by Dee Finney




Hi Dee, it's been awhile since I've sent you an email, but I had another couple of bizarre dreams that I thought you might be interested in.....

About 3 months ago, I dreamed I was floating in space above the earth and below me was North America.  I looked "down" and saw concentric circles of energy radiating from an epicenter that looked to be over Los Angeles.  The "rings" (like when you drop a pebble in water) reached as far as Alaska and I heard the word "10" in my mind.  When I woke up, it was about 5:30 in the morning and my partner, Gary, was already up working.  He usually has the news on early in the morning, so I ran out into the living room and asked him if there'd been a quake in LA and he said "no, but some scientist just released a new report about the potential for a 10+ quake centered on LA."  (I had not heard of this report prior to having the dream.)

Then, a couple of nights ago, I dreamed I was on a boat on the ocean "near Los Angeles" - it appeared to be a sailboat.  All around the boat were thousands of dead fish floating and other people (none of whom I knew) were saying "hey, look at all the dead fish" then one person reached over the railing and dipped a hand in the water and yelled "the water is HOT!!"  Suddenly (as happens in dreams), I was on the shore miles away and watched the open water as a huge cone suddenly appeared spewing lava and this giant volcano just sort of "grew" out of the ocean.  The next day, I went on the internet and looked at a map of California and noticed that the Channel Islands are about 40 miles off the coast of LA, so I looked up their history and found that they were formed from volcanoes.  The one in my dream was not an existing island, but a brand new one, but in my dream my mind said "directly west of Los Angeles."

You can publish the dreams if you like.  The most recent one below occurred on Dec 28, 2006

My friends are all having strange dreams too, not necessarily about tsunamis or quakes, but about people fleeing places in mass numbers and weird weather (which BC has certainly had over the last few weeks).....I also spoke with a lady a few weeks ago who keeps dreaming that the top of Mt. Baker (which we can see from our balcony) blows right off, she said she's had the dream at least six times and she said it would make the Mt. St. Helen's eruption look like a child's popgun.

I wonder if others that correspond with you have had similar dreams?

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year!

Beverly P
Vancouver, British Columbia

The following are from Dr. Turi



          I am giving you the CENTER date where the Dragon's Tail energy will be at its peak. The window usually last all
          the way to the next window and gain destructive power while switching energy that will take the color of the news.
          My quatrains from www.drturi.com will also help you to DISCERN the energy and it's impact on human affairs.
          Be cautious on the given (RED) dates and do not take any chances or pay the price. Nature Destructive Forces in
          the Entire World $ Earthquakes Magnitude 6.0 or Greater will Take Place During Those Given Dates & Windows.

          Look for nature powerful destructive forces and/or serious dramatic news on these days:

          Understanding the Legends: (*) - (#) - (+)

          *Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/destructive weather.
          #Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Secrets/Scandals/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers.

          Jan 2007:      *3rd /   #12th /   +19th
          Feb 2007:      *1st /     #9th /   +17th /   *28th
          Mar 2007:     +1st /     #8th /   +16th /   *27th
          Apr 2007:     +1st /     # 6th /   +12th /  * 22nd
          May 2007:    #2nd /    +9th /   *19th /   #29th
          June 2007:   + 5th /   *16th /   #26th
          July 2007:     +2nd /  *13th /   #22nd /  +30th
          August 2007: *9th /   #19th /  +26th
          Sept 2007:     +5th /   #15th /  +23rd
          Oct 2007:      *3rd /   #12th /  +20th /   *30th
          Nov 2007:     *1st /   #19th /   +16th /   *26th
          Dec 2007:      #6th /  +13th /   *24th


These are the predictions for 2007 by some famous psychics, astrologers, and intuitives:
Joseph Jacobs:
A call for people to help other people this year.
The country will have to do the same thing or its going to be a very heavy year.
This will be a year of compassion and work
Paul Guersio - a computer program that predicts timelines for the future: The Merlin Project
We need to watch for the resurgence of Russia in world issues
We could be in Iran until 2011
The Federal Money system is on the verge of failing due to China and other countries buying into the Euro money system
Hilary Clinton's power is faltering.
The leading candidates now look like John Edwards and Mitt Romney
The Republican party is on a down trend which is going to continue
There has been a lull in terrorism and this may change in 2007
Keep your eye on Michael Bloomberg
Katie Couric and Meredith Viera who started their new jobs on the same day, will not be fortunate
in their jobs for long term.
The UFO sighting in Chicago may turn out to be much more significant than originally seemed.
Glynis McCants (numerologist)
2006 was a world lesson year - and George Bush didn't learn his lessons and the Republicans got thumped.  He learns the hard way.
2006 was toxic to Cheney - he started out the year by shooting his buddy.
Hilary Clinton was another one ended up stronger at the end of the year - and coming will be even better.
It would smarter for her to become Vice President - rather than President. The numbers are in her favor.
2007 is the year of true communication
This year will be a good one for talking things through and more accountability
Dr. Turi
  I am giving you the CENTER date where the Dragon's Tail energy will be at its peak. The window usually last all the way to the next window and gain destructive power while switching energy that will take the color of the news.    My quatrains from www.drturi.com will also help you to DISCERN the energy and it's impact on human affairs.   Be cautious on the given (RED) dates and do not take any chances or pay the price. Nature Destructive Forces in the Entire World $ Earthquakes Magnitude 6.0 or Greater will Take Place During Those Given Dates & Windows.

          Look for nature powerful destructive forces and/or serious dramatic news on these days:

          Understanding the Legends: (*) - (#) - (+)

          *Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/destructive weather.
          #Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Secrets/Scandals/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers.

          Jan 2007:      *3rd /   #12th /   +19th
          Feb 2007:      *1st /     #9th /   +17th /   *28th
          Mar 2007:     +1st /     #8th /   +16th /   *27th
          Apr 2007:     +1st /     # 6th /   +12th /  * 22nd
          May 2007:    #2nd /    +9th /   *19th /   #29th
          June 2007:   + 5th /   *16th /   #26th
          July 2007:     +2nd /  *13th /   #22nd /  +30th
          August 2007: *9th /   #19th /  +26th
          Sept 2007:     +5th /   #15th /  +23rd
          Oct 2007:      *3rd /   #12th /  +20th /   *30th
          Nov 2007:     *1st /   #19th /   +16th /   *26th
          Dec 2007:      #6th /  +13th /   *24th


These are the predictions made on coasttocoastam.com on 1-1-2007

Joseph Jacobs

This will be the most shocking year for earthquakes. Shocking news will be the way of 2007
Japan area will be in the news on this - large quakes.
More news on volcanoes. More deaths in the middle east - serious deals and threats against the U.S.
     in August.
Great fires during the summer.
The Pope will not be doing well this year health wise or in the middle east.
Clinton family will be touched by death this year.
Nuclear plants in the US.  watch for troubles there.
Tremendous upsurge of heart attacks this year.
A nuclear accident this year.  Meltdowns is a problem
A problem with the shuttle this year.
All actors, famous people, people with fame, especially Queen Elizabeth will have to be 'very' careful this year - death looms for many. -
    this will run for 18 months.
2008 will be a problem with heart attacks as well.
Everything to do with oceans will be big news this year - including cruise ships.
News about running water on mars will be released.

Amazing technology will be developed this year.  Explosive news all year long.

Lots of action with UFOS.  Also merging of airlines. - France is going to publish all their files on the internet.
More publicity with regard to UFOs.

Jan 2nd/3rd will be shocking for news.

Children will have to be more protected on the internet.  Everyone should watch their children more carefully this year.


Sean David Morton

2007 is going to be a very interesting year.

A great division coming between people. 2008 also.
Ascending for many people who are going for things who know what they want.
For those who don't make that spiritual connection are going to realize that this 9 year is the ending year for things that aren't working for you.

Economy:   Dow Jones will go over 13,000 - right before a major global collapse.
30 companies are running the whole thing.
There will be less competition and less work
Behind the scenes is an economical war between China and the US over China trying to get out from under the US dollar and move to Euros. The US has threatened them to cut off their supply of oil if they do.
The price of gold will stay stable and not make a big run, but the Euro wants to get enough gold to back their money.
The economic problem between Henry Paulson and Leo Wanta over trillions of dollars that has been bouncing around the world banks is going to cause the closing of large banks OR the US will be forced to institute the Amero dollar system - merging with central and south America.  All this is going on behind the scenes.  See: http://www.greatdreams.com/political/paulson_cheney.htm


Susan Miller
The lessons of Saturn will be up in September.
Jupiter is good for creativity and moving forward
Capricorns have been having trouble with money lately. Especially other people's money like getting a mortgage. Capricorn's are good with money.  Saturn will be making you find another way around it.
Old solutions have dried up so you need to try something new to get the money you need.

Sagittarius will be the favorite sign this year until September, and then it becomes Capricorn.
Gerald Celente


America owned the 20th century, but it won't own the 21st. While no power on Earth is emerging to rival the superpower's former status, China will weigh in as the world's economic heavyweight as well as a major military contender long before the end of the century.

As China booms and thrives and the US declines and weakens, the former Cold War enemies are exchanging roles on how to govern and how to run an economy.

China is becoming more American, and America is becoming more Chinese.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.


Plantation Economy

Working longer, commuting farther and sinking deeper into a financial hole, America's middle class is shrinking, the rich are getting super rich and the wealthy can afford to buy entire countries. It will only get worse. America is drowning in debt, mired in war and losing business to competition it didn't have before.

Manufacturing has been shipped overseas, and the replacement "service economy" worker has gone deeper into debt to pay the bills. Stocking shelves at Wal-Mart, floor walking at Home Depot or stuck in a cubicle job with no way out, the working majority are climbing down the ladder of success.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

Old School is Cool

Not thrilled with the present and pessimistic about the future, Americans young and old, rich and poor - all colors, classes and creeds -- are looking to the past to find superior values and higher quality than what they're getting today. From popular culture to political choices in food, fashion and design in virtually every sector and all walks of life, there's a yearning for what was.

The nation hears from music legends and big screen stars of times gone by with complaints of how bad the music sounds and how banal the movies are. According to a June 2006 Roper Poll, 66 percent of Americans see the 1950s, 60s and 70s as better than today. A Pew Research Center Poll shows over half of adults believing that their children's future will be worse than the present times.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

The Internet Candidate

The opening salvos of the 2008 US Presidential Campaign will be fired over the Internet. Previously restricted by financial costs reserved only for the super rich and/or anointed party members, the low cost of an Internet entry run for President will become the 21st century leveler permitting a newcomer who's beholden to no one to now be able to reach everyone.

While the Internet has been on the scene for the last three presidential races, its universal embracement has now made it the entertainment and information source of choice for Global Age citizens. With half the web users attracted to social networking sites, the MySpace and Facebook crowds prefer the Internet's YouTube over the Networks' book tube.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

Systemic Recession

The US is sliding into a long-term economic downturn. Weighed down with massive loads of debt and locked into jobs that limit opportunities to pay it off, the paycheck to paycheck public will feel the pinch in their pocketbooks and businesses will be hit hard in their bottom lines long before recession becomes "official."
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

Medical Tourism

One constant in good times and bad is personal health, and how to preserve it. Like executives and entrepreneurs that scour the earth to find the best countries to do the best deals for the best price, today's consumers are globetrotting to find the best prices for the best medical treatments.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

American Beauty

After several years of getting the global cold shoulder, the world is starting to again warm up to the USA. Following the US midterm elections, defeat of the Republican Party was reported by the world press as a hopeful sign that a White House without a Congressional majority to support its war efforts would soften its hard line rhetoric and put away its big stick.

Although the US gets low scores for the way it acts on the World Stage, America is still seen by nationals of rapidly developing nations as the land of opportunity. With the cooling down of tensions underway, advertising/marketing themes that accentuate the finer elements of the American way, while respecting the norms and mores of the hosting country, will help sell products.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

Re-United States

The Red vs. Blue Wars have subsided, with no evidence from the election of 2006 of a great divide. From Congress to local races, former "Red" states went "Blue" in a general vote of no-confidence by a fed up public that wanted "change."

With few fresh ideas of their own, and focused on the big 2008 presidential prize, the Democrats will make decisions that will do little to polarize the electorate, while using their power to expose Republican missteps, violations and misdeeds of the past six years. Absent a major terror strike or an economic, man-made or natural disaster the next two years will serve to heal many of the nation's open wounds of fractionalism that have deepened over the past six.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.


The tribes of the world are uniting. Tied together by the arteries of the information superhighway, citizens of common dreams and common causes are forming human bonds that transcend national borders, religious beliefs and political ideologies. Still in its youth and growing with unbound vitality, the exploding Internet is unleashing powers to the people that will change the way the world is run and who will run it.

Bigger than blogs and more influential than the social networks, TechnoTribes will rally masses with calls for action when rights are violated, lives threatened and/or change is needed. Distrusting of politicians and critical of their leadership skills, the egalitarian tribes will unite those who share civic interests, follow moral codes and believe in universal truths.
... For the rest of the story, read the Trends Journal.

We're in a real estate recession. Its a systemic recession - the numbers look okay, but they really are not. The top 10% of the income earners in America own 70% of the wealth. Real estate does not look for good.
Its the interest rates that is controlling this. Low interest rates is the only time that real estate is good.
The Fed will keep interest rates high to forestall China, Iran, and Russia from buying euros instead of dollars.
A medical tourism is a new trend - Americans will go to other countries for treatments because they can't afford it in this country.  Costa Rica, Brazil, Singapore, India, cosmetic surgery, dental work, major surgery is much cheaper in other countries.

In business - Anything to do with health and nutrition will be good this year.
It looks like a third party internet candidate will become prominent.  (No name was given)



12-30-06 - DREAM - I went to a pet shop to buy some birds.

The owner of the store tried to sell me some parrots.  He was carrying two red parrots, but red is not my favorite color, so he handed me a yellow parrot and showed me how to hold it. 

I saw that he had a lot of long tail feathers hanging on the glass wall of his shop - all different colors.

I told him I wanted to see all his birds.  I saw that he had blue birds and white birds too.  The white bird looked like a dove - not a parrot.

I needed time to decide what color birds I wanted, and was thinking that red, white, and blue birds would be nice because it was patriotic colors.  But I wondered if I would need two of each color to pair them up.

while I was thinking about it, I saw 3 red parrots laying on their backs on the window sill.  They were all dying.

So I decided not to buy any birds at all.

1-4-07 - from freestone:


Monday, January 29, 2007

Trouble in Boston
Current mood: anxious
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural


This is just a dream, but it portends trouble in Boston - from the dream - it looks like it will be winter.  Don't know if its this winter, or a couple years from now.

DREAM - 1-27-07 - I was walking on a city street, and I came to two young dogs - a male and a female. They were acting very loving towards each other.

Then a Boston terrier puppy came along. He was black and white.  He tried to get between the loving dogs.  So I scooped him up so he wouldn't be in their way. He was so cute, I took him home.

He was so adorable, I treated him like a child and after a time, he did turn into a child.

When he was about the size of a 2 year old, he was dressed in a bright blue snowsuit and went outside to play. 

He started to take off and I tried to stop him because he was so young.  He turned around and took off his shoe and threw it at me.

I got upset and my husband (who I never saw) said to me from the side. "Don't worry - he'll be back."

End of dream

This is what scares me.  The Muslim throwing a shoe is one of the worst things he can do to other people:

See:  Terror Level Raised After Shoe Throwing Incident
By Kris


The most recent of terrorism attacks, throwing a shoe.
Earlier today at a debate in Portland, Oregon, former Pentagon adviser Richard Perl was debating with Howard Dean, the newly appointed leader of the Democratic Party, when a protester threw a shoe at Perl.

The protester was quickly apprehended and taken into custody, but this incident has revealed another possible weakness in US homeland security, leading to a drastic increase in the national terror alert level.

Previous to today, the terror alert level had been at yellow (elevated). Shortly after this shoe-throwing incident, the terror alert level was raised all the way to red (severe), indicating the threat of a terrorist attack is eminent.

"US intelligence has revealed that terrorists have shoes," said President George Bush at a nationally televised press conference earlier today. "This is a threat we were previously unaware of, but now that it has come to light, we must do everything we can to avoid the possibility of terrorist shoe attacks."

Current estimates show that of the thousands of terrorist plotting against the United States, nearly 90% of them have access to shoes. This is a far steeper percentage than those that have access to biological or chemical weapons.

While they aren't individually as deadly as other weapons of mass destruction, the shear number of shoes worldwide is unprecedented," said Chertoff. "It could take as many as twenty years before we could effectively remove shoes from the hands of terrorists."

And while biological and chemical weapons can expensive, many of which cost thousands of dollars each, shoes can be produced relatively cheaply.

"Thanks to sweatshops employing young children for minuscule wages, shoes can be manufactured for just pennies each," said Chertoff. "Price appears to no longer will be a concern when it comes to terrorism."

The Department of Homeland Security is working diligently to neutralize this new threat. Purchasing of shoes now requires an extensive background check and a seven-day waiting period, similar to that of purchasing firearms. Airports nationwide are being advised to have passengers check their shoes with their baggage.

"A shoe in the wrong hands can be just as deadly as a gun or knife," said Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security. "We would hate to see another plane held hostage by a terrorist in possession of shoes."

Finally, the public has been asked to report all suspicious shoe wearers to the local authorities, especially those with "shifty eyes".

"The threat of a terrorist shoe attack is real, more real than I can possibly imagine," said President Bush. "But if we all work together, and accept some small measure of inconvenience, nationwide freedom can be preserved."

5 Suspicious Packages Planted in Boston

Wednesday January 31, 2007 8:31 PM

BOSTON (AP) - Five suspicious packages planted near bridges and other spots around Boston forced the shutdown of major roads, a bridge and a stretch of the Charles River on Wednesday before authorities concluded the objects were not bombs.

``It's a hoax - and it's not funny,'' said Gov. Deval Patrick.

Police said four calls, all around 1 p.m., reported suspicious devices at the Boston University Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, which both span the Charles River, at a Boston street corner and at the Tufts-New England Medical Center.

The package near the Boston University bridge was found attached to a structure beneath the span, where it crosses the Massachusetts Turnpike, authorities said.

Subway service across the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge was briefly suspended, and Storrow Drive was closed as well.

Another device was found earlier in the day at a subway station, forcing a temporary shutdown of Interstate 93.

Hoax" triggers Boston security scare

By Jason Szep

BOSTON, Jan 31, 07 (Reuters) - Police were investigating an apparent security hoax in Boston on Wednesday involving at least five suspicious devices in separate locations across the city which were later found to be fake bombs.

The discoveries triggered a city-wide security scare that led the U.S. Coast Guard to close the Charles River that feeds from the Atlantic Ocean into the city and caused authorities to shut down major bridges and several roads.

"Based on the information we have, it appears to be a hoax," said Gov. Deval Patrick's spokesman, Jose Martinez.

The packages looked roughly similar, according to police and local media. Most contained wires emerging from a plastic casing. Four were found hours after officials blew up the first suspicious package below a highway in the morning.

They were discovered near the New England Medical Center, the Longfellow Bridge that connects Boston with Cambridge, the Boston University Bridge and at the intersection of Stuart and Columbus streets in central Boston.

"All were found not to be explosive devices," Boston Police Department spokesman Eddie Chrispin said.

There were reports of a sixth device found in the city of Somerville close to Boston.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesman Joe Pesaturo said one of the train system's busiest lines had been stopped, while the U.S. Coast Guard said it had closed Boston's Charles River amid the alert. (Additional reporting by Svea Herbst and Scott Malone)

[Editor's note: Hoaxes are done for two reasons.  #1 - to scare people #2 - to throw people off until they do it for real.

Dear Dee

I would like to relate an intense dream I had which I feel is prophetic. It concerns a meteor which hits the earth. In the dream it was being tracked and it was estimated by scientists to hit the earth in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. I was among those in Australia who was shocked by this news and we knew we were going to die as it was a big one. The only way to possibly survive or at least have a chance was to flee to Western Australia by road more than 2000 miles away. It was near impossible to fly out of Australia as only the rich could afford to do so with planes being limited.
I was with a group of friends gathering useful items for survival then we were going to flee by car and drive as fast as we could across the country. One of them then indicated there were still six hours left till it was due to arrive so we quickly began grabbing as much food as possible. But before we could do anything else, it arrived. Looking out over the nearby mountains was this huge chunk of fiery meteor crashing to the ground then a huge pall of dust and explosive cloud coming towards us which swept everything away including myself and the others. From impact to our death it was only a few seconds.
The significant thing is that the meteor arrived 6 hours earlier than predicted and hit the Australian mainland rather than the ocean as predicted. An important thing can be gleaned from this is that scientists are not always accurate and perhaps future near earth objects will be more unpredictable than we think. Neither science or prophecy are 100% accurate but it is food for thought and anything is truly possible in these days of raised consciousness and new awareness...
P/S. You have a great website...

[Editor's note: Permission given to post]

Prophetic Vision of Yellowstone Volcano

March 16, 2007
Diane M.

To Holly Deyo:

I have been told to share this with you by spirit. Your work has been so meaningful to me, I hope this is useful for you and Stan.

I had a prophetic vision come to me the middle of February. Since then, I have had more parts of the vision filled in on almost a daily basis. My vision was significant volcanic activity in Yellowstone National Park, on March 17, 2007. Although it is shown to me as a large eruption, it does not devastate mankind. The eruption is bigger than Mount Saint Helens. Even though all of the signs are there, the eruption catches people off guard.

The Eastern Part of the United States is effected from the ash, and there is some civil unrest, but not too much because people cannot be out in the ash. Most of the civil unrest is surrounded with people trying to get supplies.

Colorado is somewhat affected, but not devastated. California escapes most of the effect. Although, there is some crop failure, most citizens of the United States will continue to have access to sufficient food.

However, the world will feel the effects, since the United States will not be able to export any significant quantities of food. The parts of the world that are already suffering from food shortages will get worse. This event will start the beginning of a period of food shortages.

In the vision I was shown that although several catastrophic events have already happened, this event is to serve as a wake up call, so that people can prepare for the even rougher road ahead.

Predictions, Poltergeists & Elec. Devices

During the first half of the show, intuitive Sean David Morton checked in on some of his recent predictions. In his March 14, 2007 appearance, he had said there would be a 7.0 earthquake in Japan within the next 90 days, and indeed there was a large earthquake there on Sunday. Morton explained that he made the prediction through a type of divination known as cartomancy, running his hand over maps to see where energy is building up. Among his other predictions (some gleaned from insider sources rather than psychic methods):

  • A series of quakes (6.5+) will occur near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, followed by a quake (6.5-7.0) in the Seattle/Vancouver area.
  • The US has selected 233 sites in Iran for an attack possibly slated to begin somewhere between April 17th and April 19th, 2007.
  • There will be mass riots in the U.K. by this summer.
  • In Afghanistan, the Taliban will retake Kandahar.
  • A military draft is coming to the U.S., and civilians could be drafted for military jobs.

4-28-07 - DREAM - The first part of the dream, I watched people who were skewered by God with Gold pins downward through both sides of their nose.

I thought to myself that at least its even and balanced - just one pin would be so awkward appearing.

Then as I was looking out the window. I saw literally thousands upon thousands of people run past the house, all in one direction, as fast as they could.

I thought perhaps I should turn on the TV to see what was going on and remembered that there was no TV.  The whole system had been shut down so we couldn't watch all the people in Israel die.

Then as I watched out the window, I saw a huge purplish blue sphere hit the ground and broke into big pieces.  They called it Saturn.

by Dee

FROM: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2007/04/05.html#recap

Prophecies & Visions - given 4-5-07

Appearing during the middle two hours, Father Andrew Wingate returned to share his prophetic visions, though he cautioned people to not blindly accept any one person's statements without careful consideration. Among the events he sees coming:
  • A year from now, there'll be an immense underwater earthquake that will cause a tsunami and many casualties.
  • In 2012, the Antichrist will take "his reins of the world." This will be preceded by a year and a half period of harmony across society.
  • In 2020, a comet will come so close to the Earth that it knock it off its axis.
  • America will become involved in an Iran-Pakistan war.
Wingate also reviewed his prophecy concerning a Russian-Chinese invasion of the United States which he described in detail during his 3/16/05 appearance. The invading army will enter via commercial airline flights as well as across the Canadian border and such cities as Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, Buffalo, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston will all be devastated, he said.


Web Bot Predictions

Given 7-4-07 by George Ure and Cliff on coasttocoastam.com radio interview with George Noory.

George Ure and his colleague Cliff discussed their web bot technology which has been used to forecast indicators for future events such as the anthrax attack in Washington. Their method captures changes in language patterns within Internet discussions. This aggregated data is then processed with software to determine various keywords, which they interpret in a predictive fashion.

Since they are keying in on negative emotions in the word changes from their database, the events they foresee tend to be dire. Below are some of the predictions they made, which they admitted can "err on the side of the extreme."
  • Flooding will continue in individual areas and could blur into a "global flooding situation." Up to seven million people could be displaced by flooding and wind damage, possibly due to a severe hurricane around the fall equinox (Sept. 23, 2007).
  • During the first three months of 2008, a pandemic involving the bird flu and another illness will resurface.
  • In Fall 2007, fungus will cause a range of problems, from crops to human health.
  • Economic strain is underway and the dollar is going to be hit hard.
  • A set of three quakes within days of each other could occur in California, sometime between Sept Dec. 2007, one of which will disrupt a prominent wedding.
  • A global coastal event is a strong probability within the next five years. The melting of the Greenland glacier will cause sea levels to dramatically rise, flooding coastal areas.


11-1-07 - DREAM - This morning I was aware of being in a vehicle with other people & we were all sitting in the vehicle, & it look like we were going too leave there. Then all of a sudden  I looked & I saw a very  very dark cloud that was heading towards us. It looked like a tornado it had the shape of one & it looked like a feth five it was so large  & pitch black. I was aware that I was trying too get the person to leave  very fast but for some reason we didn't we kept sitting there as we watch this darkness approach us. As it was moving  closer & closer toward us I realize that this was not a tornado because there was no winds. I realized that this was not a tornado it looked like a tornado. I was very frightened & I was aware of putting my arms over my head as we sat in this vehicle & I knew it was going  to get us. As it moved closer & was aware that we went through this blackness & made it through. It was or look like the form of  a tornado  & it was moving along   & if anything was in its path well them would be caught up in it.. All I know is that we could not leave there and as this dark blackness cover us & went on  through  & realized that what ever this was I did not know. All I know  that it  could kill  & destroy everything in its path, but I survive it as it pass on through. What could this be that can kill  human life. Is there something coming like that which can kill human lives like a plague?  I know that I was able too  make it through this blackness  that was coming toward me.  It didn't hurt me   or kill me like I thought  it was going too do, but it was too large to not to kill those it blew over.

by  Dona  Glass  Williams

See:   TERRORSTORM - www.prisonplanet.tv   How the Goverment Fakes Terror in the world to creat Fear in the population.

ENDGAME -  www.prisonplanet.tv  The government (NEW WORLD ORDER)  is planning to kill off 80% of the population worldwide.


from his Coast to Coast appearance Nov 8, 2007.

Housing market to really drop much more in 6 months.

Mayan elders, Hopi, Navajos beginning to build Hogan and Kivas on the 19th Nov, 2007. They say that when Pakistan nukee India will be the beginning of WW3.

Larger cycle of the 5th night from Nov 19, 2007 through Nov 12, 2008 will be deep crisis for global material structure. European union and Germany at center of this drama.

Nuclear weapons within a year (through December 2008), either or and Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India.

France is broke, Germany not far behind. Riots in France around end of year, January, February. Germany is the same way financially as France - can't export anything because the Euro is so high.

Gold to go to $1200 in 12-18 months. Silver is going to hit $30 by next year. Bill Gates has about 30% of his fortune in silver. Invest in the silver mines rather than the silver. It's about 300 times more valuable than gold. It will probably drop down to $14 in a few months (it's over $15 now.); but he never sees it going below $11. You will see it being used in future to back country's currencies.

US government wants the dollar to collapse. They want the N.American union. They're building the new super highway from Mexico to Canada. There will be a new currency for these 3 countries.

Western part of Canada may revolt against this. When oil hits $125 a barrel, that's when things are really going to begin to break.

Russians started getting a lot of oil in 1997. As of June 1st they've paid all their debts, are talking about backing their currency with gold, have kicked out International monetary fund and Chase Manhattan bank and the Rockefeller's. In the 30's there was a theory that light, sweet, crude oil was from dead dinosaurs and deeper down, the oil was being continually manufactured. He said that's true and the Russians are drilling in Siberia, 38,000 feet down and one company from the US is being tagged to go assist them with this. He said that this is high security information.

The powers that be think the can pick the illusion of choice out of the matrix and no one will care. He spoke well of Ron Paul and said he's the only one willing to defend the Constitution and how he is being ignored by major media. The more people see these politicians for what they are, see that there is no peaceful way to do this, the revolution will start when the middle tax loses it's stuff.
2010 another harmonic convergence happening May 27-29th - energy 1,000 times more powerful than the last harmonic convergence. It will create a new consciousness.

Things are becoming clearer, more defined. Sky will get bluer from different light coming from the sun and this will trigger the seretonin elements in the brain, which triggers the hypothalmus and aligns right and left brain and creates a quantum field which ends duality. We will be able to create with intent.

All the things he's saying are coming to a head now.

The Iran attack has been postponed till March or so. There's a whole list of executive orders getting ready to be released on the American people.

There's talk in the background that he is holding the Iranian nuclear option in the background if impeachment goes forward on him and Cheney. We were at Defcon 2 in September and the Israeli's balked. For 3 years Bush had a plan for to create a reason for Israel to attack Iran for us.
There's 3 aircraft carriers in the gulf now. They're planning spring exercises in the gulf.
Israel's strike on Syria was to strike an underground nuclear facility that the Koreans helped them set up. There was an accident there that sent out a plume that was noticed on our satellites. Israel as far as he knows, now has over 103 nuclear weapons, Iran none at the moment but they have around 11,000 missiles. Koreans helping the Syrians create plutonium.

The Israeli's balked when we said we couldn't take out all the missile sites in Iran because they keep moving them. We gave the Israeli's another 30 billion dollars. They cashed the check and said "no thank you, we don't want to be part of it" because the Iranians have missiles pointed at Tel Aviv, Straits of Hormuz, and the green zone inside Iraq.

He said the U.S. poisoned Ariel Sharon because he sold some of the excalibur missiles we gave him to China and kept the money. The rabbis in September placed a curse on him and a few months later that he was poisoned to get revenge on him. Morton said he has some inside government sources who feed him much of this information.

No big hurricanes to come. S. Cal to be very gold and flooding in the San Diego area. Heavy rains and record snow in the mountains of California. Harsh winter in N.East.

Something big coming to Pennsylvania in the next 90 days - maybe a good sized quake.

A lot of chemtrail activity stopped because Boeing couldn't deliver a whole series of planes that deliver the chemtrails. Huge problem with Alaskan airlines, one of the few that fly specifically North and South was having a lot of problems because of the chemtrails.The silicates in the chemtrails were clogging up their planes.

With less chemtrails a lot of people are noticing less upper respiratory and throat problems.

The mystery of the bees is related to cheap Queen bees primarily purchased from China which creates a malaise in the hives and the mites usually would be attacked by the drones.

Pelosi's Turkey initiative to censure Turkey over what they did 100 years ago was an attempt to get Turkey to not let our bombers fly out of there and thereby, stop the war.

It's time to take pains to avoid this physicality trap that we get into. Catastrophes in times ahead will have less to do with physical changes than it will to change in consciousness. The science of physics itself is about to become subordinate to a unified understanding of the cosmos based on the evolution of consciousness.

He also talked about the new quantum healing work he is doing by taking them beyond the cellular structure and past the atoms and into the quantum field, he takes people before the injury happened and guides their body into a steering mechanism and unkink the hose that goes back through time.
Mayan, Aztecs, Egyptians and Christian talk about an Apocalypse. Oct 28, 2011 some parts of Mayan calendar to end the others on Dec 21, 2012. The apocalypse is not meant to be the end of the world. It's the large scale of human consciousness, determined by this grand cosmic plan. It's only the end of the world as we know it. Evil is created in the beholder by external projections of dualistic frames of consciousness. It will come to an end as these frames are transcended.

There is evil around us and there are painful events and consequences for all affected; but Evil and good really have really no independent existence out there. It's all just the duality of positive versus negative, east, west, male versus female,right and left sides of the brain etc.. Evil acts are only the result of negative spirals of actions generated by projections of these dualist perceptions.

Despite what Hollywood says, there really are no forces of good and evil and paradoxically, those who promote such views are just contributing to the continued suffering on the plant. Once we understand that the conflict has always been within us, that either peace or hell on earth, or freedom or slavery has always been at the end of the rainbow and that the pot of gold has always been in our own hearts and in our own back yards, then that is when the shift comes. Life has purpose. God is love. All is one. That is the point of everything. That is the whole idea of what the 2012 shift is going to be about - a whole new generation that understands that core synthesis of those three simple concepts.

Steve Faucet (no sure of spellings) - something strange going on; but they remote viewed tracked him to a place where there's a lot of military underground and other activity, north of Yosemite.

He advised a caller against buying property in Florida. It's a bit tricky because of the social situation. Stay away from the coast in the Carolinas. Atlanta, Ga. OK.

The mint in Denver is now minting new money and it hasn't even been approved by Congress.  Its the Amero - the money promised by former President Fox of Mexico on television recently.

Oil is as high as it is to keep the federal reserve note high.

Next 30 year cycle will be about Pisces - relates to dreams, human consciousness, ecology, the ocean.

Long Island and N.Y.C will have a big challenge with water. NYC infrastructure is falling apart. Water pipes at risk because of their age. In remote viewing they saw nuclear attack coming from boat about 50 miles off the coast. By 2015 city still there but a lot of people moved out. The city keeps the water PH at the right levels to avoid further rotting of the pipes. Some of the pipes are actually wood. By 2015 a lot of subways are flooded, they're dealing with flooding in the streets and people start moving to the suburbs, upper N.Y. state, New Jersey, etc.

This 30 year Pisces phase will be all about water - getting it to the right places, etc.

Move away from any investments that are related to the dollar. Get into Euros, silver, gold.


Hi :  This was one of those quickies that jolts you right off the sofa.
I closed my eyes for a few moments and suddenly saw  Spain/Portugal -  and a male voice said,
"The Old Man has spoken!!!"
I've had that same vision before.  I found it in my journal in 1989 when I meditated on the coming earth changes. In 1989 I was told that the area would be annihilated.
There are several ways to analyze the term "Old Man".  It could mean "God" himself, but I did a web search, looking for the term connected to Spain itself.
I found a huge standing stone named "Old Man" right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, but it was on Ascension Island in Orkney.  (No connection to Spain)
I also found  Mount Yasur - in Tanna, which is in Vanautu.  The name Yasur means "Old Man" Mount Yasur has been rumbling a lot - it has exploded in the past, and that whole area is exploding.  The Son of Krakatoa just exploded a couple days ago.
I wondered if Spain was on the opposite of the world, so I went looking for that, and discovered a page dedicated to "The Madrid" quake which I've also dreamed of.  New Madrid could be seen to be connected to Spain which also has a Madrid. 
So, here are a couple pages to take a look at. Maybe you have some suggestions on this:
Also, the Canary Islands have been talked about as the possibility of sliding into the ocean and causing a huge tsunami that could hit the whole east coast of the U.S.  The Canary islands are owned by Spain.
Looking for assistance to this puzzle.
This really freaked me out this morning.
DREAM - 11-16-07 4:44 a.m.
I was a young woman, living in the country, getting ready to go to a public gathering like a fair and large picnic. It seemed to be mid-summer.
A couple of friends were coming to pick me and my young son up and then we would go pick up another friend before going to the gathering.
I was having a hard time deciding what to wear. I had on light fabric slacks with little blue flowers on them, and one of those short stretchy tops that just barely covers you in front.
A female friend stopped by and said that it didn't seem safe to wear that top in a crowd of people, so I went into the closet and get one of my husband's short sleeved shirts that had light blue flowers on it and red and white horizontal stripes like the flag on the yoke half on top.
I was just putting it on when my friends arrived so I wasn't quite ready.
I was sitting on the floor, putting on my boots, and this young guy rushes over, gets on his knees and throws himself on me, saying, "Let me cry on you oh Master Prophet!"
So I'm laying on the floor with this guy heaving in big full body sobs and I'm looking at my friends helplessly, and pointing at the guy to my friends, "Get this guy off of me."
So they grabbed him by the arms and pulled him off of me, and I got up and we all stood there feeling embarrassed.
All of a sudden, out the window, a tall plume of black smoke appeared and I wondered what was on fire.
Just as suddenly, big bombs of fire started coming into the yard, seemingly from whatever was burning. I hoped none landed on the house.
Just that suddenly, we got a downpour of heavy rain even though there were no clouds in the sky.  It last less than 5 minutes.  At least it put out the fires in the yard.
Then a huge river of water came rushing past the house from the left and I was thinking to myself, "It didn't rain all that long to create a river of water that size!"
Then the whole earth move sideways and the river came to an abrupt stop in a big white crescendo and started moving backwards.
I could feel the whole earth moving backwards under me in the opposite direction.
My first thought was, "earthquake" then "where can we run to?" then "something hit the earth on the other side, so big, it stopped the earth from moving in the direction it was going."
I was so dizzy now, I couldn't even stand up to run anywhere and I started to feel panic stricken and I could see everyone else falling down because they couldn't stand up,  and I woke up completely freaked out.
It was 4:44 a.m. on the clock.
End of dream
I hope we don't have to live through that in my lifetime.