APRIL, 2009

4-1-09  DREAM -  I had the feeling that I was in France and we were out in the woods doing something that required lining up specific angles for aiming a weapon or something.  It seemed that it was governments that were participating in this - it was like a contest - though more serious than that.

Then a large size Russian man came and I saw that he was using some kind of small black radio communicator and wasn't following the rules the others were. going by.

When this was over, the men were staying overnight, and I found out that the Russian had brought his two small children with him, a boy and a girl.

I felt sorry for the children because they didn't have their mother with them, so I offered the Russian man two hand made quilts that I had lovingly crocheted some time in the past - like a coat of many colors - but each one was different.  I thought the children would feel better having a mother's quilt around them during the night because it was going to be cold.

The Russian man sneered at me, and refused to accept the handmade quilts, saying they were nasty peasant stuff and not good enough for his children. He threw them on the floor of the elevator where I had met him in a large building after the day's events were held in the woods.

I did not take this lightly, as to do this was beyond my job description, and I had worn my light green (baby green) sweater I had knitted to meet the Russian man which I had done in secret and didn't want the others to know I was wearing this sweater which was special to me and my family.

I woke up and opened my eyes and it was 6:06 a.m., which was a coincidence for me because the last time I had looked at that clock, it was 6:16 p.m.
Coincidental because of a web page I had done last years about 616 versus 666 in the Bible.  I think it is related somehow.


4-2-09 - DREAM -  I was trying to rent an apartment in a nice suburb somewhere.  The woman who took my application wanted me to live in her apartment with her.  I didn't know it immediately but she was a lesbian predator, and it didn't take her long to make her desires known.  She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.  (We were both in our 40's in the dream)  She wanted me to take a bubble bath, and on her desk, I saw a piece of paper where she had ordered 25 pounds of soap in my name.  The delivery man came with the soap while I was standing there, and I tried to tell him I didn't want 25 pounds of soap, but she was standing right there insisting that I did want it. 

I felt so threatened by her that I got the help of an older man who I think was in the maintenance department - he was a woman predator type himself, but I felt safer with him than I did with her. 

I wanted to get out of the lease I had just signed and hoped the owner of the building would understand that I couldn't live with this woman.

I woke up before I knew who won - but I needed to be safe from her.


4-2-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a forest with a young man who had a silver-gray sword - the curved kind that pirates use - but wider.  Maybe more like King Arthur's knights.  He was whacking away with it in the air like he was practicing for something he planned to do later.

I went to my 16th St. house then and looked out in the front yard, and all my beautiful lilacs had been whacked off the buses.  I couldn't figure out how that could have happened.  Then I saw that my neighbor's lilacs had also all been whacked off the bushes, and so had my Italian friend down in the next block. All her lilacs had been hacked off too.


NOTE: Lots of killings going on right now -  see:



DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, and I went to visit a friend who was in her 40's or so.  She invited a younger friend over and they said they had a 'church, but didn't way what the name of it was.  My friend said the other woman had a diet program that she'd like me to take a look at.

I said, "Okay!" and her younger friend went out to the car to get it. 

She brought in a large white shoe box that was full of little cards, each one had something to do just for one day for the diet.  There were lots of cards - can't say how many - but hundreds of them.  I was trying to imagine how much this box of cards cost, but finally agreed that I would try it and said I'd buy it. I was thinking it was probably about $500 for a program of that size, but the younger woman said it was only $2.  I thought about the price and knew $2 wouldn't even pay for the printing of that many cards.

I got out my purse to get the $2, and there were so many receipts and pieces of paper in my purse, I only saw $1 and then lost sight of it, so I said I'd take the purse to the bathroom.   I wanted to take all those receipts out to find $2 in private.

I went to the bathroom and there was a young black woman in there who was just coming out.  We had a short conversation about purses which I can't remember, but then I went into the bathroom and closed the door and dumped all the pieces of paper and receipts out and couldn't find any money at all, and realized I was looking at the other woman's receipts and couldn't figure out how they got into my purse.

I needed to get $2 for the box of diet cards, so I left with my little red car, and for some reason got stopped by the cops.  They cop told me to get out of the car and stand by a store window, where he told me to look into the window and look left at the cook in the kitchen way in the back.  Meanwhile, he had two large German Shepherd dogs with him who were walking around me sniffing and I started talking softly to the dogs and petting them.  The cop finally said I could go, and I realized he had been waiting for the dogs to bark or signify somehow that I had drugs on me or something.

I then went home to 16th St. where my sister, her husband Ralph, and one of their daughter's were.  I started telling my sister about this diet program and how cheap it was, when the little girl told Ralph it was Blue Wednesday.  He got all excited, and said, "Blue Wednesday?  Then we have to go out for pancakes.

So, Ralph and I went out to his car, and all he did was drive out into the street, which was wide, and he made a complete circle U turn in the street and pulled back into the alley and stopped at a house on 17th St. right by the alley, where I saw a young woman come to the door.  I don't know who she was, but it seemed suspicious that he wanted to stop at that house instead of going to a restaurant to get the pancakes. 

Ralph asked me where I lived and I said I didn't really live anywhere - I was rather in transition at the moment, trying to find a place to settle down.

So he drove me back to that store where I had been stopped by the cops earlier, and he got stopped too, and the cop made him stand in front of the store window and look at the cook in the kitchen way in the back. 

I laughed uproariously that he had to do the same thing I had done earlier, while the dogs sniffed around his feet.  It was funny to me that he got stopped too.

Then I was taken inside and they had a doctor there, dressed in a white coat.  He told me to stand in a hallway, not to hang onto a wall, and put my head back as far as I could and just stand there for 2 minutes.  I was afraid I would fall over and lose my balance, but I didn't.  I managed to stay that way the whole 2 minutes without toppling over.  That made me feel good.  Then the doctor said I could leave.

I had to get back to my friends house and pay for the diet box of cards.  I still didn't have the $2 though, so I don't know how I was going to do that.



4-4-09 - DREAM - I was giving away a big brown dog to a woman.  The dog lay at our feet and rolled over so we could see her belly.  I said to the woman, "This dog had puppies about 8 weeks ago.  The dog was licking her own belly which still had strings of afterbirth on it.

DREAM 2 - I was in the house (place unknown)  the dog had dragged in a pile of newspaper and shredded it all over the floor.  I tried to pick up the small pieces with a carpet sweeper and it wouldn't do it, so I had to pick up all the tiny pieces individually by hand. We were getting ready for a wedding and I had bought the bride a bright dark blue dress to wear, which was right next to the newspaper pieces.

DREAM 3 - The dog had peed on a pile of newspapers by the back door.  I started picking up the pile of newspaper to throw them away, and the lower two sheets were completely soaked with dog pee, so I shoved those two newspapers out the door with my foot, and told my husband to go out and pick them up because we were expecting visitors for a wedding to be held at our house.

DREAM 4 - I was looking out what I thought was a window, but it was a mirror, and looking back at me was Joe.

DREAM 5 -  The bride was coming to the house to be married -  and all I had bought her was a bright dark blue silk dress to wear.  But, then I looked out the window and saw the bride standing in the yard.  She was beautiful in a white wedding gown, and there was a group of 12 female dancers swirling around her in off white shorter dresses, but all with bridal veils on the back of their heads.  They were all gorgeous.  All of a sudden, all the dancers came running into the house and ran upstairs, followed by the bride (Daphne) who was now wearing a full length black leotard. - all the way to the ankles and wrists - completely covered except for bare feet and hands.


4-5-09 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment complex.  I was in bed with someone when I woke up in the morning.  Next to the bed on the floor, three men were gambling - one of which was a handsome man named David.  (means love)

During the day, we had a crew painting the apartment building both inside and outside.  I was spray painting the outside of the building white.  Everything was being painted white. 

I took a break during the day, and inside the apartment was David again, talking to two other young men - both black - in a corner alcove where it was dark.. We briefly joked around about moving a bookcase that was in the corner of that room if the other young men wanted to hide their faces behind it.

I went back outside to finish the outside of the building.  When I was done, again I saw David on the opposite side of the building, and he said something about his side of the building was too shiny or something like that. 

Just then, a young black woman named Glory came up to me and told me that she had completed the apartment she was painting. 

David, who was in charge of the painting schedule,  told her to go to the other building and paint apartment 405.  She said "Okay!" and started to leave, but before we all went back to work, another man came out of the elevator, and said that a young man I had seen with David earlier (he looked like Antonio Vega) was in the elevator stabbed in the chest.  He said the knife was on the floor of the elevator with David.

Glory and I both got frightened, and started to go up the nearest stairway, and I closed the bottom door on the stairway so I was on the stairway with Glory so the person who had done the stabbing couldn't get to us..

Somehow, the young man who had gotten stabbed on the elevator, jumped up, grabbed the knife, and stabbed Glory in the back from outside the stairway.

I didn't know that the stairway was open on the side and when he stabbed her, my eyes flew open and I was awake.

I rolled over and looked at the clock to see what time it was -  it was 4:45


7 A.M. VISION - I saw a game in which when you move three squares together - they cancel each other out.  So, in the vision, I moved one square upward which made a line of 3 horizontal yellow squares which canceled each other out - and the vision showed that it equaled  4 4 5

Psalms 118:25-26

Blavatsky - represented  donkey represented Typhon Set - the opponent force - Satan - which means overcoming the opponent force.



4-6-09 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere in the country.  In the early morning, a female friend of mine was with me in the kitchen, and she confided to me that she knew that my husband was going to divorce me for something I had done.   I couldn't imagine what I had done so bad that he would divorce me so easily.

Then my husband came into the room, and he wouldn't talk to me at all, just to my friend.  (I don't recognize him as a real husband I've had in the past)

As it turned out, he finally admitted why he was divorcing me -  he had run out of coffee, and I made coffee from a brand he wasn't familiar with.

I stood there and yelled at him as loud as I could, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.!  You want a divorce because I made you coffee???" I was literally screaming and I knew that if he needed a good reason to divorce me, now he had one.  My screaming at him and calling him stupid.

He was back to making his own coffee now from a can of coffee that I had bought, and he got on the phone and invited his non-working friends over to spend the day with him and commiserate about how bad a person I was I figured.

Then I found out that children were involved in what he was going to do, and he didn't want full size children because they were too big, so he started cutting the children into smaller pieces so he could handle them better.

His friends were wild car drivers, so I and my friend went out on the street and directed traffic and made sure no one got in the way of these crazy cars that came roaring down the road to our house.

Then when the friends were in the house and everyone in the neighborhood was safe from their driving, I went back into the house, and saw that the children were the size of clothespins - like stick children.


4-7-09 - DREAM - I was  working in a small office.  I hadn't been well for some reason and wasn't working. I was just resting.

I was taken to another upstairs office by my friend Erv, who drove me when I needed to get somewhere as I didn't have a car of my own. This place was where a woman kept small animals I needed to do my job.  They were very tiny as infants, which is what I was going to get.  She kept these animals in an aquarium in small boxes - like a small matchbox.  The whole place smelled like an animal lair. 

She handed me this tiny box that was broken on one side, and inside was this cute little creature that looked like a wolf  or a wolverine.  I said that we wouldn't be taking it home that day as we didn't have an aquarium set up for it yet, and she said okay.  But I wondered how we would tell the difference between the animal that had been picked out and all the others - except this box was broken on one side that it was in.

I had seen a full grown animal - which was sitting upright like a human and just as large.  It had a regular paw on the left, but on the right, the paw was very large and looked like a club.  The left paw pushed something into place, and the large clubbed right paw did the work.  The woman said, 'They have the right hand of Apollo!"

After we picked out our little wolf/wolverine, I went to sit down on a chair, and I was shown a communication device that I would be using.  It looked rather like a long TV remote, but this one was talked into like a radio.  One of the men on the other end was named Gary, and he was ill also. There was a capital letter G at the top of this device.   I said into the device, "C'mon Gary!"  to cheer him on to recovery, like I knew I would be. 

Gary didn't answer back, because he didn't know who I was yet, but I knew he heard me.

"LYCEIUS (Lukeios), a surname of Apollo, the meaning of which is not quite certain, for some derive it from lukos, a wolf, so that it would mean "the wolf-slayer;" others from lukê, light, according to which it would mean "the giver of light;" and others again from the country of Lycia. There are indeed passages in the ancient writers by which each of these three derivations may be satisfactorily proved. As for the derivation from Lycia, we know that he was worshipped at mount Cragus and Ida in Lycia; but he was also worshipped at Lycoreia on mount Parnassus, at Sicyon (Paus. ii. 9. § 7), Argos (ii. 19. § 3), and Athens (I. 19. § 4). In nearly all cases, moreover, where the god appears with this name, we find traditions concerning wolves. Thus the descendants of Deucalion, who founded Lycoreia, followed a wolf's roar; Latona came to Delos as a she-wolf, and she was conducted by wolves to the river Xanthus; wolves protected the treasures of Apollo; and near the great altar at Delphi there stood an iron wolf with inscriptions. (Paus. x. 14. § 4.) The attack of a wolf upon a herd of cattle occasioned the worship of Apollo Lyceius at Argos (Plut. Pyrrh. 32; comp. Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. ii. 124); and the Sicyonians are said to have been taught by Apollo in what manner they should get rid of wolves. (Paus. ii. 19. § 3.) In addition to all this, Apollo is called lukoktonos. (Soph. Elect 7; Paus. ii. 9. § 7; Hesych. s. v.) Apollo, by the name of Lyceius, is therefore generally characterised as the destroyer. (Müller, Dor. ii. 6. § 8.)"


Hellenic Polytheist


Red represents low-energy X-rays, the medium range is green, and the most energetic ones are colored blue. The blue hand-like structure was created by energy emanating from the nebula around they dying star PSR B1509-58. The red areas are from a neighboring gas cloud called RCW 89. Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO/P.Slane, et al.




4-7-09 - I didn't bother writing down most dreams from the night, but the last one was interesting.

I dreamed this address:,+Montebello,+CA+90640&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=AJzcSZa8LJvGM7HziN4N&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1

I'm wondering who lives there - they sure have a big pool.

In the dream, I was working in an office with 3 other women, and I was asked to take a small package down to the mailing department and have them ship it to the address.  There were two paper cups with lids with something liquid in them -  I thought it looked like pee - but later discovered it was gel of some kind.

It was 4:10 p.m. on the clock in the office, and when I went down to the mailing room, the other women followed me.

In the mailing room, I had a vision of a past scene where there was a big drinking party down there, and one of the women got really angry at a big guy and spat beer foam at him.  She was really mad.

I felt compelled to look up the address of the person who was going to receive those two cups.  So you can see for yourself what kind of place it is, but like I said, I don't know who lives there.


4-8-09 - DREAM - I was driving in a car on a highway with a companion - seemed like it was a male - and we drove past a large area of land that was evidently broken up into lots where houses would be built.  I thought the first corner lot would be great, but it was also evident that all these lots had already been sold, just not built on.  Many had areas where trees and bushes were planted and a space left where a house would be eventually - but none were built. It looked like perhaps no one actually ever would because there was no room for a driveway to any of those places, though it was all laid out in squares, there was no road to the lots that were farther back in the plots.  It was beautiful.


4-8-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a house that looked like New Berlin on one end, and like 66th St. on the other end. The whole dream was about my son Tom and his friends in their later teens.  (That was a long time ago)  It was early morning, and Tom had his friends over to hang around.  One of the guys who had a long dark black beard rode his red and black motorcycle into the house which I didn't like.  The kid panicked and rode the motorcycle down into the basement and dumped it rather than ride it back outside.  (Maybe it was stolen?) 

I didn't want the motorcycle in my basement, and I tried to convince the guys to get the bike out of the house and nobody wanted to.

One of the guys was drinking a beer in the kitchen, which I didn't have a problem with particularly.  I just wanted the bike outside but nobody was paying any attention to me. I tried to get them to get the bike out and none would.

All of a sudden the guys decided to leave and went to the front door, taking a lot of clothes with them, some of which they pushed back into the house through the mail slot along with some envelopes that had been ripped open.  I tried to close and lock the door so they couldn't come back in, but there was clothes in the way.  So I kept pulling clothes back into the house, but it wasn't going well, so I opened the door again and discovered an old grocery bag outside full of clothes, a sleeping bag spread out on the lawn carelessly, and more mail strewn around.  So I picked up all the mail the clothes that were close by and went back inside and locked the door so they couldn't come back inside. 



4-8-09- DREAM  - I went to my Father's lake cottage with a companion.  I was standing in the water facing the shore, when I heard a noise in the woods above where I was standing. I was thinking, "I wonder what that noise was?" when I heard Norman's voice say, "What about Eckar?"

I answered, " don't know!"

Again I heard Norman's voice say, "What about when Eckar (Icar?)  goes through the tunnel (???)  not sure about the last word. 

Again I said, "I don't know.

NOTE:  As soon as I woke up, I ran to the computer to look up Eckar (and found people's names)  but google suggested  ICAR, and gave me two links to ICAR in India which is an agricultural group which offers classes.

I'll have to check that out further.



In the dream, I was with some young people who were going to experiment with a refrigerator that was laying on the ground.  It was more like a refrigerated box than the kind you would have in your kitchen -  laying on the ground, it was open at the top and bottom, with flaps that dropped down on both ends. They were going to call inside and experience what it was like to be locked in that refrigerator. 

I had a male friend with me who had short block curly hair, but blue eyes, and I told him there must be a legal way to stop those people from doing this experiment.  He said he had a lawyer friend he would call and get an injunction against these people to stop what they were planning on doing.

The attorney got there in mere seconds, and there was a real sexual chemistry between us, and he said, 'your place or my place!"  and  I said, "Your place", because I had no electricity or water in my apartment.

We went to his apartment, and I told him I wanted to take a shower before we had sex and he said "Okay!", so I went into his bathroom, and used lots of later, starting at the top and working my way down.  Just as I was going to get to my private parts, two middle-aged women came in, and wanted to help me finish washing.  I said, "no way!"  and told them to leave and they vanished. 

I had my robe on, but hadn't finished my shower, and went to find my friend and told him about the two women in the shower who had vanished.  He said that there was no one in the apartment, and all of a sudden, I felt a tapping on the back of my shoulder.  I turned and there was no one there and I knew then that it had to have been a ghost.

I woke up and went to the bathroom, went back to bed and right back to sleep, and I went right back into the dream, but I wasn't in the man's apartment anymore that I could tell, but I might have been. I was still wearing my robe,  and a friend of mine and her daughter came in, both wearing a bathrobe over their clothing.  The mother said she had made her daughter's clothing, but it didn't fit right, and she didn't know what to do about it.

I looked at the girl's clothes, and it was immediately apparent that the waistband was way too tight, and the hips were ballooned out so it looked really weird, so I told her how to fix it after showing her how her own clothes fit, so she had the right idea.  So the mother and daughter left to fix the daughter's clothing and I went outside.

Outside, I sat in a canvas chair, along with some other women who were enjoying the sunshine.  Two dogs came up to me, rather greyish or silver in color. They were so loving, I fell in love with them right away.  It seemed that they were stray dogs and had no owners.  They acted so loving, and then after being petted awhile, they ran off and made friends with everyone in the neighborhood.

My old co-worker Joe was there, and we talked about the dogs, how they had true freedom, that they could come and go as they pleased, be loved, and love who they wished, with no worries in the world.

I said that I admired that, and I wasn't afraid of those dogs like I had been with some other dogs, and saw how joyous those dogs were with that kind of freedom.  If the dogs needed love, they went to whoever would give it to them, stay as long as they wanted, and then went elsewhere to give or get love where they wanted it. It was an amazing concept to me and thought it was wonderful.

I went back into my apartment building and went into an apartment where work was being done -  the walls were mint green and the ceiling was white, and the longer I looked the walls seemed more to be wallpapered mint green and white squares.  I felt it and it was soft to the touch, like cloth.  It was really nice.

I went back to my own apartment, and there was no electricity or water, and I couldn't do much there, so I went to the office to do some writing.

My boss came in with a young woman, and said he wanted to interview her, but he needed to do it privately, so I left the office and went into another room to do my writing.

I got a phone call then from my friend Marilyn who was at the Dollar store.  She told me about some bargains she found in electronics, and wondered if I wanted anything.  I asked her if anything could be used as an address book and she said, "Yes!"  so I told her to get that for me.

Meanwhile, a whole crowd of people had arrived and started preparing for a party for dinner.  The food looked wonderful.

The attorney walked in and told me that his friend Roger had called and invited him, Bruce, and another guy to go to St. Louis for a concert that night.

I knew that he already had been invited by two other guys to go to a basketball game that same night, so I suggested that he bring all the guys together and go to the same place.  His response was, "Don't worry about it, I can do both things."

I didn't know how he could do both things, but that was up to him.  Meanwhile the party was getting noisier and noisier and the attorney was on the far end of the room.  I didn't even know what his name was, so I hollered across the room, "Hon!"  and he raised his head, knowing it was my voice.  I said, "I'm going to go finish my shower now!"  He nodded, "Okay!"  and then said to the crowd, "Now she's going to want to be paid $55 for her time!"

I thought to myself, "He was expecting to pay me for my time?  Doesn't he know that I don't charge for my time, I only go where I want to go and be where I want to be!"

NOTE:    When I got up and went to the bathroom, I felt like I was 20 years old, no aches or pains - not twinges or tiredness -  I felt really truly young.  I sat down on the toilet and a drop of water came down from above me and hit me on the back of the shoulder - approximately where the ghost had tapped me on the shoulder.  I looked up at the ceiling, thinking that we had had a heavy rain during the night but there was no marks on the ceiling.  When I was done in the bathroom, I went into the office where Joe was working on his computer and asked him to touch my shirt to acknowledge and confirm that it was really wet, and it was.  He got out the flashlight and went into the bathroom, searched the ceiling and the floor for any sign of dripping water, and everything was dry - so where did the drop of water come from????   That was bizarre.


4-11-09 - DREAM - I had just moved into an apartment - I had nothing on the walls, and a sofa that was orangish, and not much else. I didn't know anyone in the building.

I needed to go to the bathroom, and as soon as I closed the door, I heard and saw the shadow of a man in my apartment.  I quickly opened the door and confronted him, and it turned out he lived in the apartment to my left - and had a key for the door to prove it.  I hadn't noticed until then that the apartments were connected by doors on both sides as well as having a front door.  At that moment, I saw that the door was open to the apartment on the right and a bright light was on in that apartment.

All of a sudden a middle-aged to older woman came from that apartment and I liked her right away.  She said, " I like your mirror!" and proceeded to tell me she had a mirror that needed repair, and I knew that mirrors could be repaired and was going to tell her how to get in touch with those people, when she noticed these huge paintings on my walls - very ornate large gold frames around scenes that looked like they were from Italy.  She said I should rearrange the paintings so they told a story - from the little children on the left, chronologically through life.  I liked her idea.

She called my attention to a newspaper, which I had just gotten.  She said she didn't get the newspaper, and I hadn't either, this was the first time, and I had thought about getting it at the door every day. There were big black headlines on it, but I hadn't looked at it yet.

All of a sudden we heard a noise in the corner by the door and she said something was spinning -  might have been a clock - not sure. It was spinning really fast.

Then she climbed into a huge leafed tree in the center of the room and started telling me a dream about a yak, but I wasn't paying too much attention, because an old man had come in and he was mumbling something, and I was trying to hear what he was saying.  And at the same time, I had been thinking that I wanted to tell her that I had just gotten back from Washington State, and realized that I had been back for several years and managed apartment buildings.  I couldn't believe time had passed that fast.

I wanted to tell her that I had had a dream about a yak also, more than once. 

I asked her to repeat the dream about the yak.  She said, "Are you interested in dreams?"   I said, "I could talk to you for a year about that."  The tree she was standing in had huge leaves -  kind of like the elephant leaves of a bush I've seen - but the trunk looked like a palm tree type.

Somewhere in there, I had seen the phone number  282-3840   (3480) - and was trying to think where that was until I remembered that my Mom's phone number started with the same three numbers -  and this number crossed each other 4 times as it was printed out.   Now I knew that this number meant something and the calendar was connected to some 'team' numbers and two of them were 10 and 17.  This whole thing was connected to Al Qaeda.

and I woke up.


This is the original dream


    I kept yelling at him to get into the garage and he pulled the animals around and the ponies turned into a coarse haired white yak with fur. ... -

    I quoted it here:

    1. SECOND INSIGHT  (Feb. 2000)

      I kept yelling at him to get into the garage and he pulled the animals around and the ponies turned into a coarse haired white yak with fur. ...

    and here

    1. THE MAN WITH A GREEN FACE  (Mar 27. 2009)

      I kept yelling at him to get into the garage and he pulled the animals around and the ponies turned into a coarse haired white yak with fur. ...

    Joe reminds me we did a page about 10-17 -  and Blossom Goodchild predicted a UFO sighting between 10 and 17 in 2008 in the south.


    4-12-09 - I was sleeping on the sofa - nap-like - from 8:30 p.m. till 1 a.m.

    DREAM - I was looking closely at what appears to be a star map, which is marked off with very fine red lines. I first see something that is marked, 'the eye of ______" and nearby to it is the 'eye of Mercury'.

    NOTE:  after some research, I find that the eye of Mercury is also called the eye of RA.


    4-12-09 - DREAM - I seemed to be in my 16th St. house, but something is off kilter, but it was just unlike it to be somewhere else.

    There was a machine in the corner of the room that spun fast, and a huge screen appeared on the wall, and I was watching a group of singers - none of whom were really together - just a group of people of all colors, shapes, sizes, and clothing, and each person sang one line of a song, and the voices were mostly high ranging, and I loved the song so much, I was singing along with them even though I didn't know the words or the song. This machine also was attached by a wire to our own TV set, and at first I said I was glad to have it so we could watch the TV without having to go into the other room to watch which we always did, but then I noticed the TV was just standing along the wall, and we couldn't even see the face of it where it was, so I wanted to move the TV so it was in direct line sight, which I did.  Our TV wasn't all that large - more like a 20 inch screen.

    Then someone resembling my mother but younger came into the room with a bag of bean seeds, asking me if they were raw or cooked.  She showed them to me and they were light purple and very large.  I determined that they were raw - and could be grown.  Everyone was tasting them and eating them, and I had a taste of one also, and was afraid I might be allergic to it, but I wasn't.

    I then went into the other room, and among the people was this very tall thin woman, and I noticed her head was quite small for her tallness, and her skin and hair were pure white, and her hair was skimpy on her head as well.  I didn't know who she was and she didn't look at me, and it just left me wondering about her.

    We then went with a very large group of kids down a long hallway and I had to carry the end of a long pole which was very heavy - and I have no idea what we were carrying, just it was really heavy. We were all walking really fast. I wondered if we were walking 'in step' like marchers.  It seemed that we were because it went so smoothly.  At the end of the hallway, was a really weird brick stairway, where some of the steps were short, and some were really long, and some at infacing angles.  It was the weirdest stairway I had ever seen, and when we talked about it as we were still carrying this heavy thing between the poles, someone said it had been designed by the architect of the school where we were.  There was a section of the stairs that went around a semi-circle and ended at a driveway, but most of us let ourselves down over a 5 foot embankment on the side of the steps, with this long pole thing.

    During this walk I had been given a piece of something like a caramel, and it stayed in my mouth the whole time, and it last the length of the entire walk.

    At the end of this long walk, there was a field newly plowed, but unplanted with toy tractors of various colors lined up along one of the rows next to the parking lot. We were remarking how cute that was to see all those toy tractors. 

    Just before we went into the building where we were going to go into this dark grey building for a lecture or something, the man in charge was handing out what looked like caramel from a big scoop.  I said, 'No thanks!  I just finished a piece.  It lasted the whole walk here." 

    He looked rather askance at me, and said that his caramel didn't last that long,  but I didn't want any more.  I had had enough.

    I can't remember the lecture.  It was something about farming or growing things.  All I know was that the very tall white faced woman was there also and I still didn't know who she was.  Her face was so white, it was looking like a skeleton head with skin on it. 

    Just as I was waking up, I was handed a piece of black paper with white writing on it, and someone said, "Here is your Stargate High Guide index", and then I knew who she was. 


    4-13-09 - I first had a dream in which I was in a large store and we had to be out by 10 p.m. because even if you were in line at 10, they stopped checking people out right at 10.

    I woke up and saw an IM on aol from Joe.  He said, "I'm giving you a head start"  and gave me a phone number  828-282-8288  or 8828.  which adds up to 46.   That phone exchange is in Hickory, NC. 

    I wrote that number down and looked it up on the computer because it seemed important.  Then I went back to bed, and in the next dream, I was living in North Carolina.  My husband lost his job and in my mind I was thinking that he'd better be out looking for a new job on Monday.  We couldn't afford not to have any income.  Since it was Saturday, we got the newspaper.  I decided to go to an address at 9999 Meadow Lane, (which according to doesn't exist)  but it was in the newspaper with a house for sale I wanted to see. 

    I got into the car - the keys were in the glove box - really handy -  and someone in another car with a small white flat trailer behind it was following me.

    I got out on the highway, turned right, and went up a little hill, and when I came over the crest of the hill - the scene ahead of me was incredible to see.  In the valley below was a rather wide river that was flooded and water was going over the road.  On the other side of the river was a high wooded hill - which was also on my side.  I decided to drive through the water, -  big mistake because when I reached the water, it was too deep and the water went right over the car, and I forced myself awake.

    I waited a few minutes and I was back in the dream, again in North Carolina, and my husband got a phone call from a guy who wanted my husband to take him to 9999 Meadow Lane -  where I had tried to get to just been earlier.

    NOTE:  There is flooding today from storms in Florida and Georgia - wouldn't doubt that the Carolinas are getting storms too.


    DREAM -  4-14-09 -  I had a computer that had three separate settings - one for text,  one for graphics, and one for sound.  They were separate levers on the side of the computer.  I switched the lever on the side, and then I was seeing what looked like a large marigold and each petal of the flower looked like it was incased in what looked like glass.  Then I saw a blue flower with similar petals, and that flower also had each petal encased in what looked like a tube of glass.

    I also saw the date  Nov 4  -  I don't know what it was related to.

    I woke up and was thinking about the dream, when a loud male voice came into my head and said, "Hello!"   I was thinking he was standing at the door.

    I then had a dream/vision where people were standing at my bedroom door.  A female looked nice, so I invited her in, but then a man who was swarthy and dark haired - I told him, "Do not come in."

    Then the phone rang, and a middle-aged woman asked if I could help her.  She said, "What are the rulers of Sumer, Egypt and Kenu-RA.  (I don't know how to spell that name and I didn't find it.  Where is  Kenu-RA???


    4-14-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a one story house somewhere.  I had a young daughter with me.  Someone knocked on the back door and it was a little boy and he needed to go to the bathroom, so I let him use the back bathroom (like it was this house)  Then his Mom and two sisters came to the door.  The littlest girl said she wanted to see the house, but the older daughter, said, "Not now!" and then the Mom came to the door and apologized for the intrusion.  The little boy got done in the bathroom, and went back outside, and the littlest sister and the Mom and the boy left, but the older daughter came into the house very boldly with her books, like she had just come home from high school.  She apologized for her little sister too, and then said she didn't get along with her mother very well. 

    I said, that I understood how that goes, and then told her I thought she would go far in life because she wasn't afraid to stand on her own and didn't feel the need to 'okay!" everything her Mom said. 

    Then, a whole bunch of people came to the front door, and apparently I was part of a study group and they all came in at once, all bringing books, magazines, book catalogs, etc.  

    The oldest man who came in was in a wheelchair, which didn't fit between the coffee and table and some other piece of furniture near it, and he rather fell over onto the floor and everything he had on his lap flew onto the floor and scattered.

    I gathered his chair cover around him, which was like a corduroy chair cover without any stuffing in it, and I wrapped it around him and picked it and him up and sat him on the sofa next to me. 

    He said to me, "You are as strong as Sampson to be able to do that, and thanked me."

    I said, "You don't weigh anything at all,"  and he really didn't - he was weightless.

    Then I started gathering up his books and magazines and gave them to him, and then  I found his wedding ring which was a gemstone set on a brown leather band, like a wristwatch you strap on.

    I wanted him to have his wedding ring back on his finger, so I went to put the ring back on him, and said, "This doesn't mean anything, does it?"  as I moved to put the ring on his finger.

    My husband, who had sat down on my right said, "No!  Don't do that!"  and the man responded, "It's okay! You are doing a good deed!"  and I strapped his ring back on his finger for him.

    Then the young woman who was in charge of the study group, started passing out books, magazines, and book catalogs she had brought with her, while saying, "Today, we are going to study the antahkarana."

    I got all excited and said to the group, "Oh good!  I wrote an article about that..... then paused and said, "Hmmm!  But I don't know where it is right now!"

    One of the other women in the group said to me, "I did too.  Dee!  Let's kick that around a little!"  and it felt like she'd be able to tell me what I did with the article so we could talk about it!"

    And I woke up.



    4-16-09 - DREAM - I was in an airport waiting room, waiting to go somewhere on a plane.  Across from me, sitting on the window sill were 6 or 7 pilots, all dressed in black leather, snoozing before their flight took off.  I assumed they were sleeping now so they would be awake when they were actually flying. 

    Then a good looking man came along, and I was attracted to him, however, his wife came along soon after and took him away again.

    Then a tall Chinese guy came by, and he looked really familiar.  I asked him if he was from Milwaukee, and he said, "No!"  But then, I asked, "Are you from Wisconsin?"  Again he said , "No!" 

    Then his wife came and led him away too, but before he left, he pasted a sticker on the wall behind where he had been standing.  The sticker said, "You snooze - you lose!"


    4-16-09 - DREAM -   I was somewhere with two women.  They each had a naked baby about 9 months old.  They were sitting side by side tossing the babies simultaneously on their laps like the babies were gymnasts.  Though they were naked, I couldn't tell if the babies were male or female from where I was sitting.

    I was busy counting pearls.

    NOTE: Sound to me like I've been thinking about pearls too much lately.


    4-16-09 - DREAM - I was moving into a different apartment.  I didn't have much clothing with me and needed new clothing.  It seemed like it was downtown Milwaukee.  I pretended not to know where the clothing stores were, so I could make friends with the college age neighbors.  They didn't know where anything was either because they were new in town too.

    I went through my own stuff and finally found a pair of brown polyester slacks to put on so I could look decent to go shopping.  I couldn't remember what size I was, but what I put on was size 18, so I would buy the same size as that.

    But, I couldn't leave yet because my daughter came in, carrying a young baby.  I'm not sure if it was her baby or my mother's baby - either way doesn't fit, because she didn't look old enough to have a baby of her own.  But, we took turns carrying the baby.

    A man came in to fix the kitchen plumbing, and then a 10 year old neighbor girl came in and started playing with the stove and smoke started coming up off the surface of the stove.  I yelled at her to leave the stove alone, but assumed the guy knew what he was doing and was part of the maintenance crew.

    It was taking so long to get the plumbing fixed, I check my purse to make sure I had my keys and wallet, and told the man I was going to leave to go shopping, that he should close the door when he was done, and told him I had my keys in my purse.

    He said, "That's okay.  There is an extra set of keys to this apartment hanging up behind the door next door."

    That unsettled me a bit, and then started walking down the hall toward the exit which was several blocks down, because now I was at A-C (Allis-Chalmers0 in West Allis.  I knew the layout of that place like I know the back of my hand, and my daughter and the baby kept going when I sat down to look at the ads in the newspaper to see who was having a sale. 

    By the time I was done looking at the ads my daughter and the baby were out of sight, so I started walking down the hall, intending to go down the farthest stairway, but I got part way down the hall there was a big hole in the floor, about 6 feet long and 8 feet deep. There was nothing in the hole, it was lit up like a silver box.  But I had to walk back up the hall to find a different stairway to go down, and told some of the other workers about the hole in the floor so they would go down that way and fall in.

    And I woke up when I reached the stairway to go down.



    In this dream, I don't know where I was living, but I was in a small house - because it has access to both the front and back doors to the outside. It was very small, just a one bedroom, and livingroom and tiny kitchenette along one wall.

    My husband #2 came home from prison, and immediately went out and got drunk.  A drinking buddy came into the front door without knocking and wanted money - probably because he had paid for all of Ed's drinks. He smelled slightly of booze, and I wasn't about to give him any money so I grabbed him by the arm and shoved him out the front door.

    My husband decided he wanted his own office, and he showed me broken up furniture laying against one wall, and I knew that would never go back together again.

    I noticed then that there was orange juice and bits of paper all over the floor, and the walls had smudgy finger prints everywhere.  I had a very powerful vacuum cleaner that had no problem with the bits of paper, but it couldn't handle the orange juice so I had to mop that with a string mop.

    My husband was laying in the bed, when ex-husband #1 came in the door to see if I was okay.  When he saw ex-husband #2 in the bed drunk, he sat on one end of the couch and sulked.  I tried to get him to move closer to me, but he wouldn't.

    My husband came into the livingroom, and walked over to the kitchenette sink with one of my baby dolls, sat it on the gas stove, and set fire to its neck.

    I wasn't going to put up with any more of his crap, so I took another baby doll and started hitting him in the face with it, and I kept hitting him on the face, eyes and nose until his eyes swelled shut, and then his whole face dropped into a million deep wrinkles.  And when he couldn't see and was blinded, I grabbed him by the arm and shoved him out the back door into the alley.

    I woke up immediately, and felt empowered and vindicated.

    I finally took back my own power.


    4-17-09 = NAP DREAM - I was living in an apartment and there were teens hanging around outside.  One of the girls ran down the driveway and tripped and fell.  Her boyfriend took a look at her foot and announced that she broke her toe.

    Immediately, I became aware of the possibility of the building company being sued by her parents for us being negligent, so I insisted that she get her foot looked at - bandaged by a doctor - even if it wasn't broken, to make sure she was well taken care of at our expense.

    It turned out she was from England, and said she wouldn't go to the hospital without her Dad and Mum, as she said it.

    I could understand that factor, and that was fine, but I didn't want her not to get it looked at and then hurt it worse if she left the premises.

    We ended up going to the hospital, and she was reluctant to go inside and said she hated doctors. 

    Our granddaughter Emily was with us, and she said she wanted to be a doctor, and the girl with the hurt toe put down the idea.

    Emily went to a different door to go into the hospital, and I went down to talk to her -  she was about 6 years old.  I said, "Hey Emily, do you know what I did, when I was younger. that I had a job as a doctor's helper, and I explained what a doctor's helper does, like when he needs a scalpel, you have to hand it to him.  She didn't like the gesture I made though, because it looked like I was stabbing him.  I laughed about it, so she wouldn't think that's what really happened.


    4-18-09 - DREAM -  I was living and working in a massive stone building on a hill somewhere.  I went outside and found a mound of dirt in the front yard.  I noticed that there was a rabbit warren inside that hill.  I didn't know if there were any rabbits inside the warren, so to find out, I took a water hose and started squirting the water into one of the holes.  I could see the different levels inside the mound from where I stood.  There were 4 levels down.  To my surprise the holes of all 4 levels filled up with water really fast.  No rabbits came out.  As soon as I shut off the hose, the water quickly subsided in the warren.  Someone nearby said,  "That was a dangerous thing to do.".


    4-18-09 - DREAM - I seemed I was living and working in the same massive stone building.  I worked for Father and son doctors. They were large men, very impressive to look at - both were handsome.

    A little girl came in and the young doctor decided she needed a shot of iron, but she was afraid of the shot, so I told her, "Would it make you feel better if I got one too?"  and she nodded.

    The young doctor took the little girl into the patient office and closed the door and as soon as  I saw that it didn't matter now whether I got that shot of iron, I changed my mind, thinking that  I might be pregnant and since my Mother didn't know that, I wouldn't get the shot because I didn't know what would happen to the fetus if there was one.

    A little later, the young doctor who was in the Merchant Marines had to go do his duty for a week on a ship.  He took his doctors bag, and dressed in his Merchant Marine uniform, headed for the door.  As he left, he said, "Bye Sweets", and in turn I said, "Be safe, Hon!" and the word was out of my mouth so quickly and so naturally, I clamped my hand over my mouth and said, "Ooops!, and thought, 'Those little words just changed out lives forever."

    In no time, the young doctor was back, and he just sat around watching me do my work. 

    There had been a party in the lobby of the building, and I was helping the catering crew to clean up the ashtrays and emptying them into a container, and straightening up the mess people make in a group. A couple little boys had been chasing around and all the cushions were off the sofas on the floor, so I started picking the cushions up and putting them back on the sofas.  There was nothing more to do for the evening, so the other woman suggested the three of us go into the back room and watch a movie.  The young doctor agreed, and all I had on my mind was romance with him while the movie was on.

    The other woman I worked with suddenly came running back into the room, excitedly saying to the young doctor, "One of the little boys fell off a sofa and hit his head on the floor, and he's still laying there very still, and the other little boy took a spatula and tried prying his face off the floor and it doesn't look good!"

    The young doctor grabbed his bag, and I was going to say, "Do you need any help?" realizing he never needed my help before.

    And like he was reading my mind, he turned to me and said emphatically,  "I want you to clean this up!"  and he gestured with his hands that I was to stay right where I was and clean up the mess the boys had made.


    4-18-09 -NAP DREAM -  Joe and I and our teen age son were living in this house current house.  (We have no children together)

    I looked out the front screen door and there was a parade going by.  Most of the people were on horseback, but some were also walking.

    In the center of the parade of horses was a gold carriage (deep gold) it was egg shaped and closed with doors on the side.  It seemed like it was for royalty, like the Queen of England or a Princess. 

    A bright blue car pulled into our driveway which was horseshoe shape in front of the house - (not like the straight back drives we have now)  and asked our son where 12908 was - which would be on the other side of the street.  (There is only empty field there) 

    He didn't know what to say, and I would have said, "There is no address like that",, but I yelled inside to Joe,  "Joe, Look outside, quick!"

    At the sound of my voice, half of the horses got all skittish and several fell down on top of their riders, and other people scrambled to grab the horses and steady them. The whole parade turned to chaos.

    and I woke up.


    4-19-09 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere, and my mother-in-law came up with a white matrix that she covered everything with, which was supposed to purify everything.  It didn't work on clothing -  the colors bled, especially from colored onto white.  It destroyed everything black and made it useless.

    I had a collection of gemstones that she covered in the white matrix - and I had to carefully uncover the gemstones by picking the matrix carefully off and the colors of the gemstones were as beautiful as ever beneath the matrix.

    My brother came up to me and showed me how much weight he had lost by being covered in the white matrix - his weight was perfect afterward.

    I was distressed though because my beautiful white T-shirt was now white with green from a beautiful green shirt it had been washed with - and it now looked tye-dyed. 

    Another girl decided to play a trick on me and brought me a huge green apple and said it was a lump of matrix with my gemstones inside.  It was very smooth and felt just like a green apple and I knew that she was trying to pull a trick on me.

    But despite my disappointment in what had happened to my clothing, I went up to the woman who had discovered the matrix and gave her a hug and thanked her - and when I was done hugging her, she patted her chubby tummy and said she was pregnant now. 

    There was still piles and piles of clothing to be sorted out to see what the matrix did to it.  I had high hopes that not everything looked tye-dyed.


    4-20-09 - NAP DREAM - I was in a city, walking on the streets, taking some kids to school.  There were lots of kids in the streets playing.  Girls in particular were jumping rope and singing songs while jumping. 

    I had missed the turn that went directly to the school, but walked one more block and knew that didn't go straight through to the school, but we walked the one block we would have to go around, and had to go around a big church that was on that block, to get to the street that went to the school.

    But, I woke up to the telephone ringing, and it was a detective trying to find a relative of Joe's - and I was listening the girls singing a song against the cops while I was waking up.


    I didn't dream much for  two days - mostly about making jewelry  One night I felt sickish, both physically and mentally, and didn't dream then either. I slept only about 2 hours.


    4-22-09 - DREAM - I was with some well dressed black men, wearing suits.  It didn't seem like the current period of time, but I didn't have an idea of what time period it was.  I was walking with them, looking for a particular street, and when we got to the street, they said the address we needed was 943.  We went into a long dark brick building, and the addresses were like apartments within the building, and went from 943 thru 945.

    When we got down to the end of the hallway, we hadn't found what we were looking for, and a woman came into the doorway at that end of the building, and introduced herself.  She said, "Hello! My name is Gloria Turnbull!"

    Gloria was dressed very chic in a dress suit, and had a black hat on her head - smallish with a tilt to it.  It seemed to be somewhere between the 20's nod 40's type of style hat.

    I felt very small standing next to these people now - I'm almost 6 feet tall myself, and it seemed that they were all about 8 to 9 feet tall standing next to me.

    I woke up and fell right back to sleep.

    Now I was in one of the apartments, probably 943.  I was trying to do the dishes and the sink didn't have its own water spigot working, so I got the water from a host in the next room.  I was told that the water came out of the hose at 2 ft. per second. 

    I was scrubbing a steel bowl like my dogs use and there was a lime film on the bottom of the bowl I needed to scrub off.

    We were waiting for the buildings white picket fence to be repainted because the old  paint was worn and chipped in spots.

    I woke up again, and fell asleep again.

    Now I was doing research on the internet, looking up Gloria Turnbull and found out that she had lost her son, so I started helping Gloria to find her son.



    4-23-09 - VISION - I was looking in a book at a series of numbers. I was reading the numbers to find 943 and it wasn't there. The closest number to that was 937.

    Betty had a dream a couple days ago with the clock saying 9:46

    VISION - I was looking in a book at a black, grey, and white drawing of a town up against a Bay, and on the drawing, it said CUE, Greece.

    what came up during research was:  CUE as an airport in Ecuador. Cuenca


    4-24-09 - DREAM - I was in a house taking care of some children.  I had to feed them, and when the younger brother opened up his mouth, I saw his teeth, which were very large - he had yellow teeth, marked off into a square of squares -  there were 6 teeth across marked into 6 squares down and each square had the number 4 in it.

    A few minutes later, his older brother opened his mouth, and he had 8 giant bright green teeth.

    I woke up at that point and when I went back to sleep. I was telling someone about the children and the numbers and relating it to magic squares.

    Right at the end of the dream, their older sister appeared right before dinner. She was very tall with golden hair, and facing away from me, and I said to someone, "Don't try to feed her.  If she is hungry, just let her eat something by herself, so she goes to sleep while the rest of us are eating.

    After I was awake, in my mind, I was trying to do the math of what the numbers meant - added up and multiplied by each other.

    NOTE:  The Templar code in ISIS-GENESIS is 6 8 1

    36 x 4 = 144 which is LIGHT

    144 appears in the Mayan system - the length of the Mayan calendar - which is 13 Baktun - one Baktun is 144,000 days, which ends Dec. 21, 2012

    That number 144,000 is in the book of Relation - the number of the people get the mark on the forehead which will save them.  Rev. 7 and Rev. 14. These are the people with their Father's name written on their forehead. 

    In the New Jerusalem in Rev. 21, the dimensions are - "

    The city lies foursquare, its length the same as its breadth; and he measured the city with his rod, twelve thousand stadia; its length and breadth and height are equal. He also measured its wall, a hundred and forty-four cubits by a man's measure, that is, an angel's.
                                                                                                                      Revelation 21:16, 17

    The 6 magic square represents the SUN, the 8 magic square represents MERCURY-

    6 squared + 8 squared = 10 squared which is 36 + 64 = 100

    A squared plus B squared equals C squared, which is the Pythagorean theorem.

    Yellow is the third chakra, green is the fourth chakra.


    4-25-09 - DREAM -  I was managing an apartment building and lived on the third floor.  A dark skinned woman who also lived on the third floor came to me one day and said that 14 vases in the Bible were old and she wanted to replace them. 

    I questioned that possibility and she said she had already hired a man to do that, and handed me a $10 bill and a quarter to help her achieve this.

    The man came with new green vases and gave them to her. He was tall, dressed in blue work clothes.  When he left, the woman said she hated to do the dishes and wanted to know if I could also do her dishes.   I had to think about that.  I don't mind doing dishes, but didn't know if I wanted to do hers.

    2 Corinthians 4:7    King James Bible
    But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the Excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us


    4-26-09 - DREAM - I was arranging jewels in the pattern - aligning them for something wonderful about to occur.


    4-26-09 - DREAM -  I was living with a couple women and my new boyfriend Dr. Evil - (Dr. David Hayward from All My Children).

    I thought I was in charge of the relationship, but obviously, he was hovering in the background, giving instructions. The time of the dream was early morning, and Dr. David was going to take me shopping.   I needed new clothing desperately. There was practically nothing in the closet - there was lots of white clothing - shiny, silky dresses and coats, but nothing practical.  Finally I found a dark blue winter coat to wear, and even though it was almost summer, that's all I could find. 

    Downstairs, there had been a beer drinking and card playing party the night before, and the mess hadn't been cleaned up yet.  I was thinking that it was good that Dr Evil didn't drink like my last husband, but while I was drinking a glass of water for breakfast, he was standing behind me a few feet, with a glass in his hand, obviously drinking, so I was denial.

    Underneath the card table, was a puzzle box, with the puzzle almost done inside of it, and cigarette butts and other junk on top of it.  I decided it wasn't worth saving and dumped it into a larger box on the floor where I was putting other trash from the house to throw out.  When I dumped the puzzle from its own puzzle box into the larger box, the puzzle stayed together because each piece was hooked into the other one.

    At another table, where my computer was, the other woman was sitting there, and I told her (not asked her) to have David set up the computer, so that I could listen to New World Order radio stations and talk in chats with other people at the same time.  That was my goal for the day after I went shopping.

    Dr. Evil was still hovering, waiting for me to get ready, and I had to make one last trip upstairs to go to the bathroom.  I ran all the way up the stairs into the bathroom, and there in the bathroom, was more evidence that Dr. Evil drank in secret - the bathroom rug was all crumpled and wet in the bathtub, and other things were strewn around.

    I was definitely in denial about his drinking.



    4-27-09 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere, marking off an object into squares so that each square could be copied individually into another object exactly like it.  The squares were about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch.  I remember the object as a swan sitting on a clutch of eggs - although it was flat like a plate.

    I was then told it would cost $34,000 to have this done.  That didn't sound unreasonable to me.

    I must have sold the duplicate or the original because all of a sudden I had money and I was going to put half of the money into one bank and the other half into another bank.  I didn't yet have accounts in either bank, and expected the bank to open an account for me when they got my check which was from a third bank.

    My husband Ed and I then drove somewhere in a strange looking parking lot in our old car.  The cars were all huge honkers - like from the 40's, and Ed drove up behind an old car and took something out of it from the rear, so it must have been a station wagon..  He then backed up the car into a different spot and made it look like we were just getting there when the other people arrived back at their car so they wouldn't think we were the ones who had taken the object.

    The only problem was, our tires were so distinctive, there was no way they couldn't recognize that it was out car.  Our tires looked like tractor tires with very distinctive grooves in them, plus between the grooves were large rectangles embedded in the tires.  These marks were on the ground in front of the car, and Ed was told by a guy next to us that he should put dirt over the tire tracks so it wouldn't look like we had backed into the space - because the tire marks were in front of the tires - not behind them.  So, Ed moved the dirt around in front of the tires so it looked like we had driven into the space from behind it.  (I have no idea what he took from the car)


    We then went home and Ed and I were sitting in the livingroom, and Ed was wanting some money to buy something, and I said to him, 'You are going to get a job aren't you?"  He kind of grumbled something in response that might have been, "Yeah!" or something.

    Just then I heard a baby crying behind his chair, and I said, "I hear my name being called!" and smiled at him.  I looked behind his chair and saw two babies laying on the floor wrapped in blankets.  One was a girl - the one who was crying, and next to her was a dark-haired boy baby, who was not crying.  So, I went over and picked up the girl baby and cradled her to my chest. 

    In my mind, I was thinking, that these were the objects that I had had copied originally, and now they were my babies.

    A woman walked into the room and we had a conversation about $10,000 she was going to give me.  I waved my left hand in the air, and showed her a huge diamond ring I had on my ring finger.  She was happy about seeing the ring because it was worth a lot of money.

    I then heard it raining and I looked outside through the window, and saw two people standing there in ugly green uniforms. It again looked like it was the 40's, and the people were equally the same age - about 40 years old or so. The woman was very large in girth..  They were standing and waiting to be in a parade, and were standing in front of a huge fountain that was spouting water in every direction from around its base - and again it looked like the swan sitting on clutch of eggs.

    I rather laughed to myself because they thought it was raining and were getting wet, when it actually was the spray from the fountain and they didn't realize it.

    I woke up and the thought came into my head very strongly,  "They call the wind Mariah!" - a male choir   Kingston Trio  Frankie Lane  Sam Cooke

    In the song it says, the girl is called Tess and the boy is called Joe.  The rain is Tess, the fire is Joe.  Mariah blows the stars around. It also says, I was born under a wandering star.

    The Age of Aquarius - the constellation Aquarius is called 'The water bearer".

    The four directions the wind come from is the same as the 4 living creatures in the Bible.

    The winds are also called, "The Winds of Change"

    Long-necked, heavy-bodied, big-footed waterfowl (genus Cygnus, family Anatidae). Among waterfowl, swans are the largest and fastest, both swimming and flying; at about 50 lbs (23 kg), the mute swan (C. olor) is the heaviest flying bird. Swans dabble in shallows for aquatic plants. Five all-white, black-legged species live in the Northern Hemisphere; a black and a black-necked species live in the Southern Hemisphere. Males (cobs) and females (pens) look alike. Swans mate for life. The cob keeps guard while the pen incubates, on average, six eggs on a heap of vegetation; the young (cygnets) are tended for several months. Their graceful form when swimming has made swans emblems of beauty for centuries.

    The constellation Cygnus

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    4-28-09 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, on the first day of my job with the locksmith Tom who I used to work for before.

    Tom called me on another phone and then on the radio, checking the connections, and I had forgotten I was supposed to start work at 5 p.m. and I felt guilty that I wasn't ready.  Then Ward got on the radio and I replied that I could hear him, but I hadn't charged the battery for the radio either.

    Tom said he would call my other daytime boss to straighten everything out, and I lied and said he was out of town, because I didn't want my daytime boss to know I was working nights too.

    I forgot to plug in the phone - it had a connection in the wall that was unique - not like a phone connector - more like an electrical plug .

    When I plugged in the phone, I got a radio station with an old song,  "It's going to be better!"


    4-29-09 - MY FATHER -

    DREAM 1 -  I was laying in bed sleeping, and I woke up as my Father came into the room. He walked around the bottom of the bed, and I saw that he was a really tall (about 8 feet) black man.  He moved very slowly, either not to make noise and wake me, or that he was really tired or ill.  He came over on the right side of the bed, and slowly began to get in the bed and lay down next to me. 

    I became more and more uncomfortable and moved over towards the left edge of the bed, as my father stretched out his full length on the bed.  I was surprised that the bed was long enough to hold his full length.

    I woke up as I slid out of the bed on the left side.

    DREAM 2 - I walked into the dining room of my 16th St. house.  It seemed very similar to what it was really like except there were more bookcases, and no table in the center.  I loved being in this room.

    On the west wall hung a large bird cage and I went over to it and the birds were chirping softly.  There was a dish in the cage in which there were seeds and other things to eat.  I reached up and took the dish out of the cage to make sure there was enough seeds in there for the birds, and when I looked closely, I found a bird at the bottom.  It appeared to be dead, but then I could see its little heart was really pounding hard, so I took the bird out of the dish to put it back in the cage, and as I reached out to put the bird into the cage - a big mouse came and tried to grab it out of my hand - and it scared me so much I actually threw the bird back into the cage and woke up for a second in fear.

    I went right back to sleep and was in the same room, and my father walked into the room - acting peculiarly like he was ill.  He went over to a day bed, and asked me to help him open up the daybed so he could lay down on it -  it like folded open and the back lay flat.

    As soon as my Father was laying flat, he said, "Don't let the birds make any noise!"  

    There was an olive green cloth laying there, so I opened it and draped it over the bird cage so the birds would be quiet.

    Then my younger brother came into the room, and took down a water vase that was hanging from the ceiling and I saw that he was going to cut off the trailing roots that were coming out of the vase and trailing in the air.  The roots were pure white and shimmering in color and dripping water - almost like icicles that were melting. 

    I knew my brother was going to cut off some of the trailing roots and replant them somewhere else and I wanted some for myself as well.

    My brother didn't want to share what he had in that vase. 

    I looked back into the room and saw that there were more vases in the room, all with similar shimmering white root systems trailing out of them.

    I was amazed at how white the roots were and knew they would grow where I planted them if I took some home with me.  I was also amazed that a vase with so much water in it could hang from the ceiling and not get the floor wet.  How hard my mother had to work to keep these plants clean and glistening as they were.

    and I woke up as I followed my brother out the door into the pantry and the kitchen


    4-30-09 - 4:30 a.m.  DREAM -  My husband and I moved into a snooty tract neighborhood with winding streets somewhere.  It was spring and the leaves were just starting to come out on the trees that were trimmed to an inch of their lives.  We noticed that the lawns were equally trimmed to an inch of their lives, including median strips in the wide streets.

    We woke up in the morning and in the intersections were now boxes about 8 feet x 8 feet and the neighborhood women were out on these boxes, doing exercises together.  I saw one woman was pregnant and her belly was bouncing up and down dangerously.  Evidently, these women did this every day at the same time in their exercise clothes, and then got their kids off to school, and spent the day cleaning their houses.

    My husband was not one to bend tradition so he got our weed whacker mower out and weed whacked our section of lawn and median strip but he didn't finish it before he went to work, so I had to finish it myself.  The lawn had to be mowed just so, and so did the trees.  Nothing could be out of place or different than my neighbors.  I accidentally burned a couple spots on some rocks that were sticking out.  I hoped the rain would wash the burn marks off the rocks, otherwise I'd have to wash them off by hand.

    I noticed then that the neighbors had a fake dog out on their lawn made out of some kind of cracker material - it just stood there on the lawn looking cute until some animal ate it or the rain melted it to the ground.  So, we had to have a cracker dog too just like everyone else.

    Our neighbor girl came over to visit.  She was about 7 or 8 years old, an only child with no one to play with so I chatted with her a couple minutes and took her back home and met her mother.

    Her mother was one of the women I had seen outside on the exercise box earlier and she was home cleaning.  I introduced myself as a new neighbor, while she sat at her kitchen table with three little piles of cracker crumbs she was eating.

    She said she had to go to the dentist and then her husband walked through the room, a tall, dark, handsome type, dressed in cowboy type clothes, and he was dragging a large canvas bag of clothes behind him.  He was going to drive his wife to the dentist, and do the laundry at the Laundromat at the same time to save time.

    So, I left the house and went back home to finish my weed whacking on the median strip to make sure the grass was short enough, and then went back home to finish constructing our cracker dog, which was a blonde retriever type. The tail was even woven out of cracker material, and I couldn't figure out how to glue that on the back of the dog.

    The next morning, my husband was still home and had a friend with him and they were laying on the couch and chair in the livingroom, when I looked out the window and saw the neighborhood women out on their exercise boxes, doing jumping jacks.  I called to the sleeping guys and asked if they wanted to see something interesting.  They were too tired to even get up and look out the window.