12-4-14 - DREAM - I was reading an article on the computer about President Obama working with Drew and Scott (THE PROPERTY BROTHERS) who, buy, sell, and renovate properties for a wide variety of people when they don't have the money to purchase a different home to grow into by themselves.

It was hard to tell from the article (which had the photos of the men in it) . whether President Obama was hiring Drew and Scott or whether they were teaching President Obama how to renovate the property he already had under his purview.

Drew and Scott don't do anything half-way- they rip and tear and repair everything they run across in a property to change it to suit and please the customer (the people) desire it to be.

The results are always great in the end but the process of ripping and tearing out the old to put in the new is not pleasant to see, especially if you don't get why everything has to be so perfect according to the new person's desires.

12-4-14 - I was standing in a small room and President Obama was standing in the doorway holding his grandson in his hands.

The baby was only a couple of months old, curled up like in a ball, wearing boy clothes of blue jeans and a striped long sleeved polo shirt. The baby had short cropped black curly hair and brown skin like Obama has.

I understood that this was also my own grandson.

The baby was crying so I put out my hands and he handed me the baby.

I woke up as the baby was being passed over to me.

12-4-14 - DREAM - I was standing on a city street near the curb and a city bus was going by.

A little white boy about age 2, wearing blue jeans and a long sleeved polo shirt was standing atop a 2-step step stool within reach of the bus.

I was concerned how dangerous this was for the little boy.

Then I saw a big headline with the name DUTCHSINSE right at the top.

12-4-14 - VOICE - The boy recognized your voice and he wants you to know that not everything is not all right with the world and that we are going to war soon.

He wants you to know that in a "full house"  (Congress?) something is not right and something must be done.

In this world, you can raise your voice and say "STOP"/

This is a Holy War and we have no place in it.  THIS IS NOT OUR WAR!!!


I responded "Oh God!!!"

The response of the voice was "GOD HAVE MERCY UPON US ALL"!!!


12-4-14 - VOICE  "We leave it to you now to open that door to the big wide world and LEAD THE WAY!"


12-5-14 DREAM  I was in the country in New Berlin, WI. I was at the intersection of National Ave. one street west of Calhoun Rd.

It was a very steep hill down to the south.  There was gardening going on the hill using children under 12.

I could see the sweep of a light that I thought was an airport towards the east.

I was told it was using the parameters of 648 and 82.

This is very close to where Joe's Italian family came from in Sicily.


12-5-14 - DREAM  I was in a house that was dirty in a lot of places, including inside drawers.  I had a tiny baby that got into things as well. Even the refrigerator was on a slant. 

On the walls there was what looked like coffee grounds that fell from the crack between the walls and ceiling. It fell onto fresh paint.

Then a large man came and said his job was to clean up after construction so that the place looked like no one had ever been there.


12-8-14 - DREAM  I was with three friends and there was some kind of accident so I decided to  call an ambulance  for all three of them, though they were all still standing up.

They were on 62nd and Center street but behind the house.

So /I ran to my house on 1st street to call the ambulance and while I was talking on the phone asking for the ambulance, Jack Abbott from The Young and Restless TV show came up to me and insisted on going to the scene of the accident with me.

I didn't want to tell them that one of the three people in the accident was Jack's son Kyle.  I didn't want him to have a heart attack getting to the accident scene. So I was holding his hand and pulling him back to slow him down.

(He was wearing a long grey tweed winter coat.)

All three people were on their feet as we walked up to them and one of the girls was short and fat - a blonds.

She saw Jack and started grinning ear to ear to see him until she was smiling so big, I could see all the way down her throat and couldn't see her teeth.

That's how happy she was to see Jack.

(Jack's son's name is Kyle Abbott)


12-8-14 - NOON - VISION

I looked  across the street was completely gone.

I had just been in it, trying to find  something to wear for work.

In a later dream, I went over there and there was a yellow hamper in a doorway, so  I climbed over it to make sure no one was inside the hamper.


12-9-14 - DREAM - I was going to work in the dark of night with a bunch of guys via a car.

We got out in a working place and went into a tall building where we all went into one elevator and started going up.

One of the guy's said, "I just figured out how those guys who spin on plastic do it so easily. 

Several of us said. "Oh yeah? How?"

So the guy took off his shoes as we stopped and he stepped into a bucket of yellow goo that was in the elevator and he spun around like a professional ice skater.

We all said,  Wow! Cool!"

and I woke up


12-9-14  VISION - I saw an American eagle flying with a broken wing half way up.


12-9-14 - DREAM - I had my old job back at Juneau Village Garden Apts. and it was my  first day on the job.

I got a phone call from an agency that they were sending someone over who needed an apartment.

I no sooner hung up the phone and the guy was at the front door, hanging out with several other guys, gayer than gay.  He was hugging several guys at the door and was evidently a singer and comedian to boot.

I only knew of one apartment available - so I took him to the third floor by elevator, and he started singing a country western song to me, and I asked him if he played the guitar and his answer was, "Who me?"

Somehow I left my keys in the elevator.  I don't know how I did that because elevators don't need keys to run them.

Everyone had their doors open and the old white haired lady in the first apartment had all her clothes hanging on hangars on rack in the hallway.  I pointed to the racks of clothes and asked, "What's this?" 

She said she was just airing them out.

Her apartment was full of stuff, there was no room for her clothes, obviously.

Everyone on that floor greeted me by my full name, Dolores, and waved.

We got down to apartment 515 - obviously the wrong floor for that apartment number.

At that point I realized my keys were still in the elevator, so I took the quickest way back as the building was square,

Before I even got to the elevator a big guy who knew me came running up to me with my keys and here too, at 9:00 am was home and had their doors open and they all waved and said Hello to me!

The man followed me and e knew everyone also.  It seemed to be party time all day on this floor.

I assumed the man took the apartment, because it was too much fun not to want to live here.


12-9-14  VISION -  I was in the kitchen and the top of the stove had nothing on it and it looked like new!

I made that vision come true the next day :-)



12-10-14 - DREAM  I watched a beautiful complicated designed eight petal flower open up.

I wondered how it could b pollinated, develop seeds and be replicated so more beautiful flowers like itself could be created.

I had never seen such beautiful flowers like these before.

Then as nightfall approached, the flower would close up for the night.

Would it open again in the morning?

All the questions needed answers.

Only Creation knew the answers.

I wish I did.


12-10-14 -  I saw the previous vision again as I thought about it two hours later.


12-12-14 - Before sleep. I specifically said I didn't want to dream about anything negative.

DREAM -  I was in Jerusalem and witnessed Jesus enter into the gate astride a donkey, along with some other people who were walking next to him.  (That fulfilled Old Testament prophecy and was done by him on purpose as he was the Teacher of Righteousness for the Essenes."

NOTE:  It came to me that we should get a white donkey for the community and keep it outside the church.


12-13-14 - DREAM - I was asked to go to a hospital and donate some fluid to an old woman.

I was nervous to do it, but as soon as I  did, and the fluid was flowing out of me into the old woman, I felt younger and stronger and I was done, I sent a lot of time manifesting the size and shape and placement of my bed, along with the help of a doctor and nurse, and my bed was extremely easy to do this.  It almost floated, it was so light in weight.

I then had to make similar shapes to a large bag of things I had brought with me and all these things were made new again as well because they told me I was no longer the same person.

NOTE: 12-18-14 - I've been trying to figure out what physical changes I might experience.  I have no energy to go do anything on my computer, but all my body pain has gone away, and I'm having some dreams (romantic ones) that I am not able to remember.  But I remember saying, "No!" to someone who wanted to be romantic with me.

Also, while sitting at the computer, a man asked me to marry him and I said I couldn't answer that question because I didn't know who he was.  He said, "Oh, yes you do." and I responded, I can't answer a question like that without being face to face with the person.

I only hear that voice when I'm sitting at the computer.  other spirit conversations I have in my meditation chair don't usually have physical voice tones, just strong thoughts in my own head.


12-16-14 - DREAM - I was someone else who was tall with long curly brunette hair.  I was wearing a nightgown with a long winter weight dark blue ankle length bathrobe - with matching dark blue slippers.

it seemed I was living in my bosses house where we also worked during the day.

I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and saw a lot of leftover food from a party.

the left over pies had what looked like it had a lot of whipped cream on top and there were several dessert plates on the bottom shelf and those plates had desserts on them that were uncovered and the food was rising and falling like it was alive with bacteria.

I knew immediately that anyone eating that food was going to get food poisoning.

I stood up and closed the refrigerator door and saw that the floor was wet with some green slimy stuff that might have leaked out of the refrigerator also.

One of my younger male co-workers came into the kitchen and I was about to tell him not to eat anything out of the refrigerator and not walk in the slimy stuff, and that the kitchen was contaminated, when the boss walked in.

the boss was tall and handsome and he immediately asked me to come upstairs to the bedroom with him.  I didn't have any choice to not follow him as he turned abruptly and went upstairs.

I padded up the stairs behind him, fully intent on telling him the kitchen was contaminated and nobody should eat out of the refrigerator, but he was talking and I couldn't interrupt him rudely so he was climbing the stairs quickly.

He told me to sit on the bed and he walked over to his private desk and started to fiddle with a little box that was sitting there and in my mind I was thinking he was about to ask me to marry him.  So I didn't interrupt him and spoil his mood by telling him the kitchen was contaminated.  My announcement could wait just one more moment.

Then he did something with the box, like slip it into his pocket, and he turned to go to the bathroom.

I could have noise from downstairs as other co-workers were coming into their offices downstairs.

My mind instantly snapped back to reality and I knew I had to warn them not to eat any food out of the kitchen, so I quickly stood up and ran from the bedroom and blurted out -  DON'T EAT ANYTHING FROM THE KITCHEN- EVERYTHING IS CONTAMINATED.

and woke up.

P.S.  When I woke up from the dream and revealed it to Joe, revealed to me that he had removed all the old food from both refrigerators and threw it all away.  He had not told me he was going to do that.


12-13-14 - five people have died from eating candy apples because listeria bacteria which develops in refrigerators that have too warm a temperature.  18 others are hospitalized.


12-13-14- DREAM  I was living next to RA and Germaine.  A young, very light skinned dude came to stay with them and my daughter-in-law Lorna went to visit them and fell in love with the guy.

Lorna brought the guy to my house to visit and this young man took a rope and a neck tie out of his pocket and proceeded to hang himself by the neck with the rope and tie to the living room chandelier for a comedy routine.

I stood there in stunned silence after he calmly reached up and released himself from the rope and tie while everyone applauded him.

Lorna said she really loved this guy because he was so exciting and I understood the thrill of new love, but when he wasn't looking, I took a pair of scissors from my sewing box and cut up the rope and tie into dozens of pieces.

Then I wrote out a sheet for him that showed what his future would be worth if he went to college and got a good education and told him how proud everyone would be of him then.

He didn't act mad or angry at me when he and his audience went back to his house, but when I went to the door and looked outside and there was a hill with trees on it and at the bottom was a red coaster wagon tipped over.

Lorna was still with me but now she was a large buxom woman wearing a red flowered silk dress and she had light brown skin.

I went over to her and hugged her and pleaded with her not to let her boyfriend hang himself to death just because he loved the applause he got.

I pleaded and begged her to heaven with him to go to college and finish his education because everyone would be proud of him for accomplishing that.

She said she would try to convince him of that, and I prayed she could do that but knew that the guy like getting the applause from the tricks better.


12-14-14 -DREAM - I was working in a large office.  The men were all wearing tuxedos and the women were all wearing knee length flouncy and glittering dresses of various colors.

The boss didn't want us to leave the office to get a drink of water, so he filled up a large carafe of cold water and went around serving water to everyone in the office.

Rick from The Bold and Beautiful TV show stood in front of the head desk, looking like the bridegroom waiting for the bride.

His bride, dressed in pale pink came up to him.   - That was me.


12-15-14 DREAM - I was living on the farm and we got notified by the post office that each individual had to mail a card back to the office a signed card.

However not everyone got a card and not everyone had a vehicle to go to the post office and get a card and sign it and mail it back in the time frame allotted.

There was also an issue of some kind of adversary trying to prevent us from doing this mailing - can't remember if it was a person or an ape - but something that was another distraction fro getting what should be a simple procedure into a nasty mess happening.

in the end I said, ""we'll just have to "mete" it out and see what happens.


12-15-14 - DREAM - I had moved into a new house that was high off the ground with a tall stairway off the porch.

Before I even moved furniture into the house, I planned to have a wedding ceremony for my daughter as a surprise and invite many guests.

Something went wrong in the planning and nobody came, including my daughter.

So, the next morning, the room was totally empty except for what I had laid out to be used in the ceremony.  It was something green like a small rug.

My daughter came to the door dragging her daughter with her who was about 13 years old.

The first thing my daughter said was,"oh, I'm so sorry I missed the wedding ceremony."

Just as I was going to respond and tell her what happened, Christiana picked up my dream journal and started reading it and said, "I didn't know that you knew an elf!"

I woke up suddenly for some reason and at the door was the Jehovah Witness lady who arrived in a big white car.


    NOTE: At that point I remembered that the figure was the same little elf that I saw ... This dream occurred after he had been convicted and sent to prison for life.

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  • When I was living in Milwaukee and meditated, an elf would come and stand with me with his hand on my arm.  That was pretty special.


12-16-14 - DREAM - My cousin Shirley called on the phone and said she wanted to go camping with us.  She said she would make the reservations.

When we got there it was a gigantic log cabin with the room divided by long curtains from the ceiling.

I didn't like the arrangement but it was already paid for, so we tried to find our section.

This seemed impossible as it was something like 2 something which made it 3 feet higher than section 1, but none of the long curtains had been pulled to section it off so we could still see everyone else too.

Here - the phone woke me up.


12-18-14 - I had a huge garden behind the house and lots of grass and trees beyond that.

Next door was a farm with flat land just like ours.

I noticed that when they watered their field, the water would start coming toward out yard as well.  Eventually, their water watered out land and garden too.  That was a good thing to happen.


12-18-14 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment but knowing our country was at war, so a soldier came to my apartment and stationed himself in the front closet of my apartment to protect me.

Another soldier stationed himself in the front closet of another apartment in the same floor of another apartment to protect that woman.

Then women started gathering in the hallway and started fighting with each other over who did and who didn't have soldiers stationed in their apartments.



DREAM:  There was a blue-eyed cat and when they were in the way, if a soldier saw a blue-eyed cat when they were in the army - he walked around until he saw another blue-eyed cat.  He could date any woman within a circle but when the two blue-eyed cats - they would be safe.

Also, this was a key word one could say and be safe and that was 'Kansas 965" though I also heard "Cincinnati 965" said by Anthony Bourdaine.

I tried to keep track of all that, especially when I watched Ridge Forrester (from the Bold and the Beautiful TV show)  - he used it and things changed so fast, it was hard to keep track of where the blue-eyed cat circle was to be safe.

I and some women were in a house then and we looked out the window and saw a horrendous tornado set of clouds.  The cloud itself was pitch black, but it had at least 10 appendages hanging down that could turn into tornados, so I wrote down Kansas 965 and Cincinnati 965 and tried to remember everything Ridge Forrester and Anthony Bourdaine had said about be safe and it kept eluding me, because if we said it right, a light would come on and we'd be safe.

12-19-14 - VISION  I was going over in my mind about Ridge Forrester in the previous dream and all of a sudden I saw him making a violent sudden movement pulling a knife or sword out of someone who had just been stabbed.


965 is the code for the country of Kuwait.

Kansas 965 is a radio station

Cincinnati is also a radio station - rock n roll

Joe said that Anthony Bourdaine represents 'food for thought ' because he's a famous chef who travels the world.


12-19-14  DREAM  I was with Ridge Forrester and Anthony Bourdaine again in a place where voters queue up between gates to shuffle them along safely while they wait their turn to vote.

The first woman came in and Anthony told Ridge to give Carla a voter's card and told him, "Carla can be the politician," and Carla refused the card and said,
I don't want to be any damn politician," and stormed out of the room.

Ridge said, "There is only one good way to save mankind and then he started to sing in Irish brogue -One only needs a shot to water down one's shampoos......."

A soft voice in my head said, "This should be weighed with your heart!"

I said, "Who me?"

I was hearing some gibberish in the background and then someone said, "Where did you go Mary Connor?"

I started arguing against all this.  I said, "I'm with Carla.  I don't want to be any damn politician.  The only reason I vote is to vote against the guy/woman I dislike the most."

Someone muttered something I don't remember and then I said, "I don't want to be the amazing voice."

and someone said, "Oh yes you do."


12-26-14 - DREAM - Joe and I took two cars to the drug store nall.

I went into the drug store and Joe went into another store.

I had to waitfor my prescription to be filled because another mother had to get her prescription filled for her child who was desperately ill.  So I went back out into the parking lot to wait for Joe.

Joe came out and discovered that I was still waiting for my prescription to be filled so was going to go home and take a third cae to a garage on 27th st. that needed a minor thing done to it, which shouldn't take long and then he would come back.

when he left, he took my car keys with him, which left me stranded, but he said it wouldn't take long so I wasn't worried.

I went back into the drug store and the druggist wasstill working on the other lady's prescription and the child had now beeen taken to the hospital.

So, since I had nore waiting to do, I went back out to the car.

When I goot out there, I discovered that the local church was going to have a religious class in an emty garage and people were gathering for it.

Since they had chairs, I asked if I could sit on a chair until my husband retrurned.

The woman I asked said she would ask the class teacher who wasn't there yet.

So I sat down to wait for him and when the female teacher arrived and it wasn't planned for me to be there, she was reluctant to have me in the class because I didn't belong to the church, so she cancelled the class and left me sitting there alone with another woman who want to have me to have to sit and wait for Joe all alone.

The woman went into the drugstore to check on my prescription for me and somewhat mixed up my story a bit, and the druggist got worried about me and my inability to drive home because he didn't know the whole Joe story.

As luck would have it, Joe called the drug store to tell them he was going to be late because the generator had gone out on the car and he couldn't come and get me until the work was done on the car .

My prescription still was'nt done either, so now people started gathering around me because they were worried about me being all alone.

I would like to say this story has a happy ending, but I woke up and I'm still waiting for Joe to return with my car keys and my prescription still isn't finished and all the church people went away too.


12-26-14 - VISION  A football team dressed all in red and the center was 06.


12-26-14 - VISION TWICE

A chart of a bank was sent with a phone number of 800.