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Subj: 11:11
Date: 1/14/2002
From: Audrey@xxx
To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,

My name is Audrey and I live in Puerto Rico. I began experiencing recurrent 11:11's on digital clocks in my house and car. I got divorced on february 11, after been married for 11 years. My father was born on 11-11-36. Is this coincidence or what??????????

I read on Coincidence and 11:11, your email and I decided to write to you. Can you help find out what's going on.


Audrey C


Date: 2/15/2002
From: perkins@xxx
To: JMason4557@aol.com

For nearly 20 years I have been seeing 11's and I have always known that there was a deep meaning behind it all. I never in all that time told anyone about this belief. It used to be that I mostly saw the 11's upon awakening. Now, after the 9/11 attacks, I am seeing 11's much more freqently, and the feeling that something big is soon to happen is overwhelming.

After seeing all of the coincidental 11's associated with the 9/11 attack I felt sickened. It was then I began searching for other "11" related incidents. I never knew there were so many people having the same visionary feelings.

I have since discovered that everything about me is associated with the number 11. My name has 11 letters. My birthdate adds up to 11. The tag numbers on my automobiles add up to 11. My parents live at 111 Cherry St.. My best friend lives at 1112 Evergreen. My wifes birthday 11/2+9/6+5.

I have had strangers throughout my life come to me and tell me that I was missing a calling from God to preach. This always freaked me out, since I didn't know these people at all. These types of events have happened more times than I can even begin to recall. For the record, I am a believer in God, although I quit going to church at age 15. I couldn't stand the hypocracy of the churches.

I'm not sure why I'm writing to you now. Its just that I have never spoken of these things before for fear of being labeled crazy. I know I'm not crazy. I feel I have a higher purpose and a mission to fulfill. I only wish the mission would be revealed to me. My only fear is that these messages are coming from a darker source, and I don't want to make a mistake in my belief.

I have had many dreams and visions, but I would rather not share those at this time. I will continue to search and pray for the answers I need. Perhaps God has led me here for a start. Perhaps not.


Subj: 1111

Date: 3/7/2002
From: Racheal
To: JMason4557

I've been seein 1:11 or 11:11 pretty much every day and actually at 11pm tonight thats what made me look on here to see if I could find one thing out about it do you really know what it is or not it would be great to know the truth about it its kinda freaky in a way not sure how to handle it.....

@}~~}~~~ Racheal


Subj: 11:11 - it really HIT HOME tonight

Date: 3/8/2002
From: Jeff
To: Dee777

This is a message I wrote to someone tonight regarding this phenomenon.... the vibrations were so intense you'll hafta excuse my exclamation points everywhere... they still are. 12:12... now i see what they mean.... 12/12. :) weird stuff!! but true.

Okay... this is intense. They first started in Dec. 98 when I started talking to this girl on the phone thru a wrong number (we had a psychic link but never met her - she is since a mystery herself).... every day, starting with 11:11 on the clock, etc.... these 'coincidences' would make themselves apparent. They got intense but then went away.... only to come and go over the next couple of years.

Which brings us to the present..... for the last few months (after I started keeping a scrapbook after 9/11 events) they started up again so intensely that there are now 3 or 4 a day, or twice that many.... always double digits... like :22, :33, :44.... or all the same, or even like a palindrome (1:01, 12:51, etc.)... it's crazy. Up until tonight I still questioned this even though I am a deeply spiritual person.... I'm still anaylitical by nature. But tonight changed my life.... intuition told me to stay home from a roadtrip (my grandmother in ohio just died... I'm 24) that I really wanted to go on. I started researching on the web more about 2012 and the 'galactic alignment,' etc... and again I came across 11:11 info... so I decided to read all these posts others wrote (I'm still going thru them as I type this).... I was suddenly curious about my birthmom's birthdate (i'm adopted, met her once right before she died, found out I had 2 sisters and a bro.... never did find the birthdate tho) and right next to one of her letters the first letter my birthsister ever sent me fell out.... the date was Nov 11, '00... at that point I knew without a doubt I should never again question my determination and my role in this life. Fuck the ego.... well, I keep it well nurtured (no teeth problems, hehe)..... but this like totally hit home with me.

So I got back online and was reading more about how 1111 appears in phone numbers to ppl and shit like that.... Well, then it REALLY hit me. I just got off probation here in FL and the dept. of corrections runs probation so we all got a DOC # just like prison ppl get.... guess what my # was.... v11111 !!!!! that is a one-in-a-million chance and that is when I realized that holy god almighty..... this is it! I'm convinced..... I just need to know what to do now... I'd like to talk with others who experience this.... and SOON. These coincidences are just so intense lately... but tonight I felt like Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption after he escapes prison and just stands in the rain and raises his hands towards the heavens and cries out.... that's how much affected I am.

By the way I'm 24 yrs old.... i don't know what more to say.... I'm a very intellectual person.... but up til this point nothing made sense.. like why i didnt make intellectual decisions like college and why i lost my ex-gf which i thought i 'loved'.... but i've always believed everything happens for a reason...... but now there is no longer a belief.... i know.

Thank you for hearing me out and I greatly appreciate all help and insight and direction you can give me!

Peace & Light,



Subj: 11:11 in Australia
Date: 3/9/2002
From: aj@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,

I have been experienceing 1111 since I was 14 years old. I am now 35. I have spoken to family about it but nobody understands or cares. I treat these moments as special as they make me feel special. It wasn't until recently I became a little more aware of my special moments when I moved to the Northern Territory and recieved my new Drivers Licence. My new drivers license number is #1111444.

I believe these numbers (1111444) mean something more than just 1111. Can you please give me any info or links to explain this.



Subj: 11:11
Date: 3/11/2002
From: Marie@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I've been seeing 11:11 for about 8 years now. I just decided recently to look into it... for no reason in particular just curious...cause it is kind of odd. The sites I'm finding on this are way to out there for my beliefs. I'm very down to hearth and it's just very difficult for me to swallow all this information. There must be a more logical explanation...really. This is way to much for me, I cant open my mind to this. The 11th gate thing, and spririts...sorry...I see the 11:11, but I cant believe what comes with it, maybe it's not the purpose, or maybe it's not time.


Date: 4/6/2002

To: SB@xxx


In 1998 I confided to my mother that I kept waking up on one's - 11:11, 12:11 and so on. She was amazed, she said she did, too. >> (snip)

<> (snip)


Dear Becky,

Thank you for sharing your experiences. You are not alone, that's for sure. There are many opinions about what these things mean. Many say it is a "wake-up call," and I agree. Below, I will paste in some links that relate to these subjects.

Your dreams of "green" are quite significant to me, becaus geen relates to the 11:11 coincidences in my experience. Although I have never been a believer in conventional religion, my experiences led to Revelation 11:11, where the two olive trees stand up after three days and a half of being dead. A chain of incredible coincidences led to the idea that the "3 1/2" represents the midpoint of the seven chakras, the fourth-Heart chakra. It's color, traditionally, is green.

I told most of my story here:

Humanity On The Pollen Path


The idea is that humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the chakra levels of consciousness. We are apparently near the end of this cycle that involves a period of stress, division and war, prior to unity and love. The stressful part is apparently a necessary learning/purification process.  

A relatively recent confirmation seemed to come in the form of a "Mega Glyph" crop circle formation with 409 circles. The names of the seven colors of the spectrum that correspond to the chakras have an alphanumeric total of 409. "Green" has the number 49 (A=1, B=2, etc.). This means that the other six chakra colors, three below the 3 1/2 heart and three above, total 360, a full circle, so-to-speak.


Milk Hill Crop Glyph (chakras) by Steven Clementson


Chakras - Colors, Crop Circles (DNA formation) crystallinks.com


Crop Circle Formations As Chakras


There is some additional information about the Mega Glyph crop circle formation and related matters, such as 7 x 7 = 49 and 777 and 7 x 7 x 7 = 343, in the articles about 9-11:

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part One


It is said that there are 49 Sanskrit letters. An extra one was added, so that they would add to the total number of petals in the lower six chakras (4 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 16 + 2 = 50). The seventh/Crown chakra, in this system, has 20 x 50 = 1,000 petals (others say 960 + 12 = 972).

Interestingly, this morning Dee sent me this link:

Selections from Haia's Dream Journal


This person had a number of dreams (see excerpts below) that may indicate the chakras, some with the color green, two with blue (fifth Throat chakra), two with violet (seventh, Crown chakra), and one with a star on the forehead (perhaps the sixth, Third Eye chakra). Chakras are traditionally symbolized by flowers with stars inside. Also interesting, the graphic on my "Pollen Path" page, based on dreams, shows the Angel in Revelation 7 coming out of the dawning sun to mark the foreheads. This is the "good" mark given to the symbolic 144,000. I elaborated on this idea in the American Tragedy articles, as it ties in to Nostradamus C10, Q74 and to verses of Ezekiel.

[excerpts from the linked page above]

Feb 2, 1993 - I am sitting on a chair holding a lime green globe.

Oct 14 - I and a friend are given a new form of psychedelic which we are told will further enhance our spiritual and mutational development and prepare us for the arrival of the light ships. We are shown pieces of iridescent greenish silica which we are told to eat as we are returning to this so called ordinary world so that we may begin to interact again with earth energy. The dream ends as gray kitty Sam comes running into my Elf room.

March 19 [1994] - I am handed a violet sterling rose and told that it has been passed down from the beginning of time, and the to consume but a single petal of it will impart the everlasting life.

24 May 1994 - I am being transformed into a creature part human and part animal. It involves exchanging DNA with a being who is already that creation - and he is wearing a necklace of greenish-blue beads.

Aug 14 - I am sitting on a meadow, when a green disc flies low over a silver disc mounted on a tripod very near me.

Sept 22 - A brother being emerges from his star ship on stellar jay meadow on Mt. Tamalpais. He is surrounded by blue light with a triangular mirrored silver star blazing like a billion suns in the center of his forehead. "Well, we meet again friend" he tells me. It seems I have been momentarily sleeping by the large rock as I sit up to see this. He takes a violet mushroom from a pouch around his neck. "Eat and grow strong," he says. "We are truly fourth dimensional comrades!" Take my hand and we will travel to Kauai to play - swim with Dolphin who is our other self."

[End of excerpts]


This person apparently took drugs. I do not take them or promote them, but I do not reject anyone's dreams based on their behavior, belief system, etc.

"Silver," along with Gold, Bronze and Iron, are related to the Ages or Yugas of the Hindu chronology, and, I believe, to the chakra levels, as indicated by Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the Frightening Image in the Book of Daniel. It had a head of gold, arms and breast of silver, belly and theighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of part iron, part clay (see part six of the Pollen Path for the relationship to the Old Sarum crop formation).

The "necklace of greenish-blue beads' may relate to the forth and fifth chakras, both in color and location.

The "tripod" reference in the August 14 dream may relate to this quote from  Joseph Campbell, given in part one of the Pollen Path article:

"Moreover, the root of the corn plant is threefold, like Yuktatriveni in the muladhara."

This was also a feature of :

The Menorah Crop Circle Formation


which is apparently related to:

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation


The 2001 Mega Glyph compares to the sixth sphere of the Tree, that seemed to be major in the 1997 events at Barbury Castle. Some say the sixth sphere, set at the fourth level from the bottom, also represents the Heart chakra.

I hope this helps. Keep in touch.


Joe Mason

More links at bottom of page


[For reference: Becky's full e-mail]

In 1998 I confided to my mother that I kept waking up on one's - 11:11, 12:11 and so on. She was amazed, she said she did, too. She passed away March 26, 2000, and ever since, I have had receipts for $111.00, I look at the clock day and night on one's. My milage reads 111, etc. My watch stopped the day she died and started on it's own when I went to California where she lived.

My daughter went to the store for me and the first stop, the change was $11.00, the second was $.11. My daughter and I also find dimes almost every day. When the tragedy of 9-11 hit, I felt like maybe the one's were a bad thing. In any case, I thought others would think I was nuts about the one thing. I couldn't believe that others were going through the same things.

I have started to record dreams, having a hard time figuring out any meaning - a reoccurring color is green - usually paint. ?

Thanks for listening,

Becky >>


Subj: 11:11

Date: 3/25/2002

From: STANDISH@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Ihope this is the right place.My friend and I have noticed that for the past 15 years when we look at the clock it is always 11:11.We always thought that something would happen to us at that time.Yesterday my friend found an article you wrote on the internet. It all makes sense now. I honestly have never seen or dreamt of two suns, but I thought you would like to know about the 11:11 coincedences.Thank you for your time.



Subj: Hi Joe

Date: 4/14/2002

From: annie@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hello Joe,

Your website on 11:11 caught my eye, as 11:11 always does.

Thought I'd add one more on the pile for you:

About 13 years ago I had a boyfriend named Jordan. When I met him all these wierd coincidences started happening and he told me that anyone in his sphere experiences this and that I had to get used to it. He also told me that 11:11 was a very special time. That he always thought of his loved ones at 11:11. He would call his sister on the phone in the morning and evening and she would say "Hi Jordan what's up?" He would say nothing, it's just 11:11.

To make a long story short on 9/4/90 he got into a car accident and died at 11:11 am. When you add up the date it gives you 22 which is also 11 plus 11. Count the letters in his name.

His sister gave a eulogy at the funeral. She opened her favorite spiritual book (not sure what it was) to page 11 and there was a writing entitled "The Gentle Brother" She read it and it was beautiful and so aprapo (no idea how to spell that one.)

Although this has nothing to do with 11. Both his sister and I see blimps when ever something spiritual happens to us. At Jordan's unveiling a year after his death a blimp hung over his grave until the ceramony was over and then drifted away.  have blimp coincidences nearly as much as 11:11. Whenever I see one I say into the universe. "hey Jordan how ya doing?"

Wierd huh?

I read a lot of what you wrote. I'm not well versed in this area and didn't understand a lot of it but thought you might enjoy my story.




Who is this Annie from AZ??? Click to find out:



Subj: 11:11

Date: 5/19/2002

From: carol@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,

While I was on-line trying to find out if there were nuclear power plants near my house this web site was listed with them.I was shocked when I realized that other people were seeing 1111. I don't understand it but I know it's real.I have been seeing it since about 1995. Before that I was having very strange dreams that seemed to be on another planet with many moons, different lighting and many other things including wierd aircraft. I am not a kooky person.They are other numbers that come up the 11's are all over my identifing info.I think there is something I'm not getting but I don't know that 1111 is a good thing because the feeling that comes with it is at best uncertainty.Also what I have found interesting is that lately I've also been seeing 1112. If you can help with some explanation I would be greatful.

Thank you,



Hello Carol.

Thanks for writing. You may have noticed that many people say that the 11:11 coincidences are a "wake up call." I agree, but my dream-coincidence experiences led to the conclusion that it is also related to Revelation 11:11. The apparent meaning is that humanity has been in a cycle of time that corresponds to the chakra levels. We have progressed through the lower three chakras and are near the 3 1/2 midpoint of seven, and the leap to the fourth-Heart chakra.

So, if I have this right, this is very good indeed. However, a period of stress precedes the change, a finalization of a long karmic process, like a "final judgment." The end times probably started around 1912 and may last until 2012. It appears that a stressful time has started that corresponds to the marking of the foreheads of the 144,000 to be saved and the "slaying" of the rest. This seems to be symbolism mostly, the 'slaying" or "slaughtering" being a stressful death/rebirth of change.

I will place some links below that explain how I came to these theories. I will also include some links about number coincidences.

The "2010" of your e-mail address is "coincidental" to me. In the original (1996) on-line e-mail version of my 11:11 story, I began by explaining some ideas about the film, "2001:Space Odyssey," and the sequel, "2010." The two suns at the end carry a symbolism about the duality balance. The original e-mail version is still on-line:

I am not familiar with the number 1112. Perhaps it represents a step beyond the 1111. It may relate to 12:12 (see link to 12:12 dream below). The Heart chakra, of course, is represented by a lotus with twelve petals. The Woman With Child of Revelation 12 wears a crown of twelve stars. The New Jerusalem has twelve gates, pearls, angels, and gems. These correspond to the Twelve Tribes. 12,000 from each Tribe make up the 144,000. The eleventh son, Joseph, is a key in all this, as are his two sons.

Your dreams of a different solar system may be related to symbolism, as with the "two suns" idea. Our seven days of the week are named after the original concept of the planets, that included the sun and moon. They are symbolically related to the seven chakras, I believe. For example,  Daniel 9:27 speaks of "half of the week" in terms of a time cycle.

It may be that the dreams are related to one of the final crop circle messages prior to the tragic events of 9-11-01. See:

The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation - Paul Vigay


The Chilbolton Code Analysis Brian L. Crissey, Ph.D.


The apparent E.T. "answer" to our 1974 message included information about another solar system.

In my experience, a symbolic source of information is represented by the Pleiades:

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day


I hope this helps.


Joe Mason


Subj: My 11:11 webpage

Date: 4/28/2002

From: Sherry@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com


I too get the 11:11 among other things. Here is a link to my 11:11 page.


Here is my dream/vision link page.


Here is my homepage.


I'd love to hear form you.



Subj: 11:11

Date: 5/29/2002

From: Sandra@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

.I have been experiencing 11:11 or 33:33 or 555 or 1:11 and so on .

It's been about a year now and it's non stop. I do not wear a watch but I could be at the grocery store or in my car or anywere and I will see the numbers. I am so glad to have found this web page , I can't beleive other people are having the same experience. I have been trying to find out what this all means !Thanks .



Subj: 11:11

Date: 5/30/2002 1:12:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Terri@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Joe -- I have been experiencing the 11:11 phenomenom since March 2002. I was introduced to your website by my step sister who I haven't seen or been in contact with for several years. I went to visit her this last week (5/24-5/29) in Miami where she lives and she mentioned the time on the clock in the car to her husband as he was driving while I was in the back seat. All she said was "It's 11:11" and I immediately mentioned how weird it was for me lately that I had been experiencing the fact that every time I looked at the clock or balanced my checkbook or fed my meter or bought something at the store that it was 11:11 on the clock or the amount at the store/in my checkbook was 11.11. She then shared the same with me. She then showed my the websites affiliated with the same. I never thought to check the web for information -- I thought it was just coincidences. The feeling I get when this number arises is very intense. I've read about it now via the web and I am tryig to understand the meaning. I've also been experiencing the same with 4:44. Any enlightenment on your part will be greatly appreciated. I'm not taking this lightly, by all means. Thanks, Terri.


Subj: 1111 sighting's

Date: 5/30/2002

From: gregorio@xxx

To: JMason4557

I started seeing 1111 in 1994. I have seen it over 300 times. I have seen it on clocks, watches, car clocks, alarm clocks, addresses, speedometer, shot clock on basketball game, time clock on a football game, I continue to see it on average about 5 to 10 times a month. It is kind of strange.



Date: 7/24/2002 9:37:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: gen@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe my name is Gen,

I am a channeler and am some how waking up and becoming a prophet... the 11:11 thing.. is interesting. what if it is more to do with numerology. I am sure you have already looked at this I have no doubt. I know my birth number is 11 and I have gone through those periods of seeing 11:11 on my clock for months without really understanding. The website I am viewing discusses the number 12:12 as well.. as being the manifestation of the actions of 11:11.. 12:12 is the month and day of my birth.

I am sorry to lay this on you and you don't have to reply, I guess I will just feel better knowing I got this off my chest.. anyway.. I studied channeling not too long ago and I must have done something because information and visions have been coming to me non-stop. I see figures, astrally, I hear voices so much I thought I was schizo! and the visions are right on.. and I mean right on... I guess I am freaking out here. Living in this reality seems all to bizaar knowing what I know. I don't want to say I am a light worker.. I have no concept of that and I feel it will take me a minute to understand my new awareness level, get my footing I guess.

I have put all my visions in a book and placed it on the web so others can view it freely... but what else can I do? is there a movement I missed, was I late for the train or has it left the station yet?.. I guess I want to know how I can help. these visions are so against main stream and I am sure everyone will think me crazy so I would like to remain hidden to those that would throw stones, I bruise easily. Or is this self-ish, I can't believe my visions are so right on but still I am not willing to trust them enough to sacrifice my hard earned status, I guess that is self-ish. I just don't want to be crazy.

any advice for a Loon ;oP



Subj: 11 11

Date: 3/28/2002

From: S

To: JMason4557

Dear Mason

Their is an energy out there. I look at the clock and eleven eleven comes up more times than not. Coincidence? Doubt it.

Today I saw a man wearing a bolo tie with a space alien on it. You know just a spooky head with the big alien eyes. Tonight 11 11 again. So I looked it up on the web. Nice site.

I have had two extraordinary experiences I would like to tell you about.

The first happend in 1994. I started getting 11 11 frequently. One night I woke up and looked out the wind of my room which faces to the south. It was about three am. Orions belt and a little curly cue off to its right were 300 times larger in the sky than they should of been. I was not dreaming. I went outside to get a better look. Straight up ... both orions belt and I think the Pleadies were lit up and just way to large for the sky it was like you zoomed in 300 percent. Did I get any divine wisdom ? was I contacted? Nope just a reacuring 11 11 or 12 12 looking at the clock. Some one is trying to tell me something.

The second cool thing happened in the mountains. Their is a mountain I call the goddess because it is shaped with a womans face and has a large boob then trails off into a valley. One night the moon rose out of the forehead of that face that was the mountain and the next night it rose out of the heart or the boob of the mountain.

It sure leaves an impressive impression. God or Goddess whatever just keep the phenomena coming.

I figure its just like that new FM satelite radio. Some-body is picking it up.

Good luck



Date: 7/29/2002

From: abc@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com


I came across your 11:11 discussion site, and would like to know if there are any groups that discuss the phenomenon. I first began taking notice of the 11:11 in the mid-80s, and have taken a minute out each time I see it since then just to silently say, "Thank you, God," again and again. My life has taken on an amazingly spiritual and prosperous turn since then, and I've shared the practice with a number of others, as well.

I'll be interested to hear about other's experiences.




Date: 7/3/2002

From: brian@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I didn't start searching for information on this until today. For some years now I have become more increasingly aware of the fact that the numbers 11 and 11 showing up in my daily life. I see them on computers, on my clocks at home, at work, in my car, on bank clock signs, in weather forecasts, on road signs.. all over. I've shared this information with some of my close friends who simply say I must be tuned to looking for that number and pay more attention to it. I dont know. A few months back, I jokingly mentioned this to my mom on the phone. When I did, she paused for a while and was silent. She then began to tell me that the same thins have been happening to her as well.

My question is this.. I don't know if the numbers signify anything to me personally, or just in general. I have been planning a trip for vacation this summer. Well, I bought my tickets online and they emailed my itinerary to me to me, I notice two things. My flight number adds up to eleven (Flight # 542) and I arrive at the destination at 11:11pm. Now this is really starting to worry me a great deal. Does this mean that I may die on this flight and leave this reality? I'm really concerned.

The weird part is, I have never been superstitious, I know nothing of numerology (except what I have researched on the internet today), astrology, spiritual 'planes' (as I have recently been reading about today) or anything like that. As I have done more research into this this morning, I also found out several other weird coincidences. I found a site that tells you how to determine your birth number. Mine is 11. And there are 11 letters in my name.

If you can offer any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate it.




Subj: 1111

Date: 6/11/2002 9:48:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time


To: JMason4557

please help I can't believe this 1111 what is it I see it all the time and I feel well I feel a canection to it

thank you michele


Subj: 11:11

Date: 6/11/2002

From: michael@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi there. I see the number 11 in all variations an insane amount of times. I would like to talk to you. I started a chat room called 11:11 on msn.ca and a community called 11:11 and 11s in general. I was compelled to do it. Do you know about Solara or angelscribe? I dont believe it. I don't think we know yet. but we will find out soon enough. I have had 25 visitors to my chat room in 2 months in a room I hid in the romance section so no one could possibly look for it. please contact me.

michael stanton


Subj: 11:11

Date: 8/9/2002

From: Raven

To: JMason4557

You know I have had most of these experiences since 1992, it was a treat to find these web pages. Just thought I'd let you know

Love and Light



Date: 9/10/2002

From: hockeyman@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,

I came across your website tonight, after being startled that my 'nap' setting on my alarm clock went off at 1:11am (must have hit the button, i've never used it before). Which is unusual, because it's almost always 11:11. It was maybe 2 hours ago I was venting at a friend because this "11:11 crap is getting annoying." Several weeks ago realizing my girlfriend of 2+ years has 11 letters in her first + last name. And a couple of nights ago, after being convinced every clock in my house is at least 5 minutes off from any other clock, I see 11:11 on all three digital clocks in our kitchen. I first brought this up to a friend as a strange occurance when I was 11 or 12 years old (probably 11, huh?). I'm 20 now. I'm confused and annoyed. I've laughed it off, ignored it. I remember that friend about 8 years ago, telling me I somehow subsconsciously 'knew' when it was 11:11 so that's when I always looked at the clock.

I was just thinking of mentioning my birthday is in november when it just occured to me, for some reason, to add the month + day of me & my girlfriend's anniversary together. 6/5/00. You can't even add the year and change it. It's 11. And we didn't really have a precise date, it's fairly arbitrary.

What I've read about 'Lightworkers' helping the world during a time of change seems just fine. I've always craved a degree in philosophy or psychology because i've always wanted to make a difference.. with people.. personally.

It's too weird. And it's been almost a decade. I'm only 20.

And I'm pretty sure it's happened every single day for the last 8-9 years.

If applicable, or if you wish, you can post this somewhere. Leave off my email, but you can include my name.

Because joe is such a great name




Subj: :)

Date: 9/12/2002

From: Tabby@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi, lost spiritual person over here in Arizona, lol

I have not read the whole page yet but was wondering if you would be interested in being a part of a group called StarryOnes. This is just an e-mail group with people who have the 11:11 experience and want to join together etc......many of us are still trying to fully understand it all and we would feel blessed to have your input:)

look forward to hearing from you, Tabby


Subj: 11:11

Date: 9/12/2002

From: shaundown@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com


Sorry if this an invasion, but I just stumbled on to your 11:11 thing here and I can't bloodywell believe it. This has been happening to me for years. I didn't ever think to persue it beyond it's silly-factor notion. To see there are so many with so much to say about 11:11 makes me wonder. I am not religiuos in any way. Nor am I superstitious at all. Yet undeniably i'm faced with the fact that this phenomenom is world wide. I guess all i'm really trying to say is woooooooohh dude, freaky man!!!!



Subj: Re: 11:11

Date: 9/12/2002

From: RLS@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I just happened onto this site and can't believe that I am not the only one who sees 11:11. This has been driving me nuts lately and I can't begin to tell you how many times I see it. I have told my friends and I know they must think I am nuts.

What is happening to me/us? Can someone please go into it in a little more depth?


Subj: 11:11 , Yep another one :-)

Date: 10/4/2002 6:46:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Bobbi@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dearest JM,

Well guess what, I am another one of these, that have been seeing 11:11/3:33/2:22/5:55/, then this one I really don't understand, 69???????? I have been told before I am a lightworker, at first I didn't know what it was, now however I do. I've been doing much research on this, but I've come up empty on learning about the number 69, I SEE IT EVERYWHERE, but don't understand it. If you have any information on this, I would so deeply appreciate you sharing with me. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my website at: www.geocities.com/angelicintuition. I've put everything you have in my favorites LOL I so thank you, for having a site out there, for us USE to be confused people. Ok, well I won't take up ALL your time, I do however want to thank you again.




Subj: Fwd: Who I am ? (11:11)

Date: 9/19/2002

From: francis@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I'm from Montreal, Qc, Canada and I'm french so excuse my writing. I do not know how to start but let me tell you this. I experience the 11:11 so many times and I always had the feeling that it was meaning something. I'm totally lost since septembre 11. At a point I experience it like everyday.

It's late and I work early tomorrow. Please Light me so I can really do what I'm here for. Beleve it or not, but a couple days after the WTC, I walk into

the living rm and the sun shine into my face like WOW and suddenly I hear "I know it's hard and I will send a lot of angle to take care of the dead and the one who's gonna die". I imediatly start to cry and you know what, I send a e-mail to the White house official web site to mention that. They must thing I'm crazy no. But I'had to do it "like a mission" . Please let me know what I'm suppose to do because me I'm lost.

Francis the lost ...


Subj: 1111....

Date: 10/10/2002

From: drestivo@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I live in a small town in the midwest, Herrin Illinois to be exact.

When I was 18 I started noticing the number 1111 on the Bank clocks, we had two at the time. I mention this to a friend of mine and after a few weeks we were talking and he said he started seeing it too but not as often as I had....this was in 1977.

I moved to Jacksonville Fl and for about ten years and never really seen the numbers much at all until I was returning home to my girlfriend and 1111 was on my clock in my car. I knew something was wrong and sure enough she had feelings for someone else and it was over. It wasn't until I returned back to Illinois that I started seeing 1111 again.

One particular week I saw it all the time and I found out a month later her dad had died that previous month. This was one of those times when I saw 1111 however, I could not connect it to anything going on in my life. I did have reoccurring dreams that we were going to be married but we could never find her dad in the dream I just thought it was because I didn't really want to marry her. Now I know he was dead.

What I found out was the number 1111 was a notice for me to look between the lines on a subject that was of interest to me.

Talking with some old friends one night and doing some reminiscing I heard things about the past I wished I would have know then.

My old High School girlfriend of 13 years had been told back then that I was wanting to see another girl which was fine because back then, you all know, how we all were when we were young. Relationships were steady but we all went out with others within our circle of friends, no sex.

What I found out was my best friend was setting me up by telling my girlfriend that I was interested in seeing other friends. When I asked him about it one time, it was right before the bank, he said the other girl must have told on me, when we passed the clock 1111 was the time and I clearly remember him saying why do we keep seeing 1111.

Now 1111 is telling you, when it is shown to you, that you have to read between the lines so to speak.

In 2000 I had a deal I was working on worth $250k over three years and I found that 1111 would show up if a problem would pop up. The President of the company liked my product but the marketing director did not because it was going to replace his product.

The president fell ill and the day I was talking to the MD he told me things are looking good and when I looked at the clock it was 1111.

The following week Sheldon was better and he let me in on the trouble that was brewing about my product replacing the MD'sproduct. Soooo....

The summer was great spent a month in Florida and when I got back in late August I started seeing 1111. It is now well into 2001 when 9-11 hit which I did not see any numbers for that but, a day later when I called to thank Sheldon for my second check to my complete horror he had died. I saw 1111 before I went to bed that night.

I seen 1111a.m. got a phone call telling me that since Sheldon had past-on they would not be going with my product.

I went to three different companies trying to get another contract and 1111 would pop up when these companies would make me a offer and everyone that the number showed up on it would have turned out bad.

I was reading seeing 1111 and decided to read between the lines so I dropped all of the companies when a company in NJ called because they did the foam for the tool and they said they want it, we did the deal and it will be in stores cleaning ceiling fans soon!

The number 1111.... is telling you to listen to what you are hearing and then really think about what has been said then you READ BETWEEN THE LINES because not all is bad and when you get comfortable with 1111 you can guide yourself and others to the safe side of the line. It's like it's a parallel path of truth and you can't ignore it.

Example... your broker tells you to get into a certain stock even if you don't know that much about it and you start seeing 1111 then start asking questions. If you get direct answres and 1111 shows up it should be safe. If he says your going to make a milliom and 1111 shows up think first and do half to be safe.

Example...If your having trouble with a co-worker and others are telling you that this person is trouble and you start seeing 1111 start asking yourself am I really having trouble with this person or is it just others want me to have this trouble.

I have noticed that if I look at a clock and see 1111 and then within a few seconds it changes to 1112 that always seems to mean that trouble was out there but it will pass quickly or you missed it all together.

Easy rule of thumb with 1111 is... whatever is/has been on your mind or a subject matter that has been or going to be a topic ans then 1111 starts showing itself then it is telling you to think from your mind not your heat.

When I say "what ever" I do mean "what ever". Cars, girls, jobs, family, friends no matter what, when 1111 shows up just simply take your time and think about it.

It works!

I thought I was the only one out there in 1111 land. I am 43 now so I have been in it or around it for a good 20years.

I have so much more but I won't take up anymore time here, for now.....



Subj: 11:11

Date: 10/23/2002

From: bobbi@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I have had, for years, some odd attraction for the numbers 11:11. I don't know what this is about, but would always shrug it off. Just coincidence I figured. But last night I looked at the clock again and saw the numbers 11:11 again for the millionth time. I thought that today I would do a search on yahoo and see what this was about... as I clicked on yahoo to search, I noticed the time was 11:11am.

I'm not sure that I like, or am comfortable with the things I've found. Truth is it scares me and I'm not sure what this is about. Do you have any advice, any insight or anything to help me understand what this is. I've dealt with this for years...my husband also, now my daughter is doing this... "mom, it's 11:11 again",

"mom, I woke up today at 11:11" and "mom I got home at 11:11 last night"!!!!!!

It's really strange.......... help me please.........



Date: 10/22/2002

From: cori@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com




Subj: The Number 11

Date: 10/24/2002

From: JT1

To: JMason4557

The number 11 is also been occuring in my life repeately, maybe 9 out of 10 times i see it on the clock,or sometimes i'll just be looking around and i see the number 11. Im 14 years old and wanted to find out more about the number 11. On my bus I sit in seat 11, when i look at the clock most the time its 1:11, 9:11, and mostly 11:11. It started happening In January of 2002. Just thought I'd find out more about it. Everytime I see 11, im shocked, or frightened, because of seeing it repeately over and over. When I fractured my arm and went inside to tell my mom it was 5:11, when we got at the emergency room it was 6:11, when we left the hospital it was 11:11. I just wanted to tell you. If you can tell me more about the number 11, e-mail me at JT11skater@aol.com. Thank You.


Subj: 11:11

Date: 11/9/2002

From: virgil@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I found this page on the net where many people had noticed 11:11 being on the digital clock when they just happened to look at it both night and day. All I know is that something profound seamed to be taking place subconsciously that caused me to look at the clock at this time. This happened so much that my wife and I were asking friends about it and whether it was noticed by them and we didn't get much of a response. While at a book store about 3 years ago I noticed a book by Solara (spelling?) what grabbed me was the 11:11 for a title on the cover. One of the articles written by the many spoke of a site named Parascope that had something to do with the Art Bell program and that there you could read more accounts by others having this same 11:11 experience. Most of this was happening to my wife and I during the 90's - I hadn't even heard of Art Bell until September of 2001 and I had all but forgotten the clock and 11:11. So when I tried to find the website it seems to have run out or dissolved. Anyway reading all these other accounts of similar happenings has caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up and take notice. If you have any further information about this subject or could give me other website addresses I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Yours truly Virgil


Subj: 11:11

Date: 11/25/2002

From: vze@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hello, Joe Mason, I have also seen the number 11:11 on clocks all the time. Another number that I see alot is 10:10. I really feel that it is weird to keep seeing this numbers and it even scares me sometime. I am asking you to help me to understand exactly what it is that these two numbers mean. Since we have both experienced this parafinalia, I feel that we can stay in contact. I would prefer that you use my donta2005@yahoo.com email address to write me back. I don't know exactly what it is that this number means, but it always seems to catch my eye. Thanks

Please try to reach me as soon as possible.


Subj: 11's

Date: 11/25/2002

From: Leena@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I have been experiencing the 11's for over a year now. At first I thought it was cute. Then I started witnessing so many 11's that it scared me. My date of birth is January 11, 1965. Are we born into this phenomenon, or does it start to occur at a particular time of ones life? I would love some more information on this.

Thank you,



Subj: I started seeing 11:11

Date: 11/25/2002
From: Donna@xxx
To: jmason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,

I chanced upon your site after doing a search of 11:11. About 2 months ago, I started seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere. At first I thought it was coincidence and then I thought it was the date 11/11. Then I thought it was perhaps a message from my next-door neighbor who had passed in July and has been 'sending' me info to be passed on to his widow (with whom I have become very close since his passing).

What does it mean ? What can I do ? I want to help.

Sincerely, Donna


Subj: 11:11

Date: 11/29/2002

From: Deanz@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,

I feel strange sending this email. 11:11 has been driving me nuts since 1978. Since then, when I first started noticing this phenomena I thought it had some sort of significance but I always seem to push it aside. There has always been a feeling that there was a connection between this number and myself but it seemed mysterious. I figured that when I died I would ask God what's with this number? I had only meet one other person who had this same connection or experince with 11:11.

This evening after emailing some work material to a friend it occurred to me to put 11:11 in a search engine and I found this site. I'm a very skeptical person, however, I feel less odd about this incredibly regular seeing 11:11 everywhere since I now know others have this same experince.




Subj: 11:11

Date: 11/30/2002

From: K

To: JMason4557

Oh, My God!!

This is the wierdest thing that has ever happened to me! I have also experienced the 11:11. It is so so true. 2 years ago I was seeing this number at least 3-4 times a week. It is incredible. I thought that I was going crazy. It kept on repeating and repeating again. On the night of November 11th I saw a dream that my girlfriend broke up with me and I was running to talk to her through the hall way passing faces doors noticing everything and when I got to her I grabbed her arm and stopped her and started talking to her. She said " I am sorry Igor, we can not be together". The next morning that I woke up I had tears running down my cheeks because I loved her so much. I went to her and told her that in my dream she broke up with me. I told a couple of my friends and family members about 11:11.

About 4-5 months later I was running through the hall ways of my school and seeing the same faces and doors (classrooms), Stopping her exctly the way that I did in the dream although not knowingly. I came back home and my grand father was watching T.V. and a tune came on of some classic song and It just hit my mind that what happened this day happened in my dream. Although I do not see 11:11 as much as i used to I still see it every now and then.

I am so glad that there are other people like me.


Subj: 11:11

Date: 12/5/2002

From: Katherine@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

i first noticed 11:11 when i was first married ,isaw the time punched on our marriage cert. and it read 11:11. that was dec. 2.1980. i kept seeing it everywhere i went. then when my 2 daugther was born ,inoticed it was on 11-11-89. that really blew me away then some years later i went to vegas to get married a second time,. we drove all over vegas looking for a room but could not find one , and as we were driving around i saw an apt. blgd. ,and on it the address was 1111. needless to say we found aroom within mins. i was totally freaked out by this .and to thi day i still see it everywhere in my life ., but i dont know fully what it means , but it seems to to be a good thing ,as well as very very big iwould love more info. on this matter. [ sorry i am new at typing]. katherine


Subj: 11:11

Date: 1/5/2003

From: eleven@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hello Joe Mason.

There is a lot about 11:11 on http://www.1111publishers.com

God bless... George Barnard for the

The 11:11 Progress Group


Subj: 11:11 from thailand

Date: 12/23/2002

From: josin@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com

hi, my name is joe and i am a Thai

i have been seeing 11:11 (always in PM)in my car's digital clock for over a year now when i drive back from work. I kept asking my friends whether they have seen the same but nobody have seen it. It gets worse now i see it almost everyday, and tonight i just saw it on my powerbook(on time remaining status of  internet connection while i was searching to see if anybody see the 11:11 on their digit clocks.

i thought i was the only one and about to go insain. i found the 2 interesting sites :http://www.crystalinks.com/11.11.html http://members.aol.com/SeeingBelieving/Chapter13.html



Subj: 11.11 ( 11- 1-03 ) español

Date: 1/10/2003

From: cronopolis@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

este once de enero del 2003 es 11:11


hace 12 años estudiaba el mensaje del 11 en la Pirámide del Sol, el 11:11 se me aparecia en los relojes digitales, mas lo increible fue que entonces 1991, mi sobrino nacio a la 11:11 del 17 de octubre de 1991: www.cronopolis.net


Subj: 11:11 Mexican Site

I just forwarded you an e-mail in Spanish about 11:11. Here is the translation and the translated page:

<< Subj: 11.11 ( 11- 1-03 ) español

Date: 1/10/2003 4:33:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: cronopolis@xxx

To: JMason4557@aol.com

this eleven of January of the 2003 has been 11:11

for 12 years studied the message of the 11 in the Pyramid of the Sun, 11:11 me aparecia in the digital clocks, but the incredible thing was that then 1991, my nephew nacio to the 11:11 of the 17 of October of 1991:

Translated version of http://www.www.cronopolis.net (BETA)



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Number Symbolism - Terrorism - World Trade Center


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