters

Other theories of Atlantis: You would not believe what some people think



One of the sources outlines the Root Race Theory. Deals with such topics as God, souls and a theory of why humans have different skin colors.

A Short History of Lemuria.


The Tunguska (Siberia) explosion of 1908.

50 to 100m cometary object

mass <1012 g (<1 million tonnes), cf. meteors typically 1 - 10 g, and comets 1016 to 1017 g

released 10 to 30 Mton of energy

flattened a 25 km radius of forest

no crater - the explosion occurred 5 km above the ground

Bright skies recorded as far away as Britain., and the dust cloud reached the USA

seismic events were recorded


The dinosaurs vanished as a result of some enormous catastrophe 65 million years ago

Dinosaurs were gigantic (100 ton) masters of the Earth for about 160,000,000 years

Then, suddenly (in less than a million years) all of them were lost

(along with most other species)

This is something like wiping out all of the mammals on Earth today

How and why?

One possible cause of this could have been the impact of a comet or an asteroid

What is the evidence for this possibility?

An important discovery by Berkeley scientists, including Noble laureate Luis Alvarez

deposits of Iridium at the cretaceous period

Heavy elements. such as iridium, are rare near the surface of the Earth



Problems with a Global Flood

Where Did All That Water Come From?

Noah's Flood Q&A

Pre-Flood Civilization: What do we know?

Zechariah Sitchin: The Other Version of the Story


In 79 A.D. Mt. Vesuvius erupted, burying the Roman towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii in millions of tons of ash and debris.
This eruption killed 3,360 Romans, probably everyone in town.


Earth is scarred with nearly 100 craters larger than 0.1 km in diameter

Barringer Crater (1 km)

Quebec's Manicouagan Reservoir

70 km diameter

Tunguska event of 1908 (in Siberia)

exploded in Earth's atmosphere before reaching surface

Major collisions of large meteoroids with the Earth occur every few hundred-thousand years


" Not long after the date for Patrick's Christianization of Ireland, there was a disastrous event in the year 540. It shows up not just in Irish trees but in trees in Scotland and England and right across Northern Europe. We are seeing an obviously global event which could have something to do with the onset of the Dark Ages. Other records from the 6th Century agree with what the tree-rings indicate. We add into that evidence for the sun being dimmed, giving a dust veil effect of some kind. There were crop failures, there were famines recorded. There was the Plague in 542. You begin to get a package which, to my mind, bore a striking resemblance to the Exodus in the Old Testament, the plagues of Egypt." It was a cataclysmic world-wide event, caused perhaps by massive volcanic eruptions or comet strikes. Disease frequently follows climate change. And plague hit two years later, spreading along Europe's sea lanes from Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium. It arrived in Ireland within the year.


From the amount of iridium found in the K-T layer around the world we can estimate:

The associated comet (or asteroid) was about 10 kilometers in diameter

The crater would have been about 200 kilometers in diameter

The debris from the impact would have been raining down for about ten thousand years

The crater has very likely been found

Chicxulub on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

NASA's Ames research center uncovered a 170km diameter semi-circle of sinkholes

And pieces of the candidate asteroid have been recovered


Earlier, in 1939 floods in north China from the Yellow River killed 100,000.
Prior to that, in 1931 floods killed 3.7 million, and in Manchu dynasty times in 1887, a flood caused 900,000 deaths.
Ancient China must have had a long record of floods, since, like ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, its early civilisation was built near a river.

Subj:[CC-Chat] Isabel: Sept 6 prediction target?

In the press this morning it's mentioned that 'Federal Authorities have been issuing advisories' about Isabel for eight days, which, subtracted from the present date, Sept 15, brings us only a day from Sept 6.

Hello Larry and all.

Perhaps this is why it is being reported that there is a pentagram in the center of the storm:

Satanic Storm ???

Hurrican Isabel

Hoax or not, I find it interesting. This is a good time to speak of Gematria 101.

Many five pointed stars have appeared as crop formations, of course, starting with the Bythorn Mandala of 1993. Prior to that, this type of star was indicated within the geometry of various formations. Several double five pointed star formations have appeared. One point of each star is said to be always pointed straight south or north.

Blavatsky mentioned on page 5 of the "Secret Doctrine" that the reversed five pointed star, with two points or horns facing upward, is an esoteric symbol of the Kali Yuga time cycle -

The Bythorn Mandala, which had two points facing toward the North, is similar to a Yantra to Kali. Compare:

These star patterns have been part of my number theories. One such star divides a circle into 72 degrees sections, and the double stars, of course, divide a circle into ten parts of 36 degrees each. Going around the circle produces the number sequence: 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 288, 324, 360, etc.

Continuing around the circle for the second round, gives 396, 432, etc. Full circles produce the same numbers by a factor of ten: 360, 720, 1080, etc. This continues, so that, for example, 400 times around the circle (or Gematrian Wheel, as I call it) finds the Biblical number 144,000.

Such numbers are prehistoric and are found in myths and religions worldwide. Some of you may have noticed that they often appear in various ways as part of the crop formations.

Other significant numbers are found when considering the points between star points. With the double stars, this divides the circle into 20 sections of 18 degrees each. The sequence is then: 18, 36, 54, 72, 90, 108, 126, etc. Many of these "in-between" points are also ancient numbers, the most famous being 666 (37 x 18). Another is 234 (13 x 18). "Coincidentally," the Biblical 666 verse is in Revelation 13:18.

Also interesting, the "moon" glyph at the Southwest corner of the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular formation was at 234 degrees instead of the expected 240.

Note too that all of these numbers add to 9 or a multiple of 9 and are divisible by 9. Certain scientists are now finding that these numbers are related to subatomic physics, superstrings, the fine structure constant, and such. They seem to be "creation numbers" or something of that order.

Sometimes certain dates fit with these ideas in coincidental ways. September 6th is an example, as 9 x 6 = 54. Note that this is an "in-between" number which has the same tangent as 234 and the positive of 666. The tangents show the positions of the various numbers on the circle/wheel.

An interesting date, in this sense, is approaching, September 17, as 9 x 17 = 153. This is a very famous number, found in John 21 as the number of fish in the net. This is based on a story that predates the New Testament, which demonstrates sacred geometry and mathematics.

Double 153 to 306 and check the tangent (Most computers have calculators that will give the tangents). It is the same tangent as 666. The reason is that it is at the same spot on the wheel (306 + 360 = 666). 306 appears on the first revolution and 666 second.

The 2001 Mega Glyph at Milk Hill, with its 409 circles, seemed to demonstrate something similar. Right away when I saw the report of the formation, I thought 360 + 49 = 409. Therefore, of course, 409 and 49 have the same tangent. The central circle was said to be 72 feet in diameter. It is said that there are 72 Divine Names.

This became even more interesting and significant when I read that the English alphanumerics of the names of the seven colors of the spectrum add to 409 and that "green" adds to 49. This is figured as A=1, B=2, etc. See:

Milk Hill Crop glyph by Steven Clemenston

The same seven colors are used in the chakra system, and green represents the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. The other six chakra colors add to 360 (lower three 179 + upper three 181).

The Sanskrit alphabet had 49 letters, made up of 16 vowels and 33 consonants. An extra letter was put in to make it 50, in order to equal the number of petals on the lotus flowers representing the first six chakras (4 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 16 + 2). The seventh Crown chakra was figured as having 50 x 20 = 1000 petals.

About nine or so years ago, I had an idea that I sketched in my notebook:

The four little drawings show how the six petal flower can become like a closed aperture, resembling the North glyph of the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular formation, when one petal edge is removed from each petal. This is then shown as six overlapping circles. This is the basic geometry of the 2001 Mega Glyph. Other formations have been similar, the most significant of which appeared along with the Tree of Life formation in 1997. This one was like a pinwheel which incorporated six crescent moon type shapes.

I figured this formation represented the central sphere of the Tree, called Tiphareth. I thought perhaps Tiphareth indicated the third chakra and the "hidden" sphere above it, Daat, represented the fourth chakra. I found later that I figured wrong. It is said that the lowest sphere of the Tree, Malkuth/Earth, associates with the first chakra. The second is Yesod/Moon, directly above Malkuth on the central pillar. The third chakra is represent by the connected pair of spheres, Hod and Nezah, located on the left and right pillars above Yesod. The fourth chakra is Tiphareth. I need to update my article to indicate the mistake:

The Mega Glyph of 2001 certainly seemed to support the idea. It is my opinion that the big message of the crop circle formations and dreams is that humanity will reach the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution. For more information see:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

For those interested in the numbers, see -

Part 4 speaks of the dream association and Part 7 about the crop circle connections.

For those who want to know more about Kali, see:

I am now working on an article about "Ancient Number Code Sequences Revealed in Crop Circle Formations." Recent findings, which include triplets (111, 222, etc.) strongly support the idea that we are being shown creation numbers and the associated Sacred Geometry.


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason

Just after sending the above e-mail a significant coincidence happened. I had mentioned Kali, the September 6 date, and speculated about 9 x 6 = 54, with its 666 associations. Near the end of the e-mail, I added an extra link about Kali, as a last thought before sending it.

I then took another look at that page. I couldn't believe it - Dee reported a January 2, 1999, dream related to the "Tamasisk" (anger) evoked by Kali. She saw 54 tiles arranged together, 9 high and 6 wide.

Further down into the article, I mentioned that a "storm" can be symbolic of anger or fury. I'll place some excerpts below.


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason


[Excerpts from] TAMASISK - ANGER - FURY

The next day on 1-2-99, I again had dreams and visions about the same subject. The lucid dream consisted of myself picking up tiles that were colored pink and gray marble rectangles. They were labeled Tamasisk. I didn't touch any of them with my hands, but used a tool like a nail or something long like a nail and moved it from one spot where it was by itself and built a wall-like panel of 54 tiles together. They were 9 high and 6 wide. (I don't yet know the significance of the number of tiles)

Terrifying images [of Kali] arouse 'tamasisk' the quality allied to the emotion of fury and awesomeness, diametrically opposed to these are silence and compassion, associated with sattiva, the quality of purity.

[From Blavatsky]. . . the Kali-yuga, or age of iron, of darkness, misery, and sorrow. In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate himself in Krishna, in order to save humanity from the goddess Kali, consort of Siva, the all-annihilating - the goddess of death, destruction, and human misery.

One of the ideas in my essay was that the harlot of Rev. 17 has the same meaning as Kali in the eastern traditions. We are nearing the end of the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron, and will return to the Age of Gold. The four metals associated with the "frightening image" dream of Nebuchadnezzar are the same in the Hindu chronology.

The Kali-Yuga is an age of "death or destruction creation," and is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.

In the cycle ruled by the "harlot," which I believe is related to Kali, the kings fornicate with the harlot and become drunk on her wine. This seems to refer to anger. Kali is said to evoke "tamasisk," meaning anger.

The wine of the harlot is also the cup of staggering, and the fury of God's wrath. Some seem to take this as meaning that God is angry with mankind. I think not. It seems to mean we have been given this male/aggressive, negative attribute to deal with and to overcome.

Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this indicates the karmic function. [skip] It [evoking anger] seems to have the very same meaning as the wine of the harlot.

In the Babylonian myths, the father and mother gods produced a son, Bel (Lord) Marduke, to do battle with the evil goddess. He blew an evil wind into her mouth, to hold it open, then fired in an arrow, which killed her. From the body of the evil goddess, he created the world. He brought order out of chaos. Marduke also chased down the Storm Bird, Zu, who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men, and retrieved them. This battle that began before the creation of the world, seems to be related to our battle in the cycle of time. A "storm" can also be symbolic of anger or fury.

Dear friends,

This message from the Mayan elders in Guatemala is essential reading for every planetary citizen. Please especially pay attention to what they say regarding December 2003 and 2007.

Love, Kiara


Saq' Be' is a 501(c)3 non profit organization operated on a volunteer basis. Saq' Be' works with Native communities, at their request, to help preserve ancient traditions and to open doors for those communities to share teachings with the rest of the world, especially young adults. Learn more about our work:

"It is not our possessions, nor our actions that determine who we are. It is our decisions that make us. And if in this reality, with the divine power of life we have been given which is not defined, the destiny of our life is marked by its transience."

Don Isidro

Wise elder of the Kekchi Maya

Throughout thousands of years, the traditional Mayan world has preserved the ancestral knowledge. This legend has been transmitted throughout different clans or groups that follow the highest Mayan spirituality - which is where the purity of the ancient wisdom has been maintained. Today we are living in prophetic times. Various prophecies of the Maya as well as other traditions point to these times. This transcendental time is where the changes are manifesting. Humanity needs to see these changes with respect to themselves and towards the whole of the sacred mother earth. We are at the doors of change for the structures of the system that we know both economically and socially, which need to be transformed towards something that is more just and balanced. The Mayan prophecies are a mixture of scientific/technological knowledge based on the sacred Tzolkin calendar and the visionary powers of the Chilanes Balanes (shamans/prophets). To date, all of the prophecies they made have been realized with a high degree of precision. The prophecies are the foundation of the Mayan world, which is based on the sacred calendar. In the Mayan world, this reality exists in the Najt (space-time), and is an infinite spiral in which cycles and events are repeated with a certain correlation to a previous/future time, corresponding to similar events. This is why each person has a sign inside of the cycles of the Winales (period of twenty days). This will mark their destiny regarding events that occur during different periods of their lives. Every human brings a certain energy and purpose to their life.

"When a wise one speaks, it is not to convince the incredulous. They do it to guide and awaken the consciousness of those that follow the path towards consciousness. Their words are not only for intellectual debate or for the nourishment of the spirit. In actuality, the spirituality of these prophetic times are not limited to contemplation and meditation. Today spirituality is synonymous with action; and action is every act of your life, in harmony with Mother Nature, and most importantly the harmony within ourselves, and in relation to the way in which we live."

Don Pascual

Wise elder of the Mam Maya

This message begins from being with the elders and Aj'qij'ab (Mayan priests) of the Quiche Maya people on the Cerro Turkaj of Chichicastenango in the highlands of Guatemala on April 9th, 2002, at the start of the celebration for the beginning of the cycle of the sacred Tzolkin, known as the sacred Mayan calendar of 260 days. We received a phone call from a spiritual brother, Dr. Marco Cagastume G., that transmitted the words of the eldest wise one from the town of the Mam, member of the council of the grand confederation of Ajq'ij'ab, wise-ones, elders and Mayan principals. His call was of simple but very strong words. There was a tone of desperation, incredulousness; his strength and desire was to shake us from unconsciousness. He told us, "Enough is enough! Don't you realize the damage that you are doing to your home? When did you loose your sense of reason? When did you loose the respect for our mother earth?" He would ask, "Why haven't we taken action towards the implacable destruction we make every day, all the contamination? How is it that you can sleep at night, having this knowledge? Is it that perhaps we don't feel a responsibility for what is happening? The reality is we do have a responsibility, a very big one. By our permitting a few others who have suspect economic interest to do what they want without our putting a stop to this action, we become equally responsible. Is it not enough to see how the climate has changed? How the earth is contaminated, as well as the air? How the rivers are poisoned, and without mentioning, the oceans as well? Where are our green Mountains? Where did the spiritual guardians run off to? Where will the jaguars, the birds and the flowers inhabit? And the rest of the brothers and sisters that gives joy and balance to life? Why have we let mother earth dry up? And then we become frightened of the floods, the plagues and the earthquakes? All of this, WHY? You know the answer. It seems we only live for the moment. We only live to obtain the material illusions, the uncontrollable consumerism of things that don't serve us. Things that pacify us, distract us and make us feel as though we are somebody. What to say of the spiritual guides? This call is primarily for them, and for all the beings that are working for the light. Let's take awareness - it is time to assume the role that they are responsible for. It can all be put into one simple word: UNITY! Let it bring us harmony and a return of consciousness. Harmony with mother earth, respect for each other, respect to our brothers and sisters the animals, towards the plants and most of all, toward ourselves. Ask your grandmother, your grandfather, the elders - they have the peace and the wisdom, the awareness. Listen to the wind. Hug the ancient trees and ask them. Listen to the river or simply quiet your mind. You will see that the answer, the truth is within yourself, in the depth of your soul - then you will know that you are a warrior of the light, of the peace, of love and of harmony. And then raise your voice - without violence, but with strength. All of us united will reconstruct the wonder of life. Please, let's return to be human beings!"

Today, one year after this phone call, after the prophetic warning, (about the war in Iraq and what this encompasses with this charge of violence and death. In spite of these unfortunate events, there was good fortune that the war began in March rather than April, because there could have been more tragic consequences. Before the start of the war, the visionaries and the prophets had begun to talk) we have received the messenger from Xibalbay, known as the underworld. This has nothing to do with the inferno of other traditions. It is a subterranean world where humanity lived for a long time, after a cataclysm that made it impossible to live upon the surface of the world. There are still some powerful magicians/beings of Xibalbay that live in the depth of this world and they have sent this messenger.

Cablicot is the name of this messenger. Its origin is as ancient as the night of time and has as its companion Camalzotz. Cablicot is the owl with two heads and Camalzotz is the bat with two heads. Today, Cablicot has come and its words are a warning; it is of the prophetic memory for these times during which various prophecies converge, be they from Mayan or other traditions. Because of its own dualistic nature, its words came with the war, like a preamble. This is a special messenger that looks towards the darkness. Its head turns three hundred-sixty degrees. Each of its faces looks with indifference towards the two polarities. Its words bring a call without charge, almost like a recording. Its own essence of polarity is the message.

The Mayan prophecies speak to us of the changes towards the fifth Ajaw (fifth sun), on the famous date of December 21, 2012. This date begins the period of 5,200 years. This is a cycle of wisdom, harmony, peace, love, of consciousness and the return of the natural order. It is not the end of the world as many from outside of the Mayan tradition have misinterpreted it to be. The first cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was fire. The second cycle (Ajaw/sun) was of masculine energy, and its element was earth. The third cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was air. The fourth cycle (Ajaw/sun) is a masculine energy and its element is water. The fifth cycle (Ajaw/sun) will be a fusion of both feminine and masculine energies. It will be a transition where there won't be any more confrontations between the polarities. It will bring balance and there won't be hierarchy of one over the other. Both energies will support each other. It is why this period is called one of harmony, the kingdom of love and the return of consciousness. Its element will be the ether. This fifth Ajaw/sun comes with the power of transmutation. To reach this state of supreme harmony, it will be necessary to create the balance of the forces of the light and the dark. This is where the importance of the call of the Mam elder comes into place - the quest for the unity, the return of the natural order. This call is urgent in the face of the prophetic times in which we are living - principally for the spiritual guides and conscious people. At this time, we need to unite and create a belt of light that will contrast with the negativity.

Those working with the negativity are clear in their purpose. They are the owners and lovers of the material world. They govern with their power and with the illusions that they create. They have most of humanity half asleep. A human being has become an object for the purpose of production, to generate certain output during their lives. Today, s/he is a number, and object which creates necessities and useless gratifications that fills the void of their unconsciousness. Those working with the negativity are clear in their roles - they don't discuss hierarchy, they know who the boss is in the different levels of power and they do their job with precision. The contrary exists in the side of the light. Here there is no idea of hierarchies - every person goes off on their own, each one with their own ego. They believe they are the owners of the truth, the wisdom and in their egoism scream to the four winds that they are the path of salvation. Many don't have a sense of what is happening. They have sold the knowledge that has been given to them. One of the gravest situations is that many cults and "new age" movements have emerged. Let it be clear that we are not against their work, but we are suggesting they return to the origin where their techniques came from. Many of them were taken from ancestral traditions - but only in bits and pieces, not in their entirety. Although it may work for specific aspects, the most essential elements have been left aside - the integral and harmonious development. We know that they are necessary steps for development and are a bridge or a path towards the essence of the great traditions, but it is important to recognize the origin of their techniques and to guide the persons towards the depth of the highest spirituality. The call is for unity, to leave aside all differences, to find respect and tolerance, to create the balance. It is true that when a white magician is born, a dark magician is born as well. The ones that are being born now are not wasting any time and they are clear on their mission.

They prefer to destroy the planet (something which we can not deny nor close our eyes to) before the moment of the fusion arrives, rather than relinquish their position of power as owners of the material world. "We are living in dangerous times, my son" my teacher don Pascual would tell me. "If there is no clarity, if there is no unity, if we do not return to the natural order, if we do not reach harmony amongst ourselves we are condemned as a species to disappear as a result of our own madness."

This is the call to spread, the cry of hope, of returning to the brothers and sisters to create balance based on consciousness, love, the surrender and above all the clarity that we don't have time to play around anymore. This is the time of action! When we talk about not having any more time left, I am referring to the prophetic projections of the ancestral science of the Mayan world, and of our own intuitions in conjunction with our work with the visionaries, the diviners. This has given us the message of Cablicot. This makes us see a close future of great danger. This is a cycle that starts in mid August and lasts until mid-December of this year (2003). This period is of instability, destruction and confrontation and natural catastrophes can emerge: droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes - like we have never before seen - bringing the consequences of death's appetite. The most difficult confrontations are with intolerance as well as the economic interests. The most delicate confrontation is of the religious fundamentalists, guided by the negative forces that can provoke great conflicts. This is a tendency, an energy that is gestating, which does not mean that we can not change or minimize it on the level on which we are affected. At this moment, the elders and the shamans of the Mayan world are making fire ceremonies daily, without end, in a manner similar to the Native Americans who are working hard with their own ceremonies. This is true of our brothers the Hopi, the Huichol elders, the powerful Taitas throughout the Amazon, the great wise ones of the eternal snows of the Andes, the Ayamaras, our brothers in the Sierra Nevada, the great Tibetan wise ones and all others that don't have a visible form. Each one with their own tradition and mystical knowledge and sciences, are working to create this balance that has been denominated "El K'uxaaj Saq' Be'" - the path of the positive energy / the white path of the good heart. This is where the two poles intersect over the west coast of the American continent, touching the continent's energetic centers simultaneously reactivating the positive flow of energy.

The call is so that we may all work together - the elders, the shamans, the wise ones and all of the people that have the awareness in order to change the negative force. It is about reaching all of the people with an urgency, to counteract the events that are juxtaposed to this period of August to December. The elders are making a call for the balance that needs to exist, with the intention of calling all leaders as well as all of the people that have the desire to achieve the balance.

As an immediate action, it is important to meditate at sunset (if this is not possible i.e. work, then as close as possible), placing the focus on harmony, reconnecting with Mother Earth, asking for forgiveness for the damage we have done to her, for our own personal responsibility and for other peoples and institutions that are repeatedly destroying her. Then we can place the intention on sending a message to the negativity to let it know that we are active, that there is an awakening, that there is unity and that we will no longer permit the destruction of mother earth or of humanity and that we are conscious of the importance of this moment and to project to the transition of the date of Dec. 21 2012. For this, it is suggested that you light two candles - one white, that represent peace, harmony, the positive thought - one red that represents the force, the light, the energy of a new dawn and the action. The reason for doing this at sunset is because this is the time of transition from day into night and it is the moment to create the balance and to send positive energy. As inheritors of an ancient civilization, the Mayan elders make us reflect upon the need and the urgency for creating this path of positive energy. The events of the cycle between August and Dec of this year can be extreme expecting plagues, natural phenomena, (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, drought and floods, overheating and the melting of the glaciers), if we don't create that strength of peace , harmony and balance with mother earth and between human beings. There is also a possibility of creating a major warlike conflict. Theses cycles have occurred in the past with other humans (civilizations) and also at the end of cycles of the Ajaw, cycles of 5,200 years. We are now at the end of the fourth cycle Ajaw that will end Dec 20, 2012, and the fifth Ajaw enters Dec 21, 2012, a date that is known to be catastrophic by people outside of the Mayan tradition- which in reality marks the beginning of changes in the way we see and live life, focusing more on harmony, the key word for existence in this reality.


Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open up a space. After the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us access to Jun'ab'ku, heart of the heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community, for the consciousness and to synthesize balance. This is the moment when the strength of all those beings of light, are needed. If possible, it is asked to fast, perhaps on fruit, to remain abstinent for at least four days prior and to do ceremonies at sunrise and sunset. It is important to work from sunup to sunset on both the 4th and the 7th, because this is the opening and the closing. The point of focus is to create the longing desire to awaken the south. Beginning from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Amazons, to the mountain range of the eternal snows of the Andes and carry that energy to the most ancient mountains on this part of the world in Cordova, Argentina. The transcendence of this moment is of much importance for our beloved mother, PACHAMAMA. It is also the survival of this "fourth humanity".

The day of the 4th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Tzikin, the great intermediary between the heaven and the earth. It is the messenger and the eagle-quetzal-condor that will create the unity between the north and the south. This will permit us willingly if we joined our forces together throughout the continent and around the world to awaken the Saq' Be', the white path. On this day we focus on the divine messenger that carries our prayers, our feelings and the drumming of our hearts. Let it be that on this day there is only one heartbeat, one sound of drumming calling to the four corners of the universe and at last finding Great Spirit. In the north it is the Eagle, in the center it is the Quetzal and in the south it is the Condor, (the ancestral messengers between the human and the divine). So, lets have just one heartbeat, one fire, a simple ceremony but very majestic. Let's travel to the sacred places and reclaim the harmony.

The day of the 5th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Ajmaq, the keeper of the sin and forgiveness. This is a day to reflect upon our lives, to be in silence and to go within, to look at the damage we may have caused consciously or unconsciously, to forgive and be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, but most of all to ask forgiveness for the damage we have caused mother earth. We also need to ask for forgiveness for those that destroy without conscience but only for the madness or for riches. This is an internal ceremony we do. The elders will be having their fires and ceremonies, but our connection (be it through ceremony or meditation) will be channeled towards the south to awaken the force and the return of the wisdom of the condor. This is the moment of the return of the kingdom of TIHUANTISUYO, the giant panther. As of now it is called the kingdom of INCARI. As a day of duality, the energy gives way to balance between the polarities, so this is what we need to focus on.

The day of the 6th, brings us the energy of the Nawal No'j. This is the keeper of the wisdom, the harmony, the balance and the understanding, the power of the mind and of the imagination. This is a day to use the energy of the mind to create the power of balance. On this day we need to practice internal peace as well as peace with the community. The polarization based on religious fundamentalism is reaching its unsustainable limits and it depends on beings that are committed to the essence of the real spirituality and the survival of the human race and of mother earth, to help stop this energy. Let's not forget that this thing we call reality is mental, the "great illusion", and the one that commands this force is the Nawal No'j. It is recommended to light white candles, to create chains of meditation and raise our words to the heart of the heavens and to the Great Spirit. We need to purify internally and check our own existence so we can do away with that which no longer serves us; to be free of antagonizing forces so we can then create the force that needs to govern now, which is harmony.

The day of the 7th brings us the energy of the Nawal Tijaax. This day is the culmination of this cycle that opens with the intermediary between the earth and the sky, followed by the forgiveness and the sin, then followed by the purification of the mind (creator of all illusions). Tijaax is the double bladed knife. It is the energy that opens up dimensions and the vortex on this day, creating a space extremely subtle and only perceptive to sensitive spirits. To us humans it gives us the opportunity to cut the negativity, to let go of that which holds us back to the vain illusions, to open up our hearts, to awaken and be able to create the balance between the polarities. We need to ask for all the spiritual guides, so they can leave behind their personal importance, so they may know how to guide us without competition and to be united and so they may not forget they are not the keepers of the truth. Each and every one of us brings a force and internal power and that all the truths are part of one manifestation of reality and this is how we'll be able to face the changes we are about to encounter. This will allow us to reach the date of Dec. 21, 2012, with much harmony. This is the purpose of Tzacol, the planet being alive, to then be able to transcend to the 5th Ajaw.


As of February or maybe sooner, according to the sacred books, the sacred Tzi'te and the projections of the wise visionaries, this seems to be an extremely delicate year. Again this has to do with us reaching peace and harmony. As of now the economies can start to deteriorate, we can see that it is based on an illusion. We have seen the real value of things have disappeared many years ago. Today the economic value, money as we know it, is an electronic fantasy and if the socio-economic systems doesn't return to being human and to the real value, the actual system is condemned to extinction. This is the unconsciousness, the senseless race in the world that continues without stopping, without going anywhere. It is escapism to live an experience in such an accelerated manner. The fear of destruction and the instant gratifications we experience on a daily basis either help us to carry out our existence or to live alienated.

This year will be hard and bring us natural disasters, warlike confrontations and disaster in the world economy. Like with all prophecies and visions of the future, there is the ability to minimize things and in some cases even change them. Although this year is of much concern, we must focus on the present which is where we will define the balance. The period of now to the end of 2007 is of much importance to maintain the balance. We will be living in a very dangerous time that this humanity has not lived before. It is within each and every one of us to reach balance and change. The focus must be on the energy that got stuck in Panama, which, because of the canal, didn't allow the energy to reach south. This is where the work will be the most revealing, which doesn't consist only of these four days. It is urgent to activate the base of the spinal cord of the continent of the mountain range of the Andes and the ancient mountains of Cordova. To bring on the change and as the wise Mam elder said: "PLEASE LET'S RETURN TO BEING HUMANS"

Carlos Barrios is a Mayan Ajq'ij, who originates from and resides in Guatemala. Carlos has been given the mission by his elders to begin sharing the prophecies and teachings of the Mayan peoples with the rest of the world. Carlos travels internationally to share these teachings and to generate awareness and support for the rescue and preservation of the ancient Mayan tradition in his homeland. Carlos is also the author of "Kam Wuj: El Libro del Destino", and out of print book on the astrology and prophecies of the Mayan peoples. Carlos is presently working on a revised edition which is to be translated to English.

Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non profit organization based in New Mexico, US. Saq' Be' works to bring people, especially young adults, together with ancient traditions for the purpose of cultural and spiritual preservation and to open the doors of opportunity for those traditions to share their teachings with the rest of the world. Preservation programs include Radio broadcast capacity for the Native community in Chichicastenango, Guatemala and support for filmed documentation efforts of elders and guides of the Mayan tradition. Meetings programs include trips to Native communities in Guatemala (next trip is for the Mayan New Year, June, 2004) and arranging for travel and teachings for the keepers of this ancient wisdom to the US and abroad. More information can be found at:, or by email at:

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From: Kiara Windrider

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Subject: More thoughts on Kalki and enlightenment

Dear friends

I have had an overwhelming response from people to my article on Kalki and enlightenment, and I thought that rather than respond individually I would respond to some of these questions collectively in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

Is this really happening? Yes! We are entering an age, whether we call it the Aquarian Age or the Golden Age or Satya Yuga or the Fifth World, where the veils between the spiritual and matterial worlds are actually beginning to dissolve. There once was a time when we were born enlightened, and lived in the constant awareness of the unity of all things. In the course of time, for reasons that philosophers and theologians can argue endlessly about and don't really matter anymore, we chose to create a dense veil between various aspects of ourselves. These veils are held in the morphogenetic fields of humanity as subconscious programs of separation, forgetfulness, limitation, illusion, fear, and so on. Our genes mutated to align with these fields, and we invented suffering, which is basically another word for soul fragmentation. We have identified with the veils and defined ourselves through them, yet WE ARE NOT THE VEILS! Underneath all this, the original program of love, beauty, and oneness, a morphogenetic field which we can refer to as "enlightenment" or "Christ consciousness", still exists within our genes, awaiting a timing key emanating from our own souls to wake up and experience the vast beautiful presence of who we really are. This timing key is based on a number of factors, some having to do with the completion of certain time cycles and our encounter with a vast energy field that we are currently beginning to experience in our journey through galactic space. These keys are being activated now. We will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, says the Book of Revelation, when the last trumpet sounds.

Well, the last trumpet has sounded, and the presence of beings like Kalki in the world today reflects the deep human thirst to break out of illusion, to unplug from the "matrix", to reconnect with our divine blueprint. Whether we see him as an Avatar come to enlighten the world, or an aspect of the One that is held as infinite possibility within each of our unveiled souls, many are finding that to connect with Kalki is to activate the timing key within our DNA. Is he the the only such Avatar in the world today? I don't know, and I would never wish to limit the vast illumined Consciousness that is moving so relentless through the Earth today, but I do know he is for real.

Kalki has never said that his is the only way to get enlightened, and has little interest in telling people what they should do. He is beyond the confines of any religion. He acknowledges himself as an avatar for all humanity, and his sole mission is to facilitate enlightenment for everyone whose souls desire this. This happens not through dogma, beliefs or rituals, but through a transmission of energy, a divine operation within the brain, when the soul is ready and the time is right. Although physical proximity can help, his grace is available beyond the limitations of space and time.

Enlightenment, simply defined, is shifting our center of personal identity from conditioned mind to unveiled soul. Since I sent my previous article, several people have reported been able to connect with him through his picture or by calling on him on the inner planes, and are starting to experience kundalini activations and shifts in perception. However, the enlightenment "diksha" (or initiation) is only being given in India, and part of the reason is that there is a major integration required afterwards for a period of time. There are special programs offered in India to assist people in fully crossing the threshold, and for those who feel a soul urge to experience this, there will be 3 to 4 week programs for Westerners starting next year designed to facilitate this (check out,,, and for more information on what's happening where and when). Just this morning, I was talking with one of the teachers who was at a recent retreat where 191 out of 194 Indian participants got enlightened.

There are many who ask, how do I know if I am enlightened? Those who are enlightened will say that it is unmistakable. If you are enlightened, you won't need to ask this question, and if you're asking this question, you're not. It is not a mental or emotional process but a biological event. The moment of enlightenment is when the new biocircuits get fully turned on, and the kundalini moves all the way through the physical body to meet up with the cosmic energy. Many of you may have had past experiences of energy surging through the body, but there comes a time when the kundalini moves through like a freight train to make the final irreversible shift. New pathways get created. The old pathways based on conditioned mind stop functioning. A link between heaven and earth is created in the neocortex of the brain, and the DNA itself is transformed. Your sense of self changes radically, and nothing is the same anymore. Suffering ends, because all suffering is a figment of our conditioned minds.

A variety of phenomena may accompany this state. Many people experience states of incredible bliss and cosmic consciousness. Subtle senses open up. Oftentimes, full memories of past lifetimes and the akashic records return, and healing and shamanic gifts awaken. I have heard personal stories of miraculous healings, bilocation, even of people being raised from the dead. Kalki emphasizes that enlightenment is only the beginning of the spiritual path, and he is here to help shape the Golden Age where we each become fully mature as co-creative spiritual entities. Imagine a million Christs running around the planet. What kind of world could we create? It is starting to happen. There are over a thousand who are now fully enlightened here in India. I have met many, and it is an extraordinary thing. The more who get enlightened, the easier it is for everybody else.

Here is a brief summary of the path, if you want to call it such:

1. Determine if you are enlightened already. Very few people are, and there are many who think they are who aren't.

2.. Know that enlightenment is possible for you in this lifetime, and sooner than you may think. It is a prerequisite to entering the Golden Age, and that time has come. Nothing can stop this from happening now.

3. Realize that although there are things you can do to prepare yourself, it is by grace and grace alone that you can cross the threshold of enlightenment. It happens not through effort or study, but in surrendering to divine intervention, or grace (rather like in the 12 step programs).

4. Profound mystical experiences of various kinds begin to happen, eventually leading to

5. Neurobiological restructuring of the brain and a permanent, irreversible state of enlightenment.

As we move deeper into the Golden Age, many people are beginning to spontaneously experience enlightenment all over the world. It is our natural state, after all. The important thing is to connect with your own soul and know that this is possible. For anyone wishing Kalki's assistance in the process, I am attaching a picture of him. Make a soul link within your own heart, and invoke his presence. Many people experience an immediate response of some kind. It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or Hindu, since this is not about religion. For those who may be guru-phobic or wondering whether this may be some kind of cult, please check in with your own soul. The world is filled with empty religious dogma that has done much harm, and people have justified all sorts of insanity in the name of God. True enlightenment has nothing to do with any of that! We are each on a journey of truth, and truth can only come in the soft whispers of a discerning yet open heart and mind. Once we have experienced the truth of who we are, no matter how this happens, our lives can truly begin. It is the end of suffering and the beginning of freedom.

With love,