Three Articles:

The Sphinx, Two Fountains Of Youth,
And The King's Chamber

By James Furia


Looking At Coral Castle
by Michael Lawrence Morton


It is Painfully Obvious
There is a Unified Theory
in the Mathematical Grid of the Ancient Ones

by James Furia

The Sphinx, Two Fountains Of Youth,
And The King's Chamber

By James Furia

   The Encino burial mound next to the Encino spring of California has a grid lattitude of exactly 3240 pi. It is impossible to dismiss the fact that the Great Pyramid of Egypt shows anyone willing to look the location of 2 ancient healing springs. 3240 / 34.377468 = 94.248623 (The exact azimuth of the Sphinx! 34.377468  is, of course, the length of the king's chamber in feet and the grid point of the Warm Mineral Springs in Florida.

Further Evidence: Simply multiply by 3 (3 pyramids) . . .

34.377468 x 3 = 103.1324

= The lattitude of the Encino Spring itself is 10313.24!

And still more: 25920(precession of the equinoxes) / the radian 57.29578 = 452.38933. The grid longitude of the encino Spring is 4523.8933

James Furia

July 31, 1998

Looking At Coral Castle

by Michael Lawrence Morton

   Coral Castle is located on USGS Topographical 7.5-minute "Homestead" (Florida) Quadrangle.

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 34 min x 41.23807207 sec W.Giza

= 155632.484 W.Giza

= (RAD deg) Squared x Pi Squared x Great Pyramid Height / 100

= 32400 x 4.803471728

= (180 Squared) x 4.803471728

(W.Greenwich longitude is 80 deg 26 min 40.43807207 sec)

Grid Latitude 25 deg x 29 min x 58.80922897 sec North

= 42636.691 North

= 4320 x Pi Squared

Grid Point Value 155632.484 / 42636.691

= 3.650200809

= Ancient 'Solar Year' in Days / 100

Also Of Note

    I think this "lot," upon which Edward Leedskalnin built his wonders, is a sort of "Grid Point Nest" . . . with many 'Matrix-valid' Grid Points in relatively-close proximity. This might have something to do with Leedskalnin's mysterious ability to lift and to precisely place those gigantic stones on the property.

Also; I found in doing the calculations above, that I initially figured the latitude as VERY close to 1/16th of an inch (on the USGS Topo map) below the 'predicted 1983 NAD' latitude parallel of 25 deg 30 min 00 sec, which is in fact the precise northern border of this Quad. This initial latitude figure, in terms of seconds, showed on my calculator as 1.234567901 seconds south of the 1983 NAD parallel of 25 30 00. Notice that the figure of 1.234567901 is the Square of 1.111111111 . . . to nine decimal places.

[Note also, here, that I am using a 'scale' of 0.050625 map inches per second of latitude]. The figure 1.234567901 precisely matches my calculated Grid Point Value for Dr. Bruce Cornet's "Cydonia Face II" on the "Middletown" (New York) USGS 7.5-minute Topographical Quadrangle.

The calculated figure above for the number of W.Giza longitude seconds . . . 41.23807207 . . . is VERY close to a decimal harmonic of the Surface Area On A Sphere (formula) . . . 41.25296125.

I'm thinking that the more "nodal points of resonance" one can find, within relative proximity (of space and time), then the more that can be potentially "done" in that 'area' with respect to "tapping or using" that geometry. These "nodal points" would be, for example, decimal harmonics of 'Matrix-valid' numbers, including gematrian and gematria-related numbers. Possibly, this would 'enable' such things as lifting tremendous weights, or other seemingly "superhuman" feats.

Michael Lawrence Morton

____ (c) 1998 ____

July 17, 1998

Michael Lawrence Morton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 1973 with a B.A. degree in English Literature.
He is an independent researcher into lost and suppressed human history
and culture. He is an archeocryptographer and an alpha-numerologist.

To contact Michael Lawrence Morton, please e-mail him at Milamo@aol.com,

or phone him at 412-921-9116 in Pittsburgh, PA.


This article by Michael Lawrence Morton contains some of his original work. Although he wants to share the material, his wish is that his copyright of the material be respected.  The article can be shared, but please include the copyright notice and this statement with it.  

Additional Comments
by James Furia

   Logical, concise, masterful . . . very good work Michael.

Now, take its C. I. of 365.02, and lets go up 2 octaves:

 365.02, 730.04, 1460.08

Now . . .

1460.08 / azimuth of toe 15.491933 = azimuth of the Sphinx

All three locations serve as time markers.


It is Painfully Obvious
There is a Unified Theory
in the Mathematical Grid of the Ancient Ones

by James Furia

Egypt and Mexico . . .

One can only imagine the linear space/time functions and factions of such imperial facts that Carl Munck has shown us. There are countless correlations of the mathematical evidence connecting the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico. In The Code newsletter # 43 and, ironically, on page 43 of the book Whispers From Time, the Pyramid Bible, I have shown the obvious helicopter view of the two complexes to be exactly similar in appearance, and further, the arithmetic connection of each of the sets of three analogous pyramids. In addition, I have discovered matching artwork and glyphs, in these two cultures. The Great Pyramid faces true north, yet the Sphinx has an azimuth of 94.24777 degrees. What happens when we curiously ask if the azimuth of The Avenue Of The Dead (Mexican pyramid complex) TALKS to the azimuth of the Sphinx?

94.24777 x 15.491933 (Azimuth of Teotihuacan) = 1460.08

= Exactly 4 ancient solar years

The grid lines up in OUR time, and in the present, every 4 years we add a leap-day. WHY ARE THE SO-CALLED EXPERTS LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES?

Note:  These equations may seem meaningless to the untrained eye.

James Furia

August 1, 1998


I received an e-mail today that gave a short list of links. One of them was to the ParaScope site, which I had visited about a year and a half ago.  I surfed to the site and saw a link to an article titled Mysteries of Coral Castle. The following is an excerpt from the article by Frank Joseph, owner of the Ancient American web site:


Coral Castle has attracted the international attention of professional construction engineers, astounded and mystified by the apparently impossible achievement of this diminutive wonder-worker. In the mid-1970s, for example, a large bulldozer was hired to manipulate a coral block equivalent to the Castle's 30-ton monolith; the bulldozer could not even lift it.

Alternative science investigators suggest that Leedskalnin somehow learned the secret of the "world grid," an invisible pattern of energy lines surrounding the Earth which concentrates points of telluric power where they intersect. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet. In fact, in The Enigma of Coral Castle, Ray Stoner suggests that Leedskalnin moved the Castle not because it was threatened by an encroaching subdivision, but because a surveying error misplaced the site ten miles from an Earth energy vortex or focal point. In order for the structures to maximize this energy, the entire complex needed to be relocated in Homestead, where the telluric forces were focused.

Bruce Cathe, in The Energy Grid, one of the most credible books on the subject, says "the site of Coral Castle is mathematically related to the world energy grid, as are the other remarkable structures which, however, date from ancient times. Ed Leedskalnin had not moved on to the Florida site by chance. This geometric position was extremely close to one that would be ideal for setting up harmonics related to gravity and light harmonics. The fact that [he] had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the relationship of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system."

Stoner says some fundamental conditions must be met before a structure like Coral Castle can be made to function as intended. It must be exactly situated over an energy vortex, aligned with a celestial event or events sufficiently precise to predict their recurrence, constructed in a specific shape, and built with certain materials. Finally, activities at the site may be successfully undertaken only at the moment the celestial events to which it is oriented take place.

Stoner's prerequisites for particular shapes and building materials are reminiscent of experiments in pyramid power in the mid-1970s, when the precise angles (variants of 15.2 degrees) of the pyramid and its special construction elements (crystalline granite and non-conducting limestone) determined their success. In Using Pyramid Power, James Wyckoff writes,"The ancient Egyptians knew that the shape and angle of pyramids contained a mystical energy force."


Joseph E. Mason
October 4, 1998

End of Part Six

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