2-1-2012 - DREAM -  I was moving into a different apartment, the color of which was Robin's Egg Blue, except I thought it was a little two green.

A married couple was helping m e prepare the apartment for repainting by taking out the nails out of the walls and taking down the drapery rods off the windows.

I noticed the appliances needed painting also as there was rust inside.

The bathroom had two entrances, with doors between three sections - the shower being in the last section.

I was trying to figure out after I woke up who the male was in the dream - either Billy from The Young and the Restless or Kevin from the same show.  I'm thinking it was Billy.


2-1-2012 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new office at work.  My boss was Dorian Lord (as usual) and I didn't have my desk organized yet.  I was more concerned about the scattered paperclips -  the box also had some coins mixed in it which it shouldn't have.

Dorian was concerned about the fluting on the cuff of her sweater and she asked me about it - showing me the large fluting on the cuff and I showed the small fluting on the cuff of my sweater which I preferred - she preferred large fluting.

A tall dark haired woman walked into the room who was the metal's expert, and I realized we didn't have any machining experts and I didn't even know where the machining drawings had been placed. 

I complained to Dorian that I had been moved from here to there, to here and there multiple times and I still was 'nobody' important.

Dorian asked me privately, off in the corner with the metals expert whether it was okay to go back to eating diet cake and diet soda, and I responded, "Nobody should eat anything with Aspartame in it because it destroys brain cells. "   The I put both hands on her head and told her, "we can't risk you losing any more brain cells."   and laughed at my joke.

She responded back, "We can't risk that you should ever get mad about anything."  

She was right about that. :-)

But the scattered paperclips was my biggest concern.  Why weren't they together ?  I didn't like coins in the same box.


DORIAN LORD DREAMS - 16 - :;_ylt=A0oGdUfEYilP4m8A8YJXNyoA?


2-1-12 - VISION   I  was watching TV but had my eyes closed to reset them.  I saw this sign:    "  eLISHA NEWS NETWORK '

NOTE:  I looked that up and it was about a movie star or singer.  I didn't take the time to figure that out.

So I just looked up ELISH  and he was a disciple of Elijah in the book of Kings.  He helped people, but there isn't a lot about him other than that and I don't exactly know why he was called a PROPHET.;_ylt=A0oGkkZr0ylPuxQAskxXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGFvA2FvBGNzcmNwdmlkA2l5MlJvRW9HZFRBYlk2UUpUeVJ2OHdCb1RQYkVqVThwMHdBQUFMTjQEZnIDc2x2OC1hdHQEZnIyA3NidG4Ebl9ncHMDMTAEb3JpZ2luA3NycARwcXN0cgNFTElTSEEgBHF1ZXJ5A0VMSVNIQSAEc2FvAzMEdG9TdHJpbmcDW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdBHZhbHVlT2YDdXJhLWZ1bGxbeXVpXzNfM18wXzJfMTMyODE0MTE1OTU1ODE0XQR2dGVzdGlkA1ZJUDEyNA--?p=ELISHA%20&fr2=sb-top&fr=slv8-att&pqstr=ELISHA%20



2-2-12 - I wish I knew why I'm always moving. 

DREAM -  I had moved into a new apartment with rented furniture.  I also had a new baby girl.  Then Ed showed up again. 

My mother was with me in the beginning.  I wrote some kind of note on the flap of an envelope.  My mother took the duplicate note to give to someone, maybe the Sheriff.  I'm not sure.  I kept the other part like a receipt for safekeeping.  Then she left.

I hadn't done anything in the apartment yet.  There was light dust on the furniture with marks where things had been moved.  I hadn't even opened any drawers in the dressers or anything to look inside.

I got the baby ready to go visit my mother-in-law who lived nearby and Ed planned to drive.

Before we left, I made sure the doors were locked.  We had a front door and a back door on the same hallway.  When I looked for the baby,  Ed had put her in a closet up on a top shelf.  Sheesh.

I retrieved the baby, found a thicker blanket for her and by then I had to go to the bathroom.  I figured I may as well go before we left, so I went to the bathroom and couldn't find any toilet paper.

there was a cabinet near the toilet and when I opened it, I found a small roll of insulation, and a large roll of thin paper like tissue paper.  I figured I'd use a piece of that for toilet tissue temporarily.

By then, Ed had returned from the car, and was looking at the bed sheet, which was white with yellow flowers on it.

He asked, "Did someone walk on this bed?"

I said, "I don't know.  I haven't even looked at it yet.  Indeed, the she4et looked like someone had walked on it.

I knew he was going to lay down and we hadn't even gone anywhere.  I didn't know where the baby was left, and I woke up, needing to go to the bathroom.



2-2-12 -  AN ELEVEN ELEVEN DREAM -  I was delivering flowers to place on the church altar which was upstairs in a tall building.

I was just going up the stairs when a woman who lived in one of my old apartments on the first floor opened the door and showed me a tall vase of silk flowers I had left behind.

She asked me if any of other flowers were from 1111  and I told her,  "No,  we never had 11:11 before.

The flowers I was delivering were in a short vase, and were pink, but not roses or carnations.  There were little stiff brown leaves on a few stems between the flowers and some white flowers which also were not roses or carnations.  I really don't know what they were.  They were pretty though.


22-12 - I was drying my car through several alleys, crossing streets and continuing. 

At one point, I met a pick up truck coming the other direction, and we passed each other crossing the street.

I knew at some point, I was going to have to turn right or left and I didn't want to go left, so when the time came, I turned right, and then right again at which point I parked the car and walked back home, leaving the car there, wherever it was.


2-2-12 - DREAM   I was working in the front parking lot of an apartment building I managed.  We had some very large mailboxes on stands there, and I had a large black sheet in front of the mailboxes on which we could show a movie.

A small Jewish man came out of the building and needed to get his mail so I held the black sheet aside so he could retrieve his mail.

Then another man came out of the building and said, "You told me about a great deal you got at the hardware store.  Which store was that?

I hummed and hawed a moment because I couldn't remember which hardware store it was, though I remember getting a good deal.  I couldn't even remember which town or state I was living in right then.


2-3-12 -  DREAM -  I was seemingly at my New Berlin, WI house, but nothing was normal.

Apparently there was a storm and I went outside and saw several large tree limbs on the roof of the house.  I went back into the house knowing that it was a dangerous thing to have happen.  I didn't really hear any noise, but went back outside and saw 10 men laying on the ground.  I counted them and saw that 3 of other were moving their heads slightly, then ran back into the house and picked up the phone to call for 10 ambulances.

The woman on the hone was talking to someone else and seemed to be from the department of energy. 

I told her I was calling the Department of Energy and I needed 10 ambulances.

The woman was instantly in my yard, down on one knee waving the one ambulance that arrived.  She said, "You don't need 10 ambulances." and then everything went silent.

I woke up dumbfounded because I had counted 10 men out in the yard.  All of them were wearing blue work clothes and boots like lumberjacks and looked like experienced older workmen.  

something in my head tells me that 10 dead men is metaphorical, and I found  a video called DEAD MEN'S SECRETS.  still researching.  I've written about the cut and banded tree several times already, so I'm looking for something else first.


2=3=12 = MEDITATION:  I asked about the dream, and a tall, older, dark-haired woman came immediately and said, "Just wait!  It'll happen soon"  and then she ran off to her left.

Later I was feeling chills really bad and wrapped up in a blanket and closed my eyes.

I found myself in a room, sitting at a large round table with a group of men, and they were trying to make a decision about something.

We are sure the woman was Binah - the Dark sterile Mother from the Tree of Life, and the group of men were deciding about THE JUDGMENT.



2-4-12 - DREAM - NORMAN RETURNED. (I don't even know what this is s important to me.  Evidently my feelings are stronger for him in death than they were in real life or maybe I'm just kidding myself?

Norman came to visit and we had a really nice long smooch.  However, another woman also came to the house and he stood and talked with her a long time. I don't know who she was.


2-4-12  DREAM - I was with a famous attorney who does interviews on TV.  She is a black woman by the first name of Starr. (I can't remember her last name.  She used my apartment to entertain her boyfriend and paid a group of girls to be beautiful to look at but not touch.

NOTE:  I think this is probably about a special constellation, but I don't know which star is would be.  It could be that it relates to the fact that Starr and her boyfriend were black skinned.  Maybe the attorney factor is important too.  I don't know about that either, and the boyfriend was a boxer.


2-4-12 - DREAM - I was living in my New Berlin house.  We were having the entire upstairs gutted and remodeled. 

My mother and Father were both there in the morning and then left to do some special shopping, which I didn't understand since the carpenter was arriving and I would have thought that my Father would have wanted to be there to give instructions to the carpenter.

I turned on the water sprinkler to water just one spot on the hill between the house and the garage.  There was nothing special growing there -just grass and water just made a muddy spot.  When I turned the water off  the ground made a big sucking sound which was strange.

The carpenter went into the garage with his tools when he arrived and I didn't see him at all.

A teenager kid came into the house and I showed him around about the remodeling project.  The western ceiling of the livingroom needed to be remodeled as it looked like it had been added on and not finished.

I then offered him a learning position to help the carpenter which he accepted, and then I spent time taking down the rods on the southern window in order to shimmy up a narrow crack to go upstairs when the stairs were available to walk up easily.  I finally realized that and we went upstairs to show him what needed to be done up there.

to my surprise, the bathroom wall and floor were already gone.  There was a short two foot wall to prevent the young children from falling through to the lower floor. 

the teenager helper gingerly walked over to where the bathtub stood and it felt rather creepy the way he approached the bathtub like he had never seen one before and it looked like he was honoring it and maybe even worshipping it, and I woke up then.


2-4-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a very large apartment in what seemed to be a hotel in a very large city.

I was watching my favorite game show -  probably The Price Is Right or something like that.  My brother wanted to watch it too, but he was in the next room so he kept turning the TV to face him and he was making me mad.  So I finally quit trying to watch and went outside.

Out on the street, apparently there were people out there watching the same show in a store window and there was a cop car parked such that he was facing the center of the street and was saying, "Those people are gambling" and wanted to arrest them.

I had just watched a huge group of black people, all dressed in black coats, dresses, and suits looking like they were going to a funeral, and some o the men had on beautiful black leather jackets over their suits and I was thinking how appropriate and beautiful that looked.  They were wearing dead black bulls over their clothing. 

But I didn't want to go to court and be a witness for an arrest for watching a game show, so I made an attempt too get back into the building and apparently I was trying to get into an exit door and that doesn't work well.

Just then an elevator opened up in the corner so I ran for the elevator.  It was one of those elevators that goes to the floor you want instantly because people were going in and out really fast.

I managed to get onto the elevator and told the teenage girl that I wanted to go to the 4th floor.  She was going to the 4th floor as well, and told me she was going to go babysitting, but she didn't like kids.

I told her that kids were adorable and just like that the door opened at the 4th floor and there were two tiny little kids arguing out in the hallways.

The tiny little girl  got on the elevator, very angry.  When I saw tiny, I mean she was only ankle high - a beautiful little dark haired girl head on shoes - no legs, no body or neck - just a head on shoes.  (An ankle biter?"

I asked her, "What are you mad about?" 

She responded,  "I told my brother that there is no death .....  and then I saw Jesus."

I said, "There is no death honey!"

She responded, "Then what I said was right!"

I said, "What did you say honey?"

And she gave me a look that said, "Duh!  How dumb are you."    hahaha


2-5-12 - DREAM -  I and my Mother went to a street fair, and while we were there, my Mother chose a blind man to be my companion, or rather have me be his companion.  However, by the time the street fair ended, the blind man wanted my Mother to be his companion.

NOTE:  To me, my Mother and I looked the same age, and as far as I know, our personalities were similar, so I find this dream to be a little dumbfounding.


2-5-12 NAP DREAM-  I had this dream after having the chills and wrapping up in a warm afghan to get the chill out of me.

In the dream,  I was living with my Mother and Father and noticed that alll our shoes were worn out and broken down at the back so we needed new shoes.  I decided to throw away my black loafers as well, and we found a brown baby shoe that was outgrown, we had to throw away our shoes and go get new ones.

On our trip to the shoe store, we stopped at a store that sold tacos and coffee.  They had a machine that the clerk just punched in what you wanted on buttons and then pushed one final button that totaled up everything, told you what you owed and when you paid, gave you your change automatically.

The machine had 10 white buttons on it and the total of our order came to $21.  When the change came out of the machine there went loose change all over the floor which we had to pick up.

A young blonde woman put out five cups and poured the coffee and one of the cups was tilted but didn't tip over when she poured the coffee into it.

She told us then that her Father was coming in and would pour a second cup of coffee free.

When her Father came in to pour the second cup of coffee, it turned out to be George Bush, Jr.  He had the coffee in one of those blue enameled camping coffee pots and he poured the coffee - it was a lighter brown than the first cup and he poured the coffee into that tilted cup and when it didn't tip over he got that famous 'shit-eating grin' on his face.

and I woke up.


2-6-12  DREAM =   I was living with my husband somewhere on a lake with a beautiful beach.  we had guests in the house, a young woman of color about age 18, and her two younger brothers, age 14, and the other about 8.

The young woman was telling us that she wanted to go to school, while I was watching TV.  The news was on and it said that a restaurant called  BEEFBOX had served wine to a woman and she almost died and sued them and they went bankrupt from it.

I wanted to watch the ad again to make sure I was right, but I couldn't control the recorder and it played back too far.

meanwhile, my husband left the room and I saw the back of his shirt was wet with sweat and he needed to change his shirt.

I asked the young woman what her 14 year old brother was doing and she said he was in bed, saying he was sick.  After a little questioning, he was apparently not only home sick, he was love sick for his girlfriend who had sex with occasionally.  I was surprised he had even come on the trip and after toying with the idea of getting him interested in playing baseball, I thought he might be more interested in calling his girlfriend on the phone.  Long distance was free for us, and he could talk to her all he wanted.  That might make him feel better.





2-7-12 - DREAM -  I  was with a group of women and girls.  We had 13 grandmothers and 13 white feathers - one for each.

he younger women and girls wore regular colored feathers.

In the beginning, there were wasps on the ground and under our feet and we had to shake them off. After that, I had the job of parting the women's hair and braiding it.

we couldn't use metal pins in our hair so the braids had to be tied with string or twine.

After we attached one white feather to each grandmother's braid, and a regular feather to each woman and girl, we were all going to walk in a parade together r down the road.

 I wanted Naomi to be in charge of that portion of the parade of grandmothers.

see page  http:/


2-7-12  MEDITATION DREAM -  I was sitting in my living room chair worrying about a dream I had earlier today that I didn't like where I almost lost my baby over being angry at my boss for paying off an account I hadn't even done the paperwork on yet.  He said, "I just wrote a check," and then walked out of the door.

at that place, there were people living.  It seemed like a hotel.  The parents were sitting on the balcony upstairs, and my friend was downstairs and she said her sister Terri was there.  Terry was showing off how much weight she had lost.  I didn't think she was all that thin, but I didn't know her when she was far either.  That's when I discovered I didn't have my baby with me.  My baby was safe, she had been put to bed.  I said, "I'm just so angry at my boss.  Im just s angry at my boss."

In my meditation I was upset that I had given my baby to someone else,  and then I fell into another dream in which I think I was in the same lace - a hotel and they were about to give Spanish dancing lessons. 

I was really intrigued by this because the women were wearing blue and white dresses and looked very slim and beautiful.  They were just about the start the dance lessons.

so I went over to a counter where the sisters had put business cards into and I chose one that said  C.D. on it, rather than the one that said  T.D. on which was the sister.  So I took the C.D. card and went over to where C.D. was to tell her I was still interested in the job.

The last thing I said to her was, "Is it a big step?


2-8-12  DREAM -  I went to a hospital where a friend had had some really serious surgery in her stomach.  It came to me while I and other women were visitng her that someone had taken a sharp; shovel and chopped into her entire stomach, and I didn't knew how she could possibly live through that though she was not in any pain while we sat there because of the drugs they had given her.  I fully expected her to die.

When we left the room, we had to prepare for her funeral though she hadn't yet died.

We went to the funeral hall which had hundreds of people in it, all standing in straight lines single file.  I don't know what criteria each line was, but I actually came out of myself and I stood in the doorway while watching myself as another person make her way across the room to figure out which line she was t o stand in.  This took quite     awhile because she had to go al the way across the room to find her proper line. It came  to me that the most important lesson here was that I could come out of my body to journey to another place and time.

2-8-12 -  DREAM -  I don't know where I was but I was in a house that needed some work done.  There was a very large man sitting on the sofa and he told me he had an 8- inch waist.  I didn't care what he looked like as long as he could help me.

we went out into the yard and the man started cutting some wood, and he was making long thin stick of wood that fell on the ground.  His brown dog ran around picking u the sticks and putting them in a pile which I thought was quite clever.

One of the neighbors then came over (a male)  and go tone o the sticks for himself and walked away with it.


The fat man then was going to drive me home to another house, but he let me standing in the driveway and drove very quickly out onto the highway and almost hit someone with his vehicle.  I then saw a copy car sitting alongside the highway facing us and I was afraid my friend was going to get arrested.

Immediately, he and his vehicle turned into a scraggly bush riding a motorcycle,  which was followed by all the vehicles on the highway turning into a scraggly bush riding a motorcycle.


I was quite perplexed by that.

NOTE:  The dream following the FDR article below referred to Abraham Lincoln and he also turned into a scraggly bush.



LaRouche, FDR, and Nuclear
Power in Southeast Asia

by Michael Billington

Malaysia and the Philippines are experiencing nearly opposite socio-economic conditions. Malaysia is relatively stable, economically strong relative to the region, and generally optimistic about the future, while the Philippines is an economic disaster, with a population living in a state of fear, both economically and socially; the government is generally despised and subject to regular coup attempts and impeachment efforts. Yet, in both nations, leading elements of the governments and the private sectors are increasingly aware of the global economic catastrophe sweeping over them, and are opening up to the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche as the necessary means to radically transform their fate. Nuclear power is a focus for both, as a central means for leaping forward into an energy-independent, technology-driven economy, rather than continuing to serve as exporters of consumer goods and services for the West.

During a November tour of Malaysia and the Philippines, EIR Asia correspondents Mike and Gail Billington found people increasingly shell-shocked by the unfolding collapse of the international banking system, and anxious to discuss LaRouche's call for returning to the Bretton Woods policies espoused by Franklin Roosevelt, unleashing great infrastructure projects as the physical economic foundation of a new financial system. In the case of the Philippines, the small, but increasingly influential Philippines LaRouche Society, and a core of young Filipinos who constitute a chapter of the worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), are providing both political leaders and the nation's youth with a universal perspective for dealing with the devastation afflicting their country.

Malaysia: The Legacy of Dr. Mahathir

The Billingtons held a series of meetings in Malaysia, both private and semi-public, with leaders in the Malaysian scientific community, government officials responsible for science and technology, and private entrepreneurs. Together with the LaRouche movement's close collaborator Mohd Peter Davis, a visiting scientist at the leading research university, UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia), the LaRouche representatives presented a perspective for Malaysia to play a leading role in reversing the current descent into a new dark age, and bringing about a new world economic order.

In a meeting with the director general and the top staff of the official Nuclear Malaysia Agency, Mike Billington warned that Malaysia must not abandon the global leadership it asserted during the 1997-98 "Asian Crisis." At that time, then-Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad refused to allow the hedge funds to loot his nation, as they were doing to Malaysia's Southeast Asian neighbors, through speculation against their national currencies. Instead, Mahathir imposed currency controls on the Malaysian ringgit, set a fixed exchange rate, and told the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank that Malaysia would retain sovereign control over its domestic economy and financial policies. While this created a firewall around the national economy and the general welfare of the population, Mahathir also never failed to add that his ability to protect his nation against the international financial powers was limited, and that the world's leading powers had the historical responsibility to end the speculative floating-exchange-rate financial system and return to a new Bretton Woods arrangement like that promoted by Lyndon LaRouche (see "Malaysia's Mahathir: Back to Production, Dump Globalization," by Gail G. Billington, EIR, Oct. 18, 2002).

Today, LaRouche's Four-Power perspective—for Russia, China, India, and the United States (under new leadership) to agree to a new global financial order based on the original Bretton Woods of Franklin Roosevelt, and on great infrastructure development projects as the physical economic base of such a system—has brought about the means to realize that goal. The Nuclear Malaysia officials were quite conscious of the importance of such a new international alliance of great powers, as a basis for directing their own nation's policies toward large-scale infrastructure projects.

While the Nuclear Malaysia Agency is primarily dedicated to achieving a nuclear power program for the nation, it believes the means to that end must include convincing the government and the people that transforming the nation requires a broad package of new technologies. Agency officials explained their concept of development corridors, "a nuclear-hydrogen supergrid with liquid hydrogen-cooled electric power superconductors, alongside maglev trains to connect the nations of Asia," along with new nuclear powered cities, or nuplexes constructed along the routes. In the same meeting, LaRouche ally Davis strongly encouraged the Agency directors to transform the Asian Railroad—the rail line connecting Singapore with Kunming, China, long championed by Dr. Mahathir—into a maglev line, on the theme that Malaysia and its neighbors "should not be the last nations to use an old technology."

Davis also presented several ideas for new, indigenous Malaysian industries to foster the global infrastructure renaissance, including a housing concept known as honeycomb housing with thermal-comfort construction (see, and for Malaysia to become the tree nursery for the world, utilizing the ideal biological growth conditions in the country to produce literally billions of saplings for use in greening the deserts of the world.

A plan for cooperation in mobilizing the population behind such a scientific transformation was set in motion.

The Philippines: Revive the Marcos
Industrial Plans

The physical and social dissolution of the Philippines is palpable to any visitor. Nearly every young person has some personal horror story which has afflicted his or her life in the past few years. Graduates with degrees in economics or engineering at leading universities are forced to take jobs at colonial "call centers," servicing consumers in the United States on a midnight shift, as their talents are wasted, despite the desperate needs of the nation. Their fathers are being sent to the Mideast or elsewhere as "overseas workers" in order to earn foreign exchange with which to pay the (illegitimate) foreign debt, leaving broken families behind. One youth's father was misdiagnosed at the public hospital for over a year—only to discover too late that he had a brain tumor—because he could not afford to see one of the few doctors on call. Thousands of doctors and nurses have been sent out of the country by the Overseas Filipino Workers program, leaving the hospitals understaffed, or even forced to close. Barefoot children line every traffic stop, pleading for a peso for food, when they belong in school.

One week before the Billington trip, a story flashed across the national press about an 11-year-old who hung herself, leaving a diary explaining that her parents could no longer afford to feed her and her siblings, so she decided to help her siblings by committing suicide. Virtually the same day, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced that the nation's economic ills have been largely solved, because the debt was being paid on time, through regressive taxes and the export of their people as virtual commodities.

In this context, Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society, together with the Philippine LYM, intervened forcefully in the debate over the nation's energy future. First, they attended numerous meetings on the Al Gore-spawned global warming hoax, exposing it as a racist, genocidal attack on the development of the third world, and against industrial progress generally.

Then, they intervened in a series of conferences called to discuss the potential of nuclear power, taking with them the material produced by the international LaRouche movement on the nuclear revival required to turn a global collapse into a global renaissance.

The nuclear issue is deeply political in the Philippines. The centerpiece of the Eleven Industrial Development Projects under the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos was the Westinghouse nuclear plant in Bata'an—the first commercial nuclear power facility in Southeast Asia. It was precisely this commitment to industrialization and nuclear power which motivated then-U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, and his Undersecretary Paul Wolfowitz, to orchestrate the "People's Power" coup which overthrew Marcos in 1986, placing a puppet of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy in power. The first act of the new regime, under the direction of Shultz, was to mothball the totally completed nuclear power plant, which was ready to turn on at the time, while also assuring Washington that the Philippine people would pay every cent of the nuclear reactor's cost of production, while receiving no benefit! The Philippines never recovered from this act of imperial depravity.

After 21 years, most Filipinos are now, finally, beginning to understand what they actually did to themselves in their "People's Power" campaign against the "dictator" Ferdinand Marcos.

The response to the LaRouche Society intervention on the nuclear issue was extraordinary. Not only were the global warming hoaxters exposed, but several serious government and private sector leaders sought out collaboration with the LaRouche Society and the LYM. The Undersecretary of Energy, Mariano Salazar, who personally intervened against those who wanted to exclude the LaRouche Youth from a major nuclear conference, is now proudly presenting his budget proposal for the energy sector, which contains a provision for nuclear energy for the first time since the coup against Marcos. Salazar knows that the alternative energy programs demanded by the so-called international community can provide only a small fraction of the energy needed for a real industrial economy—a fact which exposes the actual intention of the green, "Gorey" fanatics.

With offers from the Koreans to refurbish the mothballed Bata'an plant, and/or to build a new nuclear facility, and with other options also under consideration, the Department of Energy is optimistic that the anti-nuclear brainwashing can now be overcome.

Perhaps the best proof of the potential for that breakthrough is the case of the chairman emeritus of the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Foundation, Ramon Pedrosa. Pedrosa, who is now devoting much of his energy to the revival of nuclear power, is the first to admit that he was among the leaders of the anti-Marcos ferment in the 1980s, and against the nuclear power plant in particular—simply because it was tied to Marcos! Now, Pedrosa proclaims "Mea culpa"—an important self-recognition of how the nation was fooled into destroying its own development under the guise of defeating a dictator.

Pedrosa has led the effort at the Chamber to prepare a nuclear-development perspective for the government and the Congress, drawing on the LaRouche Society's Valdes for assistance. In meetings during the Billington visit, Pedrosa recognized that nuclear power, as important as it is, is only one part of the required program for the transformation of the Philippines, and has called for cooperation in developing a 50-year plan for the nation, reviving the Marcos Eleven Industrial Development projects, in the context of LaRouche's proposal for a Four-Power agreement for a New Bretton Woods and great infrastructure projects internationally.

FDR and the Youth

The Franklin Roosevelt tradition represented by LaRouche and his collaborators today has a deep resonance in the Philippines. Roosevelt, as one of his first acts as President in the 1930s, asserted that the U.S. flirtation with imperialism would come to an end. In 1936, FDR granted the Philippines full independence, to take effect after a ten-year trusteeship. Had Roosevelt lived beyond 1945, his plan for using the Philippines model of trusteeships leading to independence, for all the former European colonies which had been occupied by the Japanese, would have been realized, and there would have been no Vietnam War, and no genocide in Cambodia.

LaRouche has always looked at the Philippines to play a central role in Asia, as the only nation which shares its Asian culture with the culture of the European Renaissance. The Philippines national hero, Jose Rizal, not only translated the revolutionary work of the European Northern Renaissance, Friedrich Schiller's William Tell, into Tagalog, the native tongue of the Filipinos, but also quoted Schiller (from his Shakespeare's Ghost) in the dedication of his own revolutionary novel, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not). The Philippines can, and must, lead the way in bridging the gap between European Renaissance culture and Asian culture.

In this light, the final two days of the Billington visit to the Philippines were most promising. A two-day conference was held in Manila, attended by about 100 students, friends of the LaRouche Society, and others who had heard of the conference on Valdes's daily radio broadcast. On the first day, Billington presented an international economic and strategic briefing, a class on the fight between the American System and the British System in Asia after World War II, and a class on the basics of bel canto singing, including teaching the group two Classical vocal canons.

However, the highlight of the event came on the second day, when the Philippines LYM took over, demonstrating the emergence of the young leadership required to save the Philippines from its current horrific state of poverty and decay. One of the leading youth members, Ver Archivido, performed the "Chaconne" from Bach's Partita No. 2 for unaccompanied violin, transcribed for guitar by the great Classical guitarist Andrés Segovia, with such clarity and transparency in the long lines of development, that the audience was riveted throughout the performance, despite the fact that most of them had never heard such complex music, nor perhaps any Classical music at all. Archivido and three other youth presented classes on Eratosthenes' measurement of the circumference of the Earth; the hoax of global warming; the emerging nuclear renaissance; a workshop on sphaerics, including a demonstration of the primacy of physical geometry over Euclidian axiomatics; a Platonic dialogue on doubling the square; a physical geometric proof of the Pythagorean Theorem; and the generation of lines, points, and the Platonic solids through circular action. Above all, they conveyed to the youthful audience the urgency of joining the LaRouche movement, both for their own education, and as the only hope for creating a future for themselves and their nation.

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I went back to sleep and found myself in the house with the tall thin man who said he would put the door up into the opening on my house.  However, the and the doorway were quite tall and the doorway no way fit into the opening.

I notice then that the man was starting to look like Abraham Lincoln an soon as I noticed that his head, his body and the door became a tall scraggly bush.

Again I woke up feeling quite perplexed that they turned into a tall scraggly bush.


2-8-12 -  5:55 P.M.   TWO VISIONS:   First I saw Phyllis from The Young and the Restless say to her ex-husband "Jack!  Why do you have your hair in dreadlocks?"   (A rather amusing sight to see a Caucasian old rich business man wearing his hair in dreadlocs.)

following the it saw one of those grocery store magazines complexly flip over and the title was   GLOBAL FATE1


2-9-12 -  DREAM -   STRANGE DREAM -  I was living in an apartment building with a young baby.  I had two apartments across the hall from each other.

I had two single beds in one apartment, and three single beds in two rooms in the other apartment - one of which the baby slept in.

I knew I was descended from nine generations in Egypt.  I was writing a story called  "The Secret"  It was one page long so far.

The baby didn't wake up yet, so I was hob nobbing with a couple from down the hall.  The man was a doctor of some kind I believe.  He had a beautiful red headed wife who became jealous of her husband paying attention to me.

I went t other apartment and borrowed a small medical book.  The only word I looked up was rhombus.

The red headed woman had a black friend who had a bright red bottle of perfume which she liberally sprinkled all over their apartment.  That was enough to drive anyone out.

I went back to my apartment and I had a bottle of some green lotion which broke on the bottom, so I had store it upside-down and put tape over the hole in the bottom.

The red headed woman decided she would spray the red perfume in my other apartment with the two beds in it, but I was in the other apartment making the beds where the baby was still sleeping.  I didn't want to wake up the baby until she was ready and I couldn't see her under the blankets and started to get worried about her.

I then saw the doctor man who looked rather like Dr. Phil with a beard and mustache.  He was wearing a bright pink suit.

He said two words   "sanctimonious plurum"  and then his suit faded to white and as I watched, he started to shrink in size.

I blinked and he as back to the pink suit and then he started fading to white and shrinking again, so I decided I would wake up so his head wouldn't turn into a bush like in yesterday's dream.

NOTES:  I have a short story manuscript on my closet shelf titled "The Secret'  which I wrote in 1989 and haven't looked at since.

An e-mail friend sent me a dream of an Indian with a shield with a black and red rhombus on it yesterday.  He was kneeling on one knee next to the shield.  She wanted to knew what the dream meant.  I sent her on a research project for Indian shields to see if there were any with that shape on it.

She sent me a picture of it, and it was diamond shaped with the top part red and black and the bottom part black and red just the opposite colors.



[sangk-tuh-moh-nee-uhs] Show IPA
making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety, righteousness, etc.: They resented his sanctimonious comments on immorality in America.
Obsolete . holy; sacred.

plurum means MORE


NOTE:  I also wrote a page called  the lie about the secret.


1-9-`1 -  NAP DREAM:  I was at my New Berlin house.   I was walking from the garage to the house and I could hear women talking in the upper part of our hill.  they were walking around talking about where to plant flowers.

I wondered why they were in my yard, so I walked along the hill and discovered that there was a large brick house up there with many windows in it.  I discovered that there was a walkway up there and I walked along it and found a parapet at th edge of the hill overlooking my yard. It was too far to jump down so I had t walk back the way I came and walk along the hill to get back to my own yard.

I went over to the garage with a red hammer in my hand , went into the garage and laid the hammer on a table.  A man in the garage aid, "You look tired."  I replied,  "I have nothing to do, and went into a different garage that had an inner wall with a gate that was blue.  One had to get down on our knees and crawl under the gate.  I said "this is ridiculous and took down the gate and the wall.

Then a mechanical airplane came into the garage.  It was green and it was following me around.  I looked to see if I was wearing anything green that was attracting the plane to me and I didn't see anything.

My brother Marty came into the garage and grabbed the airplane out of the air and said, "This is Malkuth"  and this is scoth.  I should find some blue paint and paint people so they can brathe It in.



2-9-12 -  I was so tired I was forced to lay down again.

I began to see e-mail after e-mail all written in an alien language I didn't recognize.  It was not English letters .


an alien vice then said, "You did a great job Dee.

I then saw more e-mails and then a whole long web page like screen written in purple and gold alien language.

the alien voice then aid,  We love you Dee"

I then saw another alien written page and the text began to flow with blue orbs and then red triangles and I knew It was the P:leiadians.

the alien voice then said, "You have reached Safe Haven.



SEE pages


I really don't know where the dream took place, but it wasn't a good place.  I was walking through a park like area and where the children's swing set was, there were men tied up and hanging upside-down from the top of the swing set, just hanging there.  I don't know if they were dead but they might have been.  Standing around were wide eyed, sad little Chinese boys about 4 or 5 years old.  The Chinese boys who were about 10 years old were carrying guns, holding people up for cash so they could eat and feed the little ones.

I woke up and fell asleep again.

This time I was in America in New Berlin.  I was in my twenties with young children.  I had just moved there and early in the morning there was a lot of traffic - people going to work - going both directions out on the road.

I went outside and watered the garden.  It wouldn't be long and it would be harvest time.

When I finished that, I took my children down towards the road, and while I was walking, I met some neighbor women.  They were blonde, also in their twenties with small children.  One of the boys was getting ready for school, the others were too young for school.  These women belonged to some kind of group that went out in the morning with large gunny sacks and distributed food.  Today they had a bag of candy, and one of what looked like small size cocoa puffs cereal.  I helped distribute the food they had, then wished them a good day and went back home where harvest was just beginning, I saw carrots and other foods harvested in August and September.  I noticed that the food was part of the decorations the other women had used to brighten up their kitchens as well.

It seemed that their calendar was marked on the wall by making hash marks vertically to count the days.

I woke up at 2:10 a.m.


2=11=`12  DREAM - I don't know where this was, but it was a happy place.  I seemed to be about 20 years old.  It might have been my birthday because it was a special day.

I knew that by this age, I should have my own train track, but yet hadn't received my first piece of track yet.

I had a friend named David, and it could get romantic but not quite yet, but he was a good friend.

We went for a walk and had to cross the train track that went through town.  We could hear the train coming and hurried to get across because some of the trains going by could be very long.

When we turned and looked back at the train, it was amazing to see.  The train was carrying huge work horses.  They were dark brown, but had long wild yellow hairs on their manes, backs and tails.  These hairs were three to six feet in length, and the yellow against the brown short hair was very striking to see.

We then came to a place where they sold palm trees. 

I always wanted my own palm tree and as a treat to myself I decided to buy one.

A relative named Lorna was the sales woman and I asked her how much the palm trees cost. She said,  "forty dollars".

So I picked out a palm tree that ha da talk about three inches across, healthy white roots at the base and palm leaves about three feet long at the top.  It seems there were three leaves as well.

So I gave Lorna the 40 dollars and took my tree home.

I woke up as I carried the tree home.

2-12-12 -  NAP DREAM -  I was living in an apartment that was right on the corner of a street with two huge picture windows - one on each street like it was a store.

A beautiful young woman to see me with her catalog which was AMERICAN SITCHERY  .  she was wearing the brightest yellow shorts and shirt I've ever seen.  They were absolutely stunning.  She aid It was getting too cool to wear clothing like that, but I said she could wear skinny jeans on under them

My sons bill was standing behind my left shoulder observing this. 

Just then a beautiful dark haired girl came along and sat down on a bench outside the window behind the blonde woman.

she took a look at my son bill and said, c'mon out. we're going to get married," 

My son Bill went to the door and said, "No we're not, but what do you want?"

Bill went outside then with both women and walked down the other street that faced the other window.

this had a really good feeling to it because I could see the blonde girl's hair blowing in the wind.  She was so beautiful

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2-12-12 - DREAM  - I was in an office somewhere, working on a software program for survival.  My job was to copy data from the program into a new program.  I noticed that I wasn't copying letters by dragging and dropping, I was downloading data that was colored dots.

When I finished, I had a printed out program that hung on the wall in what I can only call a 'scroll"  like a projection screen that pulls down not he wall.  a little impractical in hindsight, but it don't know what else to call it.

I hung this scroll on the wall of my office and then called in a man who I knew was interested and had funds, and started to explain th program, and then showed him the scroll.  He was VEY interested.



2-13-12 - A HORROR STORY =- DREAM - I would have to say I was living in a
non-place because nothing was real, yet it was in real life for everyone.
It's a simple story to begin with. My husband came home from work and I
went to make him dinner. I made him a sandwich of bread, butter, and
sausage. The problem is in when you think about the ingredients and that I
cannot physically eat anything I was feeding him which I will explain later.
I had to store mounds and mounds of ground hamburger and had no place to
put it, not to mention I couldn't eat it.
I decided we should go dancing to relieve the stress of life, but all my
husband had was work clothes, so I went to the store to buy him a pair of
black pants because all he owned was work clothes
I found a used clothing store that had a nice pair of black pants for $5
dollars, which was a good price, but I asked the clerk if she had any jewelry
I could buy reasonably priced that I could use for earrings or to pin on
my dress and she told me what she had but the prices were incredibly high
and I couldn't buy anything that expensive.
So I headed back home where my mother-in-law Audrey was there and she had
brought me some beautiful bright pink towels and afghans and blankets.
They were all so beautiful, but none were folded and there were so many of them
they were covering up the food I had yet to find a place for, they were
getting damp from the humidity in the air and would have to be put into the
dryer to dry and then refolded, and the room was already full of them and
the job was impossible.
Audrey means:
It has a double etymology : the first element Au-d- in both cases is
ultimately from the _Anglo-Saxon_
( _Ethel_ ( (also
spelled æðel) meaning "noble"._[3]_
The second element -d-rey can be rǣd, rēd "advice, opinion, happiness",
I decided to go outside and find my friend Barbara because she liked to
take a book outside and read and get some sunshine at the same time.
Barbara means 'stranger'
So I went outside and saw that the land was being plowed up to grow food
and I had no idea where Barbara would be at that moment.
Just then some tractors came by me, on their way to plow up more land to
grow food, and these tractors were belching fumes out the rear end that made
the air completely unbreathable.
then along came other machines that were used to move land around to
construct buildings, bull dozers, big construction machines, things that looked
like tanks and all those machines were belching out fumes that made the air
even more unbreathable.
so I thought I would go find an area that had trees and when I got to where
the tr were, they were all dead. All the leaves were gone, the bark was
all peeling off the trees. There was not one live tree in any direction I
could see. the ground itself was barren of any life, no grass, no
flowers even weeds.
On my way back home, I saw a couple holes in the ground that looked like
manmade entrances to underground caves - all manmade.
I went over and looked into one of the openings into the ground and from
the dim light I could see that under the earth, someone had built an
underground structure of rough hewn blocks of stone that came from somewhere else,
probably cut by one of those machines.
There were no windows in the underground structures, and no light because
there were no windows. (There is a double meaning to 'no light - physical
and spiritual)
what was there to see anyway, everything was dead, the air was
unbreathable, there was no one to talk to because everyone had to have a job in order
to have a life at all and nothing good could grow without chemicals to help
it because nothing could grow naturally in an unnatural atmosphere.
I started to cry in the dream and woke up crying.



I was at a school or park or both.  I was watching some kids play in a park-like place and there was a lagoon where kids got into boats and rowed around.  I was watching them from a building that had a small window overlooking the place.

A little girl fell out of a boat face down into the water and suddenly bubbles came up in front of her like she was drowning, and nobody paid any attention t o her.  It was impossible for me to jump from the balcony myself to save her.  The water wasn't all that deep but face down you can drown in only a few inches of water.  Finally someone pulled her back up and she seemed fine. 

I then went to the stairway that was similar to my high school where the stairs went up towards the wall, then split and went up two stairways towards the inner hallway of the second floor.  However, when I got to the top of the stairs, instead of ending at the floor, there was a wall too high to climb up to the second floor.

So I went back down and went into the basement stairway that actually went to a corridor.

In the corridor, there was a shelf and a strange lookiing woman came running in and it looked like she dropped a bug into a tray that was alive.

However, the bug fell to the floor and delivered about a dozen tiny baby elephants that were too small to even stand up.  The elephants seemed fine, but they just couldn't stand up.

While I watched the elephants, there was a cloth turtle there, that had something inside of it.  I could see the that turtle was sewn shut on the bottom end, so I took a scissor from the tray and cut open the turtle, and the turtle delivered a man who looked like a clown.  He seemed quite frightened to have been encased in the turtle and hadn't been able to get out.

I went back upstairs and out to the sidewalk where a handicab came up to the curb with elderly people in it.

I saw my Mother in the handicab and greeted her, and she brought out an elderly couple with her who spoke something that sounded Russian or Latvian. I couldn't understand what they said, though it was clearly their own language. The man's name was Mickey and her name was Minnie.

As they stood there, they started fading into the blue and white marbled wall paper.  I could still see where they had faded into the wallpaper so I stared at the spot where they had faded into for awhile, hoping they would come back again.

Suddenly, they became the familiar blue orbs that come to see me that I recognize as Pleiadian orbs.

I immediately thought of Walt Disney and wondered if he was in contact with the Pleiadians.


2-`3-`1 - NAP DREAM - a coincidence?  NOT

I was at a birthday party, and the men were going to start playing baseball after the little boys had played.  I decided to stand behind someone very large because one of the strong men was going to be hitting the ball and I just knew I taws going to come in my direction.

While I stood there, I noticed there was a big audience watching from the bleachers, and three boys, wearing white uniforms with blue sashes across their chest asked me if I was going to serve birthday cake later to the older people.

I answered , Yes!"  to which they asked me if I was going to serve it on THE VIEW!

I SAID, "NO" then went to check my mail which I hadn't opened yet.  On top was a card that said very clearly  Apple's Astrophysicist.

Here it is


If I had an I-pad or an I-phone, I was certainly get it.

Here is the blog page I updated earlier today with NASA's  ODIN software link.



2-15-12  DREAM  -  I don't know where this was located but I was at a huge building where we were going to hold a concert.  Evidently we had to do all the work, in cleaning the building before the audience could come in

Once we had the building clean, the cleaning crew had a big party and meeting about the concert, and then we had to clean up that room as well.

Then, the people came to participate in the concert, please from about age three to people in their 70's and 80's.  It was a lot of people, and everyone was very happy and joyful about it.

Then we looked out the window and we saw heavy fog moving in over the land, which was quite lovely and mesmerizing. 

The last scene was of a flooded old forest that was flooded with water several feet deep and it was in the moon light and was quite beautiful, but I was worried that all that water would destroy the trees.

so I woke up.


2-16-12 - DREAM - This dream could only have taken place in 1980.  I was living in New Berlin, WI and Debe was visitng.  Debe\s Dad came to get her because something had happened to her brother and she was needed att home.  So he picked her up and she left.

It seems that I was either working from home or laid off..  I had a bunch of envelopes that belonged to other people in a desk drawer that I had forgotten about, so I sorted through them, trying to determine which ones I could deliver myself and how many I would have to re-mail because apparently they were either undeliverable by the post office and the addresses were wrong and we got them back or something.  One envelope had a lot of cash in it which was odd.  Nobody would mail a big wad of cash like that.  I left that one for last.

Two of the larger envelopes were breaking open and I saw that they had old clothing in them, so I set those aside as the least important to mail.

I woke up then because Joe was getting up.

I went back to sleep and I was now in the future talking to people that had been mentioned in the first dream.  We talked about the circumstances and the two men I was talking to said that they realized that circumstances were such that my dream was true and both of their wives had cheated on them.

Still in the New Berlin house, I discovered that the kitchen floor was all worn out.  Up in the livingroom, my husband had put a curtain up to block out the sight of a wall shelf with candles on it and I wondered why he would do that rather than just put different things on the shelf if he didn't like them.

I then started talking to a woman about my DI-ET page where I tell people how to eat properly  (  ) and I was telling her that I have lost 92 pounds so far.  The blonde woman decided to smile and then make mouth movements that looked like she was saying that she loved me, etc. 

I forced myself to wake up. 


2-17-12 - DREAM -  3:16 a.m.   I was in a large room in a brick building, lit only by a tall window's light.  There was a small crowd of people in the room discussing war with the Irish.

I was looking at a document with old Irish language that used words like Bryn taw.

I understood that they went to war with the English over a piece of land that took a half hour's walk, and I wondered how large a piece of land that was, and it came to 7/8 of a mile.

I wondered why England would go to war over a 7/8 mile of land, so I called out to someone named Dee who was standing at the window talking to someone else to tell them that a half hour's walk was 7/8 of a mile.




I  had visions of documents all referring to things about King Arthur and was told to "LOOK DOWN"

then I had a dream about going to a library and met a blonde woman at the doorway that I knew from work and we said "Hello", but I couldn't stop and chat because I had to go to the bathroom. 

In the bathroom there was a burst pipe and so much water was coming out of it, I left the bathroom to leave the building and the water ran like a river behind me like it was chasing me, even when the hallway went uphill and I noticed the hallway was made of red brick, and there was another standpipe at the doorway that had a rod sticking out of it at the bottom and it was sparking towards my foot where the water was creeping up behind me.  And I heard the words " SPARKS SPARKS SPARKS, PENDRAGON, PENDRAGON, PENDRAGON."

I came out of the doorway of the library and jumped off the porch onto a muddy field where a very large man was standing, and I ran for my car and woke up.

I knew I had to go back to sleep, so I went to the bathroom, took the phone off the hook and went to bed, where I had another dream.

In the second dream, I was shown a lake with an island in it like I was flying in an airplane right over it, and I knew that was where King Arthur Pendragon was buried.



I had received this e-mail but had not looked at it.

"Who is the third person who walks always beside you?
When I count there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you.
Gliding wraps in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or woman
--But who is that on the other side of you?

----- T.S. Eliot, THE WASTE LAND

The book THE THIRD MAN FACTOR is very readable and PROFOUNDLY Interesting. And TRUE. This I KNOW from personal experience.

Enjoy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ra

Highly readable, often gripping." - The Wall Street Journal

The Third Man Factor is a biography of an extraordinary idea: That people at the very edge of death, often adventurers or explorers, experience a sense of an incorporeal being beside them who encourages them to make one final effort to survive.

If only a handful of people had ever experienced the Third Man, it might be dismissed as an unusual delusion shared by a few overstressed minds. But the amazing thing is this: over the years, the experience has occurred again and again, to 9/11 survivors, mountaineers, divers, polar explorers, prisoners of war, solo sailors, aviators and astronauts. All have escaped traumatic events only to tell strikingly similar stories of having experienced the close presence of a helper or guardian.

The mysterious force has been explained as everything from hallucination to divine intervention. Recent neurological research suggests something else. In The Third Man Factor John Geiger combines history, scientific analysis and great adventure stories to explain this secret to survival, a Third Man who - in the words of legendary Italian climber Reinhold Messner - "leads you out of the impossible."

"Engrossing -- and formidable." - Los Angeles Times "Gripping." - Scientific American

ook is more than the sum of its parts: Geiger elegantly demonstrates how these divergent and very personal experiences reveal our profoundly social nature. ... Geiger is relen



2-18-12 - vision.  I had a vision of a naked woman with seven naked babies hanging on her back - they were most likely sitting on each other's shoulders.  Those were the chakras probably.


2-18-`12 - dream - I was invited to a book club on a Friday night.  I don't recall what book I twas.  I think it was one of those helpful hint type things, nota novel, but a "how to" type book.  I was supposed to go with my friend Carol, but she and I were going to go shopping s o I could buy a skirt to wear first because I didn't have a new one, but she went to visit friends at a bar, and I never did get my stuff together in time to go to the book cub.  I was too concerned with having my keys and purses all in order.\*************

2-18-`1 1 - VISION -[ I was watching the Whitney Houston Funeral and listen to Stevie Wonder sing his song Ribbons in the sky, but I didn't know the name of the song, and he changed the words for the ceremony to honor Whitney.  While he sang the song, with my eyes closed, I saw what would have been a balloon bobbing in the breeze, but the vision was of 3 white ribbons creating the moon with crescent shapes, and ties like a balloon.

It was so beautiful.


2-19-11 - DREAM - I was a blonde, chubby teenager - not myself.  I was part of a dance troop who all wore matching red and white checkered volmino9us skirted dance dresses, more or less like square dancers wear.  We had a lot of fun swishing our skirts around.

Ahead of us we saw a church with a really tall spire on it, and it turned out that someone had stuck a water hose out the rafters and turned it on and that's what the spire was, not a real one.

Some of the girls had parted their hair down the middle and tied their hair off into matching pony tails, one on each side, and I thought it was cute so I wanted to do that too, but one of the other girls said I would look slutty and that my mother wouldn't like it, so she refused to let me do that to myself. because I wanted to dye my hair too to a dark color.

I was insistent I was going to do it, and the other girl decided to save me from myself, and wrestled me to the ground and we ended up sitting on the ground laughing.  That's when I saw myself, and I never had that much hair nor was I ever that fat in my life.

I have no idea who I was.\\


2-19-`12 - DREAM - I was in the basement of my house with my daughter who was about three years old.  My intention was to do some laundry, including the slacks I was wearing.  For some reason I thought I could hide my private parts behind an empty coffee cup while I was doing the laundry.  (Dumb~  I know/

My daughter opened the door to the tool room and as soon as she did, there was a box inside, full o gardening tools that was raised up off the floor and trying to get out of the tool room all by itself.  It was very strong, and I twas all I could do to hold it inside the tool room by leaning against the door.

I thought I could probably get control of the box by removing the gardening tools from the box so they weren't all toge4ther,, thinking they were magnetized which gave them power while together, which separate they wouldn't have.

So, I opened the door to the tool room, and grabbed a pair of gardening gloves and put them on quickly and then started picking up a tool and trying to toss it across the room, the tool stuck to the glove and I couldn't let loose of it.

So I took off the gloves, and grabbed each tool by its wooden handle and was able to toss each tool across the room, each one to a different spot on the concrete floor and each tool stayed where it fell -[ being separate took their power away that they had while together.

I remember tossing a yard stick and a red hammer as well.

Feeling confident that I was back in control, I went out into the laundry room to proceed with the laundry, but heard some people out in the yard coming closer.

Now I felt vulnerable because my laundry was outside the door, including the slacks I had taken off to wash.

Now I didn't know where the coffee cup was that could protect me from view.

I was standing on one side of the door and the people on the other side, and I was the one holding that door shut.

Finally I decided to open the door and see who was out there, and opened the door, and a short red-headed woman pushed her way inside.  I recognized her so I allowed her to come in, and then slammed the door shut again.

I promptly woke up hearing Joe out in th kitchen rattling a large paper bag.

I recognized the sound, closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

Now I was in a room with my computer, and thinking about typing up my dreams which were written on gold paper by hand.  I had stopped writing my dreams by hand because I could no long read my own scribbling and had been typing them directly onto the computer for safe keeping. 

Now I decided to type up the dreams on the paper and print them out on loose leaf paper and put them into binders so others could read them -  NOT!

Then I promptly forgot what the dream was when I woke up.

I had to think about it a moment, then the dream came flooding back in - in its entirety.

Thank you spirit guides or memory in my brain.  I don't know which.


2-20-12 -  DREAM -  I worked for  a long time on a computer, apparently on links on my web pages that went to different places.  The links were workiinng, but I didn't know how they did because I didn't remember putting the links on the pages.  This went on for quite some time, and I remembered having done this before, quite recently.

I have no clue what that was about.


2-20-12 - DREAM - I got a new job that was partly on a ranch, and party near a town that had a hospital in it.

Apparently I had a son that was about a couple of years old that rode a miniature motocycle with another kid and they raced around and around a track that was on a hill.  At one point, my son chased after what looked like a pig at first and when I ran over there to rescue the animal, iti looked like a scared cat laying on the ground upsidedown with its legs straight up in the air.

When I picked the animal up to comfort it, it turned out to be a child that was super genius about ayear old, who could speak better English than most adults.   A man and woman who were training him said he was in an accelerated learning program.  It was amazing to ehar the child speak, though I don't remember the conversation.

Wgere U kuved gad wakjwats wutg  wiideb febces set abiyt tgree feet aoartm abd a great number of black sheep ran through the walk way as well, nose to but, nose to butt, etc.   \

The supervisor was walking with me, and I told him it was rather uncomfortable to walk with them and he said, "yes, It is strange."

The supervisor looked rather like Danny Thomas, the comedian.  (he was Lebanses)

I then went to work, and when I signed my time card, I noted that the date was February 1st, though I don't know wha tdate.

I had to take my son to the doctor for some kinind of exam, and we walked there from where we worked because I didhn't know how to find it myself yet.   One of the other secretaries went with me.

I didn't do anything in the office that day as there wasn't time.  I spent most of the day, clenaikng the mud and small lstones off my shoes, and putting socks into my small dorm room.

As it turned out, my room was between one where my ex-husbannd was assigned to the same day, and a room that a man I was attracted to, and I had ot pretend not to know either one.

I heard them say, "Shut up" to each other at one point, and I was surprised theyw ere allowed to say that.

I then went back to my office to sign out for the day, and woke up.


2-21-12 - DREAM -  It seemed that I was running a school boarding house and I was the house mother or somethiing.  A group of teenage boys came who all looked very similar - some might have been twins or triplets, etc.  They said they were sorry and regretted that they didn't know how to do anything - like cook for themselves.  Becaue of the color of their skin, I'm going to say they were Lebanese, like in the previous dream.  They turned in a small envelop[e with their phone numbers on.  They weren't all identical, butr very similar and were government issued apparently.  I peeked into the envelope which contained stickers similar to license plate numbers and I saw 2 and 4 next to each other on the stickers, and I know there was 7 8  and 1 in the numbers, but can't remember the exact order of the numbers.

I received other mail at the ame time, some also in large brown government issued envelopes.  I didn't get around to opening those yet.


2-21-12 -  NAP DREAM  -  I was sitting in the living room in a comfy chair and started to get tired eyes after eating lunch and watching TV, so I just closed them and all of a sudden I was sleeping.

In the dream, I was standing in a large room that had a large dining room table covered with cross stitch canvases with various pictures on them.  I picked up one I had started that was of a famous American Indian.  I had only done about three inches of stitching on it, starting at the top.

My son-in-law Michael came up next to me and asked, "Why are you doing that?  He's DEAD!"

II didnn't know what to say at first.  He was famous - I like Indians, I have an Indian spirit guide from time to time, and I like stitching crossstitch.

He walked away and I noticed that my fingers had gotten black from something somehow, so I went into the kitchen to wash my hands so I wouldn't ge4t the stitching pattern dirty.

There was a double sink in the kitchen, with water in both of them all the way to the top with a couple of dishes soaking in tem prior to washing them.

I noticed there was two bars of Ivory soap floating on the water, and two orange bars of dial soap as well.  I don't know why I made thhe coice I did but I decided to ue the orange bars of soap, and used both of them to wash the black stuff off my fingers.   Maybe I thought my black fingers would ge the white soap black or something.  I don't really know.

There was a whole bunch of little kids playing behind me, all under the age of five.  All of a sudden, therew s two little kids in the sink playing and a baby laying rface down in each sink, not breathing, looking like they were sleeping.

I screamed,  "Help me!  Grab a baby!  They aren't breathing.

I grabbed both babiesk, handed one baby with my left hand to whoever was standing closest, and slapped the right hand baby with my left hand on its thigh and it started breathing again.

The other baby was now breathing as well.

I turned around and behind me was a long sofa with 12 wooden chair backs along the back with wood burning line patterns of famous people on each one.

As I watched and looked from left to right, each picture changed to another famous Indian, and when I looked at the elft one again, each chair back turned innto a wood burning line drawing of a different Disney character.

I woke up instantly as I recognized the Disney characters.

NOTE;  I just received  a stitchery catalogo in the mail prior to the dream, but hadn't opened it to look at it.

I will do so now:   lots of adorable animals, beautiful flowerrs, Jesus, Maddonna and child, Santa Claus, a Japanese Geisha - No Indians.  No Disney characters wither.  (Disney by the way is copyrighted and you have to pay to use their images.

I realized the sleeping babies under water probably represented two dreams I had not done blog pages on that I had wanted to.  One was Disney andn whether or not he had been visited by the Pleidians, and the other one from yesterday about Anti-gravity and electromagnetism.


2-22-12 DREAM - I was in a bank, sittiing at a desk trying to type out a check to present to the bank to oget some cash, and the clerk grabbed the check to get it approved by the bank President when I hadn't even typed the amount of money  onto the check yet, which was going to be 138 dollars. 

I heard the clerk say to the bank President, "I realize the check is one number out of order."  and I knew the check had been the top check in my bank book and I wanted to call her back, but I couldn't remember her name so I could get the check back and type the amount of money onto it.

NOTE:  Now that I'm awake I realize this relates to the web page I was working on before I went to bed abtou bankers.


2-22-12 - DREAM   I had a job as Executive Secretary to the President of a very large company, as wel as t othe Vice President.

We had a lot of male visitors come in during the day and I served small snack size sandwiches of sausage or peanut butter to the visitors, which I baked the bread myself and sliced it myself.   At 7 p.m.  the Vice President came and asked me if I was going home, and I told him 'No!  I'm nt done yet, meanikng I would be sure to open his mail for him and do any urgent work that still needing doing before I went home.

I then walked the halls and turned on the hallway lights that hadn't come on automatically, and shook the hands of the women whol were sitting ikn the olbby waiting for rides home or wahtever they were sitting there for.

One young girl I knew very well, I kissed the back of her hand three times quickly, and chuckled, then promised the next girl I ddin't know at all that I wouldn't kiss her hand befroe I shook it.

One girl dorpped her glove while getting off the elevator and I retrieved it for her, and she almsot didn't want to take it from me, bu tI insisted.

Then I went back upstairs to work at MY job.

Strang!\The life of an Executive Secretary.


MEDITATION  2-23-12 -  i didn't dream anything worth writing lsat night so oI decided to mediate.  My intention was to go to the 5th Dimension and g oto a healing temple there, bu tdecided to visit the Pleiadians on the way who are on the same level.


A voice in my head said,  "What do you want to see?  The end of the world?|

I pondered that for a moment, then decided that would be interesting to see, but instead, I was taken to a room where MAX, a rich character on One life to Live TV show w as layiing naked on the floor underneath a large quilt.


That scene reminded me of the final scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey where Dave, the astronaut dies and becomes a baby seed floating through space to re-incarnate to Earth again.

I don't know how that relates to the End of the World in any way shape or form.


However, ater that, I saw a sheet of paper that said  SUPPORT GROUP, and there were seven names typed on it, noe of hwich I could read.


There were a coupe other brief visions I can no longe remember because I didn't bother writing them down right away.


Later I had a nap dream in which I stepped on my computer keyboard and broke it, and my husband yelled at me for letting roofing nails lay all over the ground.  He cleaned them up himelf and then went away.  I have no clue why.

Later, I saw him again.  He had removdedl my Father's living room in blue wall paerp, and I praised him for it, but he made a nasty remark and then I went into the next room which had fresh plaster board which was taped in variious places.  It was far from finished.


2-24-12 -  Every time I woke up, I started thinking ab9ut the Strait of Hormuz.  I hope that doens't mean something dire.


1-13-`1 -  DREAM -  I was in a room with my son, and he got in the mail what looked like a small easy bake oven in which we were supposed to bake a cake.  The recipe cards looked like church book markers, it contined miniature coins which I took out of the kit because kidsi hsouldn't have such small objects.  A plastic rod to stir the cake batter broke off, and we complained so they sent us another one immediately, which also contined th eminiature coins, but with the plastic rod attached plus the religous book mark cards.

I was looking through the cards to see if therew as a recipe for the cake, when thisi really handsome guy who looked like JAX from Genreal Hospital TV show.   He took one of the cards and started singing in latin, and the alst word was habenae (which means  government, reins)  and he said i twas Scottish.  He had a very lovely high pitched voice. 

I wondered why he was hanging around - thinking he was gay?

NOTE:  I looked up minature coins and camee up with Scottish coins for Robert Bruce I, whose wifes name was Isabel of Mar from the early 1700's. 

Wonder if that was r eminder of a past life thing.



2-25-`12 - dream - I was living in my Fathe'rs 16th St. house.  I was in charge of keeping recoreds of meetings I attended, and the other women who had been there.  I noitced that not all the women attended every meeting.  There apparently were 12 weomen who had attended 12 meetings in a year, but not all of them did.  I thought maybe we could pay each woman $5 per meeting attended,k but there had to be a way to make sure they were really there, and I thought perhaps that each women could mail me an envelope with proof they had been there.

While I was looking at that, I saw a newspaper ad that looked like it was coded for Bible verses.  It started with 11:11, followed by .5, l5, l5, etc.

Three of the women then came to the house, including my friend Dorothy from Puyallup, WA.  It was a good opportunity to discuss paying them to attend meetings.

Then a young East Indian man came to the house with his brother, I told him I'd pay him $10 a week in advance so he could save up the money in case he eneded to get his teeth fixed in the future.



2-25-12   #1  - i had a fish tank about three feet wide -  it onlu had abut an inch of water in it.

#2 -  I cleaned out my fish tank and found many pictures of my Mother in it, and gave them all to my Mother who appreciated them.  Therew as a witchy woman there observing this.

#3 -  I now hd a fish tank that was six feet wide.  Two men were sitting in the water - and the water didn't even come up to their knees.

#4 -  I filled up the fish tank to within 1/2 inch of the top with water and then I saw there was no fish in nit

#5 -  I was in a school and little boys were being brought to Zohar lessons.  EAch boy had to be promised ice cream afterward in order to get them to go to the lessons.

I decided to go for a walk with a man named Clifford and wondered what my kids would think because he had the same name as my Dad.

I was in a school and heard dance music at the end oof the hall in the auditorium.  I wodnered why I never heard dance music there bfore.


2-26-12  DREAN 0  i was living in a very large hoiuse in the country.  It was late evening and since it was warm outside, I had the windows open for fresh air. 

I saw two older girls walking past the house outside in the yard, so I hollered out the window, "Girls!  Where are you going?"  They didn't respond. They just kept walking past the house.

So I went to the back door as they were walking around the house, and confronted them again, and asked where they were going.  jAgain, they didn't respond.

This time I followed them out into the yard to ask a third time wehre they were going, when they were asked the same question by a third girl who appeared at the end of the driveway. 

The girls responded to the third girl and I assumed they were friends because the third girl joined them happil, and they continued walking together now, still not responding to my question.

By now, I could see that my garden needed watering, so I turned on the hose and began watering the rows of lowers which were planted between rows of rocks.  I could see that there were no weedsk, not the plants I had seeded myhself which looked bright green and healthy, but I knew that if I didn't water them all, they could easily die when the sun came out the next day.

It seems that the third girl asked me a question at this point, but I have no memory of what it was.

Somhow I ended up back in the house to call about my new job.

The day before I had been hired by a company that evidently sold stereos, because when you caled the main number, you got a sales pitch to purchase a stereo which I had done, feeling it was expected of me.  That first call had been toa woman.  This second call was to my new boss named David who had a gruff voice but a friendly sales pitch which was exactly like the woman's - on a recording.  

However, I had a new phone now on which was special buttons and when I hit a button that was labeled David, I could press that one, and get right through to David without listening to the sales pitch again, so I pushed the button lalbeled David, and woke up.


I recalled taht the place I lived had 28,000sq.ft




I had money in my wallet and my own car, and decided to go to the mall and buy some new shoes.  I was wearing old born shoes like mocassins at the time.  

I don't know why I didn't go home, but I stayed at the mall for two days, going between the shoe department, but walkiknng around with just socks on my feet the whole time, and going to the garbage dumpster at the fod court to eat when I got hungry.  As long as I kep tmoving, nbody bothered me.

Finally, I decided to elave, at the dumpster I found a bag of tiny little white kittens, and some candy in a bag, and on the way out, I  gave the bag of candy toa beggar with a beard leaning agaiknst the brick kwall of the exit to the building, and a crazy old woman said she liked the kittens, so I gave them to her.

The crazy old lady was takinng two other crazy old ladies with her to her house andn I decided to ride along, which was better than going home for some reason.  However, when we got into her car, she mentioned she had six kids at home that would love to have the kittens, so I decided to part company with the crzy old ladies, and went to look for my own car.

I expected my car to still be on the street where I left it.  I had the keys to it, but when I got to the street, the car was no longer there.

There were all kinds of cars around because there was a car repair place there, and all kinds of people offered me rides, but I didn't like kthe implicaitons of htat, so I jus tkep twalking.

Finally, I came to another mall and decided I'd go in there, and try living in this mall for a couple more days.

and woke up when I opened the door.


2-26-12 - eDREAM -  I was in my early 20's walking down the street past the library on 16th St., when I came to a house that had a gate up against the sidewalk.  There I spotted my dear friend D. (name withheld) and her grandfather who was a Choctaw Indian.

People were so enamored and thankful for him coming forward that they were giving him gifts of handmade baskets of varying sizes, but mostly dinner plate size.

One basket however that D's grandfather had made himself, that was large enough to hold a human being as large as himself.

I was so happy about his coming forward t othe public to help them undersatnd the Choctaw culture, I went to their home on the corner of 16th and Center (not the real location)  and met D's mother and grandmother.

I asked to see D's grandfather and his wife told me that he wasn't up to meeting anyone at the moment.

I told her that I just wanted to thank him for coming forward and how much everyone appreciate that.

I then left, feeling very humbled for his great act of selflessness.



I evidently was living in Milwaukee.  My brother Marty and my sister was there, but I can't say what house I lived in.

My sister gave me ae dessert concoction she got, that was like whipped egg.  The concoction rose in the rfrigerator and shurnk at room temperature.  It didn't have a name, but it gave you a sweet taste in your mouth, but had no sugar in it. 

I noticed that after I ate some I just felt blah, and I called whatever this was, "Whoops".  There was no cough, but there seemed to be a slight fe4ver.

After I ate a bit of the Whoops, I added a raw egg to it and whipped it up, and put it in the refrigerator and it rose to almost fill the refrigerator.

But though we called it decodant, we just felt blah.

I amde some for my brother Marty and his turned out bright blue and yellow.  He ate a bit o fit and also go tthe Whoops and the blahs.

He decided to go to the doctor for a checkup and wanted to know what to do for it, and I told him, "Just druinkk plenty of water."  So he agreed to that and left fo rthe doctor.

Then my little girl got it.  She was under age two.  Sheh fel ta little fevery and had the blahs as well.

W#e just felt blah from it.

I woke up with a sweet taste in my mouth.

During this dream, I had a conversation with a man and dicussed seeling this recipe for $30 along wiht the recipe, but who would pay $30 for a recipe, even typed up, when you can get all kinds oF  frecipes on the internet for free.


I also remember gertting an e-mail on line that said  PETITION.  I  decided not to open it.



TOPIC:   THE MONTAUK PROJECT -    I MADE MYSELF WAKE UP   652 TIMES,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1258c7451ea83765&biw=1280&bih=751


2-28-12 -  DREAM -  The dream seemed normal.  It was early morning and I was getting my kids ready for school, then things started to go wrong.  The bus hadn't arrived yet, and my son Ken hurt himself a bit and needed to get clean clothes on, and he said that it was okay if he was late because he had to help two girls down the street get ready for school, and I had a vision of the girls with  massive amounts of curly black hair which looked very witchy like a picture I've seen of the Goddess       . 

We went back into the house and went upstairs where my mother, who looked as young as I did, was sstanding with a really handsome guy.

The guy had a blue T shirt on, which was insid out and backwards.  I told him about the T-shirt and that he should reverse it so he did, and he was really good looking and we stood there grinninig at each other.

We sat down at th ekitchen table then, and he put his head in his hands like he couldn't hold his own head up and I isaw that he started to get blood on his face - and in my mind, I said, "Oh! Oh!"  and recognized that things were going wrong.

All of a sudden m yUncle Lester was standing there and he aid to me, "Stop acting so snarky."  and I grinned even more, but I knew something was wrong and I amde myself wake up.  

Unfortunately, with my eyes open, I could still see the guy with his head in is hands -  and i said t ohim, "The fun is over, the fun is done."  and he said to me, "Oh no it isn't - you are part of the Montauk Project.:

NOTE:  I had a tough time staying awake.  I was super tired and I had to fight to stay concious and get him mout of my vision.  It took over five minutes to get rid of his face out of my consciousness.  It wasn't easy but I finally made it.

Then I went to my computer and in my journal, I said the exact words, "I made myself wake up"  652 times. 

Just recently I had a dream where two different men got weird bushes for hair, and then one of them went outside to drive me hom, and he turned into a bush riding a motorcycle, and then all the cars turned into bushes riding a motorcycle.

One of the guys turned into FDR and th eother one into Abraham Lincoln and I did a web page blog based on the connection.

I didn't realize I had 12 dreams with the two of them in them.;_ylt=A0oGdSPqy0xPth0AQEGl87UF?

I've written about Montauk  75 times:;_ylt=A0oGdXmfzExPqU4AYXpXNyoA?

What's up with that?

I was born in Wisconsin in 1938, but became a walk-in on 1-1-70  with a different soul aspect -  As far as I know I had no connection to Montauk, but I did some past-life regression after I walked in and found that I had been on a UFO between lifetimes.

I looked up Montauk to see when it began and here is what Preston Nicols life was like.  He was born in New York.


Preston Nichols, was born in Long Island, New York, in 1946. He received degrees in Parapsychology, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering.

After graduating, he went into Defense Electronics and wound up working at Brookhaven and AIL.

In 1968, Preston's involvement with Montauk began. He got involved with the tail end of stealth research at AIL. Preston was told that the research started right after the Philadelphia Experiment.

He actually read the final report of Project Rainbow - which we know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The report named the Cameron brothers as being the Navy liaison in the experiment.

Next, he got pulled into the mind sciences project at Montauk. They were working on interfacing a person's mind to the computer.

Preston worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program. Preston trained the Montauk Boys to be "PSI Warriors".

The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person's thoughts. A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a group of coils pick the emanations. A bank of radio receivers designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning thought into computer code. The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality.

This chair was used for many purposes. One was to open up a vortex for time travel. Many Montauk boys were lost during the initial testing of the time vortex.

NOTE:  Two other people I know better were Montauk children.  Anna Hayes and Stewart Swerdlow.  I found so much in common with Anna Hayes when she first went public, I volunteered to work for her, and created her first website.  That didn't last very long though because I started to ask questions and she didn't allow that.  She hired her own sister to do the work and I was ousted from the group.  I know several other people who were in that same boat.  Quetions are never allowed with her.

I published 65 pages about Anna Hayes;_ylt=A0oGklHA1ExPIgwAg2RXNyoA?

She now calls herself  Ashayana Deane.  She's had lots of alias names in her past as well.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=fbf19e858bb666e4&biw=1280&bih=751





#1 -  I was watching group of men on what I thought was a basebakk fuekdm abd wgeb ibe nabb tgrew threw the ball to someone else across the field, hhe started hopping backwards and one by one the other men joined him, holding onto the shoulders of the man in front of him, all jumpng backwards - and I started coutning how man men there were.  When I got to  24, I decided to wake up because I knew that line of men was never going to end.

#2 -  I heard someone talking and telling someone else that they had seen 24 men hopping backwards in a line.

#3 -  I was in my dinikngroom getting ready for guests and I started seeing frogs hopping across the carpet in lines on the edges of the room.  They were very heavy, gross, and brown and green and seemed furry.

#4 -  Again I was in the diningroom of my house, getting ready for guests, and I started seeing bright green frogs hopping through the carpet.  I didn't know how to get rid of them.

I went out into the yard, and I saw what I thought was a thread of a spider web going across the yard and decided I would pulll it down, but when I pulled on it, it was as strong as a rope.  Then, when I looked clolser, I could see four of those thread across the yard from south to north, and they were too strong for me to pull down.  Then on clolser inspection, I saw four more ofo those threads going east to west across the whole yard, along side the house and beyond.  I didn't know how to get rid of them.

But then I saw little tiny spider webs hanging in the air everywhere - but those weren't attached to anything and htose I could get rid of by sweeping my hand through the air to get rid of them.


#5 -  I was was work, and I saw my boss start to type a paper about Egypt.  I interrupted him, and told him that my family had a book of photographs of Egypt that were 4 x 6 feet and were so clear, we were thinkingh of doing a world tour with them.

Some other men came into the room and started talking about doing a world tour about Etypt and I knew I could birng in my photographs and share them with them for a world tour.