by Michael Lawrence Morton

 Based on the pioneering work of archaeocryptographer Carl P. Munck, I have found significant 'matrix-connections' at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, using the official USGS Topographical Map 7.5-minute Series, Gettysburg (PA) Quadrangle.

Three of the four sites discussed here are relatively close-by to one another, on the historic American 'Civil War' battlefield area. This is very appropriate, because these three particular sites have . . . as you will see . . . a direct connection to Mars . . . the 'god of war' and/or the 'planet of war'. I call these three sites at this historic battlefield . . . 'The Gettysburg Trinity'.


Round Top

 Round Top is a large steep oval-shaped hill, composed mainly of granite, that affords a panoramic view of the battlefield area. It was, of course, a major 'strategic object of occupation' during The Battle of Gettysburg.

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 22 (min) x 22.12242914 (sec) W.Giza

= 52562.89164 W.Giza

= Stonehenge Grid Longitude

= Kukulkan Pyramid Grid Longitude

= The Whale That Was Grid Longitude

= Cobble Knoll Mound Grid Latitude North

[ W. Greenwich longitude is 77 (deg) 14 (min) 21.32242914 (sec) ]

Notice also that 52562.89164 encodes the 'Grid Point Values' of three ancient structures, directly through the Pi constant . . . one on Earth, and two on Mars :

52562.89164 / 656.56127 / 27.58106915 x (Pi) = 9.118906529

[ 656.56127 = Cydonia Face; 27.58106915 = D&M Pyramid; and  9.118906529 = Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan, in Mexico].

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x (47 min) x 11.10612133 (sec) North

= 20357.5204 North

= 6480 x Pi

= 656.56127 x (Pi Cubed)

= Cydonia Face Grid Pt. x (Pi Cubed)

Grid Point Value 52562.89164 / 20357.5204

= 2.581988897


Little Round Top

 The granite-based Little Round Top is not nearly as steep as Round Top, and not as smoothly oval-shaped, either. It is located about a half-mile to the NNE of Round Top.

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 22 (min) x 12.87030757 (sec) W.Giza

= 30579.85078 W.Giza

= 100 x Stonehenge Sarsen Circle Circumference (Feet)

[ W.Greenwich longitude is 77 (deg) 14 (min) 12.07030757 (sec) ]

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x (47 min) x 31.03657329 (sec) North

= 56890.03884 North

= 5764.166073 x (Pi Squared)

= Chephren Pyramid Grid Point Value x (Pi Squared)

= 27.58106915 x 656.56127 x Pi

= ('D&M Pyramid' Grid Pt. Value) x ('Cydonia Face' Grid Pt. Value) x Pi

Grid Point Value 56890.03884 / 30579.85078

= 1.860376601


The Devil's Den Altar

 This is more-or-less a focal-point area of 'Devil's Den', the site of some of the most violent and bloody fighting in The Battle of Gettysburg. It is marked by a grouping of uniquely 'conspicuous' rock formations . . . having an artificial 'feel and aura' about them. Again, the prominent type of rock present is granite.

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 22 (min) x 28.55993322 (sec) W.Giza

= 67858.40132 W.Giza

= Chephren Pyramid Grid Latitude North

= Silbury Hill Grid Latitude North

= Carnegie Hill Grid Longitude

[ W.Greenwich longitude is 77 (deg) 14 (min) 27.75993322 (sec) ]

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x 47 (min) x 20.69104886 (sec) North

= 37926.69256 North

= 656.56127 x 27.58106915 x (2Pi / 3)

= Cydonia Face Grid Pt. x D&M Pyramid Grid Pt. x Bimini Shark Grid Pt.

Grid Point Value 67858.40132 / 37926.69256

= 1.789199024


The Gettysburg Trinity

 When the Grid Point Values of these 3 sites are multiplied . . .

2.581988897 x 1.860376601 x 1.789199024 = 8.594366927

. . . we get a figure that acts as a key to 'gematrian-type numbers' (Munck; see related articles on gematria; and on this website) . . .

8.594366927 = 27 / Pi

= 54 / 2Pi

= 81 / 3Pi

= 108 / 4Pi

= 135 / 5Pi

= 162 / 6Pi ; etc.

When it's multiplied by 144Pi, it finds the gematrian number meaning "New Jerusalem" . . .

144Pi x 8.594366927 = 3888

It interacts with Pi and the gematrian number 36, to give the Grid Point Value of the huge and very important Cholula Pyramid, in Mexico . . .

36Pi / 8.594366927 = 13.15947253

It also works with the Radian (deg) constant . . . 57.29577951 . . . along with the number 36, to give the important 'Code' number 240 . . . in two steps:

8.594366927 / Radian (deg) = 0.15

[Joe's note:  120 and 240 degrees are also tetrahedral points]

Then, give 0.15 to the number 36 . . .

36 / 0.15 = 240 . . . probably the most important number associated with 'Thoth'.

Square Root of 240 = 15.49193338 = Orientation Azimuth, in Degrees from True North, of 'The Avenue of The Dead' at Teotihuacan, in Mexico.

Both Zecharia Sitchin and Carl P. Munck have provided rock-solid evidence that Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Hermes . . . are one-and-the-same person. I firmly agree with this conclusion. I think it is clear, by now, that this person . . . this real, flesh-and-blood person . . . was, in fact, the 'master architect and mathematician' written about in various ancient texts. He was one of the sons of EN.KI / E.A. (see Sumerian tablets) . . . who, in turn (see Sitchin), is one-and-the-same actual person as 'Ptah' . . . one of the so-called 'gods' of Egypt.

In one of Carl P. Munck's self-published books, called Initiate's Scrolls, he shows how a certain ratio, found at Giza, is another key to the numbers of the ancient lost science of gematria. This number is found by dividing the exact height, in Feet, of The Chephren Pyramid . . . by the precise height, in Feet, of The  Mycerinus Pyramid . . .

471.238898 / 226.1946711 = 2.083333333

Now, this number 'resonates' very well, geometrically, with decimal harmonics of the length, in regular inches (not "pyramid inches"), of The King's Chamber within The Great Pyramid (see the work of M.L. Morton in Part Five). I have very recently figured out that length as 412.5296125 regular inches, a decimal harmonic of the Surface Area on a Sphere, if we let the Radian (deg) constant be numerically equal to the 'given radius' of any sphere . . .

Surface Area on a Sphere = 4Pi x [Radian (deg) Squared]

= 12.56637061 x (57.29577951 x 57.29577951)

= 41252.96125 Square Degrees

8.594366927 / 4.125296125

= 2.083333333

Now, give that to the 360 degrees of 'any given circle/sphere' . . .

360 / 2.083333333 = 172.8

The number 172.8 is a decimal harmonic of 1728 . . . the Cube of 12, and the number of conversion from cubic inches to cubic feet, and vice-versa. The number of Regular Feet length of The King's Chamber is 34.37746771, or exactly 4 times 8.594366927. The number 34.37746771 is also the Grid Point Value of the spring at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida . . . a renowned 'place of healing'. In addition, James Furia has very recently discovered that 34.37746771 cycles per second is a C# Note in his '432 cps A Note' tuning model. Last, but not necessarily least, we need to remember that 34.37746771 is precisely 0.6 Radian (deg) . . . or 3/5ths of the 57.29577951 Radian (deg) constant. So; we now know that The Gettysburg Trinity . . . the multiplied product of the three Gettysburg Battlefield Grid Points . . . is a link between gematria and the geometry of the 360-degree-based circle/sphere. And, it is more than that.

The Gettysburg Trinity is not an ideology, or a doctrine, or a religious creed, or anything of that sort. It is a mathematical, geometric 'entity'. It is an actual key to understanding 'wholistic self-referentiality', a true tool, a true measuring stick . . . of self-aware intelligence in-harmony-with its environment. It is a new milepost for us Earth Humans in terms of mass consciousness. It is a true link, here at these three places on this historic battlefield, to a common but until-now lost and suppressed connection to ancestors of ours . . . to ancestors who built gigantic monuments on the planet Mars, at a place we now call Cydonia.


Granite Hill

 About 3 miles east of Gettysburg on the south side of Route 30, otherwise known as Lincoln Highway, sits a conical hill called Granite Hill. Both its name (on the map) and its topo signature got my attention.

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 17 (min) x 39.21568627 (sec) W.Giza

= 72000 W.Giza

= One-half the number of Regular Cubic Inches Volume of 'The Sarcophagus'

(outer dimensions) within The King's Chamber in The Great Pyramid (M.L. Morton).

[ W.Greenwich longitude is 77 (deg) 09 (min) 38.41568627 (sec) ]

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x 51 (min) x 4.462656608 (sec) North

= 8876.223994 North

= 10 x Square Root of Volume of a Sphere, if we let the Radian (deg) constant be numerically equal to the 'given radius' of any sphere.

Volume of a Sphere = 240 x [Radian (deg) Squared]

= 240 x 3282.80635

= 787873.5239 Cubic Degrees

Square Root of 787873.5239 = 887.6223994

Grid Point Value 72000 / 8876.223994

= 8.111557352


A Musical Ratio

 The work of James Furia shows the half-step chromatic interval, in music, to be very resonant (pun intended) to 'geometry' by way of the numbers of that geometry. Notice what happens when we interact The Gettysburg Trinity with the Grid Point Value of Granite Hill in this particular way . . .

8.594366927 / 8.111557352

= 1.05921194

This number is very close to the mean chromatic half-step musical interval ratio.

If we multiply . . .

8.594366927 x 8.111557352

= Cuicuilco Grid Point Value x Stonehenge Grid Point Value

= 28.64788976 x 2.433467206

= 69.71370025

= Radian (deg) x Grid Point Value of The Whale That Was

= 57.29577951 x 1.216733603

Divide 8.111557352 into the Square of the Pi constant . . .

9.869604401 / 8.111557352

= 1.216733603

= The Whale That Was Grid Point Value

= One-half Stonehenge Grid Point Value


Grid Longitude Ratios In The Gettysburg Trinity

67858.40132 / 52562.89164 = 1.290994449

52562.89164 / 30579.85078 = 1.718873386

67858.40132 / 30579.85078 = 2.219055999

Multiplying those results . . .

1.290994449 x 1.718873386 x 2.219055999

= 4.924209529

Notice that 2.219055999 is a decimal harmonic of 3 times 7.396853329, and 7.396853329 is the master Giza longitude in arc-seconds east of the prime meridian that passes through the center of The Great Pyramid.

When we divide 4.924209529 by The Gettysburg Trinity, we get a decimal harmonic of the Radian (deg) itself . . .

4.924209529 / 8.594366927

= 0.5729577951

When we divide 4.924209529 by the multiplied product of the ratios of the Grid Latitudes of the 3 main pyramids at Giza . . .

4.924209529 / 3.647562614

= 1.35

= the approximation of one-half of 'e'

= 2.7 / 2

Also notice that 3.647562614 is the tangent of the precise statute-miles arc-distance from Stonehenge to The Great Pyramid . . . verified by official public record (Munck) as 2234.668731 miles.


Geomorphic Resonance

 I would say these four sites are involved in 'geomorphic resonance', in a way that cuts to the heart of Earth Human polarization . . . at this time in our history. I'm referring here to the polarization, as in North vs. South in the American Civil War, that has been such a dominant and repetitive theme in our (so far) remembered history on this planet. Hopefully, archaeocryptography . . . this new field of study pioneered by Carl P. Munck, Sr . . . will help humanity to rapidly become more wholistically self-aware . . . so that we can 're-member' who we are and how we got here. Only then, I think, will we become more civilized as a whole.

Michael Lawrence Morton
October 28, 1998
__ (c) 1998 ___

Michael Lawrence Morton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 1973 with a B.A. degree in English Literature.
He is an independent researcher into lost and suppressed human history
and culture. He is an archeocryptographer and an alpha-numerologist.

To contact Michael Lawrence Morton, please e-mail him at Milamo@aol.com,

or phone him at 412-921-9116 in Pittsburgh, PA.


For more information on this and related material, please go to Part One, Part Two, Part Three, or to the Farshore web site, and click on "Michael Lawrence Morton's Matrix Messages."


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