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EXO-VATICANA -- PROJECT LUCIFER, Petrus Romanus, And The Vatican's Astonishing
Exo-Theological Plan For The Arrival Of An Alien Savior.
You Only Think You Know What's Coming
The series begins…
“…Thus on a mild morning in September, 2012, we together with our cameraman—Joe Ardis, a.k.a. the Wild Man of the Ozarks—departed the small desert town of Safford, Arizona en route to the Mt. Graham Observatory Base Camp, 80 miles from Tucson and a few miles south of Safford on State Route 366. Located near the northern limit of the Chiricahua Apache and Western Apache territories, Dził Nchaa Si An, as it is known in the Western Apache language, is one of the four holiest mountains in America for the Apache, and considered sacred to the all of the region’s Native peoples.
We had been warned by our guide that the trek up the steep mountainside from 2,953 feet to over 10,700 was precarious, coupled with more hairpin turns, switchbacks and narrow segments of roadway overlooking deep canyon walls than we might have imagined, and, to top it off, there would be no guardrails along the harrowing winding path. We were scheduled to arrive at the Mount Graham International Observatory a couple hours after departure. We would meet with astronomers and engineers at the Large Binocular Telescope—currently one of the world’s most advanced optical telescopes—where, among other things, the new LUCIFER device is attached between its gigantic twin mirrors (either of which would be the largest optical telescope in continental North America). We were later told by the LBT systems engineer who spent significant time with us that day that another instrument—LUCIFER-II—is scheduled to arrive at the observatory anytime now and will complete the two multi-object and longslit infrared spectrograph imagers they need for studying the heavens in search of, among other things, exo-planets that may host intelligent life. We would also visit the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope that day, which sets between the LBT and the real target of our quest—the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope and the Jesuits who work there…

Before leaving base camp, Dramamine for motion sickness was suggested ahead of departure, and the two men in our team that declined that offer would soon wished they hadn’t, as once we were underway, it was non-stop reeling back and forth, bouncing up and down as the driver—who seemed a little too much to enjoy being in one gear faster than he should have been given the circumstances—occasionally looked at us in the rearview mirror and smiled. As we went from Sonoran Desert scrub at the mountain’s floor to alpine spruce-fir forest closer to the summit, our guide who set in the opposite front seat from the driver occasionally pointed to something off to one side, describing how more life zones and vegetative varieties existed here than on any other North American mountain, including almost two dozen plants, animals and insects that are not found anywhere else. Of course this included the celebrity of Mount Graham—the endangered Red Squirrel—which Arizona has already spent at least 1.25 million dollars protecting. But it was hard to appreciate these facts while growing queasy and wondering how far down the canyon wall we would roll if at any moment the driver lost control and barreled off the side. Thankfully, just when we were starting to think this had been a bad idea, we stopped approximately two-thirds way up the mountain at the Columbine Ranger Station, a USDA Forest Service Administrative Complex that had been built Circa 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public work relief program that was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and that had provided unskilled manual labor jobs for people to relieve unemployment during the Great Depression.


We had packed a sack lunch and used the Ranger Station as a place to rest a while, eat, and let our bellies recover a bit from the roller-coaster ride. While munching on a sandwich and looking at the aging black and white pictures that hung on the walls here and there of the Depression-Era men who had built the modest encampment, we met a volunteer, an interesting old chap who told us how he had been coming there for many years to keep a fire in the fireplace and to greet hikers that wandered into the park. When we told him where we were going, he got quiet. When we added that our plan was to speak with the Jesuits at VATT in the restricted area further up the mountain, he lost interest in the conversation and started stirring his fire again.

Minutes later, lunch consumed and stomachs still uneasy, we were back in our vehicle. From this point forward, the road, if we can call it that, became little more than a glorified goat trail until finally, about a mile from our destination, we arrived at a security gate with warnings of “No Trespassing” in several languages. The guide had a key to the gate. She unlocked then relocked it behind us after we drove through the opening. At that point, the driver pulled a radio out, which we had not noticed before, and radioed somebody that we were heading up the incline. Evidently this was necessary because from this point forward the steep gravel lane was barely wide enough for one vehicle at a time, and you didn’t want to risk running up against another vehicle that might be coming down from the Observatories. No one answered the call, so he radioed again, then a third time, with still no response. The silence must have meant the road was clear, as just like that he slipped the vehicle into low gear and we began our final 30-minute crawl up the mountainside.

“And one more thing,” the guide warned as we jerked over the rocky track, tires spinning against the loose gravel and dirt. “When we get to the restricted area you’ll see brightly colored cables roping off most of the land around the buildings. Do not… I repeat, do not step over those lines or you will be arrested immediately and hauled off to jail.” She wasn’t smiling, and when we got to the observatories, we saw the security lines and enforcement vehicles, just as she had described them.


It was approximately 11: AM (PST) as we rounded the final bend and saw just ahead the towering edifices housing the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), an optical telescope for astronomy and currently one of the world’s most advanced systems. Near it was the Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) or as it is also known, the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope building, a “state-of-the-art single-dish radio telescope for observations in the sub-millimeter wavelength range… the most accurate radio telescope ever built.” [ii] And last but not least about a block away from them we observed our primary reason for trudging to the top of this peak—the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope or VATT.

Of course we had read the official story from the Vatican Observatory Website before making the trip, how VATT truly lives up to its name:

“Its heart is a 1.8-m f/1.0 honeycombed construction, borosilicate primary mirror. This was manufactured at the University of Arizona Mirror Laboratory, and it pioneered both the spin-casting techniques and the stressed-lap polishing techniques of that Laboratory which are being used for telescope mirrors up to 8.4-m in diameter. The primary mirror is so deeply-dished that the focus of the telescope is only as far above the mirror as the mirror is wide, thus allowing a structure that is about three times as compact as the previous generation of telescope designs.” [iii]

Such technical language aside, the “Observers” who are approved to operate VATT and what they are using it for these days is what would take us through the looking glass. This was confirmed minutes later by the Jesuit Father on duty that day (whom we got on film) who told us that among the most important research occurring with the site’s Vatican astronomers is the quest to pinpoint certain extrasolar planets and advanced alien intelligence. He then proceeded (as did our guide) to show us all around the observatory—from the personal quarters of the Church’s astronomers—where they ate, slept, relaxed, studied—to the control rooms, computer screens and systems, and even the telescope itself. While we were given complete and unrestricted opportunity to question how the devices are used and what distinctives set each of the telescopes on Mt. Graham apart, we had not expected the ease with which the astronomers and technicians would also speak of UFOs! This was especially true when we walked up the gravel road from VATT to the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), where we spent most of the day with a systems engineer who not only took us to all seven levels of that mighty machine—pointing out the LUCIFER device and what it is used for (which he lovingly referred to as “Lucy” several times and elsewhere as “Lucifer”) as well as every other aspect of the telescope we tried to wrap our minds around—but who also stunned us as we sat in the control room, listening to him and the astronomers speak so casually of the redundancy with which UFOs are captured on screens darting through the heavens. Our friendly engineer didn’t blink an eye, nor did any of the other scientists in the room, and we were shocked at this, how ordinary it seemed to be.


But as much as the commonality of UFO sightings on Mt. Graham’s telescopes intrigued, this was not the primary reason for our being there. We had come with deeper questions concerning high-level Vatican astronomers and what they had been leaking to, and discussing with, media in recent years. Captivating comments from Jesuit priests like Guy Consolmagno—a leading astronomer who often turns up in media as a spokesman for the Vatican who has worked at NASA and taught at Harvard and MIT and who currently splits his time between the Vatican Observatory and laboratory (Specola Vaticana) headquartered at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and Mt. Graham in Arizona. Over the last few years, he has focused so much of his time and effort in an attempt to reconcile science and religion in public forums specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life and its potential impact on the future of faith that we decided to contact him. He agreed to be interviewed from Rome, and over the numerous exchanges that followed he told us some things that seemed beyond the scope. He even sent us a copy of a private pdf, a literal goldmine of what he and the Vatican are considering regarding the ramifications of astrobiology and specifically the discovery of advanced extraterrestrials... in which he admits how contemporary societies will soon “look to The Aliens to be the Saviours of humankind.”

Keep reading the start of the most anticipated new online series here


Nephilim As “Space Saviors”
For Man's Salvation

By Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

In our last entry top Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno stated how contemporary societies may soon “look to The Aliens to be the Saviours of humankind.” [i] To illustrate the theological soundness of this possibility, Consolmago argues that humans are not the only intelligent beings God created in the universe, and, he says, these non-human lifeforms are described in the Bible. He starts by pointing to angels then surprises us by actually referencing the Nephilim:


Other heavenly beings come up several times in the Psalms. For example, look at the beautiful passage in Psalm 89 that calls out, “Let the heavens praise your wonders, 0 Lord, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord? Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord? ... The heavens are yours, the earth also is yours; the world and all that is in it -you have founded them.” Likewise, God asks Job (38:7) if any human can claim to have been around at the creation, “when the morning stars sang together and all the heavenly beings shouted for joy .”

Are these “heavens,” “holy ones,” those “in the sky,” the “morning stars ... and heavenly beings” more references to angels? Or do they refer to some other kind of life beyond our knowledge?

…And these are not the only non-human intelligent creatures mentioned in the Bible. There’s that odd, and mysterious, passage at the beginning of Genesis, Chapter 6, that describes the “sons of God” taking human wives. With it is a frustratingly oblique reference to “The Nephilim ...the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown .”

Most Biblical scholars suggest that the Nephelim and the Sons of God in Genesis can be explained away as a left-over reference to the creation stories of the pagans who surrounded ancient Israel, that they were written by the kind of people whose culture saw anyone Not Of My Tribe as being unspeakably alien. Likewise, the references to heavens and stars singing and praising the Lord can be seen simply for the beautiful poetry that it is.

But whether you interpret these creatures as angels or aliens doesn’t really matter for the sake of our argument here. The point is that the ancient writers of the Bible, like all ancient peoples, were perfectly happy with the possibility that other intelligent beings could exist. [ii]

Read that again, then ask yourself: Did the Vatican’s top astronomer actually mean to use the story of the Nephilim from the Bible as an example of the kind of “space saviors” man could soon look to for salvation? This incredible assertion is only topped by what he says next. In quoting John 10:16, which says, “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd,” Consolmago writes: “Perhaps it’s not so far-fetched to see the Second Person of the Trinity, the Word, Who was present “In the beginning” (John 1: l), coming to lay down His life and take it up again (John 10: 18) not only as the Son of Man but also as a Child of other races?” [iii]

Do Vatican scholars actually believe Jesus might have been the Star-Child of an alien race? Does Consolmagno and/or other Jesuits secretly hold that the “Virgin Birth” was in reality an abduction scenario in which Mary was impregnated by ET, giving birth to the hybrid Jesus? As incredible as that sounds, you should prepare for the unexpected answer as this series unfolds.

All this would seem impossible theology if not for the fact that other high ranking Vatican spokespersons—those who routinely study from the “Star Base” (as local Indians call it) on Mt. Graham—have been saying the same in recent years. This includes Dr. Christopher Corbally, Vice Director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group on Mt. Graham until 2012, who believes our image of God will have to change if disclosure of alien life is soon revealed by scientists (including the need to evolve from the concept of an “anthropocentric” God into a “broader entity”), [iv] and the current Vatican Observatory director, Father Josè Funes who has gone equally far, suggesting that alien life not only exists in the universe and is “our brother” but will, when manifested, confirm the “true” faith of Christianity and the dominion of Rome. When the L’Osservatore Romano newspaper (which publishes nothing that the Vatican doesn’t approve) asked him what this meant, he replied: “How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere? Just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation”[v] and believing in the existence of such is not contradictory to Catholic doctrine. [vi]

Brother Guy Consolmagno with Pope Benedict XVI

Such statements are but the latest in a string of recent comments by numerous Vatican astronomers confirming a growing belief (or inside knowledge?) that disclosure will be made in the near future of alien life, including intelligent life, and that this encounter will not challenge the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

From the 70s through the 90s, it was Monsignor Corrado Balducci—an exorcist, theologian and member of the Vatican Curia (governing body at Rome) and friend of the Pope—who went perhaps furthest, appearing on Italian national television numerous times to state that ETs were not only possible but already interacting with Earth and that the Vatican’s leaders were aware of it. Furthermore, speaking as an official demonologist, he said that extraterrestrial encounters, “are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, and they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.”[vii] He even disclosed how the Vatican itself has been closely following the phenomenon and quietly compiling material evidence from Vatican embassies (Nunciatures) around the world on the extraterrestrials and their mission [later in this research we will disclose the secret alien files the Vatican has been collecting since the 1950s]. For example, at a forum concerning the enormous UFO flap in Mexico, he stated, “I always wish to be the spokesman for these star peoples who also are part of God’s glory, and I will continue to bring it to the attention of the Holy Mother Church.”[viii] Whatever you make of his claims, Balducci was a member of a special group of consultants to the Vatican, a public spokesperson for Rome on the matter of extraterrestrial life as well as UFO and abduction phenomenon, and his assertions have never been contradicted by the Church.

Still, perhaps most intriguing was Catholic theologian Father Malachi Martin who, before his death in 1999, hinted at something like imminent extraterrestrial contact more than once. While on Coast to Coast AM radio in 1997, Art Bell asked Martin why the Vatican was heavily invested in the study of deep space at the Mt Graham Observatory we visited. As a retired professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Martin was uniquely qualified to hold in secret information pertaining to VATT. Martin’s answer ignited a firestorm of interest among Christian and secular UFOlogists when he replied, “Because the mentality…amongst those who [are] at the…highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know…what’s going on in space, and what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years” (emphasis added).[ix]

Those cryptic words “what’s approaching us, could be of great import” was followed in subsequent interviews with discussion of a mysterious “sign in the sky” that Malachi believed was approaching from the north. While this could have been an oblique reference to an end time portent, the Catholic prophecy of the Great Comet, people familiar with Malachi believe he may have been referring to a near-future arrival of alien intelligence. (Interesting note from the authors: When we asked Father Guy Consolmagno what he thought of Malachi’s claims, he seemed actually miffed by the man, saying, “I have heard stories about the late Malachi Martin which make me rather suspicious of statements that come from him. I was at the Observatory in the 1990s, and he never visited us nor had anything to do with us.” This reaction seems consistent with how many other Catholic priests despised Malachi’s willingness to disclose what Rome otherwise wanted buried, especially the Satanic cabal within the Jesuit order Malachi wrote about in his best-selling books.)

Yet, if ET life is something Vatican officials have privately considered for some time, why speak of it so openly now, in what some perceive as a careful, doctrinal unveiling over the last few years? Is this a deliberate effort by church officials to “warm-up” the laity to ET disclosure? Are official church publications on the subject an attempt to soften the blow before disclosure arrives, in order to help the faithful retain their orthodoxy in light of unprecedented forthcoming knowledge?

Writing for Newsweek on Thursday, May 15, 2008, in the article “The Vatican and Little Green Men,” Sharon Begley noted that “[this] might be part of a push to demonstrate the Vatican’s embrace of science… Interestingly, the Vatican has plans to host a conference in Rome next spring to mark the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s seminal work on the theory of evolution. Conference organizers say it will look beyond entrenched ideological positions—including misconstrued creationism. The Vatican says it wants to reconsider the problem of evolution ‘with a broader perspective’ and says an ‘appropriate consideration is needed more than ever before.’”[x]

The “appropriate consideration” Begley mentioned may have been something alluded to by Guy Consolmagno three years earlier in an interview with the Sunday Herald. That article pointed out how Consolmagno’s job included reconciling “the wildest reaches of science fiction with the flint-eyed dogma of the Holy See” and that his latest mental meander was about “the Jesus Seed,” described as “a brain-warping theory which speculates that, perhaps, every planet that harbours intelligent, self-aware life may also have had a Christ walk across its methane seas, just as Jesus did here on Earth in Galilee. The salvation of the Betelguesians may have happened simultaneously with the salvation of the Earthlings.”[xi]This sounds like a sanctified version of panspermia—the idea that life on Earth was “seeded” by something a long time ago such as an asteroid impact—but in this case, “the seed” was divinely appointed and reconciled to Christ.

The curious connection between the Vatican’s spokespersons and the question of extraterrestrials and salvation was further hinted in the May, 2008 L’Osservatore Romano interview with Father Funes, titled, “The Extraterrestrial is My Brother.” In the English translation of the Italian feature, Funes responds to the question of whether extraterrestrials would need to be redeemed, which he believes should not be assumed. “God was made man in Jesus to save us,” he says. “If other intelligent beings exist, it is not said that they would have need of redemption. They could remain in full friendship with their Creator.”[xii]

By “full friendship,” Funes reflected how some Vatican theologians accept the possibility that an extraterrestrial species may exist that is morally superior to men—closer to God than we fallen humans are—and that, as a consequence, they may come here to evangelize us. Father Guy Consolmagno took up this same line of thinking when he wrote in his book, Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist:

So the question of whether or not one should evangelize is really a moot point. Any alien we find will learn and change from contact with us, just as we will learn and change from contact with them. It’s inevitable. And they’ll be evangelizing us, too.[xiii]

But hold on, as this disturbing rabbit hole goes much deeper…

In a paper for the Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science, Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti—an Opus Dei theologian of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome—explains just how we could actually be evangelized during contact with “spiritual aliens,” as every believer in God would, he argues, greet an extraterrestrial civilization as an extraordinary experience and would be inclined to respect the alien and to recognize the common origin of our different species as originating from the same Creator. According to Giuseppe, this contact by non-terrestrial intelligence would then offer new possibilities “of better understanding the relationship between God and the whole of creation.”[xiv] Giuseppe states this would not immediately oblige the Christian “to renounce his own faith in God simply on the basis of the reception of new, unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilizations,”[xv] but that such a renunciation could come soon after as the new “religious content” originating from outside the Earth is confirmed as reasonable and credible.


 “Once the trustworthiness of the information has been verified” the believer would have to “reconcile such new information with the truth that he or she already knows and believes on the basis of the revelation of the One and Triune God, conducting a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”[xvi] How this “more complete” ET Gospel might deemphasize or significantly modify our understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ is discussed in the exotheology section of our upcoming investigative book "ExoVaticana", but former Vatican Observatory vice director, Christopher Corbally, in his article “What if There Were Other Inhabited Worlds” may have summarized the most important aspect when he concluded that Jesus simply might not remain the only Word of salvation: “I would try to explore the alien by letting ‘it’ be what it is, without rushing for a classification category, not even presuming two genders,” Corbally said, before dropping this bombshell:

While Christ is the First and the Last Word (the Alpha and the Omega) spoken to humanity, he is not necessarily the only word spoke to the universe… For, the Word spoken to us does not seem to exclude an equivalent “Word” spoken to aliens. They, too, could have had their “Logos-event”. Whatever that event might have been, it does not have to be a repeated death-and-resurrection, if we allow God more imagination than some religious thinkers seem to have had. For God, as omnipotent, is not restricted to one form of language, the human.[xvii]

That high-ranking spokespersons for the Vatican have in recent years increasingly offered such language acknowledging the likelihood of extraterrestrial intelligence and the dramatic role ET’s introduction to human civilization could play in regard to altering established creeds about anthropology, philosophy, religion, and redemption is set to become more future-consequential than most are prepared for.

And then there is that LUCIFER device at Mt. Graham, which the Vatican denies being connected to but we shall illustrate otherwise later in this series. LUCIFER is curiously described on the Vatican Observatory website as “NASA AND THE VATICAN’S INFRARED TELESCOPE CALLED [LUCIFER]—A German built, NASA and The Vatican owned and funded Infrared Telescope… for looking at NIBIRU/NEMESIS.” [xviii]


Why has the Vatican Observatory website allowed this caption to remain? Nibiru and Nemesis are hypothetical planets that supposedly return in orbit close to the earth after very long periods of time. They have been connected in modern myth with “Planet X” and most darkly with the destruction of planets that some believe occurred during a great war between God and Lucifer when the powerful angel was cast out of heaven. In the book of Job where the prophet details how God destroyed the literal dwelling places of the angels that made insurrection against Him (Job 26:11-13), it specifically mentions the destruction of Rahab, a planetary body also known as ‘Pride,’ from which God drove ‘the fugitive snake.’” Are Rome and other world powers using the LUCIFER device to observe something the rest of us cannot see—something they believe represents this ancient war (or worse, keeping eye on approaching end-times angelic transportation devices/UFOs, something Father Malachi Martin hinted at)? The latter theory is interesting in light of the demonic name of the infrared device. Infrared telescopes can detect objects too cool or far away and faint to be observed in visible light, such as distant planets, some nebulae and brown dwarf stars. Additionally, infrared radiation has longer wavelengths than visible light, which means it can pass through astronomical gas and dust without being scattered. Objects and areas obscured from view in the visible spectrum, including the center of the Milky Way, can thus be observed by LUCIFER’s infrared technology. [xix] But what UFO researchers have fascinated about for some time now is how infrared technology can also be used to spot and track Unidentified Flying Objects in the heavens that cannot be seen with other telescopes or the naked eye. In fact, some of the most astonishing UFOs ever caught on film have been recorded with infrared. What this has to do with the arrival of Petrus Romanus and especially the global leader he will celebrate is beyond disturbing and ultimately imminent.

LBT engineer showing authors the LUCIFER device and
explaining how it uses Infrared to see...?

Coming up next: What VATT is trying to find...



EXO-VATICANA (PART 3) Are 'They' On The Mount?
What if this incorporeal or uncarnate reality is only part of the story? What if in at least some instances there is something more physical than the whispered influence demons can have on the human mind? What if there are tangible human hybrids walking among us; fit extensions for incarnation or embodiment of powerful alien-demonic entities, such as the creatures in the movie “They Live” or the Nephilim of ancient days? Is such a concept too incredible to be substantive? Would you be surprised to learn that some very intelligent people—including academics and scholars—believe (to borrow a line that Carol Anne so ominously expressed in the 1982 film Poltergeist) “They’re here.” And is this secret knowledge why Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno (see entry #2) sent us the story of the Nephilim from the Bible as an example of the kind of “space saviors” man will soon look to for salvation, suggesting that Jesus himself was the product of alien-human hybridity? Among secular and religious researchers today there is a contentious behind-the-scenes debate going on in this regard, which has been growing in intensity over the last few years among those who recognize first of all that genetically modified plants, animals, and yes, humans are now reality (documented in the next entry). Unnatural forms of life first sprang up in ancient days and according to the Bible this is a repeatable phenomenon—that is, human hybridization not only happened in earliest times, but was followed by at least a second wave during the days of Abraham, Moses and the Davidic kingdom, and, more importantly, was prophesied to erupt once more in the latter days. Therefore, we shall show unequivocally that the question is not whether humans were, can be or are being hybridized, but whether alien/demon agencies are involved in the process. If so, does this imply something very uncomfortable, which most of us do not want to think about; that a form of “human” exists that quite possibly cannot be redeemed?



[i]  Private pdf from Guy Consolmagno to Tom Horn outlining the Vatican's position on the arrival of alien saviors [to be provided free with the new book "ExoVaticana" when it is released April, 2013]

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alien eye

Of the “winged humans” and “dragon-like monsters,” J. R. Church once made an interesting point that since this activity was satanic in nature, it refers to the “seed of the serpent” that was at enmity with Christ. “The concept of a reptilian race continues throughout the Bible as a metaphoric symbol of the devil,” he wrote in Prophecy in the News magazine, February 2009. “Later Scriptures add the term ‘dragon,’ with the implication that these other-worldly creatures were designed with the DNA code of a reptilian race.” Church went on to state how some of these satanic creatures were depicted as “bat-like gargoyles, or winged dragons” in ancient art, and that we should not be surprised that “a humanoid-type reptilian race could cohabit with human women and produce a race of giants.” In what could be historical support of Dr. Church’s premise, a document fragment found in Cave 4 among the Dead Sea Scrolls contains an admonition by Amram, the father of Moses, to his children. In a badly damaged segment of the text, Amram sees the chief Angel of Darkness, A Watcher named Melkireshaʿ in the form of a reptilian...

Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious
character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have
to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”

– Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of Fundamental Theology
at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome [Connected With Opus Dei], Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti




EXO-VATICANA (Pt 5): Return Of The Hybrids Posted!
On November 28th, 2012, during the third season of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” the TruTV program looked into “human-animal hybrid experiments that supposedly have gone beyond the Petri dish with rumors that a real-life ‘Planet of the Apes’ is being created.” The producers had contacted Tom Horn of Raiders News Update late in 2011 with a request for help. They wanted to know whether scientists had secretly crossed the Rubicon with regard to human-animal genetic experiments. Though Tom spent numerous hours as a consultant providing documentation and expert witnesses, he turned down repeated requests to meet with Jesse Ventura or to be part of Season 3: Episode 4 “Manimal,” described by Ventura this way…

exo-vaticana skulls


Are "They" Involved With "Them"?

This morning's entry begins...

While religious credo involving incubi and succubi was widespread in mythological and legendary traditions, Sinistrari defied established church
theology on the topic when he wrote: “Subject to correction by our Holy Mother Church, and as a mere expression of private opinion, I say that
the Incubus, when having intercourse with women, begets the human foetus
from his own seed.” ... This occult concept holds potential for deep
deception and near future malevolence, as, according to the doctrine, it was “the original intent of the Supreme God that humans should join in
marriage with the elemental races rather than with each other, and the ‘fall of man’ occurred when Adam and Eve conceived children with each
 other rather than with elemental beings. Unlike humans, elemental beings had mortal souls; hence, they had but one hope of immortality—
intermarriage with humans." Flaherty compares this to modern ET abduction stories and the messages received by those who are part of the
“alien” breeding program: "Through hybridization with humans, ETs of current lore do not seek immortality but rather to avoid extinction.
Historian of religions Christopher Partridge describes how the concept of malevolent ETs is rooted in Christian demonology (belief in evil spirits).
Here, “ET religion” is used to refer to the positive valorization of ETs, who are portrayed not as fallen angels and scheming demons, but as
[like Vatican theologians argue in the upcoming book Exo-Vaticana] our saviors...

Read more now at:  





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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Vatican's Telescope named L.U.C.I.F.E.R.

Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope "Lucifer"

April 23, 2010
The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order, announced today it named its newest high-powered telescopic instrument ‘Lucifer’.

The title says says it all.

The first LUCIFER observations of star-forming regions are giving scientists an idea of the new instrument's enormous potential. This image depicts a stellar nursery in the Milky Way about 8,000 light-years from Earth. Such clouds are typically opaque to visible light. However, infrared light detected by LUCIFER can penetrate the dust.

EXO-VATICANA (Pt 7) -- Close Encounters Of The Skinwalking, Shapeshifting, Demonic Werewolf Kind
Check out the next part in the cutting-edge new series here:
A short excerpt in today's post reads:
Early the next morning, members of the Westmoreland County Study Group arrived at the farm to begin an investigation. They noted that Pulaski’s dog seemed to be tracking something they couldn’t make out in the woods. As they were talking with the young farmer and his father, Pulaski inexplicably began behaving as if he were demon possessed—convulsing, growling, and flailing about. His own dog ran at him, and he attacked it. At the same moment, two of the investigators started feeling lightheaded and were having difficulty breathing. Pulaski suddenly knocked his father down as he fainted onto the ground, face first into manure. When he snapped out of it a few moments later, he started growling like an animal and warned, “Get away from me. It’s here. Get back.” A sulfuric aroma filled the air as Pulaski reported seeing a figure cloaked in all black garbs saying something to him about a man “who is coming to save the world.” Pulaski was subsequently evaluated physically and psychologically and found to be of sound mind and truthful. Numerous witnesses at various phases of the incident also testified that the event actually happened as....

beastly encounters

EXO-VATICANA (Part 8) - Beastly Encounters Continue
Today's entry contains in part...
Up in the tree branches, they could make out a huge set of yellowish, reptilian eyes. The head of this animal had to be three feet wide, they guessed. At the bottom of the tree was something else. Gorman described it as huge and hairy, with massively muscled front legs and a doglike head. Gorman, who is a crack shot, fired at both figures from a distance of 40 yards. The creature on the ground seemed to vanish. The thing in the tree apparently fell to the ground because Gorman heard it as it landed heavily in the patches of snow below. All three men ran through the pasture and scrub brush, chasing what they thought was a wounded animal, but they never found the animal and saw no blood either. A professional tracker was brought in the next day to scour the area. Nothing. But there was a physical clue left behind. At the bottom of the tree, they found and photographed a weird footprint, or rather, claw print. The print left in the snow was from something large. It had three digits with what they guessed were sharp claws on the end...
fairies vaticana

EXO-VATICANA (Pt 9) -- Faries, Changelings, And A False Messiah From Magonia
Today's entry begins...

Stories of anomalous cryptids moving in and out of man’s reality such as described in the previous two entries were once considered fact in ancient times. Early people around the world viewed “them” as coexisting with man and who could be seen whenever the netherworld beings willed it. This included the opening of portals or spirit gateways and the idea that through these openings could come the sudden appearance of werewolves, ghosts, goblins, trolls, and those mythical beings of legend that have an even more interesting connection to modern UFO lore known as fairies. Fairy variety is considerable and listing each type here is beyond the scope of our interest. However, some of them are virtually identical with ancient descriptions of demons including a particular one called the bogie or “bogeyman” who haunts the dark and enjoys harming and frightening humans. These fairies appear very similar to traditional descriptions of “Bigfoot” with the same furry bodies together with fiery red eyes. Other Fairy classifications are practically indistinguishable from the flying witches of Classical Antiquity and the Ancient Near East. Olaus Magnus, who was sent by Pope Paul III in 1546 as an authority to the council of Trent and who later became canon of St. Lambert in Liége, Belgium...
Read the complete entry now at:

Portals, Occultism, And The
Mysterious Men Collins Elite
Following this initial contact with Redfern concerning the government study group, we continued making significant efforts to verify the story concerning the Collins Elite. Tom also agreed to meet with a member of the Collins group and has been told a meeting could occur, though as of this date he is still waiting. Meanwhile our sources in the United States—which extends from US Military intelligence to National Defense employees with both DoD and Intel Top Secret Security clearances—at first came back empty handed. This included our friend Colonel Steve Bauer who served longer as a U.S. Government Military Aide than anyone in the history of the White House under five U.S. Presidents—Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush. Bauer had never heard of the “Collins Elite” and couldn’t locate a single intelligence resource that otherwise would substantiate Redfern’s claims. But we knew, having said that, this didn’t mean the story as detailed in Final Events was untrue. Counterintelligence, Majestic 12 level compartmentalization, and official denial is a well-established part of the government’s past and present protocols when handling questions concerning UFOs and so-called alien abduction activity—a fact that every significant investigator into this phenomenon has run into when trying to separate fact from fiction. So we moved on and checked with one of our international contacts—former director of Britain’s Military of Defense’s department for UFO research, Nick Pope—and was surprised when he cautioned against disbelief and even confirmed the existence of a Collins Elite-like group among Britain’s aristocracy (this is discussed during a Q&A with Pope in the upcoming book Exo-Vaticana). Following this, we reached out to Gregory Richford, a Ball Aerospace contact who works with Advanced Systems & Technologies for Space Control & Special Missions. He too cautioned against doubting the Collins reality and sent us a four-page document, ending with an ominous warning. What follows are just some of the talking points from...

University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope "Lucifer"

University of Arizona,Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope "Lucifer"
Housed at Mt. Graham, critics wonder are the ‘evil ones’ planning a staged end times scenario

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 23, 2010

The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order, announced today it named its newest high-powered telescopic instrument ‘Lucifer’.

There has been a great deal of speculation, among Vatican critics, why in the first place the Jesuit Order was allowed to build a huge stellar observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona – on holy Indian ground – in cooperation with the state-run University of Arizona.

With the naming of Lucifer, critics claim the Vatican has showed its true colors, using God and Jesus as shills for their true master — Lucifer.

According to an article in Popular Science by Rebecca Boyle the “new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born.”

The article went to explain the name Lucifer stands for (deep breath) “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”

“And yes,” according to Popular Science, “it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star.”

However, according to a spokesman for the University of Arizona,it wasn’t meant to evoke any connotations of evil.

Lucifer has three interchangeable cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in different resolutions. It has a large field of view and high-res capabilities, which allow a wide range of observations.

Critics are now shaking their heads even more, wondering why the Vatican would have its own stellar observatory and why they would have the audacity to name a new telescope after the Devil himself.

According to Mitch Battros some people believe “it is for the purpose to monitor a warning presented in the Bible.

Could it be it is named “Wormwood” coming from the New Testament book of Revelation, saying:

“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11 – King James Bible).

Battros added this reference to the end times as well as Mayan prophecy:

“Is it possible the Vatican has the same information as the Mayans? Both speak of an event coming from the center of our galaxy Milky Way. Both indicate a powerful celestial event. But the most important question of all is “when”.

“I do not believe any scientist or focused individual can argue that all of space science and cosmology appears to have a certain urgency for discovery. From galactic ‘charged particles’ to new found asteroids, there is a sense of ‘let’s find it as soon as we can’.”

Here is an article that appeared in the Native American Roots web site, explaining how the Vatican violated Native American holy ground:

For many Native American nations there are certain geographic places which have special spiritual meanings. These sacred places are often portals to the spirit worlds. For the Apache in Arizona, one of these sacred places is Mount Graham: this place is called Dzil Nchaa Si An (Big Seated Mountain) and is mentioned in 32 of the sacred songs which have been handed down through the oral tradition for many generations. It is here that the Ga’an, the guardian spirits of the Apache, live.

In 1873, Mount Graham was removed from the boundaries of the San Carlos Reservation and placed in public domain. The spiritual value of Mount Graham to the Apache was not considered. This action set the stage for conflict a century later.
Ojibwa :: Mount Graham: Science and Apache Religion
In 1984, the University of Arizona and the Vatican selected Mount Graham as a site for a complex of 18 telescopes. The fact that this is a sacred place for the Apache was not taken into consideration. To get around the legal barriers of the American Indian Religious Freedoms Act, the University hired a lobbying firm to put pressure on Congress to remove this, and other, roadblocks. The area in question is administered by the U.S. Forest Service.

The Vatican has an observatory staff which is officially support by the Vatican City State. The Vatican Observatory Foundation is supported by private donations. One of the important duties of the church is to maintain an accurate calendar and this requires astronomical observations. Hence the involvement of the Vatican with astronomy. The first Vatican observatory was established in 1774.

Congress passed the Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act in 1988. In response to lobbying by the University of Arizona and the Vatican, the Act included a provision to allow the construction of three telescopes on Mount Graham without having to comply with the American Indian Religious Freedoms Act or with environmental laws.

The following year the Apache Survival Coalition was started by Ola Cassadore-Davis, the daughter of Apache spiritual leader Phillip Cassadore. The purpose of the Coalition was to save Dzil Nchaa Si An from desecration by a telescope complex to be built by the University of Arizona and the Vatican.

In 1991, the San Carlos Apache Tribe passed a resolution stating that Mount Graham is sacred to them. Furthermore, the resolution stated that the tribe supported the efforts of the Apache Survival Coalition to protect the religious and cultural beliefs of the tribe.

Following the declarations of the sacredness of Mount Graham by the Apache Survival Coalition and the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Vatican in 1991declared that Mt. Graham was not sacred because it lacked religious shrines. Jesuit Father George Coyne, director of the Vatican Observatory, indicated that he could not find an authentic Apache who thought the mountain was sacred. Father Coyne stated that to convince him that the mountain was sacred he would need to see evidence of shrines and that he would not accept Apache oral history or statements by Apache-speaking Euro-American anthropologists.

Father Coyne further declared that Apache beliefs were “a kind of religiosity to which I cannot subscribe and which must be suppressed with all the force we can muster.”

The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona) reports that the Jesuit Father Charles W. Polzer calls opposition to the construction of the telescope complex on top of Mount Graham “part of a Jewish conspiracy” and comes from the Jewish lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union who are out to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church.

In spite of opposition by the San Carlos Apache tribal council, Apache spiritual leaders, and environmental groups, actual construction of the project began in 1991.

With flagrant insensitivity to American Indians, the University of Arizona announced that it intended to name its new telescope on Mount Graham the Colum¬bus telescope in honor of the European explorer. The University was apparently unaware that Columbus is not considered to be a hero by American Indian people. Ultimately, the University withdrew the name following public response against it.

The San Carlos Apache tribal council in 1993 reaffirmed reso¬lutions opposing the construction of the telescope on Mount Graham. The council resolution stated that the telescope “constitutes a display of profound disrespect for a cherished feature of our original homeland as well as a serious violation of our tradi¬tional religious beliefs.”

After meeting with Apache elders and spiritual leaders at the San Carlos Apache Reservation, the National Council of Churches in 1995 passed a resolution calling for the removal of a telescope from Mount Graham.

The President’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation in 1996 declared the entire Mount Graham observatory project to be in violation of the National Historic Preservation Act because of the project’s harm to Apache culture and spiritual life, but the telescope was not removed.

In 1997, the spokesman for the Apaches for Cultural Preservation was arrested for praying on Mount Graham. The Apaches for Cultural Preservation feel that the Forest Service, the University of Arizona, and the Vatican developed the project on Mount Graham knowing that it would violate Apache religious beliefs.

President Bill Clinton, using the line item veto, deleted $10 million in federal funds for the operation of the University of Arizona’s Mount Graham telescope project. San Carlos Apache Chairman Raymond Stanley and the White Mountain Apache Cultural Resources Director Ramon Riley sent letters to the President thanking him for the veto.

Beginning in 1998, the University of Arizona began requiring Indians to obtain prayer permits before they crossed the top of Mount Graham near the University’s telescopes. The University’s prayer policy required that the permit be requested at least two business days before the visit and that it include a description of where on the mountain the prayers will take place. Only people who were enrolled members of federally recognized tribes were allowed to pray.

In 1999, the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic university, announced that it would also build a telescope on Mount Graham. The University president claimed that he was unaware that Mount Graham was sacred to the Apache and that the Apache opposed the desecration of this sacred place. This was in spite of the fact that the building of telescopes on this sacred mountain by the University of Arizona and the Vatican was a controversial issue and had been the subject of many news stories.

In 1999, the White Mountain Apache tribal council passed a resolution urging the U.S. Forest Service to “honor its duties to protect the physical integrity of Mount Graham and its long-standing and ongoing historical, cultural and religious importance to many Apaches.”

Realizing that they were making little headway with the bureaucracies of the American government (Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture) and Congress, the Apaches took their cause to the United Nations in 1999. Ola Cassadore Davis testified before the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. She stated:

We Apache wish to bring to the people of this world a better understanding of Indian people, in order that we are able to preserve and freely live by our traditional culture and religious beliefs.


She asked that the special use permit by the Department of Agriculture Forest Service be terminated. She concluded:

In conclusion, we Apache would respectfully urge this body of the United Nations to recognize and acknowledge that the disrespect and suffering caused by the nations and governments mentioned above be terminated forthwith. We Apache petition you for a resolution consistent with the National Congress of American Indians of 1993, 1995 and July 1999. They stated that the public interest in protecting Apache culture is compelling, and that the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture should accordingly require the prompt removal of the telescopes from Mount Graham.

In 2004, the San Carlos Apache rejected an offer of $120,000 from the University of Arizona, calling it a bribe. Saying that the University had done nothing but tell lies to the Apache people, the San Carlos Apache indicated that they would continue to honor their sacred mountain. One tribal council member indicated that if the University did not have a telescope on Mount Graham they would have no interest in the Apache people.

The conflict over this sacred site is still not resolved. On the one hand it can be viewed as a conflict between two different cultures. On the other hand, it can also be seen as a conflict between science and religion.

The Mount Graham International Observatory is home to three telescopes: the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope, and the Large Binocular Telescope. On their website, their version of the history of Mount Graham focuses on James Duncan Graham and mentions the Spanish Conquistadores. There is no mention of the Apache. Their section on the legal actions necessary for the building of the complex mentions environmental concerns, but there is no mention of the Apache spiritual concerns.

The telescopes sit on land which has been leased from the Forest Service and the lease must be regularly renewed. Efforts by American Indian people and various environmental groups have so far been unsuccessful in convincing the Forest Service to deny the renewal of the leases.
Article from Mount Graham: Science and Apache Religion…

by: Ojibwa
Sat Apr 17, 2010 at 12:51:10 PM PDT

The Jesuits/Vatican Launch New Telescope LUCIFER
In the 3 part video series posted below, it’s broadcast in part 2 at about 5:33 minutes into part 2 that the new addition to the Vatican’s Mount Graham Telescope in Arizona was named “Lucifer” by the German team who built it. We are given ZERO explanation for why the “Father of Lies” is the namesake for this addition to the Vatican’s Arizona telescope. Here are the clips:


Friday, June 22, 2012

Hitler's Pope Signing the concordant of the Third Reich between Church & State: VATICAN-NAZI NWO


Pictured above is Cardinal Pacelli the next Pope (Pius XII) signing the 3rd Reich:
A Marriage contract between Church & State

Pictured above is Pope Pius XII on his Coronation Day, March 12, 1939,
on the EVE of World War II

If there is a 3rd Reich there must be a 1st & 2nd Reich?
read on...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EU OFFICIAL TOWER OF BABEL POSTER PRINTED 1992 & Vatican Calls for World Government



The Vatican Calls for World Government

Forbes - October 25, 2011

The hammer and sickle (☭) are a part of #
communist symbolism
and their usage indicates an association with communism, a communist party, or a communist state.

EU POSTER: Look at the top of the star...

You thought the whole 'EUSSR' thing was over the top?
UK Telegraph -- October 19th, 2012


Monday, October 3, 2011

1st Anniversary of the Signing of the 4th REICH

The 4th Reich is Rising in 1989

(10 Diners - 1996 coin)
Pope crowning Charlemagne (Marriage of Church & State making the State "Holy") on DECEMBER 25, 800 AD Charlemagne is the most important figure of medieval Europe.
The First Holy Roman Emperor (1st Reich).

France 2011 Charlemagne 50 Euro Gold coin (1st Father of the EU) Hammered Style

A profile portrait of Charlemagne, facing left, features The First Holy Roman Emperor (1st Reich).


A depiction of Charlemagne's globus cruciger (Latin for "cross-bearing orb"), the symbol of Catholic rule over the Kings of the earth (Rev. 17:18) as the first Holy Roman Emperor. The dates 768-814 indicate the length of Charlemagne's reign. The denomination and RF, for République Française ("The French Republic") are also indicated.

4th Reich get Out of Greece! 10-10-2012 -- Special forces march in uniform, chant in anti-Merkel protest & the 4th Reich get out of Greece! (VIDEO) -
Marching in formation, they also chanted "Together, together, Nazis get out!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bilderberg Front man Henry Kissinger is Papal Adviser...The Coming Red Dawn...

Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg
June 6, 2011

Swiss People’s Party representative Dominique Baettig... A prominent member of Switzerland’s largest political party has called upon federal authorities to arrest Henry Kissinger as a war criminal if he attends the 2011 Bilderberg conference of global power brokers which is set to begin on Thursday at the Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz…Kissinger, National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State for President Nixon and President Ford, has been accused of being complicit in a number of war crimes in Indochina, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus and East Timor. Numerous activists have attempted to arrest him over the years under the Geneva Conventions Act... Kissinger is a regular Bilderberg attendee and is almost certain to be present in St. Moritz.


Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting when he stated,
“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;
tomorrow they will be grateful.”

david rockefeller kissinger - rockefeller
David Rockefeller speaking at a UN Business Conference, Sept. 14, 1994

Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider
Moscow May 30th, 2011 - Peter Odintsov
(interview with a Swiss banker done in Mosсow 30.05.2011)
Q: In the structure of Bilderberg, is there an inner circle that knows the plans and then there is the majority who just follow orders?

A: Yes. You have the inner circle who are into Satanism and then there are the naive or less informed people. Some people even think they are doing something good, the outer circle…Yes and you know that Bilderberg was founded by Prince Bernard, a former member of the SS and Nazi party and he also worked for IG Farben…As you know they instigated terrorism paid by American money to control the political system in Italy and other European countries…They are ready and able to kill millions of people just to stay in power and in control…They have a new plan to censor the internet, because the internet is still free. They want to control it and use terrorism or what ever as a reason. They could even plan something horrible so that they have an excuse…They use huge amounts of money created out of nothing and they destroy our society and destroy the people world wide just for greed. They seek power and destroy whole countries…

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vatican helped thousands of Nazis escape justice after the war called the Vatican Ratlines

Red Cross and the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape'

UK TELEGRAPH - Friday 27 May 2011-

Templar Knight
red cross
A new book has revealed how the Red Cross (Knights Templar symbol is the Red Cross) and the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis including men like Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele to escape justice after the war. Harvard University, sheds light on just how thousands of Nazis managed to evade detection and start a new life.
Steinacher based much of his book on unpublished documents held by the Red Cross that revealed a system struggling to cope with the millions of displaced people in post-war Europe, and one that could be exploited by fleeing Nazis. The historian estimates the some 8,000 SS men managed to escape to Britain and Canada alone using documents issued to them by the Red Cross …But most fleeing war criminals either headed to Franco's Spain or South America. While the Red Cross provided inadvertent help, the Vatican. The Red Cross also depended upon Vatican references where issuing travel documents.

Remember:  the U.S. brought 1/2 of the missile scientists to America:  The other 1/2 went to Russia.
Did we get the best ones????

12 Jan 2012 ... The U.S. Military rounded up Nazi scientists and brought them to America. It had
originally intended merely to debrief them and send them back ...


11 Oct 2012 ... Dee Finnys blog April 8, 2012 page 191 ALIENS AND THE MOON ..... The U.S.
Military rounded up Nazi scientists and brought them to America ...

7 Feb 2012 ... Nazi Swastika Found In Ancient Antarctica Lake Sparks Russian Fears ... A
shocking Ministry of Defense report on the Russian scientific team ...

22 Feb 2012 ... Also, I would never trust literature sent to me by Neo-Nazi or any extremist hate ...
in ''selective breeding'', just as Hitler and his scientists were.

28 Nov 2012 ... U.S. Antarctic Program scientists were in the northwestern Weddell Sea
investigating the sediment record in a .... Dee Finney's blog February 7, 2012
page 130 WHAT'S UP WITH LAKE VOSTOK? .... Nazi Bases In Antarctica .

Nazi war era criminal pharmaceutical giant that was later broken ...

19 Dec 2012 ... Dee Finney's blog. start date ... Research Scientist 6 Level 2 UAHuntsville for
Pure ..... And we all know where the Nazi's went after WWII. Mari ...

13 Sep 2012 ... Dee Finney's blog ..... The Ascendancy of The Scientific Dictatorship ... The
Scientific Background of The Nazi "Race Purification" Program - US ...

28 Feb 2012 ... Next, he got pulled into the mind sciences project at Montauk. ... conspiracy
theory relates that the funding came from a large cache of Nazi gold ...

Vatican Obelisk
The Vatican has always refused to comment on its wartime activities and has kept its archive closed to the public.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nazis planned European Union Fourth Reich on August 10, 1944


Nazis planned European Union Fourth Reich on August 10, 1944.


1- Jan. 30, 1933
Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany

2- Feb. 27, 1933 Reichstag building burned down

3- March 23, 1933 Enabling Act granted Hitler Dictatorial Powers

vatican signing

4- July 30, 1933
Signing the concordat between Germany & the Vatican creating the 3rd Reich:
The Holy Roman Empire (3rd Kingdom).
nazi zionist coin

5- August 7, 1933
Signing the Transfer Agreement creating a "Zionist Jewish Vatican"

European Union

6- August 10, 1944
Red House Report is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for an Economic European Union Fourth Reich rather than military imperium.
(US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128)

Pope Calls for a New World Order

The Guardian, Friday 2 January 2004 -- In his homily, the Pope said the new world order he wanted "would be able to provide solutions to the problems of today

Pope calls for a new world order

July 9, 2009 --POPE Benedict XVI has proposed a new world political authority "with real teeth", possibly in place of the United Nations, to enforce an ethical financial order and end the global financial crisis.

Nazis planned a Fourth Reich & the EU: Transfer Agreement & Red House Report

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crypto-Jews: Secret adherence to Judaism while MOST adhering to Catholicism...

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue (Church) of Satan." Revelation 3:9

...which say they are Jews,
and are not, but do lie;

but are the synagogue (church) of Satan.
Revelation 2:9

(DOUBLE AGENTS) Crypto-Jews: Secret adherence to Judaism while MOST adhering to Catholicism.
Crypto-Judaism is the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing to be of another faith
practitioners are referred to as "crypto-Jews" (origin from Greek kryptos - κρυπτός 'hidden.'). The term crypto-Jew is also used to describe descendants who maintain some Jewish traditions of their ancestors, often Secretly, and while publicly adhering to other faiths,
MOST commonly Catholicism. &

(Note, DOUBLE AGENT Crypto-Jew maintain some Jewish traditions but have made a secret covenant loyal oath with the Jesuit Reich, The Holy Roman Empire finale 4th Reich)



Monday, May 17, 2010

Nebuchadnezzar's Image = Holy Roman Empire Rules Today

Nebuchadnezzar's Image in Daniel 2:
The different parts of this great statue represents KINGDOMS of this world and Reveals the LAST KINGDOM that will Rule before Jesus Christ comes and Destroys it...
The Holy Roman Empire Rules Today

Beast: King/Kingdom:
“Thus he said, The Fourth Beast shall be the Fourth (Reich) Kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.” Daniel 7:23

“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard (4th Reich, today's EU), and his feet were as [the feet] of a bear (Russia), and His Mouth as the Mouth of a LION (Great Britain): and the dragon (Devil) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Revelation 13:2

Lion is Great Britain and who sits on the throne?

And his genealogy links him back to the Tribe of Judah, the Lion:

“the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David” Revelation 5:5

Only One Qualifies:

"But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ…"
(I Thessalonians 5:1-9)

World’s Largest Optical Telescope Created By German Researchers: Called LBT

100 Hours of Astronomy and Strategic Issues Management Group worked with Firehouse to produce a short program on The Large Binocular Telescope (L.B.T.). The “L.B.T.” Weighs In at 600 tons of engineering perfection atop,-109.871908333&spn=0.1,0.1&q=32.7016305556,-109.871908333 outline: 0; -webkit-transition: all .1s ease-in; -moz-transition: all .1s ease-in; -o-transition: all .1s ease-in; transition: all .1s ease-in;" target="_blank" title="Mount Graham"> Mt. Graham. The “L.B.T.” was one of 80 telescopes around the world participating in the event, which was web-cast over 100 hours on April 2-5.

The “LBT” Goes Up Mt. Graham,-109.871908333&spn=0.1,0.1&q=32.7016305556,-109.871908333 (Mount%20Graham)&t=h" rel="geolocation" target="_blank" title="Mount Graham" style="/* HTML5 / HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 tags all covered in reset */ outline: 0;" type="text/html

The world’s most powerful optical telescope is now operating on southeastern Arizona’s Mount Graham, capturing striking images of objects millions of light years away.


  • The world’s most powerful optical telescope is now operating on south-eastern Arizona’s Mount Graham, capturing striking images of objects millions of light years away.
  • The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) gathers more light than the Hubble Space Telescope and has 10 times the resolution.
  • It took its first images late last year. But only now have pictures taken by the LBT been released – taken in January using both of its 27ft-diameter mirrors.
  • Showing a spiral galaxy – romantically named NGC 2770 – which is located 102 million light years away from our own Milky Way. Colour analysis reveals the temperatures of the millions of stars suspended in the flat disc of glowing gas.
  • Watchful: The Large Binocular Telescope begins its evening observations

    Huge telescopes already exist which operate in parts of the spectrum invisible to the human eye – from low-frequency radio waves beyond infrared to high-frequency gamma rays beyond ultraviolet – but no traditional optical telescope is more powerful than the LBT.

    Watchful: The Large Binocular Telescope begins its evening observations

    1. The telescope is the $120 million crown jewel of the University of Arizona’s Mount Graham International Observatory and has been 20 years in the making.
    2. It is the third telescope to be built on top of the 10,500ft peak, joining the Heinrich-Hertz Submillimeter Telescope and the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope.
    3. The LBT has been partly operational since 12 October 2005 when a single mirror was used to observe a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda.
    4. But with the unprecedented power afforded by its double-mirror configuration, the new device should allow astronomers to probe the universe further back in time and in more detail than ever before.
    5. Its two 27ft mirrors give its the equivalent light-gathering capacity of a single 39ft instrument and the resolution of a 75ft telescope.

    “The images that this telescope will produce will be like none seen before,” said Professor Peter Strittmatter of the University of Arizona.

    First Picture From 102 Light Years Away ~ Galaxy NGC 2770!

    This is one of three images of galaxy NGC 2770 taken with the Large Binocular Telescope Dubbed “LBT” on Mount Graham, Ariz., in January. The telescope used both giant primary mirrors in tandem for this picture of the spiral galaxy, which is 102 million light years beyond our Milky Way. The picture combines ultraviolet, green and deep red light to reveal detailed structure in the galaxy’s hot, moderate and cool stars. (Photo by Large Binocular Camera team, Rome Observatory)

    Seeing double: Two 27ft mirrors make the LBT as powerful as a single 39ft instrument








    25 Aug 2012 ... DEE FINNEY'S BLOG.  
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    23 Feb 2012 ... a gift from the et's - holland late april, 2012.

    TODAY'S DATE APRIL 24, 2012. updated ...

    8 Oct 2006 ... Researcher Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand discussed the arrival of Planet X, ... This blog
    has been created to inform the public about the UFO = subject.

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      Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. VATT is located in Arizona. VATT. USA, Arizona ...
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      The Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) is an astronomical research and ... Technology Telescope, which is at Mount Graham near Safford, Arizona.
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      Jun 22, 2009 – The Vatican Observatory Research Group does workmanlike ... Technology Telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona was published in error.



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