The Panther Mound and Sphinx Connection

By Michael Lawrence Morton

First Article:  Carl P. Munck and Zecharia Sitchin

RE : The Great Sphinx

Second Article:  Another Sphinx Mystery (and Panther Mound)

Carl P. Munck and Zecharia Sitchin

RE : The Great Sphinx

By Michael Lawrence Morton

   In Zecharia Sitchin's book, "The Wars Of Gods And Men", he gives his interpretation of ancient texts which strongly suggest that there was an actual 'war' involving "gods" around (roughly) 9000 B.C. . . . and which ended in a "peace treaty" of sorts between factions of EN.LIL and EN.KI, the rival half-brothers. I agree with Sitchin that these "gods" (and "goddesses") were the political, military, and scientific leaders of The Anunnaki on Earth. They were apparently *very* humanlike . . . and "we" are descended from them, in-combination-with some indigenous 'hominoid' genes (Neanderthal, according to Lloyd Pye's opinion and research) or else in-combination-with some 'hominid' genes (Homo Erectus, according to Sitchin's opinion and research). [This genetic engineering, done by The Anunnaki themselves, accounts for the so-called unexplained "missing link" in the 'Darwinian' theory of the 'Evolution' of humans].

Apparently, The Great Sphinx was designed and precisely 'located' in terms of exact latitude and longitude, by The Anunnaki. As the work of Carl P. Munck shows, the gaze of The Great Sphinx was oriented not exactly due East, but at an azimuth of (30 x Pi) degrees . . . or, at exactly 94.24777961 degrees from true north. On page 181 of "The Wars Of Gods And Men", Sitchin shows a diagram of a 'layout' involving the general area of Giza/Sinai/Israel/Lebanon. If you look at this layout, you will notice a dotted line drawn from Giza to where Sitchin thinks The Anunnaki HAD "spaceport" facilities in the Sinai. I propose that this dotted line represents the specific direction in which The Great Sphinx is oriented . . . @ 30Pi degrees from true north.

What happened to these "spaceport" facilities? Sitchin says that they were completely destroyed . . . wiped out . . . by thermonuclear weapons, which also destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah . . . around 2024 B.C. He backs-up this statement, as always, with compelling evidence from ancient texts, plus tangible modern empirical facts.

Munck has determined a Grid Point Value of 5400 for The Great Sphinx. Dividing its Grid Point Value by its azimuth of orientation, we find a very important mathematical constant . . .

5400 / 94.24777961 = 57.29577951

This is the Radian (deg) constant, of circle/sphere geometry. In terms of 57.29577951 degrees of arc, this constant is the length on a circumference (curved) that is 'equal' (as close as possible) to the radius length (straight line) of the same circle or sphere. This also assumes "our" convention of assigning 360 equal segments (degrees of arc) to a circumference. I think this "convention" was handed down to us by The Anunnaki.

Munck has also determined a Grid Point Value for a VERY large 'earthen effigy' . . . the remains of what is called The Panther Mound, in the Everglades of Florida. This 'feline effigy' has a Grid Point Value, according to Munck, of exactly . . . 94.24777961 . . . matching the precise azimuth-of-orientation of The Great Sphinx. The Panther Mound is over a mile in length. It has been recognized only as a result of aerial viewing. It's length is 5400 Feet . . . a number matching the Grid Point Value of The Great Sphinx.

Michael Lawrence Morton

July 12, 1998

Another Sphinx Mystery

By Michael Lawrence Morton

Panther Mound

    In my previous article, I mentioned the Panther Mound in the Everglades of Florida, and its very close relationship to The Great Sphinx. The Panther Mound can be recognized, as I said, from the air. The shape/outline of a "big cat" can be clearly seen.

Here are Carl P. Munck's latitude/longitude coordinates for the Panther Mound, giving the W.Greenwich longitude first :

80 deg 45 min 46.886 sec W.Greenwich

25 deg 34 min 03.5 sec North

Because the ancient Earth prime meridian (as rediscovered by Munck) passes through the center of The Great Pyramid, we add 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec onto the W.Greenwich longitude, to adjust to the ancient longitude :

    80 deg 45 min 46.886 sec W.Greenwich
+ 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians
  111 deg 53 min 47.686 sec W.Giza

The next step is to figure out the Grid Longitude and the Grid Latitude of the Panther Mound. The general rule is to multiply the site's centered (for both longitude and latitude, of course) number of degrees X number of minutes X number of seconds . . .

Grid Longitude

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 53 min x 47.686 sec = 280536.738

Munck knew immediately (from earlier work with this matrix) that this number was VERY close to the multiplied product of :  a particular "gematrian" number 'times' (Pi to the 4th power).

This particular 'Gematrian' number is 2880 . . .

2880 x (Pi Squared) x (Pi Squared) = 280538.1822 W.Giza . . .

= 111 deg x 53 min x 47.68624548 sec W.Giza

Grid Latitude

Grid Latitude 25 deg x 34 min x 3.5 sec = 2975

Again, Munck recognized this number as being VERY close to the multiplied product of a certain 'Gematrian' number 'times' the Cube of Pi . . .

96 x (Pi Cubed) = 2976.602561 North . . .

= 25 deg x 34 min x 3.501885366 sec North

Grid Point Value

To figure the Grid Point Value, take the ratio of Grid Longitude to Grid Latitude . . . always greater-than-one . . .

280538.1822 / 2976.602561 = 94.24777961

= 30 x Pi

The Grid Point Value of the Panther Mound is a precise numerical match

with the azimuth-of-orientation of The Great Sphinx.

Michael Lawrence Morton

July 12, 1998

Michael Lawrence Morton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 1973 with a B.A. degree in English Literature.
He is an independent researcher into lost and suppressed human history
and culture. He is an archeocryptographer and an alpha-numerologist.

To contact Michael Lawrence Morton, please e-mail him at Milamo@aol.com,

or phone him at 412-921-9116 in Pittsburgh, PA.

A Few Notes From Joe Mason

An alternate term for "Grid Point Value" is "Coordinate Intersect," or simply, "C.I."  

The number 2880 is a base-ten harmonic of 288, which has the Gematrian "Alpha" or "Word" meaning "Double Light, the Kingdom of Heaven." It is twice 144, which means "Light." The Gematrian Word meanings are listed in Part One of this series of articles. The number of surface angles in four tetrahedrons is 2880.  Each tetrahedron has four triangular sides, and every triangle has a total of 180-degrees in its three corner angles (4 tetrahedrons have a total of 16 triangular faces, for the 16x 180 = 2880 calculation).  

In his second article on this page, Michael indicates that the number 96 is Gematrian.  In my system, I would call this number "Gematria-related," or "Code-related." In my system, Gematrian numbers are all evenly divisible by 36. Please excuse the confusion . . . a complete standard for these number systems is not in place to our knowledge.  In my system, 96 is a base-ten harmonic number of the six-part "Wheel," each part being 60-degrees on the 360-degree "Wheel."  These numbers tend to give "square-root-of-three" Tangents. Punch 960 or half that amount, 480, into your calculator, and press the Tangent key . . . then punch in the number 3 and press the square-root key.  These numbers are associated with distances in our measuring systems, such as 5280, feet in a mile.  Yes, 5280 has the "square-root-of-three" Tangent, as it is 55 x 96, or 88 x 60.

End of Part Three

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