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by Dee Finney and Joe Mason

with the 'numbers' from Michael Morton

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NOTE:  This crop formation appeared several days after I created this page and had already placed the symbols below showing the crossed squares, the 8 pointed star with the faces which was drawn in 1990.  Below you will also see a form that is like an aperture that appears to be closed and this form seems to show an aperture that is open.


Bishop Cannings, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 27th June.

GPS Reference  (to come)

.Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2000

Figure 23 on page 227 of
James Churchward's 'The
Sacred Symbols of MU'
is an eight-pointed star
formed by two over-
lapping squares. It is
symbol of the Sun.

The dot in the center
usually represents
the deity

Note, that in the original formation, one of the "rays" of the 8-pointed

star has not been fully completed.

Copyright © 2000, Zef Damen, The Netherlands

On the very night this formation appeared, a couple of night watchers decided to camp out (literally only a hundred yards from the formation) within the field. Around the early hours of the morning, they were awoken by strange sounds coming from the field itself, and had an uneasy feeling about  the whole experience. Amazingly they soon went back to sleep, only to be woken up by sounds of Helicopters flying low over the field, with Police  Cars, and mobile cranes. This was the scene, early on that Tuesday morning.

The formation itself, is really a play on design, already seen in the Avebury area. Early indications suggest that the inner central pattern, has the same dimensions as the Silbury Hill (ringed) formation, and possibly Southfield. More research needs to be established on this, using tracings to overlap different formations on top of each other. I am however predicting a  very similar overall measurement.

The outer ring was extremely neat, with a small outer pathway circumscribing the entire formation. This pathway was put down first with the rest of the plants flattened later. The triangular outer sections contained some of the best sunburst centres seen this year, each one has a splayed central part, with a three directional flow making up the shape. On the inner central 8  pointed star arrangement, standing centres on each of the triangular bases, with neat twists around the standing crop.

This is a highly impressive formation, with regards to its design, and proportions, but was placed in the wrong part of the Avebury landscape. We  very rarely here at the Crop Circle Connector have to show our alarm at the positioning of certain formations, but this time the circle makers (whoever you are) had got it wrong! I just wish that they would learn from the basket weave last year, as their design may only be temporary?

NOTE: He is meaning that the farmer on whose property the basket weave was placed last year, the farmer cut it down as fast as he could so nobody would come on his property.

Report by Stuart Dike.

West Bretton, Yorkshire - 6-26-00

This formation appeared the day prior
to the star which has this similar formation
in the center.

I didn't find out about this one until 7/1/2000

This diagram is from:


(I note here that the reason I didn't see this one is because the 'cropcircleconnector' does not have this image. Perhaps they will post it at a later date.

South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June.

GPS Reference SU12066201


From:  Lucy Pringle

Nick & Bridget were up on Knap Hill for the sunrise, when they noticed a new formation in South Field (across the road from the East Field), in barley, and went to visit it right away. 

Like most of the good formations so far this summer, it's in the 200-foot ballpark, beautifully laid, with the downed crop veering gently from side to side in many places, like water in a stream. It consists of a 50 foot circle in the center with eight scallops around its perimeter, and sixteen spokes radiating outward from it, terminating in semicircles -- and the whole thing enclosed in a ring. (Style-wise, it's unique, and has almost nothing in common with the one below Clay Hill that looked like bicycle spokes a few years ago.)

A really attractive detail is that the semicircles are made with the barley swept in from both sides, so the ears with their long, soft whiskers, fluff up in the middle where they overlap the spokes. AND in the center of these junctions, many have one, or just a few,
standing stalks. Lovely!

Report by  Peter Sorensen  

Subj: Re: 19th June, 2000 Crop Glyph (UK)

Date: 06/21/2000

From: Milamo


REPORTED 19th JUNE, 2000


-- by Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) 2000

As always, thanks to "The International Crop Circle Database" .. please go to ...

I've found this formation to be directly related to the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars, and *also* directly related to the Grid LONG of 'The Face' at Cydonia.

Once you're at the above website (see URL), please 'click' on the "OS Grid Ref" number of SU 121620 .. which takes you to the page showing this formation's latitude and longitude ... to a relatively high accuracy. I work with the long decimal fractional figures, shown in arc-degrees.

Here are my 'matrix' figures for this crop formation ...

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 21 (min) X 21.54373543 (sec) North ... = 23073.34065 North.

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 35.35061679 (sec) W.Giza ... = 64479.52503 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 34.55061679 sec ].

Grid POINT Value 64479.52503 / 23073.34065 = 2.794546572

Direct References to 'Pyramid of The Sun' @ Teotihuacan,

To the Height of "The King's Chamber" within The Great Pyramid, AND to the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia

Let's begin with this formation's Grid LONG (W.Giza) of .. "64479.52503" .. and divide that figure by the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of   'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars ... 64479.52503 / 27.58106915 = 2337.818185 ... which is a decimal harmonic match of the Grid LAT of The Pyramid of The Sun, at Teotihuacan, Mexico (Munck, 1993) ... 23378.18185 North ... = 19 (deg) X 41 (min) X 30.01050302 (sec) North.

Now ... as for the Grid POINT Value of this crop formation .. "2.794546572" .. suppose we divide it into the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' ?

27.58106915 / 2.794546572 = 9.869604403 = PRECISELY (Pi Squared).

The Grid LAT of this crop formation .. "23073.34065" ... is a decimal harmonic match of the *precise* height ... my prediction, if we can get a truly reliable re-measurement ... of "The King's Chamber" within The Great Pyramid of Giza, in terms of regular British inches ... 230.7334065 ... NOT "pyramid inches".

Notice ... if we Square the original height (Munck, 1992) of The Great Pyramid, including the original capstone ... in regular British Feet ... "480.3471728" .. (480.3471728 X 480.3471728) = 230733.4065 .. same decimal harmonic !!

Finding the Grid POINT Value of "Miami Square"

As part of my work regarding The Miami Circle (USA), I found what I refer to as "Miami Square". { http://www.farshore.force9.co.uk/msqwel_1.htm }.

The Grid POINT Value for "Miami Square" .. I found to be .. "1.013211836".

Now ... watch what happens when we take the ratio of the above 2 decimal harmonics of "23073.34065" and "23378.18185" .... 23378.18185 / 23073.34065 = 1.013211836 ... the precise Grid POINT Value that I found for "Miami Square" !!

The Direct Tie to 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars

Some of you already are familiar with how Munck (1992) found the self-evident prime meridian at Cydonia .. through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'. He then found the longitude of 'The Face' ... exactly "6.890283706" arc-minutes East of that prime meridian. He called that figure, there,   a "Pi Multiplex". I like to refer to it as a "Pi Fractal".

6.890283706 = [Pi X (Pi / 3) X (2Pi / 3)].

Recall, now, the crop formation reported on 01 June, 2000 called ... "West Kennet Longbarrow" ... you'll find it listed and described in   "The International Crop Circle Database". In fact, I have an article on that formation, with a link from that database. Check it out. The Grid POINT Value I found for that formation .. "2.465617776".

Let's multiply ... 2.465617776 X 2.794546572 = 6.890283706 ... the "E.Cydonia" longitude of 'The Face'.

As I like to say at moments like this .. it all speaks for itself.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton




You are encouraged to copy and distribute this article, provided   everything is copied, with no alterations. Thanks -- MLM.


This drawing is on our Welcome page and in Part 4 of Humanity On The Pollen Path. I drew it based on a dream I had in 1990. I awoke from another dream two weeks later (the end of October 1990), "knowing" that the shape represented the oversoul. The faces in the flower petals represent the reincarnational personalities.

The colors were based on the twelve horses and riders from each of the four directions in Black Elk's great vision. I found it in Black Elk Speaks about a month after my dream of the interlocking rings. Black Elk apparently saw a circle of rings in his vision (page 43) -

"Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy."

The shape is like one of my "chits," which are brass vouchers for renting tools at work. A number of strange coincidences concerning the chits happened. One coincidence was finding that "chit," in Sanskrit, means "consciousness."

This is the actual chit used where I worked. This number was issued to me alone. Coincidentally, my employee number was 5128, and my union number was 1528. I was told that there was no connection between the numbers issued. What are the chances of these coincidences?

In the book by Joseph Campbell, 'The Power of Myth', Professor Campbell states that when he was young he was living in a chicken coop which he rented for $20 a year from an old man in Woodstock, NY who had a piece of property. The old man rented these chicken coops out to people who he thought had a future in the arts and didn't provide running water because he thought it would attract the wrong kind of people.

Joseph Campbell says, "That is where I did most of my basic reading and work. It was great. I was following my bliss.  Now I came to this idea of bliss because in Sanskrit, which is the great spiritual language of the world, there are three terms that represent the brink, the jumping-off place to the ocean of transcendence: Sat, Chit, Ananda. The word "Sat" mean 'being'.  "Chit" mean 'consciousness'. "Ananda" means bliss or 'rapture'. I thought, "I don't know whether my consciousness is proper consciousness or not; I don't know whether what I know of my being is my proper being or not; but I do know where my rapture is. So let me hang on to rapture, and that will bring me both my consciousness and my being. "I think it worked."

It struck me that the geometry was similar to the structure of a domed ceiling in Turin, Italy. I had accidentally found a photograph of the domed ceiling the week prior, in the library. I was looking for an art book in the wrong section of the library . . . the architecture section.

Guarino Guarini: Dome of San Lorenzo,

Turin, 1668-1687

The design is almost exactly like my drawing of the eight faces in interlocking rings.

Comparing the photo of the dome to my drawing, strangely, the arching beams suggested circles that enclosed windows that were shaped somewhat like faces.

Notice that a similar type of star is formed by the interlocked circles in the first two links above (the eight faces in interlocking rings and the Dome of Turin).

After I drew the interlocking ring diagram, I recalled that I saw another shape in a dream the previous month. It was a circle with curved lines into the center. A voice spoke in the dream, saying that this represented a closed aperture, like that on a camera. This was refering to how wheatstalks in some crop circles laid down in a somewhat similar pattern

Compare this dream drawing to the glyph from the James Churchward Book of MU which Dee wrote about on The Most Important Crop Circle from 1999.

While visiting relatives in October 1990, showed my niece the two depictions on pages 56 and 57 of the book Myths -

The text explained

One of the most fascinating phenomena in the field of mythology is the similarity between widespread religious and mystical experiences. Such similarities extend not only to modes of thinking and believing but also to modes of pictorial representation. A startling comparison is offered by the two illustrations on this page: a Buddhist mandala (left) embodying the teaching of the Guhyasamaja Tantra, and a Navaho sand painting (right) entitled People of the Myth."

I showed my niece, in the book, the similarity of the Navaho sand painting to the Buddhist mandala. After a moment, she shouted, "Look! There's one of your chits!" She pointed to the center of the Buddhist mandala, referring to the flower-like shape. I took one of my chits off of the ring, which I carried with me all the time, and placed it over the mandala. It was an exact fit!

See how similar it is to this Buddhist Mandala:

Eight Petals

The 4 Supporting Buddha families (red petals):
The Amitabha family is supported by the 4 other
Buddha families, each of whom offers a particular

Aksobya (unconditional love),
Ratnasambhava (generosity),
Vairocana (complete awareness),
Amogasiddhi (inner harmony).

Each is represented here by a symbol.
In the Segyu mandala each is represented by a
Sanskrit name.

The Colors of the 4 Supporting Buddha Families

Akshobya : Blue
Ratnasambhava :Yellow
Vairocana : White
Amogasiddhi : Green

Symbols of the Buddhit Mandala



Offering Goddesses

These sixteen goddesses stand on the veranda
and make offerings to the deities of the mandala.
Among other gifts, they offer water, food,
flowers, incense, perfume and music, as well
as sound, smell, taste and touch. They are
interspersed with more moons and half-vajras.

In July of that same 1990 I had a dream of an electrical splice box. There were two electrical cables on each side. The wires inside the splice box were disconnected, but had numbers on them.

I knew the meaning . . . it symbolized that people are not connected, but they could be connected easily, because the wires had numbers indicating which wires were supposed to be connected together.

When I found the Joseph Campbell book in the library some weeks later, I also found the book about mythology titled Myths. It includes the writings of a number of authors. The editor of the book is Alexander Eliot. I was startled later, when I reviewed my notes and saw my drawing of the splice box again. I realized then, that it was quite similar to a depiction in the Myths book. I found the depiction again, and compared it to my dream. It was the Navaho sand painting with two people, apparently a male and female couple, on each side of a square shape -

In October, 1990, I awoke from another dream with the idea to "hook up the wires" of the splice box. I knew it was meant to be a geometric pattern, based on the dream and the Navaho sand painting. I experimented with a number of shapes, by drawing eight stick figures around a square, two on each side -

I "connected the wires, by drawing lines between the feet of the people, and simplified it into a regular eight-pointed star -

This seemed to connect my various dreams and experiences together.

This is the Navaho Sand Painting from - People of the Myth

Here is another example: Navaho Sand Painting - 8 People around Square

Nine Chits in the Diamond Arrangement from Humanity on the Pollen Path Part 4

I got the idea for the arrangement from this depiction in the book, "Myths" -

Several years later , about 1994, I learned about Gematria (ancient number systems)  where words have number meanings and numbers have word meanings, I discovered that 9 x 128 = 1152 and 1152 means 'Witness'.

Code of the Ancients

Ancient Numerology

Tantric Yantra

See the 16 goddesses around the edge of the Tantric Yantra

In Part 3 of Humanity on the Pollen Path, I explained the coincidence of this symbol:

Sri Yantra from The Tantric Way

Here you see the eight and the sixteen like the crop glyph above.

Here is another depiction of the same symbol:

Sri Yantra (standard design)

This was, of course, the symbol that appeared grooved into the Oregon lake bed in 1990, that was so "coincidental" to my drawing:

Oregon`s sri yantra. A gift of the Circlemakers

One meanings of the Sri Yantra is that it represents creation from the central single point, outward. Another meaning is the path inward to the source in nine steps that correspond to the chakra levels. In this sense, the sixteen-petal and eight-petal lotus flowers represent the second and third chakras.

I mentioned a symbol that is somewhat similar to the Sri Yantra in Part 3 of Humanity on the Pollen Path:

Kali Yantra

Notice that these yantras have an eight-petal lotus, similar to the new crop circle formation above.

Also notice that the yantras have a sixteen-petal lotus outside of the eight-petal lotus flower, and that the crop formation follows this arrangement.

The Bythorn Mandala crop circle formation of 1993 was quite similar to the Kali Yantra:

Bythorn Mandala Crop Circle Formation

However, this pattern had a ten-petal lotus flower. I believe that these are related to the chakras of the body which I wrote about in my article on Crop Formations as Chakras

I found that eight-pointed stars are a related symbol. These are examples from my notebooks:

8 Hearts forming the 8-pointed Star

8 People Forming Hearts

8-Pointed Star

These were based on my dream of the splice box.

8-Pointed Star from The Sacred Symbols of Mu

8-Pointed Star (2) from The Sacred Symbols of Mu

8-Pointed Star (3) from The Sacred Symbols of Mu

According to James Churchward in "The Sacred Symbols of Mu", the eight-pointed star, or eight-rayed Sun, was Mu's symbol on her the Royal Escutcheon. He states on page 123: "The name in the Motherland of the Sun as the celestial orb was - Kin. In Egypt the name was - Horus. In Greece - Apollo and in Babylonia - Belmarduk."

It was quite coincidental when I found this computer printout:

Mandelbrot Star

It is a portion of the computer-generated Mandelbrot Set, which also appeared as a crop formation in 1991:

Mandelbrot Set Formation

"They are obviously not man-made — they are far too symmetrical for that."

— Cambridge Weekly News,
       15 August 1991

Out from the main glyph is a small eight foot circle. In the mathematics of a computer generated mandelbrot set, you will see that the point out from the tip becomes an 8 pointed star: http://aleph0.clarku.edu/~djoyce/julia/explorer.html  This is a clickable program from which the following 8 pointed star was generated.

"The Sacred Symbols of Mu" has many other eight-fold glyphs, including a flower-like design (figure 15), that is like the eight-petal flower of the new crop formation. Churchward gives the meaning : "Fig. 15 shows the earth's Forces passing out of her body into the atmosphere (they are thus drawn out by their affinitive Forces carried in the Sun's rays). Earthly Forces like elements become exhausted, and when exhausted the Sun's affinitive Forces have no further attraction or control over them. The Central Magnet then proceeds to draw them back into the great frictional line where they are regenerated and again sent to perform the duties required of them by nature. I may say further that this example of the workings and origin of earthly Forces may also apply to all revolving bodies throughout the universe, and thus show that a single Divine system is controlling the Universe."

Figure 15 Figure 22 Figure 23 Figure 9

"Figure 22 is a rare symbol. It is found in Hindu writings of about 4000 to 5000 years ago. This figure symbolizes the Sun sending forth his rays throughout his System (the solar). They are shown as being of two varieties - dark and invisible because of their intensity, and light, which are apparent to vision. The rays are in the form of Forces, as shown by the Force symbol. Again they are curved, pointing to the east and thereby telling us that they are working from west to east and forming a circle. As they are taking a circular route all rays coming from the Sun would not strike the earth in a straight line from the sun but in a curve.  This shows that our prehistoric Americans were further advanced in science than we are today. Do our present scientists appreciate this fact? Does this not show that we are thousands of years behind in our knowledge of science, based on theory alone? Personally, I think so. "

Figure 23 on page 227 is an eight-pointed star formed by two overlapping squares. It is another symbol of the Sun.

Figure 9 is more universally found among ancient writings.

Indian Mounds in America

In John Michell's book 'The New View Over Atlantis' on page 97, he states, "Long before
Alfred Watkins discovered the ley system in Britain, the linear arrangement of ancient monuments in North america had been recorded by William Pidgeon in a book published in 1858, Traditions of De-Coo Dah. Pidgeon was an Indian trader who had travelled widely throughout the American continent. At one time he had kept a store on the Little Miami river, Ohio, near the great ramparts of Fort Ancient, one of the enigmatic monuments of prehistoric America, and he had become interested in archaeology through conversations with visiting antiquarians. In those days, before the destruction wrought by settlement and agriculture, the plains of the Midwest were covered with giant earthworks and mounds, the origin and meaning f which, as Pidgeon came to realize, was quite unknown to scholars. Pidgeon had already excavated many earthworks in search of ancient relics, and in 1840 he set out from Galena on the Mississippi in a sail-boat of his own construction to explore the monuments on the upper reaches and tributaries of that river. Described in the book is his meeting and subsequent friendship with an Indian shaman, De-Coo-Dah who gave him much information on the symbolism behind the arrangement of the old mounds. "
Pidgeon wrote "Three months were exclusively devoted to the examination of the lineal ranges connected with the Turkey river range. During that time I travelled, according to my reckoning, at twenty miles per day, more than nine hundred miles, examining by excavation seventy-six earth-works, and surveyed four hundred and forty-nine mounds. I succeeded in establishing to my own satisfaction ... that the lineal ranges were designed as and constructed for national or international landmarks and boundaries.

Mr. Mitchell goes on to say that this system of aligned sites, old tracks or leys which they had been investigating in Britain had an exact parallel in South America.

He goes on to say that Tony Morrison, who wrote Pathways to the Gods writes that a seventeenth-century Jesuit, Father Cobo, wrote a manuscript on which he described that he had found similar lines or leys with arrangements of native shrines on a series of long straight tracks, radiating from Cuzco, the old Inca capital high in the Peruvian Andes. Each of these sacred paths was said to have been tended and kept weeded by a particular family. by following the paths the Spanish missionaries were able to locate the sanctuaries of the native religion which they then converted into Christian stations by erecting chapels or crosses on their sites.


The same type of star appeared as a crop formation this month:

8-fold star, Silbury Hill (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire 11th June.


Silbury Hill (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 11th June.

GPS Reference SU09326892

Reconstruction of the Silbury 2000 crop glyph.


One of two formations that appeared June 11th near Silbury Hill in Barley. Over 200 feet in diameter. It had several little tufts with swirls around them, distributed randomly (?) in the Star.

The first formation (looking from Silbury Hill) is an eight pointed star created almost integrally out of downed crop which is surrounded by four concentric rings that give the formation a very orbital look. The outer ring gives us an overall diameter of 230ft. The interior of the rather impressive star has a number of small standing tufts with sunburst style sprays of barley radiating out from the base.

(A person mentioned that in one of John Michell's books, the 8-pointed star is the emblem of Joseph of Arimathea. You know of him bringing the holy grail to Glastonbury).

Known as the Knights Hospitalers, the order became, with Knights Templars, one of the most important military-political orders in the Holy Land.   The knights adopted a black outergarment decorated with a white eight-pointed star or cross -- an emblem later to be known as a maltese cross. While the Knights Templar were formally disbanded in 1314, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem conquered the island of Rhodes from the Seljuk Turks in 1309 and transferred their headquarters there -- Christian control in the Holy Land being supplanted by Moslems. Full brother knights wore white mantles, lesser brothers wore brown or black colored mantles. In the year 1146 the Pope decreed that they were to wear the eight-pointed star, the Cross Pattee upon the left breast of their mantles.

In 1994 the overlapped boxes type design was part of another crop formation. It was superimposed over an eye-like shape.

The All Seeing Eye

The Crop Circle Connection To The Creator And The Stars?

Churchward also included this symbol on page 67 of his book. He explained that the glyph represented "the eight Roads to Heaven" to the ancient Egyptians. The symbol is formed by a simple square that represents the earth, overlapped by another square that is aligned with the Cardinal points.

The overlapped boxes are also depicted on page 16 of "Sufi, Expressions of the Mystic Quest". It is part of several related symbols that represent "The Breath of the Compassionate." The symbols represent how the Creator creates the Universe in every moment, in a symbolic inward and outward breath.





You can see why the new crop formation is significant. It seems to connect with many symbols. There is some consistency to the meanings. The symbols are related to consciousness and creation.

The following is an overview of the meditation to reach the MER-KA-BA. There are seventeen breaths to reach completion. The first six are for balancing of the polarities within your eight electrical circuits, and , also, for the cleansing of these circuits.

The Teaching of the Spherical Breathing

Noah and the Ark

With only 7 days before the flood comes, God instructs Noah to load the ark with seven pairs of clean animals and birds and a pair of unclean animals. After doing this Noah, his wife and his three sons and their wives, that is eight people are to enter the ark.

Noah means "rest" or "comfort," he was born to carry out the Tradition. In 2 Peter 2:5 "And spared not the world, but saved Noah, the eighth person a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly." Noah, had always walked with God, Genesis 6:9 "These are the generations of Noah; Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God." By way of Noah the Jehovah Elohim was giving the Tradition a second chance.

The waters of the flood destroyed all life except in Noah's "Ark." The Tradition here shows a closed vessel or container (tebah), referred to as an Ark laden with genetic material. Noah, his wife, three sons, their wives, a total of eight persons plus two of every living thing (specifically seven male and female of every clean beast and fowls). The eighth day, eighth person and eight souls saved, the number eight is very symbolic in relation to this age.


This testimony from an unwilling witness shows again the identity between the ancient religions as to their secret doctrine. The Gayatri metre, for example, consists of thrice eight syllables, and is considered the most sacred of metres. It is the metre of Agni, the fire-god, and becomes at times the emblem of Brahma himself, the chief creator, and "fashioner of man" in his own image. Now Pythagoras says that "The number eight, or the Octad, is the first cube, that is to say, squared in all senses, as a die, proceeding from its base two, or even number; so is man four-square or perfect." Of course few, except the Pythagoreans and kabalists, can fully comprehend this idea; but the illustration will assist in pointing out the close kinship of the numerals with the Vedic Mantras. The chief problems of every theology lie concealed beneath this imagery of fire and the varying rhythm of its flames. The burning bush of the Bible, the Zoroastrian and other sacred fires, Plato's universal soul, and the Rosicrucian doctrines of both soul and body of man being evolved out of fire, the reasoning and immortal element which permeates all things, and which, according to Herakleitus, Hippocrates, and Parmenides, is God, have all the same meaning.

http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/isis/iu2-09a.htm  Scroll down to page 22 for the spiritual symbolism of Noah and the Ark.

In 1992, the Dharmic Wheel Crop Glyph which had eight symbols on it.  The Dharmic Wheel formation is about human spiritual development. It is similar to Indo- Aryan symbols, called "The Great Turning" in prehistoric Europe. In the East it was called, "The Dharmic Wheel."

The structure of Ultimate Reality has the eight symbols of Being and Becoming on the points of the directions. The various glyphs had appeared as separate crop formations elsewhere in the Wessex area of England. In the center of the formation was a ring with a dot inside, which symbolizes Deity. It is further defined as the manifested state of God by being quartered. To the Celtics, this was the god, Bel, the Light behind the Light.

The symbols on the outer ring represent a certain energy, vibration or spiritual state, which eventually leads to apotheosis. Starting at the south glyph, and moving in a counter- clockwise direction, the glyphs have the following mythical names and meanings:

1. South - The antlers of Cernunnos - the role of the Animal Powers in the physical development of mankind.

2. Southeast - Modron - The Earth in the nurturing role of the archetypal Mother. This is the energy of consciousness.

3. East - Dagda - Procreative power, a sexual glyph, the mahadiva. This speaks of the spiritual conception.

4. Northeast - Sulis - The crescent moon which constitutes the womb of spirituality and the individuation of the personality.

5. North - Taranis - His wheel, with the three-fingered hand of blessing, which is also a claw, for this is the energy of conflict between the personality, soul and spirit. It represents the confrontation between the Soul and Personality.

6. Northwest - Lugh - Archetype of inspired knowledge. Note: This symbol did not appear as would be expected in a Dharmic Wheel, because the formation was positioned in such a way that a water through (for cattle) was located at that point on the ring. In the photographs of the formation the area appears dark because the water made the plants greener in that portion of the field. It could be that the pattern was positioned in this way for a purpose. My guess is that the "water," and perhaps the "cattle," are symbolically related to our "inspired (or uninspired) knowledge" at this time. Michael Green felt that Lugh had lost his symbol due to the water through, which destabilized the energies.

7. West - The ring and key of Mapon - The Divine Youth symbolizing the emergence of the spiritual being who unlocks the door to the Mysteries for others.

8. Southwest - The place of Donn - The triadic symbol of Spirit, Soul and Personality brought together finally as one Unity. The place of Donn is the archetype of death and transformation.

Avebury Manor, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 1st

September, 1999

Image by Peter Sorensen's Homepage


by Peter Sorensen

Ulrich flew over Avebury this morning, where he found an attractive, 150-foot formation, with 8-fold geometry, in the field bordering the NW quadrant of the henge. There is a "signature" not far away that is the Greek letter Pi - the essence of circle-ness, of course.

The 90-foot center circle has a bird's nest in the middle, which spirals out for a few feet, overlapping a radial lay, which in turn overlaps a clockwise lay that completes that circle.

Each of the eight medium size circles has a different lay, ranging from the conventional, to S-swirl, to a sort of bizarre, spiral snake.  These circles are each crowned with a small crescent, and (counting the ones inside the crescents) eight grapeshot adorn all of the eight "branches."

Report by Peter Sorensen.


This formation is now regarded as the last event of the season. As I write this report, we have not received anymore news of further formations in the area, or across the country. Maybe in the coming weeks, we may receive earlier reports of formations already cut? The field in question here is tucked away from the main farming fields around the Stone Circle. Its shrouded in trees, which may have had a bearing on why it was left so late to be harvested, possibly due to the light? However, it has always been a fascinating field to be targeted by the Circlemakers, and is indeed the very first time to be hit.

On our arrival at the site, we were very luckily to arrive on the very same day; the new archeological discoveries were to be presented to the public at the long stones, about a mile away to our west. So we decided to carry out our investigation after we visited the Long Stones. (A description of these findings will be included in my end report on the 1999 season)

We entered the field from the entrance to Avebury Manor, and we immediately realized that the crop was due to be cut any minute, possibly the same time we were there? It was positioned directly in the center of the field, some 60 yards from the main road. Unfortunately it was a few days old now, and quite a number of visitors had already been in. However, there were still some very interesting details to be note on the floor construction of the surrounding circles. The central section of crop in the main center circle was very interesting. This splayed pattern, is possibly an indication of further techniques in creating circles, and also the wonderful snaking trail of crop on some of the outer circles? These features reminded me of the circles created on the famous BASKET formation at Bishop Cannings, which was criminally cut out by a small minded Farmer. The question, which I am raising here, is that we may have a further indication to how may see the 2000 crop circles. The three-dimensional feel to the floor construction is also shown in this formation, which I believe is the progression of 1999 season.

We will have to wait and see, but I feel that we shouldn’t be too disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to experienced the Basket, as I believe it will happen again in 2000!

It was quite fitting that the harvester started to enter the field, as I was just about to finish my photography. "I was right " I said, as I started to exit the field, it was a tribute to what has become one of the most memorable seasons of the nineties, and one of the greatest yet!

Report by Stuart Dike

Eight-Fold Pi formation

by Peter Sorensen

The eight-fold formation that appeared with a Pi "signature" next to it at Avebury on September 1st this year (1999), is the latest English crop formation of any season in my experience. And, to my knowledge it is the last one of the Millennium! Several of its nine major circles also had very peculiar lays, including raised, snake-like coils that could be clearly seen from the air.

The unique "snakes" were formed by narrow arcs of crop which was bent (crimped) over as high as a foot above the ground, and therefore a good eight inches above the more normally flattened crop that surrounded them. The term, snake, was coined because one of them (lower left on medium-close aerial shot) suggested a loosely coiled serpent, but on the ground they defied comparison to anything. They were curved, puffy bands which went down much higher than the surrounding lay. Virtually every large circle in the formation had them, but only a few were dramatic.

Equally remarkable was the lay of the central circle, which consisted of three distinct different flows. The very center was a small, ordinary clockwise swirl with a "bird's nest" in the middle. There had been a clump of standing stalks inside the nest, but these had been cleanly cut off a few inches from the ground - probably taken by someone sampling the crop. This central swirl overlapped a radial lay that went out about 10 feet before it, in turn, overlapped a clockwise, concentric lay. (The radial and concentric flows are distinct in the aerial shot, but the little central swirl is barely recognizable.) I have never heard of combined radial and concentric flattening - have you? Radial is rare enough!

The Greek Pi symbol was a controversial feature. Suggestive of a signature, some croppies have rejected the entire formation because of it, while others believe it was merely added by an early visitor. Still others are adamant that it was/is very important. At least two dowsers found positive results.

Charles and Frances Mallet reported that the tapering point at the right end of the Pi's curvy, horizontal stroke, had a very thin (2 or 3 inch-wide) line meandering off and out into the standing crop for well over a hundred feet. Amazingly, it was crimped down just a few inches below the ears of wheat - not at the bottom of the stalks! Unfortunately, no one took an aerial close-up of the Pi, although one of my pole shots shows the horizontal stroke tapering to fine point, and there appears to be a line going straight off from it a ways.

When Charley tried to photograph it, his camera failed. He was surprised, not only because his camera had never had a problem before, but because it was a very old, mechanical camera with no electronics in it. Assuming it had simply decided to break down after all these years, he was taken aback when he thought to test it with a shot of the formation from the roadside, and it worked perfectly. His curiosity peaked, he went back into the circle, and, classically, the camera again failed - only to behave when he returned to the road. [If anyone has a photo of the mysterious line or an aerial close-up of the Pi, please contact me or the Crop Circle Connector! I would also like to hear reports of other unusual features or experiences.]

The formation may not quite qualify as a Grand Finale, but it is a fascinating finale - for the year, AND the Millennium.

The Buddhist Eight Branches of Knowledge

Dharma Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh


To the Sufi, creative expression which results from participation mystique - that is, a state of being one with nature, although not conscious of the Divine Presence - is an expression of one's vision of self within self. It is an expression which is not reflective, not polished, not aware of the total possibilities inherent in the nature of things. It is only through conscious expression that one has the more perfect vision of self reflected in the qualities of something else. The only way that expression can serve in its full capacity is when it is reflective; it becomes reflective only when conscious of the Divine Presence. The reflective surface now reflects something which is  contained, a Spirit which is not only one's own. this is the Spirit which is universal to all things; to the Sufi, it is the 'desire' which exists within things 'to be known'.

The Breath of the Compassionate. The preparedness within a thing, it's inner Archetype, is actualized in an intelligible form at the moment when its Name flows into it through a Word. The Divine Spirit or Logos flows into  a thing through the process of the Divine Breath, the Breath of the Divine name 'Rahman', Compassionate. The Name of the Compassionate manifested through the Divine Breath, is just one of the many symbolic processes which the traditional craftsman emulates. By blowing  or chanting the Divine Names upon the form to be transformed, the creative process of the breath, which contains the Divine Presence through a Name, transforms the object in hand. The creator participates as active agent and the object participates as passive recipient.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet in which he says, 'God created the universe through the Breath of the Compassionate.' The Compassionate 'Rahman' is the higher of the names, Ideas or Archetypes. "Where was your Lord before creating the visible Creation? someone asked the Prophet. His answer: "in a cloud. There was no space either above or below'. This cloud which the Divine Being exhaled, and in which it originally was, receives all forms at the same time as it gives beings their forms. It is the act of making things to exist. The Absolute, appearing in the Name, Compassion, overflowing with goodness, gives existence without limit and without end.

When the desire to be known, the preparedness, arises within a thing, the Divine in Compassion extends Itself as Archetype to the thing and becomes its receptivity, its ability to receive the theophany. This receptivity is actually what the Archetype, in its state of concrete essence, desires. Therefore, the actual effect of Compassion is to give a thing the possibility of receiving sensible existence. Compassion is given without any discrimination; Mercy, the complement, is given only for an act done. Compassion, in a sense, is the universal form of Divine giving; Mercy is the particular aspect.

Through the Name of Compassion, the Absolute breathes out upon the other Names or Archetypes. This breathing out is a means of being things into existence.  By means of the Command 'Be!" the Absolute through Compassion sends into the external, phenomenal world that which has been compressed within it.

This Divine Breath is Nature itself, just as the Breath contains all the forms of the universe in a potential state and actualizes them by exhaling, so Nature holds all forms of expression in a potential state of preparedness in which they await the appearance of the Breath of the Compassionate, the Spirit, the Logos, in order to be known.

This breath is essentially the initial act of the metaphysic of love. Love is the cause and secret of all creation and thereby the principle of all motion from desire to being known. the creation of the world, in this sense, was the motion of love towards perfection and completion. The absolute loves to be perfect in both types of forms intelligible and sensible.

Ultimately, one who wishes to know the Breath of the Compassionate need only know Self, for Self is the Lord who is manifested in the form. One's innermost being is most directly expressed through speech. Speech on the human plane reflects the Divine Word or Logos; it was the Word that create the universe and it is through the Word that it returns to God. Invocation (zikr) is the means of reaching the very substance of things within us.

Everything contains the Presence of the Divine. The ideas of intellections in our minds are like those Ideas in the mind of the Absolute.  A word contains both a meaning and the thing itself, which has a form. the meaning is permanent, the Divine Idea; the form the thing takes is but a shadow, transient. The Ideas are made temporal through the Breath of the Compassionate. In Sufism, Christ symbolizes the particular Divine Quality of the Breath of the Compassionate, for it is through the Breath that all things receive life. When the Word of God comes into the hart of anyone and the Divine Inspiration enters his heart and soul, its nature is such that there is produce in him a spiritual child having the breath of Jesus that revives the dead.'  (R. Nicholson, Mathnawl.)

The Universe, in the Sufi view, is being re-created at every moment. At every moment what appears to be a time-connected universe returns to God. There is continuous, instantaneous expansion and contraction.

The manifestation of actualized individual things occurs continually, as in successive waves. At every moment creation is annihilated  and re-created. Wtih each heartbeat we die and are reborn. the world is in intense motion, ascending towards the vertical axis within all things to meet the descent of the Absolute in manifested forms. The flow occurs in such an orderly, successive manner, according to definite patterns, that we are unaware of it, and the world appears to us to stay the same. This ever-new creation is a process which only the human form endowed with consciousness of Self can come to know.

The wonder of wonders is that the human form and all other created things are in a perpetual process of ascending. And yet one is not ordinarily aware of this because of the extreme thinness and fineness of the veil (when one looks at something through a very transparent veil, one does not become aware of the veil between oneself and the object) or because of the extreme similarity between the successive forms. How splendid is God's description of the universe, and of its perpetual renewal with each Divine Breath which constitutes an ever new creation in one single entity!  

But this is perceived by only a few, as the Quran says: "Nay, they are in utter confusion regarding the new creation." (50:15)  These people who do not perceive are in confusion because they do not know the constant renewal of things with each Divine Breath." (T. Izutsu.)

Taken from: 'Sufi  Expressions of the Mystic Quest' by Laleh Bakhtiar

In the book Channeling by Jon Klimo, on page 165, he quotes Walter Russell from a book published in 1947 of messages "of God" that were conveyed to him, he claimed, direct knowledge of how the basic universal forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and atomic energy really operate. He says:  "In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the outbreathing, radiating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescene of white-hot suns by the inward breath.

For, to thee I again say, all things are Light; and Light separates not; nor has it bounds; nor is it here and not there. Man may weave the patterns of his Self in Light of Me and of his image in divided lights of Me, e'en as the sun sets up its bow of many hues from divided Light of Me, but man cannot be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be apart from the Light of Me ... Verily, I say, every wave encompasseth every other wave unto the One; and the many are within the One, e'end down to the least waves of Me.

Crop Circle Connector Directors -Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike