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The Lord has been giving many people warnings about an asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean. Prophet Linda Newkirk has received many revelations in recent days which indicate this event is just days away. I have done my best to string together most of the prophetic warnings I could find. Those familar with the book of Revelation know the Great Tribulation begins with a major earthquake and a 'burning mountain' being cast into the sea, see Rev Chapt 8.


There are so many warnings now out there that it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Be prepared to act quickly, traffic will jam, have fuel, food, clothes and blankets in your car. All coasts facing the Atlantic Ocean can expect severe damage and loss of life. If it happens during the day you may get a few hours warning, at night you may not. From what some have seen you may hear a loud noise or bang in the heavens, or you may actually see strange manifestations of light and thunder high in the heavens, associated with events you will read about further on.

Bill Larkin had an open vision this past May where he saw a wall of water 300 feet high hitting the east coast of the USA and traveling many miles inland. He also saw that parts of the east coast broke off and became submerged. There was some few hours warning, he saw mayhem and gridlock on the freeways as people were trying to get out of harms way, I repeat, he saw this travel a long ways inland destroying everything in it's path, it was not just an ocean front event. Bill saw that Florida was wiped out.


Pastor Augusto Perez had an open vision last January where he knew he was in the Virginia Maryland area. Augusto saw that the people become aware of something happening out to see, he looked out and saw something strange taking place in the water and was then suddenly taken up and out over the ocean where he saw a very large and a very deep hole in the sea. Augusto was able to see down to the sand of the sea bottom and he saw that the water was churning ferociously and he knew it was very ominous. He was then taken back to the shore and placed back on the ground where he began to feel the fear welling up within the people as they became terrified and started running all over the place. He was then taken to higher location where He was able to observe the water come over the land causing great devastation.

Fall of 2005 (John Johnson, United States Prophecy)

I went into a deep sleep and had a dream I was on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. It was night time and I think it was about 2:00 am. I put my foot up on the railing and was looking out over the ocean. There was what looked like a full moon on the horizon. I noticed just underneath the moon was a giant black wall on the horizon. The moon was reflecting white caps off the wall. As I stood there looking out into the Atlantic Ocean I realized that the white caps are from a massive tidal wave heading to shore. It was about 300 foot high. I felt the realization that it was too late to warn the people and the dream ended.

In the fall of the following year, 2006 I had the same dream again. In January 2008, I had the same dream except this time I started running to peoples houses to wake them up and warn them, but it was too late.

(The following hit Steve Quayle’s site on Dec 12, 2012)

Hi Steve,

My name is Mari. I wanted to share with you a dream I had last night. I dreamt there was what I thought was a ghost in my house, I was battling with it (I was afraid) trying hard to cast it out in Jesus name, it wouldn’t go at some point I stopped struggling with him long enough for him to ask me “Why do you cast me out in the name of whom I come?” It was not a ghost, but an angel.

All I could do was listen and a peace filled me and he said “I bring for you a message.” And he pulled out a scroll. As he unrolled it I saw a picture of a horse. The horse was in a running stance, determined. (The white horse in Rev. I believe) under his picture was words written in Hebrew I could not read.

He unrolled the scroll further and there was the first trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. Again he unrolled the scroll further and I saw a second horse. It was angry, reared up on his hind leg punch the air with his front hooves (the second seal, the second horse, the fiery red one) and under him were words written in Hebrew.

One more time he unrolled the scroll and I saw a picture of a second trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. I looked up I could not speak but the question in me asked what is this and the answer came to my heart in unspoken words “It is where we are at; it is NOW!” when I awoke The Lord lead me to Rev chapter 5 and I read from there through the trumpets and understood what I had dreamt. M.

(I do not know who the person is that received the following dream, or the date)


In my dream I heard someone yell, “Gabriel is blowing the trumpet!” and then after this, I saw a huge meteor or asteroid (not sure what the difference is between meteor and asteroid) coming down to an ocean (it was flying from the right side)…it looks like the Atlantic ocean with tall buildings and skyscrapers…it looks like it could be New York (but that’s just my opinion). I saw the deep impact of the meteor hitting the ocean. Then there was a great earthquake and then I saw graves/coffins popping up everywhere. I ask the people around me, “Is this the rapture?” and I woke up.

(I am only posting excerpts of Kato’s visions, please note that Wormwood is the third trumpet, not the second trumpet, Wormwood will come later and it may hit the Pacific)


The Wormwood Star Visions Given To Kato Mivule June 27, 2005

As I was seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting through this past May 2005, The Lord showed me a powerful vision. I was taken to the heavens above the earth and I could see the earth in a distance not so far but clearly. Suddenly I heard a very loud sound and vibration with a very heavy zoom sound coming my way, hundred times louder than that of a Boeing 747 Jet.

I then saw a very huge rock almost the size of the moon zooming past me at a very high speed with a large tail of fire besides and behind it. In The vision I was made to feel the waves of vibrations and the heat it generated that hit me but I was protected. It was like someone was holding me by my collar and snatched me out of its way to a safe distance. I then could see other splintering rocks falling of this huge burning object and catching fire themselves.

I looked where it was headed, I knew it was headed for planet earth and thought well, I hope it lands in the ocean, not many people will die. However, it seemed targeted to the ocean and the United States. I was like, no Lord no! However, it kept its course targeting the ocean and the United States, it seemed as though someone was controlling its path unhindered and sure to hit its target. The vision ended. I shared the vision with a Prayer Warrior Sister who then told me I had a vision of Rev 8:10-11.

(Note by Mark, she was wrong, he was seeing Rev 8;8 not Rev 8;10 You will see from the following vision he received that there are two different events and Kato mistakenly calls the first object Wormwood)


Angels High Tech Room… (Kato)

I was then taken to a room where I saw men around some very high tech gadgets with screens that looked more like flat screen computer panels…but this was very high tech, technology I have never seen before…I knew the men were angels, they were all dressed in white robes and they turned on one flat screen panel and showed me the trajectory of the Wormwood star, then I was shocked to look and behind Wormwood was another star following the same trajectory, just few distance behind Worm Wood and again headed for the Ocean and the United States…they all seemed to have the United States in their path…

At Chiefs Football Stadium…(Kato) (Do not pay attention to the fall timing of the event Kato saw, the Lord has spoke often of delaying events)

I was taken to the Chiefs Football Arrowhead Stadium, here in Kansas City. I knew it was fall and the beginning of the Football Season. In the Vision it looked like evening and the stadium was parked to capacity with everyone putting on their red Chiefs outfits, the stadium was all red as it is normally here with Chiefs games in Kansas City.

The game was going on as usual and suddenly there was a very huge loud bang in the sky…and then a huge object I had seen previously in my May vision lit the sky with red fire and zoomed passed across the sky…with very power vibrations that threw everyone off their sits and shook the stadium…

Everyone in the stadium begun to scream and go hysterical, and run too and fro but could not leave the stadium. The huge ball of fire flew from the east across to the west. I knew it was Wormwood. The Stadium officials seemed to have had a clue about the coming disaster but did not warn anyone and also they locked the stadium doors and no one could go out.

I then saw something amazing, people begun to fall on their knees and pray to God, they knew they were going to die anytime soon. I even saw young toddlers who had come to the game with their parents praying too.

I was then taken back to the blockbuster place and people saw the object and heard the band and vibrations but seemed not to care about it, some said, “ I will die watching a movie”…

Debris more destructive than 2004 Dec Tsunami… (Kato)

After this, I was shown the debris and damage floating all the way on the Atlantic ocean like the force of the moving star caused the debris of destroyed buildings to float all the way from Europe and dumped it at the east coast of America with more excessive damage…I remembered the Tsunami, it looked like very small compared to the Wormwood damage… (Mark note, once again Kato erroneously calls the object Wormwood)


The following dream was recently sent into Steve Quayle….


October 15th 2012 , My dream started with me visiting people at their homes, during the night time I notice noise was outside, so I walked outside and it was a night sky with stars , that where very clear to see, then all of a sudden I saw these Angelic beings by the thousands of thousands flying through the sky but yet they were close enough to see. So in amazement I shouted towards them “ARE YOU ANGELS”.. they would not answer me, then as I was watching I heard this Loud noise as of a Huge explosion in the heavens as of Thunder and out of that noise came Hundreds of meteorites that came from the Sky, and before they landed and hit the earth they were coming down as Fire balls of rock.. and exploded on the earth causing great and terrible damage to the earths surface, People where running around trying to find places to hide but really there wasn’t much room or places for them to hide.. massive quakes started as they hit and massive explosions of fire came as a result from them hitting. Then I woke up.

(Mark note, the man asked if they were angels and received no reply, it may be that they are wedding guests or first fruits, going to, or coming back from the wedding of Matthew 22)

Linda Newkirk prophecy May 31, 2012


But, I tell you now that the foundations of the earth shall be shaken! The earth shall rock! It shall be moved exceedingly. The heavens shall be moved! Back and forth, they will go! The deeps of the earth and the deeps of the oceans shall sigh! They shall move! The stars will be moved! Yes, moved exceedingly!

And, eyes, which can see, will see My hand in all things! For, in the heavens come lights and bodies, which did not previously exist! A dread is upon the planets; for there comes a great upsurge in My power, a great tearing, a great splitting in the heavens! In the cosmos, bitter signs! Two suns! Now, three lights! All foreboding of a terrible upheaval in the earth! A splitting and a cracking! Terrible cracking in the earth! Waves so high! Terrible waves, with some thinking that the waves are as high as the sky!

Oh, so dreadful are the days, which are upon the whole earth; and My hand is outstretched still. What is your choice, oh you wayward ones? Will you love money until death? Will you love the world and what is in it until your death?

Will you remain a slave to the flesh? Will you continue to worship the flesh and all of its earthly pleasures?

I tell you that there comes a snap, a very great snap, like a lightening snap and this snap of light will beat earth! It will burn the earth! It will burn it and will cut deeply into the earth.

A fury! Yes, a fury in the earth! And, the power will blink and fail! Oh, what a tale to tell! A blinking! A dread! So terrible, indeed; for those in the world would not heed My word! They would not listen! They would not obey Me! And, in the dark, they will ponder their choices!

Oh, so great shall be the calamities and the lawlessness, and the violence and the gang warfare! Every man for himself! Every wicked deed, no longer in secret, but open and revealed!” (end excerpt)

To see some amazing photos of these lights that our Saviour speaks of visit

Linda Newkirk prophecy January 2006 (Space Rock hits Atlantic Ocean)


Collision in the Spirit


I heard a very loud noise in the spirit realm and when I looked I saw a very dark wall. This wall was so close that I could almost touch it if I reached out to do so. When I asked our Saviour what I was seeing, He told me that this great collision is the collision of great darkness, which is upon the whole world. I asked Him what He meant by this and He told me great wars, spread of terrible diseases, famines, great upheavals in the Earth and great loss of life will come out of this great collision of darkness!

The Flaming Rock


I looked out in space and I saw a very large rock, which is now headed toward the Earth. It is a monster! Then, I looked in the Spirit and saw this great flaming rock again and it was soaring through the atmosphere! It fell in the Atlantic Ocean and appeared to fall just south, to southeast of Bermuda. At that moment, I knew that when this great rock falls, it will cause tidal waves, which will inundate Florida and may very well cause the great flooding, which I have seen in Arkansas.

For about two months, during this past summer, as I travelled the country roads of Faulkner County Arkansas, I repeatedly saw water in the valleys over the tops of the houses and well up the trees. This was a shocking sight; and I knew that this could not be far off! I do not know when this giant space rock will hit, but I do not believe that it is far off. I am left wondering if the militaries of the world will hit this rock with weapons and blow it apart, with pieces of it falling in different parts of the world. The rock in space appeared bigger than what I saw falling into the Atlantic, but still this rock, which I saw falling into the Atlantic, is very large!

Will the falling of this rock set off the New Madrid Fault and possibly others as well! When this rock struck the ocean, I saw the Earth open up and crack in the above vision! (end of Linda’s post)

As I was writing this post today Linda called me and informed me that she had just heard from the Lord. The Lord confirmed to Linda that He was indeed finishing up preparations for the wedding and that the wedding is very imminent.


Jesus also confirmed there is going to be an enormous explosion of light in the heavens and that it is going to tear up many things and cause a lot of damage in the earth.


(Linda received the following info on Aug 26th 2001 it can be found in Book 7, chapter 7)


"Father, how long?"

"When the sea implodes with the 'burning star,' that is when."

"Is this when I shall take your word into China?"

"This is when you will pass through the open door. Now, proceed."

(The Lord has been showing for weeks now that, 'that door' is now open!)

(The following was given to Linda back in 2002. Caution, this does not necessarily confirm a date for the space rock, it appears to be about the Sun and the power coming into the Manchild. It is plausible however that this solar event may cause a gravitional effect on other objects, such as space rocks.),

excerpts from Book 8 Chapter 16 Prophecies Org

“My Child, you have come to Me this morning asking for understanding of certain calamities, which are coming into the Earth.”

“Yes, my Father and I asked you if you would also make these revelations known to Your people.”

“Yes, My Child, you asked about the date of 2012 and the ancient knowledge of December 21st and 22nd of this year as the ‘end of Earth.’”

“Yes, my Father, I have wondered about this for some time and whether this date is more occult mumbo-jumbo. But, the more I learn of it, the more I read of it, the more I wonder if it is significant.”

“My Child, over and over I have told you that all is not set in stone; but that much depends upon the actions of mankind on this planet.”

“Yes, my Father, You have said these things.”

“Over and over, I have pleaded with you to repent; for through repentance you can change both the timing and the severity of the tide of these events.

“So, My Child, as I showed you, energy from this central sun is traveling into this system via the very large door within the heart of the sun and it is accelerating what already is there, and darkness will be accelerated toward destruction, and light accelerated toward its source. Understand?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“Now, as I have shown you, at some point in time, a final wave will rush through the very heart of this sun. You have seen the date as it has been written millennia ago, … December 21st and 22nd, 2012.”

“Yes, my Father, and my question has been, ‘Is this so?’”

“And, My answer to you is this. If mankind continues in the same destructive course without serious repentance, this will come to pass.”

(Mark Brander note, the Lord has told Linda in recent weeks that this event has been delayed by some days and weeks, it is indeed imminent)


Excerpt from ‘Heavenly Waterwheel’ vision given to Susan O’Marra Feb 2012, This vision is related to certain events in Revelation 8 and also Revelation 12, being quite familar with Linda Newkirk and the story of Revelation 12, I assure these events are extremely imminent)


(Susan’s lengthy ‘heavenly waterwheel’ vision is a very mysterious and is hard to understand unless you are aware of the story of Revelation 12 and the truths about the Holy ‘Manchild’. Though not even understood by O’Marra herself, the waterwheel and the fiery cloud coming together in the vision represents the Manchild coming into his great power and glory which is the Kingdom of God coming into the earth (Rev 12). The vision also clearly links certain events in Revelation 8 to the timing of the wedding in heaven and the judgement associated with the blowing of the second trumpet and the space rock of Rev 8; 8)

Here are some excerpts…


Suddenly the cloud became still. The tempest grew silent, the voices ceased. I also stopped moving. The wheel was still in the cloud, but nothing was happening now. The wind stopped blowing. The air was still thick and heavy with moisture. There was silence everywhere. It was almost eerie. My hair began to stand up on my arms and neck. It was awesome as I waited to see what would happen. Something was happening in heaven. I could feel the anticipation of heaven itself. I waited with my heart pounding. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a door opening somewhere. I could hear the door moving as it opened in it’s casing. There was an inrush of air as if the door hadn’t been opened for awhile.

(Linda saw this door in a vision last night (mid December) and she also saw the Lord preparing to open the door)


Suddenly I was in a room in heaven. I saw many angels busy moving about gathering various things from the tables and cabinets in the room. The room was brilliant and the tables and cabinets gleamed. The angels were very serious, and concentrated on their task. I saw that one angel has a flask and it looked like it has fire burning within it. Another angel had a blue bottle and it looked like water in that one. Another angel has a long tube-like container and it was filled with a golden liquid, which I then knew was oil. Next to that angel stood a smaller angel and this one has a bowl and in it was blood. All 4 angels were carefully holding their containers and moving towards the door with them. I watched them curiously. I wondered where they were going with them.

Rev 8; 5 And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.


“Come and see.” I turned, and an angel stood there smiling at me. I followed him as he went before me through the door out into a large open area. There were multitudes of angels, and saints, and beings and they were all gathering here to participate in something. I didn’t see the Lord, but I could feel him. The angel stopped and turned and waved his arm towards the group who stood with their various vessels. I then saw another angel then come and he held a very large bowl and he came up to the group of angels and he held his bowl out towards them and one by one, each angel poured their container into this large bowl the angel held. The containers all mixed in the bowl and when it did, the result was astounding. The bowl literally exploded. Great ripples seemed to break out through the atmosphere itself. I thought that heaven would be split open by it’s intensity. The bowl shook and flames leaped out as if to engulf anyone near it. But the angel holding the bowl was calm and only smiled.

He then walked over to an area and there was a ledge. He smiled at all of us, and he then poured the bowl out into the sky and the contents blasted and roared and poured downwards. I ran over and looked down to see where the contents went. I saw that below the place we were in the heavens, was the cloud below us and the wheel within that cloud. Evidently the mixed contents were going to hit that cloud. As I watched, suddenly from behind me a great wind blew past me and leaped downward after the mixture that was speedily lunging towards the cloud. The wind caught up with the mixture and when the wind hit it, it broke up into a million flames that fell violently downwards. Each little flame had the wind within it now. Millions of flames that roared with a great wind within them.

I watched flames hit the cloud and when they did a great storm broke out as the cloud was filled with wind and fire and blood and oils, and water. Suddenly shouts and singing and laughter, and prayer broke forth from within the cloud and it exploded like a volcano. When it did this it poured live molten lava or a fiery rain and poured down over the waterwheel that was in the cloud. The wheel spun and roared as the liquids fiercely flowed over it and raced towards the earth below. I was so excited by this that I wanted to see what happened when it hit the earth. Suddenly I found myself back where I was hovering in the sky watching the fiery rain coming from the turning wheel ever so much closer to the earth. I could still hear the shouts, and singing, and laughing and prayers within each drop. It was amazing! Each drop had it’s own voice, and wind within it.

The flood of waters were churning even more as they raced towards the planet below. It seemed like the earth began to anticipate it’s nearness because it began to shake and to vibrate with the same intensity that the approaching flood had. I could see that the people on the earth were shaken by the quaking and many were awakened by this upheaval. The closer it got the more the waters increased. It almost looked like one massive wave of churning brilliant lights and colors and sounds all flowing within itself. The earth began to have earthquakes and storms below. The very atmosphere of the earth was reacting to the flow from heaven. The atmosphere was charged with electricity. Most of the earth’s people ran and hid where they could because of the upheavals in the earth and the storms.

I could see some people did stand outside to see what was happening. Suddenly I was also standing among those on earth. I was also looking up with them. I could not see the rains yet, but I could feel them as they neared. The people around me grew quiet, and they suddenly many of them fell to their knees. Many were singing, some were shouting, some were laughing, and all were crying. I looked back just in time to see the most awesome sight. The waterwheel was just above the earth and the storm of water, blood, fire, and oil was a massive wave of roaring, pulsating life was just about to hit us. I began to shake almost violently now, and everyone was shaking too. I began to burn inside and it felt like burning love filled me. I could actually feel wind blowing inside of me. I felt alive, and bubbling inside like I had never felt before. I looked at my hands, and oil was coming out of them. I looked up and the massive wave hit us that were watching. -The vision ended.

PS If you live in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean you may soon die if you do not get out of harms way. You need to understand that all of your sins are imprinted upon your soul and that you will have to pay a terrible price in hell for every single one of them. The churches have lied about salvation. Yes Jesus died for our sins but we are not forgiven them unless we bring each and every one to Him in sincere repentence, on our knees with great remorse. Turn to Jesus now and repent of every sin you can possibly think of, make a list if need be. Forgive others, many have been seen suffering in hell because they would not forgive others. Visit and read of the dozens of testimonies of hell, it is a very, very terrible place. I have been a terrible sinner myself and have been working out my salvation before the Lord for a long time. It takes work my friends.

Mark Brander



Dee, This is important because there is something incoming right now ---I can’t put my finger on it –but I know that

it is supposed to be “missed” by us…..



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Subject: [TimeStar] To be or not to be a meteor - what the hey is going down???

Krsanna Duran

The Human Odyssey

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TimeStar Earth

Atlantis Phoenix

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Keep an eye open for fireballs. We are in an Orionid meteor shower but something else is coming in too. See asteroid hit in San Mateo, California below.

Note that TimeStar posits a high possibility of an asteroid hit at or near the Antarctic in 2013.

Best regards,


ORIONID METEOR SHOWER--TODAY! Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Forecasters expect ~25 meteors per hour when the shower peaks on Oct. 21st. No matter where you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Sunday morning. Observers in both hemispheres can see this shower. [video] [full story] [NASA Chat] [meteor radar] [sky map]

On Oct. 19th, as Earth was making first contact with the debris stream, NASA's All-sky Fireball Network recorded 10 Orionid fireballs over the southern USA. Their orbits are color-coded baby blue in the diagram below:


The location of Earth, where all the orbits intersect, is denoted by the red 'splat.'

Not every orbit in the diagram is an Orionid. The orange and green ellipses correspond to random meteors not associated with Halley's debris stream. If you watch the sky for a few hours on Sunday morning, you are likely to see a few of these 'sporadic meteors' among the dozens of Orionids. Happy meteor watching!

Realtime Meteor Photo Gallery

METEOR MAKES LANDFALL: A small asteroid that exploded over the San Francisco Bay Area on Oct. 17th, shaking houses with its sonic boom, might have scattered pieces of itself on the ground. That's the conclusion of Peter Jenniskens of the NASA Ames Research Center. He triangulated data from a pair of meteor surveillance cameras to determine the fireball's trajectory, denoted by the black arrow in the map below:


"The asteroid entered at a [relatively slow] speed of 14 km/s. There's a good chance that a fairly large fraction of this rock survived and fell somewhere around the North Bay," says Jenniskens. "Much more accurate results will follow from a comprehensive study of the video records. Now, we hope that someone recovers a meteorite on the ground."

In the map, red dots represent the surveillance cameras Jenniskens used to calculate the trajectory. The black arrow traces the asteroid's path; 85 km and 39 km are the altitudes of the asteroid at the two ends of the arrow. Jenniskens adds that "39 km is not the end point, but the final bit captured by the San Mateo video camera." The disintegrating asteroid continued beyond the tip of the arrow for a possible landfall somewhere north of San Francisco. Stay tuned for updates on the meteorite hunt.

Note: This was not an Orionid.




Planet X is probably pushing and pulling a debris field along with it, which could cause further problems such as dislodging asteroids, stated Rand. He believes ...





Near Earth Asteroids
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.
On October 21, 2012 there were 1339 potentially hazardous asteroids.
Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:
Miss Distance
2012 TE79
Oct 17
5.7 LD
20 m
1998 ST49
Oct 18
28.7 LD
1.3 km
2012 TD79
Oct 18
7.2 LD
60 m
2012 UE
Oct 19
2 LD
9 m
2012 TP231
Oct 22
5.8 LD
44 m
2012 UF34
Oct 22
2.8 LD
51 m
2012 US18
Oct 22
1.6 LD
8 m
1991 VE
Oct 26
34 LD
1.1 km
2012 UW9
Oct 29
9.4 LD
31 m
2001 CV26
Oct 30
68 LD
2.4 km
2007 PA8
Nov 5
16.8 LD
2.4 km
2010 JK1
Nov 25
9.3 LD
56 m
2009 LS
Nov 28
55.2 LD
1.1 km
2009 BS5
Dec 11
8.4 LD
15 m
4179 Toutatis
Dec 12
18 LD
2.7 km
2003 SD220
Dec 23
59.8 LD
1.8 km
1998 WT24
Dec 23
69.2 LD
1.1 km
Notes: LD means "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.



On February 15, 2013 there were 1381 potentially hazardous asteroids.
Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:
Miss Distance
2013 BS45
Feb 12
4.9 LD
29 m
3752 Camillo
Feb 12
57.5 LD
3.4 km
2013 BV15
Feb 13
3.7 LD
60 m
1999 YK5
Feb 15
49.1 LD
2.1 km
2012 DA14
Feb 15
0.09 LD
65 m
2013 CE82
Feb 17
4.6 LD
44 m
2013 CZ87
Feb 19
7 LD
28 m
2009 AV
Feb 25
59.7 LD
1.0 km
2007 EO88
Mar 18
4.4 LD
23 m
1993 UC
Mar 20
49 LD
3.8 km
1997 AP10
Mar 28
45.9 LD
1.8 km
2010 GM23
Apr 13
3.9 LD
50 m
2005 NZ6
Apr 29
24.9 LD
1.3 km
2001 DQ8
Apr 30
74.3 LD
1.1 km
Notes: LD means "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.

Essential web links
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
The official U.S. government space weather bureau
Atmospheric Optics
The first place to look for information about sundogs, pillars, rainbows and related phenomena.
Solar Dynamics Observatory
Researchers call it a "Hubble for the sun." SDO is the most advanced solar observatory ever.
3D views of the sun from NASA's Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Realtime and archival images of the Sun from SOHO.
Daily Sunspot Summaries
from the NOAA Space Environment Center
the underlying science of space weather
Space Weather Alerts


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    On January 17, there were 1092 potentially hazardous asteroids. Notes: LD ... MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.

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    Jun 10, 2009 – It can't be an asteroid or comet we don't think because it's trajectory and speed keeps changing. Many scientists are heading for the antarctic to ...

    Impossible to nudge earth into different orbit!

    Jun 27, 2001 – The team says that by shooting a large object (such as an asteroid about 62 miles across) past the Earth, the planet could be gradually pulled ...


    The longitudinal (East-West) position of celestial bodies (i.e. planets, asteroids, etc.) is measured along the ecliptic. Signs. The Signs are units of measurement ...


    Aug 12, 2003 – bare rocks or molten asteroids yet and there was no life, as humans .... The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter is presumed to be the ...

    ASTEROID PREDICTION FOR 2006 .... Asteroid 2006 AM4 Near-Earth Flyby (0.014 AU) M 15.5 ... - ...

    I said, we are entering a time of asteroid activity which will last for a time and then ... One important thing, when I watched the asteroids fall I felt within me that ...

    Mar 3, 2008 – An asteroid that behaves something like a second Moon to Earth will make its closest approach to our planet next week before shuttling back ...

    The model has been closed. Especially when day 17 of 2009 July, Basket affirms in a press note, That” the Asteroid belt can very have formed far from the sun “.
  6. NASA Unveils Plans for Comet

    Mar 27, 2005 – Although most of the material analyzed by the Livermore team clearly resembles the stuff of asteroids, something less 1 percent of the grains ...
  7. Hyper Dimensional Physics

    There should be asteroids all over the solar system. ... Moreover, these asteroid belts, which should correctly be called lunoids, are the remnants of moons and ...

    Nov 27, 2009 – About 6 month later the second Asteroid approached us hitting the earth ..... Surveys show that as many as 185 large asteroids or comets hit the ...

    ... return of Nibiru. As we have said before, ... Either the asteroid will hit Earth or that Nibiru has come to take over Earth ...  - ...
  1. Number

    "and the node of the Trojan asteroids. Next, there are the wave ratios that shape and govern sea waves (groups vs. single waves), dunes, snowdrifts, tides, ...
  2. CYGNUS X 3

    [Blue] Within your next few years, especially next year you will have clusters of asteroids been attracted to your sun/earth system as your sun fluctuates at it's ...

  4. Dee Finney's blog - November 5, 2011 page 62 - MALDEC?

    The remains of Maldec is now the Asteroid Belt found between Mars and Jupiter. .... bare rocks or molten asteroids yet and there was no life, as humans ...

    Another review I found was this: In the last couple of years we've had man against earthquakes, volcanoes, cave-ins, asteroids and now forest fires.
  6. Dee Finney

    We are IN a momentous shift which is marked by flying asteroids (YU55), solar ... Some believe Phobos is an asteroid captured by Mars' gravity, while others ...
  7. Baffling Lunar Illusion

    With the realization in the 1980s that impacts (of comets, asteroids, etc.) ... There was, however, a planet orbiting in the place of what is now the asteroid belt.
  8. THE STRANGE 5/4/98

    May 4, 1998 – This suggests that a small asteroid exploded in the atmosphere, ... In late 1997 funds for a program to detect asteroids that might collide with the ...

    Dee Finney's blog - August 3, 2011 - page 15

    Aug 3, 2011 – In the summer of 1998, Americans raced into movie theaters for not one, but two major Hollywood productions featuring giant asteroids about to hit earth ...

    Dee Finney's blog April 24, 2012 page 205 THE SUN AND PLANET X


    Dee Finney's blog August 6, 2012 page 265 ASTEROID 2012 DA 14

    Aug 6, 2012 – The near earth asteroid 2012 DA14 discovered last year is not going to hit Earth next year, scientists say. Phew. And yet, it will still be coming in ...

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