Includes Record Books and Akashic Records

by Dee Finney

9-25-88 - DREAM - The pastor of my church is basically a good man, but in the dream, his clothes were white, accented with black and he wore a black hat and black goggles. I couldn't recognize him unless he raised his goggles and spoke out loud. He walked around carrying a level and slide rule, judging those people he controls and he 'must' control of those people under him, and he was deliberately trying to get control of me. I noticed that he was trying to corner me in a building when my car keys disappeared and I saw that his helpers were trying to trap me in a corner to get me. I managed to slip out of the building and get to a woman's fashion store with a lot of mannequins to hide out. I noticed that one thing he had done to lower my resistance was to see to it that I contracted every disease that his wife got. The only thing stopping him from getting complete control of me was my awareness that he was attempting to be my controller and that my key was missing. I knew that I had to find it first.

Finally, he caught me and knocked me down with a disease called 'the stinger'. I lay on the ground, knowing they were coming for me. I wasn't afraid, but I felt helpless, unable to raise myself up. I could see they were coming for me.

The next thing I knew, I was trying to straighten out a record on a turntable to play it. Others played imperfect records, but mine had to be perfect.

Later on, I was at work, I saw the pastor again but didn't recognize him until he raised his goggles which he had to do in order to talk to someone. I managed to slip away again, but I was feeling weak and groggy. I knew he still didn't have me under his control, because he didn't yet have the key. I also knew that I had to find my own key because I didn't want him to control me.

NOTE: Two days later, I came down with a horrible debilitating flu illness that laid me flat in bed for days.


11-7-89 -  My husband Ed got Bell's Palsy, and a couple weeks later my Mother came down with it also, though they didn't live within 100 miles of each other. I was terrified of getting it too.

Meditation: I asked Holy Christ to take me to the Akashic records so I could find out why I was so terrified of getting Bell's Palsy and choking. When I got there, I was told that I was the Honorable Sofia in 1250 B.C. Then I saw two leather straps pulled out of my throat with chains attached. They told me I was awfully spastic and smoked like a bandit.


12-19-89 - DREAM - I was at a church. We had a service, then I was taken to a back room, given a white book in which to record witnessing testimonies. There was a slot on the front cover in which to slide a pink card which was labeled, 'BEST'. Then we sat down at a table and the man across from me began to give his testimony and he began to speak in tongues. My book already had a couple words in the first slot which showed that I had already done a testimony and I was going to repeat it in the class. The testimonies only had to be a short paragraph.


12-29-89 - DREAM - I was helping a woman test herself. Her normal response time was .7. She hadn't been seen for a couple of days, so I and a couple of doctors went to her house. We didn't find her, but we found her record book and her response times went from .3 to .11. We were very concerned that she was out of control.


2-2-90 Dream #1: Twenty people were killed and buried and I was doing everything possible to prevent myself from being the next victim. I asked someone to climb a tree and capture a parakeet, which had escaped from it's cage. The man pointed to an extremely high tree and asked if I would climb up there to rescue them . I looked and admitted that I wouldn't climb up there to save anyone. The enemy was on horseback. I told someone that they were out hiding in the bush and then they were probably hiding along the rim of the bush. I was then in a yard and a black rose bush was being trimmed. I asked if it was capable of rooting and branching. They said, "Yes! and I said that I wanted to keep it then, but all the thorns should be trimmed off.

Dream #2 I went to work and asked a man there to interpret the above dream. I told it to him in fine detail, then he set about to work on it and created an entire animated cartoon in which he drew all the characters in "Gumby" fashion and created voices for them. I was so impressed. There were several other men who came in to watch and I told them that I had started writing down my dreams when I joined Conscious Development. (This is CD to me) One other man said that he had been thinking about joining it too. While all this was going on, I was feeling guilty that we were spending work time on it instead of working and kept a wary eye out for the boss so we wouldn't get caught.

Then I went home to New Berlin and a white gadget I had to hold tools in was falling apart. I went to get a piece of adhesive tape and as I unrolled it, it got larger and larger. I went out in the yard and I was going to cut a piece of the tape off and a brown car came by and tried to turn the corner so fast, it tipped over. There were other people around to help the man, but I had to call the cops and I was upset because it was already 7:30 a.m. and I was late for work. I worked from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Then I started to think what a waste of time that was because I had 3 children at home who needed me more.


2-25-90 - MEDITATION - I was in my New Berlin house and I was told to go get my tape recorder because it was time to use it. I went to get it in the top right hand bureau drawer, but but box was empty. I found all my report cards there. (yellow)


2-25-90 - MEDITATION - A girl asked me to help her comb and part her hair and she helped me comb and part mine.

I discovered that the girl had stolen something from me. She grabbed her son out of bed, dressed him in a black suit and ran out the back door with him. I suspected that she had taken the tape recorder.


5-25-90 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "Have you had too many husbands?"

Questions were raised indicating that there are jealousies about the abilities that I have. Someone is checking the records and they were checking into August.


9-24-90  Several years earlier, I had an experience which is part of records I have lost. During that experience, which might have only been a dream, but one cannot say for certain. But in that experience I was taken aboard a huge UFO. In the operating room where I was taken, there were many, many tables on which other people were lying on their backs undergoing various procedures. All the tools they used on me were attached to tubes that pulled out of the wall. They injected me with something they called a silver bullet. It was huge and they injected it into my left arm. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I was going to die. My health was immediately so bad it was totally out of control. I didn't know what was wrong with me and when I went to the doctor, they couldn't diagnose anything. They found nothing wrong with me. My health was so bad at this point I was willing to try anything. So, I asked to go to the astral healing temple.

9-24-90  Q. I requested my body to be healed in the astral healing temple.

Q. I said, "I would like the silver pieces of the bullet taken out of my blood. "

A. Voice said, "You are going to get lots more than that taken out Tootsie." I saw myself on the examining table. I saw two huge blood blisters on the end of the first two fingers on my right hand.

They prepared to put blood into my body at the right elbow and take it out at the left foot. I saw myself waiting for treatment.

I felt there were two aliens hidden on the right side of me out of visual sight.

I could see two black skinned men on my left side. They were just finishing work on another woman to my left. My turn is next. There is a man here in the room who does not want me to have this done. I heard him say, "Crucify me if I'm wrong."

The voice said, "The doctor has sent for some blood thinner now." The nurse left to retrieve it.

When the procedure was done, I was told it would have to be repeated on a more minor basis of blood cleansing every day. I wasn't very good at getting that done every day. It was a lengthy procedure, and I always found other things to do instead of the meditation. My health did not improve by much for that reason.


8-16-90 - MEDITATION - (I wanted to know about the Pope's future demise.)

There was a tie in with Thomas. I saw a short man topple over backwards over something like a row or rocks or stones. A voice said, "I thought he was on the air, waving!"

I saw a woman sitting in an audience. She seemed very confused. A man took a coat which was lined with white flowers and red on the outside. He put it around her shoulders.  (This could represent Freemasonry)

I saw an open book like the C.D. (Conscious Development) book. A little white pamphlet was put inside it between the pages. It had a figure and writing on it that said, 'SCORPIO'. (This could represent the timing. Scorpio in the Zodiac is in late November)

I saw a man and woman sitting by a kitchen table, wearing robes and slippers.  They were very happy.

I saw a woman standing by a chalkboard to write. She had on white slacks and a blue and white top. She said, "The problem is that you don't know who you talk to."

I saw a shell or book opening up. Someone said, "We are looking for evidence of gas pipes in the closet." I saw a seed planted in the shell and it began to sprout and grow green leaves.


4-17-91 Vision: While I was meditating, there was a man sitting on my right side on the astral level. He said, "Let me help you." He reached over to push the button on the tape recorder I was using and knocked it right out of my hand. That happened three times.


9-30-91 - Dream: I was with some people at a big company and we knew there was a terrible worldwide disaster coming. A man I was with asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him. It cost $360 to get 3 sleeping pills to die before the big event happened. I agreed to go with the man, but then he told me that he had told P.M. that I was going to be there and that when she heard that she had insisted on being there too and he had already given her the 3 sleeping pills. When I heard that P.M. was going to be there, I knew that I couldn't go at all. I then looked up at the building joists in the ceiling where the record was kept of who was getting these sleeping pills that P.M. had already paid for two previous chances at an early death for $60 each and the first one was already in motion. The hook that kept the first two joists together in the roof had already been released for her to die.

I then went back to the main office where I was working on a big Conscious Development lesson and typing it up. I was told then that I and one other woman had been selected to type up the notes for the plan of the big event to come. I agreed to do that and told the man that it would be best if we used our own typewriters to do it where we already were and he agreed that that was acceptable.


1-19-92 - DREAM - I was moving into a big old house with some other people. It was run by an older woman. the outside of the house was painted blue, but the woman had two big spaces changed on the side of the house when she had huge gold letters put up...CO - ED. I said to her that I didn't realize that she was going to have a daily live-in school. She answered that it was illegal, but she had made special arrangements so that she could have her school and still be legal. On the second floor, I had two offices, one of them was strictly for Conscious Development (a metaphysical group I belonged to) and religion, and the other was for my other writings and projects.

Downstairs, I was still working for A-C purchasing. I looked through some of the file cabinets on the first floor. Two drawers were full of 33 1/3 size records from earlier years. Another one was full of spice containers that people had sent to the woman. I checked them carefully and saw bugs in the containers, so I pulled them all out to dump the spices and wash the containers so they could be refilled with fresh spices. My first priority was going to be to go through the whole filing cabinets to see what was in them and update them. One shelf had huge brown binders on it, but they were empty.


2-4-92 - DREAM - I was in a purchasing office. My girlfriend from highschool sent off for two silver spoons. I was recording prices of brass on cards. Then a foreign man from Pravda called and asked whether my friend had received her silver spoons yet. I looked for the girl. She and two other girls I went to school with were in a closet with a window and all three were looking up into the nighttime sky for something that was coming.

An engineer from A-C said that he didn't buy any silver spoons because he thought they were just collector items. My boss Tom made a comment about the cost of brass fittings I was writing on the card. He said, "You mean you didn't put any money in for brass?"

At the same time, I had laid down like I was in bed, and I got up quickly, thinking, "I'd better not lay down on the job."


2-15-92 - DREAM - I was with my son Bill. He was driving a car south on Hwy. 100. (108th St.)  My side of the car was wet like it had rained and it was shadowy. His side of the car was in the sun. I thought that if we changed direction, I could be in the sun too, so I told him to go around the block, then we could go east. He made a slight left turn before he turned right and I hollered at him and told him never to do that. We were now on Grange Ave. going west and we were riding in tandem, he was on a tractor of sorts and I was on a grey wooden chair hooked on behind.

In the road was papers from someone's careless left-behind trash. I was going over pages of brown lined accounting sheets and I thought that I should consider getting some because I might need them in the future. Each succeeding set got longer.

Then we rode over a map. I grabbed it. It was of Arizona. I kept that in case there was a future use. Then, there were more maps we drove over. Those were of two other southwestern states. I took them also. then we came to a stack of brochures for some Bear Park "Care Bears" or something. I told him we should take the coloring books only. They were yellow an I took five of them.  (Coincidentally, 5 years later, I was living within walking distance of a park called Big Bear Park, in California)

His cart stopped running then and I saw that a wire was disconnected but he could fix it. We were at the corner of Moorland Rd. then.

We were at my New Berlin house then and I was doing typing in an office setting. I came across some silver grommets that had no purchase order, so I took them in the basement knowing that everything that is used should have a record of it. My ex-husband was in charge of the factory and I told him that if he would sign the paperwork, I would type up the purchase order for the silver grommets that were used between every piece of piping.

I saw then that he was crippled, his right arm was missing and his back was bent backwards like it had been broken. I heard someone say, "He's been like that ever since the accident, but he keeps right on going."


3-6-92 - DREAM: - I was in my 16th St. house listening to my kids play, because I enjoyed hearing their cheerful voices. I was sitting in the parlor which has blue walls and has the piano in where I spent many hours practicing in.

My son Bob came in then and asked me not to listen because one of his friends was talking about recommending me to head up a Washington Park project and he didn't want me to overhear the conversation. He then asked me, where is a good place to take people to, to spend the night when you pray for them. I told him that I didn't have the name of a specific place in mind, that I would look it up in the Conscious Development material and let him know.

I said, "For now, you can take them to a place that has a light blue background. That would be restful for them. I said, "Someday, you can take them to the Green Meadow, but you're' not qualified to do that yet. In the meantime, just take them to a place with a blue background."

He went back out to the front porch to be with his friends and I woke up.


3-12-92 - DREAM - I was in the hospital. A nurse came in to examine me and asked what was the matter. I told her that I had a pain in my lower right side and I told her that I could feel a lump there. She palpated it and she felt it too. She asked me what I had eaten. I said, "Apricots!" I wondered if she could tell if I was pregnant or not. I hadn't felt the baby kicking yet, but I was pretty sure I was pregnant. Then I remembered that you usually have to go to a gynecologist to find out if you're pregnant, that other doctors wouldn't necessarily check for that unless it was obvious.

The nurse left and went down to the dietitian. She came back and reported that I should never eat Apricots or bananas and that was my problem. She told me that I had a pocket of gas and that it would pass.

She also told me that my urine sample showed a slight infection.

I got up then to take a shower. I forgot to take a towel and wash cloth with me and grabbed a green umbrella instead. There were other people there so I had to go home and get the towel and wash cloth. I went out into the hallway and saw a young woman I knew who was distributing fruit to all the patients. She said, "Hi! Dolores!".  I got greedy and grabbed a bag and helped myself. On top I placed a huge, thick skinned orange and went on my way. After I went a few feet, I said, "Darn! I should have taken two of those oranges."

I got home and found my newest baby crying. Nobody had fed him while I was in the hospital, so I had to take care of that.

Later, I was sewing a big book shut with a red thread. It took more than one because the book was so large. It looked like a large Conscious Development manual. (An organization I belonged to) A man on my right threw me the extra red thread I needed. While it was still in the air, I saw the red thread against a brilliant blue sky. It stopped in mid-air like a photograph snapshot, then continued on and I caught the thread and continued sewing. When I was done with the red thread, I would have to bind the book shut by winding a single black thread around it many times so it wouldn't be opened by anyone again.


4-26-92 - DREAM - I wanted to call my friend Alyse on the phone on the wall after I listened to my Father ranting and raving like he always did. He had just come home from the hospital and he was out in the garage with my Aunt Cora and my mother and my Father was telling my Aunt Cora that the things she did proved that she was mentally retarded. I was so upset that I wished they would take my Father back to the hospital. I explained this to Alyse after the phone went through recordings of other people on the line including my daughter-in-law Becky and some other women. Alyse said, "I was done with that years ago." and I knew that her mother had died many years ago. I also realized that my Father had died 18 years ago and I was still dealing with the things he said and they were still disturbing to me. (He died in 1976)

I was looking out into my yard and A-C was the next building over and I wanted to talk to T.M. , but his boss walked into the building so I knew that was impossible.

There was another girl I thought of that I'd like talk to, but I saw her zipping by out of the A-C building, carrying a baby dressed in blue She was on roller skates and went by so fast, before I could call her name, she was gone out of sight.

I felt bad that I had no one to talk to about my experiences.

NOTE: In 2001, I still don't have anyone to talk to about my experiences. :-(


5-13-92 - I was laying down and thinking about the above dream and  I heard a voice say, "She always called me her 'Chancell". Another voice said, "Always doesn't meant that's for certain."

I was thinking about the architect for our lodge house. A young voice said, "It has to have gas." Another voice said, "It doesn't have to have gas." The other one said, "Yes! It does, because after she turned 37, it opened wide up and I saw a huge valley with a mountain beyond that was snow-covered.

I then heard, "She followed after him, but she can't find herself. She'll find herself by August 3rd."

I then heard Wendy's voice say, "I always wanted to be known as a mother, but that didn't happen. But I don't feel bad about that." Then I saw a woman driving a huge wagon, pulled by horses, loaded down with things and a woman on a bicycle riding out in front of it, leading it.

A voice said, "There is a thirst in all of us and she has hers," and I saw a shaft of light narrowing and narrowing to a point to the right.

Voice: "She has faced life with gusto an that it should be, but she is where she belongs for now."

Voice. "She should build a health mobile."

Voice: "She is here for a bonus."

I felt confused, and the voice said, "Either tell her this or shut up."

I then saw myself looking out an apartment window and seeing he city, and then out of the window next to it was a country scene. The voice said, "It is your religious avocation."

Voice: "If you're in a hurry, you can move into the same area."

Voice: "She can use mass transportation."

Voice: She can do what you do, manage an apartment building."

I then saw myself on a high level as though in a spotlight. I went over to a man seated at a huge book on a stand. It said, "The Akashic Records".


10-7-92 - DREAM - This was a long, long dream about telephones, helping people, giving messages. Everything was recorded on a paper titled, "Wausau Fight and Flight'.

I also had a shorter dream - same subject. These were tests of various kinds. I felt that I was successful.


10-19-92 - DREAM - I was in Elgin, IL.  A friend of mine was in prison and I was preparing final records, which showed how much time I had spent on him and how much it was worth, and I had box of other books and papers that were from our relationship. When I finished all these papers, I as going to Xerox the set, so I would have a copy and would give all the originals back to my friend and I would be done with him.

I was still getting the papers together when my friend Alice called on the phone. She was all upset. She had just seen a Christmas card that another woman had designed. Even her husband was upset about it. She wanted to come down to Elgin and show it to me because the card meant two things . #1 - that she had no imagination and #2 and that she was planning to live a long time.

Alice and I were huddled together on a green lawn watching the rain go into the ground that watered the little plants that were growing. Alice said, "I'm worried about something else too." I said, "What's that?" That she is going to drive T.M. to kill her, because she won't die on her own."

I thought about that for a moment and it rather came to me that perhaps that was why I had so much experience with people in prison, the T.M. was going to be in prison for the rest of his life for killing the woman and I would be visiting him every day and I wouldn't be afraid to do that.

Then I wondered if the woman was aware that T.M. had so much insurance on her and every aspect of their life so that when she died, he would have all that money.


11-8-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji to work on T.M.s list of attributes, powers, etc. to find what was lost or being taken away. He said it was characteristics. He took T.M. to a stadium and put him in the middle of the field and as T.M. turned around, his clothing turned from a dark blue office suit to a bright purple preaching robe.

Then he went into a darkened kitchen, opened a drawer and took out a sharp knife. He said, 'There will be no retiring from this," and I was looking out into a broad fertile valley from a mountaintop.

I asked him if there was anything I should tell T.M. He said, "There is no more time to waste on the little people who have far to go, it is time to gather in those who are ready and I was in a huge computer room and the whole back walls was computer record books.


11-13-92 - DREAM - I saw a template with the word FORGET down the left side. But I couldn't do that.

Later on, I was working in an office and I had to make use of a red template with letters on it in a pyramid shape to copy on a xerox machine and send out with a purchase order. I had trouble getting to where I needed to go. I was always getting blocked somehow.

A woman I used to work for asked me how I was doing. She remembered that I was bored just working daily and needed more responsibility. I told her I was doing better where I was.

I was then shown a long chart of dates and it was very clear that an error had been made in 1967 and left gaps in the records so that everything taking place after that was off also.

I was then told that Joseph Kennedy wants us all to forget about the accident and I knew that would never happen.


1-23-93 - DREAM - There were two records, one twice as big as the other, and I was told to clean them and save them. I immediately did so.


Astral experience : My telephone rang in my head and a man told me that I needed to water the two plants, one of which was twice as big as the other. I immediately did so. His final words were: "Delafield won't be with us long." and the phone went dead.


4-21-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office and given a project to work on. I made a phone call, talked to the man and made arrangements to make a financial deal in which my boss would have to pay nothing for a service rendered.

I then went to the library where I had to renew my loan on a couple of program tapes I was using. The dates had to be recorded at the bottom of two wooden paddles.

They were marked 4-30-93. The man I was with, changed one to the farther future date, but for some reason, the other paddle board flipped off the counter onto the floor. I knew I had to find it, pick it up, and change the date to a future date, or one of my tapes would be up on 4-30-93. I wasn't planning on returning them, so one would be overdue on that date. I went around the whole counter picking up everything on the floor, including other pieces of wood, green yarn, white string. Whatever there was. I actually, cleaned the floor of the library. The paddle was not there.

I had a white piece of paper on which my daughter had written the instructions in red on how to accomplish any specific task easily. I tried to show it to two men who were considered experts/masters at their craft. I was awed by the brilliance of the concept and had tried it myself and it worked.

I showed it to the men and tried to explain it to them. It was now simplified to "THINK ABOUT IT!"


6-4-93 - DREAM - I was at work. The work was all caught up except for a project which had been put on hold. My boss told me to get it out and he would start looking at it on Monday and see where we stood on it.

I decided to sit down and read it over so I'd be familiar with it so I'd know what they were talking about if they began work on it.

I no sooner got the file out and the phone rang. It was a message from the person who began the project, wanting to know what we were doing about it.

The message started out in prose, but then a black man was singing a song. The name of the man was 'Goody Penance'. He said "English will hurt you. You know they have before." Then the song started. The title was , "Where were you yesterday when my world was falling down (or apart)

I couldn't write the words down fast enough to keep up with him, so I knew I had to buy the record and write the words down. The singer was a black man and his name was Terrence Pittman or something like that.

I knew that if there was no such song but that name I had to write it.


8-5-93 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came back and we got married in a church. I could not stand up for the ceremony with all the others because I had just had a baby. He kissed me very lovingly on the lips and I was happy.

I then was getting ready for work. It was winter and I was trying to find my outdoor winter clothes on very short notice. I found pairs of mittens in dark blue and a light blue snowsuit with a white fur collar that my children had outgrown and gave them to my daughter who was standing nearby. I told her to give them to the grandchildren.

I know I started at 2 p.m. and it was already 2 p.m.

I could only find one brown glove and one long shiny white glove. I was wearing green pants and I found a red jacket to put on. I then discovered that I was already at work and took of all these winter clothes. I went to the second floor and found my desk. All the purchase orders had been done, all I needed to do was record the information.


8-19-93 - I was moving out of a house and my ex-husband was loading up the car. This must have been a rooming house or something because a man and a young boy came to empty and clean some commode containers. I told him that we did that ourselves.

I was getting ready to plant a small garden and I wanted the rows to run north and south.

We were cleaning up and getting ready for a dance party to be held at 10 a.m. A man came in carrying a huge accordion. I teased him about the time only being 10 a.m. and he said that he had nothing planned so he came early to join us.

The lady who had planned the dance party was working all day at the Brass Bell as we were going to telephone her to tell her of the accordion player joining us. The other musicians were hoping they would get a recording contract out of it.


10-21-93 - DREAM - I was in a house with my deceased mother-in-law Lucy Bauer. I went into the pantry to get some food to help make dinner. I thought I would prepare a salad and went to the refrigerator to see if there was some lettuce. I looked at some green things and found a bouquet of orchids and several bouquets of flowers from a wedding.

My mother-in-law was singing a song and listed off a bunch of names of women whom I thought were her sisters. In the song, she said she had killed them all.

We worried about her state of mind. Then she came into the pantry and told me she had taken my music to a publisher. The publisher was interested in putting it out as nostalgic 1940's music. (Mine is religious music) she said she would have to get some money together and get it recorded first.


4-25-94 - DREAM - I was moving into a different house. Nothing was painted. It was all brown like bare board walls. The house was huge so there was lots of room. T.M. let his wife pick out what music I could have and they threw away everything else. I was grateful to be allowed any music at all. All of the record albums each had a bra attached to it, either white, or black and white. the records were all put on the ground floor.

My husband (Ed?) was in full control of everything else. I was trying to find something to wear to go to work in and his stuff was everywhere. I opened one closet and everything, including the pole had been yanked down and left on the floor. I knew from this that he was in a bad mood.

I went into another room where I knew where my stuff was. There was very little and the hooks to hang my robes on were too high to reach without standing on a chair.

I couldn't find any skirts or slacks to wear, just his stuff again, so I ended up wearing the same thing I had on the day before. Brown slacks, a brown flowered blouse, rose pink socks, and a jacket that was white with flowers on it. The blouse and jacket didn't match and the sleeves were too long and uneven. I called it the 'layered look'.

Kenny, the maintenance man was trying to help me sort out what was in the closet and I told him he could throw away all the child's size hangars. I went to find Ed to kiss him goodbye before I left for work. I found him and Kenny working on something together.

Ed acted like I was the most disgusting person on the face of the earth and was already drunk. I heard Kenny tell Ed he would get him some kind of vitamins to help his attitude.

I didn't even try to kiss him then, but exited the house as fast as I could, glad to get away without being hurt more than emotionally.


3-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a city and was going to meet my old best friend Nancy Felber at Lake Michigan, but we kept missing each other, so I finally had to give up and go home alone.  (She passed on in 1967)

I went back to my car but was blocked from getting back in by the cops. I made plenty of excuses and finally got to go home.

Once I was home, people began coming to the house and asking me to join various groups. I wanted to say, "No!" because there were so many. One woman's husband said they were involved in 17 different groups and they wanted me to be in all of them. It was good to be home, but 17 groups was a little much.

We (my husband and I) went next door to where the church was. It had been 10 years since I left. The Pastor saw me and big smile came across his face and took my hand and greeted me and welcomed me back.

I began a confession of sorts, explaining how I thought that Conscious Development appeared to be in the direction of the "Light" but then veered off to the left. I was thinking that I would be happy to give testimony in church about how I gave up Christianity to follow Conscious Development and witchcraft and how wrong I was.

The Pastor said, "I heard that you were a Pope at one time." I answered, "Yes! but that was a long, long time ago," wondering how he had heard that, and not knowing myself which Pope it was.

He said, "What are you going to do when Joe and Jack need work?" I looked over at my fleet of vans that we used for work ... there were about 15 of them.

I said, "There is no more work." All the vans are on loan or leased and Joe wants to retire and have back surgery. It's done! It's done!"

I had a white box with me and the Pastor wanted to know if those were my wedding shoes. I showed him the shoes were black work shoes, but assured him that my white wedding shoes were at home and still fit.

I looked at the fleet of trucks I was using in my business, knowing everything was over and I felt very defeated and despondent.

I knew I was going to have to get along on less money and I looked forward to going back to work at my regular job and hoped I could work in the same office with Alice.


4-12-95 - DREAM - The names and types of race cars were all highlighted, recorded and cataloged.

There was lots of cleaning up going on at the New Berlin, WI house. (172nd St.) One thing I noted was that the house had too many stairs, that the rooms should all be on one level. Then I was in my West Allis house (66th St.) and hired a young couple to clean that and it turned out wonderful. They even washed the windows so I could see out clearly.


4-11-95 - MEDITATION - Q. Please tell me any information about the Washington State Community you would like me to know today.

A. I saw a green and black print quilt up over my lap. A voice said, "You have to go back to the day after Sandy passed away."

NOTE: Sandy passed away in 1981. I offered to go to Dallas, TX to take her place and was told that they didn't need me there.

4-12-95 - MEDITATION - Q. What do you mean when you say I should remember when the day after Sandy passed away?

A. The voice said, "That you should call on her for help."

Q. I don't remember Sandy's last name? What is Sandy's last name?

A. The voice said, "That is okay. She is standing here, waiting for you to call her."

So, I called Sandy's name as well as Babaji, and Marta for help with the Washington State project or Earth Changes.

I was shown on a big flip chart with lists of things. I couldn't read it, but they continued to show me flip chart pages, one after the other.

Then they showed me people of many ages, but then they showed me a huge room with children playing.

I told them that it was already in the plans to include all these things.

NOTE: Many of these things are on this web page: SURVIVAL


4-19-95 - VOICE - "We are going to give you a series of events for you to record."

"China and North Vietnam will side together against the U.S. for making nuclear weapons."

"There will be a war in Guatemala with 7,000 deaths."

Then they showed me a handwritten list of 25 events to come, none of which I could read. I asked them to please make it clearer.

They said, "You will be afraid of the final warnings, so we have brought a holy woman into the community.


4-24-95 - MEDITATION - I heard a beeping sound like a door buzzer.

I saw a scroll of words and names come down like out of a fax machine. No names or words related to each other until I saw, "Relax and listen to music." and then... "Frank Sinatra should relax.

NOTE:  Frank Sinatra had a heart attack in January of 1997, died on May 15, 1998.


Sinatra, outspoken `Chairman of the Board' of American music, dead at 82

By Jeff Wilson

The Associated Press


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Frank Sinatra, the brash young idol who became the premier romantic balladeer of American popular music and the "Chairman of the Board" to millions of fans, has died of a heart attack. He was 82.

Sinatra, who had not been seen in public since a heart attack in January 1997, was pronounced dead at 10:50 p.m. Thursday in the emergency room of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said his publicist, Susan Reynolds.

It was not immediately clear whether he suffered the heart attack at home. But his wife, Barbara, was with him when he died and the rest of his family arrived a short time later, said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity. Reynolds said a private funeral was planned.

"Ol' Blue Eyes" was a master craftsman and ranked as one of the most influential singers in this country's history. With more than 200 records, his music led the evolution from Big Band to vocal American music.

"Frank Sinatra was a true original," entertainer Mel Torme said today. "He held the patent, the original blueprint on singing the popular song, a man who would have thousands of imitators but who, himself, would never be influenced by a single, solitary person."

"He just had a natural grace," added Betty Garrett, an actress who appeared with Sinatra in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "On the Town.

The blunt, often aggressive son of Italian immigrants communicated across generational lines with love songs filled with a rare mix of vulnerability and verve -- from "Strangers in the Night" to "One For My Baby."

He refused to compromise -- "I'm going to do as I please," he once said -- and his trademark song was "My Way."

Sinatra made almost as much news off-stage as on. Through his Rat Pack and organized crime associations, he was a cultural phenomenon who endured setbacks and scandals to become a White House intimate.

His hairline receded and his waist thickened over the years, but Sinatra's light baritone only grew deeper and richer. He had a lavish lifestyle, four wives and some associates whose names could be found in FBI crime files. But for each story of Sinatra's punching someone, there was another of loyalty and generosity to friends and strangers. He always thanked his audiences for listening to him.

Once, in the early 1950s, his career appeared to be over, and he came back with a movie performance in "From Here to Eternity" that brought him an Oscar for supporting actor. He retired to much fanfare in 1971, but found himself unable to stay away from the microphone.

Sinatra said he never took voice lessons except to extend his range, and never learned to read music. In his performances late in his career, he would read lyrics. Yet his phrasing and timing rarely faltered.

His signature songs included "Night and Day," "Young at Heart," "One for My Baby," "How About You?" "Day by Day," "Old Man River," "New York, New York," "Come Fly With Me," "Strangers in the Night," and, with daughter Nancy, "Something' Stupid," a No. 1 smash during the rock era. Twyla Tharp choreographed a program called "Nine Sinatra Songs."

His movie credits include musicals -- "Anchors Aweigh," "On The Town," "Guys and Dolls," "The Tender Trap," "High Society," "Pal Joey" -- and grittier fare, such as "The Manchurian Candidate," "Von Ryan's Express" and "The Man With the Golden Arm," which brought him his other Oscar nomination.

He received the Kennedy Center honor in 1983 and was awarded the Medal of Freedom by his friend President Reagan in 1985.

"Sinatra's endurance has become a rallying point for many people who feel that their sacrifices and hard work are no longer honored, their values demeaned, their musical tastes ignored and sneered at," Pete Hamill wrote in New York magazine in 1980.

"They don't care that Sinatra got fat; so did they. They don't care that Sinatra moved from the New Deal to Ronald Reagan; many of them did the same thing, for the same basic reason: resentment at being ignored by the Democratic Party. They had overcome poverty and survived two world wars; they had educated their children and given them better lives; and sometimes their children didn't even care. But it should never be forgotten that Frank Sinatra was the original working class hero. Mick Jagger's fans bought records with their allowances; Sinatra's people bought them out of wages."

Sinatra had new success in the '90s with his "Duets" album and its Grammy-winning sequel, "Duets II." They combined him with a wide array of fellow singers, including rocker Bono of U2, Barbra Streisand and Julio Iglesias.

Bono paid tribute to Sinatra, saying, "Rock 'n' roll people love Frank. He has what we want: swagger and attitude."

Francis Albert Sinatra was born Dec. 12, 1915, in a tough, working-class neighborhood of Hoboken, N.J. In the difficult delivery, his left earlobe was torn off and his throat was scarred by forceps; the doctor thought him stillborn. His grandmother shoved the 13-pound baby under cold running water and signs of life quickly emerged.

Sinatra's father, Martin, was a boxer and member of the fire department. His mother, Dolly, was a nurse who became a power in local Democratic politics. Francis, their only child, spent much of his early life with his maternal grandmother but was spoiled by the entire family and lavished with gifts and fine clothes. He soon learned to fight off the envious kids in the neighborhood and became the leader of a gang that specialized in petty thievery until his mother moved to a nicer neighborhood.

In 1933, Sinatra went to hear Bing Crosby and left the theater determined to be a singer, but not a Crosby copycat. "What I finally hit on was more the `bel canto' Italian school of singing," involving the smooth connection of notes, he wrote for Life magazine in 1965. "It was more difficult than Crosby's style, much more difficult."

He picked up what jobs he could, and as a member of a quartet won the Major Bowes Amateur Hour in 1935. By 1939, he was singing with bandleader Harry James, for $65 a week, but soon joined trombonist Tommy Dorsey, who had a reputation for showcasing singers.

Sinatra, free to experiment with style, became fascinated with Dorsey's breath control. "He would take a musical phrase and play it all the way through seemingly without breathing, for eight, 10, maybe 16 bars." Sinatra finally discovered that Dorsey snatched quick breaths through the side of his mouth, and he vowed to learn to play his voice like an instrument.

He began swimming and running to improve his lungs, and learned to breathe in the middle of a note without breaking it. He was the first popular singer to use breathing for dramatic effect, and learned to use his microphone to enhance his voice. It also was important, he would say later, for a singer to realize he was telling a story, and place his pauses accordingly.

Like Crosby, Sinatra was influenced by jazz. However, his phrasing, hitting certain words to make them more meaningful, was more like jazz phrasing -- and was more exciting and appealing to young people.

Dorsey's new singer quickly attracted a following, and by the end of 1941 Sinatra replaced Crosby at the top of the "Down Beat" poll. He broke from the band in 1942 and, with a series of concerts at New York's Paramount Theater, burst into the nation's awareness in a way that was not matched until the arrival of Elvis Presley in the '50s and the Beatles in the '60s.

His appearances created such hysteria and fits of swooning that newspapers turned to psychiatrists for explanations. Fans smeared lipstick on the home of the hollow-cheeked, bow-tied singer. The Paramount, and New York City's police, came in for an even bigger dose of Sinatramania in 1944, when 10,000 kids jammed the ticket line and an estimated 20,000 others piled into Times Square, breaking windows in the crush.


4-28-95 - DREAM - I arrived at a place to start my new job. I happened to arrive there at the same time the head man did. He said he was the oldest man there. We rode up the elevator together to the top floor which was the 8th. As we neared the top floor (only the floor moved) you couldn't lean on the walls, because we were moving past them. The walls were painted sky blue and I thought "how appropriate". The vault at the top which was dome shaped was pure white and I suggested to the man it would be appropriate to paint little stars in the white part. He just laughed.

We got out of the elevator and along the right side were written over little alcoves along the wall, the names of the retired people who belonged to the golfing association.

On the left side were lined up hundreds and hundreds of chairs each one with a brochure and a name tag, starting at A, by the elevator, ranging up to Z by the man's office at the far end.

The people were just arriving. They were mostly 8th grade girls as I could see, but there were a few older people too. They were all there to be tested before they started high school. I could hear them murmuring to themselves about how worried they were about not passing the tests.

When we arrived at the office, there were tables and chairs blocking the way, so I helped to move their things aside so we could get into the office.

The old man showed me where to hang my coat in an alcove to the right, where the file cabinets were. There were ancient records books on top of the file cabinet. They looked hundreds of years old.

He said I would be helping "Aggie" to start with and she'd show me what to do. I figured I as going to be like a 'go-fer to start with.

I hung up my coat, then prepared to go into the main office. Someone had opened the huge oak doors to his office and there was brilliant light pouring out of the door. I was really thrilled to be starting to work here.


4-30-95 - DREAM - I was back in the building from yesterday's dream. I was being orientated it seemed. One woman asked me to care for her baby and I said, "Yes!" Then others just assumed I would care for their children as well. None of these babies wore clothes or diapers and none of them had genitals that I could see.

I felt cold and asked a man if he could turn the temperature up a little. He said it was 73. I figured that was probably warm enough. I didn't really have to do much, mostly just lay down with the babies and make sure they didn't hurt themselves or each other. They all seemed to know who I was and even though they were infants, they could talk.

One little one said, "Aye Yi Yi, Dolores!"

Used steel was brought into this place in trains that only had 3 cars behind, so I knew the trains weren't coming from very far away. It was processed for re-use for something. (recycling)

All of the older people kept journals (records) of things that had been said or done and then studied them to see if they could react better in the future.

I went into a diningroom area and I noticed that I was wearing all my own gemstone rings on my left hand, but on my right hand, I was wearing rings that had little blue see-thru type stones surrounded by huge shiny gold shields.

My Great Aunt Cora came in and wanted to see the ring. She insinuated that I had stolen them from her perhaps. I said I got them from the GoodWill and then felt guilty. I really don't know where they came from.

Everyone was getting ready to go home then, (all the workers). The boss lady changed into shiny black leather pantsuit with a gold belt.

She smiled at me and while pointing at a sign that said, "POWERHOUSE", she told the others while smiling, "I'm hoping we can talk Dolores into working here every day from 5:30 to 8:30. (This woman must be Aggie)

In my mind I was thinking it was a long way to go just to work for only 3 hours. I was thinking it was in Waukesha, WI. I was hoping they'd eventually want me to work full time.


5-7-95 - DREAM - I was working in a company where I've been working for a couple of years. In my lower left hand drawer was a pile of work I was shown how to do, but I had never done it. I recalled several other times I felt guilty about it, but I never got around to doing it.

My boss was out of town, so I pulled everything out of the drawer to look at it and do it before someone noticed.

There were reports I was supposed to have done. I was supposed to have filed thousands of micro-mini cards, records of things, and even reports . None of that had been done. There was a letter I was supposed to sent out for my boss a year earlier. There was an envelope with sheets of names and membership cards which I hadn't filled out and sent. There were memberships in an Insurance company. The first one on top was President Clinton. He was on the board of directors of the Health Insurance Co. I asked myself, "How could anyone know he was on the board of directors when I haven't sent out his card?" So, I began to fill out the card for him and I had the envelopes and stamps ready to get it in the mail.


5-13-95 - DREAM - I was in a town with a girlfriend and we were looking for a job. We went into a bar/restaurant. The Pope was there. He asked for the people to sing a song with him. I saw the music and we began the song. We sang two notes, but nobody joined in, so we stopped singing. We decided to sing some music from a different book. I was turning the pages and I turned the page to one that said, "Death from the flu within 30 to 40 days."

My girlfriend went over to the bar and came back. She said we could work there on the night shift, serving beer. I asked her if there was an opening. She showed me the roster which looked like a clock. The girl responsible for the 12 to 3 shift was gone. I couldn't imagine serving beer especially as fat as I am and being on my feet that long. She said that the money was good. So I agreed.

I started to wake up and saw a deathly puke green box open up. It was so shocking that my left eye popped open.

Inside the box was a record player. An old fashioned 78 record with a bright red label. The record was stopped. The handle with the needle had a red bar on it and it was at the stopped position. It had an ominous death look to it and overlaying the scene, the words popped up ..."Death in 30 days."

NOTE: Obviously, the Pope didn't die and neither did I.

ASSOCIATED PRESS - Sunday, 31 December 1995 - World News

Pope counsels against New Year's rowdiness

VATICAN CITY - Pope John Paul II cracked jokes Sunday about his fellow Poles and urged followers not to indulge in irrational "pagan" revelry during the final hours of 1995.

With only a few thousand still in St. Peter's Square after hours of driving rain, the 75-year-old pope looked down from his window and pronounced: "I'm trying to count the Poles but there aren't any.".

His cheery demeanor was in sharp contrast to his appearance Monday, when nausea from the flu forced him to shorten his traditional Christmas Day greetings.


REUTER INFORMATION SERVICE - Sunday, 31 December 1995

Pope, recovered from flu, appears in public

(c) 1995 Copyright Nando.net

(c) 1995 Reuter Information Service

VATICAN CITY (Dec 31, 1995 - 13:17 EST) - Pope John Paul, apparently fully recovered from a bout of flu that spoiled his Christmas programme, made two public appearances on Sunday as part of New Year celebrations.

During the morning, thousands of well-wishers gathered in pouring rain in St Peter's square at the Vatican to hear the pontiff give his Angelus prayer.

"I give my greetings to everyone and ask them to live these last hours of the year in the spirit of praise and thanks to the Lord," the Pope said. A huge cheer had greeted the 75-year-old Pontiff when he appeared in the Vatican window above the crowd.

Later he officiated at the traditional "Te Deum" end of year vespers in the Jesuit St Ignatius Church in central Rome.

Pope John Paul was unable to say Christmas Day mass a week ago and later the same day he dramatically cut short his traditional "Urbi et Orbi" address, which is televised live worldwide, because of a sudden bout of influenza.

It was the first time the Pope had missed a Christmas mass since his election in 1978.

But on Sunday, he looked well and relaxed as he read in a firm voice the Angelus and later the Te Deum sermon.

In both texts he extolled the virtues of family life.

"The family, which by its very nature is the place of life and love, is in fact often undermined by painful dangers or every kind," the Pope said in his morning prayer, in what appeared to be an oblique reference to abortion and divorce.

In his vesper's sermon the Pope also turned to the role of the Catholic church in the modern world, warning that in Italy there was a push towards a "radical secularization" of society.

"The church itself, without getting involved in choosing sides, should not stop itself from clearly stating the social Christian doctrine," the Pope said.

The Vatican has suffered two major international public setbacks this year. In November, devoutly Roman Catholic Lech Walesa was defeated by former communist Aleksander Kwasniewski in the Polish presidential elections soon afterwards a public referendum in staunchly Catholic Ireland supported a government divorce legislation package.

Pope John Paul told Christians to look at the social policies of political parties before backing them.

Sunday's public appearances were the Pope's first for four days. The Polish pontiff flew to the papal residence of Castelgandolfo just south of Rome last Wednesday to help recover from his influenza, returning to the Vatican on Saturday.

Police said that despite the illness Pope John Paul walked for three hours in the central Italy mountains during his break.

A Vatican official would neither confirm or deny the report, saying that the Pope had "completely recovered."

The Pope's health has been the focus of intense media speculation following intestinal surgery in 1992 and again since April 1994, when he required a hip replacement operation after falling in his bathroom and breaking his thigh.

Vatican officials, however, say his general health is good and the have been quick to quell any speculation that his Christmas illness was anything more than a mild attack of flu.

The Pope is due to celebrate the Catholic Church's world day of peace on Monday with a service in St Peter's at 0900 GMT.




12-11-96 - DREAM - I got called on the carpet for frequent absence from work for my new boss. I cannot come up with a name for him though he could have been the Eckankar head man. (Harold Klemp)

The woman who was interrogating me I thought was trying to make the moves on my boss like she wanted him for herself. I cannot think of a name for her either.

What went through my mind was totally different than what I said. When I worked for the old boss, I worked from 5:30 in the morning until 10:30 p.m. at night but I worked mostly on Conscious Development stuff.

For the new boss I did next to nothing. I rarely came to work. I had a hard time making the transition between bosses. But I said to the woman, "Hugh was so good to me." (Probably is HU which means the Divine High God)

"I was so spoiled. My new boss gives me tons of work to do, I don't know where he is getting it from, cleaning out the drawers or something." She got a big smile on her face when I said, "Hugh was so good to me." She didn't hear anything else I said.

I left then and got a ride in the bosses car to go somewhere. I was really nervous and scared, but I knew if I stretched out my legs and pointed my toes a certain way and always turned right, I'd be fine.

I noticed too, a long white car pulled into the driveway and thought the name Gene and I wanted to be there but kept going anyway.

I also was going to ride home with someone in a smaller white car, yet and I had forgotten my brief case to take work home with me. I checked the ignition and saw no keys there, but I didn't want to lock myself out of the car so left the seat belt dangle out the door so I could get back in when I came back.


9-27-97 - Dream - I was walking down the street coming back from the hospital, on the way to my apartment where I had to let a workman in to fix a refrigerator for Judy in #302.

I met Diane W. and thanked her for interceding for me in getting a favor done. I told her I needed a job and she took me down the street to a store front office across from A.C. on 70th Street. The man at the desk was like a minister. He did good things for people and had an agency of some kind too. The people in the office talked amongst each other and asked me to wash a desk top off which I would work at. It looked charred around the edges like it had been on fire at some point.

There was a whole stack of training manuals there with a VCR and tape recorder.

When I finished washing off the desk, a heavyset woman who was like a nun dressed in grey, walked up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Congratulations! You've got the job, you start on Thursday!" I gave her a hug and kissed her and she started to cry. I thanked the other woman in the office as well who was dressed in yellow. I then went over to the desk where the minister/head guy sat and thanked him. I said, "You know, I never even brought my resume in to show you." He said, "We heard that you do good things for people and that is what counts."

I then got up to go outside. I went out the door and discovered I was naked and quickly went back inside to put my clothes on. The woman in yellow said, "I do that all the time. I wish we could be naked because afterall, this is summer."

(The clothes weren't actually clothes, but symbols like squares, triangles, and circles.)


10-10--97 - DREAM - I was sent a letter by someone Joe knows and told to record it though I couldn't read it. It was all symbols - not letters, then followed by some red writing in ink at the bottom.

I was also shown an award plaque on the wall with a picture of Mickey Mouse at the top. I heard a click and the picture of Mickey Mouse changed to a Christmas tree with the lights on. I was told to record this also.


10-22-97 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in a large building and expecting a grocery delivery from I.R. I.R. arrived downstairs and buzzed me on the intercom. He didn't sound like he was in a very good mood. I picked up a white telephone to tell him something, which was on a bookcase shelf on the outside of a revolving type bookcase in the middle of a doorway. A recording came on saying, "If you want to make a call, hang up and dial again."

So, I ran out the door to the patio which was the 3rd floor roof extension. I.R. was walking towards the building and hollered at me to come down and help him so he wouldn't have to feed quarters into the meter while he was parked. I couldn't remember any meters within several blocks of the house.

I scooted down off the roof to the sidewalk where hundreds of people were entering the building. I.R. had already entered the building which seemed to be a school. I could see him going up the center spiral staircase. There were left and right hallways also past the doors. I followed I..R. up the staircase behind two girls. The stairs were flat at the bottom, but then took on more and more angular pattern as they went up and there was a center railing too. Each stair had 3 rectangular rungs together. I thought the architect had a really unique way of styling the staircase. (This stairway may represent the DNA)

By the time you get up a few stairs, you were walking on the edges of the stairs and not on the foot part.

I passed the two girls up and caught up to I.R. We got to my apartment door and went inside where I..R.'s face morphed into a different face. The man said, "We're here to move all your stuff. We're taking you to S____ (Sophy?) church. I saw his white van parked in my apartment ready for loading.

I was absolutely astonished and couldn't respond much except to say, "It wasn't my intention to move."

He then showed me a book I thought was a dictionary at first. It was laid out with circles on the pages like:

NOTE: this page must be at full size to see it properly.

Joe Mason/Gematria         Joe Mason/Gematria                         Dee/Enoch                          Dee/Enoch

               #1                                   #2                                              #1                                      #2

(Note: These were all in small circles)

                                          Joe Mason/Gematria                       Dee/Enoch                           Dee/Enoch

                                                     #3                                               #3                                     #4

(Note:; This was a large circle)

Joe Mason/Gematria          Joe Mason/Gematria                        Dee/Enoch                           Dee/Enoch

               #4                                 #5                                               #5                                      #6



11-2-97 VISIONS - This was the cover of a CD.

The Traveler = ee Ed McMahan

The Journeyer = eiffe -   1 saw my friend W.G., 2 women with no home, moving from place to place.

The Parent = Woman with black hair

The child = My sons

The Lovers = Joe

The Siblings = Young woman with black hair

The Servant =

The Teacher =  T.M. or Jesus

Mytakuye Oyasin = "All my relations"

(These are all relationships)


12-28-97 - DREAM - Joe and I went to a loan office to borrow some money. The man there didn't believe who I was. He couldn't track down on his computer what our last address was. He came up with a number like 1250 West Mithow or Matthow Av.

I had never lived at that address and could only prove where I had really lived and had all the I.D. in my purse I could come up with. I tried to give him my I.D. cards but he said it wasn't good enough. He wanted a copy of some records off my computer that started with the letter "C" like the "Chronicles of Charlie something". I didn't have anything like that and didn't know what he was talking about.

What troubled me more was that I couldn't see the man. It was like my eyes were blinded where he sat or stood. I could see next to him, but where he was I could only see like muted flashes of color.

We went out to our truck, which was open in the back. I still couldn't see the man nor his girlfriend who came out there too. I could only see a blur of red and yellow color on the truck edge and wondered at first why she saw my dress. Then I saw that she was 9 or 10 feet tall by some flashes of light that appeared and heard her walk away.

Joe and I were going to go home and get the file the man wanted. I thought I'd figure it out when I got there. Joe pulled up the first flap on the truck door which slid up the back of the truck behind a narrow ladder.  Joe went up the ladder to the top of the truck where some little children were playing. I pulled on the handle to close the truck the rest of the way. It moved very easily so I raised the truck door flap the rest of the way and waited for Joe to come back down the ladder.

(When I closed my eyes to sleep, I was seeing purple triangles and star- bursts of light and then my head filled with light.)


1-28-98 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of the apartment building on Jackson Street. The old manager had vacated, leaving black fur coats behind in the closet. An old woman came in to pay money for rent and she didn't even live there anymore. She got one of the black coats out of the closet and told me she was going out to shovel snow. The closet door closed and I worried that I wouldn't be able to get back in, but I had the master keys. I looked for rental records for the old woman, but there were none. I went over to where the coats were hung and saw a loose screw. I pulled it out and the whole coat rack fell over to the left. That was all that was holding it up. I called for maintenance to fix it, then went up to my apartment.

I walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor, but it didn't seem like it was more than the 2nd floor. Maintenance was painting everything in the hallway dark brown. My apartment number was 345 and I had to actually walk down 7 steps into the apartment. There was an old piano studio there and some guys came and took out all the camera equipment. The man who owned it said it was hard to find a place to install photo studios anymore. I wished him well as he removed the equipment.


2-24-98 - DREAM - I was somewhere in New Berlin working. I had a project to type up, but it was on a tape recorder and I had to play it and listen to it to type it. I didn't know which one it was, so I finally started at the top with a file that ended with 6.0. Drunvalo Melchizedek's voice came out of the speaker and said, "You don't have to type that one." I was surprised to hear his voice but at least that ended one of the possibilities. There was so much distraction at that place, I couldn't work. All the doors to the garages were open and hallway doors to offices and apartments were wide open. I went out there to see what doors I could close. There were just too many people partying and wasting time. Finally, people started to go home and I picked up garbage and carried it out of there, but I didn't get any typing done.

I left there and went to A-C (my old place of employment) to say, "Hi!". I almost went down the wrong stairway, which had a steep drop off and there would have been no way to get back up. The stairways were numbered so I knew I couldn't take one with a number of any less than 1.5.

I said, "Hi!" to a lot of people. I knew a lot of their faces, but none of the names. I had to go to the bathroom but it was too crowded, so I kept going. I was talking with some woman about getting transferred. I had worked in N.B. twice and then transferred back and I expected to be back again.



VISIONS - I was seeing the top of the tape recorder and saw two little musical notes and then Joe farted.

I saw an old fashioned broken down phonograph and then the tape recorder again.


4-24-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and I was going from the 1st to the 2nd floor because Michelle, and two women from One Life to Live who were having problems. The strange thing here was that their names were printed out on pie crust dough after I rolled it out. None of my rolling pins had two handles either, only the right one. I solved Michelle's problem, then went upstairs and met Blair from One Life to Live though I thought her name was Cheryl. Blair wanted me to see her wedding gown. It was off white, knee length with Pearls and lace all over it. It had a huge bustle in back. (I'm talking IMMENSE)...and I thought it was quite unsuitable to her. She thought it was beautiful and it was HER dress so that's all that mattered.

Cheryl/Blair's daughter Starr seemed to be ill. She was sitting in her little feeding table.

A tall man came to the door and stood outside and boomed with a deep voice, "Antibiotic Delivery". I thought that was kind of strange behavior. Cheryl/Blair brought this purple medicine and tried to spoon feed it to her daughter.

Starr, the baby, spit it out and I secretly cheered her on. I never liked being spoon fed purple medicine either obviously.

I took the baby out of the feeding table then and carried her around, intending to rock her to sleep. While I was carrying her, I ran into other women with problems. I remember seeing a board with colored pastel buttons (like the candy kind) they were arranged by color in a three by four rows.

I then carried the baby into a back room so she could sleep and when I came out, the phone was just recording a message from Joe in Milwaukee that he needed chains on his snow tires. He was trying to announce the phone number that he was at and I was going to call him right back (as I woke up)

My father was sitting right by the telephone and could have picked it up, but didn't.

(This is strange because Joe in Milwaukee was not given my phone number)


4-24-98 - DREAM - I had a long dream that had a lot of subjects in it. It basically was about the use of words. There were a lot of different scenes about fruit, fingernail polish, vehicles, cars, people. I then saw a beautiful quilt in off white or cream that was finely sewn in little squares. They showed me every comment I ever made about the word "fruit". Each one was finely embroidered in about 8 to 12 words...example: "fruit is sweet", "fruit is wonderful", "fruit is used for dessert", etc. Every comment ever made was recorded there.


5-23-98 - DREAM - I went to a house and found some symbolic items on the floor in the hallway. There were two pillows with lace over them and some other things unremembered. An old nun (wearing a pink dress) came along and gave me some other things of hers because she knew I was psychic. She gave me a prophecy. She said, "You will go to a party and people will sense you are psychic and start asking for prophecies."

Joe came along then and helped me fold up a big blue blanket and mattress.

The nun came with a red candle and lit it and set a tape recorder of music next to it and went out on the balcony to meditate. My Father came in the room and turned off the music on the tape recorder. I knew the nun would be upset. My Father said something about it but I can't remember what.

There was a party going on and I had to go to the toilet and people even followed me in there to ask for prophecies. I said to them, "Could you excuse me for a moment? It's going to stink in here in a second!"

They walked out into the hallway. The nun came in then, still wearing the pink dress, and then while I was still sitting on the toilet, she said, "That man you are with; I've seen him before. He is Plato and Khutoumi."

I gasped on an in breath and woke up.


8-28-98 - A BLACK VISION -



Then I saw a page written by me that looked like an interview with Dee777.





I saw a couple more sentences one of which said, "DOLORES' RECORD"

I slipped into a dream where I was managing an apartment building. I hadn't actually started work yet. I was wearing a dress and green jogging pants under it. I was attempting to tie something to my right thigh over the pants and not having any success with it. There was no door on the apartment and my dark haired female boss walked right tin. She had a couple of people with her.

She told me to call the phone company and have a phone installed right by the door so it would be handy and I wouldn't have to run all the way back into my apartment to answer the phone. I told her that was a good idea. (I had thought of that myself just before she walked in)

A blonde woman dressed in black, lingered behind after the boss left. She said "I think I would like to rent an apartment here."

I hadn't actually started work yet and didn't have any paperwork, so I didn't know which apartments were vacant.

I didn't have any keys with me, so I went back to my closet and found my keys which were laying right next to the pocket of the green jogging pants which I had taken off. I now only had the dress on. I had the key to the "key" box which had the key to the apartment key box. They were out in the hallway.

The key to the 'key box' was a tiny key which at first looked like a 't' then turned into a wire triangle. I thought it would never work, but when I stuck the triangle shaped wire into the slot of the 'key box', the cover flew off.

This box was very small and way up high on the wall. There was along couch-like thing along the wall with a white cover on it and I had to stand on top of it to reach the 'key box'.

I put my index finger into this tiny key box and could feel a tiny piece of metal in it. I carefully picked it up, afraid it would fall on the floor and I'd never find it. When I held it in my fingers, it looked like an old-fashioned record needle. I put my finger into the little key box to see if there was a real key in the box and again felt a small piece of metal I hoped was a real key.

This time it was a spiral piece of wire that was tightly wound. It was small on one end graduating to a larger spiral at the opposite end. I figured that you must stick the small end into the key hole while holding the large end. I looked at it again and now it looked like a carpenter's silver metal screw.

That I knew how to use, so I went over to the apartment key box to see which keys were hanging in it which would clue me in on which apartments were vacant.

I looked at this key box and it was huge. I had so many slots and levers on it, I had no idea which slot to put the screw in to open the door. I flipped one lever and a loud alarm bell began to ring. I said, "Oh my God! this is a fire alarm box."

The woman was dressed in black. (She had short blonde hair like my Black Lord ETs) She said, "I'm going to go look at 305. That's where I used to live.

She took off ahead of me and I couldn't stop her. We were on the 2nd floor it seemed and she ran up some stairs, which I could hear her going up, but I couldn't see them. I ran to the end of the hall and found a green linoleum covered stairway. It was really wide with huge steps and it only went down. I didn't have much choice, so I went down to the 1st floor, hoping to find another stairway that would go to the 3rd floor.

I was still looking when I woke up.


9-13-98 - DREAM - The dream started out with a vision of a clock-like symbol, which resembled a diamond-like shape with the largest points up and down and to the sides.

These points had feminine names. There were 12 major names.

There was a dark man there who said these points were the Zodiac. They were there to prevent us from making it all the way around the Zodiac.

I woke up and went back into a dream in which I was at home at my 16th St. house. It was going to rain and I rushed outside to hang up a gauge to measure the rain because the prediction was for 71" of rain.

I hung up the first part of the gauge which was a rectangle-like plaque with a slot in it on which I balanced a small block which looked like a diary to keep records in. There was a name written on this book. (I can't remember what it was)

A mist began to fall as I rushed back to the house to get the gauge tube and my mother held open the door for me because I had to hurry if I was going to catch all of the rain which I knew was going to get a lot heavier.

Inside the house, the orange-red cat needed to get fed and I hurriedly gave him 2 pounds of hamburger and an egg fell down on the floor between two other things that were there so it could hardly be seen, but the cat could smell it and get to it.

I ran outside into the rain with the measuring tube and when I got back inside, my friend Monica, not seeing the meat on the floor for the cat, had given the cat 10 pounds of raw hamburger inside of a tall brown bag with a note of admonishment to me written on the inside the bag, that I hadn't fed the cat. I covered the note on the back with some meat because I knew the cat would never get to the meat in the tall brown bag, because he was too busy eating the meat I had put on the floor.


9-26-98 - DREAM - I was faced again with every moral dilemma I had been through as an adult, either through facing it myself or seeing it occur in my children and trying to help them out.

NOTE: Cops represent 'karma'

In the dream I was much younger and my daughter was about 10 years old. My daughter had stolen quite a few colored markers and was about to get caught because the cops from the school were looking for the stolen goods. My first thought was to save her from punishment by taking the colored markers to where I worked where they had other colored markers just like them. But then I thought, "What if they stopped my car and found them, then it would look like I took them myself." Then she showed me that she had taken several silver pens and all those pens had the number 110 on them. I knew I couldn't hide those because the number 110 was so unique to that school. Then, she showed me that she had actually taken the whole tool box not just the small things. I went out to the garage to look if there was a way to hide the theft as the cops had a record of everything that had been stolen and there was no way out of being punished for the crime. She would have to put everything back and pay the price.

While I was outside, I saw many strange things that my husband had done in the yard. There were 3 green cabbages growing in the grass, he had built a concrete car that could go nowhere, and he had built a bathtub in the yard and connected it with hot and cold running water but it couldn't be used because there were too many people around all the time. There were many other thing he had done as well. Even though I didn't feel I could praise his ingenuity, I knew I couldn't criticize what he had done even though I wouldn't have done the same things because he had his own mind and thought he was doing some good and creative.

My husband's best friend was there and making passes at me. I was greatly attracted to him and my husband hardly noticed I was there. His friend's attentions made me feel really good about myself.

I took the car to go on an errand to get something for my children. The way was uphill on a snowy road and there was a lot of traffic. Someone up ahead tried to stop and I put my foot on the brake but the car actually went faster and I bumped into the car ahead of me. Every time I tried to stop and put my foot on the brake and slow down, I'd go faster and bump into someone else and cause them to swerve or perform strange maneuvers so they wouldn't bump into other people. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't slow down and was so out of control. I finally looked down at my feet and was shocked to see that I didn't even have my foot on the brake, I had it on the accelerator.

I immediately put my foot on the brake, and practically stood on it so I could get the car under control. The way the brake worked was to send a ratcheted runner out ahead of the car to slow it down. It was light blue. I stood on the brake so long, the brake ran out of ratchet and completely broke down. (Joe says this is a rack and pinion arrangement)

A repair man came to take my car away from me and my husband and his best friend came to rescue me and take me back home. Back home again, my husband again ignored me and his best friend again made passes at me and asked me to go cross country skiing with him. I tried to ignore him and didn't acknowledge the offer.

Bedtime came and both men went upstairs. I felt I needed to profess my thankfulness for being rescued from my poor driving behavior earlier in the day, so I went into my husband's bedroom. There were two beds in the room. My husband was not on his bed but his best friend was laying on his bed.

Then I saw a long lump wrapped up on the floor between the beds and guessed that it was my husband hiding in the blankets to see what I would do to thank his best friend for the rescue. I went over and uncovered my husband and thanked him for rescuing me, and though I felt guilty for it, I did not say "Thank you" to his best friend.

I realized that though I appreciated the attention and admiration from the best friend and could enjoy his presence, I had to be loyal to my husband first of all.

NOTE: The first thing I thought of when I awoke was, "How can I stand in judgment on President Clinton when I've done so much wrong in my own life?"


10-18-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that was showing me prophecies about the sun. The first one was dated 4-14-98 and the following one was 5-15-98. On 5-15-98, it said, "The sun is going to do something it's not supposed to do."


I tried like hell to pull those files up but I couldn't get to them. I tried everything I knew how to do this but couldn't get them.

I got frustrated and got up from the computer and found out that my boss was questioning my loyalty to the work I was supposed to do. To test me they sent two good looking men to my apartment to tempt me. Neither one actually came into the apartment but appeared at different doors. I ignored both of them.

I was told then that a phone call had come in for me across the hall. I went across the hall to take the call. I noticed that I had a feeling that I had to keep this phone call a secret from prying ears. I picked up the phone to take that call. Rather than hearing someone speak, I saw the message in the air. It said, "Practice typing the letter to 'The Earl of ________". You will be asked to type this letter verbatim in the future. You will be tested on this sun information for the 4-14-98 and 5-15-98 dates.

NOTE: AFter I woke up, I was thinking about this dream and a VISION appeared, "When the sun does not feel like its out there or back there or will not be there, people go crazy!"

NOTE: I looked up previous dreams from 4-14-98. It was a web page about Avebury, England. I did not record anything on 5-15-98. (I obviously could not remember the dreams that night). I went on the computer and looked up the sun activity for those two dates. On both those dates were violent explosions on the sun. Two recent dreams about the sun are posted above, of the sun coming up and going back down, and the other one of a total solar eclipse where the sun exploded and many stars shot out of it.



10-21-98 - DREAM - I was with a guy named 'PROFIT'. He said he was a prophet. But he never wrote anything down until it had already happened. I got very upset about that. I was typing as fast as I could to get everything down on paper. I could hardly keep up with it. I was very upset.

10-21-98 - DREAM - I was in the same place. The events themselves were shown to me in a VISION to be a river of lights going by and I could barely type fast enough to record them all.

Because of the involvement, I was asked to go with the President of the U.S. to Madison to make a speech about this. I agreed to go. The President was supposed to arrive at 6 p.m. and we were to leave immediately for Madison which would be a 4 hour plane ride. (4 hours might represent 4 months) (NOTE: It only takes an hour to get to Madison, WI from Milwaukee, WI. Madison is the Capital of the State. Madison might represent Washington, D.C.)

My cousin Shirley and my daughter were invited to go along and so were Joe and his relatives. I had never been on a plane before and was nervous about it but was okay about going because it was with the President and I would feel safe enough.

I was ready to go and had my bags ready to go including suit bags, but things began to go wrong. My cousin Shirley and my daughter didn't show up at all and didn't call. I tried to use the phone and it was tied up by some insurance people.

It was now 5 minutes past 6 p.m. and the President hadn't arrived either. I was thinking it would be easier to go in the morning instead of this hassled trip, but I couldn't use the phone to change the reservation.

It was now quarter past 6 and it was rumoured that the President's plane had landed but he had stopped for a dalliance on the way to the hotel where I was waiting. Finally the President was arriving outside the hotel and I decided I'd better go to the bathroom first before we left. Everyone else had the same idea at the same time. The waiting lines for the bathroom were so long, the hotel provided chairs in the hallway for the ladies to sit down while they waited. The men didn't seem to have that problem.

I decided I could wait and picked up my bags to go on the trip. I became aware that we were going to go by car and T.J. would be driving and we'd be able to get to Madison in 3 hours instead of 4 by plane.


10-21-98 - DREAM - Because of the prophecies I knew about, I was taken to a house nobody else knew about to rest and hide out. It seemed to be an old farm house. It was completely furnished with comfortable furniture.

I had been there just a few minutes and I heard a loud noise like someone walking in a bare boards attic above me. I hadn't seen a second story on this house, but besides that I was supposed to be alone, so I started to feel scared.

I quickly ran to lock the front and back doors to make sure no one could get in. I then went to test the knobs to make sure the doors didn't open. Satisfied that I was locked in, I then saw a doorknob in the middle of the livingroom wall. I turned the knob hard and a hidden door opened. I peeked inside and at first I thought it was a closet because there was a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board and broom, mop, and dustpan standing there. I was surprised and tried to figure out how an extra room was in the middle of the house, because this was just a hallway to a huge inside hidden room, including a huge space where an attic would be, covered over by bare wood boards roof over it. Dusty sunlight streamed downward from somewhere...a skylight perhaps. I went though a passageway into this hidden room and discovered that it was like an outside courtyard covered over and there seemed to be a house separate but connected on each side of the courtyard.

I was totally shocked that once I was in the courtyard, I couldn't figure out how to get back into the house. There was no apparent door. Then, high up on the wall, a door opened and the man who had brought me here stepped through and came down a red brick walkway and asked if I was okay. I told him I was and he left again through that door.

Then a young boy about age 10 appeared from one of the other houses and talked about going trick or treating for Halloween. He was nice enough, but I decided I wanted to get back into the house proper.

Knowing I had to go up the red brick walkway was hard because it was steep, but when I got up on the platform, there was still another high platform to climb up on the platform and right in front of the door was like a baby chair and the name "Pink Bonnie Blue" was printed on it. I was surprised. Someone had called me 'Bonnie Blue' in a vision/dream about 18 years ago when I first started my metaphysical explorations.

I opened the door and woke up.


11-14-98 - VISION - I saw the words. "What if a woman was crossed out?" I heard a voice say, "If you want more information, why don't you find out?"

There was something about M.L. using a radio and I saw like a circuit board. A voice said, "You can use one like it. Why don't you use it. It's all in the family. I heard then, "Why did Dan leave?"

"You can get it from her. It's a tremendous example."

I saw a series of pictures each with a person in them wearing like a dark blue uniform. The voice said, "These are to tease you."

A voice said, "What of the concern, what of the concern? What if you forget something?"

A voice said, "This is a high example. You can lay down now."

My eyeballs ached really bad at this point. A voice said, "Roll the tape". (I started a tape recorder instead of writing everything down)

11-14-98 - VISION - I saw two silver vehicles with a black stripe along the car. I knew they were female. I assume they were me and M.L. They were identical.

11-14-98 - DREAM - I got two e-mails from someone named LadyTryve. They went by too fast to see what they said except the signature.

11-14-98 - VISION - I saw a piece of white paper. The words, "WHAT IF?" appeared and below it was a bunch of scribbles like an explosion drawn by a child.

I flipped the paper over and the word 'SEE' appeared on the left side of more explosion scribbles and a tree trunk and all branches were gone. All that was left was the bare trunk.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of maps of the United States, Alaska, and Canada. I was shown various types of maps with all the states marked, each section map like Northeast, midwest, western, then other kinds of maps like topography, and other kinds of separations.

I didn't see any disaster or anything, just all the various separations of many kinds.

NOTE: I created a web page about maps. I started with a section of disaster maps from psychics, followed by real maps of various types just like the dream. http://www.greatdreams.com/maps.htm


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting on the steps of my building, thinking about the maps and of what use they were to do, and a woman drove up in a black car and she said that the value of maps was in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of the maker.

I then went over to my TV set and saw that there was a map button on the set. I pressed it and all the maps I had seen earlier all came flashing into view again and I thought to myself, "I didn't have a vision of the maps, I just pressed the wrong button on the TV set. I felt very relieved and stupid at the same time. However, later, I had a vision of a page in my notebook and the writing was so clear, I could have read it into a tape recorder. It was a whole long pompous statement about the value of the maps and the value of $43 was on each line of the statement.

AS soon as I finished reading it, another statement appeared at the top edge of the page written in black on top of a purple background. It started out: I execute GADZ both from the physical world and from the dimensional worlds.

I got all upset that I was even reading about executing someone and didn't want to finished reading it much less cooperate in it.


1-13-99 - VISION - I saw the date 3/5 and the voice said, "On 3/10, it'll be a record."

Then the voice said, "When you want signals and it means cities ... and I heard a huge explosion.

NOTE: There was a huge explosion near Detroit in a car plant. Many people were killed and injured there.

I heard a voice say,"When you see the rose bush ... I saw a huge black thing like a giant sized coal scuttle. The voice said, "When you want effluent, you get "pretty" effluent.


1-14-99 - DREAM - This was a totally sad dream. A job I had done for a woman was over and I was being let go. I actually don't know what I did there at this large company except that I made a web page. Everyone seemed to be angry at me for something I had said but nobody would tell me what I had said. The boss I worked for never told me how much I was earning and I had no money. The room I spent the nights in was a bathroom that I was locked in. One woman who felt sorry for me slipped two dollar bills, some dimes and a small pile of used stamps under the door to try to help me out.

I managed to get out of the building at one point and went walking down the street. A farmer had left a small wagon with the last of his harvest by the side of the road for anyone to take. I looked in the one bag.  Everything in it was unripe. I saw tomatoes, bananas, and corn, all so far from ripe they couldn't be eaten. Also in the cart were many watermelons which I didn't bother to look at because I wouldn't eat it anyway.

As I was walking away again an old man I knew from Milwaukee picked up the bag to take it home. My daughter-in-law Becky came along and took it away from him. At that point I picked up the bag again and everything was hot like it had been on a barbecue.

I went back to the office to get whatever was there I could take with me. I saw two coats, one brown tweed and one brown fur. I left both of them there. I was looking at the desk to see if there was anything there and a young girl came up to me so angry at me for what I had said. She got so angry she started to cry. I went over to her and put my arm around her shoulder while she cried. I saw she was pregnant ... maybe 4 or 5 months. I had my hand on her stomach and her baby was kicking really hard. I asked her what was the matter. She said, "You told me he didn't love me." She was speaking of the father of the baby. I said, "No! I never said he didn't love you. You ARE loved!" At this point her skin was very dark. I felt she represented another time and place. She said, "I thought I had nothing left to live for." Just then her baby kicked her again really hard and she got a big smile on her face and she knew she could live for the baby.

I went over to a table and sat down to contemplate what I was going to do next.

A short swarthy man and his short swarthy cohort came over and asked if I had another job to go to. I said, "No!" He said, "What were you paid here?" I said I didn't know. He said, "That's what I figured. I have a job for you.!" I said, "Oh?" He said, "Yes! I'll pay you  ____" (like lira or some other foreign currency) It sounded better than nothing to me. I agreed that it was okay. I said, "You want to give me your business card so I know where to go?" He handed me the card. It said, "Frank's Part Time Delivery Service." The address was on it and I was trying to make it out but I knew then as I held the card that it was a cover for something else and I started having visions of what I was really up against. I saw LUXAN as the place I would work and that my job was SPY and I saw CD, and then the logos of hundreds of companies I would be expected to spy on.

I woke up as these logos continued to flash in front of me.


1-17-99 - VISION - A man said, "You might want to check your records because your account here is accumulating at about $2,000 a month."

I heard someone say: "When are you going to deliver it? Tonight? Now? "

I saw an e-mail that said, "VOLCANOES - BIG DREAM

NOTE: I've had some incredible dreams about volcanoes - about 7 of them going off at the same time on the west coast. There was supposed to be 12, but the extraterrestrials were able to quiet the other 5.


THIS IS THE DREAM:  1-13-99  - DREAM - I was taken to a huge garage type area where certain people were being gathered to be witnesses or sacrificed people to both handle the devastation or stave off the suffering for the 7 volcanoes that are going to blow up all at the same time. See link: below:

Date: 01/13/1999 8:13:05 AM Central Standard Time

This portent is for 7 mountains linked together to all blow up at the same time.

If you are interested in reading the whole dream, I typed it up and uploaded it here:


Subj: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - "Escalating Weather"
Date: 05/12/1999 7:30:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: earthcng@earthlink.net (Mitch Battros)

An Undeniable Pattern Of Escalating Weather...05/12/99

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

It would be a difficult task to deny the "record breaking" weather we are now experiencing on a almost weekly basis. The largest tornado ever recorded. 1998, the warmest year "ever". The Larson ice shelf melting faster than expected. Seven volcanos currently active. Mudslides and avalanches killing more people in the last year than ever before. Record breaking snow fall in the northwest mountain range. More floods than previously recorded. Meteorologist forecasters are expecting the largest hurricane season we have ever experienced. This is not predictions or prophecy. This is now! Are you surprised?

When I started Earth Changes TV over four years ago, I did so after having a profound vision on January 3, 1995 (see "About Mitch Battros" on main menu) that showed me of the exceptional weather phenomena and earth changes that were to come. I had never had such an experience in my life. I was so moved by this and filled with a sense of purpose, I went to my local Red Cross and received training for the Disaster Team, mental health unit within weeks. Then I was trained to become a trainer for our local FEMA group, the King County Emergency Mgnt Office in Seattle.

I remember when I would talk to folks about what I thought would happen in the next few years to come, I would get that distant 1000 yard stare. It was as if they didn't hear a word I said. At best, I would receive a "that's nice". Or from family members "Well, we love you". haha Now, it appears I have gone from some wacko person who is cute and could be tolerated, to a visionary. Hasn't this happened to you? WE are all visionaries. If you are reading this email, I know you are also paying close attention to what's happening.

Folks, what you have read in the first paragraph, is not of the future, it is now. I have been very careful to remain in the sciences (facts) and gently bridge the gap to the "esoteric". Now more than ever, have they come so close. This is not millennium madness, it is a factual documentation of "Records" since the time they were maintained.

What is it all about? I believe it is about coming back to communities. Relying on each other once again. Having traveled the world, I noticed we had lost something, particularly in the United States, a sense of union, togetherness, community. A joining together of spirit, mind and soul. Most spiritual disciplines reflect such statements. I most like the Hopi's description of what they call "the great purification" It has also been called "The Transition".

I pledge to continue bringing the most current and breaking news information, so you can best be aware and prepare, as you choose.

Best Wishes,
Mitch Battros
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2-13-99 - DREAM - (I will swear this was a REAL astral experience) I was in a large mansion. We had already had dinner and the dishes had been washed. They still needed to be put away. I went to help with that chore. These pieces were all large pieces of ovenware for baking . My son Ken was also helping.

Before the job was done, I noticed that there were a couple drawers where pens, pencils, crayons, and colored chalks and paint tubes were kept. One of these drawers were strictly for men and I moved all the paint tubes into my drawer.

I was told that my cousin Shirley had arrived for a visit. I hadn't seen Shirley since 1984 and she never answered my Christmas letters so I didn't know how she would react to seeing me.

The livingroom was 3 steps down from the hallway. She was as beautiful as ever, just older, like I knew I was too.

The first thing I asked her was if she had any news, wondering if she was getting married. She just looked puzzled at my question. Then I told her that I had dreamed about her last week that she had had a baby. (That was a true statement)

She got up and we went outside to walk. I was washing and had dressed up more. I was wearing work-like clothes and she was dressed up. I was wishing I was wearing high heeled shoes. I looked down at my feet and saw that I was wearing white socks.

The sunshine was warm and the air felt heavy but it was really nice. I asked her if she wanted to see the ape house and we walked over to an area that was all glass, black enameled wrought iron cages, and shelves for plants. As soon as we entered the door, everything turned black and white.

I wanted to show Shirley our ape house but when we walked in all I saw was our collection of plants. This had a surrealistic appearance. The walls were white and all the plants were black. They were beautiful and seemed more alive than normal. We went past the first stack of shelves with the plants and I didn't look too closely because I was looking for the ape cage.

There, in the aisle, between the rows of plant shelves stood an orangutan size creature. He was also black. He did not have an ape's face. He looked like the drawings I have seen of Chupacabras.

It made me very nervous to see him standing there and not in a cage. However, we moved quickly on to a record keeping room. Shirley was shown her lifetime record. There wasn't much to it. Just name and a short list of deeds. I could read them in the dream but cannot remember them. I felt kind of embarrassed for her that the list wasn't longer.


2-18-99 - END OF DREAM - The electric bill on my apartment hadn't been paid in 4 months. The electrician was there to cut it off. I told him I had enough money to pay the bill because I had just been paid. He said he didn't want to take the check but if I had a checkbook that made a carbon copy, he'd take the carbon copy while I mailed the check in. I didn't really want to do that because then I wouldn't have a record of having paid the bill, but I didn't have much choice in the matter.

NOTE: When I went on line, a friend of mine was very upset that she had written a check for a bill for $20.50 and the bank had entered the amount as $90.50. If she didn't have her own records, the bank wouldn't have made good on it and put the money back in the account plus make good on the bounced checks and charges.


3-18-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building on Port Washington and Hampton, which I managed. I was standing out on the front sidewalk on the NE side of the street. It had snowed, been shoveled and had snowed again and was melting on the sidewalk to slush. I need to ask the maintenance man to shovel again and I knew he wouldn't be happy about it, but it needed to be done.

A young woman came running up to me, wanting to know where she was supposed to park her car. She resembled Monica Lewinski and I had just rented an apartment to her. Another girl who parked in the Hampton Ave. garage overheard her and pointed to the garage door. I quickly said, "No! I assigned her to the Port Washington Ave. garage. The other girl didn't know that the garage existed or thought it was all one garage. (This is a true situation) The Monica-type girl was so excited and happy. She was a delight to see.

I now went across the street on the SW corner of the same two streets. (In reality it is a parkway with a river on that side)

This was a large office building and it seemed I was very well know by everyone. I went up the elevator to my office where I had been assigned a new phone number 2310. There was some kind of mixup with the lines, because a girl wanted to listen in on my conversation from an extension but I was the only one who could hear on this phone. They were trying to figure that out when I went to lunch.

In the Bible concordance 2310 is chadel (khaw-dale') and means vacant, i.e. ceasing or destitute:--he that forbeareth, frail, rejected.

Back down in the lobby, some women had a perfume display on a small round table. There were numerous bottles of various shapes. They were accosting all the women, giving them pretty blue brochures and trying to sell the perfume. One of the salesladies grabbed my arm and asked me if I had seen the perfume yet and I said, "No!" We got over to the table and she said, "They are only $95.00." I knew I would never pay that much money for perfume. She started naming perfumes which I can't remember. I asked her if she had Lantude. She handed me a huge spray bottle 8 times the size of the others named Prondoin. I aimed the sprayer at my throat and it sprayed right on my nose and went up my nose. It was such a delicate scent. I loved it and was going to spray some on both wrists as well when they handed me a letter in duplicate with a bill for the charges of the spray of perfume. The perfume itself was $3.75 but there were so many other handling charges of various kinds, the whole bill came to $78.75. I was astonished. They commented that they had my address wrong so they couldn't send the bill in the mail. They had me at JOYSTAR AVE. so I took the letter, gave them back the top white copy and told them I'd keep the pink copy for record and walked away. They didn't follow me, just went about accosting other women.

I went back to the elevator and was telling some other women about this outrageous charge and wanted to show them the pink copy of the bill, but couldn't find it. I assumed I dropped it on the street so went back outside to find it.

I didn't see the pink piece of paper on the street but as I was walking along the sidewalk I saw that a pool of some kind was being constructed in the road. Alongside the pool was a plastic tarpaulin and I could hear sounds like kittens mewing or babies cooing. I looked under the tarp and saw 5 different sizes of green turtles and numerous smaller frogs. There was a cacophony of sound under the tarp, all these little creatures, anxious to jump into the pool as soon as it was ready.

(Turtles and frogs in water signify illness - like flu and colds)

A young man who worked for me came up to me and showed a small silver post with a screw slot in it, the kind one holds report books together. First he asked if it was the right kind and I said, "Yes!", then he said that it wasn't long enough any longer, so I told him he could use a longer one and that he could use anything in the office he desired. He thanked me and as he turned to walk away, I saw that his left arm was amputated at the shoulder like it had been wrenched off. It wrenched my heart to see it.

I turned and went back towards the office and a woman asked if I would heal her daughter. Her daughter seemed retarded, a rather slow learner. I stroked the girl's belly gently and the girl grew right in front of our eyes into a woman with dark curly hair. There was no resemblance at all to the retarded girl. They went away happy.

Then all kinds of people came along to ask me to go to lunch with them. There were factions though so if you went with one you were automatically the enemy of all the others so I decided not to choose any of them and went by myself.

As I was waking up, I saw three men sitting close together, crying for who would get to hear my prophecies.

I fell back asleep and found myself walking across the lawn to the street. I had an empty laundry basket in one hand. As I neared the sidewalk, I saw a green laundry basket. It was quite large and square.

Inside the laundry basket was a puppy. I looked again and tears came to my eyes because I had told the universe that I wanted a puppy but it would have to appear at my doorstep on it's own.

I got closer and saw it was a black cocker spaniel. That's not my favorite type of dog but I thought to myself, "I can love a dog like this just the same."

However, as I approached the basket, the puppy got scared, split into three parts and jumped backwards out of the basket and hung on for dear life with it's paws on the edge of the basket. Finally, one part made it back into the basket. It looked like a white rat. I was rather disgusted but then saw that it was a white Chihuahua with a white coat and rainbow colored booties on it's feet.

I couldn't watch it any longer as the 2nd part came over the edge of the basket. This part was just a smaller puppy ... coal black in color, but it wasn't done. The third part came over the edge like a rolled up bathrobe.

I wasn't really interested but the bathrobe opened up and stood up and I saw Becky (my daughter-in-law) She said, "Watch this when it turns inside out." The robe flipped over and became a white chenille robe with lace over it like a wedding veil. She said, "Look at the pattern." The pattern was one of numerous Fleur de lis in many, many squares with lines separating them. She said, "Look at the bottom!" The one right in the center was embroidered or painted in rainbow colors and it began to expand until all I saw was white lace with a rainbow in the center.


4-14-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office building. The owner/CEO of the company was named Carlson. He went to New York on a business trip. While he was gone, they had his phone transferred to mine to answer even though he had a personal secretary working for him. I also was given the privilege to take care of his infant baby daughter while he was gone. I was holding her close to my chest, kissing her on the top of her head. I felt so privileged to have her but didn't understand why they had chosen me instead of his own personal secretary. My desk was across the aisle from the freight elevator. The elevator door opened and the entire elevator was full of racks and boxes of clothes for this child, not only for today, but for the coming years as she grows up.  The men were delivering all the clothes plus two little girls were on the elevator wearing samples of the clothes. The girls were 5 or 6 years old. The clothes were all pink and white. Someone commented that it was strange to provide clothes that large when she was just an infant. I said, "That's okay! she's going to grow into them.

While this was going on, I was working with two sets of records that the company kept. They were in identical medium blue loose leaf binders. One was handwritten and the other was supposed to be a typed duplicate. One had to hold these books sideways and flip the pages upward and over backwards towards the top when finished reading, rather than sideways to the left like a normal book.

I took it upon myself to check the two books against each other to make sure there were no discrepancies.

I told another woman about this double set of books and she said she wanted to read them over her lunch hour, but she took only the typed copy with her, and I retained the handwritten copy which was the truth.  She didn't come back from lunch and I started to worry that she had stolen the book, but I had the handwritten copy, the truth, in my own possession even if she didn't return and I could always retype it if necessary for the public to see at the right time.

The phone on my desk started ringing suddenly. There were 4 or 5 lines on it and red lights were blinking to show me which line was ringing. They were ALL ringing at once.  I couldn't answer them all at nice so the girl at the desk abutting mine ... facing me ... grabbed a couple lines also.

The first call was from a woman named LEONE. She was selling a condo to my boss Mr. Carlson and she called to say he hadn't arrived yet and that he should call her to tell her when he was arriving.

The next phone call was from Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law named PAULA. That call also was about the condo and she wanted to know what was going on and he should call her as soon as possible and tell her.

I hung up, and then noticed that I wasn't wearing any clothes from the waist down. I got all embarrassed and ran to the closet to put some clothes on. Nothing was hung up, but laying in neat piles. However, when I picked up the blue slacks to put on, the underpants and panty hose were already inside the slacks and I tried to put them on just the way they were and had had my blue bedroom slippers on and forgot to take them off first. I got all distressed and then discovered I already had pantyhose on, I just didn't see them before.

So then, I went way to the far end of the building and up the elevator to the CEO's office to tell the secretary the phone messages. However, we got to talking about other things I can't remember and never told her the phone messages because I forgot about them.

So, when I got back to my desk, I called her on the phone to tell her that LEONE the condo lady had called and that the boss hadn't showed up yet and he should call her. The bosses secretary said, "That's okay! The train runs every 30 minutes and 32 seconds anyway." So there was nothing to worry about them getting together.

Then I told her that Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law PAULA had called about the condo also. The secretary didn't make any big deal about that either. I almost felt like I had wasted my time making the call, but I had done my job and that was what mattered.

I walked over to a darker corner of the office, near the freight elevator and saw that there was a box of my clothes sitting there. These were all upper garments like my purple sweater and other clothes I wear currently. They were all in a box, yet when I picked them up, they were all wet and the box was actually full of water like it was a white bathtub inside. I got all distressed out again that these clothes weren't hanging up in the closet.

It was then that I saw Dr. Kildare sitting on a bench across from me and I looked down and saw that I still wasn't dressed from the waist down. I was really distressed to realize I had gone all the way to the bosses office and back with no pants on and I told him this. He said, "That's not so bad, the better part was when you were like that the other day and bent over to pick something up. Now, that was a sight to see!"

I was really embarrassed because I didn't realize I had done this before. I begged him to please go in the closet and bring me something to wear so I wouldn't have to embarrass myself further. Dr. Kildare went into the closet and brought out a shorty pink nightie and hung it up in the air for everyone to see. That made me distressed again, so I walked across the room and went into the closet to get my own pants on. While I was doing that and struggling to get into them, all three layers at the same time, again with my blue slippers on, Dr. Kildare brought an older white haired doctor and a middle aged man into the closet also.

I couldn't seem to get the underpants aligned properly with the panty hose ... they were kind of twisted together where the upper bands were even though the slacks were up okay.

I was so distressed, I broke into tears and started to bawl my head off in front of the older doctor and the strange man I didn't know. Through my tears I told the doctor that I can't seem to focus on one thing and finish it, that I move on to the next thing before I'm done. (Boy! Is this the truth!) and I can't even finish getting dressed in order to go to work.

He said he understood what the problem was and that it was the contrails that were confusing people's minds. The other man spoke up and said that his mind had gotten so bad that his company had to let him go on disability because he couldn't continue to focus on his job. The older doctor said that there was going to be a worldwide conference about this in Ohio shortly.

I felt somewhat better about my own situation knowing that it wasn't just me or my fault that I was so befuddled.

NOTE: Here is what is going on: WHAT ARE THESE CONTRAILS IN THE SKY?


6-24-99 - This dream came as I was meditating for a healing for a friend of mine.

DREAM - I was headed east along a highway in order to meet a train. I got sidetracked at a huge building I've been in before. It was similar to Simpson Electric in some ways. In other ways it was where I seemed to live.

The time was mid-afternoon. I decided to get the mail. I lived on the 3rd floor and the mail was on the ground level. I had three sets of tiny silver keys. Each set was different, but there were two of each which looked identical at first glance, but were just a tad different from each other.

I was barefoot. I was looking to see which pair of shoes to put on so I wouldn't cut my feet or get glass embedded in them. I prefer slipons but I didn't see any so I picked up a new pair of blue jogging shoes. They looked amazingly like Joe's new shoes.

Before I got them on, I began to hear music and I had to dance to it. It was great fun but I was dancing alone. The music ended and I saw my friend Diane arrive. She's a very big girl ... blonde  ... over 6 feet tall and large boned, ... very goddess -like.

She was in the next room. I was going to ask her to dance with me, but she put ona record of an Irish tune that was even livelier and I went in that room to dance with her to her music. But when I got in there, she was gone, so I began to dance to the music by myself.

Another blonde woman came in the room and said, "'I'll teach you how to dance to THIS music. She took me by the hands, then slipped her right hand around my back, holding my right hand with her left hand, and my left hand was around her back.

As the Irish music played, we danced eight steps in a circle to the right, as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... then we danced eight steps to the left as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... like a figure 8 (the infinity symbol)

When the dance was over a large black woman came in. She was going to be living with the woman I dance with upstairs, across the alley from me in my 16th St. house.

I was now alone again. I had yet to go get the mail. I went out into the hallway and met three people. I'm thinking this was the attorney Laura Buchanan from One Life to Live. She had two men with her. I was a little envious. I had nobody and she had two of them, but they showed me a book on the desk that had been written by me over a series of years. While I was reading the 1st page of this huge book, I was impressed by the fact that no matter how many times the story was told, it always remained fresh and new for the next person, and it had never been lost like I thought it was. It could be copied over and over.

By then, the other man and Laura came back from the soda machines on the 1st floor right next to where I was going to get the mail, buy food from the machines there.

The shorter, other man, named Bear offered me a sip of his soda and I knew then that he was meant to be my partner. I still needed to go get my mail and again I had to put the blue shoes on and this time Bear was going to go with me. We got outside and I looked up the hill to where the building was and a factory whistle blew and all the people came pouring out of the building. I said, "Oh No! It's 3:30 p.m.", and I knew that buses would be packed with people going home and many of them would stop by the soda and food machines on the way to the bus.

So I delayed again, standing with Bear by the road and I heard a train whistle, and across the street, just behind a knoll was a train track you could only tell was there when the train was going by.

I said to Bear, "I always knew there was a train running there, but I didn't know what the schedule was." And we both went to get the mail together.


6-24-99 - A car drove by outside with loud strange music. I opened my eyes because it was so close. VISION - When I closed my eyes, I saw a king on a large gold throne, dressed in robes. I saw him hand a large golden goblet to a man standing in front of him.


8-16-99 - DREAM - I was working in a big office. In the file cabinets I noticed that they weren't keeping proper records and I decided to look and see what parts were due to come in yet. I pulled out the records starting from 1995. Lists of parts ordered were recorded on sheets. However, they stopped keeping records towards the end of 1999.

I went out into the hallway, some maintenance men were telling dumb jokes about the sole of a shoe. I then saw that the Pope was sitting at a desk in room 110 where we used to have choir practice in high school

The Pope was upset that we were telling jokes abut the soul. I told him we needed to lighten up.

I went out on the street. A woman stood out there carrying her little child and the attorney/lawyer (Sam Rappaport) from Lone Life to Live was standing on the sidewalk with the other guys. He was wearing a baseball mitt on his left hand. He would toss the ball in the air, but he couldn't catch it and the child went into peals of laughter. He did that 3 times.

I then went into a courtyard of some kind. The garden had all died and I saw that huge pillars were carved inside the mountain like a temple. I was looking around and saw that a certain plant (Coleus) with multicolored leaves was growing to 10 times normal size. There was even one growing inside the telephone booth as large as a man. I wondered if there was enough time left in the season to replant a garden.

As soon as I thought that, the earth itself rose up and split open like a woman giving birth caesarean section. Up from the earth came a huge rock or stone that had the face of a man and from stone came a protrusion like the gun barrell on a battle ship. It began to swivel back and forth looking for me and I ran and hid in the mountain behind the pillars.

While I was hiding, three men came who were like flight pilots for bombers, but they weren't ready to fight back because the parts hadn't come in to fight a war. They wanted to protect me, but they weren't prepared.


8-21-99 - DREAM - I was on third street just south of Center St. by a river. (There is really no river there. . . though in another dream I had a couple years ago, a river was in the same spot) The city had turned the street into a mall-like area where the elderly could come down, have lunch, and do some shopping. I thought this would be a great place for my mother to spend some time.

All of a sudden I spotted my mother coming down the steps (3) from the street into the mall plaza. I saw her sit down on a chair and I began to walk over towards where she was sitting. As I was walking towards her, the whole row of chairs where she sat began to move southward towards the other end of the three block mall. The chairs had been on a motorized, wheeled platform and in a moment, she and the others were out of sight. I did not know if I should follow her or wait for her to come back.

It began to rain hard as soon as my mother left and I didn't want to get wet if I took the bus west on Center street towards home on 16th street because I would have to get off the bus on 15th street and walk the two blocks to the house in the rain. (The house was almost a whole block south of Center street)

So, I went into a private seating area where other younger women were resting and stood by a window looking at the rain pelting the city.

I decided I would walk down to the other end of the mall and meet my mother and shop with her.

As I walked down the mall, I saw my mother walking back and I met her halfway. She looked a little stunned that I was there and told me I needn't have come there. I told her that I had wanted to and walked back along the mall with her. We got back to the starting point where my mother met two other old ladies and began to tell them her money problems with her inheritance.

I immediately got concerned that she would tell them all her private money problems. One of the women said, "You aren't trying to get out of paying taxes are you?

My mother said, "Oh no!" and while she told them more details, her head morphed into a blue rubber doll head with a broad groove around her temple area, all the the way around her head. There were little numbers tattooed all around the groove like a record of her history. It was a little disconcerting. She went on talking to these other two old ladies while they stood by a window-gate, waiting to go through.

My attention was caught by a tall, blonde man wearing blue coveralls. He was starting a new locksmith business and I introduced him to my old bosses truck driver David and they began discussing the details of having the truck inspected for safety and paying for the work 50% down ahead and 13% installment payments later. As they talked, the guy turned more and more feminine and I saw that he was really a she and I gave her a lot of credit for starting her own business.


9-24-99 - VOICE - "This is Dr. Lindberg in Chicago. You have a problem with your heart. But we are going to take care of it for you. Your heart needs opening up. It is apostyletic."

I didn't know what he meant or what that was. He said, "Don't worry. The globe will watch over it."

I thanked him and he said, "Goodbye!"

This conversation seemed to be recorded on a web page just by speaking and the typing stopped as it reach the bottom of the page.


October 21, 1999 - DREAM - I was in an apartment, wondering about the dreams I had had about ancient Mexico and discovered that my maintenance man had written a play about ETs and how humans had morphed into little short white suited ETs which flew off to save another planet from destruction. There were songs in it like a little pretty one about angels having their souls saved, and another one that was cute with a black man singing his deep voiced 'boom boom boom boom' under the other voices. I had it written in a black loose leafed folder and was carrying it around, trying to keep it from prying eyes while getting ready to submit it to the same guy that Michele's book was taken from for the HBO movie. It came to my attention that I had been keeping receipts and records of business that had been going on, but hadn't written it in a book and neglected that part of my job. I then got a new TV set about 12" and plugged it into the back side of another 12" TV set and I was going to use that to watch this new play I was writing.


Graphics posted at: http://www.greatdreams.com/bomb.htm

10-30-99 - DREAM - I was looking down into a long hallway which was in an apartment building. There were silver mailboxes along both sides of this hallway... like a lobby.

On the floor of this hallway, printed on the floor within the shape of an oil tanker ship, were the names of countries where crop circles have been seen in the past. I can recall reading Greece and India. ... but I don't know for certain if crop circles have been seen there. There weren't enough countries named to fill up this shape, so the names of these countries became larger and larger until the space was filled.

At this point, it felt like the names were either printed on a piece of paper or on a computer screen, and they were right in front of my face... close up. I felt like I was holding the paper in my left hand.

Then I was told by a voice that, "Embedded in the floor, three feet inside from the edge", of the outer shape that, "in 76 hours a bomb will explode." This would be 3 feet in from the lower edge.

I then went upstairs where a painter was painting the walls white, but he was sloppy and getting paint on the door of my apartment which was light brown oak wood. I called him to clean off this paint ... his name was Michael.

I went inside the apartment where I received a phone call from a man whom I've known since I was 18 years old ... a lot of years. He and I talked at great length about the crop circles and the bomb. When the conversation was over, I could not remember anything except the word 'bomb'.

I told him I wished I had a tape recording of that conversation. He said that the conversation was indeed recorded in the length of copper wire that the conversation had passed through and he would see what he could do about it.

Note: If you count 76 hours from 6 a.m. today, it comes out to be 10 a.m. on November 2nd, 1999. Tuesday


NOTE: Egyptair Flight 990 dove into the ocean off of Long Island, NY

within 13 hours - 7+6 = 13



11-5-99 - DREAM - I was in a house on top of a mountain. There were several people I knew there. One of them was 'John Sykes' from 'One Life to Live', one of the them was Joe's son T.J. (Thomas Joseph) and one was named David.

I was wrapped in a brown blanket on a couch and we started discussing the size of the blanket. I said it was a 9' x 9' square. To prove it, we laid the blanket out on the floor. T.J. said the room was 9' x 9' and there was an extra foot on each side of the blanket. I argued..."No! The room is 11 feet x 11 feet, so the blanket is 9' x 9' .

At that point, water was seeping into the room and covering the floor, so I had to take the blanket and a rag rug that was 3 x 4 feet and put them into a washing machine so it would be balanced.

I saw then that it was really windy outside and that a storm was coming up so I had better get the kids and go home. My son Tom had feces all over himself including on his hands and face. I told him to go potty and wash his hands and face because we had to go home as a storm was coming.

He left the room and there was a golden child there. She was the daughter of a friend of mine ... Diane. She had golden hair ... golden brown eyes ... and golden eyebrows.

I saw that the only toilet in the room (white) was a small child size training potty on the floor. I had to go to the bathroom myself before we left for home so all I could do was lean against the wall over the potty and hope I hit it when I went.

The golden child came over and squatted down in front of me and stared into my eyes and kind of laughed and said, "I just thought I'd see if you could go with somebody watching you."

I was trying to go when John Sykes came over with a roll of toilet paper. The paper was thick and heavy with green fancy print on it like a certificate. I said, "What kind of paper is this?" He said, "It's made out of the congressional records."


11-23-99 - LUCID DREAM - I was looking at a web page made in a framed form. On the lower left were 5 very small links about money records. By clicking on the link I could bring up the records in the large window to look at.

(I think I dreamed this because I got 4 books on investing money yesterday)

NOTE: We lost all our invested money when the stock market crashed in 2001 and 2002


12-3-99 - DREAM - (Two dreams that go together) I was in a room and a dark man or being said the words "Hunza Matata" and showed me a list of things that were dated January, 1999, which had not occurred because they had been put off. I was then shown that things cannot be put off forever because everything would have to be put off forever and that can't happen. I was then shown that all these things would now happen in January of the year 2,000 and all get crammed into a small space because they had to happen.

#2 - I was searching for the meaning of "Hunza Matata" and nobody knew. I knew that part of this was in the movie The Lion King, so I found a record with the music on it. First I had to fix the stereo and put on a 33 1/3 size record on the player. There was a woman singing at first, so I went in another room where some other women were sitting and asked them what "Hunza Matata" meant. One woman wrote down the words from the song in Spanish on a piece of paper. The only thing she could decipher was "In America".

After that I went somewhere and decided my hair was too long and I had to have it cut off. I went through a factory where I saw my old maintenance man Kenny and he was having his hair cut and was happy about the results, so I went over to where Kenny and the barber were standing at a round table in a public luncheon room. I asked the Barber who had a big scissors in his hand, "How much do you charge to cut hair?" He said he would do it for nothing. I turned around with my back to him and said, "Cut off about 8 inches!" He took these big shears and cut off a huge hunk of my hair. Kenny told him he had missed a little bit, so he trimmed it a bit more. I then looked in the mirror and my hair was cut just below the ears all the way around. It looked really cute.

I then found my husband and he didn't even notice that my hair was cut. I finally showed him. There was another man there and they started to laugh about my collection of shoes and my husband said, "You oughta see her shoes. She has a box in every room!". The other man said, "That's okay, but if she gets an attitude, then look out!" I was laughing ... I knew I already had the attitude. I was in a closet looking for something new to wear. I looked down and was wearing a pink slip, and picked up a silver shirt with colored balloons on it, and was going to find a skirt to go with that next.

NOTE: I woke up with a fire in my belly to find the meaning of the words Hunza Matata.

The words in the Lion King are 'Hakuna Matata' but that's not quite the same. Matata turns out to be the word ' worries' or 'problems'. Hakuna means "No" so the Lion King song means "No worries" or "No problems". However, Hunza is a place in Pakistan in the beautiful mountains with sacred stones and places. Hunza is where the movie "Shangrila" was made and is considered a place of 'peace'. So, "Hunza Matata" seems to mean "Peace Problems".

This is a guess on my part, but I don't think I'm wrong considering that everything I dream about seems to have dire consequences in the long run.


12-30-99 - DREAM - I was at a school, which was made of grey stone. It seemed to be a school for adults and I was one of the teachers. I participated in some kind of ceremony. I don't know how this was accomplished, but there were 8 glossy black cards, each with a man wearing a red cape that was floor length on the back, facing away ... so you saw only his back and the cape, not his face. The cards were placed such:




In the ceremony, the man in the red cape made broad sweeping arm gestures which were accompanied by sound of perhaps a trumpet or something that sounded like a trumpet. Only the bottom two cards were sounded in this particular ceremony. The one on the left corner had three arm movements and three sounds. The one on the right had two arm movements and two sounds. One could assume from that that the other cards had arm movements and sound also, starting with nine on the upper left, ending with the two on the bottom right. There was no card in the number one position.

After the ceremony, I was talking in a quiet conversation with another female teacher and kinda choked on a word and made a sound that ended with a 'isht' sound, then continued the sentence. Afterwards, I discovered that one of the male teachers had tape recorded this whole thing, the ceremony, plus my conversation and intended to give it to a radio broadcast station. He was telling others that I had said a 'bad' word ending in 'isht' perhaps there is such a word in a foreign language. However, I had not said a word, only cleared my throat and I became irate that he was going to do this terrible deed to defame me. So, I went into the classroom where he sat surrounded by other male teachers. I confronted him and demanded that he give me the audio tape with my voice on it. I was very assertive and said, "Give me the tape NOW!" His face blanched white when he knew that I had heard what he had done. I held out my hand to receive the tape, and he took one of the five audio tapes he held in one hand and gave it to me.

I then discovered that this same man could have made a video of the ceremony because there was an upper level overlooking the room where the ceremony was done, and I recognized my classroom when I was up there looking through the overlooking window. I pointed this out to another female teacher.

I then went into another room on the first level to change back into my street clothes. There was a pass-through window and my music teacher from high school was standing on the other side of it. (I note here that he played the trumpet in a band and was pretty famous in our home town. He also led a marching band and was the drum major for it. Perhaps he was the man in the cape in the ceremony.) I touched his shoulder so he knew I was standing there, and thanked him for standing up for me. He smiled in acknowledgement, but then when I was changing clothes, he tried to watch, so I had to hide so he wouldn't see me without my outer garments on.

In the classroom, I had worn a heavy woolen suit with a jacket and skirt, the color which was like stone tan/beige. That was not suitable for street wear. One could say it was like a professional uniform of the school.

NOTE: Who is the man in the red cape?

NOTE: I came across this ... after I had the dream:

"According to this theory, the magical name of Jesus was composed of the same Four Hebrew letters as Tetragrammaton, but with one letter added in the middle, the Hebrew letter Shin ... The Fivefold Name, 'IHShWH', which can be rendered into English as 'Yeheshuah,' was held by the Christian kabbalists of the Renaissance to have deprived Tetragrammaton of all its power, even as Jesus Christ had supplanted the jealous God of the Hebrews (which he didn't) and the Gospels had displaced the Old Testament (which they haven't).

This view was first explicitly set forth by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-94) in his seminal seventy-two Conclusions on the kabbalah, published in 1486. In the fourteenth conclusion, he argued that the insertion of the shin into Tetragrammaton represents the descent of the fiery holy Spirit into the fourfold realm of matter--the incarnation of God in human flesh. Pico held that the addition of the Sh made the previously ineffable IHWH pronounceable.

This premise was defended by the first great non-Jewish kabbalist Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522) in his highly influential work De Verbo Merifico (On the Wonder Working Word) ... and his later work De Arte Cabalistica (On the Science of the Kabbalah) ... Reuchlin held that with the birth of Jesus, the name of the Four letters had been rendered powerless, its abilities to cause miracles having passed into the name Jesus. This is why in the Gospels the name of Jesus has such force in casting out demons ... and healing the sick. By using the holy tongue, Hebrew, and the numerical methods of the kabbalah, Reuchlin maintained that the truths of Christian doctrine could be proved and, more than this, that all occult secrets could be laid bare...

Hence Christ saith, 'whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give you;' and after his resurrection saith, 'In my name they shall cast out devils' ... so that the name of Four letters is no longer necessary, the whole virtue thereof being translated into the name Jesus ... Neither is there any other (as Peter saith) under heaven given unto men, by which they may be saved." Tetragrammaton, pp. 47-49.

Elijah and the Holy Name


12-31-99 - DREAM - I was in a large house. Someone knocked on the door so I went to open it. There were a lot of people standing out there, all with checks in their hands they were waving as though they wanted to give them to me. I assumed these were their rent checks. There were so many of them, when I let them in I told them they were going to have to stand in line. I didn't like to have to be so controlling, but otherwise, they would have surrounded me and I wasn't prepared to take rents. I had to keep records of these things. I had to go to another room to get the paperwork.

I told them I would be right back and went into another room. Here sat three older men (not old men) They were having a conversation with each other, and they remarked that they didn't like hob-nobbing with the crowd that was in the outer room because they preferred more intellectual subject to talk about.

I got my paperwork and went out the door to go back to the other room, but found myself in a long dark green hallway. There were numerous doors marked EXIT, but none had doorknobs on this side to open them. Some were obviously businesses, not just apartments. The hallway was not straight, but more like a maze. The doors had windows on them with grids on them. I could see light through the windows but couldn't look into them as they were high up on the doors. I knew eventually I'd find the way out of this hallway, and went around another corner and found a door that had a window that was brighter than the others and that was the one I wanted and pushed it open. However I wasn't inside my apartment, I was outside and had to walk all the way around the house to get back to my own place.

When I walked into the house, I was greeted again by numerous women, and the house was a mess. There were toys all over the floor, and there were stains on the floor. A floor cleaning woman was there with a machine and I pointed out to her the stains made by the cats, and the stains made by dripped cherry soda or something ... I've forgotten which ... I touched the spots and they were dry and hard. She said she could get them out. I hoped so, this carpet was a golden color. I noted that my clothes were this same color.

I made my way back to where I was going to take the checks and record them and woke up.

However, I wasn't all the way awake, and a man dressed in the same golden color said to me, "I just came back from an audio conference on the other side of the Milky Way!" and he pointed down to where I saw a sign that said, "Burglary Portals" and there were buttons numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I decided I didn't want to go there and woke up completely.


1-6-00 - DREAM - I got up in the morning and had to get ready for work. I lived with other people and lots of little kids. It seems I worked at my old grade school building. I came to an agreement with one of my co-workers that I would meet her at 7 a.m. to go to a special class for algebra after not agreeing to go play Bingo at 5 a.m. I told her I would walk up to her house which was just past 19th St. and Clark. I was hoping she would drive us the rest of the way to 20th and Meinecke which was 3 1/2 more blocks.  

NOTE: 19.5 is a very important number in earth dimensions - see gematria

While I was looking for clothes to wear, another woman I lived with got a phone call that she was going to get some kind of message by telegram and she didn't want it, so she called the cops about it. I saw the cop out the window as he arrived and he was talking into a tape recorder about the case, preparing to come to our door. I decided to leave that to her to deal with.

When I went to get some clean clothes to wear, they weren't hanging on the rack where I thought I had left them. They were hanging on a lower rack with several blouses on one hangar. Some of the clothes were actually hanging in sets with the colors already put together properly. I finally chose to wear a brown corduroy suit with a yellow blouse of which I had two to choose from. The brown was like a burnished gold overtone and it was pretty. I was originally going to go without underpants, but decided at the last moment to wear a pair of light green underpants just in case the seam of the suit would decide to separate and leave me embarrassed.

As I gathered up the clothes to put on, my daughter brought out a toy she decided she didn't want to play with and threw it on the floor. As she went back out the door, I went after her, while stepping on little pegs which were strewn all over the floor along with Tinker Toys and other little pieces of toys they had played with.

I went into the other room and told her to come back and pick up the toy she didn't want and throw it into the wastebasket. When we got to the so-called wastebasket, it was actually now a washbasket, or to be more correct, three wash baskets sandwiched inside each other and there were three little babies inside the baskets, all playing with discarded toys.

As I walked through the room, I took hold of my daughter and gave her a sort of pretend smack on her butt to show my displeasure at what she had done and told her never to throw toys on the floor again. She agreed.

I then came to another little blonde girl and I did the same with her. I asked her if she understood why I was smacking her butt in advance even though she hadn't done anything and she said she did. Another little boy was playing in water in the sink and I was about to do the same with him so he'd know the rules ahead of time.

Somehow I began to remember the eagle dream and that I needed to get up and put in the E.C.L. note and made myself wake up.


1-9-00 - DREAM - I was watching a long dissertation on bifurcation, a term which Joe explained to me briefly last night for the PHI - SOUND and HEALING page. The term bifurcation and another word fibrocation (might not be correct :-( ) were teamed together and I was told that knowing these two terms together would make me the richest woman in the world.

When I was done reading this paper, I met my sister who was taking bus driving lessons. The last time I was with her, her car had turned into a green bus and when she turned left, it turned into a huge garbage truck and tipped over. So, I was a little nervous when she invited me to ride her new bus with her. They had taught her to turn right and the turn was smooth. However, once we were turned around, I was now sitting on the front end of the bus like a flying buttress and nervously trying not to scream and he hurtled down a long curvy hill to the left. On the right side of the road were a series of narrow black metal posts which held something up. It seems that there were flowers along here too but with her driving record and our current speed, it was pretty scary. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we stopped and met Joe the maintenance man who had just gotten permission to run a snow plow and he proceeded to plow a driveway, which went straight up a hill. There was another man who had plowed straight down and they passed in the center.

There was a woman here whom they met and she was told about the bifurcation/fibrocation connection. For some reason I get the feeling there was something about a frog about her, but common sense tells me that this can't be right. She was an older, kinda ugly woman ... rather like Helena Blavatsky now that I think about it.


1-9-00 - DREAM - It seems the previous dream continues because it has all the same people in it, however, I was up and walking around the house for 1/2 an hour in between.

I met some of my family members in the city park across the street from my apartment building. They were going to help me move.

I was totally unprepared for this move and I didn't even have keys for the building, hadn't arranged for a truck or packed. I didn't even have boxes to pack into.

I left the family in the park and went across the street, hoping to find someone who would let me into the building. A young man came along and I begged him to let me in the building, telling him I was the manager. He almost walked away but finally relented and opened the door for me. Once inside, I met a snotty young blonde guy who saw me coerce the other guy to let me in, which was against our building rules. He said, "I'll tell them that it was the lady from number 7 who took the wheelbarrow." (or a similar one wheeled vehicle) I laughed and told him he could go ahead and tell them anything he wanted to, that I had nothing to hide. I then met some little girls who were playing with toy trucks and cars on the floor and told them that was not a good place to play, then as I went up the stairs, I found numerous books on the stairway, some actually stuck under the bottom step, and told the girls that they should read them. I stacked them on the side.

When I got to my apartment, which was number 7, I needn't have worried how I was going to get in without a key because the door was wide open and the lights were all on.

I went inside to find Joe the maintenance man and Kenny, his maintenance man friend (they both worked for me for 5 years) They were looking around, wondering where I was and why I wasn't ready, since this was moving day. I don't know how they knew that but since it was the first of the month, they were right about that. (People normally move on the last day of the month, not on the first).

Joe asked me where I was moving to, and I honestly didn't know. I just knew I was moving 600 miles to the north. This was apparently Wisconsin and I was in Milwaukee. (I'll have to look on a map and figure out where that gets me to) (This is also probably symbolic)

I started looking around noticing how unprepared I was, no boxes to pack into. I hadn't been in this apartment for quite some time apparently. I looked inside a kitchen cabinet and found the entire lower cabinet full of bags of potato chips. I said, "I Y2K'd enough potato chips for a year!" A woman came in then who was going to be moving into my apartment. She went right to the freezer and saw that I had a bag with some lettuce leaves in. She said, "They always say that you shouldn't eat lettuce if you can see it through the bag and you can see these, but I'll eat them anyway.' She took the baggie with the lettuce leaves in (about 7 of them of varying colors of lettuce) and went to her own apartment. I recognized this woman and I think her name starts with L but can't remember quickly who she is ... I'm thinking Louise, but that's not right.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to pack and go get boxes from the basement dumpster when my entire family walked in. My sister and my daughter were larger than life, really tall and large. My son Bill heard me say I didn't have my keys and he produced numerous copies of the building keys, which he had made at work, and he gave me the keys ... large gold ones. One key was actually white. It was the building master key, and was a two pronged fork thing with unequal forks on it. The tine parts were about 1/2 an inch wide and the whole key was about 2 inches wide and about 3 inches long.

I took the keys from him, then realized that I hadn't picked up the mail in months and I didn't have the key for the mailbox. So, I decided I would take a kitchen knife and pry it open like other people do. I took a knife and went down to the mailboxes and saw that along the metal ridge above the mailboxes were a series of 7 large stamps embedded. I pried off the first one off. I thought to myself, "Aha! Barbara Walters!" The next was like Monica Lewinsky, but probably wasn't ...  just a dark haired woman like her. The rest were scenes from movies and I was thinking they were all of Kathryn Grayson. I took all the stamps with me.


1-9-00 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and taking care of several children. My cousin Shirley was with me and she went home, taking her youngest daughter with her, but the left the boys with me. There was also another woman and her daughter.

We didn't seem to have a TV and I was trying to keep the boys entertained by reading to them. The woman and her daughter were both bored, so I allowed the daughter to go visit a friend in the building after I told her to telephone the girl first. The girl was going to just go out and knock on doors to find someone to visit, but I told her that if I was still Manager, and someone called me that they were being bothered by someone knocking on all the doors, I would have one big fit. They were going to write the girls phone number down for me, but I don't recall seeing it on the piece of paper they presented to me before the girl left.

The mother, who was dressed in a pink dress, was really bored, so I suggested I knew several single men who would be pleased to go out with her, and she said she would enjoy that. She was laying on a couch of some kind at the time. I looked at the clock. It was then 10:30 p.m.

I had to look for the men's phone numbers and the problem was I had several phone books so it took me awhile. I figured it would be a simple thing to go out since we were living in a building that had it's own mall attached with a bar and dancing and everything. One never had to leave the building and get cold or wet. One didn't even need a coat.

I saw a guard in uniform outside the window. He was checking things to make sure we were safe. We assured him that the boys and I were fine.

The daughter then came back, carrying all my mail from Sunday's delivery. It was immense, voluminous envelopes, folders, and ancient books with records that went way back in time. All this was to keep records on people for years on their income and taxes, etc. It seems my job was to keep track of everyone forever or something.

The daughter and her mother who was then returned home, said I should look up one of their relatives. The person's name was "Penultimate" and it was in the red folder. So, I started to look for the Penultimate name.

Somehow the scene changed and I ended up in a dark car that was hurtling down the highway with the guard and the boys and the guard was talking into a pager like he was announcing the news or our position. I couldn't figure out how he was doing that since he wasn't connected by wire or by phone. The guard, the boys and I were all in the back seat of the car. I don't know who was driving.

The scene switched again and I was looked at bright shiny red writing on a darker red background like a web page. The words I was looking at all started with the letter "A". Some were just words and some were names. I didn't see what I wanted in "A" and thought perhaps I needed the word 'color'. I started to scroll down the page towards the letter "C" and woke up.

NOTE: I was laying in the dark alone, but was seeing wild flashes of color through the cracks in the door out in the livingroom. Joe wasn't in bed and I hollered for him and he didn't answer. I jumped out of bed and opened the door to see the TV flashing wild colored pictures of travel scenes of the ocean with no sound playing. (salt water?) (I'm starting to look for coincidences in events)

The dream jumped back into my head like it was a packet of information. I think I'm missing some details about working on a computer, but otherwise the information seems pretty complete.


1-19-00 - DREAM - I was doing some studying about something and began to write about it on a computer. I was trying to determine what was the best color to print in for this project. It seemed that I remembered that I had something in storage that I wanted to find. I had been to the storage place before but it wasn't easy to get to. I had to climb on a ledge, crawl through half a window and haul myself up under a porch area. I looked up to where I had to go, so I used this pole for leverage to get up on the ledge.

Once I got on the ledge, I got a good look at where I had to go and it didn't look very easy. But I was determined so I raised the sash on the lower half of the window through which I couldn't see because it had something on the outside of it. On the outside of the window was a black plastic looking poster of a famous singing group in full costume.

When I pulled aside the poster, behind it was an air conditioner with a fan, dirt, and dead leaves on top of it. Ugh! All this prevented fresh air from coming into the building.

Seeing this was the case, I more or less put the poster back into place and lowered the sash in order to crawl up out of the basement under the porch, which I could see.

Just as I was going to do that, I heard a voice behind me holler, "Hey! What are you doing up there?"

I turned quickly and to my surprise there stood 7 to 10 of my all time favorite people I've talked with in my life about dreams and projects. I was so surprised to see them. I jumped down from the ledge as they approached me.

Bob, the painter, always dressed in white, held out a black BIC pen to me and said, "Here! I want you to use this pen. It was a gift to me and I've found it to be the most reliable of any pens I've ever used." He showed me his arm and on his skin were little marks of every imaginable color where he had tested all those other pens.

He handed me the BIC pen and I thanked him.

NOTE: Obviously it is thought best that I write the dreams out in longhand with my trusty black BIC pen before typing them. That way I have a written record of my dreams, if something goes wrong with the computer. Coincidentally? or not, Joe and I discussed this subject just yesterday.


1-28-00 - DREAM - I was taken to a small airport in the dark and requested to accompany a young woman who was a rather new pilot on a trip she had never made before in a plane she had never flown before. Rationally speaking this is a totally ridiculous thing to even consider, but in the dream, I spent a long time coming up with reasons not to make the flight with this woman who didn't want to do it herself. She could only do this if I went with her. At the same time, we knew we were being asked to haul drugs to an unknown location which would be told to us only at flight time. She and I did not speak to each other. She was expected to make this flight whether she wanted to or not. I was the one who could make or break this deal. I had time to go home and pack a small bag for the flight. I had a business card with the man's name on who made this request and I had to call him 10 minutes in advance if I wasn't going to do this. Finally, deciding that the reasons not to make the flight outweighed the reasons to do it and overcome my fear of flying, but feeling a load of guilt I reached for the phone to call it off.

I went into the bedroom to make the call. Firstly, the phone I was going to use was on a small square table rather behind the bed with an impossible tangle of wires on it, that wouldn't even let me take the receiver off the hook. There was another phone on a smaller round table near the door but a young woman was talking on it. I told her I needed to use the phone and she reluctantly got off the phone to let me use it. I dialed the number and there was no answer on the other end.

At this point, the young woman decided that I owed her a big favor because she had done me a big favor. She decided she wanted me to feed her breakfast, which I thought was not unreasonable. However, she took two bowls, filled them to overflowing with cereal, which looked like corn flakes, poured milk on both of them, then proceeded to carry them both to a table, where she spilled cereal and milk all over the table.

I was expected to keep the kitchen clean and of course had to clean up her mess and besides that she and I got into an argument over her attitude and I told her to get out of the apartment. I went to the door, telling her to get out and pushed her out into the hall. I tried to close the door but there was a man working on the lock system, which wasn't working, so I couldn't lock her out. I had to stand there and hold the door shut while he worked on the lock. I could see through the door like it was a divided door. Only the bottom half was shut.

Eventually I had to go back into the kitchen and finish cleaning it. There were limp vegetables laying on the table which someone else had left behind. I carried these back to the serving area where a chef/businessman was standing. I was indicating that I was bringing these vegetables back to him to put into storage and he began to argue with me that he couldn't pay me for these vegetables or he would lose money. I tried to explain that I hadn't taken them out of storage in the first place, but he wasn't really listening, just explaining that he had 'sold' them to the person who took them out and he couldn't buy back limp vegetables and still stay in business and make a profit.

I wasn't even asking for money, I was just trying to put the vegetables back into storage so they weren't wasted but he wasn't getting it. He would rather I threw them away. I didn't want to waste the food. We couldn't come to a compromise even for free so I just let the vegetables lay on the counter for him to do something with. I had done my part.

I then went to another room with a woman who wanted to work with the men at some projects that were usually man's work ... things that men were trained to do automatically in life but women never were. I understood that these things, which were much more fulfilling to do because they were creative and kept the hands busy and I personally thought that women could do these jobs ... they were just bench projects, not heavy work. I supported her thoughts on the matter. At the same time, there was a man there who preferred other types of work that just used the mind and was feeling guilty that he didn't like getting his hands dirty. I could understand that too. So eventually, the woman changed shirts with the man and everyone was happy.

Finally, I had two huge stacks of paperwork I needed to re-sort into two other piles ... the ideas and thoughts I already knew and understood but hadn't been done yet, and a pile for things I had never seen before but needed to study. I was sorting through these things, seeing some software on CDs that were labeled TRIAD, which I knew I should probably look at first. I woke up while I was still sorting these stuff, still feeling the guilt for not making the drug run with the first woman and still rationalizing my thoughts on it as I woke up.


3-10-00 - THE LONGEST WALK - DREAM - I was walking from 108th St. and Greenfield Ave. to 70th St. to go to school. I thought I would take a bus, but discovered I had left my purse at home and had no money at all. I thought perhaps I could borrow a quarter to ride a bus, but then discovered there was no bus running at this early time of the morning.

I was not alone. There were several young men with me who were also making this trek. It was not easy. There were barricades set up along the curbing at 108th St. They were made of huge blocks of ice and snow. I managed to clamber over them fairly easily without falling.

When I got down into the street there were two long boards like 2 x 12's set up on edge which I had to climb over. Then we started walking east along Greenfield Ave. 108th St. to 70th St is quite a hike. 38 blocks. That's equal to approximately 3.16 miles in the city in the east/west direction. In the north/south direction would be 3.8 miles.

I was going east. The walking was easy until we got near to 70th St. There was a large building we had to go through before we got there and this is where we picked up a handsome young priest-to-be who looked like the priest in the movie "The Thorn Birds". (Can't remember his name)

Anyway ... he was a hunk and I was quite attracted to him. I felt close and protected by him, but I was getting farther and farther ahead of him as we walked and we had to go through another barricade in a large cafeteria type area which was made of ropes to steer people in different directions. There was a pink carpet where we were supposed to go so I had no problem getting through this area.

The priest-to-be was now quite far behind me. The young men I had been with were either ahead of me or behind the priest. I can't remember now. I had to go through a double doorway to cross 70th St. and was accosted by an entire football team dressed in street clothes. I won't name names but one looked quite familiar to me, looked Italian with a beard.

Several of them tackled me, groped me, dragged me to the floor and explored my inner parts with their fingers. In other words, they finger-fucked me. It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to scream for help.

They saw the priest-to-be coming and the young man I had started out with. I managed to get to my feet and they asked me if I was all right and I said, "Yes!" I didn't tell them all what they had done to me.

We then crossed 70th St. and entered the building on the other side. It seems we had to change clothes to go to class and I was in a closet with some other woman and put on a pink bunny outfit like Hugh Heffner's girls do. My stomach was way flat like it used to be when I was younger so I was pretty thrilled. Even though I was falling out of the top and had to keep tucking myself back in, I felt good in this outfit. The shoes I picked out for myself were black straps with golden wings at the heel. They were really sharp and one of the other girls was going to take my picture when I got my shoes on. I could hardly wait to show everyone how great I looked in my shiny pink bunny outfit and high heeled shoes with gold wings on them. :-)

Then we had to go out into another hallway and here again we were accosted by some foreign men ... they were Asian and I'm going to say they were North Korean. I believe that's what they were.

There were other people here now also and we had to go through a narrow hallway to go to class. There was like a guard station with a window on the intersection of 4 hallways and the guard who was an Asian military guy was asking questions of each person as they went by. The questions were all about American life and people and went like this: "Do you like American Apple Pie?" If the answer was , "yes!" the person who answered was grabbed and detained in some private area behind the guard station. I was listening to the people ahead of me who were being accosted like this. The guard asked one guy ahead of me, "Do you like Barbara Streisand music?" The man said, "yes!" and was grabbed and detained. So, I knew to answer any question he asked with "No!" no matter if it was a lie because I wanted to get to school and not detained.

Bing Crosby, the singer was right behind me at this point. I answered, "No!" to the question I was asked which was about Barbara Streisand... the guy was asking all the same questions ... and I went through. Bing Crosby also answered, "No!" to the question, "Do you like Bing Crosby music?" and even though Bing Crosby was carrying an entire box of CDs of his own music, he was allowed to pass through right next to me.

The next barrier was a double wide window like at the back of a pickup truck, however there were two panes which slid past each other. We to climb up over a ledge, climb through the narrow window, feet first and slide down into the hallway beyond to go to class. I slid through the opening and beyond the window was a long hallway on which was laid a long strip of hand woven or crocheted lace, pure white and it was on this that we were going to be going.

As I woke up I had the vision of the word 'abbrocation'. I swear its a word but the dictionary says it isn't. I couldn't find it anywhere.


3-26-00 - DREAM - I don't recall all the details of the dream but that's not really important. The important detail was that I was listening to the radio and Edgar Cayce came on the radio and made a prophecy that this summer would be the hottest ever and records of every kind would be reached in the weather.

After I told the people about this Edgar Cayce prophecy, people were rather freaking out and preparing for the eventuality of the prophecy to come true and we were buying big cups of iced coffee (means a grand awakening)

Later, or in another dream, I was working in an office and made a phone call on my bosses line. He came into his office and picked up the phone and I had to apologize that it was MY phone call and I probably should have used my own line, but nevertheless I had used his instead. The phone call was about car insurance and I was told that the insurance company which was named (Bose) (a popular radio) was going to cost an additional $300 and that we had to have the locks on our car checked to make sure they worked. I was upset about the additional cost.

We were then waiting for the plumbers to come to check our pipes. Two men came to the door and I announced to the other people that the plumbers were there. But the men said they were not the plumber, they were the advance crew who would help prepare for the plumber to arrive.


5-3-00 - MEDITATION - I was trying to help a woman who is deathly ill in a hospital. Though the help came that I asked for, it didn't seem very positive. As soon as I started to meditate, a deep voice jumped into my head with the word, "Death"! I told it to go away that I was going to try anyway. I called Babaji and anyone else who cared to help. I saw a Buddhist Monk carrying a sun umbrella come down from a Temple on a high hill. I then saw two men trying to get there on a tricycle. One man was giving directions, the other was standing on the back of the tiny tricycle.

I then saw a bunch of black flies gathered, and then a clock with the hands at 2 minutes to 12. (It was then about 9 a.m. in California, but was exactly that time where the woman lived)

I came out of the trance with the bed vibrating beneath me. It was difficult to go back, so I asked to dream about her and to be taken to her so she would remember me when she comes back to consciousness.

DREAM - The dream took place mostly in the garage of my New Berlin, WI house. However, it started in an office with a computer and being interfered with while trying to contact ETs. In the garage I was wearing 5" high black shoes and a black coat, and we had the hood open on a black vehicle which we were working on to get the motor working properly. My brother Marty was with me. (Marty means 'warring') He was more trying to work on me rather than the car.

I had to go around the front of the vehicle and had to stand on the front bumper to get around there. I noted there were numerous magazines and envelopes under the left front wheel. I picked these all up, intending to take them to the wood stove to burn them.

As I walked past the car the other direction, there was a couple standing there. The woman had almost all her hair cut off which was white and was super skinny like a holocaust victim. The man was so busy answering telephones for his business, he had no time for her. Some of the calls that came in, there was nobody there when he said, "Hello!" He had two telephones going all the time.

I rushed past them because I didn't want to speak to the woman and have her stop me from getting to the stove to burn the magazines.

I noted too that I had a box in my hand that seemed like it would hold bank checks. I decided to open it before I burned it, and discovered that a copy of Jimi Furia's book and Jimi Furia's CD was attached to the back of it. I tore those off to save them and a young couple came into the garage at the same time and watched me.

I woke up thinking that this dream was about exchanging the Nazis for the Buddhists.

NOTE: The woman is an atheist and I was hoping I could dream of her and she would remember seeing me when I came back into consciousness.


7-4-00 - DREAM - I was a writer and I wrote people's biographies on my computer. When I was done with a story, then I and some other people would go outside and act out the person's life, including going across country just like real. We continued to do this until one of our group got killed during the acting.

At that point, I wanted to change clothes and I noticed that my shadow was against the window so people outside could see what I was doing inside. I moved across the room but no matter where I stood, people could see what I was doing.

So, I decided I would act out my own biography and started to do a little dance on a couple CD's that were on the floor. As I danced on the CD's they made swishing noises and then I noticed that while I was dancing, the CD's were getting larger and larger and they finally got to record size by the time I got done.


7-4-00 - DREAM - I was a writer and I wrote people's biographies on my computer. When I was done with a story, then I and some other people would go outside and act out the person's life, including going across country just like real. We continued to do this until one of our group got killed during the acting.

At that point, I wanted to change clothes and I noticed that my shadow was against the window so people outside could see what I was doing inside. I moved across the room but no matter where I stood, people could see what I was doing.

So, I decided I would act out my own biography and started to do a little dance on a couple CD's that were on the floor. As I danced on the CD's they made swishing noises and then I noticed that while I was dancing, the CD's were getting larger and larger and they finally got to record size by the time I got done.


7-7-00 - DREAM - I was at work in Milwaukee, WI. I obviously had a bad working record in the past but at this point I had been there every day and felt good about that. Joe was there in this dream too.

The dream started out in the basement where I was helping to move gloves that were hanging from gold hooks from the ceiling to more appropriate places for people to use. The male gloves and female gloves had to be kept separate.

I then went upstairs to the office I worked in. It was time to get the mail which was part of my job. I was looking at myself in a full length mirror. I was wearing a white dress with a tied self-belt, had blonde hair that looked really good. I appeared to be about 42 years old ... the period when I feel I looked my best as an adult. The shoes I was wearing were my tan indian moccasins like I wear now though.

As I went to get the mail, I saw myself in another mirror and saw that I was also wearing under the dress what looked like a black Chinese outfit that I've seen in movies, which hung about 3 feet lower than the white dress and beneath that I was wearing maroon colored slacks so I was wearing several layers of clothing.

I felt really beautiful and I said, "Hello!" and smiled to all the men workers I remembered from back then also. They all acted surprised and happy to see me because I hadn't seen them in a long time. I went out of my way to show my old bosses that I was still around and still looked good.

I went down to the mailroom to get the mail and found that they were expanding into a printing place where they printed people's books, so all the mail had been moved to another area. I met one of the girls I used to know and she was happy to see me. She had a similar job to me and told me where the mail had been moved to ... to section 9.

I went to section 9 which was just down the hall, and the mailroom was now about three feet up from the hallway, so I knocked on the door and a midget tall woman came to the door. I asked her about the mail and she told me that there wasn't any that day, so I left and went back towards the office.

On the way back, I went past the area where new employees were talked to and trained. Here there were older woman training very young girls ... barely more than 16. They were all wearing flowered dresses of various colors. Nobody seemed to be doing anything, but the older women were very busy talking to these young girls and the young girls were very eager to learn what to do.

I had to go past a place where many men were having a conference and moved their chairs to the center of the walkway. I knew a lot of these men ... engineers I used to work with over the years. They all had to move their chairs to let me go past so I got to say 'Hello" or "Hi!" to many of them.

I then reached the back hallway area where all the walls were a reddish-rose color which I've never seen before, but I felt like I'd been there before and it was a shortcut back to where I worked ...

and I woke up.


7-25-00 - DREAM - I worked in an office. My boss was caught doing some paper juggling in his records and some examiners came in to look at the records, but I had already found the alphabetical files and took them to my own desk.

I went to another office where other women were working and they were discussing what kind of clothing to wear ... I can't remember what I was wearing .

I had to go outside with the maintenance man who was having trouble with the grass mower. The engine was smoking and he was trying adjust it . He wanted me to hold a part that was spewing gasoline and I told him I wasn't going to put my hands in gasoline. So, we waited for some men to come along who would be willing to help. Finally, a pair of twins came along. They were dressed in brown overcoats and looked possibly Italian or some other dark skinned ethnic group. They wanted to know where the Father of the mower was. I told him there was no Father, knowing that it was a company which owned the machine, not a person. They went away but said they would be back to fix it, so I stood there with this mower engine with a big pipe gasket on it ... about 3 inches across and 3 inches deep ... it was light brown.

I then had to go back into the office and found that someone was throwing away old shoes and purses. At first glance they looked really good and I saw that they had my size. I wanted dress sandals. The first pair I picked up were gold. They had clunky 5" high heels and just for the fun of it I stood on the right shoe and my head almost hit the chandelier. I said that would not do. I couldn't walk down the hallways, having to avoid the chandeliers all day. The other pair I looked at were exactly what I like, all straps, high heels, and these were bright red. I loved them, but when I flipped them over, I could see that the previous owner had worn the edges of the soles and heels down to the wood underlayer, so I threw them back into the pile.

My boss and some male examiners were behind me so I couldn't take time out to look for more shoes . We were on the way to my office to get the alphabetical files so the examiners could look at them. We got to the edge of where my office started and some professional gardeners had come in and completely overhauled the left side of the office into a garden. However, they had turned over all the soil, and we went in up to our knees in deep dark soil. The flowers were all brown and yellow Mums and other fall flowers, some dark red, some bright yellow. I had to step with large steps to get over to a more paved area that was grassy and solid so we could get to my desk.

NOTE: Moments after I woke up, CNN announced that a huge Concorde plane had crashed in Paris. It hit a hotel on the way down and killed 4 more people on the ground. A total of 113 people were killed. Flames were seen coming out of the left most engine. The fuel/gas exploded on impact. Details are sketchy but it seems like the mower problem above is related to the events leading up to the plane crash in Paris.


10-10-00 - This was an all Indian night.

I was jolted out of my own dream when Joe started chanting like an Indian again. I don't know why this scares me, but his whole voice, demeanor and seeming symbology of his speech is frightening like he is in a war-mode or something. When his chanting went back down to a mumble, I poked him and woke him up, I asked him what he was dreaming. He said he was in a school, walking down a hallway where other people were looking for someone. Later, when he woke up in the morning, he had no recall of the dream at all.

This was the clearest and loudest word he said, " Ka - Kay - yah" phonetically spelled.

As soon as he fell asleep again, he was whispering in Indian, but it was more mumbled so I couldn't understand it.

I then started having my own Indian dreams and visions.

Immediately after he mumbled the Indian words, I had a vision of a sign with two words on it, "Asteyal' and 'Pahte' (The spelling is probably off) I immediately then had a vision of two little girls, and one girl said the word , "As - tey - ahl" very loudly. The other word was pronounced, 'Pay tah'.

I then had a dream vision type thing where I saw a tall white-light-being standing off to the left and I was told that I spend all my time working on the web pages of my web site on the computer and not working on the Native American work. I can't remember the details of the dream beyond that. It didn't seem to have any activity, just a large black and white picture of being admonished for not doing my work. At that point, I didn't realize that the Native American pages are also web pages ... they seemed to have a larger meaning overall.

I remembered just one word from this dream/vision. The word was Cachinga. I had no idea what that was. I looked it up on the internet. A Cachinga is a female Caracal. A Caracal is a cat... specifically a Desert Lynx. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine uses the word Lynx to mean links when he wants to let me know there are links in his e-mail. I thought that was pretty cool.

I then had another dream in which I was visited by two little boys and I told them all about the above. I made it sound mysterious and strange so they would think I was one old strange woman. In this dream I had a cardboard box with things in it like CDs and other material I used to teach classes with. The young man who was on the CD came into the room and saw the CD and commented on it. He was taller than I. He saw the CD in the box and asked me why I had it. I told him I used it to teach my church class because he was rather insinuating that I was stealing it.

I got up and went to the bathroom and came back to bed. I then had a vision of a piece of cardboard which was given to me by someone's hand. It was about 2" high by 4" wide, brown like a piece of cardboard. It was written on in red ink. It said, "Hello! A long word written in Native American language starting with the letter K. It then said, 'I am your newspaper delivery man and I want to thank you for being one of my customers' (or something to that effect). I was rather freaked out by this because it appeared so suddenly after I closed my eyes when I came back from the bathroom.


11-5-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream took place both in the city and in the country. The scene changed depending on which door I went out.

I was sitting in the house at a table with what seemed like my brother-in-law Larry and my husband Jim, but it wasn't really him either. We had had a disagreement of some kind and I wasn't speaking to him. I was planning to leave. He didn't know why I as angry and at that point I didn't either. It was one of those standoff type things.

Finally, I gave in, and held out my hand to him and he gave me his hand and we made up but agreeing to forgive whatever it was.

Just then a heavy windstorm came up and then the rain. I could see out both doors at the same time. This took place at my Father's Lake cottage. First the trees started to blow down from the west. This was a long line of Cedar trees. Just as I thought they were going to tear out by the roots, a black rain squall came out of the east. The water turned black, the waves on the lake picked up and every tree as far as I could see pulled out by the roots and laid over on the shore. These all looked like Willow trees. I could see a large boat heaving heavily all the way up at the neighbor's cottage, way inland.

It was raining out so I didn't want to go outside, but some of the others went out in the rain to look at the damage.

I went out the other door towards the west and outside, the wind had blown all the little animals out of their regular places and there were swarms of little blue squirrels and small puppies it seemed ... though those might have been like foxes or coyotes ... I'm not sure. There were many of them.

The neighbor lady came out of her house and was laughing. She said, "I told them that nobody would be ready for me." She laughed again. She looked familiar to me. I had seen her around before but never talked with her. She came across the fence to talk to me, then went back to her own cottage again. She was laughing uproariously like this was a big comedy.

Finally, the rain let up and I walked through the house and out the other door to the east. Two other women were with me and held the door open for me. As we were walking towards the trees that were laying down on the shore, I looked down at my legs and they were splattered with mud, water, and blood.

The woman ahead of me said to me, "Oh! Did I get blood on you?"

I didn't know where the blood had come from. I was in denial until I saw her arm. She showed me that her arm had been severed and she was trying to hold it together while it healed.

I almost screamed at her. I said, 'You have to go to the hospital and get that sewed together. You can't just hold it together to heal it."

She turned her anger at me and said, "I'm not going to no hospital and have them sew on me with needles." Fresh blood was flowing all down her arm. I knew she'd lose her arm by this point. There didn't appear any way they could save it by now. It was partially healed around the edges, yet still bleeding heavily in the center. It wasn't at all together except on one side.

My husband got her attention and she went to talk with him. I, and the other woman just about took the steps two at a time to get away from the bleeding, angry woman. It seems that the other woman was Nora from One Life to Live TV show - She is an attorney/lawyer.

I could hear my husband and the woman talking about where she was going to go. He wanted her to leave town and go live elsewhere. I heard her say that she had to stay in Waterford until her record was cleared up.

NOTE: All these people looked familiar, but not familiar enough to name them.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my kids and some friends who seemed to be in their teens. We weren't moved in yet but there was a variety of things they had to attend to and needed to eat, so I was trying to find them something to eat so they could keep doing what they were doing.

One boy who seemed to be my grandson Nathan said that he was working for a locksmith which was great. He was in training. He didn't have time to find something to eat so I asked him if he wanted some ham or baloney. But he didn't. He was a picky eater. I didn't know what to give him.

Meantime others were arguing over where to put the radio as the furniture wasn't in place yet and the drapes weren't even hung properly yet either.

I got sidetracked myself then and was in a room where a percussion band was playing. There were a lot of guys and they sounded great. For my part I was playing what looked like a hollow yellow apple that had a little wooden thing in it that went clunk clunk right at the end of the song. All I had was turn my hand and it rather played itself.

The band broke up for a break and they started talking about wanting to get a stereo player so they could listen to themselves. I told them I'd donate one because I had three of them and was getting a new one for Christmas anyway.

I went into the closet to pick out a stereo and found the oldest one there. My daughter had her arm wrapped around it. I looked at it, and it was light tan, like from the 50's and it only played 33 1/3s records.

So, I thought about it again and figured I'd probably have to give them the best one that played CDs. That's the only way they'd be able to hear their real selves.

So, I then went back to the kitchen to feed whoever was there and there were some kids. So I gave them stacks of cereals bowls with cornflakes, peaches, and milk poured over them. Some of the stacks of bowls were two feet high.

But I still didn't know what to feed my own kids. I found some crunched cans of Chinese food, and they said that was fine with them. We opened the cans into the kettles on the stove and it looked fine.

I woke up with the taste of Chinese food in my mouth.


11-14-00 - DREAM - My husband drove me to a house somewhere to deliver something ... I can't remember why ... but I walked in and everyone standing in the livingroom had pure white or pure white blonde hair.

I greeted the woman who seemed to be in charge and said, "Is this the blonde's club?" I was teasing of course.

She grinned back and looked at me and asked me if I'd like to join. She said she was 77 and asked me, You are 62?"

I was reluctant to admit I was that old, but said, "Yes!"

She said, "Then you can join us." The women all welcomed me and while they were talking I could hear bells echoing off of their voices.

One woman said, "We're not angels", and I said back, "But you are all angels ... I hear bells ringing while you talk." and I smiled broadly at them.

Other women were having a discussion and I stepped back against the wall and looked around. Several women were keeping records on large pieces of white paper which were stacked under a table near the couch. The first woman on the couch was crocheting a huge round tablecloth, which was intricate. I noted that it was worked on at various times because the thread she used was different shades of white ... sometimes almost beige ... and as she worked it just kept getting larger and larger. I knew I could do that too.

I also noted that they had a collection of triangles, some of which were really large. I knew I could contribute to that too because I had some of my own.

I saw my husband dawdling at the door, wondering when I was going to leave, and I saw other husbands outside as well. I was curious what these women did in the group ... I hadn't found out yet, and I was hanging around until I did.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was with a woman ... a spanish lady who worked for me. She and I were working on a notebook in which I was writing down or copying her work record for me. It was from some time ago. It was like I was copying it from one old notebook into a new notebook. She was helping me remember the dates.

I slipped into a scene in which I was helping to make someone's life happy. I knew I was with the old white haired women though I didn't see them. I could see the word MERRY on top of other letters and they were all colors of the rainbow but with decorations on them as well, like we were doing Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day all at the same time. It was a really nice feeling.

I woke up and was thinking about that and started to slip into a negative dream from years ago ... I recall the date 1976 and a man's face ... and all of a sudden I heard voices - saying 'pull her out', pull her out' and I was awake again. It was like I was being saved by some beings from experiencing this negative thing.


3-9-2001 - DREAM. I went to a mall in some large city. I went into a book store. Inside the store, a man in a large wheelchair was being interviewed by a reporter. The man in the wheelchair had airtanks on a platform behind his seat, and he was wearing like a diver's bell glass helmet over his head with air tubes going both in and out, so he didn't breathe on the people, not to protect him from the customers. He had some kind of contagious air breathing disease he could spread around to anyone he came in contact with.

The clerk told me she was leaving to eat lunch and that if I needed anything I could call her from the lunch room. So, I stood around looking at various books. One in particular on a sale table was from 1990 and was about the religious group Astara. I was particularly interested in it because I had belonged to the group in 1990 and this particular book was the results of their annual financial report and I wanted to see how it came out.

There was a closet off to the side of the table and I wandered into the closet and on the shelf were some interesting looking notebooks. There were just 5 of them there. I love office supplies so I picked it up and it was a record keeping book. Somehow I connected the first book to this one, so I decided to buy this one as well.

The shelves in this closet had all kinds of stuff in it including a video which I was rather forced to watch, about forceable lesbian rape of a woman by a blonde woman with long blonde hair who also had a long blond wig and wore beautiful gowns ... (the two famous blondes in Washington D.C. come to mind) ( I don't want to name names but Rich and Clinton come to mind easily)

On the top shelf in the closet was a thick/heavy large dark brown bag which contained clothing of someone. I couldn't figure out why clothing would be stashed in the closet of a bookstore. Unless something was being stored that way.

I turned around and there stood a short older, balding man with a large clipboard, held sideways to him, against his stomach, on which he had an open magazine like Time Magazine. It was open to the centerfold page, so that the picture was double paged. The picture was a HUGE explosion ... all black and red fire ...I'm talking HUGE. On the picture, across both pictures were the words ' NATIONAL SECURITY'.

End of Dream.

I don't have a subscription to Time Magazine so I don't know how many pages are normally in that magazine, but it came to me that it was necessary to know this number. But, I just happened to have an old copy of the Time Magazine with a picture of McVeigh on the cover, dated May 1, 1995, so I went to count the pages in it. The article about the Oklahoma bombing started on the centerfold page, with a double paged picture of the Oklahoma building that was bombed. It was on page 36 The article ran from page 36 to 51.

Today is March 9, so if you add 36 to March 9, you come to April 14th ... and the spread of pages of 36 to 51 would end at April 29th. Right in the middle is April 19th, the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. Since I don't have any other copies of the Time magazine, the numbers might come out a little different, but this is too close to be comfortable for me.

On March 15 1995, I had three dreams in which the word Oklahoma was given to me, and one of the dreams had McVeigh in it with a group of Arab looking people in a bunkhouse type building and in the dream, McVeigh's head blew up and his brain was made with wires sticking out of it. At the time, I didn't have internet access and didn't know anyone, and didn't even know that dreams could be predictive of anything. Besides that, where is the Arab looking suspect with dark skin they didn't question enough?

When I say that the dream had McVeigh in it, I'm not kidding ... it was his face ... how can you forget that face ... he is wanting to be executed... on what date? On the anniversary or close to that date?

Enough questions. I suggest someone remote view this and see if I'm just whistling in the dark with this.

See Waco Revisited


4-12-01 - DREAM - I lived in New Berlin. My kids were all teenagers. My mother had bought a big old white farmhouse out farther in the country and we were supposed to start moving. My mother went to pick up the keys to the house because the house was empty. All we had to do was move into it. There was nobody around to help us do this, just me and the kids.

There was a big old green cargo truck - topless - parked out on the street, waiting to be filled with stuff, so I asked the kids to help me. We had plenty of boxes, but we hadn't started packing yet. We were taking everything with us, so I figured if we started at one end of the house, we could just pack as we went through the house. Everything would be in order.

But, there was nobody to help. The boys started bringing in their friends, and I told them we had to pack because the truck was sitting out on the street and it couldn't just sit there empty. Their friends were walking around with CDs in their hands and they just wanted to play music, which I had no problem with as long as they packed at the same time.

I was working on packing a box of knickknacks and non-important things from the kitchen when I heard someone crying outside, and the noise was getting louder by the minute.

I went to the door and saw my neighbor coming running across the street, dragging her little girl by the hand who my daughter babysat for. I went out to see what was wrong and the little girl kept crying while her mother asked me if we had seen their little yellow puppy. (A yellow labrador) The mother dog was running behind her as they ran. I said, "No!" She was rather insinuating that my daughter had taken it. The girl's mother said, "You don't happen to know someone who has any poodle puppies do you? I knew that my friend Michelle had poodle puppies but she had just sold the last one. Besides that she lived in another state. The woman said, "You know ... one of those duck-billed poodles."

I told her I would try to find out and ran inside to call Michelle. I looked and looked for her phone number in the book, and couldn't find it. (I have it memorized, but it never made it into the book)

Meanwhile, other people were now arriving and my kitchen had turned into a restaurant. (It was big enough for that)

I went outside to tell the woman I was looking for Michelle's phone number and saw that they had brought all their pet tigers with them as well. There was one in the garage, one under the pine tree, and one by my back door. I knew they wouldn't hurt me because they were pets, but I didn't want to run as they might attack a running person, though they weren't hurting my cats, nor the black duck that was by my back door.

I managed to get back into the house, start to make coffee, serve some desert to these people who were waiting for me to find Michelle's phone number, yell at the kids one more time to PLEASE start packing, and then another man showed up who was someone's parent and he was just standing around.

I went back to the people who were now seated at a table with their desert and asked them if I could get them anything else. The woman said, a nice cup of hot cocoa would be nice. So, I ran back to the kitchen to make some cocoa. Now that it was a restaurant, I expected it to be already in a carafe, ready to be served, but it wasn't. I was going to have to make it fresh.

I was running through the kitchen, and my white high-heeled shoe started to come off my right foot. I told the man who was just standing around that if this kept up that I was going to have to put on my restaurant white shoes instead.

Meanwhile the boys were not packing and I told them the truck was going to be sitting out on the road and we were going to have to take turns watching it all night because we were not going to stop packing until it was full.


7-4-2001 - DREAM - I was doing some research in a big government office. I was given the number D724. I looked nd looked to find out what that was. I finally found out the "D" was the "Games category". There was nothing in "E" but then they used "F" perhaps because "E" and "F" look too much alike. I wanted to take a picture of what D724 was. It didn't look like a game, it looked like a mechanical device. However I didn't identify exactly what it was.

While I was researching this, I found myself under water which was greenish rather like ocean water. I could see markings along the side that showed I was 90 feet down. I don't know how I got there but I discovered I had no problem holding my breath and wondered if I had somehow developed gills like a fish. I started swimming using just my hands and found that surprisingly easy as well. I was thinking that I must be setting a world record for holding my breath and wasn't at all uncomfortable when I discovered I was breathing under water. At first it was a surprised and I never did take a big breath, but I was definitely taking little inward breaths. I was not at that point breathing outward though, just inward while I was using my hands to get to the surface of the water. When I popped to the surface of the water, then I took a big gulp of air and breathed freely. I was amazed I had done that.

NOTE: Abductees sometimes being made to breath under water or in liquid. I've never heard one of these stories personally though, only 3rd hand.

I may have woke up and went back to sleep.

I was now in my New Berlin house in the garage. We were packing to move and I decided we might as well take everything into the house that we were taking, then we shouldn't have to worry about whether we were missing anything. I turned around and discovered that the garage was already clean and empty behind me, so all I had to worry about was right in front of me.

I took some old unused clothing into the house and went upstairs to my old closet and found my daughter there going through boxes of my old clothing.

She said, "look what I just found ... a box of red clothes." I looked and it was all red and black plaid sweaters and skirts ... all my old stuff. The top one looked a little dusty, but I knew there was nothing wrong with any of it. I then hung my heavy brown coat on the rod in the closet as well.

Another scene I remember took place in the office. I believe it was prior to being underwater.

A blond girl I was wit had used some new blue hair dye. She was so happy with the new color, she wanted to call the patent office and tell them that the hair dye also dyed clothing.

I looked at her hair. It was so pretty. It was all blonde curls and tendrils, but some of the tendrils were rather a a baby blue color. Then she had used the leftover water in the sink from the blue dye to soak her sweater in it, which was a thin turtleneck type. It exactly match the blue streaks in her hair. It looked outstanding.

I was going to call the patent office at the same time about the D724, but she got through to them first because she was so excited about her discovery.



DREAM - I roasted an entire bear in an enclosure outside my house, in it's entirety, with the fur on.

When it was done, I went outside to carve it into pieces so I could eat some of the roasted meat. I gingerly started cutting it into small pieces starting at the tail end. I didn't want to keep any of the fur and skin because I didn't know how to tan nit so I was cutting that into strips. All I wanted was the roasted meat.

People who were obviously actors started flocking around to take the parts I didn't want. One man started dancing around me, wearing a bear-skin cape with arms on it to show me that bear skin was beautiful. I could already see and feel how soft the fur was, but I didn't want to keep any. I just wanted to cut it up as fast as possible before the wild animals gathered around.

Then I discovered that the bears left front leg was completely missing. Whatever animal had killed this bear had ripped its front left leg off and ran off with it.

I continued to cut the bear into small pieces, then I saw a beautiful bejeweled cobalt blue vulture grab a leg and tried to take it into my house but I chased it off. It couldn't fly with the heavy leg in its beak and ran off down the sidewalk. It went around the corner of the garage, and at the exact same moment, a male actor dressed in a cobalt blue Toucan costume of the same color with a huge fake yellow beak, came around the opposite corner of the garage and started tell me that to do.

By then, other people had gathered, and I noticed some of my plants in the greenhouse had damaged and blackened leaves like a maddened crowd had run through the place. Yet, there were branches with new buds that could be re-rooted.

The Toucan man gave me a golden brown cylinder 4" wide x 4" tall similar to a 45 record stacker which he told me I could use on my record player which was running over in a corner of my patio. It was playing a 33 1/3 record. I pressed the reject button and then placed the cylinder on the record so they could be stacked to play automatically.

Women had gathered by now as well who were only concerned with sewing, crocheting and watching their daughters sing. I made friends with some of them. We were sitting around a large round table, and I found two miniature sized tools to keep in my purse in emergencies, a tiny crochet hook and a tiny ball-point pen. I had full sized ones in the house, but would keep these in my purse.

We then discussed a large crocheted rug that I had made, showing them how it was finished off. The one woman showed me the front of her dress which was crocheted in a large oval of many colors. She complained that she was tired of being asked what it was called.

Another younger girl wanted the leftover burnt wood platform that was under the roasted bear carcass. She made a comment similar to, "Waste not, want not!"

I went back to carving the bear, making sure the bones were far enough away from the house so when the inevitable wild animals came around, they wouldn't come to my house

Toucan symbolism

The Blue Toucan in the Lion King movie is the guide of the animals to keep on them on the straight and narrow path.

In the movie, "George of the Jungle" Tookie-bird, the Toucan is George's messenger.

See also African Art by Mauze p. 84 & p. 67; a toucan (hornbill) presides over ploughing, sowing and harvesting.

NOTE: In April, I had a Toucan vision: 4-15-99 - (I was struggling with a web page on my computer and couldn't get it to show the print on it's face no matter what I did. So I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION: I saw a vision of a TOUCAN with a really yellow beak, then I saw my web page and it was fixing itself in a vision

(When I got up to go back to the computer, I went back to work on that web page and there was nothing wrong with it. )



7-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a car with someone in New Berlin. We were driving down a long curving hill as fast as possible, trying to beat the speed record for that hill. We reached 64 miles per hour and we were all hollering excitedly to beat the record and then we actually flew into the air as we crossed a perpendicular road (17th St) and landed in the water in Lake Lucerne. (which does not exist in that location)

NOTE: There are several Lake Lucernes. Switzerland, and near Orlando Florida for two of them



Joe and I went to bed early and decided to watch a video. I took a stack of 6 videos into the bedroom and Joe chose to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th Birthday celebration. All we had was a partial tape. After it was over, I was laying there trying to sleep, and my head just kept ringing with the song, Vault of Heaven.

I fell asleep momentarily and experienced a web page that went to 9 other pages, all about connecting the numbers of crop circles to the music.

I woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep.

Joe hadn't slept either and got back up, so I got up too. Joe watched TV and I went to the computer to go to Amazon.com to buy the whole video and two CDs that had music on it.

Joe told me about a crop circle that had the 4th path marked on it in Germany and I had already started a web page about the 28th path and the 4th path of the Tree of Life.

I was too tired to work on it, but went back to bed and dreamed i was in a huge place with 50 foot high ceilings and working on finding the 9 web links to link to with the crop circles I needed. This was a difficult search and I saw a diagram of what I was looking for. It looked like a pink womb with a spiral path within it. This whole place was like a school.

The goal was to find 9 crop circles that held the keys to the Vault of Heaven.


12-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with T.J. It was very early morning. There were 6 girls also staying here ... supposedly my daughters.

In the center of the room was an old record player that played 33 1/3 type records. It wasn't working.

We invited a young man to come over and fix the record player ... I don't know what was wrong with it.

When the young man arrived the insides of the record player had disappeared and only the outer frame and covering was there. I didn't know how the insides could have vanished.

Three of my daughters then came out of the bedroom. They were chattering like girls do. They were all teenagers.

The young man looked rather startled to see the girls.

I told him, "Just wait! There are more!"

In a few moments, a second set of three girls came out of the bedroom area, these girls were younger ... like 10 through 12. These girls were all chattering too and combing their hair still.

The young man looked really startled to see so many girls all chattering at the same time. I looked at him and said, "It's a party!" and I danced a couple steps in front of him and laughed. He was rather startled and I laughed again.

I then had to clean up the house after the girls left for school. I noted that the cats and dogs had eaten some of the people food and there were crumbs on the floor. I saw several clumps of cheerios in a couple spots, a clump of butter in another spot, and some bread that had bite marks in it. (These are all things I can't eat because of allergies and cholesterol)

I cleaned up the floor and table of crumbs and got ready to vacuum the floor. It was evident there had been a banquet in this room. I was missing one piece of equipment ... the vacuum cleaner ... I had to bring it in from the garage. Then I would be ready to clean the floor on final time.


4-28-01 MEDITATION, I was saying the Our Father prayer, and when I got to "Thy kingdom come", I saw an old fashioned record player inside a larger box. (The kind that 78's were played on) The outer box was white and much larger than the inner box. It seemed to be sitting on top of something else because it was higher than myself. The record itself was a piece of brownish gold cloth with gold paisley Fleuer De Lis on it.

As I said, "Thy will be done" I began seeing an ornate church door, with the archway overhead with a double door that was varnished brown. I didn't see the door open, but began to see other church doors, which were all double width doors of various types, but the last one was two double wide doors side by side. Both were white doors, set into what looked like a concrete block building.

I said the Our Father again, and when I finished, I saw a blonde woman with long curly hair. I was told her name was Mary, and Mary's visit to New Orleans was errant ....

I then saw the same blonde woman, she walked up to a white haired man and grabbed him by the side of his head and said, "I've told you that it's time to get to Paris".

I said the Our Father a couple more times and saw two boys laughing over a large box like the first one. They were laughing over there being a electronic sensor of some kind in it.

I saw a coin with the face of John F Kennedy on it facing towards my right. A voice said, "We are getting close to the date that John F. Kennedy's birth represents.". (May 29, 1917)

A voice said, "In a small city of borough, one can get away with saying one doesn't drink, but in a large city, there are many witnesses." (That reminds me of the many drinkers in my dream the other day when the Jewish man gave me the money and numbers)

I was then inside a church, and the blonde woman came in, just as an old white haired man was leaving, The voice said, "Of course the Father left when she came in, and of course they discussed the "Our father prayer."

A voice then said, "There is some minimal discussion as to whether John O'Connell should have the right to stay."

I fell asleep and found myself sitting on the front porch on my 16th 'st. house. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I was so busy I didn't want to take the time to go inside the house and go, so I peed right on the porch.

I then found myself inside a car with Joe. We were on the top of a hill, it seemed like New Berlin, but Joe had never been there in this lifetime. We were making a right hand turn onto the road that goes east and west, and we were going to go West. I was anticipating seeing the breathtaking beauty of the western horizon with the hills and lakes beneath the sun setting in the sky. Joe stopped the car and got out. He walked back along the road behind the car to look in the rural mailbox about 50 feet behind the car. He said it wasn't too cold out though it looked like it had snowed behind us. There was no mail in the box and he hurried back to the car and mistakenly or on purpose got into the back seat. I could have driven the rest of the way from where I was seated, but it would be safer if I moved over into the driver's seat. Unfortunately, it seemed like I was too fat to squeeze behind the wheel from where I was without moving the seat back towards where Joe was now leaning over the seat. I woke up as I was trying to get into the driver's seat so I could drive the rest of the way home.


5-10-00 - DREAM - I was with my family somewhere. It seemed like home but I don't know where. According to what I was seeing, some certain people were being rounded up who had been given some kind of drugs. Each person was assigned a number previously and were being labeled with this number as they were rounded up. The highest number I saw was 800. I saw other numbers like 160 and other lower numbers. There were big gaps between numbers because these people hadn't all been found yet. These people were being given a shot of some kind so they wouldn't be susceptible to the drugs they had been given before. I was one of them.

My husband and kids wanted to go to church but nobody but my husband was ready so he went alone and the rest of us were trying to get ready to at least attend the Christmas luncheon to be given at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We couldn't find matching socks for anyone.

I put on a pair of brown woolen pants and somehow they were a foot too long and a foot too wide so I couldn't wear them anymore. I was going to wear a dress with panty hose and high heeled shoes instead.

A woman who used to be the secretary to the President of our company at Simpson Electric told everyone that we should keep track of everything we do on the computer, including all our monetary trades, etc. but I didn't think that was such a great idea that everyone would know my business so I wasn't going to do that.

I went into the bathroom and saw that the toilet (not the seat) was stained with pink, red, and brown, so I got down on my knees and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until it was pure white again. All my computer records were dipped in the toilet and wiped clean again so nobody would know what I had done in the past. (It was like a lap top or large Palm Pilot type gadget)

Later I was still at home but like in an office and discovered that my daughter was the boss lady who did job interviews. So, I was rather teasing her by calling her number with a series of 3 beeps on her phone and then hanging up. Finally she became aware that it was me and called me. She kept her hand over her mouth so she was talking secretively, but jokingly and talked quietly and so did I and she said I should meet with her at 2:30 p.m.

Several times I woke up and thought about this dream and the third time I remembered the shots and numbered people I had a vision under the picture that said, "Guardian Alliance Notice".


6-9-00 - DREAM - I was in the hospital as an outpatient and was going to have female surgery of some kind. I was supposed to go second in line but they didn't have time so they told me to come back the following week at the same time.

I thought I had had this surgery before but I wasn't certain so I figured I'd go ahead and go into the operating room and the doctor could look and see if he had already and at least give me a pap smear while I was in there. I had a little yellow card with me with my records on. I went to the bathroom like 5 minutes before I was supposed to have the surgery and was standing at the nurses counter waiting for my turn when all surgeries were cancelled because a circus group had come into the hospital and everyone was expected to go and watch them perform. So, my surgery was cancelled again.


9-2-00 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. My boss though I was working on his stuff, but I was secretly writing a letter to my friend Nancy by hand. I had finished what my boss wanted me to do except for the letter 'L'. I heard him coming so I quickly slipped the last sheet of paper into the typewriter to type the letter 'L' and hoped I could line it up properly so it wouldn't show. There was a picture on the page and I managed to place the "L" pretty well.

My Father then walked into the office and pointed to another room. He said, "I want you to work on your own stuff." I said, "Okay!"

I went into the other room and picked up a large drawing pad with pencil drawings of people on them. I picked them up and brought them back into my office. I was going to ask my Father a question but he was already advising another young woman out in the hallway.

I heard about a woman named Margie Constantine that while she was doing her job as a nurse, she was making contacts for a business she planned to do later in purchasing. I thought it was a great idea and threw away what I had planned to do previously ... to copy her idea instead because it was successful.

I walked out of the office into the outer hallway and up on a balcony stood 5 men. One of them was a powerful businessman. He hollered down to me. "Hey Dolores!" How is that business plan coming? I haven't seen it yet."

I told him, "I threw away what I had written so what I have now is in my head, but I can tell you about it." He said, "Good! I want to hear about it!"

All of a sudden, I was in my car, sitting in the passenger seat. A woman in a blue dress came up to the driver's door. I don't know if I was selling her the car or just letting her drive, but she threw her purse into the back seat in preparation to drive.

I looked over at the steering wheel and I had three 33 1/3 records propped up on the top of the steering wheel and the dashboard.

I took the records down and told the woman, "You won't be needing these. There is no player in the car."


9-7-00 - DREAM - I was looking at lists of things that had already been done on a computer screen, looking at the links. Then when I came to the end of the list, there were like chapter titles of a book and I was trying to decide if it needed to be saved or not and left them there.

The scene changed and I was laying in bed with the covers over me except for my head, and an older man and a younger woman came in and stood around waiting for something that was going to happen. They went from window to window and then to a lamp which they turned on to see which would be the best light to look at something the man held in his hand written on paper. It seemed strange that they had come to town two days early and were just standing around in my bedroom.

A couple times, my children crawled into bed with me and snuggled under the warm blankets, but eventually, I had to get up and go do the laundry which was stacked in a corner.

I finally got up, and was trying to decide what to wear because I wanted to change the color of my clothes. I chose a green pair of slacks but there was a stain on the bottom of one leg so I couldn't wear that, so I stayed wearing what I had on until I could do the laundry.

While I was walking around, a very young girl looked at my closet doors and said she would like to build huge fish tanks there, but another man I couldn't see told her that the piping from the bathrooms was in the wrong place to do that.

The first young woman was then standing behind a counter like a perfume store clerk and I walked by and just said, "Hi!" I didn't notice if she replied.

I then went to a desk and was going through some records of old patterns and discovered that one had been destroyed and needed to be remade. It was for an impeller.

I then started to wake up and had a vision of a contract on white paper. I couldn't make out what the title was, but below it said, by Jane Roberts, November, 2000.

I woke up instantly, thinking ... "WOW!"


9-9-00 - DREAM - I was with a group of people who were going to go through a huge building on a tour or something. We had to go through a narrow dark hallway to get into the building. There was a contest going on within the building but I wasn't told the details before I went inside.

After I got inside, I somehow ended up in a huge square room that was spinning to the left. The room was wood and glass, but mostly glass. Embedded in the glass were wire grids which looked like octagons connected to each other with wires in a spider-web-like pattern but not exactly.

There was no apparent door in this room and around this room was two more glass enclosures with the same wire grids in the glass. My job (the contest) was to figure out how to find the door so I could get back out of the room so I could join my friends who were on the outside looking in and watching me. I could see a blonde woman standing on the outside peering inside.

In order to find the door, I had to spin the room at the exact rate of torque speed or whatever you call it so that the matching grids on all three glass walls formed a different geometric shape. I wasn't told what this shape was in advance ... I had to watch for it and when the doorway appeared I could slip through it to be with my friends.

I must have found the exact rate of spin because I was notified that I was the winner of the contest and I suddenly found myself in another room. As winner, I had to press my name and the date into a white machine and the information would be recorded on a plain piece of glass which would be added to a whole series of other glass pieces of which the room was made.

I pressed into the machine - D A BAUER - and the date was 5 00.

Obviously everyone had the same opportunity to win the contest and I wasn't told what the prize was ... just that I was back with my friends and was happy again.


1-4-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a series of paragraphs linked from numbers at the top. The numbers were 3 1/2 - 300 - 214 - 314 - They were all related.

3 Abaddon {ab-ad-dohn'} of Hebrew origin 11; TDNT - 1:4,1; pr n m

AV - Abaddon 1; 1  Abaddon = "destruction"

1) ruin  2) destruction  3) the place of destruction  4) the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and the author of havoc on the earth  

214 alalazo {al-al-ad'-zo}  from alale ( a shout, "halloo"); TDNT - 1:227,36; v

AV - wail 1, tinkle 1; 2

1) to repeat frequently the cry "alala" as soldiers used to do on entering into battle

2) to utter a joyful sound

3) to wail, lament

4) to ring loudly, to clang

300 Amon {am-one'}   of Hebrew origin 526; n pr m

AV - Amon 2; 2  Amon = "builder"

1) a king of Judah, son of Manasseh, and father of Josiah

314 anaginosko {an-ag-in-oce'-ko}

AV - read 33; 33

1) to distinguish between, to recognise, to know accurately, to acknowledge

2) to read

I stopped working on the page to straighten up my apartment that I had just moved into, because I wanted to impress my neighbor when he knocked on the door to visit. I knew my neighbor was still at work, that he would come over to visit after he got home. It was too early for that yet, but I wanted to be ready,

In the kitchen, which was large, I had a huge radio and an equally large old record player that played 33 1/3 size records.

I turned off the record player and turned on the radio and turned the station so it exactly matched what the radio in the bedroom was playing.

I then heard the elevator door across the hall open and close and someone walked down the hall and knocked on the door next door. I was thinking that it was too early for the neighbor to be home and he wouldn't knock on his own door, but then I heard a key in the lock of the neighbors door and the door opened and closed.

I started to get a little nervous. Was that him or wasn't it? I had only one thing left to do and that was to hang up my coat in the hall closet by the front door of the apartment.

I opened the door to the closet and it was almost empty. That is, there was nothing in it but hangars, and hooks, but no rod across the closet to hang a number of hangars on. So, I took a hangar and hung my coat on it and hung it on a hook in the center of the closet.

I then closed the door and went to my bedroom. I lay down on the bed, and as I fell asleep in the dream, I woke up in the real world.


1-5-01 - DREAM - I went to an insurance agency to ask for a job. I was wearing a light blue suit and looked very professional.

After I was there a few minutes, I saw that everyone else was wearing a light blue suit also, so I had made the right choice when I got dressed that morning.

At first there were only a couple women in the office with me, but then more and more women were coming in and they were also wearing light blue suits or dresses. However, I noted that some of the women had their faces and hair spray painted light blue also.

I seemed to know what I was doing, and asked to see the files of the people who were not paying their fees on a regular basis.

Then the boss came out of his office. He was about 8 feet tall, very thin. He was wearing a light blue suit and had his face and hair spray painted the same shade of light blue also.

One of the girls said, "He is a nice boss, but he's rather freaky sometimes." She didn't explain what freaky meant, but I assumed she was talking about the face and hair spray painting the same color as the suit.

The boss said he wanted me to work on the high paying cases, where the cases were over $100,000 I understood him to say. That was okay with me.

The boss left the office and the women gathered around a long brown table for a few moments ... it was break time or something. One of the women who looked very familiar was having a problem with her child who was whiny. I suggested she check it's diaper and feed it, then take it to the park down the street to play. I told her it was probably bored just sitting in a chair all day. She agreed.

The women started to go back to work, and I turned around and their were two men sitting at a table where I was going to work. They were setting up a tape recorder.

I went over to the table and one of the men said that the tape recorder contained the law I needed to study, and could play the law back if I needed to. He then handed me a black book titled, "The 34th Foreign Lie".

This might be it: Related to a previous page on Human Rights

I also found this to be fascinating...

A List of American Lies?

The Coming Anarchy

Iroquois Laws


1-23-01 - NAP DREAMS - Todd, Blair, and their child came to tell me that ETS came from a Spiral galaxy ... This spiral was a tighter spiral than the one I saw the other day in the dream. The other one was rounder.

I woke up and went back to sleep.

I was in my 16th St. house. There were so many people in the house ... all doing business of one kind or another. It was more like an office than a house, yet I lived there.

I heard a noise and looked out the window. There was a big gasoline or oil tanker crashed in the alley and one in front of the house. I ran for the telephone and dialed 911. An operator recording came on and said, "If you want 9 trucks, call the old way. If you want 10 trucks, dial 911.

I decided I'd better have 10 fire trucks and lots of cop cars, so I dialed 911 again.

I didn't think it was a good idea to stay in the house where the truck might explode, so I went out the back door and down through the backyard path to a set of houses on the corner. (There were 3 houses on that property ... all owned by an old German woman. My friends lived in a several houses along here so I knew everyone).

While I was down there, a young black man and his girlfriend drove through the yard on the way to work in a red jeep. They were so loud, I decided I'd play a prank on him. He had dropped a shirt on the path, so I took a gadget that picked up catsup and dropped three big chunks of catsup inside the shirt. I somehow also got three spots of wet yellow paint on a rag while I did that from the house where I was at.

I then found out that someone had stolen a bunch of paint at the house. The cops and the painter came to question me. I ran away with the catsup shirt and the spotted rag and took it out to the alley to throw it in the garbage can. There were three toilets around the garbage can. One of the toilets had a loose seat, so I threw that in the garbage as well.

I then went back to the house and the painter questioned me. First he asked me outright if I had stolen the paint. I said, "What color was it?" He said, "Yellow, almost yellow ... but more white ... and black."

I knew I hadn't taken that color paint, so I said, "Well ! The guy who lives here had something with a tarp over it in the back of his jeep when he went to work this afternoon. He works down on the corner at the pharmacy store.

The painter started calling that information in to the cops, and I said, "No! That's not right. It's a gas station." The painter was giving the cops three different addresses, so I don't know if they ever found the guy or not.

I decided I go back home, and went in my own yard through the back gate, singing a song ... "I'm coming home!" There was a big old wheelchair behind the garage ... half in the alley, half near the garbage. It was actually only the outer shape of a truck ... it didn't have any insides .. and it was on wheels such I could push it around by hand.

There were other people in the yard and across the alley, so I kept singing, "I'm coming home, louder and louder."

My kids, who were grown up, met me in the yard. My daughter showed me a tall, clock-like award thing she was making me, but all the names of my friends were derogatory, which I won't repeat here. I told her she couldn't call them names like that.

Another girl, or my daughter was now smaller and I was making her a blue dress and she was getting too fat for it, so I asked her if she could lose 5 pounds so it would fit better.

I asked the kids if they had enjoyed their visit to their grandmother. One of them said, "It would have been more fun if she hadn't been so near death!"


1-28-01 - ( I'm going to put all the details in this dream, though I know them well, the readers of this dream won't, and they are important to follow in detail in the business world. )

DREAM - I was working in a large manufacturing plant, very similar to what I worked in, in the 70's and 80's in Milwaukee, but it was not the same company from the looks of it, though it was an old company.

My job, as purchasing clerk, which I also did in the 70's and 80's, was to prepare the paperwork for my boss and follow all the procedures, so he could just get on the phone and talk with his buddies and go to lunch, and go visit their plants and chit chat. He had the fun part of the job. I actually did all the work, outside of the manufacturing process itself which the hard working blue collar workers did.

I was handed 3 blank purchase orders, along with handwritten notes by the engineer, to manufacture something very precious, and in an extreme emergency situation. Nobody was going home until they were done with this. As it was, it was just before a Holiday, on a Friday, and everybody else was gone besides the engineer, my boss, and me. And we only had 3 days to get it done.

I looked at the paperwork carefully. The purchase orders, for which we had to go out for bids on, was for a casting of Lady Liberty. A large one. (You can see Lady Liberty on our old U.S. silver dollars). This one would stand alone, like a statuette. It would be about a foot high ... similar to a Oscar statuette, but female.

The engineer was trying to explain to me how a casting was made from the pattern. The pattern is constructed in two pieces, such that when the wood is put together, you pour the metal inside of it, and when the casting is pulled apart after the metal cools, you have a perfect statuette or metal part which is then machined and polished for use in conjunction with other parts. I already knew all this from having been in the business for 11 years, but the engineer didn't know I knew this. So, I was patient and listened to his explanation. This pattern was constructed like a round box in two parts.

After he left my desk to go talk to the boss, I looked more carefully at the paperwork on my desk and there was a requisition to go out for bids for 'serial literature', of which there was also to be 3 , but in 15 chapters each. In big letters, attached to the requisition was a note that said, "Include LOC". That meant we were to go to a manufacturing place named LOC along with other places to bid. (LOC (Library of Congress)

I was ready to type up purchase orders, and then realized my boss would need a pattern card attached to it so he could see who manufactured it before and thus know immediately who to send the bids to.

I went to the file cabinet to find the pattern card which was numbered '1058'. When I opened up the pattern card file, all the numbers were in the 8000's range. These were old green battered file cabinets, so this company had been in business a long time. There were no longer any low range numbered cards. That's how long it had been since one of these Lady Liberties had been manufactured.


So, I had to get a brand new card (these are light green) and attach it to the requisition and purchase order and notes to give to my boss.

I went over to where the cards were stacked. I saw lots of old cards, for parts which we no longer manufactured. Even so those should have been in the file cabinet for record, but weren't.

My boss was then walking around. We made some chit chat. He told me that I was looking particularly good ... I was wearing high heeled shoes and a dress. He commented that he had taken another female worker with him in his earlier days and people had commented how fat she was and he was glad that I wasn't. (He named names, but I'm not including them here.) (What a chauvinist)

We also discussed how another co-worker had jammed the the cards into the file cabinet drawers so tight that you could hardly get them out again when you needed them. (This is really true to life conversation in the office)

Being done with my part of the work, I was ready to go home for the weekend Holiday.

For some reason, there was a little girl there, and she wanted to carry her Teddy Bear home with her, so I took her by the hand to lead her to find the Teddy Bear.

The scene switched and I was now outside, walking along a quiet country lane, a narrow path for cars, but not a main road. I saw what looked like an orange cat fur carcass in the bushes. I looked closer, thinking the cat was dead, but it wasn't, it was just resting, all laid out flat. When I looked closer, I saw that it had 9 companions. There were a total of 10 cats of various colors, all laying in the bushes resting. I counted them. (I wonder if this was the two Presidents 'George Bush' of which I was comparing yesterday when I saw them on TV)

I walked a little further, and came across 10 more cats, all resting in the bushes. These all looked similar to the other cats, all different colors and patterns. A little further was 10 more cats, all similar. I realized at this point, all these cats were mine, resembled mine which I fed every day at home, but I obviously wasn't feeding these, they were hunting and feeding themselves. So, there was a total of 30 cats, in 3 clusters of 10.

I was getting close to home now, and saw that a farmer had placed a large log across a muddy section between a field and the road, between the bushes. I could resist walking on it to see if I could balance on it. A bush was overgrown on one side, so it wasn't easy, but I managed to walk easily on this log and balanced. I was pretty proud of myself.

Just as I was doing this, an old white, battered car came along the road. It was the newspaper delivery car. I saw that the driver was female. She stopped the car at the mailbox to deliver a paper, then started to get out of the car, waiting to speak to me about something. She was wearing large round sunglasses, looking rather more like a cop, than a newspaper delivery person. She was patiently waiting for me to climb the hill, up to where she was parked, but I was already lucid and waking up and I didn't get that far ... and woke up.

I did this page on FREEDOM


HOTLINE ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY The Court of Appeals reversed. 827 F.2d 1058 (6th Cir. 1987). Each of the three judges on the panel delivered a separate opinion. The first said that compelled exposure to ideas with which one disagreed was not unconstitutional. This judge distinguished Spence v. Bailey, 465 F.2d 797 (6th Cir. 1975), in which the Sixth Circuit had held that a student with religious objections could not be compelled to participate in ROTC classes, on the ground that it involved more active violation of religious beliefs than did "mere" exposure to religiously conflicting ideas. Similarly, Barnette u W:Va. Bd. of Educ., 319 U.S. 624 (1943), holding that Jehovah’s Witnesses could not be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, was distinguished on the ground that the mandatory recital of the pledge compelled an affirmation of loyalty which the assigned readings did not. This judge apparently would uphold an objection to being forced to read offensive selections aloud or, perhaps, to answering examination questions about objectionable selections.


Race, Gender and the Deception of "Freedom"


5-2-01 - DREAM - I was looking at pages and pages of words about looking for the Ark of the Covenant. The most prominent words on each line was 'standing'.

5-2-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large office like A-C where I used to work. I was processing paperwork to make parts for what seemed to be pumps and compressor like I did before. I was looking for the pattern cards to record the information as to who or which company would make the parts. These cards are all light green and there were drawers and drawers of them. The numbers were incomplete on the cards. The largest part started with the number 502 - which was an impeller number.

I was given a number earlier. It was something like 583153, but I can't swear to that.

I then left for awhile and went home, then went back. My boss, Carol and another woman came in. They had been visiting some people I used to babysit for. they said there had been a fire there. I tried to describe a young blonde boy I used to sit for, but of course he was all grown up now.

Carole said to the other woman, "Well! I guess we have to give this to her!" (Note I didn't see either woman's head, only from the neck down)

Carole handed me a small green paper brochure about 5 x 7 inches sideways, which opened up. Inside, written in darker green was a contract. She also handed me a green fountain pen which wrote with dark green ink.

I was wishy washy about signing it. The first page with the big print was about making a better world for all people and I thought I may as well sign it. But, on the right hand side , in much smaller print, I saw the words, "I wish to see the changes which will bring about the necessary .... " and without knowing specifically what changes those would be, I didn't want to sign it.

I woke up before I was forced to decide.

I then saw a vision of a sandstone building.

The pillars were light yellowish white and were set inside the entranceway. The building itself was dark sandstone. it didn't look like brick or block. It looked like it was hewn out of a solid block. The entrance behind the pillars was dark. I couldn't see the door itself.

I'm assuming this is about the Ark of the Covenant, but I can't be certain.

I did an automatic writing meditation on the subject: Spirit Speaks about the Ark of the Covenant

See automatic writing for today  Topic is the Ark of the Covenant


5-4-2001 - DREAM - I was shown that two of my dream had come true. I already knew that, so it was no big deal, not those type of events that you would talk about or brag about, just to note for yourself.

5-4-2001 - DREAM - I was in a situation with a lot of strangers in a survival type mode, but not outside. This took place in a large apartment building. We lived in a big block concrete basement and then moved into an apartment with furniture that didn't match or coordinate and a lot of people that nobody knew anyone else and you had to work together and work on relationships just to get along.

The first week, we ate nothing but 'rock' soup; the second week we got a potato and discarded the rock. Finally we got a coffee pot and some coffee. I was going to make the coffee but there so much else to do on the way to the kitchen, I wasn't getting there very fast.

The other people were working on their own relationships and ignoring the fact that basic things had to be done around the apartment. I came to the conclusion that they would help if asked, because nobody really knew what to do and since it was not our own place nobody felt a sense of responsibility towards it.

There was a huge piano there with undesignated keys that I started to play sounds on. A couple of people were listening because the sounds were pleasant. Then I started to play lower and lower tones and one girl complained about the lower tones bothering her.I told her that there was a huge concrete block garage she could go back to if she wished.

Another woman said that someone had been trying to teach her how to make coffee to perfection with a certain sound like a whistle. I told her if she wished to try it, she was welcome to.

There was an old fashioned record player there that would automatically change from record to record , but when it came to the last record, it wouldn't repeat it, it would stop, so I attempted to replay the last record and dropped the needle on the record by accident.

I hoped I didn't ruin the record. I removed it and cleaned off the brilliant silver patten beneath it. It was about the size of a 45 size record which we don't use anymore.

Meanwhile, there was cleaning to do, a lot of shredded cardboard was on the floor and laundry need to be gathered and washed. I planned to do all the cleaning and laundry myself, but I would ask for help if I needed it.

Note: After I woke up, I was having a vision of a long strip of paper with individual letters on it. A red crayon was outlining the rows of letters and the outlines made letters like H's mostly so there were letters within letters. I wasn't understanding the meaning of this, so I opened my eyes to get up.

Note: This seems to be a code within a code of letters ... like the Bible Code?


5-27-01 - DREAM - Again I was in a darkened space seeing the streaks of light bouncing off the ground. Then I saw a newspaper. It was dated Jan. 1, 1999. The entire front page was columns of numbers set into spaces about 3 inches long. Column after column of numbers like this. I assumed was a recording representing the streaks of light. I looked at the date of the newspaper again and that date kept changing like it had occurred on more than one date.


10-13-00 - DREAM - I was working in an office in a large building. I had so much work to do, it wasn't funny. I also felt that I hadn't finished something important ... that perhaps there were purchase orders in a drawer that I hadn't typed and sent out. Too, I suspected that my boss was sitting on more purchase orders and was waiting too long to give them to me to type and would expect them all to be done at the last minute.

An outside contractor came in. This was an engineer and he had been given permission to look through all our files and blueprints to work on a special project.

The boss was gone and all my attention was now on making sure my work was done and clean up the floor and make sure everything was completed for the week. It was almost noon on Friday, and almost time for the Christmas break. So everything had to be done.

The engineer contractor set up his own computer which was different than anything I had ever seen. The case was black with red print on it, and little red lights on it. The case was also more flat ... similar to a VCR type case and had an opening in the front where the software went in. I didn't see a screen on it. It was more like a copier that I could tell, whatever you put in, you also got out only in duplicate.

The engineer was trying to find some specific records of work that had already been done. Our company was really old and there were numerous cabinets full of old records. But our particular Compressor department only had two cabinets. Four drawers on the left cabinet marked 'A' and 1 open drawer like a shelf in the right cabinet, marked 'B'.

I pointed out to the engineer where to look and he found a large blueprint folder in the 'B' shelf that was what he was looking for. He got a brilliant smile on his face as he removed the file and took it to his section of the office to work on the problem he had come to solve.

While he started working I went through all the stuff I had next to my desk on the floor which I thought was work I still had to do. There I found bread, cheese, sausage, but not work to do, so I was really done. I finished cleaning this up and got up from my desk and went to the front lobby. In the front lobby was a decorated and lighted Christmas tree, and I saw that there were two coat hangars on the floor, a plastic one and a metal one and several pencils. I picked those up at the same time a black woman came in off the street and tried to use the elevator.

I knew the elevator was not working and the elevator operator/repairman had gone home for the day already. She started to complain that she couldn't use the elevator and threatened to tell someone about it. I knew it was useless to complain. She would just have to walk up the stairs like everyone else.

I went back to my office where I discovered that numerous dark-suited men were now sitting in the office. I opened the door and recognized some of the men as men I had worked with in the engineering offices prior in my life, but not all of them. Some were strangers to me.

The engineer said to me, "Don't you work for ... and named the President of the Company?" He said the name and the names were long. It wasn't Clinton or Bush or Gore. I think the initials were E.M. He said it like the men had told him the name and he was angry about it. I said, "I work for him indirectly ... there are many bosses between me and him." That seemed to satisfy him.

Then he complained that his software wouldn't load so he couldn't work on the blueprints he needed to work on. With all the men sitting around behind me, I went over to where his computer was and said, "Let me fix it for you." I saw then, but hadn't realized earlier, that he was sitting on a pillow on the floor instead of a chair which was standing right there. There was a wooden chair with a red leather seat on it right in front of him which he could have used. The computer was also sitting on the floor, so sitting on a chair would be inconvenient to use.

So, I moved the blueprint file and his other work and sat down on the pillow. Before I could even begin to load his software, I had to sort out the stuff he had been already working on. On top of the computer was an assortment of see-thru paper holders, yellow on top and plain clear under them. Here I found old long grocery lists from the store stuffed in. On the left where the printer was, I saw that he had started to print but the paper was weird. It started out as regular size sheets of paper, but the paper was shrinking down toward the end of the paper and hard to read. It seemed to be more of a printer problem than a computer problem.

I looked closer at the paper he was using to print on and it was toilet paper. I looked at him, and his skin was now Arab colored rather than the white skin he had earlier. I laughed at him and popped him on the elbow with the back of my left hand and said, "You are printing on toilet paper!!!!!!!" He looked rather sheepish at me and embarrassed. He didn't seem to realize that what you put in is what you get out, but you still can't use toilet paper to print on.


2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other. The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."


2-22-01 - This dream was totally overwhelming.

DREAM - I was back on Jackson St. taking over the job as Manager for the 3rd time, having worked here twice before. It was Monday morning, and I realized I had better get down to the office and take over. I think I had a key to the office, but I didn't have the Master keys to get into everything yet as this was my first day.

As soon as I walked in, I could tell lots of things had changed since the last time I had worked here. The office was quiet when I worked there before . This time is was bedlam itself.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get my keys. That was the hardest thing to do since everything had been changed and moved.

My daughter showed up with our Collie Dog Duchess on a leash. I told her to get the dog out of there. No sooner had I said that and she walked out the door, when the boss Ralph showed up with a huge white German Shepherd type dog. Before I even saw him, I heard him explaining to my daughter that this dog belonged to his Father (Ralph is a Jew). How could one say 'No dogs' to one's boss. He always brought his dog to the office no matter what anyone else thought about it. It was a good dog, so that was that.

I was immediately glad I had showed up on time. I still had my heavy winter coat on, but that was okay. It made me look had I had been on my rounds for the day.

I don't know what Ralph was doing, but I never saw him, only heard his voice in the background.

I looked in a file cabinet for the keys. All I found was records and rolodexes with the records of every person who had every lived in this building, plus business contacts and then some. Another woman was going through them looking for someone. I don't know who she was. It seemed that a lot of people had access to this office now. When I had worked here before, if someone wanted something... I served them myself. Nobody ever came in and helped themselves to anything.

They had increased the size of the public library that I had started with donated books from the residents. But now, instead of being in the recreation room, the library was in the office and these were all ancient books and manuscripts. A woman was in charge was working on increasing the size of the library as we spoke. She had another whole book shelf frame she was going to find a place for.

The opposite side door of the office opened, and Bob the painter walked in along with some other men, one of which was his son, he said. His voice was very hoarse and he was coughing. I immediately though, 'throat cancer', but didn't say anything. I asked him if he had received my letters while I was gone and he said, "No, I didn't". That puzzled me since I had sent him two Christmas cards during the ensuing years. I sent them to his house. But he was busy with the other men, so I couldn't question him further.

I was trying to make my way over to another closet door, and almost tripped over hundreds of plants that were on the floor. Most of them looked like 'Snake' plants ... the tall thin leaved plants that all good old houses had back in the old days. They were all together between some file cabinets and I almost tripped over them trying to get to another closet.

At this point, I was determined to make a lot of changes and simplify the office like it used to be.

When I got to the door, the outer door was easily opened without a key, but inside a special master key had to be used and the inner door was labeled 'secret papers' or something like that. I didn't have that key yet ... I was still looking for it. This cabinet was like a vault inside and didn't use a regular key. I looked at the keys I had, which were numerous, some labeled and some not. I saw the mailbox key, the car keys, the apartment keys, etc. but not the master keys.

Right next to it was a key rack with spare keys and blank keys where maintenance made keys for people who lost theirs. The door to the hallway was wide open and nobody was stationed at the counter to serve the people. This is not where the master keys were kept I'm sure.

I turned around and almost tripped over another group of people. It seemed that a girl had fallen in the hallway and hurt her head or something. A doctor was taking a look at her, while a whole group of concerned people were standing around asking questions about her condition and offering advice.

I decided to leave them figure out what to do with her. There were so many people in the office now, I could barely get through. It was like a madhouse. I knew I was going to have to take control and straighten this out.

I was about to shout above the din and tell everyone to please shut up so I could say something, when a girl said to me, "It's always like this at 10:00 a.m. when everyone gathers for meditation. I looked past the standing people and saw another group of people sitting around a large rectangular table with candles lit. The people were all holding hands like they were going to have a seance or generate mass energy.

A man pulled a movable wall over and suddenly I couldn't see the meditating people at all. This was so sudden, I was rather shocked that he could have done that so quickly. I went over to the next door and opened it, and found only a dark room with nobody in it. I couldn't figure out where all those meditating people had disappeared to. It was rather like another dimension had closed over and I couldn't see it.

I woke up feeling really overwhelmed with the responsibility of all this.


2-24-01 - DREAM - THE 11:11 EXPERIMENT. I can't say I understand this, and I don't remember all the details either, but this experiment/test name 11:11 was listed on the test sheets we had to fill out as it progressed.

It started out in a vehicle which was driven by an old man. I was riding in the back seat and was quite comfortable, but we picked up an old woman along the way.

When she got into the car, I provided a nice soft golden blanket for her and she reclined back on the back seat next to me.

We then went into a large building where we first fed everyone breakfast before the experiment began.

I was in charge of making the food we served. Here there was a separate room for the adults and for the children.

I served a pancake breakfast for the old man and woman. I put specially made whiskey syrup for their pancakes. I didn't want them know the whiskey was part of the syrup, so I put it on the bottom pancake, then covered it over with another pancake. They were allowed to put whatever else they wanted on the pancakes before they ate them. They got coffee with their breakfast.

In an outer room, the children were served cereal, whatever kind they wanted with milk.

We then went into the experiment room, where the old man and old woman were wired up on their heads prior to getting into a bed where they were going to make love with each other.

There were 4 of us observing this test. There was a lot of electrical equipment hooked up to the old man and old woman and we were measuring, not their physical sensations, but their emotions.

Each of the 4 of us had a large notebook on which we recorded the results of the electrical testing being done and each page was labeled '11:11 - The experiment'. The other woman who was observing told me I was the first official 'HDL' to observe this test.

Our equipment started to register the emotions of the old man and old woman, when a knock came on the door. We opened the door to find several engineers at the door. Somehow, the emotions being observed by us electronically by wires, was also being observed in the outer room on electronic equipment, not even wired up to the old people.

It was being 'induced' into their equipment by the magnetic field even though a wall separated them from the old man and the old woman's emotions.

The thoughts and emotions create forcefields around which atoms and molecules coalesce. A forcefield represents each atom in the system as a single point and energies as a sum of two-, three-, and four-particle interactions

See: 11coin6.htm


9-23-01 - DREAM/VISION - If there was any people in this dream, I don't remember.

This was like hovering in the air over my multicolored record which was divided into 52 songs.

I knew I shouldn't show my record to other people because else had 52 songs like I did.

NOTE: I guess my higher-self doesn't see my life like my physical life does.


9-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a place which seemed rather like an old-age home, but none of these people were old. They were separated into groups. the women were in a kitchen-like area, the children were in an outside area that had a huge fish tank like a professional aquarium would have. The older people just rather wandered around from place to place.

I know I didn't belong here with these people but my curiosity kept me there until I felt too guilty to stay.

In the kitchen,t he women were taking turns talking into a microphone and recording their personal experiences like one might do ina group therapy. I found this fascinating, but I could have to tell my story too when it came my burn so I had to leave.

When I went down the walk to where the children were and talked with them a bout the fish tank, a woman who was like their teacher said she was taking them camping and took them away.

I can't remember how the older people were as I woke up too fast.


11-3-01 - DREAM - I was knitting a large lace peach or pink curtain to hang on my window. It had to have been 12 ft by 12 ft. It was made in sections of panels and I was sewing these panels together. Someone told me I was missing a panel and I didn't want to believe them, but when I looked for myself there was a small gap where a panel was indeed missing.

It was suggested that I have two of these curtains, a white one and a pink one and change them according to the season.

I was doing laundry. My son Bob had 3 sweaters out in the garage which I had knitted for him. He had ink on the front of all three sweaters, so I took them to the bathroom to wash them by hand with blue liquid soap.

A tell thin Russian man came to visit. His blue jeans were so stiff they looked like they would stand by themselves. I insisted on washing his clothes so I went upstairs and retrieved a blue and white bathrobe to wear while I washed his clothes.

The Russian man made a comment, "Radio waves carry no evil." I was told by another man to write that down because it was important.

I was going to make breakfast for Debbie, Joe's ex-wife, for my husband and myself before we went to the mall.

But Debbie made her own which was stack of pancakes which she carried in a large C.D. case. They all had notches around the edges like they fit in a machine which would play them like a record.

I don't remember what I cooked for myself.

I was going to drive to the mall, and took the car out into the parking lot. I was having trouble with the brakes and ended up making really wide turns so I wouldn't hit any other cars. The parking lot itself was sky blue and I laughingly joked that I should park out there in the center where nobody else parked.

But I then brought the car back to the building and went inside to get my husband. My husband was hanging high on the sky blue wall like a picture or something.

I decided I would let him drive.


11-16-01 - DREAM - I was working in a law office, preparing some arrest records on some young men. Then I typed up a letter which listed the arrests for the attorney.

The opposing attorney was unhappy because he didn't get a copy of the letter, so I furnished him with a copy.

On the letter was a telephone number which any complainant could call if they had questions. The number went directly to a law school which could answer any questions.

Someone complained about the phone number going to the law school instead of to the attorney, but when I explained the wisdom of having the school answer the question with statements of law rather than just personal anecdotes, that made a lot of sense to him.

NOTE: Point taken!


3-21-02 - VISION - I was shown that I was this brilliant blue disk with a silver edge.  The voice said to note that there was no center hole like a record. 


2-7-02 - DREAM - I called an Internet site kind of phone for a government office. but a woman answered it and I saw her on a screen. She said she had put me on the records on 2-12-36. That wasn't my birthdate and that's where she was supposed to be putting me through to. my own records.


3-23-02 - DREAM - I was working at a place like A-C. the time was just before noon. Nobody had been paid yet. The boss, who I pictured as a tall, thin man wearing a black tweed topcoat and black hat, had all the paychecks. Everybody was hanging around, waiting for their checks so they could go to the bank, cash the check and go eat lunch.

My friend and co-worker Alice and I and another female co-worker were going to do the same thing - go to the bank, go out the opposite entrance and right into the restaurant to eat lunch.

Meantime we were all hanging around in the office.

The teacher came in and gave me a receipt to keep with some others I had. All of them had "0" balances. Most of the receipts were labeled, "Dead Bible". I had so many of these receipts. I jokingly said, "I wonder how long it'll take me to add them all up? Dun!!! That was the joke - no matter how many there were, the balance would still be "0".

A man came in who had just been released from jail. His name was Jack. I don't know what he was in jail for, but even he wanted to get paid.

I was hand-writing a proposal I wanted to make to the boss. I had used several colors of ink including green and I needed to type up this proposal. I also had some book reports to do and was feeling anxious that I hadn't finished my work yet.

Alice came over and I was telling her how much work I had left to do. She was astonished. She said that the teacher had her girls, which she supervised, typing up my 'model' to follow. Then it was my turn to be astonished.

There was an older man there who wanted to go through the old pay records, in the file cabinet. He pulled the file cabinet up to his own desk, but I snapped a gold lock onto the cabinet before he could get the top drawer open. I told him that it would do him no good to go through the old records anyway.

Another man came in with his son. He brought wit him a machine that looked like an upright vacuum cleaner in it. While they were standing there, the engine, or something in that area on the bottom rolled out, and rolled out across the floor towards me. This was supposed to be the part that exploded. It was the prototype of a bomb and it was being transported like it was a vacuum cleaner.

We were all so astonished as this 'bomb' thing at our feet. We looked at it carefully. It looked like a small green cabbage, yet it looked kind of like a skull. I saw that it had 16 eyes or energy centers in it. The energy centers started to glow and then pulse ominously.

As I woke up, the whole scene turned black, and all I could see was a vision of these energy centers exploding all at once.


4-3-02 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in a city. My daughter came into the room and said she wanted a new phone line brought in so she could learn the Hmong language. That was done and then a little girl came in and my daughter was trying to teach her to speak English. I suggest that they teach her the colors first and yellow would be the easiest.

We had a record player there and someone suggest there was probably a secret message hidden on the record if you played the center where the words were printed - or if you put the needle in the outer groove. We didn't hear anything but noise.

I added a Christmassy 5 pointed star decoration to the arm of the record player and when it played, it made a ticking noise then someone suggested we add a second one and it would be playing jazz or something like that. I can't think of the exact word.

I couldn't teach something I didn't know, so I decided I would pretend I was tired and sat on the sofa. Soon, everyone else did the same thing. But we couldn't stay there forever - we would have to feed all these people.

So I went to the kitchen and saw that the dishes had all been washed and stacked in the sink - they were all crystal bowls it seems.

My daughter-in-law Debe was next to the counter, stacking logs that were quartered lengthwise, from a tree that was cut down outside.

I pulled my ex-husband aside (Ed) to ask him what we were going to feed these people because they were going to stay overnight.

I had already figured out that one man was going to park his car in my Father's garage, since my Father was out of town and the other woman there could park her car crossway on the apron of the garage. it would form the letter 'T'.

So then everyone was wandering around the house, waiting to be fed and Ed and Ii had to discuss what kind of food to fee them. So he suggested we ride the elevator to get privacy.

I discovered we couldn't call the elevator from this floor but we were lucky when a delivery man was coming down from an upper floor and the elevator door opened. I held the elevator door open for him while he brought in the cart.

As I was waking up, while on the elevator, I was stirring a huge pot or cauldron of soup with orange and green woven squares in it and the fluid itself was greenish - like split pea soup.

Anyway, we were going to have pizza delivered.



I was supposed to meet my daughter-in-law Becky for dinner. I got downtown and I as rather leery of the neighborhood. I was hoping that people in the stores would be watching out for my safety - just in case.

I stopped in the corner bar to see if she was there. The bartender must have been alerted that I was coming. I didn't know him, but he recognized me, probably from description. He said that Becky went t the jewelry store.

I left the bar and and went to the jewelry store, which was like next door. There was Becky, picking out something new to wear. From there we went to a restaurant which was like next door to the jewelry store. We are going to get just a hamburger.

I don't remember eating it.

From there I was driven to an apartment building in what seemed like a big round car that seemed to be all windows. I realized I didn't have my seat belt on, so I looked up to my right and the seat belt seemed like it was a black ribbon. I pulled down the end, which just had a simple gold hook on the end. After I hooked in the seat belt, then the driver who seemed to be Norbie from Conscious Development; he hooked on his seat belt as well.

He drove me to my apartment building. I don't know what happened to him, but I went upstairs to my apartment. I lived in apartment 11, which I think was on the 3rd floor, though it might have been the 4th.

It seemed like only women lived here, but the maintenance men were male.

I was going to be moving from one apartment to another and decided I would do the laundry to get ready to do that. All the towels were white and as long as I was going down to the basement I gathered the white towels from the other women as I went down the hall.

The elevator was busy with other people going up and down, so I walked down the stairs. Along the stairway, were numbers on white round stickers. Some of them were coming off, so I picked them off and took them with me to throw away in the basement.

I also met some young black women on the stairway who begged me to fight to get my job back as manager. I promised I was doing that.

I got down tot he bottom of the stairs, but it was confusing here. There was a piece of gold tubing for a stairway railing and it seemed that the stairway went on down into the darkness and I knew that wasn't where I wanted to go. I met a Chinese woman here and she warned me not to go too far down. I realized I was already too far and climbed back up to the next floor and that was the basement. The Chinese woman was able to go outside from that level - it was ground level which was below the basement of the building.

Here, on the way to the laundry room, I met T.M. (the teacher) who was one of the maintenance men. I told him I was on my way to the laundry room to wash the white towels. He said he had one in his apartment also, which needed to be washed.

T.M.s apartment was in the basement near the stairs, so we went there to get it. Instead of giving me the towel, he climbed into his bed and pulled a heavy brown blanket over his head.

On the floor was some kind of brown basket and something fell out of it. I never did get a good look at it, but it was either a head or a football helmet. For some reason it didn't want to stay in the basket and while I was trying to get this bucket to stay upright, T.M. lay in the bed, covered up. I was a little puzzled by that.

Anyway, I retrieved the towel and went back out into the hall and accidentally made a red mark on the wall about head-high with something I was carrying.

Then I noticed there was lots of red marks on the wall that the maintenance men had made. They looked rather like Navajo drawings. Some of them had been painted over with white paint, some only partially painted over.

I put the towels into the laundry room, then went up to the 4th floor. The hallway was very narrow. All the doors were open. I could see al the way down the hall to apartment 12 which was the bathroom for the whole floor. There was a woman standing in front of a mirror - and she was stark naked.

I was kind of shocked because the door was open. Then I noticed that all the doors were open and all the women were running around in white bras and panties.

I got down to room #12. I walked in and realized that I was wearing a white bra and panties too and we were comparing waist sizes which somehow were all 24 inches. The naked woman looked like 'Our Miss Brooks' the teacher. I realized too, the way we were dressed, we had on more cloth than women wore to the beaches these days.

Somehow I got back to my own apartment #11 and then down to the basement again to meet T.M. and we started off driving up a mountain road together.

The road was on the edge of the mountain, going around to the right as it went.

This car too was round and all glass and it seemed that I had my own gold steering wheel like we were driving side by side.

I was a little fearful driving up the mountain as I couldn't always see the road very well unless I lowered my hands an as we were always going to the right, we were always turning - not going straight and it was hard to see the road that way.

As we drove along, we came to a wider stretch of road with white marking alongside the road. I asked T.M. what that was and he said that was an Indian reservation.

We continued on and came to another wide stretch of road with white markings along the edge of road. But here 3 older Indian men sat cross-legged in a triangular shape. They were dressed in full regalia like they were all Chiefs. I asked T.M. what that meant. He said that having 3 Indians sitting at the entrance to the reservation meant that there were 15 Indians in residence.

That puzzled me, but we continued on and finally got to the top of the mountain. I knew we were at least as high as 4,000 feet altitude. The air was rather misty like we were in a thin cloud layer.

At the end of the road, we had to make a sharp right turn, which we turned on a dime by putting pressure on our left foot.

Here was a large blue lake, which was beautiful. Because of the mist I couldn't tell how large it was, but I was dismayed because right there was a large group of men dressed in black uniforms of some kind, and they were lined up, shooting guns out over the lake.

My impression was that they were skeet shooting for practice, but I wasn't certain that's what they were really doing. The guns might have been real shooting practice by a secret military group.

As T.M. and I went along the shore of the lake, I woke up.


6-13-02 - DREAM - I was back at my old job on Jackson St. as Manager. I was welcomed back by everyone. They were so glad to see me because it had been mis-managed while I was gone.

Someone had decided pets were okay and in one apartment, they had two Great Danes, two dogs that were just as big, but that had gold and black spots all over them, and a bull dog.

They were either going to have to get rid of their dogs or move.

Their sons lived in an apartment across the hall from them on the 1st floor and had trashed it completely when they moved out.

I went to the office and found out that I had been getting mail there even though I wasn't living there and there were 8 letters I needed to read and answer; plus other miscellaneous notes of complaints I needed to deal with.

Down in the basement, it seemed to be an area that contained Engineering data from past projects, which I examined in passing and as it happened, when an engineer and his boss came in to retrieve one of those plans, I was able to tell them exactly where they were.

But, when I opened the door to go down there, there were those 5 dogs behind the door, 2 great danes, 2 gold and black spotted dogs and the bull dog.

I made them get out of there.

I went downstairs to the basement where I ran into my 1st husband who was fixing some wiring in one of the maintenance rooms.

I waited for him to come out and talk, but he didn't have time, so I moved on to where the engineering records were. There was a box of garbage down there that had to be removed, so I assigned that to two women, Ruth and ??? (can't remember the name)

Then I went to look for something else and I was now on a 4 -wheeled office chair and so was everyone else. It was like a mall. The aisles were just wide enough for two people to go by each other.

I got down into a corner that was rather dark where a woman was demonstrating sewing machines. She was working on a big wooden desk with a portable machine on top of it. She had shelves of fabric behind her on two sides.

As I tried to get past her, she rather boxed me in, so I ended up by the desk, so she asked my advice. I told her I wished I had a desk like that myself and then told her that it was too dark in her corner and she needed to have a flood-light installed in the corner to light up her area.

I then went back upstairs to deal with the dogs, make sure the garbage got put outside, and answer my 8 letters.


6-26-02 - DREAM - I was sitting at my kitchen table, working on 4 pages of financial records. They had to be perfect before I could type them and hand them in to my boss who seemed to Asa Buchanan from One Life To Live. (He is a big business tycoon) On the table, amongst the papers were huge bags of corn ships (The Mexican tortilla type - they are triangular) It looked like I had eaten about 1/2 of each bag, and the bags were in the way of my work, so I had to set them aside.

Asa called on the phone and said he was going to be late picking up the financial records because he had forgotten to deliver a Christmas gift to a girl named Veronica ( or a name like that). Christmas was a month earlier, so it must have been late January.

I said, "Okay!" and continued my work on the papers, thinking about how hard it was to do this work at home, and how late I was getting the work done with the primitive tools I had at home.

I considered calling my boss Asa and telling him not to rush because his call about being late to arrive, made me remember that I was a month late in giving my friend Cheryl her birthday cake. This cake was still in the freezer but I was thinking that I should bake her a new cake instead.

NOTE: MCI WORLDCOM (a telephone company) has been called on for mis-stating their expenses into another year so that it looked like their profits were bigger than they really were.


10-2-02 - DREAM  I was sitting in the livingroom of my house and the doorbell rang. My husband went to the door and let in a woman who acted like she knew me but I didn't know her name.

She came over to where I was sitting on the sofa and sat on my lap facing to my right.

She said her name was ______ Richards. (I can't for the life of me remember what her first name was. It was a short name - probably 3 or 4 letters. Ann???  (Richard means 'strong ruler. Ann means merciful)

She said she had brought a CD over for me to listen to.

I had a CD player on the table to my left. It was a white stereo machine and quite large.

I pressed the button and put the CD on the turntable that had slid out of a small drawer.

As the cD drawer went back in and the CD started to turn, somehow the white curtain next to the player got caught in the drawer mechanism and got wound around the post and jammed it, so the CD couldn't play.

I pressed the stop button and the CD drawer came back out fortunately.

The CD now looked the size of a 33 1/3 record and had a crease all the way across the center diameter. It actually looked like a smooth mountain range that I couldn't push down and the CD/record would never  be able to be played again.

The woman left and then I took the turntable out of the player. The turntable was like a thick reddish felt cloth with a metal rim around the edge with little gold clips around it.

I told my husband we could take it to the repair shop around the corner.

I was holding the turntable in my hands. It had the identical crease across the diameter of the circle. I could push it down, but it would pop right back up. I wouldn't be able to play any other CDs until it was fixed.