The following speech, which was given by Diane Rousseau at Dr. S. L. Gandhi’s First International Conference on “Economics of Non-violence and the Vision for a Sustainable World” (December 5–7, 2005, New Delhi, India)

Spirituality, World Peace and Sustained Living

by Diane M. Rousseau

© 2005 by Diane M. Rousseau. All Rights Reserved


The most dramatic results you will see in any country, any group, or nation, is when each individual takes responsibility for his or her personal growth, self sufficiency, and inner connection to God. Until God is first in the individual, people will operate from a level of personal interest instead of seeing all as a part of the ‘whole’ of God. When God is first, the life of the individual becomes an example and inspiration of the ‘way’ to be which is stated in all the Scriptures around the world. The essential purpose of each religion and faith is to be a way to show higher knowledge with human interpretation as inspired from the Divine Intelligence within. It has been proven that higher consciousness brings in the understanding and compassion that each individual is valuable and can contribute to the welfare of all in their unique way.

It is an internal lack in oneself which contributes to apathy toward one’s fellow man and nature in all of its forms. We are Spiritual Beings, capable and encoded to fulfill this Divine purpose of Oneness and this is natural. What is not natural is the misnomer that one is unworthy. This idea of unworthiness can be due to past events and other peoples expressed impressions or treatment of you, and your own feelings of lack of self worth.

Meditation is the sublime communication with God within. Contemplation is the reflection of one’s own actions and accountability, and Dharma is one’s duty in life. Einstein’s Theory has been re-written, the ‘unified field’ means unity. One can tap into this unlimited experience and live IN unity. Unity is conscious understanding through direct experience that proves everything is interconnected. This knowledge gives one the understanding that there is order in the universe, and balance must be maintained.

Divine Intelligence rules balance and order; this is also known as Universal Law or the Divine Laws of God. One must live life in unity from the Light of God within and from the love within the heart, this is union or yoga. It is not enough to talk of this ‘unified field’ of all possibilities; we must live it and BE it. The development, growth, and greater potential of each individual must be recognized. As long as one does not value themselves or see their own potential, they will not value anyone or anything outside of themselves.

In and of themselves, material objects are for one’s use, they are neither positive nor negative. The misguided value an individual places on themselves causes the internal stress that leads to the idea of possessiveness. As long as one does not understand their own value, they will grasp at material things, have addictions, and misuse others. Material things do not cause violence. What does cause violence and destructive thoughts is jealousy due to lack of self appreciation. From a higher perspective, all material goods are due to the positive productivity of individuals, and this enhances all areas of life. It is not just material wants that cause pain. The desire to be accepted, have one’s needs fulfilled, and enjoy life, is a natural universal theme. Those who have the ability must educate those who do not have the means to create their own self sufficiency. It is the responsibility of those who have greater understanding to speak for those who do not have a voice, and who do not have the understanding or means to speak for themselves.

Unity is also lived as Dharma, which means righteousness, truthfulness, compassion, and understanding. To realize one’s own real nature is to also experience and understand through direct knowledge the inner value of all things in life. This gives deeper understanding of the value within each individual, and the value within all forms of life.

Non-violence is a product of inner peace and unity. One who experiences this inner peace will reflect this in all areas of life and share in life from this understanding. With meditation it becomes natural; from within, the thoughts are becoming more refined, more compassionate, and more attuned with the Universal or Divine Laws. The essence of meditation is to experience peace and this sublime Bliss carries over in one’s daily life.

Non-violence (Ahimsa) can be sustained by the regular practice of meditation combined with higher education for all ages. The children of today will be your Leaders in the future. They must have role models. The values of life must be re-presented to them, and the practical integration of spiritual and self sustained living must be seen and experienced to have effective changes. The practice of meditation should begin at an early age. For adults, the practice of meditation leads to better decisions, better living, and better ways of taking care of one’s life. The global economy will naturally improve with meditation due to higher state of consciousness, along with the natural unfoldment of the unlimited potential within.

The experience of higher consciousness establishes the basis for maintaining peace within oneself, which creates peace naturally in one’s environment. From this level of higher consciousness, this advanced education crosses the boundaries of traditional education in an innovative and dynamic way. The spiritual understanding shows the interconnected value of all life which creates and sustains unity. Through this integration, the individual has a greater sense of responsibility; this effects the environment and maintains non-violence through the appreciation of the inner and outer values of life. The combination of meditation, spirituality, and education will provide the foundation for even greater economic potentials through the individual’s comprehension of obligations to family, society, and government. Spiritually, the individual feels a sense of belonging to humankind through the direct experience of “Oneness” within; crossing boundaries of prejudice, and creating harmony in ones family, community, nation, and extending into a global view of unity.

You cannot have an economically sustained society without the personal experience of inner peace. Higher intelligence and the experience of peace within give a self-referral understanding of non-violence, promoting personal productivity in all areas of life. Compassion combined with understanding of the spiritual teachings, will reveal through direct experience the greater values for all life.

In July of 2005, I received an e-mail Article from a Physicist friend entitled: Maslow Predicted the Shift. (Author Unknown). (Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was a psychologist who became famous for his hierarchy of human needs. In the 1950's, he predicted the transformation of humanity into a realm of spiritual transcendence, but he had no idea just how soon this would develop into a major movement.)

The proof of the value of this “Vision” is the fact that all of you have come to this Conference for Spirituality and Sustained Economic Living. This is further proof that the “transformation” has already started. Each person has brought their own “Vision” for a reality that has its roots in higher values of life. Each person at this Conference desires to uplift and restore a better means for all humanity to live in a peaceful sustained world.

Non-violence cannot be had by merely telling one who has very little to desire even less. Non-violence is a product of higher consciousness due to a cultured heart and increased intelligence. Non-violence means to not harm, and this means respecting all life; the way we treat one another, the way we treats animals, and the compassion we extend to other life forms and our own selves. We are Spiritual Beings and this must be experienced, understood, and lived to be in unity for the betterment of all life, the environment, and with each other. We can create a better today and tomorrow. True and lasting peace on earth begins with each individual.

Through the daily practice of meditation, one gains the highest knowledge. The heart becomes pure, and the mind has unlimited potential for receiving and retaining education in any field of learning. The Educator has fertile ground in the mind of the student, for each understands the greater potential, and each understands and comprehends the more complex thoughts and ideas. Higher consciousness, beauty and refinement, are results of this great potential. Due to direct understanding of Dharma, one lives in the awareness of “cause and effect” or the knowledge of self-referral. This leads one to living the principles of personal duty, understanding equality, and transcending false ideas of limitation and prejudice of religions, race, gender, or caste.

As part of the project I was working on involving meditation, two colleagues and I went to the Pentagon in August of 2004. To be brief, there are 27,000 people who work at the Pentagon. Of interest, there were four rooms dedicated to crossing boundaries and establishing understandings of all religions. One of the rooms was a dedicated conference room, and daily, members of all religious faiths took turns at the podium and shared their beliefs with the others present. My favorite room was the Navy Chapel. Each day a different Service was performed so others could participate and understand the deeper complexities, spiritual ideals, and practices of another’s faith. Also, in the Navy Chapel people come together in Meditation and Prayer. People of all faiths, genders, and all races, share in this quiet peaceful practice. If you think about it, isn’t this another example of how people can learn to cross boundaries of religious prejudice and see each other as belonging to the family of humanity?

All that is needed to realize a better reality of life is to raise consciousness, restore traditions of respect, and establish higher values in all areas of life. This is up to each individual, and is a loving obligation for having the gift of life.





Thought + Education + Energy = Action:


TRANSFORMATION: One-pointed attention creates in one’s Consciousness the awareness and ability to transform one’s own nature. Transformation successfully realized will gain support due to the energy of Integration.

Any person that holds the thought of unity as a primary goal is successful from the top down. From the support of one’s own energy and focus, their work and attention will also be sustained in the infrastructure of their life, and support the common goal.

One-pointedness has its base in the energy or Bliss that drives the thought. Bliss is inner peace, inner contentment. Because energy is behind all thoughts, the heart and mind will focus, and one’s goals will be realized.

Nations can work together if the people within take charge of their own personal development and focus on the good for the greater whole. All can live and support the ideal of Unity; this is accepting differences, and seeing and understanding “totality” from a level of within. Peace will then become a personal and global responsibility, an act of duty out of Divine Love and respect for the true value within all life. Spiritual integration will be lived on a physical and practical level in Unity, respecting the beauty of diversity in life, all of nature, and living in accordance with Divine Laws.

This knowledge is at the core of the Vedic Teachings. All the Spiritual Sciences are there for better living; Meditation, AyurVeda for health, energy and sound vibration therapy, Jyotish Sciences, and Vastu to name only a few. This combined knowledge contributes to the regeneration of life from a wholistic view, expanding consciousness and creating self-sufficiency; the result will be in sustained communities which live and work with understanding of a universal view. From this synthesized perspective, all of life is seen as units of intelligence. Each form is a living expression of the intelligence within. This direct understanding promotes a higher quality of living with reverence for all creation.

The spiritual regeneration of the human being is the full realization of their personal divinity. A successful economic system must be based on this full knowledge to have practical and spiritually integrated lives. Nature in all its various forms and elements will be treated with reverence due to this direct understanding.

This is what was behind Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s purpose in coming out into the world more than 50 years ago. To give the Teachings, meditation, knowledge, and the tools needed for happiness, spiritual growth, transformation, self sufficiency, and one’s own inner communion with God. In addition, one experiences all as totality and as a part of God.

This IS higher consciousness, experiencing unity and self awareness. It is a practical means to peace, giving each person the ability to be self sufficient, to be self-governing, and being able to add to the welfare of all life, while experiencing Divinity within. We can create peace, we can create unity, and we can be the Divine Spark that becomes the Living Flame. Like the sun, Surya, we can shine our Light, which carries energy and a profound appreciation for all life, touching each person, reaching each country, and encircling the globe with this peaceful Light for an ecological, economically and spiritually sustainable World.


Copyright 2005 by Diane M. Rousseau. All rights reserved. No part of this Document may be re-produced without permission of the Author.

Diane M. Rousseau has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1972. She represents The Holy Tradition and Vedic Teachings of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati JagadGuru of Jyotirmath who, in 1953, passed down the Teachings brought forward by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Diane is a professional Designer and Artist. She facilitated Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Jyotish Program through her corporation, Diana Designs, Inc. Diane is also a contributing writer for an International Newsletter and several Web Sites. Diane also writes Children’s Stories.

Interfaith Peace Institute works to create unity, promote understanding, and inspire humanity for the welfare of all life and create and sustain global peace.

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