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6-13-13- DREAM - I was living in a small wooden house somewhere that had wrap around porch and two doors into the livingroom. 

I was with my small children (I don't know whose children - not really mine)

I don't recall what I was doing while I was watching the children, but the radio was playing over by a window with nice music on with no words to it.

A little chubby girl came to one of the doors and asked to play with the children.  I recognize her as Angela, a little girl I knew in Washington State, who was loud and obnoxious but her mother and I were friends and I was stuck with her child then while her mother was doing something else of value.

Finally, the mother came to the door (not the real mother of Angela)  and she had some writing materials with her and said she was writing a book and wanted to know if I wanted to hear some of it. (This woman was about 5 feet tall with short dark hair, and I've dreamed of her before, but I don't know her name.  The closest I can come is the mother of one of my daughter's childhood friends, but I can't remember her name either.  She lived on the hill behind our house.  She became a local political expert with women voters.)

I said, "Sure!  I bet if you tell me who the characters are, we could write totally different stories about the same characters."

She agreed, and moved over to the radio to turn it off so she could tell me her story, and she broke off the tuning dial in the process so I could not only not change the station in the future, the radio continued to play non-stop.  So, I pulled out the plug from the wall, and the music continued to play anyway and I had no way to stop it, so she couldn't tell me her story.

The little chubby girl decided to take one of my kids pull toys outside, so I followed her outside, and the little girl decided to pull it out into the country and we went through a deep canyon that was grassy.  I noticed now that she had a little baby in the pull toy wagon, and the way the canyon went - you could continue on through the bottom, or take the path that was a little farther up on the side of the canyon.  (The feeling of this grass - the softness was similar to the brown chair I was sitting in while dreaming.)

As it went, I took the high path and the little girl took the low path, which was not a good thing, so I decided to slide down the grass to get onto the low path for the sake of the baby in the wagon, but as soon as I did, she came up to the high path just as I started to slide down the grass.

By then, I couldn't stop myself and it was farther down than I expected it to be, but the grass was soft and slowed my downward progress so it didn't hurt me.  But then the girl was on the high path and I was on the low path.

I somehow got separated from the girl and came to a house that was rather like a pavilion for women to go to the bathroom.

Since I had to go to the bathroom by now anyway, I decided I would go pee as long as I was there.

However, when I went into the bathroom, there was a long stall made by a short piece of grey tarp about 5 feet tall, and when the young woman out from behind the tarp, I went behind it, and there was no toilet.  There was a sink on one end - a small one - and a large jacuzi tub on the other end, and one doesn't go pee in someone else's beautiful jacuzi, so I decided to use the sink.

As it happened, the sink was metal and removable, so I was able to take the sink off the counter (I hate those new styles of sinks by the way) and I went to pee in it and noticed I was wearing a bright yellow smock dress with tiny flowers and leaves all over it.  I had to take it off to pee so I wouldn't get it wet, trying to pee into it. 

Just then, another woman came in and saw the empty sink in my hands and took it away from me so she could use it, and I woke up still needing to go pee.

NOTE:  There are a lot of clues in this dream. 

The Angel girl (Angela)  loud and unstoppable.

The Author woman with a story to tell

The radio playing unstoppable music and the tuning not being able to be stopped.  See:
it's akin to ascension of consciousness and of earth which is universal (not just earth)

The Baby (mother with child)

The High Road and the Low Road

The yellow dress (third chakra)

Needing to go pee:  See:


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