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I went to my meditation chair to lay down and close my eyes and this is what happened.

3-3-13 -

After a moment, I saw someone pick up a black and white kitten by the nape of the neck and the kitten went stiff and the person dropped the kitten on the ground and it fell over dead.

I then saw the name 'Gouldburgh'.

A moment later, again I saw a person pick up a black and white kitten by the nape of the neck and the kitten went stiff and the person dropped the kitten and it fell over dead.

I then saw the name 'Goldberg'.

I then fell asleep and found myself in my own house wearing a 'blood red' bathrobe and my hair all askew because it was early morning and I hadn't had my coffee or breakfast yet, or a shower.  I had just woken up to a houseful of noisy teenagers who were arguing about somebody.

As it turned out, a teenage girl was there and the other teens, mostly boys, were yelling at the girl for killing the kittens.

 So, I sleepily asked the kids what was going on and in her own defense, the girl turned to me and yelled, "It's your fault!"

All I could say in return was , "WHAT???" being absolutely dumfounded.

She then said, "I killed the kittens because you killed my Father!!!"

Again, I said, "WHAT????" I was awake now even without the coffee and said, "You are accusing me of killing your Father and that's why you killed two innocent kittens???"

She looked right into my eyes and hissed, "YESSSSS!!!"

I couldn't believe what I just heard her say, so I had to repeat myself to her.  "You are accusing me of killing your Father and that's why you killed those innocent kittens?"

She stared at me and hissed again, "YESSSSS!!!!"  She was furious and I was furious. (TAMASISK - ANGER)

Then I looked the girl in the eyes in return and said, "I didn't kill anyone, much less your Father!"

She responded with her eyes looking down at the ground, "Well! Someone did!"  She was now very sorry she had accused me and yelled at me, but didn't apologize for accusing me of killing her Father.

The other teens had heard our verbal exchange and obviously hadn't known about the girl's Father being killed and that it was 'My' fault.

Now they were even more upset and someone grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her out of the house so there wouldn't be any violence between us more than just our words.

I then remembered I wasn't dressed yet and went to my bedroom to get dressed before I embarrassed myself in front of the teens.

A short time later, my husband decided we should get out of the house, so we got into the car and drove to the end of the road where there was a 'T' intersection.

Right on the opposite side of the road, directly in line with the road was built a brand new house, dark brown log cabin style, two stories tall with a large porch on the front and a brown roof that slowly rose upward towards the center like a grandstand would be.

On top of the roof sat several people at a long table, with a woman at the center with multiple microphones in front of her.

The men on the roof were preparing for a radio and TV interview of the woman and must have been expecting a large crowd of people to appear. At the moment, there was only I and my husband driving by.  Not even any other cars.

Next to the woman was a white sign with the woman's name on it in large letters.  It said, "KELLY POTTS".

Because it was quiet outside, I opened the car window quickly when we got to the 'STOP' sign and yelled up to the woman who I didn't know, "I'm pulling for you Kelly!"

The woman ignored me and didn't even look up.

Thinking she didn't hear me, I then yelled up to her, "I'm praying for you Kelly!"

Again, she didn't respond in any way and neither did anyone else.

I said to my husband, " I guess she didn't hear me!" and he turned right and I woke up.


NOTE:  I decided to look on our own website if I had ever written about someone named Kelly and found 15 pages.

I then added the word 'killed' and now there were 11.

So I added the word 'Father' and right in front of me was this one:  RITUAL MAGIC -  JOHN DEE - THREE MURDERED POPES

Without the word Father was  TERRORISM - A DARK KNIGHT RISES:

There were many fathers affected by those killings.

The furious ANGER that the two of us experienced, I've written about before as well:  TAMASISK

With regard to the name Potts, Joe Mason's ancestor Thomas Henry had  survey done of some land in Virginia by a Jeremiah Potts before purchasing the land - and this was related to trying to prove that Joe was related to Patrick Henry because he looks just like him - nose and all, not to mention that Joe can talk for hours on any topic just like Patrick Henry used to.  However, Joe's paternal DNA does not match the DNA of Patrick Henry which was a big disappointment to the family.  Joe, however, couldn't be tested because his family heritage is through a woman - his grandmother Zora Henry Curry.

The other Potts that could be related to this dream is this one: WITCHES AND WARLOCKS

The Samlesbury witches were three women who were said to be witches, murderers and cannibals. They were tried in the village of Samlesbury in Lancashire. Their trial on 19 August 1612 was one of a series of witch trials held over two days. It is among the most famous in English history.[2] The trials were unusual for England at that time for two reasons. First, Thomas Potts, the clerk to the court, wrote about it in his The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster. Secondly, the number of people found guilty and hanged was high, ten at Lancaster and another at York. However, the three Samlesbury women were found not guilty of witchcraft. Some of the accused were burned alive and hung.

A general search of shows 22 Kelley Potts associated with the words 'killed' and 'Father', but not necessarily in that order.

A general search of shows only 1 incident of a doctor named Goldberg accused of killing a kitten at a veterinary office and that was by accident.

Other searches included Whoopi Goldberg who adopted a kitten (she was chosen out of hundreds of people who wanted to adopt the kitten which was thrown out of a car window on a freeway in New York City. Apparently, they gave the kitten to Whoopi because her Mother had just died and she was grieving for her Mom.


Joe Mason and I have spent two days trying to analyze this dream.  I may have another dream about this topic (I usually do) but in the meantime, I want to get these ideas down on paper.

Joe did the gematria on the name Kelly Potts 

Kelly equals 

Potts equals

4 March 2013, 6:12 AM
Kelly means war or warrior. This may connect with Michell's dream of Joan and loading the station wagon at the grocery store. Joan wanted to take her job. I was thinking of Joan of Arc, the warrior woman.
Kelly Potts has 5 letters each, which fits with Kabalism [Binah (sphere 3) & Shekinah (sphere 10].
Kelly = 65
Potts = 90
Kelly Potts = 115
Note the multiples of 5.
65 = 5 x 13
90 = 5 x 18
115 = 5 x 23
13 + 18 = 31
13 x 18 = 234 (Wow! The angle to the Moon glyph of the Barbury Castle crop formation, with its 666 tangent, and the coincidental connection to Revelation 13:18.
Kelly as war fits with Geburah/Judgment, with its Mars association.
The two Jewish names, which include the word, Gold, are suggestive.
Gouldburgh = 115 = 5 x 23 (Wow! Same as Kelly Potts)
Goldberg = 70 = 5 x 14
14 + 23 = 37, the triplet multiplier
Multiples of 5 appear again. Five also fits with the Pentagon and pentagram, as with the Bythorn Mandala. It relates to the Kali Yuga time cycle.
Dee and I discussed the killing of the father in terms of the Lion King and Egyptian symbolism.
We also talked about transmuting the warring attribute. I mentioned it in the article about Wolf/Dog symbolism. I searched and found that I have the full quote on two pages --
Communion 2012
The Stunning Noosphere Meaning
The Cosmic Christ Consciousness Rings the Earth
Excerpt from:

11:11 - The Audio - Interview of Joseph Mason
Transmuting the Warring Attribute In 1991 I read "The Quartus Report" Number 6, of John Price. In an article titled, "Spiraling Toward Victory," John quoted from "Watchers of the Seven Spheres, published in 1933. Mystic H. K. Challoner transcribed the "consciousness" of the cyclic force we are currently dealing with, the Angel of Sardis (Rev. 1:20), also called, "Lightning." This is an excerpt:
"He who can learn to cup my power within the little chalice of his mind, he who can transmute my elements, my warring attributes, through his own heart's centre, discerning in them th' eternal harmonies of those great Cosmic Forces which oft to men appear destructive, on him my gifts descend."
That seems to be part of what we are learning in the time cycle . . . to "transmute the warring attribute," via the Heart chakra connection.
I hyperlinked that part --
The T intersection with vehicles fits with other dreams. I think it represents the crossroads in the Tree of Life, where the Tower Card path crosses the central descending path.
The log cabin style house with grandstand like roof, may represent the central quintuplet set of the Tree of Life, associated with the Bridegroom, Zer Anpen.
Goldberg Name Meaning German: habitational name from any of numerous places named Goldberg.Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name, a compound of German Gold ‘gold’ + Berg ‘mountain’, ‘hill’, or occasionally a habitational name of the same origin as 1.
I couldn't find a name meaning for Gouldburgh. Burg means castle in German.


3-05-13 -  3:05 a.m. - I was living in an apartment in Milwaukee, and my Uncle Roy and his chubby teenage daughter was there.

She was complaining that she didn't like working all the time.  (This had something to do with things that were solid were not and things that were not solid looked solid and had to be moved around by hand) 

So I had a discussion with Uncle Roy (who served in WWII in Guadal Canal and fought in the jungles and came home with foot rot, and became an alcoholic and died at the age of 57 of Cirrhosis of the liver)  about why his fat daughter couldn't work, when women who raised several children had to care from them all day and work at jobs besides.

I was looking up at a shelf in the closet that was supposed to be empty, and on the shelf, way in the back was a pile of toothpicks that had gotten scattered around and had a bunch of mouse turds on them, and this had to be cleaned up.

I then reached down by the floor boards and found a bottle of india ink and wrote on my leg something about this  - like a ink tattoo, and my Uncle Roy reached past me to pick up a stray toothpick and got some ink on his face, and now he had an ink mark on his face like I had on my leg ... and he didn't know it and I didn't want to tell him or he'd get mad at me, so I woke up instead.

note: I've had 6 previous dreams about my Uncle Roy - here is one:



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