APRIL, 2003

4-1-03 - DREAM -  Was titled:  Abbreviations & FREEZING

               Dreams #2  was titled:  FREEZING & Abbreviations

In both dreams I was living in a large apartment building with my kids and their friends. The kids were out of school for the day, so I put them all to work vacuuming and cleaning the hallways and doing the dishes in a big silver stainless steel sink which was also in the hallways.

I told them we needed to be done by the end of the day so we could move.

Then I went to my apartment and a chubby doctor came to the door. I don't know of anything wrong with me, but HE had a problem I could help HIM with. He said he had been getting e-mails from the same person for 5 years and he wanted it to stop.

I told him I could get them to stop in less than 5 minutes. I didn't tell him HOW I could do it, but I assured him it would be easy.

He told me he was on AOL. I didn't tell him that all he had to do was block them from writing to him. Simple.

He was so impressed and grateful that I could do this for him that we made a date for me to come to his office during non-working hours so I could work at his computer.

Meanwhile, he sat down in an easy chair and started reading a thick book and when it came time to leave, he started getting romantic and hugged and kissed me goodbye.


4-2-03 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I went out on the front porch.  On the front steps were my son Tom and a bunch of teenagers. I jumped down the stairs, which weren't like normal. When I got down to the sidewalk, I turned around to face the kids. There was a young Spanish boy sitting on the steps. He had 6 or 7 sticks stuck into the stairs. I pulled the sticks out to take them into the house.

Near the porch, a little kid or a dwarf-like person was hanging from a rope swing. I reached for him so he wouldn't hurt himself and all of a sudden the entire house collapsed like a house of cards.


4-3-03 - DREAM - I was a teacher in a grade school. It was the last day of school before summer vacation. I found an olive tree branch. I saw that it had been cut off the tree some time ago and the cut had healed over, but the branch wasn't dead yet.

So I re-cut the end of the branch so it would take root when I planted it again.

I then went into the classroom and wished the students happy birthday and Happy 4th of July before everyone left.

There was a radio in my desk which I turned on to hear the music.

The Wild Olive Branch of Romans 11

The Natural Branch

Lessons from the Olive Tree





4-6-03 - DREAM - My daughter and another woman came to invite me to go for a ride with them.

We were driving north and I recognized the street at Capital Drive and I started to scream - "Oh no!" because I knew she was taking me to the house where the crazy woman lived. I screamed so loud, she slowed the car and I struggled to open the door and jump out of the still moving car even though I might injure myself.

She said, "We only have to deliver 3 golf clubs," which I immediately likened them into 3 rods and I woke up as I jumped out of the car.


4-7-03 - DREAM - I was hired back at A-C (Allis-Chalmers). A woman who worked there for a couple years was supposed to give me a 1 hr. tour of the building, starting at 1 p.m.

I decided I would go to the bathroom first, but when I went up the elevator to the 2nd floor, the bathrooms didn't have any privacy so I refused to use them. None of the stalls had doors on them.

So I went back to the meeting place.  A woman attorney and her two kids was sitting there, waiting to go on a 2 hour tour. She was getting the 2 hr. tour because she would have a higher position than I was.

However, I had worked there for 12 years and knew the place better than the tour guide, so I told her I would give her a tour, rather than her give ME a tour.


4-8-03 - DREAM - I was working at a park, taking care of kids and playing games with them. My boss came up to me and asked me if I would do an extra job for him, which was to double-check the financial records of the bank. There was some kind of discrepancy in the records. The records of the mortgage payments had already been done by someone else and there was still a discrepancy. He handed me a stack of little pieces of paper, about an inch thick on which someone had listed all the mortgage payments for each year.  He told me to look for all the dash marks after each payment and see if any were missing. I wanted to know if the marks were 'good' or 'bad'. He didn't know and told me to call Carole at the bank and find out. He said that her phone number was '500'. There was a phone right there, so I punched in '500' on the keypad.

Carole answered right away and I described the situation.  She didn't know what was right or wrong.

While I was contemplating that, a woman came to the park with her kids and asked me if she could help. She pointed behind me and I turned around and saw this huge blanket laid out with all kinds of food on it that needed to be put away before the kids would get sick on it.

I didn't really have time to check the all these bank records when the kids health was at jeopardy if the food wasn't put away.

I went into the kitchen of the building there and started to put the food away and three men came in. These were big burly fisherman. They too made a comment about the food being put away and I was already doing that, so I felt a little angry about that.

I saw some post-card type pieces of paper, each of which had a picture of a large fish hanging up by the tail that these guys had photographed. It started to come to me that there was something wrong with these fish and I noticed that each one of these guys had cough drops and each one of them was trying to suppress coughing fits and it was related to the fish.

One of the little boys came into the room and wanted something to eat, so I opened the refrigerator door and right on top was a Hershey's candy bar. I figured that was healthier than the other food right at that moment.

NOTE: I wonder if this is related to SARS.  What I've heard is that it is caused by Chinese farmers raising geese with pigs. ???  Avian (bird) flu goes into the pigs and then they eat the pigs.


4-8-03 - NAP DREAM - I must have been in California. I was driving south as the ocean was somewhere off to my right.

There was a low red car ahead of me and when it made a left turn, I followed it. We continued in a spiral on a narrow road that wound around a large house.

I went into the house to look around. I had my camera with me and wanted to take photos, not only of the house, but of some finches, so I could figure out their genealogy.

I went into a room and looked out the window. All I could see was ocean. I wanted to take a picture, but if I took the picture from the window, all I would see was water, so I needed a perspective from a higher point where I could see the house and the water at the same time.

I opened the door that faced towards the north to go outside and there was a narrow walkway type balcony. The ocean was right below the balcony.

I turned to the right and here came T.J. He weighs nearly 400 pounds and there was no way I was gong to pass him on the outside of this walkway, so I pressed myself against the building and let him go past me.

Then all I had to do was go uphill and face the ocean to get my picture.


4-9-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere. A dark-haired young woman came to move in with me.

She was behind me, changing clothes, from a red sweater to a white shirt when my daughter and her friend came in. The woman screamed, "I'm naked", and ran into the closet.

I told her, "That'll never happen again."

My brother came in and music played and he started dancing with her. She grabbed me and the 3 of us danced together. Then my brother dropped off and she and I continued dancing together.

Then my Father came in and did a little Spanish flamenco dance for a few seconds and then fell backwards onto the bed.

The woman and I continued dancing until I woke up.


4-10-03 - DREAM - I seemed to be in my New Berlin house, but it wasn't arranged like normal. When the dream started, I was laying in bed and woke up from sleeping.

Directly ahead of me, at the other end of the house, but in full direct sight, the men in the family had built a stage and had placed my Father's casket with his body in it.  I was shocked that all that had happened while I was sleeping.

There were other people in the house, who were going to attend the funeral and had helped get the house ready for the funeral.

I got out of bed ad walked towards the casket, and had to walk through the kitchen which was full of dirty dishes and both sides of the sink were full of dishes - one side was clean dishes and one side was dirty dishes.

I asked my daughter to help and she began putting away the clean dishes. At least I "hoped' she knew which side was clean and which side was dirty.

As I walked towards the casket, I noticed that the house temperature was too hot, so I turned the heat down so it was below 60 degrees.

I met the male relatives who had done the work. My brother Marty was there and my cousin Jerry P. was there also. They were both sitting next to a white grand piano in the living room.

We all had to sleep one more night before the funeral would actually take place and all these people would be sleeping in the house.

I told my husband (who was the attorney from apt. 303 at Juneau Village) that I had turned the heat down - that he might want to turn the temperature back up so the people would be comfortable for the night.  (His name was Chuck/Charles)

Then I got back in bed and went back to sleep.


4-11-03 - DREAM - I was living and working in a large office building or school.

At first I was researching finch genetics (can't you tell what I do during the day??? hahaha)  I was narrowing down the selection I needed to create pretty birds. Before I was done, the genetics symbols of the birds became woven together in a tight grouping like woven fabric. It looked pretty neat.  

I went down to the basement garage, which was a large concrete structure. At one end of the garage, I was cooking hamburger and rice in a small iron frying pan, trying to make sure that the hamburger was cooked through, without disturbing the rice too much.

My husband and a couple other men were there working on something - fixing cars? My husband was treating me with disdain and being standoffish and I could stand that. Besides that I accused him of eating all the rice out of the pan before the hamburger was done. I discovered too late that the rice was hidden underneath the hamburger.

I forced him to pay attention to me at dinner and silently, without words, let him know I was sorry for being accusatory - even though I had never outwardly done so, but I got his attention and we kissed and made up anyway.

After dinner, I was upstairs in an area that was like a research area of a school and I had a book of statistics I was looking through. I found a page on which my grandfather's name was, "Wilke, Henry", but I thought it was my brother's name (Henry is his middle name). It said that he predicted that the apartment prices in New South Wales would be going up from 170 to 175 dollars by September.

I was so excited to see the name in the book, I didn't realize at the moment that it probably was someone else with a similar name, or that it would be common to raise rents at the beginning of a new strong rental season.

But I was so proud to see the name, I wanted everyone to see that his name was in the book, whether it was the right person or not. I ran around the offices, showing the people the name, and none of these people knew him or would even care, but I had to point it out anyway.


4-12-03 - DREAM - The dream takes place in a country house where I've never lived.

I was in a lower room, similar to a kitchen and was sitting at the table with Joe, when my daughter-in-law Becky came downstairs with a square cloth about 4 ft. square which she had been embroidering. (Becky's face changed to another face a couple of times, so I know it wasn't really her.)

Becky showed Joe her work and in the corner was a small black circle figure, which Joe got all excited about and said it represented "The Commander" and she was obviously in touch with a higher presence.

He then ignored me so he could talk to her about her experiences.

I didn't mind a little of that, but he was really getting carried away with his excitement and it was making me angry.

Becky's girlfriend showed up and saw what was going on and she tried to console me, but I was beyond being consoled.

Joe and I were supposed to be doing things together and she was interfering with her Commander thing.

Joe had promised to take me out to breakfast and to dinner because it was Mother's Day, and he reassured me that we would at least go to dinner.

By now I was trying to write this all down in my notebook, when we were all summoned into a classroom in the next room.

There were long tables in this room and lots of people and I felt better that there would be someone to talk to here.

The teacher in charge told the group to split up into 3 groups to work on a project, so everyone got up from the tables and started forming the groups.

I ran back to the previous room to close my notebook on the desk and when I returned, there was no one there.

I ran outside and way off in the distance I saw some people walking away - too far away to catch up to.

Then I saw an older man coming across the road from the local bar. He came towards me and pointed to another group of people who were walking away in the opposite direction - They were even farther away. He said, "I'm not going to try to catch up to them."

I said, "Me neither," and walked back into the building to write in my notebook.

But I couldn't even do that because I kept getting interfered with by big brown dogs which kept getting in the way.

The other young girl who had tried to console me said that she had experienced even worse things with the dogs; that one of the dog had gotten covered by some sticky substance in a way that showed he had taken his good natured time about getting away from the stuff.

I couldn't write because of the dogs, so I just sat there, hoping Joe would remember he would take me out to dinner for Mother's Day.


4-13-03 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building that was tall with a spiral staircase in it that went top to bottom.

I don't remember what floor I was on when the dream started, but I heard my daughter start to scream bloody murder, so I started running down the stairs to try to find her. I had never been in the that part of the building before, and when I finally found my daughter, she wasn't screaming, she was standing there with  long hair in a huge pouf.  It looked really pretty like a cloud of hair, but I knew one didn't get a hairdo like that in just an hour - it took a long time. And the next time I saw her, the hair was cut short like normal.

As long as I was in the lower part of the building, I decided to explore it a little and went into the couple dark, empty rooms. It looked like they were pointed white, but they were dark.

I spotted a door that looked like it went outside, but it was dark out there, so I decided not to open it.

I went in another direction and came to a room that had a wider door that was lit up better. The door burst open and a whole bunch of tough-looking women came in. It rather looked like a rehab meeting of some hand and each of the women was working on some kind of embroidery project that was held in a wooden hoop.

I've always liked doing that sort of thing myself, so I thought that was a great idea.

I went up a floor and met some women in a little shop-like area where tea and coffee was being sold. I think the woman on the right was my mother, but I didn't get a good look at her to know for sure.  She bought a pound of coffee, then she said, "all I need now is a little "________"  (some kind of sweetener?

Another old woman at the counter with us had a little packet and offered several little grey balls that looked rather transparent to my mother. She rolled them over to my mother on the counter and my mother thanked her and put it in the package of coffee.

I thanked the woman also and said, "Well have to have you over for tea or coffee", and pictured an oasis off to my right - in a desert-like area and the letters G.R.T. were written in the sky between the palm trees.

I then continued going up the stairs of the building. I was now climbing the stairs with a friend and  I noticed we were both wearing identical pink blouses. We were being stared at by other people who were alone, but we met two girls coming down the stairs, wearing the same identical pink blouses.

Right after that, everything we saw was 2 pink this and 2 pink that. Young familiar women lived up here with their kids and some were moving out.

My friend and I went into a couple of these apartments and there were massive amounts of toys in their bedrooms. I was amazed they could even find a place to put a bed in there, much less get a good nights sleep.

I woke up when I got back to the stairway.


4-14-03 - DREAM - I was working in the office of a car garage as a bookkeeper.

The shop was actually across the street from where I was. A car came in to have a lock fixed and the charge was automatically $5.00, but I had to sit there and wait in case they found something else wrong. The time dragged on and I needed to get out of there and go to the book store on 70th and Greenfield because the had some Native Indian books  I needed to get.

Finally at 4 p.m., I had to leave, even thought the car wasn't finished, because I had a feeling I was going to meet someone important on the way to the bookstore.

As I left the office, I was walking south through the 4th floor of 20th St. school and introduced myself to the teachers who were trying to figure out who I was. I shook hands with them and said, "Hi! I'm Dolores Wilke."  They were all surprised to see me and acted like they remembered me.

At this point I was wearing a beige winter coat and red high-heeled shoes. Underneath the coat I was wearing a pink lace dress, and when I looked down at my feet, I had on pink lace moccasins.

But then as I walked along, each step I took, showed my foot with a different color shoe on it. Most were white or red and white.

When I finished the teachers and it was now 4:30 p.m., I turned and went the other direction and watching me from a balcony was a giant sized Native American man, wearing a huge winter coat similar to what they work in the late 1700's when they went to Washington, D.C.

He came and introduced himself to me, but I can't remember his name, but know he was Apache.

He stood about a foot taller than myself and when he put his right arm around my shoulders, I felt extremely protected.

I said, "I knew I was going to meet someone along the way!"

In remembering back later about the dream, I recall having a piece of paper in my hand given to me from an Apache grandmother, who stood off to the right at a distance, which was like a Treaty and I needed to research it.

The Apache man and I walked along the hall and went down the stairs to the first floor. The doors and gates were locked and there was a sign pointing to the main entrance on 70th St. where we would need to exit and then walk all the way back south to Greenfield Ave. again to the bookstore.

Before we got to the main entrance, we stopped at a small restaurant where we were going to have dinner together.

I thought I was having chicken and rice soup, but at the end of dinner there was a thick uneaten pork chop in front of me and the Apache man had a huge cattle or buffalo bone on the table in front of him.

He offered to pay for my dinner and put some money on the table, but I said, "No! Thanks! But I'll pay my own way." and the offered the uneaten pork chop to the waitress to take home to her kids. She looked familiar to me, but I can't think of her name.

By then it was 5:30 p.m. and we needed to get going and get to the bookstore by 6 p.m.

The Apache man was going with me.


4-14-03 - I fell asleep while remembering the above dream and found myself in a classroom, writing down my dream, but embedded in my desk was a little glass insert and I was writing on the glass with a stylus and was channeling the Apache Indian.

I remembered that this would take about two minutes.

The teacher interrupted me to tell me they were going to be bringing in some other students to sit at a table near me. I got upset, thinking they would be small noisy little kids, but she said they would be adult students.

So, I sat there and watched the students coming into the room. Some were men and some were women - like young serious college students. They were going to be studying the same thing I was - the Apache Treaty.

It was 10 minutes to 6 a.m. when I finished writing down my dream.




I was supposedly managing an apartment building I had just moved into. It was in bad shape.

The upper window was missing from the front door. The locks on the apartments didn't work as the doors just swung through. I did have my own set of keys including the master keys to the building, but I was also carrying someone else's keys in my purse that didn't have the master keys on the ring. (That was a female person)

Inside my apartment, my beds' blankets were formal gowns, which got hung up on hangars in the morning.

My ex-husband Ed came to visit with out two kids (a boy and girl) (we didn't have any real kids)  They were about 6 & 8 years old. I took them with me through the building and he left.

I started showing a woman through an occupied apartment because she was interested in renting an apartment. The people there didn't seem to mind.

I  then went down into the basement and coming down the basement, I saw a thin wooden box with a ball of light in it and from the light came the voice of my friend Bonnie. the box was marked 3rd and her voice sounded like a 3 year old.

Right after her I saw another small thin wooden box marked Mercury 8th. From that box came the voice of a high school chum - a Jewish boy name Murray Bernstein.


4-16-03 - DREAM - I don't know where this takes place, but I was at home, living with other people. It was somewhere in America.

I picked up the newspaper and on the back page was printed 8 boxes. Each box had a symbol in it and each day it was the same and you automatically knew everything was okay.

One of these symbols was a light colored stylized eagle, which when it was looking towards the laurel branches, meant "peace".

One of the other symbols was  a dark eagle, looking the other way, meaning, "war".

Each day was the same, peace and war at the same time - but everything was okay.

Then the following day, the paper came and the back sheet of the paper came and the eagle symbols looked the same, but there was a tremendous amount of black ink like blood splattered all over the back of the newspaper. You could barely see the eagle symbols behind it.

That same day, two people came into the office area where I was and were putting on a radio show with portable equipment. They were doing a psychic call-in show and getting everything wrong.  I laughingly thought -"I could do that too."

Then my daughter got up there to do a spelling test, where they give you the definition and you have to spell the word. She got it wrong. She was supposed to spell "aspic", which is vegetable Jell-O, sometimes made with tomato juice.

They left and I looked at the telephone which had two lines on it. Both lights were blinking like these were calls on hold.

It bothered me that new calls couldn't come in if the lines were on hold, so I picked one up, and it was like it was dead except that it was hissing.

So I picked up the other line and I could tell it was the Father and Son who lived upstairs, talking about the last baseball game of the season.

So I hung up the phone.

Then a young man came in and he was on his knees near the desk. He said, "Come here and listen to this."

I got down on one knee near him and listened to the phone and recognized the Latin words Dominus Vobiscum.  It was a Catholic mass being said in Latin, which we haven't heard in America for a long time. The last one I heard was in 1958 to 1960.

While I was on my knees a large bright orange-beaked bird was like flying/swimming in the air, trying to get close to me. He was like a fish/bird.

I tried putting up the newspaper between him and me and he just went a different direction to come close to me, but he just stayed hovering in the air about 2 feet in front of my face.

He was like a kingfisher - Fisher-king?



4-17-03 - VAGUE VISUALS - looking for finches. I woke up thinking of Hunbatz Men (Mayan leader)


4-17-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment near a stadium.

Some workmen came into my apartment to work on the telephone lines or something. One man looked at my bookcase and said that it was the worst organized bookcase he had ever seen.

I told him he was looking at my UFO books and that was the best they had ever been organized, except that they weren't in alphabetical order.

Over on the right side were 3 large 3 ring binders, in which I had typed up some newspaper articles.

He wanted to see the originals, so I said, "Okay!"

Outside in the stadium, there was going to be a huge church service, but they didn't have any chairs for the children. That really bothered me.

So, I talked to the woman who had just taken over the organization. I asked her how long the organization had been going and she said, "20 years!"

I said, "I know you just took over, but shy are there no chairs for the children?"

She looked astounded.

In my mind, I was thinking, "Let me help you!", but I wouldn't say the words, because it wasn't my church and I didn't plan to join her church.

I was hoping that that asked her the question would let her know how important the children are.

Over near my bookcase were some teen girls. They had a big shears and I watched as they cut the cover off the book that had the children's names on it who had learned to read from that book in 1st grade. It wasn't the book I personally had owned, and had just acquired it from I wondered why they objected to reaching out to the children.


4-18-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere in Milwaukee.

A better opportunity came up for me so I moved up the street about a block to a different building. I was so much liked by the people in my building, half of them moved to the new building with me.

I hadn't yet picked up the "media" mail for the new building, so I got the key, which was a round key and not a normal key and opened the box - it was empty.

While I was standing there, I overheard a Geraldo Rivera look-alike  talking to two painters as they walked by.  He said that three Cong men who were sleeping around with some white woman so endangered a Tulghur operation, they were taken out by the C.I.A.

When I got into my office, I told this bit of news to a psychologist friend. She said there was no way  anyone could have known information like that. As I was talking to her, the radio was on with the news and the announcer began talking about the Tulghur area and some war operation that happened 25 years earlier.

I said to the psychologist, "How could I know such information, even if I  dream it, even if I sat in front of the TV day and night 25 years ago?"

She couldn't answer the question. She didn't know.

NOTE: I found people in Ankara, Turkey with the last name of Tulgar. There is also a race of virtual people named Tulgar in the game "Spacemaster".

Is this symbolic for something more sinister in the real world?

Soviet carrier resumes last voyage

November 1, 2001

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- A relic of Russia's Soviet-era military might has finally been allowed to continue on its final journey to a new home after a 15-month legal wrangle between Turkey and China.

The engineless hulk of the vast aircraft carrier Varyag has been sold off to China as a floating "fun palace."

The vessel's voyage to China stalled last year at the mouth of the Bosporus since when Beijing has haggled with Turkey for permission for it to pass from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Ankara had insisted the Varyag -- bought by a Chinese firm for $20 million -- posed too great a danger to bridges across the channel and historic buildings and homes in Istanbul.

Finally, after a deal was reached, the Varyag got the go-ahead to risk the tight curves and powerful currents of the strait -- the sole passageway between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean -- on Thursday.

In the event, the grey giant passed without incident through the strait into the Sea of Marmara -- though its passage was witnessed by a large crowd as traffic came to a halt.

Normal traffic through the Bosporus resumed by mid-afternoon after the unfinished flattop completed its six-hour passage. A normal oil tanker would make the trip in 1.5 hours.

"It was a successful operation," said Hucum Tulgar, head of Istanbul's shore security and marine rescue service.

Warning sirens whooped and sea traffic in both directions ceased as the 300-metre (1,000-foot) Varyag slid past historic palaces and mosques in a 12-ship convoy of pilots and tugs.

After Turkey refused transit permission, Chinese payments to ITC, the Dutch tugboat company, dried up.

Joop Timmermanns, the head of ITC, saw the passage of the Varyag as the end of a nightmare.

It cost the company $8,000 a day to keep the Varyag circling in the Black Sea while high-level delegations shuttled between Beijing and Ankara.

"It's all over now," Timmermanns, told Reuters. "The Chinese have settled all the money issues.

"The issue now is whether the Varyag goes through the Suez canal or south around the Cape of Good Hope."

Aircraft carriers were a key element in Moscow's plans, launched in the 1970s, for a navy strong enough to project Soviet power across oceans and rival Washington on the high seas.

However, only one carrier of the illustrious Kuznetsov class, Varyag's sister ship, the Admiral Kuznetsov, made it into service before the fall of the Soviet regime in December 1991.

The 55,000-tonne Varyag was to have housed missiles, guns, 2,500 men and 35 warplanes, but the Soviet Union abruptly collapsed when it was only 80 percent built.

For years it had lain at the Ukraine naval yard known in Soviet times as Nikolayev and now by its Ukrainian name Mykolayiv.

The Admiral Kuznetsov passed to Russia but attempts to finance completion of the Varyag failed.

Now a Chinese company -- Agencia Turistica e Diversoes Chong Lot Limitada -- plans to convert it into a pleasure palace of casinos, restaurants, hotel rooms and other entertainments, utilizing its 160 meters (525 feet) long and 30 meters (100 feet) wide main hangar and 300 metre (1,000 foot) flight deck.

4-19-03 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in an apartment with 12 foot ceilings. In one corner of the apartment, I had a hexagon table with a plant on it. Above it hung a light fixture.

I saw that the vine in the pot was dying, so I quickly got some water and poured it into the pot, but I saw that the water was going down through the pot like it was gong down a drain.

I told Joe about this and he told me to close off the bottom of the pot so the water couldn't go through. He also said he would tell the maintenance man about it the following day. He didn't want to bother him on Sunday.

I took a closer look at the situation. I knew that apartment buildings are normally built alike in a stack, so if there was a light fixture in the corner of my apartment, there likely was a light fixture in the corner of the apartment below as well. Same thing in the apartment above mine.

I looked at my light fixture and it looked like there was a stain from water on my light fixture too like the woman above mew as watering a plant which was draining down into my light fixture, just like I was probably doing to the woman below me.

I looked even closer and saw that the dead leaves from my vine had blown upwards and were clinging tenuously to the light fixture above it.

It seemed like a dangerous situation that should be told to the maintenance man whether it was Sunday or not.


4-19-03 - DREAM - I had some stacks of paper with words about Elephants and Giraffes. The words were dark grey and I decided to infuse the words with yellow and pink color to make them pretty. I spent a long time doing this as each set of letters had to be done individually.


4-20-03 - DREAM - Most of the dream was vague. I was working towards looking for birds, etc. The last scene was a vision of a bird cage in silver. Then I had some bird eggs in my hand and opened them and inside were jeweled earrings in green and yellow.

BTW: I got a good look in the finch nest today and discovered they were sitting on 4 eggs.



4-21-03 - NIGHTMARE - I was laying in bed and there was a tiny bear on top of the blanket. He was really cute. All of a sudden he turned into a crocodile. He grew quickly until he was several feet long and really wide about a foot wide and he was thick and  heavy. I had to struggle to drag him off the bed onto the floor.  Then I had my feet hanging off the bed onto the floor. I pulled them quickly up, screaming with fear that I would get bitten.

I woke up and Joe said I had been screaming out loud.


4-21-03 - DREAM - I was teaching children several classes on an upper level in a house. There were many people here.

It was kind of messy in this place, so I started stacking my books up to take them downstairs and take them home with me.

Downstairs they were cleaning as well and making plans for a new church to begin.

They made the plans to meet at the Baptist church at 12:02 a.m. on October 31st and the church was at 5/6th St. in the middle of the block.  (I thought I heard
4 1/2 St.)

I had a list of names to call and tell them about the meeting.

I dialed the first number and forgot who I was calling. The man knew who I was and already planned on coming to the meeting and helped coach me through the information because I wasn't quite ready to make these calls. His wife was in the background, bitching, making comments to try to prevent him from coming.

Before I tried the second call, I decided to get the information in better order.

Someone had let all my pets outside while they cleaned, so I let them back in. They were wonderful. the beautiful yellow tropical fish which were hand-size came swimming in through the air. They were fabulous to see. The crawling animals were all orderly and clean and took their proper places, waiting to be fed.

I was so proud of them.

I then started to polish all the woodwork. The walls were like neatly clipped grass.

When I got down to the lower portion of the woodwork, the wood was all battered and dented. I was told it was done by the Secondary people (Those are grey aliens)


4-22-03 - DREAM - I was in a high-rise building in a city. Out the window, it was bright and sunny and here and there I could see other high-rise buildings, but none so close or in a direction where anyone could see in the window I was looking out from.

My brother and sister were both there visiting and when I went to the kitchen, there was a pile of food on the high butcher block table. I decided I would make a turkey vegetable salad to feed my kids.

Off to the right was a screen on which someone was talking about tired soldiers. It showed a helmeted soldier in olive green uniform who was told to go out and run, but that soldier was so tired, they dropped right in the track and fell asleep. The voice on the screen said that when a soldier sleeps, you know that s what he needs.

I was then shown a list of 15 soldiers, 8 on the let and 7 on the right. They weren't expected to sleep in their own beds, because they would be called slackers, so when they got tired, they would lay down on someone else's bed, so they wouldn't get the blame themselves.

Then the voice said, "You can't leave until you know the 15 cures for cancer.



4-23-03 - DREAM -I was having a stupid dream about not wanting my brother and brother-in-law to compete with each other. Then I went into an office where I had photographs of real situations and when I moved the photograph up, I could 'hear' the real window move up as well, so I lowered it again carefully.

Outside, there was a ditch with a flimsy bridge over it. I was able to step over this ditch fairly easily, but I was afraid that someone else might try to use the flimsy bridge instead and the bridge would collapse under their weight.

The ditch was like a sewer gutter with fabric clothes draped over it.

The instant I woke up, because Joe moved to get out of bed, I had a visions of 49 jewels  -each one a cabochon of equal size, but a different incredible - unreal color and each one had a different number of pearls on it - and each was equally beautiful.

See:  49 Levels


4-25-03 - DREAM - This dream had several scenes in it, one of which were real. I was with various members of my family in them.

In one scene, I was seemingly in New York State with my Father, daughter, and granddaughter in the back yard of a house. We had just loaded up a dump truck full of rocks that had been laying around in the yard and my Father was re-landscaping the yard. We knew there were thousands of rocks underneath the ground still and my daughter was still moving more rocks. I told her to wait for the trucks to return so they could be put right into the truck and not have to move them twice.

Next scene, I was sitting in my car, changing clothes, then I walked into the house where my daughter, granddaughter and my daughter-in-law Debe were living.

On the way in, I picked up a milk carton, which had a series of decorating ideas on it on how to rinse milk cartoons. I thought the idea of wearing a garment that had milk cartons attached on the outside while cleaning was a good idea so you didn't have to make separate trips through the house with little things you wanted to take with you. Another idea was to attach a broom and dust mop to a strap like one would carry a sword so you didn't have to go get it each time you need it was a good idea.

Another idea on the carton was to use milk cartons as storage boxes in the bathroom. They were reusable and waterproof and could be decorated with fabric to be pretty. You could also use them to grow young plants in them.

My husband was the listening to messages left on the phone. One was from Aretha Franklin thanking us for our assistance in her work. I told hi to re-record that one on a tape for posterity.

I went outside where my Father and my sons Michael and Tom were re-parking their cars along the street curb. Instead of driving them, we were moving them by hand by pushing them. They weren't very heavy and momentum did most of the work.

However, when they needed to stop, that was the tough part and I bent them a couple times while moving them, as they were very pliable.

In  the last scene, my husband was making arrangements to rent an office downtown where men could meet and talk about their problems so they could go home and cope with their wives in peace - kind of like counseling sessions.

He was waiting for a guy to come by in a motorcycle and we were watching for him out the window.

When he left, there was another man there who plucked some strings that were strung together from floor to ceiling. Plucking the strings made a couple of musical tones and that made the walls move. And when the walls shifted to a different configuration, we were in a completely different room with large comfortable overstuffed furniture and beds, all decorated in fabric of a cream color background with blue triangles on it in various configurations. It looked so restful, even though the walls under the fabric looked like it was made of stone or concrete.


4-25-03 - DREAM - I was working for a large company. It was the last day before Christmas. Most of the employees were celebrating instead of working. Some of the girls were giving dancing lessons so they could show off their legs.  A few were playing a game to throw a heavy ball up into the air and knock a large group of helium filled balloons down and win a new car.

Five of the guys were invited to go visit a drafting company and see a new CAD machine. One of the men wanted me to go along, but the drafting company only wanted men, so I had to stay behind.

Another guy wanted to do laundry and throw all the clothes together, but I separated out the heavy suit coats that were brown/orange/rust tweed and alight blue sequined gown to be dry-cleaned from the washable stuff - announcing that I knew that needed to be done because I made gowns like that myself (for Barbie dolls) (smile)

The President of the company made rounds and saw that one of the women seemed extra happy, so I told him that was because she was drunk.

It seemed I was the only sober and working employee left, so he promoted me to be his personal secretary.

But that meant I had to start an hour earlier than everyone else- at 7 a.m. And I determined that if I slept from 11 to 7 a.m., that would be plenty of sleep. And I was happy to get the job.


4-28-03 - DREAM - I can remember every detail of this dream, but it isn't worth the paper it would take to record it.

I was living on 16th St. and decided I would go visit a neighbor who lived a block south of me. Now that I'm awake, I realize this is impossible and the guy in the dream is someone I dated for a few weeks in 1980 and the wife whom he had separated from was in this dream, trying to act like a lesbian and so did her teen daughter (which she didn't really have)

When I first arrived at the house, it was about 8 p.m. There were lots of people there and we were cleaning the place and putting away Christmas decorations.

I wrapped some red fake holly  and poinsettia flowers around a long thick rode wire, which had an odd block and plugged into it. I wanted to wind it around a 2 x 4 board and put it into the closet, but I couldn't find the right length board though some of the children there  brought me boards - they wee all too short. I finally settled on a 2 x 6 piece of wood that had been used for something else and was about 4 feet long and had a lot of triangular grooves in it.

By then it was quarter to 10 and I decided I had better go home. Somehow I needed up on a white bus with this guy and his wife was driving but we ended up back at their house because I had forgotten my shoes.

I had my car keys in my hand and I suddenly realized I was outside in the dark barefoot. So they let me back into the house to look for my shoes. This set me off on a search for my shoes, looking in every room of their house, around every piece of furniture, both on the 1st floor and in the basement where everyone had gone down to, to watch TV. I looked and looked and looked - finding every imaginable kind of shoes for men and women - but not my own.

Finally, I decided I would go home barefoot and when I got back outside, I discovered I had been carrying my blue winter bedroom slippers in my hand the whole time I was searching for my shoes.

Both the wife and teen daughter wanted to kiss me goodbye like lesbian lovers and it was all I could do to avoid it.

But now I was outside on the sidewalk, it seemed like it was North Ave.

I wanted to cross the street but 2 ambulances were rushing west with sirens going and lights flashing and the cops closed the road.

I don't know what the emergency was, but there were 3 hot rodder motorcycle guys roaring up and down the street with homemade weird looking motorcycles - with 3 wheels each - one in front - then long bodies and two wheels in back. They were pretty wild in their driving, going around and around, blowing smoke, so I decided to stay on the sidewalk and obey the cop.


4-28-03 - DREAM - I had lost so much weight, my clothes were falling off of me, so I stood up to re-tie my skirt tighter, with a big bow in the back.

My children came in then and started putting my plants on the floor to play with them. I hollered at them, "Why are you putting my plants on the floor?"

One of the them had grown so much - it had beautiful tiny purple leaves.


4-29-03 - DREAM - I was at a dinner party with relatives. I wanted my cousin Shirley to taste some orange Jell-O-like dessert. I gave her a spoonful.

I don't remember how I got outside, but I was walking down the street, holding hands with a cop - we were walking really fast - he made a left turn at the corner and I woke up.


4-29-03 - DREAM -I was in a large garage-like area. Instead of vehicles, there was a lot of carpenter's tools to fix things with.

My Father hadn't repaired a couple areas - a doorway needed some new molding and one of the walls on the end needed to be knocked out with a mallet or something and replastered.

I knew he didn't have time to do it, so I was going to do it myself.

I went to look for the proper tools to do the job and a really tall man came in, dressed all in black - he went right to the places that needed fixing and started taking them apart.

I knew somehow that he wasn't really going to fix them, he was going to try to prevent the work from being done.

So, I went up to him and confronted him and sweet-talked him into stopping what he was doing, by letting him know that I was watching him.

A few minutes later, a young man came in. He spoke with a Russian-sounding accent. All he was interested in was stealing whatever he saw.

I managed to put him off by offering to buy him lunch. I told him I had to get my purse which was in the bathroom and he said okay. But then he followed me to the bathroom, intending to steal my whole purse. But I had fooled him. That wasn't where I kept my purse. There was a woman sitting on the toilet. She was also dressed in black. I asked her if I could borrow a dollar so I couldn't buy some food for the young man. I didn't think of it in the dream but she was probably was the 'dark mother'  and the tall man was the 'dark father' - the dark side of the Trinity.

The was a little blue wire by the doorway - marking the place that needed repair, and a little gold wire marking the place on the wall that needed repair.

When my Father came to do the work, I showed him that I had saved the two wires so the Dark man hadn't gotten them.

As I was waking up, someone handed me the setting for one of the cabochons from the 49 jewels. It was about 4" long - o silver. I knew it was for the white opal - near the top - it had 7 holes drilled along the upper left edge to place the pearls in.

SEE:  49 levels

NOTE: The internet has nothing about a spiritual Dark Trinity only fiction.


4-29-03 - DREAM - I was walking in a large factory office with some other people. My job was to go through all the new yellow pattern card sand compare them to the old light blue pattern cards and make sure they were accurate. However, these were far fewer new cards - about 3 inches worth compared to about 1 foot worth. I had the new pattern cards on my desk and went to find the old pattern cards - they were on top of the file cabinet.

I tried to carry them by myself, but there was danger of dropping them and getting them all mixed up , so I got the help of a woman who was walking by who had a Tupperware flat dish about the same size as the stack of blue cards, so I used it for a tray to carry them.

There wasn't much time to do this job, so it had to be done quickly.

NOTE: In my old job, I used to move wooden patterns from factory to factory so metal molds could be made. We used light green pattern cards to keep track of them.


4-30-03 - LUCID DREAM - I went in and out of this dream several times and worked on it, knowing I was awake and dreaming at the same time.

I chose 4 masters from a larger group of individuals - 3 men and a woman. Their picture and information was within frames that were like railroad tracks, so the corners came apart and could be put back together again. I took the fames off, doubled the size of the photos and the information. Then the hardest job was to put the frames back together so it enclosed all 4 Masters together using all the pieces, including the corners.



4-30-03 - DREAM - I was in a house with some other people. The Father had a vining plant that was getting overgrown. He was going to throw away some of the trailing ends that were perfectly healthy. I saw that there were tiny roots on them, so I told him I would take those clippings and put them in water and try to re-root them.

We were going to go up north for the weekend, so I had to clean up all the food garbage from the kitchen before we left. All of this garbage was half-eaten food - like half-eaten hotdogs with catsup on them, 1/2 eaten yams, some stuff I couldn't even identify.

There were also small open bottles of odd fluids like after-shave lotion that the caps hadn't been put back on. They were going to be thrown away and buy new ones, but when I stood the bottles upright and put the caps on, there was a lot more in the bottle than it appeared at first. All of these bottles contained green fluids. So I saved them.

There was so much garbage everywhere, it was difficult to get it all into one container to take it out to the compost box in the yard.

While I was doing this, I discovered two children sitting inside the oven, eating cereal out of bowls. After talking to them, I allowed them to sit there, as long as the door was open and the oven was turned OFF.

Out in the yard, several cars were trying to leave the parking lot at the same time. I heard a ding sound like one car hit another. It was a large green station wagon. It wasn't my car. I saw a couple small dents along the side, but otherwise it looked okay.

Back in the house, I met Joe, a Navy Seal, who used to work for me as a maintenance man. I told him I was going to have to leave my husband, because my anger at him was so strong that I had wanted to kill him twice. He just listened to me, without saying a world. I wanted to ask him if he knew how it felt to actually kill someone, and I knew he did, so I didn't ask the question.

Before we left, my sister-in-law Mary was there. She said she was going to g out into the woods where she knew some deer fawns were and see if they were large enough to kill or if they were still green.

I told her that if she didn't kill them now, they would be twice as big the following year.