The Barbury Castle Triangular Crop Circle Formation of 1991 
by Joe Mason

One of the most significant crop circle formations appeared at Barbury Castle, on July 17, 1991 --

This is a large diagram, with details --

Note that the central circle and rings are somewhat offset and that one of the pathways is kinked. About an hour before I saw the article, I had a dream in which a voice said, "People are being told about being out of balance or offset, to look for offset circles."

Many dreams and crop formations suggest that the future will see an increase in the feminine aspect, the "return of the feminine," which will bring a balanced condition. The Holy Spirit will replace the harlot Kali. This is probably actually a change in the aspect. See --

Each side of the triangle was calculated as six radii of the corner glyphs, suggesting a 6-6-6 triangle. Note that two of the glyphs also suggest six, and the Moon glyph is offset by six degrees (39 x 6 instead of 40 x 6).

There are a number of theoretical meanings. It is the Trinity in the alchemical form --

North - Sun, Sulfur
Southwest - Moon, Salt
Southeast (ratchet spiral) - Mercury, Quicksilver

The ratchet or Mercury spiral was 333 feet in length. This may also suggest the Trinity as being three in One (1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3). The offset seems to be related to the idea that "something went wrong" with the feminine aspect of creation (the harlot of Revelation 17, who is Kali, instead of the future Holy Spirit). Note that the moon glyph was at 234 degrees instead of the expected 240. The number 234 has the positive tangent of 666. These are numbers evenly divisible by 18 (37 x 18 = 666 and 13 x 18 = 234). Interestingly, the 666 verse in the Bible is Revelation 13:18.

I am not sure if this is very meaningful, but the Biblical number 153 (John 21) is half a circle away (180 degrees) from 333 on the wheel, and therefore has the same tangent --

The number 153 is said to be the "Resurrection" number --

Two German researchers determined that various crop circles were indicating a triangle in the sky within the Winter Hexagon, that pointed at a star in the Belt of Orion. It's orientation was at 19.5 degrees, a tetrahedral point. When a diagram of the Barbury Castle triangle is placed in such a position on a star map, another star is found to be located at the point of the kinked pathway.

I mentioned the 1991 Barbury Castle formation in my new article, which gives a number of reasons why it fits with the smallest particle or consciousness unit --

The Fourth Indonesian Crop Circle Formation - How the Creator Creates

Interestingly, the new Indonesian formation is somewhat similar to your visionary image. The ancient symbols also suggest it is about the creation of humans -- The Father and Mother engendered the Son, Man. The word Man or Son perhaps should have been child, or androgen child, composed of both male and female aspects. Such is the case with the mythological Mercury, known to the Greeks as Hermes.

The concept of the Trinity was around long before Christianity, of course. This article has some additional details about it --

Dreams About the Triple Male Trinity

The square footage of the Barbury Castle circles totaled 31680, a number associated with the New Jerusalem design. The number 3168 was the Greek Gematria for "Lord Jesus Christ." It had previously been associated with a figure in the Pagan religion. 31680 feet is six miles (5280 x 6).

The ratchet spiral also suggested a time cycle of six ages. The date of the formation, 17 July 1991, may have suggested the landing of the Ark on the seventh day of the seventh month (Genesis 8:4), and the end of the Age of Pisces --

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

Various forms of the cycle given (6 x 2160 = 12960, half the precession, six Ages), showed up elsewhere. For example, there were 1296 little diamond shapes in the 2002 Mitochondrial DNA crop formation (1296 is six to the fourth power, 216 is 6 x 6 x 6) --

Code of the Ancients & the DNA Repair

The Barbury Castle triangle is also thought to represent the lower triad of the Tree of Life --

It may also be associated with triadic symbol of the 1992 Dharmic Wheel crop formation, given as step 8 --

8. Southwest - The place of Donn -
The triadic symbol of Spirit, Soul and Personality brought together finally as one Unity.
The place of Donn is the archetype of death and transformation.

This may be related to the idea of "eternal life," as the Dharmic Wheel eventually leads to apotheosis, and union with the One. A similar connection is given in this article --

This concerns the theories of alchemists about the sun (sulfur),
the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). The glyphs on the
corners of the triangle of Barbury are said to parallel these
alchemical signs.

Their work involved the attempt of transmuting elements, such
as lead into gold, and finding a substance that gave eternal life.
This became centered on cinnabar, the Hell Fire Stone, which
is the ore of mercury, mercuric sulfide.

A triangle with 11 marks on each side (11-11-11), for a total of 33, was suggested by crop circles, and by the suggested musical interval ratios derived from the geometry of the crop circles --

The Crop Circle Music Wheel

Also see --

The Trinity - The Crop Circle Theme of 2001

The Emergence of the Mother of All Crop Circles

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