9-26-89 Dream: I was around the corner to the right from my 16th St. house. I was walking through some dead leaves of fall which were on the sidewalk heading back home. Suddenly I spotted what I thought was a penny (1 cent coin) It was, but it was wrapped in gold foil. I picked it up and saw another and another. As I picked up each one, I would spot another. I could hardly hold them all, there were so many. I was almost to 16th St. when I spotted a whole pile of coins. Silver dollars that looked like $10 dollar size. Then I noticed that the dead leaves were jewels. Piles of jewels. I got a bushel basket and a shovel and I collected them all. Baskets and baskets of jewels.


1-22-90 - DREAM - I was at work, sitting at my desk. Suddenly, I became afraid that I had not done some work that I had been assigned and had been reading too many books. I began taking the books I had piled in the 'IN' basket and putting them in the typewriter section of the desk. But, when I got down to the bottom of the pile, there was no work to do and I felt relieved that I had, in fact, done everything I was supposed to do. The last book I took out of the "IN" basket was a green Bible. I took it over to the library shelves to put it where it belonged, and another man went with me, but when he pulled out a large encyclopedia volume, I saw that there was no place to put the Bible on the shelves. It didn't fit anywhere.

I went back to my house and the man went with me. I was intending to sort out all my clothes by type and color. The man went into the closet and began to pull out pieces of fur, some small, some large. Most of them were light orange and few were white. They were all soft and fluffy, but after he left, I saw that the fur pieces were beginning to take on a form and flesh of kittens and cats. They grew firmer and firmer, took on flesh and bones and began to walk around and became very aggressive.

I tried to call T.M. on the phone to tell him of the miracle that had occurred but I could only get Alice. T.M. was in a long meeting. I became more and more anxious to tell him of the miracle that had occurred, but as I waited I was thinking of the kittens and seeing that they were becoming more aggressive and that their claws had developed too and that they could be considered dangerous.


2-5-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house with a man who was a friend of a friend of mine. He had a small daughter and I was caring for her. We were in bed together and I dressed her in my purple sweater and dark blue stretch skirt. I asked him if I could buy her clothes of her own and he said 'Yes'. I was sorting out sewing notions on the bed, especially pins and needles.

He said that he heard that a woman had been caught sewing a nickel into the throat of a young girl. I picked up his daughter and saw a thread hanging out of his daughter's mouth. I asked him to look for a nickel in her throat, but there was none.

I was then looking through catalogs for spring seeds and plants I could send for. He told me  to hurry up because he was going to send me a basket of flowers in two weeks for his wedding to my friend and he wanted them to be right.

I was was then drawing outlines around objects on a paper for a game show and I ended up with a map of the U.S. surrounded by deer antlers which was too complicated and a small picture of a pool with people in it in the center of the U.S. and the answer was to be 'Poland'.


10-5-90 - MEDITATION - Q. I would like some information about the future for myself.

A. A voice - "What can we do about it? Get a pencil."

He is going to give me a list of things. I saw a woman sitting at a desk looking for a pen. She took a big beige brush and brushed off the paper. She took a bottle that may have golden ink in it. There are two women in the scene. The woman on the right has a piece of white paper. She is telling the woman on the left that she can't see it."'

I saw marks on a piece of paper. It made limits to the end of each line. Each line is longer than the one before. (There were about 7 lines.)

I saw a person turning on a light.

There is a man on the left who doesn't approve. A man on the right says that it looks like an old camp light.

A voice said, "Get rich and make money!"

I saw a man standing there wearing a suit.

Q. I would like to see the city of New York in 30 years. (I asked the question three times because I didn't get an answer.) Each time I asked the question, I felt more fear and trepidation as though I was afraid to know the answer.

A. A voice - Talking about the inundation of the low lands along the Gulf of Mexico. There will be a tragic accident on land.

A. I saw a doorway with three suggestion baskets hanging on it for questions. They each had lids on them. A woman was very assertive about opening them. She demanded the answers. At the same time, the man who was going to answer the questions was entering a smaller door to the left of the questions. The person on the left seemed reluctant to answer.

A woman with long, long hair then opened the door with the baskets of questions, and allowed me to come inside. She said that he would be giving me the answers.

A. A voice - "To question about New York in 30 years. Oh! Mist! That's all that's out there."

I saw a girl in a red dress kissing a guy passionately. They both had head bands around their heads.


11-13-90 - MEDITATION

Q. "Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault on Dec. 3rd or 4th?, 1990." A. "There are no books. There's no radio."

A. "There are lever problems!"  I saw earthwaves. A voice said, "It will not affect Wisconsin."

3rd. I saw a child on his hands and knees with a blue winter cap pulled down over his eyes.

4th. I saw a child, dressed in white. He showed me the walls of this building that were loose. Then he got down on his knees and began taking locks out of the walls and putting them into a basket to carry them away.

A. Voice "What's the matter with the two of you?" (We were all afraid of the earthquake predicted for the New Madrid Fault)

3rd. A. "The whole earth is dead."

4th. Voice, "Why don't you hold a conference? Do you know who they are?"

I saw a protective shield put over me. A voice said, "That feels better doesn't it?" I answered, "Yes! Thanks!"

4th. I saw a person at the controls of a streetcar with two levers. The one on the right had a controller. The one on the left did not." (It was being controlled.) I saw someone checking some papers. A voice said, "There is a statue. It is way out of line." I saw some accounts. A voice said, "This is the way you operate. It is way out of line."

I saw a newspaper page back by the business page ads. A voice said, "You're holding it up." I saw two people go into the basement of the building. A voice said, "He gave it to the Chief, earlier in the basement."

4th. I saw some fog blowing by. A voice said, "On the way down from Milwaukee."

I saw Marcella bring in a rather deflated bomb. Someone threw a blanket over it and covered it. A voice said, "It is different."

I saw my friend David fall back and was covered with a blanket. A voice said, "David won't be on the bench until.... "

4th. I saw a woman run into a shelter. She said, "The door my husband worked on." I saw a room with computers and desks tipped over. A voice said, "She blamed it on someone else."

Q. "Please tell me about Master Zoser."

A. He is a level 11 Master."

I felt like I was in a room with a very low ceiling. I saw a woman. (I felt it was me) I asked a man standing in a doorway. (Head to toe) The woman asked, "Do you want me to close the door?" He said, "No! You have a pretty glass in yours!"

I called Master Zoser. I saw a fat woman in a pink dress come in. She was wearing a conical hat of African design, African type beads around her neck and an African design purse.


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a general meditation. The visions were continuous and flowed like a dream.

A woman appeared and asked why I hadn't called her. A door on the right opened and I saw a brilliant white light on the ceiling. I walked inside. In the room were 4 single beds, one on each wall. There were also four men there, one assigned to each bed. I decided to sit on the bed right by the door. The man assigned to that bed, reached under the bed and pulled out a baby which was a year or less old. He placed the baby on the bed with me. He said, "Here is the Savior - The Champion!'

The men in the room were roughly dressed, swarthy types, like blue collar workers.  

Another woman appeared. She was dark skinned like an Indian from India. I asked her when the child was born. She was very upset and didn't want to tell me.

I then saw a curtained contraption hanging from floor to ceiling. It was for room 308. The curtain opened from floor to ceiling. One of the workmen entered the livingroom and said, "I see trouble here."

I made the man take the woman to the front door and put her out on the porch. I said, "If she doesn't want to cooperate, then she can leave." I told him to tell her, "There is no room in the Inn."

I told the man to tell the baby that, "We're never going to give him up."  

I told the man that they should not expect the Second Coming of Jesus to be a rough looking derelict.

I told the man, "The world will rock with surprise when they find out who the Anti-Christ is."

The man began talking about the Christ. He said, "He is definitely a son of the Southern Conventionalists."

3-11-91 - Meditation: #2

Q. The child in the bedroom who was called "The Savior - The Champion - Is he Jesus Christ, Holy Christ? Or is he a Rescuer?

A. The child was brought to me. He could not yet walk by himself. He was brought in by two workmen with the child walking between them holding their hands. He had red curly hair.

A. When I repeated the word, 'rescuer' the little boy remained a little boy.

When I repeated the words, 'Jesus Christ, Holy Christ', I saw a white Easter Bunny Rabbit and it turned silver.

Q. I again asked about the Savior. A voice said, "Let me say Hello to Dolores. I then saw Babaji take some clothing out of a basket and said, "Let me put this on the baby."

Babaji said to me, "You can come to me with keen efficiency. People whom I have not used for specific lessons are not supposed to know."

Q. Who would be privy to this information?

A. I saw a group of men like in the United Nations. The ones in the upper row who were the 'prime ministers' raised their hands.

Q. What is the significance of the Silver Easter Rabbit?

A. A voice said, "He is most precious."


12-17-91 - DREAM - I was in a bank in New Berlin and a red-headed employee dropped a bag of money. Instead of turning it in, I put it in my own locker. Then started the guilt trips of guilt trips. The amount was over $3000. I knew that the bank would miss it at the end of the money count. Also, a camera had been on and saw the whole action take place. I left the bank and went to a store with David who was dressed as an elderly transvestite. I went to the wig counter to find a blonde wig that was longer than my own hair, but when I tried one on, they were too short. When I took the wig off, my own hair had turned into a field of flowers. I couldn't leave it like that, so I started combing it out back into real hair again. The clerk then rolled my hair into curls.

This clerk and several others went to another aisle and began talking and I felt that they were talking about me and I knew I had to get out of there. Before I could though, I had several wicker baskets with toys for children and a makeup case. I left the toys there for children to play with and took the makeup case with me.

At this point, I wanted to take the money and move out west, but I knew that if I went back to the bank, I'd be arrested and have to serve several years in prison. Then I saw a red-haired man coming into the building whom I thought was the bank employee and I had to get out quick.

At this point, since I couldn't go to the bank, I had no money, no wallet, no suitcase, nothing to call my name. I also couldn't figure out which was was east or west to find my house and I couldn't remember the name of the street it was on either. I just knew it was a named street and not a numbered one. I also had to walk because I didn't have a dime of my own to pay bus fare.

I began to walk and discovered that I was going west because the numbers on the houses were getting bigger - 8 -9-10. So, I knew I had to go east and then south.

By then I discovered that I had a manila envelope in my hand with money I had received for Christmas so I could ride the bus afterall. I tipped the envelope up and the money was all silver coins.


3-27-92 - DREAM - I was in a grocery store. There was a blonde woman trying to harass me. I looked at a small basket that had some vine type plants in it, each with three leaves per branch. I picked out one to take to the check out. The blonde woman was at the checkout and she said sarcastically, "I have two!" I looked at her and told her, "You're not going to make me jealous!"

The next scene I was out in the yard with my brother Marty. There was a big wash tub with a purple turtle in it swimming around. He had a fishing pole and I thought he intended to catch the turtle but what he did was fly cast over the tub and try to hit the turtle on the head, just for practice.

In the Ninja Turtles, the purple one is Donatello:

DONATELLO: Donatello is the "thinker". He is more interested in making peace than in fighting his enemies, making him the most passive of his brothers. Don is highly intelligent, often deeming him with the title of "genius", and has a knack for anything electronic. He spends much of his time constructing gadgets, fixing things and inventing new machines. He is shy and reserved at times and spends much of his day behind his computer. He enjoys a good philosophical discussion, but doesn't get much chance to debate, since his brothers aren't very interested in that sort of thing. He is very loyal and seldom judgmental, and although his main interests exist in the scientific world, he also has a strong spiritual side.


10-2-93 - DREAM - I was renting out apartments and came to put the final touches on one. The walls were to be painted two tone...pink and yellow with a thin stripe of white between them. I put one item of housekeeping equipment in each closet as a free gift for the new tenant. I then opened the closet in the bedroom which was going to be for a little girl. I realized that I was in my 16th St. house and this was the room I had spent my own childhood in.

T.M. came in to do some rewiring in the apartment. I discovered that he person who had moved out hadn't removed any of the closet contents. It would be my job to sort it all out and dump it.  I started with the books. On one shelf were all children's books, "The Bobbsey Twins" and other child's books. I decided to leave those in place as a gift to the new little girl.

I pulled out a lot of men's things. I saw some envelopes that were pre-addressed. I cannot remember the name. It was Russian or foreign I didn't recognize. I kept the 1993 diaries which were nearly empty and a ledger of finance that was so lightly and sparsely written, I thought I could use it by writing in darker pen over the man's writing. There were some boy's toys like long steel carrier that was empty that I removed and all the rest of the men's and boy's things.

When the shelves were empty I saw that if I walked to the back of the closet, I was out in the country on a farm. It was harvest time and the mountains were on the horizon. I said to myself, "If the little girl uses her imagination, all this could be hers."

I went back to the closet proper. There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, "DIAMONDS IN THE BIBLE".

I had to reach and stretch as far as I could to bring that book down as I knew it was the best treasure of the closet and I wanted it. At my highest reach, I finally managed to get my hans on the book and as I did, a woman began speaking and at the same time I saw quotations come down printed like a 'crawl' on a TV screen. They were rules of conduct for people. They were not the 10 Commandments but still on that order about things people shouldn't do towards each other.

I came out of the closet with the book and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 a.m. I knew I had to get home and go to work. I looked at the man's desk and saw that he had worked for Allis-Chalmers when t was merged with another company and was located in the city on the south side (Not 70th St.)

Two huge men who worked at A-C came in. The were both about 8 feet tall. They did maintenance and clean up. I was used to seeing them around but didn't work with them. The one in bib overalls came over to me, put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. He said, "I see you've dyed your hair white." I grinned and said, "Yes! I did." knowing that the color was more natural than dyed.

I then left to go home and woke up.


4-21-96 - DREAM - I was in an office where I worked with T.M. and other people. I had been asked by T.M. to do a task that would make his wife want to die, perhaps commit suicide, but more likely to sicken enough to die naturally.

I was filling out an application card to a library that would cause the library to question her to cause enough stress to cause her to sicken and die. In the first place, I wanted to join the library myself and filled out the card for myself. I was supposed to fill out one for her with false information, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

There were papers with evidence that would show my guilt in the deed which I hid in the waste basket amongst other trash.

Some women came in who had lost a piece of paper with important information and started to go through my wastebasket. I felt really guilty and hoped they wouldn't see my papers.

Meantime, T.M. came in and asked me if I had done the deed. I said, "No!"and he was very disappointed. He planned to do it himself and walked out again.

I had a housing Lease in front of me for his wife and I wrote at the top like it was her handwriting. "I'm applying for this Lease, but I'll be dead by the time you get it." That statement was meant to alert the Lease people to question her so she would be stressed, sicken, and die.

Meanwhile, the girls found a Lease with T.M.'s name on it. They were all surprised because he had put a different address on it that was something like Bardi street or Bacardi street. I was surprised too because it showed his real intentions.


2-23-92 - DREAM - I was at home, yet at work. There was a cement stairway with very narrow treads, that was overlayed with thin tiles for walking on. The thin tiles were so compressed together that walking on was almost impossible for anyone except me. So, I decided to mak it a project to straighten out the thin tiles so they were even and more accessible especially Becky who needed to go upstairs.

When I went downstairs, I went to have breakfast and I saw that the milk was bright blue and I didn't think it was fresh to drink. I dumped it down the sink, but no matter how many times I rinsed the bottle with water, the contents were bright blue. I wanted to get fresh white milk for my children, but I had no money to do so. I asked their father to get some fresh milk, but he became so angry that I didn't want to do it myself. I convinced him of the truth of the matter. He left to get the milk and I turned around to see that I had one last batch of dishes to wash and these were the dirtiest, greasiest ones. I was determined that they would all be perfect.

I then went to the bedrooms to make sure that the bedrooms were clean and the beds made with their red and blue quilts.

I saw that many puzzle pieces were on the floor and I hollered at the children that they had better get picked up and put in the proper boxes.

I bought my daughter a toy that had a little red dressed dolls that went around and around on swings. She wanted to take it outside to play. I said, "No!" My mother stuck up for her that she would take good care of it. I knew that it would get dirty, it was meant to be played with indoors. I said, "I would rather give her $10.00 to run around with it and keep the dolls for myself so I know they stay clean, knowing that they were more valuable than that. My mother said, "okay" and we made the exchange and I took the toy back.

I then went to the office area where work was being done on projects. Someone else had cleaned up some big red pans to work in, but they still had some grease and sand on, so I took it upon myself to wash them to perfection, using hot water on the grease and cold water on the sand so as not to waste the hot water where it wasn't needed. My boss said that there was still some grease on the old silver pans, but I told him not to worry about the old ones.

My boss came and asked me if I would be able to midnight requisition some long sleeved sweaters and stools to sit on so we could work on a project and I would also need to get 12 silver, square pans. I would need 4 pink, 4 light beige, 4 silver and black sweaters and stools. The one thing I had to be careful of was that no ones name could be on the stools so if someone came looking for them, they could not be identified. I agreed. Another man, who I think was my bosses boss or one of his peers asked him if I had agreed to provide this equipment and he said that I had. They were both relieved to know that.

I then went into another department to look things over. I had friends everywhere, but the problem was that I was being watched. My ploy was that I carried a crumpled piece of white paper with me to throw in a waste basket so it wouldn't look I was there for no purpose and just wasting time talking to my friends instead of working. but when I got to the point where I needed to throw away the piece of white paper to save my cover, T.M. picked up the trash container to throw away the trash. I tried to signal him what I needed to do, but the was already holding the trash container and I knew I would have to tell him of my ploy so we wouldn't be working at cross purposes or he would spoil the ploy and prevent me from completing my part of the project.


9-5-97 - Dream: I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. It began to snow and I couldn't see out my window where we were going, so I decided to close my eyes and let him drive because he said he could see. I opened my eyes once and saw we were at an intersection with many blue directional signs. The one I read said, "Turn right". He said he had to stop at Kohls and roll out his sign. The car had morphed into a light green convertible and it was warm outside. He had a huge black banner which unfurled as he ran up the street and around the corner. It was at an angle so I couldn't read the words. I just could see the letters were multi-colored. The neighborhood children all came running to see this sign and sat in rows along the curb to watch. He rolled the sign up and got back in the car. At that point I closed my eyes again and when I opened them again, we were at home and it was very quiet. I got up to see where Jim had gone to. I tried to open the door to his room, but could only open the door enough to see that his brown round basket of jelly beans was gone. I said, "Oh! Jim is gone." I went to the door and saw the black banner laying face down to dry. I cold see that it had rained out and the sidewalks were half dry, but Jim was gone.


10-19-97 - I was working at a very large company and went to a certain department to search for a particular blueprint. At the same time I was posting dreams on a computer and each time I did, the computer disk would revolve and I could see that the postings were forming a football shape. I was so excited about this, I wanted to show Joe what was happening.

Meantime, a tall, thin girl was waiting for me to get her the blueprint and I had been spending my time posting dreams instead. I felt guilty and went over to the next aisle to get the blueprint which was still in a square box cube, the was it came and I hadn't done my job with it yet.

I opened up the box to get the blueprint and inside was a burned frying pan. I opened the lid and found two scorched chicken wings in it.

I apologized to the girl and said to her, "Tell your box I'm such a bad cook, I even burn restaurant food."

I then went to another department because I was getting ready to move. My apartment was on Wisconsin Ave. where NWML Insurance Co. is, and I was moving to the penthouse of the building East of it across the street from where I currently was.

People were asking me when I was going to be home to have my open house party.  

I had the key to my apartment already so I was anxious to get going. I started packing up my clothes in a neat pile inside a brown wicker basket that was football shaped.

I wanted to get going so I made a flimsy excuse about not wanting to inspect an apartment for the 5th time and told my boss, "I quit!" It was my last day anyway but it was 5 o'clock and I wanted to get going. I saw the contract Lease and it was signed in red ink. The apartment they wanted me to inspect was 10_ and it was past the intersection where 96, 97, and 98 was at the EL of the building. I wasn't willing to walk past that intersection.

My sons came over. There were 3 of them and for some reason, each one had to change clothes and I saw their huge penises. (This represents the triple male trinity)

One son had lost so much weight he had lost 14 inches off his waist and his clothes were in shreds up to his waist and yet he didn't want to change them for a smaller size. At his belt, his clothes were like this: ^^^^^^^ . I told him to take a shower and change clothes. I was ready to move.


6-5-98 - DREAM - I was working in my office. The boss was attempting to put a large daisy wheel disk in the typewriter. I asked him why he was using such big print. He said he was going to print out the timeline. He then said he had printed me out a copy of the timeline and put it in my IN basket but I hadn't seen it yet.

I walked through the doorway to what was supposed to be my office but I was outside. Though it was warm, there was 8 to 10 feet of snow on my path which was being shoveled there by my son Michael who was up one level on top of a building. I was able to walk around through the melted snow and green grass and avoid all the snow and still got to where I was going.


9-29-98 - DREAM - I and Joe were living in a two story house. (Seemed like Milwaukee) My daughter came to visit, bringing her daughter with her. I noted that my daughter was wearing blue and purple clothing and I told Joe that showed what her aura looked like. Joe said to her, "You ought to wear red clothes, that's more sexual." Then he left the room.

She looked rather stunned. I apologized to her that he had said that and told her that he didn't mean anything bad by that. She started to cry and said that he had hurt her feelings.

I started to explain the colors of the chakras of the body by using rectangles of those same colors on the floor. They looked like flags. I actually explained in in an odd way.

I used the analogy of European country flags and said:

______ purple and white flag means the 'crown chakra'

______ indigo and white flag means the 'third eye chakra'

______ blue and white flag means the 'throat chakra'

______ green and white flag means the 'heart chakra'

I then showed her a silver square on the floor by the kitchen cabinet. I said, "Everyone knows that means "Don't touch".

We went upstairs then because I had to change clothes myself and so did her daughter. Her daughter was wearing a blue/gray dress and I thought a green one would be pretty on her. We were looking through the clothes which were piled on the floor next to the bed. A toy green frog suddenly jumped up in the air and did a little dance. It was kind of cute.

The little girl grabbed a blue dress, pulled it over her head and ran outside without putting underpants on, jumped on her bike which looked like the big wheel kind of the early 1900's and road it out into the street. I saw out the window that a boy, dressed in brown pants and shirt on another bicycle dashed right after her.

My daughter and I ran outside to get her back into the house because she wasn't wearing any underwear. My daughter grabbed her daughter off of her bike and carried her back into the house. I followed behind her. Then my daughter said, "My daughter said she's afraid of your green frog."

I assured her that it was just a toy frog and that it was harmless. I told her, "If Grandpa isn't in the bed, I'll get the frog out of the room." I tiptoed upstairs and the bed was empty, so I began hunting for the frog and my daughter's daughter rummaged through the clothes on the floor and put on a brown pair of corduroy clacks with a white top.

It wasn't the color I would have chosen for her, but we let her go play in that outfit. She was still very young.

I couldn't find the toy frog amongst the clothes, so I kept looking and found it stuffed down in a basket of laundry. My Father had trussed it up with orange ribbon so it looked like a ball of green and orange with frog eyes. We just laughed at it. The frog was no danger to anyone.

NOTE: I had fallen asleep feeling like I had had a cold coming on and I had been sneezing off and on for a couple days. but when I woke up from this dream, I felt fine.


12-5-98 - DREAM - I was with some other people in a place where there was some furniture nobody was using. There were two items I wanted. A tall stool and a telephone table that was the same height. I opened up my purse to get money to buy them. My purse was like a big golden basket. I opened the lid and the purse was empty. I decided not to get upset, that I didn't really need that stuff anyway.


12-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room. There was like 3 computer-like or information transferring machines in the room. I was working at the central one. The guy on my left was sending information to the woman on my right, but it had to go through my machine to get there.  The problem was it had to go in stream-fashion...one sentence at a time and I was trying to figure out how I could capture an entire page if it before passing it on. I was making progress with it but there was just one glitch in my idea yet because I saw a glob of dark jelly on the paper and I didn't want to gum up the machine to do it.

I then went into the kitchen where Becky was doing the laundry and shelling beans at the same time. It was fairly dark in there.

I had a TV set with a big antenna, as I put that in place and affixed the antenna and turned it on and it lit up the whole room.

I thought it was really great that she was shelling beans. I had mine already done and they were in a basket high up on a shelf. I went to look at my beans and they were all moldy because there was tomatoes smashed on the shelf and it had contaminated the dried beans. Now neither one was any good. So Becky had been wise to wait to shell her beans later than me, and I set about to help her shell her beans.

I went to another office type room and the old white haired mean looking boss man came in. I thought he'd be in a better mood if he had some coffee. There was coffee cups sitting around but ever cup to be picked up had already been used. I felt kind of embarrassed that I didn't have a clean coffee cup to give to the old boss man because he looked really mean, so I offered to go look in the pantry cabinet where I was sure there had to be at least one clean cup.

I went into the pantry and it was more like a small parking lot. There were huge Rolls Royces parked in there so close together we couldn't get to the cabinet where the coffee cups were. On top of that, there was 1/2 gallon of milk standing on top of one of the cars for the same reason. We couldn't get past the cars to put the milk into the refrigerator.

Finally I saw that we could get past the cars by going around behind them, but at the same time and a tall dark man looking guy came and wanted to move his black car out of the lot. He bellowed at us, "What are you doing by my car?" I tried to explain to him the problem of getting a clean coffee cup for the boss and putting the milk away so it wouldn't spoil.

He was going to leave so we had room to do what we needed to do, but then I noticed that there was a baby crawling on the floor between the cars and I prayed he wouldn't be run over as the dark man left.


12-21-98 - DREAM - I was working on a page about UFOs, copying and pasting from one web page to another. I copied part of the page, then skipped a section that showed a row of 4 C.D.s. I copies a few more lines below that which were (take 1 line from row 2) and (insert line 6 from column B) sort of thing.

When I was finished I went into a regular dream which began when I was in the bedroom and a man appeared outside who was going to give me an estimate to re-sash all the windows in the house. I was just going to go pee and now I did'nt have time, so I opened the window where he was at, told him, "I'll be right there," and then took a round laundry basket that was blue and had grids on the outside. I planned to pee in it out of his possible line-of-site. I took the basket to a hallway that couldn't be seen from that particular window but as soon as I did, Scott, the maintenance man from Milwaukee appeared in another room with a big grin on his face and I knew I couldn't pee first. I was stuck.

Right after that my husband/companion showed up who had been to the hardware store pricing the parts. Before the two men could present their estimate, my husband showed me a piece of paper with a number on it that the estimate should come close to because he had done his own estimate. The number was $217.42. The other men could only fill in the blank number...their only leeway.

Scott said, "Man! If I would have know you did that estimate, I would have looked at the number first!"

I went outside then. The men's van was a purplish color and really nice looking, but when I got to the rear of it, it was just a hollow shell and had nothing in it. The back doors were standing wide open.

My son Bill arrived and said he wanted to see the lake down the hill. I knew it was 3 miles downhill on a winding road so I suggested that I drive us down there.

The estimator's truck doors were rather sticking out quite far. I went around the truck and discovered that when I slammed the doors shut, the truck became a solid red fire truck.


2-6-99 - DREAM - I was sitting out in the yard writing in a book. When I had written all I had to say, I went upstairs into the house.

I walked into the livingroom. My children were all sitting there. They were so quiet, I knew something had to be going on, so I stopped and looked around me. The boys had painted the livingroom. but they hadn't painted the whole livingroom, they had painted only a wide strip around all the doors and windows so wide expanses of old wood and darker painted all still showed. My son Michael pointed out a spot along the baseboard. He said, "My Father accused me of dribbling paint on the floor, so I proved to him that I didn't." He pulled up on the wall several feet, showing a striated bare piece of wood about a foot and a half high, and then about an inch of the 'bedrock' below it. I was rather shocked that the wall had raised up so far.

We all then went upstairs to the bedrooms. My intention was to put my book away and to either sew or knit something in the Master bedroom. My son Michael carried my girl child into the children's bedroom and I walked into the Master bedroom. By having both doors open, a great wind blew through the house and slammed the Master bedroom shut behind me.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and told my son Ken who was sitting at the sewing machine that I needed needle and thread. He handed me a round woven basket in which I saw some pins in the center and a spool of thread on which there several colors of thread around it.

In order to sew anything, I had to have a single piece of thread and a needle, however when I pulled on the colored thread on the spool, I pulled a tremendous amount of blue rubber band that was wound around like a hank of yarn. It was followed by a smaller piece of red rubber band which I decided to wind around the blue rubber band. There was a shorter amount of red rubber band but as I wound the red rubber band around the blue rubber band, white yarn, black yarn, and green yarn appeared and this yarn lead to entire ...almost completed sweaters and afghans which I rolled up like paper toweling. I had 3 colors of yarn coming down from the roll to the spool below so it looked like :

(Look on the map of the U.S. Mississippi River Tributaries

Drainage Map of the Mississippi River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, Tennessee River, Missouri River, and Tributaries

Just the Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio were in the dream. as the yarn coming down. (That's the direction of the three strands of yarn.

I got it that far and I said to my son Ken,"I still can't find a needle and shook the basket, trying to find one. I could still only see pins in the basket. If there was a needle there, it was still hidden by the part of the reed of the basket that went in the bottom circle inside of it.

Like I said, this might be a little far fetched, but when I saw the three strands of yarn coming down in the shape of the 3 rivers, plus the wall being pulled up to show the 'bedrock' and the basket shaking, and the great wind blowing, it all rather fit.


1-31-99 - DREAM - I was managing a very large building. It seemed to be more than an apartment building because there was a large public areas as well. I had several people working for me, and I heard from one of the women who was a cleaning woman that there was a problem with the key box.

Before I went to take care of the problem however, I met some people who looked like they were shopping in a store-like area where boxes and boxes of food were. The man said something to his wife that I looked like some celebrity. She said, "No! She can't be because of her age."

Out of strong curiosity I had to ask him, "How old do you think I am?"

He hemmed and hawed a moment and said, "40!" I laughed and said, "I'm 60!" I felt really good at that moment.

I then went upstairs where the women were working in a big public kitchen. I saw that my old friend Dee who I was friends with in the early 80's had returned. I didn't make any special notice of it at that moment, but a couple minutes later, she came over to where I was and mentioned there was a problem with the key box. I began to walk over to where the key box was and another woman came by. (looked like what I think Judy Beebe looks like) She got into a cart that had 2 large wheels on it. Inside the cart was a huge amount of maintenance tools and there were a 'coping' saw on top. There was also an empty laundry basket as the laundry was done. She indicated I should look at the tools. I said, "What! Are you telling me I have too many? I began to tell the two women about the man who thought I was 40 years old. I laughed and told the women, "I've never been so happy since I turned 40."

I woke up laughing.


2-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a restaurant that seemed to be for old and poor people. People sat at long tables. I had come there because they had a piano I was going to take. It was MY piano. My husband (Jim) came to move the piano for me. While he was getting the car, I was worried that all these people would mob us and not let us take the piano, but suddenly they all got up and left. When they were gone, I got the opportunity to look around more. There were baskets and boxes of food everywhere that anyone could have if they were needy. Two young women came in and they said they were hungry. I saw many bananas hanging on racks on top of the refrigerator. None were in hands. These were the leftover...going soft bananas. The girls were thrilled to have anything at all to eat.

My husband came back and walked around in the livingroom-like area. We were supposed to take this stuff with us. He looked at it and kicked some stuff over and walked out. I was dismayed at his attitude. I saw that he had kicked over a small electric heater and some other small items one would need to plug in. I thought, "Oh well! Maybe he knows something I dont." I accepted it. But then, I saw a gorgeous guitar standing there. I couldn't leave that behind, so I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder and headed outside. To my dismay the car was gone. I stood out on the street alone, feeling such loss that my husband would take all the stuff and leave me behind. So I started walking down the street with the guitar.

Then, down at the far end of the block, I saw the car slowly backing into view from behind a building. The car was a huge white airplane with many windows. My husband slid a door open sideways like on a van so I could see inside. All my stuff was there including the piano and so was my whole family including my mother, father, sister, and brothers. I was thrilled to tears. We were all going to fly off together.


3-10-99 - MEDITATION - I saw Michelle and another woman arguing a lot. A man came and said Michelle is too busy to do this. The earthchanges are here and there is no more time to waste. Countries are going to have to work together in order to make it now. No country can stand alone.

I was laying in bed waiting to go to sleep and a I heard a loud voice say, "BURNING!" I jumped up on my elbow to look around and see if Joe's cigarette ashes had started the wastebasket on fire but there was nothing. The idea here is to set up an organization whereby goods and money are set up in advance for people in all countries to help each other... money, food, blankets, clothing, first aid kits, etc, and bypass the slow government machinery.

NOTE: NATO and the U.S. declared war against Yugoslavia a few days later.



It seems that I was married to my Father OR that my husband and Father were as one. There were some humiliating episodes where my husband demanded something I had and I told him I would hide it in my womb. He said he would take it from me right in front of my friends if I didn't give it to him willingly, so I did. My friends were humiliated for me too.

Then there was a scene where my husband took me to a two story building. He left me in the car while he went inside to do something. I had a mystery novel in the car with me plus another book. I told him he acted like his life was a mystery novel.

I followed him upstairs where he had gone into an upper room. I couldn't see in there and he didn't see me, but he knew I was a witness to him killing another man in the upper room. There were two other men with me in the hallway who were witnesses to this also.

He took me home then to our 16th St. house. He left me with my mother while he went out to the garage to do something.

I knew that if I didn't leave, I'd end up like the man in the upper room. So, I quietly got my two books. One was an address book. I was trying to find where my friend Pat lived because I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask my cousin Shirley to take me in. She had two little children to worry about.

I looked through the address book to find Pat's address. I knew it was somewhere between 81st and 89th Sts. somewhere. I decided to worry about that later.

As I gathered my things together to leave before my Father came in from the garage, I overheard some girls say there was an Indian man down at the farmer's market who painted portraits and they were hoping he would choose them to model for them. I remembered my vision of the Indian man from yesterday and knew he was my guide. I knew I needed to see the Indian man if I could before I went to find Pat and ask her to take me in.

I sneaked upstairs to find my clothes and saw my traveling bags and a laundry basket on the landing by the stained glass window. They were still more or less still packed from the last time I had run away from home in another humiliating episode.

I knew I couldn't linger because it would mean my death. My sweater coat was laying there, my Joseph's coat of many colors so I slipped that on, picked up my two suitcases, slung a third large bag over my shoulder, shoulder , put my two books under my arm and started tip-toeing down the stairs.

I got down to the 1st floor and my mother was in the kitchen area watching the yellow labrador dog miscarry her puppies. My mother was crying. I didn't want my mother to have to watch that happen so I grabbed a cup that was dripping yellow stuff which was the puppies melting. I took it away from her and took it with me.

My mother realized too late what I was doing...that I was leaving for the last time and she'd never see me again.

I ran out the door with the dripping yellow puppies which left a trail I knew my Father could follow, but I had to do this or die.

I could hear my mother screaming after me,"Dolores! Nooooooo!" her 'o' echoing in my ears as I watched the trail of yellow puppy goo drip out of the cup as I ran across the street and between two trees standing tall in the yard of the house on the other side of the road.

As I ran up a red brick stairway which was supposed to be the alley heading east, I was counting the steps, and hearing music at the same time. I was hearing the song Kyrie Eleison by Mr. Mister over and over in my ears, and me, the dripping puppy cup and my stuff went upward. It was a tough climb and I was getting out of breath. I counted the steps up to 110 and there was 1 more step to go...knowing the top step was 111. I woke up as I made the last step.



3-18-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building on Port Washington and Hampton which I managed. I was standing out on the front sidewalk on the NE side of the street. It had snowed, been shoveled and had snowed again and was melting on the sidewalk to slush. I need to ask the maintenance man to shovel again and I knew he wouldn't be happy about it, but it needed to be done.

A young woman came running up to me, wanting to know where she was supposed to park her car. She resembled Monica Lewinski and I had just rented an apartment to her. Another girl who parked in the Hampton Ave. garage overheard her and pointed to the garage door. I quickly said, "No! I assigned her to the Port Washington Ave. garage. The other girl didn't know that the garage existed or thought it was all one garage. (This is a true situation) The Monica-type girl was so excited and happy. She was a delight to see.

I now went across the street on the SW corner of the same two streets. (In reality it is a parkway with a river on that side)

This was a large office building and it seemed I was very well know by everyone. I went up the elevator to my office where I had been assigned a new phone number 2310. There was some kind of mixup with the lines, because a girl wanted to listen in on my conversation from an extension but I was the only one who could hear on this phone. They were trying to figure that out when I went to lunch.

Back down in the lobby, some women had a perfume display on a small round table. There were numerous bottles of various shapes. They were accosting all the women, giving them pretty blue brochures and trying to sell the perfume. One of the salesladies grabbed my arm and asked me if I had seen the perfume yet and I said, "No!" We got over to the table and she said, "They are only $95.00." I knew I would never pay that much money for perfume. She started naming perfumes which I can't remember. I asked her if she had Lantude. She handed me a huge spray bottle 8 times the size of the others named Prondoin. I aimed the sprayer at my throat and it sprayed right on my nose and went up my nose. It was such a delicate scent. I loved it and was going to spray some on both wrists as well when they handed me a letter in duplicate with a bill for the charges of the spray of perfume. The perfume itself was $3.75 but there were so many other handling charges of various kinds, the whole bill came to $78.75. I was astonished. They commented that they had my address wrong so they couldn't send the bill in the mail. They had me at JOYSTAR AVE. so I took the letter, gave them back the top white copy and told them I'd keep the pink copy for record and walked away. They didn't follow me, just went about accosting other women.

I went back to the elevator and was telling some other women about this outrageous charge and wanted to show them the pink copy of the bill, but couldn't find it. I assumed I dropped it on the street so went back outside to find it.

I didn't see the pink piece of paper on the street but as I was walking along the sidewalk I saw that a pool of some kind was being constructed in the road. Alongside the pool was a plastic tarpaulin and I could hear sounds like kittens mewing or babies cooing. I looked under the tarp and saw 5 different sizes of green turtles and numerous smaller frogs. There was a cacophony of sound under the tarp, all these little creatures, anxious to jump into the pool as soon as it was ready.

A young man who worked for me came up to me and showed a small silver post with a screw slot in it, the kind one holds report books together. First he asked if it was the right kind and I said, "Yes!", then he said that it wasn't long enough any longer, so I told him he could use a longer one and that he could use anything in the office he desired. He thanked me and as he turned to walk away, I saw that his left arm was amputated at the shoulder like it had been wrenched off. It wrenched my heart to see it.

I turned and went back towards the office and a woman asked if I would heal her daughter. Her daughter seemed retarded, a rather slow learner. I stroked the girl's belly gently and the girl grew right in front of our eyes into a woman with dark curly hair. There was no resemblance at all to the retarded girl. They went away happy.

Then all kinds of people came along to ask me to go to lunch with them. There were factions though so if you went with one you were automatically the enemy of all the others so I decided not to choose any of them and went by myself.

As I was waking up, I saw three men sitting close together, crying for who would get to hear my prophecies.

I fell back asleep and found myself walking across the lawn to the street. I had an empty laundry basket in one hand. As I neared the sidewalk, I saw a green laundry basket. It was quite large and square.

Inside the laundry basket was a puppy. I looked again and tears came to my eyes because I had told the universe that I wanted a puppy but it would have to appear at my doorstep on it's own.

I got closer and saw it was a black cocker spaniel. That's not my favorite type of dog but I thought to myself, "I can love a dog like this just the same."

However, as I approached the basket, the puppy got scared, split into three parts and jumped backwards out of the basket and hung on for dear life with it's paws on the edge of the basket. Finally, one part made it back into the basket. It looked like a white rat. I was rather disgusted but then saw that it was a white Chihuahua with a white coat and rainbow colored booties on it's feet.

I could watch it any long as the 2nd part came over the edge of the basket. This part was just a smaller puppy...coal black in color, but it wasn't done. The third part came over the edge like a rolled up bathrobe.

I wasn't really interested but the bathrobe opened up and stood up and I saw Becky (my daughter-in-law) She said, "Watch this when it turns inside out." The robe flipped over and became a white chenille robe with lace over it like a wedding veil. She said, "Look at the pattern." The pattern was one of numerous Fleur de lis in many, many squares with lines separating them. She said, "Look at the bottom!" The one right in the center was embroidered or painted in rainbow colors and it began to expand until all I saw was white lace with a rainbow in the center.


6-21-99 - DREAM - I was laying in bed with Joe and Joe got up to go to work. We were living with his ex-wife Debbie and some other people.

I was looking for a pretty top to wear that was big enough on top but they were all for skinny women. All of a sudden, Debbie showed up at the door stark naked. She had absolutely NO genitals... totally sexless. I thought to myself... "No wonder Joe said it was okay to be naked."

Debbie left to get dressed and I decided to do all the white laundry and started gathering it together. The laundry baskets were very small and I separated the towels and washcloths from the rugs which I would do later.

While I was looking for white items to wash, I found a small religious book which described various religions. I asked Debbie a question about one of them and Debbie ran from the room to ask the men in the other room their opinion on whether I should be studying a religion of which there was any question of. I was going to make up my won mind no matter what they thought anyway.

She came back and I was looking at small green book about another religion. She pulled up a chair right next to me on my right and I was pointing things out to her. I knew Joe would be surprised at how close we were. I looked at her face and it was not like normal. She had a large straight nose ... very highly made up with orange makeup and a lot of eye makeup. (It reminds me of photos I've seen of Egyptian queens)

I noticed then that the book we were studying was all questions and had no answers, but I knew there was a companion book. So I went to get the companion book which had the answers. I knew it was the same light green color and it was in a box of other religious books I had. When I started looking for the books, I saw there were flowers and green plants growing out of the box.

There was a white laundry basket propping up the books so I pulled it out. There was no bottom in it and the basket outside was divided into 4 equal parts so that it opened into 4 quarters... each one with a different kind of plant growing on it. The only one I recognized by name is English Ivy.

At that point, I noticed that everything I had, had green plants growing out of them, some were just sprouting, some were recently transplanted. I quickly got a glass of water and began watering them so they didn't dry out.

The dream faded here and I can't remember how it ended, but as I woke up, I heard Debbie's voice say, "Thank you for teaching me about suffering and life."


6-28-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large building which was part factory part office. As I was going to my office in the morning, I ran into a really cute guy and there was an instantaneous liking on both sides and he caught up to me and walked me for aways, then cut off my forward progress to sing me a cute song and rhyme.

His two kids were there. The older girl was about 11 and was misbehaving by pulling her shirt off in public... even though she was so skinny she didn't have nothing to show, I made her pull her shirt down and made her act like a young lady and not a kid. She pouted but did as she was told. Her little brother was there. He was about 7 years old.

In the next room over the family of this guy had seen the interaction between us and they came over and hugged me. The two women seemed like they were his sisters. I knew them both. They came over to hug me and the three of us stood together with our heads touching, hugging and rocking that way for quite some time.

At the end of the workday, I was looking for this guy and was very disappointed not to see him. All of a sudden he was there and apparently his identical twin brother. They had heavy 5 o'clock shadow and looked very tired.

The brother who had met me in the morning pointed towards a busy office and said, "See where the telegram file is. There is one there you need to see."

I saw it and quickly went through the crowded office to where had seen the basket with the telegrams. It was hard to walk through the office as people used the floor to sort out their paperwork behind the desks.

Finally, I found the right basket and in it was a 4 x 5 size note written to me by the guy. It said, "I'm in trouble 7 -14 lbs. for speaking to you this morning because of ... which I couldn't focus on. It was signed:

James Teaves (or Leaves) Engineering. That was why he looked so tired. He had been reprimanded for speaking to me.

I didn't understand why.

At that point, it was time to get home and I helped some kids get into their heavy snowsuits, then had a conversation with some women about their daily activities. Suddenly my father appeared. When I opened my purse to get my car keys out, he saw my huge key ring which I removed and he was trying to see what else I had in my purse. I quickly closed it so he couldn't see. There was a tall plastic package there and I told him, "That just the envelope from the Father's Day card I sent to you."

He and I kind of nudged each other kiddingly and a package of foot insoles fell out of my purse and I tucked them back in.


7-11-99 - DREAM - I was having a party for some kids. It was an underwear party where they could decorate their own T shirts. I provided the T shirts. Afterwards I had to wash the T shirts. Joe didn't want to go along so I drove to a large public laundromat. I put the clothes in the machine and went home again while the clothes washed.

I wanted to visit some new people I had met They were really creative women and lived in apartments on a high hill off of Bluemound Road. (This is in Brookfield, WI)

But now I forgot where Joe parked his car. I thought it was in front of the school, but when I looked there, there was a car the same color, but it looked more like an armored tank.

I thought I remembered that he might have parked the car way at the other end of the school grounds but couldn't remember having walked that far. Then, on top of it, it was a dangerous walk. There were huge dropoffs from the parking lot I was walking on. I almost fell in one when I dropped soda cup. I looked over the edge and there was another parking lot down there, obviously with a different entrance. People were living similar lives down there and weren't aware of us on the level where I was.

Then I remembered that I had to get my laundry and went back to the laundromat. The machine was empty. I was devastated but I knew you weren't supposed to leave clothes alone. It was my own fault. There were several pillow cases on the floor stuffed full of clothes but they weren't mine. But I saw two small broken and crushed laundry baskets and one had a huge heavy rag rug that looked like the one my grandfather made, so I picked it up and took it with me, carrying the broken laundry baskets with me.

Now I found out that not only my laundry was missing . . . the T shirts . . . but a whole bunch of people were missing.

The TV station had to put on the news and half the people were gone, so they drafted the cleaning lady to do the news. She was transformed into a woman of beauty. She had been wearing a grey work dress and they made her up, did her hair and put ona pink dress. She was truly beautiful. But she was no newscaster and obviously the TV cameraman wasn't used to doing his job either because he kept panning around the studio as people frantically ran around getting signatures on a large gift card for someone's birthday.

The woman in pink was about to do the news when they put the gift card in front of her and instead of giving the news, she stopped to put her signature on the card, so the cameraman panned in one the card. It said, "From God, to my son, The Righteous One!"


7-23-99 - DREAM - I was with my second husband Ed who had gotten out of prison. He said he wanted to travel. I had no objection to that as long as he didn't drink, but he was good at hiding that he was. Before we could leave, I wanted to clean the house and pack. The house was jam packed with stuff. One could hardly walk through the place.

I went into the kitchen to gather up the food first. A woman came in and said she would take it all to Harvest House which was a place where they gave food to the needy. She had it in a small basket. I remember seeing a half loaf of whole-wheat bread in a brown wrapper and an orange pumpkin about a foot across. I had planned to eat something myself, but let her take it.

Ed left for a bit while we were working in the kitchen, then he came back and demanded that we leave right then. I was nowhere near done cleaning even one room and I couldn't tell if he was drinking or not and his attitude was rather sullen, but I reluctantly got in the car which was a convertible.

We drove past Harvest House food stand first and then he drove to a Cul de sac at the end of the road. I was astounded at what I saw. Every square inch of space around the entire Cul de sac was decorated with cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins, and all the kids were in Halloween costumes dressed like Indians (not witches or dumb costumes like from the store)

It was an amazing sight. He had done this all by himself and I had to praise him for it. That the first time I saw him smile.

NOTE: Somewhere in this dream or perhaps in another dream, I recall looking out the window and every man was standing in rows and every one of them had a white deer head on their head. It was a rather whitish scene.


8-23-99 - DREAM - I was living in a big city on a high floor in an apartment building. I received a phone call that my ex-husband Edward had gotten out of prison and was headed for where I was. So, I immediately called the police department to warn them that he was coming and that meant big trouble.

The telephone I had had little two inch screens like a TV set and was connected to the police department. When I was done talking, the office said, "Dolores! You've threatened that President Clinton is in trouble and since you called it in, we'll have to come and get you because you told on yourself!"

I hung up the phone, trying to remember the name Clinton in my conversation. I couldn't even remember the name Clinton. I got nervous that I would get hungry in jail, so I began eating the pages of my notebooks . . . (I was eating my own words. :-) )

I walked into another room. I heard the police at the door already but I didn't answer the door. I had laundry to do before I went anywhere. I was now in the laundry room and went over to the machine. It was the spinner type with a large washer and smaller spinner basket attached to it.

It was full of purple and blue clothes and both sides were full of water. People started to come into the room to help me, but the washer wouldn't work. I flipped the lever on both sides and neither one came on. The lids were missing too. I finally found the small one for the spinner basket but couldn't find the lid for the washer side. There were several men and women in the laundry room with me now.

I went over to the sink to hook the discharge hose on the sink and commented to someone that my laundry room was exactly like theirs except I had two sinks, one on the East wall and one on the South wall.

However, it was dark in the room and I said that we should turn on a light so we could see better. There were two bulbs hanging side by side over the double sink, one was half the size of the other. The large on wouldn't come on when I pulled the chain, but the small one came on with a very small light.

I then went to check to see if the washer was plugged in. I traced the cord to the ceiling and hidden behind a maze of copper pipes were eight wires with all black wire nuts on them. They were all hanging loose and not in a splice box. It was pretty high up, so I asked one of the men who knew about electricity to disengage the wires because without colored wire leads, I wouldn't know which ones to disengage safely.

Once he disengaged the first one, then I was able to disengage the rest myself.  

At that point, we had taken all the clothes out of the washer and both side just had light blue water in them.

I then noticed that we weren't in the basement and that the whole outside walls were tall narrow windows that were washed perfectly clear and the room was considerable brighter than it had been before. The one back wall was all black pipes going every which way, but the rest of the room was perfectly clean and I thought it would be a great room to entertain guests in.  

At that same moment, one of the men opened up a window by pushing it outward and got up on the sill like he was going to fly out. We were at least on the 2nd floor, if not on the 3rd floor.


1-3-00 - DREAM - There was an old white haired man. He was upstairs but he did his best to keep the people in separate blue and white boxes over the number 72.

I was living in a house where the bathroom was built up against the outside of the house, but was bricked in on the outside wall, but had huge glass walls on both ends. I had to go really bad and debated whether I should use this bathroom. I didn't have much choice in the matter. If was going to go, there was no other place to do it, so I had to take my chances that nobody was looking.

When I was done, a young woman and her son came into the house in the downstairs hallway. There were three stairways going up into the house proper, and I choose the one in the center of the house with the black stairtreads. The other two stairways were prettier but they were more on the outside of the house.

When we got upstairs, I found two wastebaskets by an upper doorway. Someone had been thoughtful enough to collect the households garbage and separate it, but it was left inside the house, and not taken outside, so I carried the wastebaskets back into the kitchen and set them down. Recycling garbage wasn't much good if one didn't take it outside.


1-5-00 - DREAM - I spent a long time in a kitchen doing the dishes on a high white sink. Just as I finished the last dish and put it away, someone tossed in 4 woven flat baskets that hold paper plates for dinner. That forced me to straighten out the mess and stack them properly. I realized then that it was time to make dinner and start all over.

I was working on lining up receipts in a long row on the path that were already paid for and outside forces kept throwing in extras I had to make room for. It seemed an endless chore and then as I got to the end, I saw that they went up the wall where someone else was making a list of things that remained to be bought and paid for.

I went outside where a maintenance couple were working on my husband's car to get it started. They used a lawn mower to jump start it but it didn't work and just created smoke as it was whirling under the car. I was surprised because that had worked before. They continued to let the lawn mower run under the car and it was smoking really bad, so I went over aways to sit and read a book while they did that. I didn't want to be too near the smoke in case the lawn mower blew up.

While I was reading, my grandchildren woke up and came out of the darkened bedroom. I was by then cleaning the bathroom which seemed like more than one type of appliance. I was down on my knees under the sink trying to clean some silver grid-like things that were rippled like a corrugated box but metal. I told them that every person has to clean at least one sink.


1-6-00 - DREAM - I got up in the morning and had to get ready for work. I lived with other people and lots of little kids. It seems I worked at my old grade school building. I came to an agreement with one of my co-workers that I would meet her at 7 a.m. to go to a special class for algebra after not agreeing to go play Bingo at 5 a.m. I told her I would walk up to her house which was just past 19th St. and Clark. I was hoping she would drive us the rest of the way to 20th and Meinecke which was 3 1/2 more blocks.

While I was looking for clothes to wear, another woman I lived with got a phone call that she was going to get some kind of message by telegram and she didn't want it, so she called the cops about it. I saw the cop out the window as he arrived and he was talking into a tape recorder about the case, preparing to come to our door. I decided to leave that to her to deal with.

When I went to get some clean clothes to wear, they weren't hanging on the rack where I thought I had left them. They were hanging on a lower rack with several blouses on one hangar. Some of the clothes were actually hanging in sets with the colors already put together properly. I finally chose to wear a brown corduroy suit with a yellow blouse of which I had two to choose from.

The brown was like a burnished gold overtone and it was pretty. I was originally going to go without underpants, but decided at the last moment to wear a pair of light green underpants just in case the seam of the suit would decide to separate and leave me embarrassed.

As I gathered up the clothes to put on, my daughter brought out a toy she decided she didn't want to play with and threw it on the floor. As she went back out the door, I went after her, while stepping on little pegs which were strewn all over the floor along with Tinker Toys and other little pieces of toys they had played with.

I went into the other room and told her to come back and pick up the toy she didn't want and throw it into the wastebasket. When we got to the so-called wastebasket, it was actually now a washbasket, or to be more correct, three wash baskets sandwiched inside each other and there were three little babies inside the baskets, all playing with discarded toys.

As I walked through the room, I took hold of my daughter and gave her a sort of pretend smack on her butt to show my displeasure at what she had done and told her never to throw toys on the floor again. She agreed.

I then came to another little blonde girl and I did the same with her. I asked her if she understood why I was smacking her butt in advance even though she hadn't done anything and she said she did. Another little boy was playing in water in the sink and I was about to do the same with him so he'd know the rules ahead of time.

Somehow I began to remember the eagle dream and that I needed to get up and put in the E.C.L. note and made myself wake up.


1-18-00 - DREAM - I lived on a old-fashioned farm with my husband. The house contained all the old-fashioned things one would expect in a cozy country home, things on the walls that were handmade, all the food handmade from scratch, etc.

A woman and her tall young son came to live with us. My husband didn't approve of that for some reason. When we went down for breakfast, my husband left the house as soon as the woman came down to eat breakfast. Her son sat on a chair by the wall and didn't eat anything. She was eating Doritoes like I do, cramming them into her mouth without looking while reading a book which was on her knees propped open. I noticed that there were Doritoes on top of the sewing basket that was on the table also.

I saw a car or truck coming into the driveway and it went past the house towards the back. I went to the back door to see where my husband went. I accidentally put my hand through the screen on the door when I went to open it. I almost didn't bother to close the screen door but did anyway even though there was not a big hole in it.

The garden was wonderful. It was full of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, etc., really crowded with plants. However, I saw the pickup truck going past the back of the garden. Some of the farm had been sold off to a developer and the man was arriving even before daylight to begin work on it.


1-20-00 - DREAM - My husband and I were leaving one place and moving to another but we weren't telling anyone. We each had a grocery shopping cart which we had parked side by side. We were laying on top of them so they had a wire grid on top as well as the sides and bottom. There was nothing inside the baskets.

When we left the place where we lived, we pretended we were just going shopping and didn't say goodbye to anyone so nobody would be sad. We left as though we would be right back. Then we pushed, pulled, and rode on the carts side by side down the road.

Part 2 or a second dream:

Joe was now the maintenance man and I had a gold mailbox key at the new place. I went inside the building to get the mail and found that the manager had opened up my apartment and was using it for her office to show people apartments from. She said that anyone who didn't check in every day was assumed to be gone. I didn't know that was a requirement.

I had apartment #6. She was showing apartment #7 to a woman and told the woman that if it was too big for her, it would be no problem to divide it in half for her.

I went into my apartment. The carpet was cocoa brown and there was plants everywhere almost like a jungle. (That's the way my apartments always were)


1-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a hotel of some kind, taking care of many children. I had just gotten there. I saw that adults were arriving also, and the hallways were a mess with children's toys, food, and dirty laundry laying everywhere. All the children's clothing were blue and red plaid.

I found three small laundry baskets on the floor and put all the clothing in them, then began to gather up the food that was laying in piles. It had already been harvested, but not prepared for keeping. . . that is canned or frozen to be eaten later when food was not available in the fresh state.

I cannot say that any of this food was familiar to me though one kind may have been mulberries. Each food was sweet to the taste and I knew it was a good thing. Some of the food I was cutting up in preparation for the process was falling into a brown purse which was inside the basket of a bicycle. I took the purse out of the bicycle and put it on the floor and continued to do the work. There was a lot of it.

I saw then that the hallway was cleaned up so I then went outside in the yard to see what else had to be done. I had a rake that didn't just rake, it actually cut and raked at the same time. Around a large tree was a garden type place in a circle. It had many different kinds of plants which I assumed were weeds, but I then realized they were herbs and should be saved, so I tried to put some of the already cut ones back. I knew that these were good things also.


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house which was not mine but we were visiting. My son was there with me and some other people and T.M. was there. We were having a meeting. My son went into another room like a library and was picking out some books and magazines he wanted to read. I spotted a magazine that had some archaeological photos of a new find they had made in an Arizona canyon where some ancient tribe had carved like doorways in the mountain . . . more like picture frames and each frame had a hand gesture like telling a story with the hands.

Everyone was so excited by this find. It had never before been seen by white man. I pointed this out to my son. We, by then had 5 books and the magazine.

T.M. pointed at the author of the smallest book. It was a black leather book and part of the name he read was Veritas. T.M. was very impressed by my sons' choice. I had the companion book at home so I knew he liked the same subject matter that I did.

We then went into a small meeting and at the end T.M. went to sit in a high backed chair and he asked me to sit on his lap. He said that this was only going to happen once in our lifetimes so no one should get upset by this. I agreed to go along with it. So, I sat on T.M.'s lap and two other people put a basket on my lap with a high handle to which were tied 7 candles (each about 5" tall) so that the handle looked like a Menorah. There was a yellowish cloth hanging down over the handle so that I couldn't see through the basket to whoever was on the other side of it.

Someone lit the candles and T.M. and I began to pray. I didn't know what else to pray, so I started praying the 'Our Father" and T.M. started chanting . . . not words, but high pitched sound which got more and more intense . . . just one long note. I got to a point where I got really into the praying and said in the loudest voice I've ever spoken in, "THE POWER OF GOD!" and pushed my fist through the cloth on the basket and T.M. pushed his fist through the wall behind him. ( I remind you... this was VERY INTENSE!)

I opened my eyes and we were no longer in the room. We had gone through the fabric of time and space and were in the canyon that I had seen in the magazine. Above us, on a ledge along the walls of this purple, blue, and red canyon walls I could see the Indian doorway carvings.

People were up on the ledge and saw us below them and began throwing rocks at us. I didn't know what we looked like but we were not the white humans we had been before. I had the feeling we were like Mammoth elephants, but we could have been like bigfoot. I don't know... just that that we were different.

We began to run away from these people up on the ledge as they threw rocks after us.  

Somehow either the scene changed, or I began to see what was going on in the room we had just left. Everyone was so excited by what they had experienced that T.M. and I were gone that they wanted to do it again. I was with them, observing, like I could see them but they couldn't see me.

We went out through a theatre and the manager of the theatre was angry because there was a mess left behind. He said, 'whoever was sitting in seat 502 better clean up the mess there.' I looked over and saw that there was a white sheet and a lot of water.

I stopped to help clean up and so did the others. One of the girls was acting strangely and she went behind the seats and was trying to retrieve something I was using for a cloth to wipe up the water. I managed to keep the cloth. Perhaps it was the cloth that had been on the basket in the beginning. I heard one of the boys say, "We've got to do that again!" and I woke up.

The page that came from this dream is HANDS


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. There were several people with me. The main occupation was to get some very large goldfish into a fish tank that was large enough for them and yet not put them into tanks that had smaller fish that might get eaten.

There were fish swimming in the air like they were in water on several levels. I had a Collie dog and it was licking the fish on the tail as we were running all over trying to save all the fish.

There was a white dove inside the washing machine . . . which opened sideways, (not up) and the washing machine was half full of water so I had to get him out of there and then he turned into a white rabbit.

I then found a miniature horse laying down on a counter and picked him up and he was prancing on my hand which felt really weird to have his little hooves on the palm of my hand. I gave him to my daughter.

I then saw three rabbits wrapped in a towel on the floor. I knew they had to be released. The first one was a white rabbit, the second was a squirrel which immediately started running around the house and we opened the back door to let him out. The third one was a darker rabbit which had gotten squished. He was still alive but his guts were hanging out of his tummy, rather greenish and slimy, and I knew he wouldn't live. I left him there to save the others and get the squirrel out of the house.

There was a girl in the room next to the door and she had square tables laying on the floor which blocked the way to walk so I helped her stand them up so we could get to the door.

In the living room I spotted a white bird in a basket. I thought it was a dove, but when one man tried to pick it up, he got bit on the hand. I told him he had to put a towel over it's head to pick it up and there was no towel, but there was a white sweater there. He put the towel over the head of the dove and still couldn't pick it up because the towel rose into the air and we could see through the sweater that the dove was riding the back of a white rabbit like a horse.


1-29-00 - DREAM - I was inside 20th St. school. I was an adult and was moving everything out of the classroom on the 1st floor and taking it downstairs to the basement. I can't remember what grade was in that room, perhaps 2nd grade. There was a laundromat type place in the cloakroom of the class next to mine. I carried a bag of toys out into the hallway and sat it down by the stairs which went downstairs. It was dark down there. I didn't want to make more than one trip down the stairs, so I went back to the classroom to get a stack of plates, half of which were ceramic and half of which were silver.

On the way back to the classroom, a man came up the stairs from the basement carrying a basket of laundry. When he did that, I spotted a huge plastic sledgehammer and some long yellow strips of plastic laying on the floor. They were part of some toys some kids left behind, but I didn't want to leave them lay on the floor for the man to use in the wrong way. So I carried them into the classroom to set them down while I went downstairs. I didn't want to leave the door unlocked either in case the man would come into the classroom and get the sledgehammer, however when I looked at the door, the lock was missing and two gold screws stuck out of where the doorknob was. The silver key had been there before but was now missing.

I went into the classroom to look for the key but didn't see it. I saw that one could lock the door from inside by using a thumb turned knob, but one couldn't lock the door from the outside without that key. So, I asked another man to stay in the classroom while I went to the basement.

I don't know if I was putting the toys into storage down there or if I was moving down there. That part of the dream is missing from my memory. I just remember seeing the dark stairway going down there and didn't like it.


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was inside my new apartment looking out the window. It was really beautiful here. There was a huge blue pool outside my window. It wasn't deep as I could see white round rocks on the bottom. So it wasn't a wading pool exactly either. Around the one side of the pool was a white rock wall about 3 feet high and green grass above that.

I noticed that people were just walking in and out the front door of the building so that meant that the front doors weren't locked like most buildings I've lived in. I was thinking that I must have moved far enough north that nobody worried about being broken into.

I noticed too that my apartment door didn't have a lock on it either and from where I'm from, nobody has a door without a lock, so I planned to call the locksmith and have a double deadbolt put on this door also for my own peace of mind.

I went outside and saw that a man was delivering my new car. It was red and black. The top was black leather, and the bottom was shiny red. My small son was outside wanting to get a ride but the man didn't have the authority to let my son get in the car.

I was holding a bright blue basket and wanted to stretch it so I had been looking for something larger than the opening of the basket I could put into it to make the opening larger than it was. I set the basket down on the hood of my old car which was blue.

My son came over to where I was and he smelled really bad like he had peed his pants, so I told him he needed to change clothes. None of the clothes had been unpacked yet, so he put on a pair of his Dad's white jockey shorts, and was looking for some pants to put on when I got into the car with the man.

I was intending to wait for my son to come back outside and drive him around the block for a treat even though I didn't have my purse or my driver's license with me. But the man started to back up the car farther and farther and faster and faster. I was telling him wait, but he wasn't waiting, he just went faster and faster. I didn't want to disappoint my son and have him miss the ride.

At the end of this dream, I was chanting, "I have something, I have something, I have something, I have something."... the end of the word being toned in many different pitches up and down and drawn out long.


3-6-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere which also had a factory and a baseball field on the property at the other end. I seemed to be in charge of getting everything straightened, cleaned, and the color scheme changed. I also found some rectangular orange and green baskets I can only describe as plastic strawberry baskets. These had been thrown in the front window. There were several of them that were large about six inches across, but a few were smaller also, about two inches. This seemed to be very important.

I got several large containers (bags) of blue and yellow yarn which I was going to make into furniture covers. Another change I made was to take off an avocado green cover (like drapery material) and changed it to gold brocade material. I let the kids have the avocado green piece to play with. They asked to have a livingroom chair covered in the bright yellow.

There was a young girl there who needed to take some yellow medicine on a daily basis. This medicine came in a green plastic container on which was a button so she could press it and self-dose herself. Unfortunately, she didn't go to the bathroom first, so after she took her medicine, she laughed really hard and peed her pants.

When I took her to the bathroom, I noticed that part of the house was closed off with a drapery curtain. This part of the house was just past the bathroom ... like an extension of the house. It wasn't being used probably because it was winter and it was hard to heat all that house. I was thinking that I like to be able to see into the entire house. I didn't like having any part of it closed off. I would see to that when spring came and it didn't have to be heated.

On the other end of the house was a baseball field. There were men in uniform playing a game. I assumed they worked in the attached factory. One guy had a small green apple and batted it with his bat. It flew over and landed in the front of my shirt. They were joking about the ball, and I held it in my hand and said, "If there be any man here, let him step up to the plate!" We all laughed.

I can't recall what was in the factory, just that I had to make sure that it was in good order and clean.

In the livingroom, a young woman came in with some poodle puppies They were really fat and one little yellow puppy jumped up on the couch and I was trying to control it and make it stay on the floor. I asked her where she had been keeping the puppies because I hadn't seen them since I was there and she lived with us in the house. She wasn't making any sense with her excuses, about where she had been, but she was there now and that's what counted.

As the dream ended, I walked into a part of the house or an attached mall-like place where a bell carillon was playing. The bells were large and small, all tuned to play songs. Some of the bells were hidden in the branches of green Christmas-like trees. It was playing, "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord" Glory, glory, glory, Hallelujah!" I woke up with the bells ringing in my head. It was a happy wake-up feeling.


3-23-00 - DREAM - I was living in and managing an apartment building. I lived in apartment 6, but had also lived in 7 which I assumed was empty, and also lived in 11. Both 6 and 11 was full of stuff. I planned to go to 11 and see what I had in there because I hadn't been there in awhile. 6 was all practical and plain.

Meantime, I went to a party and the people from 10 were there. The niece was the main problem, always having a chip on her shoulder and looking for others to hurt her feelings, she was continuously sniping at everyone for what they said to her like they were trying to hurt her feelings on purpose. The others were always apologizing, not having meant what they said.

I went to my New Berlin home for a few minutes and discovered that my ex-husband had remodeled the kitchen and moved the sink from the north wall to the west wall and then to the center of the room. It all looked really good and the floor was a brilliant yellow color. I felt like I lived here, but I didn't do anything, just came and went and felt no responsibility here anymore. I was more or less an observer here.

I went back to my apartment and saw in the newspaper that the people from 10 had had a huge fight and the niece had tried to kill the others and they were all bandaged up and on stretchers in the picture in the newspaper. The article filled the whole front page. I knew how they were, so had no problem understanding how it happened. Others who didn't know them like I did were all speculating on who was to blame.

I was intent on going to my apartment 11 to see what I could get to move to 6, but first I wanted to see what I left behind in 7. I had the keys to all three apartments. So, I put the key into the lock in 7 and to my surprise I saw a baby playpen in the livingroom and the lights were on and I could hear that a woman lived there too. As soon as I opened the door and saw there was stuff in there, I hollered out, "Ooops! Sorry! I opened the wrong door!" The woman hollered back. "Oh! That's okay!" By then I had already backed out of the room, feeling very embarrassed that I had forgotten that it was rented to a woman with a baby.

I don't recall that there was an 8, but when I went past 9, it was decorated totally different than the rest of the hall. It had two brown shutters on the wall with grids on them next to the door. It looked more or less like from ancient Hindu or something.

Number 10 of course was where the fighting people lived and I passed that by quickly in case any of them came home.

I opened the door to number 11 with my other key, and meantime, the woman from 9 came. She was dressed like a nurse and it seemed I had never met her and she introduced herself and she grabbed both my hands and made me make a pact with her to be friends and hang out together. I agreed that would be good but felt very uncomfortable with her aggressive nature and her assumptions that I would be friends without even thinking about it first or giving it consideration. I hoped I had spoken wisely.

While I stood there also, several other women I knew in the past came and chatted and wanted to discuss the people in 10. I told them what I knew and realized that I wasn't alone, that I had friends if I wanted them, that I was isolated by my own choice.

When I turned to go into 11, the door was open and I was surprised I had left it that way while I was otherwise occupied. When I went inside the apartment, Joe, Robin and some other guy were in there, putting what they liked in a big brown basket with a handle, acting like they were taking it for themselves. They joke about it, making comments about what they liked best. (Joe was my maintenance man when I managed apartments. Robin was his girlfriend. I don't know who the other guy was)

I looked around the apartment to see what I had in there, and Joe, Robin and the other guy started moving things to 6 for me. The first thing they took was a tall rack on which I had a white bedspread, pretty quilts and other nice bedding hanging. They also took the kitchen table which was oval, but when they picked it up, the legs fell off and were laying there. So I picked up the legs, each of which had a wheel on it to carry them myself. I didn't know where I was going to put another table, I already had a big rectangular table there.

I was also going to take a smaller red cherry end table. It seemed I had a lot of small tables there. I looked around the apartment. I had wine bottles of every kind standing in neat rows on every surface that would hold something. There were also other glass containers, jars and bottles with colored liquid in them.

I opened the refrigerator and cabinets to see what I had. Everything was full of food, all stored nicely and in colored bottles and jars. I recall seeing Canola oil stored in numerous bottles on the top shelf of the cabinet, and milk in the refrigerator... a lot of it. I could have lived in either apartment without thinking about what I needed. It was all here.

I went into a side room, like a room in between the bedroom and bathroom. Here too were white cabinets and I opened the drawers and they were full of beads and craft projects and items to make things with. These drawers were both wide and deep so there was no lack of supplies here either.

My total impression was that 6 was practical and plain and 11 was pretty and clean and sparkling looking.

I also noted that instead of an apartment 12, the number above the door was 41-1.  

(Number 42 is very important in religious connotation)


4-19-00 - I had a terrible time trying to sleep. It probably was due to the coffee I drank during and after supper. It wasn't that I wasn't tired, but I was hot, and feeling really painfully gassy in my stomach. Every time I was about close to sleep, Joe would get up to go to the bathroom.

Another time, he started hollering in his sleep, and that kept me wide awake another hour. I used some of that time to pray myself to sleep, and I would get close and Joe would get up to go to the bathroom again. Finally at 1:30 a.m. I got back up and went back to the computer to work. I worked for two hours, then went back to bed to sleep. I was so exhausted by this time, it felt more like passing out than going to sleep.

Amazingly, two of the times Joe got up to go to the bathroom, I had a vision at that same moment:

#1 - I saw many young people around me and they asked me if I was happy now that I could see them. I said, "Yes!" So I asked them if they were happy and they said, "Yes!"

Then a man and a woman came and had a larger than man-sized greyish tree or basket. They attached a rope to it and hung it out the window of their high rise apartment building.

Someone said, "This is Monday!" and people came from all over to see it.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. Two black women came to see an apartment. They were mother and daughter. I was showing them apartment 213, a one bedroom apartment. The daughter said she would really like to live in #230. I told her it was available and I would show it to her. I got the keys for the apartment and the daughter said, "Oh! I know how to do that!" She grabbed the keys from me ... each key was different. She knew which key opened the door, but the lock had been turned upsidedown on this particular door and she didn't know how to fit the key into the slot. So, I opened the door and let them in.

I hadn't been in this apartment since it had been vacated and I saw that the painter had already put his 5 gallon bucket of white paint in the kitchen, ready to paint it, but he hadn't started it yet. I walked ahead towards the bathroom and saw that the bathroom was fully furnished with numerous washcloths, towels, blankets, and bedding for the beds. The bedding was all in a deep rose color. All the washcloths were single colored but all shades of pastel, blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. The towels were all baby blue. I gathered up all the washcloths and towels to take with me as I wanted them for myself.

I walked back into the livingroom where the two black women stood. They thanked me for showing them the apartment but had decided they would take apartment 213 afterall. I knew they couldn't afford this larger two bedroom apartment.

I took them back out into the hall and they left. I went into either my own apartment or another apartment and found an infant child in a closet in a white wicker basket. It was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I began to open the swaddling clothes and then anointed the infant with oil, knowing that the people who were coming for him would be upset because they were going to have to hold him up by his heels and he would be slippery. There was so much love felt while I was doing this. I did his legs first, then his body, and then his shoulders. I saw that his eyes weren't open yet, but he was trying to open his right eye and there was like a white film over the opening and he couldn't yet get it open. I then wrapped him up and left him there for the people who were coming for him.

I went back out into the hallway and from around the T intersection at the end of the hallway ; this huge ominous feeling thing which looked like a 6 masted ship made of huge red billowing bags was coming around the corner. I knew that there was no room for anyone or anything else in this hallway, so I ducked into another apartment to wait for it to go by. I said, "I don't even want to see this." However, there were doors ajar along the hallway and I would have to see it go by.

The red masted ship or whatever it was stopped as I could see there was a lot of cleaning equipment standing in the hallway and it would have to be moved. A slim smaller sized man who was the maintenance man came along the hallway and went past where I was and hollered into another apartment ... "I hear you calling for help, but I can't tell where you are."

There was no answer that I could hear, but the maintenance man was going to have to find the person calling for help before he could finish moving that 6 masted ship down the hall.

Somewhere in that dream or perhaps in another dream, I was a teacher of small children and I was walking down a hallway with pencil cases in my hands, singing a little song I was going to teach the children. I had taught this little song to many classes of children. It began, "I had a little pencil and it wrote a little word. .... "


4-26-00 - DREAM - I was living in what seemed like a school. I was taking care of the baby in swaddling clothes. I moved the baby from the bassinet into my own bed so it wouldn't fall out of the bassinet. It seemed that the basket was too small for it.

My sister-in-law Carol came into the room and asked me if I still had my old Greek math book from high school. "It was green", she said. I said that I thought I did and that I would look for it. I asked her if she needed help with a problem. She said, "No! There is something written at the back of the book that is important."

I wondered about that. At that point, we started talking about the old days, and I said that I had a sheet on which I made a list of things I wanted to improve about myself. I told Carol and her brother John that I kept track of that list and every year I would look at it and see if I had improved on anything.

I took the list and ran it through a copy machine of some sort, and it came back out like a receipt from the grocery store, but the machine said, "That was worth $35,000." I puzzled in my own mind about that.

I went back upstairs to find the baby to make sure it was okay and that it's diaper was dry. When I came into the room, the toilet was right there by the door and there was a naked baby floating in the water upsidedown. I thought it was the real baby and discovered it was a rubber doll like I had as a kid. I picked it up and when I found that it was rubber, I dropped it on the floor and kicked it into the corner. Then I worried that maybe it was the real baby, but looked on the bed and saw that the baby was okay and then kicked the rubber doll baby again for good measure.

I then looked for the Green Greek math book again. I opened the back cover and there was a couple of sentences written. One said, 'O criminals, kick off thy shoes.'.

And I woke up.


5-16-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and went into the apartment where an old woman had passed away suddenly. There was an old man maintenance man in the kitchen. He was inside the upper cabinets cleaning them out to put the stuff into storage for the relatives to pick up. (This is not normal procedure) From the upper cabinet, he removed hundreds of small pink easter baskets which she had used for children over the years. He stacked them on the counter. Then he found a box of jewels in this same cabinet. I really wanted to see the jewels but he didn't show them to me. I saw that the old man and an older woman who was with him had helped themselves to a large brown basket for themselves. Each basket had a tall handle on it, which I thought would be great for holding knitting projects or magazines or such. However, there wasn't another one there for me and I was very disappointed. I then went to another apartment where clothes were hanging on racks. I had determined that I needed a new skirt because I didn't have one. I found a yellow one that was pretty, but when I took it off the hangar, it wasn't a skirt, it was a dress and it was much too small for me. Another woman there made a rather nasty comment to me that I was humongous. I told her that I wasn't humongous, that if she wanted to see what humongous was, I could introduce her to a couple women who really were LARGE. I decided then I would go shopping and buy myself a new skirt. The time was then 10 minutes to 9 p.m. and there was very little time left for the stores to be open. As luck would have it, I had no money in my purse and I decided I would borrow a couple bucks from someone. I went out into the hallway to go visit someone and ask for some money, but it looked rather scary out there. Some young spanish men said they would accompany me to protect me, so they went with me down the hall into the next section of apartments.   In this section, it turned out that everyone was dressed for bed, already in their nightclothes though they were wandering the halls visiting with each other. I didn't have the nerve to ask any of these people for money, so went back to my own apartment. I decided I would go to work to keep busy, so went to the laundry room. I opened a washer and used a silver spoon to clean rust and lime off the cover of the washer. I had to be very careful though, because it was a spinner type washer and was in operation when I got there. However, when I lifted the lid, the spinning stopped until I was finished and put the lid back down.



3-10-92 - DREAM - I was at a big building. I was on the first floor and wanted to go to the basement, but a bunch of rowdy girls were riding the elevators and I had to watch to see what they were doing. They got off the elevator and ran up a steep stairway to the top and let a basketball come bouncing down the steps. The ball ricocheted off of several walls and crashed into a window display breaking many picture frames. I counted carefully and 20 picture glasses were broken and I thought 1 green vase was cracked but I wasn't sure about that one. I gave a written report to my cousin Shirley because she was responsible for payment. I told her it would cost at least $2.50 per picture.She disagreed and said that she only counted 10. I told her that it would be thoroughly investigated.

I then went home and was cleaning and packing clothes and put them into a big black truck.

I had to investigate a young couple who was fighting in one of my apartments. I went into the darkened apartment and the woman came out of a back room and asked if I could give her a couple more days to work things out and I said, "okay!" I went back out then and drove the big black truck into West Allis from New Berlin and delivered the clean clothing to my family.

There were blue things and blue and red things along with some other colors I didn't note.

When I was done, I told my family I was going back home and asked if anyone wanted to ride with me. They all got excited and wanted to go until they saw that I was driving the big black truck. They wanted to go with their father in the little green car. No amount of coaxing would make them go with me. My daughter sat on the hood of the little green car which was mounded with piles of mashed potatoes. She looked at me and said, "I really thought you were going to slap me in the face." I said, "I can accommodate you," and slapped her. The decisions were all made then and I had to drive the empty black truck out to New Berlin all by myself.

The thought came to me then, "I'm afraid to drive the little red car all alone, but here I am driving the big black truck and I feel no fear at all."


1-20-98 - DREAM - I was again in the apartment building where the tall people lived. I had not yet started my job as Manager. Two families of people came and asked to see apartments. I went to my desk to see what apartments were available coming up. The chair and the desk were piled high with mail that had to be read. I picked up the list, saw that it was laid out differently from the way I had managed the building the last time I worked here, but I liked the new way.

One of the families didn't want to look at the closest apartment going to be available which was 111. so they had to sit and wait until I was done showing it. So, I took the other family across the hall and took my white telephone with me.

I was kind of in shock when I walked into the apartment. The man who was renting it was there. He had removed all the inner walls and was using it for a pool hall. These tables were square like bumper pool and there were 12 tables (maybe 16)

Someone plugged my phone in for me - but not in 111, but thru a passageway into 110. I looked around the apartment and saw that not only was this guy using his apartment for a business, there were hand prints (dirty and greasy) all over the walls. (Like he was desecrating the temple). I asked the man who was swarthy looking, wearing a grey suit, when he was leaving, thinking hopefully that he was being evicted for treating the apartment disrespectfully. He said he was leaving in January, maybe, but March for sure.

I thanked him for the information and asked for help to disconnect the phone because we were going to leave the apartment.

I saw there were 3 lines to the phone like it was a two line phone. nobody could get to the end where it was plugged into the wall, so I disconnected the wires on the phone end, then walked over to apartment 110, where the wires were plugged into the wall to retrieve them.

The old woman, who lived there was just arriving and got to the wires before I did. The names of the owners of the wires was written on them.She said, "Who is ZORA EMELYN HENRY?" I knew that was Joe's grandmother , descended from Patrick Henry and I was using HER phone.

I looked at the number of people on the application and I knew I couldn't rent to them. There were 9 people and that was too many for a two bedroom apartment. but I was obligated to take their application and would let them know after that they weren't qualified.

I then went out into the hallway to meet the other family who wanted to rent an apartment way over on the other end of the complex in apartment #101. I had to get walking shoes on to go over there. It was that far.

As I was walking in the hallway, a girl said she needed to see the manager, not knowing it was me. The dryer door in the laundry was off the hinges and wouldn't dry her clothes. I told her I would see if there were two quarters in the office and she could throw her clothes into another dryer (there were 4 in a row) and she could get her laundry done and I would get reimbursed later.

As I was trying to get back to the office there was a rack of leather jackets hanging there, so many I could barely get past them. I was really annoyed because I used to keep the lobby neat and this was unacceptable. I finally got past the jackets into the inner hallway and there were two basketball teams standing there. The head guy said they all wanted to meet me and I looked and they were all 7 to 8 feet tall. I was astounded

I walked back into the office and two girls were gathering up a pile of loose change so I threw my own personal money into the pile hoping they'd come up with two quarters for the girl who needed to finish her laundry.

I then looked at the application for this second family. Knowing the first family wasn't qualified with 9 people, I knew this family wouldn't be qualified either because there were 25 people. Nevertheless I was obligated to show it to them knowing the COULD divide themselves up into smaller families to qualify.

I woke up as I saw them patiently waiting their turn and getting up to go with me.


1-28-98 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin and I saw that balls of light were coming down from the sky, the size of basketballs. I walked along the road where I saw them coming down and saw a pile of old Christmas wrappings and ornaments hidden in the grass. The pile actually stunk. I knew I'd have to clean that up because, the balls of light didn't go with the old Christmas decorations.


3-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a high-rise building where there was a party going on. spotted Drunvalo Melchizedek come in. He was with another man. I managed to get his attention and told him that I had three visions of him this past year. (true) and that he had been just as clear as he was standing right in front of me. He seemed impressed and pulled me aside to write me a note and said that I would meet another man later on in the evening. He gave me the note and then went to sit down. He morphed into a midget sitting on someone else's lap like a puppet. I picked up the note again which had gotten wet. His writing was gone and it was just an old grocery list. I was very disappointed. I was sitting there and an Irish guy with a red plaid cap came up to me and from their grins, I knew this was the guy I was supposed to meet and that Drunvalo used women who came up to him for eager people who they could use for tricks.  

This Irish guy asked me if I could throw balls through hoops. I looked and the hoops looked like darkened lamp shads and they weren't even round. I made an excuse and went across the room to someone famous I saw. I noticed that he had some reading material stuck up his pants leg. I thought I'd find out a secret about him so I quickly pulled it out. One was a sex magazine and I gave that back to him. Another one was of no interest to me, and the third one was "Guide to Traveling" so I took that one to read.

I then left the party and walked down the dark alley behind the building. There were back alley entrances to sports places. The first door I opened up was dim inside and smelled like old men's sweat or crotch sweat. (Don't ask me how I know what that smells like. I don't.)

So, I went on to the next one an when I opened it up, the air smelled clean and it was air conditioned and brightly lit inside. There were a lot of big men playing basketball or something there.

I went inside and met some Oriental people over on the side. I had to take a shower and then pulled a red cover over my front because I had to go make a phone call to someone. At the public phone, they were using little dime size crackers to fake out the phone company.

I decided to go home and there I found Joe asleep at the computer. I yelled at him and told him it was time to go to bed and acted mad that I had been waiting in bed for two hours.

In our high-rise house, all the front windows were open and everyone could see what we were doing, so when I wanted to take a shower, it was hard to find a place to change clothes where nobody could see me.


3-11-00 - DREAM - I was using a computer close up so I could only see the screen. I was moving named files colored a mottled red/blue/purple with a name Remodel, Revolve, or something starting with re_____ and moving them down into a solid block at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the dream, it turned to a people dream and I was in the driveway of a garage with a type of basketball hoop on the front above the door. Our daughter-in-law Lorna was the coach and she was showing us how to do a layup type of hoop shot. She took the ball or something resembling a ball and did a curving layup run towards the hoop and dumped the red/blue/purple blob into the hoop which was this same color opening red/blue/purple. (It's hard to say how she put the ball into the hoop, she twisted her left hand over the right so the ball was more or less upsidedown when it went into the hoop.)


2-5-99 - DREAM - I met a woman and her daughter who were giving a demonstration in public for awareness of a disease which they both had. They both looked like they had a face full of small pimples. I remembered seeing a book in the library about their disease. So, I gave her the book and she was able to cure the disease.

I went with her to her house, and in that house was a man who was being held captive by his mother, but he kept himself captive actually by attaching his thumbnail to the bedpost at night with a thin chain. He could have broken that chain, or refused to attach it at any time but mentally he couldn't achieve that because he didn't believe in himself.

I thought I could help him like I helped the woman, by moving in with him, but I didn't discover how really mentally bad off he as until it was too late and I felt like a captive myself. His appearance became like _________(the comedian, all screwed up)

I had to go to the bathroom really bad but the man decided to go to the bathroom himself. It turned out that there were three bathrooms in this house, the mother's, the Father's and the sons.

The mother had suddenly left the house or died and the man was running back and forth from bathroom to bathroom, using them all himself. I was so desperate, I ran into the Father's bathroom and sat on the toilet. Too late I noticed that there wasn't any toilet paper. However, the man, the other woman and her daughter were there, so I asked them for toilet paper. The man had a roll of brown paper toweling but I wanted regular white toilet paper. They were all standing in the bathroom in front of me. I told him to go into the other bathrooms and look under the sink and find a new roll of toilet paper. He came back in a moment with a long tangled stretch of toilet paper wound around his left wrist. I didn't want to be too choosy, but I noticed as I unwound the toilet paper from his wrist, that it had typed words on it and lipstick lip prints all over it. At that point I didn't care. I used most of it to wipe myself, leaving a small piece left over in case someone else got stuck in the same predicament.

At that point the man left the house and went next door to get something from a neighbor. The woman, the little girl and myself were going to stay with the man. He had a king-sized bed and I began to make a place on the bed for the three of us women/girls on the bed on the opposite side.

I saw the man's face out the window at the neighbor's house and it was all grotesque.

I instantly had a change of heart and decided that I would help the woman and her daughter escape from the house and his influence.

I hurried her along out of the house. At first I thought the daughter was asleep upstairs and I'd have to go rescue her, but she managed to get ahead of us and ran free out into the sunshine on the broad green lawn outside.

The woman, however, was very reluctant to leave, saying, "But I like it here because I'm on the basketball team." I assured her that she could still play basketball if she wanted to and we ran out into freedom and I woke up.


4-13-00 - DREAM - This dream could only have been in another dimension. It was much longer than I'm describing. It took place in a school or a place where there was a large gymnasium. The people in the dream were people I've known over the years, even from as far back as high school. None of the people had known each other, but all had known me. The gymnasium was like a basketball court, but other games were played on this floor as well.

For some reason I felt extraordinarily tall, not like normal. The first thing I wanted to demonstrate was my skill in javelin throwing. I knew I was better than anyone else. The strange thing about this gymnasium was that it had clouds right above our heads, not like normal clouds but like long thick ropes hanging down in loops. They were all the same shape at the same time and we had to duck the clouds as they came along or lose the game.

I don't remember doing anything, just that I wanted to. The men thought they were better at everything than women and I wanted to prove them wrong.


Matthew 16:9 Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets ye took up? Neither the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many baskets ye took up? How is it that ye do not understand that I spake [it] not to you concerning bread, that ye should beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees? Then understood they how that he bade [them] not beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.

Mark 8:12 And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation.

Mark 8:15 And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and [of] the leaven of Herod.

Mark 8:17 And when Jesus knew [it], he saith unto them, Why reason ye, because ye have no bread? perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened? Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? When I brake the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say unto him, Twelve.

Mark 8:20 And when the seven among four thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? And they said, Seven. And he said unto them, How is it that ye do not understand?