2010 Crop Circle Formations  
Part Four
The Tree of Life Vesica Pisces
Interlocking Concentric Rings
The Basis of the Hologramatic Creation

by Joseph E. Mason

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 Apollonius of Tyana, writing as Hermes Trismegistos, said 'That which is
 above is that which is below.' By this he meant to tell us that our universe
 is a hologram, but he lacked the term. 

 The name of the healthy twin, hyperuniverse I, is Nommo. [Nommo is
 represented in a fish form, the early Christian fish.]
                                                                              The Exegesis of  Philip K. Dick

The original plan of the One can only be realized now by the division of
 hyperuniverse I into two healthy hyperuniverses, which will transform the
 hologramatic universe into the successful teaching machine it was designed  
 to be. We will experience this as the "Kingdom of God."

                                                                                             Philip K. Dick, VALIS

A crop circle formation appeared at Woolaston Grange, near Clap-Y-Ares, Gloucestershire around 18 July 2010 --

Image credits: Olivier Morel & Andreas Muller

It reminded me of an idea that came to me in steps over a period of time in the early 1990s, in my study of dreams and crop circle formations. This has to do with the way the Creation is created. Dreams and meaningful coincidences led the way. The four circles with rings within Figure 4, below, are similar to the 2010 Woolaston Grange formation --

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

All four images are based on four simplified triangular shapes, based on the Barbury Castle pictogram, Figure 5, which appeared 17 July 1991 --

Figure 5

The four triangles are arranged in a Teutonic Cross in Figure 1. A Maltese Cross is also suggested. Figure 2 is formed by overlapping the triangles on center, which makes a shape similar to the New Jerusalem diagram. Figure 3 is based on "lowering" the bases of the four triangles in Figure 1 to form a pyramid, as viewed from above. The first three Figures are formed without the central circle and rings of the Barbury Castle triangle. Figure 4 is the same as Figure 3, except the central circle and rings are placed in each of the four triangles.

Not long after creating the diagrams, I was directed by coincidental circumstances to read the first part of Ezekiel. I realized that Figure 4 fit very well with Ezekiel's description of the Four Living Creatures -- which had "four wheels within wheels" with "rims" and "spokes." Ezekiel's "wagon" is called a four-wheel chariot or the Merkabah. When the Living Creatures "stood still," they "let down their wings." When the wings "touch one another," the sound of a great earthquake is heard. There is more detail about these ideas in this article --


The idea came that in three dimensions the "wheels" are pulsing spheres that create interference patterns like a hologram, creating the physical reality. That is why I used the quotes from Philip K. Dick, above.

The central overlapping part of the Woolaston Grange formation is similar to a conventional Vesica Pisces, in which two circles intersect so that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The almond-shaped overlapping part has been associated with the "Fish" by Christians since the early times some 2000 years ago.

A perfect equilateral triangle can be constructed within the Vesica Pisces --

Thinking of the above, in relation to the Woolaston Grange formation, on 21 July 2010, I did a Google search for "Vesica Pisces" and "equilateral triangle." A coincidence happened. The second link went to a Masonic page that included information on how the spheres of the Tree Of Life are found by creating four Vesica Pisces shapes with five circles. The coincidence is that it fit very well with the geometry of Woolaston Grange formation --

Figure 6

Figure 7

Image credit: William Burkle & Andreas Muller

The Hebrew letters on the right of Figure 6 are the Tetragrammaton, the four Letters of the Divine Name. Comparable English letters are YHVH or IHVH or YHWH. Significantly, the Tree of Life appeared as a crop circle formation in 1997 --


Four of the Figure 7 diagrams of the Woolaston Grange formation, can be arranged like the Figure 6 Tree of Life. Compare Figures 8 and 9, below --

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

Image credit: Andreas Muller & William Burkle

Figure 3 shows the 22 pathways added. Figure 4 shows the corresponding chakra colors. The relationship between the chakras and the Tree of Life was discussed in Part One of this series of articles.

One of the meanings of the Tree of Life has to do with how the creation is created. In the article about the Tree of Life crop circle, Mark Styles posited the theory that the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation represents the lower triad of the Tree of Life. I created the image below to illustrate the point --

Mark figured the ratchet spiral as being at the bottom, indicating a lighting strike hitting the Earth. That is the tenth sphere of the Tree, called Malchut (or Malkuth), the Kingdom. It corresponds to the first chakra.

Similar Formations

I began working on this article 22 June 2010. Soon, two similar crop formations appeared. One appeared at East Field, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, around 26 July, and the other at Beggar's Knoll, near Westbury, Wiltshire, reported the next day --

East Field
Image credit: John Montgomery

Beggar's Knoll
Image credit:
Frank Laumen

All three formations may also suggest figure eights or infinity signs. Those types were discussed in Part One of this series of articles.

The Beggar's Knoll formation fits quite well with the pyramid type image based on four simplified triangular shapes, patterned after the Barbury Castle pictogram, Figure 4, below --

Figure 12

Figure 4

I created Figure 12 from a diagram of the Beggar's Knoll formation. The central portion was removed and the upper and lower concentric circles ("wheels") were filled in. A copy of the two "wheels" was rotated 90 degrees and then pasted over the the vertical pair.

The four "wheels" compare to the four  "wheels" of "Ezekiel's Wagon" in Figure 4. Remember, my idea was that in three dimensions the "wheels" are pulsing spheres that create interference patterns like a hologram, creating the physical reality.

I created similar images using a diagram of the Woolaston Grange formation --

Figure 7

Figure 13

Figure 14

Figure 7 is the original diagram of the formation by Andreas Muller. Figure 13 was created by rotating a copy of the diagram 90 degrees and pasting it over the original. Figure 14 was done the same way, except portions of the diagram were first erased -- the three small circles outside the primary pattern, and the two smaller "wheels" on the left and right of the original.


When the four triangles are placed together in the pyramid shape, as in my illustration, it looks similar to platinum crystals under a powerful microscope --


Interestingly, the interference portions of Figure 14 resembles a four petal flower, which associates with the first chakra, which is related to sphere ten of the Tree of Life, Malchut (or Malkuth), the Kingdom, Earth.

In our article, Crop Circle Formations as Chakras, we gave this crop formation as one example of the first chakra --

It appeared near Yeovil in mid-July 1997.

In Part Two, another first chakra symbol was displayed -- four-petal lotus on the upper left, below --

It is an old picture made by an Indian saint, after deep meditation. On the lower right are seven flowers, representing the seven chakras. To the left of the flowers is a coiled snake, with the upper part of its body standing up. This is the "serpent power," the kundalini.

In Part Three, a conventional symbol of the first chakra is displayed --


"Malchut takes us from source through channel to ourselves as receivers and givers. "Mem, Lamed, Kaph," is also the root of Melekh, the word for "King." Malchut is the connection point between our world and the world of the Eternal One, providing a link to the infinite. This conduit is the interface, the threshold, between our humble selves and the Divine Shekinah. When we open ourselves to the higher force, and invite the Creator to come down to our world, Malchus is the "Throne" in our hearts. Through meditation and prayer we draw the Divine energy into our kaph, our soul vessel. When we "become the throne," our ego is dissolved by the presence of the Creator Before Time. We release our judgements and are filled with divine radiance. We exchange self-satisfied cleverness for a taste of true wisdom." [Rabbi Marcia Prager, The Path of Blessing] The Throne is also part of the symbolism in Key 4.

Kaph, soul vessel, and Throne are related, in that koss, which also means "cup," and Throne are both Gematria 86, the same as Elohim, a Divine Name.

Beriekh Shemei, and K'Gavna (Sefard), Zohar excerpts used in the Jewish prayer liturgy, both address the feminine aspect of the deity, the Shekhina, and speak of the mystical union of Tipheret and Malchus, through Yesod, which occurs Shabbat eve. Like the Cherubim on the Ark, the feminine and masculine aspects of the deity achieve union by a spiritually infused interchange of energies.

Malchut is also the realm of "machshava" or personal thought processes. Being "sovereign" or "king" of our own thoughts is one of the keys to personal/spiritual development.

Malchut is the Persona, an idea conceived of by Carl Jung.

Certain interference patterns are called "moire" patterns --

This was briefly discussed in a 2005 article. The above pattern is formed by two "wheels." Interestingly, vertical and horizontal vesica pisces shapes are formed by the interference patterns.


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