Indonesian Crop Circles of 2011
Part Two
The Fourth Indonesian Crop Circle Formation  
How the Creator Creates

by Joseph E. Mason

We reported on the first three 2011 Indonesian crop circle formations in Part One. The fourth Indonesian crop circle formation of 2011 appeared at Jawa Barat Cikarang, Java, Indonesia around 4 May (Image 1) --

Image 1
Image credit: Nur Agustinus

There was a report that the formation was man-made, but that should not stop interpretive efforts. See the note that the end of this page.

The formation seems to represent the process of creation in a simple symbolic form. The Creator (left), becomes dual (center), then projects the physical reality (right). I learned of similar glyphs in the early 1990's, when I received The Sacred Symbols of Mu, by Col. James Churchward. It is a collection of ancient symbols from around the world.

A diagram of the formation is below (Image 2), along with several other diagrams for comparison --

Image 2
Image credit: Nur Agustinus

Image 3
 modified glyph 

From The Sacred Symbols of Mu

Image 4
page 226

Image 5
page 227

Image 6
page 139

Image 3 is a modified version of the formation's hexagonal glyph. It illustrates a rectangular hypercube, a box inside a box. The second row of images is from The Sacred Symbols of Mu. Image 4 is from page 226. It is a sun symbol representing the monotheistic symbol of the Deity. Image 5 is one of 24 glyphs displayed on page 227. It is number 5, on the upper-right of the set of glyphs. It also represents the sun. It seems to represent the dual stage of Deity in creation. I will elaborate more on this later.

Image 6 is similar to the hexagonal glyph of the new Indonesian formation, and the modified version, Image 3. Imagine the hexagonal portion of the formation rotated and tilted slightly.

Image 6 is from page 139, and taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, also called, the Book of Coming Forth by Day, also translated as, the Book of emerging forth into the Light. One translation of the glyph states, "I am yesterday, and I know tomorrow, I am able to be born again." Another version is, "I am yesterday, today and tomorrow." This may suggest the physical creation in the sense of time, with its past, present, and future.

The three-dimesnional cube compares to the two-dimensional square, illustrated on page 127 (Image 7) --

Image 7
page 127

The triangle symbolizes Heaven. The square symbolizes Earth. The triangle surmounting a square symbolizes Heaven above Earth. The three dots symbolize the Triune Godhead. The five dots symbolize the Deity and His Four Great Primary or Creative Forces. A simple cube viewed from one corner can be seen as a hexagon. Many crop circle formations have had such a form.

The middle glyph of the new Indonesian crop formation, which is like Image 5, above, appeared as part of a very fameous crop circle formation -- the 1991 Barbury Castle pictogram. Image 8, below, is a diagram of the formation, with the central circle and rings in red. The red portion is quite like the middle glyph of the new crop formation and Image 5 from The Sacred Symbols of Mu.

1991 Barbury Castle Crop Formation

Image 8

Image 9

Image 9 shows the direction of the lay of the wheatstalks in the 1991 formation. Note that all circular areas except one have plants layed in a counterclockwise direction. The exception is the outer ring of the central circle with rings, which has the plants layed in a clockwise direction. The suggestion is that the two rings represnet the duality, often refered to simply as male and female.

A similar suggestion was given in a different way within the 1999 Menorah crop circle formation, which also appeared at Barbury Castle. This is an excerpt from the article --

The rotations of the various circles in the Menorah crop circle formation are quite significant, I believe. The three circles on the top, left side had a counterclockwise rotation. The center and right three circles on top had a clockwise rotation. When the diagram is rearranged, as above, into a pattern similar to The Tree of Life, the three counterclockwise circles are on the left, and the three clockwise circles are on the right. This seems to confirm the Tree of Life association with the Menorah, because the left Pillar of the Tree of Life has three spheres that are associated with the feminine aspect, and the right Pillar has three spheres associated with the masculine aspect.

The The Tree of Life appeared as a crop formation in 1997. The three glyphs composing the new Indonesian crop formation may correspond to a simplified Tree of Life, which includes the theory of emanation, where all things are derived from the Creator. In that sense, all things are portions of the Creator manifesting, including each individual human being.

To imagine the formation relating to the Tree of Life, turn the images ninety-degrees, so that the monothiestic Deity symbol is at the top. This would correspond to sphere one of the Tree, Kether, the Crown. The central dual Deity glyph would corresond to the three Pillars of the Tree -- left (female/Judgment), center (balanced), and right (male/Mercy). The rectangular cube would be at the bottom, corresponding to sphere ten, Malkuth, the Kingdom. Alternately, the cube could represent sphere six, in the middle of the Tree, which is Tiphareth, Beauty. It corresponds to the heart chakra. There is a tradition of the Divine Wedding or Marriage, where sphere six, the Bridgroom (Zer Anpin), weds sphere ten, the Bride (Shechinah). The hexagonal glyph of the formation may represent that union.

I had a dream about six months prior to the appearance of the 1991 Barbury Castle formation --

I saw a "Y"-shape that was also a woman's body where the legs meet. Three energy lines moved from the center, two outward and one downward. Then I saw it again but this time there were just the two outward energy lines. As I saw this, a voice said: "Some say there are three ways of unfolding the world. We say two."

After I read an article about the Barbury Castle formation in September, 1991, I looked for similar symbols in The Sacred Symbols of Mu. I found the eye inside the triangle, interpreted as the Deity looking out from Heaven (page 187). I also found this similar glyph on page 125 (Image 10) , of the Deity in Heaven --

Image 10
page 125

I was astonished when I read the text below the graphic --

I find this verified among the Egyptian symbols, as the glyph shows. Here we find the Monotheistic Symbol of the Deity within the triangle -- within Heaven. Wherever or whenever the equilateral triangle is met with in ancient writings or inscriptions, it is either in reference to the Triune Godhead, or Heaven, or both.

At the time of Confucius, the Chinese Sage, about 500 B. C., in place of the triangle the Chinese used a glyph in the form of the present-day capital Y. This they called: "the Great Term," "the Great Unite," "the Great Y." "The Y has neither body nor shape, all that has body and shape was made by that which has no shape. The Great Term or the Great Unite comprehends three -- One in three -- and three in One."

I realized that there is a "Y"-shape within the Barbury Castle triangle, if viewed upside-down. This experience gave me confidence that the interpretation was on the mark.

After I studied the symbolism of the Barbury Castle formation for a time in the early 1990s, I came to realize that the formation fit with Seth's  concept of the "Consciousness Unit." I found this excerpt as I was composing this article --

According to Seth, the kernel, the heart, the very basis upon which all existence builds is the quantum ("the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess") - the very thing that scientists and religionists and theorists have been trying to identify, for these many centuries. Seth reached out his jolly little finger, said, "Oh, it's there, all right," and named the smallest indivisible particle: Consciousness Unit. And with that gesture, he redefined "Life."

Life, he said, exists on an infinite number of "planes" or "levels," only one of which is the material world as we know it. And the quantum that is common to all is the Consciousness Unit. That means that everything seen and unseen is comprised of consciousness - a consciousness whose solitary goal is to expand, to become more of itself.

That is what existence is all about, starting with the infinitesimal quantum, enlarging to galaxies, encompassing "life after death" and every plane of existence: Expansion - becoming more.

The Consciousness Unit has the rational and intuitive functions within it, which is one form of duality. If all the Consciousness Units were destroyed (they can't be), save one, all creation would come back into being from the single one. In this sense, it is similar to an indestructable seed or DNA strand.

In 1996, I spoke on the telephone with David Wilcock. During the conversation, I mentioned the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation, and the idea that it may represent Seth's Consciousness Unit. He later wrote a good article on the subject --

The Emergence of the Mother of All Crop Circles

Image 11, below, is from page 105 of The Sacred Symbols of Mu --

Image 11
page 105

Image 12
page 105

The single ring reads Hun, -- The Creator is one. The ring divided by a diameter reads Lahun, two -- He is two in one. The ring with two lines reads Mehen, man -- These two engendered the son, mehen -- man. Image 12 is an elongated version of the third glyph of Image 11.

Interestingly, Image 12 is similar to a modern football stadium. In 1998, Dee had a dream-vision experience in which a voice said, "Do a web search for Robert F. Kennedy Memorial." I informed her about the glyph in The Sacred Symbols of Mu. We thought it might explain her visionary experiences. I had also dreamed of (American) football, and eventually wrote about football symbolism.

On page 106, Churchward tells of the ancient concept of Lao Tzu , author of Tao Te Ching --

Reason Tao made One.
One became two.
Two produced three.
From these three, all mankind descended.  

Joseph Campbell's version of Tao Teh Ching 42 is expressed this way --

The Tao produced One;
One produced Two;
Two produce Three;
Three produced All things  

Symbolic variations of of the 1-2-3 process of creation are covered on pages 106 to 109.

The AUM triangle glyph is shown on page 276, Image 13, below --

Image 13
AUM Triangle
page 276

The meaning is given as --

A = Ahau Masculine -- Father
U = Feminine -- Mother -- She
M = Mehen, the engendered -- The Son -- Man  

This compares well with the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation (Images 8, 9, and 15). The glyphs at the corners are said to have parallels in alchemical signs, thus --

North - Sun, Sulfur
Southwest - Moon, Salt
Southeast (ratchet spiral) - Mercury, Quicksilver  

According to John Michell, the total square footage of the circles in the 1991 Barbury Castle formation added to 31680. That is a measure around the sub-lunary world of the New Jerusalem design. Early Christian scholars calculated the number 3168 as emblematic of Lord Jesus Christ. The same number was previously applied to the name of a leading principle in the pagan religion.

A concept similar to those covered in The Sacred Symbols of Mu is the Pythagorean Tetraktys, Image 14, below --

Image 14
 Pythagorean Tetraktys 

 Image 15
  1991 Barbury Castle
Crop Formation

According to Joseph Campbell, the tetraktys represents creation in four steps. The one creative source (top dot) becomes two dots, representing duality -- male/female, sun/moon, plus/minus, light/dark, rational/intuitive, etc. The row with three dots shows the relative balance of the dual forces -- female dominant, balanced, or male dominant. The row of four dots at the bottom indicates "all things created" from the three above -- the four quarters of the Earth, the four quarters of Heaven, the four elements, the four fundamental forces, etc.

Note that the ten dots of the Tetraktys fit well with certain key points of the 1991 Barbury Castle formation (Image 15).

In 1992, I informed my snail-mail friend, Josephine," about some of the ideas concerning the creation process, as expressed above. She responded with a quote from a book on ritual magic by Donald Tyson --

In the boundless light of the Unmanifest before creation the analogy to the cone was the will to achieve the desire for self awareness. What began as a fleeing from the limitless outer reaches of the All became a turning circle, then an inward spiral as the Eye of God crossed the boundary of balanced forces and sought to find itself by manifesting a point.

Thus the spiral began as a negative motion of withdrawal and wrapping inward for protection, then became a positive and active striving to realize the center of Self . . . A traingle widens down from its apex down to its base, thereby emerging into manifest existence.

Implied in ritual evocation is a similar but mirror-opposite triangle on the far side of the Veil of Unknowing. Since magical energy is not projected through the physical universe . . . it is sent through the dimensionless Unmanifest by means of the point doorway opened by spiral motion.

The channeled entity, Seth, in the Jane Roberts books, speaks of a similar concept. He said the reality is created each moment through very rapid vibrations, that we cannot yet detect. Time is part of the creation, but on the other side of the veil, there is no time, just an Eternal Now.

Joseph Campbell pointed out that the Star of David design composed of thirteen stars, above the head of the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States, is composed of two interlaced Pythagorean Tetraktys, one pointing upward to Heaven, and the other pointing downward to Earth.

Physisist, Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D., has develped an extensive string theory, which uses sacred geometries, the Tree of Life, and the Pythagorean Tetraktys. Each shape is composed of various triangles marked with the ten dots, called Yods. Image 16, below, is one example --

Image 16

I reported an artistic-dreaming connection to this work in this article --

Humanity On The Pollen Path, Part Six

Dr. Phillips points out that there are seven yods (dots) making a hexagon within each tetraktys (Image 17) --

Image 17

Certain crop formations fit well with the Tetraktys ideas of Dr. Phillips. One example is the diamond-shaped formation that appeared at Chilbolton, around 12 June 1999 (Image 18) --

Image 18

It was said to be a Sierpinski Gasket fractal type design. I have added color to show the compaison. This formation seems especially significant, because of three crop formations that appeared in the following two years, near the same place, next to the Chilbolton radio telescope. Busty Taylor has an article about this.

On 13 August 2000, a fractal type formation appeared right in front of the radio telescope. Around 14 August 2001, a "face" type crop formation appeared near the same location. About five days later, a rectangular formation appeared near the "face" that was obviously (when seen from above) a coded message.

It was quite like a message that was sent into space in 1974, from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The details of the crop formation indicated that it came from an extraterrestrial source. The bottom portion of the message was a small version of the fractal type formation that appeared in the same spot the year before. That portion of the original Arecibo message showed a simple design of the transmitting device -- the radio telescope itself. The suggestion was that the fractal design of the formation represented the transmitting device used by the extraterrestrial source.

The formation that appeared at West overton, Wiltshire, around 24 June 1999, had similar triangular patterns (Image 19) --

Image 19

The small dots were actually little hexagons. A cutout of the pattern can be folded into a three-dimensional octahedron. Jonah Ohayv has an excellent article that covers these formations and others. Also see the other parts of the article, starting at the Intro, where the octahedral shapes within the local Universe are discussed.

There have been quite a number of hexagonal crop formations over the years, many of which suggest cubes or hypercubes. One of the most interesting to me, was the hypercube type formation that appeared on 7 July 2007, at Toot Balden, near Southend, Oxfordshire --

Image 20
Image credit: Andrew King

Compare the rotated Toot Balden graphic, Image 21, below, to the modified glyph, Image 3, of the hexagonal glyph of the fourth Indonesian crop formation of 2011 --

Image 21
crop circle

Image 3
 modified glyph

A few months prior to the appearance of the 2007 Toot Balden formation, I was interviewed about crop circles on a student radio program from Keble College, Oxford. During the interview, the interviewer mentioned that he had a dream where he saw a box. I asked for details, but he could not remember. I talked a bit about the various box type crop circle formations. Coincidentally, the Toot Balden formation appeared about five miles south of his location at Oxford. Coincidences such as this are commonly reported by crop circle researchers. This is one of several reasons that many researchers think that the crop circle phenomena is somehow tied into our consciousness or the unconscious mind.

The 7 July 2007 date of the formation may be significant, as it can be seen as 7-7-7. Such triplet numbers are often reported as coincidental events. Crop formations sometimes display such numbers in various guises.

I am placing a writing by Michelle Jennings about the Toot Balden formation in the Extra Data section at the bottom of the article. She points out that the rays in the formation seem to be coming from the cube center, like the light is coming from the inside in this formation. She also references the heart chakra.

As pointed out in Part One, the chakra system is also related to the spheres of the Tree of Life. There is a Kabbalistic teaching that the spheres of the Tree must be filled with light from below, rather than from above.

Sphere six, Tiphareth, corresonds to the heart chakra. I believe it is symbolized by the Seed of Life that later opens into a twelve-fold design. The Seed of Life can also become Metaton's Cube.

The thirty-six rays of the Toot Balden formation are also significant. Thirty-six is a major Gematria number. We pointed out in another article, that sphere six of the Tree relates to the Magic Square of the Sun, a six by six grid with the numbers one through thirty-six inside --





































Each row, column, and diagonal adds to 111. Adding all thirty-six numbers results in 666.

On 8 July 2006, a formation appeared at Wayland Smithy that looked like twelve skyscraper type buildings. The basis of the design was actually a cube or hypercube. Included on that page is the hypercube drawing of Stan Romanek, apparently received from an extraterrestrial intelligent source.

Another noteworthy cube appeared around 24 June 1999, at Allington near Devizes, Wiltshire. Six of the edges had wide pathways, making them look like three sevens (777). Perhaps it relates to the 2007 Toot Balden formation of 7-7-7.

In this case, the cube was inside a circle, which is fairly common in crop circle formations. Such a design fits with a message received over sixty years ago. In the book, Channeling, by Jon Klimo, on page 165, Jon quotes Walter Russell, from a book published in 1947, of messages "of God." Russell claimed that the messages conveyed to him a direct knowledge of how the basic universal forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and atomic energy really operate. He wrote --

In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the outbreathing, radiating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescene of white-hot suns by the inward breath.

For, to thee I again say, all things are Light; and Light separates not; nor has it bounds; nor is it here and not there. Man may weave the patterns of his Self in Light of Me and of his image in divided lights of Me, e'en as the sun sets up its bow of many hues from divided Light of Me, but man cannot be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be apart from the Light of Me . . . Verily, I say, every wave encompasseth every other wave unto the One; and the many are within the One, e'end down to the least waves of Me.

In 2010, there were several cube and square type crop formations --

Danebury Hill, near Nether Wallop, Hampshire, 6 July 2010

Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire, 9 July 2010

Fosbury, near Vernham Dean, Wiltshire, 17 July 2010

Whitefield Hill, near Woodsend, Wiltshire, 3 August 2010

The Whitefield Hill formation has an apparent sphere inside two overlapped squares. That shape is also common in crop circle formations. It fits with the Sufi concept of the Breath of the Compassionate --

Image 22
Sufi Concept of the Breath of the Compassionate

The idea is that the creation is being created in each moment via the inward and outward breaths of the Creator. It is almost identical to the cube-sphere message through Walter Russell. A detailed explanation is on this page, in the Extra Data section --

444, The Triplets, & The Creation

It is pointed out in that article that a complex double square type formation appeared at Hundred Acres (East Field), Alton Priors, Wiltshire, around 3 July 2005, and that some seventeen days later an "X" type crop formation appeared at Kings Worthy, near Winchester, Hampshire. The two formations fit quite well with the glyphs in Image 22, above.

It seems clear that many crop formations are attempting to inform us about how the creation is created by the Creator. It is as if we need to relearn the very old language of symbols.

Crop Circle Photographers
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Extra Data

What!!! On Earth???
By Michelle Jennings

The Toot Balden crop circle, reported July 7, 2007 conveys to us another fascinating message in such a succinct, yet multi-faceted way. My main area of knowledge is symbolism and traditional mythology, so hopefully it will complement the mathematical and scientific information that has been coming in regarding the crop circles this year.

Hexagram is contained by, and to some extent, defines the hexagon. Symbolically, the hexagram stands for the yin/yang, the union of male and female, and the sacred marriage. It represents primordial energy and the Source of all Creation, the Great Androgyne. In Jungian terms, it represents the union of opposites, i.e.of the personal, temporal world of the ego with the non-personal timeless world of the non-ego. Ultimately, this union is the fulfilment and goal of all religions. (Penguin Dictionary of Symbols) At Uxmal, Yucatan, it is a symbol of the sun shedding its rays on earth the fertilization of earth. The hexagon itself symbolizes a dying, or surrender to a greater force in preparation for new life, something like what happens to bees over the winter in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb in order to re-emerge in springtime.

The cube, which in this formation is represented by the interior hexagon with the y lines to indicate the 3D cube, is a symbol of earth and its four corners corresponding to the sunrise, sunset, midday, midnight and to the solstices and the equinoxes. It also brings forth the concept of solidification, stability, (therefore truth and the base for the throne of the goddess, e.g. Cybele, Rhea). In Chinese tradition it is representative of the earth deity. In Mayan tradition, the Tree of Life grows from the Centre of a Cube. It symbolizes the material universe and the New Jerusalem.

Previous crop circles that feature the hexagon, as the main characteristic of the lay, with some indication of the cube, are: the Juggler's Lane formation of August 2005; Avebury Henge July 2005; Avebury Trusloe June 2005; Deacon Hill, June 2003. In an article I wrote about the Juggler's Lane formation, I noted that the whole design was suggestive of the iron crystal formation of the Earth's core (Ideas and Associations Regarding Juggler's Lane, near Cherhill, Wiltshire, August 21, 2005). The Avebury Henge formation was considered by some to be referring to the water crystal and Dr. Emoto's theory (The Love and Gratitude Formation).

Juggler's Lane, Cherhill, Wiltshire, 21 August 2005

Avebury, Wiltshire, 24 July 2005

Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, 23 June 2005

Deacon Hill, June 2003

The point I am getting at here, is that these particular types of formations are referring directly to Earth and the material dimension: earth, water, fire, air. These four elements are associated with the first four chakras, with the fourth, the Anahata (meaning: a sound not made by striking, i.e. Om) chakra the heart chakra being represented by a twelve-petalled pink lotus whose centre is a smoky coloured hexagram. This chakra is the centre where material and spiritual energies meet, join, and interact. It is the balance, and therefore a stabilizing force, as is suggested by the cube form in the centre of the Toot Balden crop circle.

Anahata Heart Chakra

The rays in this formation seem to be coming from the cube centre. Light seems to be coming from the inside in this formation. Is there some new way in which our own earth and matter will manifest? Will the long-perpetuated association of matter with darkness and evil become a perception of the past? And will we be shown another side of matter that has until these times had to be hidden? Some 2006 references to quantum changes and space-time perception seem to support these ideas.

It seems that the Toot Balden crop circle supports a message that is bringing us to a new understanding of ourselves, of our material world and of the Earth itself in relation to an ever-evolving universe....

Sufi Concepts of Creation

These ideas are taken from: Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest by Laleh Bakhtiar --

A diagram in Sufi, Expressions of the Mystic Quest, that is quite similar to the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular crop formation --

It is part of several ideas that represent how creation is created. It is said that the "why" of creation is "For Knowledge of Self." The Divine is Infinite and Knowledge of Self is part of Its Infiniteness. The "How" of creation is diagrammed as shown above. Creation begins with the One point, and becomes the line labeled, "Knowledge of Self." The top circle of the line is "Knower." The line is "knowledge." The bottom circle of the line is "Known." The second glyph, which looks like an upside-down "Y," is labeled "Active Agent." The top arm of the upside-down "Y" is "Knowledge of Self," which is the same as the top glyph, the line. The left arm of the upside-down "Y" is "Command." The right arm is "Will." The third glyph, the plane triangle, is labeled "Passive Recipient." The top, left, and right points of the triangle are "thingness, obeying" and "hearing." The bottom glyph combines the upside-down "Y"-shape within the triangle.

This is also from: Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest by Laleh Bakhtiar --

The Breath of the Compassionate

The preparedness within a thing, it's inner Archetype, is actualized in an intelligible form at the moment when its Name flows into it through a Word. The Divine Spirit or Logos flows into a thing through the process of the Divine Breath, the Breath of the Divine name Rahman, Compassionate. The Name of the Compassionate manifested through the Divine Breath, is just one of the many symbolic processes which the traditional craftsman emulates. By blowing or chanting the Divine Names upon the form to be transformed, the creative process of the breath, which contains the Divine Presence through a Name, transforms the object in hand. The creator participates as active agent and the object participates as passive recipient.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet in which he says, 'God created the universe through the Breath of the Compassionate.' The Compassionate (Rahman) is the highest of the Names, Ideas or Archetypes. 'Where was your Lord before creating the visible Creation?' someone asked the Prophet. His answer: 'In a cloud. There was no space either above or below.' This cloud which the Divine Being exhaled, and in which it originally was, receives all forms at the same time as it gives beings their forms. It is the act of making things to exist. The Absolute, appearing in the Name, Compassion, overflowing with goodness, gives existence without limit and without end.

When the desire to be known, the preparedness, arises within a thing, the Divine as Compassion extends Itself as Archetype to the thing and becomes its receptivity, its ability to receive the theophany. This receptivity is actually what the Archetype, in its state of concrete essence, desires. Therefore, the actual effect of Compassion is to give a thing the possibility of receiving sensible existence. Compassion is given without any discrimination; Mercy, the complement, is given only for an act done. Compassion, in a sense, is the universal form of Divine giving; Mercy is the particular aspect.

Through the Name of Compassion, the Absolute breathes out upon the other Names or Archetypes. This breathing out is a means of bringing things into existence. By means of the Command 'Be!' the Absolute through Compassion sends into the external, phenomenal world that which has been compressed within it.

The Divine Breath pervades the Universe. Just as breath is exhaled and so forms syllables and words, the Breath of the Compassionate, in exhaling Words (intelligible forms), brings the sensible form into being.

This Divine Breath is Nature itself, just as the Breath contains all the forms of the universe in a potential state and actualizes them by exhaling, so Nature holds all forms of expression in a potential state of preparedness in which they await the appearance of the Breath of the Compassionate, the Spirit, the Logos, in order to be known.

This breath is essentially the initial act of the metaphysic of love. Love is the cause and secret of all creation and thereby the principle of all motion from desire to being known. The creation of the world, in this sense, was the motion of love towards perfection and completion. The Absolute loves to be perfect in both types of forms: intelligible and sensible.

Ultimately, one who wishes to know the Breath of the Compassionate need only know Self, for Self is the Lord who is manifested in the form. One's innermost being is most directly expressed through speech. Speech on the human plane reflects the Divine Word or Logos; it was the Word that create the universe and it is through the Word that it returns to God. Invocation (zikr) is the means of reaching the very substance of things within us.

Everything contains the Presence of the Divine. The ideas of intellections in our minds are like those Ideas in the mind of the Absolute. A word contains both a meaning and the thing itself, which has a form. The meaning is permanent, the Divine Idea; the form the thing takes is but a shadow, transient. The Ideas are made temporal through the Breath of the Compassionate. In Sufism, Christ symbolizes the particular Divine Quality of the Breath of the Compassionate, for it is through the Breath that all things receive life. 'When the Word of God comes into the heart of anyone and the Divine Inspiration enters his heart and soul, its nature is such that there is produced in him a spiritual child having the breath of Jesus that revives the dead.' (R. Nicholson, Mathnawl.)

The 'What' of Creation

The universe, in the Sufi view, is being re-created at every moment. At every moment what appears to be a time-connected universe returns to God. There is continuous, instantaneous expansion and contraction.

The manifestation of actualized individual things occurs continually, as in successive waves. At every moment creation is annihilated and re-created. With each heartbeat we die and are reborn. The world is in intense motion, ascending towards the vertical axis within all things to meet the descent of the Absolute in manifested forms. The flow occurs in such an orderly, successive manner, according to definite patterns, that we are unaware of it, and the world appears to us to stay the same. This ever-new creation is a process which only the human form endowed with consciousness of Self can come to know. Arabesque patterns, in rugs or in tiles, witness this conception of constant flux. As Ibn'Arabi expressed it:

'The wonder of wonders is that the human form and all other created things are in a perpetual process of ascending. And yet one is not ordinarily aware of this because of the extreme thinness and fineness of the veil (when one looks at something through a very transparent veil, one does not become aware of the veil between oneself and the object) or because of the extreme similarity between the successive forms. How splendid is God's description of the universe, and of its perpetual renewal with each Divine Breath which constitutes an ever new creation in one single entity! But this is perceived by only a few, as the Quran says: '"Nay, they are in utter confusion regarding the new creation."' (50:15). These people who do not perceive are in confusion because they do not know the constant renewal of things with each Divine Breath.' (T. Izutsu.)

Creation Stories

These two creations myths are from, Myths, by Detlef-I. Lauf, Alexander Eliot, Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade. They illustrate the idea that the Creator is the creation.

Native American Creation Myth

Oglala Sioux

The Native American medicine man, Sword, told the creation story of the four colors -- yellow for rock, green for the earth, blue for the sky, and red for the sun.

All colors are united in the rainbow, and all things are united in a single Great Spirit, Wakantaka. Sword imparted this story --

Who is the oldest? Rock is the oldest, the grandfather.

Who is the next oldest? Earth is the next oldest, the grandmother.

Who is the next oldest? Sky is the next oldest, giver of life and motion.

Who is the next oldest? Sun is the next oldest, above us.

The first elk appeared on the top of the primeval rock and bayed loudly. In answer, the first dawn arose out of the dark abyss which confronted the rock. But naturally the elk, the rock, the dawn, and the abyss, were all really Wakantaka.

When I read Sword's story, it struck me that this was similar to a Seth concept. Seth claimed that all parts of all realities were the Creator manifesting. He chose to use the term All-That-Is, rather than God. I later read where Black Elk, of the Oglala Sioux, used the terms "all that is," in the same context.

The word rock or stone seems to sometimes have the symbolic meaning -- interpretation, as in a certain idea or thought. If applied to the Oglala Sioux story, it would make more sense that rock is the oldest.


Chinese Creation Myth

Myths, by Detlef-I. Lauf, Alexander Eliot, Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade


The god Pan-Ku appears in Chinese art as a dwarfish fellow, scantily attired in leaves or a bearskin cape. Like Moses, he has young horns sprouting from his brow. He holds a hammer and chisel, for Pan-Ku is the world's sculptor. He is surrounded by his helpers: the unicorn, the phoenix, the tortoise, and the dragon.

Aided by his four friends, this amiable demiurge carved out all nature as we see it now. When he began the work, he was an infinitesimal being, hardly more than a speck of dust. Each day he grew larger, for no less than 18,000 years. During all that time he carved upon the only material available, his own body, and in the end he died so that nature might live.

Pan-Ku's hair became the whirling constellations of the night sky. His eyes turned inward, as the sun and moon. Now his breath is earth's atmosphere. His body is the earth itself, and his blood the oceans.

Pan-Ku is also known as Pangu.

Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas was found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945. It is composed of various "Sayings" of Jesus. Some of the Sayings found their way into the Christian Bible, while others did not. Saying 50 speaks to the idea of individuals being created through the Creator by light out of nothing. This is one translation --

Saying 50

If they say to you: "Where do you come from?,"
tell them: "We have come from the Light,
the place where the Light came into being through itself alone . . ."
If they say to you: "What are you?,"
say: "We are His sons, and we are the elect of the living Father. "
If they say to you: "What is the sign of your Father?, "
tell them: "It is a movement and a rest."

The "movement "and "rest" in the verse may be related to the idea of the photon of light exhibiting a wave-particle duality. Perhaps this is related to the "pulsing" nature of creation discussed in this article.

Dr. James J. Hurtak had a visionary experience in 1973. The Light Being, Enoch, appeared to him and informed him of a great world transformation to come within decades. Enoch explained many concepts about Creation. He explained that the Eye of YHWH (Creator) is within each pyramid of Light. This struck me as being quite similar to the eye within the triangle glyph, yet related to the photon of light. To me, it also fit with Seth's idea of the Consciousness Unit.

Dr. Hurtak reported his experiences in, The Book Of Knowledge:The Keys Of Enoch.

A Note About Man-Made or Hoaxed Crop Formations

There was a report that the fourth Indonesian crop formation of 2011 was man-made. There are reasons to doubt such claims, but in any case, I focus on the theoretical meaning of the symbols.

I think that most of the formations are created through the collective unconscious, in a manner that is not yet understood. It is possible that man-made formations come through inspirations, like other works of art, so that the unconscious mind is still the idea source. The man-made formations, therefore, have potential meaning.

Assuming that the tens of thousands of crop formations that have appeared all over the world during the past thirty years are all man-made, is a compelling reason to look for possible symbolic meanings. Since so many of the formations have obvious religious connotations, begs the questions -- "Who or what is behind the creation of crop circles, and what is the purpose?"

I consider finding the meaning of the formations a first step in trying to answer those questions.