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(Note: this introduction does not attempt to cover the whole
of the subject of spiritual alchemy )

Alchemy, the secret art of the land of Khem, is one of the two oldest sciences known to the world. The other is astrology. The beginnings of both extend back into the obscurity of prehistoric times. According to the earliest records extant, alchemy and astrology were considered as divinely revealed to man so that by their aid he might regain his lost estate.

According to old legends preserved by the Rabbins, the angel at the gate of Eden instructed Adam in the mysteries of Qabbalah and of alchemy, promising that when the human race had thoroughly mastered the secret wisdom concealed within these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be moved and man might again enter into the Garden of the Lord.

As man took upon himself "coats of skins" (physical bodies) at the time of his fall, so these sacred sciences were brought by him into the lower worlds incarnated in dense vehicles, through which their spiritual trancendental natures could no longer manifest themselves. Therefore they were considered as being dead or lost.

The earthly body of alchemy is chemistry, for chemists to not realize that half o The Book of torah is forever concealed behind the veil of Isis (see the Tarot) and that so long as they study only material elements they can at best discover but half of the mystery.

The Chaldeans, Phoenicians, and Babylonians were familiar with the principles of alchemy, as were many early Oriental races. It was practiced in Greece and Rome; was the master science of the Egyptians.

Khem was an ancient name of the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt's scientific knowledge.

According to the fragmentary writings of those early peoples, alchemy was to them no speculative art. They implicitly believed in the multiplication of metals; and in the face of their reiterations both the scholar and the materialist should be more kindly in their consideration of alchemical theorems. Evolutionists trace the unfoldment of the arts and sciences up through the growing intelligence of the prehistoric man, while others, of a transcendental point of view, like to consider them as being direct revelations from God.

The Leaves of Hermes Sacred Tree
The Original Manuscript dated 1577

In his Key to Alchemy, Samuel Norton divides into fourteen points the processes or states through which the alchemical substances pass from the time they are first placed in the test tube until ready as medicines for plants, minerals or men!

1. Solution, the act of passing a gaseous or solid condition into one of liquidity.

2. Filtration, the mechanical separation of a liquid from the undissolved particles suspended in it.

3. Evaporation, the changing or converting from a liquid or solid state into a vaporous state with the aid of heat.

4. Distillation, an operation by which a volatile liquid may be separated from substances which it holds in solution.

5. Separation, the operation of disuniting or decomposing substances.

6. Rectification, the process of refining or purifying any substance by repeated distillation.

7. Calcination, the conversion into a powder or calx by the action of heat; expulsion of the volatile substance from a matter.

8. Commixtion, the blending of different ingredients into one compound or mass.

9. Purification (through putrefaction), disintegration by spontaneous decomposition; decay by artificial means.

10. Inhibition, the process of holding back or restraining.

11. Permentation, the conversion of organic substances into new compounds in the presence of a ferment.

12. Fixation, the act or process of ceasing to be a fluid and becoming firm; state o being fixed.

13. Multiplication, the act or process of multiplying or increasing in number, the state of being multiplied.

14. Projection, the process of transmuting the base metals into gold.

If any would grow metals, he must first learn the secrets of the metals; he must realize that all metals ... like all stones plants, animals, and universes - grow from seeds, and that these seeds are already in the body of substance for the seed of man is in he universe before he is born (or grown and as the seed of the plant exists for all time through the plant but the plant live but part of that time, so the seeds of spiritual gold and material gold are ever present in all things. The metals grow through out the ages, because life is imparted to them from the sun. The grow imperceptibly, in form like tiny shrubs, for everything grows in some way. Only the methods of growth differ, according to kind and magnitude.

One of the great axioms is, "Within everything is he seed of everything," although by the simple process of Nature it may remain latent for many centuries. or its growth may be exceedingly slow. Therefore every grain of sand contains not only the seed of the precious metals as well as the seed of the priceless gems, but also the seeds of sun, moon, and stars. as within the nature of man is reflected the entire universe in miniature, so in each grain of sand, each drop of water, each tiny particle of cosmic dust, are concealed all the parts and elements of cosmos in the form of tiny seed germs so minute that even the most powerful microscope cannot detect them. Trillions of times smaller than the ton or electron, these seeds - unrecognizable and incomprehensible - await the time assigned them for growth and expression.

In his History of Chemistry, James Campbell Brown, late professor of chemistry in the University of Liverpool, sums up the ends which alchemists sought to achieve, in the following paragraphs:

"This, therefore, was he general aim of the alchemists - to carry out in the laboratory, as far as possible, the processes which Nature carried out in the interior of the earth. Sven leading problems occupied their attention: -

1. The preparation of a compound named elixir, magisterium medicine, or philosopher's stone, which possess the property of transmuting the baser metals into gold and silver, and of performing many other marvelous operations.

2. The creation of homonculi, or living beings, of which many wonderful but incredible tales are told.

3. The preparation of the alcahest or universal solvent, which dissolved every substance which was immersed in it.

4. Palingenesis, or the restoration of a plant from its ashes. Had they succeeded in this, they would have hoped to be able to raise the dead. (Professor  Brown takes a great deal for granted)

5. The preparation of spiritus mundi, a mystic substance possessing many powers, the principal of which was its capacity of dissolving gold.

6. The extraction of the quintessence or active principle of all substances.

7. The preparation of aurum potabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy, because gold being itself perfect could produce perfection in the human frame.


In alchemy there are three symbolic substances: mercury, sulphur, and salt. To these was added a fourth mysterious life principle call Azoth. Concerning the firs three, Herr von Welling has written: "There are three basic chemical substances which are called by the philosophers salt, sulphur, and mercury, but which are not to be confounded in any way with the crude salt, sulphur, and mercury taken from the earth or secured from the apothecary. Salt, sulphur, and mercury each has a triune nature, for each of these substances contains, in reality, also the other two substances, according to the secret arcanum of the wise. The body of salt, sulphur, and mercury, but in the body of salt one of the three (salt) predominates. Mercury is likewise composed of salt, sulphur, and mercury with the latter element predominating. Sulphur, similarly, is actually salt, sulphur, and mercury with sulphur predominating. tHese nine divisions - 3 times 3, plus Azoth (the myserious universal life force), equals 10, the sacred decad of Pythagoras. Concerning the nature of Azoth, there is much controversy. Some view it as the invisible, eternal fire; others as electricity; still others as magnetism. Transcendentalists refer to it as the astral light.

Excerpted from: The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

The Barbury Castle triangular
crop formation - 1991

Trinity Association

The Barbury Castle formation is thought by some to be related to the Trinity. Known symbols of the Trinity are similar. The glyphs at the corners have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to:

North - sun, sulfur
Southwest - moon, salt
Southeast - Mercury, quicksilver

Detailed explanation of this crop
formation. by Joe Mason

The solution in he alchemical retort, if digested a certain length of time, will turn into a red elixir, which is called the universal medicine. It resembles a fiery water and is luminous in the dark. During the process of digestion it passes through many colors which has given rise to its being called peacock because of it iridescence during one of the periods of its digestion. If the augmentations of its power be carried too far, the test tube containing the substance will explode and vanish as dust. This commonly occurs and is the greatest danger involved in the preparation of the medicine for men and metals. If developed too far, it will also seep through the glass, for there is no physical container sufficiently strong t hold it. The reason for this is that it is no longer a substance but a divine essence partaking of the interpenetrative power of Divinity. When it is properly developed, this universal solvent in liquid form will dissolve into itself all other metals. In this high state the universal salt is a liquid fire. This sal dissolved with the proper amount of any metal and run through the different stages of digestion and rotations of augmentations will eventually become a medicine for the transmuting of inferior metals.

Alchemy Symbolism Gallery
Alchemy Symbolism Gallery Two

God Powder vs Heart - Albehmy's Darker Moments
by Daniel Winter , 8/22/99


Thanks to David for further stimulating this dialog with his new article on his site( ): MONO-ATOMIC GOLD: A SECRET OF SHAPESHIFTING AND THE REPTILIAN CONTROL?- ,

excerpt: "Without going into all the scientific detail, when you consume this mono-atomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the current
carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand *times.*"(end quote)

David goes on to speculate in general terms that this increased electrical capacity of the nervous system, is directly responsible for the obvious psychokinetic powers ... shapeshifting etc., of the reptilian (& often) extra-terrestrial bloodlines. And then David says: "If anyone has further information on this subject, please contact me thru this website".

I believe that this is one of those rare conversations that actually gets quickly to PURE PRINCIPLE which feeds the soul and the lucid dream. (Very much as opposed to arguing about which fed permitted the grey's/reptoids/dracs to abduct humans... the story is tired- been going on since the dawn of Earth...[-Enlil- ] let's get to the self empowerment here..).

So I am going to toss another 2 cents in about what is BEHIND the phenomenon of GOLD and it's powder.

I would like to tell you a story. Seems like 10-15 years ago I spoke at the first international conference on Non-Linear Energy Source Technologies (George Hathaway - Ken MacNeill sponsors in Atlanta, I think the proceedings still exist..). The subject of my talk was that "FREE Energy Device Technologies ARE NOT IN FACT FREE."

My essential point was that

All non-linear or "free" or "scalar" or "zero-point" energy devices create AN EMOTIONALLY PERCEPTIBLE and GRAVITY DISTORTING field effect WHICH EXACT A PRICE ON THE FIELD OF EARTH.

In the years since in addition to speaking at dozens of such conferences I was the tech-troubleshooter at a generator/motor business in Buffalo for 15 years, and having worked personally with DOZENS of non-linear device inventors (Adam Trombley, George Hathaway, Tom Valone, Bruce DePalma, Tim Wilhelm, Bill Ramsey..)... I drew some further generalized conclusions.

1. That the absolute KEY operating principle to EVERY such device was a magnetic flux geometry based specifically on RECURSION PERFECTED in the GOLDEN RATIO..(whether at the coil design level, or the capacitance array geometric, -take Montauk's array:DECA-delta- , or at the atomic level as in gold.. which is where this article is headed) (Even Trevor Constable's most effective rainmaking orgone capacitor conic was based on 60 degree dodec implosion).

2. That the result of this field GEOMETRY of PHI creates flux lines which go thru the speed of light BASED UPON THE RECURSIVE HETERODYNING or beating which PHI (Golden Ratio) permits.

EXTENSIVE conversation about the physics principles of this with many graphics at . Predictions for a new physics of Gravity BASED ON RECURSION.

3. That this orderly transfer of flux into the superluminal (faster than lightspeed) is what specifically CREATES GRAVITY, and connects the gravity field to magnetic devices for an energy source -NOT ALTOGETHER "FREE".

(Elsewhere we discuss how this same geometric in DNA creates en-soulment, time travel ability in DNA, and ability to lucid dream : ).

4. That the aggregate assemblage of this charge fractal around the planet we have been ignorantly calling gravity, takes millennia of work in synchrony between mineral veins crystallizing into embedding (gold mines only occur at fractal embeddable megnetic/ ley line crosses etc.), planetary alignments into self aware spin embedding (astrology's physics), AND advanced conscious beings feeding that fractal with glandular EMOTION! ( , , -heart rate variability in PHI?).

5. So that bleeding this source of charge for humans building gizmos like Atlantis Fire Crystals, who think it is free, is exactly that: BLEEDING.

[PRIMA003.txt] --- Description:
A perspective from Thoth / Tehuti on the spiritual nature of Etherium Gold / Isis WPG and Orme. His recommendations on spiritually safe dosages. 

Basic Safe Dosage Guidelines

First we would like to say that by safe we are speaking here of the information Tehuti / Thoth has given us in regards to the spiritual / mental / emotional ramifications. The White is the all around powder. It is the one that Tehuti / Thoth felt could safely be used by anyone over extended periods of time when used in the following concentrations. Take 1/16 (one half of a 1/8 teaspoon measure) teaspoon and dilute this in one quart of pure water, then refrigerate. Drink about two to three ounces of this solution once or twice a day. The use of Lithium water is even better. (Order Aqualithia from Borderland Science Research ~ P.O. 220 ~ Bayside, CA 95524 ~ 707-825-7733) The powder should not be taken straight under any circumstances without proper consultation. Please understand the above dosage is the safe dosage that just about anyone could take without risking any of the previously mentioned complications, and that each individual is unique. Tehuti / Thoth has also indicated that safe dosages for those that are ill or have seriously depleted vital / physical systems can be substantially greater than for healthy persons. If larger doses are being administered to an individual with a depleted system they must be monitored carefully as the dosage will have to be tapered off as they return to health and vitality.

Signs of potential overdose given by Tehuti / Thoth are as follows; "A decidedly bitter taste in the mouth either occasionally or continually, an *unusual ringing in the ears almost like the sound of a stream of air, dizziness and vertigo, a feeling of disconnection from reality or deja-vu, lower than normal blood pressure, uncontrolled and / or unpleasant out of body experiences, changes in the spectral vision whereby one may perceive colors incorrectly, and periods of sublime euphoria leading to dangerous hallucinations. A progressed condition would be schizophrenia and its
variations including manifestation of multiple personalities as the soul tries to compartmentalize itself to prevent the total collapse of its Light field. A feeling like you have been caved in could be a collapse of one of the seven layers of your Light field. If you find yourself experiencing one or more of these symptoms it would be advisable to stop taking the powder for a period of up to 6 months to determine whether they are indicative of overdosage. If it is determined that the powder was the causative factor, I would advise that the individual not resume taking the substance for at least one year, and that when they do it be at greatly reduced dosage from the one that originally caused the problems. Use of the Lithium water will be helpful in reducing risk of overdose."

In cases where an individuals holistic vital system is seriously depleted, much larger doses of the powders are called for. These types of situations are generally existing with individuals who are quite ill. It is important that the individual be monitored on a regular basis however, so that as their
vital system replenishes the dosage can be cut back to prevent any dangers of overdosage and subsequent damage to the Light body in the long term.


Subj: Kundalini Experience
From: Gary

I. Simek wrote:

>It seems that WPG has the potential to "awaken kundalini" or fast track the process normally attained by years of disciplined meditation/exercise. Perhaps the focal point is, as Gary puts it, "permanent destruction of the Ego". Gary could you expand on the "ego-death" aspect of your note. Is it possible to attain this in a rapid manner? Is it safe to do it that fast?

>What are the ramifications? What are the dangers?
Dear Iron,

Please refer to my responses to J. McInnis and Byrun Fox for explanation of the ego death, as far as I can relate from experience.

In some of Dave's presentations, he describes the progress of the unnamed fellow who has been taking the WPG material in large amounts. In one of these, Dave relates that the man became so sensitive that he retreated to a remote spot in New Mexico to be alone.

During awakening, ones' collection of personal karma has to be burned away, at one point or another. Doing that involves suffering by the individual. The karma is stored in the body tissues somehow, and when kundalini goes through and purges out all the nadis, this karma is released either as a side effect, or direct action (I can't tell which) and it causes the suffering when released. Some people may have "Happy" karma in there that causes them Joy, or the opposite of suffering. As far as I could tell, 99% of mine was soot-black. On a small number of occasions (far too few) I had experiences of spontaneous joy. But mostly it ranges from very stressful, wired, and unpleasant, to dark and despondent. Along with everything else I got a replay of every disease symptom and injury pain I've ever had or was scheduled to have.

In general, the faster the awakening proceeds, the more intense the suffering, since the same amount of karma has to be dealt with over a shorter time. And the stress on the organism would be proportionately greater. Should the suffering become too intense, the person could easily become suicidal. If a person took too large a dose, perhaps you can see that the effect would begin to approximate an internal explosion of energy and karma, and could exceed what the human body and spirit can withstand and still remain connected together.

But I don't want to over state the situation either: it was bad, but it wasn't *that* bad. It wasn't undoable; I would say even a frail person could do it with care and prudence. I cannot imagine a better method than WPG to accomplish this, to bring the opportunity for awakening to the people at large.

There are also some built-in safety checks at work: (1) Kundalini is a *supremely intelligent force*; she knows *exactly* what she is doing. You will be amazed at how hard it works for you and for your benefit when you see it in action fighting disease, or healing an injury. The ultimate physician to have on your side during an awakening. (2) Having control of the dosage (or pranayama intensity in my case) allows you to back off when things get too tough. You can go at your own rate. (3) The higher self watches the whole thing like a hawk. Success is not guaranteed, but you should not be discouraged just because it is not roses all the way either. Just know what you're getting into before you start. Its a one-way ride.

The Dark Night of the Soul that Dave's friend is, or was, going through is how it is while this is going on. Ego death is the culmination of it. Lets all hope that he came through it, and is ok now. My hat is off to him. I would have *loved* to have been alone in the desert.



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This describes the death gene located on chromosome 23, and the origin of this gene from a mutation of the species called the Wombs Within.

It wasn't as if someone designed chromosome 23; it was designed on its own by the DNA survival mechanisms.

Chromosome 23, which determines your sexuality, your personality, your identity in the body, and your individuality, and, in fact the entire humanoid species, is also what contributes to the death of your embodiment.

* * *

Cryptic Manuscripts

Sumerian and Egyptian myths both relate how a god taught the art of writing and the knowledge of science to mankind. Sumerian and Egyptian myths both relate how a god taught the art of writing and the knowledge of science to mankind. Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom was most likely derived from even earlier Sumerian sources. Thoth was the god who supposedly sent a Flood to punish humankind for wickedness.

Three accounts of an ancient store of wisdom hidden in pillars which may reflect a common tradition based on Thoth:

1.) A Hebrew tradition states that Enoch (the father of Methuselah) erected several columns before the flood and that a bronze one, which held a depository of the great philosophical and religious truths unknown to the world at large, survived.

2.) A third century AD Neoplatonic work, Corpus Hermeticum, tells how an Egyptian priest Manetho discovered the secrets of ancient rites that had been hidden in pillars, buried in a deep vault before the Deluge. (The Greeks equated their god Hermes with Thoth.)

3.) The "old ritual" of Freemasonry relates that the two great pillars placed in front of the Temple of Solomon had been hollow. Inside them had been stored the "ancient records" and the "valuable writings" pertaining to the past of the Jewish people.

The documents below are ascribed to esoteric traditions of revealed secrets of the ancients. Some are authentic, others fakes and forgeries, and still others inspired by "trance writing". All have provided considerable grist for speculation about the true identities and real intentions of their authors.

"The more one studies the best of these mystical sermons, casting aside all prejudices, and trying to feel and think with the writers, the more one is conscious of approaching the threshold of what my well be believed to have been the true adytum of the best in the mystery traditions of antiquity. Innumerable are the hints of the greatness and immensities lying beyond that threshold - among precious things the vision of the key to Egypt's wisdom..."
     - G. R. S. Meade

Do these works represent a revealed wisdom for an initiated elite, or are they products of self-delusion with no factual basis in reality? You be the judge.

The Alchemical Website and Virtual Library

The Voynich Manuscript
The "most mysterious manuscript in the world"

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A catalogue and critical review of mystical, classical and avante-garde literature thoth.html">Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom was most likely derived from even earlier Sumerian sources.