by Dee Finney

On 11-13-99, I had a strange dream.  It is rare for me to dream of political figures though we watch political programs on a daily basis. This one was very specific.  I wrote it down and then went on the internet to do some research on the political figure in the dream about his policies because I haven't heard anything about him since he ran for Vice President in 1996.

I opened my e-mail and received this cute little poem from a 'dreamer' friend.

I wish I may, I wish I might

I wish for a rainy night.

I wish I may, I wish I might

See the Holy Spirit, on this bright night.

Now Lady Dee , can you please see what holds for me in the water???

Love and becs, XOX, Becca


Well! That about blew me away. Here's my water dream from early this morning.

11-13-99 - DREAM - (In the beginning of this dream, I am not myself) I am an old white haired man walking on a street. It suddenly started raining so hard I couldn't even see through it, so I went up on the porch of a white house. The rain stopped, so I continued walking down the street. Suddenly it started raining so hard again, I had to run up on the porch of another house.

When I was up on the porch, there was a series of hospital-like cots in this building with people laying on them. I felt like I was looking into a mirror though I was just one person and I was seeing a series of people across from me. I had my arm in the air over my head and I moved it to see which one of the people was Dolores to see if she reflected me . . . the old white haired man . . .   The woman in the second bed over had her arm raised in the air in a similar manner so I assumed she was my reflection.

The scene changed and I (now Dolores) was at a lake, like where my father had a cottage when I was growing up. The water was high and clear. I had never seen it this clear. I could see huge ocean type fish swimming by of various kinds. There were artificial islands built in the lake and a man came by and told me that there was a huge new mall built at the end of the lake and we should go check it out.

In the meantime, I went out behind the red brick houses or apartments built along the lake and they had large depressions deliberately built between them to catch rising water that might run over from the lake.
I didn't think the water was that high, but while I watched, the water began seeping into the depression and filling it up.

The scene changed and I was in a convertible car with a man and we were going to a meeting in a subdivision type of housing where numerous houses were. The man said he was going to park in the visitors lot across the street so others could park by the houses which were built up on high embankments.

Instead of just parking in the spot for cars, he backed up until the back end of the car was in dark water which seemed to be rising. I wouldn't even have been able to get out of the car by now because we were surrounded by water, but he kept backing up until we were parked in a black quagmire.

The scene changed again and I was looking at a sort of topographical map of the world that shows high and low places and was in various shades of white, gray, and black. Several areas in the world were highlighted in dark black and labled "Jack Kemp-itis"!

End of Dream

I did a web search to see what Jack Kemp stands for politically and what this dream refers to.

It didn't take me too long to figure out that Jack Kemp doesn't believe in global warming. Since my dream was basically about heavy rain and water rising, I have to believe that Jack Kemp is wrong according to my dream or the dream wouldn't have been so negative.

I leave it to the reader to agree or disagree with my assumptions.

Here is the research I did on Jack Kemp.

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