9-1-12  DREAM -  I was living in a smallish cabin with my friend Mikki and her baby boy.  He was adorable. 

The baby was asleep when Mikki went out with her sister who came to visit and possibly move in with us or at least in the neighborhood.  They were going to drive around and look at property and the area.

While Mikki and her sister went out, I was there with the baby, and my husband/boyfriend  (a blonde guy) came to visit also.

I knew that strange things happened during the night in the area, but wasn't quite sure what it was, but I knew 'something' was going on.

The baby woke up and needed a diaper change, and that was no problem except for one thing - the clean diapers were stained black everywhere and kept in double depth like Mikki put two diapers on the baby and then just left them on all night long without changing him for long periods of time.

There wasn't a single white diaper to be found and that distressed me.  I knew that wasn't good for the baby.

I wanted to go out with my husband/boyfriend, and look for a bigger house to live in as well.  This cabin was way too small for the number of people we had here, especially if Mikki's sister came to stay and my husband/boyfriend too.

Finally Mikki and her sister came back, and I told them I needed to go to the store and get some food for us all and it wouldn't take long.

Mikki's sister piped up instantly and said, "Oh no!  You're not leaving me alone here -  there's too much strange stuff going on."

I woke up knowing that Mikki's sister had great awareness.


9-2-12 -  DREAM -  I was living and working in a very large building - either a hotel or apartment building, and had access to a computer with a printer that could print maps that were three feet x three feet square.

I had accessed a group of people who discussed the minute changes in elevations of the land in the United States and they were studying them carefully.

The computer I was using was actually showing both the before and after elevations side by side of two sheets of paper at the same time, and I wondered if I could print these maps because they were in full color according to elevation.

Then I discovered that every time I changed screens, each page was automatically printing them out so I had them all at my fingertips and all I had to do was lay them out somewhere in a huge room. 

I didn't precisely know what I was going to do with these maps, but there was a reason why this group of people was studying the changes in elevations and I wanted to know why.

I started to feel guilty about using all the paper and ink I had used, and gathered up the papers and took them back to my apartment, and that's when I discovered I hadn't eaten in three days and all the food was still on the plates in the kitchen untouched.

I knew I couldn't eat the food that had been sitting out all that time even though it was covered with Saran wrap.  I'd have to throw it out and eat something fresh.

I felt bad for wasting all that good food, even though it was only mashed potatoes and chicken.

NOTE:  HMMM - I dreamed that the other day as well. 

8-28-1 2-   STRANGE DREAM - I was in an upper room somewhere.  My spine was compared with the purple spines of a Chinese couple for the bend of the spine curvature.

I then had to feed my Mother.  I gave her a roll of chicken and mashed potatoes out of the refrigerator.

I saw two wedding cakes in the freezer - large ones.  One had a pink heart in the center like it might have been an ice cream cake.

I then went to bed and faced my spiritual teacher and we kissed gently,

Following that I had a small wooden tube connected to Prince William of England and I asked him to marry me and he accepted my proposal.

I then got out of bed and compared my white spine to the now white spined Chinese couple.  The spines had changed and were now almost straight.

The spines were not connected to a body - just the spines.



I was living in an apartment building with some characters from One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful.  The lead woman was Blair from One Life to Live.

I was supposed to do something at some point - exactly what I don't know - I would have known when the time came.

I woke up and Joe started channeling an Indian -  mostly groaning - not words.  Whatever he said, he said three times.  (He never remembers either, and he only does it in his sleep)

I went back to sleep and was back in the dream and it was past the time I was supposed to do whatever it was so it didn't happen.

We were dressed up in long gowns, and some were eating breakfast with corn flakes and other stuff I couldn't eat, so I didn't know what I was going to eat until I found whatever else was available.

The bottom drawer of the stove was boiling water and I asked what was in it and they told me, "rags".  They also said it had been turned off while I was gone.

I opened a door to what I thought was Blair's bedroom to find out what she was doing and was shocked to find out it was a door to another whole apartment building.

A strange man came in - a comedic type guy,  who was bald, who came into our apartment and went into a guy's bedroom to watch a comedy show on TV.

Meanwhile, a little girl from the other building came into the kitchen and sat by the boiling stove drawer and complained she was hot.

I saw a large brown suitcase standing by the wall that was like a heater that was blowing hot air, and before I could get over there, I saw a sign on it above the handle that said "Findings and rings"  (that's gold, silver, and gemstones)  I went over and turned the suitcase so it pointed at the little girl to make her even hotter, and as soon as I did that, I woke up.


Just then Blair from the TV show, One Life to Live pulled up in front of the house in a sleek black convertible sports car with the top down, with my daughter in the ...

I solved Michelle's problem, then went upstairs and met Blair from One Life to Live though I thought her name was Cheryl. Blair wanted me to see her wedding ...

The Seven States of Consciousness

1) Sleep state - dreamless, mind & ego asleep.

2) Dream state - REM sleep, mind is active, body asleep.

3) Waking state - typical ‘reality’. In some ways, these first three are really states of mind within a single state of consciousness.

4) Transcendental Consciousness - a state of restful alertness where the mind is awake but quiet, silent but alert. May be experienced less clearly as a blank spot. Typically arises in meditation but can come up almost anywhere. Characterized by cessation of breath (automatically) and brain wave sync. Stepping into and out of this state one m ay experience a wave of happiness. We are said to step into this momentarily each time we change states above, like a neutral gear. Has been established by scientific research, with a fully definable unique physiology.

5) Cosmic Consciousness - Where Transcendental consciousness becomes full time, beneath waking, dreaming and sleeping states. The ego idea falls away and we become Self, permanently. We are a witness or observer to all activity, including deep sleep (when clear). This is also referred to as first waking or self-realization. Several recent books talk about the transition - while the shift is distinct, various degrees of clearing may be required after. Fully established, it is Sat Chit Ananda, absolute bliss consciousness. The subject of perception is awake but not the object.

6) God Consciousness - also called Celestial Con. or God Realization. With time in above states, finer values of perception develop and the divine heart opens. We come to experience the finest values of creation, the full mechanics of the story of the world. This is a process of refinement and opening so does not have a distinct realization the way CC and UC (next) do. It can begin before first waking and continues indefinitely. It is the awakening of the object, the bridge to Unity.

7) Unity Consciousness - Also Oneness. Characterized by a realization, when the Self is seen in the object, we realize I am That, Thou Art That, All This is That. (Upanishads) The subject-object duality collapses, the dream of God is seen through and all illusion ends. It is characterized by the loss of identity or sense of person, the subconscious driver of the former ego. There is no longer ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ but rather a continuum. The world ‘out there’ ceases to exist. Many paradoxes are resolved in the inclusiveness of the One.



9-4-12 DREAM - I was working in a small office with a young woman and my boss Richard L.

The girl was the typist, and I was the checker/approver and Richard was the boss who made the final decisions.

There wasn't much to do because no orders had come through, but an advertisement arrived stating that they would pay our bills and eliminate one of the bills.  That sounded intriguing enough to find out how they could eliminate one of the bills, so I sent for the information.

Meanwhile, a stack of purchase orders came through, and the young woman quickly typed them up and passed them on to me.  I looked at them to make sure they were right and passed them on to Richard who ultimately signed off on them. Richard wasn't happy to have to do 'all the work'. 

I still hadn't found out how one bill could be eliminated from that other company so I was still waiting for that, but now we had nothing to do again.

I went home then, and discovered that some little grey animals had moved into the neighborhood who were similar to squirrels but didn't have those long tails.  They were noisy little guys who went into an uproar when a stranger came around, and of course we were all strangers to them.

It wasn't so bad when there was only a couple of them, but they evidently multiplied quickly and soon there were hundreds of them, and then you wouldn't believe the uproar that went up when a stranger appeared.  The sound was incredible to hear.  So then we didn't like strangers either.  It got too noisy to listen to.



I dreamed this morning that I was in a vehicle with Obama and Biden again. A blond woman sitting between them grabbed the steering wheel and operated the brake with her left foot and Obama operated the clutch, I assumed. Biden had a pain in his head and they took him to a doctor at a mall. He had two aneurysms according to a search result dated May 4, 1988.




9-5-12 -  DREAM -  I don't know what city I was in, but I was living with my friend Mikki.  I knew it was the middle of April, and today was the first day of the new Yuga.  

(Is our calendar that far off?)

We went outside and I looked up at the sky which had high cumulous clouds all over it, but in a blue sky space between several clouds came cruising slowly a large white triangular shaped UFO. 

A moment later, I saw another triangular shaped UFO coming perpendicular to the first one, and that one was a bit higher, but was also pure white glinting in the sunlight.

That was a beautiful sight to behold.

NOTE:  The date may rather coincide with the way Easter Sunday is decided to coincide with the equinox where the moon and sun can be seen in the sky at the same time and are the same size even though the sun is 400 times the distance from earth.



9-7-12 - DREAM -  I  was working in a building that seemed like a hotel, but when I looked outside the window, it was a regular normal suburb of houses and lawns. 

Inside the hotel room where I was working, I had a machine which was the size of a PC computer but the front of it had tiny silver gadgets on it that measured people for height, weight, blood type, and other things which I didn't have to look at or monitor.  I just looked at their names and ages and sex to make sure nothing went wrong with their description measuring who and what they were.

I didn't really pay attention to what it all was because it worked automatically and I didn't have to write anything down at all.

I had people checking in of all ages, from babies to grown people, one at a time, and didn't notice anything in particular about the machine except that there was a tiny little key I had to insert in the top-most slot on the front to activate it.

The last person however, was a very tall soldier woman, wearing a greyish blue winter overcoat.  She had to have been over 7 feet tall and was extremely thin. 

In her case, I was expecting a man and I knew what he was going to look like, including the uniform, but this one turned out to be female and she laughed when she arrived and I commented that I knew what she was going to look like and the name Harvey, and this time she laughed and said, "Your machine is wrong, I'm not a Harvey."

I said, "You are the first one to 'feel' the connective journeying."

9-8-12  DREAMS  -  I had about five dreams, all of which are now indescribable.  I can only say that I've never seen people move in an out - like popping in and out of existence through a refrigerator and other electrical objects like I did tonight.

They came and went from a variety of existences in a variety of costumes, going back and forth.  I even did this myself.

In the last dream of the night, an electrician friend came over who was a refrigerator repairman, fell into our livingroom chair and said, "I was taught that electromagnetics was a 'good thing'. 

My husband and I tried to reassure him that electromagnetics was still a 'good thing' - it was just different than he had been taught.

In the meantime, I was trying to cook dinner both on top of the stove and in the oven, hoping that we could have a nice dinner, but I probably burned everything beyond recognition by the time all of the excitement died down a bit, because so many people were moving in and out of the refrigerator.



9-9-12 - DREAM -  I really don't know where I was.  The people were familiar but I can't name them.  I remember seeing a woman who looked like the TV star  Ellen DeGeneres.   There was an older chubby woman as well. 

Outside the house, the garden needed watering and I used a hose at a distance to do that.

In the kitchen, I found a small crock pot with a chicken boiling with a large purple cabbage leaf in it and some other kind of herb.

I was told the men were out in the field playing Rugby.  At the same time I recall seeing a small bright red Tyrannosaurus - which might have been a toy. I can't say.  I have a hard time believing it was real live one.


9-10-12 - DREAM -  I was talking about practicing driving for my driver's test because I didn't have my license.

I was told by a woman neighbor that the cops were out in force and were stopping drivers on the road for no reason.  That made me really nervous and I didn't know why I'd do if that happened to me.

As I went outside to go get my car, I was eating some kind of snack, and I saw that the road was icy and knew that wasn't a good day to practice driving and have a cop stop me.

As I crossed the road, I looked into the window of the restaurant on the other side of the street and saw the cop sitting at a table eating with a couple cop buddies.  I could see he was eating the same thing I was and he was grinning. j

The cop was the ET from the TV show  Third Rock From the Sun.  John Lithgow.



This dream was extremely confusing because I was alternately in three worlds and I had to actually get out of bed and walk around the house in the physical world to stop the dreaming at the end.

In the beginning, I was with a very nice man who evidently worked for AT@T and he brought a magazine that looked like it was about foreign travel with very beautiful pictures in it, and he was saying how he'd like to travel to this place and that place that the pictures showed.  He was insinuating that he wanted me to go with him.

At that point in the dream, my husband came home from work and I had to hide the fact that I had a boyfriend as well.  We were having financial problems with the bank and we had to go there and straighten out our account.

When we went to the bank, I saw some people I've met in other dreams, including John Lithgow (The ET from 3rd Rock From the Sun TV show) who was in another dream I had yesterday.

I got extremely distressed that I met a woman at the bank who was part of the problem with the first man.

When I got home, my current physical realm mailman brought the mail in the dream, which included more bank threats to my husband.

At 4:22 a.m. it sounded like my physical realm phone rang once and woke me up.  Because it rang only once I went back to sleep, but it rang again at 5:57 a.m. and at 6:57 a.m. and it sounds so real, but is it?  No - because if I pay attention, I start to get messages in my head which can discuss things in the dream or in my physical life.

By then, I had enough of the dreaming because I was getting phone calls in the dream as well, with the woman from the bank yelling at me to answer the phone and say "Hello" so she'd know I was really there.  In each case the sound of the telephone was the same.


9-12-12 - I wanted to see the aliens, so I had another eye implanted in my face to the left of the other two so I could see them better.

I had that same dream three times.


9-13-12 - DREAM -  I went into the kitchen of my Father's 16th St. house.  President Obama and Rev. Jesse Jackson was standing by the back door having a meeting. 

I walked in and said to Rev. Jackson,  "tell George that I hope he'll be happy in his sanctuary."

I then went into my apartment downtown where I was Manager, and it was early morning and I was wearing a pink bathrobe.  I was picking up things that were leftover from a party the night before, and I needed to dump the garbage out and didn't have a spare hand to open the door to do it.

The door opened and a black woman was walking by with her little girl.  They were coming to see me for something, and I rushed past her out into the hallway to go to the dumpster with the garbage and when I walked around the corner I saw the door open to the apartment there where a young blonde woman  named Sarah was moving out. I was picturing her face in my mind. She had rather long curly hair.

I was still carrying this garbage in my hands and I saw that a woman was vacuuming the carpet and all the furniture had been removed and I knew the people inside.  A little blonde girl was there and her grandfather was crouched in front of her talking to her, and I knew who he was and I said to them, "Tell Sarah I love her."  and then left to get rid of the garbage.

George Bush sanctuary:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6cc4d63873538a4b&biw=1280&bih=754

Obama and Jesse Jackson:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6cc4d63873538a4b&biw=1280&bih=754

Sarah:  (I can picture her face and hair but can't remember her last name)  Her name means "Princess" 
In the Bible, she was the wife of Abraham and became the mother of Isaac at the age of 90.

Sarah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hebrew name Sarah indicates a woman of high rank and is translated as ..... Isaac, which is perhaps why the name Isaac has the root meaning of 'laughter'.



9-14-12 - DREAM - I was writing something and was told to write in something about 25 things, and when I had that done, I was told to take the 25 things out again, and I couldn't remember what they were.

I then went into another dream, where I was supposed to go to a birthday party in the evening, and I kept getting stalled and just couldn't get ready.  I ended up thinking I needed to eat before I went and didn't have time, that maybe I could eat on the way, and then thought, "Oh! They'll have food at the party - at least birthday cake."

I went out into the hall to get the mail first, and an orange mother cat and 4 kittens scampered into my apartment and I didn't have time to mess with them and get them out again and had to leave them there.

I found the gift already wrapped - there was something that one had to have an item pinned to your right lapel, because someone else in politics said you did, but I didn't have anything like that.  I didn't know what the gift was, and I didn't have a birthday card on it either and nobody would know who the gift was from.

I went to give my daughter-in-law Rebecca a kiss good-bye and she turned her head away and rejected it like she was mad at me.  My brother-in-law Rick  (from All My Children and The Bold and The Beautiful TV shows) was also there, and I thought maybe I should ask for a ride to the party so I wouldn't have to drive myself home, but didn't want to bother him.

I told my daughter-in-law, after her rejection of my kiss, "If anything happens to me, don't send flowers" and grinned, but she didn't - and I woke up.



I was in a room with another woman whom I can't identify.

I had planted hundreds of 4" pots of dirt with seeds for flowers and trees.  The floor was covered with them.

I wanted to telephone a woman I called "Mrs. Victor" .  I dialed the number and when I didn't get an answer, I placed the pale yellow telephone on top of several of the seeded pots.

Just then the telephone rang and I said to the other woman, "I'll bet she's going to say she's Mrs. Victor."

I answered the phone with a simple "Hello!"  and the woman on the other end of the telephone said,  "This is Mrs. Victor."

and I promptly woke up.



9-16-12 - DREAM   I had this long dream twice and they were identical.  I was just looking at a computer screen at some sentences that told me I was going to be meeting up with family.  It seemed that the name James was very prominent in these sentences.  It had something to do with space travel and a ship of some kind and that the only way to get there was by concentration, sheer will and the desire to make the connection.

It seemed very intense.  It seemed that coordinates were involved, but I don't recall seeing any numbers - just words, none of which I can remember.


9-16-12 -  MEDITATION DREAM - I seemingly was in a hotel (where the carpets were pale grey) and I was crocheting something with cotton yarn.

I was rather fond of a man who had a famous singer friend.  (I just happened to have been listening to his CD before I meditated)

I was told by my friend that this singer friend's older brother had purchased some property in Missouri which had a cave on it, and they were told that something of a treasure might be in it.  Since it was known that I could look at things psychically, they were wondering if I would take a look at this property psychically and see if I could see anything in this cave.

I said I would be happy to take a look, but couldn't guarantee anything.

My friend agreed that was fair and took some sheets of paper into another room that he was writing on.

I sat down to wait for the information about the property, and meanwhile someone came up behind me and said I had something green and sticky in my hair behind my right ear.

I said I knew about it, and promptly woke up.

Here are some already famous caves.

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9-17-12 - DREAM - SPACE EGGS

I don't know where I was, but it seems I was in space and raising space eggs on a ship.  These were not chicken eggs, though they were shaped like chicken or duck eggs.  Inside these eggs were seeds - and not very many of them.  They were extremely deficient of nourishment.

I had a very young son, and I didn't want to feed these eggs to him because of how deficient these eggs were.

I opened up several of the eggs, and saw that a couple of the eggs had moldy seeds in them, what there was - and that was very few.  Most of the space eggs were mostly space inside and quite useless.

I didn't know how to solve this problem, I just knew I shouldn't feed them to other people.





9-20-12 -  DREAM -  I was working on a very large dark green computer screen, trying to insert a photo of the volcano KRAKATOA.



9-21-12 - DREAM - I don't know if this was a dream or an astral experience.  The strange thing about this is that I never saw any head or feet in the whole thing, even though I had sex with someone and saw the body, there was never seen their face or head or their feet.  I only saw hands, and there was no sensations at all.

I lived with someone and worked with someone.  I saw an office, and a bedroom and that was all.  There was never a conversation either.

I don't know how to comprehend this at all.

Joe Mason thinks this might have been about Kali who is shown wearing a belt of severed hands.


9-22-12 - DREAM - I was working on a game on my computer screen which was a fill in word game.  I noticed that the word 'find' would fill itself in when I scrolled past the space, but the other words I had to figure out myself.

Then the word game transferred itself to my entire wall of my apartment, and my name 'Dolores' was at the top of the wall.

Unfortunately then, in front of the sofa I found a triangle-shaped hole that went down into darkness - it was that deep.  The hole was about 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot.

My husband came into the room carrying a can of soda and when he was done drinking it, I told him to throw it down into the hole because I needed to fill in that space. 

The one thing I refused to throw into the hole was my books, of which I had many in the room.  I didn't know what to throw into the hole because everything else was larger than the hole was.


9-23-12 - DREAM - I  was in a garden, completely wrapped up in the plants.  There were hundreds of plants, both high and low and every level in-between and I got wrapped up in all of them.


9-23-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was watching television -  Renovation shows where people don't know what they are doing and knock down walls and try to remodel their own homes.  While I was doing that, I was crocheting a multiple shade of green Ripple type afghan, which I just started last week.

My eyes were getting more and more tired, and I fought off the urge to go to sleep until I finished the row I was on.

Then I lay my head down on a gold fabric pillow I made for meditation and fell asleep really fast.

In my dream, I was working on a computer and accessed a file that said MESSAGES.

It didn't say e-mails - but MESSAGES.

So, when I opened up the MESSAGE file, it said, "Do not work with Blumberg" ... and I can't remember if it said 'on the project' or if it said something specific. 

I wasn't sure what it said, so I accessed the MESSAGE again, and it repeated "DO NOT WORK WITH BLUMBERG."

NOTE:  Now that I'm awake, I notice that it didn't say 'Mayor'  it just referred to him as Blumberg.

I have to guess that it refers to something like this:



9-24-12 - DREAM - I was somehow given access to a computer with a folder that had every spirit message ever given to me personally.  They were all written in a light brown color.  I saw that some of the longer messages had a misalignment of a couple words, but if I adjusted them, it would affect the alignment of every message above it as well, so I didn't know how to fix it.


This is what I was given yesterday:

9-23-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was watching television -  Renovation shows where people don't know what they are doing and knock down walls and try to remodel their own homes.  While I was doing that, I was crocheting a multiple shade of green Ripple type afghan, which I just started last week.

My eyes were getting more and more tired, and I fought off the urge to go to sleep until I finished the row I was on.

Then I lay my head down on a gold fabric pillow I made for meditation and fell asleep really fast.

In my dream, I was working on a computer and accessed a file that said MESSAGES.

It didn't say e-mails - but MESSAGES.

So, when I opened up the MESSAGE file, it said, "Do not work with Blumberg" ... and I can't remember if it said 'on the project' or if it said something specific. 

I wasn't sure what it said, so I accessed the MESSAGE again, and it repeated "DO NOT WORK WITH BLUMBERG."

NOTE:  Now that I'm awake, I notice that it didn't say 'Mayor'  it just referred to him as Blumberg.

I have to guess that it refers to something like this:

OR maybe there is a spirit with the name of Blumberg.  I'm not quite sure how to analyze that one.



9-25-12 - DREAM - I was typing a page about something on a computer.  The one thing that sticks out in my mind is the title MOTHER JONES.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b764128a11a1a85&biw=1280&bih=818

Romney's 47 percent


9-25-12 - MEDITATION:  I was again seeing the name Mother Jones, and then a whole screen full of beautiful multi-colored hens came up.

I know it means, chicken, chicken, chicken...    probably means myself because I don't want to publish what Mother Jones did about Romney.


9-26-12 - DREAM -  This was an identical dream to the other day, except with a new ending.

I was working on a computer with File Names in front of me that represented farms or projects.  One of them in the middle was Yellow and stuck out prominently though there were many File Names after it, none of which I can recall.

It came to me that the Yellow one was the one I should be paying attention to, and when I finally did focus on it, the file opened up and I realized that I was supposed to be working on that file, which was now white - a dull white I'll admit - not bright white.  I still don't know the name of it, but it is a farm project.  By then, all the rest of the files after it had disappeared and the open file was all there was to look at with its various parts to it.

I realized that I had dreamt of these files before, and then woke up and looked at the clocks next to the bed.  There are two of them, one is a new clock with the real time that said  6:45 a.m.  The other one which is a satellite clock said  7:07 a.m.  Because that clock has been getting farther and farther ahead of real time is the reason we replaced it, but I like that one better because it has bigger numbers and easier to read, so we still have both of them.

The last thing I worked on before bedtime was the multiple shades of green afghan.


The only thing I can relate this to is the Earth Mountain View Project which will be its own farm where we grow our own food.  I was anxious to get my eye surgery so I could see to work on it again.  The first day, I gathered up all the books I needed to review to see where I was with the project and then started knitting and still haven't looked at the books themselves except the titles.  I keep seeing the top book in the pile which is "How to Manage A Non-Profit Organization."


9-27-12 - DREAM - I was typing the title  "A PLACE OF RESURRECTION"


9-27-12 - MEDITATION  I started to meditate on the word Resurrection and the word  GOLGATHA came into my mind.


9-28-12 -  DREAM -  I had a long conversation with a Princess of England - (can't remember her name or the conversation.  She was very close with her brother Geoffrey of Monmouth.

I then had a long conversation with Geoffrey, and I apparently worked for the two of them, and promised to help them with some documents, which I was to copy.

While I was doing this, early in the morning, an uncle of Geoffrey came into the room and stole the documents from me.

I was not able to get the documents back.

This is a past-life event for me.  I have long known I was a Monk in England, along with some other Monk's who all have reincarnated at the same time, and I know who they are as well, though I have never met them in person.


9-28-12 - MEDITATION:  I was just resting my eyes after lunch, and relaxing, and suddenly I saw a list of things on a screen, and a voice said, "What exactly do we know about Geoffrey of Monmouth?

There were about 10 or 12 things on the list.



9-29-12 - GREENHOUSES  - SEE


9-30-12 -  DREAM -  This dream seemed like it was a duplicate of one I've had before.  There was no conversation.

I was in an apartment where there were two bathrooms, and also two entrances - with a front door and a back door on the same hallway.  I wanted to take a shower but the back door to the apartment was open.

What was different was that I ended up as an observer to a large operating room with a man on the table and his file was labeled  MASTERS with the M missing.

DREAM 2 - I was in the same two door apartment, also with two bathrooms.  Like before, I wanted to take a shower but the back door was open.

This time, again, I ended up as an observer overlooking a large operating room, with a man laying on the table.  This file was labeled clearly THE BEACH, and there was a military man standing by with brown and white camouflage uniform - rather like a fireman would be dressed with a helmet on.

They were waiting for permission to give the man on the table some water, and when the permission came, they sprayed the water on him from a distance.