There is more to the story than meets the eye!


compiled by Dee Finney


2-16-06 - I don't normally make comments prior to the dreams because they seem to speak for themselves, but these two dreams are so similar, that I was forced to find out why I was having this particular dream symbol -  the FOX


1-16-06 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere, driving from one place to another. My car had a single red spotlight on the front of it which shone down onto the ground right in front of it.

From high up in air, I saw myself driving the car through a heavily forested area, cross a highway onto a parkway, make a U turn because there was a lot of water on that side of the highway and then quickly drove back to the highway where I saw an open convertible car. In the car was a young blond woman, witting up, who was in heavy labor. She was screaming to her husband to call ahead to the hospital to "Tell them that Nellie was coming" as she was pulling off her pants because she was going to deliver the baby right in the car as they were speeding along.

I then drove to my friend's apartment building which was on a high hill and behind the building was a steep staircase with no railings and people who came out of that building had to balance themselves carefully as they walked down those stairs into the parkway below it.

I then went home and called my friend on the phone and her husband answered. I asked him, "Do you have a long stairway on the back of your building?"

He acted surprised and answered, "We have 15 buildings here and we have many lakes in the area. How would you know that?"

I said, "I dreamed it."

He appreciated that and I could see their place from so far a distance.

In the room I was in, I had a plaster statue of a man who was tall and dressed in blue clothing. At his feet sat a little red fox looking up at the man expectantly.

A woman in the room said, "There is a Hindu tradition that tells the story of a man who delivers (gives birth to) 4 infants out of green water, and placed them in a tank of special water and tries to get them to survive. For those who don't live, the fox gets those."

I didn't understand what that myth meant.

So I took the statue with me to a group meeting that my psychiatrist friend was having.

It was a rather small room with a large brown table in the center and chairs around it for 12 people. There were people sitting in all the chairs and a young man standing by the wall. There was no room for me to sit either as all the chairs were full.

The psychiatrist's female supervisor stood behind her observing the group.

There were 4 windows behind the psychiatrists and I could see a long distance out the windows and it was bright and sunny out. It seemed like a country setting beyond - not a city.

I didn't want to speak first, so I carried my cloth covered statue over to a small side table at the far side of the room and set it down because it was heavy and stood almost 3 feet tall.

I nudged the elbow of the young woman sitting closest to me to look at what I was doing while another young woman, wearing a bright yellow sweater stood up to tell her dream to the psychiatrist for her interpretation.

I lifted up the cloth enough to show the woman next to me the little fox sitting at the man's feet, and the woman gasped in delight to see it and she quickly and happily, "Awww! B'rer Fox!"  and she smiled at me.

A few minutes later, someone whispered to me, "Boy! Are you lucky you had that statue covered. There were 4 judges out in the hall who were about to walk in and they would have had to judge your dream and your myth and that would have been a tough situation.


NOTE: Nellie is a nickname of Helen and means "Light!"

Uncle Remus recounts an anecdote of Brer Rabbit laughing his head off just before he is about to be roasted alive over a fire by Brer Fox: he introduces The Laughing Place. After three foiled attempts in futility of trying (1) to capture Brer Rabbit by a rope hanging from a tree, (2) to fool Brer Rabbit with a tar baby placed atop a log, and (3) of allowing himself to be taken into a wood swarming with bees, both Brer Fox and Brer Bear realize that they have been duped, outwitted, and outsmarted by the cleverest of rabbits ever to hit the silver screen. Brer Rabbit ends up making the hornets' nest caper his laughing place, not theirs. And Uncle Remus points out that we all, adults and children alike, have to find our own Laughing Place. Now isn't there such simple, clear wisdom to be found in Uncle Remus' recommendation? All people, not just Johnny and Ginny, need to find a refuge wherein they can enjoy life, laugh a bit, and forget their concerns.

Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby

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Joe and I have long noticed that the symbol of the rabbit occurs in unlikely places ...
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2-16-06 - DREAM - I was in this big old house.  It was so large, it had a forest inside the house.

One tree in the forest had bird nests in it - like Baltimore Orioles make their nests.

A man came and wanted to look into the next, so he pulled on the branch and took the nest down.  I looked inside and there were three half grown chicks in the nest with their mouths open like they were starving.

I knew that someone would have to take care of these chicks so they didn't die, now that the nest had been removed from the tree.

Then I noticed there was a small fox sitting by my feet, staring up at the nest in the man's hands.

Then I noticed there was a lot of dry leaves all over the forest floor, so I decided to burn them. The fire got out of control and spread very quickly. Nobody came to help put out the fire, so I grabbed a glass of milk that was handy, to put out the flames where it reached the wall of the house and put out those flames.

Then a dark-haired woman came and said to me, "La Morte LeSieux" 

(I saw in a vision how it was spelled)

NOTE: I went on the internet as soon as I got up to see what "La Morte LiSieux" was.  Even then I had to translate the web page from French to find out exactly what it was.

   Sister Teresa Lisieux


(Sister Teresa of the Child Jesus)

Carmelite of Lisieux, better known as the Little Flower of Jesus, born at Alençon, France, 2 January, 1873; died at Lisieux 30 September, 1897.

She was the ninth child of saintly parents, Louis and Zélie Martin, both of whom had wished to consecrate their lives to God in the cloister. The vocation denied them was given to their children, five of whom became religious, one to the Visitation Order and four in the Carmelite Convent of Lisieux. Brought up in an atmosphere of faith where every virtue and aspiration were carefully nurtured and developed, her vocation manifested itself when she was still only a child. Educated by the Benedictines, when she was fifteen she applied for permission to enter the Carmelite Convent, and being refused by the superior, went to Rome with her father, as eager to give her to God as she was to give herself, to seek the consent of the Holy Father, Leo XIII, then celebrating his jubilee. He preferred to leave the decision in the hands of the superior, who finally consented and on 9 April, 1888, at the unusual age of fifteen, Thérèse Martin entered the convent of Lisieux where two of her sisters had preceded her.

The account of the eleven years of her religious life, marked by signal graces and constant growth in holiness, is given by Soeur Thérèse in her autobiography, written in obedience to her superior and published two years after her death. In 1901 it was translated into English, and in 1912 another translation, the first complete edition of the life of the Servant of God, containing the autobiography, "Letters and Spiritual Counsels", was published. Its success was immediate and it has passed into many editions, spreading far and wide the devotion to this "little" saint of simplicity, and abandonment in God's service, of the perfect accomplishment of small duties.

The fame of her sanctity and the many miracles performed through her intercession caused the introduction of her cause of canonization only seventeen years after her death, 10 Jun, 1914.

Thérèse of Lisieux is the patron saint of AIDS sufferers, aviators, florists, illness, missions, and Russia (according to Roman Catholics; the Russian Orthodox Church officially recognizes neither her canonization nor her patronage). She is the secondary patroness of France (after Saint Joan of Arc). In 1927 she was made a patron saint for foreign missions.



  The Return of the Land

The Fox and his part in creation.

It was the time before man was on the Earth, and there was a great flood that covered the land.  Nanaboozo, the Creator, looked at it and realized that the animals would not live happily if they had to all be water animals. So he decided to call to the fox and ask him to help bring back the land.  Nanaboozo asked the fox to go into the water and swim to the bottom and bring back some soil so he could use that soil to create new land for the Earth.  The fox looked at the water and said, "I'm sorry but I do not like water.  I cannot do this." 

Nanaboozo was sad that the fox did not want to help, so he told the fox, "Because you will not try to help me, for this you will never be a true hunter.  You will always be smaller than the coyote and weaker than the wolf and will live on their scraps.

Nanaboozo turned to the beaver and ask the beaver to help him bring back the land. 

  The beaver tried to swim down to the bottom, but could not reach it.  As his breath was giving out, he hurried back to the top.  Between breaths, the beaver said, “I cannot find the bottom.  I cannot help you.”

Nanaboozo said, “You can only do what you do, Beaver.  I will always remember that you tried, but I will always also remember that you did not give your all for me.  So, for this you will be a creature who will eat tasteless wood and mud.

Nanaboozo looked around and saw the Muskrat.  He asked the Muskrat to do the same quest he had asked the Fox.  The Muskrat agreed and swam down, down, down to the very bottom of the water.  When he reached the bottom, his breath was dying away, but he knew he had an important job to do.  So he grabbed the precious soil in his little paws and started up for the surface.  But before he got to the surface, his breath was gone and he drown.  His lifeless form drifted to the top of the water.

Nanaboozo picked up the lifeless body of the Muskrat.  He saw that the Muskrat had bits of soil in his paws.  “Brave Muskrat,” he said.  “I honor you for giving your all to help me.  You will not suffer because of your obedience.”  So Nanaboozo put the Muskrat’s face to his own and he breathed new life into the Muskrat.  Then he took the soil from the Muskrats hands and cast it into the waters.  As it touched the water, rather than sinking, it grew and grew until there was all new land everywhere. 

As the new land grew, Nanaboozo was careful to form it in the right size and shape.  He also was careful to make sure that the children of the water monster would each be enclosed in their own lake, which was deep enough for them to be happy, but not too big that they could grow so large that they could once again cause a flood on the Earth.  He also made sure that only one would be in any lake so that they could not breed and destroy the new land. 

This is how the land was returned when the flood was over.

Luke 13:32:  Herod was called the Fox by Christ.  Maybe he represents a leader that is intent on doing harm.  He could be reincarnated as the Anti-christ.


Luk 13:29 And they shall come from the east, and [from] the west, and from the north, and [from] the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.
Luk 13:30 And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.
Luk 13:31 The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee.
Luk 13:32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third [day] I shall be perfected.
Luk 13:33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the [day] following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.
Luk 13:34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen [doth gather] her brood under [her] wings, and ye would not!
Luk 13:35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until [the time] come when ye shall say, Blessed [is] he that cometh in the name of the Lord.


The word fox has an absolute value of 666, and a reduced value of 18. This number reduces to 9, so that's its integral reduced value.

F  = 6
O = 6
X = 6

6+6+6 = 18 = 9

6 X 6 X 6 = 216 = 9

The number 9  relates to the idea of change or transition

See also:

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QUETZALCOATL=153 (9).  NINE = 33 THIRTY THREE = 156 THE STONE CIRCLE = 156 156 + 33 = 189 (9)
 and fractal of Mayan "long number...

666 - =  William J Clinton and George Walker Bush

YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!! The Beast of Revelation
However, William J Clinton also equals 666 in both Hebrew and Greek. The Number of the Beast: A Numerological ... See: Who is the man whose number is 666? ...

This is simple Gematria - also used in numerology.



































The Chaldean System of Gematria  This uses a base 8 system

If you add up the numbers of his name using the Chaldean System you get 3+5+7+2+3+5  for George,  +6+1+3+2+5+2 for Walker,  and +2+6+3+5 for Bush, which adds up to a total of 60 = 6+0 = 6.  Once again the number is still 6..

But hold on, because we’re not through yet.  ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.  The computer you're using to read this can only understand numbers, and ASCII is the numerical representation of a character such as ‘B’ or else an action of some sort.  If you add up Bush's name in ASCII, you get 71+101+111+114+103+101 for George, 87+97+108+107+101+114 for Walker, and 66+117+115+104 for Bush, which adds up to a total of 1617 = 1+6+1+7 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

To recap:  George Bush's name is equal to 666 if we use the Hebrew letter equivalents.  It is also equal to 666 if we use the two most commonly used systems in numerology as well as in ASCII code.   

(George Bush has another name that is often used to identify him politically.  He’s a Republican from Texas.  If you add up Republican in the most commonly used Pythagorean system you get 9+5+7+3+2+3+9+3+1+9 =  51 = 5+1 = 6.  If you add up Texas you get  2+5+6+1+1 = 15 = 1+5 = 6. And if you add up Texas Republican you get 15 + 51 = 66.)

(Ever wonder why George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. left the 'Herbert' out when naming his son?  George = six letters, Walker = six letters, and BushJr (or 'Busche', which was the original German spelling of their name) = six letters. =  666.  Once again, the number of the beast.)

But hold onto your hat, because we are far from finished. 

Revelation says the number of the beast (the Antichrist) is 666 – it does not say this is only the number of his name, though that could be part of it.  Let's continue with the second number used by numerologists, the date of his birth.

Mr. Bush was born July 6, 1946.  If you add up all the digits in his date of birth  you get 7+6+1+9+4+6 = 33 = 3+3 = 6.  

The third number used by numerologists is the "fate" number.  Many numerologists find the fate, destiny or ‘lucky’ number by simply taking the day of the month of your birth (and reducing if necessary) – since Bush’s birth day is the 6th of July – no reduction is necessary.

But just to make sure, the other way of finding the fate number is by adding the individual components of the date of  birth to a sum before reducing.  Bush’s birth date is 7/6/1946 = 7+6+1946 = 1959 = 1+9+5+9 = 24 = 2+4 = once again, our third 6. 

However, to be absolutely, positively certain that we’re dealing with the Antichrist, consider that most important identifiers of a man, also indicating his good luck or fate, can be found in the most important dates in his life – like the day of his marriage or the dates of his children’s birth, for instance.  However, since it is the Antichrist we are talking about, the most important dates in the Antichrist’s life will be those dates on which he acquires world power.  The dates on which the Antichrist gains world power will also be available to people everywhere, so that anyone can check to see if that particular date has any connections to the Antichrist. 

The antichrist's first step in his goal of attaining complete world domination for Satan, was achieved on that fateful day Mr. bush was first elected governor of Texas - his first elected office - on November 8, 1994.  Again, just by adding up the digits we get  1+1+8+1+9+9+4 = 33 = 3+3 = 6.  He was first inaugurated as Governor of Texas on January 17, 1995. = 1+1+7+1+9+9+5 = 33 = 3+3 = 6.

Then after losing the popular vote on November 7, 2000, the Antichrist took his next giant leap towards ruling the earth when he was nevertheless inaugurated president of the United States on January 20, 2001.  1+2+0+2+0+0+1 = 6. Another six to replace the one he had as Governor.

There you have it  - 666 - the number of the Beast, absolutely any way you care to add it up.  The number of his name in Hebrew = 666.  The number of his name using the Pythagorean system = 6.  The Chaldean system = 6.  ASCII code = 6The number of his birthday = 6. His lucky number = 6.  The number of the date when he was first elected Governor = 6.  When he is first inaugurated Governor = 6.  The number when he was inaugurated president of the United States = 6.  The number of the man/beast named George Walker Bush = 666.  

So what are the chances?   The chances of anyone's name being equal to 666 in Hebrew are at least one in a thousand.  The chances of each of the other outcomes by themselves is 1 in 9.  By using the law of cumulative probability, we can figure the chance of all these things happening together to be conservatively estimated at 1 chance in (1,000 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9), or 1 chance in 43,046,721,000.  That's about seven times the current total world population.  Since the Bible says that the Antichrist will be the most powerful leader in the world, and George Bush has already attained that goal, it would be fair to say that we would have to see another 43,046,721,000 most-powerful world leaders like Bush come and go before we would have an even chance of seeing another world-leader who was as strongly associated with the number 666.  If all these most powerful world leaders only lasted an average of 4 years, and they followed one right after another - as with a single presidential term - it would take over 172 billion years before we'd have an even chance of seeing another world leader who was as strongly associated with the number 666.  But according to the latest estimates, our sun will burn out in another 4-5 billion years.  Therefore, it's extremely unlikely that any other world leader will ever again be as strongly associated with the number 666 as George Bush. 

There is still one more very remarkable piece of evidence:   Bush declared his candidacy for president on June 12, 1999, at a mid-day Bar-B-Q in Iowa.  By turning the day into a product of simple addition, we easily come up with the date  6/(6+6)/1999.  That's a right-side up 666 next to an upside down 666, separated by a 1 that is holding the place for 1,000 years.  This 1,000 years is the millennium of peace, which will come after Christ defeats the Antichrist (the right side up 666) and rules the world for 1,000 years.  After the 1,000 year millennium, according to the Bible Satan will once again be released from hell (the upside down 666 =  coming up from hell) but he is then defeated and thrown into the lake of fire forever (Revelation 20:7-10).  

So what are the chances?  Obviously, the chances of any other world leader introducing himself to the world on 6/6+6/1999 are nil -  it simply didn’t happen.  Bush is the only one who did and he is the only world leader in history who is so intimately connected to what must be the most inauspicious day in world history.  There will be no excuse for those who failed to break the 666 code, because what I have done would have taken a more intelligent person about 15 minutes to do.

 Numerology was widely used in the early church, and St Augustine encouraged its teaching as a basic part of Christian education.  In the Bible, seven is considered to be a perfect number because God created the world in 7 days.  Six is considered to be an imperfect or sinful number because it falls just short of the perfect number seven the way our sins fall short of the mark. Mankind was created on the sixth day, and it was mankind that brought sin into the world through the fall of Adam and Eve.  So the association of the number six with evil, as expressed at the end of the Bible in the book of Revelation, actually has its origins in the first few pages of Genesis, at the very beginning of the Bible. 

September 20, 2005

The Illegitimate Children of Vicente Fox

Filed under: Immigration — Christi S. King

A Fable

Like children mixed up in a bad relationship, they turn to Mother Mexico to help them. She tells them, “I cannot support you. I have no money. We will talk to your father, Vicente.”

But Father Vicente cannot be reached. He does not take their calls. He does not provide them with the support they so desperately need to survive.

Mother Mexico weeps.

Father Vicente loves to be called a father and boasts about his position but he has a difficult time accepting his new parental responsibilities. He doesn’t want to support his children so he decides it would be better for Mother Mexico to marry another. He agrees to give up his parental rights to half of his children and allows the new husband, Uncle Sam, to adopt these children.

But it doesn’t take long for Father Vicente to see the error of his ways. He calls on his children abroad to remember their loyalty to their “real” father. He greedily accepts the money they send to him from their new home. He helps them to trick their new father into giving them more than he and Mother Mexico could ever give them. He tells them that they are helping Mother Mexico and the brothers and sisters they left behind.

The brothers and sisters who stayed behind turn to Mother Mexico to help them. She tells them, “I cannot support you. I have no money. We will talk to your father, Vicente.”

Father Vicente cannot be reached. He does not take their calls. He does not provide them with the support they so desperately need to survive.

Mother Mexico weeps.

Vicente Fox - the ultimate dead-beat dad.


Thursday, February 9, 2006


El Presidente Vicente Fox of Mexico may hit the trifecta, owing to the Bush administration's (and administrations before it) patent indifference to illegal immigration, as well as the legions of open border apologists and liberal do-gooders who aid and abet the human invasion of our country from the south.

The trifecta in the making? Imagine this: Mexican textbooks in American classrooms; illegal alien students in American classrooms; and, incredibly, illegal alien teachers in American classrooms.

Mexican textbooks

Last December, I published this post and wrote the following:

What American taxpayers need to understand, and especially those with school-age children attending public schools, is that the government of Mexico is striving to imbue American school children and the offspring of illegal aliens sharing classrooms with them with Mexico's culture and its nation's history. That's right ... you read that correctly. Fox News reported yesterday that a public school student in the Santa Ana School District in southern California is not only studying American history, but is receiving textbooks from Mexico via its Los Angeles-based consulate on Mexico's history. American school children in possession of Mexican textbooks!

Mexico has absolutely no business doing this -- interfering in American public education -- and the Bush Administration, which champions its No Child Left Behind educational initiative, is altogether disingenuous in not sharing this fact with American voters. Fact is, the U.S. Department of Education is a co-conspirator!

I went on to recommend to my readers an important, must-read column by Heather MacDonald, published in the prestigious, widely-read "City Journal." I heartily recommend once again that you read it in its entirety.

Illegal Alien Students

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington D.C. estimates, according to Frosty Wooldridge, that 1.1 million illegal aliens currently occupy seats in America's classrooms and that number can only grow. And the cost to American taxpayers of educating other than American citizens? A staggering $12.0 billion annually, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (and $24 billion when you account for children born here in this country to illegal aliens).

As Mr. Wooldridge challenges parents of schoolchildren in this alarming column:
American parents must ask what kind of an education their kids receive from parents’ hard earned tax dollars. Short answer: severely degraded. No teacher can administer the educational curriculum with the chaos of 40 languages. They can’t teach with the fear of weapons and drugs in classrooms. As shown in Denver and in much of the USA, one in five teachers quit out of complete frustration.

His prescription?

What can be done? We must insist that our publicly elected leaders, first of all, stop the illegal alien invasion. We cannot survive it much longer. It creates a non-viable underclass, which in time will create hopelessness for millions. It will also create violence as their numbers grow. Second, we must insist that all people speak English in America as their first language. We cannot have foreign language television and radio stations that enhance non-assimilation. We must not allow multiple languages to be offered in any official public documents. We fracture our society and separate it into multiple language factions and an uneasy tension if we continue on this path with over 40 to 100 languages. Third, we must insist on 90 percent graduation rates from high school by ensuring that all students are here in this country legally and that they and their parents want to invest in the American Dream. Without the horrific confusion and costs of illegal alien students, we have a greater chance of realizing that kind of success.

Illegal Alien Teachers

In California alone, illegal and legal immigration have led to state agencies and California's public school districts having to grapple with adults and schoolchildren who speak over 100 different languages. The California Department of Education (CDE) "recognizes 54 languages in data from its annual census."

The upshot? Would you believe in Los Angeles County alone 3.8 million adults (53% of L.A. County's adult workforce) are effectively illiterate? And the numbers only get worse, as VDARE reports.

But some school districts in the United States intend to get creative in coming up with innovative solutions for educating their large, non-English speaking student populations. Enter the Dallas School District. They're considering hiring illegal alien school teachers to overcome the hurdle of bilingual education!

Some Dallas Independent School District trustees said they look forward to discussing the issue while others are treading cautiously. The district's attorneys will also participate in the discussion at today's meeting.

"I'm open to listening to the legal points they might make," trustee Hollis Brashear said. "But I don't know if we can discuss something that involves not complying with U.S. law."

"We as trustees can no longer solve problems like we did 10 years ago," Mr. Garza said. "We have to be innovative."

For Mr. May, no idea is too far-fetched. Last year, he successfully pushed a proposal, initially greeted with considerable skepticism, that requires some principals to become bilingual. The issue divided blacks and Hispanics and received nationwide attention.

This is precisely why America must secure its porous borders and stop the invasion. And this is why what Rep. Tom Tancredo refers to as "Amnesty-Lite" -- namely, President Bush's proposed, Ted Kennedy-endorsed, Guest Worker Program -- must be defeated.

Maybe, just maybe, the issue of what's happening in America's classrooms will get American parents off their collective hindquarters to join the fight for border security and immigration reform sans amnesty. If they won't fight the political fight for themselves, let's hope they'll do it for their children. The K-12 public school classroom has become a microcosm of illegal immigration's deleterious effects on this country -- a veritable petri dish for the insidious Bush-Fox alliance, determined as it is to forge an "integrated North America with open borders and a common labor market." The children, of course, get lost in the politics and are compelled to learn Spanish, read Mexican textbooks, and, perhaps not in the too distant future, receive their education from teachers here illegally.

And do remember: quality educations are not just a function of quality teachers. Students also benefit from the quality of the students around them. If you accept that premise, this and this should give you pause.

What say you? Had enough?

FOLLOW-UP (02/11/06): James Fulford adds to the immigrant teachers' controversy that I point to in my post and provides some important links. Do read it.



Amnesty is Misplaced Compassion

originally written in 2002

During last week's marathon trip to Latin America President George Bush failed to deliver to Mexico's president Vicente Fox a long-promised gift — a signed and sealed illegal immigrant amnesty bill.  The proposal would provide amnesty for hundreds of thousands of aliens who have overstayed their visas and are residing illegally in the United States.

Before September 11, an amnesty bill appeared to be a certainty.  Bush touted it as an act of compassion toward Mexico, an act that could only lead to better relations with our southern neighbors.  Fox, of course, has a strong interest in the amnesty bill.  Immigration to the U.S. provides Mexico with a much needed outlet for Mexico's desperate and malcontent poor.  Illegal alien workers also provide much needed revenue for the Mexican economy, sending billions of dollars each year back to Mexico.  Amnesty is well designed to help cover for Fox's dismal economic performance, particularly his failure to create the hundreds of thousands of jobs he promised.

At the same time, Mexico is making extraordinary efforts to seal its southern borders with Guatemala and Belize.  Mexico clearly recognizes the dangers to its internal politics and economy posed by illegal immigration from its southern neighbors — no compassion there.

September's terrorist acts, however, taught Americans — or so it seemed — that illegal immigration should not be treated casually.  Indeed, strident calls for tightening the border were heard from all quarters.  And, for all intents and purposes, the border with Mexico was closed for a short period with remarkable effects on the flow of illegal aliens as well as illegal drugs.

Another amnesty, such as the one that occurred in 1986, will certainly be a spur to more illegal immigration.  If there have been two amnesties who can doubt that there will be more?  These bad precedents will create bad habits.  Indeed they already have.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is simply a reward for law-breaking.  No system depending on a strict regard for the rule of law can treat law-breaking so lightly.  This is particularly true when those who are attempting to enter the country legally are forced to wait years and undergo massive bureaucratic battles.  Amnesty is something we should always regard with deep suspicion because it excuses law-breakers.  Amnesty is appropriate only when it serves the dignity of the law.  When the law, contrary to its intent, has worked an injustice, amnesty might be an appropriate remedy.  But when amnesty is used merely to excuse law-breaking or for cynical political purposes it directly undermines the rule of law.

Some years ago the Congress considered a bill that would have withdrawn birth-right citizenship for children born to illegal alien parents.  When the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in 1868 it defined American citizenship for the first time.  It included all who were born or naturalized in theUnited States and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.  It was widely understood at the time that Indians would not become citizens by the operation of the Fourteenth Amendment because they owed allegiance to their tribes and therefore did not fall under the United States' "jurisdiction" — which means not just legal obligations and protections, but also a patriotic attachment to the Constitution and founding principles of the nation.

Thus Indians born in the United States did not become citizens by that fact alone.  Today, we confer automatically on the children of illegal aliens a status that was refused to Native Persons.  How we came to hold this view is something of a mystery to constitutional scholars since there is no Supreme Court case on point.  Indians became citizens when laws were passed by Congress bringing them within the jurisdiction of the United States.  Congress could pass similar laws excluding children of illegal aliens from automatic citizenship, thereby depriving illegal aliens of a powerful incentive to break American laws.

Latino leaders in the Democratic party complained that Bush's amnesty plan and his much publicized trip to Latin America were merely cynical ploys to curry favor with Latino voters.  The vehemence of the Democratic response indicates that they may be concerned that Bush is succeeding.  The Democratic response may itself be too cynical.  Whether cynical or not, the idea that amnesty is an act of compassion is certainly misplaced.



  Matteo wrote:

  regarding that i would say AL = the star alcor which is the fox. I was also  highlighting a devere chapter on fox and totems, which certainly has some  Jesus teachings, and is chock full of other things that have been coming up.  that is below also. but there is another chapter there that perhaps pertains  to your dream:

  Chapter Twelve: Children of the Stars

  Greetings Matteo:

  I am unable to access the link you provided = "Page is unavailable..."  Still, I searched Alcor and it relation to the Fox and found the following at:

  "To return to better known provinces, Proclus informs us that the fox star nibbles continuously at the thong of the yoke which holds together Heaven and Earth; German folklore adds that when the fox succeeds, the world will come to its end. This fox star is no other than Alcor, the small star g near zeta Ursae Majoris (in India Arundati, the common wife of the Seven Rishis, alpha-eta Ursae; see p. 302 about Arundati and Elamitic Narundi, sister of the Sibitti, the "Seven"), known as such since Babylonian times.

  [COMMENT: The "yoke" or "bond" that holds together "Heaven" and "Earth" is nothing more than the electromagnetic tether, the North Nail, which links the docked Nibiru to the Earth's North Pole. And during "reconstructed" Babylonian history, as per Dr. Velikovsky, the Babylonian Period would overlap the "North Nail Period" from 1587-687 BCE. The key to knowing this fact is the reconstructed placement of Ramses II, coordinating his reign with that of Nebuchadnezzar II.]

  The same star crosses our way again in the Scholia to Aratus where we are told that it is Electra, mother of Dardanus, who left her station among the Pleiades, desperate because of Ilion's fall, and retired "above the second star of the beam ... others call this star 'fox'."

  Dear Matteo:

  I am trying to connect dots.  So Al is symbolic of Alcor aka the Fox star.  According to German folklore, the Fox star is one that gnaws continuously at the thongs of the yokes that keep heaven and earth connected, which is electromagnetic energy...which some believe were put in place by the Sons of Darkness.  Don't quote me on that, it just seems to be something I recall reading somewhere.  When the Fox star succeeds, the end of the world takes place, or at least this Fox star destroys the electromagentic grid that keep heaven and earth tied in union.  When that happens, all the stars return to their rightful place which some Natives believe is the South Star. So if I were to reword what is symbolically meant in this dream, it would go kind of like: "The Fox Star is about to strike."  That the man smiled, whom Al in real life believes is someone he knows who has already passed beyond the veil would signify that they would soon meet.  Is that how you see it?   Many thanks,

Much blessings and Light,

Fixed star: ALCOR
Constellation:  80 Ursa Major
Longitude 1900:  14VIR27. Longitude 2000:  15VIR52.
Declination 1900:  +55.31'. Declination 2000:  +54.59'.
Right ascension:  13h25m. Latitude:  +56.32'.
Spectral class:  A1. Magnitude:  4.0.
Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx. Planetary nature:  Mars.


History of the star: A star on the Tail of the Great Bear Ursa Major. This little star is a companion and only 11' distant to the star Mizar. Alcor is a 4th magnitude star and only people with excellent eyesight could distinguish it as a separate star from Mizar because they are so close as to appear to be a single star. These stars used to be the "test" or "riddle" by which people used to test their eyesight on. 

Inconspicuous though Alcor may be, it has been famous in astronomical folklore.

Although the statement has been made that Alcor was not known to the Greeks, there is an old story that it was the Lost Pleiad, Electra, which had wandered here from her companions and became ... "the Fox."

In Hindu mythology the seven stars of Ursa Major, the seven Richis or Seven Wise Men, were wedded to the seven sisters of the Pleiades. After rumors of their infidelity the Richis banished their wives. Only Arundhati (or Arundha), an exemplary wife remained with her husband, Sage Vashishta as the star Alcor; Vashishta is Mizar. In the course of Hindu marriage rituals, both the bride and groom are taken outside the marriage mandap and shown the Star Alcor, better known as Arundhati Nakshatram. This ritual symbolizes the urge of the newly weds to remain true to each other. And Alcor is pointed out as a paradigm of marital virtue to the bride. (1, 2). Al Biruni called this star Al Suha, "the pious woman". [These two close stars could have more erotic implications because Mizar is the "groin" or "loins" of the Great Bear].

A Latin title was Eques Stellula, "the Little Starry Horseman"; Eques, "the Cavalier", is from Bayer; while the Horse and his Rider, and, popularly, in England, Jack on the Middle Horse, are well known, Mizar being the horse.

It was also called "the Abject", which means a courser or rider. 

Alcor, forever tied to Mizar, is hardly ever spoken of unless as "Mizar and Alcor," which the Arabs referred to as the horse and rider. The name Alcor, however, was stolen from that for Alioth. Both come from an Arabic word that means the "black horse." The term was distorted in different ways as it was applied to each of the two stars. Oddly, the "rider" of the pair is the one with the name of the "horse," "Mizar" referring not to a horse but to the "groin" of the Great Bear. (3)

Alcor is connected with a German story of a wagoner named Hans Dumkin, who, although he was poor; offered his hospitality to Christ. He had always wanted to travel, so Christ gave him Alcor; enabling him to continue sightseeing for eternity.

In an Arabic story this star, Alcor, was the little infant in the arms of one of the "Mourners". The constellation of the Great Bear was seen as a funeral procession, around a Bier or coffin (bear and bier come from the same root word). The bier was marked by the Plough or Big Dipper stars on the body of the Bear - Merak (beta), Dubhe (alpha), Phecda (gamma) and Megrez (delta). The coffin was followed by "Mourners"; the three big stars on the tail of the Great Bear; epsilon (Alioth), zeta (Mizar), and eta (Alkaid). These mourners, the children of Al Na'ash, who was murdered by Al Jadi, the pole-star (Polaris), are still nightly surrounding him in their thirst for vengeance, the walidan among the daughters — the star Mizar — holding in her arms her new-born infant, the little Alcor.

In the Norse astronomy Rigel marked one of the great toes of Orwandil, the other toe having been broken off by the god Thor when frost-bitten, and thrown to the northern sky, where it became the little Alcor (Anglo-Saxon Earendel). (Allen).


Influence of the constellation: It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger when roused. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Zain and the 7th Tarot Trump "The Chariot". (Robson).


Rising: Those born at the rising of this constellation will be tamers of wild beasts, that is men to teach bears, bulls and lions to lay aside their fierceness and share in human ways. (Manilius Astronomica 1st century AD).




The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson 1923, Ascella Publications, UK, ISBN: 1 898503 50 8.

Starnames, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinchley Allen, 1889, Dover Publications 1963. ISBN 0-486-21079-0.

Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD. Edited and translated by G. P. Goold, 1977 by President and Fellows of Harvard College. ISBN 0-674-99516-3



Title: Bear and Three Hunters
Tribe: Musquakie
Region: Wisconsin
Object: Big Dipper

The bowl stars of the Dipper form a bear. The stars of the handle are hunters. The tiny star Alcor is a small dog named "Hold Tight." In autumn when the Dipper is low to the horizon the blood from the arrow wounds drips on the trees and turns them red and brown.

Title: Coyote, Wolves, and Bears
Tribe: Wasco
Object: Big Dipper

Once there were five wolves who would share meat with Coyote. One night the wolves were staring at the sky. "What are you looking at?" asked Coyote. "There are two animals up there." they told him. "But we can't get to them." "That is easy." said Coyote. He took his bow and shot an arrow into the sky where it stuck. He shot another arrow which stuck into the first. Then he shot another and another until the chain of arrow reached the ground. The five wolves and Coyote climbed the arrows and the oldest wolf took along his dog. When the reached the sky they could see that the animals were grizzly bears. The wolves went near the bears and sat there looking at them and the bears looked back. Coyote thought they looked good sitting there so he left them and removed his arrow ladder. The three stars of the handle of the Big Dipper and the two stars of the bowl near the handle are the wolves. The two stars on the front of the bowl that point to the North Star are the bears. Alcor, the little star by the wolf in the middle of the handle is the dog.


Title: Spider and the Sun
Tribe: Cherokee
Region: Tennesee, North Carolina
Object: Sun, Milky Way

In the beginning there was only darkness and people kept bumping into each other. Fox said that people on the other side of the world had plenty of light but were too greedy to share it. Possum went over there to steal a little piece of the light. He found the Sun hanging in a tree, lighting everything up. He took a tiny piece of the Sun and hid it in the fur of his tail. The heat burned the fur off his tail. That is why possums have bald tails. Buzzard tried next. He tried to hide a piece in the feathers of his head. That is why buzzards have bald heads. Grandmother Spider tried next. She made a clay bowl. Then she spun a web (Milky Way) across the sky reaching to the other side of the world. She snatched up the whole sun in the clay bowl and took it back home to our side of the world.

Title: Fox and the Moon
Tribe: Snoqualmie
Region: Washington
Object: Moon

Long ago, Snoqualm, the Moon, had a spider make him a rope out of cedar bark and stretch it from the sky to the Earth. One day Fox and Blue Jay found the rope and climbed up to where the rope was fixed to the underside of the sky. Blue Jay pecked a hole in the sky and they climbed through to the sky world. Blue Jay flew to a tree while Fox changed himself into Beaver and swam in a lake. Moon had set a trap in the lake which caught Beaver. Moon skinned him and threw the body in the corner of the smokehouse. That night when Moon was asleep Beaver got up and put his skin back on. He looked around. He took a few of the trees, and the Moon's daylight making tools, some fire, and the Sun which was hidden in Moon's house. He changed back into Fox then he found the hole that Blue Jay had made and took the things to Earth. He planted the trees, made daylight, gave the fire to the people, and put the Sun in it's place. When Moon awoke he was very angry. He found the tracks that led to the hole. He started down but the rope broke and he fell to the Earth in a heap where he became a mountain. One can see the face of Snoqualm on one of the rocky cliffs. Today it is called Mount Si and it is near Northbend, Washington.

Title: Coyote as the Moon
Tribe: Kalispel
Region: Idaho
Object: Moon

Once there was no Moon for someone had stolen it. The people asked "Who will be the Moon?" The Yellow Fox agreed to give it a try but he was so bright it made the Earth hot at night. Then the people asked Coyote to try and he agreed. The Coyote was a good moon, not to bright - not to dim. But from his vantage point in the sky the Coyote could see what everyone was doing. Whenever he saw someone doing something dishonest he would shout "HEY! That person is stealing meat from the drying racks!" or "HEY! That person is cheating at the moccasin game!" Finally, the people who wished to do things in secret got together and said "Coyote is too noisy. Let's take him out of the sky." So someone else became the moon. Coyote can no longer see what everyone else is doing but he still tries to snoop into everyone else's business.


Appendix 15

As concerns the removing of the Pole Star, the most drastic version is told by the Lapps:

"When Arcturus (alpha Boötis, supposed to be an archer, Ursa Major being his bow) shoots down the North Nail with his arrow on the last day, the heaven will fall, crushing the earth and setting fire to everything."

Other legends prefer to deal with the fate of circumpolar stars, the result being the same.

"The Siberian Kirghis call the three stars of the Little Bear nearest the Pole Star, which form an arch, a "rope" to which the two larger stars of the same constellation, the two horses, are fastened. One of the horses is white, the other bluish-grey. The seven stars of the Great Bear they call the seven watchmen, whose duty it is to guard the horses from the lurking wolf. When once the wolf succeeds in killing the horses, the end of the world will come. In other tales the stars of the Great Bear are "seven wolves" who pursue those horses. Just before the end of the world they will succeed in catching them. Some even fancy that the Great Bear is also tied to the Pole Star. When once all the bonds are broken, there will be a great disturbance in the sky."

[COMMENT: In the context of the Planet Nibiru occupying the position atop "The Cosmic Tree" or "The North Nail", this reference to "the end of the world" would obviously mean the time when the Planet Nibiru last detethered and departed.]

According to South Russian folklore, a dog is fettered to Ursa Minor, and tries constantly to bite through the fetter; when he succeeds, the end of the world has come.

"Others say that Ursa Major consists of a team of horses with harness; every night a black dog is gnawing at the harness, in order to destroy the world, but he does not reach his aim; at dawn, when he runs to a spring to drink, the harness renews itself."

A very strange and apparently stone-old story is told by the Skidi-Pawnee about the end and the beginning of the world.

"Various portents will precede : the Moon will turn red and the Sun will die in the skies. The North Star is the power which is to preside at the end of all things, as the Bright Star of Evening was the ruler when life began. The Morning Star, the messenger of heaven, which revealed the mysteries of fate to the people, said that in the beginning, at the first great council which apportioned to star folk their stations, two of the people fell ill. One of these was old, and one was young. They were placed upon stretchers, carried by stars (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor), and the two stretchers were tied to the North Star.

"Now the South Star, the Spirit Star, or Star of Death, comes higher and higher in the heavens, and nearer and nearer to the North Star; and when the time for the end of life draws nigh, the Death Star will approach so close to the North Star that it will capture the stars that bear the stretchers and cause the death of the persons who are lying ill upon those stellar couches. The North Star will then disappear and move away and the South Star will take possession of Earth and its people. The command for the ending of all things will be given by the North Star, and the South Star will carry out the commands. Our people were made by the stars. When the time comes for all things to end, our people will turn into small stars and will fly to the South Star where they belong."

[COMMENT: Think of "The South Star" as the Planet Nibiru, arriving from its perpendicular orbit (in relation to the Ecliptic) from "underneath" the South Pole and rising to dock/tether as "The North Nail", displacing the North Star Polaris. Then this bit of "mythology" makes scientific and historical sense.]

To return to better known provinces, Proclus informs us that the fox star nibbles continuously at the thong of the yoke which holds together Heaven and Earth; German folklore adds that when the fox succeeds, the world will come to its end. This fox star is no other than Alcor, the small star g near zeta Ursae Majoris (in India Arundati, the common wife of the Seven Rishis, alpha-eta Ursae; see p. 302 about Arundati and Elamitic Narundi, sister of the Sibitti, the "Seven"), known as such since Babylonian times.

[COMMENT: The "yoke" or "bond" that holds together "Heaven" and "Earth" is nothing more than the electromagnetic tether, the North Nail, which links the docked Nibiru to the Earth's North Pole. And during "reconstructed" Babylonian history, as per Dr. Velikovsky, the Babylonian Period would overlap the "North Nail Period" from 1587-687 BCE. The key to knowing this fact is the reconstructed placement of Ramses II, coordinating his reign with that of Nebuchadnezzar II.]

The same star crosses our way again in the Scholia to Aratus where we are told that it is Electra, mother of Dardanus, who left her station among the Pleiades, desperate because of Ilion's fall, and retired "above the second star of the beam ... others call this star 'fox'."

This small piece of evidence may show the reader two things : (1) that the Fall of Troy meant the end of a veritable world-age. (For the time being, we assume that the end of the Pleiadic Age is meant; among various reasons, because Dardanos came to Troy after the third flood, according to Nonnos.); (2) that Ursa Major and the Pleiades figuring on the shield of Achilles, destroyer of Troy, have a precise significance, and are not to be taken as testimony for the stupendous ignorance of Homer who knew none but these constellations, as the specialists want us to believe.

[COMMENT: What these authors were not aware of is that ONLY when one connects the Fall of Troy to the immediate commencement of the Greek Olympiads, concurrently with the Founding of Rome and the Era of Nabonassar in Babylon, as per the Velikovskian Reconstruction, by moving Troy forwards in time to occur contemporaneously with the Great Eclipse and the Great Earthquake, can one see the relationship to the detethering of The North Nail or The Cosmic Tree in approximately 762 BCE. This is a most important point. It is absolutely essential for everybody who tries to argue this hypothesis with another to understand it completely. Otherwise, you will never succeed in your "propaganda".]

There are, indeed, too many traditions connecting Ursa and the Pleiades with this or that kind of catastrophe to be overlooked. Among the many we mention only one example from later Jewish legends, some lines taken out of a most fanciful description of Noah's flood, quoted by Frazer :

"Now the deluge was caused by the male waters from the sky meeting the female waters which issued forth from the ground. The hole in the sky by which the upper waters escaped were made by God when he removed stars out of the constellation of the Pleiades; and in order to stop this torrent of rain, God had afterwards to bung up the two holes with a couple of stars borrowed from the constellation of the Bear. That is why the Bear runs after the Pleiades to this day; she wants her children back, but she will never get them till after the Last Day."