11-15-89 - DREAM - I was riding in a caravan of white cars back towards home in New Berlin. I had my hands on both the car in front and in back of us. We went over a bumpy stretch of road and I said, "That'll get rid of the cholesterol." We continued on and I saw police cars behind us. I looked at the speedometer. We were doing 50 on a 35 mph stretch of road. We neared home, going uphill quite fast on a narrow road. We were just going to make a left turn into the driveway when a blue car came out of nowhere towards us...head on. We managed to stop and the blue car careened off the road on the right of us. The driver was okay and said that the farmer took the blame for it.

Then I had to push the cars uphill into the driveway. I walked into the kitchen, noting that it was all brown and everything was dented and marked up from raising the kids, but it was very clean.

A woman friend of mine came in behind me and said her son would be mad at her because she had just made a bad purchase. She had two Lincoln pennies. One was heads and one was tails. The one that was heads said on it, "1919 keepsake."

I then went outside to see what chores had to be done yet. The crop we were supposed to harvest, had already been harvested, and left in a big pile in the field to dry and the land had already been replowed and reseeded. The land was very black and fertile.

I decided to take a nap in the car in the sun and inside the car I had a dream. In that dream I was told that all the countries of Europe in the 2nd row were to be changed to purple from yellow.  

I woke up and went into the house. The phone was ringing. I said, "Hello!" realizing that I'd never have to say, "Garden Terrace" anymore. My boss then came in and said that he needed to have his coat changed. The one he had on was black and he showed me a map of France and it was purple.

I was then looking at an Atlas to see what countries were to be changed to purple and found myself staring at a map of the U.S., Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa were clearly delineated, but below that was one big white spot and no states were outlined at all. It was as though there was nothing there.


12-19-89 - DREAM - I came home from work to find my husband talking to a priest dressed in blue. The priest was relating a dream to my husband that showed that when he went past a church with concave windows, each window had an outline of a woman's face with a light that shown where each cheekbone was and a light where the corners of her mouth would be and a hint of a line where the mouth was smiling and as he saw each window like that, we would hear a single bell ring.

I overheard him tell the dream, but he didn't know that I had. I walked in and told the two men about a dream that my Father had. It was identical to the priest's dream and then I added that the dream meant that the woman in the window meant that he belonged to Christ.

The priest was so pleased that he beamed me a smile that made me fall instantly in love with him.

I needed to change clothes and as I went upstairs, I asked my son to straighten up the livingroom which had gotten messed up from playing in it. My son grumbled but the priest reminded him that it was his duty as a son to be helpful and the priest set about to help also.

I thought to myself, "Oh my God! what a catch for a husband he would make. He would be perfect." And I fell more in love with him.

I went upstairs to change into a two piece dress that was both demure and sexy at the same time.

There was a woman upstairs who was composite ... my daughter, my sister, my friend Sandy, and my reflection in the mirror it seemed. She had wild two toned hair, black and white and when I brushed my hair, she was my reflection in the mirror and her hair became like a ship at sea on top. I decided I would dye my hair to a pale brown because it wasn't fitting for a priest to be with a woman with wild looking hair.

Then I went downstairs to cook supper, deciding to make spaghetti, corn on the cob, and sliced tomatoes with sugar. My husband assured me that the corn in our own garden was perfect for harvest right at that moment.

I went out into the backyard and the priest was laying face down on our hammock resting. He was naked from the waist up and had on a long blue skirt. He had a birthmark on his right side so I knew he wasn't perfect and I fell more in love with him.

I watched the men play badminton and cook together and play with the kids and I fell more in love with the priest.

I stood on the sidelines, watching the priest at play and fell more in love. I said to my sister/daughter/friend with a secret smile on my face, "things are going exactly as they should."

She agreed and smiled too.


2-25-90 - DREAM - I dreamed that my husband was in the white house and that men were outside trying to shoot at him. I then became him and was trying to find a way out, by slipping into the attached garage and then by going into the attached garden house, but the back door was no good because all the little animals we owned were hiding back there and made a huge racket when I opened the door. I saw a rifle to defend myself with high up on the wall, but I couldn't get to it. There was no way out.


10-2-93 - DREAM - I was renting out apartments and came to put the final touches on one. The walls were to be painted two tone ... pink and yellow with a thin stripe of white between them. I put one item of housekeeping equipment in each closet as a free gift for the new tenant. I then opened the closet in the bedroom which was going to be for a little girl. I realized that I was in my 16th St. house and this was the room I had spent my own childhood in.

T.M. came in to do some rewiring in the apartment. I discovered that he person who had moved out hadn't removed any of the closet contents. It would be my job to sort it all out and dump it.

I started with the books. On one shelf were all children's books, "The Bobbsey Twins" and other child's books. I decided to leave those in place as a gift to the new little girl.

I pulled out a lot of men's things. I saw some envelopes that were pre-addressed. I cannot remember the name. It was Russian or foreign I didn't recognize. I kept the 1993 diaries which were nearly empty and a ledger of finance that was so lightly and sparsely written, I thought I could use it by writing in darker pen over the man's writing. There were some boy's toys like long steel carrier that was empty that I removed and all the rest of the men's and boy's things.

When the shelves were empty I saw that if I walked to the back of the closet, I was out in the country on a farm. It was harvest time and the mountains were on the horizon. I said to myself, "If the little girl uses her imagination, all this could be hers."

I went back to the closet proper. There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, "DIAMONDS IN THE BIBLE".

I had to reach and stretch as far as I could to bring that book down as I knew it was the best treasure of the closet and I wanted it. At my highest reach, I finally managed to get my hands on the book and as I did, a woman began speaking and at the same time I saw quotations come down printed like a 'crawl' on a TV screen. They were rules of conduct for people. They were not the 10 Commandments but still on that order about things people shouldn't do towards each other.

I came out of the closet with the book and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 a.m. I knew I had to get home and go to work. I looked at the man's desk and saw that he had worked for Allis-Chalmers when t was merged with another company and was located in the city on the south side (Not 70th St.)

Two huge men who worked at A-C came in. The were both about 8 feet tall. They did maintenance and clean up. I was used to seeing them around but didn't work with them. The one in bib overalls came over to me, put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. He said, "I see you've dyed your hair white." I grinned and said, "Yes! I did." knowing that the color was more natural than dyed.

I then left to go home and woke up.


5-29-94 - DREAM - I was given some information at the place I worked that two cities had been completed and the third city would be begun. I didn't know enough information.

NOTE: I woke up, went down to the basement, watered my plants, came back up, ate breakfast, and read some, all the while thinking about the dream. I finally went back to sleep and went back to the same place to get an explanation of the dream.

DREAM - I went back to work to find out what the three cities were. The 1st one was Cuba City, the second was Jerusalem. Those are done. The next city to be worked on is ROME.

Lee another maintenance man and I went on a tour of a building. There was a young girl there in a pink dress who had been asleep so long that her parents went home and left her behind.

I asked her if we could help her, so we took her to McDonalds and she wanted a hamburger with pickles. I asked her where she was from. She said, "Milwaukee - from Gerden Garden City apartments"

I asked her if she would like to come home with us. She said, "Yes!" so Lee and I planned to do that.

While Lee and I were touring the building, a woman who worked there said that part of the problem with people, including us, was that we were too intense and we should learn to relax.


8-26-96 - DREAM I was a boy (in this dream). My house is haunted, and I braved entering the dark house one night, only to be jostled out by poltergeists. Once outside, I find some sort of sprite is still clinging to my clothes. I catch it in a cardboard box, but it burns a circular hole in the box where it is sitting, squeezes down like an accordion and springs out back into the house.

I do some gardening in the yard, by moonlight. I hear a man offer to help, and I accept without looking at him. When we are finished gathering the harvest, I see that he has transformed into a kind of spaceman: silvery jumpsuit and a blue lampshade for a head. It's lit up from within, and the intense colour itself seems to be enough to pin me to the spot.


12-11-96 - MEDITATION - I called Harold Klemp (the head of Eckankar) and instantly saw him walking by a lake, wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans.

I saw a cartoonish scene of an oriental type porch on a second floor. A man came out and jumped off to commit suicide. a chubby guy in a funny oriental suit came out the curtain, reached over and grabbed the guy and hauled him back.

The guy tried to commit suicide again, and the chubby guy came out and grabbed him faster. The third time the guy tried to jump off the porch, the chubby guy was there to save him instantly.

I called Harold Klemp's name again and instantly saw him again.

I slipped into a dream. I was kneeling on a pillow in front of a bright sunny window meditating. I felt dizzy doing that, so I got off the pillow and got down on the floor and faced the window on my knees to meditate. I still didn't feel stable, so I bent over and put my head on the floor. I could see the varicolored triangles on the linoleum on the floor right beneath me so there was no padding whatsoever.

I knew my mother wouldn't like me doing this so I pretended I was talking on the phone. So, I held a white phone in my hand. I heard my mother coming and I couldn't get up fast enough so my mother came into the room and took the phone away from me. My mother talked on the phone herself then. She said, "I caught her trying to talk on the phone."

I slipped into another dream where I was walking through a hallway. I saw at least a dozen moths sitting on the wall. I ran back into the kitchen to grab a broom and ran back and started to swat at the moths but most of them moved before I could hit them. I noticed I was too slow and the broom felt extraordinarily heavy. Then I noticed I was using a heavy sponge mop instead of the broom. I saw the broom standing there then and went back to hitting the bugs with the broom.

Some of the bugs were so large they wore jeweled crown hats like kings. I beat on them even harder, when I hit the last one to death, the wall fell away and I saw my flower garden. The roses had bloomed and the petals had already fallen off and I missed all the beauty because I had been so busy killing bugs inside the house.


1-23-97 - DREAM - I was in my nightgown, working in the garden, planting flowers in front of my New Berlin house. It came to 10 a.m. and I decided to take a break. I went into the house. I saw my husband in the kitchen and wondered why he hadn't gone to work yet. I came around the corner and saw a tall man standing there so I didn't want to embarrass him by saying anything. My husband chose that moment to ask me about some other people's anniversary pictures and questioned me about whether they would stay together. Not wanting to discuss it in front of the other man, I told him I hadn't looked at it yet. I decided to go back out to the garden and I went upstairs where I saw some flies and moths. I grabbed a can of spray and sprayed them all. I went outside through a door that had been freshly painted or stained. I got my fingerprint on one part and brushed against another part. Not having known it was wet, I regretted going that way. As I exited the door, I had to jump down onto some large rocks and avoid a sprinkler that was running. I saw a worn trail in the lawn going towards the garden I was working in and knew that the neighbors were visiting and watching what I was doing.


10-18-97 - DREAM - I was seeing many squares. I knew they were book pages. Finally, I saw a   white horse standing on his hind legs pawing at   the air with his front feet. He was in the   center of a white bordered square and there was a white archway over him and I knew that was the final page.

Then again I saw the white horse standing on his hind legs under the white archway and I knew I had been blessed.

by Dee

10-19-97 - DREAM - I was in the same place it seemed as the night before. I effortlessly put into place a garden meditation site and the voice told me it was dedicated to Vishnu.






11-5-97 Dream

I have recurring dreams (since childhood) about an organized and vast metropolis where there is much activity. Many huge buildings (not just tall but wide) with hundreds..maybe more..of floors . It is a central place where I have returned to often...each time exploring different aspects of it. There is also a vast arrangement of bridges, roads and highways around this area..

When I dream of the future, I mostly see a verdant and largely depopulated world, as if most of the humans have died off or left and nature has reclaimed the cities. There are some people left, obviously, for there are high-tension lines stretching through hundreds of miles of wilderness and clearings that look like pastures.

Here and there are circular lakes, which I usually take to be craters --- not from nuclear explosions, which are usually airbursts and which don't actually leave craters, usually --- that look like they were gouged by relatively small meteor impacts.

The cities, when I find them, are small and largely in ruins. There is no sign of war damage; instead, it seems like they were abandoned.

by eric@gadgetguru.com (Eric O'Dell)



7-11-97  Here is what happened: I lay down to take a short nap this afternoon, and in the twilight place between awake and sleep I had a vision:  "Read the book of Judah - Chapters 13 and 16"

After I got up I went to get my Bible and found that there is no book of Judah. So, I went on the web to look up references about the man named Judah. This is what I found:



13: 1: An oracle concerning Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz saw:

2: Raise a banner on a bare hilltop;shout to them, beckon to them to enter the gates of the nobles.

3: I have commanded my holy ones; I have summoned my warriors to carry out my wrath---those who rejoice in m triumph.

4: Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like the nations massing together! The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war.

5: They come from faraway lands, from the ends of the heavens - the Lord and the weapons of his wrath - to destroy the whole country.

6: Wail, for the day of the Lord is near, it will come like destruction from the Almighty.

7: Because of this, all hands will go limp, every man's heart will melt.

8: Terror will seize them, pain and anguish will grip them, they will writhe like a woman in labor. They will look aghast at each other, their faces aflame.

9: See, the day of the Lord is coming - a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger - to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.

10: The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give it's light.

11: I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins. I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless.

12: I will make man scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir.

13: Therefore I will make the heavens tremble; and the earth will shake from it's place at the wrath of the Lord Almighty, in the day of his burning anger.

14: Like a hunted gazelle, like sheep without a shepherd, each will return to his own people, each will flee to his native land.

15: Whoever is captured will be thrust through, all who are caught will fall by the sword.

16: Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives ravished.

17: See, I will stir up gainst them the Medes, who do not care for silver and have no delight in gold.

18. Their bows will strike down the young men; they will have no mercy on infants nor will they look with compassion on children.

19: Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of the Babylonians' pride, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah.

20: She will never be inhabited or lived in through all generations, no Arab will pitch his tent there, no shepherd will rest his flocks there.

21: But desert creatures will be there, jackals will fill her houses; there the owls will dwell, and there the wild goats will leap about.

22: Hyenas will howl in her strongholds, jackals in her luxurious palaces. Her time is at hand, and her days will not be prolonged.


1: Send lambs as tribute to the ruler of the land, from Sela, across the desert, to the mount of the Daughter of Zion.

2: Like fluttering birds pushed from the nest, so are the women of Moab at the fords of the Arnon.

3: Give us counsel, render a decision. Make your shadow like night - at high noon. Hide the fugitives, do not betray the refugees.

4: let the Moabite fugitives stay with you, be their shelter from the destroyer. The oppressor will come to an end, and destruction will cease; the aggressor will vanish from the land.

5: In love a throne will be established, in faithfulness a man will sit on it - one from the house of David - one who in judging seeks justice and speeds the cause of righteousness.

6: We have heard of Moab's pride- her overweening pride and conceit, her pride and her insolence - but her boasts are empty.

7: Therefore the Moabites wail, they wail together for Moab. Lament and grieve for the men of Kir Haneseth.

8: The fields of Heshbon wither, the vines of Sibmah also. The rulers of the nations have trampled down the choiced vines, which once reached Jazer and spread toward the desert. Their shoots spread out and went as far as the sea.

9: So I weep, as Jazer weeps, for the vines of Sibmah. O Heshbon, O Elealeh, I drench you with tears! The shouts of joy over your ripened fruit and over your harvests have been stilled.

10: Joy and gladness are taken away from the orchards, no one sings or shouts in the vineyards; no one treads out wine at the presses, for I have put an end to the shouting.

11: My heart laments for Moab like a harp, my inmost being for Kir Hareseth.

12: When Moab appears at her high place, she only wears herself out; when she goes to her shrine to pray, it is to no avail.

13: This is the word the Lord has already spoken concerning Moab.

14: But now the Lord says: "Within three years, as a servant bound by contract would count them, Moab's splendor and all her many people will be despised, and her survivors will be very few and feeble."




I was fully there, knew where I was, knew who I was, also had tactile sensations, smelling, hearing, touch, felt my feet on the ground, and knew I was thinking and interacting in this so-called dream.  I was as conscious in the dream as when I'm awake.

I was taken out into the open and I'm observing humans walking through fields. I'm absolutely thrilled with what I see.  I'm seeing green crops; the whole earth has been replanted, so that makes me know that previous to this new growth there had been a total decimation of the green planting of the earth. I don't know what caused it.

I looked up into the sky. I didn't see any clouds but it's the same color blue that I'm used to seeing. The green tones and the lighting are the same as I would recognize as being a late June day. The temperature I'm feeling would be about the middle 70's. The humidity would be about 80% moisture content. I'm wearing white clothing made of all one piece. I'm with somebody who is much taller than I am. I looked at him and I don't that person is human.  It is humanoid, however, someone who I know as one of the "Beloved Ones." I'm very familiar with them.

I look out into the front of me from a slightly elevated position. I look out into the crops.  The people I see who I think are humans are also all wearing white garments. I can't immediately think why they seem so small, but it is because the plants tower above their heads. The plants would be on the order of like seeing a field of sunflowers except these plants also have other varieties of crops that are a gigantic type of a form. I'm told by the person who is taking me to see it that the whole planet has been replanted like this. This whole process from the planting to harvesting will take us one season which I take to be about 90 days. The plants themselves will also nourish and replenish the soil and the harvesting will provide the food crops. The people really aren't tiny, it's just that the plants are so gigantic. Apparently there aren't any trees or long term plants. Short growth plants are the only ones which are growing right now.

I was told in detail all the particulars about the nourishment values and how the were planted and tended and how they were developed from pre-existing crops but these were a variation that maybe had not yet developed in that certain way. I don't know more about that.

EOD #1

LUCID DREAM #2 - I was taken again to see a crop field and it's pretty much the same as the first dream.  This dream is later in the year toward harvest, more like late August or early September. It's a little chillier.  I'm in the center of what looks like as far as I can see in any direction of this particular type of crop. The crop is approximately 30" high.  What it looks like would be one main stalk as thick as your thumb would be and reminds me of like hard bamboo and then the top 7 or 8 inches would fan out into a fan shape of branches.  Each branch is filled out with seed heads, and it looks a little bit like wheat, so that if you were to take your hands and make a draw a circle with your index finger and thumb it would make a circle, and go all up and down that column it would make that much of a mass of grain on there. The grain is smaller than wheat and smaller than millet, more the size of millet. I'm told that it has 18 to 20 percent protein.  It's a very short term crop, about 35 days from planting to fruition. I'm told that this plant is also taken from a current earth plant but has not yet currently been developed. I don't get the feeling they are hybrids exactly, they are inspired and are from earth plants and they also are for replanting.

LUCID DREAM #3 - A compound dream.  That means it is a huge compound or complex and I've been here many times in the past. I feel as though I actually work here, either at this current time or in a timeless time that is not yet or is now.  It was clear to me that there has been some change in the earth that makes the population of the earth very, very tiny, I didn't have numbers for it, but it would run about perhaps a portion of one percent of the present population was alive and well. Otherwise, I don't know what kind of devastation there was, but that this has happened.  We all work at a giant, well stocked, well organized complex.  It's not a sad place, but it very low technology; there is no apparent electricity or machinery or anything more complex than we would have found in the year 1860 in the past. I know that.

I worked in the kitchens and I have memories of teaching people how to dip a ladle into a pot of soup and pour it into a cup in order to serve it to the people. The work day is so full of joyousness.  I remember teaching them how to do the dipping and the pouring and the handing it over and doing it almost like a graceful dance. Everything we do and everything we participate in is filled with ecstasy.  The thing that's really interesting about it is unique. No matter how humble their job is, we all are aware of how few of us there are and how precious we are.  Each one of us have this deep into our soul, our preciousness and when we see somebody else, we are overwhelmed with this feeling of preciousness that just motivates everything you do.  You don't even conceive of being bored with menial tasks or anything like that.

I remember one episode recently to take Jim, my husband around.  He was going to be taken into a wood shop of some sort that he was going to be working in. As I was showing him past what was going to be the warehouse full of herbs and dried foods, the woman who came to greet us and Jim saw that there was everything there that you need. Everything is available to you. He was offered an herb drink  It was burdock tea, which I have only recently learned is a perfectly lovely tea that you can drink as a medicinal tea.  That was the tea that was being offered and he asked, "Can I please have something with caffeine?"  They looked at each other and I knew that this was going to take them out of their way and that this caffeine product was very precious to them.  But without a moments hesitation they went and brought it to him.  It was some sort of a tea.  It was not coffee, but it had caffeine.  He did not know at the time how rare that was but I picked up on how gracious and loving it was for them to just simply give away something that was so rare   They just wanted him to have it because they loved him so much.

Even in the dreams where I've been shown the destruction, it is an glorious opportunity to show our inventiveness and the true power of our humanness and so even where there were terrifying earth changes, it turned out to be an opportunity for me to show what a grand species we are or could potentially become. And often, I've asked when I've been shown different techniques for drying food or for storing things or doing medicine I've come against this whole idea of persons who have said they weren't the kind of person who would want to survive that kind of nightmares.

We've discussed how this whole thing is going to come about and come to the conclusions that: A - We're not going to be expected to see this nightmare of death and destruction, or B: - We're going to be of such mindset that we wouldn't be able to perceive hopelessness because we will be so involved in our work and so involved in the opportunity to serve that we also wouldn't be able to feel or sense the horror of what was going on.  I personally believe I would shut down and I think most of us would shut down.  I think there is something about our nature that makes us the people that were sent that could endure this.

My daughter has had dreams of a resettlement planet which included housing scenes, school systems, also she saw trees with little blue apples on them  My other daughter has had a whole series of dreams which told her about all types of weather phenomena to expect like tornadoes and floods, etc. and a recurring theme that seems to be real obvious in the sense that she has three children who live with her who are her nieces and nephews and she is constantly trying to make her brothers and sisters, the children's parents aware of the real dangers. Both of these people are in her real life, and apparently in her dream life she cannot persuade anyone to take cover or make plans or in any way protect themselves and so again and again in her dreams, she has to grab the children, leave the adults behind. There is nothing else she can do.  She takes the children and takes them to safety.

by Bonnie F.


From: starzwish

I have two visions that I will share with you today. Understand that I do not claim to be of any religion in the world today, when it comes to an inner teacher I have always seen this as being Jesus Christ. Just of no religion in the world today. I see inside myself as no one knows the real true religion and when the day come for us to see this then we must be able to discard all things in which we think are true.


Jesus Christ took out a map to show me. As he unrolled it he showed me a line in which ran from 1/4 from left hand top to about 3/4 bottom right hand. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down he pointed to a particular place. That in which I perceived as being a river. At this point I perceived him showing me that the fish in this place would become ill. Spreading illness among all the fish in all the waters. For anyone that partakes of this fish will become ill.


The Day becomes night. I then see what this is. I then see a large volcano. After this I see a bridge , a giant wave is about to flood through it. Then I am taken somewhere above our earth. There are two beings, made of pure white light. They both turn to look at me, then they turn back to what is in front of them. A big round circle. In which I perceive as being our earth and everything connected to it. At the very top center something like white glowing fire spreads evenly around covering the whole earth leaving a clean clear pure earth.

With all the love


11-19-97 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. working with some people down the street. I had planted a large garden. This was the middle of summer and it needed watering. I went to turn on the water and there was none. I went into a building where the house was and there were some black and white valves way up high on the wall like in the 2nd story level. I heard a girl say that the 12th lead valve could be unlocked by rebending the #5 key into a #7 key. She didn't know I heard her. I went to open the water valve and saw that someone had flung a large amount of dirt way high up o the wall. So, I needed to wash the dirt off the white wall before I watered the garden.

I opened the valve and turned on the water, but when the water came out of the hose, it didn't immediately fall, it was held up on the second level by a filmy gauze mesh that held the water up and wouldn't let it go down to earth. The hidden veil was holding it up.

Suddenly, it let loose all at once and caused a huge deluge. It went down and hit the earth all at once. All the after went into the street and filled it up about 7" deep. There was no way to cross the street because it was so deep.

I felt very guilty for causing the deluge, but the girl said I had no way of knowing the hidden veil was there.

I then went back down the street to a place where people were gathering. A girl came in whom I knew well. Her name was Audrey. (means noble strength) We were asked to sing a duet together. I said she could sing the melody and I'd sing the harmony. She said that was fine with her. She brought out a huge book and opened it to a page that had a song named LAURA (means "laurel" on the left which was all melody and no harmony and another one with the harmony printed on the page on the right.

She insisted on singing LAURA that had no harmony. The longer we looked at it the less music it had and finally it had nothing but a picture of shoes on it and girl left in a huff.



12-10-97 - VISION - I saw a symbol like a crop circle with a circle with 3 arms. They told me I was part of a trinity which made me part of the spiritual, dream, physical connection.

NOTE: On 2-21-98, we received a crop circle magazine in the mail, and lo and behold we saw this pattern which so resembled by dream. I had NOT known of it's existence prior to this. It had been discovered on Aug. 5, 1997. Here are the details of it:

DETAILS: This circle with three arms appeared in a field of ripe wheat in the field next to the 1995 double ringed circle in rape (Sx 1995/001) All crop was laid clockwise or away from the centre. Some stalks noticeably around the edge, were laid in the opposite direction, much like the Newhaven formation. A bowl-like depression was observed in the centre of rotation, a common occurrence often noticed in Sussex formations and not indicative of being man-made.

Short, green barley stems growing within the formation were still standing upright. Although the pattern had been present for several days and was clearly visible from the road, it wasn't reported until one day before harvest. The full survey was carried out on what remained two days later.


12-17-97 - VISION - As I was going to sleep, I saw a young girl dressed in white on my right going into the light and I followed her. Then I was looking out a window at a beautiful garden landscape beyond.


12-13-97 - DREAM - (Ref. Gen: 37:;12) I went to a bar and asked for a brandy sour/sweet. The bartender gave me a small maroon bottle with just one drink in it. He put it into a vine-like thing with a tube with a tassel on the end to suck it through. I promptly broke it off. While I sat there, three vines grew and came near me and I broke them off I felt guilty about it so tied the ends back on so nobody else would notice.

When I woke up the dream dropped out of my mind and I forgot it. While I lay there with my eyes closed, the corner of my dresser cracked. I said, "Oh! Hello! I'm ready for a message if you have one. The dream popped back into my head with a square-like a picture frame in the middle. In the square were these words.








12-16-97 - DREAM - My son. In the first, he is being put to death by lethal injection. I can't attend the "execution" and am besieged with guilt. In the dream, I see the number 35.7

I am in a house with my father and the house catches fire. I tell my dad to hurry and get his things and we go to another house which also catches fire. This happens over and over again.

I saw a man, a woman and two children on a sloping roof about 6 stories above the ground. The children started fighting and they slipped, I screamed, oh no, and rushed out of the restaurant yelling, call an ambulance now, quickly. I ran to the little girl, laying on the ground when I got up to her I saw she was a wooden doll and had lost her legs. Her eyes kept closing I felt it was important to keep them open. I held her hand and told her to try to keep awake and help would be here soon. The man was still on the roof he was going to commit suicide.

I know this is a little hard to understand, but it is exactly how I wrote it when I woke up. It is a dream in sections: I placed a poem I wrote by the step underneath my door. I knew the grandfather walking by misunderstood me. I had a garden. It wasn't really on my property, but that's okay, they planted on mine. At least they asked this time. My garden was only made of a few weeds, while theirs was made of beautiful flowers, but my weeds were beautiful and they were mine.

We, strangers, played piano to their brilliance in the house of a stranger. We shouted out the words. The woman who owned the house came in. She shrieked. Her baby fell out of her womb and landed on its head. They fled. She's decided to sue. Her baby with the swelled head sits and stares into space. The scar stands out on its forehead.

I tried to follow my double down a winding road, but the police stopped me. I said, "Why are you trying to Do you really think you can handcuff me?" I continued to follow the girl. She turned me back and showed me the error of my ways. And kept walking. The policeman quietly slipped the handcuffs around my sprouting purple wings. I stepped away unscathed and flew up into the blue sky while a barbershop/saxophone tune played in the background.

As I said, it's rather confusing - more what I was thinking during the dream rather than the actual dream. But then, isn't that more important?

by anonymous


12-20-97 - DREAM - I had another dream about a circle of messages. It had to do with birth and death of one species of birds and the cycles of life and the tree or vines it lived in. I knew in the dream that this referred to a previous dream, trying to explain it.

At the end, an old woman called on the phone and said she still had a plant from 1933 that she would donate so we could compare the changes. I still felt confused as to how to set up the computer to do this, whether to set it up like a regular clock or like a ferris wheel.

I was shown a transparent screen then that showed a sprocketed chains on the back side of the screen that would click around. There were several of them. I was still confused and then I was shown that if you clicked in the center, you could get to any position on the wheel and from any point on the 12, 3, 6, 9 points you could click over to another wheel to experience another wheel as well. That made sense to me.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting in a large room at a table that was covered with a pure purple table top that was round. A man sat to my right and I saw that he had written a math equation on the table top. I got so distressed that he had marred the table top and that he was gong to write more that I offered to loan him some paper. I had my dream journal with me so I grabbed two pages to give to him but they had already been written on completely so I couldn't give him those.

So, then I wanted to know if he really ended MY paper instead of providing his own, so I looked in HIS box of writing materials and all he had left in it was one single sheet of formal typing paper and I knew that was too good to be used for scribbling math equations so, feeling sorry for him, I went to get him two sheets of paper he could use and of those two, one was already written on and the other one was not a complete sheet. It looked like the end of a roll where it hadn't been finished. I didn't want to give him imperfect paper ether, so I had to sacrifice two good sheets of my journal book so he could write his math equations.

I then went outside and found that there was talk of this whole place being moved elsewhere. I looked on the ground and saw all my plants, flowers and vines growing so well, I didn't want to move and go through the distress of moving all my plants and risk losing some.

I got inside a yellow car a sat there with my head down, eavesdropping on other conversations about the moving and while I sat there, a huge yellow bulldozer came whizzing by the car and I wondered if he'd push my car right over if I didn't move it.

I went back into the building then to go to work. It would appear to others that I was late, because I was just coming in the building, but I knew I had been there long before anyone else and had gone outside to see what was going on.

I had two offices separated by a high wall, a new inner one and an old outer one. I went first to the new one thinking and hoping that no one would be there and I could slip in unnoticed.

I was hoping that the boss wouldn't see me coming in late. I had caught a glimpse of him out of the corner o for my eye so I knew he was there. I walked into my office which was set up more like the livingroom of a house and all the furniture was purple colored. To my dismay, there was another man there, a medium sized chubby guy and he was repairing a golden colored fishing rod. The only thing he had left to do was wind up the line on the reel. I decided I'd better go to my outer office for awhile so I wouldn't tangle the line by tripping over it.


3-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a drug store and wanted to buy some candy for a snack. I didn't see any, so I was just looking for something I could spend my money on. I saw some huge crayon and paint sets I admired but I had nothing at home to color or paint on, so I saw that they had coloring books. But they only had two and they were both about Christmas. I really didn't want a Christmas coloring book but they didn't have anything else to choose from.

So, I picked up a big fat one thinking I could do a page a day and I opened it up and discovered it was a catalog for ordering Christmas cards and was full of beautiful sample cards one could pick and order from but that were already done but no place where you could design or color your own, so I put it back on the shelf.

Over by the makeup counter a whole bunch of young black girls were clambering over some red maroon nail polish. Each bottle was the same color and the girls were all excitedly trying to decide which one to buy, but they were all the same. Then the black clerk opened a little drawer where she kept a special bottle of nail polish. I looked at it and she offered it to me. It was the exact same color everyone else was wearing and clamoring over except the bottle was a little fatter. The black clerk showed me her nails. They were the same as the others and I looked at mine. Mine had no polish on at all, in fact a couple still had marks on from yesterday when I was pulling weeds and digging dirt in the garden.

So I thanked her and said, "No thanks!" and picked up my mail off a bench and left the store without buying anything.  

I went outside and saw T.M. by my car. We got in. He sat on the passenger side and I sat on the driver's side. I told him about my experience in the store and how things were going in general and that I thought things were going well and told him about the meditation and how I had been told to worry more about myself and less about others. He remembered that he thought I was doing fine. He leaned over to kiss me goodbye, but I pulled back knowing that if he kissed me it meant a final goodbye. So, I kissed my fingers and then blew the kiss towards him and said, "We'll be seeing each other again."

I then sent to my apartment building and met a woman and a child who turned out to be my son Bill. He was going to come live with me. I had two apartments side by side and we were going to allow bill to choose which apartment he wanted to live in. The one on the left had noisy music coming out of it, and the right was very quiet. The woman who had brought him was all excited that he had made the wise choice. I was rejoicing, but for another reason. Because he had chosen the door on the right, the large gold key chain medallion for that door matched the large gold key chain medallion that I had. Each one had a square hole about 1/3 up from the bottom which made them a matched set, but where you reversed the medallion and looked at the picture engraved on the back and lined up the holes, the picture on mine was of a family where the male was tall...on the right with his wife to his left and a son and daughter in front of them, but when the other medallion was lined up against mine, it showed a tall blonde woman with her slightly shorter husband to her let with a daughter and son in front of them.

I was overjoyed because it showed the duality in action from the right brain to the left brain.



3-9-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the kitchen. Joe had made coffee and we had both drunk some. Then Joe went out to the livingroom to work on the computer. I made more coffee then went out to the livingroom to tell Joe the coffee was ready. He was asleep on the couch. I had a hard time seeing at first on the left side of the room, but there was another man living with us. I thought he was asleep in bed but I saw an artists' easel set up with a light on it turned on. The man himself was in the shower in the bathroom. I kept hollering, "The coffee is ready, the coffee is ready" so he would hear me and a woman's voice answered from the bathroom so I knew the artists' girlfriend had spent the night with us too.

I went back to the kitchen which had a white folding door on it and the handle was like a small silver rod to pull on. I got the door open and went into the kitchen only to see that I was wearing brown winter gloves to use for gardening. I began to take the gloves off and put them on top of the refrigerator for safe keeping. I began to notice that the coffee pot was boiling down and I would probably have to make more coffee. The coffee pot then spit some coffee out and it left a trail of spots from my left shoulder all the way down my arm I thought that was kind of strange. I had never seen a coffee pot do that before. It was like the coffee pot was trying to get my attention.

There was a young girl in the kitchen, a relative of Joe's of some kind. She seemed very familiar with the house though we had just moved into it. She went into a room I hadn't seen before. It was up about 3 feet above the normal floor. I peeked in the door and saw her over to the left where a lot of empty boxes were stored. I asked her why this room was higher than the others. She said it was to keep the children out. I saw that the room was huge, at least as big as the whole house was in the other direction. There were many things stored over in the dark corners. I would need to turn on the light and explore it to see what we could use it for.

by Dee


4-18-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country with some people and my children. There was a long table outside with a white cloth on it. I could hear a little noise under the table and saw some almonds on the ground. I lifted the cloth and saw that hundreds of almonds were falling down and ready to be harvested. Then I noticed that squirrels were also under the table and eating the almonds as fast as they could. I ran to get my kids and the other people so we could harvest the almonds as fast as possible.

Each person had a project they were working on by themselves and each one needed something for their project so they could finish it before they could help with the harvest.

My son Tom was helping remove some boards from the building. If things were a certain length they could go down the elevator, if not they had to go down the stairs. There was a man at the door who said, "If you can fall,you're too tall." Tom and I went back up the elevator and the door wouldn't open so I told him to push the door open. Tom pushed open the door and we stayed upstairs.

In one of the rooms upstairs were many kinds of birds. They were all making various wild noises. Each one was a different color. In order to remove the birds and take them out of the building they had to be put into "baby" suits which were zippered up so they looked like a "child" of the color bird they were.

A couple birds escaped from the room and flew into another room so I needed help to get these birds into their "baby suits" so they could be reborn and removed from the building.

Two white birds protested loudly even after they were in their 'baby' suits. They wouldn't stop squawking way past when the others were quiet and uncomplaining.


7-12-98 - DREAM SCENES - (cannot remember a whole story) There was danger from flooding from a plumbing pipe. We were able to cap if off sufficiently and prevent the flood.

I had been doing laundry for other people. All I had left to do was to iron two shirts, but there was so much interference from other people, I was trying to decide whether to iron these two multicolor plaid shirts on the 1st floor where I was, or to take the ironing board and the iron to the 3rd floor where the man's HOME was. I decided I could finish the ironing on the 1st floor. I held up a shirt I had finished ironing. This one too was multicolored man't shirt. It was all water-stained below the chest level.

I was in an apartment with a woman and we were going to look at another apartment for rent. she said, "It seems awfully dark". I knew one wall was all glass windows. I told her, "That's because it's a garden apartment on the lower level." While I was waiting for her, she was in the bathroom which was down 7 steps on a lower level.

Following seeing the water stained shirt, we were standing there and a huge, horrific wind came out of the furnace grid which was on the baseboard by the floor. the grid which was brown began to shudder and flap violently and made a horrific noise and finally blew off. As it did, eons worth of dirt fell on the floor - all brown crud dust. We knew we could clean it up and everything would be fine.

I went to the store and bought myself a makeup kit. I opened it up and it was full of hundreds of colors of eyeshadow and rouge and multitudes of brushes. I was thrilled with it.

I went out on the street and met a woman on the corner whom I knew well. Instead of giving her a Christmas present, I gave her $25 in cash. She was perfectly content with that. She was waiting to catch a bus, so I crossed the street and continued on my way.

I came to a set of shelves on which Christmas presents were being stored for people until they were picked up. There was one there for me from my brother. It was wrapped in green tissue paper. When I first opened it, I thought all it contained was 3 oval bars of soap, yellow, green, and white/pink. I was very disappointed at first, but as I opened it further, I saw a makeup case and it contained hundreds of colors of eye shadow and rouge and a multitude of brushes just like I had just bought. I was thrilled to received it.

I was sitting in the house waiting for the right time to do something, thinking I needed my husband and family to do it with.

A young girl was there who had become motherless. I took her in my arms and cuddled her and comforted her.

While I sat there, my husband and two sons came home. I was dismayed to see that all three of them were injured in one way or another. My husband had a cast on his right foot, one son had no apparent injury, but I knew there was something wrong in his heart area, and the second son had a cast on the left foot. I knew then that I would have to do project myself anyway, that they would be of no help.

I was outside the house, standing in the driveway with plans to go to another state. I knew how to get there and that if I waited, a car would pick me up and take me there, and that if I went now, I would have to walk. There was a dark forest between me and main highway and there was like a red warning flag hanging on one tree, so I decided to stay where I was until a car was provided.

I was VERY disappointed.


7-25-98 - DREAM - I went right back to sleep and found myself in the same place I had woke up from. I was in _____'s apartment ( I still can't remember his name) and he wanted to make love to me, but he said his Father was coming right back and he had made a mess of things and needed to straighten it out.

So he started cleaning his house and I climbed across his couch which was the only place to walk. It was soft and brown with a fleur de lis pattern on it.

I went out into the hall and was going to take the elevator up but everyone was scurrying around and the elevator was jam packed so I didn't want to crowd in there and let it go.

I went over to the stairway to walk up, but the stairway mostly went down into a dark pit-like place. There was a stairs going up also but it was dimly lit with the only light at the top of a very narrow stairway. So, I decided I would wait for the next elevator.

I went outside where there were a lot of children playing including my own daughter. These kids were all around 7 or 8 years old. I saw a station wagon coming, driven by our old friend/maintenance man. I said to the kids, "Here comes the book man."

The car was full of books like a library on wheels. I encouraged all the kids to get books. The man came over to me with a stack of books and handed them to me.

When I opened the books, they morphed into sheets of leather, each one cut out in a big circle and a design embossed on them. Each one was a picture of myself smiling. Each one had holes in strategic places for hanging up. I believe there were 7 of them. There were also two pieces of cloth with designs on with which I could make sundress tops. I cannot remember the designs now, one was red and one was yellow, but I had seen women earlier I had admired and now I could be like them.

I went briefly into the building where all the men I had loved and once thought of marrying were there and they all walked by. Each one was wearing a medium blue uniform and wearing a tool belt like a maintenance man and they were hurrying along with urgent things to do. None of them said even so much as "Hello!" and just hurried along.

I was disappointed but understood they all had urgent work to do.

I went back outside where a large rectangle field was being harrowed flat and being readied for the fall. All the crops were done.

I was presented with 4 different round fruit rinds upsidedown, each nested inside the other, and I knew the harvest was over. All that was past was past.


2-15-98 - VISION - I saw a little garden area with a small picket fence.There were colorful balloons tied to the fence and people were bring their little children there. One man put his two year old child across the fence into the garden with the flowers. Across from me was a large expanse of lawn and the street beyond.

A very studious young priest wearing plain glasses came and stood by me and then I saw many other old priests arriving, greeting each other warmly, some were getting out of long black limousines. Over to the right was a huge building, very old, and it had steps going up the hill to the building where there were more steps leading up to a terrace or porch of the building with big concrete pillars. We were all going to go up there and into the building. That had a very somber feeling to it.



3-21-98 DREAM:

I was at my 16th St. house. In the backyard were a lot of foreign religious leaders in army uniforms and every one had a gun. I saw some Christian ministers coming from the south. None of them had guns, but they all had silver bullets. The Christian ministers threw the silver bullets to the foreign religious leaders so they would have something to shoot with but by the time they came together, there was no one to shoot at.

I went out into the yard where some cats had been fighting over some scrambled eggs on the ground, and I cracked open this egg onto a white plate on the ground and it became a perfect white circle with a perfect central golden globe in the center.

I then went to 15th and Garfield, a black neighborhood. I entered a church there where they were having a jazz concert. I was observing them from the balcony. There was an equal number of black and white people there and they were in perfect harmony.

I then went downtown where heaters and air conditioners were being sold. Finally, the last one of each kind was sold. The husband business owner asked the female business owner if she was going to stockpile more as the warehouse was now empty. She said, "No! Not until there is a need and there isn't now, there's a perfect balance of heat and cold.


(Interpretation) This dream seems to imply that there will be an end to all religious wars when we realize there is but one perfect God, and all things are brought into harmony and balance.

3-21-98 - DREAM - I was working at the court house. The last letter I had written was by hand 15 years earlier, so when I sat down to type the new letter on the word processor, it was new to me. I was going to write about the heat, but there wasn't any word for that. I was going to write about the cold, but there wasn't any word for that.

I then went over to a huge shiny brown table. There was a little three year old boy sitting there, dressed in a black and white suit, all by himself. He looked very sad because there were charges brought up against him.

The attorney came in then. It was a Jewish female attorney, dressed in a beautiful bright blue suit. She looked over the charges against the boy and then left.

The little boys mother came in then and asked about the little boy's case. I said, "You can take him home. His attorney is the best in the world, and there will be no trial."

I went home then and was going to go to the library to get some books, but I had forgotten to put on my beige slacks. (I was dressed all in beige clothing, including beige high heeled shoes). By the time I got my slacks on, the books I wanted had already been delivered to me.

I was also going to stop in at the dry cleaners to pick up the little boy's suits for the trial and when I turned around, his three little brown suits were handed to me. They had already been cleaned and were stain free.


(Interpretation): There will no longer be extremes of any kind, thus no word is necessary to explain them.

The child could represent the 3 years of Jesus Christ's teachings. The Jewish attorney could find no error in them, she was wearing a suit the color of truth, thus the charges against him were dropped, and there was no trial necessary.

The knowledge I wanted and needed was already at hand, in my dreams and visions, all within, available from spirit and my higher self.

The stain free suits also show that no sin was committed during the three years and thus no trial was necessary.


Interpretation by Joe Mason


Dear Dee honey,

As you said, it seems obvious that the dreams are speaking about changing religious concepts. The "duality" symbolism is very strong in the dreams.

The "silver bullets" may be related to the duality symbolism of gold/silver, sun/moon, male/female, which are very big symbols now, including various crop formations. (1) For example, the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation had glyphs at the corners that correspond to sun, moon, and Mercury, which are alchemical symbols. (2)

Guns and bullets have appeared in other dreams. Some say they are "phallic" symbols, which seems right for obvious reasons. :-) And, of course, the phallus, or lingham, is a very ancient male symbol. In terms of the human brain, the left side seems to be symbolically "male," and related to rational, analytical thinking.

Bullets usually travel through the air to reach the target, which could be related to Jung's four psychological functions, symbolized by fire, air, water, and earth. In his theory, these correspond, in order of descent, to inspiration, thinking, emotions, and sensations. So, perhaps, bullets sent through the "air," indicate that they symbolize "thinking," or ideas and beliefs. We all know this, of course, as we use expressions like "The smoking gun."

I'll paste in a part of my on-line book (3) here:


In late August, 1990, my coworker, Jeff, told me that he had a dream:

"I was with Joe (Mason) and Glen (another coworker) working on a machine that handled metal rods. (in reality, we had such a machine at work for cutting rods to make mortar shells in our ammunition plant) We were in the parking lot of Candlestick Park, where the San Francisco Giants baseball team plays. Some bullets landed around us, but they fell spent, as if they had no power. I looked up and saw a soldier dressed in a white uniform, parachuting down in the sky. He had a very modern rifle, with scopes and a laser on it. But it was not him shooting. Some other soldiers, in regular uniforms, were parachuting down above and behind him, and they were shooting at the white paratrooper with regular rifles. I knew that the white paratrooper was going to take me hostage. I was very frightened, so I laid down on the ground, with my feet pointing toward him. He landed on the ground, came to me, and made me stand up, taking me hostage."

I speculated that the dream might be related to the events in the Persian Gulf at the time. Iraq had invaded Kuwait about three weeks prior. The U.S. forces were outnumbered, but had more modern weapons, such as laser-guided bombs. Jeff pointed to his chest and said, "Yeah, the white soldier had a new weapon that could put a laser light on you." An air war seemed to be likely. And there were thousands of hostages being held in Iraq.

But, the dream could be interpreted in another way. White represents purity and truth. Things from the sky are from "heaven," or higher levels, representing messages from the Divine. The soldiers could represent the battle of new and old ideas and beliefs. The new ones are outnumbered in terms of earthly believers, but they are of a more pure "light," and relatively invulnerable to old beliefs. The light forms a red cross over your heart, indicating emotions. Jeff is taken hostage, meaning that he is captivated by the new ideas. This forces him to stand up, or support the new ideas.

In the following months, as the Gulf War unfolded, I found it very interesting that the Iraqi weapons, such as the scuds, were ineffective, they fell down spent.

[end of paste]


The cats fighting over the scrambled eggs may be related to ancient symbols. The Egyptians regarded cats highly, even mummifying them. The feline species, such as lions and tigers, are major symbols from the past. The Sphinx, of course, is the man/cat. One possible meaning is the idea of "hunting," as a metaphor of the quest for spiritual knowledge. Interesting too, "Garfield" is another kind of cat.

As you well know, you and others have dreamed about eggs in various forms before. Considering the overall context of the dreams, I would think the perfect egg you displayed represents the new views about creation and spirituality that will come into being, as the old views fall apart. The geometry of your egg is much like depictions I saw in "The Sacred symbols of Mu," which are said to represent the Monotheistic Deity. The design has often appeared as a crop formation, or a part of a crop formation. This part of the dream may mean that people will come to realize that there is only One God, even though we have "scrambled" the idea.

Eggs, I think, are similar in symbolism to birthing a child. Such symbols can represent the birth of new ideas and ways. The cats fighting over the scrambled eggs seems similar to the South American myth of Yaheh Woman, which I read about in "Shamanic Voices," by Joan Halifax. Yaheh Woman gives birth to a baby, then goes into the hut where the men are gathered, and asks, "Who is the father of this child?" The men all claim to be the father, and start pulling at the baby, tearing it into pieces.

The black and white people seem to represent another duality, among other things. Sometimes "black" or black people seem to indicate "invisible," indicating the spiritual realm or beings, rather than anything negative. This may also suggest tolerance and unity of the races in the future, or perhaps tolerance of all those who are "different" from us in appearance or viewpoint. I believe this is expressed in Revelation, as Babylon being thrown down by violence.

I believe most Christian people want this balance and harmony too, but perhaps they need to be more tolerant of other views. I found a part of the Bible that may suggest this also, in Isaiah 65:17-25:


17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

18 But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

19  And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.

20 There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them.

22 They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.

23 They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them.

24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

25 The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the LORD.


Since it was a "jazz" concert, it may refer more specifically to the United States, because jazz was born here from the black race. My dreams and experiences have suggested that America has a special role to play in the changes. We are like the "baby" nation birthed by the rest of the world. We came here to live as one, and lead the world to unity. We are the new Babylon, but will become The New JerUSAlem. I spelled the word with the capital "USA," because I saw it that way in "The Book of Knowledge:The Keys of Enoch." (4) Dr. Hurtak was told in his vision that America will become The New JerUSAlem.

Our "Babylon" condition has been a theme in our history, perhaps reaching a key point in the Civil War, with freedom from slavery of the black race, and unity of the North and South, another duality symbol. Of course, we are not there yet, but I do think it will continue in that direction, and "we shall overcome some day," as we sing.

The heaters and air conditioners and the perfect balance of heat and cold (more duality symbolism) may be related to an idea I got from Pablo's dreams in January 1992. He had them all recorded on a single page. In the first dream, Gorbachev spoke to the inmates at a prison (Pablo is a Cuban prisoner at Fort Leavenworth).

Gorbachev spoke of capitalism and communism (another duality). I felt this was related to "The Cold War." In another dream, a big bird came down, who's eyes were turned to the infrared, to help a sick man. They hugged one another, loved one another. Infrared is an indication of the amount of heat. He also dreamed of a Russian woman discussing whether the winters were more severe in Russia or the U.S. He dreamed of children riding on a tractor driven by a farmer. A little child asked for ice cream. The farmer said, "No more ice cream today."

I felt that the cold/warm symbols were being used as metaphors about the relative amount of love, or lack thereof. I later found myths, such as the story of Persephone, that may carry this symbolism. She was the daughter of Demeter (or Ceres), the Goddess of the Harvest. She was very beautiful, and the gods we attracted to her. Wherever she danced on her light feet, flowers sprang up. Hades (or Pluto) opened up a hole in the ground and took Persephone down into Hades.

It was dark and she was very unhappy there. She ate nothing, except a few seeds of the pomegranate, which is The Food of the Dead. Later, Demeter bargained with Zeus for the return of her daughter. Zeus ruled that she could return, but she had to go back down to Hades for a period of months each year, one month for each of the seeds she had eaten. This is what causes the winter season.

The pomegranate is also mentioned in the Bible a number of times. My friend, John, came up with a brilliant interpretation a few years ago - "seeds divided by partitions." To me, this fit with part of my theories concerning Revelation 11:11.

The two olive trees in the Rev. 11 verses seem to be related to Zechariah 3 and 4. In verse 4, right in the middle of the part about the two olive trees, it speaks of Zerubbabel making the great mountain into a plane and bringing the top stone forward. I had a dream where a great mountain was the "beasts" of fears. Later, I happened to watch a TV program about ancient times, which gave me an important clue. The name "Zerubbabel" was a name taken by the Jews when they returned from Babylon, and means "seed of Babylon." After hearing John's interpretation of the pomegranate, I felt it fit well with Zerubbabel.

In Haggai 2:5, Joshua and Zerubbabel are told to "fear not." In Haggai 2:19, the seed, the pomegranate, and the olive tree are mentioned. Then, in verse 2:20-23, it tells of when the Lord will shake the heavens and the earth. The final verse, 2:23, says that Zerubbabel will be made like the Lord's signet ring on that day.

When I was reading this several years ago, I had some related synchronicities with Blavatsky's, "Isis Unveiled." I happened to open the book to a page that spoke of God's Signet Ring. She said it was a Tetragrammaton, the four letters of the Divine Name, and symbolized by the Tau Cross. It is the mark on the forehead given to the 144,000 thousand in Revelation 7. Rev. 14:1 says they have "his FATHER'S NAME written on their foreheads."

From this and other hints, I believe that mankind is not guilty or condemned, as they say, and will be the hero when the truth finally comes. Babylon, or the seed of Babylon, seems quite negative, suggesting intolerance, division, conflict, and violence, yet these verses suggest the seed of Babylon leads to a very positive outcome.

The "cold" or "winter" season and a change in it are also suggested in the Song of Solomon, verses 2:11, 12 - "for lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land."

Your dream suggests that it can also be "too hot." I doubt that this means "too much love," as in my interpretation above. My guess is that it refers to too much "passion," in the sense of feeling so strongly about something you would kill for it. I see a similar symbolism and meaning in many ways. Human beings tend to have a strong desire for justice and righteousness on the one hand, and a loving, forgiving side on the other. I see it in such things as - Old Testament/New Testament, Conservative/Liberal, Republican/Democrat, prosecuting attorney/defense attorney, Capitalism/Communism, etc. It is also part of the meaning of The Tree of Life, in regard to the left and right columns. (5) The middle column shows a balanced condition.

There are many indications that mankind has been out of balance, and that the "male-rational" side has been dominant in the time cycle. There are many signs that the "feminine-intuitive" side will increase, so that mankind will become "balanced." One example is the crop formation that appeared at Tewksbury in 1992. It had the male/female signs of Mars and Venus joined together.

The little boy in the court house, I would say, represents mankind at this point in time. He is three years old, perhaps suggestive of the first three chakra levels, in our evolutionary childhood. I have written about the crop circles as chakras and the leap to the heart chakra, indicated in Revelation 11:11. (6) You have told me that the color brown in your symbols represents the earth plane, so this may fit.

The black and white suit worn by the boy, is again the black/white duality symbolism. The court house, I think, may be related to the "final judgment" symbolism at the end of the cycle of time. In the Egyptian myths, the heart is weighed against the feather (truth) in the Judgment Hall. If one has not reached the fourth (heart) level, he or she does not advance, but rather, returns in another earth incarnation.

The hand-written letter of 15 years earlier seems to suggest something from the past, perhaps old ideas and beliefs, that will be changing, as indicated by the "new letter on the word processor." The Hopi say that the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood as the time of Purification comes. I believe that process is already underway, and it could be suggested by this part of your dream.

The part of the dream where the boy looks very sad because charges were brought up against him, could refer to how we have been taught to feel. We have been taught in the western world that we are tainted by original sin, and other such teachings.

The Jewish female attorney fits very well into my feelings about the dream. The Christian beliefs, of course, include the old Jewish ones. Some of the early Christians wanted to have a Bible with only a New Testament with the teachings of Jesus. The old way was "The Law," the new way would be "Love." The circles on The Tree of Life, have the female symbols on the left when viewing it. It is said to reverse, when one pictures being inside the Tree. The female circles symbolize severity and judgment in this case.

Also, in the Egyptian beliefs, the Goddess Maat, has the feather (truth) as her symbol. She governs over the moral order of the universe.

The charges against the boy being dropped, seems to fit with my idea about Zerubbabel above. Mankind is not "guilty" of original sin, or whatever. The beliefs in this were just part of the "script" in this stage play of life.

The "library," I have speculated, can be a symbol of the collective unconscious, or information in the spiritual realm, such as the Akashic Records. The information can be accessed in dreams, visions, inspirations, or meditations. This may be hinted in your dream, by the books you wanted being delivered.

The boy's three little brown suits being clean and stain free, may hint at the Trinity and seem to reinforce the idea that he is "not guilty" or sinful. As I was composing the above part of this writing, I realized that Zechariah 3 fits well with this last part of the second dream.

In that verse, Joshua is accused by Satan, who is standing next to the Angel. Joshua is clothed in filthy garments. The Angel commands that the filthy garments be removed. His "iniquity" is taken away, and he is then clothed in clean apparel. He is called, "a brand plucked from the fire."

According to Blavatsky, the concept of Satan was taken from the Egyptian story of Typhon-Set, who killed his brother, Osiris. To the Egyptians, this was not evil, but represented the "opponent" force. The ancient word, "satin," meant "opponent." This is suggested in Zechariah 3, I do think, and it seems to be a purification process.

Revelation 3:4 speaks about those who have not soiled their garments, so this symbolism is quite important. Joshua and Zerubbabel, I feel, are related to the two olive trees of Revelation 11. My guess is that this is yet another duality symbolism. Joshua is the priest, and Zerubbabel is the governor. This can refer to church/state, or inside/outside or dreaming-spiritual self/waking self symbolism.

The two olive trees could also be related to the left and right columns of The Tree of Life. I believe we are headed toward a balanced condition when the two trees stand up.

Turning my eyes to the infrared,




(1) Crop Circle Mystery

(2) The Trinity Connection

(3) Dreams At The Dawning Of The Kingdom

(4) The Book of Knowledge:The Keys of Enoch

(5) The Tree of Life Crop Formation

(6) 11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra





REVELATIONS 14:16 "and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped"

REVELATIONS 14:18-20 "thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth: for her grapes are fully ripe. and the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of 1600 furlongs."

EDGAR CAYCE interprets:

WHITE CLOUD - collective unconscious

SICKLE - termination, cutting off

VINE of the EARTH - mankind

GRAPES - fruits, rewards

WINEPRESS - process for refining

HORSEBRIDLES - point of control

1600 FURLONGS - period of trial

"As the OVERSELF of the collective unconscious judges the world, each soul reaps according to what he has sown, and the experience each has had in the world in now refined and enobled to be made acceptable in the light of the Christ Pattern, by bringing these under control also during the period of trial."


"I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I Yahweh do all these things."    - Isaiah 45:5



8-11-98 - DREAM - Note: I was living in a place that cannot exist in the physical realm.

I was in bed trying to sleep. Someone knocked on the door. I didn't want to answer the door, but I did and it turned out to be some young people...teenage or a little order, who were trying to avoid being picked up by UFO's. There were 6 or 7 of them. I let them in and they all sat on the floor by a wall, but there was no way I was going to be able to sleep.

I gave them a tour of the apartment which was similar to some hotels which had doors between suites on the sidewalls as well as to the hallway.

I took them through the apartments between suites until I got to the end one which was immense. The ceiling was so high, you could barely see it. I told them that this was the one I wanted to live in.

A person who was taking care of that unit explained that because the ceiling was so high, it afforded an atmosphere that gave all 4 seasons indoors. We, indeed could see trees and vines and plants on the floor and hanging down from the ceiling of all types, some of which needed warm weather and some needed either dry or wet climates. This apartment provided all of it in one place or another inside this huge livingroom. It was so long, one could barely see the far wall. I loved it there.

I can't remember where those people went, but I had to go to work. Someone drove me to my job, but I recall seeing the vehicle from outside of it, not from inside it, as it swooped around sharp curves to the right and over small hills so fast the vehicle actually flew through the air temporarily.

Where I worked was like a manufacturing plant and I worked in the office.

I got a letter from an ex-boss who now worked somewhere else to get him copies of 8 drawings...all of which started with the number 8. The number consisted of 16 digits 8133-4265-3421-0563 (example only)

I knew these were priority drawings but since I used to work for him I decided to go ahead and have copies made for him and mail them to him.

In order to obtain these drawings I had to actually crawl through the file cabinet from the back which I had no problem doing.

After I woke up, the words "ZWARM blue book" popped into my mind. I have no idea if a book such as that exists.


8-26-98 - DREAM - I went to sleep thinking about my greatest constant fear which is going to places alone.

In the dream, I was in a place that was work/school/apartment building/home which was upstairs on the third floor.

The dream began as I was coming to work in the morning. I saw a man sitting in the lobby, reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. Since I knew everyone who lived in my building, I decided to go closer and see who it was and ask him how he managed to have time to sit and relax in the morning before going to work.

When I went into the room, I saw that he was not the only one, there were about 40 men sitting there, some at a bar getting a drink, but the majority of the men were sitting on rows of stools, 4 rows of 10. I thought it strange that they weren't all facing the same way, nor where they all facing each other....two rows faced each other...the third row was back to back with the 2nd row, and then the 4th row faced the 3rd row. All these men were wearing long sleeved blue work shirts and jeans. I thought this was strange and didn't know why they were there. (I managed this building and booking meetings myself is part of the job) I walked between the rows 3 and 4 and held out my hand as I walked along in a friendly gesture and several men held out their hand in return as I walked along and we smiled and touched hands in a friendly greeting.

One man from row 2 turned around and told me that his company had an insurance policy for $2,000. Then I understood that all these men were insurance salesmen and they were all sitting around waiting for a meeting to start. I knew then that they were not wearing suits because they were not actually working at the moment and could attend the meeting wearing their own casual clothes.

As I rounded the corner of the last man, I put my hand on his shoulder in a friendly gesture and wondered if he felt an energy exchange or warmth or what he felt from my touching him.

I went into the next room where there was a piano. I saw some music on the stand and decided to play it. Since I was unfamiliar with the piece I Played it slowly and carefully. t started with one note. It was a whole note on the first line which is "E". It was in a space all by itself and I held the note appropriately long before playing the next which was also "E" which I played with my left hand. I played the melody of the song all the way through one fingered alternately with each hand, imagining myself playing all the rest of the notes and hearing the unplayed music in my head. It was really beautiful.

Behind my right shoulder, I caught a glimpse of my old boss Paul who was over our whole department at A-C. I played slowly so I wouldn't make any mistakes and yet thought I should practice this piece so I could play the whole thing for the public.

As I played, I could see into the next room where children were at play with toys. When I finished the piece, I went into the next room to say, "Hello!" to the children. They were all happily playing with toys on the floor except one young girl, a little curly haired blonde who was sitting ona chair on the side and not playing. She appeared to be about 8 years old.

She told me, "Thank you!" for playing the music because I had played her life story, a future prediction for her, and that as I played, she had a vision of a square block in front of her. She seemed quite content with that vision. I told her that a block (which is actually a cube) with 4 equal sides was the sign of balance. I reached out and touched her shoulder in a sign of friendship and told her she was going to have a good life.

I then walked into the next room which was a banquet room and someone had had a party the night before and left all the leftovers out on the table.

At first I only thought of the enormity of the cleanup job ahead of me, but then I knew that if I did it one step at a time, I could get it done. I went into the kitchen and turned on the sink water and squeezed out soap to do the dishes and clean up water. The soap came out of the bottle in a big crystalline glob like a soft gelatin and fell on the counter in a clear, pale yellow mound. I managed to pick up about half of it and put it in the sink water and left the other half on the counter for a second batch of dishes if I needed it.

I turned to go get some dirty dishes and saw that I had filled up a rectangular shaped white bathtub which was in the path between the kitchen and the banquet room.

The water was a beautiful clear blue and I had to walk lengthwise through the hot water in the tub to get back to where the dirty dishes were.

When I got to where the banquet tables were, a whole bunch of female co-workers from A-C were there and they were all helping with the cleanup. They had already moved all the dirty dishes to the kitchen, sorted out all the leftover goodies of candy, cakes, and sundry desserts into rows so they could be snacked on during the day.

I sampled a tiny piece of cinnamon raisin cake even though I knew I was allergic to wheat and risking getting an asthma attack. It was so good, it was worth the risk of getting sick.

I saw two little ceramic Santa Claus candy dishes shaped like little treasure boxes and at that point I realized that this had been an annual Christmas party and that I would take the ceramic Christmas dishes to my apartment upstairs as a reward for cleaning up the mess.

I then saw all the wine bottles had been collected into one area and my old boss Evelyn who I used to type for, had gathered all the tall wine bottles on the floor. I knew I had a liquor cabinet upstairs that those bottles would fit in but it appeared she was grabbing all the wine for herself and I wouldn't get any.

But then I spotted two shorter crystal bottles of white Zinfidel wine which Evelyn hadn't taken. I saw why. One was open with no lid and had had one sip taken out. The one had a glass domed top that looked like you'd have to break the bottle to drink any and run the risk of swallowing glass with the wine. I decided I would take the risk and take these two bottles of wine upstairs so I could have them myself. However, these bottles were so heavy, I decided it was safer to make two trips upstairs rather than risk spilling the wine by being greedy and taking both at once.

I picked up the open bottle to take it upstairs and walked around a corner to go to the elevator. I found myself outside all the way down at the other end of the block and saw ahead of me a garden maze that I would have to walk through to get back to where the elevator was and that I'd have to do this each time I wanted to take another bottle of wine upstairs with me. I was exhausted before I even started because I saw ahead of me that in the maze all the gardens had to be weeded and all the bushes trimmed on the way.

I woke up, already exhausted at the enormity of the job.


8-28-98 - DREAM - I was at work in my Jackson St. building. I had a meeting with the boss on the 3rd floor. He asked me about the work of one of my co-workers. She was supposed to have changed locks on an apartment and hand't done it. I held the two lock slides side b side to compare them. They were supposed to be the same and they weren't. He said hew as going to write her up for it.

I kind of felt a sense of, "I'm better than she is" kind of pride about it.

I then went down to the 1st floor where I spotted a huge wad of money laying on top of some coats. I grabbed it. I shoved it under my shirt to hide it. The man who owned the money was right behind me but I didn't want to give it back to him nor could I now admit I had taken it. The money kept trying to slid out from under my shirt and I had trouble hiding it from the other people around me. At one point, it slid out and I looked at it. It now no longer was green but was red-orange and was attached to a long newspaper clipping about bogus money. The man had been planning to take this money to the bank to turn it in as fake. I couldn't even use it if I wanted to.

I then found what looked like garbage in the hall. It was a small box of junk and a pitchfork with 5 tines on it. It belonged to an old woman.

I kind of hid in a closet to go through the stuff. There was an old stained deck of playing cards called, "Granny." It looked like some were missing but they were cute and I thought I could put them in my collection of old playing cards.

There were some useless pieces of used cardboard where she had removed sewing thread and needles in projects she had done over the years. There were a couple more little things I didn't recognize and then there was the pitchfork. It was old and rusted but still usable in my garden.

I no sooner picked up the stuff and I could hear the old woman behind me asking people f they saw her garbage. I didn't want to give it back, and I was feeling really guilty for that, but I still didn't want to give it back because I didn't want to be labeled as a thief.

I ran for the elevator but I didn't want to stand and wait for it and get caught, so when the door opened, I ran inside to hide without looking to see where it went or who was on it.

At the same time, another elevator opened up on the opposite side of the hallway and someone I couldn't see gave me instructions to install a Nintendo set on that elevator with 3 sets of buttons on it. I hollered "Okay!" across the hall just as my own elevator door was closing.

I then looked at my elevator driver. He was a tall black man with shiny skin and devious looking eyes. There was no walls on this elevator, just a floor to stand on and he showed me that you could look down into the darkness of the elevator shaft below. It was scary and I looked at the wall as we were passing a floor. It said 5B and then B.

I knew I was on the wrong elevator but I had to get home with my stolen stuff to hide it.

When I got to my apartment, there were small children and babies there who needed caring for, but I couldn't do it because I had to hide my stolen stuff. I was not only feeling more and more guilty for taking it, but I could hear the old woman coming behind me asking everyone she met if they had seen her stuff.

I hid the pitchfork in the closet behind some stuff, but the handle still shooed and I didn't have time to hide the handle behind the coats. There was a young girl there about 12 years old, wearing a long sleeved rose colored sweater. I asked her, "Quick! Do you have a garbage bag?"

She helped me pull out my own garbage bag which I grabbed and dragged into the bathroom. I was going to shove the stolen garbage in the bottom of my own garbage bag to cover it with my own garbage and hide it in the bathroom.

I shoved it in the bag, but I couldn't close the door because the baby needed changing and the two toddlers had strewn all kinds of toys around so I couldn't close the door.

So, while I was trying to quickly clean up the children's messes, the old woman was getting closer and closer, still asking people about her stuff.

I was forced to confide in the rose sweatered girl that I had stolen the stuff hoping she would help me hide it. I begged her to help me.

I was still hanging on her arm, begging for help when the old woman caught up to me.

She began telling us that her garbage had been stolen, then started telling us what she was going to use it for. She was going to balance the pitchfork on top of her toilet tank and cover it with Christmas stickers so nobody would notice that it was a pitchfork but would look like a cradle for the baby Jesus.

I visualized this while she spoke. As she continued talking, I could see into my own garbage bag.

There was like a long music roll box with an outline of religious practices and philosophies. I almost pulled it back out of the garbage, thinking I ought to keep it but knowing that there was a new version out that had replaced it and there was no point in saving it and it would be as bad as the old woman trying to cover up the old rusty pitchfork with Christmas stickers.

I started to wake up, still seeing the list of old religious philosophies sliding past my eyes on  a computer screen, I tried to make my mind go up to FILE-SAVE on the computer screen and was having difficulty doing this, so when the big bold statement came up: 'THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING!"


9-17-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room like a schoolroom or laboratory. I was looking around to see what I could take with me. I saw a glass vase with plants growing in it while I was looking for something to put some beautiful tall cut flowers which I hadn't realized earlier had been given to me. Somehow the flowers had been preserved because they were hidden in a tall brown paper bag. I was anxious to get them out into the open for everyone to see.

I saw that the glass vase was suspended in mid-air, kept from falling only because there was a long vine growing from it that was entangled in other things way in the back where I couldn't see.

I tugged and yanked on the vine to dislodge it so I could use the vase and a hundred or more bugs came up and hovered in the air over the vine.

(NOTE: This is related to the Holy Grail story.)

I was so grossed out I ran to get the bug killer before the bugs dispersed all throughout the room. I looked in the bottom of every cabinet for bug killer, but the only spray I could find was room air freshener. I figured that if I doused them with enough air freshener they couldn't fly and that would solve the problem just as well as killing them. So, I let loose with the air freshener spray and not only got the bugs so they couldn't fly, but discovered that the light chandelier also had cobwebs with spiders on them and the air freshener made those visible too so I could eliminate them.

by Dee




9-29-98 - JOE'S DREAM - This was a flash dream of a map of the State of Washington. It zoomed in on the upper corner of the state where it abuts Canada. Dividing Washington into 10 parts across the top border, the 10th part to the far left, and measuring down 1/2 of that same 10th part, in a jagged line, that section was colored different as though it belonged neither to the U.S. nor to Canada but to a different country.

NOTE: This was important to me because it was near there that I planned to live and Joe didn't know that. Joe related to me that several years ago, he had a dream of the same area I did of a river called the MIR river. He never found one on the map named that. Recently we found out that MIR in Russian means PEACE. In fact, another one of my dreams of the same area showed that Seattle went up in flames. We could see it in the distance as we crossed a covered bridge across the river (unnamed) and our vegetable gardens were on the East side of the river, and then we needed 4 wheel drive vehicles to get up a steep hill to a plateau where we were going to build our house.


10-8-98 - DREAM - It started off with a web page of verses of poetry, 4 short lines in each stanza. I can't remember what it said, only the concept was important.

The scene changed to live people. I was in a place where people were standing in short lines. They were all waiting for something. I wasn't sure if they were standing in line waiting for a bus or to get food. I walked around trying to figure it out. Everyone was standing by a stone wall about 3 feet high. All the lines were relatively short, but every corner I went around was more people standing in line. I saw my mother standing in 2 different lines. I tried to catch her eye and wave across the aisle but she made a comment to the woman next to her and went to a different line around a corner.

Then I went to two different places. I went outside and met the mailman. Here I was in deep snow which was soft under my feet. It felt neither wet nor cold and I made note of that. I was going to walk around the block, then changed my mind, backtracked and went back to where I had come from? There, along a rock wall was a small flower garden I hadn't noticed before. Some yellow mums, a couple little animals, a couple little natural bugs and a snake-like lizard in yellow, red and green. I saw several of those.

I started to wake up and as I did, I was rising up into the air so I could see the entire scene folding and expanding beneath me.

I had been standing in a huge garden. Beneath me were islands of green, surrounded by walls of stone with people standing along them admiring the gardens of yellow mum  flowers. The higher I went, the farther the garden expanded. All I could see below me from horizon to horizon was massive yellow gardens of yellow on green.

Then the scene switched to stanzas of poetry again, 4 lines in each stanza. I recognized one word in each stanza - 'MORSE.'


10/8/98 3:16:42 AM

I was in the garden with my son, Tom. It was a beautiful sunny day. Tom was playing fairly quietly (for a change!) and I was lying down on a blanket looking at the sun reflecting off the grass, listening to the birds and insects and generally just basking in the warmth of the sun, feeling happy and peaceful.

Suddenly I saw what looked like a swarm of insects in the distance, which was rapidly moving in our direction. It was like a darkish cloud approaching, but full of movement within it. My first thought was that it might be a swarm of bees coming to settle in our horse chestnut tree (which is huge and every year a cloud of bees comes for the nectar from the blossoms and then a few days later they lift off as one 'cloud' and move on to the next tree).

This was a much larger 'cloud' than I'd seen before and, although bees don't bother me - I love to hear the tree humming when they're there - I called out to Tom and suggested that perhaps we should go indoors for a few moments and watch what this 'cloud' did. (At one point I thought it might be a rain cloud and that we were in for a quick soaking, but it was so sunny this seemed unlikely.)

As I scrambled up from the ground the 'downpour' began... it was a downpour of FROGS!!!!

I yelled out to Tom as we ran for cover "IT'S RAINING FROGS, TOM!!!" We were really laughing as ran indoors. It was an amazing sight with the frogs raining down... there were raindrops too and the sunlight shone and reflected off the green frogs and the rainbow coloured water droplets. It was wonderful!!

After that I woke up briefly and then dropped off to sleep again... the rest of the night, in each of my other dreams I told someone about the 'raining frogs' dream - so that when I awoke in the morning I could remember the dream very clearly. This dream was very vivid and the colours were gorgeous - I can remember the sounds and the smells too. Lovely!

Love and lightbulbs

by anonymous


10-11-98 - DREAM - It started out on a computer needing to be able to sort people's names out so that one could tell if they were an ET, an abductee, or just a person with no experience. I know how why I needed to know this.

Then I was in a building with quite a few people I knew. I realized I needed to clean it to perfection and while I did that, someone made fun of me for being slow and methodical, as I started on one end and worked my way around the room. I got over to the window and started to take down the curtains to wash them, but not only that, I wanted everyone to be able to see our friend David leap out the 4th floor window as a demonstration. He would be wearing a harness for safety in the demonstration and this was worth seeing him do this.

When I took the yellow flowered curtain down, my friend Michele came over and showed me that there was a dance dress exactly like the curtains and sure enough when I turned the curtain over, there was my old dance dress I had loved so much. So, I threw that in the wash load too.

Someone had been down in the basement and brought up two jars that were broken that had canned tomatoes in them. The jars were cracked and the juice had leaked out but the tomatoes were still in them. the jars were odd shaped more like flower vases. We were going to have to throw them away.

Someone else brought in some freshly harvested pumpkins with faces on them. She said that people only wanted to accept a certain kind like Valencia or something like that. they were flat on one side and looked like people's heads and were decorated with seed beads or something that made them look like faces. I had a different kind that looked similar but weren't Valencia. I thought those were just as could and you could hardly tell the different.

Another person then showed me that there were empty canning jars and preserving equipment up on top of cabinets by the ceiling. He volunteered to help get them down.

Down in the basement, I found a lot of empty boxes, some were battered and some were good. Michele said she needed to the good ones for moving. (Michele is really moving soon) so I set those aside for her and the bad ones we thought to throw away. There was nothing in them.

Then we were leaving and in the car there were also things we needed to clean out and throw away. I was in the back seat and a man was driving...a friend but seemed to be on the side of 'evil' in life. He found a double headed axe in the glove compartment and I took it and hid it under the front seat by my feet in the back for protection just in case....

We were about to make a left turn and I had 3 pieces of iron in my hand like a payment to do this. They were odd shaped and felt good to hold them. I saw there was a motorcycle in front of us and one behind us and it seemed that we heeded to throw the iron pieces out the left window like ballast or something in order to make the left turn safely.


10-15-98 - DREAM - I had a small canning jar with a couple small fish in it. I took it upstairs to the bathroom. I intended to just sit the jar in the bathtub, but when I got there, the bathtub was full of water almost to the lip. (The tub was rectangle and only 4" deep) The jar slipped and the fish fell out into the water.Then I saw that there were all manner of colors of tropical fish. They were swimming around in the water but some of them flipped out onto the floor and were flopping around. I tried to scoop them up and get them back into the water, but I couldn't do that without hurting them. But then I saw that they could get back up into the water all by themselves by climbing up a vine that was hanging on the edge of the tub. Seeing that, I decided to leave them alone, but then a huge triangle shaped bug jumped out of the viney area. He was so big and nasty looking, I ran out of the room to get a fly swatter.

For some reason I went to my neighbor's house to get the fly swatter. I was wearing my blue bathrobe and black penney loafer shoes and that's all.

When I got there, I forgot about the fly swatter and was told that a psychic David Bondi was in the basement meditating. I ran down there to see him. He was in a room across from the door and was more or less leaning up against the wall covered with a brown blanket with just his head sticking out. (I never heard of someone named David Bondi)

I began talking to him like he knew who I was and I told him the prophecy of the young Mrs. Kennedy losing her child and demonstrated with my hands how pregnant she was when it happened - 4 to 5 months. When I did that I noted that my own stomach looked kind of pregnant too but not as far along.

As soon as I finished telling him the prophecy, he turned and walked away like he wasn't interested and didn't care, so I did the same and went back towards the stairs. By the stairs was the door to the laundry room. However, the doorway was blocked by boards and bricks with only an opening a few inches high. Certainly not high enough for a human being to get through.

Behind the stairway was an opening that was higher, but not a doorway, just a hole with broken boards. I was glad that mine was done because nobody else was going to be able to do theirs if it wasn't already done.

I then went back upstairs. At this point I had some large fish I was supposed to cook for dinner and they fell out of a brown paper bag onto the sidewalk. Dismayed, I bent over to rescue the fish and saw that one had been cut open and it's guts were hanging out. I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear to cut up the other fish, so I left them lay on the sidewalk for the birds to eat. They were all dead already so it didn't seem that I was doing anything bad.

I then gathered up my robe around me and started walking back across a big field to my house. I saw three women coming down the front steps of my house so in order to catch them and see what they wanted, I only glimpsed a peek at the carnival rides being set up in the field that told me it was almost the 4th of July. I also noticed that fresh ground had been laid out for this event.

I ran up to the women and told them who I was. They said that they were interested in buying a house in our subdivision. I explained that I didn't know which house was the model house or where the office was but I assured them that there was one and indicated that it was up the hill and around the corner. (Our street was curved and uphill)

I went up the stairs on the porch to the front porch (door #1) . It was colored brown and locked tight. So, I went around the corner of the porch where there was another door (door #2) This door was white and wide open, so I went into the house.

I entered the livingroom and started walking through the house. Over in the corner, I saw water pouring out of the ceiling. I just screamed, "Oh my God!, the bathtub is running over." I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Where the tub had been was now a bed and my daughter and her friends were jumping on the bed. I told them to stop and was going to ask about the water and the fish when my daughter's friend (Allison) said something sarcastic. (Her face was small and triangle shaped towards the bottom and just the sight of her made me feel angry) I can't even remember what she said, but I was so incensed by her attitude, I slapped her face. I didn't slap her hard and I know it didn't hurt her, so I slapped the other side of her face too. It wasn't hurting her so I was getting madder and madder. I grabbed her and held her upside down and started slamming her head on the bed. I still wasn't hurting her to my satisfaction and in my increasing anger, I felt like I wanted to kill her. I finally threw her down and walked out of the room with my daughter and told her, "You are never to play with her again. Understand?"


10-19-98 - DREAM - This dream lasted all night. It started out with page after page of religious teachings. They came down in 3 sections, all equal, separate, but yet together in one in order to cover all aspects of the teachings. All these teachings were gathered together and then moved to start a new church.

In the last scene I was working in the garden of an old lady. I pulled the weeds and knocked a couple of little trees over. When I was done with the weeds I stood the trees up again and knew they would be fine, but her garden was at the end of its season and dormant. I then took 3 heart-shaped strawberries from her garden to move them to my new garden. I accidentally put my thumb into one of the strawberries. I thought I had destroyed it, but I saw then that there were three separate new plants coming up out of of the strawberry and I carried them to my garden to plant them.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting in a large room at a table that was covered with a pure purple table top that was round. A man sat to my right and I saw that he had written a math equation on the table top. I got so distressed that he had marred the table top and that he was gong to write more that I offered to loan him some paper. I had my dream journal with me so I grabbed two pages to give to him but they had already been written on completely so I couldn't give him those.

So, then I wanted to know if he really ended MY paper instead of providing his own, so I looked in HIS box of writing materials and all he had left in it was one single sheet of formal typing paper and I knew that was too good to be used for scribbling math equations so, feeling sorry for him, I went to get him two sheets of paper he could use and of those two, one was already written on and the other one was not a complete sheet. It looked like the end of a roll where it hadn't been finished. I didn't want to give him imperfect paper ether, so I had to sacrifice two good sheets of my journal book so he could write his math equations.

I then went outside and found that there was talk of this whole place being moved elsewhere. I looked on the ground and saw all my plants, flowers and vines growing so well, I didn't want to move and go through the distress of moving all my plants and risk losing some.

I got inside a yellow car a sat there with my head down, eavesdropping on other conversations about the moving and while I sat there, a huge yellow bulldozer came whizzing by the car and I wondered if he'd push my car right over if I didn't move it.

I went back into the building then to go to work. It would appear to others that I was late, because I was just coming in the building, but I knew I had been there long before anyone else and had gone outside to see what was going on.

I had two offices separated by a high wall, a new inner one and an old outer one. I went first to the new one thinking and hoping that no one would be there and I could slip in unnoticed.

I was hoping that the boss wouldn't see me coming in late. I had caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye so I knew he was there. I walked into my office which was set up more like the livingroom of a house and all the furniture was purple colored. To my dismay, there was another man there, a medium sized chubby guy and he was repairing a golden colored fishing rod. The only thing he had left to do was wind up the line on the reel. I decided I'd better go to my outer office for awhile so I wouldn't tangle the line by tripping over it.


Subj: Huge Tornado 12/7/98
Date: 98-12-07 07:38:50 EST
From: dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

Huge Tornado 12/7/98 Shed Wiped Out


It was a short dream I found myself standing near a   garden shed might look in the late fall after harvest. To the left or West if that is the case there was a very large hill or mountain covered with trees. The wind was blowing very hard then suddenly I heard a clap of thunder to my left. I looked up and saw one really dark storm headed my direction. I looked around to see if there was anyplace to go hide from the storm to get out of it and the only thing I saw was that old wooden shed behind me. I say "behind me" because most of the time I was looking away from the shed and therefore it was behind me. Then another even closer bolt of lightning struck to my left and I looked and saw a bright beam of light coming down out of the clouds to the ground. Like a bright ray of sunshine coming down out of the cloud hitting the ground. I knew that was from the heart of the storm and it was moving directly toward me. I was afraid and I opened the shed and went in and closed the double doors. I knew the shed was no challenge for this storm though but it was the only place I could see to go to.

Then I heard the sound of the wind the roar of the tornado like storm coming and the building started to shake. I felt the air being sucked out of the building and knew the best thing to do was just to leave the doors open so the shed might not explode. The moment I let the doors fly open I dove for the ground just as the building was sucked up and vanished into the wind in the blink of an eye. There I lay face down on the ground completely untouched by the storm. There was no rain in this storm either but I didn’t realize that until I was laying on the ground. It was all wind, clouds and that bright light that came directly down from the clouds to the ground.



Storms bring change and this is one strange storm.

A beam of light brings truth along with an awaking for someone in the dream event.

There is something from the past being shown here we see the field after harvest or so it appears. We see the old shed "behind me" which are also symbols of something old and something from the past. Behind and Old both = The Past.

Inside that shed there were things that were covered up in the back. The shed was removed but the things were still there. Like myself the items were untouched by the wind when the shed itself was removed.



12-10-98 - DREAM - I was in my livingroom. Everyone had left for the day. I was resting on the couch, the drapes were mostly closed, but there was filtered light coming in on a corner table where I had 5 or 6 plants clustered together. They were a variety of plants, the two I recognized the names of were Philodendron vine and Shefflera vines which were relatively young but established well in their pots.

I was hearing small voices but didn't pay too much attention until I noticed that these two plants leaves were seemingly moving in a draft from the windows. Then it dawned on me...these small voices were those two plants talking to each other. I watched them with interests, understanding what they were saying because they were speaking English. They had male voices such as the voices of male elves in the movies. It slowly came into my awareness..."This is NOT normal. Plants don't talk!" But it was still not through my head enough to break free...PLANTS DON'T TALK!!!. THIS IS NEWS!!!!!!"

I got excited. I wanted to tell the world. I thought about it a couple minutes. Who could I tell????

I sat there thinking..."Well! I'll just call the local newspaper and when he comes out to write the story...it'll get passed on to the big newspapers. It's a GREAT news story.

Just then, a family member came in the room...a man...I don't know what relationship he was to me. I quietly told him that the plants were talking to each other which they still were in the corner. I whispered to him..."Want to make some money??? Get rich??? Our plants are talking to each other!!!!!"

He looked at them...got a surprised look on his face and ran from the room.

In moments, other people were in the room, the drapes pulled wide apart, the patio door opened, and a cold breeze was blowing through the room. The two talking plants were separated from the others and brought out into the bright light. They sat there...silent!

The men who came in to see the plants saw and heard nothing and I could tell that the plants were like in 'shock'. They didn't even look the same. The men were acting like they were angry, like they had been called out on a wild goose chase.

I was angry because they had made a mess of my livingroom, moved my plants around and the window open and the room was cold.

So, I hollered at them to leave. When they did, I closed the drapes to where they had been, moved the plants back to where they had been, close to each other.

My sister was the only other person in the room with me, and we sat back to watch the plants.

I KNEW they could talk and maybe...just maybe...I would be able to hear them again.


12-14-98 - DREAM - I lived on the East side of Milwaukee. There was a lot of junk on top of an old silver sink sitting on a diagonal on the corner. There was a lot of junk on it. Several people came by who I knew. I helped them pick out things they might need like a big can opener.

I went to my apartment, there were lots of people there. They were all in process of sorting things out. A little boy baby I was caring for needed his diapers changed. When I took off his diaper which was like see-thru plastic. There was more poop showing outside than there was inside the diaper.

My ex-husband showed up...he sat in a bathtub full of soap water in the kitchen. He looked pale and weak. He said he had contracted some kind of disease that started with the letter "M" but sounded like "Bosnia". I can't remember what it was. He said he was getting better.

He went upstairs then and I followed him but was waylayed by a little girl I was taking care of who wanted to take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take a table and some books, but I wouldn't let her take any of her red-plastic gardening tools. I told her they belonged outside.

Then my father showed up in a 1922 Model T. It needed some repairs, but it was huge and it ran perfect. I was thinking maybe he'd let me drive it. It had some rusty grid-like parts on the roof but was as big as a room in a house inside.


1-14-99 - DREAM - This was a totally sad dream. A job I had done for a woman was over and I was being let go. I actually don't know what I did there at this large company except that I made a web page. Everyone seemed to be angry at me for something I had said but nobody would tell me what I had said. The boss I worked for never told me how much I was earning and I had no money. The room I spent the nights in was a bathroom that I was locked in. One woman who felt sorry for me slipped two dollar bills, some dimes and a small pile of used stamps under the door to try to help me out.

I managed to get out of the building at one point and went walking down the street. A farmer had left a small wagon with the last of his harvest by the side of the road for anyone to take. I looked in the one bag.Everything in it was unripe. I saw tomatoes, bananas, and corn, all so far from ripe they couldn't be eaten. Also in the cart were many watermelons which I didn't bother to look at because I wouldn't eat it anyway.

As I was walking away again an old man I knew from Milwaukee picked up the bag to take it home. My daughter-in-law Becky came along and took it away from him. At that point I picked up the bag again and everything was hot like it had been on a barbecue.

I went back to the office to get whatever was there I could take with me. I saw two coats, one brown tweed and one brown fur. I left both of them there. I was looking at the desk to see if there was anything there and a young girl came up to me so angry at me for what I had said. She got so angry she started to cry. I went over to her and put my arm around her shoulder while she cried. I saw she was pregnant...maybe 4 or 5 months. I had my hand on her stomach and her baby was kicking really hard. I asked her what was the matter. She said, "You told me he didn't love me."

She was speaking of the father of the baby. I said, "No! I never said he didn't love you. You ARE loved!" At this point her skin was very dark. I felt she represented another time and place. She said, "I thought I had nothing left to live for." Just then her baby kicked her again really hard and she got a big smile on her face and she knew she could live for the baby.

I went over to a table and sat down to contemplate what I was going to do next.

A short swarthy man and his short swarthy cohort came over and asked if I had another job to go to. I said, "No!" He said, "What were you paid here?" I said I didn't know. He said, "That's what I figured. I have a job for you.!" I said, "Oh?" He said, "Yes! I'll pay you ____" (like lira or some other foreign currency) It sounded better than nothing to me. I agreed that it was okay. I said, "You want to give me your business card so I know where to go?" He handed me the card.

It said, "Frank's Part Time Delivery Service." The address was on it and I was trying to make it out but I knew then as I held the card that it was a cover for something else and I started having visions of what I was really up against. I saw LUXAN as the place I would work and that my job was SPY and I saw CD, and then the logos of hundreds of companies I would be expected to spy on.

I woke up as these logos continued to flash in front of me.


DREAM - 1-22-99 - I really enjoy gardening so when I had the opportunity I went to a farm to help out. When the chores were done for the day, we were in the barn. There was a pile of dirt in the corner where the crops were kept fresh.

I started digging in the dirt pile and found some potatoes. I told the old woman farmer that I'd try to get enough potatoes for dinner. She said, "Okay!" and I started pulling potatoes out of the dirt. One potato was particularly large and when I pulled it out, a huge hole was left in the pile.

I decided to look down into the hole and saw a beautiful amber light fixture buried down there under the dirt. It was so pretty, to look at. While I was thinking about taking the light fixture out of the hole for the other people to see, the large potato fell back into the hole and broke one of the fluted light covers.

I was so upset, I apologized to the old woman who was now a withered old black woman. (KALI) I told her I was concerned about the broken glass, that someone might get cut on it.

She said, "Don't worry about it." She brought out a long green hose and began washing away the dirt pile. She washed away all the dirt, leaving a clean, concrete floor. I didn't know what to say.

I didn't expect her to use so much water and wash ALL the dirt away.

Outside, I looked down into the valley and saw that the water in the river was rising. It rose higher and higher. The water felt warm, so I was wading in the water. I thought about strolling in the water from place to place, but it was getting higher and higher.

My brother told me he was going to go look at the river too, and I said, "Okay!" The water was getting up past my knees now and I started to get concerned about my own safety. I decided I was wrong to tell my brother to go ahead and look at the river with its fast rushing water and began to call him back.

I saw two cops tell my brother he could go no further and made him turn around and come back. By now, the water was thigh high and it looked like the entire valley was covered with water.

I was getting more and more concerned for the safety of everyone, so I headed up the stairs into my apartment building where I felt safe.

When I got there, I went on the computer and began working on computer pages about disaster and preparing for survival.


Here are some pertinent pages I've prepared for everyone to use, if they deem necessary.






1-24-99 - VISIONS - The projects are all ended. It's time for all companies to check their buildings to see if they are earthquake proof.


Subj: Beagle Dog on the Farm 2/4/1999
Date: 99-02-05 18:36:52 EST
From: dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

Beagle Dog on the Farm 2/4/1999

I was standing in a half-picked cornfield at harvest and in the nighttime. There was a tractor that had a 12-volt spotlight on a pole standing up from it. There was a big truck for hauling grain. I was looking around and I had work cloths on and gloves when I saw something running at me from the distance. It was a beagle dog. It ran up to me, sniffed my left hand then turned and ran back the way it came all without barking.

I unhooked the battery light and got in the truck to leave but in the dark I got it in some forward gear instead of backwards and ended up stuck for a moment in what looked like an area of mud that had been covered by corn stalks and leaves. I finally got it in reverse and backed out, turned around and was starting to leave when I woke up.


I see a work related subject mostly concealed in darkness and things going on that I am not aware of. I see the beagle dog represents something like a talent scout perhaps checking out my work (left hand). I see a situation where I should be turning around but in the dark can’t see what gear I am in and make a small mistake that I soon correct once I realize what I have done wrong.

The dream is saying I went "forward" with something when I should have backed up and turned around. It is warning me of a mistake I am or will make.

If this is about my writing work I have not sent anything off yet but I have posted some things on the Internet that are related to my DreamLink book. It’s all copyrighted but if someone wanted some of it for their own reasons it would be easy to get it.

It will be important to watch this one because if there are any changes in the meaning of the dog symbol at this point I will need it to make updates in the DreamLink book.



2-10-99 - DREAM There was a scene where there was a huge tree in a garden that was a whole city block. I wanted this tree to grow straight. I was really worried about the tree because right now it looked like a cactus and I was worried that it's arms/branches weren't going to grow straight and even all around the tree.

I looked at the garden and all the rest of the trees, bushes and flowers looked green and healthy.They also were growing in this desert-like garden.




2-3-99 - DREAM - I was with my extended family. They were creating a garden on their livingroom floor in little square pots. I helped to make it look nice and put them all in order and made sure there was a path one could ride a bicycle through.

My oldest grandson was there. B.B. It seemed he was about age 3 and he was misbehaving and kicking and stiffening out his legs stubbornly so he didn't have to do something, so he was kicking the trees over in the garden.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to his feet and asked him what was the matter with him. He proceeded to complain that I didn't give his parents any money so he could go to the dentist.

I was astounded by this. I grabbed him by the shirt and told him that the boys in my family didn't need to go to the dentist until they were 16 years old because their teeth were so good and besides that I couldn't afford to go to the dentist myself.

I was so angry, I shoved him into the arms of Michael...Joe's son...to take care of...after I punched him in the face numerous times so his teeth really did hurt.

I walked out of the apartment really angry, planning to walk home, but then realized I didn't have a key to get in when I got there. So I stopped at my friend Pat's apartment where three people were painting the outside of the building. They had actually driven their blue van up the side of the building and it hung off the outside of their scaffolding on the 2nd floor.

When I finally did walk home, there was a huge intersection to cross with huge dirty black snowbanks in the middle where snowplows had left the snow right in traffic where busses and cars and trucks were going by. I tried climbing the dirty black snowbank and it was so steep and so high, I couldn't do it, so I walked around where everyone else was crossing the snowbank where it wasn't quite so high. Each time someone managed to cross over, their name was called out loud for all to hear.


2-5-99 - DREAM - My father was very ill and my mother was taking care of him. However, when I went to visit, my mother wouldn't let me see him. She said he was upstairs taking a nap. This went on for several days and I was getting more and more upset that I couldn't see my Father.

Finally, I met my mother away from the house and my Father wasn't with her. My sister was with my mother. I demanded that I be allowed to see my Father. I was afraid that my mother had either killed him or starved him to death. But, my sister insisted that he was alive and she was a witness to it. (My sister is a Jehovah's Witness) I was screaming at her that they had better let me see my Father, that I was going to show up at the house and if I couldn't see him, there was going to be trouble because I would call the cops and demand visitation. My sister insisted that my FAther was okay and showed me his food which was stored in the basement. The shelves and bins were full of green grain. I looked pretty awful to me, but my sister said that if my Father didn't want the grain (cereal) they gave him whatever fruit (of the vine) that he wanted.

I went in the house upstairs and my sister showed me my Father's bed. It was like a cot with mosquito netting over it. It looked and felt like a jail. My sister said the only thing my Father insisted on during the day was to make sure the window was open so he could get fresh air and light.

I wasn't satisfied. It felt claustrophobic in the bed and I still hadn't seen my Father.

I seemed to be in charge of the building my Mother and Father lived in and I heard a complain out in the hallway that there was rock n roll music coming from the attic. I kinda thought to myself, "Oops!" I had forgotten that a music troop was rehearsing up there for a pageant and I had forgotten to tell them what hours to play or not play. I planned to go right up there to tell them to quit practicing but time rather slipped away and I forgot about it.

I went through this little exercise outside where my three sons slid down off a ladder by a black car and I carried them around on my back. That was kinda fun. I didn't want to be left out of the fun part of life.

However, then we went back into the building and there was a rehearsal going on on a stage. I was rather in the back-stage kind of area, looking through a small window from the side of the stage. I saw a girl doing a modern acrobatic type dance in front of the window. She made herself into the shape A. Then I saw the guys from the attic. There were 38 of them. They played music while pretending to be a 38 man caterpillar. I saw them all linked together and standing on one another, balanced like a dna chain. I was happy because they had come down out of the attic and it was quiet up there now.


2-10-99 = DREAM (I think this was two dreams) I was looking at a baby who looked like me. I was feeling so tired, I just didn't have the energy to do anything...nothing! I looked at the baby again and she had 3 grown adult female breasts side by side. She pressed her arms together against her breasts and it gave ME the energy to go upstairs and get some work done.

After working upstairs for a time, I looked at myself in the mirror and I had 4 adult sized breasts side by side. I pressed my arms sideways against my breasts and went back downstairs again to continue my work.

The other dream seemed to be about power and control. I was with a man I think was my husband. We were busy doing something but the kids were off on the next block playing and every so often running in the street. I told the man this and it didn't worry him so he just let them play there without saying anything. It made my very upset because it was not my place to tell them to come home where it was safe. So, I went upstairs to get some work done.

There was a scene where there was a huge tree in a garden that was a whole city block. I wanted this tree to grow straight. I was really worried about the tree because right now it looked like a cactus and I was worried that it's arms/branches weren't going to grow straight and even all around the tree.

I looked at the garden and all the rest of the trees, bushes and flowers looked green and healthy.They also were growing in this desert-like garden.

I was then in a kitchen cleaning up after all the kids who were playing. I got all the toys picked up and then stacked the newspapers against the kitchen table. The paper stack was pretty top heavy and a little girl came to play and the paper stack toppled over because she climbed on it and she fell over and cracked her head on the wall on top of the newspapers. She looked very dazed.

Then a girl who lived with us and looked like T.J.s wife Sabrina came into the kitchen. She said she had to go outside because she was allergic to 'steel'.

For some reason I had called the government for assistance of some kind. I was talking to the woman on the phone. She said she needed me to tell her my Social Security number to verify who I was. I couldn't remember my number. I told her I had my Social Security card in my purse. While I was hunting for the card, she rattled off some numbers I didn't recognize and told me all I needed to give her was the last three numbers. I finally found my blue Social Security card which was in my huge brown purse. I told her the last three numbers were 006. (This is NOT my number) She put the number in the computer and said, "Oh! It says here you had a black husband and a black baby." I was in shock and I blurted out, "Oh! Well, my husband had left me and I was with him for only a short time and then he left me too." She accepted that explanation as factual and said he would be out to the house to visit in a few days.

Now I was in a panic because I would have to show her my Social Security card when she come to the house and it wouldn't be the same number as previously and they would probably jail me for fraud and I'd have to pay all that money back.

I was panic stricken. I didn't know what to do. I had to ask for help so I turned to a man for advice. (It seems he was my husband but I don't know for sure. I'm sure I wasn't telling him the whole story either or I'd be in trouble with him too.)

Anyway...then it was nighttime and pitch black out and this man and I were driving black cars down the road. He was ahead of me. He pulled over on the left side of the road and I assumed he wanted to drive side by side, but I saw a car coming the other way towards us with its lights on.

There was going to be a horrendous accident unless something was done, so the man/husband pulled his car across the road in front of me and pulled into a driveway and stopped. My car was still moving forward so I continued on down the road in my own car knowing I was going to figure out this dilemma out for myself without his help.


2-17-99 - VISIONS - I was feeling desperate to earn some money at home and after months of trying various things and nothing working, I went into meditation and BEGGED spirit to tell me what to do.

Immediately, the visions began to flow in. First I saw an Indian, dressed in full length pants and fringed jacket made of pale beige deerskin. He had his back to me and was standing at an outdoor garden center type stand. One the counter in front of him were numerous little plants in square pots. I recognized a purple pansy in one, but the rest were all green.

Then a heavy set woman appeared on the other side of the counter. I thought I recognized her, but her face kept fading in and out and changing, so I don't think she was meant to represent a specific person, but symbolized 'fat woman' in general.

I puzzled over that because it didn't fit anything I was familiar with.so, I asked several more times for spirit to tell me what to do. I began to see a series of visions, all about web pages of advertising and the word herbalism. Finally, the word HERBALIFE came in very, very clearly in RED.

I got up and went to the computer and did some searching and like what I saw and decided to become an HERBALIFE distributor. The opportunity to make lots of money looks fantastic.

I then went to do some household things and went outside to feed the cats. Right on the doorstep was a hawk feather. I was absolutely thrilled. I looked up in the sky to see if ROV had painted any clouds in the sky and right overhead a pair of hawks were circling in the sky. They went around and around and around as I greeted them. I actually had tears in my eyes as I praised them.

Then they gradually drifted off to the west and disappeared from view. As I lowered my gaze, I immediately saw a tiny blue hummingbird, another one of my totems. What a thrilling day.


2-21-99 - DREAM - I was in an old house and planning to move a dresser from my bedroom on the second floor to the attic. I didn't know if it would fit up the stairs to start with and it was in the bedroom where my Great Aunt Cora was using the bedroom.

She came out of the room and asked for something which I can't remember and I told her what we were about to do.

I then went outside to get our green coaster wagon to help haul the dresser up the stairs. My Father was outside hauling stuff in the wagon. He said we could dump the leaves into the garden which we did. Then the coaster wagon started rolling downhill and rolled under the car and on down the hill. It kept on going all the way to the street.

I saw our dachshund puppy go running out into the road after it. A car went by and just missed both of them. I began walking down the hill to retrieve the wagon when my grandson Brian came up to me and asked me if I could bring a game for him down from the attic. I said, "Yes!" Then I asked him if he would retrieve the wagon from the road which was now stuck down in a hole in the street. At the same time, another little kid came up to Brian and asked him for something. Brian answered the kid in a really nasty voice, so I grabbed Brian by his hair, and yanked his head back and yelled into his face that I wasn't going to get the game down from the attic then either.

I continued on down the hill to get the wagon myself and saw the puppy bounding around out in the street, so I put a long red leash on him. He could still run around plenty but couldn't get too far out of hand.

When I got out in the street, a huge old antique truck full of young teenage boys and a woman came lumbering by and a car followed it. These were the people who were going to help move my dresser up to the attic for me. I knew they would make short work of it since they were young and strong and there were so many of them. One of the boys asked what had happened to the hill that used to be there and I told him that the state decided to put a freeway through and needed the gravel. He just shook his head in dismay and disbelief. (That was a true life story that really happened)

I needed to get the coaster wagon out of the hole. The truck had parked right in front of the  hole. As I walked around the truck, I saw a museum type display window in the truck side. Inside was a picture of a couple sitting on a swing or bench kissing each other. A sign over it said, "The Leaking Story! It is a story of a couple in Love." I knew he was a world traveler and that I'd have to do a page on him too on my website.

We all went up to the house then, me with the green wagon and the dog on the red leash which he continued to run out to the end of the leash, get caught up short until I caught up to it, then he'd run out ahead again. He was cute but totally out of control. As we all went up into the house, I was planning to put the handle of the leash over the doorknob to control the dog. The boys were bantering about who owed what to whom. One kid asked me if I heard the story of his shelf bracket collection which he had in his pocket. I told him I hadn't heard the story and he was about to tell the story to me when I woke up.


2-24-99 - DREAM - I was working in a very large company. The boss came in and said he had noticed that the hallway wasn't clean and that things were dusty. I told him I had noticed that too. I asked him if we had a cleaning lady because all the tables and desks were dusty. The leaves of the plants were falling onto the tables and hadn't been watered.

I began to do the work myself and told the boss it would have to be done at least every other day. I left to go to the store and they were so busy, I went out into my own garden to get the food which was fresh anyway.

Judy D. came to visit and I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee. She said, "Yes!" so I went to the kitchen to get some only to discover that I had two kitchens and no clean coffee cups in either one. I also discovered had two glass pitchers with milk in them on the counter and one had dust balls hanging off the front end so I couldn't use it.

I then some famous guests, Richard Hoagland, and another guy who does radio shows with Art Bell. I can't remember his name. I began to tell them secrets I knew about the timing of events but Joe's alarm clock went off and woke me up.

NOTE:  NOTE: POSTED 3/8/99: On Saturday morning, March 6th, Richard C. Hoagland, the founder of The Enterprise Mission, suffered a major heart attack in Miami, FL. He was with friends at the time and was rushed immediately to a Miami hospital. Richard was then moved to a Miami area cardiac critical care facility and continues to be in critical condition and is being helped with life support devices. Richard will most likely be undergoing some kind of heart surgery shortly, in an effort to improve his condition.


dream on 3-13-99: I was working on a computer, looking up words and going to the center of the page, making a square picture by having the same word pattern in all four directions. It was quite fun.

One of my kids saw me do that and said,"Do the word 'whale', then the word aquarium." So I did.

Then one of my kids asked if I would speak to his class about whales. I said, "Sure!" Big deal! Big whales!

So, came the day to go to school and talk about the whales. We went to his classroom and went inside, using a special knock. The teacher let us in and said,"Oh! You didn't know we were having a special auditorium to hear you speak about your experiences with whales?"

I gulped a little!

The teacher said, "What kind of whales do you work with?"

I gulped again and finally said, " Small ones!"

The teacher wanted to know, "What kind is it?"

I gulped again and said, "Oh! It was cute! It was the size of a bathtub!"

The teacher looked puzzled, but had to do something before I went to speak to the students, so I got off her hook...so-to-speak. I excused myself for a moment and left the room. I went out into the hall and asked a student, "Where's the school library?" He pointed "Up!" and I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to find the school library. I had to find a book on whales. I didn't even know the names of different kinds of whales. I was totally unprepared to do this. The teacher was asking questions, not just sitting passively and listening to what I would have to say. I needed to know more about the subject.

I found the school library and saw that the books were alphabetized. I was at the 'Z' end, close to where I wanted to be, but then I saw that these were fiction books, alphabetized by author. I needed a book on whales...the real facts. So, someone pointed in another direction and I went over to where the 'W' section was to find a non-fiction book on whales.

I figured I could take a quick look at the book, hold it in one hand for a prop and wave my other hand around for emphasis and nobody would know I didn't know anything about whales. I got to the 'W' section and there was a big gap where 'whales' should be. Either a kid or the teacher had taken the book or books about whales. The whales were gone and these kids would never know what a whale was.

Now I really in a panic. I didn't want anyone to know I had been only bluffing and I didn't know anything about whales, so I had to find an excuse that I didn't have to speak at all.

I considered feigning sickness so I could leave. I thought about pretending there was a fire and pulling the fire alarm. I knew that was bad. I didn't know what to do.

I spotted a computer and went to it to look up the word 'whale'. All I knew was how to make patterns with words, I didn't know what a whale really was.



5-29-2001 - DREAM - I had started the laundry and was soaking a big yellow,  fluffy blanket and 4 old fashioned white diapers that hadn't got done with the regular laundry.

They were soaking in warm water. I didn't have any way to wring them out except by hand, so I rinsed them and got them ready to hang outside.

I took them outside to where the washlines were. To my shock, there were snow drifts over 4 feet deep where I had just hung laundry out yesterday.

I was walking barefoot in the snow but to my surprise, my feet weren't cold. I decided I would just have to put the blanket and the diapers in the dryer to dry them. No real problem, but I was a day late to finish the laundry.

I then went back into the house and had a discussion with a tall young woman about the fall harvest. I told her that when she harvested the crop, to harvest the whole thing, because if she didn't, whatever she didn't harvest would be ruined because she'd never be able to go back and get the last of it.

After that conversation, a teacher came along, a man I knew at church. He was an elder and very wise - I told him what I told the woman about the harvest and he told me I was correct. Everything must be harvested at once because there would be no time to go back and get what hadn't been harvested.

I felt so relieved. I thought to myself, "For once I was right!" and my depression lifted even more.


A Dream of a Great Harvest
From: dream-link@dream-link.org

I had several dreams last night that were very vivid.

In the first one I remember I was driving a big combine, the funny thing about that was I knew I was driving it and in control of it but can't remember actually seeing myself drive the machine.  I found myself with it in a barn and I had brought in a huge load of grain of some kind.  I think it was corn but I didn't really see it up close.  I unloaded the grain in the barn and then loaded up a load of chaff to remove from the barn.  I made a call like as if to have a phone or radio and spoke to the boss and reported my progress to him but I saw no phone or radio. I was just talking into the air and getting answers and instructions.  I couldn't see the boss anywhere but I knew he was not far away.

The dream is speaking of a great harvest.  Meaning people are going to die, a lot of them when this event happens.  I'm not the only one having dreams and warnings of dangers to human life these days.

The combine is a machine that takes the grain from the fields and puts it in trucks or the barn and in this case it was a huge barn.  A normal combine doesn't bring the chaff to the barn it cleans the grain and spits the chaff back into into the fields but this combine didn't work like that.  It was as if everything was brought to the barn and the grain and chaff sorted there then the chaff would be returned to another place for disposal.

These are what I call dream irregularities.  When dream symbols do things that are not normal it is an irregularity and when this happens it has special meaning to the dream about the dream subject.

A person might say the dream is saying basically that people are going to be killed and it will be sorted out later.
Shoot first and sort it out later.

Jesus said the chosen ones, those having the Holy Spirit of Christ with them are like the grain and will be kept in the barns (storehouses) just as I saw in this dream.  He said the wicked and the the ones who are not saved are like the chaff and will be piled and burned.  These are the symbols we are dealing with in this dream and the meaning is the same.

The spirit in charge is there but unseen and I can speak to him and he to me without a phone or radio.  This is a God symbol in this dream.

Since I saw no evidence what exactly the dream is about or what will cause this "harvest" all I can say is someone else may have more pieces to this puzzle.  

God bless.



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