by Dee Finney


Thank you for coming.  Let us have a word about the war.  As you know Yasar Arafat is calling for an unconditional ceasefire.  Yet he has no control over Hamas or any other group which is determined to undermine the Peace Plan, which the United States and Israel are 'saying' they are working towards.

Words are just that - "Words".  Words are only worth what the action behind them 'DO'.  So much for Yasar Arafat. He has not followed up on anything he has said as yet.  At the same time, the religion of the Jews in Israel states that there must be revenge ' an eye for an eye'.  There is no way that Israel is going to stand for having its people bombed right and left and not do something about it. The United States would not stand for it and Israel cannot stand for it either.  That is justice.  It would be another matter if the perpetrators and the people who hire the bombers would be jailed, but that is not happening.  A cease fire - means CEASE FIRE - and that can only be held to if BOTH sides do this. 

This may be a temporary cease fire because Yasar Arafat is now afraid that he will be next in the line of fire. That is most plain to see.  He is afraid.  He is not afraid for his people because nothing has stopped him yet - he is afraid for himself at this time. Pictures on your TV show Yasar Arafat sitting at a table with his head in his hands - looking very depressed and dejected.  He knows he has lost control of the people. They no longer respect him.  He is an old man and must be deposed.  These are not MY words, but those who do not respect him. It will not be long and Yasar Arafat will no longer be with us.  It is time for him to move on.  Alive or dead - he must leave the Peace Plan to others. He cannot do it without the respect of those who are under him.

We know that WWIII is inevitable. You were told that yourself several years ago.  It is being held off as long as possible, but as it looks, the longer it is held off, the worse it will be.  With weapons of mass destruction being manufactured in many countries now, it will not take much to light the fire to set one of them off, and once one is fired unto another country, then the whole world will have to take up arms and fight to the death. 

That is exactly what will ensue - the fire-fight and then death for everyone involved.  Sometimes death does not come right away, but lingers and that is a horrible way to die - day by day, hour by hour.  Do not wish that on anyone. Better to be in the middle of a blast than to linger on - so sick from radiation - that you wish and pray for death to come to you.  That is terrible.

So much for war - there are other things afoot as well.  Sometime this weekend, there will be a big change. If war can be averted that long, perhaps there will not be a war.  Oh! That we could wish for such a thing. Only a larger event could stop WWIII.  A very large event.  Be on the watch for this.  It is just moments away in 'time'.

Time is NOW! On other planets, this event has happened before.  This event has occurred on Earth before as well. There were many large civilizations which are now gone forever - not one soul survived the conflagration that came upon them. That was a terrible thing to have happen.

There are many cities at the bottom of the sea. Some of these are just now being found.  Unfortunately, some of the cities which are now on the land will also end up at the bottom of the sea.  One day they will be there, and the next they will be no more.  Be prepared for that.  One can prepare to move away from the seacoast and have control over one's life, much more easily than to prepare for a war that holds itself over your heads for years and year and depends on one man's word whether it will occur or not.

One day soon, the change will come. It will come in a twinkling of an eye.  One blink and the whole world will be different.  Just like the world's consciousness changed after the plane bombings of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the next change will be even more horrendous and will change mankind forever, not for just a few months like this last disaster did.  Could one imagine on that horrible day, that within 6 months, many people just want to move on and not think about what happened?  But that's the way mankind is. Man cannot live in the past. Man must have a future and man wants a bright and happy future.  Who can blame him?  Not I, and I don't live on the earth.  But I know what Man wants and what Man desires.  Man desires JOY, and Man deserves JOY, that is what GOD created man for in the first place.  It was Man who destroyed what Man had.  Let us not blame Eve for this, nor for the Serpent either.  This is an old wives' tale - or perhaps better to say an old Bible tale, that is so far from the truth, it is not worth repeating.  How Mankind could allow such a tale to hold sway over entire populations for centuries is beyond belief.  It is time for that kind of thinking to end. 

Women must rise up and take their place among the living. Women have been living in the past for long enough. Women are men's equals -  not in strength - we know that, but women tolerate pain much more than men, and women are much more compassionate and loving, despite what some women do who are in dire agony from depression and too many children too quickly.  Women must become responsible for what happens to them, and not let any man tell them what to do with their bodies.  We are not talking about pro-abortion here, we are talking about total control over their own lives.  This world would be a much better place if women were to control the governments and the raising of the children.  We are not advocates of any particular groups, which I do not wish to name, but women must become equals with the men.  That would make for a much better world. And pardon me if I repeat myself, but they must do this NOW.  Tomorrow might be too late - I am speaking metaphorically here - not by the clock.

So, keep this in mind as we move forward. I would recommend that people who read my words, would get down on their knees today and tonight and take some serious moments to reflect on this world and volunteer to do something about making positive change.  One might only be able to change what is on your own front doorstep or within your own walls, but change is mighty and change is necessary.

I will return shortly for more words. Perhaps tomorrow, but then again, it may be necessary to return today again. Please be aware of my presence.

I bid you adieu.




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