by Dee Finney



12-25-03 - DREAM - I was flying in the air - (I don't recall how that came to be), I came upon a farm where the farmhouse had been demolished and destroyed. I had a long sharp knife in my hands and as I swooped around the landscape on the side of the hill, I saw ponds and marshes at the bottom of the hill. But I turned and went back on on the side of the hill, with the knife I cut a large inward moving spiral with many loops. I knew I was making a cropcircle.

 Fort Nelson, nr Portchester, Hampshire.
Reported 11th June.

Map Ref: SU 606076

Remarkable Spiral Event

Saturday the 10th of June we were privileged to film a beautifully crafted and very well constructed formation near to Nelson’s Obelisk and also near to the Roman port of Portchester, which prior to the Romans arrival had been an ancient settlement. The motif of the formation was very similar to some of the carvings in the Passage, Chamber and in particular one of the external stone carvings kerbstone 67 at Newgrange Ireland.  Newgrange dates back to about 3200 BC and I feel it is well worth visiting their web site as it clearly shows the amazing similarities to this exceptional formation.  



Julian Gibsone Director/Cameraman ‘Out in the Fields 2004’


Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2004

"This formation spans over 6 tramlines - making it possibly 300ft in width. The two circles look to be about 150ft each. Couldn't tell if these were sets of concentric rings or two spirals - the formation is in Barley." Karen Douglas. ( The formation is a short distance from Nelson's Obelisk and the location is only a few miles north of the old roman port of Portus Adurni)

Location:  Fort Nelson, nr Portchester, Hampshire. Reported 11th June.
Map: SU 606076
Crop: barley
Description: Two spirals crossing over 5 tramlines
Discovery: Friday 11th June 2004
Name: Lawrence Stanley
Status: Waiting for  aerial shots this weekend

FROM: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2004/nelson/nelson2004a.html


1-29-91 - Dream: I was sitting at the head of a large conference table. One man showed me a blue Desert Storm shield. Later on, a man was holding a contest and showed me a blue triangle with white spots on it and I was to guess what it meant. The meaning was "DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY, I MADE A MISTAKE."

Meditation: I saw a country scene with blue sky and little clouds scudding across it. The sky part was like a gable house /\ and the right side of the sky fell down.


6-5-91 Dream: In two separate dreams, I was given gold healing wands. The longest one was three inches long. There was like an arrowhead point on it except that they were equilateral triangles and part of the tip swiveled so that when the triangle part was laid on the body, an inner section tilted to lay flat on the body. There was a design etched into the triangle part that resembled the doctors staff with the snake entwined around it. I was told that these could be  manufactured, but they could not be more than three inches across because that's as far as any body orifice could be stretched (ouch)


7-24-91 - Dream: I was in a house. A man told me to tell all my friends, if they haven't already done so, to purchase a circular mat to go in the center of their livingroom floor where they stand. The colors were 33 1/3% each of Red, Orange, and Yellow - in a curved triangle of each color spiraling in toward the center. There were 1/2" rings circling within.

This crop circle was formed in England on 7-21-91 - It is the Barbury Castle Crop Circle. The mat was similar to the glyph at the lower end of the crop circle.


2-18-92 - NOTE:  I originally lived 5 blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer. I had had several dreams about him prior to him being discovered as the killer.  This dream occurred after he had been convicted and sent to prison for life.

As an added note: Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison, beaten to death in the head by an exercise machine metal bar in 1994.

DREAM - Jeffrey Dahmer was on the loose in New York City. Someone I knew well, put a bullet through his skull on the lawn when he came around the corner. When he put the gun down, I personally picked up the gun and put a second bullet through Dahmer's skull to make sure he stayed dead.

There was a city-wide search for Dahmer and then for us because we were now killers too. We went into a store and my friend bought a big table top into which he had drilled a triangle shaped device to aim a weapon from.

Then we went to a store where we found body parts stacked everywhere and we took it upon ourselves to clean it up and also to take Dahmer's souvenirs because we thought they'd be worth a fortune in the future.

Then I went into the bathroom to clean the blood off the cabinet doors. A big picture of Satan was painted in blood. I cleaned off the blood but the white doors were still stained with the shape.

I then met my friend and he told me that he and the other guy had finished sorting out what stuff they had found in the attic and I could take my pick of what was left.  I then realized that my friend was the man S (my psychic friend) had spoken of that I would start a friendship with but it wouldn't work out.

I then saw a newspaper picture that was blood red. It was a photo of my friend and his two friends. they had been photographed on the balcony of the building throwing blood red dung at a sign that had the words, "FOR SURE" on it. Now I realized that the whole world would know who they were and they were marked men who would have to be destroyed by Satan's followers who loved Dahmer.


7-15-93 - DREAM - I had been ill and a large white triangle was placed in my abdomen on the left side. This was seen many times.

NOTE: I had actually been hospitalized for a week and been tested for my heart and other medical tests of my blood. It turned out that I was anemic and very low on iron, which caused my heart problem as well.


11-17-93 - VISION - I saw a pure crystal triangle in bright red. A voice said, "If you are looking to become a sage, you will find it in Lottingrad." (Leningrad?) Then the triangle became 3 red triangles, then the triangles became part of 3 red rectangles standing on end.


4-6-96 - VISION/DREAM - I was in the "E" building locker room. A voice said to me, "What are in the blue boxes?" I looked to the left side and saw a row of red covered boxes. So, I looked closer and saw two blue covered boxes in locker #4 or 5 from the left. The boxes were as large as copier paper boxes, covers were bright blue with white triangles in various positions around the rim. (not equilateral triangles..more long on the bottom edge) I loosed closer at the boxes and they were labeled 'S.T.F. CHALLENGE".

I didn't immediately know what it meant but S.T.S. means Service to Self, and S.T.O. means Service to Others. I thought it might mean Service to Father. I didn't know what this meant but possible a test to be undergone. I began to pray the "Our Father" prayer and went into another dream/vision.

This time I opened a closet door and under some papers was a shoebox type box with a blue cover. The box was blurrily labeled "FOXGLOVE".

I wasn't certain if that's really what it was because it was blurry, so I asked for it to be clarified. Down in the lower corner of my vision the word, 'FOXGLOVE' appears very white and clear.

NOTE: Foxglove is Digitalis used to strengthen the heartbeat. (Makes it beat slower and harder). I had been having heartbeat problems all night, beating too slow and hard, which for me I've determined over time is caused by too little iron in my blood.


12-10-96 - MEDITATION - I asked what kind of group we should have and I saw the (CC: (box) listen or symbol from the Internet and the triangle symbol from America On Line, so I knew I should listen to those on America On Line.


12-11-96 - MEDITATION - I called Harold Klemp (the head of Eckankar) and instantly saw him walking by a lake, wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans.

I saw a cartoonish scene of an oriental type porch on a second floor. A man came out and jumped off to commit suicide. A chubby guy in a funny oriental suit came out the curtain, reached over and grabbed the guy and hauled him back.

The guy tried to commit suicide again, and the chubby guy came out and grabbed him faster. The third time the guy tried to jump off the porch, the chubby guy was there to save him instantly.

I called Harold Klemp's name again and instantly saw him again.

I slipped into a dream. I was kneeling on a pillow in front of a bright sunny window meditating. I felt dizzy doing that, so  I got off the pillow and got down on the floor and faced the window on my knees to meditate.  I still didn't feel stable, so I bent over and put my head on the floor. I could see the varicolored triangles on the linoleum on the floor right beneath me so there was no padding whatsoever.

I knew my mother wouldn't like me doing this so I pretended I was talking on the phone. So, I held a white phone in my hand. I heard my mother coming and I couldn't get up fast enough so my mother came into the room and took the phone away from me. My mother talked on the phone herself then. She said, "I caught her trying to talk on the phone."

I slipped into another dream where I was walking through a hallway. I saw at least a dozen moths sitting on the wall. I ran back into the kitchen to grab a broom and ran back and started to swat at the moths but most of them moved before I could hit them. I noticed I was too slow and the broom felt extraordinarily heavy. Then I noticed I was using a heavy sponge mop instead of the broom. I saw the broom standing there then and went back to hitting the bugs with the broom. Some of the bugs were so large they wore jeweled crown hats like kings. I beat on them even harder, when I hit the last one to death, the wall fell away and I saw my flower garden. The roses had bloomed and the petals had already fallen off and I missed all the beauty because I had been so busy killing bugs inside the house.


1-3-97 - MEDITATION - I saw a little square that was labeled "Master Plan"'. It was followed by a larger square that was labeled, "Poison in the Sky". That was followed by a third box labeled, "Poison in the Sky".

I slipped into a dream. I was in my apartment looking out onto a larger expanse of sky. I noticed a bottom corner of the window and a small triangle of glass was missing. I knew immediately that something was wrong and that an intruder had come in. I looked and looked for something out of place for a clue....something missing.  I had on a stereo with loud music. Suddenly that seemed foolish because the intruder might come back and know I was there.  so, I shut off the stereo to attain quiet and for some reason, went to bed and was painting the white stereo speaker with brown paint or stain.

Some people (woman dressed in grey coveralls) came in who said they were the maintenance crew. They looked at the ceiling and told me the ceiling fan had burned out. What I saw was that the ceiling fan was gone.

Two little boys came in and said that he had left the bathroom ceiling fan on and went away. so, the crew was working on the ceiling fan.

Joe came in with Pat and I was going to tell him to bring me another car and I'd just write him a check for cash but he got away and left before I could do that.


8-17-97 The date of this dream (7-24-91) is a clue. 7-24-91 was just a few days after the Barbury Castle crop circle formation. The division of your circle into a triangle of three colors fits with the crop formation. It is three circular areas in a triangle. It is related to the Trinity of Creation, I do believe. Your drawing which you sent to me looks much like a crop circle, like lines of wheat stalks laying down.

The way your lines go toward the center may connect with the north glyph in the crop pattern. There were six lines with the wheatstalks going inward toward the center. The colors in your dream, Red, Orange, and Yellow are sun colors. I knew when I first the crop circle that the North glyph in the crop formation was a sun symbol, associated with "male". Very similar glyphs are in "The Sacred Symbols of MU". In a later article about the crop circle, it said that the three corner glyphs have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to sun/sulfur, the moon/salt, and Mercury/quicksilver.

In the Hopi Creation Myth, there is a sun inside a square shape in the sky. The mat in the room is like a circle inside a square.

by Joe Mason



4-16-97 - VISIONS - Energy triangles given


4-24-97 - VISION - I was shown that everything was going as it should. I was shown a calendar. On the calendar on the right side, above the dates, I saw two triangles. They said that they had given me the 1st one on the 1st and that I am now working on the 2nd one.


4-29-97 - VISION - A third triangle was given to me. It was called "freedom".



Request for health status of a person. I took this person to a healing temple on the high astral level using the crystal. The diagnosis was, "deadly". "There are many things that can be done to help her. The best thing to do would be to marry quickly so if something bad happens, the children would have a father." (This is an unmarried mother of 4. The Father has absented himself from his children)

I went into a dream where I was in a hospital type place. A woman was trying to connect on a telephone to a place named "Lebanon". I felt it was either 'Cedars of Lebanon Hospital' or 'Cedars of Lebanon Organization'. (Not sure if this is accurate)

Other dreams continued showing me symbols to choose from with which to treat this woman of her illness. The one I chose was a double triangle laying on it's side the point facing left. (A smaller triangle within a larger triangle. The bottoms and top met...the angles were different for the smaller triangle) This triangle was used to gather information for this woman by raking it sideways to the right. (Example would be: drawing tracks through mashed potatoes with a fork :-)

The other symbols were a square with rounded corners and an upsidedown "T". Those were not chosen.


August, 1997, Dream #5 - I went to work at a company in the city. There was a triangle of dots as a logo for the company. I got in the car and then decided to ask the President of the company next to it if there was such an abundance of mail for me that it was being delivered to him. I thought it natural that he should come to me instead.


9-7-97 - Dream - I received a four page letter of commendation. It said that I had earned another black ring but that I already had too many black rings, so they were going to give me something else. The ring they showed me that I had too many of, was a large black onyx stone - a round cabachon with three diamonds embedded in the top like a triangle.


9-12-97 - Dream:  I was getting ready for my trip and dying my hair black. I started at 6 p.m. on the clock. It was taking a long time and while I was doing it, I had visitors.

Joe came in some fashion and we exchanged words of love. I couldn't remember seeing him, so it could have been a  phone conversation or on the computer.

My mother and father came. My father was like a presence. I did not actually see him. My mother sat on the floor dressed in black. Her hair was three toned, black at the roots, brown further up and blonde in the center. My mother just smiled. My father wanted to know who I had told about the trip. I thought about it and said, "Almost no one, but I told my ex-husband first." My father was pleased with that and they left.  R.R. arrived and began cooking breakfast for himself. He cooked things I don't have in my house - toast, eggs, and bacon. He ate it while I was rinsing my hair. It was now 6:30 p.m. on the clock. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It gushed rusty orange, then went clear - I rinsed my hair but it never got wet and the clothes that were piled neatly in the sink never got wet either.

I went to comb my hair then and the hair was two tone. It was black except for a pure white triangle in the center of my head. There was no hair at all in the front of my head. Then I noticed I was wearing a green scarf with curlers under it in front and felt stupid that I hadn't taken the curlers out.  I combed it out and it was now all brown and standing on end and then went back to normal reddish color.

R..R. finished eating and after I complained about having no hair, he showed me the back of his head. It was  shaved except for a black section down the back center like a mini mohawk hairdo. He then pointed out a small bookcase too me. He said, "There are 36 individual books here for children. Then he reached into another bookcase and handed me three books. He said, "Here! Read these...the three bears ...Sun Bear, Jean Bear, and ... (I woke up while he was saying the last one and didn't get it.)


9-17-97 - Dream: - I was working in a very large company and sitting at my desk. A woman called me on the phone and asked me if I would make the last ice delivery of the day. (It seemed that the women took turns doing this). I looked at the clock. It was 5:40p.m. or 20 minutes to 6p.m. I got up to do the ice run. A woman appeared out of nowhere and stood by the filing cabinets on the left of my desk.

I needed to comb my hair before I made the ice run and found that the comb would not go all the way through my hair to the bottom. I had to comb the snags and snarls out before I could go and I did this.

A young woman came into the room in a wheelchair. She was very down and felt unable to do anything. I encouraged her to come with me on the ice run and coaxed her continuously all the way down the hall with me.

I  met a dark curly haired man who was going to race a car up the mountain. He was so excited, I decided to go along. The car was in a tunnel-like place. I saw another man sitting on the passenger side. I opened the door and the man seemed to be unconscious and leaning over against the dark haired driver.  The man in the center also had dark curly hair but was a larger man. I looked at him and saw him smiling but trying not to smile and not being able to control it, so I knew he was only pretending to be unconscious.

This car was deep dark blue. When I closed the door, I saw there was no door panel on the passenger side, but there was a wide bar where I could hang onto in case the driver made some wild turns. There also was no seat belt. It was going to be a wild ride up the mountain.

The driver started the car and made an impossible right turn inside the tunnel-like place we were parked in.

I was suddenly back in the office and a woman brought me a brown box half-full of things to take on my trip. Above the items were two lazer bright spot lights shining end to end inside the box. I immediately knew that this was the second box they had given me. I had received one the day before also. I told the woman to make sure that if anything else got packed in the box that the spotlights could be seen.

I was them presented with a calendar. I think it said 'CHAT' on top. The spaces were all blank so nothing was scheduled yet.

There was also a small line in blue that said 'percent completed' and then 'acknowledged by.'

I had a computer mouse in my hand and clicked on the 'percent completed' and the AOL triangle began to spin...then I realized nothing was scheduled yet and woke up.


9-27-97 - Dream - I was walking down the street coming back from the hospital, on the way to my apartment where I had to let a workman in to fix a refrigerator for Judy in #302.

I met D.W. and thanked her for interceding for me in getting a favor done. I told her I needed a job and she took me down the street to a store front office across from A.C. on 70th Street. The man at the desk was like a minister. He did good things for people and had an agency of some kind too. The people in the office talked amongst each other and asked me to wash a desk top off which I would work at. It looked charred around the edges like it had been on fire at some point.

There was a whole stack of training manuals there with a VCR and tape recorder.

When I finished washing off the desk, a heavyset woman who was like a nun dressed in grey, walked up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Congratulations! You've got the job, you start on Thursday!"  I gave her a hug and kissed her and she started to cry. I thanked the other woman in the office as well who was dressed in yellow. I then went over to the desk where the minister/head guy sat and thanked him. I said, "You know, I never even brought my resume in to show you." He said, "We heard that you do good things for people and that is what counts."

I then got up to go outside. I went out the door and discovered I was naked and quickly went back inside to put my clothes on. The woman in yellow said, "I do that all the time. I wish we could be naked because afterall, this is summer."

(The clothes weren't actually clothes, but symbols like squares, triangles, and circles.)


October, 1997 #4 - DREAM - I was driving my car to the new apartment. You drove the car standing up in the middle of the front seat. A seat belt held you in place which went from you to a holder on the left seat which was numbered 108 to a holder on the right which was numbered 108. The strap formed a triangle. In front of the driver was a round gadget into which he typed his dreams while traveling.


October, 1997 - #5 - DREAM - I was in a U shaped house. I was in the remodeled section of the bottom of the U, separated from the 30 foot room by a 3 foot door. The 30 foot room also had a front door going outside. I was told by a voice that part of the room I was in was remodeled from the portion that was attached to the 30 foot room. I could see the lines in the ceiling and the floor where the walls had been removed. There had been another section on the other side of the 30 foot room so the house originally looked like an upside down T. Now it looked like a U. I do not recall seeing my furniture in the 30 foot section, but I could see we had too much furniture in the section I was in. There was a dresser with two white lamps on it. The lamp stands were standing in the middle of the room. There was no room to put them by the wall, so I turned one upsidedown on top of the other, thinking I would have to remove them from the room otherwise. A child came in and told me she was leaving and I could have her dolls. It was a Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. As I held Barbie in my hands, the head changed to a rabbit head with long ears.

Over in the corner, on the right, a man with white hair sat at a desk. He was sewing something on a sewing machine. There were two children on top of the desk playing also. The girl child was shooting pool. With the triangle with 9 balls, and a pool cue.

I walked to the back door which was a door at the end of this 30 foot section to the left of the man. I saw a black woman standing there with two children, also a boy and a girl. I said, "Oh! I didn't know you were there. You've been so patient to wait so long."  She smiled at me. The blonde mother of the other two children was there to drive her two children and the black woman and her two children away in a white car which was parked outside.

Behind the car was a large blue curtain or blanket hanging on a line which I said I was going to have to take down.  One the right was a shelf case with objects on it like empty urns or vass. I said I was going to have to take these inside to clean up the yard.


#5 - DREAM - I was living in a new apartment and discovered that the bathroom was in the next building over. I thought it was real strange that my apartment building didn't have it's own bathroom. I intended to look for it later. I went into the bathroom and discovered it had 12 foot ceilings and the walls were light green. I could hear people's voices from other bathrooms when I was in there.

When I came back out of the bathroom, I said to myself, "I'm not going to want to go outside to the bathroom all winter." I went into my apartment and found I was living with many women. I asked one what time it was and she said it was 12:30p.m. I was shocked because I thought Joe had just left for work and he leaves at 5:30a.m. "How could it have gotten so late?"

I was rushing around trying to get dressed and asked another woman what time it was. She said it was 10::30a.m.  That felt a little better but I was still late and I still had to put panty hose on. I was trying to find the right pair without runs and finally found a pair that had beige slacks on the inside of them. I finally found a pair and reached down to put them and discovered that I already had some on.

There were two woman wrestling on the bed behind me and one woman was trying to strangle the other one with a blue satin jacket around her neck and face. I was worried about the woman being strangled but saw that she was still smiling and laughing so I let it continue. When the woman finally got up I was that she was not as she had appeared. She was ugly and had her hair cut like a man. I was really disgusted by the change in her.

A man came to demonstrate a carpet cleaner and I could see a wet streak on the brown carpet where he had tested it, but I didn't think the carpet was dirty to begin with. But a woman took a white flowered skirt and wiped it over the wet streak and said, "Look! It didn't leave any stain on my white garment.  We should use him."

I asked another woman what time it was and she said, 9:30a.m. That was better but I was still late.

I ran out of the apartment and wanted to take a shortcut through the hallway where I worked on the 1st floor. A black man came in and was leering at me, suggestively. He kept following me so I ran away uphill yelling, "Help!  Help!"  He just laughed.

Then I tried to take a shortcut through the 1st floor factory, but big square agricultural threshing machines were being brought out through the tunnel, so I couldn't go through the tunnel. The machines were orange/brown and square and really big  Each machine had a two man crew, one to drive it and one to direct it. Every which way I turned, a machine was coming my way. I was becoming trapped by the machines. Finally, I was completely surround by these huge machines and trapped and feeling a great deal of fear, the morphed into white washing machines that were triangle shaped. There were 6 of them.  

I was completely surrounded and scared half out of my wits. One man said, "All you have to do is touch it, and it will move. I put my hand out and the machine instantly moved backwards. I as elated and the machine moved backwards out of my way and I continued on into work.

When I got upstairs, I saw two women coming up the stairs as though they were one. Their feet moved in unison. They were dressed in orange paisley material. As they whirled   around the corner to the left, the leftmost woman threw off the rightmost woman onto the floor and she lay there like a beach whale.

I went into my office and discovered that I was on time afterall.  All the offices were decorated for Christmas. I found my gifts which were already purchased and  prepared and put them under the trees in my office. Two little black boys sat there expectantly and I said to them, "It looks like it's going to be someone's birthday!"  And we were all happy.

(When I closed my eyes to sleep, I was seeing purple triangles and start bursts of light and then my head filled with light.)


11-1-97 -VISION - I saw 3 book pages, 61, 62, and 63.  A voice said, "This information is being transmitted directly from God."

"CQ goes from stock to residency"

"Everyone knows the importance of Sargeant numbers".

"Page 1 - You must relax"

"Page 2 - or we can't tell you about the celebration of the feathers."

"Page 3 - There is someone on your side."

"Want a new club?" I took a heavy piece of silver triangle in my left hand. It was very sharp and negative feeling.

"What about Anton?"

"What about the lamp?"

"I'll just sit here and write love stories."


11-17-97 - DREAM - I lived in a big old house. It was in Milwaukee I think but not sure, on the south side of the city.

My son Tom and his wife Becky came to visit. I was helping Tom do something that Becky didn't like and then he helped me. I had some bookcases and was rearranging the books and put all the Bibles and religious books on the bottom shelves. Some of them were very old but I considered the knowledge valuable. While I was doing this, Becky went into my bedroom alone which was a huge room.

She and Tom left then and I went to the bedroom to sort clothes I was going to do laundry. I also went out into the livingroom and found 8 pair of socks under the chair cushion. There was a young man there. (I don't know who) I said, "It's no wonder the kids never have any socks to wear because I also started finding lost socks too that I knew I'd be able to match up with other unmatched socks.

I then went back in the bedroom and looked at the bed. Becky had placed marbles on my bed like amulets all over my bed at measured intervals and also around the bed at measured intervals. I then noticed there were little wooden disks and wooden triangles placed in other configurations on the floor apparently as a gesture of warding off what she considered evil. So, I went about picking up the marbles, disks, and triangles and any other object that she might have used against me so it couldn't be done again.

I heard the doorbell ring and went to the door. It was a young couple I had seen before. They needed directions to find Dundee Ave. which I knew ran southeast on a slant from near where I lived. They had come to ask for help because I had helped them once before and they knew I knew how to get to Dundee Ave.

I considered their 2nd request to be an imposition because they should have learned from the 1st time. When they left, the woman went out to the street, but the man hung out by the door trying to think of excuses to look up other places to go to.

I wasn't alone in the house, because I could hear snoring from an upstairs apartment, but I knew that a sleeping man would be no help to me. I tried to lock the screen door but the lock was a little flimsy turn thing and he got the door open again against my will. I said, "I'd appreciate it if you'd go elsewhere to ask for directions in the future.""  Feeling a little ominous at this point, I pushed him back with the screen door, the quickly locked it.

Now, he pulled something sharp like a knife out of his pocket and made a horizontal slit in the screen and shoved in a dark book I didn't want.

At that same moment, a dark haired woman came to the door who also lived in my building and she had 7 or 8 old white haired ladies with her. I couldn't let them stand outside with the menacing man so I had to unlock the screen door and let them in.  So, I unlocked the door pushing the man back once more, letting the woman in. I told them to call 911 and at the same time saw another old lady trimming the bushes in the yard and I couldn't let her out there alone either.

One old lady had a cell phone and called 911 and I went outside to protect the other old lady from the man who was now brandishing a visible knife. The old woman had a pair of big shears in her hand but didn't notice the dangerous man.

I heard the siren coming now and dark black cars started coming into the yard first and dark men dressed in black all brandishing knives at me came to help the younger man.  I'd say there were 8 or 10 of them.

I saw the police car which was black and white, but one policeman couldn't contain 10 men with knives so I ended up knocking the young man over myself at which point the other men stopped coming towards me too.  At that point I woke up.


11-17-97 - DREAM - I was inside my house and I went to the first door on which hung my personal symbol on a string. It was two triangles, points facing left, intertwined with a candle standing up on the lower edge and going up through them.

They were hanging on an 18" string which made them too low to see properly.  

I looked into a mirror then to see my face. It was cartoonish and clownish. The face was too low to see my mouth.

I then went out to get into my car. It was black. At first I was not driving it. I sat in the back seat and a man drove it. After going a ways, I wanted to turn right, but there was a high wall on the right and we couldn't see that way.  Cross traffic from that direction was coming from that way too fast to make the turn safely.  

We stopped at that point and I saw some things on the highway next to the car which belonged to me that had fallen out the last time I had been through this way.. I asked the driver to pick up the window wiper which actually looked like a shoe horn. There were three other little black boxes but I didn't ask for those.

We went a couple more blocks straight ahead and I again asked to turn right. When we did, we had to go over some huge rocks. At that point I had to get out of the car and there was an old-old man there calling his hotel for messages. He told the operator his phone number was 000-000-0000.  When the operator answered, he had to give his password. It was 377-7777.  He explained to the other two men with him, "I could never remember my phone number when I traveled so they gave me this number instead.

I decided to continue driving at this point, but I was outside the car - alone. The driver had stayed behind with the old-old man and his companions.

The car, as it went farther along, got farther and farther away from me. I found that i was also at a fixed point with the old-old man.  I had to drive with one finger on the wheel tracking some red stuff that looked like fish food flakes.

My driving got more and more erratic as the car got farther away from me. I made a couple really bad left turns across traffic which I had to correct quickly.  Finally, I lost control completely.  The car turned right and I lost sight of it. It had gone too far right to see from my perspective o the corner with the old-old man.

I woke up and could only remember the dream if I faced right, the way I had been sleeping.  If I rolled over, face up or left, the dream was instantly gone out of my head. When I rolled back to the right, it came back in clearly. I experimented with that three times.  I was astonished at the experience.

11-18-97 - DREAM - I was pulled into the dream state from an outside source.  I'm not sure how that happened.

The dream took place at a huge apartment complex. The main character was my friend Michele. I caught someone named Caroline listening at her apartment door twice and I had to take Michele aside and tell her.  I was then shown a puzzle called the Purple S and saw the bottom line word  WHISTLE. The S was a purple tube like thing standing up.


1-8-98 - VISIONS:  I saw a small magazine similar to FATE magazine. It was called THE OCCULT LOOK BOOK.

I saw a large circle with a very small circle in the center. At the top was a triangle with the point towards the enter, and little marks going out toward the rounded edge.  Below that, it said, 2012, RETURN TO ZERO POINT.

I saw a large circle with writing in each of the quadrants where clock numbers would be. I heard a voice say, "This is not going to work. This is not going to work!"   Somehow I knew that Noah's Ark will actually be found.

I saw something that was an "official counter" and heard bells tinkling very prettily.


1-13-98 - DREAM - I spent 6 1/2 hours visualizing a shape similar to a triangle but a  little different because I didn't know if it existed. I was comparing it to another shape. I knew the name of the shape, but as soon as I opened my eyes, I couldn't even remember the name of the shape much less describe it.


3-7-98 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place and it felt and seemed like we were all older teenagers. The boys were having contests of skill with each other. None of the girls were welcome to participate as we were considered too dumb or inept.

I have forgotten what kind of game took place inside the school, but the second game was outside. Before I went to the game, I walked up to the 12th floor on a spiral staircase. This was also somewhat part of the game with one of the boys like "I dare you" type thing because girls can't do it.

I accomplished this, then went back down and outside. It was a long walk from my 16th St. house to the location of the contest which was on Teutonia and Meinecke Aves. (I was actually baptized in a Lutheran church on that corner)

I started walked and running and walking towards the location, but I felt as though I was going too fast, so  I stopped on 15th and Clark and just stood on the corner so it wouldn't seem I was too eager to show off. While I stood there, a large white enclosed van sent by and went south on 15th St. He was delivering big screen white television sets to houses there. He saw me standing on the corner and I had been there a long time already so I decided I would continue my walk because I didn't want him to wonder why  I was there loitering.

I hurried to the site of the contest where there was a huge triangle in the sky in the East. It was a right angled triangle with balls on the corners. It was shaped like:

The contest was an attempt by the boys to somehow make the triangle become a: triangle.

The boys were certain that I couldn't possibly accomplish this and wouldn't even let me try, so I went further north on Teutonia and stepped on a large button on the side of the road by the sidewalk which made two triangles pop into view in the sky in the East.

The boys were not aware that I even there, nor did they know that I could step on another button and change the triangles as I desired just with thought or step on the button and make them disappear from view completely because I had created them in the first place.


4-10-98 - DREAM - After I got home, I was also at work. Everyone else was having a really bad day, but I was having a really great day. People were giving me compliments.

I discovered that we were going to move again. My husband didn't like living on the east side and he made arrangements to move to a higher numbered street. I was hoping it wouldn't be 21st St. because that was a bad neighborhood, but some higher numbered street.

I was starting to pack the pillows and blankets. I knew we weren't leaving anything behind and we weren't throwing anything away, so I was packing little shapes like triangles and squares, etc. and found a box to put them in and I was ready to go.


4-12-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and three files were placed there. These were UFO sightings I believe or abductee stories.  They were oddly shaped...triangle shaped on top and round on the bottom like upsidedown ice cream cones.


4-23-98 - DREAM - I was with Joe on the bed and he was about to get ready for work. The time was almost 5 minutes to 8. The clock was an hour behind what it was supposed to be. Joe's brother came in. He was wearing a long light green robe with a purplish tunic over it. My oldest son (Michael) was about 12...was out in the hall. My son lived with Joe's brother.

Joe's brother had all his hair cut off in a 'butch' brush type hairdo, his hair was gray. He had white rings around both eyes and his mouth and beard was about 3 day's growth. He was telling me that his mother was very domineering and his family was always very eager to give advice on how to deal with it.

When Joe's brother came in, I moved down to the foot of the bed and sat on the edge and Joe's brother sat at the head of the bed with Joe.  (We were sitting in a triangle shape)

I decided I would be the one who would just sit and listen and soak up his negative vibrations or energies instead of giving more advice.  

The dream was called, "World Peace Revolution"


5-25-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page with a small rectangular window on it on which positive statements were appearing. I clicked on the window and it became larger. More and more sentences appeared at various places in the window seemingly at random but increasingly filling in the space. A long narrow arrow appeared at the bottom of the window, such as like a pool cue. It was similar to a slide bar with one end smaller than the other. I knew that clicking on that arrow would affect the window and it's contents. I tentatively and hesitantly clicked on the larger end of the arrow and the window instantly got larger. More and more positive statements appeared at random within that window until the space was filled. When it was full, a large graphic appeared suddenly, superimposed over the window. It had large open eye within a Triangle above it, it said, "THURSDAY" which reminded me of the CBS logo and the dollar bill.  


6-24-98 - DREAM - I was sitting at my bosses desk, taking dictation from him and answering the phone.The phone rang and it was his wife, calling from the next room. While he was talking on the phone, I noticed my pen had run out of ink and I needed a new one or I wouldn't work late. I saw that he had 4 or 5 black pens on his desk, but I didn't want to use his pens, so I went into the cabinet and got out a brand new BLUE BIC pen that you can see the ink in the barrel and then there was a little triangle shaped pen stand there and I kept trying to make it stand up on the desk and it kept falling over.

The Boss and his wife were acting like they were having an illicit love affair on the phone and acting all serious about it, but I thought it was 'cute' and kept the romance alive.

At the end, I was taking care of a small black boy and he didn't have his shoes on, so I bribed him by offering him "something green". I actually was a $20 bill and it belonged to the child. We had used it for collateral to collect silver coins.


7-15-98 - VISION - I saw a three tiered group of people like a choir standing on line to sing. In the center of the group were were people missing which had to be filled in. The missing people were in a triangle.


7-17-98 - DREAM - I was at a hospital with my friend Alice. Her father was there for tests. They were going to take him down the elevator. A man in white was by the controls of the elevator and Alice was standing in the back. Her father's cart was by my right side. Suddenly, a short little woman pushed past me and said, "Her Father is dead!"

There was no need for me to squeeze into the elevator with them and the body, so I went into a room nearby. Suddenly, Alice's Father appeared in the doorway. He looked like a big white square pillow. His eyes were huge and yellow and were looking upward and to the right.

A voice said, "THE BIT-MOTHER" is dead".  

The scene changed to a web page. I could see just the big triangle from AOL on the page, and as I looked at it, a big dragon head or alligator came out of it.


8-27-98 - I went back to sleep and now met a man and a woman dressed in black and white. I seemed to be dressed in the same black and white clothes. He had a long protrusion like a unicorn but it was by his belly button. He rammed the protrusion from his belly button through m body and said, "Now you are healed."

In the dream I woke up in a hospital bed and saw a flock of bright green pheasants out the window. They were strolling through the yard. I had seem many brown pheasants in my life, but these were bright green. Occasionally, one would ruffle it's feathers and it would shimmer reddish-brown, but turn bright green again. I was amazed at their coloration and at how many there were. More and more of them gathered together as they began moving toward the west.

Another girl patient was in my room and my young son Bob was visiting. I hollered to them, "Is this real or am I dreaming this?"

I knew the flock was getting ready to take off into flight and it would be too late for them to see the green pheasants out my window, so I told them to look out another window on the north side of the room where they would appear next. I said, "Tell me if I'm dreaming or not."

They managed to get to the other window just in time to see the green flock take off towards the west. "It's a sure sign of fall," I said.

The nurse came in then and I was sitting up in bed. I said, "I think I feel better now. It's time for me to go home." I reached up to the top of my head. It was wrapped in a scarf. I took off the scarf and there were dozens of rollers my hair and my hair felt wet. I said, "Oh! My hair isn't dry yet." I patted my head on top of the rollers a few times to be sure I was right.

I looked at my bed then. Under the covers, on the sheet, were little flakes of white. It resembled coconut, but I don't know what it was. I felt rather embarrassed about it, but didn't know what to do about it either.

I said to the other girl, "You want to listen to my radio?" I had a walk-man with me. She said, "No!" but the next time I looked, she had the earphones over her head and was enjoying the music playing and looked happy.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so went out into the hallway to find the bathroom. I ended up in a room where there were small toilets, but it appeared to be a kitchen and I thought it was very inappropriate to have toilets in a kitchen and refused to use one. Another woman was also looking for a toilet and sat down on one of the silver metal toilets that had double sealed metal on top and she laughed and said, "I look like Mary ____ or something."

NOTE: I made special note of the toilet and table arrangement. They were in overlapping triangle geometry

So I left the room to find another bathroom. I wasn't finding any, so went outside. I was wearing a light brown sheath dress with a light brown jacket and went walking down the street. There were people everywhere. I saw new construction up in the next block and thought maybe the crew had a toilet with them. I walked up there and found only children playing amongst the framed in building.

I had to go really bad by now and thought maybe I could go behind some bushes. I found a spot just as a car pulled into the parking lot up hill from where I was. I had taken my jacket off and thought, "They'll know I peed here because I have my jacket off." But I was desperate, squatted down and peed."  I shook myself off like a guy does so there wouldn't be any wet spot on my dress and stood up again. So, I walked back up the street feeling a lot better, but every guy I came to grinned at me because I had my jacket off and that automatically meant that I had peed outside.

I knew I had to go home now and met up with the other patient from my room and her mother who had parked her car outside our room. I got into the car and the woman looked backwards and began driving backwards at a great rate of speed. I decided I wasn't going to freak out even though the backwards speed felt bad, but she didn't go too far and I got out of the car to walk the rest of the way myself.  I knew I was going to have to go back to the hospital and get my stuff I left behind, but decided to worry about that later.


9-10-98 - DREAM - I was in my apartment, seemingly on Jackson St., in Milwaukee. My son Tom came to visit for the day and asked if he could bring a couple psychic friends over. I thought that was pretty exciting and would be fun so I said, "Okay!"

First a young blonde woman came in and we started to converse, but I wasn't hearing what she was saying because the radio was on, so I went to turn off the radio which was on the other side of the room. I came back and sat down and as soon as she started to talk, the radio was back on, so  I had to shut it off again. As soon as I came back and she said two words, again the radio was playing.  This time the radio next to my right shoulder was playing. I shut that one off and that ended the problem.

By now, Tom had brought several more people in. Two guys were over 7 feet tall. Tom is 6'6" tall and these two guys were way taller than Tom. Two o the women also came in who were psychics and Tom explained that he had wanted the older women psychics to examine the two guys who were seemingly telepathic with each other.

The older women started with the younger girl. They went to stand in front of a large mirror and the younger girl started talking like a young child. I could barely understand what the child was saying. (Cannot remember either) Then she started speaking like an older man with a foreign accent. (Cannot remember the words) By now I was wondering if she was going to examine me too.

Meanwhile, one of the tall guys was writing on my wall in blue chalk. There was a date of March 1, 1996. He wrote under the date, "When you had the dream of the baby on this date, did you become more psychic?"

I knew  I was going to have to check my dream journal and see what I dreamed that day.

Then I noticed that the same guy had drawn the outline of a huge mural on the wall in my livingroom. It was huge and covered the whole wall. In the background was a huge oriental temple and in the foreground were trees and flowers and in the center were 3 different beasts of burden. I was hoping it could all be painted in.

I was really excited by now, but I had to go to the bathroom.  I went down the hallway, but one of the guys was already in the bathroom, so I started searching for another bathroom. I remembered I had a second bathroom inside the bedroom. When I got there, a young blonde woman was in there and just about to come out, but when I indicated I needed to close the door she moved aside but on the inside of the door, so that when the door closed, she was still inside the room.  I was thinking to myself how stupid that was and I opened the door again and had to physically grab the woman by the arm and steer her out the door. Then I noticed that when I grabbed her arm, the girl had no lower arms or hands. I tried not to cringe when I touched her and hurt her feelings, but it was hard not to cringe.

I went outside then and an orange cat came along with a big yellow tropical fish in his mouth, like a triangle with a black stripe on it. The cat wanted to go into the building so I opened the door for it. I knew that was a mistake right away because the cat ran up the stairs and began eating the fish and immediately the fish oil began dripping through the ceiling onto the floor where  I was standing and seeping through the wall.

The stairs and walls were all brown wood and I started climbing the stairs to get the cat and when I got half way up the stairs, the stairs disappeared and there I was, standing in the air against the wall way up high. I started freaking out and sliding back down the wall, but I mentally remembered where the stairs were and again started climbing them because I believed they were there.

When I got upstairs, I was seemingly back in my apartment but there was no furniture and no people and it was all brown wood.  The room started flipping back and forth from real looking to cartoon looking, to real, to cartoon, back and forth. I knew it was time to get out of there and woke up.


9-28-98 - DREAM - Most details are gone from the beginning of this dream, but this is the ending.

It seemed I worked and lived in the same building. An old lady needed to do her laundry and was carrying it to the laundry room. I saw that other people had left colorful sheets all over the floor so I moved them all aside so the old lady wouldn't trip and fall.

In a big diningroom, there was a discussion going on about what kind of food to serve. One guy had three tall tubs of something from a restaurant, and we discussed whether it was good or bad, but can't remember what it was.  I had a strong vision of a fish fin, it looked like a shark. It was triangle shaped, dark black but not shiny, and 3 graduated slots in it.

I was then working in an office with David (he was in a purchasing job) We had to take turns going to the bathroom so there was always somebody there to man the phone.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or not, but I found myself inside of a 3 person airplane, sitting on the floor with a skinny teenage boy. The pilot was showing us how it felt to fly (I've never been in a real airplane)  The kid had been up with him before and I was quizzing him on the terminology of the various parts. It felt incredibly wonderful to float on the breeze like a bird, tilting and gliding smoothly between objects as we were pretty low to the ground. The pilot started flying higher then and I was anticipating seeing what the ground looked like from higher up. From my vantage point, I could see only the sky.

Then the pilot took the plane straight up and instead of screaming in fear, I just closed my eyes and experienced the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I could see the pilot parachuting down off in the distance. He had jumped out of the plane and left the kid and I alone in the plane and the kid had never even soloed. Neither one of us was even a seat, we were sitting on the floor behind the tall stool where the pilot had sat. So, I stood up and picked the teenager up under his armpits and place him on the stool and I sat on the floor next to him.  I told him to tell me if there was anything I could do to help.

He said there was nothing I could do.  Next thing, we came swooping in to land. It appeared we were coming in to land between two bridge railings and I saw that there were no wings on our plane and we were sliding in on one of those rocket sled test things like they have in the desert.  I seemed to be outside of my body watching from a different vantage point and we were sliding backwards strapped into these sled seats. First, when we crashed into the barrier that was meant to stop the sled, I saw the teenagers face for all distorted and then mine went all distorted, my mouth flew open to scream my tongue protruded and my eyes went all weird. There was no pain, and I woke up instantly.


10-9-98 - DREAM - This was another inside is outside scene where my kitchen was also outside with no outside walls, just interior ones which divided the rooms. None of this makes any sense logically, I just have to accept what is...as fact.

The house had been built in such a way that didn't leave room for certain factoids to fit into it. I was in the kitchen sitting on the floor and a huge boat parked next to me. It seemed like I was then sitting on a pier jutting out into water I couldn't see. Then, an even larger boat parked on the other side of that boat with barely enough room to park so I had to shift over. It didn't hut, but it was uncomfortable to have a large boat pushing against me. I was feeling some anxiety that these huge boats would squash me against an inner wall of my kitchen. That was bad enough, but then a huge semi-truck came around the corner and didn't have enough room to drive down the street without shifting the boats, and then the boats again had to shift against me when already there wasn't any room for me in my own kitchen. The semi-truck pushed against the boats and the boats pushed against me until I finally had to stand up and give them all the room they needed to park.

When I stood up, another woman came who was in charge of the original design of the house and started hollering and admitting that the walls had been built too far over, not leaving room for the boats and the truck.

We looked up at the ceiling of the livingroom which was over the roadway and saw 3 light fixtures on the ceiling that reminded me more of UFOS than light fixtures. A triple set of lights set in a triangle, were made of 3 separate balls of light set in a triangle as well within each.

At that point I was seeing a computer screen with the addresses of UFOS and where they were located and the whole thing was supposed to be explaining to me that I needed to convert my understanding and acceptance of an inside/outside possibility the same as I would the possibility and logic of space/time.


10-15-98 - DREAM - I had a small canning jar with a couple small fish in it. I took it upstairs to the bathroom. I intended to just sit the jar in the bathtub, but when I got there, the bathtub was full of water almost to the lip. (The tub was rectangle and only 4" deep) The jar slipped and the fish fell out into the water.Then I saw that there were all manner of colors of tropical fish. They were swimming around in the water but some of them flipped out onto the floor and were flopping around. I tried to scoop them up and get them back into the water, but I couldn't do that without hurting them. But then I saw that they could get back up into the water all by themselves by climbing up a vine that was hanging on the edge of the tub. Seeing that, I decided to leave them alone, but then a huge triangle shaped bug jumped out of the viney area. He was so big and nasty looking, I ran out of the room to get a fly swatter.

For some reason I went to my neighbor's house to get the fly swatter. I was wearing my blue bathrobe and black penney loafer shoes and that's all.

When I got there, I forgot about the fly swatter and was told that a psychic David Bondi was in the basement meditating. I ran down there to see him. He was in a room across from the door and was more or less leaning up against the wall covered with a brown blanket with just his head sticking out. (I never heard of someone named David Bondi)

I began talking to him like he knew who I was and I told him the prophecy of the young Mrs. Kennedy losing her child and demonstrated with my hands how pregnant she was when it happened - 4 to 5 months. When I did that I noted that my own stomach looked kind of pregnant too but not as far along.

As soon as I finished telling him the prophecy, he turned and walked away like he wasn't interested and didn't care, so I did the same and went back towards the stairs.  By the stairs was the door to the laundry room. However, the doorway was blocked by boards and bricks with only an opening a few inches high. Certainly not high enough for a human being to get through. Behind the stairway was an opening that was higher, but not a doorway, just a hole with broken boards.  I was glad that mine was done because nobody else was going to be able to do theirs if it wasn't already done.

I then went back upstairs. At this point I had some large fish I was supposed to cook for dinner and they fell out of a brown paper bag onto the sidewalk. Dismayed, I bent over to rescue the fish and saw that one had been cut open and it's gus were hanging out. I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear to cut up the other fish, so I left them lay on the sidewalk for the birds to eat. They were all dead already so it didn't seem that I was doing anything bad.

I then gathered up my robe around me and started walking back across a big field to my house. I saw three women coming down the front steps of my house so in order to catch them and see what they wanted, I only glimpsed a peek at the carnival rides being set up in the field that told me it was almost the 4th of July. I also noticed that fresh ground had been laid out for this event.

I ran up to the women and told them who I was. They said that they were interested in buying a house in our subdivision. I explained that I didn't know which house was the model house or where the office was but I assured them that there was one and indicated that it was up the hill and around the corner. (Our street was curved and uphill)

I went up the stairs on the porch to the front porch (door #1) . It was colored brown and locked tight.  So, I went around the corner of the porch where there was another door (door #2)  This door was white and wide open, so I went into the house.

I entered the livingroom and started walking through the house. Over in the corner, I saw water pouring out of the ceiling. I just screamed, "Oh my God!, the bathtub is running over." I ran up the stairs to the bathroom.  Where the tub had been was now a bed and my daughter and her friends were jumping on the bed. I told them to stop and was going to ask about the water and the fish when my daughter's friend (Allison) said something sarcastic. (Her face was small and triangle shaped towards the bottom and just the sight of her made me feel angry) I can't even remember what she said, but I was so incensed by her attitude, I slapped her face. I didn't slap her hard and I know it didn't hurt her, so I slapped the other side of her face too. It wasn't hurting her so I was getting madder and madder. I grabbed her and held her upside down and started slamming her head on the bed. I still wasn't hurting her to my satisfaction and in my increasing anger, I felt like I wanted to kill her.  I finally threw her down and walked out of the room with my daughter and told her, "You are never to play with her again.  Understand?"


10-17-98 - DREAM - Joe and I moved into this new apartment building. I'm sure this was the same building at the previous dream. I was a teacher of the children here. We lived on the 3rd floor. Joe and I were in our apartment and Becky (my ex-daughter-in-law) came to visit. The door to the hallway was open and the couple across the hall was having a fight. A tiny little girl came walking into the apartment and came over to where Joe and I were sitting. Her name was Judy. Joe picked her up and she climbed over onto my lap and I held her. I wanted Becky to see her. Judy was a tiny child like in the previous dream. She had little legs and arms but a bigger head and thin blonde hair. Becky wasn't paying attention, just looking around the apartment. I tried to get her attention, but then she went to the bathroom to "take a crap" and she didn't see the child. The child left and then I had to take Becky back out of the building and we went down the elevator. The door opened on the 2nd floor and I could see on the 2nd floor was still under construction. when I came back to the building, I stopped at the little gift shop by the front door of the lobby. All three items were for sale and had been hand crafted by people who lived in the building. I had to move a black shiny bicycle to see the items . I couldn't get it to stand up by itself so had to lay it down.

I particularly paid attention to two items. One was a stained glass candle holder. It was an upright box. The edges were made of thin sticks of wood. The walls of the box on the lower sides were opaque greyish white glass and on the top were various triangles of blue green, red and yellow. It was really pretty. One of th e other items which I looked very closely at a series of thread works similar to tatting. It was made of thin sticks frames and n between the sticks the thread work was done in intricate knots. The thread was very thin crochet cotton of bright blue. the price on the 3 inch one was $272. There were two smaller sizes and two larger sizes. The two larger ones were labeled "Ask for price". they were that expensive. I wanted to try to make this myself but knew  I wouldn't remember the design. I thought maybe I could xerox the pattern but there were o the people in the shop and I couldn't sneak one out and copy the pattern.

The building maintenance man came in then and wanted to make an appointment to come upstairs. He sat down at a table. I told him he was going to have to call before he came up. I had trouble coming up with the number because we had just moved in. I said it was 278-3874. I had to emphasize the 3 because it was trying to look like a 5. I told him he had to be there before 10 p.m. because the aliens came between 10 and 11:30 p.m.

I put the bicycle away before I left. I then went to the elevator. The door opened and a tall, thin, black woman got off. The elevator was dark inside. She said, "One other is going up with you."

I hesitantly got on the elevator not knowing what to expect. When I turned around to face the door the light brightened in the elevator and I saw a tall thin blonde woman standing to my right. Since I'm almost 6 foot tall myself, the blonde woman had to be at least 7 feet tall.

As the elevator went up, the door opened on the 2nd floor as it had on the way down. I told the woman that this floor was under construction but was surprised to see how much work had been done since I went down the elevator. They were in process of putting pink insulation into the walls of the rooms now.

The door closed and we ascended to the 3rd floor. The door opened and we both got off the elevator. Ahead of us were brightly lit showcases full of jewelry of gold and silver. I particularly noticed a pair of earrings that were made of many long strands of gold linked together and it glittered in the light.  The woman admired the jewelry and I said, "This is nothing!" You should see the showcase down this way...pointing down the hall toward where my apartment was.

At the same time, I noticed that there was a railing beyond the showcases where one could look over at something several stories down.  (In several other dreams there were exotic animal places.)  This time I didn't look because I heard someone screaming from way down the hall towards where my apartment was.

The man was screaming, "Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!" From that I knew it had to be 10 p.m. but I didn't want to confront the screaming man. (Note: I wasn't afraid of the aliens, I just didn't want to confront the screaming, out of control man)  So,  I rant into an open closet where the light was on.  I tried to shut off the light but it wouldn't go off and I tried to shut the door and it just swung through. The door was shaped really weirdly.  It was narrow on the top and really wide at the bottom, with one side on an angle like a trapezoid.

I could hear the man coming down the hall still screaming, "Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!" I ducked down behind a dresser-like thing with drawers in it, hoping he wouldn't see me if he came into the closet, but he ran all the way into the closet anyway, and I had to stand up and calm him down. when I got done explaining that everything was all right, he started singing the line from the song that goes, "Life is just a bowl of cherries."

NOTE:  I told Joe about the glass candle holder. He asked me if I could draw it and I said, "Yes!" He wants to make one. I went on the computer and found on-line instructions for tatting, macrame, and string art. Now we are in business.


10-18-98 - DREAM - I was in a place like downtown Waterford. I was with a young girl like Taylar. We were walking down the street together and she was talking about borrowing some money like they advertise on TV. It just so happened there was an office for a place like 'Household Finance" right where we were standing, but they were closed. We talked about the foolishness of dealing with people all the way across country when you had an office close by you could with personally.

As we were talking about it, someone told us there was another office down the street and found their office open.

As we walked in, Taylar went in the door, jumped in the air and clacked her heels. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Meanwhile I caught their attention and said to them, "Did you ever have anyone come to them, "Did you ever have anyone come in dancing?" They all laughed and then I sat down on a bench to wait for Taylar. It seemed  a little chilly in there so I curled up on this bench and covered my legs with a green sweater.

It was a very casual office, nothing fancy at all. I quickly made friends with a woman there. She was super-friendly. After I went home, she was still friends, she was always around whether I wanted her to be or not. At one point I tried to turn off the light and close the door and she came running in and prevented me from closing the door. I protested and said I wanted to get dressed. She said, "I don't care, I just want to be your friend."

The situation began to feel very cloying and I found myself trying to avoid her because she was always there and it was feeling very awkward. There was nothing I could do alone. Finally she got mad at me because I was trying to do things by myself. She walked in with a big box of 3 x 5 cards or 5 x 7 cards she had been keeping track of everything I said or did. She threw the box on the desk where I was standing I was rather shocked to see this box of notes, but she yelled at me for being an ungrateful friend and slammed the door where she went out. I knew she expected me to come running after her, but I didn't. When the door slammed I felt grateful she was gone. (NOTE: P.S. I never had a friend like that)

I then went outside. I was in Waterford it seemed. I called on the phone to tell him I was on the way home. He said he was buying a new car and was going to go downtown because he had promised his old girlfriend Susan (Joe says he never had a girlfriend named Susan) he was going to sell her his old car. I was a little put off that he had been in contact with an old girlfriend and that she was going to get his old car. That seemed like it was too personal to me.

Joe told me she lived downtown and that's exactly where I was and I just happened to be right across the street from where she lived. As Joe was telling me he didn't know if she was home, I could see into her apartment all the way through to the back window. There was nobody walking around in the light.

There was a Spanish/Indian woman friend standing in the street right there too. She said she needed to use a telephone to call someone but she wanted to use a phone in that house so I used that as an excuse to go into the house and see what it was like.

We went inside and went upstairs. My friend couldn't find a phone at her friends apartment and as luck would have it, an older woman came walking out of the door of the other apartment. I asked her if her name happened to be Susan and she said, "Yes!" I was rather shocked to see that she walked with a cane. She looked kind of like Susan Hayward except her hair wasn't so red, but she was really pretty for an older woman. I stood there trying to think what it would have been like for Joe to be in bed with her making love when she was young and beautiful and I started to feel really uncomfortable thinking about it because I'm so tall and big in comparison. I forced myself to erase the thoughts from my mind. Then I saw she had many empty clothes hangars there on a rack. They were wire hangars in a triangle shape and they all had crystal or glass triangles glittering hanging on the hangars.

My Spanish/Indian friend was using her phone. I had already told her that Joe was going to call her and I wanted to tell her I was Mrs. Mason but I couldn't bring myself to tell her who I was.

Finally, my friend got off the phone. I asked Susan if I could use the phone for a second. I was going to call Joe and tell him to come on over while I was there. I called his phone number and then our other number. I let them both ring at least 5 times but there was no answer and I woke up feeing glad that Joe was not able to make the contact with his old girlfriend.


10-26-98 - DREAM  - I saw a picture of a huge oval full of words about God. These were all the words ever spoken about God and represented pure chaos. But I had a computer program which could take these words about God and within  a triangle in the center of the chaos, in the oval, it could make God's words perfectly clear. Then one could separate God's words out of the chaos.


10-31-98 - DREAM - It seemed that Joe was the creator. A shape like this:     appeared on the ground.  It was golden. That shape became:           From that a series of shapes appeared:

Someone didn't like what those shapes did or represented and they were wiped out and the ground paved over with these shapes:

Each of these paving stone type things which were gray/white , were divided into 4 parts, and each quarter section, had a unique design on it. They looked like a series of grave markers. On the far left paving stone, I recall that the bottom left design was the same as this: (Not positive it was this number of circles)

and the top left hand corner was a series of triangles (I believe there were 3 triangles within the quarter section. (Means the 3 aspects of God)

(There was more but my memory is gone) I woke up and thought about what this meant and it suddenly hit me that this was the series of events of Creation in the Old Testament.

On the same morning, about an hour later, I went back to bed to meditate on the meaning of these symbols. While I was asking to see the dream again, the word "Tetraktys". I had to ask Joe what it meant because I didn't know.

Then I heard, "See David's book on creation. It's the same story."
"It's unveiled." This was stated by a woman sitting next to me on the bed.
I then saw a Mayan priest looking left up into the sky. He was wearing long robes, brown with green squared designs around the front edges.
"Other examples are 'Celebration Feasts'.

I then saw a brown hairy animal. It looked like a cross between a hairy elephant with a long face like a horse.

I then saw a little crystal shaped like the above nipple shapes. It was called an "Amphora". It was placed in front of me. It was about finger size or smaller.
I then heard, "There is a lot of hard evidence."
"His name is Taylor" and he laughed. then he said, "How do you know?" and laughed again. (I think he laughed because our granddaughter is named Taylar."

I then saw a web page with 6 rectangles over on the right side. I'm thinking it might be Laura Lees. One of the rectangles said, "Soundcast". (This made me think the author is well-known.)

NOTE: After I got out of bed, I went outside to get the mail and paper in. Towards the East was two triangle shaped clouds. one was pointed East and the other one pointed north. They were almost side by side in the sky, and looked like they were painted in the sky with a paint brush with lines and were very small.  The other clouds in the sky in the south and the west were normal roundish clouds and were large.


11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM -  I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young...around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?)  I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.


12-7-98 - DREAM - I only remember pieces of this dream and don't remember how I got from one scene to another. The ending seems to be the most important.

I was at my 16th St. house. I was in the garden in the back yard. I heard a woman complaining about her young daughter. She was very precocious for a 3 year old. I looked at the girl. She reminded me of my own oldest son Michael at the same age. The little girl was cute and blonde and ware a dress that was rather triangle shaped without the top point like a pyramid without the capstone. I thought to myself that I could make a dress for that little girl with the new sewing machine I was getting.

NOTE: I got a new sewing machine for Christmas.


1-15-99 - DREAM

There was a dog tied to the right side of the horse, also carefully harnessed. The woman was driving the car which seemed to be motorized but the horse and dog were pulling it too. I recalled the cliche, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

The dream started with me in the house with my husband who decided in mid-day that he wanted to make love. He got down on all fours on the floor like a dog, playfully.The timing was all wrong. There were glass doors on our room and the room across the way also had a glass door so my son Tom could see us.

Also, the maintenance man named Jim came and lay on the bed behind me to take a nap. Two other maintenance men were in the kitchen but there was no wall between the head of the bed and the kitchen so they could see in too. I squirmed out of my husband's clutches and went over to my dresser where I was trying to balance many little perfume bottles in a small container without knocked a box of lightbulbs off onto the floor.

I went outside to do an errand which I can't remember. As I was walking down the street, the cart I drew above came by. It had just come down from up north. The woman was driving the horse with reins and a whip. she was dark haired, peasant-like, and two children were in the cart with her. The cart was unique in that it had a triangular cage around the horse that went way out in front of the horse so that it was enclosed in the cage. Alongside the horse, a reddish colored dog was harnessed to its right side. The cage had a top on it like a surrey and there was a big wheel on top of the cage as well, with flags flying. It seemed like they actually lived in this horse drawn cage, but I could hear a motor running so it seemed like the cart was actually motor driven and th house was just for show.

The cart was very unstable, running down the left side of the road besides. There were many dogs in the street. I saw at least two dead dogs laying in the street with red leashes around their necks like they had run away. Other dogs were sniffing and eating on their bodies.

Three dogs were running alongside me on the left. One was black lab, one red Irish setter, one light tan Collie.  all three dogs wanted to be with me. The black labrador was closest and actually wrapped his body around behind my legs and when I put my hand down in front of his face and hollered, "Heel!" He sucked on my little finger. I continued to holler "Heel!" to control the dogs as I crossed the street to go home for lunch.

I only allowed the tan collie to go into the house with me. The other two had to stay outside. I ran up seven steps in the hallway up to the kitchen door. My little daughter was sitting on the floor cutting a picture out of a magazine or book. I said, "Did you start lunch without me?"  I picked her up and placed her on a high pedestal type structure. In her hands was the picture. It was a house, shaped with a triangle on the upper left. (There were some marks inside the picture similar to a stock chart like I had seen before I went to sleep) I thought of using the scissors to trim the picture more carefully than she had.

The dream voice message said, "Do you remember Poe and Hague?"  Poe appeared as a triangle and Hague appeared as a spoked wheel.


1-17-99 - DREAM -  I was laying in bed sleeping and dreaming. I heard someone come to the front door.Joe let two women into the house who were cops, but not in uniform.

He came in the bedroom to get me so I could meet them and they meet me. As I went through the bathroom, I stopped to comb my hair. As I looked my hair got fuller and longer and was a beautiful red color. I patted it and was very pleased. I could see though that it was a wig.

I went into the livingroom and said, "Hello!" then told them I had gone to bed as a blonde and got up as a redhead and laughed and patted my beautiful hair.

Joe told the woman I was a dreamer and told the future through my dreams. Joe told her a dream about himself which I had had. I closed my eyes and could see the journal. In the dream Joe had to make a choice between WZY and JKL. I did a very poor job of explaining the dream I thought, but the women were very interested.

We went outside then and people were arriving for a barbecue/picnic type event. People were bringing their own food like chips and soda. The woman told me that this was an 18th Century neighborhood but it was coming along slowly into the modern world.

A guy in a yellow triangle shaped 3 wheel motorcycle came up the driveway. I used him as an example. I said, "You might dream of a yellow motorcycle and know that its a test coming, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the physical test will involve a yellow motorcycle.

She was very busy controlling what her child was doing and I was sitting there doing nothing and gradually woke up, feeling very groggy like I shouldn't have woken up.

NOTE: Joe and I made dowsing rods after this dream to chose numbers and letters representing areas on a map where my community was supposed to be.


2-9-99 - DREAM - (This was almost like a play re-enacting Bible scenes.)  

It started in the yard in New Berlin. There was some building going on and the outline of a building was laid out, but then someone stole the cornerstone which was a triangle piece of stone. Some growly voiced man told our female teacher that I had been accused once before for stealing the cornerstone so I probably did it again.

I was all embarrassed by the accusation, but I went over to the teacher with a cornerstone just like it to show her that it was there.

We were going to have a lecture and many girls of high school age were gathering. They put down white quilts to sit on, but I was afraid to sit down because I had my period really bad and I made excuses so I did not have to sit down.

All of us girls were moving to a dormitory type building and were all assigned rooms in various floors. My room was on the 3rd floor, but we didn't need elevators because the dormitory was built into a hill.

My roommate was just like me, but complained and complained about everything. She didn't even want to go to the 3rd flor because there was no elevator, but I pointed out to her that we were already on the 3rd floor level, and our apartment was within our arms reach.

I opened up our door and our apartment was huge. We divided it in half on the diagonal by hanging up our robes on washline to divide our halves. Mine was blue and hers was white.

I made note that al the other girls were noisy and there was a boom box playing rock n roll music down the hall. My roommate and I were quiet types.

I wanted to take a shower right away and our shower was in the corner and was rather triangular with a rounded outside edge. I didn't want to take the robe room divider down, but I had a light weight pink summer robe to use to cover myself with.

There was going to be a lecture and the lecture hall was like in the round with seats made out of long loose benches on the 4 quarters with 4 aisles going outward going towards the 4 corners.

However, the front seat which was where I was supposed to sit was missing. A male teacher was there as overseer and I assured him the seat had to be there somewhere and I made a quick search of the entire dormitory and saw all kinds of flat boards like ironing boards folded up, but none were the right exact fit for where I was supposed to it. I assured the teacher we'd find it before the concert or lecture started.

However, I heard the piano player rehearsing and all the while he played, I could hear clicking noises on the keys and it was really distracting . I knew I could play better than that myself.

I looked at the piano players hands close up. His nails were really long, so much so they were filed to a point and upturned on the ends so they dragged on the keys as he played. I also noticed that his thumbs were splayed out and abnormally large and rounded.

Another girl was having a problem with her car. It was driving in a tight circle and she couldn't get in to stop it. but some three mechanics came along and were able to take the door off and we discovered the car easily came apart and then it automatically stopped.

It seemed as though all the problem could be easily solved if we just knew how.


 2-10-99 - EXPERIENCE/VOICE/DREAM - I listened to the Garnet Frequency Healing tape at 2:10 p.m.  At the point in the tape, one of the healers named Dan pulls a pink taffy substance away from a meridian doorway in the Immune System triangle on the spine. As soon as he did that, I began to feel tremendous chills as though a doorway had been opened in myself and spirit had entered into myself.  These tremendous chills lasted at least 5 minutes while the tape continued.

When the tape went off, I continued to pull in God's white light from the Universe and continued the breathing technique of breathing in the white light through the nose and breathing out the negative energies through the mouth.

While I was doing the breathing, I heard a voice say, "I will serve your name!  I will serve! I will serve!"  I thanked the spirit and continued the breathing. The chills were still continuing and I knew there was work going on in my body so I continued the breathing. At this point, the sun was streaming in the window right into my face and it felt warm and wonderful.

I slipped into a dream in which my Father took me shopping. The store was in a tall building. I don't know what floor we went to but when I got up there, I met a woman and her little son who was about 4 years old or so. She wanted to do some shopping but the little boy was so anxious to get a Christmas tree and take it home, he didn't want to wait. My Father had gone off somewhere and the woman, who was tall and heavy set like me was standing there with her silver grocery cart.  She was wearing a beige dress and had a veil over her head.

The boy was in such a hurry, he grabbed ahold of the tree and it started toppling over because it was too big for him to handle alone. This tree was already decorated with colored balls and lights. I didn't want anything to fall off the tree, so the woman gave us her veil to wrap around the tree. I don't know why she didn't scold her son or help him, she just stood there and looked on while we struggled with the tree. I took the beige veil and wrapped it around the tree to hold the decorations and lights in place and helped the boy pull the Christmas tree to the elevator.

There were two elevators. A crowd of people got on one elevator and there was no room for the boy, the tree and me, so we let them go ahead. The other elevator door opened and another woman was on the elevator. She was also wearing a beige dress. She saw the boy and the tree and me, struggling to get the tree over to the elevator in time before the door closed, so she pushed a button on a plaque on the wall she said was the 'hold' button. I had never seen a 'hold' button on the elevator earlier. It was on a round plaque that was scalloped around the edges. In the scallops were white buttons that were the size of pearls and the same color.

As soon as I saw her push the 'hold' button, I ran back to get a better grip on the tree with the veil over it and almost fell into the elevator which was slowly descending despite the 'hold' button. It seemed like the elevator was in a hurry to get the Christmas tree where everyone could see it too.

While we were standing there waiting for the woman to undo the 'hold' button, we overheard an announcement over the loudspeaker. The people on the other elevator never made it to the ground level...they were gone!

NOTE: This is an interpretation from a friend:

Of your dream, I see the little boy represents the Pope and all worldly  leaders of Christianity, with the Divine Mother watching. Mary is for now only a watcher. The leaders are portrayed by a very young boy because they have fallen in awareness, along with all Christianity, fallen so far that they can't see the Beauty of the Divine Mother, and now it is thought that the trimmings on the tree and the size of it are of spiritual importance.

The Cross is leaning over, as is the tree. Elevators downward signify further losses of spirituality, upward the reverse. The "hold" button means that a reprieve of some time has been granted.

Few will understand what is occurring if awareness of the mass consciousness is given the message from your dream. If the dream reoccurs, focus on speaking with the mother of the boy, for there are many answers to be had in seeking Her out.


I don't necessarily agree in totality with this interpretation. I think the boy is the second coming of Christ and my struggle to help the spirit of the Christ to return to the physical realm.  I think the people on the other elevator ... ascended.


2-16-99 - VISION - I saw the hand of the guy with the ring that had the triangle/pyramid on top. There were three rings...all silver on the same finger. The center one used to have a blue stone in it when I saw it the last time...now there was just a hole there. It was obvious something used to be dangling there and is now missing. The silver was all worn and black in that spot.


3-28-99- DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I and my siblings were in a bed together in the diningroom. I got a phone call from N.M. who wanted me to go to dinner with him at a cheap place. We discussed which drug store I preferred and  I picked one on the east side of town on Center and Humboldt?

When he arrived I was still getting ready. He walked into the kitchen wearing a bright red dress with an overcoat over it. I was wearing a darker red dress with almost the same flowered pattern on it. I said to him, "Oh! Your dress is prettier than mine, but at least we both wore red."

I continued to get ready and sat on the bed to put on red socks. All of a sudden N.M.'s Father showed up. I was really surprised and slowly got up off the bed to shake hands with him politely. His hand felt hard, but his handshake was limp and weak.

I then sat down on the bed again and questioned the validity of N.M.'s Father's presence.

Both the Father and N.M. were gone from the house and the house was now pitch black inside except for where I was sitting. I began to have visions of electric blue triangles and even these I questioned their validity and was shown electric blue squares and triangles. Always the "doubting Thomas", I call N.M. on the phone to ask him when we were going to dinner. His nephew about age 2 answered the phone and I asked to speak to N.M. I said, "I thought we were going to dinner." He said, "I thought you weren't interested because when I got there none of the lights were on, and when I came in you went back to bed." I tried to explain that it was my Father's rule that we had to turn out the lights in the rooms we weren't actually in and that I had sat on the bed to put on my socks.

He didn't seem to believe me. He said, "Well! I thought different and took my sister instead."

I wanted to say more but I could tell he wasn't on the phone anymore.


4-10-99 - VISION - I saw two triangles...one from the left and one from the right. They came together, one above the other, then I saw the number 172.  (perhaps a timing number)


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was looking out the window of a tall building and saw a blue bird land on the eve of the building across from the window. It was so pretty. There was somebody named Jim laying behind me. (My 1st husband?) I poked him to wake him up but he wouldn't wake up to see the bluebird.  Then the eve of the house changed to a triangle shape /\ and the bluebird hovered in the air beneath this triangle eve roof and again I poked Jim to wake up and see the pretty bluebird. Jim was dead to the world and wouldn't wake up. Then as I watched the bluebird, it began to fly slowly towards me until it was just inches from my face and looked humungous for a bluebird. It was so beautiful and I was the only one who saw it.

NOTE: In July, I had a vision of a bluebird sitting on a branch of the tree outside my window when a bird chirped during mediation.


6-23-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office building. There was no paperwork in evidence and the only two employees were myself and the receptionist. She didn't have any work to do either. I kept busy by cleaning the desktops and moving things around. I recall containers of various shapes, squares, and triangles, nothing larger than my hand. I just moved them from one spot to another.

I was never all the way dressed. Either my skirt would be missing and once my panties and pantyhose slipped down in back as well. I decided to go to the bathroom. I was alone when I got there, but not for long. This is the place obviously where everyone hung out. I went into a stall with a full door on it. It was real old-fashioned, like from 50 years ago and the biggest two problems were that there was no cover on the floor drain and the hook and eye lock on the door couldn't be used because the eye wasn't screwed into anything. I decided I would bring tools with me and repair that next time.

I heard a man come into the bathroom talking to another man. I figured I could hold the door closed by hanging onto the hook, but then I couldn't sit down. The toilet was too far away from the door to do that. I went to sit down on the toilet and now I could see the two men, also sitting down. One wore a brilliant blue jacket. He seemed like he was a hologram or a mirror image, not a direct sighting. I didn't think he could see me in return.

Then a woman came into my stall without opening the door. I don't know how she did that. She reached for the toilet paper and I was afraid she was going to wipe me, but she just used it to dry her hands and left.

When I was done, I walked back to the office. The receptionist had been hemming and shortening her dresses and there were three dark blue flowered dresses hanging in the hallway on hangars.

I also had three dresses just like hers hanging on hangars in the hallway but in my own section.  

At that point I made some noise so the receptionist would know I was back but at no time did we ever see each other. She sat way back in her little office facing sideways, not towards the hallway. While I was gone, they had hired another woman. She was sitting in the desk at the far rear ... right in her office by herself. She was wearing a pink dress. That's all I could see of her. I planned to introduce myself at some point, but first I had to finish my work.

My office was completely clean and all that was left to do was to clean up the floor sweepings in the hallway. I picked up the last material scraps of green and blue... which was very thin, seemingly shaved off a thicker piece of material. All that was left to do was to sweep up the dust off the floor and all the work was done.


7-4-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream itself except that I walked into the bathroom and someone had pressed a small mirror into the center of the large mirror. The small mirror had a small mirror set into a larger mirror with mirrored border that had dual triangles at each corner and each mirror reflected exactly the same picture.


9-2-99 - DREAM - Some of this dream was in French which I do not speak, read, or understand.  The dream ended in a kids casino or gambling hall, but there were many adults there, helping and observing. It had a slot machine to put coins in. I was with some children and one child dumped all his pennies into my purse so that they were mixed with my own money.  This was against my wishes but it happened too fast to stop it. I intended to play the quarter slot, but ended up with a dime in my fingers, so decided to play that as long as that's what I had in my hand. I was just reaching out to put the dime in the slot when a young boy put one in before me.

So, when the machine started to rumble, I don't know if it was his dime or my dime that caused the avalanche of toys and party favors to start coming down the prize chute. I had wondered how the casino could stay in business because kids hate to lose. When someone won, everyone won and there were enough toys and party favors coming down the chute to supply every child in the city for 10 years.

Many of the adults watching were celebrities and sat on a line overlooking the casino through windows.

We were knee deep in toys and party favors but it was time for lunch and to be fed we had to go up a spiraling stairway.

One of the French words, I believe was 'guaine." there was a metal tray on each step, first a large rectangle tray and then a triangle tray which went on top of the rectangle tray. So each person picked up two trays on their way up the stairs. the knives and forks were lined up on each stair as well.

I woke up as I climbed the stairs so I don't know what kind of food was served.


9-4-99 - DREAM  I spent a long time pulling in shapes like triangles and other shapes into a large square frame. It was a computer because I could print, click, drag, and drop.


9-4-99 - DREAM - I was washing large triangle shapes in an open front washing machine.


9-7-99 - DREAM - I was packing to move and loading the truck. Out in the yard were scraps of wood which I piled up and covered over.

I piled up magazines and sorted out mine from my daughter-in-law Becky. She had to pack her own. I was taking the light fixtures with me that hung on the wall. There was 3 large globes hung in a triangle and I knew the secret of their value was the triple triangle wiring on the back side of the fixture.  I took them down myself.

As I walked along the hallway, I came to a girl sorting out magazines on the floor. I asked her if she had an "Glamour"  She said, "No!" and I was very disappointed.

I came to a light fixture that only had two globes and I was going to take that, but it was too high on the wall and the maintenance man didn't have a screwdriver, so I went down the hall where I knew there was another 3 globe fixture.

When I got back to my apartment, I had the livingroom done. Two women volunteered to help pack what was in the bathroom cabinets. I showed the women that I had stashed enormous amounts of supplies told the women they could help themselves to a handful of everything I had boxed up. One made a comment about Russian hoarding and I saw bugs in a a box of pencils or straws and it felt like one went up my right sleeve so I had to take my sweater off.


12-31-99 - VISION - Someone showed me what looked like a red, yellow, and blue airplane.  I wasn't sure it was an airplane, and I was trying to determine if it was.  It had numerous white strings dangling from it.

I then had a separate vision where the same red, yellow, and blue airplane was handed to me. It was rather like a jet shape . . . a long narrow triangle . . . with strings attached to it, and underneath it, was coiled a long white cord wound up on its belly.


3-23-00 - VISION - A book opened in front of me to show me a layout of numerous sunken and missing ships.  I didn't get the impression it was about the Bermuda triangle.  These ships were of many nations and ages, from old Egyptian ships to modern submarines. There was no color on the page ... all outline type drawings in black and white on a white background. There were at least 20 ships on the two pages, perhaps 25. (I'm not sure of how many lines of ships there were. )  See  SHIPS OF THE WORLD


4-28-00 - This dream is full of symbols of what I've been thinking about during the day, but still tells a story.

DREAM - I lived in an apartment building with a lot of people. I walked into my apartment and found my husband sitting on a couch talking to some people who were under the coffee table. I looked and found Joe's ex-wife Debbie there with my son Tom (She is actually married to a man named Tom. I know what he looks like so I don't know why my dream substituted my son Tom). In the dream, Tom was her husband.

I sat down on the couch on the right side of my husband, just barely fitting into the space. I was rather embarrassed that my butt was so wide and made a quip that I fit there, if just barely. We all laughed about it, but I felt embarrassed just the same.

In the hallway, a few minutes later, I met several women I know pretty well, if not remembering their names.  They said they were delivering a fold up bassinet to Debbie, Joe's ex-wife ... who lived in the same building.  They were finished with it, so Debbie could use it next.  Debbie wasn't aware of it, so when she showed up, I told her about it.  She was happy about it.

I was having a conversation with some other women about knitting and she overheard me and said she liked to knit also.  I said I was going down into my basement storage locker and that I had some yarn there she could use to make something if she wished and asked her what color she would like. She said she liked bright yellow.

I went to a drawer and retrieved two sets of keys which I knew belonged to the building and to me and took them with me downstairs.

I went down to the basement to the maintenance/storage room. Several maintenance men were in the room and I was quite upset when I walked in that the lights were so dim. I saw that bulbs were missing and they were using lights that were triangle shaped, not the usual round bulbs we are used to. Some of the sockets had nothing in them at all.

I called the head maintenance man on it and he flipped a switch on the wall and hidden lights came on from somewhere up above that one couldn't see.  However, he said he would take care of the bulb matter immediately.

I walked back through a hallway to the storage locker area and discovered that I didn't have my keys. I immediately got upset and the maintenance man was right behind me and showed me that he had my keys and handed them to me. He said that he had obtained them at the door when I entered. I opened my locker and discovered that I too had a folding bassinet in my locker. It was made of golden threads woven on the sides, much like triangles. The frame was also golden. It tickled me that my baby bassinet was bigger and better than the small one that Debbie was getting from the other women.

I then looked at my yarn stash and the only bright yellow I could find was wound around some bright pink and when I looked, it was lace and not yarn. One doesn't knit with lace, although one could. But there wasn't enough to make anything, just to decorate something. I continued to look through the yarn and didn't find enough to make anything. I needed all new yarn. I did find one hank of pink yarn that was enough to make a small project, so took that with me to offer to Debbie, figuring it was enough just to kind of play with temporarily.

When I went upstairs, there was a man there who had changed his affections from one woman to the next and there was a story about him. I thought it was a great emotional story and wanted to tell Debbie about it but she wasn't there right then.  So I began to tell a younger woman who was a friend of Debbie about the story.  In the story, two women were in it also, named Lisa and Maria.  The story was at that moment, woven in pink embroidery thread in the shape of written fs or perhaps 8s on a high table-like bench.

I was playing the story like music, as the words were said, they sounded tones and a beat that made music.  The music tones, and the beat, though of a rather monotone for the most part made the story exciting, particularly when a couple of harder beats and higher tones were struck at the end of the sentences.  It's hard to explain when writing it down like this, but in a demonstration of notes ranging from F to A, I was able to convey to the younger woman that the story was worth reading.


8-27-98 - I went back to sleep and now met a man and a woman dressed in black and white. I seemed to be dressed in the same black and white clothes. He had a long protrusion like a unicorn but it was by his belly button. He rammed the protrusion from his belly button through m body and said, "Now you are healed."

In the dream I woke up in a hospital bed and saw a flock of bright green pheasants out the window. They were strolling through the yard. I had seem many brown pheasants in my life, but these were bright green. Occasionally, one would ruffle it's feathers and it would shimmer reddish-brown, but turn bright green again. I was amazed at their coloration and at how many there were. More and more of them gathered together as they began moving toward the west.

Another girl patient was in my room and my young son Bob was visiting. I hollered to them, "Is this real or am I dreaming this?"

I knew the flock was getting ready to take off into flight and it would be too late for them to see the green pheasants out my window, so I told them to look out another window on the north side of the room where they would appear next. I said, "Tell me if I'm dreaming or not."

They managed to get to the other window just in time to see the green flock take off towards the west. "It's a sure sign of fall," I said.

The nurse came in then and I was sitting up in bed. I said, "I think I feel better now. It's time for me to go home." I reached up to the top of my head. It was wrapped in a scarf. I took off the scarf and there were dozens of rollers my hair and my hair felt wet. I said, "Oh! My hair isn't dry yet." I patted my head on top of the rollers a few times to be sure I was right.

I looked at my bed then. Under the covers, on the sheet, were little flakes of white. It resembled coconut, but I don't know what it was. I felt rather embarrassed about it, but didn't know what to do about it either.

I said to the other girl, "You want to listen to my radio?" I had a walk-man with me. She said, "No!" but the next time I looked, she had the earphones over her head and was enjoying the music playing and looked happy.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so went out into the hallway to find the bathroom. I ended up in a room where there were small toilets, but it appeared to be a kitchen and I thought it was very inappropriate to have toilets in a kitchen and refused to use one. Another woman was also looking for a toilet and sat down on one of the silver metal toilets that had double sealed metal on top and she laughed and said, "I look like Mary ____ or something."

NOTE: I made special note of the toilet and table arrangement. They were in overlapping triangle geometry:

So I left the room to find another bathroom. I wasn't finding any, so went outside. I was wearing a light brown sheath dress with a light brown jacket and went walking down the street. There were people everywhere. I saw new construction up in the next block and thought maybe the crew had a toilet with them. I walked up there and found only children playing amongst the framed in building.

I had to go really bad by now and thought maybe I could go behind some bushes. I found a spot just as a car pulled into the parking lot up hill from where I was. I had taken my jacket off and thought, "They'll know I peed here because I have my jacket off." But I was desperate, squatted down and peed."  I shook myself off like a guy does so there wouldn't be any wet spot on my dress and stood up again. So, I walked back up the street feeling a lot better, but every guy I came to grinned at me because I had my jacket off and that automatically meant that I had peed outside.

I knew I had to go home now and met up with the other patient from my room and her mother who had parked her car outside our room. I got into the car and the woman looked backwards and began driving backwards at a great rate of speed. I decided I wasn't going to freak out even though the backwards speed felt bad, but she didn't go too far and I got out of the car to walk the rest of the way myself.  I knew I was going to have to go back to the hospital and get my stuff I left behind, but decided to worry about that later.


8-27-98 -DREAM -  I was in Milwaukee. At first I was in my apartment on the east side. I had a mailbox key and didn't know which mailbox it belonged to. I was testing the key on each mailbox to find the right one. Other people were around who lived in the building.

A dark, younger woman challenged me about something and it frightened me, so I ran outside barefoot, down the street and around the corner. I planned to go to 6248 North ______ St. to stay with a woman who would take me in. (Her name was Minnie Krueger from S. 66th St) I felt safe with her. I was barefoot and looking at the shoes of all the other women to see if someone elses shoes might fit me. The other women were wearing shoes of various pastel colors and were like crippled and deformed. There were none which would fit me but my own. I knew this would be a long walk but that if I took my time I would make it.

NOTE: I think I woke up at this point and a noise told me an event was going to happen. I'm thinking it is another bombing and that 90 people are going to die.

NOTE: 64 people died in a plane crash the same day.


8-27-98 - DREAM - I then went into another dream in which I was like a concierge for a huge hotel and apartment building.

Ed McMahon came with an entourage of young men and his grandson. When Ed McMahon came up the steps, I was standing outside the restaurant part with my boss. He shook my hand limply and kissed me on the cheek. A taller, younger man was with him and when I told them they could have anything they wanted, the young man made an innuendo like that included ME in a hotel room.

I ignored the remark and we entered the restaurant and the men lined up to get their food..this was a ala carte type line like it was a salad bar. One of the cooks asked me how to serve the man. I told him also to serve them anything they wanted. My memory is that each man took a salad plate and took only small amounts of fruit of various kinds.

Ed McMahon's grandson was another matter. He appeared to be about 10 years old..a mean little chubby kid. He took two huge platters, one of which had a half of a watermelon on it, unsliced, the other platter had the other half of the melon, all cut up into little triangle shaped pieces. There were what seemed to be hundreds of them.

The boy couldn't handle what he had taken so I rescued the half melon and put it up on a high counter for safe keeping and then helped him to balance the other platter so the pieces wouldn't fall on the floor.

We then went outside and the boy was much younger now, barely more than toddler age and was throwing a ball like a baseball in various directions and he was doing it dangerously and several cars almost hit ether the ball or him.

I rolled the ball in several directions myself in an effort to distract him. I managed to keep him distracted enough so that he didn't get hurt nor did he hurt anyone else.


8-27-98 - DREAM - I then went into another dream in which I was like a concierge for a huge hotel and apartment building.

Ed McMahon came with an entourage of young men and his grandson. When Ed McMahon came up the steps, I was standing outside the restaurant part with my boss. He shook my hand limply and kissed me on the cheek. A taller, younger man was with him and when I told them they could have anything they wanted, the young man made an innuendo like that included ME in a hotel room.

I ignored the remark and we entered the restaurant and the men lined up to get their food..this was a ala carte type line like it was a salad bar. One of the cooks asked me how to serve the man. I told him also to serve them anything they wanted. My memory is that each man took a salad plate and took only small amounts of fruit of various kinds.

Ed McMahon's grandson was another matter. He appeared to be about 10 years old..a mean little chubby kid. He took two huge platters, one of which had a half of a watermelon on it, unsliced, the other platter had the other half of the melon, all cut up into little triangle shaped pieces. There were what seemed to be hundreds of them.

The boy couldn't handle what he had taken so I rescued the half melon and put it up on a high counter for safe keeping and then helped him to balance the other platter so the pieces wouldn't fall on the floor.

We then went outside and the boy was much younger now, barely more than toddler age and was throwing a ball like a baseball in various directions and he was doing it dangerously and several cars almost hit ether the ball or him.

I rolled the ball in several directions myself in an effort to distract him. I managed to keep him distracted enough so that he didn't get hurt nor did he hurt anyone else.


8-28-98 -  A BLACK VISION -


Then I saw  a page written by me that looked like an interview with Dee777.


I saw a couple more sentences one of which said, "DOLORES' RECORD"

I slipped into a dream where I was managing an apartment building.  I hadn't actually started work yet. I was wearing a dress and green jogging pants under it. I was attempting to tie something to my right thigh over the pants and not having any success with it.  There was no door on the apartment and my dark haired female boss walked right tin. She had a couple of people with her.

She told me to call the phone company and have a phone installed right by the door so it would be handy and I wouldn't have to run all the way back into my apartment to answer the hone. I told her that was a good idea. (I had thought of that myself just before she walked in)

A blonde woman dressed in black, lingered behind after the boss left. She said "I think I would like to rent an apartment here."

I hadn't actually started work yet and didn't have any paperwork, so I didn't know which apartments were vacant.

I didn't have any keys with me, so I went back to my closet and found my keys which were laying right next to the pocket of the green jogging pants which I had taken off. I now only had the dress on. I had the key to the "key" box which had the key to the apartment key box. There were out in the hallway.

The key to the 'key box' was a tiny key which at first looked like a 't' then turned into a wire triangle. I thought it would never work, but when I stuck the triangle shaped wire into the slot of the 'key box', the cover flew off.

This box was very small and way up high on the wall. There was along couch-like thing along the wall with a white cover on it and I  had to stand on top of it to reach the 'key box'.

I put my index finger into this tiny key box and could feel a tiny piece of metal in it. I carefully picked it up, afraid it would fall on the floor and I'd never find it. When I held it in my fingers, it looked like an old-fashioned record needle. I put my finger into th e little key box to see if there was a real key in the box and again felt a small piece of metal I hoped was a real key.

This time it was a spiral piece of wire that was tightly wound. It was small on one end graduating to a larger spiral at the opposite end. I figured that you must stick the small end into the key hole while holding the large end. I looked at it again and now it looked like a carpenter's silver metal screw.

That I knew how to use, so I went over to the apartment key box to see which keys were hanging in it which would clue me in on which apartments were vacant.

I looked at this key box and it was huge. I had so many slots and levers on it, I had no  idea which slot to put the screw in to open the door. I flipped one lever and a loud alarm bell began to ring. I said, "Oh my God! this is a fire alarm box."

The woman was dressed in black. (She had short blonde hair like my Black Lord ETs) She said, "I'm going to go look at 305. That's where I used to live.

She took off ahead of me and I couldn't stop her. WE were o n the 2nd floor it seemed and she ran up some stairs which I could hear her going up, but I couldn't see them. I ran to the end of the hall and found a green linoleum covered stairway. It was really wide with huge steps and it only went down. I didn't have much choice, so I went down to the 1st floor, hoping to find another stairway that would go to the 3rd floor.

I was still looking when I woke up.


8-29-98 - DREAM - I had a long dream about planets, triangles, cancer, and a cure for cancer. I got the impression that the triangle, along with the names of the planets was somehow the cure for cancer.


8-12-99 - VISION - I saw three Chinese women levitated above the ground in lotus position. They were on the right and seated in a triangle shape with each other.


6-2-00 - VISION - I saw a web page with a black and white border.  It was of the sun with a man, a triangle flying vehicle which might be a crop circle and a round crop circle figure which might also have been a flying vehicle.  OR, the large circle might be a UFO?


7-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge building with many rooms and levels. I promised a woman I would take care of her baby while she was busy elsewhere.  The child who was a good size infant wore pajama type outfits of brightly colored squares, triangles, and other geometric shapes.  I took this child to each room and level with me as I went.

I think I saw his mother at the end, a blonde woman wearing a black and red tube-type dress. It had no shoulders on the dress, it was just like a knitted tube.

I was then working in an office and it was late on a Friday night. (The dream took place on a early Friday morning). I noticed that I had more work piled on my desk than anyone else and I felt guilty that I was so slow.  I finally finished the project I was working on and turned it over to my boss.

The work I did was a series of math problems for varying shapes of geometry for which I had to figure the cube roots volume of each one. There were numerous shapes on the paper ... like 12 to 15 on a line and numerous lines down the length of the paper.

My boss wanted to know what took me so long to do this, and he began rattling off math sequences verbally.  I apologized to him and said I was sorry but I couldn't do that kind of math in my head, I had to write it down on paper to do it.

(The boss was the same on I always have in dreams - I think he is negative ET - perhaps Reptilian)

When I was done with the project, a couple other young women were discussing who was going to be working on Saturday.  Two of the women were not only going to be working on Saturday, but were going to be going down into the basement of the factory.

I had never been down there. One had to go down a narrow, rickety wooden stairway to get there. I was curious but never tried it. However, I ironed a dress for the woman's daughter so she could wear it. It was rather a golden pink color ... a shade I can't recall ever seeing before. I hung it on a hangar that was black and a triangle shape that regular hangars aren't quite the same. I didn't want to hang it in the closet with all the other clothes because it would get wrinkled again, so I hung it on a rod from which a greenish drapery hung. For some reason, the rod was so close to the top of the doorway, I had to actually pry some wood out of the frame to fit the hangar handle into. I saw that others had done the same thing before me.


11-14-00 - DREAM - My husband drove me to a house somewhere to deliver something ... I can't remember why ... but I walked in and everyone standing in the livingroom had pure white or pure white blonde hair.

I greeted the woman who seemed to be in charge and said, "Is this the blonde's club?"  I was teasing of course.

She grinned back and looked at me and asked me if I'd like to join. She said she was 77 and asked me, You are 62?"

I was reluctant to admit I was that old, but said, "Yes!"  

She said, "Then you can join us."  The women all welcomed me and while they were talking I could hear bells echoing off of their voices.

One woman said, "We're not angels", and I said back, "But you are all angels ... I hear bells ringing while you talk."  and I smiled broadly at them.

Other women were having a discussion and I stepped back against the wall and looked around. Several women were keeping records on large pieces of white paper which were stacked under a table near the couch.  The first woman on the couch was crocheting a huge round tablecloth, which was intricate.  I noted that it was worked on at various times because the thread she used was different shades of white ... sometimes almost beige ... and as she worked it just kept getting larger and larger. I knew I could do that too.

I also noted that they had a collection of triangles, some of which were really large.  I knew I could contribute to that too because I had some of my own.

I saw my husband dawdling at the door, wondering when I was going to leave, and I saw other husbands outside as well. I was curious what these women did in the group ... I hadn't found out yet, and I was hanging around until I did.


12-20-00 - DREAM - This dream was political ... about a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  In fact, the U.S. was divided between the north and south on  a  line that ran all the way across the U.S. on Highway 265 from Hawaii straight across the center of the U.S. and then down the U.S. east of the Mississippi towards the western part of Florida.

I was showing a man a map of the U.S. about Highway 265 and how it followed a line on the palm of my hand across the U.S. and I saw that he had a line across the palm of his hand that was very similar.

We were outside in the yard when I was showing him this, and there was a donkey directly ahead of me. In the yard, near me, was a bag of chips that were triangular shaped. I grabbed them so the donkey wouldn't get them and all of a sudden a donkey appeared behind my left shoulder so closely, I shoved the bag of chips under a blanket that was laying across my lap so he couldn't get them.

NOTE: I don't see a highway across the U.S. that matches this description. Highway 265 in Arkansas goes north and south, and Highway 265 in Missouri is too short, so this has to be symbolic for something else that divides the nation.

See House File 265 - Electric Lighting Bill

The 265th District Court is in Dallas, TX

Law Title 15 - Section 265 - Central Zone time change

National Security Memorandum 265

History 265 - History of Women in America

Joe Mason Interpretation:

The donkey, though Democrat also represents Typhon-Set. This is also a political event ... a war between good and evil. Like the war between the north and south ... divided by the Mason-Dixon line.

Having the donkey both in front and behind me, is like the statement on the Pollen Path page where the God walks both before and behind the man.

The triangle is a spiritual symbol and represents energies that the bodies use.

When the Pedal Point P of a Triangle is the Circumcenter of a Triangle

Geometric Formulas

Coordinate Geometric Proofs