compiled by Dee Finney

Cover of
Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition
by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Web site: http://www.hermeticgoldendawn.org/index.shtml

From; The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event

Some tribes of Native Americans see a lop-headed rabbit in the moon.
The right-hand picture is marked to show the rabbit.


Joe and I have long noticed that the symbol of the rabbit occurs in unlikely places - but yet people keep putting it in movies, books, and plays to signify something. What might that be?  One of the first occurrences in childhood is in Alice in Wonderland where she follows the rabbit down the hole and goes through many adventures.  More recently, there is a vivid scene in the movie ET where a white rabbit is shown sitting in the forest before the ET is seen. "Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972)" In the book 'Contact' the woman heading for the Arecibo radio tower sees a line of rabbits along the road. Then there is the old cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny. There is also Briar Rabbit and Harvey the Rabbit. Then  too there is Thumper, Peter Rabbit, Br'er Rabbit and Roger Rabbit. I'm sure everyone remembers at some time in their life either owning or seeing a rabbit's foot which people carried for 'good luck'. Rabbit's feet are lucky talismans, probably because of their swiftness. And one can't get through life without knowing about the Easter Bunny in this country. Merrily he hops through the countryside with his basket of brightly colored eggs leaving them to delight children everywhere. The Easter Bunny, one of the more peculiar legends of our civilization.

Alice says: ."Oh dear, oh dear!"

.said the Rabbit. "I shall be to late!"

.And so, when the White Rabbit ran away,

.Alice wanted to see what would happen to it:

.so she ran after it:

.and she ran, and she ran, till she tumbled

.right down the rabbit-hole.

Bre'er Rabbit is well known for telling Br'er Bear, "Please don't throw me into the Briar patch", and of course it was a trick because when he was thrown into the Briar patch nobody could follow him there.

12-21-2002 -  This might seem like an odd topic, but last night I dreamed I was a rabbit, and in front of me was a male rabbit. I was told that this rabbit had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls.  There were other rabbits in the picture.  The strange thing is this:  All these rabbits stood on their hind feet like humans.

So, this dream had a meaning other than I was dreaming about cute bunny-rabbits like one might at Easter. This is Christmas time - rabbits are normally an Easter symbol.  So, it seems that something else is also going on here.

Before I was really awake, I had a vision voice that told me that we'd not really know the true symbolism of the rabbit until the year 2080? Think I'll live long enough to discover it?  I would be 142 then. :-)  Well, with life extending the way it is - maybe I should set that as my goal? :-) Do you think possibly this is the year Jesus is returning?  Some of you will be here then.

4-4-04 - VISIONS - I first saw a tiny baby rabbit inside my bedroom slipper which I had my foot in. I was told that the baby rabbit is the consciousness of man.  I was then told that the rabbit equaled the number 54.  Finally, I saw and felt the baby rabbit jump from my bedroom slipper into my crotch. (The great Y of the Chinese and the Yoni of the Hindu) 

I remembered then that I had the dream about not knowing the meaning of the rabbit until a certain time, but couldn't remember what that was and thought, "The time must be now."  But after I saw that we wouldn't know the meaning of the rabbit until 2080 - common sense tells us this isn't the year 2080.  Does 2080 also mean something else? 

The meaning of the baby rabbit equating to 'consciousness' and the number 54 is important. We are being looked at as a 'baby' to begin with - not mature consciousness, which means we have quite a ways to go yet to develop human consciousness.  

The number 54 is interesting. Since it is near Easter and the bunny rabbit is associated with Easter - which we always wonder how that got connected.  I discovered that the longitude of Bethlehem is connected: Grid Longitude 04 deg x 03 min x 54 sec E.Giza

Michael Morton reports more facts regarding Bethlehem's connections: 

Carl Munck has determined a Grid Point Value for The Great Sphinx of exactly 5400 .... a base-ten 'harmonic' of 54 ..... and I have determined an exact number of 54 for the E. Giza longitude seconds of BOTH proposed Bethlehem Grid Points. And, the known arc-distance on Earth from pole-to-equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles. A 'next logical step', here, would be to go into the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge .... which is exactly 21600 .... the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles . . .

51 deg x 10 min x 42.35294116 sec North = 21600 North

At Stonehenge we find: Of the 56 postholes, only 54 stand next to the earthen bank itself.

There are two separate messages here.

54 postholes face the bank.

4 others stand in the open, clear of the earthworks

Two messages, 54 and 4..

Here we will ask a question of '54'..

(1) there are 54 Aubrey holes facing the earthworks.

(2) They are arranged to show a 360 degree circle. that gives us '54 and '360'.

(3) The GRID latitude of the complex, both original (Phase I) and final (Phase II) is now known to be 21,600. Get out your calculator and find...  21600 / 360 / 54 = 1.11111111

Since we also know this to be...  1.111111112 = 1.23456789 - the pattern for our virtually universal base number system, we can acknowledge how Stonehenge likewise encoded it for us.

Always pay CLOSE attention to what the ancient buildings provide.

What of the other four Aubrey Holes?

Test them too, to find...

54 x 4 = 216

Another figure now familiar, a sacred number from the gematrian realm.


In Joan Sckrabulis' book, she shows the number 3168 figures in the earth and moon size relationships. It is the circle of the earth with a square around it, with a smaller moon circle attached on the right. Another circle is drawn around the earth with the circumference passing through the center of the moon circle.  The "alpha" or word meaning of 3168 is "Lord Jesus Christ."

Each side of the square has the earth's diameter, for 4 x 7920 = 31680 miles. The radius of the earth plus the radius of the moon gives 3960 + 1080 = 5040. 5040 x 2 Pi = 31680. (Pi here is the near Pi value, 22/7).

5040 is also interesting. In the ancient numbering systems, the zeros are often place-holders, and the non-zero numbers have a meaning. 54 is half 108, what I call an in-between point in the Gematrian system. Like the other in-between points, it has a "666" tangent. The same is true of the angle to the moon symbol in the Barbury formation, 234 degrees (the reverse of 432). 666 is mentioned in Rev. 13:18, and 13 x 18 = 234. In Carl Munck's "Code," the exact global location of the Sphinx is 5400. 666 aso figures into the eclipse, in Joan's work, as the "majic square" of the numbers 1 through 36 used by the ancient Greeks for the sun, Helios. Adding the numbers 1 through 36 total 666.


Michael Morton also shows us a further strange connection is Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaThe Gettysburg Trinity is not an ideology, or a doctrine, or a religious creed, or anything of that sort. It is a mathematical, geometric 'entity'. It is an actual key to understanding 'wholistic self-referentiality', a true tool, a true measuring stick . . . of self-aware intelligence in-harmony-with its environment. It is a new milepost for us Earth Humans in terms of mass consciousness. It is a true link, here at these three places on this historic battlefield, to a common but until-now lost and suppressed connection to ancestors of ours . . . to ancestors who built gigantic monuments on the planet Mars, at a place we now call Cydonia.

When the Grid Point Values of these 3 sites are multiplied . . .

2.581988897 x 1.860376601 x 1.789199024 = 8.594366927

. . . we get a figure that acts as a key to 'gematrian-type numbers' 

8.594366927 = 27 / Pi

= 54 / 2Pi

= 81 / 3Pi

= 108 / 4Pi

= 135 / 5Pi

= 162 / 6Pi ; etc.

When it's multiplied by 144Pi, it finds the gematrian number meaning "New Jerusalem" . . .

144Pi x 8.594366927 = 3888 (Greek Gematria)

Our friend Gary Val Tunata has related some English Gematrian numbers which also connect with Ancient Hand Signs and God and Jesus:

27 + 27 = 54 = TONE = VOICE = BREATH

HAND = 27

BOTH HANDS = 72, mirror 27

27 + 27 = 54 = TONE = VOICE = BREATH



89 + 70 = 159 = THE FIRST BREATH

JESUS = 74
Do Jesus and Lucifer each represent a HAND OF GOD?



HAND x 2 = 54 = VOICE

Is English somehow connected to the voice of God through our two hands? Is this a clue to the connection between the English and Hebrew alphabets?




The Hebrew alphabet is composed of 22 letters but, with the vowels included, the number of letters is 27. The number 27 is also encoded in the structure of the English alphabet and can be found by combining A+Z=27, B+Y=27, C+X=27, and so on through the entire alphabet.


HAND x 2 = 54 = VOICE



74 + 27 = 101

101 is the beginning of the series of 101 through 191. These 3-digit numbers with a 1 on each side of the center number have been turning up a lot lately. Check this out:

Let's assume for the sake of discussion that JESUS(74) and LUCIFER(74) each represent a hand of God. Then go back to the "hand sign" of the three fingers:


JESUS = 74 = 11

LUCIFER = 74 = 11

GOD = 26 = 8

Think of the two 1's on either side of the 8 as being 11.

Could the three raised fingers represent GOD(26=8) in the center, dividing the dual nature of good and evil as represented by JESUS(74=11) and LUCIFER(74=11)?

And finally, considering the whole hand:


Is the Mind of God communicated through the Hand? In a sense, this would relate back to Stan Tenen's idea about the "universal" language (pre-Tower Of Babel) having been a language of the hand through certain configurations of the FIVE FINGERS.

On 1-2-99, I had a lucid dream consisting of myself picking up tiles that were colored pink and gray marble rectangles. They were labeled Tamasisk. I didn't touch any of them with my hands, but used a tool like a nail or something long like a nail and moved it from one spot where it was by itself and built a wall-like panel of 54 tiles together. They were 9 high and 6 wide.

Not knowing the significance of what I was doing, I got tired of moving the tiles because it's boring even in the dream state doing repetitive things when there are no people or conversations involved, so I opened my eyes before it was done and rolled over in bed. When I did that, a voice in my head said, "Can't you even finish?" I came to the realization that this was a special project and even though I had rolled over in bed with my eyes open, when I closed them again, I could still see the rectangular tiles and finished moving the last four even though I didn't feel like it. It felt like a duty at that point.

(The Esoteric Alphanumerical meaning of 54 is LOVE. )

Joe Mason relates his discoveries about the Great Y on his page about Humanity on the Pollen Path

James Churchward tells us that the triangle with a circle in it represents the Deity in heaven and that "An equilateral triangle with an eye within symbolizes the Deity looking out from heaven."  

The glyph is depicted on page 125 of his book 'Sacred Symbols of MU'. The text reads -

"An equilateral triangle symbolized the Creator, and, as the Creator dwells in Heaven, the triangle must necessarily symbolize heaven also; for, where the Lord is, there is Heaven.  

I find this verified among the Egyptian symbols, as the glyph shows. Here we find the Monotheistic Symbol of the Deity within the triangle - within Heaven. Wherever or whenever the equilateral triangle is met with in ancient  writings or inscriptions, it is either in reference to the Triune Godhead, or Heaven, or both.  

At the time of Confucius, the Chinese Sage, about 500 B. C., in place of the triangle the Chinese used a glyph in the form of the present-day capital Y. This they called: 'the Great Term,' 'the Great Unite,' 'the Great Y.' 'The Y has neither body nor shape, all that has body and shape was made by that which has no shape. The Great Term or Great Unite comprehends three - One in three - and three in One.'"

I realized that there was a Y-shape inside the Barbury Castle triangular formation. I later found in my notebook that I had dreamed of a Y-shape. I reported the dream in my 1992 article for The Dream Network Journal:  

I saw a "Y"-shape that was also a woman's body where the legs meet. Three energy lines moved from the center, two outward and one downward. Then I saw it again but this time there were just the two outward energy lines. As I saw this, a voice said: "Some say there are three ways of unfolding the world. We say two".

I had the dream in June 1991, and the Barbury Castle triangular formation appeared the next month, although I did not know about it until September 1991. I found this quite amazing, because the meaning of the Chinese Great Y has a very similar meaning. The downward-pointing, central triangle of the Sri Yantra is related to the feminine aspect of Deity, and related symbolically to the "yoni," which means vagina.  


I looked to see if I had ever written anything else about the number 2080 and found it on this page: FUTURE PLANETARY ALIGNMENT???? THE FOUR WORLDS DOOMSDAY????  Perhaps we will not know the full meaning of the rabbit until Uranus completes its cycle. 

Excerpted from: http://planetwise.tattooheaven.com/Ides2003.html

If the infamous "ides of March" are understood to fair more or less portentously for any given year, then March of 2003 is marked for severe turbulence by the entry of Uranus into Pisces for the first time since January 1920, in both instances initiating seven-year periods of rambunctious spiritual ideation. The entire enterprise, however, is geared toward the launching of an overt campaign for industrious deployment of a New World Order at the time Uranus crosses the spring equinox, entering Aries in 2010. Uranus has an 84-year orbital period, transiting through one sign in 7 years.

What does this portend for the upcoming period of Uranus' transit through Pisces for the seven years beginning in 2003, connoting strategic maneuvering to protect and germinate the "seed" of a new Uranian program, culminating in 2010, just after Pluto's entry into Capricorn in 2009? These two powerfully transformative agents transiting to these most potent Cardinal points of the tropical zodiac, one right after the other, can only indicate a major up-scaling of the globalization of human consciousness throughout the world during the short period of 2009-10. These impulses will be decisive, unprecedented and perhaps devastating in terms of world politics, but the inherent evolutionary potential for responding to them constitutes the impetus for successful mutation.

The meaning of Uranus transiting through Pisces, from 2003 to 2010, pertains to the dynamic positioning of myriad factors, largely psychological, to facilitate the most propitious outcome for the imminent bid for power in 2010. This impetus is subtle but strong and intent upon a program that has now been largely installed as a function of Uranus' now completing transit through Aquarius, from 1996 to 2003. During this period, Uranus, as Lord of Aquarius, has been setting his own house in order; that is, installing a new Aquarian program to be deployed over the full 84-year period of his cycle, climaxing from 2039 through 2046 as Uranus transits through Leo, the full cycle completing in 2080 as Uranus "comes home" to Aquarius again.

In Pisces, Uranus will venture forth into the next stage of the New Program by "softening up" the appropriate psychological and social breakpoints for an imminent preemptive maneuver in 2010. Such anticipatory positioning can generate surprisingly effective strategic diversions of resources and fortifications toward swift implementation of objectives at a predetermined moment (Uranus' transit to the spring equinox). The essential point for understanding the astrological principle involved is that all progressive movement is geared toward Greater Life. Disruptive and even destructive activities are always yet necessary and functional processes of life itself.

We can expect to witness increased turbulent skirmishes throughout the world during Uranus' transit through Pisces, given the state of affairs that we observe now, going into it. Their fundamental nature or character, however, will likely be that of upping the ante across the board toward obtaining "the psychological advantage" within the now global zeitgeist. This transit provides a most insightful index for gauging mounting psychological tensions as various factions vie for the energy of the building transformative charge. The advantage will be determined by superior intelligence, pure and simple; that is, the most enhanced and expanded capacity for intuitive insight, penetrating deeply into humanity's underlying collective urge for the emergence of a New World.

Uranus is the planet of the efficacy of free agency. He is the consummate egalitarian and seeks to further egalitarian objectives. In his transit through Pisces, he will favor the will to freedom by stirring up latent yearnings for actualization toward many and varied ends. Tyrannical impulses will be frustrated in their attempts to preempt rising tides of passions, because ultimately such passions prove unmanageable. People will instinctively respond to the transit of Uranus through Pisces to move advantages toward their perceived interests, but there will be no perceptible coordination of those movements.




8-26-90 - DREAM - I went to dinner with some friends. We were served very little vegetables. I told my friends to be sure to eat them all.

I was walking down a road and came to a high hill. I began to walk up the hill and accidentally tripped a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would flood the area. My children and I hurriedly climbed the hill to the top and I noted that even the hill was artificial.

I was at work and went home for lunch. I closed my eyes for 5 minutes to nap and 4 hours went by. I was afraid I would be fired, so I decided to go look for a new job the first thing in the morning.

My daughter came home and we were discussing material things and I remarked that other women had nice apartments, clothes, hairdos, and makeup and I didn't have any of those things. She said that I should make up my mind what was most important to me and then do that.

As I was sitting there, there was a baby crawling at my feet. It was my daughter baby. The baby looked like female Indian. It was beautiful. I remarked that I hadn't even had a chance to see it yet because I was so busy working all the time and I wanted to get to know the baby.

I was in a taxi-cab, sharing a ride with two men. We headed up a steep hill and the driver stopped just short of the top. My destination was at the top and I planned to continue on to that house. But as soon as the men got out, the cab backed all the way back down to the bottom and I knew that if I  wanted to reach my destination at the top, I would have to pay the price and do it all alone.

There was store window nearby and the manikin was wearing a beautiful shimmering light blue dress. I told my daughter that that was what I wanted.

I had a box a potatoes and I was going to peel them, quarter them, and put them into another box. An elderly woman was watching me and I wanted to look proficient.

As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack at the bottom which I had to prevent. Then as I started to peel the potatoes, they became pears and were very squishy and I tried real hard to impress the woman with my proficiency and it was very difficult.

I was at my New Berlin house. My next door neighbor asked me about my husband because she had never met him. I knew that he had been in prison and was tough and mean, but I loved him and I wanted to be with him. She asked me to mail a letter for her. I saw the address on it. It ended in 33. I didn't want to give my husband my address directly, which was 2821, so I thought if I sent him a letter using her address, which was 2933, he would figure out where I was. That way I wouldn't have to feel guilty for being emotionally weak, wanting to see him and he could find me on his own.

NOTE: I was told in a dream to always look up numbers from my dreams in the Bible concordance for meaning:  These are the numbers from this dream:

2821 = chashak = blacker =  a primitive root; to be dark (as withholding light); transitively, to darken:--be black, be (make) dark, darken, cause darkness, be dim, hide.

Lam 4:8: Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.

dark= Job 3:9, Let the stars of the twilight thereof be dark; let it look for light, but [have] none; neither let it see the dawning of the day:

Job 18:6, The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, and his candle shall be put out with him.

Psa 105:28, He sent darkness, and made it dark; and they rebelled not against his word.

Amos 5:8, [Seek him] that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out4 upon the face of the earth: The LORD [is] his name:

Micah 3:6  Therefore night [shall be] unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark ( 2821) unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down1 over the prophets, and the day shall be dark1 over them.

2933 = tamah = defiled = Lev 11:43:Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing that creepeth,  neither shall ye make yourselves unclean with them, that ye should be defiled  thereby.

Since at this time in my life, I was in a dark place, the dark rabbit made sense as well as the address numbers and what they meant.

Here it appears that things are getting better in my life:

3-11-91 - Meditation:

Q. The child in the bedroom who was called "The Savior - The Champion - Is he Jesus Christ, Holy Christ? Or is he a Rescuer?

A. The child was brought to me. He could not yet walk by himself. He was brought in by two workmen with the child walking between them holding their hands. He had red curly hair.

A. When I repeated the word, 'rescuer' the little boy remained a little boy.

When I repeated the words, Jesus Christ, Holy Christ, I saw a white Easter Bunny Rabbit and it turned silver.

Q. I again asked about the Savior. A voice said, "Let me say Hello to Dolores. I then saw Babaji take some clothing out of a basket and said, "Let me put this on the baby."

Babaji said to me, "You can come to me with keen efficiency. People whom I have not used for specific lessons are not supposed to know."

Q. Who would be privy to this information?

A. I saw a group of men like in the United Nations. The ones in the upper row who were the 'prime ministers' raised their hands.

Q. What is the significance of the Silver Easter Rabbit?

A. A voice said, "He is most precious."

4-27-92 - DREAM - This was more like an astral experience. The girl from 218 came into the apartment and was looking through my drug bag for some kind of pain killers. (Kept all my medications in one bag) She didn't find any, because I don't have any. I didn't yell at her or anything, but when she left, I get up out of bed to go see if she had closed the apartment door to the hallway. As I made my way to the door, I found gifts that she had left behind relating to Easter ... a big bunny rabbit, a basket of eggs and candy and some other more valuable gifts I couldn't recall.

When I got to the door, another tenant said that the police were down at the end of the hall with a girl manacled to some bars and asked if I could come down and identify her since she was hysterical and couldn't talk and she had a screaming baby with her that no one could quiet either.

I said, "Wait a minute, I need to get a robe on and went to my closet and pulled out a muumuu type dress I think was black and white, but not sure. (I don't really own one)

I went down to the end of the hall and found the girl crying her heart out hysterically on a bed and her baby doing the same on the bed next to her.

I simply asked her, "Where are you from?" and she responded simply, "From the South of france, and I don't know where I am."

I said, "We'll help you." I leaned over to pick up the baby and the people behind me said, "Nobody can pick him up, he just screams all the louder."

I raised the baby to a sitting position and he stopped crying, eyeing me warily.

I asked the mother if I could pick him up. She said, "Yes, but he doesn't take to strangers very well."

I picked him up then and held him at eye level and he broke into a big smile.

Everyone oohed and aaahed at his reacting to me. So I talked some baby talk to him and he just kept right on smiling. The mother was so grateful, she stopped crying and became calmer too.

I told the police that everything would be all right and I would take care of things, so they left.

NOTE:  Policemen refer to karma

8-7-93 - DREAM - I was examining my new house and came to an area towards the back when I discovered 24 tiny brown rabbits just born. Next to them, just born were 12 kittens in two sizes, a few days old to a few hours old. Someone came along and killed all the rabbits, but I still had to deal with all the kittens, the colors of which ranged from white to dark and grey.

8-14-93 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere, supposedly at home. I saw a huge, bigger than human, yellow rabbit go by, going down towards Wisconsin Ave. He was going to participate in a parade. I wondered why no one else was going.

There were some things going on relating to Ed, perhaps coming back. The suddenly a drunken man was pounding on the door and trying to push it in. I had to hold the door shut with all my strength.

As soon as the pressure on the door stopped, I ran over to a dresser in the bedroom, grabbed Joe K's keys and my purse, which I knew had my wallet and check book in. I gave Joe the keys and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him with me. I had the purse in my hand and said, "I have absolutely everything I had to have. I then said, "Lets go." and we headed out to his jeep and left for Washington.

10-18-97 - DREAM - I was in a U shaped house. I was in the remodeled section of the bottom of the U, separated from the 30 foot room by a 3 foot door. The 30 foot room also had a front door going outside. I was told by a voice that part of the room I was in was remodeled from the portion that was attached to the 30 foot room.

I could see the lines in the ceiling and the floor where the walls had been removed. There had been another section on the other side of the 30 foot room so the house originally looked like an upside down T. Now it looked like a U. I do not recall seeing my furniture in the 30 foot section, but I could see we had too much furniture in the section I was in. There was a dresser with two white lamps on it. The lamp stands were standing in the middle of the room. There was no room to put them by the wall, so I turned one upsidedown on top of the other, thinking I would have to remove them from the room otherwise. A child came in and told me she was leaving and I could have her dolls. It was a Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. As I held Barbie in my hands, the head changed to a rabbit head with long ears.

Over in the corner, on the right, a man with white hair sat at a desk. He was sewing something on a sewing machine. There were two children on top of the desk playing also. The girl child was shooting pool. With the triangle with 9 balls, and a pool cue.

I walked to the back door which was a door at the end of this 30 foot section to the left of the man. I saw a black woman standing there with two children, also a boy and a girl. I said, "Oh! I didn't know you were there. You've been so patient to wait so long." She smiled at me. The blonde mother of the other two children was there to drive her two children and the black woman and her two children away in a white car which was parked outside.

Behind the car was a large blue curtain or blanket hanging on a line which I said I was going to have to take down. One the right was a shelf case with objects on it like empty urns or vass. I said I was going to have to take these inside to clean up the yard.

NOTE: Interesting to note here that the other night 12-20-02 - a Barbie turned into an alien face.


12-4-97 - SPECIAL MEDITATION - I was holding an old pink quartz crystal which was found in the yard - unwashed and uncleansed. I asked the crystal if it had any messages for me or for mankind.

I saw a small brown rabbit on my right, which changed into a large brown mouse which ran forward.

I again asked the same question. I sensed great anger and saw a hand hold something up. A voice said, "I wish I had been able to hold onto that stone."

NOTE: In another meditation, I actually spoke to the crystal and it told me that it wanted to be returned to the earth. It much resented being removed from its home.

2-15-98 - DREAM - I was watching people in canoes, floating down river. They came to a city and went into a theatre. Inside the theatre was a game show going on. The theatre and the audience was really large. It was impossible to finish the game show all in one day, so I was asked to make an announcement to the people to get them to stay overnight and finish the game the next day. They gave me a deck of blue playing cards. There were 57of them and each card represented a prize.

There were many more than 57people, but I fanned the cards out in front of the people to entice them to stay until the next day and win a prize. Nobody got up to leave that I could see. The people were going to be able to pick their own choice of card from the deck.

I then went into another room where there was a long brown table. I was sitting at the end of the long brown table. There were other people in the room, both men and women. An old, old, black woman came into the room carrying a little black girl child who in turn was carrying a tiny baby black girl child.

One of the other women in the room tried to take the child out of the arms of the old black woman but she wouldn't go to the new woman.

The old black woman sat down to my right, around the corner of the table and offered the child to me to hold. The child was terrified and clutched tightly to her own little child which she too carried.

We placed a child's sized rocker on top of the table in front of us and eased the child onto the rocking chair. She was held onto the chair with a brown seat belt. The old black woman and I both had our hands on the child. I was rocking the chair gently with my foot somehow to soothe the child. The old woman and I were talking to the child softly and telling her she was going to be okay and she was safe and we pointed out that she couldn't fall out of the chair because of the seat belt. The child gradually became more calm and we could see the fear leave the child's eyes. Gradually then, the old black woman removed her hands from the child while mine continued to hold her securely on the chair.

Then, right in front of us, the old woman fell over and died.

I was as shocked as anyone to see the old woman die. We turned the child's rocker around so she couldn't see the old woman's body and some other people prepared a schoolroom type event at the other end of this long table where they had glass enclosed cages filled with white animals with the babies of every species imaginable.

They were all white and jumping around like baby animals do. The test was for the girl child now to name the animals one by one.

Because there were so many animals we removed the common ones in the front like puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit because they were so common and were also the largest and blocked the view of the others. I wiped the glass clean and took up a long pointer to point to each animal so she could name them.


2-25-98 - DREAM - I had moved out of my apartment but went back for a final inspection to make sure there was no damage and everything was cleaned up. I was given a receipt #21 for the carpet cleaning and Joe's was #20. We passed the inspection.

I then went to New Berlin to my new job to get an assignment but there was nothing designated yet.

I went with a black woman who was short and fat to visit a big house where Hitler was rehearsing his stage play. In the house, to get upstairs to the balcony where Hitler was, you came in 1/2 way between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Regular people had to descend to the 1t floor and then take another stairway all the way back up. This was to show how much better he was than anyone else. The Masters took a different stairway directly up to the 2nd floor but it didn't go all the way. You had to demonstrate your Mastery by swinging over to a wide silver ladder like an acrobat and then climb up the rest of the way.

The black woman I was with decided she was going to go up to the balcony and climb the ladder and meet Hitler in person. He was standing on the balcony and I saw him quite clearly. But he stood there laughing. His part was played by a famous comedian we see on television all the time - (a medium sized guy) (I don't want to name him) But when I watched him laughing his face morphed into several other evil looked faces and back.

I decided to descend to the 1st floor rather then go up to the balcony and play his little game and I left the building myself.

I went East into Milwaukee to A-C where I used to work. People weren't really working there They were cleaning up the place, fooling around, talking, and getting ready to leave. A couple of young black men, fooling around, sprayed some white foam of some kind al over us including on my head and in my eyes. They laughed uproariously, but when I got the foam washed off, the skin on my arms and legs was all raw and bleeding. An older white woman attempted to give me a band aid but the wounds were way too extensive for that.

One of the girls was going home to New Berlin where she lived. I asked if I could bum a ride with her and then I would just walk over to my new job and see if an assignment had come in yet.

She said, "Okay!" I picked up my black purse which was on the floor with everyone elses and we walked outside together. Outside, we were accosted by her boyfriend who started yelling at her that she was late as usual . It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds to 1 minute late, if any. Several young black men saw this confrontation and decided to sock the guy in the jaw which they did. I was a little afraid of these black guys but I acted like I wasn't.

Another black guy pulled up to the curb in a plush, beautiful blue Roadster type car with a blue-velvet top and interior. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. This car had no windows in it. It was open like the original cars were in the 1920's. I saw that it drove from the right seat, so I got in where the driver normally sits. As soon as I did, the interior of the car was different than it had appeared from outside. There was an invisible seat farther forward which you could only see when you were inside the car. It was more like a limousine where a window opened and the real driver was in front and the steering wheel part where I had gotten in was only for pretend. the guy in front was doing the real driving.

In the front stood a tall black guy who is an actor on "One Life to Live" . He asked me if I was ready to go on the ride of my life. I guess I wasn't because I went back into the building to say goodbye to some more people. The tall black guy came into the building with two other tall black guys and he asked me what did I really want out of life. I pretended like I was swooning with desire for him. He laughed and started to leave the building.

Just before he left the building, he turned around to come back to give me a hug. He morphed into a short black woman and I said, "I'll probably never see you again." He hugged me and left. I went outside and met my mother and we got on a boat to ride up the river together. I asked her if she wanted to sit up front and she said, "No! I don't have the strength for that anymore."

She noticed that the skin on my shins and legs was peeling and she insisted that she help me peel it off. It was really gross at this point and huge chunks of skin were peeling off though it didn't hurt.

Down by my feet lay a white rabbit. It was dead, inside out, and gutted. I thought it was my own feet at first, but then realized what it was and discarded it along with my old skin.



October 27, 1999 - DREAM - It started out at home, that I had forgotten I had a job and was walking around in my green and white striped bathrobe. (This is my own). After I remembered that I had a job, I was making excuses in my mind that other people get sick and don't call in and one missed day wasn't so bad, etc.

However, once I remembered I had a job, I had to go in which I did and then tried to pretend that I had been there all the time, they just hadn't seen me.

I was on my way to my office and kept getting waylaid by various people who wanted me to look at this or that and give my opinion on it like it really counted.

I had to walk through an auditorium/lunchroom type place and I was still changing clothes from my bathrobe to office attire. I was naked from the waist up, but holding two short sleeved sweaters in front of me, one beige and one white one. I was trying to pretend this was normal and everybody did this.

I saw someone was taking care of my baby daughter and feeding it some milk from a bottle. Other people were keeping me so busy I couldn't do this myself so I relented and allowed others to do this. I tried to keep my eye on who had her, but finally I lost track of her completely. A lot of the people had left and I had no idea where she was.

I went into a closet like area where other clothes were hanging on hangers and pulled one of the sweaters over my head. However, when it came down over my body, it wasn't at all like the sweaters I had been carried. This outfit was green, orange,and yellow and was like a Halloween costume and it seemed Chinese. It went all the way down to the tops of my shoes. I started to laugh because I had never seen anything like this before. Some men came by and asked my opinion on something they were doing and I showed them my outfit while laughing, and they laughed too, but as they walked away, I heard one guy say, "That really wasn't funny at all."

At that point, a woman came near me and showed me that her skin was hard like stone. However, she was walking around okay anyway like everyone else.

A moment later, I was nearing my office and a woman, dressed like a detective with a slouch hat pulled half way over her face and a trench coat on, came up to me and told me that my baby had been taken to the hospital. It had been found out that someone who had been feeding her, had put liquid chalk into the bottle and was attempting to fill my child's system with chalk to make her like stone and kill her. However, they were able to pump her stomach at the hospital and that she would be fine.

I thanked the woman and continued on towards my office. I passed by my bosses office whose door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on the phone. I sneaked past his door and got to my own door. There was a mailbox on the outside wall there and there were gifts and flowers all over the place. I couldn't even get in the door without picking them all up and carrying them. However, other women were still asking my opinion on things and stopping me from actually going into the office.

At this point, I started having visions within the dream, rather superimposed over the scene. The first one was "The Chinese Phonic Afterlife".  

After I got into my office, there were stuffed animals all over the desk and I had to rearrange them on the floor behind me. There was a big colorful rabbit and one was a white elephant pulling a white two wheeled cart behind him.

I finally managed to turn around to begin work and saw another vision as I woke up, it said, "The Phonic Life".


Note: I've probably forgotten some details... like the things I was asked my opinion on, but the visions of the Phonic Life were very prominent towards the end and I know they are correct.


12-12-99 - DREAM - I met my girlfriend Barbara on the street. She had a neat old vehicle to drive. She had a key to drive it, but her husband wouldn't let her have the real notched key for it. I had a key to the vehicle myself... the notched key. She wanted a notched key so a man came along who promised he could make her a notched key but in order to do that, she had to give the man her husband's wallet. She agreed to this, but his wallet was so full of coins and valuable papers, she needed help to transfer all this to her own purse before she could turn over the wallet to the man. I assisted her in making the transfer and occasionally several beads would fall out the side of her purse during the transfer and I rather poured them back into her purse when some escaped out the side.

We then went into a movie theatre, where I showed her the notched key. I showed her that it fit into a slot in the theatre and it started the movie going. At first when I turned the key, the movie started, but I discovered that the key had to be turned continuously to make the movie run and that as the key turned, it moved along a track in the top of this plate where the movie was inside... and the faster the key turned, the faster the music and lights played inside this box. I finally learned how fast this key had to be turned and I turned it faster and faster until it finally reached the speed where the movie could actually be viewed in real time. The problem was that when the movie ran at real time, an egg would pop out a hole in the side of this box and this supposedly was a bad thing. But, I got the key turning and the movie going and an egg popped out. What was surprising was what popped out the egg. At first I thought it was a long earred flop rabbit, but it turned out to be a black cat with long flop ears that had three long feathery feathers at the top, so the cats ears were each three feathered. It was so cute. Someone said, "look at the next one." and sure enough another one popped out identical to the first. This one also was a black cat with feathery feathered ears, but this one also had pink flowers with three petals lining the edge of the feathers also. This little cat also had white paws. It liked me and climbed up on my right shoulder and sat there while we walked on through the theatre hallway.

1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. There were several people with me. The main occupation was to get some very large goldfish into a fish tank that was large enough for them and yet not put them into tanks that had smaller fish that might get eaten.

There were fish swimming in the air like they were in water on several levels. I had a Collie dog and it was licking the fish on the tail as we were running all over trying to save all the fish.

There was a white dove inside the washing machine . . . which opened sideways, (not up) and the washing machine was half full of water so I had to get him out of there and then he turned into a white rabbit.

I then found a miniature horse laying down on a counter and picked him up and he was prancing on my hand which felt really weird to have his little hooves on the palm of my hand. I gave him to my daughter.

I then saw three rabbits wrapped in a towel on the floor. I knew they had to be released. The first one was a white rabbit, the second was a squirrel which immediately started running around the house and we opened the back door to let him out. The third one was a darker rabbit which had gotten squished. He was still alive but his guts were hanging out of his tummy, rather greenish and slimy, and I knew he wouldn't live. I left him there to save the others and get the squirrel out of the house.

There was a girl in the room next to the door and she had square tables laying on the floor which blocked the way to walk so I helped her stand them up so we could get to the door.

In the living room I spotted a white bird in a basket. I thought it was a dove, but when one man tried to pick it up, he got bit on the hand. I told him he had to put a towel over it's head to pick it up and there was no towel, but there was a white sweater there. He put the towel over the head of the dove and still couldn't pick it up because the towel rose into the air and we could see through the sweater that the dove was riding the back of a white rabbit like a horse.

10-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge kitchen. Dinner was over. Two men were in the room ... a dark haired man and a light haired man. Between them, they stained 4 tablecloths.

I was soaking laundry to be washed, so I planned to wash the tablecloths along with the soaking laundry.

The washer was like an Easy spinner washer and I took the lid of the spinner part where I was soaking earlier laundry. The water was bluish looking. I reached down and pulled out two beautiful soft Indian blankets. There were also some towels.

When the water drained down, a dark boy and girl found some black fish at the bottom. They commented that they were black-water fish. The fish were all small, but black. One I saw had a gold stripe on it.

Though the water drained down, there was still a lot of water in a now square tub and the water was clear. The dark girl stood under the water and I watched her to see if she was breathing. It appeared that the was blowing out her own air but there were no air bubbles. After some minutes, she came up out of the water and took a deep breath. I asked her how she had stayed under the water so long, and she stated that it was very difficult.

I now had to transplant some plants for spring and there was a man and woman there who were watching over the old plants.

In the dirt, which was in the same big water tub which was square, I was making space to put in the new plants, but was burying them on top of little WHITE stuffed animals like rabbits and teddy bears. I laid the stuffed animals in the dirt like they were being buried and placed the new plants on top of them. These new plants would take root and bloom again.

At the same time, there was a baby there and I had to make sure he didn't get buried along with the stuffed toys.


2-13-01 - DREAM - I spent a long time looking up the news about Bigfoot, (which I really do) and posting it on a page about the existence of the humanoid ape creature. I posted these articles on the page and archived them. This took a long time. When I was done with that, I was taken way up in the air and shown a series of dead elephants laid out on the ground. I was then questioned, "Why are you so diligent about archiving news about Bigfoot, and not about dead elephants?"

NOTE: That's a very good question. See YETI:

After that I was in a people dream. and my son Tom was helping me cook a piece of breaded fish. I put it in the oven at about 225 so it took about 1/2 an hour to cook it. When it was done, Tom went to get it out of the oven. He was using hot pads like one would normally do. The bad thing was that a skinny older bitchy woman was harassing him, trying to make him burn his hands. It made me angry when she did that and I went up to her and confronted her. She started to bitch at me, so I grabbed her and spanked her like a naughty child. She said, "Why don't you slap me in the face too?" So I did, I slapped her face really hard on one said, backhanded her on the other side of her face, and then slammed her right in the nose with the palm of my hand and knocked her out.

There were some young boys or men racing down a hill on some kind of hand made sleds made of cardboard or something. It looked like a lot of fun. I was told that they could do it on one of two rivers. There was one of these rivers on each side of the house. I wanted to join in the fun, so I went to the door and saw that one of the rivers was right by my door. At that point, I saw a dead rabbit laying on the ground behind me. (I don't know the point of that)

I can't remember if that was the end of the dream or not ... the alarm went off and woke me up.

7-12-01 - DREAM FRAGMENT - I was dressing a doll in little boy's clothes and I got to the feet and discovered I was dressing a live rabbit.

7-20-2001 - DREAMS - For a long time, I dreamed about the number 132 in a geometric shape. It was a series of circles on a great circle.  I had this dream 3 times and in the last dream, I was trying to draw this shape and instead it came out with 248 circles. I couldn't determine where to place the circles on the circle to come out with 132 like I was shown.

In dream 4, I was in a room that had a TV or computer screen in front of me. The picture was in black and white, with a white background with the geometry in black. First there was a dot, then a dot within a circle ( 1 and 2)  However, the next shape was 4 which was 4 rectangles on a left angle across the great circle.  The rectangles were not flat, but more like an odd shaped box which I can't even draw much less describe or put a name to.   It was moving to joyous music which I believe to be in the key of F sharp. Then came the number 8, then 16. I lost track of the numbers after that because of the activity in the room.

Example: OP122-14 Allegro Moderato molto spiritoso F major 4/4 (Use Netscape for best listening)

Some men came into the room and I pointed out the pictures on the screen with the music.  They got all excited about it, but instead of watching the film which was cartoonish with dancing shaped and listening to the joyous music, they wanted to photograph the pictures on the screen.

But the men started arguing about what kind of camera to use to take the pictures and whether the flash of the camera would white out the screen and they'd have no photo at all and about how long it would take to get various types of film developed, they missed the whole show.

Then, I was sitting in a room and my Father was sitting by my right side.  I saw that my right thumb had developed another right thumb at right angles to my regular thumb.  People told me to cut that extra thumb off, but I didn't want to. The extra thumb didn't bother me and didn't get in my way at all.  

I saw a tiny pearl forming at the juncture of the two thumbs where they came together and I knew that my Father had designed it that way. Once I had two thumbs, then I'd grow 4, then 8, then 12, just the way he planned it an I'd leave it alone because it was meant to be that way.

I then  had a vision of a clock which said 10 minutes to 3, but the 3 was in the 10 o-clock position ... the numbers on the clock were backwards and I was told that it was that close to the end of time.

I felt asleep and when I woke up, I was thinking about the clock and I had a vision of a little brown bunny rabbit on the floor. He lay down on a dark blue blanket and went to sleep.


7-25-01 - DREAM - I lived and worked in a large building in the city. I rather gathered that my boss Otto who seemed like a really sweet guy had retired. I ended up with his keys.

One of the other bosses wanted to give Otto a Polaroid Camera as a retirement gift. I was pretty sure he already had one, but the man told me to call a Mr. Peterson to send him one.

The men left and I took the keys and started exploring the old man's domain.

I had one small key that opened the mailboxes. I looked inside and there was no mail, but there was odd little things stored there which I can't recall. In one section was a tiny radio on which I could hear a woman broadcasting. there was like a 12 volt battery stack in there which I tried to remove because I couldn't see any way to shut it off, but even when I pulled the battery out, I could still hear the woman broadcasting.

While I was doing this, an evil-looking guy, who I only saw out of my peripheral vision grabbed something out of the box and ran off.

I was able to quiet the sound of the woman somewhat but I couldn't shut off the radio and she kept on broadcasting.

I then went into Otto's main office and started exploring, using his key ring and other small keys to open secret doors that had other secret drawers and doors hidden behind them.

In the first few doors and drawers, they were all empty. Everything had been removed. One cabinet which looked like rosewood or cherrywood because of its' deep red color, I opened the little drawers and hidden inside were little storage compartments for fancy handled pipes which I knew he loved to smoke, but again this cabinet had been emptied out.

I then opened one last hidden door which opened into a small theatre-type room. It had theatre-type seats in it. The theatre was about 12 seats wide with aisles on both sides and the seats in the middle. I recall that the seats were royal blue but the light was rather dim in there.

However, on the 1st three rows of seats were stone or plaster castings of faces of people laying there. They seemed to be all profiles of men.

I asked a person who was behind me what this was all about. The person said without hesitation, "this is the New World Order".

The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and as I looked at the stone profiles, there were two large ones in the 3rd row that actually had horns on like the old pictures of the Devil.

I thought there was only one Devil, but there were two horned profile faces in the 3rd row.

I went to the 3rd row and picked up both stone faces. I intended to throw them out into the street and smash them, but as soon as I picked them up, they became animated and started writhing around in my hands until I dropped them.

Now on the floor, they started shape-shifting into little toy stuffed animals. I started to try to kick these little toy animals to try to get rid of them, but they were pretty quick in moving away so I never got a well-placed kick at them. They finally ended up laying in a corner. One looked like a little harmless pink bunny rabbit and the other like a little beige Teddy Bear.

I woke up before I could get rid of them.

NOTE: I found that the pink bunny is "Bunny Harriman" and the Teddy Bear is 'Ted Turner".


1-6-01 - DREAM - I was at the New Berlin house. I looked out the front window and saw that the front lawn hadn't been cut recently. It made it look like the yard was much bigger than when the grass was cut. I saw a huge creature out there ... either a man in a furry suit or it was bigfoot. I couldn't be sure.

I went out into the yard over towards where I saw the creature/man and it looked like he had had a picnic out there in the wild growth of grass where the mower never went. There were trays of food there. I threw the bread scraps out into the trees for the birds. I saw some rabbits nearby and threw some of the raw vegetables towards them. The rest of the stuff was like wrapped with butcher paper. By then, a couple other women came out and helped me carry the trays back to the house.

We had to decide where to throw the paper and food away because we recycled I guess. The kitchen was newly remodeled, so the other women were surprised at how nice the kitchen looked. We wrapped the rest of the garbage in the butcher paper and threw it in the dumpster place.

Then we had the two trays left and the dream gets weird here. The trays were in the air and there were letters of the alphabet on them and we were trying to make each tray say the same thing, so we had to rearrange the letters on them so they were exactly alike. I couldn't read any of it, but we made them the same the best we could.

5-4-2001 - DREAM - I was hunting for something. I was inside a building, searching for something, then went outside to continue the search. I was with other people during the search.

Outside, we took the lid off of a round container and the lid went rolling across the ground and rolled into a pond.

A young blonde boy ran after the lid and jumped into the pond, and it was deeper than anyone thought and he went completely under the water.

I ran over to the pond to rescue the boy and I could see that there were some stones along the shore, but then a deep drop off.

I looked for the boy to rescue him and saw the boy came popping up to the surface. It was amazing to see him pop up so high above the surface of the water and he gasped for breath.

By then I could see beneath the water and saw a beautiful fairy with wings pushing the boy above the water's surface.

I grabbed the boy's arm and dragged him from the pond and at the same time the fairy came out of the water and turned into a bunny rabbit. The fairy's wings changed into the bunny rabbit's ears.

On 8-28-2001 - Joe and I went to bed early to watch a video. I took a stack of 6 videos into the bedroom with me and from that stack, which I did not look at ahead of time, he chose to watch the Andrew Lloyd Webber 50th Birthday Celebration, which we had taped off of PBS TV some time back. All we had was a partial tape with about 6 songs on it.

After it was over, I was laying there, trying to go to sleep and my head just kept ringing with the song, Vaults of Heaven, sung by Michael Ball.

I fell asleep momentarily and experienced a web page that went to 9 other pages, all about connecting the numbers of crop circles to the music.

I woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep. Joe hadn't slept either and got back up to watch TV. So I got up and went to the computer to go to Amazon.com to buy the video in it's entirety and a couple CDs of the music we heard on the video.

Joe told me about a crop circle that had appeared in Germany that had the 4th path marked on it, which corresponded to the Tree of Life with the two kinked paths. I had started to work on a web page earlier in the week about the 28th path which I had dreamed about. How coincidental!!!

I was too tired to work on it, but went back to bed and dreamed I was in a huge place with 50 foot ceilings and working on finding the 9 websites to link to with the crop circles i needed. This was a difficult search and I saw a diagram of what I was looking for. It looked like a pink womb with a spiral within.

This whole place was like a school. The goal was to find 9 crop circles that held the keys to the Vault of Heaven.

3 p.m. I closed my eyes to meditate and while nothing quite makes sense and these visions don't seem to be important, I'm sure they have something to do with what I've been studying today.

I saw two small animals chasing each other around my feet.

I saw myself walking alongside a green sided house, very close to the foundation, looking for a rabbit that used to live there. There were many little openings where it could have been hiding had it been there. I was just about to come out into a large open sunny space when I woke up from the vision.

I saw some empty squares, in a pattern such as one would see in a new crossword puzzle, only I saw only the right side of the pattern. It was like a sideways pyramid with 16 squares. 1, 3, 5, 7 ... If I had seen the whole pattern of 7, 5, 3, 1, there would have been a total of 32. Hmmm!


9-25-01 - DREAM - (This dream is full of numbers)

I started out at a mall where I was having my hair done.

Outside, in the sunshine, I was shampooing my own hair. Another woman was drying her hair in the sunshine and breeze (I love to do that too)

Then we had to get in line to go inside for a rinse and blow-dry.

The women lined up by the color clothing they wore. I was wearing pale green so I got in the pale green line. The lines were all pastel colors, green, pink, yellow, and blue.

They had 12 people at a time and there were so many seats inside that it went really fast. Inside the salon,t here were 12 seats in a row empty and we sat down on our own seat depending on which place in line we had. On each seat were 3 sets of "worry beads' which consisted of a hunk of shoe string about 6" long through 2 big black beads. It felt kinda good to hold these beads in your hands and roll them around while they worked on your hair.

When I went home I parked my car in front of the building instead of putting the car right into the garage. I wanted to do some things in the apartment and planned to put the car in the garage before 9 p.m. before it got dark and scary outside.

Inside, I saw some people swimming in the pool. Another woman, wearing the same color light green that I was, dove into the pool and swam so smoothly to the other end, I decided to imitate her. I dove in and swam 4 laps . It felt really good.

I got out of the pool, but I was wet then and couldn't go outside like that or I'd freeze to death, so I had to go to my apartment and get a blanket or coat to put around myself before going outside to put the car away.

So I walked through the long hallway to my apartment and discovered that there were 3 blankets in the hallway layered together, a plain blue one, a flowered red, white and blue one, and flowered white and blue one. I peeled the blankets apart and wrapped myself in the white and blue blanket. I then had to put the other two away in the apartment.

On the way through the hall, someone had stashed all their stuff, and I saw some knives and forks that I needed so I picked out 8 knives and was going to take the forks and some packets of bobby pins when Joe's ex-wife Debbie said that was her stuff, but she let me keep the 8 butter knives.

When I got to the apartment, my friend Barbara was standing at the door. (We were going to live together). There was a handsome man inside the apartment and she didn't want to go inside the apartment with him alone so he went into the apartment and stood there while she stood in the doorway.

There was no furniture inside the apartment, but the carpeting was yellow, red, and white flowered.

I took the 3 blankets and the 8 knives into the apartment. That's all we had then.

I said, "Hello!" to the man, then I had to got back out an put the car away into the garage before dark.

On the way back out through the hall, a bunch of women were gossiping about the woman who ran the hair salon because of the way she handled it by the numbers.

I didn't see anything wrong with her just because she was ambitious and wanted to work on 12 women at a time.

On the way through the hall, I saw that Cary Loose (my friend, the psychologist) was in charge of keeping the floors clean and had spread pink salt all over the floors which I helped sweep as I went along.

I had some kind of round brush on a stick and swept the salt in swirls - it didn't sweep up off the floors. This area was near the pool and had cubicles with walls about 5 feet high. The walls stood on legs and were about a foot off the floor so everyone just swirled the pink salt around as they went. By the door to outside, the salt was wet so it was harder to swirl,, but we still did it, so no one would fall, especially old ladies. There were no men living in this place.

I went outside and was a little upset that it was already dark and I would have to walk back from the garage to the road in the dark and I was a little afraid, but I decided to think positive that no one would attack me in the dark.

As it was, I had to walk to the car around a courtyard. There was an old white woman sitting on a bench, watching the animals in the dark. There was just enough light shining out of the building to see the animals. There were some rabbits running in and out of their warrens and a deer standing nearby. It was so cute to watch them, then I left to go put my car away and woke up.

10-13-01 - DREAM - I was in someone's garage, gathering the laundry to be done. There was so much I was running out of baskets and containers to put it in. The last white basket was so delapitated, it didn't have a rim on it.

Then I spotted two pair of yellow patent leather shoes between the baskets and a pair of tiny little boys shoes. Those children were no longer there.

There was a discussion of what kind of shoe deodorant one would use on children's shoes. It was decided one shouldn't use foot spray on such tiny shoes.

I had a tube of some kind of medicine which I could put into the toe of each shoe so I did that to preserve the shoes. (I think that was for Kate's lost babies)

There was a Mexican housekeeper woman there who was going to do the actually washing. She demanded an extra two cents in wages because someone had left a length of toilet tissue in the washbasket and she washed it with a toy rabbit and then had to pick it off.

I thought it was awfully petty to ask for two cents extra, but she was paid anyway.

There was a young teen there who wanted to work, but not cheaply. We were trying to clean out the garage and there was two feet of dirt in there. I had a good start on it, but it was a big job. the young man wanted to work outside and wanted $6.45 per hour to dig in the yard where two rows of corn was ready to be harvested. We agreed to pay him this amount because it was minimum wage.

Then there was a young woman who wanted to go bowling at the top of a 15,000 foot mountain. She was a huge woman so there was no way she could walk to the top, so she hired a helicopter to take her up there. I couldn't imagine that anyone would have constructed a bowling alley at that height, but I was told it was just one narrow lane and all you had to do was hit the 10 pins once.

We then went to watch a rescue team extricate a young woman from a crashed car which was up on the upper level of a house. The rescue worker placed some inflatable bags around the woman, turned on the motor generator to inflate the balloons. He started the motor and the balloons lifted the woman right out of the car until she was standing on her own. Everyone stood around and applauded the rescue.


11-7-01 - DREAM - I was in an airport complex of buildings. On top of some long banquet type tables, some had placed 57 rabbits (which I keep saying are ducks) An inspector needed to look at them and I saw that they were all taped to a long piece of butcher-paper with wide tape to hold them on so the whole thing would stay together and be rolled up. It seems there was something important about the 49th rabbit. (I keep wanting to say 'duck' instead)

My friend Donna P. came and talked to me about this. I've been wanting to see her again for a long time, so that was pleasant.

2-24-02 - OH GOD! NOT AGAIN!

DREAM - My ex-husband Ed got out of prison, and found me. (It wasn't the house I was currently living in) He walked right in and went and sat on the bed, sitting up against the headboard.

While trying to have a normal conversation, my mind went through all the excercizes of how I would survive or escape if necessary.

I didn't stay in the same room with him the whole time, I tried to be normal and do normal things, but nothing could be normal.

I even showed him that free samples of food were sent through the house on a conveyor belt that he could sample if he wished, knowing that the man who did this service knew that people would be greedy and steal it wholesale, but even that was okay with him within reason.

At one point I even stood in front of him and showed him I wasn't afraid of death by holding my breath and smiling.

But at the same time, I was in survival mode and watching his every move.

All of a sudden, a young man walked in the door without knocking. He lived upstairs - a real nice helpful guy, but well known to be a heavy drinker.

Ed got a pretend, brilliant smile on his face and said, "STEVE!" Steve and he greeted half way across the room and immediately left together.

(Steve was thin and had blonde curly hair. He reminded me of several people, but it isn't anyone I really know)

Of course, when they left, I immediately went into fear mode of what Steve might be leading Ed to do - especially getting drunk.

At the same time, I started looking at what Ed had done while I wasn't in the room.

A paperback book he had been reading was in the trash. (I never looked at the title0 but this told me he didn't value books. A cell phone was laying upsidedown on the floor, as well as a stuffed rabbit which I've been collecting. I saw that he had been snooping in other rooms when I wasn't looking. Several notes I had with drug lists were laying out of place. A UFO book was ripped to shreds and laying all over.

Then I saw a photograph laying on the bed. I picked it up. It was a black and white photograph of Ed in prison. He was wearing white T shirt and boxer shorts,  standing in front of a concrete wall that had carved workers on the upper half like scenes in Egyptian reliefs - he was humongously fat. I was astonished because he always made sure I was very slim when we were together.

All of a sudden, Ed walked into the apartment and I busied myself, pretending to make the bed, - even the mattress was off the bed half way.

Ed came into the room with two ice cream cones. He was eating one and he offered the other one to me to share if I wanted to.

I took it as a good will gesture. Inside the ice cream cone was a jellied - peach. He said to me, "The sign of my heart" - and offered me a bite of his own jellied peach. So I did the same with him and offered him a bite of my jellied peach and said, "A sign of my heart"!

I woke up and immediately thought, "Oh God!" Why now?"

NOTE: A family friend (who I thought the blonde guy was) died about this time. He wasn't found until 5 or 6 days later.

3-20-02 - DREAM - My husband asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the car. I said, "Sure!" so we took off up the highway into the country. Then we went down a side road where there were a lot of trees and some nice houses amongst the trees. He parked the car in the middle of the road, next to a silver car and got out. He said he just wanted to take a look at a school that was down the hill but he didn't want to drive up to it and have people bother me or something. So I said, "Okay!" and he walked on down the hill and left me sitting in the car.

I didn't mind sitting in the car. I could see a long way into the distance. from this high up on the hill and I had a portable T.V. in the car though I wasn't watching it and a bag of snacks so I wouldn't be hungry. I had everything I needed there, besides there were houses around if I needed to get help of any kind.

What worried me more was that our car would be in the way of other traffic. Twice I got out of the car and moved it over sideways a couple inches so another car could get by if necessary.

It seemed that some of the neighbors weren't too friendly with each other and they let their dogs out into their front yards to bark at each other from time to time. These dogs were gorgeous. Each yard had 5 of these large white dogs with long fur and big fluffy tails. They were all beautifully groomed.

The people would bring them out, let the dogs bark and then take them back in again.

Finally, I saw my husband coming back up the hill. I was really relieved because I had been sitting alone in the car for along time by now.

Just as he came up to the car, the man from the house came out to the car as well. I got out of the car and as the man came up to the car, bringing his Pointer brown and white dog with him. I didn't realize the pointer dog belonged to the man and I said to the dog, "Go Home!" The man said, "Someone just put a ding in your car." and he showed me a small dent in the back bumper which was made by a silver key on a red ribbon that looked like you would hang it around your neck. He handed the key and ribbon to me, then started discussing how they could get the ding in the bumper fixed.

My husband went into the house with the man, whom it turned out he knew and his name was Paul.

I could see them in the house. My husband got into bed with Paul to watch T.V. while his wife (or housekeeper) hovered around serving them snacks. Meanwhile I was sitting in the car watching the white dogs coming and going from their houses and barking from time to time.

Finally, the men came out of the house again and I got out of the car and we started walking down the hill together towards the school. That's when I discovered what my husband had been doing.

Over on the right side, on a wall or billboard, was a large Van Gogh painting. In the center of the road was the largest T.V./stereo combo furniture piece I've ever seen and there was another large screened T.V. set on the left side of the road. On the right side of the road was a chair, a small table, and a pair of long rabbit ears antennas and a remote control on the table. All that time, my husband had been officiating by remote control between two rival basketball teams between two high schools.

I was astonished to see this but didn't say anything.

We walked back up the hill. There was a boy in our car now, who was our son. He was about 10 years old. He was wearing a life preserver and he showed us that the inside of the preserver was lined with packages of all kinds of food snacks so he as okay in the car watching the portable T.V.

Meanwhile we were now discussing the hole in the back bumper which they said was in the gas tank. (What do I know about cars?)

Our son came up with a red button with two holes in it that would fit in the hole nicely, but I asked if it was safe to have holes in the patch, and the man said, "No!" it would be better to put a stone in it.

So the men pushed the car up the hill to where it ended. It appeared that the road was a dead-end road and that was why there was no traffic. (But we had come in that way) It seemed that our car was much larger than I thought - the back end was rather phantom appearing - ghost-like. It could only be seen at the top of the hill.

From here, I could see a long way down the hill.

Then, my husband and Paul went back to the house and left me sitting in the car with my son and our snacks.

While we were sitting there, two women came along, each carrying a baby which they lay together on one end of a blue sofa that was by the side of the road. They walked away a bit, out of sight. I could hear them talking with one another, but couldn't actually hear their conversation.

Up the hill, on the other side of the road was a playhouse, toy box with a large blond doll sitting on it. After a bit, I saw smoke tendrils coming out of the top of the doll house. I started to feel anxious about the smoke but nothing happened. Then more smoke came out, a big white streamer of smoke and I got even more anxious that there might be a five in the dollhouse.

The women weren't coming back for their babies either.

Finally, my husband came out of the house with Paul and he was carrying large blue and white baby blanket that they didn't need anymore and gave it to me to sit on so the car seat wouldn't be so cold.

The man's wife came out too and were discussing what our son had been doing while they were in the house. They laughed and said that our son had been going house to house selling snacks to people. I don't know how I missed that, but agreed that's what he had done.

So, we got in the car and my husband drove it to where I thought the road dead-ended like a cul-de-sac, but to my surprise, there was an 'L' shaped turn-off next to the last house and the road went back to the highway the way we had come from.  Just as we passed the last house, I could see into it where the wife and husband were laying on the bed together. She was talking loudly on the telephone, saying, "Yes! We have 10 puppies and I charge $455.33 each for them, but the first 10 are free."

I thought, "Oh my gosh! I should get one!" and my husband drove on up the rod back towards home and I woke up.

9-14-02 - DREAM - I was hired back at Juneau Village apartments in Milwaukee as Manager.

It was fancier than it had been in the 90's and there was a solarium between the buildings instead of a courtyard.

There were more offices than before and more secretaries.

No maintenance had been done for several months - work orders and purchase orders were stacked and nothing done, so Joe K. was hired back at the same time I was, so he and his helpers were swamped with work.

The hallways were all newly painted pale yellow.

Joe convinced me that we should allow 'Trick or Treating' at Halloween because there were kids living in the building.

After he left for the day, I changed my mind about this and went back to the office to make a sign to post in the lobby - 'NO TRICK OR TREATING' because I was afraid that the kids and parents would tack decorations all over the newly painted walls and woodwork.

I was looking for a pad of yellow legal paper to make the sign with and saw single sheets here and there, but every sheet I found was already written on. I couldn't find a single sheet of unused paper.

One gal's desk had every drawer stuff with candy.

Two women came in looking for their mail and we hunted for it and never found it. At one point a huge dark blue trash truck came to the building. The truck had to tip over backwards to deliver something - I didn't see what it was. (It might have been delivering trash containers for us to use)

The cute driver invited me to ride with him up the street so I could see what it was like to do his job.

So I got in a seat that was behind the driver's seat (he was on the right side). There was a young boy up in front next to the driver on the left.

I said, "I've never ridden in a garbage truck before. It's really nice in here." The cute driver leaned back and smiled at me in appreciation.

At the end of the block, the driver said, "As long as I'm this far, I might as well make these other deliveries too," and he drove up into a subdivision that would take at least an hour to go through to deliver his containers.

So, I hopped out of the truck at that point and had to walk back to the apartment buildings.

It was quarter to 8 p.m. and I didn't want to work past 8 p.m.

There were still things going on. I kept looking for a piece of yellow paper and still couldn't find one. I actually didn't find any blank pieces of paper or cardboard anywhere. There was writing on everything I found.

A young maintenance guy came back to the building to double-check that the door inside the solarium was locked, but I hadn't been given the keys to the solarium, though there was a huge ring of keys laying right there, I was of no help to him because I didn't know which key it was.

Finally, instead of a 'NO TRICK OR TREATING' sign, I fashioned a clay model of a pink bunny rabbit with white ears on the desk, and decided to pin that up in the lobby instead of a sign, which showed the people we were Christian and we weren't going to support 'TRICK OR TREATING'.

9-15-02 - THE HOLLOW EARTH - DREAM - I was at a school somewhere. The school had a huge playground and I noticed that in the corner, a huge hole had opened up. I don't know why nobody else noticed it. Perhaps I was the first one and others would see it once I showed it to them.

I looked into the opening, which was quite large already. Down inside the hole, it was lit up like there was sunshine down there just like we had and it was obvious that people lived down there just like we did on the surface of the earth.

But it was dangerous to have this hole in the schoolyard. Near the opening, the ground wasn't as thick as in the rest of the area. My fear was that when the final school bell rang at the end of the schoolday, all the kids would come running out of the school in the same direction and the ground would crumble beneath them, and they would all fall through into the hole.

My Mother came to the school to meet me as we were going to go shopping together. I met her on the sidewalk next to the school and told her about the dangerous hole in the ground. I asked her if she would like to see it. She said, "Yes!"

My Mother's leg was injured, so I had to put both arms around her and walk with her up the steps to the school playground, and then close to where the hole was so I could show it to her. Other people were still oblivious to the hole in the ground, so it was very dangerous. I had not raised the alarm as yet - that the ground was ready to break through near the hole as the ground was getting thinner and thinner there.

I noticed then that my mother and I were both wearing bright red coats, but we had different hats on. My Mother's hat was all red and mine was red with a white crown - which looked like rabbit fur. It wasn't until I took my hat off that I noticed that the white rabbit fur part of my hat looked rather dingy, so I didn't want to wear it anymore. So as I walked away, I found an all red knitted hat and put that on instead.

I as still walking in tandem with my Mother when we walked past my significant other man in my life. He didn't like my red hat and told me that it messed up my hair, but I made up a story about meeting another guy who liked my red hat and had that he had asked me to marry him. I said that just to make him jealous, so he would know that other people though I was okay.

I continued walking down the street with my Mother, still holding onto her with both arms. We got to the next intersection and met another woman who also had a red coat and red hat on, so now there were three of us standing together with bright red coats and hats.

This was so bright, we almost glowed. Nearby, I noticed that several other women were sitting in a room near the intersection , and though they weren't wearing coats at the time were also wearing bright red hats.

We continued walking and came to a door, where there was a ladies room.

As we walked by, I could hear several women yelling for help. My mother got scared and stopped walking, so I had to let go of her and run into the ladies room by myself to see what was wrong.

By the time I got inside, the yelling had stopped, but one of the women who had been yelling for help was standing by the sink washing her hands. I asked what was wrong. She said she had come into the ladies room to use the toilet and there was only enough toilet paper to use once and she had to go 50 times. All the other women were having the same problem. There wasn't enough toilet paper.

So my mother and I decided not to use that ladies room.

I don't know where my Mother went, but I continued on walking down the hallway that went past the ladies room. This seemed to be either an apartment or it was a school for girls.

There was a series of small stairways along this hallway and on the first set of stairs there were a series of small gifts set up against the steps , which were awards for those who made it this far.

There were several little girls right behind me in the hallway. I spotted a plastic baggie with some shiny jewels in it, so I picked it up and handed it to one of the girls and told her to share it with the other girls.

The little girl was happy to get the jewels and didn't even see the other gifts that they could have had as they walked along this particular part of the hallway. None of the other gifts were jewels but equally nice to have. They would be found by other girls coming along this way.

As I was getting closer to the end of my journey in this hallway, I saw that my own personal colors which were like jewels in a rectangular pattern matched exactly the pattern of colored jewels I was supposed to have in this lifetime.

I woke up feeling really good about myself.


FROM: http://www.ruinedeye.com/cd/symbol.htm

• Life, healing, clear-sightedness, gentleness / Luck; trust; love; friendship; fear; evasion / Rabbit symbolism concerns the Moon (Intuition).

• The rabbit represents humility, because he is quiet and soft and not self-asserting. -- Black Elk

Chinese tradition says that people born under the sign of the Rabbit possess intelligence, wisdom, and understanding. After turbulent Tiger years, Rabbit years are times of diplomacy and gentle persuasion. Emphasis is placed on human rights and helping the underprivileged. Activities dealing with healing and medicine will flourish. An excellent judge of character, they are difficult to deceive. 1

• Older than Christianity, the symbolism of the hare is thus a celebration of life's continuation with rebirth, as in each spring, and the rabbit expresses hope that life will be renewed, and better than before.

• The nocturnal rabbit, signifying the moon who dies every morning and is resurrected every evening, also represents the rebirth of nature in spring. Both the moon and the rabbit were believed to die in order to be reborn. Therefore the hare is a symbol of immortality. In Egypt, Osiris, god of the dead, was sacrificed to the Nile each year in the form of a hare to guarantee the annual flooding Egyptian agriculture depended upon. Although the hare is not a symbol for Christ some analogy might be made to Christ who was sacrificed in the form of a man for the feeding of God's people.

To Buddhists the hare is a symbol of self-sacrifice. Legend says this creature threw itself into a fire in order to feed Buddha when he was starving. As a reward, it was given a new home in the moon.

Because of its fertility (one doe can produce 42 young a year), the rabbit or hare is an emblem of fertility, abundance, good fortune, sexuality, lasciviousness, lust, procreation, puberty, renewal, spring, rampant growth, excess, and love gods and goddesses such as Venus, Aphrodite, and Cupid. Pliny the Elder even prescribed its meat as a cure for female sterility. The white hare sometimes found at Mary's feet represents her triumph over lust or the flesh. Because it signifies abundance, the rabbit is sometimes used in western countries as a harvest or fall symbol. It also stands for madness and the month of March.

The rabbit's alertness and speed made it a Christian symbol of vigilance and the need to flee from sin and temptation. Like the lion, the hare was believed to be so vigilant that it slept with its eyes open. Its flesh was contaminated with wakefulness and could cause insomnia in its eater. Its speed was a reminder of the swift passage of life.

...The rabbit's burrow is a symbol of Christ's tomb.....The rabbit's trembling makes it a symbol of cowardice and timidity. However, Judeo-Christian writings recommend a holy trembling before the Lord. [1 Chr 16:30; Ps 96:9, 99:1, 114:7; Is 19:1, 66:2; Jer 5:22, 33:9] The writer of Philippians warns the Christian to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." [Phil 2:12] In Medieval times, cowardice was personified with drawings of an armed man running from a hare. On the other hand, in Africa and the Americas, the hare was believed to be a trickster using its superior intellect as its defense. Some tribes considered him a hero and even the earth's creator. Aztecs believed 400 rabbits guarded their fields. 2

- If we consider the phases of the moon in its waxing (masculine) and waning (feminine), and accept the notion that the moon at full intensity is the Destroyer of Darkness or, as Hillard says, "sign of new life and the messenger of immortality," we can appreciate the honored position to which the rabbit has ascended..... A number of explanations account for this hare/moon symbiosis. One is that the hare is nocturnal and feeds by night; another is that the hare's gestation period is one month long. And, it was believed that a rabbit could change its sex—like the moon. 3

FROM: CALENDARS:  http://www.greatdreams.com/calndr2.htm

BUDDHIST 2544 Year One marks the death of Buddha which was around 543 B.C. Not all Buddhists follow this calendar. The Tibetan monks follow a calendar that comes full cycle every 60 years. It is related to the Chinese calendar, with each year named after an animal and an element. The new year begins on the Gregorian day of Feb. 6, 2000 It will be the end of the year of the Earth Hare and the beginning of the Year of the Iron Dragon.

CHINESE 4697 China's calendar was invented in the Gregorian year of 2637 B.C. It has been revised many times. It runs in 60 year cycles, each year named for a constellation and for one of 12 animals connected to the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese calendar is now in the 16th year of the current cycle, the year of the Rabbit. The year of the Dragon starts on the Gregorian Feb. 5, 2000.

Rabbit Year of Birth: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999. ...

The Rabbit is extremely lucky in business and monetary transactions.



Interestingly enough, when the news came on after I had this dream, one of the commentators began talking about the 'black hole' of politics. That about says it all.

In our house, the coal men used to bring the coal and pour it down a chute into the basement where we had a coal bin where my father would shovel the coal from there into the furnace all winter long to keep us warm.

Wells, springs, rivers, and earthen mounds are some of the magical places that border with or co-exist in the other world. In these places, magic is much more prevalent and sometimes even time passes differently there.

If we remember, Alice in Wonderland fell down a well:

"The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well. "

The / reality / well symbolism / other world business has clear Freudian overtones. People in a "dream state" probe their subconscious and relate past experiences to their present life (= going down the well).

I'm hoping that falling down the well in the coal 'bin' doesn't have anything to do with Osama Bin Laden, the Arabic terrorist. According to what I read, Kosovo and that area are rich with coal mines, gold mines, gem mines, etc.


HARE - see rabbit - a symbol of longevity, vigilance, easily frightened, cowardice, self-sacrifice, a trickster figure,passionate sexuality and lust, though the 'white' hare seen at the Virgin Mary's feet is a symbol of the triumph over the flesh.

RABBIT - denotes physical or sexual obsessive preoccupation which leaves no room for spiritual development. A rabbit also denotes quiet endurance of one's pain. A white rabbit can symbolize the awakening of spirit or a symbol for Easter and resurrection. A prolific rabbit can symbolize the power of the sexual feelings. See dream surroundings for analysis

RABBIT EARS - denotes one's personal spiritual antenna

Rabbit's Ears. This ideogram denotes the humility of man as he attentively listens to the lessons offered by nature



... 108. 8-9-91 - A rabbit with a bunny hat on. A bunny with a rabbit hat on. They keep changing clothes.


... The story "The Rabbit, the Otter, and Duck Hunting" revolves around a boastful little rabbit that lassos a hapless duck, but the duck eventually triumphantly wins...


... When I repeated the words, Jesus Christ, Holy Christ, I saw a white Easter Bunny Rabbit and it turned silver. Q. I again asked about the Savior. ...


... Lincoln also had: Pig, childhood pet Fido, family pet Ponies belonging to Tad and Willy Lincoln White rabbit Nanny and Nanko, Tad Lincoln’s goats ...


... As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack...


... I was really gross at this point and huge chunks of skin were peeling off though it didn't hurt. Down by my feet lay a white rabbit. ...


... The Moon is known as a hare, or rabbit in Vedic lore, as he jumps faster than any of the other grahas. The Moon rules over the sidereal sign of Cancer. ...


... An owl hooting would signify sickness or death was approaching. A home that was entered by a rabbit would mean the house would suffer calamity. ...


... to the moon. There she lives out her days in the cold lonely moon palace with a furry rabbit for companion. ...

FROM: The Symbolic Role of Animals in the Plains Indian Sun Dance

Integration with the rest of creation is expressed throughout the sun dance by symbolic objects that represent attributes of various animal kin. For example, Sioux participants may wear the skins of rabbits on their arms and legs, for "the rabbit represents humility, because he is quiet and soft and not self-asserting ­ a quality we must all possess when we go to the center of the world" (Brown, 1967, p. 85). The wearing of strips of rabbit fur by the Cheyennes who build the sun dance lodge may refer back to the time when the tribe lived in the north and subsisted chiefly on rabbits (Grinnell, 1923, vol. 2, p. 218). The Arapaho sun dance involves a rabbit-tip), whose name originated from the myth in which rabbits conducted the secret ceremonies of the sun dance lodge. Those who still perform the rites are called Rabbit-men (Dorsey, 1903, p. 37).